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Color Me Surprised

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The colors. The colors fascinate him.

Growing up, Leo has always been a subject of ridicule. From his protruded belly to his too-deep dimples to his dark skin. Kids he grew up around never came up short of things to tease him about. Some he could easily dismiss, some he still carry to adulthood.

The skin tone was one of those he effortlessly dismissed.

So color him surprised when he finds himself a bit discomfited by it now. It does not necessarily bother him like how his weight would, but. Well, nowadays he is just so painfully aware of how dark he is. He doesn’t feel resentment to it, does not feel as though it weighs him down like the idea of being fat does, but he’s preoccupied by it. His eyes cannot leave the shade of his skin, sometimes.

To be specific, his eyes are drawn to his skin whenever it’s next to someone. Someone who is a complete contrast to him — in so many ways than one.

“Wang wang,” he calls out, lying on his belly with his phone clutched in his hand. The heater is on full blast because Lucas easily gets cold, and Lucas’ level of comfort when it comes to warmth always end up being a bit on the side of ‘too warm’ for Leo. So he has his shirt off, lying on his bed merely in his boxers.

As per usual, it takes a good few minutes for the reply to arrive.


Leo rolls his eyes. Knowing Lucas, he’s probably wrapped up in his blanket and indulging himself in one too many anime. There are days when Lucas is restless, itching to explore the outside world and isn’t all that against meeting people.

But there are days like today.

Leo rolls himself out of bed. He releases a small laugh while putting his slippers on — as it usually does at the sight of his name on it. Dragging himself to Lucas’ bedroom, he's met with a well-expected sight.

Lucas is wrapped up in his huge, fluffy blanket. So tightly encumbered is he that only the soft tufts of his hair peek through. And knowing that his habit has been rubbing off on the guy, Leo knows that underneath all those layers of cotton is nothing more than milky skin and bones clad in a single boxer. It might be weird to know this much about another man’s habits, but they have lived together long enough, in his opinion. It’s probably normal.

However, for some unknown reason, he approaches with a bit of hesitance. Something is slowing his steps — a sense of unease that he can’t describe, or understand. Today feels a little different than other days.

“What do you want?” the little tuft of hair says, moving slightly. The room is dark, the soft head illuminated only by the computer screen its faced against. Leo turns on the light, giving a deliberate obnoxious smirk when he's shot with a glare.

“Have you even gone outside once today?” Leo asks, sitting at the edge of the bed.

The glare is still there, now dusted with a hint of betrayal.

“I don’t feel like it. It’s too cold.” Lucas’ reply is muffled by the pillow he has under his chin.

“It’s always too cold or too hot for you.” Leo goads, enjoying the change of emotions on Lucas’ face. He tries to tussle Lucas’ hair, already extending his hand but —

“Go away, I hate you.” A pale shoulder comes out with the hand that lightly beats at Leo’s arm. Leo stops, all motions frozen, forgetting what he was going to do next. Hell, he barely even remembers how to breathe.

Milky pale, it is milk pale.

Lucas’ sheets and blankets are brown, a deep murky color that makes the person inside of it seem strikingly different. Leo’s eyes jump from skin to sheet, skin to sheet. Fully riveted by the contrast.

“ Why are you here anyway?”

The voice shakes him out of his reverie, and he moves his gaze to look at Lucas’ face.

That turns out to be a bad decision, too, because he still can’t remember how to breathe. He watches the face morphs to show concern, no longer laced with any implication of annoyance.

“Ye Ming, are you okay?” one pale hand lands on his arm. Leo could only spare a glance before he has to turn his head away.

One inhale. One exhale. Another inhale.

“Uhh, I. I wanted to see if you want to grab a bite outside, today. I’m too lazy to cook dinner.”

It’s a lie. It’s a huge lie. But outside is good. Outside means other people — other people who would be watching them. Outside means they need to be presentable. Outside means that they need to cover themselves up in layers and layers of clothing.

Outside is good.

He hears the rustle of the blanket, but he keeps his eyes on the floor. Looking up would be a bad idea. Opposite him stands a full sized mirror. If he looks up, he can still see what’s beside him.

“You’re acting weird, Yang Ye Ming.” Lucas softly says, still moving about. “But I guess I could go out. Only for a short time, though. I have another few more episodes to go.”

Leo nods, focusing on his breathing. He silently berates himself, wondering what the fuck is even going on. His heart is beating like crazy in his chest, his throat is filled with cotton. A thud on the wooden floor tells him that Lucas is making a move. Probably in search for something decent to wear.

He finally tilts his head up and his heart catches in his throat.

“I need to sleep earlier today, I think. These bags are no joke.” Lucas mumbles, poking at the skin under his eyes. He is standing in front of the full body mirror, blind to the mess that sits behind him.

Leo curses under his breath. The sight before him making him clench his fist.


