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The Black Prophecy

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After two heavenly weeks, the sun soaked witches returned to their home expecting to have a bit of time together before Hermione would be expected to return to school. Instead they stepped out of the green glowing fireplace to find a familiar blonde pacing.

“Lucius how nice of you to meet us at our home. Is my sister alright?”

“Bella. Hermione,” he greeted them. “She is uninjured, but she is in dire need of you. Our Lord has moved headquarters to our Manor. While it is a great honor, it isn’t without challenges. Narcissa sent me to collect you. She would like to offer you the use of your rooms in our house.”

“It's utter chaos, isn’t it?”

“Frankly? Yes. But I am certain that your presence will help, Bella.”

“I am sure it will. Well, what do you think, wife? Do you feel like lending assistance to your in-laws?” the dark witch asked.

“I supposed we can. They were good enough to allow us to finish our honeymoon before asking.”

“Wonderful,” Lucius said, clapping his hands together enthusiastically. “My wife has already had your things collected and sent by the elves.”

“Of course she has,” muttered the dark witch under her breath. As usual the youngest Black sister had gotten her way. Bellatrix held out her arm in invitation and apparated her wife to the library of Malfoy Manor.


“Thank Merlin you are finally here. It took Lucius long enough to retrieve you. There is more here than I can do alone. I need to instruct the elves about dinner. There are Death Eaters all over my garden. Without you here, Bella, they won’t listen to a word I say.”

“It's lovely to see you too, Cissy. Why yes, I did have a lovely honeymoon,” the dark witch said, interrupting the ranting blonde. The glare she got in return was scathing. “And if you can pause your diatribe,” she continued, “I will go manage the Death Eaters. Hermione, please stay here and assist my darling baby sister in planning meals for the rest of the week.”

Hermione really wanted to object, but the look on Bella’s face left no room for argument.

“Fine. Go on then. I am sure that the Dark Lord will want to have a conversation with you,” Narcissa said dismissively. The dark witch turned on her heel and marched out of the room, leaving Hermione at her mercy.

“Sit little witch and take notes for me. It will be quicker than writing it myself.” Hermione quickly settled in at the desk, taking up a quill, dipping it in the ink and looking up at the witch.


After 30 minutes of writing and dealing with Narcissa’s condescension and continuing need to punish the young witch for errors committed months before, Hermione was done. She realized that the beautiful blonde witch had been stewing since the incident at the Department of Mysteries. While she knew the woman had her reasons, the young witch could take no more of the anger. She was willing to submit to any sort of punishment the witch wanted to dish out.

“Enough, Cissa. I get that you are upset with me. Do what you must to me, but I can endure no more of this.”

Neither heard the door open during Hermione’s outburst, but at the sound of a dark chuckle both turned their heads.

“Be cautious, love. I know you think that you can handle my little sister, and you likely could on a battlefield, but this is different. If you want quick forgiveness, you will need to give up your wand and submit to any punishment she chooses. Consider carefully. Narcissa is not to be underestimated.”

“I understand what I am doing, Bella.’

“Very well,” the dark witch responded with a wave of her hand. It was clear from her body language that she was certain that the girl did not know what she was getting herself into.

Narcissa approached the young witch assertively saying, “If this is the course you wish to take, you need to agree that you will follow my commands without question. After I am satisfied you will be entirely forgiven and there will never be a need to speak of it again.”

“Yes, Narcissa,” Hermione said more meekly than before.

The blue-eyed witch gently touched the girl’s face. “You are truly a Black. Few would take me on so straightforwardly. Now, upstairs to your bedroom. Be undressed and on your knees. Don’t lock the doors or ward the room.”

Hermione nodded, unsure of if she would be able to vocalize her agreement. Doing as she had been instructed, she immediately left the library and walked quickly to the room designated as her’s and Bella’s during their extended stay at the manor. After the door was closed, but not locked behind her, she magiced her clothes away. She had no way of knowing how long or short she might be left waiting. She lowered herself slowly to the ground, taking notes of how the carpet felt beneath her knees.

In agreeing to the blondes’ terms, the young witch had no concept how vulnerable and small she would feel waiting on one or both of the sisters. She attempted to find a calm quiet space in her mind, but her thoughts continued to swirl. Only a few minutes in, when the silence truly settled in, she heard her wife’s voice in her head.

Hands behind your head, darling. We want you fully on display.

She waited for what felt like hours, though in reality, she knew it could have been no more than 10 minutes. She felt the pressure change in the room as the door was opened and heard the click of the latch. Everything in her wanted to turn and look at the two attractive witches, but she knew better. The tone in Bella’s voice had conveyed the seriousness of the situation. She may not have been a part of pureblood society for long, but she had certainly learned how central ritual was to everyday living.

