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The Black Prophecy

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Being drug up the stairs by her wife was becoming a bit of a habit, and not necessarily one that Hermione had any issue with. Tonight was different. She clung to Bellatrix with an unfamiliar desperation. There had been many nights when she wanted the dark witch, deeply and with every bit of her soul and body. But there had been few times that she felt so consumed with an urgent need for her. If she were still in the muggle world, she might have been compelled to tell her that she wanted to crawl inside her skin. The sheer ferocity with which the older witch was taking the stairs suggested that she was, in fact, aware of Hermione’s emotional state.

When they reached the door to their room, the young witch could scarcely have determined if even apparition would have been faster. As soon as the dark witch safely delivered them inside, she protectively moved her out of the way while casting complex and powerful protection and silencing spells. Hermione backed up, watching her until the back of her knees hit the bed and she sat down. Watching Bella in such a state was breathtaking. The power rolling off the witch from each movement caused the young witch’s breath to catch painfully in her throat and she forgot entirely how to breathe.

The dark witch crossed the small space, backing her wife into the bed and landing herself firmly on top of her. In a moment of clear desperation, Hermione lurched up, capturing her lips in a bruising kiss and throwing her arms around her neck. Bella allowed her to control and drive the embrace until they were both breathless. When they finally broke apart she asked,

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yes, but not right now. I need to feel you first.”

“Tell me what you need.”

Hermione paused, attempting to gather her thoughts, but language escaped her entirely. Shifting her weight to one side, she swiftly reversed their positions.She urgently grasped the front clasp of her wife’s robes and roughly pushed them aside and off her shoulders. With equal haste she pulled at the ties of the corset. The hours of practice were clearly paying off when she pulled it cleanly away in a matter of seconds. Bella’s hands were instantly at her clothes removing them with equal speed and desire. Before she could reach the clasp of the young witch’s bra, Hermione captured her wrists and pinned them above her head.

“You are what I need. Give in to me, Bella.”

Instantaneously the dark witch fought against the show of dominance pulling her wrists and fighting against the weight above her. Without speaking a word or lifting a finger, Hermione bound her hands above her head, securing them to the headboard. She sat back on her hips to survey the canvas of pale soft skin in front of her. She had never really even attempted to take control away from the witch. But her current vantage point had her contemplating that it might actually be a good idea. She possessively touched the bare skin on her torso, dragging red lines into the skin with her nails. She delighted in the hiss she elicited from her lover. Pleased with the complacency thus far, she roughly took a hard nipple in her mouth, holding it between her teeth while circling it mercilessly with her tongue. She felt the dark witch moan and thrust her chest higher offering herself up. She switched sides, applying the same treatment, while pulling and twisting the tender skin with her fingertips. Pleased with the thrashing caused by her roughness, she took a swollen nipple in each hand while she leaned up to whisper in her ear,

“I am going to fuck you, Bella. And you will be begging me to stop, to finish, to never stop. And if you are lucky and if you obey, I will consider granting you release.”

The dark witch openly moaned, but quickly gathered her composure. “You need to be certain who you are toying with, little witch. You can’t keep me tied up forever.”

“A girl can dream.”

“Do what you believe you can get away with. But at the end of the day you will always answer to me,” she growled.

Clearly finished with the exchange, the young witch pressed soft kisses into the pale neck before biting hard enough to clearly mark the skin. She would enjoy her wife’s attempts to cover the evidence of her ownership. In one clean motion, she moved off the body beneath her and rolled Bella onto her stomach, pivoting on the wrists bound together at the top of the bed. Slowly she peeled the offending skirt down the muscular legs, taking care to caress each sensitive spot. She reveled in the squirming of the generally controlled witch and her tendency simply not to wear knickers. She wasn’t certain if it was a result of their relationship or if the dark witch simply couldn’t be bothered. Feeling as though she had teased enough, she ran a single digit down the length of her spine starting at her neck. She terminated the slow path when she finally encountered the evidence of her effect on her wife. With no further preparation, she pushed two fingers deep inside the witch, resulting in her name being moaned loudly. With the power of her body in each stroke she began moving in and out at a slow but hard pace. Her wife thrust enthusiastically in time.

When a third finger was added, the dark witch struggled to maintain any control over her limbs. The position put Hermione’s hand at a particularly delicious angle that was driving her to the edge of insanity. As amazing as it felt, there would be no way that she would climax in the current position. She futilely attempted to rotate her hips and encourage the kind of touch that she wanted. Her movements were stilled by a sharp smack in the middle of her ass.

“No, Bella. I am in control. Now be a good witch and take it.”

The older witch moaned in understanding and sheer arousal. It was so rare that someone had been able to so thoroughly dominate her and she had certainly never enjoyed it so much. Hermione aggressively hit each and every pleasurable place until Bella was panting in desperation.

"Now, my love. We both know what you want. Why don't you just say it?"

The dark witch shook her head in response refusing to use her voice.

"Then I suppose you don't enjoy what I am doing. Perhaps I ought to just remove my hand."

Bella nearly sobbed at the loss.

"All you have to do, darling," Hermione said in a dangerously sweet voice tempered by the sharp nails dragging down her back, "is ask me nicely. I can make you feel so good. I just need to hear you." Absentmindedly she traced the wet and tender flesh with just her fingertips, never applying enough pressure to do anything but tease.

