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Her Luck

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            Kagome blinked at Aoba. She was sitting in the Tsukishima’s café and she had ordered tea, only to be coolly handled by her aforementioned classmate. Normally, Aoba was friendly, but today she was absolutely frigid.

            She was like Kikyo, only less lethal.

            Suddenly, Aoba’s little sister appeared and sat next to Kagome at the counter.

            “Hi, Kagome!”

            “Hey, Momiji. Do you think I offended Aoba?”

            Momiji smirked. “Have you been talking to Ko lately?”

            Before Kagome could speak, the boy entered the shop.

            Ko’s eyes landed on Kagome. “Hey, are you ready to go?”

            The teacup in Aoba’s hands cracked.