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The Black Prophecy

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As the hours of Christmas Eve dwindled to the early hours of Christmas, a fresh blanket of snow fell. Peace and silence swaddled Malfoy Manor as the inhabitants rested securely enveloped in a love few in the magical world believed them capable of feeling. The bright sun bounced off the sparkling white drifts illuminating Hermione’s face. She woke tranquilly, stretching out her arms to touch the warm body beside her before even opening her eyes. Finding nothing with her fingertips she sat up in confusion and frustration. Of all mornings, she hoped to wake up snuggled into the mane of curls. Upon finally opening her eyes she saw a bundle of clothes tied with a satin black ribbon. On top rested a piece of parchment


I can only imagine how upset you were to find me not in bed. Patience and trust. Below this letter is my first Christmas gift for you. Dress in it and come find me in your family’s castle.

I will be waiting,


What was the witch up to? Looking carefully at the note, Hermione realized all of the sweet notes she received throughout November and December were by the same hand. She had known the script looked familiar when Narcissa commented on it. How long exactly had Bellatrix been pursuing her? Not that she minded, the dark witch’s affections however forward made every cell in her body tingle.

Unable to contain her excitement she unwrapped the gift. The satin green dress felt amazing against the skin of her hands. With it was the sexiest set of under things she had ever seen. She blushed realizing Bella’s intent. No one purchased lingerie and hoped not to see it. She hopped off the bed in a rush to get ready. Before she left for Timoleague, she took a long look in the mirror. The dress suited her perfectly and she wondered briefly which of the sisters had selected it. Satisfied with the curls framing her face, she went downstairs to floo out.

As she approached the fireplace, she wrung her hands in anxiety. She had never felt such wanting, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t nervous. As if on queue, Narcissa rounded a corner and smiled warmly.

“Don’t be nervous. You are meant to be together,” she said kissing her cheek. The closeness of the family could be unnerving at times, but the gentle reassurance solidified Hermione’s resolve as she collected floo powder in her hand and closed her eyes.

Stepping out of the green light, her eyes struggled to adjust to the throne room. Nothing was as she left it. Dark fragment pine boughs draped across the fireplace. They were wrapped with gold ribbon and illuminated with candles. The ceiling had been enchanted like the Great Hall at Hogwarts. The floating candles glowed dreamily. At the far end of the hall stood a Christmas tree similarly decorated and sitting just behind a candle lit table. The familiar form of Bellatrix Black emerged from behind it beckoning the young witch forward. As if pulled by a magnet, Hermione found herself wrapped tightly in strong arms.

“Happy Christmas, my love. Come. Let’s have breakfast,” she said ushering her into a chair opposite herself.

“Happy Christmas. Bella, this is beautiful.” Reaching for her flute of champagne, Hermione noted the lack of silverware. Lifting her eyes in question, she found a half of a ripe strawberry held deliciously between ruby red lips. The dark eyes spoke a silent invitation and soft hands drew her face forward. During the brief touch, the fruit was transferred between their lips. In spite of the chastity of the contact fiery lust burned through Hermione.

Playfully they fed each other, punctuating their interactions with emboldened touches and lingering kisses. When some of their hungers were sated, Bellatrix pulled Hermione up and into her arms. With a flick of her wand, an easy rhythmic song filled the air. Placing one hand on her hip, the older witch led her around the room in a slow close dance. The twinkling of the lights, the scent of candles and pine drew Hermione into a world where nothing could matter except the woman whose body she sank into.

Bellatrix spun them under an archway with a sprig of mistletoe hanging down. It regarded them as if its sole purpose was to capture any lingering fears of loneliness. Purposefully, she captured Hermione’s lips in a slow passionate kiss. Eyes still closed she whispered against the soft pink lips,

“Fall in love with me this Christmas, I’ll be all you need. I want something that lasts forever.”

The gentle demand coaxed a whimper out of the young throat followed by a devouring kiss initiated by the Ravenclaw. As though she already knew every step to the elaborate dance that was this relationship, Hermione said huskily,

“I’m here. I’m yours for the taking.”

“Soon. Very soon,” Bellatrix practically growled, “First I must show you the rest of your present.” Ending the impromptu dance and taking the young woman’s hand, she led her up the staircase and into one of the bedrooms.

