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Goretober Deux Prompts

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The weather was hot and blistering as they sailed away from Candy Island, finally having gotten what they wanted. "Maybe Candy Island was really the friends we made along the way," Flapjack remarked, "I couldn't have done it without either of you." Bubby found him endearing. K'nuckles found him obnoxious. As they crawled into her mouth, K'nuckles decided to pry into Flapjack's stash. (He was just that kind of person.)

"What'd ya get, boy?"

"Oh!" He grinned, rolling his shirt up. He had a wound, stitched shut with licorice rope. Picking at the stitches, his belly fell open. Candy fell everywhere, and it spewed hot fudge like deep-colored blood. His abdominal cavity was full of cookies, candies, sweets, chocolates, cupcakes, meringue, macarons, as far as the eye could see. K'nuckles licked his lips, feeling like some kind of sick freak for wanting to eat stuff out of his own shipmate's cadaver.

"That's quite a bit."

"I knoooow!" He grinned, cheeks going pink. Licking a bit of the fudge from his fingers, he began re-securing the wound. A few small things had fallen out beside him, which he was more than happy to share. "But you know what's even sweeter? You!"

"Eugh, stop it, boy."

"You're so sweet, you might gimme diabetes!"

Throwing his arms in the air, the stitches went loose again, a bit of chocolate dribbling from his body.

"Maybe we'd oughtta invest in gettin' you pants with pockets."