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Love Lost

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It's the cruelest song the heart shall ever sing. Some; the naive ones who've yet to learn let it flourish and grow, untamed and wild- it turns inward and burns away everything in its path leaving nothing behind but burnt scars that even Time can't erase. Yet a few older, and a bit wiser (or a bit burnt) know to watch the embers within, their smoking remains never quite extinguished and just waiting for that tiny, miniscule spark to rekindle the not yet forgotten flames. These ones know pain, so before even the faintest of sparks appear - they smother it. Kill it before it burns them from the inside out. Those lucky enough to contain it are the only casualties, but some.... some let it spread unto others and together, ooh together they tear their world's apart and watch each other burn ...and after all is done, the empty shell left behind slowly crumbles in on itself, to ash and dust.