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The Black Prophecy

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Leaving Bellatrix for her final spring term was the hardest thing that Hermione had ever done. It was worse than the years before she discovered her true heritage. There had been a certain freedom in her isolation. She owed no one anything. She feared for no one but herself. And she certainly was not in the middle of a war. She was not so naive as to believe that she would not give up far more for the chance at a future with the beautiful dark witch.

She had not cried standing on the platform as Bella stepped away and pulled her hood up. She forced a smile which earned a wink and the dark witch’s voice in her head. “Don’t let them see you cry, little witch. We will speak soon.”

It wasn’t until she and Draco were in the privacy of their own car that she let the tears fall. Her blonde friend was not used to seeing such displays of emotion, but was content to lend a shoulder. He didn’t say anything knowing words could not replace what the witch was missing. As the tears slowed he said,

“This is our last go. I reckon we ought to have a bit of fun.”

Hermione let out a choked laugh clouded by her tears. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Perhaps a little prank on the Order brats would be appropriate? Spiking pumpkin juice before Transfiguration class could be interesting. Could you imagine the look on McGonagall's face?”

The young witch smiled at the thought. “As much as I would enjoy that, I suppose we had better not stray too far from the rules. We have much to accomplish and so little time.”

“No joke. What were you thinking volunteering to use that kind of magic?”

Hermione shrugged. “We have to win this war, Draco. For our family’s sake. If we don’t win, Bella and I will be the first to die. I cannot let anything happen to her. She has been through enough.”

“I don’t think my mother would survive if anything happened to the two of you,” he said morosely.

“Which is why we must ensure that it is not in the realm of possibilities.”

“How far ahead are you in your school work?”

“Do you want the honest answer?u” the young witch questioned.

“Is it going to make you seem incredibly uncool?”

“What do you think, Draco?”

“Out with it then, Madame Black,” he smirked enjoying the light blush that danced across her face at the mention of her married last name.

“I’ve finished the course work. I could take final exams today and pass them all. I will have a great deal of time to dedicate to our projects, but I think I will need it. I believe I may need to create some spells to be able to achieve our goals and that will take time.”

“Can you do it alone?”

“I doubt it, but I won’t be alone. Will I? You will help. We will get the cabinet working so that I can have access to Bella and our family. If we can have it working by February, I think I have rebind the first horcrux when we return home for summer. Based on my research, we will have to do it gradually and allow his body to readjust.”

“In that case, you should rest during the trip. I know you didn’t sleep last night and we have quite a lot to do it seems,” the blonde answered glibly.

“You think far too much about my nightly activities. And you are right. Are you going to sleep too? Shall I ward the cabin?”

“I work very hard not to think about your activities. You do remember Narcissa is my mum, right? I will stay awake, but ward if you like.”

Hermione blushed at the statement about the blonde witch, but quickly drew her wand throwing a handful of complicated spells around them. Satisfied that she would be safe without the presence of her wife, she pulled a “borrowed” cloak she had nicked from Bellatrix’s closet closer around her. With her necklace in the palm of her hand, she fell into a contented sleep.


Snape was waiting for them as soon as they stepped off the train looking morose as he always did within the castle walls. His role as a double agent right under Dumbledore’s nose weighed on him more heavily, Hermione had noticed. She suspected that he spent a great many years with very divided loyalties not entirely able to choose one side over the other. But now it was quite clear that he stood with the Dark Lord. She did wonder how much longer he could keep up the facade.

“Madame Black,” he drawled. She looked at him in shock. She wasn’t sure exactly how long she had been staring at him.

“I would suggest,” he continued in a whisper, “raising your walls now. Do not panic. I sense no one else. And you have more than enough to worry about.” He looked around noticing a few eyes on them. He raised his voice so that there would be a few witnesses. “Detention, Ms. Black. Tomorrow at 7 pm.”

Draco stepped between them in confusion and protection of his friend.

“You apparently will be joining her, Mr. Malfoy. Do not be late.”

“Yes, Professor Snape,” they said in unison watching him stalk away.

“Something’s off,” Draco muttered to his friend.

“I agree. Not as bad as Umbridge, but not quite right.” Hermione looked around furtively enough to catch a tabby cat moving away out of the corner of her eye. She tensed pulling her mental walls even tighter. “Nothing more until we are somewhere that can be warded. We will have no privacy from now on.”

He nodded in agreement. Moments later they were swept up in a sea of other Slytherins moving quickly towards the castle. Hermione found being surrounded by their friends was little comfort when she could feel emerald green eyes following her with every step.

She did her best to enjoy the opening feast of the spring semester. Hermione found herself wondering what it would have been like to be at school with Bella. She suspected that the dark witch would be a terrible instigator. If she were at the feast, Hermione knew there was a high probability that she would have her hand between her wife’s legs. The young witch couldn’t help the shiver at the thought. It was clearly going to be a long few months of work. She attempted to tamp down the arousal at the thought of the dark witch and focus on the tasks that were in front of her. She felt the blush from her thoughts creep up her face. Looking around in fear someone had noticed, she caught only one set of eyes focused on her; those of Minerva McGonagall. Draco was correct there was most certainly something going on.


“Draco, if this is what the rest of the year is going to be like I don’t think I am going to survive,” Hermione growled. The moment they had gotten back to their dorm, Hermione had drug him into their shared prefect common room and heavily warded it.

“Honestly, I didn’t think dinner was that bad. I know you prefer the food at the manor, but I don’t think you will starve,” he laughed.

Hermione looked at him menacingly.

“Alright alright. Just trying to lighten the mood. What's got your wand in such a twist, aside from missing my aunt?”

