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Letter from the Outside

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Well, it's been one whole week since I got home and let me tell you, it almost makes me miss those gals in Cell Block C. Apparently talking about prison fights just isn't proper dinner talk! Which is utterly ridiculous, because we certainly talked about those fights over dinner. I mean, they were happening right in front of us! Also, my mother just will not stop complaining about how I pray. She says that it just isn't right. Well, I asked her, which one of us has read the Book of Gangrok the Destroyer cover to cover no less than three times? I am absolutely sure that I am praying correctly. It may sound rude, but I am sure that she couldn't draw a proper summoning diagram even if she had a stencil.

I suppose it isn't all terrible here. The food is certainly better, and it sure is nice to wear pretty dresses again.

Hurry up and join me, won't you?


Warden's Note: The above, uncensored letter was written by Doris Delaney. It arrived with a package containing one (1) metal file between two slices of bread, which was immediately confiscated. A copy was made for our records and the letter delivered to Mary-Anne Jones.