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Come Ride With Me...And Be My Love...

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How did we two really begin?

A rare fleeting glance?
A passing fancy, by lady lucks chance?

Blowing smoke signals
Sharing cold beers.

Acting as merchant traders
packin' duelling pistols.

Just mozying along
Riding side by side.

Out there, amongst the outback
Together through thick and thin.

Braving the desolate days
Owning the nights.

Sharing life's cold comforts
By twilights fire-lit stream.

Growing so close
Caring and carrying
The burdens of our heavy loads.

Did our mutual interests
Become a lovelorn quest?

A fleeting brief guess
Is our love growing more, or less?

"Guth, why did you really come along?"

"Jim, I have no further need for 10% of nothing in particular any more.
And I sure as hell, gladly forgo my 100 dollar salary.
I came here soley to share my life with you, 100%.
If you can be content, only to ride the range with me?"

"Well now Guth, you've just sold me on a great idea.
100% of your good self, sounds like a bargain at any price!
I'm all yours, bought and paid for in full!."

And so...Two rode on together...forevermore...

The End.