Hermione knew she’d been in the room before. She had wandered for hours through all of the rooms quite literally looking to find herself. But the room was not like any of the others. It was perfectly clean and decorated in rich jewel tones. Swathed in deep green, blue and black satin that warmed the coldness of the white stone masonry. A beautiful black wood four-poster bed sat in the middle of the room, draped with curtains to keep in the style of the medieval edifice. A fire roared in a fireplace decorated similarly to those on the first floor.

Bellatrix paused at the door allowing Hermione to take in the redecorating she’d done and watched as the girl naturally followed the path of rose petals towards the bed.

“It’s beautiful. When could you have had the time for all this?”

“Well you see… yesterday morning when you were gallivanting around playing war with my sister and nephew…”

“As I recall it I was kicking their arses,” Hermione interrupted.

“That you were,” she responded chuckling darkly. She pulled the girl’s body flush against her own before continuing, “They may have detained you at my request so that Lucius and I would have time for all of this. I know you haven’t decided where you will live someday, but I hope that this helps to make this castle feel more like yours.”

“The room reminds me of you, how could it not feel like home?” Hermione said without thinking. She opened her mouth to backtrack, but was stopped by a gentle finger on her lips.

“I had other motives,” she said flirtatiously.

“And they are…” the young witch said knowing the answer, but longing to hear it tumble out of the extremely kissable lips that hovered so close and yet so out of reach.

“I didn’t want my sister within earshot. I plan on hearing my name said over and over again, I don’t imagine it would have been much of a Christmas present to her.” Throughout the last sentence the dark witch had walked them carefully backwards towards the bed. She delicately removed the robe that partially obscured the beautiful dress she’d spent hours picking. As she gently drug her fingers down the girl’s curves,

“This looks as lovely on you as I had hoped.”

Hermione blushed, drawing Bellatrix’s hand up and flipping it over before pressing a warm wet kiss to her open palm. Burying her hands in the soft dark curls, Hermione kissed the prominent cheekbones and down the jaw to the soft white neck. She dragged her teeth teasingly across the tender skin. The gentle prodding coaxed a throaty moan from the older witch, propelling her into motion.

In one swift movement, Bellatrix had the dress pooled at their feet. Taking a half step back, she took in the delightful sight of the girl. She was pleased that every single article of her present was accounted for. From the stilettos to the stockings held up by a garter belt to the black lace bra and panty set. Reverently stroking the taut stomach muscles, she delighted at the feeling of them tense under her touch. Not quite willing to give up her delightful view, she propelled the girl onto the bed and watched her glide backwards never losing eye contact.

“Some have said that I like playing with my food… before I eat it,” Bellatrix said as she slowly crawled to hover the young witch. She gently ran her hands over every inch of exposed skin, mapping with her fingers the complexities of the young woman beneath her. After only a few minutes of being bathed in the dark witch’s attention, Hermione was unable to keep her body still. The feeling of the powerful hands handle her as though she belonged to them was making her come undone.

“Please, Bella. Please.”

“Please, what darling?”

The blush from Hermione’s face spread steadily down her neck and onto her chest. Set on driving the young witch to distraction, Bellatrix lowered her thigh between the open legs applying a tormenting amount of pressure to her core. The girl bucked hard against her letting out a keening moan.

“I need you. Please please make me yours.”

“You’ve been mine all along, but I will take you all the same.” No one had ever offered themself to Bellatrix without fear or hatred. Bella had never been afraid to take what she wanted, but this time… this time she didn’t have to take. She knew that over the next few hours everything would change. The bond they felt would solidify with or without magic. She suspected they would never be able to live happily without the other at their side. The feeling of Hermione grinding solidly against her leg spurred her finally into the action she’d been fantasizing about.

Pressing her knee solidly into the beautiful creature beneath her, she delicately unlaced the corset of her dress slowly allowing it to fall open. She bathed in the reaction of dilating pupils and a tongue sneaking out to unconsciously lick suddenly dry lips. Tugging urgently she pulled the skirt up and over her head.

