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The Twin Moons

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Max Caulfield

Prescott Dormitory - Room 219

October 13th, 2013 7:43 AM

Max wakes up in her bed in the complete darkness of her room, stirring herself from her deep slumber. She rolls towards the edge of the bed, reaching towards the nightstand. Her hand pats clumsily for a few tries until she successfully finds her phone. She pulls the phone towards her, illuminating her puffy, fatigued eyes.

It is 7:43 AM. Max’s eyes continue to zone into the blinding backlight of the phone. Her eyes were still swollen from all the crying she did in the previous night.

Chloe…I'm so sorry. I couldn't protect you.

Max continues to struggle to digest everything that has happened in the past week. Chloe’s funeral was only two days ago. All the events that led up to her funeral were a blur to her. Just like with all the other photo hopping she did, with all those moments: preventing Kate’s suicide, breaking into Blackwell’s pool, and finding Rachel’s body, never actually happened.

The only thing that undoubtedly did happen was Chloe’s death. Nathan shot her, and Max cowered in the corner of the restroom, completely powerless. Along with that moment, a part of Max died as well.

It should have been a blessing for Max to be able to spend a week with her best friend. For the two Arcadia Bay pirates to have one last final adventure together. To search for Rachel Amber. Sometimes in life, you don’t even get that first chance. Don’t even get the chance to correct your mistakes, and mend broken relationships.

The phone backlight shuts off, as her face returns back to darkness. She still has that photo of the blue butterfly in the restroom. With just one photo hop, she could make everything right again...But then, the town will be destroyed by the tornado.

Max couldn't stop thinking about what Chloe’s mind was going through right before her death. With the broken relationship with her parents. Her very good friend Rachel, that she loved, went missing for months. And her awful best friend that left her when she needed her the most, but never wrote or texted for five years. Max hates herself for this. Why couldn’t she have been there for her? If only she was there, perhaps maybe...Chloe’s soul would be more at ease. To know that she was never alone. That someone in this world loved and cared about her. Even if it is just one person.

Chloe’s final words continue to haunt Max’s mind.

“Wherever I end up after whatever reality...all those moments between us were real, and they’ll always be ours.”

Max’s eyes begin to tear up when those words echo repeatedly in her fragile mind. An indescribable anger boils deep inside Max. She despises herself for having this power. In the future, what if something similar happens again? She will continue to be powerless again to do anything. And again, she will always feel empty. Forever.

The phone vibrates, breaking the silence of the room, creating a gentle soft light onto the ceiling. Max scoots closer the edge and squints towards the phone. It is a text message from Mom.

Mom: Max, your father and I are on the way. I know this is early, hopefully my text doesn't wake you up. (7:46 AM)

Mom: Google Maps says it is going to take about 7 hours. We will probably be there close to 3PM. Sleep in, honey. We will be there soon! (7:46 AM)

Max’s parents couldn't make it to Chloe’s funeral. So instead, they’re driving from Seattle today to spend a full week with her, as well as pay their respect to Chloe. The last few days, they sensed the intense sorrow in their daughter's tone in the phone calls they had. They both took work off to come down and comfort her. They even insisted for her to take a week off school and stay in the hotel with them.

That is probably not a bad idea. Yesterday, Max took a stroll back to that dreaded bathroom near the entrance of the school. Almost instantly her body became paralyzed in fear and she froze in place. That door will forever be a constant reminder of her inability to save her best friend.

Max blinks her eyes, as a few drops of tear flows smoothly down her face. She leans forward again to grab the phone to reply to her Mom.

Max: Thanks. Can’t wait to see both you and Dad. I’m going to go back to sleep. (7:48 AM)

She returns the phone back to the nightstand and collapses back to her bed. There are no follow-up text messages from her mother. She probably didn't want to disturb her anymore. Despite the teary face, Max starts to grow very sleepy and passes out.

A faint whisper echoes into Max’s ear. Sudden chill expands slowly throughout her body. She tenses up in pure dread and fear.

Who was that voice? The voice sounded like a ghost, but it isn't anyone that Max could easily recognize. Could possibly just be her dream seeping into the cold reality for a brief moment.

Her phone begins vibrating, shaking the nightstand. Slowly gathering her limited courage within her body, she rolls over to the edge of the bed to pick it up. It's 12:36 PM and her mother is calling. They must be getting close now. Max swipes the phone, bringing it up to her ear.

“Hey Mom." Relieved her Mom is calling after that eerie moment. “How far are you guys?” There is a brief silence on the other end of the line. Her mom always goofs up with putting on her blue-tooth headset or accidentally butt-dialing her several times in the past. In a slightly more irritated tone, “Hey Mom, are you there?”

“Max, it is nice to finally hear you today. I hope you had some good sleep. We’re supposed to be there in three hours. But we are running late.” The young brunette smiles, just alone hearing her mother's voice relaxes her nerves. They will both be here soon!

She pauses for a little bit, slowly letting in the thought of her parents arriving later today, warms her tense body. “No problem. Tell Dad to drive safe.”

Her mom pulls away from the phone to relay her wish to her father. There is a brief pause with incomprehensible muttering, that is followed by her dad’s signature chuckle.

Max giggles, almost shedding some tears of joy. Just hearing their voices brings so much happiness to her. And just wait until they actually come. “I can hear Daddy’s laughter.” Max lets out an exhale of joy. “Can’t wait to see you guys!” She is already feeling better.

Her mother laughs, sensing that her daughter is going through a lot. But she continues to keep everything positive as possible. There is again a moment of silence, as her mom thinks about what to say next. “Honey, wake up first and meet your friend, Kate.” She lets out a sigh against the phone. “We both love you.”

Her eyebrows furrow a little bit, confused with her mother's statement. How does she know I was going to meet up with Kate? She must have mentioned it earlier in the week and totally forgot about it. Her mind was a blur during that time, not fully aware what happened last week. Max casually asks, “Mom, how did you know I was going to meet up with Kate?” She didn’t want to sound like she’s making an accusation. “I probably mention it before, huh?”

The phone lets out two beeps, as she looks down, seeing the call got dropped. Must be a shitty reception. Immediately, she swipes the ‘Call’ button to call her back. But it went straight to the voicemail. So probably bad reception on the other side. No big deal.

Max springs onto her feet, much more energized than before. Just a few more hours, her parents are going to be here. Exactly what she needs. She quickly put on her jeans, pink t-shirt and the usual gray hoodie jacket. She opens the door and walks into the quiet hallway.

There is no one else in the hallway. Feels eerie and desolate when it is usually full of life. Dana is usually blasting her music with her doors open, but maybe she decided to be more considerate towards her neighbors today. Guess it is for the better no one is here, because of all the crying she has been doing in bed, she wouldn't want anyone to see her face. She makes a quick stroll into the restroom to wash up, which also completely void of life. Odd. But could be because the morning rush is over. She hurries her way towards Kate’s door, but then all of a sudden froze in front of it.

Shit, I probably should have texted her first, to tell her I was coming over. Max brings her palm right square into her face, in disappointment. No point in doing that now. Max gently knocks on Kate's door and politely takes a step back, tucking both her hands into the front pockets of her jacket.

Kate opens the door partially. She seems distracted as she initially dodges eye contact with Max. Finally, she sets her eyes on the brunette and smiles. “Hey Max! I thought you were going to give me a text before coming.”

Max’s mouth drops opened, and her hands quickly reveal itself from her jacket. “I know. I know. I’m sorry.” Max gives an apologetic hand gesture. “I slept in and was talking to my mom just a few minutes ago. Totally meant to call you.”

Kate shakes her head and brushes a few stray dangling hairs, smiling, “No worries Max. How are your parents? Are they arriving soon?"

"In a few hours," Max lets out a huge smile.

Kate crosses her arms and grins. "It's a blessing to see your smile, Max. It brings so much joy in the air." She relishes the moment of seeing the tortured photographer finally smiling again. She has been very depressed after the death of her best friend. Kate uncrosses her arms, "Please come on in. I’m not doing anything.” Kate clears her throat and opens the door some more to signal Max to come in. “Other than just watching some depressing news on my computer.” Kate pout her lips with a sadden expression.

Max walks in passing by Kate and taking note there are some subtle tears in her eyes. “Oh no. I’m sorry.” She frowns.

Kate flinches away with a nervous smile. “Don’t worry about me. Please come in.”

Max continues further into the bedroom with Kate closing the door after her. The brunette stops in her path and turns around. “What type of depressing news?” She hopes she isn’t being too nosy and treading onto Kate’s personal matters. After all, that is what she is great at doing.

Kate walks past Max, towards her computer. “Yeah, there was an…” She briefly pauses to take a moment to clear her throat. “An accident.” She takes a deep breath to clarify herself. “Car accident that happened on the 101 South. A bit north of Arcadia Bay.”

Max stares at Kate with a blank look. Even with her Kate's back towards her, she senses something is wrong with the long silence. She turns around to face her and continues, “Max, is your parents flying or taking the train from Seattle to Portland?”

The hipster's eyes drift to the side. “No, they’re driving here.” Her eyes return back focusing on the church girl.

Kate’s eyes widen a bit, her mouth slowly opens as if she was about to say something. She pauses for a bit, then the realization finally hits her. She turns to her laptop letting out a sigh of relief. “Oh don’t worry Max. The accident happened two hours ago.” She takes a step towards her laptop, looking at the video playing on the screen. “But still, may the soul of those two people find rest. As well as their families.”

Max still haven’t moved at all as she continues to stare deep into the far distant. There is just something unsettling with all of this. Finally, she walks steadily towards Kate’s laptop. Tragedies like this are usually very depressing to watch. Because she still has the time-rewind power but is too afraid to use it because of the consequences it will have. A part of her always wants to fix the lives of people, but she knows she can cause much more destruction to the world. However, her concerns is a little different this time. Just an odd feeling.

The video coverage of the news is blurry, but it wasn’t showing the scene of the accident. It must have finished the on-site coverage and jumped back to the newsroom with the reporter.

The male news reporter continues on with his report, “Their names has not been released as we are only told the victims are residents of Seattle. The local sheriffs are currently contacting the relatives of the victims first…”

Despite Kate’s reassurance, the brunette's face went deathly cold. Her breathing became shallow. Max isn’t a superhero anymore. Her mind is still crumbled from last week’s experience.

Kate’s attention turns towards Max, who was right beside her, gently grasping at her own arm. Max ignores Kate, as she frantically reaches for her phone. She unlocks the phone and went straight to the call logs. Her eyes scan through the list of recent calls. There is a very short duration call sent to her mother at 12:38 PM, which has to be the one that went straight to the voice mail. But there are no calls received from her mom at all today. Nothing. She never called Max today.

The church girl turns her entire body around, with both arms reaching to the shocked girl. “Max! Are you okay?”

Her words didn't have any effect at all. Max went completely dazed. Physically, she is standing up, but her mind is in a state of disarray. Kate can feel the poor girl's body trembling. In fear.

Max’s phone lights up again, this time with a phone call. With an unknown caller from the 503 area code. This is Arcadia Bay’s area code. She continues to stand there like she is in some sort of trance.

Kate peers over her shoulder, looking at the ringing phone, then right back at the frightened girl's face. She then wraps her arm around Max’s shoulder. Both girls are trembling right now.

Max snaps out of it, taking a deep breath and swipe the call to answer before it goes to the voicemail. She takes another breath, shakily raising her phone to her ear. “This is Max.”

“Hello. Maxine?” It is an older male on the phone. “Maxine Caulfield?”

The brunette slowly flutters her eyes, keeping them closed. “Yes.”

The voice on the phone continues, “Hi, this is Deputy Robert Ericson from the Tillamook County Sheriff Department.”

Instantly, Max releases her grip, dropping the phone. It crashes into the carpet, with her body following it, shortly. She went to her knees, holding up by her two hands. Her body went completely numb and all the sound around her became muffled. The news coverage from the laptop and Kate’s desperate screaming. It all sounds like she is being held underwater. Drowning.

Kate grabs Max, but she doesn't fidget or respond. Not acknowledging anything else at all, she lifts her head, eyes scanning all around the room in a circular motion, looking past the church girl.

Kate picks up Max’s phone, talking to the caller. Finally, the brunette wee able to clumsily focus on Kate, with her eyes sluggishly following the blond girl, pacing back in forth. Max couldn't hear anything clearly anymore.

Kate circles close to brunette, in desperation, talking to the person on the phone. Then suddenly, she drops down to the ground, handing over the phone, and her other hand gently pressing on Max's shoulder. The dazed girl's head slowly turns towards Kate, looking past her and ignoring the phone being held. The caller wants to talk to her, but she shows no interest in it.

Kate takes the phone back to her ear and resumes her circles. Max’s eyes continue to follow her movement until the blond girl stops in her path. Kate turns around to look at Max, with eyes wide opened. Her mouth drops opened, her hands quickly covering her mouth. Tears emerge from her eyes as she drops the phone, as well. Her body crashes down to her knees right beside Max.

I knew it.

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Elizabeth: “Rachel, you have a fever again. You stayed up too late last night. It was cold too.”
Rachel: “Mom?”
Elizabeth: “I’m sorry I have to go to work soon. But does it hurt, honey?”
Rachel: “A little...but not as much as other things.”
Elizabeth: “Like what?”
Rachel: “Maxine’s parents kick me out of their house last night.”
Elizabeth: “What? Did you do something wrong?”
Rachel: “I think so. I said to Maxine I saw a tornado out in the ocean.”
Elizabeth: “Haha...really? And they got mad?”
Rachel: “Well...I also said that my blue jay feather earring has Dad’s spirit in it. That I feel he is with me all the time, when I wear it.”
Elizabeth: “I see...”
Rachel: “Mom…?”
Elizabeth: “Yes, honey?”
Rachel: “They told me I need to go see a doctor.”

Rachel Amber

Pineview Apartments - Room 203

August 23th, 2016 7:59 PM

Maxine’s phone alarm begins ringing on the nightstand in their dark studio apartment. She previously set the alarm to 8:00 PM, so she can take a short nap before the party.

Rachel’s body jerks slightly, awaking from her slumber. It was a short nap but still able to have a vivid dream. She was talking to her mom again. On that terrible day that marked the beginning of the decline between the relationship of her and Maxine’s parents.

The blonde girl lifts her head off from her pillow, eyeing across the small cramped dim room at her best friend. Faint, thin shards of moonlight were able to slip through the window blinds, lighting enough to outline several parts of the room, including Maxine’s bed. Of course, she is pretending to be still sleeping and too lazy to reach over to turn off the piercing loud alarm on the phone. Rachel purposely lets out a deep snort to give an audible cue that she is awake, in hope the brunette will get the idea.

But still nothing. Finally, Rachel pushes her body up angrily, causing her bed to creak more than it needs to. She slides her legs off to the side of the bed, reaching towards the obnoxious phone to dismiss the alarm. She sits back on her bed glancing over at Maxine, as the faint blue glow from the active phone illuminates the lazy girl's figure. “Get up. I know you’re awake.” Rachel's head drifts back down, dangling loosely and looking at her lap, as she still have some sleep inertia from the nap.

You can hear Maxine’s calm breathing in the silence of the room. “Go with me.” She mutters in a perfect tone, with no signs of grogginess. She must have been awake for a little while. The blonde lets out a frustrated sigh at her request. She continues, “I want you to get to know Nathan some more.”

Rachel looks up blankly at the dimly lit ceiling, running her fingers through her blonde ponytail. “I’m serious Maxine. Don’t push me.” Nathan Prescott, is the son of the most wealthy and renowned family in Arcadia Bay. There is something very off with him and his family. Though nothing ever publicly confirmed, there has been rumors about very shady deals, kidnappings, and even murders with the Prescotts.

Maxine ignores her warning and hastily continues, “It’s his 21st birthday party. And I think he might be a little into me.” She says it in a singing voice, turning her head towards her friend with dreamy smile. The moonlight is being reflected perfectly off her grinning teeth. “Or maybe he is into you?” She continues in a playful tone. Her smile slowly subsides, sensing the blonde girl's uneasiness to her tease.

Rachel recoils her body away from her. Maxine rolls over, to get a view of the disapproved girl’s posture in the dark. Well first of all, a damn rich kid's 21st birthday is going to be a fucking huge party. No way in hell would an introvert like Rachel be remotely comfortable in a place like that. The blonde snaps, “Do you even care about how I feel? I don’t want my best friend to be anywhere near the family that murdered my father.” It came out rather over dramatic but she meant every word about it. The energy she spent pouring that out, has her mouth gaping for air.

Maxine reaches over to switch on the table lamp, finally giving light to the rest of the room. She rises up to the edge of the bed, with her long wavy brown hair draping down from both sides of her head. She already has on what she is going to wear to the party. A gray light jacket with a dark blue crop tank top and jeans. Her eyes focus on her friend with an irritated look. But seeing the distress in Rachel’s face, the brunette takes a minute to rethink what to say. She looks down at her lap. “This again? It wasn’t Nathan’s fault at all. Please don’t put it on him.” She lifts her head to look at Rachel. “Nathan’s father, Sean Prescott, I know you feel he is responsible. But it was an accident Rachel.”

Rachel interrupts Maxine by standing up from her bed abruptly. “Accident?” Barely pushing that word out of her mouth. She hated people calling that about her father’s death. It just always implies that was an excusable death and action. People that died from accidents are instantly forgotten in our society, and that is the last thing she wants for her father to be. Forgotten. The idea of not being remembered, or simply easily forgotten is Rachel's greatest fear. She approaches Maxine slowly until she is right in front of her, looking down at her.

Maxine’s eyes were terrified in what her best friend may do to her next. “Rachel...I’m sorry.” She looks back down. “I know-”

Rachel hisses through her teeth, interrupting her. “You keep saying that.” She reaches down, clenching Maxine’s left wrist and squeezing it with force.

The brunette flinches with the sudden pain on her wrist. Slowly, calmness creeps back into her as she realizes this is getting familiar. She has come to be used to blonde’s violent and abusive outbreak. “Rachel, please.” She looks up with apologetic eyes.

Rachel takes a deep breath and gently releases her grip on Maxine’s wrist. She runs her hand up along her arms and hold on to it, softly. “I love you.” She mutters that out with awkward and inept. Even her own eyes were steering clear from looking at her friend.

Maxine looks up to her, and smiles back. Rachel has never been one to be able to truly show her heartfelt emotions. Maxine, always given her the benefit of the doubt. The beautiful brunette smiles slowly fades away, as her face drops back down. She couldn’t say the same thing to Rachel. Not right now.

Rachel wanting to hear something or anything back from her. “You could never say that to me.”

Maxine shakes her head, “You have been scaring me.” She looks up but then quickly to the side, as she couldn’t maintain direct eye contact with her. “You need to give me some space.”

The blonde tilts her head to the side, to get a view of Maxine’s face. “Some space?” She says it in a condescending tone. “So you can do whatever you want with people?”

“You mean make friends?” Maxine snarls back quickly.

Of course, Rachel didn’t mean just friends. She always loved Maxine. While the both of them has made subtle hints of affections with each other, nothing has truly been established. Could be due to Rachel’s lack of self confidence. But also could be Maxine’s feeling fluctuates from time to time. Rachel has a very unstable personality that her best friend can only tolerate so much. Regardless, Rachel just doesn’t want Maxine to be with anyone else. She doesn’t want to be left alone.

Rachel glares back, almost wanting to cry. “I can’t stand the idea of you with anyone else.” Her throat tightens, and grips the brunette's arm some more. “I only want you and me. That is all I ask for in this world.”

Maxine stares blankly ahead, slowly digesting her friend’s words. She looks up at her with a serious expression. “You can’t do this to me.” Her head drifts to the side, biting her lower lips. Then it just occurs in her mind. “You always…” Maxine pauses for a moment. She collects her thoughts with confidence, glaring back at Rachel. “You always been doing this to me my entire life.”

Rachel lets out a soft whimper, tearing up. It is true, this miserable adventure, that these two friends been doing, has been pathetic. Maxine, very well can leave Rachel any moment, to move on to a much better life without her. Rachel knows this. Maxine knows this, too.

Maxine looks on with a concerned look, wanting to comfort her. Instead, she gently pushes Rachel back to give her space to stand up. She heads towards the door. “It is just irrational.” She stops a few steps in front of the door. “You need to understand other people’s feelings. Before it’s too…”

She stops, having regrets with her last sentence. She swallows to clear her throat and approaches the door. Rachel darts towards her from behind, pinning her against the door. This startles the brunette greatly, causing her to let out a scream. Rachel grips Maxine's right hand tightly against the door, almost as if she trying to silence her. With her other hand she clenches onto Maxine’s left shoulder. The blonde brings her head close to behind her friend. They were both breathing hard, as they can feel each other’s warm breath. Maxine finally whispers calmly, “Rachel…I have to go, now.”

Maxine is waiting for Rachel’s response, however there were nothing but her breathing. The blonde gently presses her nose into brunette’s hair, running it down to her neck, smelling her.

Maxine didn’t feel comfortable at all. Rachel’s breathing became heavier. Her facial expression seems to be almost impervious her friend's discomfort. Maxine gently backs up, pushing the blonde back as well, to give enough space to open the door.

Rachel didn’t let go at first. But brunette forcefully shakes her shoulder until she freed herself. She opens the door to leave room, letting the door crash shut.

Rachel continues to stares at the door where her friend was just a few moments ago. It has been frustrating lately, with this abnormal insecurity in herself. And her inability to effectively communicate her emotions and thoughts in a way that wouldn't put Maxine down. There is something wrong with Rachel. And she hated herself for it.

She, then bites her lower lip, and slams the side of her head into the door frame. It hurts, but not enough to soothe the real pain deep inside her head. She does it a few more times, with increasingly force and an agonizing scream through her teeth, until the last one has left her severely dizzied.

The door opens abruptly but slowly, and Maxine peeks her head in with curious eyes. Rachel tilts her head slightly, barely able to face her friend. Everything is spinning in her head.

Maxine's mouth drops opened, as she look at her in shocked. She heard the loud banging of the noise and had to confirm what she heard. This isn’t the first time Rachel has exhibit a violent behavior outburst. She has done this many times, mostly to her own self. She reaches her hand out almost to place it on the blonde’s shoulder, but she stopped.

The brunette's blank eyes drift down slightly, looking past her friend. Rachel didn’t move a muscle, other than her heavy breathing. Maxine ponders just about how much can she put up with this. She shakes her head in disappointment and again, left the room.

Rachel still staring at where her friend was. Stupid… The world slowly stopped spinning, as she drags herself to her bed, where she collapses there.

There is nothing but complete silence. Hoping that Maxine will maybe change her mind to check up on Rachel again or comfort her within the next few moments. But she didn’t come back.



Rachel stares at the dark ceiling from her bed, being consumed by its emptiness. She has a severe headache from the blows to the head she inflicted on herself. But it is the least of her worries. She can’t stop thinking about the conversation she had with Maxine. She tilts her head. and reaches for her phone. It is 12:25 AM. It’s already past midnight and has been over four hours since Maxine been gone. Rachel hopes she could just go to the sleep to just end this miserable shit of a day. Or maybe it will be better if she never wakes up again. Rachel will love that.

I need help. Badly. I’m going to be alone real soon. I’m going to be dead, and not a single soul in this world will care.

Almost three years ago, both Maxine and Rachel ran away from her home. Maxine's parents kept putting increasingly amount of pressures on Maxine to get into prestigious colleges or Blackwell Academy. Maxine became sick of being a failure to their eyes and decided to leave home with Rachel when they became adults. Both of them changed their cell phone numbers so their parents wouldn't be able to contact them and can begin their new adventures together. At least that’s the story they tell people, if anyone do ask.

Maxine’s parents also had a strong hatred towards Rachel, claiming she was an ill influence on Maxine. Rachel and her family moved from Long Beach to Arcadia Bay when she was six years old. She met Maxine and became best friends. However, shortly after Rachel’s father Bradley died in a work accident, Rachel never had been the same. Being widowed, Rachel’s mother, Elizabeth had to work extra long hours, forcing her to leave Rachel alone almost all the time. She felt very neglected and lonely all the time.

Maxine’s parents saw this as an opportunity to take Rachel in, almost like an unofficial foster parents to her. This help brought some sanity back into Rachel, by being close to her best friend almost all the time.

However, Rachel started hearing voices in her head, and seeing dark figures in her dreams. She claimed they are friendly and that one day she wants Maxine to meet them. Rachel started telling Maxine what words the spirits shared with her. The young brunette never really took anything too seriously. She just thought Rachel has a creative imagination or probably watched too much Bambi, when she said a deer is always watching her.

She just accepted Rachel for who she was. She maybe thought the voices is just a result of Rachel growing up isolated and lonely. Perhaps, when a girl gets that depressed, she also becomes delusional and looses her grasp with reality. Maxine figured the best way to make someone less lonely, is by their side all the time.

Maxine’s parents found out about this. For them, it was very frightening news to discover. To anyone it was unnatural, even for a young girl that lost her father to be behaving like this. Maxine’s parents recommended Rachel to seek some professional assistance for her mental health, as it could be proved to be dangerous, if it remains to be uncorrected. Because they weren’t Rachel actual parents, they had to approach Elizabeth with it.

Elizabeth saw this as a complete insult to her daughter. The last thing a fatherless girl wants, is to lose the last remaining threads that makes her a rational human being, and that is credibility. You lose all of that when you get declared mentally unstable. Once you get diagnosed with it, there is no going back. She was always a lesser human in the eyes of others already. There is no need to twist the knife. This led to a falling apart between the two families. A chain of emotional crumbling events between the two families, eventually caused Maxine and Rachel to run off together. Maxine, always have been very sympathetic with Rachel, and kept siding with her. She felt she is the only person that can save Rachel in this world.

But someone can only bend backwards so far for someone. When you lose the only person that is keeping you alive, you are already in hell.



Ryan: “Rachel, I know you said something about tornado in the water. Which is by the way, called a waterspout. What was the other thing you said again?”
Maxine: “Dad, please stop.”
Ryan: “No, I really want to hear. You don't want Maxine to go to Blackwell Academy?”
Rachel: “Yes.”
Maxine: “Rachel, you don't have to say anything.”
Ryan: “No, this seems serious. You said something about Maxine going up to the roof?”
Rachel: “Yes, and she jumped off.”
Vanessa: “I can't listen to this anymore, Ryan.”
Ryan: “No, I really want to hear more. How come Maxine jump off the roof?”
Rachel: “Because you guys died in a car accident.”
Maxine: “Mom, please get back.”
Vanessa: “You say all of this very casually, Rachel.”
Rachel: “I-I really don't mean any harm. But it is true.”
Ryan: “Rachel, you really need some help.”

Rachel didn't fall asleep. She really hoped she was able to, but she have been awake the entire time. The dream she had earlier, made her think about the past some more. About what she said to Maxine's parents.

She reaches over for her phone, for what felt like the millionth time. It is 1:46 AM. She pauses for a little bit to ponder, if it is appropriate to text her. It has been almost six hours.

Maxine’s words from the past, echoes in Rachel's mind. I will always be here for you Rachel. No matter what you may think. Those words in her head, almost causes her to cry again. Maxine knows Rachel always have lots of self-doubt and misinterpret everyone, including herself. So to hear Maxine say that, was probably one of the best thing anyone can say to her.

She unlocks her screen, hesitating for a little bit. Have some confidence! Rachel sighs and closes her eyes. Maybe I will have more self confidence if I stop fucking around so much. She opens her eyes and proceed to send a text to her best friend.

Rachel: Hey, I’m sorry about everything. How are you doing? Do you need me to pick you up? (1:47 AM)

Rachel slides her phone down her body to rest it on her stomach, waiting for it to vibrate with Maxine’s reply.

Few minutes has passed, and still nothing. Her face starts to become uneasy. That familiar feeling of hopeless and loneliness overwhelms her. And...this is why I don’t have any self confidence. I internalize just about everything and I can’t help it. She can imagine that Maxine is probably looking at her phone right now, only to put it away and proceed to be pulled away by Nathan for a make out session.

He is about the same age as Maxine, which is a year younger than Rachel. Both the girls met Nathan at a bar, that did not card because Maxine and Nathan were underage. Maxine started to show some interest in him. Maybe it because he has cash. Lots of it. They both could use the cash.

Both Maxine and Rachel still lives in the same city as their parents, which is a bit funny, because they both ran away from them. They both have a dream of going to Los Angeles, which is the area where Rachel originally from.

Rachel’s phone lights up and begins to vibrate. It wasn’t a text, instead it was a phone call from Maxine.

A smile emerges from her face, almost tearing up in joy. Thank you for the one thousandth time. She quickly swipes the phone to answer the call.

“Hey Maxine. Are you okay?” Rachel’s breath quickens very sharply, that she almost cough.

It is Maxine’s phone that called, but there is some other girl on the other line. “Hi, are you a friend of- Umm, well shit.” The caller hesitates for a second. The blonde is growing impatient on her side, hopefully she would finish. “Max? Or is it Maxim? No wait, that's my magazine.” Rachel’s heart stops for a moment after being mentioned of her friend's name.

Sometimes is wrong…

She replies back quickly. “Yes, Maxine. Who is this?” Her face becomes pale. With the previous thoughts about Maxine jumping off the roof and her parents dying in a car accident has made Rachel very anxious. Her voice becoming more demanding and already jumping into conclusion. “Is everything alright? Is she alright?”

The caller replies. “She is alright, just a little shaken up. But please, come to the corner of 1st Street and Stillwell Avenue in Downtown. We are-where are you going? Dad?" The caller became distracted and something is going on her side. "Shh! Alright!" She sounds agitated. "We are in a parking lot. You can’t miss it.”

This stranger has Rachel very suspicious of. But she doesn't have a choice. However, her voice seems very casual and genuine. And her father is with her, so maybe there is nothing to worry about. Right? But Maxine is shaken up? Did something happen to her? Rachel clenches her fist, digging her nails deep into the flesh of her hand. She is filled with anger just thinking about the type of jackasses that could be in the party. But she calmly replies to the caller. “Please stay by her. I’ll be there in ten minutes. I’m leaving right now.”

“Don’t worry we’ll be here.” The lighthearted tone in the caller’s tone continues to comfort Rachel.

There is a short pause. “Sorry but I would like to know. Who is this?”

“My name is Chloe. I’m here also with my dad,” said the caller.

“Thanks Chloe. I’ll be right there,” Rachel then hangs up the phone. Without thinking much for once, she dashes out the door.

Please be okay, Maxine.

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber

Downtown Arcadia Bay

August 24th, 2016 2:08 AM

Rachel grips the steering wheel steadily, as she speeds through the winding road towards Downtown, to meet up with Chloe and Maxine. There isn't a single soul out in this hick town at this time. She glances over at her phone, placed in the cup holder. No missed calls or text from Chloe or Maxine.

What happened to Maxine at the party? And who is this Chloe person?

This could very well be a trap that Rachel is driving into, but there isn’t really any other choices.

She pulls up to the parking lot that the caller mentioned. There is only one car, and that is a red pick up truck parked in the lot. A tall slender young woman with blond hair, is leaning against the truck and peering into the truck bed with curious eyes. That is probably Chloe. She appears to be around both Rachel and Maxine’s age. She looks over when the headlights shine over in her direction.

Rachel's car pulls up to the parking spot, one over from Chloe's and stops, turning off the headlights.

Chloe takes one last glance at the truck bed and then approaches the window on the distressed girl’s side. “Hey, are you Rachel?”

Rachel’s eyes slowly adjust, as it is initially difficult to see her face because of the bright amber colored street lamp behind her. “Yeah. You’re Chloe, right?”

The young woman responds back cheerfully. “Yep that’s me. Come on out the car. Nice to meet you, Rachel.” She steps back politely to give some space. Rachel slowly looks around to see if there is anything else suspicious in the area. But it is only just the two of them in this surprisingly well-lit section of Downtown. She gives Chloe one last skeptical look, but is fairly convinced with the sincerity in her expression. But then again, anyone can be nice to anyone. She turns off the car engine and steps out of the car.

Rachel’s eyes continue to focus on Chloe, closing the car door by pressing her butt into it. She clumsily fumbles with her car keys into the pocket of her tight jeans. Her eyes scan her up and down observing all the features she has. She has long blond hair. More like strawberry blond hair, and she has a tall, thin build. She is wearing an over-sized dark blue sweater that says 'Arcadia Bay', with some light jeans. You can tell fashion isn’t at all high on her priority list. She has a rather cheerful smile. Despite how dorky she looked, she is a very beautiful girl.

Rachel is cautious though, not too sure what to think of her. She could very well be one of the scumbag at Nathan’s party. Rachel digs her left hand in her pocket, gripping a pocket knife hidden in there, so she is ready to take it out. “So, where is she?”

Apparently, Rachel isn't too subtle with her concealed weapon. Chloe looks over at the suspicious blonde's hand in her pocket and easily suspects that there is a weapon. Chloe presses her lips together and smiles. She shuffles the long sleeves of the sweater in an adorable way, until her hands were fully exposed to reveal she has nothing in her hands.

Rachel glances at both the empty hands, then looks back at blonde's eyes. Chloe lifts her hands up, as if she is surrendering, “Hey, let’s play it cool, okay?” Rachel nods slowly, and she takes her hand out of her pocket cautiously, so her knife doesn’t accidentally pop out. Rachel leans back relaxed, crossing her arms. Chloe nods in approval and continues, “We laid her down in our truck bed.” She tilts her head at the direction of the truck, signaling her to follow.

They both pace towards the truck, leaning to peer over the side of the truck. There's Maxine, lying unconscious on the truck bed on top of a sweater. She looks very sick, with what seems like dried up tears around the corner of her closed eyes. She seems like she may have vomited or gagged as well. The sight of her like this is very disheartening to Rachel. She steps up on the giant tire of the car, to climb onto the truck bed to Maxine.

“Be careful.” Chloe warns hastily, also climbing up the truck right behind Rachel. “I think she was drugged. More than just alcohol, we think. There were some umm...spit coming out of her mouth, so we should keep her on her side.” Rachel leans back to look at Chloe with an appalled face. Chloe lowers her body to Rachel’s level, also putting her hand on sleepy brunette's side. “At least my dad think so.”

Rachel moves her body close to Maxine, to get a closer look at her. She has a raspy breathing and you can hear some fluid in her throat, but at least it sounds fairly clear. She is completely out cold.

Maxine, what happened?

Rachel bites on her lower lip, clenching her fist. If only earlier, she wasn’t so damn stubborn to pick a fight with Maxine, she could have prevented this. Someone must have drugged her at this party. Must have been humiliating for Maxine. What kind of fucking friends let this happen to you? Well, a dumb ass like me. She takes a deep breath to try and calm her nerves, “Your dad is here?” She glances around to see if he is nearby.

“He was with us, but just left shortly before you pulled into the parking lot. He heard some commotions, and wanted to take a look. He told me to stay here with Maxine, to make sure she’s okay.” Chloe falls back, being held up by her two hands behind her. She tilts her head towards the dark alleyway. “He thinks maybe he can find someone that knows who did this to your friend.” Rachel’s body straightens up, getting ready to stand up. Her quick body movement grabs the attention of the other blonde. “Woah there, tiger.” Chloe shifts her weight forward to grab Rachel’s shoulder with one of her hand. “Believe me, I want to slam whoever is responsible into the ground, but we have to chill for now. No need to ‘Go Ape’.” She buries her face into her other palm in embarrassment. “Wow, that sounds really dumb.”

Rachel looks over at Chloe’s hand that is resting on her shoulder. She heeds her advice, relaxing and sitting her butt back onto the truck bed.

Chloe slowly releases her grip on Rachel’s shoulder. “Stay with your friend, for now. I’m little worried for my dad, though. He was flipping out when he saw your friend like this.” Chloe looks down towards the sick brunette. “He is always worried about me. So to see someone else’s daughter-” She gets distracted, slipping her fingers to comb through Maxine’s long wavy hair.

Rachel’s eyes drift towards Chloe’s fingers that is making advances towards the unconscious brunette. “Please don’t do that with her.” She scolds at her.

Chloe pulls her hand away quickly, embarrassed. “Oops. Sorry, sorry.” She looks back at Rachel with an apologetic look. “I'm just totally digging her long wavy hair.” She gives out a sheepish smile.

It is hard to get angry with Chloe’s smile. Her personality seems to be genuine and full of life, which is the opposite of Rachel. She is kind of the person that Rachel always wanted to be. The grumpy blonde shrugs off her earlier comment and continues on with the conversation. “How did you find her?”

Chloe’s smile disappears and became more neutral. “We were driving home from Portland. And we saw her on the sidewalk. She was barely able to walk.” Chloe looks out towards the sidewalk by the street. “She practically almost walk into our car.”

Damn Maxine...

Rachel leans in closer to Maxine, gently squeezing and rubbing her shoulders of her dark blue top. She glances around the truck bed for anything else to note. The brunette is lying on top of a big gray sweater, which is probably a spare one from Chloe. But she is missing her gray jacket. There were goosebumps all over her arms. “Did she say anything?” Rachel takes off her dark blue plaid jacket, wrapping her best friend, as much as she can with her light jacket.

Chloe leans closer to Maxine to give her some warmth as well, shielding her from the brisk wind of the night. “When we grabbed her, she said ‘Help’.”

Rachel looks over with a hint of puzzlement and concern, as Chloe continues. “We thought she was being chased, but there were no one else around. When we sat her down, we were about to call the police. She immediately said, ‘No’. She seemed very insistent about not going to the police, no matter how much my dad pushed for it. Maybe she was just scared.” Maxine is too scared to see her parents, so probably afraid the police may contact them. Rachel definitely do not want to see Maxine’s parents, as they will murder her.

Rachel murmurs under her breath, “Fucking Nathan...” Chloe looks over at moody blonde, confused about the quiet remark she made. The blonde continues, “That asshole needs to die.”

A little startled with Rachel’s threat, Chloe inquires. “Is that her boyfriend?”

Rachel instantly shoot down the question. “Fuck no!” She begins rubbing her forehead, as her headache from earlier beginning to come back. She lets out a low groan, as the sudden blood rush may have aggravated the headache.

Even after such a serious conversation, Chloe cannot help but notice the obvious jealous tone in Rachel’s voice. Chloe gives a mischievous glance at the distressed blonde, thinking of a way to take advantage of the situation. Then a smile emerges from her face, trying to lighten up the mood. “So, are you her girlfriend?”

Rachel gives a sharp look at Chloe, causing her to repel back slightly. She holds both hands up signaling she is kidding about the question. Rachel looks away, not wanting to say anything more. Chloe’s eyes widen, seeing the result of her teasing has done to the offended blonde. “You’re blushing,” Chloe says nonchalantly. Rachel’s face quickly weakens as her face begins to feel warm. Well, now she is definitely blushing now. Chloe smiles and shrugs her shoulder, like it is no big deal. She blinks one of her eyes, and smirks at Rachel. “You can give her a kiss. Maybe she’ll wake up to her charming princess.”

Rachel bites her lips and gives the teasing blonde, the middle finger. Not out of anger, just that Rachel is at a loss for words against the assault of mockery.

Who does this girl think she is?

Chloe grins back, knowing she got the poor blonde where she wants her to be, “Did I offend you? Are you more into kissing? Or you rather go cop a feel?” She raises both her hands, squeezing them in the air. Then she imitates in the most obnoxious Austrian Arnold voice. “Get to the copper!”. She follows with a soft scoff of embarrassment. “Sorry, I am a damn dork. Just trying to lighten the mood.”

That was bad. So bad that Rachel tries to hold her laughter in, but she couldn’t, letting out a forced deep chuckle. She looks away squeezing her nose bridge with her fingers, trying to calm down. “So you weren’t at the party?” Changing the subject to reset the conversation.

Chloe pouts her lips, shaking her head. “Nah, I’m not very cool around here.”

Rachel releases her nose and looks back at her. “Where are you from?”.

Chloe slides a little forward towards Maxine, and sit back down firmly. “Actually, I grew up and live here. I graduated college this past summer.” Hearing those words, strikes Rachel with some more enviousness. She is already admiring Chloe for how pretty she is, and her charming personality. Her and Maxine never went to college, and probably never will.

Rachel chuckles sarcastically. “You’re one of the girl that have everything laid out for them on a silver platter, huh?” It is a bit rude to say it like that.

Chloe studies the blonde's expression carefully. “I do. Quite a bit.” She turns to the side, resting her elbow on the side of the truck bed. “My parents put up a lot of my shit. They worked very hard to make my life great. I’m very thankful for them.”

Rachel nods in agreement. Chloe seems like a humble person, not someone with a huge ego that puts down people. “That’s good.”

Chloe scratches her arm nervously. Her eyes dips down a little, knowing she could offend Rachel. “What…” Chloe licks her upper lips. “Are you okay with your parents?”

Rachel zones out at the dark color of the truck bed, at the question. She shakes her head, remaining in silence instead of replying.