Several long minutes passed before she heard a quiet muffled response.

"If you are going to bother speaking to me, you ought to at least ensure I can understand you," she said, bringing her hand down harshly over the exposed skin in quick succession.

"I said," the dark witch began, slowly lifting her head off the bed enough to be understood. "I want you to fuck me." She practically growled the request, dismayed that her wife was able to demand such a display. But her thoughts were thoroughly terminated by the reentrance of the fingers that systematically teased her. But there was clear purpose behind each rhythmed stroke.

"See, Bella. That was not so very difficult. All you had to do was be honest with us both about what you wanted."

The older witch was beyond language and simply groaned in response. She was being so expertly held on the edge of release that she would do anything to be allowed to topple over it.

"Hermione, please. I need..."

"What do you need, Bella?"

"Fuck. I need to come, Mione. Please please make me."

No sooner were the words out of her mouth, she felt familiar warm fingers press firmly against her clit and circle with rough intention. As words transformed into strings of language-less moans, Hermione bit hard into the soft skin just above her hip. With the convalescence of pain and pleasure, Bellatrix was thrown into one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Before she could come down from the high, her wrists were released and strong fingers were rubbing the stiffness out of her arms and shoulders. In her ear, her lover whispered her unending devotion and love.

"Did you enjoy playing with fire tonight, little witch?"

"You know I've never minded the warmth, Bella."

"Actually I remember when you used to be extremely well behaved."

"All just an act I assure you."

"I see. Perhaps I should deal with you like my sister?"

The young witch's eyes flew open in concern. What she experienced by Narcissa's hand was incredibly hot, but she had been so angry at the time that she didn't feel anything until nearly the end. But she still couldn't sit without discomfort. And she was getting tired of the knowing smirks from the blonde. She couldn't yet conceive being able to handle such treatment again so soon.

Bella chuckled darkly. "No? You don't think I should punish you. Can you even imagine what I would do to anyone else who attempted to treat me that way?"

Hermione could. She shuddered at the thought.

"Don't worry little one, I won't further abuse your ass," she said, rubbing the skin sympathetically. "But that doesn't mean that your behavior doesn't have consequences. Perhaps I will just have to be a bit more creative."

Hermione took a deep breath. While she was relieved at the revelation, she had no doubt in her wife's creativity. And she was unsure if she was happy about it being directed at her.

"Don't think so much, little one. Just feel. Be a good girl. Get undressed and come sit on my fingers. I am going to watch you fuck yourself."

The young witch moaned loudly and ground momentarily into a muscular thigh before sliding her way up to her wife's hand. The dark witch sat up, positioning the witch on her lap so that eye contact would be a given.

She sank slowly down, allowing her wife to penetrate her. She groaned at the feeling of fullness and completion that only Bella could deliver. Embarrassed, she attempted to hide by ducking her face into the wild curls. A firm hand pulled her face back by the base of her hair.

"Oh no, my love. You don't get to hide. If you have no shame in taking me as you just did, you can feel no shame in submitting to me as you should."

Hermione emphatically shook her head no. She should have known that a creative punishment would be no less painful than a traditional one.

"Darling. It's just me. You need to let it out or you will combust. I will take care of you."

Her hips stilled in nerves and embarrassment.

"You are being punished," Bella responded, smacking her thigh lightly to get her moving again. "Go on. Give me a show, my love. Don’t you love the way my fingers fit inside you? It's like you were made for me."

Hermione threw her head back and moaned. As usual, Bella was dead on. She never felt more complete than with her wife in her.

“You are being a good pet now. I want you to play with your nipples. I know how much you like it,” the dark witch said pushing her on.

The young witch flushed bright red at the idea. Being on display and out of control was very uncomfortable, which she realized was the entire point of the exercise. Slowly she brought her fingers up to do as she was told. She watched the chocolate eyes take in every movement hardly blinking. The added stimulation had her just on the brink of an explosive orgasm.

“No. You aren’t allowed release yet,” Bellatrix whispered hotly in her ear, answering her thoughts. “And you best keep your pace up too. Show a little restraint, witch.”

“What if I can’t?”

“Then I would be happy to go retrieve my sister and let her deal with you.” It was in fact an empty threat. The dark witch was not in a sharing mood, not even with someone she loved as much as Narcissa.

Obediently, Hermione did as she was asked. Her hips moved as if controlled by an external force. Though her hands never left her chest she bent over to rest her head against her wife in a desperate attempt at self control.

Sensing that her wife was close to the breaking point, the older witch laid them back comfortably into the bed, never stilling her hand. The girl's body was still barreling towards release and she suspected the tears would closely follow.

"That's it, Hermione. Let go. You are mine." With deliberate strokes she set a steady rhythm, reading her wife's body to apply the perfect amount of pressure. She allowed the young witch to hide in the crook of her neck as she brought her to climax. As she predicted, hot tears streamed across her neck as the girl finally allowed herself to process her emotions.

For nearly an hour they laid intertwined. Bella gently rocked and caressed the woman in her arms until she cried herself out. She stared in wonder at the sensitive good creature that curled into her side. She never thought she would be entrusted with such a beacon of hope and love. And yet she could imagine no other path for her now. Silently she promised herself that she would be the witch Hermione wanted her to be, even if it meant she had to make changes.