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The Black Prophecy

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Bellatrix landed her new wife in the center of the dance floor, giggling. "Please tell me you saw the look on Cissy's face," she said between gulping breaths.

Hermione considered responding, but Narcissa wasn't at the forefront of her mind at the moment. Instead she captured the full red lips with her own. She celebrated internally as she felt the older witch melt into her. "What is it you were saying wife?" she asked in a decidedly cheeky voice.

"I think I was suggesting that we skip this party. I have other things I would rather attend to."

“As much as I would thoroughly enjoy that, I’ve done my fair share to upset your darling sister as of late. I will have no part of it.”

“Very well. I suppose the garden does look rather nice. And all of these people are here. I suppose we can stay for a bit."

Hermione pulled her in for a final lingering kiss before the rest of the attendees found the two standing in the middle of the dance floor.

The Malfoys were the first to reach the happy pair of witches. Hermione found herself enveloped in familial love. She stiffened for a moment remembering the family that was not present. She hoped the Grangers were safe and happy. She forced herself to push away the pain of those thoughts to enjoy what was being offered. Throughout the exchange she felt a steady hand at the small of her back, offering reassurance. She realized that Bella either shared her unhappy thoughts or at least the edges of the emotions. The multiple blonde heads surrounding her parted suddenly. She watched with riveted awe as the Dark Lord strode towards her, robes billowing behind him.

“Madames Black, Congratulations.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” Bella replied, automatically casting her eyes down out of respect.

“Thank you for allowing me such a pivotal role in your union,” he said. Turning to Hermione he continued, “I am hoping that you understand how important you are to us now. You are a part of our family. Our loyalty lies with you and we expect it in return.”

“It could never reside anywhere Bella was not,” she replied dreamily, never taking her eyes off her new wife.

“Quite true,” he replied, chuckling. “I look forward to the next few weeks and watching you grow. You two have an important place in the cause.”

“And we are honored to take up our place, my Lord,” the dark witch replied.

With that the Dark Lord took his leave, allowing the numerous other pureblooded families to give their congratulations on the bonding. It took nearly two hours for them to greet all of their guests and exchange pleasantries. After the receiving line ended, the crowd partook in the feast planned by Narcissa. Every tiny detail was perfect. The Brides noticed little besides one another during the evening. Into the early hours of the morning they danced and celebrated the happy turn in their lives. The unlikely bonding of two broken souls, the girl who never fit in and the woman who was never given a chance at a happy life, would change the course of the wizarding world.


The soulmates slept for a few hours at the end of their party. Bellatrix had kept the details of their honeymoon a secret. Initially the older witch had planned on them leaving directly after the reception, but the sight of her exhausted wife caused a small change in plans. Instead she guided her into their bed and allowed them a little time to rest. The dark witch discovered she was unpredictably patient with the sleepy witch. As much as she desired to be physically close , in fact very very close to the beautiful brunette, she prefered the woman’s comfort. Bella knew that the week alone would provide more than enough opportunities to be intimate. And so she watched the girl drift off into a peaceful sleep in her arms before succumbing herself.

As planned, at the first light of dawn the house elves came to wake the pair. The dark witch didn’t particularly want to see her family before they left for their honeymoon. Bellatrix went about rousing the girl enough to travel via floo. They hadn’t bothered changing out of their formal wear, which was for the best, since their luggage had been sent ahead of them. She adoringly watched the girl stretch sleepily before she opened her eyes.

“Are you ready to wake up now, darling?”

Hermione shrugged. “Maybe.” She snuggled against Bella’s curls, exposing her neck to her wife. The dark witch took the opportunity offered and pressed a hot kiss to the delicious curve, terminating with a gentle bite.

“On second thought, yes I am.”

“Hmm I thought you might be. Ready for our honeymoon?”

Hermione answered with a passionate kiss and an aggressive tug at Bella’s clothing.

“Right then, let’s go.”


Hermione had given little thought to the honeymoon. From the very beginning of the planning, Bellatrix made clear that she wanted to plan their retreat. The younger witch had been so harried between planning with Narcissa and attending daily lessons, she had no time to interfere. She never could have imagined that her wife would choose such a location. Stepping out of the tiny fireplace, she was shocked to be in a tropical hut. In a blaze of green, Bella stepped towards her, grinning.

