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The Black Prophecy

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Driven by her anticipation, Bellatrix coerced herself to recover quickly. Narcissa knew exactly how to work her body. She felt more relaxed, which cleared her mind. She no longer felt the need to kill the boys or seriously punish the girl. She would however, enjoy making her squirm. She stood and stretched out her limbs, allowing herself time to plan her next move. The choices were delicious. Her sister lay half naked behind her, wantonly watching her every move and her soulmate sat on the edge of her seat, unable to touch herself or anyone else. In all of her naked glory she strutted to her bound lover.

“Hermione. Look up at me.”

The girl struggled to move her eyes up the beautiful naked body in front of her. Seeing the girl’s failure, Bella crouched down to bring their eyes level. She delicately took her chin in her fingers, mandating eye contact.

“I’m going to walk over there and make Narcissa feel better than she ever has before. And I am going to leave you here tied up. I don’t want you to look away even for a moment. This is what you risk losing if you were to ever stray from me.” She placed a single finger over the girl’s lips just a moment before sound began coming out. “I know you have no intentions, but this is a warning. I won’t abide in seeing you in the arms of anyone outside of these doors. As you’ve gathered, my Cissa is a bit of an exception. There are moments when the lines between myself and her blur. But she knows the boundaries.” The dark witch leaned forward to capture the girls lips in a soft sensual kiss. She pulled away before it could do much more than stoke the fires of desire. As she stood and turned back to the bed, she heard the girl whimper in disappointment.

Narcissa lay exactly where she'd been left, sprawled across the bed half clothed. She wore a mask of indifference, but her eyes sparkled with the depth of her desire. Bella bent over her, delivering a warm kiss that conveyed her gratitude for the emotional support Cissy offered so freely. She backed away just enough to capture the blue eyes with her own.

"Let me thank you for all of the times I didn't," she whispered gently.

Narcissa nodded slowly. She still struggled to wrap her mind around the changes in her sister. She always treated Cissy with more sensitivity than anyone else, but this was unexpected. She would have lingered on the broader implications of the attitude shift in her sister, but a hot mouth clamped deliciously over her lace covered nipple. A moan she didn't mean to let escape reverberated off the walls and she heard traces of the girl struggling to get free. The blonde witch couldn't have imagined how sexy it was for the bound girl to watch her sister fuck her.

Bella moved her mouth over the opposite breast while she reached around to release the clasp of her bra. Without further hindrance, the dark witch launched a full scale assault on Narcissa's senses. The blonde witch arched her back towards the biting mouth and rough hands exploring her skin. Bellatrix's passion was somehow that no other could match or duplicate. Hoping to speed the descent of her sisters attention, she wove her hands again through the curls and pushed gently towards her center. In times past she would have been rebuked, but the older witch was teaching the girl a lesson. One which Narcissa was all too happy to capitalize on.

Bella slipped off of the bed, pulling the blonde witch's hips to the edge. Kneeling between open thighs, she caught her sister's eye before slowly tracing her tongue along the length of her sex over the silk covering. Narcissa threw her head back and gripped the sheets in her hands in an attempt to keep still. The dark witch chuckled at her struggle as she quickly removed the fabric separating her mouth from what she wanted most. Barrier removed, without warning she circled her tongue firmly around the swollen clit while holding bucking hips solidly in place. From her kneeling position she could see Narcissa unravel above her, and she was certain she could feel the eyes of her young lover burning into her bare back with envy.

Not wanting to further tease her sister, she shifted slightly to accommodate her hand and pushed three fingers swiftly in.

“Oh gods, Bella. Harder,” Narcissa demanded. The dark witch growled her agreement. She couldn’t be more pleased at her sister’s desires. There was a time in their youth when the youngest Black sister behaved like a delicate flower. Bellatrix proudly broke her of that behavior and relished in each and every shameless sweaty moment they shared. She drove into her sister, determined to earn every single groan of pleasure Narcissa could produce. She sucked her clit abruptly into her mouth and bit down less than gently. The blonde witch screamed her release much to Bellatrix’s delight. She delivered a final soft kiss before rising off her knees. She took in the sight of her usually put together sister. Her face and chest were flushed red and her blonde hair exquisitely out of place. She looked positively licentious.

