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"E-Eiji..I just wanted to say..that I I-I.." She started.
While she was mustering courage to say something, Eiji was a bit confused. Suddenly, a light bulb appeared above his head, a tinge of pain in his brain.
Suddenly, he placed his hands on her shoulders. Rin, not understanding anything, looked at him with her beet red face, embarrassed while doing so.
"Don't worry, Rin, I already know." He said, eye's closed.
Rin looked him wide-eyed. 'He knew..?' she thought.
" you too!" He said, blushing a light pink color.
Shocked, Rin's mouth gaped open. How did he know?
"Eiji-!" She said, amost in tears. She hugged him tightly. He was her's as she was his.
The Yandere has been unleashed.

This is short as hell. Your welcome! :D