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Bright lights accompanied the familiar hum of an engine, just like every other Saturday night. Kei leaned back in his chair to watch a familiar figure speed by, path illuminated with only a weak headlight. He shifted around, allowing him to keep his eye on the rider for just a moment longer. It had become somewhat of a tradition for him; although he hadn’t had a real conversation with Kai in years, he always paused to watch the boy drive by. He wouldn’t say it was out of worry, but purely out of habit, and the cacophonous distraction of such noise and light. He looked wearily back at his books, returning to his studies. When Kai drove past his house again, he’d call it a night, just like always.

It was late; although there was no school to worry about the next day, he considered going to sleep. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he was ill at ease without seeing Kai drive by. Pushing that thought away he stood up from his desk and stretched, letting out an audible yawn. Casting another glance out the window, he hesitantly reached for the lamp cord, giving a sharp tug and plunging his room into darkness. Sliding into bed, he couldn’t stop the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Kei wondered how long he’d been staring at the ceiling. There wasn’t much to look at, considering the room was pitch black. Just fall asleep already, he told himself. Suddenly a stream of light flooded through his window, once again accompanied by the growl of an engine. Kei craned his neck to catch the view of Kai’s back as he sped away, then let his head fall back to his pillow. The feeling from before suddenly subsided, finally leaving Kei to submit to his drowsiness and rest.