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The Black Prophecy

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Bellatrix grinned triumphantly at the way her wife’s eyes lit up when she strode into the room. Hermione was exactly where she expected to see her. The young witch and her professor were seated in front of the fire chatting happily. He rose at the presence of a woman he had not yet greeted. His old fashioned manners were charming.

"Will we be meeting soon?" Hermione asked sweetly.

"Yes. They will be with us shortly. Are you ready to join us, Professor?"

"I believe so. Your wife can be quite persuasive."

"You've made the right choice, sir," Bellatrix said smoothly.

With his usual flourish the Dark Lord entered the room. The two witches bowed slightly in unusual deference. The elderly man clumsily followed suit. In a few short strides the immortal wizard's hand was under the professor's elbow raising him up again.

"You are among friends now, Professor," he hissed. "I am pleased you decided to join us."

"Long over due, I believe. But I will be happy to serve."

Voldemort nodded his agreement as the rest of the faithful filtered into the room.


The entire ceremony took only a few minutes, but was followed by several hours of celebration both in the privacy of the room and in the ball below. With her task complete, Hermione clung to her wife for the rest of the evening. She enjoyed how the dark witch stood just a little taller when she was showing off her much younger wife. While it was amusing for a time, the ball began to bore the young witch. So she made a game of the remaining hours. Anytime attention was drawn away she would lean in and whisper hotly in the dark witch's ear.

"I can't seem to focus, love. All I can think about is stripping you and taking you right here."

Bella turned and looked at her as though she had started a very interesting conversation. Hermione grinned and turned away saying nothing. The dark witch shook her head to tamp down her body's reaction. She added her way back into the current conversation hoping to engage Hermione's attention until such desires could be met. Her plan worked perfectly well until her sister beckoned them across the room. The young witch managed to have tucked herself into the dark witch's side. As they moved across the room, Hermione leaned close and whispered,

"Or perhaps you would just prefer if I got on my knees under your skirt. That way they would all understand exactly how much I belong to you."

Bella shuddered at the lude comment. In her younger days she had been quite the exhibitionist, but she would never contemplate sharing her soulmate with others in such a way, not that it made the comment any less arousing. Her wife beamed in triumph and moved away, taking Narcissa's outstretched hand. The smirk on the blonde's face almost made the dark witch apparate the three of them away and sufficiently punish the cheeky witches. She doubted that her sister and wife had planned this little game, but Cissy was always quick to join in such mischief.

"Are you feeling alright, Bella?" the blonde purred.

"Thank you for your concern. I am perfectly well." Bellatrix practically growled her response in a clear tone of warning. One which Hermione was content to entirely ignore.

"Are you certain, my love? You do look rather flushed," she cooed in false concern.

"You are both treading a very fine line."

The young witch leaned into her so that once again no one could overhear. "Don't fret, dear one. We both know that I can take you."

Before the dark witch could find her voice to say a sharp retort, they were joined by another ancient family, drawing the conversation down a decidedly more boring path. Bella felt like she might come out of her skin if things did not get more exciting soon. Thankfully her wife drug her to the dance floor just before it reached a critical level. Though the dark witch would be leading the dance as she always did, Hermione took a half step too close pressing the length of their bodies together. As though that were not torture enough, the young witch decided to use their connection to her advantage. She spent both of their trips around the same floor projecting salacious images into Bella's head. Though they showed the breadth of the young woman's imagination, they all contained the same central theme: Hermione masterfully dominating her wife.

Bella did her damndest to ignore her wife’s provocations. She would exact her revenge for such prodding later, but she would not allow it to crumble her tough facade. She pushed her wife into a more complex dance step with hope that she might be able to interrupt the young witch's thoughts. Which it did, but with the unfortunate consequence of pressing their bodies even closer together. The dark witch fluidly pushed and pulled their bodies together reveling the feeling of her lover tense at each contact. At the final chords of the song, Bella pulled their bodies close together once again.

The dark witch had quite enough of her wife's provocations. If the young woman wanted to goad her into action, she would only be too happy to oblige. She clasped her hand tightly around a slender wrist and pulled the beautiful witch through the crowd on the dancefloor. She smirked at the happy laugh that bubbled from her wife. What she hadn’t known to count on when she entered a relationship with Hermione, was that she was a beacon of light in even the darkest of times. Though the courses of their lives had been different, the young witch too was a survivor and a truly worthy companion for her. She could not help but to relish in the hope and love that imbued every inch of the woman.

