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I'll Make You Better

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            Acchan groaned as he stared out the window. Huge flurries of snow were falling down from the sky and he couldn’t even enjoy any of it. He grabbed a tissue from out of the box that rested on the bed beside him and blew his stuffy nose into it. His entire body was burning up as he laid in bed, his eyes focused on the ceiling above him. His body lifted up off of the bed slightly as a racking cough emanated from his throat.

            It had all started sometime before winter break. He had huge plans in store for the break, many of them including playing in the snow with his little sister and even spending some time with Sakamoto. Doing things that boyfriends typically did with one another, like spending time together and making out—

            Acchan groaned as he rolled onto his side; his face was heating up, but he couldn’t tell if that was from his thoughts or his cold.

            Unfortunately all those plans that he had with Sakamoto were thrown out of the window when his mother announced the first day of break that she had needed to leave to attend to their ill grandmother and that he was to watch over the house and his little sister and that she didn’t know when she’d be back. And then, well his cold became a thing.

            He quickly sat up in bed as another coughing fit racked through his body. He groaned as he laid back down, he felt as if that cough had just pulled his lungs right out of his body.

            There was a soft knock on his door, before it swung open. His 6-year-old sister, Saya, walked into the room, swaddled in her rabbit kigurumi. “Onii-chan! There was a handsome guy at our door who said he knew you!”

            “What!” Acchan sat up in bed, alarmed that his little sister had opened the door to a stranger. Something bad could have happened to her. “Saya, you know what mom says about opening the door by yourself. Is that guy still here?”

            Saya nodded, before blurting out. “I already let him in.”

            Acchan’s eyes were bulging in his head as his little sister giggled and ran out of his room. “Saya!” He called after her before collapsing back onto his bed.

            “I was wondering why you hadn’t met up with me since break began.” Acchan turned his head towards the door to see Sakamoto standing at it.

            “Ugh, I’m sorry about that.” Acchan groaned as he grabbed another tissue from the box.

            Sakamoto didn’t say a single word as he walked over to the bed and leaned down, pressing his forehead against Acchan’s. Acchan’s face heated up as Sakamoto stared into his eyes. “You have a rather high fever. It’s said in Japanese superstition that the best way to ride someone of their cold is to take it away from them.”

            Sakamoto pushed up his glasses as he moved his face away from Acchan. “To take away your cold I shall douse myself in cold water.”

            Acchan thought Sakamoto was kidding as he said this. His boyfriend did at times say some pretty interesting things that he had to admit often confused him or down right seemed strange to him. It wasn’t until Sakamoto produced a bucket of water from out of the thin air that he realized his boyfriend wasn’t joking. “Ah, wait! Sakamoto!” Acchan cried out as Sakamoto dumped the bucket of water all over his head.

            With deadpan seriousness Sakamoto stared at Acchan and with open arms said, “I’m ready to receive your cold.”


            Acchan smiled to himself as he sniffled. He pointed the blow-dryer in his hand at Sakamoto’s hair as he ruffled through it with his other hand. He shut the blow-dryer off. “Okay, you’re all done.” Sakamoto’s school uniform was drying off in the bathroom. Acchan wondered if Sakamoto ever wore anything beside it, but he didn’t ask. He had given Sakamoto a loose t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants to wear. As Sakamoto stood up, Acchan had to quickly look away from him. He could feel the blood rushing to his head as thoughts of Sakamoto looking incredibly appealing in his own clothes started rushing into his head.

            “I’ll make you some soup for your cold.” Sakamoto was out of the room, before Acchan even blinked. Acchan feeling as if his cold had worsened in the past hour, fell back onto his bed and sighed as he closed his eyes. He didn’t even realize he had fallen asleep until Sakamoto was nudging his shoulder. A tray was on the ground with a bowl of hot soup on its surface.

            Acchan gratefully accepted the hot bowl of miso soup and drank it down, not realizing how hungry he was until he took a sip and complimented Sakamoto’s cooking skills as they made light conversation. The soup was gone within less than half an hour.

            Acchan placed his hand on the back of Sakamoto’s neck, pulling the dark haired teen closer to him until their foreheads were touching. “Thank you.” Acchan smiled, before the embarrassment got to him; he turned his face away from Sakamoto and coughed dryly into his fist. He swore his face felt like he was burning up when he felt Sakamoto’s hand slide up the back of his neck. It was like a cool relief against his slightly fevered skin; lips soon pressed against lips and Acchan swore that his heart exploded in his chest.

            “I hope that when I’m sick you’ll return the favor.” Acchan was dying as he buried his head in his hands. Saya came in a few minutes later and asked Sakamoto why her onii-chan’s face was so red. Neither of them had the heart to ruin her innocence.

            Almost a week later Acchan found himself sitting on Sakamoto’s bed. The dark haired teen had caught his cold and now Acchan was the one taking care of the person he loved.