“The old cat can’t keep her eyes from me. They are up to something.”

“If they are planning something, my godfather will tell us tomorrow. There is nothing to be done tonight, but getting some rest. You've been sloppy with your mental walls today because you are so tired. You cannot continue this way and remain safe without resorting to violence."

"I know. I know."

"Off to bed with you," he answered gently, shoving her in the direction of her private room. "I'll see you in the morning for breakfast."

She didn't look back. Draco was right. She had exerted herself so much in the last two weeks that she was physically and magically weak. A good night's rest would go a long ways healing her. She was relieved to be back in her sanctuary. There was something calming about her private rooms where she could fully be herself. Without second thought she set down her wand and warded the room without it. She enjoyed the feeling of her magic pulsing through her arms and hands unaided by the magical wood. It was grounding after such a long day.

As usual her trunk and belongings had been transported for her, but a small parcel she had not packed sat on the table by her bed. She took the parchment and unfolded it cautiously. She was simultaneously pleased and relieved at the familiar handwriting.

Dearest One,

This return was harder than all of the rest for us both. I have reason to believe our bond is growing again. I know that our dearest potions professor will plan to corner you about it, but I could not bear for him to speak with you first. I hope you will forgive that this must be done at a distance for now. (Consider this to be motivation to fix the bloody cabinet. You could be in my arms were it done.)

Drink the potion on the table. It will both relax you for sleep and allow us to spend a few minutes in our dreams together.

My love,

The black roses on the table were a rather romantic touch. Hermione ran her fingers lightly over them in admiration before following her wife’s instructions. She quickly washed her face and changed into light sleep clothes. She just couldn’t quite stomach sleeping nude without the fierce warrior at her side. She retrieved her wand, setting it next to her bed before downing the potion. She wondered briefly just before she fell into a deep sleep if Bella would be there waiting for her.


Hermione discovered that time was a funny thing in dreams. She had the presence of mind to know that she was asleep, but she couldn’t begin to guess how long she had been resting. She did not have to turn her head to identify the other presence.

“Hello, little witch. Fancy meeting you here,” the death eater cooed coming to stand beside her.

“Bella,” Hermione whispered reverently. She cuddled into the strong arms that felt almost as if they were really there.

“I know, dear one. This is not as satisfying as truly being in one another’s presence, but it is better than a mere letter.”

The young witch ran a hand down the chiseled jaw in front of her. “It is so good to see your face. Leaving was torture.”

“It was. I had not anticipated how strong the effects would be or we would have had this conversation last night.”

“Why are you keeping things from me at all? Have I not made clear that I wish to share in all of your burdens,” Hermione asked. She attempted to hold her frustration at bay, but she knew it crept into her voice.

“Because I want to protect you. You’ve set your ambitions on doing the most complex and difficult magic that has ever been done. All while away from me and with your enemies swarming around you. How could I not worry? What else could I do to lighten your burden? Do not think I am unaware of how much more difficult your life has gotten since becoming involved with me, but I am a selfish woman, Hermione. I cannot let you go now or ever.”

The young witch turned more fully into the embrace and buried her face in the curtain of unruly curls. “I don’t want to be let go, Bella. I want to be let in. I love you so.”

“And I love you, little witch. I believe that we have come to a new phase in our bond.”

“New phase? What do you mean?” Hermione hated being so perplexed. Nothing she had read suggested there would be phases. She was fully committed to the beautiful witch.

“There are certain compulsions in relationships when ancient magic is used in the bonding. Our wedding was a bit rushed, so I fear that you may have not been informed of one of the key elements. Our bond will compel us to create an heir. If we were still in each other’s presence and acting as insatiably as we had these past few weeks, we might not have even noticed it was going on. After all, we’ve craved one another intensely since we met. I didn’t notice the difference during our holiday. I simply thought that the absence was driving us, but as you stepped on the train I realized that something very different was going on. Narcissa had to explain to me what exactly it was, which was vaguely mortifying.”

“Your sister is overread.”

“That she is. But nevertheless, until we conceive a child being apart is going to be rather uncomfortable.”

“Bellatrix Black, are you asking me to have your baby?”

The dark witch let out a loud bark of laughter. “I wouldn’t have put it that way, but yes. I suppose that is exactly what I am asking.”

“I would happily carry our child, but not until we can be together all the time. If I am going to be pregnant, you are going to have to dote on me. You are not getting off the hook because I am away at school,” the young witch said seriously.

“If you are carrying my child, I could not bear for the two of you to be out of my sight.”

“It is comforting to know why I felt such distress. Draco clearly thought I was losing it. Even McGonagall noticed. She was paying me entirely too much attention.”

“You must be very careful around her. There is a chance that she will know what is going on with our bond. The need to produce a child is no secret with this kind of bonding. She may even try to do something to prevent it from happening.”

“Why would she bother,” Hermione asked confused. “Will I not be more vulnerable while pregnant?”

“Quite the opposite. You will be even more powerful. Carrying a child conceived of our magic will at least double your abilities. There will be no one alive who can best you, except perhaps me,” Bella answered flirtatiously.

Hermione yawned in spite of her best efforts.

“You are very tired, little witch. Come lay down with me. You need the rest,” the dark witch soothed.

“You will be gone when I wake,” she said knowing and fearing the answer.

“Yes. But I am never far. You wear my ring and my necklace. You are mine, Hermione Black. Every part of you is mine. And we can meet like this again soon. Severus will teach you how to brew this potion. Sleep now, little one. You will need to be able to protect yourself carefully in the coming months.”

Accepting the hard truths of the statement, Hermione relaxed into the warmth of her love even if it was only emotional and allowed herself to drift deeply to sleep.