Chloe senses the answer out of the blonde's posture, giving a soft nod. “I see.” She shifts her body closer to Rachel, and reaches over and pats her shoulder.

Normally, Rachel doesn’t like anyone touching her like that, other than Maxine. But for some reason, she welcomes Chloe’s warm touch.

Chloe looks at sleeping brunette, then back to Rachel. “I take it in your life...She is the one that helps with getting your day going, huh?”

Rachel’s voice is barely audible. “Yes, she does.” She looks down in shame. Unfortunately, the feelings is probably not mutual.

Chloe looks at Rachel’s not-very-confident face. “You know...before she passed out... Ugh. Good thing she remembered how to unlock her phone for us.” She gently rubs Rachel's shoulder to ease her tension a little bit. “She asked for you.” Chloe gently presses Rachel’s chin up, so they face eye-to-eye. “So you definitely mean something to her.” She looks onto Rachel with her bold light blue eyes.

They barely know each other but they just click so much. She knows how to say the right thing. And Rachel really needs that confirmation. Rachel blushes being that up close to Chloe. “But look at her now, I couldn’t be there for her.”

Chloe murmurs. “You are here now.”

Rachel recoils slightly, shrugging her body, “You don’t get me, Chloe. I’m not a good person.”

Chloe shakes her head, “There is no way you can be by her side all the time.”

Rachel falls back all the way, resting on her back. She interlocks her fingers, placing it behind her head. “She's always there for me. And I take advantage of it. But I’m not always there for her." She lets out a long sigh. "I ruined her life.”

Chloe takes a moment to digest. “I guessing that I’m missing more of the big picture, huh? You can talk to me about it, but I don’t blame you, if you don’t want to.”

Rachel’s eyes narrow, “Nah, I don’t really want to talk about it.”

Chloe nods, and leans over to Rachel, hovering above her. The blonde looks back, “Well, just know both of you are alive. You cannot dwell on the things you done wrong in the past all the time. But you can always make things right in the future. I can help you guys too.”

Rachel can care much less to anyone's else damn problems. But Chloe is a very friendly and open person. Her comforting aura, eases the mind as Rachel smiles and nods back. There is a brief pause as the blonde ponders about it. There is always a chance to make a better tomorrow. “Thanks Chloe, for saying that.”

Chloe grins back, “You have a beautiful smile. You should do it more.”

Rachel's smile quickly disappears, purposely making a bitchy face, “I don’t smile that much.”

Chloe comes closer, winking her eyes, “It’s a shame. You would look even hotter.”

Rachel rolls her eyes, “I bet stuffs like this don’t happen to you.”

Chloe's eyes widen, her eyebrows arching up, "Being called hot? Nah, not really."

Rachel squeezes her eyes. "Not that- Okay, now I find that hard to believe." She lets out a smile, and as the other blonde returns back with a sunny smile. "But I mean did you ever have a friend that you...neglected or let down?"

Chloe leans back all the way, “Yeah. I didn’t really get a second chance with my friend. Or I guess, I got like...fifty chances, but I didn’t even try a single time.”

Chloe seems such a carefree child, what could she have done that is wrong? Rachel pulls herself up, sitting on her butt again, giving a nervous scratch to her sides. “What happened?”

Chloe crosses her arm. “I had a pretty good friend. Her name is Dana. We went to Blackwell Academy together. Then after that, I went to Portland State University. She was definitely more into partying than I am, as she always asked me to hang out. I’m just too big of a geek. One time, she asked me to go to a party. But being the jerk I am, I flaked on her.”

Rachel sits up right completely, crossing her legs. She thinks back about Maxine asking her to go to this party, but her hatred of Nathan and shyness got to her.

Chloe continues, “She went to the party, and afterwards, she went missing.”

Rachel looks down. “There’s…” She stops. “I see. I was going to say, there’s no way you could have known. But that is pretty much the same advice you’re telling me and I’m also ignoring.”

Chloe smiles. “Yeah. We both beat ourselves up over the same things. I’m glad your friend is fine, though. I know I don't know your friend...But I want to be there for her, you know?” She turns to Maxine, observing her face. “And that she's extra hot.” She looks up at Rachel. She squeaks like a mouse, “Don’t hit me.”

Rachel laughs. “I won’t hit you.” Chloe gives a soft smile. Rachel doesn't seem to be very obsessive or protective of Maxine with Chloe. Maxine, tends to attract some bad people, so to see someone like Chloe is refreshing to Rachel.

A black car screams through the street that draws both of their attention. It looks like it driven by some expensive snob, that is trying to show off everyone at 2 AM, how much money they spent on their car.

Chloe looks back down at Maxine, still laying on her sides. She could use some more support. Chloe reaches under her sweater, gripping the bottom band of it. Rachel continues staring straight towards the street, but in the corner of her eye, she can see Chloe’s body.

Chloe pulls the sweater up to her neck area. She is probably struggling with it briefly, or don’t want to mess up her long hair too much. Rachel tilts her head slightly and continue to look at the corner of her eyes for a few glances of Chloe’s body. She is wearing a dark green shirt that is a bit tight. Hugging the bumps on her chest.

Chloe finally shrugs off and takes off her over sized sweater. Rachel’s eyes flutter slowly. A warm groan slips out of her throat, that she did not mean to let out. She quickly grasping her mouth in embarrassment. Okay, try not to announce the world that you are aroused. Okay Rachel, time to yawn, and pretend you're tired.

Chloe playfully tosses her sweater at Rachel’s head interrupting her train of perverted thoughts. Rachel startles and straighten up her body. Chloe has a mischievous grin, mouthing ‘tsk’ ‘tsk' ‘tsk’. She reaches her hand up, signaling Rachel to throw the sweater back at her. “I wasn’t aiming for your head, by the way.” Her eyes dips down below Rachel's neck.

Rachel slams the sweater back at her. Chloe grins, rolling the sweater into a ball and slipping it behind Maxine, to support her.

Rachel smiles back at Chloe. Confidence was brewing inside Rachel, as she starting to understand Chloe’s humor and personality. Something about Chloe that radiates a more positive energy onto Rachel. “I don’t want to be caught by your dad. So I figured I take a eyeful now.”

"I don't know, it looked like you wanted a mouthful to me." Rachel bursts out with a cute giggle. Chloe smiles and brushes her long hair with her fingers, “I’m sure my dad will be cool with it. If he was my age, he’ll be like, ‘Fuck yes, I would totally dig this Rachel.’”

Chloe can say some of the most awkward things, yet she doesn’t care. She seems like the person that doesn’t take life too seriously. Rachel hides her face behind her hands. She is laughing so hard that she is tearing up. As silly as these teases were, Rachel welcomes it.

Chloe’s body came close to Rachel, who is still covering her face. She begins gently brushing the Rachel’s blue jay earring on her right ear.

Rachel didn’t mind at all, her heart feels warm. She can feel Chloe’s warm breath onto her face. There is a little moment of pause as Chloe continues to play the earrings, like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

Chloe finally stops brushing the earring, “I like this earring. Is it a blue jay?”

Rachel nods her head, biting her lips. “Yeah it is.”

Chloe finally turns her focus from the earring and towards Rachel, “Is there a special meaning to this earring?”

Rachel looks down nervously and running her finger over her jeans, like she is drawing something. “Yeah there is.” Rachel looks away for a bit and back to Chloe. Chloe is waiting patiently for Rachel to continue. “My dad.”

Chloe’s eyes opens wider. “Oh I see. Did he get you this?”

Rachel scans her eyes left and right. “No.” She looks back up at Chloe. “I found it where my dad died when I was younger."

Chloe turns into a frown. “Oh no he passed away?” She pouts her lips.

Rachel continues, "I always thought my dad’s spirit is in it, watching over me.” She says that with pure regret. Her eyes focus on Chloe's facial expression, "But of course, I don't believe that anymore." Rachel eyes shoots back down to her lap.

Rachel's fingers begin to tremble after saying that lie. She didn't want Chloe to think she is weird. But she didn't do a good job of hiding it, as tears emerge from her eyes.

Chloe places both of her hands on top of Rachel’s hands. She smiles. “Keep him close to your heart.” Chloe senses that earring meant a lot to Rachel than she is making it out to be. “And if anyone tell you otherwise, tell them to ‘Fuck off’.”

Rachel's lips begins to shiver as she looks down at Chloe's hands that is gently rubbing hers'. "Chloe..." She looks up at Chloe's sympathetic eyes and lets out a soft puff of air. "How do you always say the right things, that someone wants to hear?"

Chloe can feel Rachel's hands still shaking. Her face comes closer to Rachel. "It nothing special..." Her eyes looks away, feeling tense and thinking about what to say next. "I just think you're a nice person."

Rachel looks deeply into Chloe’s eyes. Their faces were only inches apart from each other, as they both can feel each other’s warm breath. For once, she knows how it feels to be finally accepted by someone, that isn't Maxine. It is a great feeling.

Rachel gently tugs Chloe’s hands towards her, this causes Chloe’s body to topples slightly and their foreheads gently brushes into each other.

Chloe’s eyes glances to the side nervously, then straight back with confident. Rachel’s eyes were focus on Chloe the entire time. Their breathing became heavier. Chloe begins to close her eyes, and lifting her chin to come closer. Rachel’s eyes drifts to the side, getting a glimpse of Maxine.

Shit! Get a grip, Rachel! You just met this girl!

Rachel pushes Chloe back, almost causing her to stumble backwards completely.

Chloe’s bites her lower lip, nodding slightly with disappointed eyes. “I’m sorry.” She dust off her shirt nervously. She directs her attention away quickly from Rachel, by looking at Maxine.

Rachel puts her face into her hands. Shit. I didn’t mean to do that.

Chloe isn't paying attention to Rachel, as she creeps closer to Maxine. She takes off the Rachel's plaid jacket on her, and begins to rub the back of Maxine’s top, like she is examining her.

Rachel sees Chloe doing this, through the gaps in her fingers. “I’m sorry Chloe.”

Chloe looks up from Maxine, with a confused look. “Umm...Rachel? I don’t know how to say this. But maybe you know this more.” Her body straightens up and slowly turn to Rachel.

Rachel takes her head away from her fingers, sensing the seriousness in Chloe’s tone. Still not fully sure, if she is upset about what just happened. “Yes?”

Chloe’s eyes drifts quickly to Maxine, and back. “This sounds funny, but I just noticed she doesn’t have a bra on.” She hesitates for a moment, because that came out awkwardly. Even though there isn't really a better way to say it. “Do you know if she normally...” Chloe’s throat is feeling thick to even finish that sentence.

Rachel’s mouth drops open, that she covers it with both of her hands. Did she get raped? Fuck! Why didn’t that occur to me?

All of a sudden, a series of gunshots roars in the background of the night.

Chloe and Rachel both immediately spring backwards from the sudden loud noise. Chloe pulls herself up leaning over the side of the truck, looking towards the dark alleyway. “Dad?!?” She gives a frightened glance at Rachel, then back at the alleyway. She climbs over the side of the truck and leaps off it, and landing with a dash towards the alleyway.

Rachel runs her hand on the back of Maxine, making sure the sweater is still supporting her back. “Maxine, I'll check up on you later. I’ll be right back.” Rachel climbs on her feet and follow right after Chloe.

They both were sprinting through a series of alleyways to what seem to be the source of the gunshot. Chloe is a good thirty feet ahead of Rachel. They were both gasping hard for air, as their lungs cannot keep up with their speed. They turn around the corner and see a body on the floor right by the street, illuminated by what seems to be a car’s headlights.

“DAD!!!!” Chloe screams turning into a sad whine, dashing towards the bloodied body of her father. Chloe throws her arms around his corpse. “DADDY?!?” There were blood all over his body, he was shot many times.

Then a gunshot break the silence of the night again, striking Chloe in her chest.

Chloe’s body flops backward, releasing her grips from her father, crashing into the ground. Rachel’s covers her mouth in shocked, completely stopping in her track, causing her to slip and fall into the ground. Chloe grasps at her chest, coughing a few times. She rolls to face towards the direction of Rachel, with blood dripping off her mouth. She shakes her head subtly, mouthing ‘Run Away’ quietly.

Then another bullet strikes Chloe in her temple, as her head drapes to the side with her eyes left opened. Blood slowly drips out of the bullet hole from her head and more out of her mouth.

Rachel reaches her hand towards Chloe, “NOOO!!!!”

Suddenly, what sounds like a whirling train rings into her ears as the sound of the world became muffled. It seems like the world has come to a complete pause, but not too sure since there isn’t much movement around here to begin with. Chloe’s lifeless facial expression along besides the corpse of her father. Rachel can see faintly, a drip of blood coming out of Chloe’s mouth, dangling and frozen in air, defying gravity.

Did the world really stop?

Rachel’s attention turns back up to the illuminated body of their corpses. Around the corner, is where the murderer shot them both.

Chloe! She is dead! So is her dad. Their killer is around the corner.

There is no way to save her now. Rachel’s body begin to tremble and her breath became heavy. She whimpers of what is going to come around the corner.

However, Rachel is able to move, unlike everything else in the world is an inanimate object. She shakes her arm in disbelief that this is all happening.

Is this real? This can’t be what people mean when they say their life flash before their eyes.

Rachel looks back towards Chloe. She is too afraid to approach their bodies. She wants to take a glimpse of their murderers but who knows how long this paused world will continue, as she can suffer the same fate as those two.

I’m sorry Chloe. I didn’t mean to do the things I did to you. I’ve only met you for a little bit, but I can see you’re an amazing person. It should have been me with a bullet in my head, not you… You and your father have done nothing to deserve this.

A glowing blue butterfly appears out of nowhere, flying over Chloe, her father, and Rachel. It is heading back the way they came, towards the parking lot.

That butterfly? It can move? It is the only thing that can move, besides me.

Ghostly voices begins echoing all around the alleyway. Rachel looks around in horror, then she closes her eyes and covers her ears. That didn’t do much as Rachel can still hear them in her mind, but not enough to understand it. It doesn’t sound like words, at least words she knows. It maybe sounds almost like a chant. She can senses the voices creeping close occasionally, as cold puffs of air presses against the skin of her face.

This again…I'm hearing voices and seeing figures like back then. Hasn't happened much lately, so why now?

Rachel opens her eyes and the voices are all gone. She looks back and sees the butterfly still flying, already quite some distance away from Rachel. There is nothing left to do. Rachel starts sprinting her way back, following the butterfly. Crying and frantically running as fast as she can, she lifts her legs as high and far as she can, running after the butterfly. Afraid the opportunity to escape, or whatever this time-stop phenomenon will end.

She finally gets back to the parking lot, with the butterfly landing towards the pick up truck. Rachel hops up on the truck bed, and sees the butterfly resting on the side of the truck, facing towards Maxine’s. She haven’t moved an inch and is in the same position she was in before.

Rachel steadily approaches the butterfly, as it flutters its blue wings. It feels like it was calling to Rachel, like telling her something. Or maybe trying to tell something to Maxine. Rachel keeps a certain distance from the butterfly, afraid she will scare it away.

Rachel’s curious eyes turns away towards Maxine and she lays low in the truck bed, as if she is hiding from the gunmen when they show up. She crawls towards Maxine and touches her body. She is real. This is real. She isn’t moving but it as if she is a mannequin.

“What is happening?” Rachel cries into Maxine’s shoulder. “Chloe is dead. Now I’m next.” Rachel continues to sob into Maxine. She is not sure what is going on. Maybe it is the higher beings giving her one last chance to be with Maxine. “I’m so sorry for everything.” She lifts her head and leans over Maxine’s body to get a view of her unconscious face.

She places her head into side of Maxine’s and continue to cry into her. “I know you’re going to be happy without me here.” She always knew Maxine has much more potential in her life. She has a very good heart and friendly to others. But she always been bending backward to support Rachel. “I’m just scared. I don’t ever want to be alone.” She lifts her head from her body and gives her one last look. “But more importantly, I don’t want you to be alone.” She pushes herself up and away from Maxine’s body. She looks towards the dark alleyway, “Maybe, I can lure them somewhere else, so you are safe.”

Rachel falls backward into a kneel position. The world is still in a stopped slideshow. She looks over at the butterfly, who is still resting but animated.

Are you trying to tell me something? You just want me to say my ‘Goodbye’ to this fucked up world?

She tilts her head up, looking at the sky. “You can take me next.” Rachel never believed in a higher being, but she is looking up there as if someone or something is there. “You already took my father. And now Chloe, and her father. You want my life? Then fucking take it!” Her tone becomes filled with venom. She hated everything about this world. Maxine gets drugged, and possibly raped. And a very kind person and her father gets murdered. If I was God, I will burn this fucking world.

Suddenly a distortion appears right in front of Rachel. She looks up with a confused look but intrigued look. It must be about ten feet long, but there is an image in it. As if it was a projection screen in it. Was someone responding to her?

Rachel looks in it, and she can see herself, Chloe and Maxine in it in the truck bed in this very same parking lot. This looks like it could have been few minutes ago, before her and Chloe ran to investigate the noise.

Rachel’s eyes turns to her corner, seeing the butterfly who is still resting. It looks like it facing her now, watching her.

Can I go in it? Well, there isn’t anywhere left to go.

Rachel’s attention turn back to the portal, reaching into it, like it is an opened window.

She takes a deep breath and drag her entire body in it.

Rachel Amber

Parking Lot on 1st and Stillwell Avenue

August 24th, 2016 2:18 AM

Rachel glances around, observing her surroundings. Everything looks identical, except she sees herself and Chloe as well. Rachel leans back, observing her other self is sitting close with Chloe, both with a delightful smile.

Shit, that is how I looked when I’m smiling? I looked very genuinely happy. I really was crushing on Chloe...

Rachel looks down, thinking back about how she pushed back Chloe, when she was moving in for a kiss.

I really led her on, too. Damn, I really made a mistake.

She comes closer in front of her other self, waves her hand around like a maniac. Hoping maybe she can get a reaction, but nothing happen. Everything is still frozen in time.

What is all this? Did I jump into an old memory? Or did I go back in time?

Rachel gets a closer look, and all of sudden, that familiar train ringing sound came back and it seems the time-stop ended and everything starts moving.

Chloe begins talking, “I’m sure my dad will be cool with it. If he was my age, he’ll be like, ‘Fuck yes, I would totally dig this Rachel.’”

Rachel looks around shocked, totally surprised everything is moving again. She jumps in front of Chloe, waving around. “Hey Chloe!!!!” She shouts in a desperate tone. But Chloe did not look at her at all, if she is a ghost. “Please…” Rachel's throat became thick, her voice is barely comprehensible. “You’re going to die.”

The other Rachel begins laughing, and hiding her face behind her hands. Chloe begins to lean in close, brushing the earring. “I like this earring. Is it a blue jay?” None of them were acknowledging her at all.

They can’t see me.

The other Rachel calmly replies, “Yeah it is”.

Rachel turns to look at herself. “Shit, the gunshot is coming!” She reaches her right hand at her, and the same train ringing sound appears again. Then all of the sudden, they move in a very fast, inhuman speed. Almost as if someone hit the fast forward button, or maybe it’s rewind? But now, everything is frozen again like before.

Rachel looks at her hand, she can actually feel something now. It feels like she is emitting some energy or maybe capturing some unknown energy. She gently relaxes her hand. Time begins to flow forward.

“I’m sure my dad will be cool with it. If he was my age, he’ll be like, ‘Fuck yes, I would totally dig this Rachel.’”

Rachel grips her hand again, and like before it looks like she rewind everything again and stopped time. She stares at her hand. Holy shit! I can rewind time? Is this real? She looks back up at her surrounding. This seems like the furthest I can rewind, though.

Rachel looks at her other self and slowly approach up to her. There seems to be another energy radiating from her. She holds out her arm and reach for the shoulder of the other Rachel. Her own nose begins to bleed very heavily.

She quickly pinches her nose to catch the blood, and then she checks her hand. There isn’t any blood. Nothing. It really did feel like a gush of blood spilled out her nose. She felt the red moisture in her fingers just a moment ago. She looks around in realize that the other Rachel is gone.

Wait...What the fuck is going on?!? Did I just go into the other Rachel? I feel like I’m in control.

“I’m sure my dad will be cool with it. If he was my age, he’ll be like, ‘Fuuuuuu’---Okay why you looking at me like that?” Chloe tilts her head slightly, concerned with Rachel’s abrupt emotion change. This is not a dream, right?

“Chloe, you can see me?!?” Rachel’s fingers begin to twitch uncontrollably. Her eyes flickers with combination of shock and happiness.

Chloe’s eyebrow raised slightly. “Yes…?” she replies in a confused tone.

“Chloe!!!”, Rachel makes a swift pounces on top of Chloe. The impact knocks the wind out of both blondes, and they groan in pain from it.

Chloe coughs from the impact of the full weight of Rachel onto her smaller body, “Holy shit, Rachel.”

Rachel pushes herself slightly off Chloe’s body. Her bangs were rubbing against Chloe’s forehead as they were inches away from each other's face. Rachel’s eyes were in tears. “Chloe…” She was just murdered, she really back? “Chloe...” Rachel’s eyes were scanning Chloe’s face many times over, and her lips were trembling in excitement.

Chloe’s wary eyes continue to look back at the frightened Rachel. She is confused but couldn’t help but blush. “Hey…”, she reaches out and caressing her bangs, and then the side of her head, relaxing her.

Rachel thinks about just what happened earlier on in this situation. She gave Chloe mixed message, and then shoved her away. I’m sorry. Chloe’s apology from the past echoes into Rachel’s mind. Maybe it is best for Rachel to not lead her on anymore. But she cannot contain her emotions. More tears pour out the corner of Rachel’s eyes, thinking how these were Chloe’s last moments. She did not deserve to die. Her and her father both saved Maxine.

Rachel lowers herself slowly, gently falling on top of her. She slips her hands underneath Chloe's, gripping her back. She dips her head in closer, giving her repeated pecks on her cheeks, each one becoming more and more affectionate. Even though they only met for a little while, at the same time feels like they went through a lot with that whole time stop experience. It is like seeing an old friend come back to life. Rachel didn’t care about anything else anymore.

Chloe slightly shocked with Rachel’s action but then, embraces it. She wraps her arms around her body, holding her tight.

Chloe tilts her chin up, letting Rachel’s face slides down to her neck. Rachel continues to press open mouthed kisses down from Chloe's jaw, to all around her neck. “Jesus Rachel…” Chloe moans softly, as she pulls the back of Rachel’s ponytail into her face, telling her to keep going, without words. Chloe wants to kiss Rachel back, but she could not lower her chin back down to do it, with Rachel's pinning her down with her tongue. Rachel twists her head in, brushing her nose at Chloe's chin, and she runs her tongue along her jawbone. This sends a chill into Chloe's body, causing her to curl her toes and arch her back. She lowers her grip on Rachel's hair, down to the back of her neck, pulling it in. Chloe is barely able to whisper into Rachel's ears, with her trembling throat. "Don't stop." Chloe slides her free hand to grip onto the smooth curves of Rachel's hips, then to her waist, then to the side of Rachel's chest. She runs her index finger, along the band of her bra through her shirt, trying to slip her finger underneath the elastic part. Then she slides in more to caress Rachel's chest.

Rachel flinches and stops immediately with a shocked expression, pushing herself all the way up to her knees to look around. “No…”

Chloe’s upper body recoils upward, slurping some saliva that came out of her mouth unknowingly, and she quickly cover her mouth in embarrassment. Her wide eyes turns towards Rachel in horror. She squeaks, “Record scratch. I shouldn’t have done that, huh?” She pushes herself up from the truck bed. She brings her knees in, pressing her chest into it and wrapping her arms around it, like a ball. She begins to rock back and forth nervously.

Rachel continues to look around the surroundings. “No, not talking about that.” She whimpers and cowering about the impending doom. Shit, there nothing I can do. They have guns.

Rachel reaches out her hand and grip the air. The time freezes, but so much energy is being used, and she can’t even move an inch or even move her eyes.

Rachel releases her hand, allowing time to flow. She turns to Chloe and tries again. Time freezes again, but she still can’t even move. It almost like she looking out her body through her mind’s eye, if even such a thing exists. She releases her hand. “Shit, I don’t know what to do. Something bad is going to happen..”

Chloe looks back with raised eyebrow and a not-very-amused face. “Listen, if you want a payback grope. You can have as much of that as you want. Just don't do your-” Chloe squints her eyes, and points her finger at Rachel’s raised hand. “whatever Cop-A-Feel in the air, Tai Chi shit again. You're scaring me.” It must look very weird to Chloe, when Rachel is going around, reaching her hand out, not knowing she is actually freezing time.

Rachel shakes her head. “Chloe this isn’t good.”

Chloe’s face became more serious. “Hey, are you okay?”

Can I save her? Rachel looks over at Chloe with a frown. She does not deserve this.

Instead, something else happens. Maxine begins coughing. She is hacking very hard, grasping her chest. Rachel is stunned with this, since this is completely unexpected. I guess she has already been changing the future by not shoving Chloe away.

This is different, this didn’t happen.

Uncertain what to do in this situation, Chloe lifts Maxine up, so she is sitting upright.

Like deja vu, a series of gunshots again break the calm night of the city.

Chloe looks back immediately, still holding onto Maxine. “Shit! Rachel, can you please hold Maxine up like this?” Rachel sits down right besides Chloe, grabbing Maxine.

Chloe releases Maxine onto Rachel. “I’ll be right back. I need to check it out and make sure my dad is alright.” She gets up on her feet and proceeds to hop off the truck bed.

Shit, no!

Rachel with her other hand, grabs on to Chloe’s arm. The force of Chloe’s momentum, causes Rachel to fall backward, with Maxine's body landing on top of her, causing her to cough even more.

Chloe looks over her shoulder. “What are you doing? Keep her upright, she going to choke. Let go of me.”

Rachel begins crying. “No Chloe, I can’t let go of you. Please you can’t go. You’re going to get shot.”

Chloe takes her warning lightly. “I’ll be careful. I have to make sure my dad is alright.” She shrugs Rachel with force, causing her to release her grip and fall back on to the truck bed, and Maxine to fall on her side. Chloe gives one last look back, “Take care of her.” Her words echoes deep into Rachel’s spine. She is saying her farewell.

“No! Get back”, Rachel tries to pull herself up while holding onto Maxine.

Maxine shrugs away from Rachel. She stops coughing. “I’m fine...go stop her.”.

Rachel looks at Maxine, who is hunched over and breathing has stabilized. And she is able to keep herself up.

“Maxine!...I’ll be right back.” Rachel hops up and dash as fast as she can after Chloe, who already have a head start and out of sight.

Rachel desperately screams out loud as she can. “Chloe! Please stop! I beg of you!” She has never shouted this loud before in her life. She turns the corner and sees Chloe. She is about half way into the alleyway, hunched over and huffing and puffing. She stopped after hearing Rachel's agonizing screams.

“Rachel…” She slows down to catch her breath. “Go back to Maxine…” She waves Rachel in an irritable way, to scoot her away.

Rachel runs up to her quickly and wraps her arms around her. “She is alright. But you’re not…” Rachel’s heavy puff of breath pushes against Chloe’s neck.

“Rachel, I need to go check. It’s my dad!” Chloe bites her lower lips, trying to shove Rachel away. But Rachel snaps back, actually headbutting her but with mild amount of force. She presses even closer to her.

“Stop it Chloe. He’s already dead. You will be too, if you go to him.” Rachel says it in a firm voice, but deep down inside she is cursing herself internally for saying that.

The color drains from Chloe’s face, after hearing Rachel’s words. Her eyebrow lowers and her lips thin to a line. “ could you say something like that?”

There is no going back, now. Rachel mutters under her warm breath. “I just had a vision, Chloe...” Rachel couldn’t follow up to her sentence, as she is at a loss for words. She squeezes Chloe closer, and press the side of her face into her’s.

There is no reason for Chloe to believe Rachel's words. But hearing that is very demoralizing, given the circumstances. Sorrow slowly fills into Chloe. She gives a pitiful attempt to shove Rachel asides, digging her nails into the back of Rachel’s neck. Her strength is dwindling down from the grief filling her, and Rachel’s tight grip. Chloe turns her face slightly towards Rachel, whose face still pressed against hers. “You’re messed up,” she says in a mixture tone of despair and anger. Rachel gently nods her head in agreement. Chloe squeezes her eyes tight, as tears drip down her face. “I can’t leave him… all alone.”

She presses her head even closer into Rachel’s. Her body is becoming off balanced but Rachel continues to hold onto her body more firmly.

Cars screeches away in the distant from where the gunshots appear to come from. We will never find out who the murderers are. But we are safe, for now. Rachel says softly to her ears, “You will be fine.”

No, you won’t be fine.

Chapter Text

Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay Police Station

October 13th, 2013 4:43 PM

The afternoon rays seeps through the blinds to be washed out by the cold fluorescent lighting of the police station. Max and Kate is sitting on a bench in the somberness hallway. The police has not shown Max the bodies yet, but the identification cards on their body confirms it is her parents. Max’s eyes were puffy and exhausted from this entire afternoon. Now, she is waiting patiently to be called up to see the bodies of her parents. She lost her best friend, and now her parents are gone as well. To lose just about everything that mattered to you in a span of little over a week.

When her mother texted Max at 7:46 AM, both of their parents were driving in their car with a smile on their face, with joy and hope marking the start of a wonderful week with their only daughter. Then the one that Max called at 12:38 PM, the one that went straight to the voice mail. She called it, when her mom's phone was being placed in the collection bag in the paramedic vehicle, right next to the body bags of her mother and father.

The thought about it is terrifying, when you think about it that way.

Max’s parents actually made quite a bit of progress getting to Arcadia Bay, the traffic must have cleared up. They were around 40 miles away from Arcadia Bay before the accident happened near Cannon Beach.

Max cannot look at her phone right now without a chill of fear, in her spine. The call at 12:38 PM will forever remind her about her parent’s death. And what about those calls that Max received? Were they real? Was she hearing the spirits of her parents talking to her? Or perhaps, Max’s power has evolved to some unknown magnitude.

Max reaches into her a bag, shuffling around the contents inside it, then finally pull out a photo. It is the photo of the blue butterfly that she took in the restroom, right before Chloe’s death. Max gives an empty stare into the picture, but carefully shifting her eyes to the side to avoid focusing too much, and actually jumping into the photo and reliving that terrible experience again. Ironically, the photo is also the chance to remove all the pain in her world at the same time.

Kate shifts her attention to Max, leaning closer to her, draping her dark blue cardigan onto her. She examines the picture Max is holding and looks back, observing her facial expression. Kate recognize it is the photo that Max took right before Chloe’s death.

Max grips on the photo tightly, and leans back to looks up to the ceiling biting her lower lips to avoid accidentally dropping any tears onto the picture.

Kate leans her head onto Max’s shoulder, and wraps her arm around her. “Max, there was nothing you can do.” Kate knows her words doesn’t have any effect on Max. It didn’t earlier, but she continues. “Nathan had a gun, and they also believed he was under the influence, as well.”

Max tilts her head, pressing her face into Kate’s hair bun, rubbing off some of the lingering drop of tears in the corner of her eyes. “Kate, this photo was only taken over a week ago. Chloe, and my parents were alive-” Max’s voice cracks, causing her to end her sentence prematurely. Kate can feel the despair and emptiness in Max’s body. “I wish I can go back to that moment,” she says slowly, “That moment… and somehow change something.” Max manages to finish before stuttering in her own breath. I feel like I’m about to have a mental collapse. I really need to tell someone...maybe...Kate? Will she believe me?

The uncomfortable silence is broken by the vibration coming from Kate’s phone, easing the tension briefly. She reaches over to the side, and brings it to her lap. “Sorry, I need to check this Max.”

Max lifts her head slowly from Kate’s hair, causing a few locks of hair to break off from her bun. “It’s fine.” She sniffs to clear her nose.

Kate opens her phone to see that she received a new text message.

Mom: “The pastor just called me and told me about this video. You have brought shame to our family. We’ll pray for you and expect you to pray for forgiveness.” (4:38 PM)

Kate shuts off the phone, dipping her head down. She was going to hide the phone away but she sees Max already saw it before she could turn it off. “The video? Kate...How did it get uploaded?”

Kate’s voice is barely audible. “I have no idea.” Kate knows Max cares for her very much, and didn’t want to put anymore stress than she already has.

“Did Victoria do this?” says Max, the abrupt anger briefly removes the sadness in her tone. She did do it in the other timeline. Even though Jefferson and Nathan is arrested now, would she sink to such low level?

Kate brushes her nose. “I don’t know. Max, please don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

“Max, I’m living in a nightmare and I can’t wake up.” Kate’s words from that other timeline sends cold chills into Max. She was able to save Kate, but only by using her power. Could using her power, create another storm? Chloe is dead, so is her parents. She cannot let Kate follow them.

A set of footsteps approach them, causing them to both look up to see a police officer holding a folder full of documents. “Miss Caulfield? I’m Officer Berry.”

Max gives a slow nod, not quite ready to hear what the police officer is going to say next.

The officer responds back with a nod. “I’m sorry for your loss. We have fully recovered the car wreckage from the highway and currently investigating with the local authority in the city of Cannon Beach. In a few minutes, their bodies will be ready for viewing. You can choose to opt out, if you want.”

Max shakes her head without changing much facial expression. “I’ll go see them.” She puts the photo of the blue butterfly back safely into her bag. Though I'm not entirely sure, if I can do this…

The officer looks back at Max with a sigh, almost wanting Max to opt out. He, then turns to walks away.

Kate lowers her head, fidgeting on her phone. “Max, I haven’t told anyone about...any of this. I’m the only one that knows. Not sure if anyone looks or read the news.”

Max responds nonchalantly. “It’s fine. I don’t want too many people knowing about this.”

Kate nods calmly and reaches over to bring her bag onto her lap, and begins playing with the strap of the bag. “I have the...abstinence stand tomorrow.” She says it with almost a hint of shame in her voice. Max looks over at Kate, sensing the lack of enthusiasm in her tone. “I’ve been trying to ignore everything that happened...umm, last week. And be closer with my faith.” She shakes her head in disappointment. “But this video…”

Max looks down, scratching her arm nervously. She knows things are going to go south. She’s just hoping people are more sympathetic with Nathan drugging her and being abused by Mark Jefferson. But there is going to be assholes and bullies like Logan or Zachary, bent on putting people down. “What time are you doing the stand?”

Kate looks up at the clock right ahead of them, “At 10 in the morning, it is in the Blackwell Hallway.” She looks over at Max. “I know you said you wanted to help when we had our tea date, but you don’t have to do it. Please.”

Max looks at Kate, but couldn’t focus on her. My mind has been an absolute wreck today. Plus I have to coordinate with my relatives and the funeral director the day after. Max buries her head into her hands. But Kate...The abstinence stand is something important to her. But I’m afraid she is going to get picked on, especially after that video. I have to be there for her. She says, through her hands. “Kate, I uh-...No, I would like to help out.”

Kate puts her hand up, “Max...Please don’t bother with me.” Kate didn’t want to say anything more, like bring up Chloe and her parent’s deaths again.

Max’s heart is pounding hard, making her a little dizzy. “No, I want to be there for you.” Max deeply cares about Kate, and she wants to be proactive with everything, and not be too late to make things right. She cannot rely on her powers. Because she can’t, this time.

Kate looks down, shaking her head. “Max, I appreciate it. But what have I done to deserve this? You don’t have to do that.”

Max rubs the back of head, to perhaps, relieve this sensation in her brain, “By being the most kind person in this entire school. Really, Kate. I would like to help out. Or at the very least, be there for you. I know it means alot to you. It’ll take my mind off some stuff.”

Kate reaches in and gives Max a quick hug. She, then reaches the back of Max’s head, and massaging with some force. “Does this feels better?”

Max closes her eyes, and lets out a soft laugh, “Yes. Thanks, Kate.”

Max reaches into her bag, while Kate is still massaging her head. Kate’s eyes follows her hand to see Max pulling out another photo.

It is the photo of when Max and Chloe sporting some pirate gear for Max’s 12th birthday. Max stares on with a smile. If I’m careful to not change anything, could I...see them just one more time? In reality, it may just prolong the pain even longer, and possibly disrupt the future again.

Kate, still giving the massage, gently rest her head onto Max’s head, admiring the picture. “That’s a cute picture of you two.” Max is silent, staring at the picture. Not even her breath can be heard, but Kate can feel her trembling a bit. Kate inches her head over, close to Max’s forehead, pressing her lips into her head. “Max, what's wrong?” Still no response from her. Kate stops massaging, and leans in to take a look at Max’s face. Her eyes were rolled up, like she is in some sort of trance. Her face is trembling softly, “Max!”, she cries in a desperate tone. Kate looks around, seeing if there is anyone nearby, that can help.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Police Station

August 24th, 2016 3:25 AM

Chloe and Rachel were sitting in the back of the police cruiser, being taken away from the scene to be brought into the station for some questioning. Both Chloe and Rachel had their own cars, but the police insisted it is safer to transport both of them.

Earlier, it was a heartbreaking scene to watch. The looks of Chloe, when she first saw the corpse of her father. She had trouble accepting that he was dead, as this was her first tragedy she ever suffered. The police surrounded the area and is still currently investigating it. Maxine, was taken to the hospital to be monitored. Rachel really wanted to join Maxine, but the police asked if she could accompany Chloe, instead. They probably needed to ask some questions from the only witnesses. Even though Rachel can’t say too much, unless she starts telling the police she can reverse time, and somehow they believe her.

Chloe, just lost her father, which is a pain that is very familiar with Rachel and still haunts her from time to time. To hear the news and how horrifying it was to see your mother collapse mentally, after receiving that phone call.

Rachel’s father Bradley worked with the Prescott’s, in their construction sector. They wanted to construct a new bunker in Arcadia Bay. There were protests about it being on an ancient Indian burial ground. The Prescotts, of course ignored their warning and continue on with it.

Some reason, you would think there is regulation or inspectons that is required to approved. Or they are bought out by the Prescotts or too scared to do anything with them. There were bones and remains dugged up from this construction. This was kept as a secret among the company. At the time, Bradley told this to his wife Elizabeth only, of the horrids of being part of the project. Rachel was kept away from this fact until much later. Bradley, really wanted to skip out of this project because it was inhumane, and sensed a bad omen.

Well into the digging process, a thunderstorm came out of nowhere to Arcadia Bay. Bringing lots of rain and high gust winds. There was a cave-in in the digging process before all the workers could be evacuated. The cave-in trapped two people, which was Bradley and another person named Samuel.

No rescue team was immediately sent in for them because of the increasingly dangerous weather. No one was willing to risk their lives.

After the weather died away the next day, they could not find their bodies at all. You would think there was some technology that was capable of detecting their bodies. But nothing at all. There were rumors that the ancient spirits were disrupting their technology from finding the bodies.

Few months later, the Prescotts officially cancelled the project, closing off the complete tunnel. Rachel and her mother cried very hard that night because it was the final confirmation that they would never find her father’s body.

Among all the chaos and protest happening on the construction site, Rachel found a single blue feather in the dirt. She picked it up and cherished it ever since, and made it to an earring that she wore on her right ear. She believed her father’s spirit escaped safety, and needs to be guided by her.



In the late hours, the hallways of the police station were quiet, echoing the footsteps of the two girls and the police officer that is leading them. There weren’t as many officers in the station at this time. Not like there were too many police officers in Arcadia Bay to begin with.

Rachel looks over at Chloe, who seems preoccupied with something else, more than just her father’s death. The shock of that is slowly going away, as she seems like she pondering about something else. Rachel reaches over to wrap her arm around her waist.

Chloe looks back at Rachel, with an absence of affection in her red, puffy eyes. Rachel recoils slightly and releases her arm.

The police officer opens the door to let both Rachel and Chloe into the room. It looks like an interrogation room. There is a table in the middle with four chairs, and an officer already in the room.

“Come sit down.” The police officer give a hand gesture for Chloe and Rachel to sit in the chairs in front of him.

Rachel and Chloe sits down in the chairs, without any words.

“My name is Officer Berry. I’ll be handling this case.”



The discussion with the officer and the two girls, went for a while, but of course not very eventful. Just lots of ‘Uh huh’ from the officer, and nothing of interest. They don’t have any leads at all. Not sure if it from the Prescotts family, some street thugs, or some rivals of the Prescotts, if such of a thing even exists.

It has been uncomfortable for Rachel to be next to Chloe. She would give absentminded stares towards Rachel from time to time. Almost like she giving a jab to her, purposely striking some tension in the air.


Rachel gets up from the table, rudely and begins pacing back and forth. The police officer looks at her with a confused look, but then continues on with their discussion.

A glimmer of light pulls Rachel’s attention to the back of the dimly lit room. She walks towards the light, and it expands into a larger field, similar to the one earlier, where she used to enter to warp back into it.