What in the bloody fuck. Just how many white clothing does this man have? Is there even anyone above the age of 15 who wears white underwear? Good god!


His mind is reeling with jumbles of words that he neither notice nor understand. His eyes helplessly go over the lines of Lucas’ legs, the slight curve of his hips, the dip between his shoulder blades and the skin of his nape. Soft, smooth skin invade his sight and before he knows it, he is standing. Walking. Heading towards what’s in front of him.

Next thing you know, he’s behind Lucas. Staring into the mirror, too. Their eyes meeting in the reflection.

They are both practically naked, Leo towering a head taller than Lucas. Even when they’re not touching, Leo can see just how different they look. How his dark stand against Lucas’ white.

He becomes curious, suddenly filled with the need to see the difference better.

Leo snakes a hand through the crevice between Lucas’ arm and waist to touch the soft flesh of Lucas’ belly. He has to close his eyes for a moment at the sight, a shudder running from the edges of his fingers to the tips of his toes.

When he opens his eyes, he sees that Lucas’ eyes are still on him. Typical of Lucas, he doesn’t say anything. Does not inquire as to what the fuck Leo is even doing, behaving like he always does when faced with Leo’s advances — with nonchalance and an air of courage. A regular man would jump five feet above the ground to avoid another man’s touch. But not Lucas.

Not his Lucas.

Leo moves forward, letting his chest touch those sharp shoulder blades. Close enough that he could feel the warmth of Lucas’ body, the tickle of his hair against Leo’s collarbones. His other hand finds its way to Lucas’ chest, before it remains still, not doing anything further.

Although his heart is beating a mile per second, although he knows that this could go wrong real fast, Leo doesn't retreat. He just stares back at Lucas, as if daring him to say something about how weird this is getting.

His chest almost caves in the moment he feels Lucas rest his weight against Leo’s front, his chin tilted up as though challenging Leo.

And Leo doesn't remember the last time he backed down from a challenge. Not when the other kids teased him when he tried to lose weight, not when they told him he can’t act, not when he found out that his romantic interest in his first drama was going to be a man.

He refuses to break the pattern. And to be honest, he doesn’t have the urge to.

He moves his hand to caress the soft, supple skin. And he throws caution to the wind and does the thing he has been yearning for some time — he buries his face in the curve of Lucas’ neck and breathes him in. A small groan escapes his lips at the feel of a hand burying into his hair. Lucas’ grip is gentle but firm, directing with confidence.

Lips meet with little to no hesitance.

Leo doesn't waste another second — heading straight for his prize. Delving into the kiss, tongue seeking Lucas’, and he can feel his body rumble at the taste. He can detect the sweetness from the candies Lucas has been eating, but underneath the layers of intoxicating sweetness, is the pure taste of Lucas. Leo grips Lucas’ jaw, intent in devouring the man in his arms.

And he groans when Lucas gives as much as he takes, head tilting to seek more. Finding their position a bit cumbersome, Leo turns Lucas around, smiling when Lucas willingly melts into his embrace. Leo’s mouth automatically seek the soft, plump lips, his teeth teasing a bite or two.

But he gets greedy real fast.

His lips make their move down, down towards the slender neck, down towards the collarbone before settling for Lucas’ neck. He bites down onto it before giving it a hard suck, holding Lucas closer when he not only hear, but feel the moan coming from Lucas. Leo looks down to see his handiwork, cursing softly as he witnesses red blooms over pale skin.

He gives the spot a soothing lick. Guilt clouds his senses for tainting a pure canvas, but raw possessiveness overshadows it real quick. The feral monster inside his head feels assured at the sight of his mark.

Leo couldn't help but take Lucas’ lips into another kiss.

It takes a few moments before they manage to stop, breathing heavily, foreheads resting against each others’. Their eyes are closed, and this near, Leo can feel their rapid heartbeats gradually calming down. Lucas has his hands locked behind Leo’s nape, fiddling with the hair he found there. Leo’s, on the other hand, are still greedy. Still moving meticulously all over Lucas’ body, feeling the softness of Lucas’ skin caress his palms. He chances a look at the mirror, and has to restrain another groan.

The stark contrast in their skin tones is maddening.

He gathers Lucas’ face in his hand, looking into his eyes as if to ask what’s next? And Lucas always understands. They never needed much words to communicate, and they don’t really need it now.

“We need to grab dinner now, or else it’d be too late.”

“Okay.” Leo replies, finally finding his voice. He gives a nod just for emphasis, a sinking feeling making itself known in his chest while he tries to remain collected.

Lucas halts his movement with a hand to Leo’s hair, pulling his head down for a simple kiss.

“Later, okay?”

Leo nods again, giving Lucas a smile. He sees the edges of Lucas’ eyes crinkle in reply.

By the time they’re out, Lucas is yet again in another white sweater. Needless to say, Leo has to make use of multiple hidden corners that night.