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a strange way of saying

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Based on this tidbit, and this couch, and the whole trip to Korea.





Lucas doesn’t have to wait very long before Leo follows him into the next room, locking the door behind him with a satisfying click. The others are downstairs, staff setting up equipment and unloading luggage, but Lucas knows the risk of getting caught is high and he’s willing to pay the price.

Besides, it’s not every day that he gets to see Leo so flabbergasted: standing by the door slack-jawed with want, knowing Lucas has invited him to this room simply so they could have some privacy.

Typically, it’s Leo who initiates these interactions but they’ve been apart for a few days and Lucas has had enough liquor to give himself courage. Not enough to make him drunk, of course, but verge on tipsy, and as a result… he’s more honest than he’d like himself to be.

Lucas turns away, waits as Leo moves steadily across the room to reach for him. His movements are sure and confident; his hands slide underneath Lucas’ shirt to wind around his waist. And then there’s his mouth: wet and hot and pressed behind the shell of Lucas’ ear and Lucas makes an embarrassing noise as Leo's teeth graze the bud of it, as the stubble on his jaw scrapes the soft skin of Lucas’ neck.

Lucas tips his head back, mouth opening in a rough pant. He’s been thinking about this all evening, wanting it as soon as he’d glimpsed Leo on the concourse, with his brilliant smile and his easy laugh, weaving through a sea of people. It’s only been a few days, but he’s missed it, missed this, and it makes him realise what a glutton he is for Leo’s touch. His nipples are stiff under his shirt and Leo palms his way up from the flat of Lucas’ stomach, freeing each button before sliding his hand inside.

His palm, rough with visible calluses, plucks at a stiffening nipple and Lucas moans in spite of himself, rocking back against the erection Leo presses against his ass.

“So you did miss me after all,” Leo whispers, tightening his grip around Lucas’ waist. “Little darling.”

Lucas huffs at being called ‘little’; he’s twenty-four years old and not even a head shorter than Leo. But he supposes that’s how Leo wants to see him: small and innocent, eager and earnest though he’s none of these things and they both know it. Leo had fucked Lucas the first time when they’d both been drunk, too, months ago in Taiwan, a typhoon raging outside.

Lucas still remembers it of course, down to the tiniest detail: how Leo had turned him around to face the wall and pulled his trousers down, grinding into him with little preamble until Lucas had whimpered from the embarrassment of coming too soon; Lucas trembling as he was filled with syrupy hot come; Leo holding him, afterwards, kissing away the ache between his legs.

They hadn’t used protection then, a risky move though they’d been too drunk to care at that time. Leo accosted Lucas again the next morning so he could apologise, and later they fucked again, sweet and slow until Lucas was sore and aching, pajama shirt rucked up to his chest, his ankles hefted over Leo’s shoulders as Leo slowed to a steady, easy grind.

Now here they are again: Leo undoing the button of Lucas’ trousers, rubbing him through his  underwear. Embarrassingly, he’s already hard, his cock wet at the tip and soaking through the soft cotton. They don’t have a lot of time so Leo eases Lucas onto the leather sofa after a rough yank of his trousers, hunkering down on his knees as he unhooks Lucas’ underwear from one slim ankle with ease born of practice.

Lucas flushes as he finally brings himself to look at Leo, his ears prickling from the drag of Leo's hungry gaze from his mouth to his splayed-open thighs.

Naked from the waist down, Lucas raises his knees to his chest so Leo can see where – and here  Lucas closes his eyes, suddenly shy, his face and neck burning hot – he’s already wet and slick with lube. His hole clenches at the thought of being filled with cock, a shiver working electricity up his spine as Leo's breath traces his rim.

Leo hovers close enough to kiss him there but he keeps his palms flat on Lucas’ thighs, pressing him forward and nearly bending him in two.

“Ah, fingered yourself, I see,” Leo chuckles, amused, but there’s a rough scrape to his voice that belies a promise. “Good boy. You’re so wet, so beautiful, look at you.”

Lucas whimpers, clenching his teeth in shame, inching up his hips. Yes, he’s prepped himself, one, two fingers up to the knuckle, in the shower. He did his best not to jerk off, knowing full well Leo would give him an even better reward: his mouth, soothing the tender ache Lucas’ fingers have left. He had the best mouth.

Leo finally relents, pressing his lips to the soft skin of Lucas’ inner thigh before burying his face right where Lucas wants it.

