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Being a Teen.

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2 months later
today I'm leaving for a competition in L.A And Mathew is gonna stay home with my mom and Chandler and his mom is coming because well the day after he kissed me he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes I grabbed my suitcase and my dance bag and I put it in the car "Ok Mathew I promise on monday when you wake up i will be here"I say land hug mathew "Bye Mwommy knwock em dwead"He says I smile I kiss his forehead "Alright Ella time to go"My dad says I kiss mathew one more time I walk to the car Chandler and his mom are already there and so is kaylie I hop in the car Chandler and I sit in the front his mom and my dad in the front my dad driving and Kaylie in the middle "You girls got all your costumes dance shoes makeup"My dad says "Yeah dad"We both say in unison "Tabitha is gonna meet us at the airport"I say "Alright"My dad says I lean my head on chandler shoulder and he wraps his arm around my shoulders I look through my instagram its just a bunch of my old friends having fun with out me and I look at my recent post its a selfie of me in my room with chandler wit the caption "Airport time with the greatest Bf I could ever ask for" I turn off my phone and listen to the radio "Have you two talked to Tricia"My dad asks "Yeah I talked to her this morning"I say "What did she say"My dad asks "What time we were leaving I said 8:00 and she said same so were gonna meet at our gate"I say "Alright"My dad says 21 pilots plays on the radio "Dad turn it up"kaylie says the song is Fairly local My dad turns the radio up We get into the downtown area of atlanta "Alright girls what dances do you have to do"My dad says he always quizzes us about this before comps "Losing control,Pour it up,Bitersweet love and Breaking the ice"I say most are lyrical And one is Hip hop "Kaylie"My dad says "Flawless,Werk,Don't stand it and Breaking the ice"She says "Good"My dad says
We pull up to the airport and park I hop out and grab my two suitcases One for regular clothes and the other is Kaylie and I's Makeup and Kaylie has the costume suitcase U grab my dance bag and I put it over my shoulder Chandler grabs his suitcase "You need help"He asks "Im good"I say My dad locks the car and we walk in the airport we check our bags in and we go to security they check our carry on And we walk to our gate I see Tricia "Hey there are The Rice twins!"Tricia says and hugs us "hey tricia"We both say "Hi Chandler"She says "Hi Tricia"He says Our plane is about to board We walk onto the plane and I put my bag up And We get to our seats Chandler is sitting next to me and I get the window seat "You nervous"He asks I shake my head "Ive been doing this my whole life"I say "No about going back home"He asks "Yeah actually but I will be with Tabitha and plus They don't affect me anymore"I say "And they shouldn't"He says I lean my head on his shoulder and I plug in my earbuds I play some of my music The plane takes off and somehow I end up falling asleep
We get to L.A and We get our bags and we walk out of the airport And I see Tabitha's mom's Car she looks at me and gets out "Ella!"She exclaims "Tabby!"I exclaim I run to her and we hug "Oh I missed you!"she says "I missed you to"I say After a while we let go Chandler and Tabitha meet and we drive to the hotel Tonight we are just gonna hang out in downtown L.A the hotel room has 3 bedrooms and me and chandler are gonna share one "Alright well I'm gonna change into something that doesn't make me look disgusting"I say "You look beautiful"Chandler says I chuckle "Thanks"I say I grab some clothes and I walk into the bathroom and change Im wearing black skinny jeans a dark red shirt with lace at the shoulders and black and white converse I put on some winged liner and I put it on my water line I put on some mascara and some concealer And powder I put on some dark purple matte lipstick and I brush out my hair I put on a black leather jacket and I grab my purse and Chandler,Kaylie and I head to downtown L.A we meet Tabitha and we begin to walk around Sometimes going into stores and looking "So one problem abby knows your here"Tabitha says "She doesn't affect me anymore"I say "Good"Tabitha says "Oh Ella Dad signed us up for a master class at the ALDC"Kaylie says "Cool"I say We walk around the park and we just talk We talk about life and dance I notice I see abby And I squeeze Chandler's Hand Tabitha notices and we continue walking with ousting a word we get Ice cream and we continue to walk around"Chandler stop being so quiet and talk"I say He chuckles "Well I have nothing to talk about"He chuckles "Oh come on! Yes you do"Kaylie says I hear my phone ring "Its mom"I say and I answer it "Hi mom"I say "Hi Honey Mathew refuses to go to bed until he talks to you"My mom says "Ok"I say and chuckle "Hw Mwommy"Mathew says "Hi Mathew"I say "Whwn home!"He says he still doesnt know a lot of words "Monday I promise you will see me I promise"I say "Hey mathew homie!"Tabitha says I laugh "I still remember when you taught him that word"Kaylie says "Yeah good times..Maybe you should move back here"Tabitha says "Yeah no"Kaylie says she got bullied too "Ok mathew You need to go to bed because the sooner you go to bed the sooner you will wake up and maybe Mimi Will take you too Kangaroos"I say Thats his favorite place to go "Owk Iws Chwanny Thwere"He says And by Channy he means chandler Mathew has gotten close to chandler and Chandler has helped me since we started dating "Yes he is you wanna talk to him"I say "Ywes!!"Mathew exclaims I hand the phone to chandler "Hey Mathew Buddy"Chandler says I hear muffled talking from the phone "Alright well on Monday you will see Your mommy and me And Maybe if its ok with your mommy we will take you to the park and you can ride your skateboard"Chandler says He chuckles and hands the phone back to me "Mwommy! I go sleep!"He says "Ok Baby boy I love you goodnight"I say The call hangs up and I turn off my phone "how old is mathew now"Tabitha asks "2 about to be 3 in 2 weeks"I say "Has xander tried to talk to you"She asks "No I blocked his number"I say "Good for you! Fuck bros be a..oh wait ugh you two are in love gross Love"tabitha says disgusted I chuckle "Shut up"I say "Alright well dad texted saying we need to head back"Kaylie says "Alright lets go"I say And we walk back 
2 hours later
After 2 hours we say bye to tabitha and we head back When we get back I take off my makeup and I shower I put on some pajamas and I climb into bed with Chandler He wraps his arm around me and I burry my head in his chest "I love you"I say "I love you too"He says I close my eyes and drift off to sleep 

