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The Black Prophecy

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As always the early morning preparations for the Dark Lord were more involved than any average day at Malfoy Manor. Narcissa had woken the exhausted couple just before dawn. Had she been anyone else, Hermione would have been mortified at her appearance while the young witch was still quite naked and wrapped in her lover’s arms.

“Any other morning, Hermione, your anxiety might be warranted.” The blonde surveyed them critically. They were a painfully attractive couple. It was clear from their current state that they had relied on their physicality to work through their conflict from the evening before. She watched with barely hidden delight as both women stretched under the thin sheet. It both revealed and concealed their bodies in delightful ways. “Now if you two are done dawdling, please get into the shower. I will have clothes lying out for you. We only have an hour.”

“Very well. Don’t strain yourself, Cissy.” Bella rose and stalked unabashedly into the bathroom. Hermione had the decency to at least blush, but she was no more shy than her wife. She reveled in the feeling of the usually cold blue eyes consuming the curves of her back as she walked. The stare made her feel incredibly powerful.

The witches washed quickly and returned to the bedroom. As promised two complementary and beautiful dresses were already laid out for them. The blonde sat in a chair overlooking the garden. She didn’t turn to greet them, though as they chattered there was no chance she was unaware of their presence. When she at last allowed her eyes to rest on them, they were clad in very attractive lingerie and in the process of pulling on their dresses. She rose to assist Bella in getting her dress on. She delicately fastened the buttons up her sister’s spine, enjoying that she leaned back into the touch. By the time she had finished, Hermione was already dressed and staring at them. The crooked smile on her face was more than vaguely flirtatious. It seemed as though the young witch was enjoying the view.

With Narcissa’s assistance, the witches were ready in time to greet their Lord. The two witches walked down together to find the Malfoys and the Dark Lord conversing. When their heels clicked on the hardwood floor, Voldemort turned to greet them. Though he didn’t smile, Hermione saw the affectionate look in his eyes and walked directly to him leaving her wife a step behind her.

“My Lord,” she said as she reached him. She kissed both of his cheeks in a warm greeting. “It has been far too long. I am very glad to see you.”

“And I, you, Madame Black,” he replied affectionately squeezing her shoulder. “Good Morning, Bella.”

The dark witch inclined her head respectfully and silently followed the pair into the sunroom for breakfast.

“It is nice to see such a lovely family reunited,” the dark wizard said smoothly.

“Thanks entirely to you My Lord,” Bella said quietly. “There is nothing we can do to thank you enough.”

“It is in no way necessary, Bellatrix. I’ve only done what was appropriate. Though of course it means that I will continue to ask things of you.”

“It is our honor, My Lord,” Lucius answered.

“So it is, my friend. Since you all appear so willing, allow me to cut to the chase. The four of you are going on a raid tonight. Bella will take the lead of course. And take Greyback with you as well.”

“May I ask where we are going, My Lord?” Hermione asked quietly.

He smiled at her indulgently. She had become something akin to a favorite niece over the last year. He struggled to deny her anything she wanted, fortunately she never put him in compromising positions. He never regretted the time he saved her life. She was a great asset to him, beyond just her power in battle. “At least you’ve remained curious throughout the fall. You will be dropping in on a small Christmas gathering at the Weasley’s house. They’ve been giving you a hard time, have they not?”

“They have, my Lord.”

“Then this is time for you to extract a bit of revenge. Let me be clear. I am not requesting any bodies at this time. Make them nervous. Destroy property, create mayhem. Make sure they know it was done at my command.”

“It will be our pleasure,” the dark witch purred. She had been gunning to be able to do something about the Order’s relentless perusal of what was so clearly hers. She would finally be able to act.

He nodded knowingly. He had held this task until just the right moment. He needed his fighters tightly wound for this particular fight. A possessive wild Bellatrix Black was a force to be reckoned with. Her initiation of the attack would be burned into the Order’s memory and it would make the Death Eaters seem even more powerful.


The raid preparation ritual calmed Hermione’s nerves. She enjoyed the feeling of her wife’s steady hands as she helped her into her uniform. Not only would the magically enhanced cloth help keep her safe, the gentle application made her feel clothed in love. She wondered if there would be a time when she would have to go into battle without the fierce and beautiful brunette at her elbow. Fortunately that day was not today. Arms encircled her from behind signifying that she was ready to go.

“Shall we, little witch?”

“Yes. I am ready.” Hermione shuddered lightly at the cackle from her wife. It was unnerving in both its insanity and attractiveness.