“Welcome to a bit of paradise,” the dark witch said quietly, invading the young woman’s personal space.

“Where are we?”

“A small island off the coast of Africa. I thought it might be a nice change of pace to get out of England and away from our fame. We can truly have privacy here. Come, let’s walk to where we are staying.”

The pair stepped into the blinding sun of the early morning. It was bouncing off the water, dancing across the white sand. Hermione followed Bella’s lead and removed her formal shoes to walk more comfortably through the sand. She could never have imagined her lover in such a setting, but she could feel the joy radiating off of her witch. It was as though Bella lived so long in the dark and damp that it was what she had become. But being bonded to the young woman and being allowed another chance at life was an opportunity to live in the sun and sand instead.

After a short walk, Bella bounded up the steps of a cottage, if it could be called that. The wooden structure had walls made of shutters that were open to the ocean. The breeze from the water blew into the open walls, fluttering the bright white bedding. It was simply breathtaking.

“Stop stressing, love. I should have mentioned that we are alone on this island and will remain that way all week. You will find all the food we could want already in the kitchen, we will only need to heat it.”

“This is so beautiful.”

“Mmm I quite agree,” Bellatrix responded, grazing the surface of her lover with teasing fingers.

Hermione playfully batted at her. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“I do. However, we’ve been bonded nearly 18 hours now and I have yet to have my new wife in a compromising position.”

“Well, I suppose we are a bit over dressed. It is a bit warm here.”

“Yes, I am concerned for your health,” Bella responded quickly

“Perhaps we shouldn’t skip breakfast, though.” Hermione led the curly headed witch through the rooms until she found the kitchen. She removed a bowl of cool fresh fruit before turning back around and eyeing her lover mischievously. “Take me to bed, Bella.”

The Death Eater needed no further motivation, guiding Hermione with haste into the bedroom. The room was one of the most open in the house. Sunlight spilt in, causing it to have an ethereal glow. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore filled the space with it’s soothing rhythm. The older witch spun the young woman into her arms, capturing her in a passionate kiss. After a few moments Hermione gently pushed her loved back slightly. In a husky voice she couldn’t believe came from her throat, she said,

“Strip for me, Bella. I want to see you.”

The dark witch raised an eyebrow, but slowly complied with the almost request. She removed each layer of clothing with intentional slowness, enjoying the feeling of the light brown eyes consuming her. With smug satisfaction, she watched the girl begin to remove her clothing with unsteady hands. She’d always enjoyed the power of her raw sexuality, but Bella had never experienced a rush like the one she received watching Hermione come undone. As the last stitch of clothing hit the rough finished wood floor Hermione said in a voice rough with arousal,

“On the bed on your back.”

Bella paused momentarily, wondering who had put the girl in charge, but her curiosity and desire overwhelmed her desire for power. Compliantly she moved to the four poster bed. She took the opportunity to tease the young, and suddenly dominant, witch. She moved slowly and opened her legs more than necessary. Settling onto the bed, she noted that the girl was gawking hungrily at her nude form. She found her own breath stolen by the confident approach of her lover and entirely forgot how to breath as the girl crawled up her body.

Hermione straddled her wife, settling her hips atop the matching set beneath her. With a smug look of triumph she took a single cube of melon out of the bowl. Silently and wandlessly, she cast a spell binding Bella’s wrists to the headboard. She smirked at the look of surprise on her lover’s face before the woman tested the strength of her bonds. Slowly, she drew the piece of fruit across her lover’s clavicle and down her sternum. She contrasted the coolness of the fruit with a hot mouth, luxuriating in the breathy moans she elicited. Reaching the navel serving as a temporary bowl, she sucked it into her mouth, sitting up to moan at the taste of the fresh fruit. Seeing the look in Bella’s eyes, she took another piece in her mouth and leaned down, touching her entire bare torso against her lover. Gently, she lowered her lips to the waiting mouth.
For the next half hour Hermione fed Bellatrix agonizingly slowly. Savoring every sound and taste spilling from her wife. She could have gone on for days, but the dark witch found the end of her patience. As easily as she’d been bound she released herself, and switched their positions. While she enjoyed the boldness in the girl’s actions, she needed more. The moment Bella sunk her fingertips into the soft wet heat she felt as though at last she’d come home.