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Nights of Summer

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When verdant spring again approaches,
When winter’s chills have disappeared,
Together we shall stroll, my darling,
To cut the fair primrose of the forest.

The trembling pearls of dew under our feet,
Each morning we shall brush aside;
We shall go to hear the gay thrushes singing.

Come with me on the mossy bank,
Where we’ll talk of nothing else but love,
And whisper with thy voice so tender: Always!

Far, far off let us wander,
Fright’ning the hiding hare away,
While the deer at the spring is gazing,
Admiring his reflected horns.

Then back home, with our hearts rejoicing,
And fondly our fingers entwined,
Let’s return, bringing strawberries of the forest.


There is no happiness like this elsewhere in the universe. The sky has never seemed as blue, the grass as lush and green. All around me nature has awakened and I am alive again, for I feel her hand in mine. I do not walk, I float—my heart is so light it lifts me clear off the ground. Surely, were it not for fear of leaving her behind, I would rise up into the heavens, lifted on wings of pure joy.

I am searching for her, racing through the woods, not frantic that I have lost her but overcome with excitement. We play like children, ducking behind trees here and there, yelling and laughing without heed for our clothes or our station. If a passerby were to spot us I have no doubt he or she would be so appalled as to report to the authorities that a pair of lunatics had escaped the madhouse. Indeed, I feel as though I am mad—mad with joy and drunk on happiness. Can there be a better way to go through life than this?

We move in tandem, she and I. We are of one thought, one mind. Our eyes meet and my heart stops, for I know what she feels. It is the same rush of emotion that I feel, the kind that fills up my heart until it is fit to burst. I cannot breathe, I am overwhelmed. Upon seeing me she descends gracefully to sit upon the grass, pulling me down beside her and guiding my head so that it lies in her lap. As I gaze up at the night sky, stars wink at me, their beautiful lights so small and insignificant next to my star, my beloved.

I do not protest when she pulls me to my feet, nor when in her rush she nearly extinguishes our small lamp. The darkness is my ally, as it draws her even closer to me. As we reach the door she gives one last glance around, as though checking to see that no one is watching us. Her concern brings me a fleeting moment of sadness, and impulsively I kiss her. Though her first reaction is shock she soon yields to me. When we at last break away from one another I see that her eyes have filled with tears, not of sadness but of relief. There will be no more hiding for us, no more clandestine encounters far from prying eyes. Let the world say what it will. All that matters in my life stands here before me, and she is mine!