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Being a Teen.

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New school.New start and New Bullies I rolled out of bed at the sound of my alarm Mathew wouldn't go to bed last night so I only got about 4 hours of sleep but it was my first day at my new school I picked out a black shirt Denim Jeggings and A pair of brown combat boots I brushed out my hair and flat ironed it And I do my makeup I just put on some concealer,powder,I fill in my eye brows,I put on some Eyeliner on the top and bottom of my eyes and I put on some mascara and some nudeish gray matte lipstick
I grab my backpack and I rush down the stairs trying not to wake Mathew My son he is only 2 and yes I'm a teen mom Im 15 and I had him when I was 12
"Bye mom!"I say I grab my skateboard and My helmet and I rush out the door I begin to skate down the sidewalk to my new school
I see a car drive by me I ignore it and keep skating Its early and I'm tired but I have to go to school I skate up to the school and i pick up my skate bored and I take off my helmet and I walk inside I walk into the office and a lady looks at me "Hi you must be Ella"She says I nod "Thats me Ella Rice"I say "Alright well Follow me to your locker and then I will take you to your home room"She says sweetly "Thanks"I say I follow her down the hall school already started so everyone was in Class and she showed me my locker i put my skate board in it and I followed her to my homeroom She knocks on the door and opens it I see everyone stare at me
Oh god is this nightmare over yet! "Hello Miss,Wilson this is Ella Rice your new student"The lady says "Oh hello Ella Welcome to our school"Miss,Wilson says sweetly the office lady leaves "Ok before we get your settled why don't you tell us a bit about yourself"Miss Wilson says "Uhh I moved here from California..For Dance and Im 15 And I have a twin sister named Kaylie Thats really all you gotta know about me"I say nervously I hate school I wish I was home with Mathew "Wow a twin sister and California thats a long way"She says I nod "Yup Moved here 2 days ago"I say "Alright well why don't we sit you next to Chandler there is a empty desk next to him..Chandler raise your hand"He says A boy with medium length brown hair raises his hand I sit in the empty desk next to him and I put my book back on the floor under my desk "Alright class turn to page 15 in your math textbook"Miss Wilson says I pull out my textbook and I turn to page 15 and i go through the hell of math class
After class i have Social studies So I go to my locker and I put my math textbook in my locker and Chandler walks up to the locker next to me I'm guessing its his locker and He opens it and he puts some textbooks in and takes them out "You rode your skateboard to school"He asks "Yeah I cant drive yet and if I could I wouldn't be able to I don't have a car"I say "So whats your next class"He asks "Social studies Room 155"I say Looking at my schedule "Oh cool me too here I will show you where it is"He says I close my locker and i follow him to the classroom "So why did you move"He asks Just lie Ella "Oh Im a dancer and my dance teacher moved her studio"I say She did but she didn't. I moved because of bullying about having a kid "Oh cool"He says "Im a actor"He says I know bro My friends used to talk about you all the time "Yeah I know my friend Shelby used to be obsessed with the walking dead"I say he chuckles "Don't worry We don't talk anymore"I say "That sucks"He says "Yeah"I say "Well here we are"He says I read the sign 'Mr,Smith Room 155' "Cool"I say We walk through the door A man sitting at a desk looks up "Oh Hi Chandler and This must be our new student Ella Rice Right?"He asks "Right"I say "Alright well Would you rather sit in the front or back"He asks "Doesn't matter To be honest"I say "Alright well lets have you in the back in that middle desk"He says I walk to the back of the room and I put my bag down
(You get it boring classes yadda yadda yadda)
Finally P.E time and the only Thing I learned today is that Chandler's Girlfriend doesn't like me! Great another bitch! I sit on the grass reading my book It just a hunger games book Im waiting for the bell to ring to leave we had a free P.E and its my last period Finally the bell rings and I Grab my book bag and I walk inside I walk to my locker open it and I grab my skate board and I walk out the doors I put on my helmet and I begin to skate down the sidewalk Sometimes doing a trick as I go "Hey"I heard a familiar voice say I look to the side and Chandler is driving on the road next to me "Need a ride"He asks "My momma told me not to take rides from stranger"i say jokingly "Well Technically I'm not a stranger"He says I roll my eyes "I will be fine"I say "Well its about to rain"He says I roll my eyes "Fine"I say I get off my board pick it up and get in the car "Alright all you gotta do now is give me directions"He says "Alright easy enough"I say He begins to drive "Take a right"I say he does My house wasn't that far away "Your girlfriend seems nice"I say breaking the awkward silence "Yeah sometimes she is"He says I laugh "Take a left"I say He does and he comes up on my neighborhood "Right there"I say pointing to the sign He drives in the neighborhood And I point to my house And he pulls up Just then The front door opened and My twin sister Kaylie stepped out holding Mathew "That must be your twin sister"He says "Yeah"I say "That your brother"He asks oh shit! "No..He is actually my son"I say Chandler doesn't look like he would bully me for it but maybe he wont talk to me anymore "Bye thanks for the ride"I say and I get out of the car "Bye"He says I grab my board and my helmet and I walk up the drive way "How was your first day"Kaylie Asks "Its school its hell no matter what"i say sourly I walk inside and she follows I she chandler pull out of the drive way and drive away Mathew runs to me and hugs me
"Hwy Mwommy"He says still learning to talk "Hey Mathew"I say I pick him up and I walk upstairs with him I walk into my room "You wanna stay in here while mommy does homework"I ask "Yeah!"He exclaims He has his dads hair but my eyes You may wonder wheres the dad well here is the story..I had mathew and he stopped talking to me He never came over he never talked to me until i finally got the urge to go to his house I knocked on the door and he answer "Hey Xander"I said "Hey"He said "I was wondering if you would come over and help me with Mathew"I asked nicely "Why would I help a whore"He said bitterly and rudely I was shocked at what he said he got me pregnant! I didn't want this! I wasn't ready to be a mom! "Xander why would you you told me you would be there for me you weren't even there when I went through 10 hours of labor!"I screamed at him "Because I didn't want to be there I told you to get a abortion! why did you!"he screamed "Why would I kill a child! You didn't rape me! I wasn't forced to do it with you!"I screamed
He just shut the door and i ran home in tears I loved him! and he left me But I didn't want to think about that anymore i pull out my binder and Began to do my homework I looked at my notifications on my phone and I saw that Chandler requested to follow me on instagram I accepted it and I went through my photo's Most of it was just selfies selfies with my friends with Kaylie some with Mathew Then I got a notifications from snapchat it was that Katie hart Chandler's Girlfriend added me as a friend My story was just of me and Kaylie at comb class yesterday and Me talking about Mathew not going to bed Shit! Then she would know i have a kid! Im not ashamed of it i just hate to be bullied again! I finished my homework and I went downstairs for dinner It was pasta and corn I got mathew in his seat and I sat down and begin to eat "How was school Ella"My dad asks "Good"I say "Who was that boy who drove you"kaylie asks "A friend I was skating and he offered me a ride so I took it"I say
"Whats his name"My mom ask "Chandler"I say "What like Chandler Riggs"Kaylie jokes "Actually yeah"I say "Wow Shelby would of had a heart attack"Kaylie says "Yeah I know"I say "Oh you girls have dance tomorrow and Kaylie you have tutoring"My dad says Kaylie is homeschooled since normal school isn't her thing it isn't mine either but since i had Mathew My dad doesn't care what I want anymore I finish eating and I rinse off my plate and I carry mathew upstairs and I give him a bath and He gets dressed in pajama's I take off my makeup and I shower quickly and I get mathew in bed and I climb in bed and Fall asleep