Rachel looks back, and only sees Chloe keeping an eye at her with bold eyes. But she is completely unaware of this rift in this room. Rachel looks back and takes a peek in it. It is the same interrogation room that she is in. There is a different police officer in this room, and instead of Chloe, there's Maxine. This power, I would really like to understand this.

Curious, Rachel carefully steps into the rift.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Police Station

October 10th, 2013 3:27 PM

Rachel appears in this different version of the same interrogation room, but the people are different. The rift that Rachel came from is still there, but Rachel is eager to see what is going on in this area.

The police officer isn’t Officer Berry or the police officer that guided Rachel through the police station. This guy had a much more mean look, and completely shaved head. Maxine looks about the same, except she has shorter hair, wearing a purple cardigan, and striped shirt and white jeans. Rachel steps slowly towards them, as if she didn’t want to be noticed. Not like they will notice her.

Maxine is very upset. She is speaking through her tears, fingers trembling. “I really don’t know how-”

The police officer interrupts her. “You don’t know how you killed your best friend?” He lifts his hand, as if he is examining it in a smug fashion. He, then begins tapping his fingers in a rhythmic motion, creating an annoying clicking sound with his fingernails. Max became silence, besides her sniffing to clear her nose from time to time. “Funny, I see the IV machine was set to 11.” The officer looks back at Maxine, showing no sign of empathy to her. “A morphine overdose. I doubt a damn crippled can do that to herself.”

Rachel looks on with confusion. Maxine, killed me with an overdose? Is this the future or an alternate reality?

Maxine pleas more desperately. “No, I know I did that...I-I don’t know what to say. I-...I just felt... bad for her.” Maxine couldn’t talk anymore, as her throat becomes too tight to speak.

The police gets up to his desk and approaches her from the side, walking past Rachel. Again, still no sign of empathy from his posture or tone. “You will rot in prison. Her parents see that it’ll go that way. And that you go to hell for it.”

Maxine covers her face with both of her hands, sobbing immensely. “William...Joyce...I’m so sorry.”

Rachel’s mouth dropped slightly with confusion. That’s not my parent’s name. She looks at the police officer with a furious glare. “Back the fuck up”. Of course the officer cannot hear Rachel’s words, and he continues to stare down at Maxine.

The police officer lowers her head, to be at the same level as Maxine. “Did she tell you anything else?”

The door opens behind them with a loud force, grabbing all of their attentions.

“Officer Marshall”, the police officer that opens the door, give a cautious look at Maxine through his sunglasses. “We have to step down for a little bit. We got the -” He nods his head like giving a subliminal message. This officer is wearing aviator glasses, even though he is indoor, you can see there a large scar across his face. Must have took a large cut from a knife, or something.

Nathan Prescott appears right behind the police officer at the door. Rachel’s eyes widen in surprise, her mouth opening slightly. What is he doing here? Nathan is wearing a white polo shirt with a light blue cardigan on top of it and jeans. His facial expression is soft, yet very uneasy.

The officer pushes himself off the table, causing the table to slide, making that irritating sound. Apparently his name is Officer Marshall, going by what the other officer called him. He gives a quick smirk to Max and smugly walk towards the door. Nathan pulls away slightly to let him out. The officer at the door, looks at Nathan and gives him a hand gesture for him to come in.

Nathan looks at him with a cold stare but couldn’t maintain it against the officer empowering stance, and walks into the room. Another young woman, with short blond hair, parted to the side, follows right behind him. The police officer closes the door behind them, leaving them alone.

The woman approaches Maxine and wrapping her arms around her shoulder. “Max, I miss you.” She lets go the hug, to give Maxine a kiss on her lips.

Rachel crosses her arm, appalled about the sight of her best friend kissing this blond woman. So Maxine is with this bitch?

Maxine, still very startled from everything, didn’t respond to the kiss with much affection. Instead, she holds onto the woman’s hand. “Victoria, I miss you too.” She brings hand up closer to her face, and kisses it. “I’m so scared.” Maxine’s voice is shaking, and she presses her face into her hand.

So the girl’s name is Victoria... Rachel eyes Victoria up and down. She has on very fancy clothes. The type of clothing that only see people wears in those snobby TV shows. You can tell she comes from a wealthy family like Nathan’s. Rachel is not fond of her, as she seems very pretentious person. Even worse, why is Maxine kissing her?

Maxine’s tilts her head back, turning towards Nathan. Victoria gently lets go of Maxine to her stand up to give Nathan a hug.

Rachel is feeling nausous, almost wanting to vomit. I regret coming here. This is a nightmare. I want out!

“I-I” Maxine’s voice cracks. “I killed Chloe.” Maxine begins to sob loudly. “I killed my best friend who I haven’t seen.”

Rachel stares in confusion. What is this? So Chloe is your best friend here? Is this the future? Or a different timeline? Rachel looks down, as she has also has some sympathy with Chloe. She killed Chloe, with a morphine overdose…Also, why am I not at all mentioned so far? Jealousy begins seething within Rachel.

“I’m sorry Max.” Nathan tightens his grip around her body slightly. “Your best friend’s parents doesn’t seem like they want to press any charges.” He presses the side of his face into Maxine’s short hair. “They really love you, Max.”

Maxine pulls her head slightly away. “W-what? No, they’re mad at me.” She shakes her head in disagreement with Nathan.

Victoria holds onto Maxine from behind, burying her head against Maxine’s back. “No, they’re not mad at you. They know Chloe told you to do what you did. And they understand it was a difficult decision for you to back away from.”

The officer must have said it to try and intimidate Maxine. Typical scumbags you expect from the police.

Nathan takes a step back, staring deep into Maxine’s eyes with sympathy. “Max, I’m sorry to tell you but your friend’s parents are in big trouble. They are hundred of thousands in the red. The cost of keeping their daughter alive-...Uh even if it was a short amount of time, was insane. And they’re going to lose their home.”

Maxine's body pulls back. “W-wha? They’re going to lose their house?” Maxine struggles to talk, as it just seems like a barrage of bad news, one after another. Even though Rachel is not fully understand what is going on, even she begins to feel the pain Maxine is suffering, by looking at her face. She barely manages to continue, “They are the nicest people in this world. They don’t deserve this at all.”

Nathan looks over at Victoria, who is still hugging Maxine from behind. “Max, don’t worry about them. I’ll take care of it.” Maxine turns her body around, causing Victoria to also pulls away to look at Nathan. “I’ll pay off their bills.”

Maxine’s eyes widen. “No Nathan.” She lunges forward, grabbing his arm. “Don’t do it. You can’t do this. We only met not too long ago. You can’t be this generous.”

Nathan shakes his head, “It is just a drop in a bucket for my family.”

Maxine tugs on the sleeve of his cardigan some more, “I appreciate it. I really do, but no, you can’t.”

Nathan looks off to the side, staring off to the distant, and gathering his thoughts. “Max, I’ve been going to therapy sessions for my problems. And those are very expensive. Of course I’m able to pay for it. But for your friend, who really needed help. These money hungry assholes...the only thing they really care about, is your money. They don’t actually care about you.”

Maxine gently lets go of his sleeves, looking down. “Nathan…”

Nathan turns back to Maxine, holding on both of her arms. “Your friend’s dad, sacrificed everything for her daughter. He knew he going to lose his home, his money and everything he ever owned in his life. Just for her daughter to live a little bit longer. I really do admire that Max. I really do.” Nathan lets go of her arms, and pinches his own nose. His voice cracks, “I know my father will never do what your friend’s father did, for me. He never will.”

Maxine wraps her arms around Nathan, giving him a kiss on his cheeks.

Nathan backs away, like he didn’t need any sympathy. “This Officer Marshall...he is very corrupt. Even though he is money hungry and paid him off, I still can’t trust the guy.”

Rachel stares on, surprised with Nathan’s kind heartedness. But everything that happens here, has to be taken with a considerable amount of doubt. She rolls her eyes and walks back towards the rift. She didn’t want to see anymore of this. She feels empty in this timeline, not at all even mentioned. Like she is forgotten, and faded away like a memory.

Rachel looks back at the rift still there. She sees herself, the police officer and Chloe in the room. And she steps through again.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Police Station

August 24th, 2016 3:47 AM

“Ma’am?” Rachel feels a touch on her shoulder. She turns around and see Officer Berry. Chloe is also looking straight at her, with a curious look.

Rachel snaps out of it, brushing her hair. “Sorry, I was just spacing out.”

“Uh-yeah you were.” Officer Berry nods in agreement. “But we are finished. So you are free to go.” He gives a hand gesture towards the door.

Chloe and Rachel walks out the interrogation room. Outside waits lady with blond hair, sitting at the bench outside. Her eyes were little puffy.

“Mom…” Chloe runs up and throw herself to her. The tears now comes out again, silently.

“Honey…” she holds Chloe tight, she attempts a smile with her mouth, but her eyes didn’t bother. Her mother is mute with her tongue, as there is probably no words that can be said at this moment. They’re both shocked and devastated. There is just silence with the exception of Chloe softly sobbing into her.

Rachel tips her nose up, getting a better look at the woman. “Joyce?”

The woman looks up from Chloe, “Rachel?” They both knew each other, because Rachel works part time at the Two Whales Diner, and Joyce is a veteran waitress there. Chloe digs her fingers into her mother’s light jacket, holding onto her mother even more tight, and not giving her a chance to approach Rachel. “Were you with Rachel?”

Rachel walks closer, looking at Chloe. She didn’t want to look back, completely ignoring Rachel. “Yeah, I was with her. I didn’t know she is your daughter.” Rachel pulls back, glancing back and forth between Joyce and Chloe, sensing her welcome is already expired. “I’ll let you two be.” Rachel murmurs under her breath, and walks away. Rachel didn’t even offer any condolences to her.

“Uh...bye Rachel.” Joyce waves at Rachel awkwardly, then looks back down at Chloe.

Rachel hurries down the hallway and turns around the corner to be out of sight from them. She backs into the wall and slides down slowly, until her butt crashes into the floor. She presses her hands into her head, scratching her forehead and hair.

It has been a long night. She needs some time to herself, and it been mentally exhausting. Chloe’s father just got murdered. Rachel saved Chloe with her new time travel powers, but now Chloe is being weird to her. In the other rift or timeline, Chloe and Maxine are best friends. But Maxine kills her with a morphine overdose. Why would Maxine do that? And there is this Victoria, which seems to be a lover of Maxine. And Nathan, which still a rich punk, seems like a half decent person. The most disturbing thing out of all that, is not even a mention of Rachel. Her existence isn’t even acknowledged at all in it, given how close she is with Maxine. That’s very fucked up. It should be totally different timeline, but Rachel have a feeling it is connected to this one. She has to prevent this timeline from becoming like the other timeline.

“What are you doing?” A calm, yet fierce tone, causes Rachel’s body to flinch, almost hopping up from the ground. Rachel shows her face behind her hands, seeing Chloe standing right up next to her, looking down at her with a fierce look. It is just her, Joyce isn’t there beside her.

Rachel attempts to get up, but falls back down because her knees were being pressed back by Chloe’s legs, who isn’t willing to bulge to give her space to get up. Rachel looks up at Chloe, “Can you please move?” What the hell is wrong with her? Chloe stares back with the same expression. She listens, and takes a small step back with each foot, given Rachel barely enough space to stand up.

Rachel lets out a frustrated sigh, and slowly stands up. Before she stands all the way up, Chloe sharply steps forward, grabbing both of Rachel’s arms, and thrusting her back into the wall. Rachel lets out a hiss of pain silently, from the impact of the back of her head. Her eyes partially opened, “What is your damn problem?”

Chloe’s eyes were filled with anger but they were some tears in them. “You know something.”

Rachel looks at both of Chloe’s hands, who is firmly grasping at her arms. “I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

Chloe leans her head closer, puffing out warm, fierce breath onto Rachel. “You started to act strange all of the sudden, then you started to kiss me. You really went all out to try and stop me from helping my father. And knowing he is already-.” Chloe stops, weakening her look as her throat feels too thick to speak. She weakens her grasp at Rachel’s arms, but Rachel doesn’t shrug it off, yet.

Seeing Chloe’s emotions, brings back memories of how Rachel felt when she was younger, when her father died. “Chloe,” Rachel says in a soft, sympathetic voice. “I know I didn’t say the right thing. I really was scared for your life.”

Chloe drops her arms to her sides, releasing Rachel’s arms. She looks away, her bangs dangling loosely over her forehead. “Thanks. But…” She swallows to clear her throat. “I- can’t trust you anymore.”

Rachel thinks for a moment, if she needs to tell Chloe about her secret or not. She really wants to find out who killed Chloe’s father. There is a good chance maybe the people that drugged and possibly raped Maxine were involved as well. Rachel slowly leans her body towards Chloe, and mutters quietly. “I do have something to tell you. But I can’t tell you here.”

Chloe turns back towards Rachel, lazily, like she is too tired to hear anymore emotional and painful news. “What do you mean?”

Rachel eyes the corner of the hallway, then back to Chloe. “I don’t trust the police.”

Chloe looks at the corner, as well, where Rachel was looking at, and then back. “Rachel, please don’t do anything else to fuck with me.”

Rachel picks up Chloe's hands and holds onto it. “I know. My father died. And those…” Her tone becomes more toxic. “Fuckers, didn’t even bother finding his body. So there an empty grave of his. So I know a bit about not wanting people to fuck me over.”

Chloe's eyebrow lowers, thinking that Rachel also went through the same hell she is going through. She drops her hands, and reach in to give Rachel, a hug. “I-I’m sorry, Rachel.”

Rachel closes her eyes, welcoming her warm embrace, as she is vulnerable like her. “No…” She gently pushes Chloe away, dipping her head down. “I’ll give you Maxine’s number…She will want to talk to you. And you should talk to her, too.” She looks down at Chloe’s pockets. “I’ll punch it in your phone.”

Chloe nods softly, and reaches into her pocket to pull out her phone. She unlocks the phone, and hands it over to Rachel, who takes the phone and punches in Maxine’s phone number and hands it back. Chloe looks at her phone again, “Can you give me your number, too?”

Rachel smiles back, taking the phone back and entering her number as well. She gives the phone back to Chloe. “Chloe, I’m going to help you. And- if you see this Officer Marshall person, be careful around him”

Chloe looks confused, “I-I don’t think I’ve dealt with that guy, or at least the officers that gave me their name. Why Rachel?”

Rachel looks at Chloe’s phone. “Just avoid him for now. And Chloe…” She looks back at Chloe. She hesitates, pressing her front teeth into her bottom lips. “Please don’t tell Maxine, that I…” Rachel flutters her eyes slowly, “That I kissed you.”

Chloe nods slowly almost automatically, but there weren’t any agreement in her expression. Rather, there were just some minor confusion. Maybe it was one of those things that is probably best not to say since it not a big deal. “Rachel…” She closes her eyes. “Okay.”

Rachel senses the dissatisfaction in Chloe’s tone. Chloe knows Rachel has an interest in Maxine, so it could cause an issue if she found out. Rachel changes the subject to say goodbye, “I’ll see you around, Chloe. Be there for your mother.”

Chloe nods her head, and pulls away to walk back to the direction of Joyce.

Rachel sighs, and walk towards the lobby area. If Maxine finds out though, it can be a big deal. She thinks about what Maxine would do. If she had any feelings for Rachel, she going to get upset and hate her for that. And maybe make it easier for her to leave Rachel forever.

All of a sudden, a glimmer of light appears reflecting off the walls in the lobby. And like before, a distortion appears in the lobby area. Not this shit again. Still curious, Rachel approaches the rift to see what image is in it. Maxine, again with short hair, has her head down, looking very sad. There is a new blond girl next to her, that Rachel has never seen. Maybe I can get more information, though. To prevent this timeline from happening. Ugh, fuck curiosity killed the cat.

She enters the rift.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Police Station

October 13th, 2013 4:41 PM

Maxine and this blond girl that wears her hair in a bun were sitting in a bench. She looks like she could be going to a private church school, given her outfit. Both of their eyes were puffy, like they were crying not too long ago.

Rachel walks right up next to Maxine, and sits down in the floor in front of her. She scoots in closer, until she is basically up to Maxine’s legs. She observes Maxine, and noting what she is wearing. A gray hoodie jacket, and pink t-shirt and jeans. You’re much less fashionable in this timeline or whatever. Though, you do still look pretty nice with short hair, Maxine.

Maxine pulls out a photo from her bag, causing Rachel to rises up to leans over by her shoulder. It is a picture of a blue butterfly. Interesting...I saw a blue butterfly during the time stop sequence. Could it be related? There is a strange energy pulsating from it, almost like the butterfly is actually moving in the photo.

Maxine’s friend phone vibrates, breaking the tension, and deterring Rachel’s attention.

Rachel looks at this new girl. Is this Maxine’s new girlfriend now? She seems cute and very sweet, actually. Rachel looks down disappointed, wondering if she also exists in this timeline. Why is Maxine with all these other people, and not her. It is a depressing to see your best friend to be no longer your best friend or even mentioned at all. It almost like, not being destined to be together. Which is the biggest fear of Rachel, that one day Maxine will just abandon her.

Rachel isn’t paying attention to Max and the blond girl, as they seems to be preoccupied with something on their phone. It seems like time stops when I enter to these rifts. I guess I can have some time to just collect my thoughts on what happened today.

This power that Rachel has. She needs to use it to find out about everything. Once she knows everything, she can find out the murderers of Chloe’s father, and the ones that drugged Maxine. There are no mentions of Rachel or Chloe in this world. Rachel thinks about Chloe’s words, “you can always make things right in the future”. It is true, and Rachel will do it. She just needs to identify everything about these world and do the opposite of it. So no Victoria, or this cinnamon bun girl from entering Maxine’s life.

A voice talks over Rachel, while she is hunches over. “I’m sorry for your loss. We have fully recovered the car wreckage from the highway and currently investigating with the local authority in the city of Cannon Beach. In a few minutes, their bodies will be ready for viewing...”

Rachel looks back at Maxine. Car wreckage? Did Maxine’s parents die? So this makes sense. my vision were true. So she went to Blackwell Academy in this one? And these are her classmates? Rachel feels a sense of dread in her. She cannot say any of this to the real Maxine, or she will feel obligated to go back to her parents again.

The other Maxine opens her bag and pulls out another photo in there.

Rachel peeks over. It is a photo of Max and...Chloe? Yep, of course, she is here! Seriously, fuck you Chloe. Looks like when they were younger, sporting pirate gear. Maxine looks on it with a smile.

In contrast, Rachel looks at the picture with envy. That is supposed to be fucking me. This is ridiculous! Where the fuck am I? Rachel’s expression soften as she senses a strong energy that radiates from the photo. Or at least from the photo when Maxine looks at it.

Rachel leans over, to get a better view of the photo, and places her hand on Maxine’s shoulder.

The sound of the whirling train kicks in all of the sudden, freezing the time around them. Rachel looks deeply at the photo and reaches for it.

The world around them starts dissolving...

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant

September 22th, 2007 7:47 PM

“You two are so adorable,” the photographer peeks away from the camera with a grin. “The picture will be ready soon. You can return back to your table, we will deliver it back to table…” The photographer leans back, looking at a white card that is clipped on her camera. “Table 12...” She does a double take on the shorter brunette. “Oh, how funny. It is your 12th birthday, and you’re table 12.” She lets out a dumb, hearty chuckle.

Max’s eyes widen in shock, looking back and forth. She feels an arm grips her lower waist and she looks over. Chloe?!? It is her younger self with the blond hair and wearing the pirate costume.

Chloe grins at the photographer, giving a nod, “Thanks lady!”.

Rachel looks at the photographer stepping away. She did not see me. So I’m still a ghost in this timeline. But where the fuck am I? She looks over and see she has her hand on Max’s shoulder, but not quite exactly, because her hand can pass through her body. Even though she can’t physically touch her, Rachel can sense Max’s fear, and her body trembling.

Max is trying her best to keep her cool, but she almost hyperventilating. Shit, did I accidentally jump into this photo? It didn’t even give me a warning this time. Her eyes scans desperately back and forth, like she is hoping for some solution.

Chloe looks at her with a puzzled look, and dips her head lower to observe Max. “Hey Chicken Max. Why are you shaking so much?” She grabs Max with both her arms.

Rachel takes a step back, observing everything, noting that they were both wearing the pirate outfits like in the picture. We jumped into the photo Maxine was holding. But not only that… Rachel takes a closer look at Max’s frightened look. I brought her back here, too.

Max gently pushes Chloe back. “Uh-h y-yeah...I’m fine.” She is trying to contain the shakiness in her voice. And at same time, trying to contain the overwhelming emotion of seeing her best friend alive again. Shit, I can’t change anything. I have to play it cool. “Let’s go back to eat?” Max says in the most fake, serious tone.

Chloe’s tilts her head, still skeptical. “Sure…Big Max.” She, then smiles and wrap her arms around Max, and walks off the photo set they were in. “Let’s go back and finish dinner.”

Both of them begins pacing back towards their table. There were many things going through Max’s mind. This isn’t like my photo jump at all. There is no photographic boundaries. I can walk anywhere I want.

Rachel pauses for a little bit. Trying to collect her thoughts so far in this area. This is in the past, of that timeline I was just in, where Chloe and Max are best friends. Rachel tucks her hand into her pockets, looking down at the ground. Even though these are alternate timelines, the more Rachel learns about this, the less hope she has for the future. Being all-knowing or omniscient, isn’t always a good thing. What can she do to make the future better? Or can she change the past? She never can directly affect the past, unless her body is physically there as well for her to take control.

She looks back up and dashes after the two pirates, as they all casually strolls through the small back hallways of the restaurant, and back into the loud bustling main restaurant area.

Chapter Text


Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant

September 22th, 2007 7:50 PM

The restaurant is filled with life; the waiters and waitresses all dressed up pirate themed, moving in the kitchen with empty cups with lingering foam, and empty plates smudged with left over greases and sauces. Then to come out, with trays that are packed with food like prime ribs, tri-tips, baked potatoes, and fries. The patrons were all loaded up on booze and being placed in a food coma like what you would possibly imagine how pirates lived back in the days.

The two girls, followed by Rachel, arrives back at the table, to join up with the rest of the others. It is both Max’s parents, Vanessa and Ryan. And Chloe’s parents, Joyce and William. They conclude their conversation prematurely and turn their attention to the two young girls, approaching the table.

“There the two pirates!” Ryan says in an sluggish, drunk voice, raising his cup of whiskey and ginger ale, like a total drunkard trying to give a toast.

“Calm down Ryan, you’re making a fool out of yourself, like usual. Let the princesses come back in.” Vanessa winks at two girls, pulling out the two empty chairs next to her from underneath the table.

Max stops in her path at the sight of her living mother and father. Chloe, gently presses her back, for her to resumes walking back to their seat. In addition, with not wanting to change anything drastically, she tries to keep a straight face as much as possible. She sits down at the open seat next to her mother, with almost pure silence. Like she is not supposed to interact or even look at her mother. Instead, she finds something to distract herself by taking off the eye-patch she is wearing, to put it in her pocket. Then again, maybe it is a better idea to keep the eye-patch on, so you can at least cover some of the emotions in that one eye. Chloe, sits down at the empty chair right next to Max.

Rachel crosses her arms, standing besides the table to eavesdrop. This is going to be interesting, I wish I got some popcorn. Rachel only knew Joyce, but very little, and there is a lot of friction between her and Max’s parents.

“Max, do you have the picture?” Joyce leans forward in the table, asking across the table.

Before Max can say anything, Chloe answers for her, “Mom, they said it’ll be ready in a little bit.”

“Well thanks, Max,” William teases her daughter, he stabs his fork into the small piece of the prime rib left on his plate, and put it into his mouth.

Max, finally turns over to her mother. She is feeling a little light-headed, perhaps this is too much all at once for her, and slowly getting used to this timeline. Her mom looks back smiling, and gently rubbing Max’s hand. “Mom, I love you, so much.” Max squeaks out barely, almost as if she not confident on how this version of her mother would react to it.

Her mother smiles becomes even greater. “I love you too, Maxine.” She dips her head and gives Max’s a peck at her cheeks.

Her mother’s kiss helps put ease into her mind, and finally clicks back some of these memories back to her. With some more confidence, she quickly wraps her arms around her mother, to give her a big hug. Tears of joy finally emerges from her eyes, but she continues to try and play it cool.

Vanessa looks down at the top of Max’s head, “See, you sometimes say you get embarrassed when I give you a hug in front of your friends.” She looks up to Chloe grinning, showing her teeth, teasing. “When you grow up, you are going to miss hugging your mother.”

Max buries her head deeper into her mother’s shoulder, almost want to bite her for saying such terrible statement, even though it is a complete joke. She wants to give back a swift joking reply, but she couldn’t. You’re right. I am going to miss hugging you, Mom. The silence remains, as Max struggles to contains her feelings, forcing to keep her head shrouded into her mother's shoulder.

Rachel steps closer to Max and Vanessa, getting a closer look at the mother-daughter bond. Shit, this must be absolutely heart breaking for Maxine.

Vanessa is flattered, but also surprised with Max’s persistent hug. Normally, Max would get a little embarrassed even with the smallest hug or affection with her parents in public, at least when she was getting older and approaching her pre-teens years. She gently pushes Max’s head away to get an up close look at her face, and sees her puffy eyes, and the tears in them. “You’re crying, honey.” Her voice became soft, and quiet, almost like a whisper to not humiliate the young brunette, in front of the others.

Max blinks to release the stubborn tears that were clinging in her eyes. “I’m-” Her throat were stuck and out of words. She pauses for a second, taking a few short breaths. Vanessa, reaches around her back and rubs it to calm her down. “I’m just happy.” She lets out a not very convincing smile, but it the best Max can pull out at this very moment.

She slowly turns to the rest of the table, with a little more confidence, and try to make it less awkward with the others. “I’m very happy you guys all celebrating my birthday.” Everyone smiles back, in response to Max’s short but touching statement. She turns back to look over at her father, who is sitting in a cramped seat on the other side of Vanessa. “Mommy, I want to give daddy a kiss.”

Her mom shifts her weight to the back of her chair, and leans back, “Oh sure, there isn’t much room. You want me to get out first?”

Max smiles, shaking her head profusely, “No it’s okay, maybe I can just slide over you.” Not wanting to give her mother some hassle of getting up from her seat.

Her mom, waves her hand over her lap, signalling Max to slide over her, “Sure of course, just slide over me.”

Max shifts the weight of her butt as gentle as she can, over her Mom’s lap to reach over to her father. For a moment, she thinks she has her larger 18 years old body, but she is tinier in this time. She reaches her father, sliding off her mother’s lap and into his. “Daddy!” He reeks of alcohol in his breath, but Max didn’t mind at all.

Her father is already sipping his whiskey and ginger ale. He quickly swallows, and puts down his drink, followed with a refreshing ‘Ahh’. He turns to her daughter, “Maxine!”

Max wraps her arms around her father, and kiss him in the cheeks. “I love you, Daddy!”

Her father chuckles. “You don’t want to be this close. Daddy’s breath stinks.” He disregards his own warning and gives a peck at Max’s cheeks, anyways.

“Dad, it’s okay!” Max grins. A mixture of joy and sadness, fills her body. “I love you, so much…” Her voices is barely audible, that she looks away, pressing her lips on the tip of her fingers. My dad is so silly, and loving person. I will...miss you.

Her father laughs, becoming more rowdy, “Max, when you turn 21. I’m going to take out to a Irish Pub and we can see who is the better drinker! Deal?”

Max’s body flinches slightly, with her father’s words. She shakes her head, but her father doesn’t notices it. Why did he have to say that? Instead of replying to him, Max tilts her head, pressing her forehead firmly into her father’s shoulder.

Vanessa talks over Max’s shoulder. “You idiot. Competing with a tiny girl in a drinking game.”

Ryan, barks in a friendly way back at Vanessa. “Oh shush. You can be our Double D, when we have too much fun.”

Vanessa tips her nose slightly up in the air, in a mischievous way, “People say 'DD'. Only a pervert like you will say 'Double D'. And hand me back Maxine, get your filthy paws off my beautiful princess.”

Ryan smiles back, raising her eyebrow, “Hey I’m calling you a Double D. Isn’t that a compliment?”

Vanessa snorts in a mockingly way, “Oh you quiet. Don’t confuse me for those ladies that you used to look at-” She interrupts herself, bursting into laughter. The rest of the table erupts in a small scattered laughter, except for Max, who remains quiet.

Ryan cracks up, holding one hand up, for her to stop, “Vanessa! Okay that’s too much, you gotta stop. How much did you have to drink?”

Vanessa tearing up from her laughs. “Actually I just had that only one drink, earlier. Which is even more bad, because I have no excuse. I’ll stop.” She presses both of her lips on some of her long wavy hair.

Chloe leans in closer to Vanessa, “Uncle Ryan, is so different when he is drinking.”

Vanessa turns around, smiling at Chloe. “Yeah, he becomes Uncle Stupid.” She turns her attention at William and Joyce. “We have to careful what we say around the girls.”

Smiling, Joyce chips in, “I think as long it is in all good fun. We are all having fun.”

William laughs, patting on top of Chloe’s head. “Yeah, it’s all good times. No worries.”

Vanessa looks at William and Joyce and nods in agreement. Then she turns back to Max, who still has her head down. “Maxine...are you okay?”

Max slowly pulls herself up, looking at her father with a small smile. She nods her head slightly, answering her mother, then kisses her father’s cheek, again. “I love you, Dad.” She repeats again calmly, ignoring the jokes her parents were exchanging earlier. She turns around, to head back to her seat, and having to pass through her Mom’s seat.

Vanessa raises her eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. Instead she pats on Max’s back, as she climbs over her lap back to her chair.

Rachel stares on, letting out a sigh. This is what I took away from her in my timeline. Her parents...She seems so full of life. I caused her to rebel against her parents, and to choose me over them. And for this timeline, it is a tragic to see that these two loving parents won’t be able to live that long of a life.

Max’s ears twitches a little bit, as if she senses something. Something is off about this reality, but she has no choice but to continue along with it. Does she have to live the next six years, without making a single change in her decision in life? The sound of it is awful, especially have to relive the death of Chloe and her parents.

Max looks to Chloe, with a grin. “Chloe…”

Chloe’s lips were pressed thin, curving upwards slightly, but there were some concerns in her eyes. “Maximus!” She forces out the enthusiasm.

Max hesitates with her hug with Chloe. I couldn’t save her. I saw her died, and just sat down in the corner, crying. All the sorrow and grief suddenly hits her fragile 12 year old body, as she breaks down into tears. She buries her face behind her hands.

Chloe reacts quickly, reaching in to give Max a hug and whispers into her ear, “Okay, tell me what’s going on Max? You can tell me anything.”

Max is barely audible, “Nothing…”

Rachel leans in to hear them better. Maxine and Chloe are best friends. Except Maxine seems happier with Chloe, than she is with me... Shit, am I overthinking it? She looks at Chloe, with a bubble of jealousy springing up.

Chloe is not satisfied with Max’s answer. “You’re lying, little Max.”

Max continues to cry into her Chloe’s shoulder. “I love all you guys. And…” She pauses, trying to calm her breathing to say the next part, but she couldn’t. So she continues, the best she can over her troubled breathing, “I love you, Chloe…” She grips Chloe’s body even tighter. “I love you, so much.” She repeats with more confidence.

Chloe bites her lower lips, with a frown face. “Max, you don’t even know what love is. I’m not even sure myself.”

Max sniffs, clearing her nose. “It’s true. But…” Max takes a deep breath, she leans her head closer to her. “I do know, I always want to be with you. I never ever want to let you down. All these adventures, there is only one person I want to do it with, and that is you. If you’re ever sad or lonely, I will always be there for you. And... And I want you to be there always with me.”

Chloe’s mouth opens slightly, and she grips Max even more. She didn't know what to say, and the joker in her wants to dodge this emotion as much as possible. “Max…I can’t handle this mushy...moment.”

Max’s throat is shaky. “It’s okay,” She releases Chloe, and looks at her in the face. She gives her a kiss on the cheek. Chloe is a little embarrassed, but then she smiles, and returns the favor of kissing Max back on the cheek.

Vanessa scratches her jawbone. “Wow, I’m crying.” She rubs off her eyes, to wipe some tears.

William agrees in a calm tone. “Yeah, very touching, Max.”

Max gets up and walk around Chloe’s chair to William. Rachel steps back instinctively, as if she is giving Max room to walk past her. Max gives William a hug and kiss. “Thanks William. Thanks for being such a great father to Chloe. You help make her into a strong and caring person.” Another person, that I watched him die. He left the front door, right into his death. I traded him to prevent Chloe from getting into that car accident.

William laughs, but replies in a calm tone. “Thank you Max for everything. You are very special to Chloe.” Chloe is covering her mouth with her hand, and resisting to cry. She gives a soft nod in agreement.

Max smiles back, and turns to Joyce. “Thanks Joyce.” Both her and I are the only one alive. “You are so hardworking, and always hanging in there.”

Joyce smiles, but not too sure if she understanding everything. “Thanks Max. You’re such a sweetie.”

Rachel rubs her eyes, being touched by Max and how much she loved the people. It pains her to see her breaking down. “Maxine, you really loved these people.”

Max jerks her head, sharply at the direction of Rachel. Her eyes were alert and wide opened. Rachel looks back at her in shocked. Max’s eyes scans the direction back and forth. Rachel waves her hand around, but Max doesn’t notice her. Did she hear me?

“Honey, are you okay?” Vanessa looks on at her child.

“Yeah Mom, I’m fine…” She looks down and walk back to her chair, with her face down.

Rachel dips her head close to Max, trying to examine her facial expression. She, then climbs up on the table, and sits crossed legs in front of Max. “I’m sitting on the bread and butter basket.”

Max’s head shoots up, looking at the basket full of breads. She has no idea who the voice is. Who is that talking? Is it a ghost?

Vanessa follows Max's eyes, looking towards the basket of breads. “Max, you want some bread?” She reaches over, grabbing the basket.

Max shakes her head, “No Mom, I’m good.”

Rachel scratches her chin. She can’t see me, but she can hear me. “Meet me in the bathroom. Alone.”

Max’s head shoots up again, nodding in silent. “Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.” I need to find out who that is.

Chloe turns over to Max, “You need me to come, with you?”

Max puts her hand up, shaking her head, “No, I’m good.” She gets up and paces herself quickly to the bathroom.



Max approaches the restroom sink, cuffing the long sleeves on her dark blue top. She puts her hands on the counter of the restroom sink, staring at the bathroom mirror. She examines through the mirror to make sure there is no one in the stalls, and finally she speaks with a calm tone. “Who are you?”

Rachel sighs, walking right beside to Max, also pressing her hands onto the counter. She is finally able to communicate to Maxine in this form, but now is almost at a complete loss for words. “I’m not sure, if I’m supposed to be telling you.” She leans her head down, draping her long bangs over the sink.

Max tilts her head slightly up, and continue with a commanding tone. “Are you the one that is doing this?”

Rachel still staring blankly, into the sink. Even she isn’t fully sure, but she must be. “I think so...”

Max’s tone becoming more irritated with the short replies from her. “If you are trying to manipulate with time, it going to have very bad effect. I know for a fact.”

Rachel looks up at Max, a little shocked she is aware and has experience with time travel. “How do you know about time travel? Maxine, do you have that power?”

Maxine dodges her questions and her tone is now becoming more accusing. “How do you know my name?” She, then answers her own question, immediately afterwards. “Nevermind, you been eavesdropping this entire time.”

Rachel senses the lost of trust in her voice. “I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Max lets out a sigh, as it is becoming unbearable to contain her increasingly frustrated emotions. She really wanted to keep it in, including her secret but she can’t. Even with this complete stranger, she can sense some honesty in the tone, that the person has time rewind power, and is also probably her only chance out of this memory. She breaks down completely, “Please whoever you are, this is a very personal part in my life. I do not want to see this right now, it brings up too much bad memories. Almost everyone in that table has passed away, so it brings a lot of grief to me. And the thought I cannot do anything to prevent their deaths, kills me inside even more.”

Rachel already knew her parents and Chloe died. But she asks the question anyways, “Maxine...most of them died?”

Max sniffing her nose. “Yes, please. I beg of you, stop this, right now.”

Rachel finally shares her knowledge from earlier. “Your parents from a car accident? And Chloe from morphine overdose?”

Max looks surprised up at the mirror. “Wait what? How did you know this? What do you mean about the morphine overdose?”

Rachel replies, “I was with you in the police station earlier. And at a separate time, I saw you in a police interrogation room, for murdering Chloe by adjusting her morphine injector machine?”

Max thinks for a second, then she puts her hand over her mouth in shock. “Shit…You mean, that still happens?”

Rachel raises her eyebrow, “Did I see something that I’m not supposed to see? Well I guess in a way, all of this I’m not really supposed to see.”

Max’s lips tremble about thought herself euthanize Chloe, and to deal with the aftermath. I guess I should have known, everything has a consequences. So, that timeline didn’t get overwritten? She bites her lips, “Okay, since you know so much about me, tell me who you are?”

Rachel takes a long breath. There shouldn’t be any harm in telling her, especially how much I know about her already. “I’m Rachel.”

Max’s mouth drops open, “Rachel? Rachel Amber?”

A mixture of shock and relief fills Rachel, almost making her smile. “ know me?”

Max shakes her head, “Not directly, Chloe mentioned about you.”

Rachel is becoming more curious. “So I don’t know you at all? What else can you tell me?”

Max doesn’t know much about Rachel, as she is mysterious person in her timeline. Everyone seems to have their own opinions about Rachel, ranging from positive to negative. She tells her what she knew, “ were dating a drug dealer named Frank? You were pretty much best friend with Chloe. That is just about how much I know about you. Oh...and you wanted to move to Los Angeles.”

Rachel nods her head, trying to digest all of this. “I don’t know any Frank. I want to move back to Los Angeles? That is my dream. So Arcadia Bay must have also pissed me off, for me to do that?” Max’s eyes nervously shifts to the left, and back to the right. Rachel continues, “But me and her were close?”

Max nods her head, “Yes...when I left for Seattle for five years, you were my replacement. I think Chloe loved you. But you didn’t love her back, I think.”

Rachel is a little surprised with that, and smiled. “Really?” Maybe because I love you more, Maxine. But it seems I don’t know Maxine in this timeline. I can see myself with Chloe, unless she very different in this timeline… “I don’t see how that is possible. Where am I now, at least in your present time?” Max flutters her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. She looks up the ceiling, of the damp and cold restroom. “Maxine, tell me please.” Rachel insists her on telling her.

Max stares emptily in the ceiling for a little bit more, then her eyes return back to the mirror. “Rachel…I’m sorry, I don’t know how to say this. But you’re dead.”

Dead? The word echoes into Rachel mind’s as it sends a blanket of frost over her entire body. She feels a cold prick on the side of her neck, and she slowly sinks to her knees. Blood begins coming out of her nose, dripping and falling through the ground. She, desperately pinches her nose with her fingers, but it keeps coming out at an alarming rate. Her vision slowly fades to black, but she struggles to regain it. There is a sensation she feels in her lower abdomen and between her legs. She reaches down there, holding on to it, her face reddens, in embarrassment. Then, her legs give out as she slowly collapses completely to the ground. Her eyes begins to bleed, as well with her nose, then her body became completely still and lifeless.


Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant

September 23th, 2007 12:05 AM

Rachel wakes up in the pitch black, she can barely see anything, other than the emergency lights scattered near the floor of the restroom. Did I pass out? The pain were all gone from earlier, and her nose and eyes were no longer bleeding.

She glances around, in the near void of darkness. Max is gone. The restaurant must have been closed now.


Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

101 South

September 23th, 2007 12:05 AM

The car clock reads just little past midnight. Chloe is going to spend the night at the Caulfields, so she is riding with Max, Vanessa and Ryan. While William and Joyce took their own car, and is driving home separately.

Max is lying on her back, in the backseat of the sedan midsize car, propping her head up on Chloe’s lap, staring deep in the roof the car. There is many things going through her head.

This isn’t at all like the photo jump. Can I actually change the future doing this? Will it have consequences if I do it this way? Am I going to live my next six years like this? Without changing anything at all? Letting William die, and ignoring Chloe when I’m in Seattle. Then after those six years, can I save Chloe, and my parents? Or will the tornado come back? To be honest, a part of me don’t mind living this six years all over again. I have my family again. And my best friend. And this she a spirit? A vengeful spirit? Or maybe an angel? She began gagging and choking, when I mentioned she died. Then she became silent.

“Can’t believe a single car accident will force us to go all around on the damn 26 and 101 South,” Ryan grumbles in the front passenger seat.

“Go take a nap,” Vanessa, who is driving, responds to Ryan’s complaining. She looks up at the rear-view mirror to give eye contact to the blond girl. “Chloe, your parents is going home to check if Mr. Bongo is doing better, right?”

“Yeah they are. I think Mr. Bongo should be feeling better.” Chloe dips her head close to Max, whispering to her. “Your mom is so cute. She calls him, Mr. Bongo.”

