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Couldn't Get Much Higher

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Carmilla peeked into the baby's room to make sure Landon was still sleeping. He was passed out in his crib with the pacifier laying next to his head, where it fell out of his still open mouth. She smirked and ran her fingertips across the blonde hair that was finally covering his head. Then, she quietly left the room. 

She had to open the cafe at five in the morning that day and finally gave herself a break around noon. When she first entered the apartment, her wife was nowhere in sight. So her first choice was to check Landon's room. Seeing that he was sleeping, she walked back down the hall and turned to head toward her bedroom. The door was cracked open the tiniest bit. She pushed it open gently.

Carmilla took a deep breath through her nose. Laura was on the floor doing her typical workout routine. She was currently in the push-up stage, but only wearing boy shorts and a sports bra. The cafe owner tilted her head to shamelessly ogle her wife.

The muscles were so clearly shifting under her scarred skin. Her breathing was heavy, but steady. Carmilla could hear Laura counting under her breath. She must have ended her repetitions because she hopped up to her feet and began stretching her arms. Then, she bent down to pick up the baby monitor she had placed on the floor. Carmilla's eyes landed on her ass.

Laura stood back up and turned slightly, jumping dramatically with her hand flying to her heart. "Jesus! Carm!" She tossed the baby monitor onto the bed and sighed heavily. "You can't just sneak up like that! I was about to go into defense mode."

Carmilla held her hands up to show no aggression. "Sorry. I was just really enjoying the view," she ended with a smirk.

The soldier glared. "Like you've never seen the view before."

"Maybe I'm still in awe with how your body ever gave birth."

Laura rolled her eyes and proceeded to grab her shirt on the bed. Carmilla quickly stepped in and placed her hands on the blonde's hips, turning her towards her. "I'm serious. Look at you!" she let her eyes travel down her body.

The soldier chuckled and tried to push the brunette away. "Stop."

"Stop being so damn attractive," Carmilla smirked as she pulled Laura against her tightly.

"Oh, so if I wasn't like this, you'd think I was disgusting?" she asked with a pointed look.

The cafe owner sighed. "Actually probably not. I think I'm well past the point of ever finding you unattractive."

Laura playfully gasped. "Did I inherit the Karnstein Curse? Is my charm that captivating?" she mocked.

Carmilla glared. "Sorry, cupcake. But you can't inherit that ability by just tacking 'Karnstein' onto the end of your name." Laura pouted, which caused the brunette to smile. "But you don't need it. I've been under your spell for longer than I care to admit."

"Aw! You're being so cute!" Laura cooed as she tapped her index finger on the tip of her wife's nose.

Carmilla glared in response. "How many times do I have to tell you, woman? I'm not cute. I'm charming."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. How could I be so careless?" she asked as she gently pushed Carmilla down onto the bed. She stood in between the brunette's legs and placed her hands on her shoulders. "What can I do to make it up to you?"

Carmilla began to grin. "I don't know, Captain. How do you usually make it up to your soldiers?" she asked as her hands rested on the blonde's hips. 

"Praising is the best I can do. Anything else would be against regulation."

"Hmm," the cafe owner hummed as she let her eyes fall to the waistband of Laura's shorts. Her index fingers slipped underneath it and began to slowly glide along the skin beneath the elastic. "My ego could use a boost..."

Laura grinned before she pressed against the brunette's shoulders and pushed her backwards onto the mattress. "Well, Private Karnstein..."

"Karnstein-Hollis, ma'am," Carmilla corrected smugly.

Laura continued to grin, perhaps even more. She straddled the brunette's waist. "Karnstein-Hollis," she repeated. "I'd like to show you how much I appreciate your commitment to my squad," she said before letting her lips slowly meet her wife's. The soldier began to gently grind down into Carmilla's hips; the brunette moving her hands to grab Laura's ass in response.

"Laura," Carmilla sighed against her lips after a heated kiss.

The blonde snickered as she moved to plant kisses on her wife's neck. "You never last in role playing," she said before nibbling on her pulse point.

The cafe owner groaned. "I try! But you're just so damn good, I get lost and forget," she hummed as Laura continued to kiss along her jaw.

The soldier shifted her hips slightly and reached down to undo the button of Carmilla's jeans. "I suppose that's acceptable," she said just before capturing her lips again. Her tongue slipped into her mouth as Laura's hand slipped into Carmilla's pants. The brunette took a sharp intake of breath before feeling a grin against her lips.

"You're not wearing underwear?"

Carmilla smirked up at the soldier. "We're a little behind on laundry." 

Honey eyes filled with lust. "Well allow me to add to the pile," she said before letting her fingers play beneath the now wet fabric. Carmilla's hips bucked from the touch and her head fell back; eyes shut and mouth slightly ajar. 

"Mom! Mama! I'm home!"

Their eyes both shot open and fell on their bedroom door.

"Shit!" Carmilla growled as she pushed up on the soldier's shoulders. Laura went stumbling backwards on the bed and searched for her shirt to throw on.

