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The Black Prophecy

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The morning of the first Hogsmeade visit of the school year was bright and crisp, not unlike the morning one year ago. She got up at the first light of dawn. She hadn’t slept well after the events of the night before. But there was no way that she would be showing up to see her wife looking less than perfect. As she sunk into a warm bath, she thought of how she felt last year. She remembered how she dressed like she was putting on armor and avoided people like her life depended on it. There would certainly be no getting around the swarm of Slytherins escorting her today. She chuckled to herself at the memory of nearly running into Narcissa. The blonde must have been mortified. Someday many years in the future, she could see them sitting in front of a fire and laughing about it. That day had been terrifying, but it was the first time she felt the peace of Bella’s presence. It was a memory that she would always treasure.

She hauled herself out of the bath. She was still incredibly out of sorts after the encounter the night before. She was torn between hoping that her wife knew and hoping she would never find out. She pulled on the only muggle clothes she’d been allowed to keep. She hoped it would help her blend in a bit with her classmates. She dressed warmly partially for the weather and partially to feel covered up. She took the time to charm her hair into behaving, applied makeup and perfume, yet she was still a full quarter hour early. Normally she would have tried to sit still and read a book, but she had no self control left. She paced in front of the fireplace anxiously. She listened carefully for other signs of life. For a dungeon it certainly was silent. With a creak, Draco at last emerged.

"Madame Black, why I am not surprised you are early."

"I need to see her, Draco," she said in a hushed urgent tone.

"I know you do. I expect everyone down in the next two minutes. We won't slow you down."

"Thank you."

"Now get your face under control. We are trying to keep this latest development quiet. Looking like a wreck won't help. And can you imagine your wife's reaction?"

Hermione shuddered. She was genuinely concerned with what that reaction might be. He walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Take a couple of deep breaths. You look beautiful. She will be so happy to see you. Don't worry so much. Let Severus and I take care of the rest."

"Ok. And your mother?"

"I will handle my mother."

"Brave man."

"That I am," he said falsely puffing out his chest.

Feet running up stairs and loud talking interrupted their conversation. They were greeted by their casually dressed housemates. The group was buzzing with excitement. Hermione scarcely thought they would notice any mood she was in.

"Are you ready to go," Crabbe asked her politely.

"I think I am. Thank you."

"This way then," he said ushering the group out the door with the young witch directly in the center. They walked quickly through the castle pausing only when they were being checked out before they were allowed to walk into town. Filch, as usual, paid little attention to the Slytherins as they were his clear favorites. Hermione was particularly concerned at the unusual appearance of the head of Gryffindor house. She could feel the piercing eyes on her, but the young witch looked resolutely straight ahead.

When they finally crossed outside of the school boundaries, she let out a breath. She felt instantly lighter. Thankfully the group seemed to be experiencing the same excitement and their pace picked up considerably. They reached the town with chilled flushed faces. Draco subtly nodded to the group, sending them all on their way.

"Come, your wife is waiting."

Hermione was so excited that she couldn't formulate a response. She happily followed him into a familiar inn. The blonde knocked on the door of the room Hermione briefly inhabited, before her lover swept her away. Her breath caught in her throat as the door immediately flew open. In the doorframe stood her Bella. She was every bit as beautiful as she remembered. Her curls were wild and her eyes were lit with excitement. The young witch squeaked as she was swept into her arms and the door was closed behind them. She heard a muffled,

“Well then. Have a good time. I’ll be back in time for dinner so that we can be to the castle before it is dark.” There was a pregnant pause. “Ok, great. I will take that as a yes.”

Hermione might have laughed had she understood any of those words, but she was focused on the devious lips on her own. Her wife had yet to speak a single word, having opted to pin her against the wall by the door instead. While normally she would have enjoyed such behavior, the last 24 hours left her needing a bit more control. With a pulse of magic she shoved Bella towards the bed. She released only when the back of her lover’s knees hit the bed, sending her sprawling backwards.

“Hermione,” Bella said slowly, taking in the view. Her wife was ravishing. While her sister had no appreciation for muggle style, as she took in the skinny jeans she could see no fault. They did hug her wife’s curves deliciously. And the way she was stalking towards the bed was, well it had been a long couple of months. She leaned back willingly as the girl climbed on top of her. “This is a pleasant surprise. But tell me what has spurned such action?”

“I will tell you, but not now. For now I need to have you, all of you. Please?”

The whispered question was the only hint of insecurity in the young witch’s powerful facade. Bella didn’t answer, but pushed her body up to capture her favorite lips again. Hermione’s reaction to the affirmation was explosive. Her kisses became bruising and domineering. While they both knew that magical removal of clothing was well within the young witch’s abilities, the tactile experience of doing it manually was intoxicating. Possessive hands untied the corset, revealing pale skin. Nimbly the digits grasped at her neck and collarbone as lips descended her sternum tracing once familiar paths. The dark witch anchored one hand in the soft curls and the other on a shoulder. Nails bit into her skin blurring pain with desire.

