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Passion Pit Drive-In Theatre

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Betty talks in her sleep. Veronica had found that out the first time Betty slept over at her apartment, before they'd started doing whatever it was they were doing now.

It was cute, her sleep slurred, raspy voice mumbling what was mostly gibberish late into the night. Veronica would just listen to her sometimes, when sleep evaded her, hum along to whatever Betty was murmuring about, play with her hair and watch her dreams ripple across her sleepy expressions.

"...can' pen is gone..." Betty whispered.

"Where'd your pen go, baby?" Veronica asked, her voice low, tracing the curve of Betty's cheekbone lightly.

"...the river...too fast..." Betty's eyebrows pressed together for a moment. 

Veronica hummed, her fingers tracing down to her jaw. She stroked her cheek with her thumb, tried not to think too much about how good it felt to touch Betty Cooper, how much she adored this girl, how what Veronica thought was just a passing infatuation had turned into a full on obsession.

I think normal people call that love, Veronica. A voice says from somewhere in the back of her head. 

"V-Veronica?" Veronica opened her eyes (she hadn't realized she closed them), and found Betty's peering back at her, still so green even in the half darkness of Veronica's room.

"Hey." Veronica said as casually as she could, trying to play off the fact that one of her hands was pressed against Betty's jaw and the other was holding onto her shirt. Betty didn't seem to mind as she reached out for Veronica, her hand resting on Veronica's bare hip.


Veronica Lodge was beautiful. Everyone knew it. That would almost always be #1 in a game of Describe Veronica Lodge In 5 Words.

Archie would say something like: Veronica Lodge is beautiful, funny, sexy, nosy and clever.

Jughead, in his infinite vocabulary, would settle for: Veronica Lodge is beautiful, flippant, elegant, annoying and pristigious.

Kevin would instantly gush: Veronica Lodge is beautiful, uncommon, the-best-thing-to-happen-to-Riverdale, #goals and bi-af-probably.

And Betty, well, Betty Cooper could go on for hours about Veronica Lodge, but beautiful would definitely be in there.

Especially seeing her like this, stripped down to her underwear (and only in those because Betty couldn't stop blushing at the sight of her naked even though she'd been the one to undress her.), covered in the evidence of what they had spent their night doing, peering at Betty through the half dark of Ronnie's room. 

And good god, who gave her the right to look so good? All soft tan skin stretched taunt over curves and subtle muscles, peppered with hickies and bite marks, her hair still perfect despite Betty's best efforts to mess it up, and her face a picture of satisfaction.

"Can't sleep?" Betty asks, her fingers grazing along the soft skin of Veronica's hip, a stark contrast to the rough lace of her panties.

"Why would I want to sleep when I have Betty Cooper half naked in my bed?" Veronica joked, and Betty almost rolled her eyes. 

"You're impossible." Betty's words came out on a sigh, nothing but fondness on her face and something twisted deep in Veronica's stomach.

"Yeah?" Veronica pressed forward, bringing her face inches from Betty's. "Would that mean you've spent all night doing the impossible?"

Betty groaned, "Oh my god, I am never speaking to you again." Betty was laughing despite herself, trying to muffle it into the back of her hand.

"That's okay, I know something we can do that doesn't require speaking." Veronica's hand slid under Betty's shirt, her nails scratching at the sensitive skin of her stomach.

"Woah--" Betty was still laughing a little, eyes meeting Veronica's again, pupils dilating. "Are you actually hitting on me right now or are you just being a dork?" 

"A little bit of both." Veronica says, casually, as her hand explores beneath Betty's shirt. She grins at Betty, and somehow it feels like a smirk. "I mean, I wouldn't say no to getting to see that face you make when you---"

Betty's lips were warm and insistent against Veronica's, kissing her just this side of rough, and Veronica could feel more than see Betty's blush, hot on her cheeks. Betty was pressing closer to her, bringing their bodies flush together and her nails scratching at Veronica's hip, making Veronica hum into her mouth.