"Crap! I forgot she had a half-day today!" the blonde hissed as she pulled the shirt over her head.

Carmilla buttoned her pants quickly. "What? Why does she have a half-day?!"

"Parent/Teacher conferences are tonight," Laura reminded her. She then threw the bedroom door open and went around the corner. "Hey, Liv. Keep it down. Your brother's sleeping," she said with her index finger in front of her lips. The soldier stepped into the kitchen where the girl was searching the fridge for a snack. "How was school?" she asked as she leaned onto the kitchen island.

Livie shrugged without looking away from the fridge. "Lindsey told me she has a crush on Tommy."

Laura's eyebrows shot up. This was new territory. She looked back to see Carmilla coming around the corner.

"Hey, kiddo," Carmilla greeted as she placed an arm around Laura's shoulders. She saw Laura's face and furrowed her brows. "What's up?" she asked hesitantly.

"Lindsey has a crush on Tommy," Laura explained.

Carmilla's mouth fell open slightly before her eyes went to Livie who had just decided on grabbing an apple. The cafe owner then looked back at her wife with fear in her eyes. It was happening. The time where feelings and such started turning her daughter into a teenager. It was still too early though! She thought she had at least another year or two!

"Does that bother you, Liv?" Laura asked gently.

"Huh? Does what bother me?" the girl asked as she took a bite. She had been lost in her own thoughts.

"That Lindsey has a crush on Tommy," the soldier continued. She knew her wife wasn't going to be the best help here.

"Oh," Livie replied with a sigh. "I don't know."

"Do you like someone?" Carmilla asked hurriedly. Laura turned to glare at her.

'Seriously?' the blonde mouthed.

'What?' her wife mouthed back.

"No? I don't know," Livie answered in frustration as she stared down at her apple. "I just want us to go back to the way it used to be. It was just the three of us being friends and none of this craziness was going on," she slumped down onto the stool at the island.

Laura smiled sadly at her daughter. "As exciting as growing up can be at times, sometimes the change that comes with it can be upsetting."

"Why do things have to change though?" the not-so-little girl asked desperately.

The soldier sighed as she thought for an answer. "Remember how you used to hate broccoli? We had to bribe you to finish your plate," she smiled at the thought. It wasn't even that long ago. "Now you love it! Change can be good!"

Livie frowned. "Yeah..." She didn't seem to like that answer.

"What's your favorite season, Liv?" Carmilla asked softly. Laura looked at her. Her expression looked defeated. Perhaps her wife was fighting the battle of change as well.

"Summer," she answered dejectedly. "No, wait. Winter. I don't know. I can't decide."

The older brunette smirked slightly. "Okay, so you like summer and winter. What do you like about them?"

"In the summer, I don't have to go to school. Everything is green and we can go swimming in the lake. And in the winter, there's Christmas, and snow, which can close school for the day."

Carmilla narrowed her eyes toward her daughter. "You used to love school. Now all you like are the times when there isn't any."

Laura began to laugh. "Like mother like daughter..." The cafe owner glared at her wife before looking back at their daughter.

"Well in order for it to snow, the weather has to get colder. And in colder weather, all the green plants and trees die. And when it's that cold, the lake will freeze over, so you can't swim. In order for new things to come, old things need to be left behind." She leaned onto the island and placed her hand on her daughter's. "It might be sad for a moment, but the memories will always make you smile. And just like how you know it'll snow again next year, there are things to look forward to."

Livie took a deep breath. "Getting older is a lot of work."

Carmilla scoffed as she stood straight up again. "Tell me about it." She looked back at her wife, whose smile graced her lips. Laura's eyes shined brightly back at her as she reached to grab her hand.

"I'm gonna head downstairs and see if Perry or JP need any help," Livie said as she stood up and made her way out of the apartment.

Laura smiled sadly at Carmilla. "How much did that hurt?"

"Why do things have to change?" she whined.

"Hey, you gave a better answer than I could," the blonde defended as she wrapped her arms around the cafe owner's neck.

"I'm not ready for her to get her heart broken!" she groaned with her forehead slamming down onto her wife's shoulder.

"It's gonna be okay," Laura chuckled as she rubbed her back.

Livie then opened the front door and peeked her head through. "Oh, um, and Mom?"

Carmilla lifted her head as both parents turned to look at their girl.

"I might have tried using your lipstick this morning, and I might have twisted it too much, and the whole thing might have broken off when I tried to put it on... And then fell on the floor... Now it's just broken and covered in Mr. Fox's hair... Sooooo... Sorryloveyoubye!" she said in rapid fire before slamming the door shut.

Laura immediately started laughing as Carmilla stared at the door with her mouth slightly open. The soldier leaned up and kissed the brunette's cheek. "You okay, Mom?"

Carmilla took a deep breath. "Sure." Then, they heard Landon crying down the hall. Laura pulled away to go check on him, but Carmilla grabbed her wrist. "I'll go. I need to bathe in youth," she said gruffly before kissing Laura on the cheek and heading toward her little boy.