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The Black Prophecy

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Hermione awoke wrapped in familiar arms, feeling completely loved. From her decidedly horizontal position she could hear the repetitive sound of waves crashing against the beach. The sun was halfway up the sky already. The day of the wedding and the wedding night left the pair more exhausted than she realized. They’d forgone bathing at the end of the day in favor of another enthusiastic round of lovemaking. Nothing anyone could have said before their bonding would have prepared her for the way she was feeling now. The young witch hadn’t realized how incomplete she was by herself. She thought she knew what it was like to be whole after meeting Bella. Because just in meeting her, most of the loneliness she felt evaporated overnight. It was such a luxury to have someone who inherently understood her.

Everything about being Bella’s was easy. The dark witch was clever, protective, powerful, and painfully seductive. Hermione found herself giving into anything and everything her witch asked of her. Largely she had no issue with it. Seeing Bella happy was the most fulfilling and thrilling experience of her life. Now that their very souls were bound together and she could feel the power of her lover coursing through her veins, she wondered how much longer she would be able to be compliant. It seemed as though the Black magic simply brought out the most assertive parts of her. She smiled to herself, realizing that her lover would relish in any challenge she presented.

For the first time in her life, Hermione knew that there was nothing she could do that would push away the person she needed to love her. And with that security she just might be able to start coloring outside the lines. After all, as a Black she would hardly be expected to be a wallflower or rule follower. Inside the walls of Hogwarts, she would have her house and their loyalty. And outside she had the protection of the most fierce of the Death Eaters. Not to mention her growing magical power. Since the bonding she hadn’t had any need to perform magic, but it was humming just below her skin. It was different now. Stronger than it was before the ceremony. She bought into the validity of the prophecy months ago, but to feel it coursing through her veins was entirely different. She knew dark days were ahead, even with her soulmate at her side, and that she should take the time to appreciate the care free days being offered to her.

With that thought at the forefront of her mind, she rotated in the arms holding her to gaze at the beautiful face of her wife. The powerful witch looked so at peace and innocent in her sleep. Hermione knew the woman had endured considerable hardship until just the last few months. She hoped that what she had to offer would make all the rest worth it in the end. She would never wish her nightmares of Azkaban to be anyone’s reality, particularly not the sweet creature who shared her bed. Unable to restrain her affection for Bella any longer, she pressed chaste, feather light kisses to the pale face and hair in front of her. The warm soft skin felt amazing beneath her lips. She noted that the sleepy deep breathing of her lover had lightened. She knew the witch was almost awake, but she was content to continue showering “asleep Bella” with attention. When she had the witch beside her squirming too much to feign sleep any longer, she whispered,

“Come shower with me, Bella.” The dark witch didn’t respond at first and seemed to be considering her options. “I’m going to be naked. Very naked. And you are going to be naked. And I want to have you against the wall in the shower.”

Instead of responding verbally, the older witch assertively captured the pink lips in front of her. The gentleness of the previous night was nowhere to be found. Before she could gain any footing in the battle of control, the young witch slipped out of bed. She watched as her very naked young wife walked seductively to the bathroom. She couldn’t remember seeing a more beautiful sight in her life. The curves of her beloved outlined by the seascape were simply mesmerizing. The sound of water splashing in the shower broke her out of her reverie. Not wanting to miss such a divine opportunity, she moved quickly to join her.

By the time Bella reached the bathroom, steam was pouring over the top of the shower and she could see just the shape of her lover under the stream. Just before she stepped into the shower she realized that she could literally feel Hermione’s arousal, which was new. She understood that there would be changes after the bonding, but this seemed like a ridiculous perk. The sight as she entered the water was every bit as scrumptious as she’d imagined.

The normally unruly hair clung tightly to the young woman's scalp, weighted down with the hot water. At the sound of Bella's entrance, Hermione slowly turned around, allowing the older witch to run her eyes the length of her body. With a gentle chuckle she grabbed the closest arm and pulled the soft body against her own. She swiftly buried her hands in the dark curls, dragging the kissable lips in. The dominant approach caught the dark witch off guard and she melted in response.

Feeling Bella's legs weaken, Hermione walked her into the closest wall of the shower, propping her up by pressing her right leg between the dark witch’s. The byproduct moan egged her on. With confident hands she explored the bare skin, leaving the fire of arousal in her path. Her lover pressed a hot center firmly against the offered leg, rolling her hips in an effort to get relief. For a long moment the younger witch allowed the contact, but wanting to keep control she pinned the hips against the wall. Placing one more soul searing kiss on Bella's lips, Hermione knelt without breaking eye contact. She enjoyed the look of surprise and desire shining back at her. In an effort to keep both momentum and her control of the moment, she began by pressing kisses just below her belly button while sinking lower. When she finally reached her destination, her lover was already clearly desperate for release. In a moment of mercy, she lifted one leg to wrap it around her shoulder, opening Bella up to her entirely. Greedily she explored her lover with ever changing firmness and pace, keeping her just on the edge of completion until the dark witch began pleading.

“Hermione, please.”

“Please what my love?”

“Let me come, little witch. I assure you I will earn it in a moment.”

“Oh will you, now?”

“Yes. Do not make me curse you. Please.”

With each desperate plea from the usually controlled and dominate witch, Hermione found herself getting increasingly aroused. As she began to set a steady rhythm with her mouth, she snaked her hand down and between her own spread thighs. The first touch caused her to moan against her wife’s sensitive skin.

“Oh ‘Mione, you aren’t. Oh fuck you are. I am so close baby. Come with me.”

At Bella’s command, waves of fluttering muscles rippled through the young witch, mimicking those above her. With an uncoordinated effort the two wet, but decidedly still unclean, witches collapsed curled around one another on the floor of the shower simply trying to catch their breath.