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The Black Prophecy

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Bella’s languid kisses turned passionate and she channeled her frustrations at their situation into several rounds of creative lovemaking. She did finally let the young woman rest slumped, sweaty, and spent against her. She ran her fingers soothingly through her wife’s hair just enjoying the proximity. The formal bonding of their souls made it much more difficult to be apart than she had imagined. She pressed her lips against the moist temple. The young woman sighed against her neck happily. The dark witch closed her eyes absorbing the moment and the smell of the soft curls.

A sudden swirl of color had her reaching for her wand, which she promptly set back down when blonde hair came into view.

“Narcissa! How in Merlin’s name did you get past my warding?”

“Bella, I am your sister,” she replied slowly as if speaking to a rather dull child. “I happen to know your favorite spells as well as my own.”

The dark witch rolled her eyes. “Then perhaps I should have asked why you got past my warding?”

The blonde sat primly on the end of the bed seemingly oblivious to the very nude witches below the covers. “I was just having lunch with my son, before he had to go back to the castle for a few hours. I was hearing all about his classwork, thank you for your help,” she said looking at Hermione. “But it was the discussion of yesterday afternoon that caught my attention.”

The young witch blushed at the transition and sat up clutching a blanket to defend herself.



“Don’t Cissy me, young lady. I thought that we were clear on this point.”

The brunette searched the pale face opposite her, anger thinly veiled the hurt and fear. A calming hand on her lower back from her wife was all the permission she needed. She started again, reaching out to touch the blonde.

“Cissa, I am safe and ok now.”

“It was not what we agreed to, Hermione,” she gritted out. “You were to stay safe. You were to let me provide you protection. You were to obey.” Tears of frustration and fear ran freely down her face. She clasped her hands tightly to hide how badly they were shaking.

The young witch cupped the face as she climbed to sit on her lap seemingly unaware of her nudity. Affectionately, she kissed the tears away. She ran her hands through the long straight hair sensually touching the bare neck. She sighed when the cool hands skimmed around her waist and held her close.

“I am fairly dreadful at obeying,” she confessed quietly, running a finger playfully across the a bare clavicle.

“You truly are.”

“Fortunately,” Bella said moving behind Narcissa and slipping her arms around her sister,“she is a powerful and clever witch. And I think, just this once that having McGonagall kiss her was punishment enough.”

“That does sound decidedly terrible,” the blonde responded.

Hermione watched as the blue eyes appraised her. When Narcissa touched her face softly, she let her eyes drift closed. She could feel her wife’s hands between their bodies, and being held by her family again was amazing. She breathed in deeply, erasing the months that kept them apart.

“Perhaps I can be lenient just this once, Miss Granger.”

“Please,” she gasped at the intentionally cruel choice of names. “Please, Cissa. I’m not her.”

“Then who are you, little witch,” the dark witch purred as she moved her hands over the blonde’s body.

The young witch opened her eyes to be met with two set of eyes. She looked between the two, settling on the blue as she answered. “I am Hermione Black. I am the daughter of Cormac and Eleanor MacCarthy. I am the wife and soulmate of Bellatrix Black.”

“That’s right, little witch,” the blonde answered. “You are a Black, which means you belong to us.” She punctuated her sentence by pulling on the necklace that hung around the olive neck, pressing their lips together. When she eventually released them, her sister leaned forward to claim her wife before moving on to the blonde.

“Hermione,” Bella purred. “You should apologize to Narcissa. After all, she has been working very hard from a distance to make sure that you stay safe.” The dark witch implanted several salacious images of the things they could do together to the blonde in the young witch’s mind.

“Mmm, yes. I think you are right. Narcissa, do you think I owe you one?” she asked releasing the ties of the beautiful dress.

“I think that it could not hurt your case, Madame Black.”

“I would hate to hurt my case,” she replied cheekily as she stood up, pulling the blonde up so she could finish undressing her. Over the slender shoulder, she watched her still very naked and very sexy wife crawl to the edge of the bed. Together they lowered the cloth to the ground. Hermione stood back to take in the visual. It was uncanny how the two women could look so similar and dissimilar at the same time. Previously she hadn’t had the time to properly look at them together in such a state. Their strong regal features were delicious. She watched with rapt attention as her wife unhooked the lace bra, removing it sensually. As the dark witch slowly manipulated the soft flesh, the blonde’s head fell backwards on to her shoulder. Bella swept the blonde hair into a makeshift ponytail that would allow her to control the woman. Moving the head to one side, the dark witch took a patch of sensitive skin into her mouth.