They finally made their way past the crowds into a quiet corridor. Bella could resist no longer. She slowly backed her wife against the wall. Hermione moaned as the bare skin of her back touched the cold stones. The possessive hand that held her hip flush against the wall seemed to burn through the sheer cloth barrier.

“Where are all of those conceited and self possessed comments from earlier, little witch?”

The whispered taunt pleasurably hit Hermione’s ear causing her stomach to clench and pulse to quicken.

“And I thought you intended to take me,” Bellatrix continued, pausing only to nip at the tender skin of the long neck. “Did you not want to own me tonight, my love?” She allowed her hands to travel the length of the young woman’s torso. “Answer me, Hermione. Or would you rather go back to the ball? That certainly can be arranged.”

“No, please. No,” the young witch groaned through clenched teeth. She arched willingly into the hands exploring her body through her gown. “I do not want to go back to the party.”

“Oh, you don’t? You’ve changed your mind about getting on your knees for me in front of the entire party? Worried that they might know exactly how much you belong to me?”

"It is a point at which I think few are confused, Bellatrix. At least not among these circles," the young witch said wrapping a leg around her wife's hip, pulling their bodies even closer together. "I think it is obvious to anyone paying attention that I am completely and entirely yours."

"So you would get on your knees with them watching?" the dark witch asked running her hands up bare inner thighs.

Hermione let her head drop back against the wall, taking in gulping breaths hoping to manage to keep quiet. "I would do as you command. How could you ever doubt that?"

"Oh I don't," the dark witch growled as she hooked her fingers into the wet silk beneath Hermione's dress. "Oh little witch, you are so very ready for me. Why is that?" she questioned as she danced her fingers over hot skin.

"You know why," Hermione gasped in what she knew would be her final act of defiance for the night.

"I'm not quite sure I do, love. Are you this ready from the thoughts of dominating me or perhaps from the thought of what my reaction might be to some of those images?" She punctuated the end of her question by sliding her fingers deeply inside her wife.

The young witch gasped at the pleasant invasion and pressed her hips towards the wicked digits begging for more. Just as the pressure began to build, the dark witch pulled her fingers out until they just barely teased her entrance. Hermione whimpered at the loss

"Oh, little witch. You must answer me. Then and only then I will allow you the release you so desperately seek."

The young witch grasped at the wild curls, tugging the red lips towards her own. She kissed with every ounce of longing in her being. "Oh Bella, don't you understand that I want you any way I am allowed to have you." She ground herself slowly against the two fingers still touching her. Slowly she pushed herself on them so that her wife was once again inside of her. "I wanted this. I wanted you to take me, because Bellatrix Black I am yours and yours alone. Please, Bella. Please."

The dark witch could think of nothing more to say, instead she leaned the full force of her body into the thrusts, driving herself more fully into her wife. She relished each shudder as the witch fought to stay quiet and upright. The young witch clung fiercely to Bella's shoulders, digging her nails into the bare skin.

"Give me what is already mine," she whispered into Hermione's ear, nipping lightly at the exposed earlobe. She felt the muscles in her lover's body tense before she crumbled.

"Oh Bella," the young witch whispered against the witch's prison tattoo. "You feel so good in me," she said as she lowered her leg back to the ground, struggling to regain her footing.

The dark witch stroked her wife's face affectionately, moving away the beads of sweat as the woman caught her breath. She was going to say more when their attention was drawn by a throat being cleared. They both turned quickly to find a rather put out Narcissa standing in the doorway with one hand on her hip.

"I hate to interrupt the show, but what exactly were you planning to do if it were anyone else?"

"Who else would follow us, Cissy, when our intent was so clear," the dark witch taunted back. "Did you enjoy the show, sister? Did you enjoy how she struggled to stand and clung to me?"

The blonde grunted her disdain at being asked such a question, turning her face away from the pair. Hermione separated from her wife momentarily to embrace the blonde. She slipped her arms around the slender waist and whispered into blonde locks,"We are going to bed now. But join us when your duties here are gone. We will be up all night long." She kissed the pale cheek before returning to her wife's side. She caught the dark witch's hand as she walked by, dragging her along. Bellatrix turned her head and grinned openly looking every bit like the cat who got the cream.