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Being a Teen.

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I roll out f bed exhausted and sore from dance yesterday I put on some jeans and My light blue hightops I put On a t-shirt with the words "Miss Teen Dance 2011 Platinum Dance" Yes I won Miss Teen dance I brush out my hair and I flat Iron it and I put on some eyeliner I wing it out and I put on some concealer and Fill in my eyebrows and I just put on some Nude matte lipstick and mascara I grab my backpack and I rush down the stairs I grab my skateboard and helmet and if your wondering my mom takes care of mathew when I'm at school I walk out side and I begin to skate down the side walk I skate across the cross walk and back onto the side walk "Hey Ella!"I hear a familiar guy voice say I turn and I see that chandler is in his car parked next to me "Need a ride"He asks "Im good"I say "Come on Ella we have like 20 minuets till class starts"He says I roll my eyes "Fine"I say I get off my board take off my helmet and I hop in the car ""You look beautiful"He says I slightly smile why is he calling me beautiful "Thanks"I say He pulls into the school and he parks "I'm sorry about Katie I'm trying to tell her to stop and she wont"Chandler says "Chandler its fine I just need your permission to slap a bitch if she says anything else"I say "Is it bad I say yes"He says and chuckles I laugh "Good"I say I get out of the car and so does chandler he walk to the door and he opens The door for me "Thanks"I say We both walk through and web begin to walk to our lockers But I see on mine a bunch of sticky notes I raise a eyebrow and I walk to my locker and I read them My locker is covered in them saying "Whore" Or "Slut" Or "Teen Mom" Its covered in them "Well we had to tell everyone the truth someway"Katie says I feel the tears forming in my eyes "You might want to move again maybe this time into Hell where you belong"She says pulls my hair causing me to fall back dropping my backpack and my phone "Katie! Stop and leave her alone"Chandler says as he helps me off the ground "Why should I she is just another whore who no guy would be caught dead with now tell me where is son's Father"Katie says rudely After that I cant anymore I grab my bag and my board and helmet and I run out the door in tears I put my board down on my sidewalk and I begin to skate home crying as I do I skate into my neighborhood and to my house I open the door and I put my board and bag by the door and I hang up my helmet I immediately fall to the ground in tears "Ella! Honey is that you!"I hear my mom say "Yeah mom its me!"I say my voice cracking from crying
She walks into the foyer where I am "Oh honey whats wrong"She says "I wanna move schools again"I cry "Honey its only your 4th day"She says "Alright how about you go upstairs get into some pajamas and I will make you a nice big bowl of ice cream and You can watch T.v ok I will watch mathew"My mom says I nod "Ok"I say I stand up and I walk upstairs I walk into my room and I take off my makeup which is ruined from crying I put on some nike shorts and a oversize sweatshirt and I walk downstairs I sit on the couch and watch some netflix I decide to watch Unbreakable I turn on the first episode and my mom brings a big bowl of ice cream Its a scoop of vanilla,Chocolate chip cookie dough,Mint chocolate chip and whip cream I quickly go upstairs and grab my laptop and I go back downstairs I FaceTime Call Tabitha "He
y"She says "Hey"I say and I eat another bite of ice cream "Why aren't you at school"Tabitha asks "I can ask the same thing"I say "Well I'm sick so spill"She says "That bitch"I say "Oh"She says she opens her phone and looks on a app and after a while she gasps "What"I say "Check twitter"She says Oh shit! I dropped my phone at school! "I cant My phone is at the school"I say "Just find something to check twitter with!"She says quickly "Mom!"I say she walks into the living room "Yes honey..Oh hi Tabitha"My mom says and waves at tabitha "Hi Mrs,Rice"Tabitha says "I need your phone"I say my mom hands me her phone and I look on twitter "Its in Trending"Tabitha says I look on the trending page and I see a #RIPChatie "What the fuck"I question "So now you have a chance"Tabitha says I take another bite of ice cream "No I don't"I say I hand my mom back her phone and she walks away I hear a knock at the door "What if thats him!"Tabitha exclaims "It isn't him"I say I hear the door open "Ok well if its not him call me back"Tabitha says and hangs up I close my laptop "Yes she is in the living room"My mom says I hear the door close "Hey"I hear chandler say shit! "Hey"I say "You dropped this"He says and hands me back my phone
He sits next to me on the couch "Im sorry"He says "Its fine"I say "Im sorry about Katie I broke up with her"He says "Yeah I heard"I say quietly "Come on just talk to me"Chandler says "Im not mad at you! Ok! Its how I am! Im quiet and Im a bitch! and Im used to bullying! You don't have to defend me! stop acting like you care because I know how this will end!"I say "Your not a bitch you sweet,Your funny your kind and..Im in love with you"Chandler says Did he just say that "You don't mean that"I say quietly "Yes I do. I broke up with Katie because I want you."Chandler says cupping his hand over my cheek and his lips touch mine its soft and gently just a simple kiss "Eww!"I hear mathew say We both pull away quickly I look up to the upstairs hall and I see Mathew standing there in his Pajama's "Well one downside to having a kid is he Ruins the mood"I say quietly "Its cool"Chandler says and chuckles "Mathew mimi is in the kitchen why don't you go see her"I say I get up and i walk up the stairs and I pick him up and I walk down the stairs with him and I put him down and we runs into the kitchen I walk back to the couch and sit down "So that ruined the mood"I say "No it didn't"Chandler says he places his lips on mine again Its still just a simple kiss And we both pull away after a while "Alright what are you watching"Chandler asks "Unbreakable"I say "Well how about we watch my favorite show"He says "Fine we can watch the walking dead"I say I hand him the remote and He turns on the walking dead episode one I grab my bowl of ice cream and put in my lap Chandler puts his arm around my shoulders and I lean my head on his shoulder The episode starts and I eat my ice cream sharing it with Chandler We talk about stuff After a couple hours and we finish season 1 he has to head home "Bye the way I put my number in your phone"He says and winks "Alright bye flirty boy"I say "Bye"He says and smiles I shut the front door and I see him get in his car and drive off "He seems nice"my mom says "Yea"I say "Do you think he will help you with mathew maybe even be a father to him"My mom says I shrug "I don't know"I say I go upstairs and I shower and I put back on my pajama's and I walk down stairs eat some leftovers I make myself al bowl of grapes and i put Mathew to bed and I climb into bed and I call tabitha "Chandler deleted all of his pictures of Katie bitch spill right now!"Tabitha says once she answers "He kissed me thats all"I say and I plop a grape in my mouth "He kissed you!"Tabitha exclaims "Tabby So what Its not like he asked me to be his girlfriend"I say "Well when he does you tell me first!"Tabitha says "Yeah yeah"I say "Well anyways night girl who is dating a celebrity"Tabitha says "Im not dating a celebrity and night"I say the call ends and I close my laptop and I put it on my night Stand I carry the bowl of grapes down stairs and I put it in the fridge and I walk back upstairs lay down on my bed close my eyes and fall asleep