(The next day)

"hold still"I say Kaylie keeps moving while I'm doing her makeup "Well my favorite song is playing!"She exclaims I chuckle And she stays still so I can do her eyeshadow Her first solo is Werk and its pretty light shadow "Kaylie if i mess up! Im gonna slap you in your motherfuckin face!"I exclaim I hear Chandler chuckle I blend it out and I do her eyeliner and I finish her makeup And I begin to do her hair Its just a simple High pony with curls I pull it up in a high pony and make sure its perfect and I curl her hair spray it with hairspray and Im done "Alright now I have to do your hair"She says I do her makeup and hair and she does my hair I sit in the chair I have and she begins to brush out my hair she has to put my hair in a french twist And I do my makeup while she does I'm supposed to be a puppet so I have to paint my face like a puppet and in around 20 minuets we are ready we change into our costumes and put on our dance shoes and our Millennium dance Jackets And we begin to walk down to the lobby  our other team mates with solos "Alright you guys remember faces. Feet don't look at them point them and flat feet when you need to and remember emotion ok"Tricia says We all nod "Bring it in"Tricia says we put our hands in and get ready to get hyped "Who are we!"Tricia says "Millennium!"We all cheer "Who are we!"She cheers "Millennium!"We cheer and we do that a couple more times and we head to the stage "Good luck"Chandler says "thanks"I say "I love you"He says "I love you too"I say I rush to the stage and After a few other people dances its my turn I take off my jacket and give it to kaylie "Knock em dead"She says i nod and I walk on stage and I go into my pose the music starts and I start doing my slow movements I do lots of Acrobatics "Lose control! and take it!"The song blared as I did my turns I stuck my leg straight in the air and I did a side ariel and I landed in a split and I went into a middle split did flat feet and put my torso all the way on the ground and the song ended I got up and I walked off stage I grabbed my jacket from Kaylie and I watched her werk solo she did amazing we walk back to the room they are waiting for us there "Hurry you two have a hour"Tricia says I rush to take off my puppet makeup which means i pretty much have to redo all of my makeup I put on my face makeup and I work on the eyes My next solo is Pour it up and its a hip hop solo and its pretty edgy so I do some dark makeup and dark red lipstick Kaylie does my hair in a high pony tail curl it and i quickly change into my costume I do Kaylie's makeup her next solo is don't stand for it and its a lyrical solo and its pretty dark too so I do some edgy makeup and she changes into her costume and we put on our shoes I put on my hip hop boots and she puts on some jazz shoes and We rush to the stage 

(5 hours later)

Awards finally we did our group dance called break the ice and it was really good "Alright so Our new Miss Teen Starpower dance is....Ella Rice! with Losing control"The M.C annouces I stand up and walk to him I shake his hand and I stand and Look at the audience They put the crown on my head and give my trophy its only like 3 feet tall and they give me a bundle of roses and my sash "Alright now what is your studio name nice and loud"He says "Millennium dance company"I say and everyone cheers "And who choreographed this solo"He asks "Tricia Martin and Kyle Jacobson"I say and the audience cheers "And how long have you been dancing"He asks "Since I was 2 and I'm 15"I say "Wow! Alright now lets see who your runner up is"He says he opens the Envelope and when I see the name I feel like screaming "And Miss Teen Starpower dance runner up is Kaylie Rice!"He exclaims in the mic Kaylie gets up and walks to him and they crown him he asks the studio how long she has been dancing and what studio "Now Are you two sisters"He asks we both nod "Twins"We says we walk back to where we were sitting on stage and I keep my crown on and my flowers next to me "And now The 1st place winner for large group is...Breaking the ice Studio 13!"He exclaims the audience fills with cheers and We all jump up and hug each other we walk to him happily They give us our trophy which Is pretty large "Alright nice and loud studio name"He says "Millennium dance company!"we all exclaim happily

after awards we walk into the lobby and everyone is waiting for us there I run up to chandler and hug him I kiss him on the lips and we all hug and take photos me and Kaylie take one the entire team does and We take separate ones and we walk back to the hotel room I take off my makeup "Alright master class is at 6:30"My dad says "Great"I say I change into a sweatshirt and some nike shorts and I lay on the bed And I sigh I close my eyes and let myself take a nap 

(At the airport headed home)

"Promise next available time you will come to Atlanta"I say "I promise Im gonna miss you"Tabitha says "Im gonna miss you too"I say I hug her one more time "Bye"I say "Bye"She says we walk on the plane and We get to our seats Chandler sits nexts to me and Kaylie sits in the 3rd seat the plane The plane takes off and I fall asleep on chandler's shoulder