“Oh gods, were these past two months not torture enough?”

“Are you giving in so quickly, Bella?”

“That is exactly what I am doing.”

“What is it that you are asking for?” she pressed on coyly. She pushed the skirts up from the hips to only smirk at the lack of undergarments. She pressed a light teasing kiss to the apex of the woman’s thighs.

“You. The only thing I’ve ever needed. Take me, Hermione.”

The young witch pushed two fingers deep into her wife and was amazed at how incredibly ready for her she was.

“I see that you have been thinking about me, my love. Tell me, Bellatrix, have you been thinking of me?”

The dark witch moaned in response. “You know I have been. Please, please Hermione.”

Taking some mercy, the young witch set a steady hard pace. Bella threw her head back screaming her pleas in response. Unable to resist the scent of her wife any longer, she leaned down to take a long lick. The hips beneath her pushed persistently upwards. She teased and tasted until the woman beneath her was desperate. Unexpectedly, Hermione sucked the bundle of nerves into her mouth, running her tongue around it. She bit down lightly. The witch moaned clearly on the edge. Teeth closed more harshly, flinging the dark witch into release.

Hermione climbed up the woman, laying her clothed body against the still hot skin. She laid her head on the rapidly rising and falling chest.

“That was quite a performance, little witch. Have something to prove just then?”

She nodded into the soft skin.

“Still not ready to talk about it yet?”

The young witch didn’t respond, running her fingers over bare skin.

“You know I have ways, little witch, of making you talk.”

Bella reversed their positions with practiced ease.

“Please, Bella. I need to feel you. I’ve thought about this incessantly.”

“What is it precisely that you have been thinking about,” the dark witch asked, dancing her fingers down a cheek while vanishing clothing. She had always been rather fond of doing things magically.

“That,” Hermione moaned at the full skin to skin contact.

“Use your words, darling. Don’t you remember? You started this fun little game. So little witch what have you been thinking about?”

“Your hands, all over me. Handling like I am yours.”

“You are mine,” the hovering witch growled, tweaking already hard nipples.

“And your mouth on my neck.”

The dark witch obeyed the suggestion knowing full well that it would be the last one she received. She snaked a hand between their bodies, finding her wife nearing over sensitization. She slipped in her fingers, pressing firmly against the spot sure to unravel the woman beneath her.

“Look at me, Hermione.”

Hazel eyes snapped open, though didn’t entirely focus.

“You are the other half of me. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are. We belong together. You are safe now. Give yourself over to me.”

A half sob half moan erupted from the girl as her muscles contracted hard around her wife’s hand. Bella captured the rest of the sounds in a thorough kiss. Breaking apart would usually result in Hermione gulping down air and trying to calm her breathing. But the dam of emotions she had been holding back since the encounter in the library broke. Large silent tears ran down her face and she attempted to hide in the curtain of curly hair. Bella quickly wrapped her in a tight embrace cooing softly. She let her lover calm down before asking,

“Whats going on, little witch? I know I am good, but that reaction is a bit strong.”

Hermione smiled briefly. “It’s been a really long couple of months.”

“Yes it has. Makes me question how we ever survived before. Has school been that bad?”

“It’s not the classes themselves. I am not having any trouble there aside from remembering to restrain myself. But the social pressure has been oppressive.”

“I know Dumbledore can be annoying, but just ignore him.”

“It’s not him, well… it’s not just him that I am worried about.”

“What do you mean? Why didn’t you write me?” The growing alarm in the dark witch’s voice was evident.

“I would have,” she answered petting her wife gently. “But there wasn’t time. It happened yesterday. There wouldn’t have been time for an owl, and I’d rather tell you in person.”

Bella’s entire body tensed ready for a fight.

“I was working with Draco to find a way to complete his task for the Dark Lord. So naturally I was in the…”

“Library,” the older witch said finishing her sentence while grinning cheekily.

“Yes, but my research was interrupted by McGonagall.”

“What did the old hag want,” she asked, voice darkening with anger.

“She wanted to know if Miss Granger was aware of the reputation she was acquiring by certain associations. She pretty much said that your love for me isn’t real, that this is just some elaborate seduction for power.”

“That bitch…”

“I’m not done, Bella. She kissed me. It wasn’t dead on, but close enough. I spent the rest of the night sick. Draco and Severus can attest to that. They were the ones finally able to get me into bed.”

“I will hex her into oblivion,” she said starting to get out of the bed.

“Please don’t leave me, Bella. We can be at war any other time, but please I need today.”

“She can’t have you. I won’t have the one good thing in my life taken away.”

“My love, look at me.” She waited patiently until the charcoal eyes found her own. “You are right. She can’t have me. Our souls are bound. And I wouldn’t choose anyone else even if I could. You are it for me, Bellatrix Black.”

The dark witch cut off any further discussion at the moment with a solid kiss, delaying the realities of their situation, even if only for a few hours.