Hermione gasped at the entirely bare witch situated above her. Running a hand fondly down her neck and over the plane of her sternum, she froze just above the pale breast. Sensing her hesitation, Bellatrix interwove their fingers and slid them over her own sensitive nipple. The older witch hadn’t expected the jolt of sexual energy to flow through her at such a hasty rate. Slowly loving her witch might not be possible at this rate. The girl’s fingers curled around the stiff nub and tugged gently causing the dark witch to moan loudly.

While the dark witch wanted her lover to be comfortable and desire her, she was not prepared to surrender control. She stopped the wandering hands with a sound and consuming kiss. With her own hands she blazed a path of fire down the young lithe body. She paused to massage lace-covered flesh eliciting the most delicious set of sounds she’d ever heard. She deftly removed the inconvenient piece of fabric and kissed her way down the long neck. She ran her teeth along the length of the clavicle, nipping playfully before dipping her head down to capture a hardened nipple in her mouth. With her other hand she gently rolled and tugged its twin attempting to find the most delicious reactions. As she laved attention on the girl’s chest, the small body began to tremble in desire. Taking pity on the girl she ran her hand gently down between her legs, dragging her hands through copious wetness that had soaked through the barely there panties. The confirmation of the young witch’s arousal caused her to sigh “Oh, Hermione,” hotly in her ear.

Bellatrix continued to tease mewling sounds from the girl with each gentle touch never quite giving Hermione what she needed. The young witch could take no more and the sodden lace was getting in her way. Focusing as much of her energy as the woman above her would allow she moaned a quick divesto under her breath banishing the problematic fabric.

Taken back again at the girl’s forwardness, Bellatrix ran her long fingers along the length of her. Pressing her thumb in gentle circles around the girl’s clit she slowly dipped a single digit inside the girl. Judging from the thrashing limbs, the slight pain from being a virgin didn’t hold a candle to the overwhelming seduction. In time with her panting breaths, Hermione began chanting her name over and over in a constant plea for more.

Feeling the girl’s walls clench and release her finger, she carefully slipped in another finger, causing the girl to sit up into her arms. Hermione clung to Bellatrix’s neck, burying her face in the curly hair and powerfully driving her hips down into the older witch’s fingers. As her hips began to lose all sense of rhythm, Bella curled her fingers knowing within seconds her witch would come undone. True to form, she felt the waves of pleasure crash through the woman in her arms as she struggled to retain her breath. The desperate movements stilled as Hermione’s limp body sagged against Bellatrix.

She laid the girl carefully down, pulling her close to her body. She brought her still wet fingers to her mouth cleaning them thoroughly. The amber eyes of the girl burned into her, laying plain for her lover.

“Is it always so amazing” Hermione asked finally find her voice.

“It is with me.”

Chuckling at the pompous reply, Hermione rolled on top.

“May I… have you?” Hermione asked earnestly. The dark witch nodded not wanting to break whatever spell the young women cast over her. She kissed each millimeter of bare skin, worshipping the goddess beneath her. She discovered sensitive spots that caused the nails on her back to scratch down deliciously, egging her on.

Driven by the overwhelming desire to please the witch and watch her crumble at her hands, she kissed down the firm stomach stopping only to gaze mischievously up at her. The look alone earned a throaty moan, which in turn caused her to lower her head. She hovered above the apex of the woman’s thighs taking in the intoxicating scent. Rationally she understood, she had no experience with women (or anyone else for that matter), but she felt a pull drawing her on. She wondered if it could be her bond with Bella or if lust drove all couples in such a moment. Tentatively reaching her tongue out she ran it slowly along the length of soft wet flesh. Bellatrix tangled her fingers in the brown hair silently urging her on. Taking the hint Hermione wound her tongue through the folds collecting every drop of moisture, seeking out the most responsive locations. Discovering the bundle of nerves she sucked it experimentally into her mouth, causing the legs on either side of her head to tremble. She tenderly bit down and felt Bella’s body tense with pleasure before she relaxed into the bed.

The dark witch tugged at the hair still in her hands indicating that she wanted the girl to climb up her body. Hermione deposited herself against the still slightly shaking beautiful body, dropping her head on a shoulder. Sleepily Hermione ran her fingers up and down the beautiful breasts as the slightly sweating pair drifted off.