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Nights of Summer

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My beautiful love is dead:
I shall weep always;
Into the tomb, she has taken
My soul and my love.
Without waiting for me,
She has returned to heaven.
The angel which took her there
Did not want to take me.
How bitter is my fate!
Ah! without love, to go to sea!

The white creature
Is lying in the coffin;
How all in Nature
Seems bereaved to me!
The forgotten dove
Weeps and dreams of the one who is absent;
My soul cries and feels
That it has been abandoned.
How bitter is my fate!
Ah! without love, to go to sea!

Above me the immense night
Spreads itself like a shroud;
I sing my romanza
That heaven alone hears.

Ah! how beautiful she was,
And how I loved her!
I will never love
Another woman as much as I loved her;
How bitter is my fate!
Ah! without love, to go to sea! To go to sea!


My beloved is dead. I cannot speak nor move for grief. In one cruel act Death’s avenging angel has blotted out all light in the world. Oh, merciless death, could you not have taken me too? I am a soulless shell, for she was my soul. I am a lifeless husk, for my heart lies silent in a faraway grave. Night, once my enemy as I waited for her return, now acts as my only friend and confidant. To it alone can I express my pain, my emptiness. I shall never love again.

As I reread the letter for the thousandth time the old rage and denial courses through me. A carriage accident. No other injuries. Only my life, my beloved was lost. Again and again I think they must have made a mistake. As I gaze over the sheets of the bed, our bed that we shared, I can still see her lying there. Her memory is so fresh in my mind that I half expect her to rise and chide me for my foolishness. But no, even in dreams she cannot rise to greet me again. The image blurs, my eyes are shielded from the sight by my helpless tears.

Cloudless sky. The blue of the sky is a pale imitation of my beloved’s eyes. As I make my way slowly through the garden I see nature blooming unchanged around me. I turn angrily to return to the house when I see a white rosebush in the far corner. In contrast to its gaily blooming sisters, this rose has lost nearly all its petals. The wilting blooms speak of a sadness and loss beyond words. I gather a handful of petals, their edges browned, and a few slip through my fingers. The perfume was there, but with it an edge of decay. Quickly dropping the rest, I escape inside, slamming the door behind me.

I have retreated to a small town by the sea. I could not stand to be in the house we’d shared for a moment longer. The memories were too much for me. Yet now, as I stand gazing out at the relentless waves crashing upon the shore, I wish I had stayed after all. Her voice has been haunting me, driving me to madness. Here, with the pounding of the waves filling my ears, her voice has faded away, and I long for it as I long for her with every fiber of my being. A sudden desire grips me, a desire to fall into those waves and let myself be carried into darkness beneath the water. Death brings a peace unknown to those whose hearts have been stolen away.