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The Black Prophecy

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Narcissa walked quickly behind Bellatrix, dragging Hermione to keep up. As soon as they were in Bella’s room, she began warding and silencing the room. The young witch watched with her mouth hanging open. It was quite clear that the curly headed witch wanted an extreme level of privacy. Satisfied with the execution of her magic, she turned back towards the two other witches. Bella stalked to Hermione and drew her into a heated kiss, backing away only after making them both breathless.

“You terrified me.”

“I’m sorry. It got out of hand so quickly.”

“You were lucky we were there,” she commented, producing the girl’s wand and handing it back to her sister. “But I don’t believe those young men will be bothering you again. Last I saw they were scampering back over to their parents.”

“Thank you, Bella.” Hermione lifted her hand to run it gently down her lover's cheek, hoping to convey her gratitude and to soften whatever retribution might be coming.

The dark witch flinched at the touch and growled, “Do you see the chair facing the bed?” She didn’t pause for the girl’s response, but waited until she saw the girl’s eyes reach it. “Go and sit. I expect you to stay there until I tell you to move. I will magically bind you if necessary.” Confused and aroused at the command and the tone of its delivery, the girl did as she was asked. Once settled into the chair, she watched as the blonde witch slowly and calmly approached her sister. Her long delicate fingers traced gently down Bellatrix’s body finding the ties of her bodice and deftly releasing them. The dark witch stood regally, closing her eyes as though indulging herself in a long held ritual.

Narcissa turned her sister's body slightly so that the girl could see clearly as the fabric revealed skin as it fell away. As she told Hermione, there would be a consequence for the way the girl handled the situation. The remaining training sessions before the return to school would likely be more difficult than the girl had experienced before. But at this moment, her sister was intent on teaching the girl to appreciate the kind of attention that she became accustomed to at the hands of the sisters. She wanted there to be no question in the young witch's mind that it was a privilege to be considered part of their family. And so, Hermione would have to sit and watch as Narcissa took in every curve and sensitive spot of her sister’s body.

It was a happy coincidence that the actions would additionally sooth Bellatrix. For years this had been one of their favorite coping methods. After every major battle or punishment from her Lord, Bella would find her way to her baby sister. And Narcissa would silently undress her, removing every bad memory that the fabric might contain. Then systematically, slowly and thoroughly the blonde would love every inch of her body. She fought to erase any trace of another’s presence, be it physical or emotional. But this would be new. Narcissa had never used this method of calming her sister with another present. They had shared lovers in the past, but it had always been in short hot moments of passion and fun. There had never been any cause for something deeper or more serious to be be involved. She prided herself on knowing exactly what her sister needed and she was certain that Bellatrix needed Hermione to see this vulnerable side.

The slow revealing of Bellatrix’s body caused Hermione to unconsciously take in a sharp breath. She struggled to keep her body still. The sisters were barely more than a meter away from her, but not being allowed to interact with them or touch them she considered torture. She watched as the blonde witch ran her hands teasingly down her lover’s body. The dark witch pressed firmly into the touch, obviously craving more. The feather light touches that accompained the slow strip tease caused the dark witch's skin to break out in goosebumps. It was with hearing the first moan fall from Bella’s lips at her sister's attention that Hermione attempted to join them. In spite of the distracting sensuous touches, Bellatrix hadn't yet relinquished her wand. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the motion of the girl rising. She silently cast a spell, pushing her back into the chair. After the events of the night, her patience was entirely depleted. If the girl could not follow a simple instruction, Bellatrix would be more than happy to make behaving the only option available. She captured Hermione in the chair with invisible bonds that kept the girl from being able to move. The girl struggled to try and move her arms, but quickly realized that without a wand, it was unlikely that she would be able to undo anything her lover cast. She realized that there would be no escape from her current situation, which caused an involuntary shiver. Being powerless and at the mercy of Bellatrix Black was one of the most attractive positions she'd ever been in.

Cissa noted the increasingly short tempered state of her sister and moved to remove the wand from her hand. Bella was flirting with the edge of control and this wasn't the time for it to be lost. A little crucio could be fun in the right moment, but the girl wasn't ready for that just yet. She knelt down in front of her sister, helping her out of her heels and long skirt. As she hoped, the small scrap of lace material masquerading as panties were soaked. Her older sister always enjoyed conflict and having an audience. Narcissa placed a reverent kiss at the apex of her thighs before pulling the covering away. As much as she longed to lose herself in the intoxicating taste of her sister, that wasn't what tonight was about. She needed to calm and center Bella by reminding her that she was never alone so long as Narcissa lived. Once her sister was grounded again, then they could address the girl together. Perhaps they hadn't been clear enough about the nature of the relationship between Hermione and Bellatrix.

