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In Memorium

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He was old, the monstrous sized, grey skinned, blue-veined drake that the silver rider had named Murasame. He had been old when the Crescant Moon people had captured him, stolen him from his home world to be enslaved in another. The legends of Igraine said that he was reincarnated, but in truth it was only his soul that was, forcefully-bound to the next rider by the Trigger Contract and the woman who was the constant bane of his existence, Quory. When the rider died, slain by either himself or his rage against the chains that bound him to their whim and control, or the Dread, monsters created from the collective subconscious of the fears of this world’s populace over the past five hundred years. In those five hundred years, he hated the riders and what they represented, wanted to destroy them and the Commissioners.
Now, before the once-drake, once drake rider, once ally monster that desired to rule their world, the blinding engulfing beam of light coming at him and both his own riders, the ones who had allowed him to eat them and bond through Union and accepting his rage… He throws them off his back, with a different purpose than to eat them like he had done to so many riders before. The great drake rears up, taking the full brunt of the attack that would certainly have vaporized both unarmored humans that claimed him not as a mount, but as a friend. They win the battle, armor, heart, and soul bound tight in his desire to defend his riders for once. Aran, with his silver hair, tells him to “Go, go on home, partner.” While the other rider who was the second to last survivor of the Alagarinan Clan, a drakerider training cult that had been formed over the last half century in the war against the Dread is silent. She nods at him, thanking him for his help in protecting their world, her brown eyes glittering faintly like her brown hair in the orbs of white-purple pulsing light that surrounded them that were the remnants of his soul.

The single orb that was Murasame core, the main part of his soul circles around the two once before fading between them both, returning to the world where he belonged, finally free.