Max chuckles. “Are we there, yet?” Max stirs playfully in Chloe’s lap, getting comfortable.

Chloe looks down, stroking the brunette’s bangs. “We are passing Cannon Beach.”

“Cannon Beach?” Max lifts her head from Chloe’s lap, and slowly pulls herself, to back of the driver’s seat, and rest her chin on it. She looks from behind her mother. Cannon Beach. This is where Mom and Dad died. A sense of tension enters her body. Max softly grips her mother’s shoulder for comfort.

She turns around for a second, and smiles, then back, focusing on driving. “Maxine.”

Max digs her nose into her mother’s shoulder, smelling and enjoying the scent of her.

Chloe pats on Max’s back. “I like seeing you close to your mom, like this. Don’t be embarrassed and think 12 years old is too cool to close to your mom, Maximus.”

Vanessa looks at the mirror, slowly nodding. “I agree, Chloe.”

Max smiles, even though her face is pressed into her mom’s shoulder. I’m 18, and I don’t care at all.

“Sweetie, I have a headache. And I need to take a piss,” Ryan whines.

“Ryan! Not in front of the girls,” Vanessa scolds him.

“We can pull over, if you want Mr. Caulfield,” Chloe makes eye contact with Vanessa again, in the rearview mirror, and winks.

Vanessa pulls over the car in one of the turns, with a large shoulder. When the car comes to a complete stop, Ryan jumps out the car, hobbling on both feet to the nearest bush. Max leans back and sit back, close and right beside Chloe.

“For Christ’s sake, Ryan can you go a little bit farther?” Vanessa looks over to her side, shaking her head in disapproval.

Ryan creeps closer into the bush, “It’s not like they can see anything.”

“You got that right,” she murmurs in a low tone and turns around towards the girls. The two girls looks back at her with curious eyes. A nervous smiles emerges, part humorous and part nervous. “Sorry, I-uh.” She is not sure if her joke is appropriate to the young girls, or if they even understood it.

Chloe grins, “It’s okay, I’ll cover Max’s ears.” she places both palms over Max's ears.

Max rubs her nose, chuckling to herself. Vanessa smiles at Max, and reaches her hand out towards Max. She dips her head down in a playful manner, trying to get close to her’s eye level. “Max...come to mommy.”

Chloe lets go for Max’s ears, and give a gentle push for Max to move to her mother, giving her a hug.

Max looks out the windshield, right over her mother’s shoulder. In the distant she can see a dark figure walking away. She lifts her head from her mother’s shoulder. Something is off with that person. Who is walking around this late at night?

“What’s up sweetheart?” Vanessa still holding on to Max, examining closely her expression.

Max pries her mother’s grasp and hops over to the passenger seat, and leans towards the dashboard to get a better look. “Mom, do you see that person?”

Vanessa looks over at Max’s direction, and she shakes her head. “No, I don’t see anyone. It is dark, so your vision is probably better than mines. Why? Is someone about to get blinded by your father?”

There is something very off with that person, besides the fact it is a person walking out in the dark highways of Oregon. Max steps out the car door.

Vanessa says in the nervous tone. “Oh Max don’t go near your father…” Max stands up straight, looking far down the road. Her heartbeat begins to echo through her body, she can feel some sort kind of energy in the distant. “Ryan, you better not turn around. Keep the bush.” Vanessa lets out an immature chuckle.

Chloe opens her door slightly, “Max? What’s up?”

Max begins pacing towards the dark figure, it is probably a good three hundred feet away, barely illuminated by the moonlight. Her footsteps from her boots is absorbed on the carpet of discarded pine needles, that blankets the side of the roads.

Vanessa opens her car door, sticking her head out, “Max! Where are you going?” Max ignores her mother’s warning and begins a full sprint towards the figure. “Ryan, can you go get your daughter?”

Max can hear his father’s voice in the distant. “Honey, you really want me to chase after her while I’m like this-”

Max’s heart is beating fast. Is that Rachel? The blood rushes throughout her small body, energizing her legs to reach to the figure.

She stops once she got about thirty feet from it. Max is very winded, huffing and breathing heavily.

The figure is partially obscured by a tree’s shadow, only can see the outline, even at this distance. Max can hear it is slowly dragging it’s feet, and walking very slowly. Max begins walking slowly towards the figure.

The figure finally walks out the shadow and into the bright moonlight, illuminating it almost with a faint blue hue. The grisly figure is slumped over, with their arm hanging down by her sides, and it is woman. She has long dark hair, that is wavy, and is wearing a light purple dress, but it looks very messy, possibly cut up, like she must have crawled out of a bush, with scrapes and cuts, and she is bleeding quite a bit.

Max looks down and sees she there is blood marks that is partially disguised from the dark colored pine needles in the ground. “Ma’am? Do you need me to call for help?” The brave 12 years old calls out.

All you can hear from the woman is a unnerving gurgling sound. Like she is choking on her own fluid in her throat, but completely impervious by it, as well. Her breathing and gurgling grows louder, as she keeps on walking.

Max inches her way closer, steadily, “Are you okay?”

The gurgling continues louder, almost like she is trying to respond with words but cannot. A raspy voice finally comes out from the figure, as some air is starting to be able to flow through her sick throat. “H-ave to make it…” Her long grimy, and bushy hair dangles down her dress. “G-Go See Kate.”

Max’s eyes widens. All the color in Max’s face drains as she feels a pulse in her throat. She says, very slowly, “Mom?”

The figure stops completely in her track, in response to Max's voice. Her head tilts up, as her neck slowly drags her head around to look at Max.

Max’s heart stops completely. All of a sudden, before Max could see her face, the world rewinds and back to the cold empty restroom.

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant

September 22th, 2007 8:01 PM

Max grasps at her chest, gasping for air, and slips falling back on her butt. She looks around in the cold and empty, but lit restroom. There is a cool draft blowing from the air vent, but it was nothing like the chill Max got from approaching the bloody figure.

Rachel is here, but Max doesn’t see her. Her hand is raised up, able to rewind everything back to both of her being in the bathroom. “Maxine?”

Max lets out a soft yelp as she crawls away on her hands, from the origin of the ghostly voice. She turns away, bracing her head, and closing her eyes. “Mom?”

Rachel runs over to her, “No Maxine, it’s me Rachel. I was able to rewind the time, and bring you back here.”

Max, with her eyes closed, begins panting, “I saw her. I saw my mom.”

Rachel lowers her eyebrow with confusion, “Yeah, we saw her at the table. She’s outside.”

Max takes a moment to catch her breath, “No...I saw my mom from my actual timeline, I think. I saw a spirit. Right after she got in-...” Max grasps her chest again, as her throat tightens. “...Her spirit...I think both of my Mom and Dad’s spirit is suffering, like they’re still trying to wander to Arcadia Bay to see me.”

The thought of it sounds absolutely frightening, as well. It sounds almost too crazy for something like that to be true. But given what has happened today, anything is possible. Without much words to say, Rachel reaches out to Max, in a comforting tone, “Maxine…”

Max, still holding on to her chest, stutters, “I-I can’t...I can’t handle this anymore. Help me Rachel. There’s so many things I need to understand.”

Rachel shakes her head, “I don’t know what I can do. But tell me, what happened to me?”

Max is very spooked with everything. But now some questions from earlier, begins pouring back into the brunette’s head. “You weren’t with me at all, huh? What happened? Did you faint?”

Rachel looks down, trying to recall what happened, “When you said I was-.” She skips saying the word. “I had...a nonstop bloody nose. My eyes started bleeding too. I thought I was going to actually die.” She rubs her nose and her eyes again, and look at her fingers. There is no blood, or even any signs that a bleeding ever happened.

Max is a little shocked. She didn’t immediately know what to say. Rachel, maybe she is linked to my timeline. Could she be a spirit that doesn’t realize she is dead? Shit...Or maybe something else? Like she is from the future, or maybe in the past? The thought about it puts Max down, even though she doesn’t know her. She knows Rachel was very important to Chloe. And now Rachel is helping her. “Shit...Rachel, let’s not talk any this subject for now... Let’s talk about anything else, though.”

Rachel nods her head in agreement. She doesn’t want to go through that over again, “I agree. Tell me about you and Chloe. When did you guys meet?”

Max shuts her eyes closed, trying to recall her memories. There has been so much going on, that Max’s mind is drained from all of it. “When we met, I was...8 years old, Chloe was 9.”

Rachel ponders about her timeline, “Okay, so I think I’m same age as Chloe. I know I’m about a year and two months older than you. When you and I met, the Maxine I knew was 6 years old, and I was 7. How the fuck is that possible?”

Max shakes her head, not knowing the answer, “I’m not sure.”

Rachel crouches down, right behind Max, “Shit, I moved to Arcadia Bay when I was 6. Did I live in Arcadia Bay when I was a child?”

Max shakes her head, again, “I’m not sure. Your parents are living here, though.”

Rachel’s eyes widen, “My parents? Like both my Mom and...Dad?”

Max nods her head, “Yeah they’re here.” Then she remembers their names, from the upcoming funeral service for Rachel posted in Blackwell Academy email. “Bradley and Elizabeth?”

Rachel’s head drops down slightly, “Dad…”

Max looks over her shoulder, at Rachel’s direction, even though she doesn’t see her, “Rachel?”

Rachel still looking down, “My dad died when I was 8 years old, two years after I moved to Arcadia Bay. Maybe...I stayed in Long Beach, in this timeline. But then I came to Arcadia Bay later?”

Max crawls back up, to sit on her knees, “Yes that makes sense. You met Chloe in Blackwell Academy.”

Rachel is starting to get a grasp of some things. “I see, and that is where everything happened. Max, who is that girl you were, earlier? With the hair bun?”

Now Max has the urge to be nosy with everything else. She replies to Rachel, “That is Kate. She is a good friend of mines.” Max pauses for a little bit, realizing she hasn’t told Rachel. “Rachel, in this timeline, Chloe died from a gunshot. A guy named Nathan Prescott shot her.”

Rachel crawls towards the brunette, “What? Nathan Prescott? How did he do it? And why? I know that asshole, and uh...well you too, know him.”

Max looks over her shoulder, noticing Rachel’s voice getting closer, “Really? Shit, that sounds bad. Chloe tried to blackmail Nathan to get some money. Instead, he freaked out and shot her.” She puts both of her hands on her cheeks, recalling some rumors being spread around campus. “I believed he was on some hallucination drug, too. This happened in the school's restroom.” She looks around her, in this equally damp and quiet restroom. “Like this. And that incident, was the main struggle of me trying to rewind time to fix it. I did save her at first.” She closes her eyes, eyebrows furrowed. “But in the end, there was a tornado that was going to destroy the entire town that was caused by my power. I couldn’t trade the entire town for her, so I have to rewind time to back to that scene, to undo my action..." Her voice became almost silent, "...letting her die.”

Rachel is trying to digest all of it. I did see the tornado in one my vision. “So a tornado destroyed the town? Shit, that must been tough choice. To sacrifice-.” Max shakes her head, not wanting any sympathy from Rachel. Rachel's head drops, “I’m sorry.”

Max brings her hand away from her face. “Yeah...It still fresh in my mind.” She begins rubbing her elbows, in a nervous manner. “I’m still not sure if I made the right decision. If Chloe survived, so would have my parents. But then the whole town going to die.” She leans back slightly, looking up at the ceiling. Or maybe to some higher beings up there. “Do you think I’m being punished for something?”

Rachel nods her head in agreement. “To be honest, I do think the power is given to us for some reason. Or maybe the higher beings, have a sick sense of humor for us. But we have the power to change our fate.”

Max closes her eyes, slowly. “I see. Maybe I’m not strong enough.”

Rachel reaches over, almost wanting to pat on Max’s back. “You are very strong person Maxine. I know it.”

“Rachel? How am I in your timeline?” Max is curious, how Rachel knows her.

Rachel takes a deep breath, “You...and I are best friends.”

Max nods her head. Wow, her timeline is so different than mines. “Did something happen to me?”

Rachel shakes her head and closes her eyes. She is ready to spill just about all of her thoughts, whether or not Max cares about it. Almost like she confessing and justifying her actions. “No, Maxine. I just feel like our friendship could be falling apart, slowly. I did feel bad because you had to choose me over your parents. So your parents and I have a bad relationship.” She opens one of her eyes, looking at Max. “But seeing how happy you are with them...I’m thinking if I should consider letting the Maxine I know, meet up with her parents again, and give them a shot.” Max’s eyebrows lowers, not agreeing with what Rachel has to say, or at least how much control she has. Max slowly gets up from the ground and standing on her feet. Rachel, now with a more powerful tone, “And if they still hates me or something else happens, I’m going to rewind and remove them from her life again.”

Max crosses her arms, very bothered. “ seems very obsessive. That is an awful thing to do.”

Rachel glowers at Max, “Oh fuck off. You don’t know me.”

Max holds her hands up, shaking her head, “No, I mean I don’t know how I am in the other one. But that is an awful thing to control, and I would be terrified by you.”

Offended by Max's comment, Rachel becomes irritated and defensive, “That’s why I’m telling just you. Cause I don’t give a damn about you. There is nothing positive that comes out with being your friend here. The real version of you still have a crippled relationship with me, and that's the one I care about." She lets out a quick exhale, looking at her right hand. "But I got the fucking power to change everything, to how I like it. Unlike you, who just lets people slip away in your damn hands.” Rachel gives a pause, sensing the sadness in Max’s silence. Rachel is breathing very hard from that explosion of emotions, but quickly dies down in almost regretful feeling. “...Sorry I didn’t mean that.”

Max puts her head on her forehead. She doesn’t blame Rachel for saying what she said. She also agrees, partially with some of it. Her timeline and future is pretty messed up, and Max starting to lose interest in it as well, “There no reason for you to be. I just lost my best friend and my parents. I have no one left.”

Rachel stands back up on her feet, “Maxine...I’m very sorry.”

Chloe enters the bathroom door, “Hey Constipated Max, What’s taking you so long? We were going to order some desserts.”

Rachel holds her hand out, and rewinds a little bit, so Chloe is out of the room and it just them two. “Okay, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this.” She looks over and sees Max is back on the ground.

Max almost bumps her head into the wall, in surprise she went back to the floor, “Wowser, you really can rewind time, and it affects me and my position.”

Rachel is unaffected with her time rewind, and is still standing up, “You still remember what we talked about, right?”

Max gets back up on her feet, “Yes. I remember, what I’m worth to you in this timeline.”

Rachel shakes her head. “For just this one time, I wish my rewind can take back what I said to you. I didn’t mean that.”

Max pats down her pants, "It's fine. But please, I know it a different me, and maybe I'm biased because I lost my parents..." She slips her hands in her pocket, her body hunched over. Her voice becomes quiet, almost like a whisper, "I really miss them."

Rachel bites her lips, and subtly nods her head. "Okay." It does pain Rachel seeing Max struggle with the loss of her parents, so she tries to change the subject, "I-I don't even exist here. I’m sure I mean nothing to you in this timeline as well.

Max shrugs her shoulder. “I would like to get to know you, Rachel. I’m little skeptic about time travel, that why I’m not as confident with it as you are. Maybe it is a limitation in my power. Or maybe I don’t have the guts to take a risk for the people I love.” She flutters her eyes closed, tilting her head up. “And I hate myself for that.”

Rachel lets out a long sigh. “I wish I can give you a hug. But...We’ll see what we can do, to help each other out. But first, let’s do something about this timeline.”

Max opens her eyes. “Yeah, let’s work on a plan now.”

Rachel nods her head, “It seems we could be stuck here, or at least forced to live this out. I don’t want to be a ghost for this long.”

Max smiles, and also nods, “I don’t blame you.”

Rachel remembers something, “Before we talk about the plan, that girl...Chloe. Her father just got murdered today, in my timeline.”

Max’s mouth opens slightly, “Really? Do you know who? What happened?”

Rachel scratches her chin, “Well, you went to Nathan’s 21th birthday.” She rests her chin on the knuckles on her hand. “Then, later on Chloe and her father saw you walking around aimlessly in the streets. You were drugged and they took care of you.” Then, she remembers something very awful. “I’m worried, because I believe you may have been raped, as well. I haven’t forgotten about that. I’m going to murder someone.”

Max couldn’t stop thinking about ‘The Dark Room’, and Mark Jefferson. But she is afraid to bring that up to her. “Rachel...”

Rachel continues, “Chloe’s father wanted to find out who was responsible for drugging you. I was with you and Chloe, and Chloe’s father wandered off by himself. Then he got shot and killed. Chloe went after him and she actually got shot and killed as well, but that triggered my power.”

Max closes her eyes shut, “So Chloe got killed then?”

Rachel shakes her head, “I was able to go back and save Chloe.”

Max’s tone becomes more concerning, “That is what caused the tornado in this timeline, with me saving Chloe. There were some odd signs leading up to it, like snowing in 80 degrees weather.” She opens her eyes, and looks towards Rachel. “But your power seems very different than mines.”

Rachel nods, even though she not completely sure what Max’s power is capable of compares to hers, “Yeah, so far I haven’t noticed anything strange yet. But I will keep that in mind. I was thinking if I could save Chloe’s father. Assuming nothing get wrong. Chloe was very devastated for it, and I feel like I owe them. Before her father’s death, she was very chirpy. I really like that about her.”

Max thinks about how she saved Williams, and how much he loved Chloe, “Yeah, he is very important to her. And Chloe is a full of life. One thing that really I loved about her.” Rachel rolls her eyes, a little bit. A small amount of jealousy enters again in Rachel, despite her agreeing with Max. “That would be very nice, if you can.”

“I don’t know how many people there are or who they are. But I do know they were armed with guns. I have my powers, but what if it fails me?” says Rachel.

Max smiles, very pleased to hear Rachel is willing to help Chloe. “Then you be safe for now. You don’t have to do it, if you feel uncomfortable. But I have a feeling you will become very strong and able to control it.”

Rachel chuckles, “Thanks Max. Okay, let’s actually get back on our plan now.”

Max nods, “Sounds good.”

Rachel crosses her arm. The thought of being stuck in time, is terrifying. Her head scans all around the walls of the restroom. “Can you tell me what happens in the near future? Like after our conversation in this restroom?”

Max looks at the restroom door, “Chloe only entered the door earlier because I was taking so long. But before I went back to our table quicker, and finished eating. Then we said our goodbyes, then Chloe joined me and my parents on our ride home.”

Rachel approaches Max, reaching her hand to hold her shoulder, “This power thing, there isn’t words to describe how to control it. I feel I can switch it, so I think it’ll goes forward in time. Even though I’m a spooky ghost in this form, holding onto your shoulder seems to lock me with you in time and place. That how we came back here.”

Max’s posture stiffens up, she scratches her head. “Rachel, I was thinking about if you can fast forward, I want to look at that figure. And really see if that figure is my mother.”

Rachel looks down, and speaks in a solemnly voice, “Max...I just had a breakdown thinking about know. I want to stay away from these type of things, for now.” Though Max is slightly disappointed, she nods her head, that it is probably the best for Rachel, and even for herself. “We have some other things to worry about, first. Then maybe another time.”

Max looks down. I’m going to the viewing of my parents’ corpse. I can confirm it with that. But the part I’m skeptical, is why do I see them this far back? Maybe it is combination of Rachel’s power, that spirits travel almost out of time. Like the spirit doe in the junkyard, was unaffected by my time rewind. She looks over her shoulder towards Rachel’s direction, “Yeah, you’re right. Yes, please help me with it another time?”

Rachel nods her head, “Yeah. Okay, let do some time travel and secure our future.”

Max loosens her body up, to be prepared, “Sure.”

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant Parking Lot

September 22th, 2007 9:08 PM

Rachel fast forwards time, and finds themselves outside in the parking lot of the restaurant. It is a very cool night outside, and the parking lot is illuminated by the tall street lamps, and the warm colored glow from the restaurant itself. There is Joyce, Max, Vanessa and Chloe near each other, while William and Ryan were having their own conversation, a short distance away.

“Goodbye Max-” Joyce eyes in horror, as Maxine’s body stumbling into the ground. She quickly lunges out to grab her.

“Woah! Oops sorry Joyce. I’m so clumsy.” Max grips on Joyce’s arms, with an embarrassed laughter. She got disoriented with the time travel, and didn’t remember to use her leg muscles to keep standing.

“It’s alright little pirate. I got you, Max.” Joyce lets out a soft chuckle, carefully lifting Max back onto her feet.

Max scratches her head in embarrassment, grinning back at her. Then she looks around with curious eyes for an invisible Rachel. She clears her throat, with some louder emphasis.

“Yes, Maxine. I’m here.” Rachel flails her arm around at Max. She snaps her fingers, “Now, say something really stupid, and see if it affects the future.”

Max slowly releases Joyce’s grip, scratching her chin, thinking about what to say, that they’ll remember. Then a light bulb popped up in the brunette's head. She smiles at Joyce, showing her teeth, “Hey Joyce!”, also grabbing the attention of her mother and Chloe.

Joyce presses her hands down on her knees, hunching her body over slightly, in a playful way, “Yes, birthday girl?”

Max tips her nose up in the air. “Are you ready for the moshpit, shaka brah?”

Rachel raises her eyebrow, “...the fuck?”

Joyce’s jaw drops slightly, and her face looks back with an absence of any expression. “Huh?”

Max presses her lips together, closing her eyes, and nodding her head. “Yep. Yep. Rachel get me out of here.”

Rachel sidetracks a bit, admiring Max's smile, and chuckles at it, “Maxine, it is refreshing to see your smile.”

Chloe moves her head right in front of Max's, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Max’s eyes looks left and right, in desperation. “Rachel, now!”

“Okay.” Rachel grips her right hand and winds forward in time.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

26 West Freeway

September 22th, 2007 10:38 PM

They were in the car, with Vanessa driving, and Ryan and Chloe. Just like how it was before with just Max.

“Okay, now ask Chloe, if you said anything stupid to her mother,” says Rachel.

Max nods her head, and turn towards the blond pirate. “Hey Chloe, did I say something stupid to your mother?”

Chloe lets out a laughter immediately, “I’m still not over that. What is shaka brah?” Chloe grins at Max with her usual smile.

“Yes Max, what in the world is that? I was about to Google on what the hell that is. And who’s Rachel?” Vanessa looks in the rear view mirror with a confused look.

“Well, then...I love you too, Mommy. Okay, get me out of here.” Max waves goodbye at her mother, through the rear view mirror.

“Huh?” Vanessa’s eyes widens, and jaws dropped.

Rachel holds out her hand, and rewinds all the way back to the bathroom.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant

September 22th, 2007 8:01 PM

“Okay, we are back at the bathroom to undo whatever…’Sha-Kon shit’ you just said.” Rachel face palms her face.

Max looks over at her, “Rachel, it seems when you fast forward in time. My body just gets taken over naturally like what it is destined to do. It is kind of like the ‘return aspect’ in my photo jump ability.”

“What is your photo jump ability, Max?” Rachel raises her eyebrow.

Max explains, “When I look at pictures that have myself in it, I can return to that memory, but it is limited. I cannot move too far out the area and I don’t have as much time before it collapses. After it collapses, I return back to my original timeline, where I left off, but with all the changes. So in between, there is like an automatic version of myself.”

Rachel brushes her hair, a little amused to see someone else with similar abilities. “I see, that makes sense. That is pretty impressive. So it is a bit similar to my power.”

Max points her index finger up in the air, in an adorable way. It seems the youth and lively Max is coming back out. “Except, it is a one big rewind and one big fast forward. Yours, it seems like you can control it in much more precise sections. And yours seems much more stable, so far. I remember mines starting to look very distorted, but it could just be how it looks. I’m not sure.”

Rachel never thought about what unexpected consequences her actions can have. “Okay, we’ll just have to be careful and make sure that doesn't happen with my power.”

Max replies, “Sounds good.”

“Alright, we are just going to fast forward to car ride, skipping the conversation with Joyce.” Rachel briefs Max, and then fast forwards in time.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

26 West Freeway

September 22th, 2007 10:38 PM

Max turns her body towards Chloe, playfully tugging on her sleeves. “Hey Chloe, did I say something stupid to your mother?”

“Hmm...I don’t think so. Define stupid.” Chloe looks back with a confused look, and returns back the favor of tugging back on Max’s sleeve.

“Like…’Ready for the moshpit, shaka brah’ stupid?” Max snickers, amused with the fact that Chloe’s fingers is imitating hers.

“Uh no?” She lets out a short chuckle. “That is pretty stupid. Where do you come up with this crap?” She reaches over to squeezes Max’s cheeks.

“I know, right?”, Max's voice forces out through her pinched cheeks. She reaches over to pinch back Chloe’s cheeks.

“Hey!” Chloe pulls Max's arm aside.

“Wowser, this is kind of neat,” Max turns to her other side, to face Rachel.

Rachel rewinds back in time, back to the bathroom.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant

September 22th, 2007 8:01 PM

Rachel brushes her hand in a cool, laid-back fashion. “Okay, cool we can control our actions by taking control when we need to, and we can wipe out our actions by rewinding before the action. Let’s rewind back to where you took the picture with Chloe, then we undo anything up to this point. Then after we rewind, I’m going to go far into the future.”

“Rachel, your power is insane! But sure, sounds good,” says Max in a excited tone, for the first time tonight.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Foxy’s Treasure Island Restaurant

September 22th, 2007 7:47 PM

“You two are so adorable,” the photographer smiles at the two girls.

Rachel puts her hands up, right away, to not cause any more changes to this timeline. She, now winds forward much farther in time.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy 1F

October 7th, 2013 4:14 PM

Rachel’s eyes open slowly, not exactly sure where she is going to wind up with her power. It feels a bit cold, but maybe just a chill of uneasiness striking her at her spine. She looks around, finding herself in what appears to be inside of a school. It appears to be very up-scaled and prestigious looking, as she is standing in a hallway or large opening area, right next to the women’s restroom door. There is a small crowd of people, murmuring among each other, with their full attention directing towards something. Something is wrong.

Rachel recognizes Kate and Victoria standing in the back, their faces is filled with worry and confusion. Victoria has her hands covering her face, but Rachel can tell its her from the distinct clothing style and pixie-cut hair. Kate has her hands firmly together, pressing against her lips, with her eyes closed, like she is praying to someone dear to her. They both look incredibly sad, along with everyone else in the group.

Rachel notices Max is right in front of her, but as her older body, like back in the police station. She is surrounded by people wearing dark blue uniforms, that looks like medical personnel.

A man cries out, but Rachel doesn’t see the origin of the voice. “Chloe, hang in there!”

The name lifts Rachel's head, wincing in anticipation of something very bad is happening. She slowly passes through the crowd, like an apparition to see what Max is doing. A blue haired young woman, around Rachel and Max's age, is being strapped into a medical stretcher. She has a respirator strapped to her face, covering her nose and mouth. There are a lot of blood coming from her abdomen, bleeding through her bandage wraps. While the paramedics are busy buckling the straps around the edge of the stretcher, Max loses her balance, falling down to a kneel. She holds onto the blue haired girl’s hand in desperation. Rachel comes forward, taking a closer look at blue haired girl, realizing it is Chloe. But her hair is cut shorter, dyed blue, and wearing more punk-looking clothes.

“Chloe…” Max cries into her hand, her voice trails into soft sobs, unable to talk anymore. I never seen this before. After I let Chloe died, the next thing I remembered was her funeral. I missed everything in between.

Chloe’s fingers interlock softly with Max’s, squeezing it weakly. Her eyes slowly opens too, but she seems almost unaware of her surroundings. There are some tears in the corner of her eyes. “Max?” She whispers, barely audible, through her respirator and among the loud murmuring of the crowd. Her eyebrows raise slightly, from the discovery of her long lost, childhood best friend is now right beside her. But quickly after, her looks weaken, drifting down to the side, unable to maintain focus.

“Miss, you need to step back,” the paramedic scolds at Max, then bumps into her, to push her aside. Max falters back and collapse onto the ground, pressing against the wall. She curls both her knees up, and place her head on it.

One of the paramedic begins talking on his radio, probably to communicate with the current status, as the other paramedics begins pushing the gurney away.

Max tilts her head to the side, so she can see the stretcher moving away from her. I remember David telling me what happened. Chloe passed out after she got shot. Then she woke up briefly just to realize it was me. He told me, I was in shock, and that my tongue were tied, and I couldn't think of anything to say to her in the moment.

Rachel crouches down, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to go to this...time. I’ll fast forward a little more?”

Max stands up, ignoring Rachel's words, and marches towards the moving group of paramedics. She catches up to the stretcher, grabbing Chloe’s hand, and move in closer to her face. “Chloe…” She hesitates, with an anguished look. The close-up view of her best friend dying, almost paralyzes Max’s tongue. It is haunting to see her best friend in this condition, and to know the outcome of it. Chloe looks back with weak eyes, but slightly stronger than before. Her body and face is trembling slightly, like she can still feel the pain despite the pain-killer medications. Or perhaps she is not ready to depart this tormenting world, with so many things she is looking forward to.

“Ma’am, I said you have to step away,” the paramedic pulls her arm. Chloe’s eyes drift slightly to the paramedic, like she wants to shoo him away with her silence. Max ignores the paramedic, and throws his arm down.

Max leans in closer, until her face is only a few inches from Chloe's, squeezing her hands even more. “Listen Chloe...I’m so sorry. I'm sorry about everything. I’m sorry for not being there when I was in Seattle.”

The paramedics stops pushing the stretcher, and one of them tries to grab Max, but she pushes him back with a surprising amount of force. David Madsen, calls out towards her, “Max, what are you doing?”

Unaffected by them, Max comes back close to Chloe, tears dripping down from her eyes. “I want you to live, and Rachel wants you to live. I want to continue our adventures like when we were little kids. Promise me, okay? I love you, Chloe. I've always loved you.” Chloe has the respiratory breather that covers her nose and mouth, preventing what Max wants to do next. Instead, Max flutters her eyes close, causing her tears to drip down onto Chloe's neck. She leans her head over and plants her lips onto Chloe’s forehead, for a few warm seconds. This is what I've always wanted.

Both paramedics grabs Max is able to pull her away from Chloe, but the brunette still does not break eye contact, even with the paramedics scolding at her harshly right into her ears.

Chloe can hear Max’s words, but she can't respond to them. Tears begins dripping from the blue haired girl's eyes as well, but she can’t do anything else but to stare back at her best friend with dying eyes.

The paramedics, then returns to the stretcher and pulls her away. David gives Max one last glance, seeing the distress Max is in. He realizes she has a history with Chloe, and a very strong bond, as well. He walks away following after the paramedics.

Max’s eyes continue to follow the stretcher until it finally leaves out of the building and out of sight. She’s going to die on the way to the hospital. They couldn’t resuscitate her. Kate told me this.

Rachel creeps up besides Max, looking at the entryway that Chloe got pushed through, then back at Max. Rachel reaches her hand to Max’s hand, wishing she can hold it. She knows she made a mistake of bringing Max to this missing memory. “I’m so sorry Max.”

Max doesn’t acknowledge Rachel’s apology, because she didn’t do anything wrong. All she did is reveal a very important missing memory in her life, that remained invisible in her sleep. Max’s face looks almost devoid of life, as she continues to stare blankly out of the blinding bright entryway, that contrast with the darker interior. Just like William, Chloe drifts off into the light to never come back to Max’s life. To see her best friend dying, slipping away, and not too long after this, her parents will follow. Both her mother and father is going to die. More and more, she loses interest and hope in this life. This isn’t a life Max wants to live or experience anymore.

Rachel observes at Max’s blank stare and pressed lips. She just lost her best friend and she couldn't do anything about it. Emptiness fills her body, and any lingering hope are now gone from her eyes. Rachel is not even sure if the Max in her timeline would give her that same stare, if she was to die. There is something very special between them two. Rachel looks down, pressing her knuckles into her lips. There is envy bellowing up inside her, but she isn't exactly mad. It is odd, but the same hopelessness and emptiness fills inside Rachel as well.

She presses her hand into her forehead, pondering any thoughts to fill this void in herself. She has to move on, and think about moving onto the future again, but there is one thing she has to ask Max, first. I think Max altered her past. Including that kiss… She may want to keep that, and accept it as an action to alter the future. And also perhaps, maybe ease Chloe's spirit and her final moments a little more. “Do you want me to rewind first to undo everything you just did, before continuing back to the future?”

Max blinks her eyes close, giving a short exhale. It seems like she is finally registering Rachel's words. She opens her eyes, staring at the blinding entryway. Her eyebrows lower slightly.


Chapter Text

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Hospital – Room 302

August 24th, 2016 9:34 AM

Rachel wakes up from one of the cushioned chairs in the hospital room that Maxine was staying in. There is a warm, early morning light that breaks through the white, plain-looking blinds of the hospital windows. She looks down at her own body, and is surprised she was able to stay on this chair while she was sleeping, and it didn’t tipped over. The amount of sleep she got isn't nearly enough but still feels satisfying given the exhausting previous night. She takes a deep breath and squeezes her eyes close tightly, to wet her dry eyes from the arid air of the hospital.

She opens her eyes, leaning over the armrest of the chair, and let her arm dangle in the air, drifting back and forth like a pendulum. She stares at it blankly, almost cross-eyed, pondering about last night.

I passed out in Maxine’s room when I got to the hospital. The nurse said she requested that only I can see her. I felt pretty happy that she requested that. She was already deep asleep when I got there, and I don’t blame her at all. She went through a lot but, at same time, I doubt she remembered anything. Last night, Chloe texted me about helping to cover short shift for Joyce later at 1pm.

Rachel looks over to her side and reaches for her phone on the nearby empty chair. She looks at the text message conversation from Chloe, earlier this morning.

Chloe: hey are you up? (4:08 AM)

Rachel: I’m done fine. You two should go to sleep. (4:09 AM)

Chloe: yea i cannot go to sleep. i cannot believe he is gone. i really dont want to stay at home thinking about it (4:09AM)

Chloe:but my mom is lonely and wants me to sleep next to her. rachel i know it is late notice, but can you work a short shift 1pm tomorrow? my mom cant go to work for a while and may need some extra help at diner. and we may have to go to the damn police station, again. (4:09AM)

Rachel: Sure Chloe. I’m going to see Maxine at hospital, then try to get some sleep finally. (4:10 AM)

Chloe: let her know i hope she gets better. i would text her but I rather you tell her. im going to swing by tomorrow during your shift. i wanna hear what you wanna say (4:11 AM)

Rachel: Sure, good night (4:12 AM)

Rachel clicks the power button on the side of the phone to turn off the display of the phone. Her eyes spaces out in the emptiness of the dark phone screen.

The Maxine in that timeline, I guess people call her 'Max'. She seems far more timid and reserved. I know she is a totally different person, and I think to myself, why do I bother helping her? Maybe I would like to know some answers, to prevent myself from screwing things up in my timeline. But the more I learn about her and be with her, the more I feel very connected with her. It’s odd...Perhaps it because we share similar powers.

It was a total mess to go through her memories with her best friend, Chloe. Makes me wonder if they were in a secret relationship? Or it is something a little too late that never truly developed? I’m very worried for Max, as I feel something self-destructive is looming ahead of her. She seems conflicted with her powers and her fate. Eventually, it is going to reach a critical limit, and something big is going to happen. I wonder if I can fast forward to see into her future. But I’m not sure if she wants to see into her future. It may not be good.

Max also decided to change her past by giving Chloe a kiss in front of everyone. It seems like a small change, but I wonder if it’ll cascade into something bigger because of it?

“Morning.” A soft voice causes Rachel to tilt her head over to see Maxine, who is awake and has been watching her, with a growing smile. “I was wondering when you were going to wake up, but you had a long night.”

Rachel, lets out a soft sigh of relief and pulls aside her blanket and to up, stretching her legs. “Morning, you.” Rachel bites her lips nervously, being reminded about the other Max. The Max in the other timeline is suffering, and is on the verge of a complete mental collapse. I won't let this Max follow her. She lets out a half sincere smile, while stretching her arms out, relieving the muscle aches she accumulated from sleeping in this position.

She gets up and walk towards the brunette, to the side of her bed. Maxine swings her head to the side, giving her to a signal, to come over to a spot in the small bed right next to her.

Rachel leans close to Maxine, and presses her lips into her cheeks, then lift her head back a few inches.

Maxine looks back dearly into Rachel’s eyes. She, then pulls her arm who is tucked underneath her blanket and pull Rachel’s arm, causing her to topple over slightly. Maxine breaks her short fall by pressing her lips into Rachel’s neck.

Rachel’s body squirms with the sudden sensation on her sensitive neck, as she bites her lips and gasping, “Uh-” She lets out a nervous breath, curling her fingers in bliss. “I want to talk to you, but you were asleep last night.” Maxine grabs Rachel’s head, pushing it back slightly. She opens her mouth, blowing soft, warm air up close and all across her neck. Rachel rolls her eyes up and her toes curls inside her shoes. Her voice trails off into the warm air around them. “Max…”

Maxine stops immediately, lifting her head away, “Okay that was gross.” She pushes Rachel back a little. “Don’t call me, Max.” Rachel’s eyes lowers a little, almost shivering a little bit, with the sudden loss of warm sensation on her neck.

Maxine, fixes and readjust the blanket over her body. “It's okay..." She mutters in a softer voice, "You probably wondering what happened last night, huh?”

Rachel rubs her knuckles on her fingers across the warm trail Maxine left on her neck, and along her hair and ponytail. Oops, that was bad. Called her ‘Max’. She lets out a soft exhale, “Y-yeah...tell me what happened.”

Maxine glances at Rachel, then back straight at her blanket. “I don’t really know to be honest. I just don’t trust anyone...” She comes in closer, but Rachel backs away avoiding eye contact. “Just you...And I’m sorry about-.” Maxine clarifies, “Before when I was leaving for the party.”

Rachel still looking away, ignoring Maxine’s apology, “I really want to know. Did the doctor check you out if you were...raped?” She is not prepared to hear Maxine’s answer, but she has to ask it.

Maxine shakes her head. “They woke me up with the result, but nothing in terms of that.”

Rachel looks back at Maxine, letting out a sigh of relief with a smile. Maxine rolls her eyes, however and Rachel catches it, “What with the eye roll?”

Maxine begins tracing circles with her index finger on the blanket. “Just stupid, really.” There is a moment of pause, as Maxine contemplates about what to say next to Rachel. “Okay, promise me you won’t overreact?”

Rachel leans back slightly, crossing her arms. “I don’t know.” She tilts her head side way, shifting a few dangling bangs on her forehead. “You want a free card to say whatever you want without me reacting to it?”

Maxine bites her lips, “I’m not going to tell you, then.”

Rachel uncrosses her arm, and lifts her hand up, giving a gesture. “Fine, tell me.”

Maxine hesitates, but without any other choices, she is eager to tell Rachel, despite how she will react to it. “Okay, me and Nathan were making out.” Rachel lets out a grossed out sigh, rolling her eyes. She lifts her hand, but stops short of palming it into her face. Maxine continues, “And...well we didn’t do it. I mean I wanted to...”

Rachel blinks slowly in annoyance, “Maxine...that is...”

Maxine’s eyes widen, “But we didn’t. I got upset, and left the room. And feeling rejected…” Maxine lifts her hand up giving her gesture, like ‘Please don’t hurt me’, “Okay next part is really stupid.”

Rachel presses her lips, shaking her head, “Can’t get any worse. What is it?”

Maxine’s eyes lower from Rachel’s uninviting and negative tone. “Feeling so rejected, I just wanted a drink, so I grabbed this drink that didn’t seem touched and just downed it.”

Rachel clenches her jaws, and exhales through her teeth, “That is so fucking stupid.”

Maxine nods her face in agreement, “I know Rachel.” She continues, in a softer voice. "That is what got me sick."

Rachel continues with her furious tone, “So many bad things could have happened to you. I mean your bra was missing, I fucking got so pissed. To think how humiliated you must have been.”

Maxine’s eye widens, lifting her index finger up, “Oh...that? Yeah I kind of...took off my bra when I was making out with Nathan. When I got rejected, I just stormed out with it, forgetting to put it back on.”

Anger slowly seeps out of Rachel’s body, unable to keep a straight face, Rachel grins at Maxine. “Well I'm fine with that type of humiliation..." Maxine smiles back in response to Rachel's lighter tone. "So he going to find it in the room, and he going to look at your size, and be like, ‘Just what I imagine it to be’”

Maxine laughs and slap Rachel’s arm playfully, “You know what? Fuck you.” She glances at Rachel’s larger bumps on her chest. “Not everyone is as gifted as you are.” She squeezes her chin lightly, and sticks her head for a closer look. “Hmm…”

Rachel looks down at her own chest, meeting halfway of Maxine’s stare. She presses up her left breast to lift it up, letting out a soft laugh, and pinching Maxine's curious nose. “You have no idea how relieved that makes me feel with you getting rejected.” She lets out a louder laughter, pressing her hand on her face. She turns towards Maxine, and continues with a soft tone, running her hand from her nose, down to her chin. “But still...we don’t know what happened the rest of the night.”