Standing and moving behind the older witch she said huskily, "Give in Bella. Let me take care of you."

The dark witch struggled momentarily. The drive to conquer pulsed within her, but the sharp tug of her sister's fingers around her nipple caused her to sink back into the comfort offered by her sister. She allowed herself to be moved to sit just on the edge of the bed. As Narcissa removed the top layer of her own clothing to allow freer movements, Bella caught her young lover's intense gaze. The girl managed to move close to the edge of the chair, putting constant pressure on her invisible bonds. Her face darkened almost ferally and the dark witch knew when she finally freed the girl, gentleness wouldn't be on the table.

A hand weaving into her curls tugged her gaze upwards, causing her to meet steely blue eyes. Narcissa was out to conquer. It was uncanny how her sister always knew just what she needed. Narcissa's lips descended with the intent to claim beyond a shadow of a doubt. The blonde straddled her lap, settling enough to bring her other hand into the mass of curls to control the pace for the kiss. A low groan blossomed in her chest at the feeling of her sister lightly grinding against her center. Narcissa was already deliciously wet. Bella wanted nothing more than to flip them over and take her sister roughly. A warning tug of her hair reminded her how well her baby sister read her body language. Apparently the blonde had designs on maintaining control. As though in an effort to confirm that thought, the slender hands forced her head back, exposing her neck.

Narcissa alternated between hot open mouthed kisses and sharp nips, never letting pain nor pleasure override the other. She gauged the efficacy of her assault by how roughly the fingertips drug down her back. As she captured an earlobe in her mouth and tugged, she was rewarded with red lines being painted down the length of her back. She arched into the touch, enjoying the roughness of Bellatrix's attention. Sliding off her lap before she could become any further distracted, she moved to sit behind the dark witch. Hermione was going to get a show.

She put a leg on either side of her sister's body to brace her upright in anticipation of the crumbling she would cause. Narcissa settled her head in the crook of her sister's neck in the perfect position to whisper dark encouragement while making eye contact with the squirming girl. She smiled deviously as she caught the girl's eye and moved her hands down her sister's bare torso. She drug her nails across the firm stomach before bringing her hands up simultaneously to the heaving breasts. She cruelly twisted the nipples, causing a yelp and instantaneous begging.

"Please, please Cissy. I've been good. I swear I have been. I didn't even seriously injure those idiots who touched what is mine. Please."

"That was very good, Bella. If I touch you, you will only come when I give you permission. Understand?"

The dark witch growled in response.

"You will answer me," the blonde witch threatened and tugged roughly at the hardened peaks in her fingertips.

“Yes, Cissa-mine. Only with permission.”

Narcissa responded by sliding her hands down her muscular body and opening her legs wide enough to both accommodate her hand and to ensure the girl could see every single movement. Bellatrix sighed in anticipation, fighting to keep her eyes open. In the past she would have shut her eyes and rested her head against sister. Narcissa always took away the pain, but she needed to see Hermione.

The blonde witch slowly ran her fingertips along the length of Bella’s center, sending shudders coursing through the dark woman’s body. Wetness coated her fingers as she glided them in smooth circles around the already swollen clit. Bellatrix moaned breathily, trying to move her hips towards the source of the delicious pressure. Narcissa took mercy on her sister, forcing her to beg in front of the girl for more than release would be cruel. And she knew that there would be other opportunities. Without preamble, she pressed two fingers into her sister.

“Oh fuck, Cissy.”

Narcissa drew her fingers out and then swiftly back in. Every moment of gentle foreplay led up to the demanding pace she set. She purposefully teased and drew out Bella’s arousal taking control from her, but she doled out release roughly in accordance with her sister’s desire. Adding another finger, she pushed as hard as she could in her current position. Her hand slipped easily through the dark witch’s arousal as she pumped in and out. She looked up just long enough to see the girl actively struggling with a distinct look of lust in her eyes. With a smirk, Narcissa changed the position of her hand so that every stroke hit Bella’s clit. The older witch let out a strangled cry as she barrelled towards release. The blonde moved her free hand to toy roughly with a nipple while she enjoyed the view of her sister moving needily against her hand and her young lover’s unwavering gaze.

“Please, Cissa, please.”

“Yes, Bella. Let go for me darling.”

After a few ragged breaths, she felt her sister’s muscles clench around her fingers. The dark witch finally allowed her body to sag backwards against her sister, attempting to regain her breathing as she felt the arms around her tighten protectively.