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The sky was beautiful.

It’s empty, devoid of any-tell tale features. The emptiness extended for miles in every direction except down.

Every little shade was even more vibrant than they remembered. They mixed and clashed at the boundary between the stars and earth, one-side never winning, just repeating the same motions over and over again.

Someone had to win, eventually, it couldn’t continue to go on like this.

They greedily drank up the sunlight that trickled through the folds of the blanket. This wasn’t heaven, far from it. They wanted to go home to be free of tha-


To be free of the music.

It’s the only thing that reminded them of home. They wanted-no-needed to go back as soon as possible. They could sing it in their sleep.

On the moon it was everywhere, worming its way between the cracks. It controlled the rhythm of their sleep their-

The song reminded them of the war they had to fight, the war they had to win .

They couldn’t remember what they dreamt on the moon.

They couldn’t remember anything before they were taken to the moon.

That thing smothering them always wanted them to remember, to think back to the past but they would never do it, neve-

It would be easier if you did. Then we could all go home-

That was your home , not mine!

They’ve had arguments like this before. They’ve always forgotten them afterwards. It was like dreaming but the dreams never-

The blanket fell out from under them, lunarians becoming little more than pinpricks against the endless sapphire sky


New cracks formed when they hit the ground, the ground they knew they ground that was part of their home-

And there was something there, catching the light and turning it into a shield of orange light. It was shadowed by a dark hole in the world that-

“What is that?” The shield whispered. The hole crept- oozed -closer, dragging with it the sins and danger of the earth and-

-they didn’t want to be seen like this they had to warn-

They had to do this-

-they were finally home-

They had to get back, they had to complete the-

-and they didn’t want to be here-

They stood up, every shard screaming to get back down, k eeping their head down because they’ll get found out if they aren’t and -

-they didn’t want to be seen like this-

It doesn’t matter what you do, just get back home with the-

They looked up and saw their old dress, saw the monarch-colored gems right in front of them and then they knew that they had returned. And that this was going to be the end.

For good this time.