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Chauvelin For Another Day

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Chauvelin For Another Day
By Zath Chauvert

Heh-heh-heh... I can imagine this song taking place right after Percy collides with Chauvelin on the foot bridge in Act 2.

(to the tune of "Breezin' Through Another Day" from The Wild Party)

Percy: "ChauChau! What are you doing here? Revolution over?"

Chauvelin: "Born to conquer but doomed to endure that Percy twit.

By title I'm a marquis, yes,
Aristocrat and high caste.
I lived a cushy life it's true
But now that time is long past.
Since France became cutthroat
I'm the proverbial turn coat.
Little Chauvelin was forced to live a different way:
-But no complaining here.

I'm the villain and proud of it.
My country is chaotic.
My victims called me "evil"
But I call me "patriotic."
All who oppose me die.
I'm the proverbial bad guy. *grrr*
How do I contrive it all, you say?

'S'long as I got my black clothes.
'S'long as I got my quick wits.
'S'long as I got my soldiers.
'S'long as I got my traps set.
'S'long as I say "I'll kill you."

I'm Chauvelin for-
-Another day.

It's meetings with Robespierre
Then executions at the scaffold;
Then off to plot with Grappin;
Then by the Pimpernel I'm baffled;
Beheadings leave me dry.
Tonight I need to spy.

How do I contrive it all, you say?
(He takes a pinch of snuff)
'S'long as I, 's'long as I, 's'long as I, 's'long as I,
'S'long as I got a good plan-
'S'long as I got a cold heart-
'S'long as I keep the jails full-
'S'long as I keep the blade sharp
'S'long as I say-
(He starts pointing at random audience members)
-"I'll kill you-and you-and you-and you and you and you!"...
...I'm Chauvelin for another day...!