God, Ronnie is so warm.

Betty pushed on Veronica's shoulders, laying her flat on her back against her silky sheet (were these actually silk? Betty would have to ask later.), half on top of her, before Veronica realized what she was doing. 

"Baby," Veronica pulled back from Betty's mouth, smiling when Betty chased her lips. "You aren't a top." Veronica laughed, reaching up and tucking some of Betty's hair behind her ear.

Betty gasped, feigning offense, "I could be, you don't know!" 

Veronica gave her a look, "Don't I?"

Betty sighed, but didn't move off. Instead, she threw her knee over Veronica's hips, straddling her, her weight settling into Veronica easily, like they fit together.

"Betty..." Veronica started, though her body was already reacting to the feeling of Betty on top of her, the look in Betty's pupil blown eyes as she peered down at her.

"Shush." Betty whispered and leaned down, pressing hungry kisses to Veronica's neck, nipping at her ear, making Veronica gasp. Veronica tilted her head to the side to give Betty more access and moaned into her ear the way she knows Betty likes. 

"No marks there." Veronica chides, her voice hitching a little at the feeling of Betty's teeth against her kiss-heated skin. Betty seems to take that reminded as an invitation to trail kisses down her neck, over her collarbone and down to her breasts. Her hot tongue swirled over the tender hickies still there from the last time Betty's mouth had explored the curves and contours of Veronica's chest and Veronica swallowed down a whimper.

"Mmmn...Betty," Veronica's fingers tugged at the loose fabric of Betty's sleep shirt, helping her get it over her head and tossing it away, into the shadows around her bed.

Betty sat up, her hips pressing down against Veronica's. Betty's cheeks, her neck, her chest were mottled with pink and Ronnie could feel her heartbeat beneath her hands, making her smile.

"You're so lovely." Veronica traced one of her blunt nails up Betty's thigh, over a bite mark on her hip and up her stomach.

Veronica bit down on her lip, hard, at the sight of all of Betty's exposed skin, the red crescent impressions of Veronica's teeth still scattered across her body.

"So you say." Betty murmurs, tone cool and even, though the blush on her cheeks gives her away. "You're an actual goddess, so I guess I'll have to take your word for it."

Veronica smiled, sitting up to meet Betty in a heated kiss, licking into her mouth as soon as Betty allowed her to. She bit down on Betty's bottom lip this time, probably a little too hard, but Betty never complained, just moaned into her mouth and kept kissing. Veronica loved kissing Betty, loved the way Betty kissed, all soft lips and moaning and minty toothpaste for the first few moments, and then she was teeth and low growls and sucking on Ronnie's tongue in a way the made her dizzy.

Veronica rolled her hips up into Betty's, relishing in the way Betty whined, her hips responding with a grind of their own. 

"Ronnie," Betty whimpered, breaking off their kiss, her fingernails digging into Veronica's shoulders. 


This is how it's supposed to be, Veronica thinks somewhere in her lust addled brain, Betty, on her back, moaning my name.

"Does that feel okay?" Veronica asks, watching Betty's face carefully as she slid another finger inside of her, bringing the grand total up to two. (Read: Betty was a virgin before Veronica, give her a break.)

Betty nodded, eyes closed, biting down on her bottom lip so hard, Veronica thought she might have seen blood.

"," Veronica kissed the corner of her mouth, keeping a steady pace with her fingers, working between Betty's flexing thighs, her thumb swiping over her clit every few moments. "You can make noise, it's okay, my mom isn't home."

Betty nodded again, but the pressure of her teeth didn't let up. 

No, no, that won't do. Not at all. Veronica shifted, leaning her head down to Betty's chest and---

"Mmf!--O-oh, Ronnie--mmmn!" Betty moaned, music to Veronica's ears. 

Veronica had learned pretty early into their thing that Betty's nipples were incredibly sensitive, and since then used that fact to her advantage whenever an occasion arose. (Read: even if the occasion was entirely inappropriate and not cool, Ronnie!)