Lucas’ fingernails dig reflexively into the tender skin under his knees as Leo spreads him open  by the pads of his fingers, nose to the hang of his balls, mouth closing over the throbbing clench of Lucas’ hole.

Lucas’ head lolls across the seat, each whine punched out of him with every stab of  Leo's tongue, pitiful and needy. He watches through glassy eyes as Leo lodges a wad of spit at  his hole which drips down the side of Lucas’ thigh and collects on the seat.

Leo laps at him as Lucas trembles, groaning and keeping Lucas’ knees up up over his shoulders,  offering him no relief. He fucks Lucas with his tongue, gives Lucas a tender bite on the inside of his thigh, and sucks a smarting bruise there which he soothes with an almost tender kiss.

Lucas leaks, and Leo eats at him like a feast until his thighs tremble from the strain of holding his knees up to his chest. He’s wet, so wet, that by the time Leo rises up and undoes his belt and  zipper, easing his cock out for fucking, his hole feels lush and giving.

Leo's mouth gleams with spit, sloppy, his chin damp in patches but he licks his lips clean and smiles, all teeth.

“Kiss it,” he says, cock bobbing in his hand, the red and tender flesh beading with pre-come.

Lucas cranes his neck forward without further prompting, licking off the slit, sucking the head tenderly into his mouth. He wants to swallow, to choke around that big cock he’s ridden a dozen times before but he knows now is not the time. Now is the time for fucking, for Leo to remind him whom he belongs to.

Lucas braces himself in his seat, legs lifted in the air, hole fluttering in anticipation as Leo leans  over him, tracing his wet cockhead over Lucas’ trembling thighs, leaving a damp smear across the heated skin.

“I’m ready,” Lucas whispers in the sweetest voice he knows, the voice he knows Leo likes. The voice that Leo said got them into this mess in the first place: the voice of a good little boy who is in desperate need of cock.

Leo smirks, reaching between Lucas’ legs with two fingers extended to breach him without  warning. “Let me see it then, let me check,” he says, and then pushes in. His fingers disappear to the second knuckle and Lucas pants, clenching up, making a whimpering animal sound as Leo starts up a steady rhythm, relentless enough to make Lucas’ eyes water and his cock dribble across his stomach to soak his shirt.

He’s keening in a matter of seconds, his thighs jerking apart as Leo fingers him hard and rough – just the way he knows Lucas likes it, discomfort making the pleasure sweeter. He chases the simmering burn with his hips, canting downwards, cock bobbing with the vigorous movement, panting, his mouth running wet with want.

Leo's free hand is pressed on the back of Lucas’ knee to keep him in place. Lucas’ cock spits out  drops of precome with every pump of Leo's fingers. He fingers him open, spreads him, rubs his  fingers there, in and out, in and out, knowing how to play him, knowing just what he needs.

Leo smirks as he works him open with his fingers, his gaze never leaving Lucas’ hole, fixed to where the sensitive skin stretches around the thick girth of his fingers. It’s lewd, watching them go on, trace his rim and then sink up to the knuckle without resistance, swallowed hungrily by Lucas’ body.

“Leo –” Lucas pants, mad with desperation. “Do it.”

“What was that?”

“Your cock—” Lucas whines, hating now how they always have to play this game.

“Where do you want my cock?” Leo asks, fingers slowing down before pulling out with  a wet pop. Lucas whines at the loss and clenches in protest. “Tell me.”

Lucas reaches between his thighs, down below his balls, and traces the furled opening of his hole. He spreads himself with two fingers before dipping his middle finger in shallowly. He hates this part of the game, that Leo has to hear him say it. “In me,” Lucas sighs, the flush high in his cheeks with shame. “Put it in me.”

Leo groans and grabs his neck to kiss him, a desperate sloppy kiss as he rearranges Lucas on the  seat so he could press the head of his cock to Lucas’ hole. Leo kneads his hole a little with his  thumbs, teasing him before pressing his cock all the way in, making Lucas see stars and whimper into Leo's neck. He’s big, and it always hurts at first no matter how incrementally he’s being fucked, but that doesn’t mean that Lucas wants Leo to stop.

