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The Way To Earth

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“Yeah, I do, I just want to actually do something good for the universe, like go take care of Earth.”
“Well, if you really want to, you can go without me! I don’t really think I mean that much to you that you can’t do anything without me.”
“I- I just- I…. I don’t want to leave you, okay?! We’ve been a team for so long, I don’t want to be farther away than 50 miles from you, let alone 5,824,723,289!”
“Well, if I really mean that much to you, you would stay for another two years, at least, so we could get at least A degree! You of all people know how much it means to me!”

Two Years Later
“Boarding passes ready, please, as we prepare to depart for Earth: A Gift Shop. Repeat: Prepare your boarding passes for Earth: A Gift Shop.”
I looked over at Andreas. “You ready?” I asked.
“Shore thing. I’ve been ready for years, Maria!” I think he said jokingly, but I wasn’t sure.
I had made him wait way too long to go to Earth to get a job, which was kinda selfish of me, but In my opinion, it was worth it to see our parent’s smiling faces on our graduation day. I remember it like it was yesterday...which it was, but that doesn’t really matter. As we hand the ticketmaster our boarding passes, a lump rises in my throat. Andreas and I may never see our families again, depending on how much vacation time we get. The 3-day journey from New Earth and Earth: A Gift Shop is pretty long, considering that it only takes you a maximum of 5 days on a speeder-plane to get around the entire New Earth. One thing’s for sure- Andreas and I’s lives will never be the same again...