Betty arched up into the wet heat of Veronica's mouth, scratching long red lines into her back as the feeling of Ronnie's tongue swirling around her nipple and her fingers curling inside her brought her hurtling toward another orgasm. (Read: she'd lost count at this point, god, this girl was insatiable.)

A graze of Veronica's teeth, a whisper of how beautiful she was, and Betty's entire world went starry, the heat that had been building at the base of her spine shooting through every nerve in her body in devastating waves of pleasure. She didn't even realize she was moaning until the blood stopped rushing in her ears and her vision cleared again, but she was, loudly. She thinks she may have heard Ronnie moaning too.

When she looked down at Veronica, she was peering back up at her with awe and something else on her expression, mouth kiss swollen and wet with saliva, irises nothing but pupil.

How do I get this girl to marry me? Ronnie thinks, somewhere in her hormone-mess of a brain.


"Sorry." Betty mumbles, her fingers grazing over the red scratches marring the skin of Veronica's shoulders.

"It's okay." Veronica smiles at her, water streaming down the sides of her face. "I think I dealt as good as I got." Her fingers tap at the bite mark on Betty's neck, the one she was going to have a hell of a time explaining to her mom later.

"Better." Betty said against Veronica's lips, leaning forward so the shower head wasn't spraying water directly onto their faces. She carded her fingers into Veronica's wet hair, tugging on it to tilt Veronica's head back, giving her better access to her mouth. Veronica moaned and Betty filed that move away for later use. 

Betty's brain still craves a label to put on this...whatever it was. But in moments like these, content and smiling at each other, lips swollen from too-long-but-never-too-long kisses, she thinks it's fine to


"I'm going to go grab my coat out of my locker," Betty said. "Meet me at my car?"

"Will do. Can you grab my gloves out of mine?" Betty nods at her and Veronica smiles. "Thanks, baby."

Betty's gone, down the hallway that led to the sophomore lockers, before Veronica turned and suddenly had a face full of red hair. 

"Jee--" Cheryl puts a hand up, cutting Veronica surprised exclamation off, somehow.

"Did you just call Betty Cooper 'baby'?" Cheryl asked, incredulously, nose scrunched.

"No, Cheryl, I said 'Betty'." Veronica huffed, readjusting her backpack on her shoulders. "I'd ask why you're trolling the halls and eavesdropping this late after school, but I assume it's part of your creepy ginger murder twin schtick you've got going on."

Cheryl seems to ignore most of what Veronica says, because the next words out of her mouth are: "Oh, so you wouldn't mind if I took a run at her?"

Veronica didn't fully comprehend what had just come out of Cheryl's mouth, so she just stands there with a confused look on her face.

"I mean, she's kind of awful, all pastels and pining over Archie Andrews. But I'm hoping she'll see I'm a much hotter, more interesting redhead." Cheryl's grin is all teeth as realization starts spreading over Veronica's face. "And, oh, her eyes? How are eyes even that green? Don't even get me started on her lips... Ya know, I bet that good girl thing is all an act. Girls like her are always freaks in bed. She'd make a great fuckbuddy." Cheryl winks and Veronica thinks she momentarily blacks our because the next think she knows, Cheryl's backed against the lockers, looking a little uncomfortable under all her smugness and Veronica's right up in her space. 

"Dream. On. Blossom." Veronica snaps. 


"So, I low-key told Cheryl we're dating." Veronica says as she gets into Betty's car. "Anyway, wanna go to Pop's?"

"Wait...we're dating?"

"Well, We definitely are now."


"Alright, Jos, pay up." Cheryl holds out her perfectly manicured hand and grins when Josie reluctantly deposits a 20.

"Okay, well if its not Betty or Veronica, then who the hell is Archie writing all his songs about?" Josie grumbles, hands on her hips.

Cheryl smirks at her, "20 bucks says it's---"

"No! No more bets! I'm going broke, girl!"