Leo knows how much he needs it, so he fucks him even though Lucas’ eyes spring with tears,  holding him steady through every deep and pounding thrust, swallowing all of his trembling cries. He rubs his hands across Lucas’ sides as Lucas locks his ankles across Leo's lower back, flexing his hips so Lucas can feel the stretch from every angle, a promise of how hard he’s going to be fucked later on. And it’s good, so good he’s going to be sore come morning, unable to sit without squirming.

Ah,” Lucas gasps as Leo picks up his rhythm, each thrust burying him deep, his balls slapping  Lucas’ ass, “Ah, ah—”

Leo controls the pace of their fucking, rocking him forward with so much force Lucas’ toes curl  so hard every time. But Lucas meets him halfway, riding fast to the point of pain, wriggling down on that big fat cock, loving the way it opens him up, his feet bobbing in the air as Leo practically pounds him into the seat, hands curled around his ankles so he can keep him spread wide.

The cushions whinge in protest. Lucas wonders if the people downstairs can hear them, with the way they’re going, it probably isn’t that unlikely. They’ll see Lucas later and know he’s been fucked, they’ll smell it on him, see it in the halting way he walks.

“You’re tight,” Leo pants in his ear, pulling Lucas off his cock without effort before impaling  him again to the root. “No matter how many times I’ve fucked you, you still make sounds like a  virgin.”

Lucas bites his lip, flushing, eyes clenching shut. He hasn’t been a virgin in a very long time; he’s been fucked on his hands and knees, bent over desks and chairs, and Leo knows this, has played an active participant in all of them, his hands and lips branding every inch of Lucas.

Leo grinds into him, pressing him further into the seat, Lucas’ sweat squeaking the leather.

“You’re a pervert,” Lucas says, and blinks his eyes open when he feels the soft press of Leo's  thumb along his bottom lip. “An absolute pervert.”

“You and I both,” Leo grunts in between staggered thrusts, kissing him with a biting ferocity that makes Lucas claw at his back and whine.

Leo shakes the seat with how violent he fucks Lucas. Lucas rides him, crying out in a small voice as he’s stretched, again and again, his thighs spread so wide, his cock so hard it hurt. He can only clutch at Leo’s shoulders like a lifeline as Leo inches Lucas’ shirt up over his chest, the rest of his buttons clattering across the floor as he bares Lucas open, pushing the fabric apart before delving in. He lowers his face to Lucas’ neck and breathes him in, shuddering as he grunts, moving his mouth further south to start sucking at Lucas’ rosy nipples.

They feel raw and puffy and ache from tenderness once Leo has finished with them,  leaving tiny marks in the shape of teeth, biting gently at the little nubs. Tomorrow morning they’ll be a livid pink, sore when Lucas touches them under the covers, but Lucas will relish the mild discomfort, knowing it’s Leo who caused it.

Leo fucks him until he comes, his body seizing up, filling him up to fullness, his thrusts slowing  down to a lazy rhythm as his cock twitches and softens inside Lucas. He keeps their hips  pressed tight against each others’ until Lucas comes, too, with a stuttered moan, rubbing his cock against the taut plane of Leo's belly before slumping down in a boneless heap.

Lucas closes his eyes and moans weakly when Leo pulls out a moment later. He can feel Leo's come dribbling down his inner thigh and opens his eyes in surprise when he feels Leo running his knuckles across Lucas’ cheek.

“Sometimes I have to stop myself from taking a picture of you looking so pretty like this,” Leo says.

Lucas glares at him before smacking him gently on the shoulder to which Leo just laughs.

“You’re an idiot,” Lucas grumbles.

“Yeah but you like it,” Leo teases. He steps away to button himself back up and untuck his shirt.

“Can you walk?” he asks, more softly now. “I’ll carry you if you can’t walk.”

“I can walk myself, thank you.”

In spite of that statement, Leo helps him up anyway, handing him his trousers and sheepishly toeing a button on the floor. “Sorry about the shirt.”

Lucas shrugs. “You can always make it up to me.”

“Yeah,” Leo grins. “I guess you really did miss me, huh? Huh?” He grabs Lucas by the waist and squeezes him in pulses, as Lucas evades every attempt of his to kiss him, knowing where his mouth has been.

“Stupid,” Lucas snorts, knocking Leo gently upside the head. “Of course I missed you. Why do you think I went through all this trouble to visit you? You’re my boyfriend, aren’t you?”

Leo laughs, spots of colour in his cheeks. “Yeah,” he says, ducking his head bashfully. “I guess I am your boyfriend after all.”