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An Overview of the Foods of the Redwall Abbey Universe

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-Baked apples with honey and chopped hazelnuts, with meadowcream and rosehip sauce

-Baked apples stuffed with candied chestnuts, with meadowcream

-Candied apples or apples crystallized in honey or honey and maple

-Apple baked in honey with yellow kingcup cream

-Roast apple filled with berries, nuts, and honey

-Toffee apple



-Berry and barley


-Hazelnut and apple with arrowroot sauce

-Barley meal with honey and hazelnuts


Berries preserved in honey


Almond biscuits or shortbread


Arrowroot and almond biscuits


Rye bread stuffed with honey, chopped hazelnuts, cooked apple, and blackberries


Treetop broth: maple tips, acorns, beechnuts, green apples, and horse chestnuts


Cake: (with cherry conserve, meadowcream, honey, redcurrants, marchpane figures, or wild cherry and almond slices)

-Almond cake with candied lilac buds

-Asperimends: wild plum, oat, honey, apple, and flour

-Beechnut cake preserved in honey

-Candied chestnut

-Cherry with candied nuts

-Flatcake with nuts and berries

-Fourseason plumcake

-Traveling fruit and honey cake

-Great Hall: arrowroot and pollen flour, chopped chestnuts and honeyed damsons, sugared violets and raspberries, flaked beechnuts, dried plums, rosehip syrup, wild buttercup cream, blackberry cream, almond paste, milk, and young crystallized maple leaves


-Honeyed plumcake

-Iced cake with wild cherries

-MacPhearsome: damson cream, stiff comb honey, arrowroot shortbread, and glazed maple shoots


-Mixed fruit

-Orchard fruit cake with buttercup cream center

-Plumcake with honey

-Plum and almond cake made with cider

-Plum and damson with meadowcream

-Woodland plum and spice with pink icing

-Redcurrantwall Abbot Alf: cream, candied peel, nuts, wild plums, and redcurrant jelly

-Sweet seed and barley with mint icing

-South Wall: fruit, honey, and meadowcream

-Sugared plumcake

-Surprise: flour, hazelnut, chestnut, almond, beechnut, milk, elderberry wine, dried apple rings, dried plum, cream, and marchpane, with flaked almonds, candied angelica leaves, and preserved damsons

-Wild cherry and almond

-Willowcake with greengage jam


Candied fruit and nuts:


-Apple rings


-Damson pieces





Roast chestnut with cornflower honey or cream


Baked sweet chestnuts


Horse chestnuts baked in cider



-With powdered nutmeg





-Meadowcream (with whipped honey!)




-Summercream dip



-Whipped strawberry


Crepes with honey and chopped berries



-Acorn and rhubarb


-Apple and blackberry with sweet arrowroot sauce or meadowcream

-Apple and blackcurrant with arrowroot sauce

-Apple and greengage, pear, rhubarb, strawberry, quince, or wild plum

-Apple, blackberry, and plum with greensap and maple sauce


-Blackcurrant and plum with maple sauce

-Celery and apple

-Damson with arrowroot and redcurrant sauce or cream

-Damson and pear

-Gooseberry with meadowcream or nutmeg cream

-Gooseberry and rhubarb

-Hazelnut or hazelnut and wild plum juice

-Honey rhubarb

-Preserved plum



-Rhubarb and blackberry with sweet arrowroot sauce

-Rhubarb and maple or strawberry


Acorn crunch


Arrowroot curd with strawberries


Curds with honey and roasted almonds



-Sweet-meadow custard with honeyglazed pears


-Roseleaf and cowslip


Honey and nut dip



-Allfruit duff in vanilla and almond sauce

-Plum duff in sweet arrowroot sauce

-Plum and chestnut duff in cream and beechnut sauce




-Apple and plum

-Honeysuckle sauce and acorn




-Apple and blackberry or blackcurrant

-Apple and raspberry with meadowcream and mint leaves


-Chestnut and blackberry (“chessberry”)

-Damson with whiterose cream, candied mint leaves, or nuts

-Damson and hazelnut


-Pear with damson glaze

-Pear and chestnut

-Strawberry, plum, and damson in redcurrant jelly on a shortcake base


-Strawberry and pear

-Sweet chestnut

-Whortleberry and chestnut

-Wild cherry


Fried fruit flapjacks (say that three times fast)