Maxine takes her eyes off her chest to meet her eyes, “I know, I’m going to keep an eye around. Nathan and Kristine wants to visit me.”

Rachel tilts her head, in confusion, trying to recall her memories. “Who Kristine?”

Maxine replies, “Nathan’s sister”. She lets out a long exhale, “She is a pretty girl.”

Rachel’s eyes lowers, thinking a little bit more. More Prescotts...can’t be good news. “Do you trust them?”

Maxine gives a soft nod, “Yeah, a bit...But same time, I don’t know what happen to me afterwards, and winding up meeting that girl and her father.”

Rachel’s eyes drifts away, thinking about Chloe and her father, “Maxine...”

Maxine presses her hand onto her forehead, combing her bangs, “I know Rachel. I heard what happened with the father. I feel very bad.”

Rachel reaches over gripping her hand who is resting on top of the blanket, “It’s not your fault, Maxine.”

Maxine runs her fingers down her long wavy hair, “I feel awful. If I didn't mess up..." Her fingers pauses halfway down her hair. "I don’t remember much but they seem like amazing people.”

“Yes they are, I got a chance to talk to her.”

Maxine playing the ends of her hair, curling it into a loop in her finger, like she is day dreaming, “The girl, what is her name? Chloe?”

“Yeah. She very sweet too.”

Maxine still staring at her finger, “Uh-huh...must be terrible for her to...” Maxine couldn't finish her sentence.

Rachel gives a soft shake to Maxine’s hand, getting her attention, “Maxine, there is something I need to tell you.

Maxine looks back at her, “What is it Rachel?”

“Last night, there was more than just you getting drugged.” Maxine gives a soft nod, letting Rachel to continue her story. “You won’t believe this but I found out I can rewind time.”

Maxine’s mouth opens, but couldn’t decide if she wants to laugh in disbelief or scoff. “Uh, you must be on something...”

Rachel squeezes Maxine’s hands, interlocking with her fingers. “No, it is true. When we first heard the gunshots, Chloe ran ahead of me, and she got shot and killed.” Maxine looks down at her hand, with Rachel’s firm grip. “But I was able to rewind time to prevent her death, but not her father’s.”

Maxine still looking down, sensing Rachel’s seriousness but still cannot believe what she is hearing. “Maybe you’re just feeling a, Rachel.”

“Shut up. You always believed me with everything.” She glares at Maxine with disgust. I need you to believe me on this, Maxine.

Maxine closes her eyes, letting out slow sigh. “But this is...something else.”

Rachel nods her head and replies quickly, “I can prove it to you”

Maxine crosses her arms in annoyance, “Sure, try it.”

Rachel takes a deep breath, calming her nerves. Gosh, I hope last night isn't all a fluke. She reaches out her right hand, freezing the time. But quickly, she realizes she cannot rewind the time in her human form, but only freezes time, including herself. She glances around nervously, “Shit...” She recalled she was able to move when time froze, when Chloe got killed. Was that a one time thing? Or was it driven by my emotions?

Maxine tilts her head, in almost snobbish way, looking at Rachel's right hand. “You done?”

Rachel paces around the room, with her right hand out and squinting her eyes, hoping something pops up. Then, a rift appears, causing Rachel's eyes to lighten up. She peers into it, as it looks like this same room with only Maxine sleeping, possibly from earlier time. She turns to Maxine, “This may or may not prove anything, but hang on a second.” She walks into the rift.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Hospital – Room 302

August 24th, 2016 3:47 AM

Rachel exits the rift in the same room as expected. Maxine is completely unconscious, but she looks very peaceful in her sleep. There is a female nurse approaching up to Maxine in her bed, and pulling the blanket up and tucking her in, making sure her body stays warm in the cool hospital air.

"Thanks," Rachel mutters quietly in a soft voice, to the nurse. The nurse turns around almost as if she reacted to Rachel's word, but instead she gives Maxine one last look before heading out the door, and very gently closing it behind her.

Rachel takes a step closer towards Maxine, being reminded again the vulnerable state Maxine was put into last night. I need to find out who did this to you...

The door opens behind Rachel, grabbing her attention, causing her to turn around. It was a male nurse, that is a little older with dark hair. Rachel whips her body around, glaring at him, as he seems very suspicious. He glances around the room, as if to make sure no one was watching him. He leans in close to tuck Maxine in, even though the female nurse before, already did a great job. He pauses, and gives a quick look back at the door, then back staring at Maxine's peaceful face. He creeps closer, admiring Maxine's vulnerable face deeply, as she gives out a soft and quiet rhythmic puff of air out of her mouth. He comes in closer that his body is pressed against the bed, and leans in closer to Maxine. He raises his hand and brushes Maxine’s hair, and then rubs his index and middle fingers right across her moist lips.

Rachel steps closer to the side of the nurse, “What the fuck, are you doing?”

The male nurse slides his finger into Maxine's mouth, as her lips gently closes against his fingers with mild pressure, and she releases it involuntary, in repetitions. Her breathing continues normally despite his fingers partially obstructing it. He, then slides his fingers deep into Maxine’s unconscious mouth and along her tongue, and then back out, almost in rhythm with her breathing. His fingers glisten with Maxine's saliva covering it. He repeats over and over, that even his body slightly went along with the motion. His eyes rolls back up and his mouth opens, giving very light moans.

Rachel looks on in disgust and is absolutely furious, “Fucking stop it, now!” She walks right up to next to him with clenched fists. But of course he doesn’t hear her at all. Rachel glances at his uniform, seeing his name tag, ‘Ted’. At the very least, she can remember the name of this person to tear him apart, since she is helpless to do anything at this moment.

The male nurse takes his fingers out of Maxine’s mouth, and he sticks it inside the front part of his pants. Rachel looks away in disgust, not wanting to know what he is doing in his pants. He leans in close to Maxine's head, with his full tongue sticking out and running it over the side of her face.

Rachel is seething with rage, standing right behind him. She throws a punch at him, but it went through him. “I'm going to murder you!” She looks onto his side, right up to his ear, and lets out a scream of anguish. She winds up, and then throw a second punch making contact, causing a loud crashing sound. Ted's body to repel backwards sharply through Rachel’s body, also startling her. The rage in her body instantly leaves her body, as her body is struck with pure shock from the sudden surprise.

Immediately, Ted takes his hands out of his pants. He glances all around the room like he just heard a ghost and then quickly hurries out the room.

Rachel looks at the door that Ted ran out of, then she looks down, crouching to the floor. She sees a pen rolled underneath the bed. Did I do that? I was able to push something while I’m in this form? She must have done that, causing Ted to freak out.

Maybe with concentration I can move something small... Rachel gets down on her knees, and crawl to where the pen is.

She stares at the pen, trying to concentrate her mind on it.Okay, focus. She slows her breath, and swallowing to clear her throat. She reaches down and place her hand, ready to snap at the pen. She takes a nice slow breath, and then she snaps it. No contact.

She lets out a exhale of disappointment, putting her head down low to the ground, hovering above the pen. I swear...I heard and felt the loud crash...

Rachel raises her head back up, still keeping eye contact with the pen. She lets in a long inhale, and creeps her head closer to the pen again. She prepares to snap the pen, tightening the muscles in her hand, causing her hand to shake, involuntarily. "Here's-goes-nothing," she says in a singing tone. Her eyebrow lowers, and she snaps again, creating a loud thundering sound, launching the pen a measly three inches away. Rachel's eyebrows raises in joy, "I fucking did it!". She lifts her body up and again, the thundering sound again, causing Rachel to crash back to the ground and grabbing the back of her head. "Ow, what the fuck?!?!"

Maxine begins stirring right above her as Rachel can hear her toss over to her side.

Rachel's pain went away with her discovery. Did I just bump my head into her bed? She rolls out of the bed gently, and climb back on her feet. Holy shit that's awesome. I'm not sure what I'm doing different though. Rachel clenches her fists in excitement, almost unable to contain it.

With a little more confidence and knowledge of her power, Rachel almost forgot what Ted was doing to Maxine. She turns her attention toward the rift in the room, the one she went in. I may have changed the past...But will Maxine believe me?

She steps back into the rift, to return to her original timeline.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Hospital – Room 302

August 24th, 2016 9:40 AM

Rachel walks out the rift, almost stumbling out from the disorienting flash of light that occurs. Maxine is still staring back with her expression slowly changing into more confused with Rachel’s sudden movements.

Rachel falls down on her knees, pressing against the hospital floor. She peers over looking beneath the bed, to see the pen that she knocked over when she was in the rift. “I did that.” She mutters softly, at first. Her voice increases with excitement, "I fucking did that!"

Maxine leans closer to the edge of the bed, peering over Rachel’s body, but not quite seeing what she is looking at, “Did what exactly?”

Rachel points at the pen lying on the floor beneath the bed, “I knocked that pen down to scared that fucking nurse that was molesting you.” She says it in an almost amusing tone, despite the content of her words. Again, she is impressed with her own abilities.

Maxine gives a confused look at her, even though Rachel can’t see it, “What?”

Rachel pulls herself back up to a crouching position. She leans closer to Maxine, pressing her ribs into the side of bed and holding on to her hands. There wasn't any elegant way to described what happened to Maxine. “There was a male nurse, his name is Ted. He was totally getting off on you, while you were sleeping last night.” Rachel reaches over to her face, sliding her fingers on the side of her face, examining for any dried saliva. “There’s nothing.” She rubs again carefully, then she looks deep into Maxine’s eyes. “Did they wash your face earlier?”

Maxine shakes her head slowly, not disagreeing with her question but how silly Rachel is being. “Yes, they wipe my face shortly before you woke up this morning.”

Someone knocks on the door, causing both girls to turn towards the door. The door swing opens after a brief pause. “Good morning, Maxine.” It's Ted, the nurse from last night. “I can see your beautiful friend is also awake, too.” He walks into the room writing something on his clipboard.

The amusement quickly drains from Rachel's body as her heart rate quickens, causing her to shoot back up on her feet crossing her arms. Ted's comment about her is a little unsettling. He must have come back to the room again, if he saw me. Did something to me too? “Hey, what the fuck are you doing here?”

Maxine’s eyes widen in embarrassment. She glances at Rachel in shock, then back at Ted, trying to calm her down, “Rachel, please?”

Ted blinks his eyes slowly, leaning his ears closer to Rachel. “I’m sorry?”

Rachel scoffs at him, “Are you here to get another boner?”

Ted puts his pen on top of the clipboard clip, turning his body to face Rachel, “Excuse me, I don’t understand.”

Rachel takes a step closer to Ted, “You fucking stay away from her. Get me another nurse. Go back to your laptop and go rub one with some horse porn or some shit.”

Ted leans to the side, looking at Maxine. “Is your friend okay?” Rachel grabs his dress shirt, gripping it tightly, and pulling him back centered in front of her. His voice almost cracks, "Please, let go of me."

Maxine gives a nervous laughter with her hands sticking up, “Rachel, seriously stop it." She leans to the side, giving eye contact to Ted. "My friend is a little crazy in the head.”

Rachel lets go of his shirt, pushing him back, letting out a sarcastic laughter. She crouches down to the ground, to pick up the pen that is underneath the bed. She gets up and move up close to Ted, holding the pen to his eye level, clenching it tightly. Ted looks at the pen in absolute fear. Her voice fills with venom. “You see this Ted? The pen that gave you blue balls a few hours ago? I’m going to stab your balls off with it, if you don’t get the fuck out of my face this second.”

Ted’s mouth opens softly, and without hesitation, he walks quickly out of the room, slamming the door right behind him.

Maxine leans over and grabs Rachel’s arm, twisting to turn her over to look at her, “Rachel! Seriously, calm the fuck down.”

Rachel drops the pen down onto the ground. “Do you not believe me?”

Maxine’s tongue is a little tied, not fully sure what to say. “I think anyone would run away if you say something like that to them.”

Rachel reiterates her previous question, “So you don’t believe me? Just fucking say it.”

Maxine lets out a sigh. “Rachel, you need to calm down with your tone. It makes it hard to communicate with you sometimes.”

Rachel shakes her head, “No, my tone is perfectly justified. You just don’t believe me. You go around last night, trying to have sex with some rich asshole. While I went through hell just to save Chloe and you." Her eyes drifts away, and her voice softens. "And this is the thanks I get?"

Maxine covers her face with her hand. She has no words for Rachel, as she just shakes her head behind her hand. "I don't know what to say." She whispers in a soft voice.

Rachel steps away, “Then don't say anything. Forget it, then. No one believes me. I have to get ready for work now.” She storms towards the door, without looking back. She pauses, hoping for Maxine to say something, but she did not say anything back to her. Finally, she opens the door and leave the room.

On the other side of the door, Rachel presses her back against the door to Maxine’s room. She lets out a long sigh. I should know people will not believe me. No different than before. People called me crazy, including Maxine’s parents. Fuck them all, seriously. But whatever is coming up, I may a need a weapon for this. My friend Callum, owns a piece that he been wanting to sell off to me. It may be useful this time. I’ll just get some cash from the bank before work, and call him to meet up with me with it.

Rachel scans the rest of the hospital lobby, and sees a couple of nurses, including Ted, looking with strange looks, pointing at her, and muttering among themselves. She takes a step towards them, and look back at them with a cold, deathly stare. The nurses stops talking and look back in silence. Rachel, then proceed towards the elevator, to leave the hospital.

Rachel Amber

Two Whales Diner

August 24th, 2016 12:50 PM

Rachel is waiting inside her car, which is parked in the parking lot of the Two Whales diner. The parking lot is fairly packed due to the lunch rush hour. Food coma-induced patrons leaves and hungry customers replaces them almost immediately.

Rachel tilts her head towards the roof of her car to let out a long exhale. The loss of adrenaline rush after the encounter with Ted has calm her down. Still, her best friend won't believe that she has this power. She distracts herself by looking at her phone, staring at ‘Callum’ in the phone log. Callum is probably one of Rachel's few friends outside of Maxine. There is always something a little off about him, that Rachel likes. He can have a crude sense of humor, but it a little refreshing and he is a good guy. Few months back, he took Rachel to shooting range a few times in Portland, insisting it is good to learn to protect yourself. Well, now is a good time to get that protection.

“Hey, I didn't see Joyce today.” A distant voice from some customer in the parking lot. Rachel looks over her shoulder at the two people talking to each other, walking towards their truck. Chloe, told me Joyce needs to take a break from work to mourn. There are many employees stepping up to cover her shift, myself included.

A sudden loud tap and figure appears in the window, startling Rachel from her phone. It is Callum right up against the window next to Rachel.

“Hey stupid,” Callum presses the side of his face, up against the window.

Rachel lets out a sigh of relief. "Dumbass." She opens the door in a swift, sudden movement, slamming it right into his body.

His body recoils back, almost falling back against an adjacent car. He hunches over, letting out a groan, grabbing his belly. “You hit me pretty hard…”

Rachel manages to squeeze her body out of the car door, and closes it behind her. She teases Callum, playfully, “Shut up, and get up.”

Callum is still hunched over, “No really, you got me good.”

Rachel leans her body down, right next to Callum, “Shit, I'm sorry.”

He quickly gets up and wrap his arm around Rachel’s neck, in a headlock. “Got you!”

Rachel laughs, even with the moderate pressure Callum is applying to her neck. “You asshole…”

He presses her neck down, so she is hunched over. "What are you gonna do about it?" Rachel's head looks up slightly, at a very obvious target, and lifts her clenched fist right up to his groin area. "Alright alright, not the family jewels." Callum lifts her head back up, pressing her back against her car. His fingers still weaved in her hair, and his face up close to hers.

Rachel gives a lively smile to him, “Down boy.”

He lets go of her hair, letting it drape back down the side of her head, and backs away from her, smiling nervously, with both of his hands up. "Alright, I don't want to make Maxine jealous."

Rachel lowers her eyes, with a blushing nervous chuckle.

There is a short moment of silence as he looks at her briefly, examining her expression. He hesitates, "You and Maxine...are you two an item yet?"

Rachel avoids eye contact with him. "No, we're not."

He nods his head. "It's cool, take your time." He looks at Rachel, who still looks pretty down. He gives a quick jab with his elbow at her ribs, also accidentally clipping her boobs. "Hey-....ehh..." He just came in the realization, halting in his words. Rachel looks down at her chest, then back at him, squinting her eyes. His face is blushing but clears his throat, playing it cool, "Well was going to say if you take too long, I may have to take you away from Maxine." He lets out a dry chuckle.

Rachel bites her lips, "Nope. I'm going to have Maxine. You just pecked at my boobs, so can relish that moment and go play with yourself." She sticks out her tongue at him.

"Woah, woah," he backs away with his hands up. "Alright smart ass. Just think about what I'm about to give you, and what I do with my right hand."

Rachel's eyes look up towards her bangs, then right back at Callum. "Asshole..."

He nods his head, grinning with his teeth showing. "Yeee....alright let's go over there." He tilts his head towards the back of the diner.

Rachel smiles, looking at the direction he was signaling towards and then she nod in agreement. She opens the door, and grabs her wallet from the cup holder, and follow right behind Callum to the more secluded area, back of the diner. She glances around the parking lot and sees nobody is there as they're all inside the diner.

In the alleyway, behind there is a homeless woman but she seems to be deep asleep, as she is snoring.

Callum does a double take on the homeless woman, and then moves back towards Rachel. He gives a subtle nod to his head, signaling Rachel.

Rachel takes out her wallet from her pocket and pulls out five one hundred bills. “And you have the extra?”, she mutters quietly.

He pulls out a large brown lunch bag from underneath his jacket, and snatches her money.

Rachel gives a confused look, taking the crumbled lunch bag from his hand. “Couldn't you have put it into something nicer?”, she opens the lunch bag and sticks her head closer to see the Beretta 92FS in it, along with a box of ammo.

He nods at the lunch bag, “For that, that is a pretty good deal.” Rachel shrugs her shoulder with a sigh. “Would be more if you want a fancier bag.” He looks back at the homeless lady, and then back to Rachel. “What is it for?”

Rachel still looking down at the paper bag. She replies with a short answer, “Just for protection.” Can't believe I own a gun now...well illegally. She squeezes the top part of the bag, closing it.

Callum replies in a not very convinced tone, “Protection, huh?” He closes his eyes and walks past Rachel. He opens his eyes, giving Rachel one glance behind her, then straight ahead. “Well, have a good day, cutie.”

Rachel doesn’t really acknowledge too much about Callum's tone of voice. She is a little bothered how easy the sale was though, but maybe she is overthinking too much, like always. Callum, been wanting her to buy the gun off his hand, for a while.

She returns to her car, and throw the lunch bag in the trunk, and head straight into the diner.

The diner is a pretty packed with various type of customers from truck drivers to police officers. Rachel ducks her way to the back of the diner, in the kitchen area. She punches her ID number in the time clock machine to clock in. She grabs the available apron hanging up against the wall, tying it behind her waist, and heads back out to the main dining area.

"Rachel, can you make a round with coffee?" says a waitress that is currently taking order from some newly seated customers.

"Sure thing," says Rachel, as she reaches for the pot of coffee.



After the lunch rush dies down, Rachel lets out a sigh of relief, brushing her forehead. She grabs a wet towel and begins making a round around the tables, looking for any dirty tables to wipe down. She sees a poster posted by the bathroom doors that causes her to stop in her tracks.

Join the Photography Program in Blackwell Academy!

Rachel stares at the poster with curious eyes, thinking about Max and how her parents and Chloe is dead in that timeline. Her face lowers slightly, pouting her lips with sadness. She drops her arm to her side, rubbing the wet towel against her jeans. For some reason, she feels a void forming underneath her chest. She grasps at her chest, dipping her chin into her knuckles. Max...please hang in there. I'll come check up on you.

The diner door opens, pulling Rachel’s attention away from the poster.

It's Chloe.

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber

Two Whales Diner

August 24th, 2016 2:37 PM

The air in the diner suddenly became suffocating with grief and sadness with Chloe standing in front of the doors to the diner. She has a slightly slouched posture, wearing a cap, dark green flannel jacket with a gray shirt underneath it, and jeans. Chloe, clearly didn't want to be recognized, but her puffy eyes and miserable look is a dead getaway. She must have been crying her way driving over here.

She gives eye contacts with Rachel, who is hunched over wiping the table. She couldn’t force out a smile, instead just slightly tilts her head upwards, in acknowledgement. Her eyes drop back down to the ground, unable to maintain eye contact, or possibly holding in her tears, as she walks towards the blond pony tailed girl. Rachel drops the towel she was wiping with, onto the counter, and opens out her arms to let Chloe come in to hug her. Chloe digs her face into Rachel’s shoulder, sobbing softly into it.

“I woke up today...not seeing him there. It just hit me so hard.” Chloe’s voice is muffled and barely audible. Rachel runs her hand up her back, patting down to ease the tenseness in her body. Chloe lifts her head slightly, whispering into Rachel’s ear, “I miss him, so much.”

Rachel tilts her head gently to the side, pressing against Chloe’s head, and continues patting her back.

Rachel ponders a little bit about her father's death, which always incite anger into her. I never fully recovered from my father’s death. I always keep getting visions and hearing voices in my head, ever since his death. Everyone always made fun of me and bullied me. I think my time rewind power is connected with all that, and possibly my father’s death. Once I get stronger, to the people that crippled my life and made it a living hell...maybe one day I can return the favor to them.

Rachel takes a deep breath to calm her nerves, letting go of Chloe, but not before taking one close up look of her face. “Let’s get you seated, first.”

She grabs the wet towel from the table, to put it back behind the counter. She takes out her writing pad from her back pocket, and gestures her hand, signalling Chloe to sit at the nearby empty table.

Chloe makes her way and sit down at the table, taking out her phone from her pocket to put on the table. She turns it on, just to make sure there isn’t any missed calls, from her mother. She then, turns off her phone to put to the side, interlocks her hands in a polite manner, and looks up towards Rachel.

Rachel hands her a menu that was already on the table, clipped behind the napkin dispenser. “You can take your time.”

Chloe takes the menu, giving a swift reply, before she actually looked at the menu, “It’s fine. I don’t have much of an appetite.” Her slightly disoriented puffy eyes glances down the menu, scanning from the left to the right. “Maybe coffee and some hash browns?” She mumbles through her thick throat.

Rachel nods her head slowly, “Sure thing.” She jots it down quick, and put the writing tab back in her pocket. She whips around and head back towards the kitchen. She presses her bottom lip, over her top lip, and letting out a puff of air to lift her bangs up. Maxine, didn’t believe me at all. Chloe looks so miserable, she probably won’t believe me too.

Rachel sticks her head into the small window to the kitchen, “Order of hash brown, please.” She grabs a mug from the tray of clean mugs, and reaches over to grab the coffee pot, and head back towards the table Chloe is sitting at.

“Here you go,” Rachel puts down an empty mug on the table, and with the coffee pot in her other hand, pours into the mug. “This should get you started, and the hash brown is on its way.” After finished pouring, she slides the mug closer to Chloe.

Cautiously, Chloe steadily wraps both her hands around the mug, as if to warm up her cold, trembling fingers. “Thanks,” she mutters quietly, under her breath.

Rachel puts her hand on her hip, leaning against the table. “So uh- about the thing I wanted to tell you.” Chloe dips her head close to the mug, blowing on it to cool it off. “You’re not going to believe this because Maxine also did not believe it at all.” Rachel’s eyes drifts away looking out the window of the diner, with the high sun providing a nice glow to the buildings across the street.

Chloe releases both her hands from the mug, as it was getting too warm to touch. “Okay, try me.”

Rachel takes a deep breath and lets out an exhale, to calm her anxious mind. “Last night, I found out I have the ability to rewind time.” Chloe’s eyebrow furrows immediately, and her mouth opens slightly. “I can time travel, basically.”

Chloe leans her face to the side, like she is ready to shake her head in complete disagreement. “That is...impossible.”

The thought of last night, and the stress and fatigue it carried, begins pulsating back into Rachel’s tired body. She looks up at the ceiling, biting her lips, thinking all she went through. Going back to save Chloe’s life, and in addition, the journey she took with Max in the other timelines. Rachel mutters out, softly. “I saved your life.”

Chloe’s eyebrow raises, “What?”

“Originally, you ran to look for your dad, when you heard the gunshots. And I went after you, but I was about a good thirty feet behind you. That was when you got gunned down by the same people who shot your father.” Rachel's fingers were trembling, still shocked from her abilities.

Chloe looks down, one of her hand tugging at the sleeves of the other wrist, nervously. “Really?”

Rachel’s mouth open slightly, observing Chloe’s movement and response. “You believe me?”

Chloe replies quickly, looking back at Rachel. “No. But...” She nods her head, for Rachel to continue, “I want to hear more.”

Rachel wets her lips, “I was like a ghost, but able to go back to an earlier time when we were lying at the truck. My power is strange. I basically entered my body from an earlier time.”

Chloe’s eyes widen, as a few stuffs started to click, “And that was when you were acting all strange, and begins kissing me.”

Rachel’s face went warm, her skin tone almost blushing. She wasn’t expecting Chloe to bring that back up, “Uh- yeah.”

Chloe’s soft breathing can be heard, “And when the gunshots fired, you yelled at the top of your lungs, doing whatever you can to prevent me from going.”

A trickle of hope flows inside Rachel's veins, almost causing her to smile, “Yes…” She kneels down a little, getting close to Chloe’s eye level. “You’re...believing this.”

Chloe lets out a sigh, closing her eyes. “ father just died, I’m still recover-” She pauses, then she opens her eyes, with curiosity. “Could you have save my father?”

Rachel shakes her head, in disappointment. “I might be able to, actually. But not last night, that was my first time being exposed to this powers.” Feeling pathetic, she continues weakly, “And I got scared…”

Chloe nods her head, gripping the hand that Rachel placed on the table. “Well, of course they have guns.”

Rachel continues to look deep into those blue sympathetic eyes. She is feeling almost light-headed from the sudden emotions and attention she is getting from Chloe, in contrast to Maxine. “’re actually listening to me.”

Chloe dips her head down, letting out a sigh. “I am, but...I don’t believe you.” She lifts her index finger up in the air, “Not yet.” Her lips trembles slightly, “Listen Rachel, my father just got murdered. Shot many times to death.” The finger she had up in the air became a clenched fist, as she brings it into her head. There is a mixture of anger and sadness within her, but at same time, she seems to be more relaxed than a few minutes ago. “And you’re saying that this ability that defies human and even gods, somehow just transferred into you.”

Rachel shrugs her shoulder, lifting both hands up from the side of her body. “I have no explanation. But I’m dead serious, that is what happened.”

Chloe leans back in her seat, crossing her arm. “I can’t fully believe it right this moment, Rachel. It's my father...” Words got choked into Chloe’s throat. “I hope you understand.”

Rachel nods in sympathizing with her, “I know. But what if I can prove it to you? Will you help me?”

“Prove it?” Chloe drops her arms, and her arms grip down at her knees. “How?”

“I think I can use power to find out stuffs that I wouldn’t know otherwise. By going back in the past.”

Chloe points down towards the ground, “ right here?”

Rachel looks around at the moderately empty diner, then back at Chloe. “It seems to work better at a place you’re there more often. Like your bedroom. Can I swing by after work?”

Chloe’s looks back with her wide blue eyes. Not really having much choices, she agrees. “Uh...sure, Rachel.”

Rachel Amber

Price Residence - 1F

August 24th, 2016 5:21 PM

Rachel arrives at Chloe’s house, from the address she texted. Rachel was thinking about going back to the hospital to visit Maxine, but decided against it. She needed a little more time away from Maxine. This morning was frustrating for your best friend to not believe at all in what you're saying. Rachel thought about her past with Maxine, that how she probably just wanted to be a good friend to her and accepted she had mental issues. Sometimes it better to pretend to care, than not care at all, right?

Rachel knocks at the front door of their nice blue colored house. Their neighborhood is very peaceful, as you can hear the sound of little kids playing in the distant. She steps back politely, gripping her wrist nervously, thinking what to say. If it is Joyce, what should I say to her? Shit, I’m so bad at these type of things. ‘I’m sorry about your husband, but don’t worry I’ll save him?’ Fuck me…

Rachel rubs her knuckles into her jawbone, pondering some more. Here I was thinking about getting stronger to use my power. And now I’m trembling… Rachel looks down at her feet, who is shaking very slightly. She grinds her teeth, stomping one of her feet. Stop shaking! Her angry face turns to a worried frown. What if I can’t save him? Or like what Max said, things gets very fucked that you cannot handle it. I think my powers may be stronger than Max's, but I’m still just a person. What if I end up like Max, and only disappointing myself? Shit, maybe I shouldn’t have told Chloe...

“Mom, I got it,” Chloe’s muffled voice from behind the door, can be heard as footstep sounds quickly rumbles towards the door. The footstep stops at behind the door, and you can hear Chloe stopping to peer through the peephole. The lock clicks, and the door opens, with Chloe behind it. “Hey Rachel,” she says softly. She looks much better than how she was earlier at Two Whales. Her eyes is much less puffy and she almost has a smile on her face. Maybe the talk about the time travel powers has brighten her mood. Chloe looks so much better. Now, I really have to save her father… “Come in.” Chloe steps back, opening the door wider for Rachel to come in.

Rachel grips her flannel jacket uneasily, and follow through the door.

Joyce sticks her head out the doorway, her face looks very pale and her eyes is red and puffy. Not sure from the distance, but her hair seems like a mess with many strands falling out of her hair bun. She is quite the contrast from Chloe. “Oh...hi Rachel.” She presses her lip to try to give out a smile. “Thanks for covering me for work.”

Rachel nods her head with a smile, hoping to cheer up the moment. “Sure, no problem.” Joyce nods her head. Rachel’s voice becomes shaky and unsteady, “I-uh...,” she stutters, taking a few steps forward towards Joyce to accommodate for her less than clear voice. “I’m very sorry for your loss.”

Joyce nods her head again, but her eyes drops a little this time. “Me too.” Her lips were trembling, as you can almost see and feel her throat tightening. “Thank you, Rachel.”

Rachel looks at Chloe, who is standing a few steps up the stairs, looking down with her wide eyes.

“Uh- Chloe...there is something you wanted to show me?” Rachel tries to transition from the uneasiness that is filling up the air around them.

“Sure come on Rachel.”

“Sorry to interrupt you two, but Chloe, remember you have to pick pictures.” Her voice cracks slightly.

Chloe looks back, nodding her head solemnly. “Sure, mom.” She looks at Rachel, then she continue up the stairs to her room, with Rachel following behind her.

Rachel Amber

Price Residence - Chloe’s Room

August 24th, 2016 5:25 PM

Chloe’s room is tidy and very well kept, as the walls gives out it nice warm glow from the pink window curtains combined with the afternoon sun. Her desk was very organized with two computer monitors sitting on it, in front of the large window. There is a huge TV on a stand to the side of her nice comfy looking bed. She has the latest gaming consoles like Playstation 4, Xbox One, and even one of those VR headset. She really is a spoiled geek.

Rachel walk towards Chloe’s bed, sitting on the well-made bed, facing towards the TV. She dips her head, looking down at her dangling feet. Chloe follows Rachel, but stopping by the foot of her bed, not exactly sure what to say next to her.

“So uh-, let’s talk about your powers. How does it work?” She tucks both of her hands into her pockets, fidgeting slightly with her legs.

Rachel crosses her leg, dangling one of her feet, “I feel like my power is growing. So it is pretty complicated. But to keep it simple, I can go back to earlier time, or even other timelines. I should be able to go back to an earlier time of this bedroom and maybe prove to you with the knowledge I gain.”

“To an earlier time, here?” Chloe points down at the floor. “Another time you were here? You were never here before.”

Rachel shakes her head, “No, I don’t have to be here. I basically become all ghost-like, and can observe what you were doing at an earlier time in the bedroom. If I was here, I can enter my body at that time, to take control from that point with my memories intact.”

Chloe’s eyes widen. Instead of being surprised by her abilities, Chloe becomes defensive and concerned with something else. “Wait, so you can watch what I was doing in this bedroom.”

Rachel nods her head, “Yep.”

Chloe brings both her hands up almost covering her mouth. “Oh no-no-no. I’m sorry. You can’t do that.”

“Why? I won’t be able to prove it, then.”

She puts her hands down and her eyes drift to the side. “Too much uh...personal stuff.” Her eyes drifts back towards Rachel. “You don’t need to prove...stuff like that.”

Rachel lets out a soft chuckle, “Oh...I won’t say anything if you got some secret crush in here.”

“Hah...nope, I never been in a real relationship.” She presses both hands on her warm cheeks. “But’re on the right path.”

Rachel realizes what she is talking about, and lets out a smile. “It’s okay, I won’t say anything.”

She drops her hands, pointing towards the door of her bedroom. “Can we do this somewhere else? Like the living room. Uh-” She pauses to think for a second, “Erm...nevermind that. How about the garage?”

“I don’t think you will have very memorable moments in the garage.”

“Yeah, I’m also not doing certain things in the garage.” Chloe's eyes drifts up. "Hmm...I don't think so, at least."

“Let me at least see first. I can get a small sneak peek.” Rachel gets up and walk right besides Chloe. She holds out her right hand, sensing the power in the air around here. A rift appears, and she steps towards it for a more clear look. “I see that you’re lying on the bed.”

Chloe closes her eyes, and shakes her head. “Ho ho, no way. Uh-uh. Nope. You may not see it.”

“Come on, Chloe.”

“Can’t you find one where I’m standing in the middle of my room, with my arms out stretched? Wearing very thick winter clothes?” She acts it out by reaching her arms to the side, fully extending her fingers. She seems troubled by this, but there a hint of humor in her tone and expression.

“My power is kind of random. I wish I had more control of it.”

“Wait, in whatever sneak peek you just saw where I’m lying in my bed, am I wearing my VR headset?”

Rachel’s eyebrow raises with confusion. She replies slowly, “Uh, no you’re not.”

Chloe lets out a quick sigh. “Oh dear god. If I was, I’m going to bite your arm off so hard, I swear.”

“Chloe, this is for your father, okay?”

“Yeah, I know,” Chloe is reminded again of his death, and her tone became a little more serious. However, she doesn’t seem to be too affected by it. She pulls up the bottom of her shirt and play with it.

Rachel closes her eyes, trying to focus back on the objective. “Time to go into rift, you won’t notice I’m gone.”

Chloe raises one of her hand and waves goodbye, weakly. “ nice.”

Rachel looks at Chloe, one last time. The warm light really gives out a beautiful glow to Chloe’s blond hair. Her lips is pressed with mild skepticism, but there is hope within her deep blue eyes. Perhaps, she only believes me because I can make her future better. Rachel looks again at her lips, thinking about what it take to see more of her smile again.

“Rachel,” Chloe calls to her in a soft voice. “Are you nervous?” She slowly reaches and grab Rachel’s hand.

Rachel lets out a soft smile. “No. I’m not.”

Chloe’s mouth opens slightly, as she stares with dreamy eyes to her. “I’m kidding about biting your arms off.”

Rachel’s face begins to grow a little red from Chloe’s warm touch. Rachel tilts her nose up a little, with a mischievous grin. “Good, glad to hear that. Now time for some voyeurism.” She lets out a soft laugh, playfully shoves Chloe back, and hops into the rift.

Rachel Amber

Price Residence - Chloe’s Room

June 16th, 2015 1:52 AM

Rachel steps out the rift, and the room is pitch black. At least it seems like it would be, if it weren’t for the fact Rachel’s vision in this form, can see in the dark somewhat clearly. Chloe is lying on her back in bed, deeply asleep with her slow, soft snoring. She has the blanket kicked off to the bottom portion of the bed for this warmer night in Oregon.

She is wearing a rather large white tank top that covers past her waist. She is either wearing just her underwear, or very short pants.

Well, I can find out. Not going to lie, I may be a ghost, but my hormones is still off the charts. Rachel face palms herself for the overwhelming amount of disgusting thoughts that is polluting her mind. Eh, fuck it. She dips her head side way between Chloe’s legs. Oh...white with tiny blue flowers. Cute. Rachel’s head softly relaxes with this knowledge of the blond girl’s underwear. Rachel’s heartbeat quickens, see her small round bump that presses through her cotton panties. A soft moan escapes her mouth from her sharp observation.

She lifts her head back up, blushing madly, and shaking her head sideways. She moves her body towards Chloe, who is sleeping very peacefully and relaxed face. Rachel lets out a cute smile with her teeth showing, imagining some make believe fantasy with the beautiful girl. Oh, maybe she...just rubbed herself to sleep. A tingle sensation erupts between her legs, and the guilt is unable to be contained in Rachel’s face, as she lets out a smirk.

Rachel has a new side objective in her filthy mind to piece together some scenario for herself. Maybe she has some smut novels or dirty magazines. Or maybe she watched it on her phone. Rachel dips her nosy head down below the bed.

She sees just a few sealed cardboard boxes that looks like they’re from online orders. A faint dim glow reflects on the other side of the wall, getting her attention. Rachel lifts her head up and turns towards the corner of the room.

There is a girl crouched suspiciously in the corner, looking at her phone. She has what looks like blond hair, and a short pony tail. She stiffens her posture to try and cover the phone from illuminating the rest of the room too much.

She whispers into her phone, “Hello?”

Rachel crawls her way towards the girl, as if she is trying to approach behind her without her knowing.

“No it’s fine.” There is a brief pause on the phone. “Tomorrow at three, you said? Where is it?”

“The Intoxicated Blue Jays?,” she lets out a soft laughs from the silly name of the place. “I didn’t even know there is a downstairs to that place.”

The girl scoots her body closer to the corner of the room and further away from the bed with Chloe. “What should I wear? My best lingerie set? Okay...Yeah I’ll wear it underneath. Thanks, see you tomorrow.”

She ends the call, turning off the phone immediately, for the darkness of the room to come back. She walks back to Chloe’s bed, putting her phone at the floor by the side of the bed. She gently lays down to the other empty pillow next to Chloe’s, trying not to disturb Chloe.

Chloe stirs, tossing her body over to turn towards the girl, “Dana, You’re up?”

Dana? Chloe mentioned that name before, about a good friend of her that disappeared after a party. Rachel’s eyes drop down towards the ground, thinking about her possible fate. She likely got kidnapped, almost like what could have happened to Maxine.

Dana’s voice becomes a little scratchy, turning her body away from Chloe. “Uh yeah, just thinking about my decisions.”

Chloe glances at her with her fatigued eyes, and utters out in a soft voice, “Triple D’s. Stick with it.”

Dana lets out a giggles, “Haha yeah.” She takes in a deep breath and let out for an extended exhale. “Let’s go to sleep.”

“Sure.” Chloe rolls away so she is lying on her back, again.

There is just silence in the room, as both blonds tries to fall asleep. Rachel walks over to the side where Dana is sleeping at, and kneels down observing her. Dana’s eyes were still opened, as you can see there is some apprehension in them. She presses her lip, as there were some sadness in her expression, maybe possibly even loneliness. She closes her eyes, trying to get started with going to sleep. I wonder if the person on the phone had something to do with her disappearance? Rachel gets up and walks back towards the rift back in the middle of the room. But I have to focus on getting Chloe’s father. She looks over her shoulder, back at Dana. One thing at a time, Dana.

Rachel looks forward and walk back into the rift.

Rachel Amber

Price Residence - Chloe’s Room

August 24th, 2016 5:31 PM

Rachel walks out the rift, back into the warm, much brighter room. Rachel squints her eyes from the abrupt brightness, looking at Chloe who seems very alerted and offended.

Chloe quickly grabs Rachel with playful laughter, "You better not-", then her expression became confused, raising one of her eyebrow. “Umm...did you already go?”

Rachel tries to forget some of the concerning details with Dana, and instead smiles at Chloe. She walks towards her playfully pinching her waist, “I like what you sleep in. Long white tank top, and cute white panties with little blue flowers on it.”

Chloe’s eyes widen, and she grabs on both of Rachel’s arms. “You asshole, I knew you were going to say something like that.”

Rachel lets out a teasing smile, "You were rubbing one off..."

Chloe's face went white, as you can see the energy slowly leaves from her face and her body. She almost sank to the ground. "Rachel..." Chloe quietly mutters in sad, whining tone.

Rachel grabs her quickly and pulls her up. "Shit, Chloe I'm sorry, I was kidding. Seriously, I didn't see anything." Chloe looks back not convinced, with an embarrassed, humbled look. "You were having a sleep over or something with your hot friend, Dana."

Chloe's expression sharpens, as she stands back up more firmly. She raises her hand, almost covering her mouth. “You saw Dana?”

Rachel runs her fingers along her hair to down her shoulders. “Yeah, you guys were sleeping and then you guys started talking something about Triple D’s, then you guys both went to sleep.”

