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The Black Prophecy

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“You don’t have to go alone.”

“I do, Bella. I have to do this myself,” the young witch responded, walking to her lover. “Nothing else. Just this. Everything else you can be by my side.”

“But Hermione, it hurts so much and the guilt. How can you even function?”

“Please tell me that you have felt guilt before.”

“I can assure you that my older sister is not intimately acquainted with feeling guilt. It does not run in the family,” Narcissa said, sweeping into the room. “It's so odd to see you in muggle clothing.”

“You know I used to wear them every day, right?”

“I shudder at the thought, Miss MacCarthy," the blonde witch said wryly. "You look so much more fetching in the clothes I selected. They draw attention to your.."

"Cissy," Bellatrix interrupted playfully.

"Eyes, Bella. Her eyes. What did you think I was going to say?"

Hermione giggled at the happy banter between the gorgeous sisters. She knew they were doing what they could to lighten her mood.

"It's good to know that you prefer that I didn't wear muggle clothes. I will make sure to wear them just to offend you."

"You wouldn't dare," Narcissa responded, stepping powerfully into the girl's personal space.

Hermione lifted her hand and gently ran it down the woman's cheek. She leaned in until they were nearly touching, whispering,

"We both know I would." Turning, she took one final look in the mirror before gathering her purse and slipping her wand into her sleeve. "You'll come find me in 2 hours?"

"We will."

"Ok, I'll see you both soon. "


Walking into the Granger's middle class home, Hermione had never felt so out of place. The last 24 hours had been excruciating. It was bad enough that her life had been so cruelly altered, but it tore a hole in her heart knowing that the Grangers were faultless in it all. She internally debated the best course of action. She valued the opinions of her lover, but she alone would be the one forced to live with her decisions.

In the end, she decided that the Dark Lord was right. She couldn't bear the thought of the dentists dying for just their association with her. Her biggest challenge was determining how much to share with the two. Anything she told them wouldn't make sense. She couldn't swallow the idea of watching their faces fall at learning she was never really their daughter. And so, she would keep the secret and bear the pain alone. They deserved none of what was thrust on them.

Dinner was a quiet affair. The Grangers were very surprised to see her so soon after receiving her Christmas gift. She sidestepped all of their questions about how she was able to come visit them, offering the lie that a wealthy friend gave the trip to her as a Christmas present. They seemed to accept the explanation and happily answered her questions about how their lives were going. Hermione tried to memorize everything about those moments. The way her mother's hair smelled when she hugged her tightly, the sound of her fathers laugh,and the smell of her childhood home. She would have to walk away from it all tonight, but she had no desire to forget where she had come from.

As always her parents were extremely proud of her academic achievements, even if they didn't understand the majority of the things she shared. Her stomach clenched knowing she would never experience this type of parental love again. After tonight she would be an orphan twice. The Grangers would survive and she would set them up with a happy life, but they wouldn't have any idea she had ever been their's.

After dinner they moved into the living room to have tea. Hermione volunteered to make the service. She hugged and kissed them each on the cheek before walking into the kitchen. She would always remember those moments as the last she shared with her parents. As planned Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Lucius were at the back door to help her execute her plan. She would cast the Obliviate herself, and Narcissa and Lucius would move the Grangers to their new location. Hermione wouldn't know where they were taken for their safety. She would be the primary target if someone hoped to find her parents, so she would protect them by not knowing. She moved a part of the MacCarthy fortune into the Granger's names. They wouldn't have to work if they didn't want to, and their lives would be comfortable.

Bellatrix and Hermione would stay at the house to remove any traces of Hermione's life there. The hope was to remove or obscure anything that might give away vital information about her. Not surprisingly, Hermione cast the spell without issue and the Grangers were transported quickly away. Bellatrix moved quickly through the house, casting complex spells that would protect any vital information until the house could be off loaded to other muggles. Hermione considered taking things with her, but she found it too painful a reminder. She needed to walk away with just her memories and the love she felt for them.


Hermione collapsed, crying as the final spells were cast. Bellatrix protectively wrapped the cloak around the shaking girl before apparating them back to Malfoy Manor. Narcissa returned not long after, while Lucius went to inform the Dark Lord that the plan was successfully executed. The last of the wards on the little house would allow them to know when someone magical attempted enter and their identity. The Dark Lord insisted that they needed to confirm the identities of the major players in the conspiracy.