Buttercup fondant


Friar’s Special: bread filled with damsons and crushed almonds cooked in honey and aged cider



-Apple in honey




Fried fruit salad


Fruitcake: (can be shaped into a bell)

-October Ale, flour, honey, plums, damsons, hazelnuts, chestnuts, and blackberries, served with candied chestnuts, maple glaze, maplecream, marchpane topping, or sugared maple leaves

-Heavy fruitcake with cheese or honey crystals

-Preserved plum and damson


Gatehouse Gateau


Pear gateau


Gooseberries and cream


Gorseflower honey


Hunnymoles: pastry spread with honey, a strawberry and a raspberry, rolled up, coated in honey and damson juice, and baked


Jams and jellies:

-Damson jam

-Plum jam

-Elderberry jelly

-Raspberry jelly


Redcurrant jelly with flaked almond and chestnut and yellow meadowcream



-Hazelnut cream


-Sweet Owl: candied chestnuts, meadowcream, and strawberries


Blackberry muffins soaked in honey


Woodland nutcrunch


Oatcake: oats, salt, milk, honeycomb, dried fruit, and hazelnuts


Oatmeal with honey, fresh fruit, apple, beechnut flakes, or whortleberries


Baked honeyed oatmeal with chestnuts or hazelnuts, covered with candied apple and pear flakes


Panbread with preserved fruit, honey, nuts, and fresh berries


Pancakes: (with honey, pears, or raspberries)

-Cornmeal pancake with honey, chestnuts, and hazelnuts baked into it


-Chestnut flour

-Milk, hazelnut, and almond flour

-Redcurrant with apple slices or hazelnut cream sauce

-Wheatflour with honey


Roast parsnip with gorseflower honey


Wild cherry and rhubarb pastie


Coltsfoot pastille


Cornmeal and chestnut pastry filled with preserved fruit and nuts, baked, and served with sweet arrowroot sauce


Pears in custard with wild cherries



-Apple with fresh cream or meadowcream (latticed top optional)

-Apple and blackberry, damson, raspberry, or redcurrant

-Apple and cinnamon with fresh cream

-Berry with cornflower custard






-Damson and honey

-Damson cream

-Damson preserve

-Elderberry with yellow summercream

-Fruit with cream


-Hazelnut cream

-Honey and blackberry



-Preserved plum and apple with maple frosting


-Quince and elderberry

-Redwall: wild cherry and glazed plum gateau with elderflower cream

-Shrimpberry: dried shrimp, blackcurrants, hotroot pepper, pears, and radishes (NOTE: DO NOT EAT)

-Spiced apple and damson


-Wild cherry and meadowcream

-Wild grape woodland with quince and hazelnut sauce


Chestnut and apple plait


Porridge: (with cut fruit, honey, and berries)

-Oat and barley with fruit, nuts, and honey

-Oat, chestnut, and honey

-Sweet wild oat, fruit, and nut, boiled in honey and rhubarb juice



-Apple and blackberry





Pudding: (with honey sauce)

-Apple with honey, meadowcream, and arrowroot sauce

-Apple and blackberry

-Apple and cream

-Apple sponge with custard

-Arrowroot cream

-Bell tower


-Blackberry jam roly poly with meadowcream

-Blackcurrant pudding in peach-covered cream of whisked beechnut and strawberry with sugar-preserved maple sprig


-Blueberry and pear

-Cherry and damson with yellow meadowcream

-Damson with meadowcream or candied chestnuts

-Damson and gooseberry with meadowcream

-Damson and greengage or plum

-Fruit pudding with meadowcream

-Hazelnut pudding with honey

-Hazelnut and elderberry

-Honeyed plum


-Mixed fruit and honey with candied chestnuts



-Pear and peach or plum

-Pearl Queen: apples, plums, berries, nuts

-Plum with creamy almond sauce or meadowcream

-Plum and apple or maple

-Preserved plum and apple with sweet chestnut sauce

-Raspberry cream

-Snowcream and damsons

-Spiced apple



-Sweet arrowroot with blackberry sauce

-Whortleberry with sweet arrowroot sauce

-Whortleberry sponge with cream and crumble topping

-Wild plum and apple


-Woodland summercream: redcurrant jelly, sweet chestnut pastry, yellow primrose cream, blackberries, almond wafers coated in honeycream, applecream, and hazelnut pastry glazed with honey