Chloe drops her hand, revealing her opened mouth. “Oh my god." She laughs at the absolutely silly thing that Rachel discovered about her past. "Holy shit, you really did go back in time.” Chloe grins sunnily at Rachel, quite the contrast from earlier this afternoon. You can see there is some serious revitalized hope into Chloe’s face, that is actually almost disturbing given last night's event.

Rachel smiles, a bit proud of her accomplishment and that someone finally believes her. “Care to elaborate what you guys were talking about?”

Chloe leans her body back a little, ready for a long explanation. “Dana got accepted by a modelling agency of some sort. She never gave me any details, because she said it wasn’t something to be bragging to everyone about. The agency offered paying for surgeries, including breast implants, so I was thinking, it was part of the adult industry. Only something like that is lucrative enough for something like that. As much as I like large breasts...” Chloe’s voice fades away, as her eyes drift towards the large bumps on Rachel’s chest, and then she looks back at her eyes. “I felt a little iffy for her to go through that. But as a friend, the best thing you can do is be supportive of their decision. So we were just discussing about what was a good size for her to get that night.”

“Oh geez,” Rachel lets out a soft laughter. What a dumb thing to go back in time for, but knowledge is knowledge. Not everything is polished or refined in this world. Rachel scratches her chin, thinking about it a little more. Maybe the place she went to, the next day, could give a clue? I’ll keep that in mind for another time. I have to focus on saving Chloe's father. “So she wanted to be a model?”

“Yeah, I mean look at her. She’s so pretty. But she went missing not too long after that night. That was about a year ago, I think.” Chloe’s eyes drifts away, as some despair seeps back in her face.

“Yeah, you mentioned it to me.” Rachel looks down, as there is an awkward silence between them two. Both were probably pondering the fate of Dana, but didn’t want to continue to talk about it. Part of Rachel wants to see if she can somehow save Dana or at least discover what happened to her, but first she has to save Chloe’s father. But what if Dana is already long dead? If I go back too far in time, it will drastically change the future.

Chloe’s eyes wander to Rachel’s preoccupied eyes, and she finally breaks the silence. “But yes, I believe you about your time power. So, do you think you can do it?” Chloe’s voice weakens slightly, realizing she is demanding something humanly impossible. She stutters in a softer voice, “To uh- try and save my father?”

Rachel slowly paces around the room in a small circle. “I’ll have to look around where your father got shot. And see what my approach is. Then, I can re-enter to my body and try to warn him or something.”

Chloe smiles with hope, full of warm energy, “Yeah you were mentioning that, earlier. Why didn't you try and show me that earlier-." Chloe figures out the answer herself. "Oh you probably would change history, huh?" Her smiles disappears, realizing how serious time travel can be. “Please be careful, okay?” She puts out her hand, grabbing the side of Rachel’s, stopping her in her tracks, “I’ll come help you out, okay?”

Rachel nods, still a little bit concerned about this whole plan. “Sure thing.” She lets out a half smile.

Chloe lets go and takes a step back, rocking her body back in a lazy fashion. “Thank you so much, Rachel. We are on this together, okay? If you ever feel too scared, don’t hesitate to back out. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Her tone was very genuine and touching for Rachel. Chloe, almost feels invincible, and is probably more excited about the time travel power than even Rachel is, even without knowing the full consequences of the power.

Rachel bites her lips, nodding her head, thanking Chloe for her sympathy. “Thanks, Chloe. It really means a lot.” She closes her eyes slowly, then back opened. Chloe, is much more accepting than Maxine. But maybe because Chloe didn’t have to put up a fucked up childhood and teenager years with me, like Maxine did.

“Wow.” Chloe dips her head down sharply, with the rest of her hair draping down by her face. “I'll be honest. Ever since you told me about your time rewind power earlier today. That you could possibly save my father. I guess a part of me, believed it for some reason. Since then, I’ve been feeling so detached with everything. And as strange as it sounds, I don’t feel so sad about my father’s death, anymore.” She jerks her head back up, flinging her hair back. “Silly, huh?”

Chloe's optimistic mindset about this is pretty shocking. But if she has trust in Rachel, there is truth in her statement. “I think that’s a little understanding. Because all of this is going to change, so we can’t grow too attached.” Rachel presses her knuckles into her chin. “It’s almost like we have to say goodbye.”

“That’s very true.” Chloe nods her head, with a little sadness to Rachel's words.

Rachel leans back, falling back to sit at the foot part of Chloe’s bed. She places both of her hands at her knees, looking down at her feet. “I guess that makes sense. I know someone that’s feeling that way, right now.” She begins tracing circles at her jeans. “She has to be.”

Chloe sits down right beside Rachel. “What? Did you save her or do something similar for her?

Rachel shakes her head profusely. “No. She actually has time rewind power like me.” Chloe’s eyes widen, and she mouthed ‘Woah’. Rachel continues, “But she isn’t from this timeline. Even though she has the power, she decided to choose not to use it. However, it resulted in the death of her best friend and both of her parents.” She lets out a soft sigh. “She not sure if she wants to use her power to save them.”

Chloe’s eyes drift downwards, thinking about it. “So there are multiple timelines going on?” She pauses, thinking about why someone wouldn’t want to use this power to save their loved ones. “She doesn’t want to use her power, huh? Do I know her best friend?”

Rachel presses her lips together, nodding, “Yep. You’re her best friend.”

Chloe stands up immediately, causing the bed to creak. “Me? What the fucking hell? Who is this person with time rewind power?”

Rachel closes her eyes, a little disgusted to admit it. “Max. Or Maxine, in this timeline.”

“Oh shit. No way! We’re best friend in the other timeline?”


“What about you? Rachel, are you there, too?”

Rachel flutters her eyes, slowly. She thinks back at the bathroom in the restaurant when she first met Max, and the long conversation she had with her. “I’m already dead in that timeline.”

Chloe’s eyes drops down a little. Her tone lowers to a more serious tone. “I’m sorry. Erm…” She pauses for a second. “Is Maxine going to save you, too?”

Rachel’s throat tightens, and her eyebrow lowers. Her voice is barely louder than a whisper. “No. I don’t know if she going to save anyone. In fact-” She swallows to relieve the tension that was choking in her throat. “I think she going to take her own life.”

“Wait...” Chloe turns her head away from Rachel, looking straight ahead. Her voice drops to almost a whisper. “Why?”

Rachel presses both hands at her face, trying to not cry from thinking about it. “I had a vision a long time ago. Of Maxine going to Blackwell Academy. That she ended her life, by jumping off the roof there. It was one of the reason why I persuaded so hard for her to not go to that school, when I was younger. Of course that led to a huge fight between me and Maxine’s parents.”

Chloe nods her head, trying to follow everything Rachel is saying. “So Maxine in that timeline went to Blackwell Academy? And somehow that is going to cause her to end her life?”

“Yeah, something like that. Probably combination of many things. Who really knows? I also had a vision that her parents died in a car crash, and that actually happened in that timeline. She also mentioned there was a tornado that was going to destroy the town. But she prevented it, by…” Rachel looks directly into Chloe’s eyes, “By sacrificing you, or I guess you in that timeline.” Chloe looks back at Rachel, nodding again. As mysterious and vague everything is, Chloe continues to remain calm and still listening. “I saw that same tornado in my vision.” There is a short pause, as Rachel’s soft breathing can be heard in the stillness of the room. “If she prevented that tornado, then maybe I can prevent her death.”

Chloe presses her hand onto Rachel’s shoulder. “Can you save her? I know she isn’t technically your best friend, but you have to try.”

Rachel slowly shakes her head, “I don’t know if I can, or if she wants me to. She doesn’t want to use any time rewind power because she is afraid it’ll cause the world to become unstable.”

“The world becoming unstable caused the tornado? That’s why she is helpless to save me and her parents?”

“Yes. Even if she does decide to fix the past by rewinding time-” Rachel stares blankly ahead, towards the door to Chloe’s bedroom. “I know she just wants you and her parents alive. I’ll still be dead.”

Chloe comes in closer and wraps her arm around Rachel’s body. “So, you don’t want to save her, because you wouldn’t benefit from it.”

Rachel nods her head, slowly. “Selfish, isn’t it? I already have so much trouble with Maxine in this timeline. But some reason, I think we’re all connected, despite being a different timeline.” She lets out a soft sigh, her hands squeezing her jeans. “I feel I’m not going to be wanted in either timelines.”

Chloe shakes her head, “Don’t say that. You don’t know.” Chloe wraps her other arm, pressing Rachel’s belly through her shirt. “I care about you.”

“You just care about me because I can save your father.”

“No, that’s fucking bullshit. And you know it.” Chloe clenches her fist, gripping Rachel’s shirt over her stomach.

Rachel grabs onto Chloe’s hand, interlocking her fingers. “This time travel power- I have a feeling it was given to me to shape the timeline accordingly to how someone else wants it. I’m just a puppet being used by someone or maybe some higher beings. After all this happens, no one will remember what I did. All these heroic acts I do, and glory does not exist out of time.” Rachel’s own words depresses her even more, that she has to take a deep breath. The thought that her power is really just a curse, rather than a gift. “Eventually, I’ll fade out of existence from everyone.”

“What do you mean you fade out of existence?”

“Chloe, if I change the past. Depending how far back, this will all be erased, with your father alive.”

Chloe nods her head, “Yeah...”

“So you will not remember anything I’ve told you. You may not believe me anymore. Actually, I’m sure you won’t believe me anymore.”


“I think you’re open to believing me because of your father’s tragedy. My power just seems like a glimmer of hope to you.”

Chloe stares deeply in the laminate wooden floor in her room, thinking real hard about what Rachel just said. “I don’t know. I’ve always been interested in supernatural stuff. Or…” She pauses, and her eyebrow lowers a little bit. “Or maybe something about this, just feels too...familiar already. Not sure if that makes any sense...”

Rachel looks at her, a little surprised with what she is saying. “It doesn't. What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. It is probably nothing. I'm overthinking or maybe been watching too much anime.” Chloe gives a quick glance towards Rachel, then pulls away quickly.

Rachel nods her head, softly. "Maybe, it is something. I do feel a little drawn to you."


Rachel shrugs her shoulder, “Regardless, I’ll be back to no one believing me. Maxine didn’t believe me, and neither will you. All of this, will go away when I change history.” Rachel tone starts to fill with mild frustration. She releases Chloe’s hand, letting it fall down to her leg, “Even that little make out session we had, and this talk. Gone.”

“Well…” Chloe reaches down, running her fingers along Rachel’s inner thigh, “I didn’t mind you kissing me. I definitely won’t mind it in a different timeline. I don’t know, if you know, but you’re fucking gorgeous.” Rachel blushes at Chloe’s words. Chloe sees her reaction, continues to stroke her inner thigh more, sliding her hands up along it. “Fuck it, I’ll admit it, I have a crush on you. But I know Maxine is your girl. And combined with my father’s death…” Her hand that was rubbing Rachel’s thigh stops. “Gosh, it feels so weird. He just died yesterday, and here I am just teasing you like it is nothing. Time travel is very fucked up.” Chloe hesitates what she says next, glancing at Rachel, then away. "This seems very fucked up, but you remember what my mom told me to do, just earlier when we were downstairs? I don't want to pick photos for my father's funeral."

Rachel runs her fingers through her bangs, scratching her forehead, "That is a lot of pressure and trust on me, Chloe."

Chloe doesn't even look back at Rachel, "Yes, it is very fucked up. Maxine, or I guess the Maxine with the time travel power, I can sort of understand how she feels. There is some sort of suspension of feelings, and it makes you feel less of a human, and almost...something else."

Chloe's words were a little frightening but there is truth to her statement. You really don't feel like a normal human being, when you know who gets to live, or who gets to die. Rachel nods her head, agreeing with Chloe, “It really distorts your perspective about reality. The more I think about it, this time travel isn't a good thing to have. Both, me and Max in the other timeline, no one will ever understand our suffering, because no one can retain their memories out of time. ”

Chloe presses her lips, “Listen Rachel, I’m very sorry for all of this. I cannot even fathom how tough this is. And here I am, being selfish and giddy like a dumb ass, about you going to save my father.”

“Chloe, I would feel the exact same way, don’t worry. I guess out of all this, I just don’t want to be alone.”

“Rachel…you have Maxine. You will have her.”

“Maxine, as much as I love her. I feel she is slipping away from me. I need her so much right now, but she doesn’t believe me at all. She just thinks I’m crazy.” There were some tears at the corner of Rachel’s eyes, “I will be alone.”

Chloe holds onto Rachel’s hand, and brings it up to her face. She gives it a soft kiss, and then looks back deeply in Rachel’s eyes. “Rachel, I know I just met you. But promise me, we’ll still be friends, okay? Whatever timeline we’ll end up, and if we ever get separated or if we get lost, promise to come back to me, okay?” Rachel is stunned by Chloe's touching words and struggles to contain the tears in her eyes. “And I want to hear all these stories and memories we have shared with each other in all these timelines.”

Rachel couldn’t hold the tears anymore, as they begins to drip down her face. “Thanks Chloe. Your words is very touching and you always make me feel very wanted. That what I want more than anything.” Chloe reaches in giving her a hug, pressing her face into Rachel’s. She welcomes Chloe’s warm embrace. “Don't worry Chloe, I will save your father.” The two of them only met, but Rachel is very captivated by Chloe’s friendliness and beauty.

Chloe pulls back slightly to get a nice view of Rachel’s face. She brushes Rachel’s bangs, slowly running her finger down her face, wiping a trail of tear from her face. Rachel’s eyes is a little puffy and her face is reddened. Her breaths were heavy as she blew soft puffs of warm air onto Chloe’s face. Chloe drops her finger, down to Rachel’s chin, and she stands up and sit back down on top of Rachel’s lap.

Chloe tips her nose up playfully, "Well if this timeline is going away, why don't we continue our make out session for a little bit?"

Well, fuck it. What's the worst that can happen? Rachel nods her head, and smiles.

Chloe acknowledges back at Rachel, and carefully slides both her hands, running up Rachel’s inner thighs. The sudden sensation causes Rachel’s thighs to twitch from the tingling feeling. Chloe feels the sudden jerk from her legs, adding confidence to her, that she is doing the right thing.

A buzz comes from Rachel’s phone in her pants. Chloe looks at Rachel’s pants, then back at her eyes. Rachel grabs Chloe and brings her closer as they continue to kiss each other. Chloe dips down and run her tongue along Rachel’s neck, causing her to tilt her head upwards. Rachel’s eyes rolls back, tilting her body back, and arching her chest upwards. Chloe's breath stops for a second, with the close view of Rachel's bumps rising close to her face. She runs her hand underneath Rachel's shirt pressing her hands flat against Rachel's warm belly.

A second buzz comes out of Rachel’s pants, but the two blonds don't pay too much attention to it. Chloe continues to run her mouth all over Rachel’s neck, running her fingers little higher up her body, lifting up her shirt a little more, that Rachel can feel more cold air blowing onto her stomach. Chloe pulls away from her neck to admire Rachel's round belly. She swirls her tongue out, and licking her lips in a teasing fashion. She looks back at Rachel's eyes, smiling at her. Rachel looks back, slightly embarrassed but same time aroused and breathing heavily.

Rachel grabs onto Chloe's hand, who is holding up her shirt, preventing it's advance. Chloe sticks her tongue out in a mischievous way, and tugs it a little higher until it partially shows the bottom part of Rachel's dark purple bra. Chloe lets out a joking gasp, teasing her. She pouts her lips, making kissing sounds towards her chest. Rachel looks down, partially humiliated and ashamed, locking Chloe's hands from advancing any further, to reveal any more of herself.

A third buzz comes in again, as they both turn their attention down to Rachel's pants. Someone must be really trying to get a hold of me. Probably Maxine... Chloe dips her head, kissing Rachel's hand that is holding up her shirt, and gently tug it, shuffling her shirt back down for Rachel, till her shirt fully covered her chest and belly area, from Chloe's curious eyes.

Rachel appreciating Chloe's gesture, reaches in for her pocket to grab her phone, “Sorry, I have to get this." Chloe nods back, resting both of her hands on her waist.

Maxine: Rachel, hey I’m discharged from the hospital. I’m back home. (5:38 PM)

Maxine: Hey, I’m sorry about everything. Come over, now. (5:38 PM)

Maxine: I’ll make up for it. :) (5:39 PM)

Rachel smiles at the thought of Maxine is finally out of that white colored jail, that people called a 'hospital'. That was quick.

Chloe being nosy, looks down and reads all the texts that is on the screen by Maxine, “Oh wow. You’re totally getting laid tonight.” She lets out a half smile as part of her is a little disappointed.

Rachel playfully jabs at Chloe. “Shut up.”

“Enjoy your time, tonight.” Chloe lets out a chuckle, and quickly slides off Rachel’s lap.

“Fine.” Rachel lets out a nervous laughter, with awkward abrupt ending between her and Chloe. Rachel stares off as Chloe walks off to the center room, crossing her arms and facing away from her. Shit, well this is a little weird. It nice that Maxine is out the hospital. But probably shouldn’t have done that with Chloe. Rachel gets up from the bed, and walks towards the window to look at the sky. Rachel’s mouth opens slightly with what she sees in the sky.

“Chloe, do you see the two moons up in the sky?”

Chloe turns around and hurries towards the window, pressing up against Rachel, “No, I just see one. Maybe you have some eye problems. You need to stop jerking off. Then again, I’ll be blind as a bat, if it weren’t for these contacts.”

Rachel kneels down, looking if there anything else wrong with the sky, but there isn’t. “I’m serious, Chloe. I think something is happening. Maybe something is going on with the other Max.” Rachel slowly steps back, away from the window. “Blackwell Academy...they have dorms, right?”

“Yeah, there is. You going to go there?”

Rachel’s phone buzzes a few more time. She takes out her phone quickly to look at it.

Maxine: I’m scared to be alone. (5:41 PM)

Maxine: Come home, quick. :) (5:41 PM)

Rachel lets out a soft cry of frustration, “Maxine...shit.”

Chloe walks away from window, towards Rachel. “You really think the other Max is in trouble? Can you even do anything?”

Rachel nods her head, “I don’t know. I was able to jump into her timeline before.”

Chloe’s concerned eyes shifts to the side, towards the window, “Well, you have to make that decision.”

Rachel thinks for a little bit, rubbing her knuckles beneath her chin, “Well Maxine just got drugged. She probably terrified being alone.” She presses her hand into her face, knowing she going to regret this decision. “I have to be there for Maxine. I have to leave now, Chloe. I’ll text you later.” She hurries out the bedroom hastily.

Chloe still looking out the window in the distant, and mutters softly, even though she is long gone. “Bye Rachel...”



Rachel’s car speeds down the road towards her apartment underneath the red afternoon skies. She didn’t have a chance to text back Maxine or call her back that she is on the way.

“The more I think about it, this time travel isn't a good thing to have. Both, me and Max in the other timeline, no one will ever understand our suffering, because no one can retain their memories out of time.” Rachel’s own words echo in her mind. An empty void begins forming inside Rachel’s stomach. Her eyebrows lowers, and she pulls over to the side of the road.

“Shit,” she places her head down at the steering wheel. She clenches onto the steering wheel, with her fingers trembling. Fuck me.

Rachel makes a U-turn and head towards Blackwell Academy.

Rachel Amber

Blackwell Academy - Outside

August 24th, 2016 6:13 PM

Rachel parks in the parking lot, in front of the large school. She looks around, hoping there isn’t any restriction on parking, as she never parked here before. The parking lot is pretty big with a few cars still scattered around, possibly faculty members.

She gets out her car, and walks up the stair. She looks at the huge school with the main entrance. I think those were the doors that the Chloe in the other timeline got wheeled out of by the paramedics. Shortly, before she died.... A sense of sadness strikes Rachel's heart, as the tragic events that Max had to deal with, races through Rachel's mind. She continues on heading towards the direction of the sign that says ‘Prescott Dormitory’.

Rachel’s phone begins ringing. It’s Maxine calling.

Rachel picks up, while pacing quickly towards the dorms. “Hey Maxine.”

“Rachel, where are you? You should be off work, right?”

“Maxine, I’ll call you back.”

“Rachel, is there something wrong?”

Rachel hangs up the phone and approach the courtyard in front of the female dormitory building. She looks up at the top of the building, and a sudden chill strikes through her heart. It looks like it is the exact place where Max jumped off in her vision.

There is an odd presence around her in this empty courtyard. It seems eerily empty, especially for just a little after six o' clock. There were faint sounds of kids, echoing across the courtyard. But Rachel isn't sure if they are real, or ghosts, or something that invented by her mind.

Feeling a little subdued by the desolate surroundings, Rachel musters out the courage and hold out her hand, freezing the time. However, the sky went instantly dark, and all of the sudden she can hear a gurgling voice right behind her. The last breath of air quietly exits out of Rachel's stiff, frozen body as she becomes completely drained of energy, collapsing down to her knees, and then flat back against the ground. Before her vision fades, she could not see who was behind her.

Rachel Amber

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : Room 222

October 13th, 2013 9:26 PM

Rachel is lying flat on the ground, however unable to move her body too much, as her body got hit hard by exhaustion, possibly from her powers. All she can see is a candle lit with a small flame, right beside a door. There is some violin being played right by her ear, but she couldn't turn to see who it is. Out of nowhere, a blue butterfly comes flying very close to the candle. A blue butterfly? Wait! No, don't fly near the flame! The blue butterfly flies right by the flame, putting out the flame that was illuminating her room. The violin stops playing immediately, from the result of the now darkened room.

Rachel hears Max’s voice. “If anything do happen to me and I decide to leave this world, no one else should suffer because of it.”

Max! Rachel lets out a deep growl, that boiled beneath her throat. You don't have to do this.

Rachel hears Max's voice, again. "Goodbye, Kate."

Rachel clenches her teeth as some energy within her, finally empowers her allowing her to move. She reaches out and put out her hand, towards the now-unlit candle. She squeezes her hand, gripping the air above her. All of the sudden, her hand envelops into a red flame with trail of smoke coming out of it. The flame did not feel warm, nor did Rachel care at all as she continues to look at the ceiling in a trance-like state. The room starts to become very distorted, and the ceiling begins to raise quickly to some impossible height that Rachel couldn't even see from her position.

Rachel's flutters her eyes closed, from the sudden loss of energy. From out of nowhere, she hears a different voice in her head.

“You used your time power, didn’t you?”

Chapter Text

Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay Police Station - 1F

October 13th, 2013 4:50 PM

Max’s body jerks, as she wakes up finding herself in Kate’s lap. They're still on the rustic bench, in the lobby of police station. She squeezes her eyelids tightly, to moistens her eyes and against the sudden brightness of the plain fluorescent lights, illuminating the generic flat white walls. The afternoon sun is still piercing through the blinds, adding some warm signs of life into the scene.

Kate’s hand delicately tucked in front of Max’s face, to prevent her from jolting forward, right into the white tile flooring. She turns her hand around, and rub with the backside across the brunette’s chin. “Careful, Max. Take it easy. Don’t get up too quickly.”

“I’m sorry, Kate.” She reaches and tug on Kate’s soft, dark blue sleeves of her cardigan, pulling it into her face to feel the softness.

Chloe...that was my first time seeing you dying. Now, I want you back even more. Max palms her forehead, and rubbing her eyes with it.

“That’s okay. You scared me, Max. Thank God, you were only out for a few seconds.” Kate slides the back of her hand onto the forehead, making sure the poor girl did not have a sudden fever.

“Really?” It felt like almost an entire day, I was gone. Max sluggishly pushes herself off the bench, accidentally applying huge pressure onto the small knees of the church girl. Kate lets out a grunt underneath her breath. “I’m sorry.” She mutters non apologetic and dry tone. She almost repels off the bench, startled by her clumsy action. The whole time trip has put Max in a very disoriented state, as her bearings are slowly falling back in place.

Kate reaches for her body, and guide her so she is sitting upright, right besides her. “It’s okay, Max.” She lets out a soft, genuine smile.

Max takes a deep breath, holding it in to calm herself and to take a moment to remember what was going on just earlier. Her eyes drifts curiously to the side, away from Kate, and mutters very quietly under her breath. “Rachel?” She probably didn't say it loud enough, but at least Kate doesn't find it odd. She peers her head around in a suspicious fashion, even clearing her throat, in an attempt to get her attention. But nothing back from Rachel Amber. She was real, right?

Max turns her attention back to church girl since some things may have changed. There is no tornado, so could Rachel’s power not trigger any tornadoes with her time power? Or maybe the tornado is linked directly with Chloe's death? Words were struggling to be formed together under her throat, with the myriad of thoughts passing though her mind. Her voice became raspy and low. “Kate, uh...why am I here?”

“Max?” Kate asks in an alert and inquiring tone. She gets up before she could respond to grab a cup, and fills it with cold water from the dispenser next to them. “Are you feeling little dazed, right now?”

Max gazes at the sparkling beads of water falling out of the machine and into the cup. “No, Kate. I’m fine, but please remind me, why am I here?”

Kate looks down at the cup, as it is filling to make sure it doesn’t overfill. She is very confused with Max's apparent amnesia, but she tries her best not to question it. “To view your parent’s body after the car accident.” She stops filling, and walks over to hand it delicately to her.

Max closes her eyes, and mouths ‘Shit’, and takes the cup offered from Kate. The cool water through the cup, feels great against her warm hands. Not really thinking much, she blurts out, “Chloe…she’s dead, huh?”

Kate gives her a concerning gaze, again curious what is going on with her, “Max?”

Realizing her questions were pointless and only making others more concerned about her, Max quickly replies back, “Kate, I’m fine.” She takes a sip of the cool water, the soothes the fires burning inside her body.

The clanking footsteps of leather shoes grows louder and louder on the white tiled floor, as Office Berry emerges from around the corner. “Miss Caulfield, come with me.”

Max gets up immediately, but the strength in both her legs, drain almost immediately, causing her to almost topple over. Officer Berry steps forward to offer her assistance. “No…” She takes a deep breath, massaging her legs with her hands. “I got this.”

Officer Berry nods solemnly, “We’re going to go down to the basement. That’s where their bodies are located.”

Suddenly, the images of the dark, obscured, grisly figure that was walking down the Oregon highway, flashes into the brunette’s mind. Sending a streak of cold terror across her body, almost paralyzing her nerves. She slowly turns around in a rigid way, changing her mind, “Kate, can you come with me?”

Kate glances at the police officer, then back at slightly terrified girl. Without asking any questions, “Sure, Max.”

Sensing a brief presence behind the blond, Max’s eyes shoots up, directing her attention past her. Possibly Rachel, but no response at all, or maybe she can't speak in this time frame.

Kate does a quick take behind her, and back, “What’s wrong, Max?”

Max shakes her head, looking down. “Nothing, Kate. Let’s go.”

Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay Police Station - Basement

October 13th, 2013 4:56 PM

The elevator is creaky and old. The abnormal motor sound did not inspire any confidence in the safety for the occupants in it. The lights in the overhead had an amber hue to it, not sure if from the decaying state that left a film of filth over it or it is naturally like that. The three of them stands in almost in a formation with Officer Berry in the front, and the two small girls in the back.

Max knows she has to resists asking very awkward questions, but there is one that has been bugging her. She wants to know if she changed the past with Chloe. Max thinks hard on how to word it, to make it seems like a more legitimate question.

“Kate, right after Chloe got shot, and she is being wheeled out. I went up to her and…” Without much confidence, she mumbles underneath her throat, “And I kissed her,” Kate nods her head, in acknowledgement. So that did happened. Rachel did change my past. “Uh..” Max stutters underneath her breath, as her shyness getting the best of her. Kate grabs her hand and gently squeezes it, combined with her genuine, sweet smile that Kate is known for, to give some courage to the brunette. Max looks down at Kate’s hand, feeling very blessed with her presence. “Kate, did anyone else say anything about it?”

Kate looks up at the grimy, elevator lights above them. Her mouth briefly opens, then she presses her lips tight, looking back down at the brunette. “I thought it was sweet and touching. And many people agreed to that.” Her eyes drifts away nervously, “But there’s a few that know-” She shrugs her shoulder, not wanting to continue. “They're being idiots."

Max looks blankly at Kate’s words. The kiss to Chloe, while she does not regret it, she is feeling a little self conscious about it, especially combined the past week has become a rewritten mystery, again. It was a small kiss, but it can easily trickle to just about anything, given the students at Blackwell. She's little touched that people like Kate didn’t take it the wrong way. But a little concerned about the idiots Kate was talking about. Max nods, to play along that's she is fully understanding.

Kate’s grabs Max's arm and squeezes it close to her body. “Don’t worry about it. I’m here for you.”

Max looks back at Kate, as she also seems very troubled by it. That newly missing week...Someone must be bullying me about it since, and I’m not aware of it.

The creaky elevator somehow, makes it to the basement floor, safely. Even though it is only one floor, it took over half a minute to go down.

The basement floor is dark, and isn’t very well illuminated. There is a line of fluorescent lights that hangs on some frail-looking cables. Combined with the ash gray walls, it really brings out the dread in this floor.

The three of them exits the elevator, and walk down the hallway. Kate asks while they're walking, “Officer Berry, is this the morgue for the city?”

Officer Berry replies back, “The hospital has the real morgue. This sort of doubles as a very small one. We don’t have a dedicated forensic office in Arcadia Bay, so sometimes bodies do come here.”

Max looks all around at the eerie hallway. “Was Rachel her remains still here?”

Officer Berry walks for a bit, trying to dodge Max’s question. “I’m really not supposed to be telling you, that.”

Max looking at the backside of the tall officer, “Please, tell me. I’m a friend of Rachel’s.”

Officer Berry turns slightly, but not enough to give eye contact. “Sorry, I cannot give that information.”

Despite the officer not telling her, a chill rumbles inside her body, as she freezes in her path. There is a presence on this level, like some miasma that suffocates the air. It isn’t just from the derelict appearance, of this place. The other two doesn’t seem too phased by it, but Max is bothered by it. Unlike the presence she felt earlier right before coming down the basement, this one feels far more menacing.

Rachel, is still a mysterious person that Max knows nothing about her. These two timelines are all connected somehow, and Rachel has to be connected to her, even in this timeline. She said she always wanted to be with me. Yet, we never even met. Unless...maybe we couldn’t be together. And...she changed it so we never met.

More questions races through her head, as she thinks back about Chloe talking about the tornado, saying it could possibly be Rachel’s wrath, getting revenge. She did meet up with Chloe and became her new best friend. Chloe even loved her, too. But Rachel, rejected her...or at least distanced herself from her.

Officer Berry stops in his track, right before a long window, causing the two girls behind him to follow. “Okay, behind this window, you can see your parents behind it. You may not enter the room, so you can only view it from behind the window. Okay?”

There is a pulse in her throat, and suddenly it feels her eyes dilated, causing it to be more sensitive to the lights above her. “Okay.” She mutters just loud enough for Officer Berry to hear her.

Max takes a step forward, to look at the room who is far more illuminated than this hallway, making it ironically more lively looking. It is hardly an ideal viewing area. There were two long aluminum tables, side by side of each other, with a body on top of each one, covered by a large white towel.

Max presses her face into the window, her nose feeling the coldness of the room. “Mommy... Daddy...” She cries underneath her breath, with her hands trembling, down by her sides.

After those words, there is just silence from Max, as she observes closely at her dead parents. Both looks very cleaned up, with few visible wounds on their head. Their eyes were closed and lips pressed together tight. They look very peaceful, at least that is what Max tells her own heart.

Nearby is a cabinet with a hanger, with a ripped up light purple, orchid colored dress being hanged. The sounds of someone choking, and gurgling suddenly rings into her ears. It is the same dress that the figure wore when Max, was walking down that dark highway road.

“Mom, please…” Max pulls back from the window, trying to seek shelter from her supposed imagination. She feels a hand grabs her lower back, causing her to flinch.

“Max? It’s me.” Kate holds on to her but the small brunette slowly crumbles backwards onto her butt. “Max!”

“I just-...” Max rolls to her sides and curl up into a ball, and her hands begin shaking.

Officer Berry kneels down next to her, “She’s having a panic attack. Take deep breaths, Maxine.”

Max’s closes her eyes, trying to calm her breathing. Her body judders in a single twitch movement a couple times, then finally settling down, as she rests both her trembling knuckles beneath her chin.

Okay, breath, breath. Deep inhale, and deep exhale.

She relaxes her furrowed eyebrow, and continues to take deep breaths.

She can hear Officer Berry’s voice, while almost sounds like a faint echo in this tornado that's going in her mind. “Keep at it Max, it looks to be very mild. You’re doing great.”

Kate presses both her hands together by her chest, with her eyes closed, praying for Max’s wellness.

Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay Police Station - Outside

October 13th, 2013 5:37 PM

The cool breeze in the late afternoon of autumn, the rustling of the leaves, and the rays from the sun as it slowly makes it way towards the horizon, all creates a rather peaceful soothing setting. The wind gently caresses into the numb skin of Max’s, who is sitting in a wheelchair overlooking the small courtyard in front of the police station. The vibrant green grass and shrubs, gives out a very nature feel, with the only thing missing is the faint chirping of birds to complete the package. While the peaceful setting is appreciating, it only put a band-aid on the badly wounded young photographer.

Max reaches down, squeezing her knees with enough pressure, it is seems it could cause bruises. Many things has happened today, and what felt like only few hours ago with snuggling up with her mother and father at her 12th birthday, they are now forever gone from this world. I want to see them...just once more. Please, Rachel. I need to see them both, and Chloe.

Max’s phone buzzes in her pocket. She reaches for it, seeing she has a text message.

Joyce: Hey Max, please come by sometimes, okay? Love you. (5:38PM)

Max stares back, at the phone. Trying hard not to think about her parents' deaths, but same time, even harder to to hold back her tears. Joyce and David are both mourning and suffering greatly from Chloe’s death. But still seeing her text, reminds Max that she has someone to go to, and Joyce always been like her second mother, and she can understands the pain Max is going through.

She presses her lips, trying to hold in the tears from the corner of her eyes, trying to text with her blurry vision.

Max: Sure thing. Love you too, Joyce. (5:38PM)

We have to stick together. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll swing by the place. going to destroy me, seeing Chloe's room all empty...The school officials is probably going to find out about my parents, if not already. And I’m sure David will too. I guess that better than me having to break the news to them.

Footsteps approaches her from behind, as Kate rests her hand onto Max's shoulder, causing her to look up. She sees Kate is holding a plastic cup of water in her other hand, offering it to her. “Kate…Thanks again.” She takes the cup, and sips in the cold, refreshing water.

She sees the tears clinging hard onto her eyes, but doesn't comment on it. She squeezes Max’s shoulder, giving her a soft massage. “Are you feeling better?”

Kate's touch feels very warm, relaxing her, combined with the cool drink going into her body. “Mm-hmm”, she mumbles as she is still drinking the water. She gulps the rest of the cup, and place it by her lap. She lets out a satisfying exhale, trying to take a objective view of what just happened. The sudden amount of stress of seeing her parents’ bodies, triggered her to having a panic attack. Luckily, she handled it better this time than earlier ones with some relaxation techniques. “Did I scare you?”

"No," Kate shakes her head. The hand she still has on Max's shoulder, she squeezes it a little more. "I'm just glad you're okay."

Max looks at her fingers digging into her shoulder, then back up at the blond girl. "You're very sweet, Kate."

Kate's eyes drifts to the side, giving a nervous smile. “So, are you ready to go? Or you need some more time?”

Max nods her head, as the cool draft of wind is finally diluting her senses enough. “Let’s go.” She gets up from the wheelchair and turns around, finally noticing bunch of paper works rolled up, sticking out of the bag, she is carrying. “What is that?”

Kate looks down at the rolled up papers. “Some papers and brochures. This lady uh...she was lurking around, and she said she provided funeral service. She said she can deal with the life insurance easier, and...something something.

Max feels a small ripple of void sending across her stomach, just hearing about anything related with her parents’ deaths. “I see..." She doesn't want to talk anymore about it, especially about the funeral. She just went to Chloe's funeral, and that was painful already. "Let’s go, Kate.”

Kate lowers her eyebrow, knowing she brought up some news, that's upsetting to Max. She grabs the wheel chair by the handle and spin it around towards the entrance of the station, "I’ll give this back to them.” Kate looks out towards the bus stop bench by road, “Bus should be coming soon.”



It was a quiet bus ride back to Blackwell Academy. No one really knew what to say, and what to actually discuss.

Max asked Kate, if she could come over and sleep over for the night. She didn’t actually admit the reason why to Kate, but the sight of her parents’ bodies, plus the horror sight of her mother on the road. Max feared she will be disturbed in her sleep again. Some company also would help with the loneliness feeling, too. Kate agreed, regardless, wanting to be there for Max, as much as she can.

Both of the students paced themselves back to their dorm rooms, passing by their classmates like Dana and Warren without a single mention of what happened earlier today. For all they knew, Max is still recovering from Chloe’s death, and Kate is right beside her.

Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : Room 219

October 13th, 2013 9:24 PM

The room is dimly lit by the lamp on Max's desk, and the rope lights above her bed, creating a rather intimate ambiance in the room. It would be deathly silent, if it weren't for the loud television noise from Victoria's, coming across the hallway. Max, quietly sits on the floor, leaning her back against the side of the bed. Her right elbow is resting on top of her knee, with her Polaroid camera dangling loosely in her fingers. On the ground, scattering around her were many pictures, including the blue butterfly photo.

Max’s eyes lazily turn towards the camera she has in her hand. She lifts it higher to be centered with her face, as she stares deeply into the lens of the Polaroid camera. The dark lens seems like a portal to a fathomless abyss, as well many unanswered questions that lingers in the young photographer's mind. How does looking at photos, allow me to go back in time? She never got a chance to question her powers and its connection. She may never will find out what it is source, or more importantly, why she got the power.

Rachel used her powers to go back in the past. There were no boundaries in her time hop, unlike mines. Maybe her power is far more advanced than mines is. There doesn’t seem to have any consequences with hers, unlike mines. Will my power ever become as strong as Rachel’s?

She blinks her eyes, re-wetting it; she looks at the camera with her most presentable face she can make at the moment, and snaps a picture with the camera. The motor in the camera spits out the white Polaroid slip, and she picks it up to fan it.

Her eyes glance all over the floor where the pictures she scattered on the floor. She rotates between each one, muttering each photo out loud, with a voice slightly above a whisper.

“The Blue Butterfly, right before Chloe’s death.” Rachel mentions she saw a timeline where I killed Chloe with the morphine overdose. That was where I changed it, to let William die. Does that mean, there is a timeline out there where Chloe and I, are running away from the storm, together. And letting it destroy the town? What if most people survived the storm? Then, would letting the tornado happen be better, so I can have Chloe and my parents again? She moves on to the next photo.

“My 12th birthday, with me and Chloe as pirate.” I went into this with Rachel. I wonder if she requires a picture to warp to a time frame? But then again, she was able to fast forward right into Chloe’s final moments.

“The hockey game in Seattle, earlier this year.” I remember wanting to go to a hockey game after submitting my essay for Blackwell Academy admission application. My dad thought it was a good break for me to take my mind off things. And it sure was. Daddy...

“Prom…or more like night of prom.” Max grips on the picture, harshly, almost wanting to tear the picture. This awful night. Our prom was very early being around mid March. I remember I got very mad at my parents that night, but it died down quickly. Mid March...this is before Rachel went to that Vortex Club party, shortly before her disappearance.

Max picks up the Polaroid film that is still slowly developing. “And the night of my parent’s death.” She closes her eyes, and tosses the picture to the side. If I do anything I'm going to regret, going forward. I can use this picture as something to fallback to.

She squeezes the top of her nose. I need to talk to Chloe. Is there a picture of me before I left for Seattle? We stopped taking pictures together, because our relationship deteriorated after William’s death. I remembered going to that clinic with Chloe. That was when we had a falling apart from each other. I gave her my entire piggy bank for that pill, but she flipped out on me for leaving her for Seattle. And to be honest, besides the bathroom at Blackwell Academy, that was pretty much the last time I saw Chloe. She didn’t see me and my parents off at the airport, or even say good bye. She was absolutely furious with me.

Max hugs herself, wrapping her arms over her chest. “Rachel...I’m very sorry, but please come back to me. I need to talk to Chloe. One last time. You can undo everything so nothing gets changed. But I need to talk to her. I’m falling apart...No one is there to grab my hand. And I don’t know, if I’m making the right choice.” I know there is really no right choice. But talking it out with Chloe, will sure make me feel better.

The phone right beside her, vibrates. Someone sent a text message.

Nattaya: I’m seriously busy with job interviews. Can’t you just handle everything yourself? (9:26 PM)

Max picks up her phone and throws it across the room, onto her couch. My aunt is not helpful at all. She wants me to handle all the funeral service. My mother's family is full of unhelpful dumb shits. She lets out a sigh. Honestly, I don't know if there's that many people even going to their funeral service. Everyone is out of town, and clearly don't care enough. It is too early to jump to any conclusion to who can really make it to the funeral service. But still the thoughts of people, not knowing Chloe's sacrifice, and not caring about her parents, truly angers Max.