She listened, holding her breath to the approaching muffled foot falls. They paused and she could feel herself being appraised. Her muscles were beginning to ache, but she didn’t dare lower her arms. Without her permission, a hot blush spread down her face and neck. There was a certain thrill to being treated like property. She wished she could control the reaction, because she knew that it would be expertly exploited by the Black sisters, but she couldn’t drum up the willpower to stop it. A single finger traced across the top of her shoulder and across her collarbone as its owner circled her.

“She looks very nice this way, doesn’t she Bella?” Familiar hands ran down her chest to painfully twist a nipple. Hermione tried to bite back a moan, but failed entirely.

“She does. Perhaps I should have made her a pet instead of marrying her.”

At that comment her head snapped up to look at her wife. As if on queue strong hands buried in her hair and forced her face back down. In her head the sultry voice of her lover sounded, Play your part, little one. Trust us and just be in this moment.

In response, the young witch forced her body to relax in submission to the strong hands taking possession of her body.

“She is lovely even in her resistance, as futile as it may be,” the blonde responded to the display while watching the skilled hands of her sister subtly reinforce the roles to be played. On numerous occasions, she had been on her knees and at Bella’s mercy. She knew those touches well and the physiological effect they would have. The curly headed witch was spinning a web from which the young woman would be unable to escape on her own. Narcissa crouched down to the level of the naked witch, with two fingers under her chin the blonde forced the eyes to rise to meet her own.

“This is meant to be a punishment, little witch. It will likely not be pleasant for you, but it will earn you my forgiveness and wipe the slate clean between us. You can expect this to affect you both physically and emotionally. But I promise you that Bella and I will keep you safe. If you understand, nod now.”

Hermione did as she was asked.

“Very good,” the blonde said, cupping her face affectionately. She was glad this would be over soon. It took an unreasonable amount of energy to remain guarded with the young girl as she came to resemble her sister in so many ways. With rough determination, she placed a hand beneath the arm of the girl and hauled her to her feet. Narcissa moved quickly, never allowing the young witch to find her footing. The blonde settled herself on the bed and lowered the girl over her lap, holding her down with a forearm. To the young witch’s credit, she put up no further resistance. She went willingly wherever she was led. With a simple summoning spell Narcissa was armed with a small wooden paddle. She rested it gently against the girl’s bare ass, allowing her to begin putting the pieces together.

“You are going to take 20. From your body language I am guess that this is your first time, so this will be trial by fire. My expectation is that you will remain as compliant as possible and not to heal yourself afterwards. For the next week you will feel your apology to me every time you sit. We’ve warded the room, so make all of the noise you need to. Do you know what you are apologizing for?”

Hermione started slowly, just in case the woman didn’t really want her to speak. “I’m apologizing for creating and executing a plan endangering myself and my family without notifying you, Bella or Lucius. Not telling you in particular was a lie of omission and a violation of the trust you put in me.”

“Well said, though don’t think that it will lessen your punishment.”

With the clear understanding of the purpose having been laid out, Narcissa raised the paddle and brought it down hard against the pale behind, leaving it bright red. Immediately Hermione shouted in surprise and attempted to stop wiggling in her lap. By the fifth hit the girl was chanting apologies and the blonde witch’s name. By the tenth, hot tears were running down her face.

Thus far the girl took her punishment well. The first ten were a bit of a warm up for the blonde. The last ten she executed with more force and in quick succession. The delivery of the blows didn’t allow the girl to catch her breath and turned the skin a dark red and purple. By the last blow, the girl was sobbing out of control and clinging to her skirts. The moment she felt Narcissa relax and put the paddle down, Hermione clamored onto her lap. In sobbing breaths the young witch continued to emit a string of apologies, burying her face in the long blonde hair. Pleased with the girl’s reaction, Narcissa firmly wrapped her arms around the shaking girl, holding her tightly against her own body. In the witch’s ear she whispered reassurances and promises of safety and love. Within a few minutes the girl quieted and began pressing soft kisses against the slender neck and across the exposed collarbone. Narcissa allowed the affection, sliding her hands along the smooth bare back in response. She knew well from personal experience how fragile these moments could feel in the aftermath, how desperate she had been in those occasions to feel loved.

Though her touch was on the surface innocent, Hermione was already squirming on her lap. Bellatrix remained in the room throughout the punishment, watching with pride at her young wife’s response. It never failed to surprised her how perfect the girl was for her. She chose not to intervene until the mood in the room made a turn towards sexual, but watching her nude wife move desperately on her sister’s lap was too delicious to pass up.