-Blackberry jam roly poly

-Nut and honey roly poly

-Strawberry roly poly


Chestnut and acorn roll stuffed with dried plums and apple


Fruit roll


Baked river roll (sweet flour and candied fruit) with hot maple syrup


Fruit salad (with honey or meadowcream): apple, strawberry, plum, and pear


Summerfruit salad


Honey sandwich


Seedcake or raspberry seedcake


Shortbread or nut shortbread


Arrowroot shortcake with summer fruits, stiff comb honey, and puree of apple and raspberry


Strawberry shortcake


Damson shortcrust with cream



-Thick sweet sauce with a wild plum, damson, blackberry, chopped chestnut and spongy pastry dumpling

-Barley flour and preserved damson pudding in damson juice and honey sauce

-Raisin duff




-Almond and chestnut with redcurrant preserve

-Apple and celery

-Arrowroot and almond

-Beech and hazel: shortbread biscuit covered in sliced nuts and plum preserve

-Crusty plum

-Fruit with hazelnuts

-Plum with blackcurrant sauce




-Blackberry in arrowroot sauce

-Candied fruit


Strawberries with cream or meadowcream


Apple, rhubarb, and gooseberry surprise


Strawberry Surprise: dried apple, preserved plums, and fruitcake (the surprise is that there aren’t any strawberries)


Strawberry syllabub




-Apple with buttercup cream (latticed top optional)

-Apple and blackberry tart (latticed top optional)


-Bilberry with buttercup cream

-Blackberry with meadowcream

-Blackberry and apple or pear


-Blueberry with meadowcream



-Dried apple and preserved plum


-Fruit (latticed top optional)


-Honeynut with arrowroot sauce


-Pear with meadowcream (latticed top optional)

-Pear and redberry or redcurrant

-Plum or plum and greengage


-Redcurrant with buttercup cream or meadowcream (latticed top optional)

-Redcurrant, apple, and blackberry


-Strawberry or strawberry cream: strawberries in shortcrust pastry with whipped meadowcream



Throppletwist: dough of chestnut flour, dried berries, and hazelnuts, rolled out and coiled, then baked


Trifle: (with honeycream)

-Abbey Trifle

-Candied chestnut

-Four Seasons Forest: with pink rosettes and green leaf shapes in mint cream, and twirly bits in yellow buttercream

-Fresh fruit and cream


-Maple and mint cream

-Meadowcream with almond icing

-Redcurrant with flake almonds and meadowcream and a candied strawberry on top

-Redwall Jubilee: pears, damsons, cream, and hazelnut truffle


-Strawberry with plums, raspberries, flaked almonds and hazelnuts, elderberry wine, blackberry jelly, honeysponge slices, sweet arrowroot custard, and clotted meadowcream


-Woodland with cream, meadowcream, or yellow meadowcream

-Woodland fruit with flaked almonds and meadowcream


Hazelnut truffle



-Apple with maple syrup

-Apple and blackberry or pear or raspberry

-Blueberry and almond

-Candied fruit

-Hazelnut or hazelnut and honey

-Mixed fruit with meadowcream


-Pear and chestnut

-Raspberry cream

-Strawberry and redcurrant

-Strawberry jam



-Almond with raspberry sauce


-Maple and buttercup

-Mint or mintcream


Apple turnover spread with meadowcream, topped with blackberry tarts, honey, and a slice of hazelnut and pear flan


Cooked roots and tubers with salt, sugar, honey, or milk


Latticed pastry with mintcream and candied chestnuts over plums


Pulped berries and honey with spices (eaten with ryeflour pancakes)


Shrewbread soaked in honey and covered with dried apples, pears, hazelnuts, blackcurrants, strawberries, and raspberries, then baked


Oatmeal with honey, flakes of almond, chestnut, and hazelnut, crystallized apple, pear, and autumn berries