Someone knocks on the door, pulling the brunette’s attention towards the door. She puts down the camera and carefully move all the photos underneath the bed, away from any foot traffic. She does a quick stretch with her arms, then she opens the door finding Kate on the other side of it.

Max didn't do too great of her job of hiding her emotions. She greets with a sluggish, drained voice, “...Hey.” Kate has a soft smile on her face, but she looks a bit distracted, staring off to the side, probably at drawing slate right outside of her door. Max, steps forward, tilting her head towards the direction of the slate, “Did someone draw on my board?”

Kate shakes her head, replying in a colorless voice, “No.”

Max is not convinced at all with Kate’s reply, knowing that there is likely going to be bullies picking on her. Even today so far have tossed Max down a hole to the abyss, she didn’t want Kate or anyone to sugarcoat anything. She steps out abruptly, almost startling the church girl. She sticks her head out to look at the slate. There was something drawn, but it got erased very recently with fingers. Max glares at Kate with suspicion, who you can feel the uneasy warmth and tension in her face from a foot away. She looks at the blond’s fingertips to see if there is any trace of marker on it, but she has her fingers curled up, so you cannot see it. She senses Max’s provoking aura, causing her to let out an awkward, nervous chuckle. Max asks in a stern voice, “What did it say, Kate?”

Kate’s eyes makes a dash to the left, then to the right, a little startled with Max’s tone. She didn’t want to put another burden onto her for today. “Ah well, it was just something stupid.” She looks at Max's, which just demands for her to keep continuing with her stare, alone. “I feel a little uncomfortable talking about it.” And again, Max looks back with an unsympathetic look, not letting Kate have it her way. “It is two people having...oral…” Kate lets out an annoyed groan, as she struggles to say the next word. She repeats, “Oral…”

“Sex?” Max fills in the blank, still in the stern voice.

Kate rolls her eyes away, still not at all proud of it, even if it is Max finishing the sentence. She nods her head, “Mm-hmm.”

Max’s head lowers slightly to her shoulder. “I don’t get it, what does that have to do with-” Her eyes lowers, her fingers flinch for a moment. Kate senses this abrupt emotion transition, that she steps forward and hold out her hand, pressing against Max’s side. “Kate, did they draw blue hair on one of the person?” Her lips begins quivering, and slowly bubbling with immense anger, awaiting for Kate’s reply.

Kate squeezes her hand that was resting on Max's side. “No, they didn’t.”

Max’s body feels weak, causing Kate to hold onto it even tighter. “But they’re implying it, aren’t they?” Her legs starts to feel weak, causing her to almost fall down to her knees. But Kate pulls Max back up, guides her from the doorway back into the room, and gently kicking the door behind her to close it, for some privacy. Max is absolutely furious that someone is insulting her deceased best friend. “She got murdered! What...kind of world does this?”

Kate looks deeply into Max’s eyes with determination, despite feeling hesitant to what she has to say. But sensing Max’s growing sorrow against the bullies that could be mocking her and Chloe. Kate pouts her lips sadly, dipping her head, “Max… the stick figure has blond hair. In fact, she had a hair bun,” she slowly raises her index finger, pointing at her own hair. “Someone bought a yellow marker, just for that.”

Max looks at Kate, pointing at her own hair. She feels a brief sudden relief but that gets squashed almost immediately and it replaced with pity. “Kate?” She grasps at her chest with her hand, looking down at it. “I’m so sorry.” Are people thinking me and Kate are in a relationship, now? Just because she is helping me so much lately, and supporting me.“Is it because you always been there for me? Being supportive?” Max wants to clarifies more, “Kate, you been so helpful.”

Kate’s head is still tilting downward. She avoids answering Max’s question, “Don’t worry, Max. I’m here for you.” Her tone has some hint of disappointment in it. She walks past her, towards her desk, just to deflect the conversation a little bit. There seems to be some signs of frustration within Kate, but Max did not want to confront it. Not this moment, at least. Kate’s curious eyes glances at Max’s messy desk and sees there is some prescription bottles.

She follows Kate’s eyes, curiously eyeing her prescription bottles, then Max walks over to swipe it in her hand. A part of her wants to hide the medicine because she is ashamed, but deep down inside, she trusts Kate and maybe it is time to be more transparent to her. “This is medicine...” She spins one of the bottle around, looking at its label. “...for my social anxiety. It helps with stress and depression.” She continues spinning the bottle, in a fidgeting way.

Kate walks up to her, putting her hand on Max’s shoulder. “Does it help you?”

Max closes her eyes, shaking her head. “Yes. Sometimes I can feel like I’m drowning, if I get into too big group of people, or if something...” Her eyes reopens, turning towards Kate. “About earlier, I don’t think it would have helped. Sorry, that about all I can really say. There are many things messed up with me.”

Kate closes her eyes. There is really nothing good to say in this situation, to someone that lost just about everything keeping her sane. “No-” Kate lets out a sigh, and squeezing her eyelids closed. “Whatever it takes to make you feel a little better, during rough times.”

Max feels a sting in her eyes. She feels like her body is free falling down without anyone to help break the fall. Very detached with reality, and she hasn’t truly accepted anything, yet. She partially lives in a fictional dream world, where she can one day be the superhero to save her best friend and her parents. Ironically, that glimmer of hope is also the very same thing that is eating her. “There is one thing that may make me feel a little better. But I need you to keep this a secret, Kate.”

Kate opens her eyes, and nods her head. She steps back towards Max’s bed sitting down on her knees, on the floor beside the bed. Max, kneels down following her. Not sure what Max has to say, Kate reaches for Max’s hand, rubbing it in an affectionate way, “Of course, tell me, Max.”

Words is stuck in her throat, as Max struggles to decides what the best way to put it. She lets out a long sigh to calm her nerves down. “Let see, how do I begin this? I don’t expect you to believe me, Kate. But please, don’t...” She lets out a groan. There no way she’ll believe this, she going to think it completely stupid. Kate squeezes Max’s hands, giving a even wider smile, to instill some confidence into the brunette. Max’s looks down at her hands, “Kate, I was given some power, about a week back. I’m not even sure how I got it.” Kate’s tilts her head on a slant, in a playful but inquiring way. Max continues, “I have the ability to rewind time. And I used it to save Chloe in the restroom, by hitting the fire alarm, to prevent her from getting shot by Nathan.”

Kate’s head tilts backward and her mouth opens, slightly. She can senses Max is dead serious about it, squashing Kate's playful movements. “Max...that’s...” She stops talking, letting Max continue on.

“By saving her, everything went totally different. I was able to spent the week with her. But Nathan and Mark Jefferson got away with it until the very end. You...” Max points her index finger at the church girl. Kate looks back with wide, curious eyes, still not sure what to make out of Max’s words. “Victoria posted the video of the Vortex Club on the internet, and people started bullying you. Your mother and aunt scolded you, and practically said you committed an unforgivable act. And that God will no longer forgive you.” Kate’s eyes dips down, finally some words that Max is saying starting to sound familiar.

Max pulls Kate’s hand, and hold onto it dearly, and continuing on, “You felt you let your family down, and they abandoned you. You wanted to end your life.” Max’s eyebrows drop down, “And you did.” Kate’s mouth open slightly, suddenly feeling some sorrow within herself. “But I was able to rewind time to stop you from jumping. I talked to you, that I was there for you. I told you, your father and your younger sister Lynn, will always be there for you.” Kate’s presses her lips, and her eyes couldn’t maintain contact with Max. “Then I was able to talk you out of it.”

Kate’s eyes look up at the ceiling, almost wanted to believe some of it, but same time she doesn’t believe it at all. “Max, you are a great person. I know you will always be there for me, when I need it the most. I never ever will doubt that.” There is an uneasiness tone in Kate's voice. She almost wants to roll her eyes, but it will be too disrespectful. “But Max, go on, what happened?”

Max continues and mildly glad that Kate is showing some interest in her story. “Many things happened afterwards, it is a mess to explain everything. We discovered Rachel’s body in the junkyard, and Mark Jefferson killed Chloe and Nathan. I was able to rewind time to save Chloe, but then this...tornado.” Max looks down, gripping hard, and digging her nails onto her jeans. “This damn tornado was going to destroyed the town.” She bites the inside of her lips, as she is struggling to contain the emotions in. “I caused the tornado with my rewind power. So basically my options was either walk away with Chloe and let the town get destroyed. Or go back in time to the restroom, and not change any events, by letting Chloe...” She lets out soft whimper.

Kate senses Max is finished with her story, then she reaches over to give her a hug. Even when she doesn’t believe anything Max is saying, she is very polite. Any other person would have just called her ‘crazy’ earlier on.

Max drapes her head onto Kate’s shoulder and wraps her own arms around Kate’s body. Max whispers into Kate, even though her head is pressed down. “Kate, I know you don’t believe me. But it is true. I’m suffering the anguish and grief with their deaths but same time, I’m not processing it like a normal person. A part of me,” she pulls her head off from her body, bringing her face right up close to Kate’s. “A part of me, believe I can still save them...but at what cost? The entire town?”

Kate nods her head, bringing her right hand to brush Max’s bangs. “You are putting a lot of stress into yourself.” Kate doesn’t believe Max’s words but at same time, she doesn’t want to discount any of her thoughts and emotions, because she truly cares about her.

Even though she doesn't believe me, I still feel better talking to her. It's always a blessing to talk to her.

Kate’s phone beeps, breaking the silence in the air. Max takes a deep breath, realizing she must have been holding her breath for the most part, when she was pouring out her soul. Kate looks at her phone and reaches for it. “I’m sorry, Max. Let me read this.”

Max wraps her own arms around her body, in a nervous manner. “Sure, it's fine.” The soft blue glow from her phone illuminates her face, as the warm color in her face disappears almost immediately, with her eyes widening. Max senses this and scoots closer to her. “Kate?”

Kate snaps out of it with her mouth moving, as she if she is muttering inaudible words. She puts her phone back in her bag, looking at the door. “Max...I...” She stands up, brushing her skirt. “I have to leave.”

Max stands up and closes the short distance between each other. “What happened? Is everything okay? Are you coming back, later?”

Kate walks towards the door, “No, I can’t.” She hesitates, wanting to look over her shoulder, back at Max, but she couldn’t. “Max, you should get some rest. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Max.”

Max senses the urgency in Kate’s tone, she extends out her right hand towards her. “Kate, please...tell me.”

Kate presses her hand flat against the brown door. Her head slouches to the side, resting on her extended arm. “Someone...forwarded a picture to my church group.”

Max’s eyes widen. “Shit, more from the Vortex Club party?” I never knew for sure if her church group saw the Vortex Club video, but I guess she did implied it.

Kate turns her body around to face Max, pressing her back straight up against the door, crossing her arms nervously. “No, it isn’t from that night. It is actually from a video, but they forwarded pictures of it. It is just of me helping you, a few days ago.”

Confusion fills Max’s mind. It didn’t ring a bell at all. “Wait what? When did this happen?”

Kate looks up at Max, a little shocked and hesitant on opening up deep wounds for Max. “You don’t remember? When Logan and Zach were picking fun at you? Calling you…” Kate’s eyes drifts off to the side, “Names.” She looks back at Max’s deeply confused eyes. “You really don’t remember?”

Max shrugs her shoulder, a mixed of confusion and disgusted by anything that deals with Logan and Zachary. “What happened?”

Kate bites her lips, “Huh?” She looks down, still shocked, with her apparent amnesia. “You broke down in tears, when you were standing near the bathroom door where Chloe got shot.” Kate’s lips tremble talking about blue haired punk to Max.”You ran off to the hallway behind it and both Logan and Zach followed you. And they were being…” Kate holds back some profanities from escaping her mouth. “They kept calling you…” Her mouth stops again, disappointed in just about every other few words she has to say.

“What, they were calling me a lesbian, or something?” Max’s eyebrow furrow a little bit. Kate nods her head in silence. Fury boils into Max's body, causing her to burst. “She was my best friend! She was dying!” She erupted in anger. “Is it wrong to kiss the person you loved?”

“Not at all. Believe me Max, I really mean that.” Kate clarifies, almost as if she afraid of Max's thoughts about her conservative beliefs.

“You fell down and started crying. That was when I helped you up.” Kate lets a pause, looking at Max, hoping anything would click but still nothing. “This is when you grabbed me, and hugged me.” She seems like she was blushing, or perhaps just absolutely shy about the whole encounter.

Max bites her lips, feeling the emotion that Kate is always there, protecting her. “Thanks, Kate. What happened next?”

“They just laughed at me, even more. Logan was recording all of that on his phone.” Kate’s eyes drifts away. “Callum tried to get Logan’s phone but both him and Zach is just way too big. They shoved Callum away. I feel bad because he is a new student, and already getting in trouble with bullies.”

Max’s eyes roll to the side, thinking about that person’s name. “Who’s Callum?”

Kate’s eyes lowers, looking at Max in an inquiring way. Like as if her eyes were recording Max’s subtle expressions, “He just started Blackwell Academy, this past week. He is a very nice guy.”

“I didn’t think they accept students partially through the school year.”

“With the school reputation on the decline, the principal will take what he can get. Interesting thing, Callum seems to be very upset about Rachel Amber’s death.”

That partially grabs Max’s attention. “Did he know her?”

Kate shakes her head, “I doubt it. But he is from Long Beach, though. And just seeing the funeral service flyers everywhere. I guess I would get a little sad too, if I heard that a student at the school who went missing, is later found murdered by a teacher here.”

“Yeah that's true." Max nods in agreement, her body fidgeting in the short silence. " one else stepped in?”

“No, there were no one nearby at the time. It was just me and Callum that strolled by. David Madsen, well he’s still off from Chloe’s death. This all happened very quickly, too.”

More this conversation continues, the more Max is becoming increasingly irritated with the bullying in this school. Now both her and Kate are targets of it. “So someone forwarded pictures to your church group. And spreading rumors that I’m a lesbian, because I kissed my dying best friend?”

There is a short silence in Kate, as she looks deeply into the brunette's eyes. “Max, they’re more after me. I was putting up some posters for my abstinence stand and bible study club. And they see that I’m with you a lot, and started to bullying me. They’re saying I’m contradicting or that I am trying to take advantage of you during troubled times.” Max runs her hands up her face, to her hairs, pulling on it, in frustration of the story that Kate told her. “It’s been spreading around more than just Logan and Zach. There's just bunch of idiots in this school.” Kate looks down, disappointed in herself. “But I’m so weak.”

Max covers her face with her hands. Poor Kate. I really want to help her. “So the text message you just got, it's from your pastor or something?”

Kate’s lips quiver, at the thought of the text. “Nope. It was from my mom.” Max reveals her face from her hands, in pure shock and terror. “There are a few people in my church group that goes to Blackwell Academy. Those people are actually never active, but they still have access to our social media. They have been spreading twisted rumors to everyone at my church group, even my pastor. Then my pastor forwarded this image to my parents. Saying there is some concerns And that I was hanging out real close to you. Combined with the rumors, get the point.” Kate closes her eyes, not wanting to continue the sentence.

“They’re afraid that I may fall in love with you and corrupt you?” Max asks, in a sarcastic tone. Kate looks at her, then away, unable to maintain eye contact. Max falls back taking a few steps back. “Damn it, why are people so fucking cruel?”

Kate sniffs her nose, “I don’t know. But Max, maybe it is best we it a night?”

Max lets out a sigh, but not disagreeing with Kate. Maybe it is best, I have enough things to deal with one day. I really wanted Kate to be here with me. “Yeah...” She swallows, to keep her throat from tightening. “It is probably best, Kate. I’ll just see you tomorrow at your abstinence stand. At 10am, right?”

Kate didn’t respond to Max, immediately. She is still looking down towards the ground. “No.” Max looks back confused, she shifts to the side to get a better view of Kate’s face. “Max, it probably best if we can be away from each other for a little bit.”

Max’s eyes lowers, not liking where this is going. “Why?” She knows the answer, but it is the best reply she can come up with. The thought of Kate having to stay away from her, feels like a huge rock is crushing the insides of her chest, almost causing her to pant for air. “How long?”

Kate runs her fingers at the ends of her skirt, “Like maybe couple of weeks?” Max’s heart skips a beat, hearing her words, almost thinking she has to be joking. But she is dead serious. “I’m very scared what my family is thinking. My mother been absolutely furious with me, lately. And my church. I’m already have so much trouble with the Vortex Club video, and this would be one extra thing to...” She couldn’t finish the sentence. She knows what she saying is going to ruin Max, but it is something she needs to do.

Max turns her head, facing the photo collage on the wall. Max, feels the pain Kate is going through. She suffered a lot in the other timeline, but at least in this timeline we know the real suspects is Nathan and Mark Jefferson. But still, her family isn’t very rational or sympathetic. A rising feeling of guilt enters Max, but at same time, she needs Kate to be there for her. Her mind has been an absolute wreck. It is going to be devastating, if Kate cannot be by her side, anymore. “ parents just died today.” Kate covers her nose and mouth with both of her hands. “I...I really need someone...some help as much as possible.” She swallows, to clear a lump in her tightening throat. “My aunt has been giving me hard time with the funeral planning.” She couldn’t continue, as a part of her doesn’t want to burden Kate anymore.

Kate sniffs through her hands, “Max...” her voice is muffled, going through her tight throat, as she is also trying her best to hold her tears in. She drops her hands from face, “I will promise to help you with the funeral service. I will have a look at those brochures and papers, and help you out tomorrow. I’ll text you.”

This is first time Kate is actually not being helpful, but it is understanding. Kate’s family must be drilling on her, and constantly picking on her about it. And, combined with the idiots spreading rumors to her church group. But deep down inside, Max still want someone to be there for her. But if Kate gets pushed too hard, then a repeat of her suicide will ensue. But at the same time, Max is also falling dangerously close to that route.

Max nods her head, almost coldly, and she continues to stare deeply at the photo memorial wall, trying to snuff out the thoughts of Kate, as much as she can. “Okay, Kate.” Max barely able have the strength to murmur that over her voice. She couldn’t bear continuing the conversation anymore, knowing this conversation will never go the way she wants to.

Kate looks up at what Max is staring, and then back to the brunette. Kate is little speechless with Max’s lack of words, but in the most gentle, sincere voice she can force out of her throat, “I will help you, Max. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She opens the door, and turns around waiting for Max’s reply.

Max didn’t say anything back to Kate, as there is nothing else to be said. There is a brief silence, with Kate waiting a little bit, leaning to the side slightly, to get a better view of Max’s face. But still nothing. She lowers her head down, ashamed that she can’t be there for Max, slowly leaves the room.

Max waits a few moments, hoping maybe she’ll change her mind. But then, there’s the faint sound of Kate opening and closing the door to her room.

Her best friend and her parents are dead. She tilts her head back, with her nose tipped up. She closes her eyes, with her lips pressed, shakily. She never been one person to be accepted by many people. Now Kate is gone from her, now. There no way Kate can be there for her, without being ridiculed by students and her parents. She definitely have no one else in her life to even hold her, when she falls. Kate was the last lingering light that help shined hope upon her. Seeing a pure person like Kate to be pushed to the edge and chose to end her own life, really made Max values her kindness and nurturing spirit. She could have very well be the next best friend of Max’s, but it will never happen anymore.

I fucking saved you, all. Max clenches her teeth. Frustrated, she is so weak she couldn’t make the right decision in front of her best friend. She clenches her fists hard, digging her nails deep into her skin, causing it to glow white. This is your last kind words to me? ‘Fuck you, now go to hell’?

Max drops her head back, and turns her head to the left, looking at the prescription medicines. She stares at them with pity, as those medicines were constant reminder of what she hated about herself. Hurtful memories from Seattle comes crashing back into her body to remind her what she is worth to this world in everyone’s eyes. Not only the world abandoned her, Kate as well.

She lets out a chuckle. Pressing her lips together, and looking back at the memorial wall. This is all stupid... She tucks both of her hands in her pockets.

A sudden urge to escape surges through her body. To get away from all of this shit that she is going through. She walks out of her room and down the long dark hallway of the woman’s dormitory. There were noises coming from each of the doors, ranging from phone conversations to television blasting to add some life into this otherwise lifeless and grim hallway.

In the corner of her eyes, she passes by Kate’s closed door. Among the chattering noises, there is an unnatural silence emanating from the room. Possibly Kate is still leaning her back against the door, ashamed of what she just did. Good. I hope you feel bad.

When she reaches to the end of the hallway, she opens the door to the stairway, to looks up at the stairs, almost in a gracious way. Those were the stairs that Kate took to the rooftop, in the other timeline. Spending a moment to gaze at it, she deflects her temptation for now, and turns her attention to walks down the stairs to the first floor.

She walks out of the dormitory to the chilly windy night. She's going to freezes from it as she didn't have her hoodie jacket, but it at same time, helps numb the rage in her mind. There is a strange presence already in the courtyard of the front dormitory, that despite unrelenting thoughts that races through Max’s mind, this actually paralyzes her into her track. Something was watching her, and giving a sense of dread inside her.

Still determined to get away from the dorm, she musters with all the courage she has, and makes her way towards the base of the hill, in front of the Tobanga totem pole. Her body feels heavy and fatigued, and collapses onto the grass. The blades of the moist green grass feels great pressing against her body. She curls up her body, and press the side of her face onto the slightly damp grass.

Voices from her past begins to pollute her mind.

Hey, Max...are you missing something?”

...hey, that’s mines. Give it back. How did you get it?”

We just grabbed it from your backpack, when you weren’t looking. I googled this, looks like someone has depression issue.”

...Stop it, please...Give it back...”

Her mouth shifts uneasily on her face, trembling with the thoughts about being bullied in the past in Seattle. She tilts her head slightly, letting some tears escape from the corner of her eyes.

Yeah, I never really been one to be accepted by people. Maybe Chloe helped hide these inner demons that were latching onto my souls. When I left her, it all fell apart. I made some friends in Seattle, but no one like Chloe. As time moves on, my courage to call Chloe diminishes. We were both too stubborn to call each other, as she had her issues and I had mines. Maybe it wasn't the bullies that I hated, the person I hate the most, is myself.

The doctor did see signs of mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome developing inside me, and possibly social anxiety disorder. It was difficult for me to make friends, as I could never fully grasp what people are talking about or what they're thinking. Often, I regretted what I said after a conversation, that is assuming I’m fully aware of what I did. I always wished I could rewind time, and take back of things I've said, or things I've done. I would distanced myself and avoid many places. The medicine would help with my anxiety a little bit, but it only does so much. It doesn't make me a perfect communicator.

And then that damn prom...Mom always wanted me to fit in with the others. She insisted I should go in case I get accepted at Blackwell Academy, and in case they didn’t offer prom or something similar. Even if it was in my junior year, she said it is something very important to be remembered. And yep, it is something to be remembered. I got very angry at Mom that night, and she feels bad for it. She had issues with her family, too. Because of that she swore to always be there for me. And then, she broke that promise today. Shit...I’m sorry Mom, I didn’t mean-

Max lets out a sharp exhale. I know I’m not thinking straight. But I just never meant to fit in with people. Only person accepted me was Chloe. And she gave her life for this fucking town. And some of them dare to bully me, for kissing someone that saved their fucking life? I fucking gave up my best friend and my parents for you ungrateful assholes. No one cared about Chloe. And definitely no one else out there cares about me-

“Max?” a voice calls out in the distant. Max rolls over, tilting her head, but she couldn’t really see who it is, because of the tears in her eyes were making everything look blotchy and blurry. Even blinking, didn't clear her vision enough. “Max!”, the sound of footsteps rushing on the paved concrete floor towards her.

The voice is finally familiar. The brunette blinks her eyes again, clearing it more. It's Kate, staring back in complete shock, in the current state Max is in.

Max’s eyebrow furrows, looking at the pure, holy girl with disgust. Her hand slowly squeezes the ground, uprooting the grasses from the soil. The faint glow from the lamp post, reflects glossy teeth she is clenching, in anger.

She murmurs, underneath her breath. Soft, but full of bitterness. “You too…”

Chapter Text

Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Outside

October 13th, 2013 9:32 PM

The night is gentle with a very slight breeze, gently swaying the leaves on the trees. The crickets in the distant, chirps into the cool autumn evening. There were several windows on this side of the building, illuminating with a warm hue. Moths dances around the lampposts that lit the rest of the large open area. In the section that isn’t as well lit, lies Max who is crumbled down on the ground, propped up by one of her hand.

She takes a deep breath, trying to swallow the pride she has bubbling underneath her chest. I don’t think I can deal with this, right now. She mutters quietly, “Go back to your room.”

Kate looks down at Max, with her caring eyes. Her chest is still heaving up and down, as she is still winded from her dash to get here. “Not with you on the ground like this.”

Max punches the earth beneath her, to let loose some anger fueling inside, causing the blond girl to flinch. She pushes herself up, sitting onto her butt flat against the grass. “I needed some fresh air. Why are you even out here?”

Startled, Kate interlocks her hands together, pressing it into her chest. She talks through her rhythmic, heavy breathing, the best she could, “Max, I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have walked away from you.” She pauses for a moment, her eyes narrowing, as she finally catches her own breath. “Then I saw you walking to the stairway, I had to chase after you to make sure.”

Max rolls her irritated eyes, wrapping her arms around her knees. “I’m okay. I feel better being out here with fresh air, than inside my room.”

Kate takes a step closer towards Max, standing on the edge of the concrete path, where it meets the grass. “I’ll sit here, then.”

“Kate, I just need some time, to myself.”

“Max, I’m not leaving you alone.”

She cannot keep her cool anymore, as she becomes increasingly more frustrated. “Get a fucking damn clue, Kate. I don’t want you, here.”

Kate’s mouth drops slightly, a little off guard again, with the sudden outbursts. “Max, I’m very sorry about before.”

“You know what? Why am I even bothering with talking to you right now.” The brunette squeezes her fists. “I can just rewind time, and you will go back to your damn room, before this whole conversation even started.”

There is a short silence from Kate, which ends with a sigh, “Max, let’s go talk back in your room.”

Max’s eyes looks at Kate, shaking her head in disgust with the church girl. “Yeah, that’s right. You don’t believe I have time rewind powers, huh? Do you, Kate? Be honest.”

With a stern face and posture, she replies, “No, I don’t.”

“That’s even better.” The brunette gets up from the ground, back onto her feet. She brushes off some grasses stuck on her jeans. “I can rewind back about 15 minutes, so you will be in your room, playing your violin or hugging your damn Bible.”

Kate stares back with a gapped mouth, from the insults coming out the photographer’s mouth. “Max, that’s not nice.”

Max presses her lips together, forming a wicked smile, “I could really use some venting right now. How about I tell about how I feel about you, and everybody else? And about what I’m going to do with myself.”

“Max...don’t.” Kate takes a step back, intimidated by the brunette’s menacing aura.

“Kate, your mother and aunt is a total bitch. And you’re a fucking, bible thumping moron to listen to them.”

Kate’s widens her eyes, her brows burrowed, and her nose twitching slightly. Last time, Kate had this look was when she was about to jump off the dormitory rooftop in the other timeline, when she was angry at herself and everyone else. “Don’t say that, I’m serious Max.”

“What are you going to do, about it?”

There’s a moment of pause where Kate looks up blankly, trying to contain the tears from dripping off the corner of her eyes. “It is very hurtful, what you’re saying.” Kate looks away trying to avoid eye contact.

As much anger is fueling inside her veins, Max can’t go far with a sweet person like Kate. Images of Kate in the other timeline flashes in the brunette’s mind. Of her crying, when she was all alone and helpless, and of her jumping off the roof, with everyone including Max watching from below. While it is different timeline, Kate did go through similarly what Max is feeling right now. As Max is ready to give the middle finger to the world, she can’t do it front of Kate. The flames inside her body slowly get extinguished, the more she thinks about Kate.

Max closes her eyes, giving a long inhale, and slowly exhale out of her body. Kate’s soft sniffing can be heard. “My best friend and my parents...are dead. And someone that I thought was my friend, just tossed me aside.”

Kate’s lips is pressed down, as her anger is slowly being replaced with sadness, as well. “I’m deeply sorry, Max.”

Max puts her hands in her pockets, and leans back to look up at the clear starry night. A long story bubbles up from her belly, reaching almost to her tongue. She’s never been one to tell a story about her past, because she always afraid how people would react to her. She's not even sure if there an actual point in telling this story, but perhaps Max just wants someone to know her feelings and pain, for once. The reckless thoughts that has been tainting her mind, instilled enough confidence into her.

“Last year, I was asked by this senior named Carson to go to prom with him. Think of him like...Zachary, a popular guy in this school. He wasn’t exactly a jock, but he was in the more popular clique in the school.”

“He approached me to go to the prom when we were all alone. I got freakishly shy, and seriously almost passed out. I thought it was a joke, but he was dead serious about it. He said he always had a small crush on me, and never knew how to approach me, because I was so damn shy and didn’t want to be near anyone.”

Kate looks up with her cute, adorable, puppy eyes, giving a soft smile.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, but I opened up to him. Maybe cause I was already hating myself for many other things, that I felt the need to just give everything in life, a fucking chance. So I agreed to go to prom with him. He said he will buy my ticket and my portion for the limo. The ticket were expensive, since it was at a nice venue. I felt so overwhelmed with so many things happening, but the same time so wanted that someone is willing to do that for me.”

“I went shopping with Mom..." Max takes a deep breath, trying hard to focus with the story. "...For my dress, make-up and the boutonniere I was going to give to Carson. She was so excited for me, and kept teasing me that it may lead to a relationship. She said I would be like Rachael Cook from ‘She’s All That’, where the total geek became the star of prom. She was giving me tips, because she knew I’ve never been in a relationship before. Also being protective of me, like tell him ‘No’, if he tries to get into my pants. It was humiliating, but at same time, can’t help but be a bit flattered, because finally someone wanted to be with me.”

“That night, I had on my dress waiting to be picked up around 5 PM. We were going to go dinner, first. I got so nervous, especially when my parents had their camera and phone, ready to record when he comes through the door. I swear that alone, I was going to pass out. I kept waiting...and waiting for thirty minutes.”

Kate’s eyes drifts to the side, no longer able to focus on Max.

“And I kept waiting. My mother kept trying to cheer me up, but deep down inside, I knew the honest truth was slowly kicking in. An hour has passed, it was 6 PM which was the dinner reservation for our group, and still the doorbell never rang. I called Carson many times, and he did not picked up.”

Max’s throat began to tighten, making it more difficult to talk.

“It was 8 PM. I couldn’t stop crying, and Mom and Dad felt so bad for me. And they were so furious with Carson, that they were going to drive to the Fremont Foundry, where the prom was. I told them to drop it, but I couldn’t convinced them. I decided to go along with them, because at the time I was afraid what they would do to Carson.”

“When we got there, we just waited at the parking lot, until we saw Carson, and another girl stepped out of this limousine, along with his buddies. The girl is one of the most popular girl in the school, and she’s super gorgeous. I remember my face just became white, like ‘Of course, why would he go for someone as ugly as I am, when there were so many beautiful girls out there’.”

Kate shakes her head, mouthing 'No', and sobbing softly.

“I was in the back seat behind my father. He wrapped his arm around me, and I buried my head into him. Mom stepped out the car to talk to Carson. I was too shocked to even try and stop her, that I just wanted to go home. My mom went up to him, and totally flipped out on him. I thought she was just going to scold him for it and be done with it. Instead, she dragged Carson all the way to our car. Mom opens my back seat door, and demands him to apologize to me. I could not lift my head up, I was so ashamed of myself and too damn humiliated. My mouth was too paralyzed to tell her to get him away. Then the walls of the car felt like they were closing in, and my lungs felt like all the air were being squeezed out of it. Then, I realized I had almost no control of my body, as I literally fell back onto the seat, grasping my arms to my chest, and my entire body began shaking out of control. For a few seconds, I couldn’t control my body, as I felt being pinned down into the car. I remember hearing Carson laugh at me, before Mom shoved him away, got into the car and closed the door.”

Kate presses both palm of her hands into her forehead, knocking down a loose lock of hair down.

“I began hyperventilating, and my parents panicked because they didn’t quite know what to do at that very moment. They opened the window, trying to sit me upright, and I could remember seeing students passing by. I needed the air, and I barely able to hiss out ‘Get me out of here’, because I was too embarrassed to seen by my own classmates. Dad drove the car out of the venue and parked in a nearby gas station. Mom was by my side, trying to control my breathing. After about ten minutes or so, I pretty much fell asleep on the ride back. I got mad at them, but not too bad, because they felt so bad.” Max lets out a chuckle, through her heavy breath. “Mom slept with me that night, because we stay up all night watching reruns of ‘The Simpsons’ together.”

“I remember not wanting to go to school afterwards. But Mom insists that I have to and be strong. When I saw Carson, he immediately began imitating a seizure movement, to mock me. He said, it was just a prank, that it wasn’t a big deal, because no guy would ever ask a socially awkward person like me out anyways.”

Kate’s face is still tucked underneath her delicate hands. “Max, I’m so sorry. You're a very beautiful girl. And that guy is a complete shit head.” It is odd to hear Kate swearing, as she usually cuts herself off first. She seems very invested, emotionally to the story. “I’m so angry, Max. I can’t believe…” Words were unable to form in her voice, as she didn’t know what else to say. She takes a step forward, wanting to extend a hug, but Max didn’t do anything to welcome it. “Please tell me something happened to that guy?”

Max, softly nodding her head. “Yes, he got suspended for his comments.”

“Yes!” a spark of delight blossoms in Kate’s face, she clenches her fist, shaking it, in a cute way. It may not be enough, but anything is better than nothing.

“Even his friends thought he went too far. And they said he deserved it.” Max, looks down, twisting her heels on the concrete, rubbing the small grains of sand against the sole of her shoes. “Knowing that, made me feel better.” Kate smiles softly, knowing it was painful experience but Max overcame it. “Yeah, I never been one to be accepted, like a normal person.”

“There is a little hope in this world, huh? Sometimes if you practically fully enveloped in darkness, you have to be patient for small glimmer of light that will come through. Max, there's always many people that accepts you for who you are, including me.” Kate holds both of her hands to her chest, like if she was praying. “It's better to focus on why people accept you for the way you are, than worry about why those other people don't accept you.” She looks up, putting a soft smile, that contrast with her puffy eyes. “We tend to focus on our shortcomings and simply overlook the great traits we have.”

Her smile and words help eases some of the resentment that has been forming inside the brunette’s belly. Maybe the thought of someone like Kate, who is a victim of bullying and can still somehow smile the way she does, actually does bring hope into this life. “Kate...I know there’s a lot going on in my life, right now. But I want you to know, that I really like you, Kate.” The church girl’s eyes lightens up from her comment, as her smile grows bigger. “I really thought you could be one day possibly be my…” Max hesitates, as her throat tightens again. “ friend.”

A soft laugh escapes Kate’s mouth, as she plays with the sleeves of her shirt. “Max...that can still happen.”

“No, it can’t. I’m not going to have you choose me over your family.”

The church girl’s posture stiffens, “Max, I can deal with my family.”

“Kate, you’re not a strong as you think. From the Vortex Club video, you took your own life from the bullying that the students, your mother and aunt did to you.”


“I know you won’t believe me, but I saw it. I was able to use my power to talk to you out of it, and saved your life. After that, you were at the hospital, I was so happy to see how you were so forgiving to everyone, including to the students and your family. Even with Victoria...It shows how big of heart you have. And I really like that about you.”

Kate presses her lips, looking to the side, with humble eyes. “It has gotten me in trouble, many times.”

“I know. People do care, and sometimes, they can care too late. This is a different timeline, and I’m afraid everything seems to be falling in place for that to happen, again.”

Kate shakes her head, gazing back at her. “Max, I still...cannot process that you have time rewind power.”

The brunette throws her arms out in frustration, “That’s why you can’t ever be by my side and help me on this.” Kate’s head dips in defeat, gripping onto her skirt, ashamed she cannot sympathize with Max. “I am all alone on this. Chloe and my parents died for everyone in this town. I’m the only one that knows it. No doctor or hospital bills will ever fix that.” Max flutters her eyes closed, as sadness slowly overtakes the features of her face. “Kate, you’re looking at someone who lost their best friend, and parents. The difference between that than a normal human being, is I was actually able to do something about it." She shakes her head, "...but I didn’t. And for the rest of my life, I’m going to carry this overwhelming guilt inside me. I don’t think I can...” This brings the attention of Kate, as a sense of recognition and shock fills her face. “If you know what, I mean...”

Kate replies in a stern voice, “Max, don’t…”

“The only thing that holds me back, is if I die, then there might be no one there to save you Kate, if you get pushed to the edge.”

Kate’s eyes flared, suddenly, shifting to the left and right. “Max, this is…” She looks all around the yard, seeing if there is anyone or someone that is hopefully listening in on this conversation, “I’m going have to tell someone about this. You need help, Max.”

“No, you won’t.” She replies calmly, despite the frantic state Kate is in.

“Max, this is crazy. If I’m the only one that I knew about you going to hurt yourself, and I didn’t do anything to help it...”

“That is why I’m going to rewind this conversation.”

There is a short pause, as her eyes glisten with tears. “What?!”

The sadness in Max’s face suspends for a short moment, as she explains in a smug tone. “Like I said before, I’m going to rewind back to 15 minutes ago, when you were knocking on my door. I’m not going to give you any hint that I have time rewind power. I’m going to lie and say my aunt is going to help with the funeral, so you don’t need to help me at all. And I’ll pretend everything's fucking okay.”

“You can’t-”

“When you get that text from your mother. I won’t get involved at all with it, and just agree to let you go back to your room. And also say I’ll have to sleep in, and can’t help you out with the abstinence stand. And I know you’ll be more than happy to agree to this.”

“Max, you can’t do this.”

“Why? I thought you didn’t believe anything I said.”

“You…” Kate tugs on the side of her hair, causing a few more locks of hair to fall out of her hair bun. “...You can’t do this.”

“Naturally you will avoid me, because you’re afraid of what your family and other students think of us. And that’ll work out...when I go.”

“Max! Seriously, don’t do this.” She runs up to the brunette, gripping on both of her arms.

Max looks down at Kate’s fingers, gripping onto her skin. She can feel her trembling, and that she is finally believing. “I’m not...sure what I’m going to do Kate. I’ll try to fight on, not looking good for me. I don’t feel I have a future, anymore.”

“Please, Max.”

She dips her head, letting out a sigh. “I’m not strong enough, Kate. If anything do happen to me and I decide to leave this world, no one else should suffer because of it.” Max looks back at her, with tears finally shimmering in her eyes. “Especially you.” Her voice gets even softer, "I really care about you."

Kate leans back, her body sinking back, from the touching words, but still holding onto her grip. “Max, I’m so conflicted with my family and my church, and everything at school. You always been there for me, and I you, too.” She brings her face closer to Max, trying speak through her sobbing, “Deep down inside, even though I said I was going to avoid you, I don’t think I can.” Max can feel the warm breath onto her face. Kate’s sniffs her nose to clear it, and her voice becomes more stern, “Max, if you rewind...You are guaranteeing the end of your life. If you feel you can’t do it with me, then what makes you think you can do it all by yourself?”

“At least you won’t go down with me.” Max shakes her head, realizing something. “ time rewind could cause another tornado. And I think the fifteen minutes is coming up soon...I need to do this, soon.” Uncertainty fills into the brunette’s eyes.


“My rewind caused a tornado, I think. It’s either that or saving Chloe was what caused the tornado.” Max’s face became pale, slowly suffocating as she running out of options to choose.

“Then you can’t rewind.”

“I can try...if something do happen later, I did take a picture back in my room, that I can jump back into. I just have to do something to prevent us from having this conversation to begin with, then.”

“What? How you going to do that?”

“By doing something to prevent me from opening the door.” Max’s eyes races back in forth, thinking what she has in her room. “My room is on the second floor, or...maybe the prescription pills...”

“Max!” Kate glides her hands up, wrapping behind Max’s head. No longer hesitating anymore, she dips her warm lips, planting onto Max’s cheeks. Kate didn’t want the poor brunette to think no one cared or loved her, especially what could be her final moments. She pulls back, looking deep into the Max's eyes, shocked with the affection. Kate’s throat is thick, causing her to almost squeak, “I don’t care anymore. Why should I care what other people think? No one knows me better than I do. People can be selfish, and they only care about what they feel or what they think.” She gives another quick peck at Max’s cheeks, then tilting her face, pressing her warm cheeks. “It’ll hurt now. And you’ll feel like you have no one. But you’ll become strong.”