“Cissa,” Bella began, breaking the silence, “ is she turned on from this?”

The question was leading, but the goal was to put herself back into the dynamic.

“I believe she is, sister. Would you like to check?”

The sisters exchanged devious smirks. The oldest of the three took a knee and opened the bare legs, without pause she ran her fingertips through the dripping wetness at the apex of the girl’s thighs. She found the arousal overwhelming. The moment for foreplay had clearly passed, so she pressed two fingers deep in the girl. Hermione’s hips immediately shot up only to be caught and drug back by Narcissa. The girl’s begging returned, but was now invoking Bella’s name. The dark witch set a leisurely pace. There was no way that the young witch would be given an easy release after such a punishment. The slow strokes soon began to frustrate the girl, who attempted to thrust her hips more quickly to egg her wife into swifter action. Bella removed her hand and held it in front of her face.

“Look how wet you are for us,” she said, rotating her fingers in front of the girl's mouth. “Clean my fingers,” she continued, placing the tips on soft pink lips. Hermione complied, hungrily sucking at the digits. Beneath the brunette, Narcissa moaned at the arousing scene. Twisting the girl’s nipples between her fingers, she earned a buck of slender hips.

“On your knees, love. You owe my sister a thank you for generously punishing you.”

Obediently the girl slid to the floor. She settled on her knees, head down in front of Narcissa. Bella lifted the full skirts, exposing slender bare legs. Bending down to whisper a command she said, “Please her with your mouth until she begs you to stop. Don’t pause even for a moment before she does.”

Needing no further prompting, Hermione kissed her way up the legs, nipping at the soft skin of the inner thighs. Fingers wove into her hair, moving her mouth higher and demanding that she focus on the underwear of the blonde. She ran her tongue slowly up the wet silk, moaning at the taste of her. Spanking her clearly aroused Narcissa and Hermione knew she would enjoy watching her come undone. Summoning her magic, she made the cloth barrier disappear so that she could pleasure her companion. With the greater access, Hermione began an aggressive campaign to seek out every delicious reaction possible. The increasing pressure on her scalp illustrated that her attention was greatly appreciated. Just as she had Narcissa climbing to a peak, Bella was again whispering in her ear,

“Uh uh, not so quickly love. Slow down. Get on your hands and knees without stopping.” Hermione complied, somewhat saddened at being forced to slow down.

“Oh, Narcissa. Her ass is beautiful. It is so hot to touch still. She will be thinking of you frequently for the next week.” As she spoke, she reverently stroked the tortured skin, causing Hermione to moan into the blonde’s sex. Starting up again where she left off, Bella buried two fingers into her wife, but swiftly added a third.

“She is so turned on, Cissy. She loved being punished by you. You are a dirty girl, aren’t you Hermione. You loved the feeling of her paddle on your ass.”

The young witch whimpered in response, simultaneously she attempted to press her face further into Narcissa and back onto the fingers impaling her.

“This is what you want, little witch, isn’t it? To be held between us. You want us to take you.”

“Please, please,” she gasped.

“What is it that you want, Hermione?”

“More, please. More.”

Pleased with the invitation, Bella added another finger, stretching the girl. The hips before her continued rolling while attempting to push Narcissa into a climax. She was so intent on fucking the blonde that she didn’t feel her wife rotating her hand and folding her thumb in with more gentleness than before. Before the young brunette realized what was happening, the majority of the dark witch’s hand was inside of her. A deep feral moan erupted from her at being so thoroughly filled by her wife. Shakily she balanced on one arm, bringing three fingers up to Narcissa’s opening and roughly pushing in. Hermione no longer cared about Bella’s instructions, focusing instead on making Narcissa come as hard as possible. Within moments she felt the blonde's muscles flutter in release. She removed her fingers, but not her mouth, continuing to draw out additional orgasms. Narcissa’s movements were positively frantic. Between heaving breaths she commanded,

“Bella, I want to hear her scream.”

The dark witch picked up the pace, twisting her wrist and hitting the perfect spot and getting the shout her sister wanted. Sensing the girl was desperately on the edge, she took mercy on the young witch, pressing her free fingers against the swollen bundle of nerves. Almost immediately the girl climaxed, rocking against the hands. A moment later the blonde came against her tongue, driven by the desperate sounds from Hermione. The young brunette collapsed on the ground with her cheek resting gently on a pale thigh, absentmindedly kissing the skin at random and feeling a greater sense of peace than she had in several weeks.