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Ode to Paul Darrow

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Oh Paul Darrow –

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

(with apologies to Elizabeth Barret Browning)



I love thee in Blake’s 7

And in Robin Hood;

And Murder Must Advertise,

I love thee cause Thou’rt good -

(Acting that is.)

I love you e'en as Carker

With all those smiling teeth

I read the story, bought the disc

But understand not in the least


I love thee in the Doctor

Timelash is not Thy fault

I love thee in the Strangerers

Its in the Youtube vault

I even watched a Soapy

Just to hear thou speak

That motor bike looks excellent

(Do bikey leathers creak?)


I’ve seen a glimpse of Vimes

(The video is bad)

But Sam is such a favourite

And thou sure did him glad

Macbeth – I’ve seen a snippet

That trailer on Youtube

I’ve even bought a game

Because it features you thou


I love thee in thy writings

Avon’s Terrible Aspect I own

And Lucifer’s 3 outings

Will ever be mine own

I listen to your reading

It comforts me at nightMichael Keating, Paul Darrow, Janet Lees Price

It keeps me from my fearing

When I turn out my light

I love your Memoir writings

You're always very kind

And even those who fail you

Will ne'er a bad word find


I love thee when thou speakst

That sultry, heady voice

I've listened to the inteviews

I love to hear - by choice

I listen to Blake's 7

The Chronicles and all

And even Luther Arkwright

(I don't understand at all)

I've listened to the Minister

Of Chance -  now thats a ball

(no word describes it better

that I can e'er recall)


I love thee in thy photos

They’re up upon my wall

And in the morning’s first light

I blow a kiss to all

Both years and miles between us

Will stop me knowing more

(I'll have to finish shortly

'Fore I become a bore)


I'm very glad I found you

And that you still will know

That though I’ll never meet you

What I can – I’ll own



Nanna Sally 2016