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Things in common

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“Oh, great, Gero is here too,” Ryuu grumbled, walking into the room.
“You knew he would be, right?” it was a rhetorical question. President Kusatsu was a very close friend of Atsushi, in the end. Nobody was surprised to see Student Council in Kurotama. Io sighed, watching Ryuu looking at Akoya discontentedly as always.
“What a «nice» meeting,” Akoya answered him, crossing arms.Then they all sat in the bath. Arima and Kinshiro were talking to En and Atsushi, Yumoto was enjoying a good company, but Ryuu and Akoya refused to find mutual language. Io would say that they just pretended that they can’t find it. He spent enough of time with both of them to realise that they have some things in common. And it wasn’t just hair color.
“…there is a sale of cherry cakes in a sweet-shop near here, huh?” Atsushi noticed. “Anybody wanna go there? Kin-chan? En-chan?”
Ryuu listened closer. Not that he loved sweets that much (though he really loved getting different kinds of chocolate on Valentine Day), but there was something tempting in Atsushi’s words. «Cherry», for example.
“Io!” Ryuu called his friend.
Io looked at Ryuu, then at Akoya, who also seemed to be interested in a walk to get a cake. Io had already learned the fact that the younger member of Student Council loves sweet things.
“I have some things to do in the evening, but we can go before that,” Io answered. Ryuu smiled — he could find another company if Io refuse, but a company of some girl, even if it’s kinda nice, couldn’t be even a half as great as a company of his best friend. But Io calmed him down a little: “Gero-san!” he called Akoya, “Would you like to go too?"
Ryuu frowned.
There wasn’t any chance that Gero would refuse to hang out with Naruko.

Ryuu was in a bad mood the whole way to the sweet-shop, while Akoya was almost shining cheerfully. This kind of behavior annoyed Ryuu even more. He was annoyed by everything at the moment: this smile of his, a ribbon in his hair, this hat on his head. Calm on Io’s face didn’t help at all.
Ryuu and Akoya glanced hostile at one another and then turned away from each other with a snort. Io shook his head and all of them walked into the sweet-shop.
“Cherry cakes for both of you?” Io asked, counting the bills. Ryuu glanced at him at first, but then Io added, that he and Akoya should pay him for that later. Ryuu nodded. Of course.
He and Akoya sat at the table near an exit and started to wait for Io. Akoya turned to a window. Ryuu leaned his cheek on his hand and turned to the opposite direction.
“This genius can be such an idiot sometimes.,” he murmured, resentfully looking at Io.
“I can just agree,” Akoya said really quiet, and Ryuu looked at him with a little surprise.
“With an idiot part?” he asked wary. Doesn’t matter what kind of a person Io was, Ryuu couldn’t stand anybody who called him an idiot.
“I prefer genius part,” Akoya said, still quiet. The he turned to Ryuu, “You’re lucky.”
Ryuu glanced at his Studet Council friend without saying anything. It’s not like he was that bad. He was annoying sometimes, he was taking others’ attention from Ryuu, but he wasn’t that bad. At least, a genius like Io couldn’t make a mistake with choosing himself a new friend, right?
He turned to see Io already coming towards them. He waved a hand to him and Akoya grinned and noticed:
“Seems like Zao can’t wait to eat a cake, Naruko-kun. I didn’t know that he is such a sweet tooth.”
Ryuu gave him deliberately annoyed look.
“Look who’s talking, Gero. You will eat twice as much as I will, huh?”
Io sighed and gave them a weak smile. It’d better be start of their friendship, not another one argument.
Because they really had some things in common. And it wasn’t just hair color and attachment to Io Naruko.