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The Black Prophecy

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“Do you have any idea how much I don’t want to go, Bella?”

“To Diagon Alley? Or back to school? I know you don’t like shopping much, but today is necessary. You need new robes.”

“I meant to school, but you are right the only shopping I enjoy involves books.”

The dark witch walked into her space, pulling her close. “I don’t want to be apart either. But these are critical times. We will get through the next few months. You will be very busy, between coursework, being prefect, and the tasks from the Dark Lord. The time will fly. And I do still expect your academic achievement.”

“Oh,” she said playfully, running her hands up and down her wife’s curves, ”and what exactly do you plan on doing if I don’t.” Her lips were immediately caught in a demanding kiss.

“I have my ways, little witch. I am one of the most feared Death Eaters after all.”

“Hmm,” Hermione hummed, sounding unconvinced.

“You actually fear punishment from Narcissa more than me!?” she exclaimed in a complicated mix of amusement and upset.

The young witch flushed a bright red. Ironically, her wife was right. Narcissa’s approach left quite the impression, and she had yet to cross her wife. Based only on the look she was getting, she was fairly certain she didn’t want to.

“But I love you, Bella. That has to count for something.” She brought their fingers together, intentionally making their magic spark and crackle. “And that is something I can only do with you.”

“No one else would get away with that.”

“I know. I’m quite special, you know.”

“I am aware, you cheeky witch. Now get your things together, we are leaving soon.”

“Yes, dear.” Her sassy response earned her a swat on the ass, but she just grinned in return.


“Right then,” Lucius began. “Now that we are all here. We have a couple of tasks today. Obviously Draco and Hermione need to gather their things for school. There are a number of green and silver items we need to obtain.” He paused to look proudly at his sister-in-law. “But also, a trip to Borgin and Burkes is in order.” He nodded meaningfully at Draco who looked very serious. Since taking the mark, he had become more withdrawn and morose. Hermione looked on with concern. While she understood that he had been tasked with a gruesome task, she felt it was her duty to make sure that he survived it. She was at peace that she could and would cast the killing curse herself if it protected him from severe emotional harm. After all, her wife would love her all the same.

“Travel safely. I will see you all when you return,” he said cheerfully. “Oh and Hermione, enjoy your coming out. The entire wizarding world knows you are a Black now, the Prophet ran the announcement this morning.”

Hermione smiled at Bella, she still couldn’t quite comprehend that she belonged to the powerful beautiful witch. It was nice to no longer have to hide. She would be a different kind of target now, but at least the lines were clearly drawn. There was no denying where her allegiances lay.

One by one the four stepped into the fireplace and out again at the Leaky Cauldron. Before they exited the pub, Bellatrix pulled Hermione close. She carried with her vague concern that an unwise member of the Order might attempt to harm her young wife after their announcement. There were a number of cruel and unforgivable curses she was ready to use should the need arise. Stepping out into the sunlight, the Alley was much quieter than any of them had ever seen it. Evidence of the night time activities of the Death Eaters was apparent in the destroyed wand shop and ice cream parlour.

They started their shopping trip at Madame Malkin’s. The teenager’s wandered aimlessly through the shop as the Black sisters made selections for them to try on. The uniforms, robes and other assorted items were more adult looking than what they’d previously worn. Narcissa dressed Draco in a striking black suit that made him look remarkably like his father and Bellatrix selected a corseted dress for her lover. The two burst out laughing at the sight of each other, but agreed after they calmed down how good they looked.

Laughing happily the group walked to the Obscurus bookstore, unaware of the eyes that followed every move they made. Draco and Hermione quickly identified and selected the books they would need for the year. The young witch then slipped away to browse the hundreds of other titles. She would need something to read on the train to distract her from the suffocating sadness of leaving her recently gained family. She settled on a new arthimancy book. Others might think it dull, but it was complex enough to keep her mind moving and away from the sadness.

“Come, love. We have more to do. We can’t dally in the bookstore all day,” the dark witch said teasingly.

“Cissa, your cruel sister is dragging me away from my only happiness,” she said dramatically, looking to the blonde for support.

The blue eyed witch stepped towards her in false sympathy, taking her hand and whispering dramatically, “You do know you married the darkest witch of our age. She is bound to be a bit cruel from time to time.”

Hermione smiled at the interaction and walked arm in arm with Narcissa to the front of the store where Draco was waiting.

“Are you all finally ready?” He said, clearly anxious to get going.

“We are,” his mother responded. “Be nice son, or I will be forced to baby you in public,” she threatened teasingly.

“Come, Cissy. Before you give your son a panic,” Bellatrix said, leading the group back into the alleyway. “This way. Come quickly. No need to get any more attention than we have already.” She nodded subtly over her left shoulder. A few moments later, Hermione turned her head pretending to look at something. Peaking out from behind the destroyed wand store were three heads. She immediately recognized the the forms of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown. A gentle tugging on her hand propelled her forward and she was once again in her wife’s arms, walking quickly. They paused in front of the Borgin and Burke’s sign, before ducking inside.

“This is a Dark Arts store. You’ve never been in one, have you,” her wife asked quietly.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Well don’t touch anything,” the dark witch responded, chuckling darkly.

Their conversation was broken off by Draco’s formal tone. “Mr. Borgin, how nice to see you again.”

“Mr. Malfoy, Madame Malfoy, Madames Black. What an honor. What can I do for you all today?”

“We are here on official business,” the young blonde continued.

“It would be my pleasure to help you, Mr. Malfoy.”

“Good. I want a few dark objects, but first I would like to see your vanishing cabinet.”

“I’m rather sorry to say that it hasn’t worked in years.”

“Of that I am aware,” Draco continued. “But you will help me fix that. I intend to repair its sister.”

The wizard stepped backwards as though shocked at what he was hearing.

“And you will help me. My aunt,” he said gesturing towards Bellatrix who was openly toying with her wand, “will be checking in on your progress.”

Borgin shuddered. Having Bellatrix Black as a frequent guest was more than enough to make him nervous.

“Do we have ourselves an understanding?”

“We do, Mr. Malfoy. I will begin the work immediately.”

“Good. Madame Black will inform you of the schedule as we go. Now, there are a few more items I am interested in.”


Draco walked out of the shop with his head held high for the first time in several days.

“You did very well, Draco,” Bella cooed.

“Thank you, Auntie.”

“Cissa, your son is growing into quite the man. So like his father,” the dark witch continued, speaking now to her sister. “He will make your family proud.”

Narcissa attempted to smile and agree. She was proud of her son, but couldn't help mourning the end of his innocence. Her sweet blonde haired blue eyed baby was gone, replaced by an angsty teen. She had faith that at the end of it all, he would be a good man. A man who loved his family and friends and would protect them with his very life. But it was a reminder of her failure as a parent that his generation had to face the oncoming war.

As though sensing the blonde’s internal conflict, Hermione slipped her hand into the crook of Narcissa’s elbow, walking close to her side. She placed a soft kiss to her temple in an attempt to promise that it would all be ok in the end. They proceeded like this, arm in arm, to the Leaky Cauldron, breaking apart only to floo back to the Manor. Before Bella allowed Hermione into the fireplace, she captured her in a possessive kiss. The witnesses at the pub would be enough to confirm the article in the paper, not to mention she couldn’t resist the opportunity to mark her territory.

“Into the fireplace quickly, love. Or I will be forced to take you right here,” the dark witch whispered into her ear.

The young witch flushed bright red but complied, stepping into the green flames and disappearing.