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The Black Prophecy

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Hermione couldn’t have possibly known exactly how much she had needed a day at her castle using her magic with Bellatrix. But from the moment they stepped out of the fireplace, she felt the warmth and power of it soak into her bones. The mischievous look on Bella’s face tempted Hermione far more than she cared to let on, but she was certain that her wife was well aware of how that particular look effected her.

“Are you ready to make some magic, little witch?” Bellatrix's tone was nothing short of seductive.

Hermione hummed at the feeling of magic skittering across her skin. She knew that this would be the place that she would first be able to exercise the full extent of her magic. She wondered how much it would have progressed in a few months. The way the pull to Bella had been riding her made her think that she might have more range than even she expected. She was pulled from her thoughts by a dark chuckle.

“Are you going to stand there and think about how much you adore being my wife or are we going to go have a bit of fun?”

Hermione swatted at her dark witch, but followed where she led.

“Just last week Cissy showed me the stone circle. Wait until you feel it. It’s the closest thing I have felt to sharing magic with you. It is nearly as intoxicating,” Bella tossed over her shoulder as they crossed out into the gardens.

With every step through the woods, she started to understand how Narcissa had found the place. Even without Bella leading her, she could have sworn that she was being pulled towards it. A wall of trees grew up around them, not unlike the Forbidden Forest. The earth started to smell darker and indescribable. When they came to the small clearing with the circle of stones, Hermione lost her breath. The beauty and magic washed over her. It pulsed through her and everything felt so much more. Her connection to her own magic, her connection to Bellatrix and to the earth itself.

“You understand now don’t you,” Bellatrix said softly but urgently. There was no missing the arousal in her tone.

“Oh, yes,” Hermione said after a moment.

“Try a spell. Something small,” the dark witch urged.

Hermione thought for a moment before uttering a gentle lumos. She jumped back at the spot light that shot from her wand cutting through the forest. “Merlin,” she muttered looking up into dark eyes. “It feels like anything is possible here.”

“Oh my love, you have no idea how much is possible here. Someday, when we are ready this is where I will make you pregnant.”

Bellatrix had wrapped herself around Hermione while she spoke, resting her hands low on the witch’s stomach. Every hair on her body stood on end in reaction to the declaration. The emotional part of her wanted to goad Bellatrix to make good on that promise now. A low chuckle reminded her that her wife could hear all of her thoughts.

“It takes a potion and a very old sex magic, darling. I don’t have those things with me and even if I did, Narcissa would be rather cross if she wasn’t informed first.”

Hermione tried to hold back her inexplicable feeling of disappointment, choosing instead to focus on why Narcissa would be hurt. Bellatrix didn’t answer the unspoken question. Instead she offered,

“She would need to make the potion anyways. She is far more accomplished. And I would never risk your health to substandard potion making.”

Hermione sighed again, somehow feeling distinctly like she was not getting her way even though it certainly not why she had come to the circle. She dug out her folded parchment out of the pocket of her robe. Being extra careful to regulate the strength of her spells, she reversed the protection she had placed on it last night.

“Come read this through with me,” she asked softly.

Bella’s dark eyes bore into her seductively  and all knowing as she came closer and lifted the parchment from her fingers gently. The dark witch refocused her eyes on the spell in front of her taking a deep breath in an attempt to focus on the magic.

“This is complex,” Bellatrix said unnecessarily.

“Yes. But… well I suppose it has to be. No one but our Lord has done the original spell in thousands of years. Part of me is surprised the reversal spell even exists. I had feared that I was going to have to invent it. Though I am not sure this is much better,” Hermione laughed.

“Let’s try it, shall we?”

Hermione stepped to Bella and took her free hand. She allowed their magic to flow freely through them.

“Just the wand movements first,” Hermione said.

She slowly cut her wand through the air, showing the other witch her interpretation. The curly head titled absorbing the information. Bellatrix watched twice before she moved her own wand in concert with Hermione’s. The dark witch’s forehead crinkled as she moved her wand. She just couldn’t shake off the feeling that it wasn’t quite right. Wordlessly, Hermione picked up the parchment for her to pour over again. After a few tense moments she said,

“I think the 2nd part needs to be done at a steeper angle 65 instead of 45. Let’s try it again.”

Hermione nodded and rolled her shoulders. They took a deep breath in together before moving their wands. The adjustment made the flow of the spell significantly better and they moved on to the words of the spell.


After two hours of slow methodical work, they took a break to eat the lunch an elf brought at Narcissa’s insistence. The two witches sat closely enjoying a rare moment of privacy and peace.

