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I Can Choke

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King wore a pleased smirk as he wiped a trail of drool off from Ura's chin.

"That's a good look for you." His thumb moved over the red ball gag in Ura's mouth.

He tried to look away, but King's hand firmly grabbed his chin.

"Now, don't be like that. Don't you want me to take it off?" His smirk was audible in his tone as Ura met his gaze with disdain.

King treasured worthwhile investments, and the gag had been his smartest purchase.

The rule he gave was very simple. Ura had to wear the gag unless King himself removed it. If Ura was caught trying to remove it, he would be thrown in the dungeon for the day. The gag would of course stay in his mouth and he would be handcuffed to ensure no further removal attempts were made.

Initially Leo told King he thought it was a bit cruel. Even though Ura often spoke in a rude way, he didn't deserve something like that.

Of course King didn't listen. Ura was his Alice, and he was allowed to do this to him.

As King's hands moved towards the clasp of the gag, he paused.

"So remind me, why should I take this off?"

Ura stared up at him, his face declaring his frustration.

"I'm certainly tired of hearing you speak and it isn't time for you to eat. There really isn't a reason for you to not have this gag in your mouth." King's tone was teasing, manipulative. Ura could tell he wanted something.

King moved his hands away ungracefully, and he stepped back from Ura. As if he had lost interest completely, he walked away and sat down on the edge of his bed.

"Why don't you show me something you can do with that mouth of yours that isn't unpleasant? " King teased him.

He leaned back and parted his legs slightly. Ura's face flushed with more frustration. He took a step towards King, but he raised his hand and gestured for Ura to stop.

"You can't walk like that." He pointed at the ground, "All fours. Crawl."

King wore an extremely satisfied smirk as Ura lowered himself and crawled along the floor. It didn't take long for Ura to be between King's legs, face mere inches away from a definite bulge.

Without much warning both of King's hands were on Ura's head. At the same time, Ura's hand moved towards King's zipper.

As Ura worked on pulling down King's pants and underwear, the other man's hand hovered over the clasp of the gag. Ura couldn't see it, but he knew he was so close to finally having it off.

Ura's efforts paid off and King's dick was exposed to the air. Ura wished he could call him a pervert for getting so hard just from watching him crawl on the floor in that gag.

This action is what finally caused King to unclasp the gag, and it fell from Ura's mouth into his lap. There was a significant amount of drool coming from mouth and once again Ura fought the urge to call King perverted. He clearly was pleased with the image of Ura seemingly drooling while staring down his crotch.

There was little time for Ura to make his comment though. King roughly grabbed Ura's hair and pressed the tip of his dick against his lips.

Ura looked up at King's satisfied expression and rolled his eyes. Just to get it over with quickly, Ura parted his lips. Though that was exactly was King was waiting for.

With no warning, King forced Ura down on his dick. A gagging noise came from Ura's mouth, but clearly King wasn't bothered. He managed to force three quarters of his shaft into Ura's mouth in just one go. As the gagging sound quieted, King spoke.

"See? This is much better than what you usually do with your mouth."

Of course Ura couldn't respond. All he could do was try to relax hinself in preparation.

King's hands tightened their grip as he started to roughly fuck Ura's face.

"You feel great Alice." King spoke between moans. "If you hate that gag so much, let's do this every day."

Ura's response was less severe gagging noises and groans of pleasure.

Ura was caught off guard when King held his face to the base of the crotch, his entire dick in Ura's mouth. But then he felt warmth as he was. forced to swallow King's cum.

King slowly pulled Ura off his dick, most likely enjoying the feeling. As soon as his mouth was free, Ura coughed and looked up at him with disdain.

"You pervert. I can't believe you would just-"

"Alice." King spoke, "Save your annoying complaints for when I'm done with you."