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The Black Prophecy

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Narcissa quickly ushered the girl through Malfoy manor, steering her towards the rooms shared with her sister. The girl was so exhausted she was little more than a ragdoll. The blonde witch carefully helped the girl remove her outer robes and shoes before tucking her into bed. She set a ward to alert her if the girl awoke or if she were to be in distress before leaving the room.

She went in search of the ingredients she needed for a healing draught. It was an uncommon potion, one she found in the Christmas gift the girl gave her from the Timoleague library. She hoped not to need to use additional potions in light of the Dark Lord's intervention. But the internal damage was more than they'd originally realized.

She made quick work of the formation of the brew. She checked her watch before leaving it over heat for an hour. She had far too much to do. She could not afford an hour of laziness. Just as she prepared to seek out her sister, Bellatrix burst through the French doors.

"Cissy, where is Hermione?"

"She is resting sister. I think she has been hiding from all of us the true condition of her body."

The dark witch sighed in response. "How bad is it?"

"Oh don't look so worried Bella. I would have called you immediately if something were gravely wrong. She fell asleep while I was still working, so I took the opportunity to do a quick wellness scan. Her internal organs are still healing slowly."

"Then what I am smelling must be a remedy."

"It is. It’s a potion from the MacCarthy family library. It’s a solid healing draught, but with a few extra ingredients. According to the book, if the potion is administered by you and the two of you remain close, it will amplify and accelerate the effects."

"Thank you, Cissa," she whispered, pressing a warm kiss on her cheek. She knew the blonde was still very upset with the young witch. Her actions spoke volumes about how she'd come to think of the girl. Bella found great comfort in the idea that her sister already considered the woman she loved to be new family. Even with the strength of her bond with the girl, it would have been monumentally challenging to bond with her had the blonde stood in opposition.

"She is going to be fine, Bella."

"Because of you. Actually, both she and I will end up owing our lives to your skill. I don't know how we will ever thank you."

“Your happiness is all I have ever wanted. Now, take this,” she said, pressing a small vial of the brew into her hand. “Wake her enough to have her take it and don’t leave her side for as long as you can.”

“So I just need to sit close,” Bella questioned mockingly.

“Bellatrix Black. You are pushing your luck. Now go,” Narcissa said, firmly moving the witch away from her.


Bella crept quietly into the room. Over the last few months she’d become fond of watching the girl sleep. She chuckled quietly to herself. What would the wizarding world think if they knew Bellatrix Black’s heart melted at the sight of a sleeping teenager. It would do some serious damage to her carefully cultivated fierce image. She allowed her mind to wander to the fantasy of fighting along side her lover. The young witch was fierce herself in battle, but their combined magic in a fight would be delicious.

Sitting on the bed, she wove her fingers gently through the messy waves. The resting body stirred slowly at the movement before sleepy eyes opened. Hermione’s face broke into a warm smile as her eyes focused on the beautiful face of her fiance.

“Hi, you,” she said sleepily.

“Hello, yourself.”

“How was your day?”

“It was delightful enough. We went on a few raids. Terrified muggles, caused confusion and the like.” Bella paused to gauge the girl’s reaction. They’d never discussed her profession in depth, but she presumed the girl knew her by reputation.

“Causing mayhem makes you glow,” she commented quietly with affection.

“Oh you have no idea. But more importantly, the Dark Lord has agreed to do the magic in our bonding.”

“Has he?”

“Yes, it’s a complex spell. It will literally bind our souls and magic together. My sister insisted that no one else could perform it.”

“It’s not a normal bonding?”

“Is anything about us normal, darling,” the dark witch inquired wryly.

Hermione giggled in response.

“It won’t be a normal bonding as you put it. But hasn’t Narcissa explained any of this to you?”

“She and I aren’t really speaking still.”

“Then I take it you haven’t apologized.”

The young witch looked at her lover pleadingly. Bella felt the pull at her heart that she could only identify as Hermione’s fear and sadness at the situation. Reassuringly, she pulled her into an embrace.

“First drink this potion and I will tell you everything I know.”

“What is this?” The young witch took the bottle, holding it up to the light examining it.

“It’s a healing potion from the book you gave Cissy. It should work faster than any other, especially with my involvement,” she replied.

“Your involvement?” Hermione giggled and pressed her lips lightly against the slender neck. “I am rather fond of your involvement.”

Bellatrix took the vial back, pulling out the stopper and motioning for Hermione to open her mouth. She gently cupped her face while slowly pouring the liquid on the waiting tongue. She ran her nails down the throat following the path of the liquid, causing the witch to shiver in response. After the girl finished swallowing, the dark witch pressed a sensual loving kiss firmly into her lips, savoring the moment. Temporarily resisting the temptation to escalate the situation, she gently tapped the witch’s leg to indicate for her to scoot over. She slipped in and pulled the girl firmly to her. She sighed at the feeling of the girl snuggling against her chest. Slender arms snuck behind her back and the girl held on tightly.

“Bella, tell me about our wedding.”

“It will be traditional out of necessity. We have the opportunity to increase our magical power through our bonding, which is very uncommon. Narcissa believes that we must abide by as many of the traditions as possible. So it will be held at your castle.” She felt the girl smile and attempt to burrow deeper into her embrace.

“I’d been hoping we might be able to spend part of the summer there. Not that I don’t appreciate the attentions of your family. They have been extremely generous. But I love it there. I can feel the magic crackling around me.”

“You only need to say the word, Hermione.”

“I also have daily lessons with Professor Snape. I believe it was intended as punishment for skipping the last few weeks of classes.”

“Then naturally you are thrilled.”

Hermione slapped her stomach lightly. “Maybe.”

“We will need to come up with the terms of our marital contract. The basic function of the magic is similar to that of the Unbreakable vow. We will lay out conditions and we will both agree before the bond is forged. Traditionally our families should give us to one another. Narcissa is still working on the genealogical history of your family. She will find someone to present you.”

“What if don’t know them?” The girl asked in a fearful voice.

“Let’s not worry about that until we get there. There are much more important things to concern yourself with. Tradition dictates the colors of our dress but not the style, so you will need to choose a dress. We must choose a menu and music.”

“That may be fun.”

“You know you can have anything you want.”

“I am starting to get used to that. Yes.”


The witches spent their night intertwined and discussing their dream weddings. As Narcissa told her sister, the closeness of the two strengthened the potion Hermione took. By the time they were going to sleep, color returned to the girl’s cheeks and her eyes were sparkling as they hadn’t since before the skirmish at the Ministry.

The next morning the two rose and got ready together. Bella sent her love off to the castle she strongly suspected would become their home, while she called the house elves to pack their things. She knew that Narcissa would be somewhat put off that they would be leaving the manor, but it was necessary. There was a chance that their presence in the physical location would strengthen the magic when it came time for the bonding. And the girl positively lit up at the idea of spending time there. The dark witch realized that she’d been so intent on wooing the witch that she’d isolated them in the world of the Blacks and Malfoys. Not that she minded the idea of getting to know the girl’s biological history.

The warm days of June passed quickly between the daily school lessons and the wedding planning. As the professor had suggested, Draco did in fact need a good deal more help than the girl. The warmth did nothing to defrost the situation between Hermione and Narcissa, but the two found a civil rhythm to planning the wedding. But it was more than convenient that at the end of every day the blonde witch departed. In the evenings the happy couple spent time walking around the grounds, talking and exercising their powers together. Within those few weeks, Hermione healed beyond any trace of injury just in time for the wedding.