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The Black Prophecy

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Dinner with her family had quickly become one of her favorite things over the summer. And it would be one of the things she would miss most. The very talented group often descended into giggles. She believed it was a coping mechanism for the ever mounting stress, but she’d never experienced such joy as in the presence of the group.

“Can you believe that summer is already over?” Lucius asked the group.

“It’s been the fastest summer of my life,” Draco said more brightly than he had spoken in days.

“We have been rather busy,” Bella said giving her wife a salacious look.

“I think its been rather transformative,” Severus echoed, looking as though he was considering smiling.

“A toast then, to a summer well spent, a family united at last and to our successes in the upcoming year,” the blonde witch said, raising her glass. Smiles and lightly clinking glass circled the table.

“I for one can’t believe we are about to go back to Hogwarts,” Hermione said, finally entering the conversation.

“And as a Slytherin, no less,” her wife responded proudly.

“It’s about bloody time,” Draco said. “We will have much more fun this year. Not having to sneak around to be together. And you will love our house, more importantly they will worship the ground you walk on. The owls I’ve received since the wedding indicate that taming the most dangerous witch of our time has done wonders for your reputation.”

“Have I tamed you?” she asked of her wife in a falsely sweet tone.

“If anything, she has corrupted you,” Narcissa interjected, pointedly raising her eyebrows.

“Helpful, sister. And as much as this is titillating, this is my last night with my wife for far too long. So you must excuse us. We will see you in the morning to go to King’s Cross.” A self satisfied smirk graced her face as a deep red flush spread across her wife’s face and down her neck. Hermione stood, knowing that if she didn’t move quickly enough she would be drug unceremoniously. All day she felt the growing weight of her wife’s arousal. She’d been mentally taking bets as to how long the dark witch would be able to hold out. She struggled to focus during dinner, because of the burning desire coursing through her body. She was equal parts relieved and mortified that it was brought up during dinner.

They made it out of the dinning room without incident, but not up the stairs before Bellatrix wrapped her arms around her and apparated them away. They landed in the entranceway of Timoleague.

“Oh Bella,” she said pulling her into a passionate kiss. Hermione allowed the woman to slowly lead her up the stairs to their room. Not wanting to waste a single moment together, the dark witch paused every few steps to place open-mouthed kisses across her wife’s face and neck. By the time they reached the door, the young witch was breathless from the gentle affection. When the large wooden door swung open, her mouth dropped open again earning a trademark smirk from her wife.

“When did you do this?” the brunette asked quietly while she took in the sight before her.

“I have my ways, little witch,” Bellatrix responded, walking up behind and running her hands down the girl’s sides.

Hundreds of candles lit the room in a soft glow. They were accompanied by the warm light of the fireplace. Hermione had forgotten how much she missed the castle, what with all the chaos of the summer. But her wife, who provided so much stability and love, had not. There were no words for what she felt for Bella, there never had been. What she hadn’t counted on was the witch’s consistent ability to surprise her with shows of affection. Firm but gentle hands began to undress the young witch as she turned around to face her. The young witch moved to help her, but her hands were stilled.

“Let me. I want to love you fully.”

The simple statements made her swoon. She was addicted to the possessive and protective part of her wife. She couldn’t imagine ever getting enough of the curly haired witch. The practiced hands had her perfectly naked in a matter of moments. She was so overwhelmed by the feeling of the soft hands roaming freely over her form that she could think of nothing she wanted more than more of the woman’s skin against hers. She closed her eyes and moaned at the soft treatment. Her eyes snapped open again at a sharp gasp from her wife.

Slowly she took in the bare skin that she loved so much. Everything about the curves of her body and the way she stood begged for Hermione to place hot kisses on every available surface. The dark witch cocked her head, grinning playfully.

“A bit anxious are we? And couldn’t manage to follow a single instruction?”

“I kept my hands to myself,” she said defiantly.

“You did, but you did not keep your magic to yourself.”

The girl’s eyes grew. “Oh my. I haven’t lost control of my magic in so long.”

“You must have wanted something rather badly. And what would that have been,” she said running her finger around an already hard nipple. The young body pressed hard into her trying to extract more contact. Soft lips pressed kisses along the older woman’s collarbone, licking at the hollow in her throat. She smiled when she heard the quiet moan slip out of her wife. Bella returned the favor by running her hands up to cup both breasts and tenderly kissing each one, eliciting a moan from the girl. She backed them to the bed, laying Hermione down gently and climbing between her legs. This was her last night with her wife and she was going to drink in each and every sound she could elicit.