“Is this what you think it will be like after the war,” Hermione asked lightly.

Bellatrix laughed softly. “No, I don’t think so. I think it will be even busier. We will have an entire government to rebuild. A new society to found. And I imagine our Lord will continue to rely on us as leadership.”

“I hadn’t thought of that. I am not sure I had ever really thought about what it would be like to be past the war before.”

“I know,” the dark witch said sounding sadder than her wife had ever heard. “You and Draco have never known a world that was not on the precipice of war. But at my side, no lie could be dull.”

Hermione nodded her agreement. Bellatrix was anything but boring. And she was certain that any life with the witch was the one she wanted.

“Come, my love,” the dark haired siren cooed at her. “Let’s run through the spell one more time then we should have a bit of fun.”

Hermione was not sure exactly what kind of fun was being offered, but she knew without a doubt that she wanted it more than she had wanted anything in her life. True to her word, Bellatrix led her back into the circle of stones. She shuddered at the feeling of the power washing over her. She made a valiant effort to focus on the spell and wand work while never taking her eyes off her love. Bellatrix Black performing magic was absolutely delicious. After 5 times through the complex sequence, Hermione could no longer pretend to focus on anything but her growing need for her wife.

She frankly knew that she was being a little bit dramatic, but she still allowed the wand to drop from her hand instead of neatly tucking it away. She urged the piece of wood from Bella’s hand too, before she pulled the witch close. To her pleasure, it didn’t take any convincing. The dark witch was more than ready. Somewhere in the all consuming kisses, Bella had navigated her on to her back in the soft grass in the center of the circle.

Hermione was so overcome with desire that she had begun silently begging. The settling of the weight of her wife on her sent images of her future self filtering through her head.

“Oh Hermione,” Bellatrix moaned against her ear. “You have no idea how much I want all of those things with you. How much I want a child with you.”

Before the young witch could reply, a familiar voice cut in.

“I should have known this is how I would find you,” Narcissa said loudly. “And I am a little shocked at how little you have controlled yourself, Bellatrix Black.”

The witch in question slowly disentangled from her wife to look more fully at her sister. “Why should I resist? She is my wife, is she not?”

“Oh sister, I was not questioning the state of your relationship, but rather your common sense. You had to know a place of this much magic would influence your decision making ability. Hermione, you are not to blame. But really, Bellatrix. The risk of what you appear to be contemplating is more idiotic than I would have imagined you capable of.”

“Shove off, Cissy. I wasn’t going to get her pregnant if that is what you are worried about. I haven’t called my magic for anything remotely sexual.”

“You don’t know how the circle will react,” Narcissa gritted out angrily.

Hermione got slowly to her feet to both get out of the line of fire between the siblings and to exit the circle of stones. Her need for her wife waned some, though not nearly as much as she would have hoped. She walked tentatively towards the blonde who was still exchanging barbs with Bellatrix.

“Narcissa,” Hermione asked more timidly than she had intended to. “What do you mean about the circle?”

The blond spun towards her, her body language clearly illustrating her current anger. But it seemed to melt away as she saw the look on the young witch’s face. She took a deep breath and attempted to calm herself before responding. During the pause, Bellatrix had gathered herself and their wands. She returned to Hermione’s side. She handed her wife her wand, which Hermione promptly tucked away in her robes. Bellatrix still gripped her own tightly.

Narcissa finally spoke breaking the tense silence. “There are risks in impulsive decisions, particularly in old magic circles. This one is ancient. And with the way Bellatrix was looking at you and what I heard, your magic could have easily interacted. And we could have been delivering your first child in the middle of the war.” Tears filled the blue eyes and Hermione could not resist moving closer and reaching out a hand to the woman.

“I have had a child in a war,” Narcissa continued. “I refuse to let you live through that kind of hell. I love you both too much.” She concluded looking poignantly at her sister.

Bellatrix dropped her head slightly. “You are right, Cissy. We were very clearly wrapped up in the moment. I will be more careful in the future.”

“Yes. You will. I will come with you the next time you want to use the circle,” she pronounced stubbornly.

Bellatrix hummed teasingly. “Oh are you suggesting a different type of sex magic?”

Narcissa chuckled lightly appreciating her sisters odd spurt of understanding. “Not exactly. Though it is a thought I had not considered. I will have to do some research.”

At the thoroughly confused look on Hermione’s face, Narcissa grinned slyly.

“Oh there are so many things you have yet to learn, little witch,” she cooed.

Hermione concluded that she would not mind being a lifelong student in such lovely company.