As soon as Narcissa entered the manor, she heard the sobbing girl. The Blacks and Malfoys knew it would be a hard day. Narcissa was proud of the girl. Hermione didn't take the easy route. She stared down the challenge and knew in the end it was for the best. But for today, she would be heartbroken. The older witch hoped that the comfort her family could provide would be enough to get her through.

Following the heart wrenching sounds, Narcissa entered the formal dining hall where Bella had transported the pair. Her sister knelt down over the small huddled form of her lover. She was pressing gentle kisses into the girls hair while encouraging her to go upstairs. The blonde joined her sister in supporting the girl to stand up and practically carried to the second story.

Once in the girl's room, the Black sisters stripped the muggle clothes from her body. Bella pulled a soft black cotton shirt and long pants onto the girl while Narcissa stowed the discarded clothes. Secretly she hoped not to see them again. The younger sister led the lovers to the large bed, lifting the covers to encourage them inside. Bella climbed in pulling, Hermione with her. The blonde joined them by physically surrounding the girl, hoping to supply comfort.

The girl's tears slowed then subsided as the sisters soothingly rubbed her back and stroked her hair. As her breathing relaxed, she pushed into the hands touching her back and nuzzled into the hand in her hair. Needing to feel less alone and closer to the women, Hermione turned her head to look into the dark blue eyes of the woman petting her head. She took in the quiet look of adoration painted on the proud and beautiful trademark Black features. Holding her breath, she closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Narcissa's.

The blonde witch responded immediately and felt the girl melt into her gentle touch. Hermione turned her body into the kiss pressing the length of her form against the older witch's body. She felt Bella move behind her to place hot kisses on the back of her neck. She was entranced by the two sets of hands gently exploring her body as Narcissa deepened the kiss. She moaned gutturally as hands found her breasts, manipulating her flesh and sending arousal coursing through her body. She felt Bella's lips brush against her ear as she said,

"Do you want her to touch you, love? It's ok if you do." Bella quieted, allowing the girl to respond. Noting the lack of pause in the heated kiss she continued, "we'll take care of you. Cissy and I have shared a great many things." She pulled gently at the blonde tresses, breaking apart the kiss. She aggressively claimed the familiar lips, trapping Hermione between them. Feeling the girl moan in response, "Do you want to be ours tonight?" She asked.

"I don't want to be able to think of anything else."

"We've been told we can be quite overwhelming," Narcissa responded in a deep silky voice as she slipped her hands beneath the soft fabric covering the girl's body.


"Please what, little witch?" the darker of her lovers responded.

"Please make me forget."

Answering the plea, the blonde gripped the bottom of the shirt and swiftly pulled it off and away. She possessively sought to claim the skin before her with lips, hands and teeth. Behind Hermione, Bella slid the pants down her legs, lightly dragging her nails against the skin as she did.

Hermione felt as though her body was being set on fire. The sisters' hands seemed to be everywhere at once. Each touch was sure and demanding, pulling and pushing her between their warm bodies. She could hardly remember to breathe, much less to think on the events that led her into bed with the two beauties.

"Do you want to feel my Cissy inside of you?" Bellatrix asked as the blonde teasingly ran her fingers through her wetness. While Hermione fought to compose herself enough to answer affirmatively, Narcissa brought her fingers up to her own mouth, cleaning the taste of the girl from them. With such a show, the girl knew she might never be able to verbally answer. She took the blonde's hand in her shaking fingers and guided them down her body. She moaned loudly as two fingers found their way swiftly into her and began working her in a painstakingly slow rhythm.

"Oh Bella, you've been holding back on me. She is even more delightful than I could have imagined." She punctuated her sentence with a particularly hard thrust.

"Don't be greedy, baby sister," she responded while snaking her hand between the girl's thighs. She moved her fingertips in slow, firm circles over the swollen clit, causing the girl to buck wildly. Narcissa ducked her head, capturing a hard nipple between her teeth and pulling it gently.

"Come for us now, darling. Just let go," her dark lover said huskily in her ear.

Her body obeyed the command without thought and she collapsed into a sweaty mess. Two sets of strong arms circled her and held her close. As her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep, she grasped at the comfort the witches offered, hoping it would be enough to drown out her guilt.