“Narcissa, have you any idea how this looks? You showing up here, dressed in these?” The young witch ran her fingers under the lacy garter. “One might even think you planned this.”

“I assure you, Hermione, if I had planned this I would have brought my paddle not my nice underwear.”

“But don’t you agree, sister. This is so much more pleasurable.” The dark witch moved her hands in such a way that the blue eyes slammed shut again. With her eyes closed, she nearly missed the young woman kneeling down in front of her.

Hermione, however, had decided that her performance was not going to be ignored. She ran her nails down the pale stomach, slipping her fingers into the edges of the satin underwear.

“What do you think, Bella? Do you think I should takes these off? She looks so pretty like this.”

The dark witch rested her chin on Narcissa’s shoulder as she looked down her body. “She does. I think that the real question is, does she want this?”

Hermione ran a single finger underneath the fabric. When it came away wet, she smiled predatorily. “It would be a safe assumption that she does.” She opened her mouth to taste the finger, but her wife had grabbed her wrist and tugged her up. The warm tongue circled her finger, flicking the tip lightly.

“Back on your knees, love,” Bellatrix said in a raspy voice. She stroked the curly hair even as she guided the head back down.

Hermione released the garters so that she could slip the underwear down. She lifted one leg up and rested it on her shoulder, opening the blonde up to her. She firmly gripped the toned ass as she brought her mouth to Narcissa’s sex. She couldn’t help but moan when she looked up to meet her wife’s eyes as she shared the beautiful body between them.

“Oh gods, Bella. Your wife’s mouth is unbelievable. I am impressed that you ever get out of bed.”

“It is a struggle at times, I admit. She does look lovely where she is. I always enjoy her on her knees. But you. We have you quite captive. You are quite wanton with my wife on you, Cissy dear.” She pinched already hard nipples. “This is your dream, being trapped between two Black women.”

“There are many worse things to imagine.”

“Don’t be coy, Narcissa. I want to hear you say it.”

The blonde truly considered holding her tongue. She enjoyed being aloof. It was part of her carefully crafted persona. While she let both of the witches touching her see small sections of who she really was. This was a large request, as her sister well knew. But when the young witch’s tongue entered her and an arm snaked around her hip drawing rough circles around her clit, it felt like the words were forced out of her mouth.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Yes, I want this. I want you and your wife, Bella.”

“Now that couldn’t have been too hard for you to admit.”

The blonde’s mouth dropped open, but words couldn’t come out of the mouth due to the loud moan currently taking her entire lung capacity.

“Make her come hard, Hermione,” the dark witch commanded.

The young witch wanted to moan, to crumble at her wife’s instruction, but kept her relentless pace. She focused on the reactions of the woman above her, expertly exploiting them until all of the muscles in the body tensed and she felt the woman releasing around her tongue. She gentled her motions with soft licks and kisses until she was certain Narcissa was on the verge of collapse.

Together the Madames Black moved her back onto the bed ,petting her until she came back to herself.

“You are a remarkable witch, little one,” she said sighing relaxedly.

“Thank you,” Hermione murmured against her skin while playing across her stomach with Bella’s fingers.

“I, however, can only stomach so much of your over indulgent affections.”

“Not to mention, I imagine you stormed out on Draco,” Bellatrix chimed in.

“I may have done that. Regardless,” she said extracting herself from the warm tempting bodies, “I did not mean to take any of this sacred time.”

“It was no problem,” her sister said reflexively.

“Young Madame Black. Dinner is at 5 o’clock sharp. I do not expect any tardiness.”

“Yes, Narcissa. I will try to obey.”

“And the rest,” the blonde asked hesitantly.

“I won’t be dodging my friends any time soon, Cissy. You were right.”

“You will find that I am always right. I will see you both at dinner,” she said shrugging on her robes and apparating away.