“Good. Let's collect the others and we will be off. It's dark out, so we can go whenever we are ready. And the sooner we get back, the sooner we can plan for Christmas.”

“I am certain that Christmas is exactly what’s on your mind,” Hermione answered sarcastically.

In a falsely innocent voice the dark witch said, “But what else would I be be thinking of?”

She might have even gotten away with the white lie had her hands not been simultaneously exploring Hermione’s chest.

“Come, Bella. Or we will never leave.”

They met their small cohort on the lawn in front of the mansion. The members were similarly cloaked in black and their silver masks. Hermione only recognized them by their body language.

“The plan is as follows,” Bellatrix said slowly. “I will go in first. I will encircle the house in fire and taunt them out. I will lead them directly into the clearing where you all will be waiting for me. Let them throw a few spells. Don’t hit them with anything too damaging. Once we’ve got them worked up, we will burn down the house. Clear?”

The four heads nodded in solidarity waiting for the dark witch to continue.

“Greyback, I am trusting you to transport my wife there. Do. Not. Disappoint. Me. I will gather her in the clearing and will transport her back myself. Lucius, you and Draco are together.”

Hermione stepped towards the towering Death Eater. He was thoroughly fierce looking, but he deeply respected Bella which was enough to earn the young witch’s trust. Before placing her arm into his to apparate, she looked up into the only lit window on this side of the house. She nodded slightly to the familiar figure standing there in hope that the blonde witch would recognize it for the goodbye it was.

The pull of apparition ended in a very moist landing. Of course Bellatrix had not mentioned they would be going to a swamp. She did notice that her boots and clothing were repelling the water. Clever witch. It did explain one of the reasons why she had insisted on dressing Hermione. As planned, Greyback moved away a few paces as they waited. In the distance the young witch could hear the crackling of fire and the splashing of several people running through the water. But it was the sing song tone of her wife’s voice saying over and over again “I killed Sirius Black.” The young witch was relieved at the appearance of the flying dark curls. She would never stop worrying for her warrior’s safety. Bella greeted her with a sly smile and a nod to raise her wand.

Just a few moments later two sodden teenagers entered the clearing spinning madly. They stood back to back and began throwing wild spells at random intervals. It was clear that they didn’t have a full grasp of the magic they were performing. The small contingency of Death Eaters took turns firing off weak spells from around the circle. They never shot from the same location adding to the confusion of the teens. The fight became a bit more intense when two of the adult order members caught up after having managed to get through Bella’s ring of fire. The dark witch allowed the intensity of the fight to escalate. When it reached a pinnacle, she whistled lowly indicating it was the time for their departure. Hermione immediately wrapped her arms around her wife and closed her eyes preparing to be transported. The lurch was harder than usual and she realized that they were traveling much faster than usual. She was surprised when she heard the non-verbal command for her to unleash fiendfyre without a wand on the odd little home. She complied without a thought.

Five pairs of boots hit the gravel of the driveway at practically the same moment. Hermione found herself encircled by loudly celebrating Death Eaters. She smiled warmly, but said nothing. They were so wrapped up in their celebration that they didn’t seem to notice. They walked back into the Manor discussing the incompetence of the Order happily. As they crossed into the home, the happy group started making their way to the dining room to celebrate. Hermione paused sensing something was a little off. She went instead to the library. Illuminated by the light of the fire, Narcissa stared intently at the small blaze. The young witch stripped off her outer robe and mask, dropping them carelessly on the floor. She stowed her wand and sat close to the blonde watching her intently.

“Everyone is safe?” Narcissa asked in a detached and sad voice.

“Yes. And celebrating.”

“Why are you not with them?”

Hermione paused, because in truth she wasn’t entirely sure. “I felt like I needed to be here. I don’t have a better explanation. I am sorry.”

“Don’t think me ungrateful, dear one. I am glad you are here,” the blonde said reaching out to pull the young witch against her. She smiled when she felt the young body relax into the embrace.

“I am sorry this is so hard on you, Cissy. I can’t imagine what sitting here and waiting is like. This is the first time we have come back uninjured. And what's worse is no one rushed to tell you we were ok.”

“You found me soon enough.”

“I’ll make sure it is a standard part of procedure going forward. There is no reason to cause you any additional distress.”

“That is very kind,” the blonde said running her fingers through the girl’s hair.

“Do you want to join the others? I know they will be happy to see you.”

“In a few minutes. I would like to stay here just a bit longer, if that is ok with you,” Narcissa responded carefully.

“That sounds delightful.” The young witch snuggled closer to the warmth offered by the blonde and allowed her mind to clear for the first time in 24 hours.