She began gently kissing her hair and face determined to love all of her. The young witch was already writhing underneath her and on the verge of begging.

“Breathe, love. I am going to take my time tonight, but I assure you that you will be fully satisfied.”

Hermione whimpered but attempted to relax into the feather light touches. The soft lips were now making their way down her neck. They paused on her shoulder. Teeth sunk in sharply marking the perfectly bare skin, causing her to jerk up into the naked body. She would bare the mark for the coming week. The idea both thrilled her and made her sad. They would be apart for so long. Before she could be distracted by that line of thought, a skilled tongue lapped playfully at her nipple before sucking on it hard. She grasped hard at her lover’s back, running her nails down the fair skin.

“Merlin, you are distracting, little witch.”

“With what you are doing, I just need to hold onto something.”

“Oh, by all means. I would never discourage you,” she said as she returned to her task. She was satisfied when both hard peaks strained against her mouth in turn. She systematically kissed down both arms, sucking slender digits into her mouth, hard. The young witch groaned and tried in vain to flip them over. Changing course, she dipped her tongue teasingly into the belly button before trailing down towards her center. Her wife smelled divine. This was the moment she’d been longing for all day, and from the look of it so had Hermione. She pushed the legs open a bit more, allowing herself to settle between them. She started with a simple kiss at the apex, before reverently running her tongue the length of the wetness. She strove to memorize every inch while driving her wife into madness.

“Oh gods. Bella, please. I need…” Her statement was cut off by a loud satisfied moan caused by two fingers entering her and immediately hitting home. She grasped at the strong shoulders, bringing them more solidly into her. She was flirting with the edge of climax until the fingers in her twisted causing her to convulse in pleasure. She attempted to breath deeply, but was so overcome by the experience that hot tears ran down her face.

“No no no, my love,” the dark witch cooed. “No need for tears. Please don’t cry.” She captured the salty liquid, brushing it away lovingly.

“I don’t know how I will live without you, Bella.”

“My darling, you are never without me. We share one soul. Wherever you are, I am with you just as I have always been. Were you not with me those many years in Azkaban? Did you not offer me the only comfort you could even without knowing who I was?”

“I loved you even then,” she said still fighting back tears.

“Even when I was unlovable. So please, do not think that these few months will make us grow apart. We will speak frequently and I will see you anytime I can. And then we will never have to be apart. I swear it.”

“Thank you for bringing me home, Bella.”

“I wanted us to make memories tonight in the place that will become where we raise our family and where all of our happiest memories are held.”

Hermione found no language to convey how much she wanted what the witch was offering, so she offered her lips instead.

“I want you, but you were spectacular. I am not sure I can move,” she said hoping her small white lie would be ignored.

“Then we can sleep, my love.”

“Oh no. No, I don’t want to sleep. I want this,” she said, slipping her hand against her wife’s wet center. “Right here.” She brought those same fingers up to her mouth, sucking them steadily while looking Bella in the eye.

The witch’s eyes darkened and she paused in awe of her lover. Needy hands propelled her upward and the soft brown eyes seemed to beg for her agreement. She was too lost in desire to consider telling the young witch no. She settled with her knees on either side of the beautiful face enjoying the view of the girl so willingly and passionately beneath her. Hermione’s hands never stilled running over her body until they settled on her thighs, pulling her down. She gasped as the hot mouth made contact with her core. She placed her hands on the headboard for balance and so she could look down at her wife. The young witch’s eyes were closed and her brow furled in concentration. Every ounce of her being was being poured into the movement of her tongue. It’s efficient transference of passion made it very difficult to hold her hips still. So don’t try, her wife’s playful voice sounded in her head. She began grinding with less and less control. The soft tongue entering her in such an intimate and loving manner caused her climax to crash down around her. She struggled to stay upright and return her breathing to normal. As she laid down next to the witch, she watched enraptured as she cleaned her face with her fingers, sucking each one as she went. Bella could imagine nothing sexier than her wife’s love of her.

“I don’t want to sleep, because when I wake I know we have to part,” Hermione said finally.

“Then let’s stay up all night, love. I want to hear about all of your dreams for the time when this war is won.”