Together the Black sisters sat on the bed watching the suffering witch. They’d worked her into a frenzy. A simple command out of either proud mouth and she would capitulate easily. They shared a look of understanding before approaching Hermione.

“You will do exactly as you are told,” the dark witch said hotly against her ear.

“And if I don’t,” she said defiantly as she fought against the invisible ropes.

“If you don’t follow her instructions, I imagine you will stay tied to that chair while we continue to have fun,” the blonde witch chimed in. “And you don’t want that, do you?”

“Not particularly.”

“Then what is it that you want, little witch?”

“You. Both of you now,” she ground out between clenched teeth. They were hovering so close to her she could smell their perfume, sweat and the essence of each of them.

In response, she heard Narcissa mutter a spell under her breath. Her clothes disappeared from her body instantaneously. There’d been little to hide the curves of her body to begin with, but under the scrutiny of two sets of Black eyes, she trembled in anticipation and desire. Bellatrix ran her hands slowly down the curves of the girl’s back, lightly scraping her skin with her fingernails. In response, Hermione pushed her chest forward and into Narcissa’s waiting hands. The fingers closed tightly around hardened nipples, tugging just to the point of pain.

“I’m going to release your hands. I want you to go get on the bed on your hands and knees.” Bella watched the girl quietly as a number of thoughts clearly flitted across her face. But in the end she chose compliance. Together the sisters watched as she sauntered and arranged herself on the bed, waggling her ass in the air as she settled in.

Four hands explored her at once. Narcissa’s implanted themselves in her hair, wrenching her head up and to the side, allowing her to passionately invade the girl’s mouth with her tongue. Hermione groaned and she began to melt into the bed.

“Stay up,” Bellatrix husked as she ran her fingertips along wet inner thighs. The young witch groaned but complied with the command, struggling slightly. The dark witch traced into her need, dipping a fingertip into her. Hermione attempted to push back into the pressure, but was thwarted by the removal of the finger. As soon as she stopped moving the finger reappeared. After several cycles, she learned to be still. Pleased with her comprehension, Bellatrix slowly slid two fingers in, twisting and turning to hit every deliciously sensitive spot. The girl responded with a loud moan that vibrated Narcissa’s conquering lips. Greedily she drove her hips backwards, attempting to be more filled by the older witch’s fingers.

“Do you want more, love?”

Hermione broke the kiss in order to respond. “I need more, please Bella. I’ll do anything.”

“Cissa. Get on the bed,” Bellatrix responded without moderating the motions of her hand. “And you my dear lover, I want you to pleasure her. You don’t come until she does, so I suggest you focus.”

Hermione whimpered but lowered her head to the apex of Narcissa’s thighs. Though she lacked experience she was highly motivated to supply pleasure. She stroked her tongue lightly learning the preferences of the blonde witch, before aggressively applying pressure to the most sensitive areas. Bella watched hotly as the girl efficiently worked her sister towards another orgasm. Recognizing the signals of the impending climax, she doubled her pace slamming in and out of the girl. Reaching around Hermione’s hip, she roughly flicked her clit causing her to jump. She repeated the motion each time Narcissa neared the edge.

The blonde witch shook with the power of reaching the pinnacle of her pleasure by the girl’s mouth. Bellatrix roughly manipulated the swollen clit while thrusting relentlessly, and Hermione followed Narcissa only moments later. Her arms and legs gave out on her and she collapsed onto the bed. The dark witch removed her digits, trailing wetness up to the bundle of nerves, drawing tight efficient circles around the sensitive nub and sending the young witch spiraling into a second climax.