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hold on (let go)

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           Even from behind his eyes feel like a knife in the skin. Wishing he could cover his face, Kuro sinks his teeth hard into his bottom lip, staring down at himself. The pressure in his abdomen hurts more with each passing second, and he wishes he could close the gap between his thighs.


           Ura hums. "I wonder," he muses lowly, rubbing a hand over Kuro's lower belly, "how long you can hold it?"


           Kuro whines and shifts, pulling at the ties around his wrists. They tighten further, his fingers tingling with onset numbness. "Please," he says, trembling all over. "I need to-"


           Ura's fingers push into Kuro's stomach, making him jump and clench. "No," Ura says. "I want you to hold it." The jut of Ura's chin digs into Kuro's shoulder, and Kuro feels the sharp, pointing pierce of his gaze. He doesn't want to look back.


           "Or," Ura says, the lilt of a smile coloring his voice, "you can let go right here." Kuro squeezes his eyes shut, a shiver shooting up his spine and birthing goosebumps at his hairline and down the back of his neck. The firm press of Ura's fingers on his stomach becomes more flat, his whole hand an almost unbearable weight. "Go on. Piss yourself. "Give me a reason to tell everyone how pathetic you are."


           Legs twitching, Kuro swears. He can't stop himself from obeying. Relief and shame hit him at the same time as his pants grow darker all the way down to his ankles.


           "You really are disgusting, aren't you?" Ura laughs. Teeth bite into Kuro's ear and tears slip hot from his eyes, a sob breaking free from his chest. Ura pulls his mouth away and clicks his tongue. "I'd cry too if i were as disgusting as you."


           A hand at Kuro's shoulder makes him fall forward onto his side. His face is warm and wet just like the rest of him, and it's only now that he realizes he'd been sweating way before he was encouraged to piss himself in front of Ura.


           "Though," Ura says with a tilt to his head. His fingers trace down the path of Kuro's split tears. "I guess you look good when you cry." His lips form into another smile, and Kuro feels the direct slice of his eyes for the first time since he was tied up. Ura's hand travels over his throat and down the front of his shirt. "Let's see what else makes you cry."