Without looking, Kate reaches for Max’s cold hand, and pull it up, pressing it, into her own cheeks. “Max, you will always have someone.” She pulls back her face gently again, “You have me,” she kisses Max’s hand. “You have Joyce, and even scary David.” She lets out a laughs, through her teary eyes. “You will one day, and look at this. You gave the ultimate sacrifice and saved this town of ungrateful idiots. And you overcome against all adversaries.” She smiles, showing her teeth, with tears dripping down her face.

Max closes her eyes, letting tears that were hanging onto her eyes, to glide freely down her face. Kate’s touching words help revitalizes some life in her formerly ice, cold body. She couldn’t help but let out a smile. Max gives a kiss to the blond girl's forehead, and pulls her head in, resting it on her chest. “Thanks Kate. Thank you, so much. You always know what to say. I feel much more alive, with your kind words. I’ll be strong, though. And, I need to protect you.” She gives a kiss, at the messy hair bun of the pure girl. “Goodbye, Kate.”

Kate sobs softly into Max’s chest, squeezing her tighter.

Max holds out her right hand, and everything rewinds back.

Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : Room 219

October 13th, 2013 9:24 PM

Max finds herself back in her dimly lit room, completely disoriented, and holding the prom picture in her hand. The picture flickers briefly, as if she is about to enter into the photo. Max freaks out, throwing the picture away from her, and then crashing her head into the side of wooden bed frame.

“SHIT!!!” hissing sharply through her teeth. She slides her bumped head off from the frame, so the rest of her body wiggles itself down to be completely flat onto the ground. Her body squirms a little, as she grab at the pulsating pain coming from the back of her head.

What happened? Did I use my rewind power? It didn’t feel like I did, because I’m back in my room. I always stayed in place when I rewind...except when I first saw Chloe die in the bathroom. That time, I did go back to the classroom.

She diverts her attention away from the throbbing pain in the back of her head, and gets up. She, frantically heads out the door to look in the poorly lit hallway, turning her head, to the drawing slate to the side. There were two stick figures, one with a yellow hair bun, going down on the other one, with short hair. Ugh, what the hell is wrong with you people? Max quickly wipes the entire slate clean with her index finger, making sure there’s no trace of it left. So, this is before Kate got to my door.

Her index finger still pressing against the slate, she thinks about what she has to do from now on. The emptiness is slowly settling inside her body. I have to do this all alone. I’ll have to be strong and not involve Kate.

A door creaks open behind her, followed with a familiar, sweet voice, “Oh hey Max.” She takes a step forward into the hallway, “Were you uh-...planning to draw something?”

Max turns around, tucking her hands into her back pocket nervously. “Was thinking about it, but I decided against it. What are you doing out here?” I have to play it cool, and not show any weakness until she leaves.

Kate eyes at the brunette’s uneasy look, and her hands tucked behind her. She takes another step forward, letting the door close behind her. “It was weird, I had my candle lit, when I was playing violin. Then all of a sudden, it went out.” She runs her hand, delicately through her hair bun, then down to her neck. “Odd, must be a draft or something...So I decided to check up on you.”

Max looks at Kate’s lips, slightly blushing at her cheeks. She kissed me on the cheek, earlier. I admit, it was very touching to see her so emotional. Even though that never happened. She squeezes the back of her head, partially to sooth the pain, as well as the shyness is baking into her face.

Noticing Max’s awkward movements, “Hey, did you hurt your head?”

“Yeah...I bumped my head.”

“Oh no…” Kate pouts her lips, in an adorable fashion.

“I’ll be fine. Do you want to come in?” Max opens her door by leaning her body into it, and signaling for the blond girl to come in.

“Sure.” She walks past Max, letting her close the door behind them. “Let me massage your head.” She twiddles her fingers in the air, in cute, playful way.

Instead of turning around, Max, just dips her face in, forcing Kate to reach her hands around the brunette’s head to rub the sore spot.

Kate rubs with moderate amount of pressure, enough to be effective, as Max’s shy, curious eyes has trouble maintaining eye contact at this close distance. Her nervousness continues to seep in, to clog her mind, and making her face blush. Kate asks, “So uh, sorry to bring this up…Did you talk to your family? About the...” She groans in frustration, as her tongue becomes tied on what to say.

Max nods her head softly. “Yeah, uh.” I have to lie about this, I can’t let Kate be at all worried about me. “My aunt said she’ll help out with some stuff.”

Kate nods her head, pressing her lips together, for a very subtle smile. “That’s good. You can always ask me, for help.” She stops rubbing, and runs her fingers down the brunette’s hair, down to her neck. “Feeling better?”

Max lets out a smile, “Thanks, Kate.” The blond also returns the favor, with a lovely smile which causes Max to blush, letting her tongue tied, on what is next on her script. “Uh-” She stammers some incomplete words for a bit, “K-kate-... Umm-..Tt-he-...”

Kate is patient with the tragic struck tongue-tied brunette, “It’s okay, take your time.” She pulls her hands away from her face. “Take a deep breath,” she gestures with her hands.

Max follows her advice, taking a deep breath, and then a long, relaxing exhale. “Okay. Uh...I’m feeling a little tired.” Max pauses, as that came out very awkward in that conversation sequence. She shakes her head in frustration. “I mean...I know I asked you to sleep over. But I think I’m good for the night.”

Kate’s eyes widen, softly nodding in acknowledgement. “Really? You sure?”

“Yeah, sorry. Also, I know I promised you, but is it okay, if I skip out on your abstinence stand tomorrow morning? I want to sleep in, and talk to my aunt about everything.”

Kate has a slightly confused look, blinking her eyes, slowly. “Of course. Yeah, sure.” Her phone beeps, diverting her attention to her bag. She opens it, and takes out her phone.

Max spins around to avoid eye contact with Kate’s face, and takes a few steps away. Almost there. So this is it...I have to do this all alone, from now on. She clenches her fist, and flutters her eyes closed.

“Max?” Kate puts up her hand covering her mouth. “Yeah, I have to go, too. Sleep well, okay?”

Max turns around, examining Kate’s face. You can tell she is trying to hide that she is upset, so the text from her mother did come, as expected. Max immediately replies, “I will.” This could probably be the last time, I’ll get to talk to her for a while. Max bites the inside of her lips, trying to force out a smile, “Goodbye, Kate.” It almost sounds like it echoed loudly, as she said the exact same words before the rewind.

Kate looking a little disappointed, nods her head, too. “Good night, Max.” She turns around, walking to the door. She suddenly stops in her track, staring at the brown door, like something is bubbling up for her to say. “Max, do you have any tissues?” She tips her nose up towards the ceiling. “My nose is bleeding.” She doesn’t turn around, to hide the bloody sight from Max.

“Uh, yeah sure, let me get some.” Max dashes towards a box of tissues on her desk to grab a few sheets. She races back, reaching around Kate’s body to hand it, honoring her privacy.

“Thanks, Max.” She reaches for the tissues quickly, and stuffs it into her nose. There is some muffled, sniffing sounds, as she contains the bleeding. “Is it okay, if I turn around?”

Max shrugs her shoulder, never realizing a nose bleed could be such a big deal, “Sure, Kate.” I get nosebleeds all the time.

Kate turns around slowly, curiously eyeing on the brunette. Her eyebrows is furrowed, like she is thinking hard about something. “Max, did I see you earlier? I mean just right before this?”

What the hell? No, that’s impossible. She must be talking about something else. Max tries to curb her abrupt shock, with a shaky, straight face. “Uh, I don’t think so?”

Kate’s eyes glares at her, almost looks like her hazel colored iris is dilating, “You used your time power, didn’t you?” Max takes a step back, with her eyes widening. Kate observes all Max’s subtle expressions, and scolds her, “You did! You used it, when I told you not to!”

The brunette takes a step back, almost speechless and in denial. “Kate?” She, barely sputters out of her breath.

The frustration is fuming out of the blond, as she grips the back of her head, aching with a pounding migraine, causing her eyes to narrow. “You’re playing stupid! This is why I have such a headache. You…” She squints her eyes closed, pointing at Max, “We were outside of the dorm. You were telling me everything. What happened at prom. Everything!” Her eyes open sharply, glowering at Max. “You were going to do it, weren’t you?”

Max’s legs is feeling weak, as she stumbles backwards a step. “How is this possible? This is not supposed to happen.”

Kate takes a step forward, with her nose tipped up in the air. “Maybe your power backfired.”

Max shakes her head. “No, no no. Kate, I have to change this back. I said too many things.” She raises her right hand.

Kate rushes at her, backing into the brunette, and trapping her raised right hand. Kate, pins it securely between her rib cage, and her elbow, underneath her own armpit. “Max! You stop this right now.” She squeezes her elbow closer to her body, causing Max to yelp in pain, weakening her right hand. Kate snorts out puffs of angry air, like a furious bull. “Stop it!”

Max’s throat begins feeling tense, as she shouts through it. “No, I can’t. Kate, I also said terrible things to you. I need to save you by going back.”

Kate’s back herself, until they both stumble back onto the couch, with her sitting on Max’s lap. “No, Max, stop running away.” She gently lowers the pressure of her elbow, so the brunette’s arm isn’t in pain. There is a short silence, as Kate’s heavy breathing can be heard. It seems like as if someone has awakened the sleeping demon inside the holy girl, inciting some rage within her. Or maybe it is more of sudden realization and guilt that has consumed her.

She holds her breath, trying to calm herself down. Kate whispers softly, “So you really did save me, from killing myself, in the other timeline?”

The brunette didn’t reply right away, letting out a sigh. Max never thought Kate would ever believe her story. And now that she does believe it, Max regrets telling the story. She mutters out softly, barely louder than a whisper. “Yeah...”

“I must have really lost sight of God, and everything in life, to do that.” Kate dips her head down, thinking for a moment. She turns her head, around, only showing the side of her face to Max. “You’re an amazing person, Max. You have no idea, how thankful I am. But you need to think of yourself, too.”

Max lowers her head, resting her head onto Kate's back, finally feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion. “Kate, I…”

Kate shifts her bottom around on Max’s lap, so she can turn a little more, to get a better view of Max, but still pinning her arm. “It’s insane. You can control who lives and who get to die-” Kate covers her mouth with her other hand, realizing what she is saying is pointing out the overwhelming burden that is on Max’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m just a human, but yet I’m almost like a God.”

“I kissed you, huh?” Kate gets up, releasing her arm. “Oh...damn.” She swears again, making a few circles around the room. She rips off her hair ties, dropping her hair bun completely, so her long, opened, flowing hair falls down to her waist. “Speaking of losing sight-”

Max looks on, a little amazed with seeing Kate’s hair down for the first time, realizing how beautiful she looked. “I thought it was sweet, Kate. It didn’t mean anything else.” Shit, she going to beat herself up with the kisses, now.

“Oh no, I need to…” The conservative church girl continues making tiny circles around the center of the room, pressing both of her hands into her chest.

“Kate, I pushed you in the moment, and you just felt sorry for me. Doesn’t mean anything.”

“Uh...” A soft groan escapes her mouth, and she presses her sleeves into her cheeks, stopping in her track.

Max lets out a sigh, “Kate…it’s fine.” Kate’s eyes peers down at Max, through her sleeves in an adorable fashion. “You’re just a loving, affectionate person. That’s it. Don’t beat yourself over it.”

Kate brings her hands down, to below her belly, interlocked in a polite manner. “You’re right, Max.”

“It’s sweet, Kate.” Max lets out a smile, “Be strong.”

Kate nods her head, “Only if you be strong, too.”

Max’s eyes narrow, “I didn’t mean to drag you into this.”

Kate kneels down, pressing her hands onto her knees, so she is closer to Max’s level. “I will help you with the funeral, as I know your aunt isn’t being helpful at all.” Max looks down, with her lips pressed thin, again being caught lying. “Tomorrow is a new day, we will tackle any issues, together, okay?”

Max’s face shoots back up. “But Kate, we have to keep away from each other. The other people and your mother...”

Kate shakes her head, almost impervious to the threat. “You said my mother and aunt overreacted to me, right? And the bullies is what caused me to end my life, right?” Max nods her head slowly. “Then, I have to be stronger.”

“Kate, please don’t hate your family for this. Honestly, they felt very bad after it. They didn’t know how bad it was. So did the other people at school.”

“I know Max. I will never hate my family. I just have to deal with them, differently. And seek courage through other means.”

Max nods her head. “That’s right, Kate.” Maybe Kate can seek more courage from God? But even she seems a little torn...I'm not sure

Kate smiles. “Let’s pinky swear on this. That we will do our best at it. If one of us slips, we will pick each other back up.”

Max looks at the pinky, and then Kate’s smile, who always fills with hope. Max extends her pinky to interlock it.

Kate’s smile grows even bigger. “Tell me about your powers, okay? Let me change into my pajamas. And we can have some chamomile tea.”

Max nods her head. “Sounds good.” Something lingers at the brunette’s throat, as there some slight queasiness in her stomach. “Kate…?”

The blond dips her head, in a cute fashion way. “You mean bible thumping moron?” She lets out a giggle, trying to emphasize to the poor brunette she is only teasing. But Max’s face becomes pale, causing some of her strength to escape her body. Kate digs in catching her, pulling in close for a hug, so their cheeks are pressing into each other.

Max squirms a little bit, just because earlier Kate was freaking out about the kisses and being intimate. But the brunette feels weak with her earlier hurtful comment, and couldn’t really push off. “I’m so sorry.”

Kate presses her cheeks more, giving some of her warmth back into the pale hipster. “I know you didn’t really mean it. I’m just teasing you, Max. I’m absolutely blessed to have you as my guardian angel, Max. You saved my life.”

“But that’s in a different timeline, Kate.”

There is a short silence, as Kate adjusts her hands, wrapping it firmly around Max’s back. “Max, did Chloe offer herself to save the town?”

Max ponders for a bit, thinking about that stormy night. “Yes, she did.”

“If she’s is a hero in your heart, then so are you. You have to give yourself more credit. Chloe saved us. You saved us.”

There is truth in Kate’s words as sometimes Max loses sight of herself and never even see what she has accomplished. Finally, there is someone that knows what Max has been through, or at least a taste of it. Before only Chloe knew what she has been through with the time travel, but finally, this feeling is back. Maybe she just feels invincible at the moment, with some inspiring confidence. Surely, this can’t last long once the weight of everything eventually will kicks in. This could be a short lived feeling of hope, as there will be new challenges in the future. But for once, Max wants to care about herself, at least for the rest of the night. Let her be happy and enjoy the ride, while it lasts. Whenever it ends, then that’s when it will end.

Max squeezes the blond girl harder, rubbing her face into her cheeks. Her heart feels like it is pounding, that Kate has to be able to feel it in her chest. She never once get to show Chloe how she felt about her, because there weren’t any time for it. Very ironic, for someone that can control time. Looking back, maybe there were a few moments that Max could have expressed her appreciation to Chloe. But in hindsight, everything is 20/20 vision.

Max nuzzles her nose into Kate’s long hair. Kate didn’t flinch back, instead she remains quiet, as well, just her warm breathing expanding against the brunette’s slightly smaller body. Sometimes in life you can never be certain of anything. Cannot always be living and thinking about the future, and losing sight of what’s around you right now. For now, there is Kate, who is going to be a guardian for Max.

She releases Kate, as they both separate a little bit. The sensation of her pounding heart finally kicks in, causing Max to grasp at her chest, a little embarrassed. Kate looks back with an inviting smile. Through her heavy breathing, realizing she hasn’t even said anything, she whispers out, “Thanks Kate.”

Kate’s chest is heaving a little bit, as she is a little out of breath. She quietly whispers back. “No problem.” She takes a few steps, walking backward towards the door, maintaining eye contact. “I’ll get my stuff, and I’m going to change. I’ll be right back.” In a cute fashion, she steps out the door.

Max looks out towards the door, that the church girl has left. She walks to the mirror, to look at herself, realizing her face is red and warm. She lets out an exhale, calming her nerves. Looking down on the floor, she sees the photo of the picture that she took earlier. She picks it up in her hands, as it flickers slowly into focus.

I can maybe time jump to this picture, maybe somehow that’ll unwind Kate’s memories. Or maybe an earlier one? I may have to use it in the future. I’ll just have to keep that in mind.

Kate comes back her electric tea pot, two tea cups, and a canister of chamomile tea. The two of them talk over with warm, relaxing tea. The young brunette explains her adventures she has in the last week with Chloe, as Kate listens politely. Max, also mentions about her recent adventures with Rachel Amber, another time traveler.

"So that's just about how much I know about Rachel...she wants to repair her relationship with the me, in her timeline." Max takes a sip of her tea. "She's been nice to me, I think I can trust her."

Kate's eyebrow lowers immediately, as she stares into her tea cup. "So Rachel, has at least...some limited influence on this timeline. Her power seems far more stronger than yours. And she is in distress with your counterpart." She blows at her cup, releasing some extra steam from it. "Basically two time travelers, with one that is much stronger than the other one."

Max looks back at the blond girl with curious eyes, wondering what Kate is getting at. "Yeah, that the gist of it."

She pouts her lips, eyes drifting to the sides. "I see..."

Chapter Text


Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : Room 219

October 14th, 2013 1:53 AM

Max blinks owlishly from her bed, looking across the room to the sleeping church girl, curled up on the small couch. You can hear Kate, puffing soft breaths, showing signs of her deep sleep. The room is dark, but partially illuminated with hints of lights, slipping through the blinds of the windows, smearing onto the white ceiling above. It has been about a few hours of sleep after their long talk together. Many thoughts begin brewing into the mind of the young hipster, slowly stirring her more awake.

Kate didn’t want to say it, but I can sense she is a little wary of Rachel. I don't blame her. For someone to have that great amount of power, and you're uncertain of their motive, can be a little unsettling. I feel all of this, must be breaking Kate's heart, in a spiritual sense. Something that I wonder though, how did Kate’s memories remains? I don’t think I used my power to rewind. Did Rachel it?

Max rolls out of her bed, as silently as she can, to not squeak the bed and disturb the peaceful resting blonde girl across the room. She shuffles her feet almost blindly to feel for the flip flops right beside her bed. She puts them on, and heads straight towards her door. The brunette gives one last look over her shoulder at Kate, turning the knob until the distinct click. Then, she opens it slowly, carefully stepping out the room.

The hallway is dark, as she proceeds in it. The only sound in the otherwise, cold silence, is the flip flop snapping back against her sole, and against the muffled carpet. Max is in her pajamas, and didn’t bother to bring her phone. One of the door on the left is opened, emitting some warm, inviting light into the hallway. She alters her course, sneaking up to opening.

It is Dana’s room. There is a small desk lamp that is turned on, with her sitting at her desk, browsing on her laptop. Sensing the footsteps from the 'Not-So-Ninja', she turns around, pressing her elbow against the back of her chair. “Hey Max.” Dana quietly responds seeing the photographer, trying not to wake up anyone else on this floor.

Max nosily walks into the room without permission, and finds a open spot on her couch, next to Dana’s neatly folded laundry. “Hey Dana, what are you doing up?”

“Same goes with you,” says the beautiful cheerleader, who is in her gray tank top, and white shorts. She shifts the chair to face Max and asks, “Can’t go to sleep?”

“Yeah,” Max murmurs quietly, glancing around nervously.

Dana stares with intention in her eyes, with some words boiling up to her tongue, wanting to ask if it is about Chloe. Instead, she just squashes that idea and mutters out a simple, “I see...”

No one is made aware about the deaths of Max's parents, earlier today. Not yet, at least.

Max looks on, a little preoccupied, “I promised Kate to help with her abstinence stand. I feel like I over promised.” I have to deal with my parents’ stuff. And Kate still has her own things to deal with, with Nathan and Mr. Jefferson. But I think Kate is going to stick on me, after we just had.

“Abstinence stand?” The cheerleader lets out a cute giggle. “She’s so adorable, I love Kate. But, you wanted to skip out of it?”

Max slowly nods her head. “A little bit, but she’s been so helpful. And it may take my mind off things.”

“I’m sure she’ll let you skip it. She’s Kate, the sweetest person in the school.” She gives a wink to the brunette, and a little elbow nudging motion. Max's heartbeat quickens for a second from the gesture. “I’ll swing by over the stand. What time will it be set up?”

Max chuckles, grasping her arm, nervously. “Ten in the morning. Now that photography class is cancelled. Me and Kate have a free time slot for the time being.”

“Yeah...that asshole.”

“I know.”

“Max, speaking of assholes, if you see Zachary, stay away from him.”

“Why?" Max, then remembers the story that Kate told her. "Umm...besides that he is a bully.”

“Well that, and Juliet broke up with him just earlier today. She got so pissed after what he did to you. So...just in case. Text me, if he does anything with you.”

I normally don’t like people doing stuff like that for me, but he totally deserves it. “Go Juliet. He is a total dick. Thanks Dana.”

“Yeah he is. And no problem, Max.”

“I’m going to go for a walk, Dana. Even though it way past curfew.”

“Do you want me to walk with you?” Dana shuffles her legs around, getting ready to stand up from her chair.

“I’m good Dana. Just need to clear my mind.”

“Alright.” Dana nods her head, “Have a good walk, Max.”

“Good night, Dana.”

Max gets up from the couch, being careful to not knock over the stack of laundry, and walks out of the room to continue on down the dark hallway. She pushes through the double door, and head straight down the stairway. The loud clanking of the metal surface from the flip flop, surely would wake the nearby sleepyheads up.

Then, there’s a familiar voice behind her. “Ahoy, huge nerd ahead.”

Max stops in her track, looking back up. There’s Max right there, or rather another her. Just sitting on the hand railing of the center part of the stairs. It must be the Nightmare Max, or something, like she saw back during the storm. “What are you doing here? Is this a dream?”

The other Max has her legs dangling off the railing, with her left shoulder pointed towards Max. She glances with a sheepish stare. “You see a damn deer spirit prancing around in the junkyard, and your recently dead mother, six years ago on the highway. And you complain about seeing me?”

Max steps back up the stairs, so she is back on even level. “You were a damn jerk to me. Talking about Chloe…”

“And you end up sacrificing her anyways. And I applaud you for that. You are as easily manipulative, as always.”

“Shut up, I had no choice.”

The other Max shrugs her shoulder. “Choice?...Yeah, that's true. Or at least an illusion of a choice. What about that ghost you been chit chatting with...Rachel?”

Max’s eyebrow raises, “She isn't a ghost. And what do you know about Rachel?”

“Well, both you and me knows how she going to end up right?” Her smile seems almost sinister. “Beaten up. Sexually abused. Murdered by an overdose. Without a single person to care about her.” She lets out snicker under her breath.

“Shut up…”

The other Max tips her nose up, “You want to save her?”

“She is not going to end up like that.”

“Like always, that is some wishful thinking from you. Always caring too late, like you did with Chloe, Kate, and now Rachel. Everyone is just trying to end their own life around you. You do have some serious social disorder.” Max’s eyebrow lowers, not appreciating the abusive bullying, and the words coming out from the other version of hers’ mouth. “I would like to chit chat with you some more, but there is something going on right now.”

Max’s face fills with curiosity, with the change in subject. “What’s going on?”

“There’s two moons out there.”

“Two moons in the sky? How?”

The other Max, presses her lips, again shrugging her shoulder. “I’m a total smart ass, but I’m not even sure. It is like if the two timelines of this one and Rachel you been talking to, gets very close. Both of your time travel powers becomes very strong, too.” She looks over at Max, finally with a serious look. “And you guys can actually hop into each other timeline.”

Max has a blank expression on her face. “No way…”

“Well, Rachel did rewind a non-time traveler’s memory during this two moon business. Totally doubt she knew exactly what she was doing but that is something…” The other Max scratches her chin, “It is almost like she knew what was going to happen.”

Max’s mouth slightly opens, with her wide-eyes stare. “Rachel did that? I thought I did it?”

“Please Max, you’re such a pussy right now. You wouldn’t even rewind if the Coke machine swallowed your quarter.”

“Shut up.”

The other Max nods her head, “That is nifty though. So you don’t have to repeat your damn 'how I have time travel power' story all over again. First of her, Name. Mother of all Bad Puns. Breaker of all Fragile Items.” Her face became more serious. “Though that does mean Rachel saved you. So for now, you on her good side.” Her eyebrow lowers, giving a glare, “Before she gets murdered, why don’t you pretend to care about her, to be on her good side some more? Then maybe you can have your Chloe back.”

“I...I’m not asking her to save Chloe.”

“Not yet, at least. But it is going to happen. And probably don’t know this. But Rachel loves you...A lot. She loves to see you happy, even if it isn’t with her.”

Max shakes her head profusely, “She has me in that timeline of hers. She is in love with that Max.” She adds, later to clarify. “But I still care about her.”

The other Max scoffs, “Please...once you get your prized blue haired girl, you won’t even remember who Rachel is. Unless Chloe dies again, then you will come crawling back to Rachel for help again.”

“No, stop trying to make me feel bad.”

The other Max's fingers clenches tightly on the railing, “Do you ever think about the future you going to have?” Max steps back, pressing her back against the wall of the stairway. “It might not be the best path, but…not too bad, either.”

“I…” Max’s words is a little frozen, as the snobby Other-Max does have a point. A future without Chloe and my parents? How is that a future 'not too bad'? I don’t think I’m even strong enough to deal with it, even with Kate. But who knows? Maybe I do get strong enough. Maybe saving Chloe and my parents could lead to someone else that is much worst. Max says nothing but just looks on, blankly.

“Poor Rachel, she going to go on this path to make everyone she loves, happy. But at the end of the path, she will finds that everyone has already closed their doors on her. What a fool.” The other Max shakes her in disappointment, pressing her lips thin. “But it’s alright.”

Max’s eyes drift downward. “I’m not going to do that…”

“Oh Max, you have powers of a God, but you’re selfish like any human beings. Rachel is out in the front yard of the dorm, so you better go there quick...”

Max’s eyes lighten up again, looking down the stairways. “Rachel...?” She hesitates for a second, grabbing her arm nervously. She gives the Other-Max one last look, then she hurries down the stairs.

The other Max, looks down over her shoulder with her lips pressed, with a stare of pity. She can hear the clanking of the flip flops rushing down the stairs, then followed by the sound of the stairway doors. She lets out a sigh, and flutters her eyes closed.


Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory

October 14th, 2013 2:01 AM

Max walks out the double door, and down the short steps into the cold night. In addition of being in her pajamas and shorts, it is colder now, than it was few hours ago with her and Kate. Up in the sky, there were two moons, definitely looks like something out of some apocalypse or supernatural story. In the middle of the yard, there is a body, with a red haze glowing out of it. It is Rachel! Max, hurries towards her, while looking up in the sky.

There were two moons, on the night that Jefferson captured me. I wonder if that is some coincidence.

Max reaches to Rachel’s body, who is supine position, flat on her back. Getting close to her, there is a weird, unnerving aura around here, like some miasma next to her. Entering it, it seems like time is frozen in it. If what the Nightmare Max saying is true, it does seem like it would be area that connects the two timelines.

“Rachel!,” Max wraps her arm around her body. She is real! I can actually feel her! She lifts her gently, propping her back and head. “Rachel?”

“Maxine?” Rachel stirs awake softly, rubbing her eyes. “What happened?”

“Yes,’s Max-Never Maxine-Max. If you know, what I mean.”

Rachel still rubbing her eyes, takes a little while to digest the voice tone, and the much shorter hair of this brunette. “M-Max? Like...Dorky Little Max? How is that possible?”

There is excitement in the brunette’s tone. “I don’t know, Rachel. But I’m so happy that I can feel you.”

Rachel’s eyebrow lowers, as she looks down at her chest being arched into the air towards the brunette. “Uh...what exactly were you feeling?”

Max begins sputtering nonsense words, as the arm that was propping Rachel’s body up, becomes weak, making her lower the beautiful blonde's body, back gently into the ground. “No-no….I wasn’t feeling...anything.” Her eyes unable to maintain complete eye contact anymore.

Rachel presses her knuckles into her lips, giggling, “Oh my god, you’re so fucking cute.” Her body shoots upward, so she is sitting on her butt, looking at Max with enticing eyes. She licks her lips, “Can I squeeze something?”

Max’s eyes widen, she glances down at her own body, then back at the sultry blonde girl’s eyes, and squeaks out, “ squeeze?”

Rachel’s eyes widen, grinning at the shy brunette, “Too bad!” she hobbles her way towards Max, with her knees, and squeezes the brunette’s cheeks. Max pretends to resists, but can’t stop giggling at the silliness, reminding her of Chloe back at the car ride from Portland.

“Rachel…” The poor brunette tries to talk through the assaulting given from the blonde girl. “You saved me.”

Rachel stops her abusing, and her eyebrow raises up. “I did?”

Max gently pushes the blonde back, but still holding her. “Yeah I had sort of had a breakdown with everything, getting frustrated with everybody, including Kate. I was counting on my rewind, to take back everything I said. But instead, you did the rewind, except Kate remembers everything I said.”

Rachel’s mouth opens, slightly. “Oh...I’m so sorry…”

“No, in hindsight, I think it’s good what you did.”

“Kate...she is the church girl that was sitting next to you in the police station?”

“Yep, she’s sweet. We had a nice talk about everything, including my time powers…” Max thinks about Kate’s reservation about Rachel, and then ignores it to continue on. “Then she sleeping over in my room right now, for comfort.”

“For comfort, eh?” Rachel does the ‘double quotes’ gestures with her fingers. “Max, you horn dog. You can’t stop staring at my rack, and some church girl, now.”

“No, Rachel...we’re just friends now.”

Rachel grins, showing her teeth. “She has a nice chest.” Max blushes, shaking her head from the teasing. “Do you think she’s cute?”

The brunette lets out a sigh, and gives a honest nod to her head. "...Well...yeah." Her eyes drift sideways, nervously, trying to avoid the huge grin from Rachel. She thinks about what to say next to help alleviate the embarrassment. "Rachel, I really hate to ask you for favors, because you been absolutely amazing. I'll repay you back…"

“Alright, I’m cashing in.” Rachel winks her eyes. “Repay me now…Give me a kiss, I dare you.”

The words strikes into Max's memory lane, causing her face to freeze, “Umm…”

Rachel quickly curbs the uneasiness, “I’m kidding, Max.” The blonde presses her lips thin, but does a soft, elbow jab at the brunette to change the subject. “What would you like?”

There is a short pauses, as Max tries to gather her words. “I would like to see Chloe, again. And...I want to test this two moon, thing.”

Rachel looks up into the sky, at the two moons, “What is this two moons, thing?”

“I saw my...subconscious or another version of me. Nightmare Max, if you want to call it that. She mentions, our powers becomes very strong together. And...we can actually hop into each other’s timeline.”

“So, you want me to hop into your timeline?...Where I am dead?”

“I...was hoping you can rewind a good distance back. Where Rachel was alive.” It is a little awkward to say, but Max wanted it emphasized it is a different person. “Maybe you can find something out.”

Rachel scratches her chin, “That...might be interesting.” Could be something bad too... “So uh...what do we do?”

“Let’s hold onto each other...” Max reaches for Rachel’s hand, interlocking the fingers.

Rachel looks at her hand, holding on to the brunette. Am I really going to learn anything from this timeline? If I do, is it something I shouldn't know? “Sure…” Rachel holds out her right hand, as a red smoke erupts from that hand.

“Wowser…” Max looks at Rachel, totally amazed with her red aura. Oh my god, she’s like some Super Saiyan. A female Super Saiyan! Looking past the impressive red aura, she sees Rachel, who all of sudden is decayed, of a dark brown grime color. Her skin is rotten completely, with only slight amount of flesh on her bones. Her face is almost a skull, with a thin heap of flesh that lingers on her bone. For being so frail-looking, her body is still holding up altogether as a whole. Despite the absence of any facial features like eyebrows, lips, or even eyes, you can sense the sorrow and pain just from her body language alone.

With the other hand, Max grasps at her chest at the horrid sight of this savior Rachel, becoming like this. Rachel…This is the decaying deceased body of Rachel, right now. Even though I've known that Rachel has been dead in this timeline for a long time. Just seeing it, puts a sheer amount of dread into Max.

“Well, both you and me knows how she going to end up right?” The nightmare Max’s voice echoes again. “Beaten up. Sexually abused. Murdered by an overdose.”

There no way this Rachel will end up the same way...right?

Rachel looks down, bewildered, at both of her frail skeleton hands. A sense of hopeless is bellowing with the girl.

“Rachel…” Max quietly mutters, not wanting to point out the obvious. “Let’s go...”

Rachel didn’t even reply with a word. She went on ahead, holding out her right hand, and rewinds back in time.


Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Amber Residence - Rachel’s Room

December 14th, 2008 12:13 PM

“...Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone. Just the one-two of us, who's counting on...”

Rachel wakes up on a bed, with a blinding blue light that causes her eyes to squint instantly. She rubs her eyes, stirring from her sleep to the low volume of punk rock music playing in the background. Giving a moment, she slowly opens her eyes, seeing the blue curtains that does nothing to prevent the blinding afternoon sun from flooding the room with its lights. There is a small desk with almost nothing on it. Other than that, seems like a typical young teenager’s room.

She looks down, sticking her hands out, with fingers extended, and letting out a huge sigh of relief. I have fucking fingers with skin on it. Damn, that was terrifying! She wraps her arms around her body, hugging it, and loving it. Just happy to see that her body is no longer rotten. “Yes...,” she hums under her breath, with fists clenching with relief and satisfaction.

Compared to her regular body, this is thinner. She runs her soft fingers, over her chest and then to her flat stomach. Damn, I’m not pudgy at all. I have to be younger. Her eyebrow lowers, as she ponders for a moment. Nah, I think I’m just thinner in this timeline. She nudges her head to the side, seeing the shorter hair barely reaching her shoulder, and a clinging sound on her left ear. Hmm, is that my blue-jay earring?

On the desk, is a phone resting flat on it. She reaches for it, letting out a grunt, then brings it back to the comfort of the bed. She looks at it, seeing the reflection of her face on the phone screen. Wow I am younger! She tilts her head, seeing the blue jay earring on her left ear. Odd, I wear it on this ear in this timeline. Also, looks a little too polished or fake. Like it has been preserved.

With her other hand, she lifts up the collar of her shirt, to looks at her chest. Hmm, my boobies are smaller, but not bad. And I'm wearing a cotton bra with a cute design. She fumbles her hands down to her waist, shuffling her thumb down to her jeans to lift them up for a peek. And non-matching cotton panties. I'm digging this…

Her phone vibrates in her hand, drawing her attention.

Todd: I think you’re very cute. Want to hang out sometimes when you get back from winter break? (12:14PM)

Rachel’s eyebrows arch upward, amused at the text of this person she doesn’t even know. With a grin, she replies back.

Rachel: Only very cute? No, thanks, asshole. (12:14PM)

She snickers, rubbing her cheeks in embarrassment of how snobby she is being, and she puts her phone back on the desk.

Her eyes scan around the room some more, as there were incense burning, with a ‘Paramore’ band poster taped up on the wall. Typical...

She grips on the side of the bed, and dips her head down to peer underneath the bed, and sees a chest. Let see if I started young in this timeline... She opens the chest, and pulls out a small black book on the top. There is a journal, that says “Rachel Amber 4 Ever”. A surge of embarrassment fills Rachel’s face, causing her jaws to drop. pretentious am I, in this fucking timeline? I hate myself already.

She opens the journal. It seems there is only one entry in it.

I'm still suffering some serious and massive PTSD. I'm also been getting visions with my old and new life. They both are melding into my mind almost interchangeably at times. So I decided to buy a blue jay earring, and wear it on my LEFT ear for this life going forward to tell the differences. Sure, I could choose not to wearing any blue jay earring, but I feel it is a nice reminder of where it came from. If I suffer from an anxiety attack in the future again, I can at least feel which ear it is on, to know if I'm dealing with my old or new life.

Besides that, it is now time to move on from my old, hopeless life. I’m going to start a brand new life. A life where I'm growing up and enjoying it with my father and mother. I don’t think I’m going to change anything else. I may save Samuel, to make sure he doesn’t join the same Construction Crew my dad did. Then I have to see if I'm grown up enough to leave my past. I really hope I don’t wind up back to Arcadia Bay. I want to leave Maxine. Completely. But will I actually do that? Who knows.

If the Rachel from the other timeline (RIGHT earring) is reading this. I’m just putting this here, because I know time travel can be pretty fucked up. Anyways, leave behind that timeline, by saving dad from moving to Arcadia Bay. If you are still stubborn or if saving Daddy was somehow the wrong choice, then you need to be strong and search for hope somewhere out there. Do yourself a favor and never truly love anyone. As a time traveler, you may feel like you have a grasp at something. But then you realize you don’t have any control at all.

Rachel stares blankly with the journal in her hand.

Old life? She brushes both her ears, knowing that she normally wears the earring on the right side. So this version of me in Max's timeline, also have time travel powers. Is this timeline, the future for me? Does that mean after everything I did, I’m just going to end up…dead? Rachel closes her eyes, as well as the journal. She grips it tightly, almost wanting to make a crease on the book. Then her eyes shoots open, throwing the journal across the room. “Fuck you,” she mutters out of frustration.

But leave Maxine completely? Why? She’s...kind of my only hope. Without her...there is no hope. She runs her fingers through her shorter hair, tugging on it.

She gets up from the bed, trying to take her mind off things by exploring. She walks to the desk with some admission paper works from Blackwell Academy. So, I’m attending Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay? Looks like I didn’t grow up with my initial plan. So am I in Arcadia Bay, right now?

Rachel turns around, approaching to the bedroom door. She can hear a television playing on the other side, confirming there is life in this house. Still cautious, she turns the knob, opening the door, as the TV sound gets loud. Sounds like there is a game going on. She peeks into the small dull looking hallway, at the direction of the sound. And there is Bradley, Rachel’s father sitting on the couch, looking back at her.

“Hey, honey, did I wake you up?” He picks up the remote control, turning down the volume. “Sorry about that...big game.”

Rachel looks on grasping her chest, who is paralyzed except with heart thumping loudly in it. Dad? She shuffles her feet in a hurried fashion, still holding onto her chest, moving towards him.

“Honey, are you okay?” Her father glances at Rachel, gripping her chest.

“Yes!” Rachel replies in a excitement. “Yes…” she repeats in a calmer tone. “Dad!” she closes the gap and dashes to hug him.

“Woah, hey there. Nice to see you, too. You wanna see the Chargers choke against the Chiefs? Probably not what you imagine to start your winter break, huh?”

Rachel turns around facing the television, still hugging her father with one of her arm, “Daddy! No, I would love to watch…” The rest of the living room is very plain looking, even the television itself is considered small. But Rachel is delighted to be reunited with her father.

“What? Thought you hate watching football.”

“No, I’m totally down to watch it.” Rachel snugs her head onto her father’s shoulder. “Where’s Mom?”

“Uh, burning her experimental pizza.”

“Bradley!” her voice calls from the adjacent room.

He laughs, “Not bad for your first day back to Long Beach, huh?”

Rachel cuddles next to her father, trying to enjoy the short moment she has with him. But same time, the journal has her wondering about her fate and role in all of this.


Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay Women’s Health Clinic

December 12th, 2008 12:13 PM

Max hunches forward almost tipping over, but she catches herself. Instead, falls backward into the chair to what looks like the lobby of a doctor’s office. Shit, that was kind of terrifying! She leans her body up, scanning across the room. The place did not seem inviting at all for any health reasons, as the furniture are pretty stained from wear and tears from who knows what. There were no windows for warm, natural lights. Only cold, artificial lights, that paints a gloomy feel to the room.

The young brunette presses her hands on the arms of the chair, with a frightened look. She looks at her own hands, realizing she does seem smaller, almost around she was wearing the pirate outfit with Chloe on her birthday. She murmurs under her breath, “Rachel?” But there were no response back from the blonde girl.

Hopefully she is in her physical body in this timeline, somewhere safe. Fucking she destined to die? Assuming there’s no consequences, do I have to make a decision quick, whether or not I want to change the past?

She tips her head higher, trying to glance over the receptionist counter. Where is this? Feeling something on her leg, she reaches into the pocket for her phone, but it is the wrong pocket. Instead, she pulls out two multi-colored bracelets, that alternates blue and pink in a ‘V’ patterns. Max, looks on in horror at the bracelets.

Oh no, this is it. This is the last time I actually see Chloe. These are the friendship bracelets, I wanted to give to Chloe today, before I left. And it didn’t end well. She got so mad at me, and threw them back at me.

The brunette is waiting for a moment like this to see her best friend again, as a overwhelming amount of dread and guilt pours into her belly. Part of her feels like a coward, hoping Rachel will bail her out by rewinding or fast forwarding in time. And another part of her has a slight sense of determination, to have the courage to deal with Chloe.

Chloe walks out the door, sending a mixed warm feeling and an impending doom to the brunette’s stomach. Chloe... She still has her long strawberry blonde hair at this time, just like the time when her and Max were making pancakes before William’s death. But instead of full of joys and happiness, there is none of it anymore inside her. She walks straight towards the receptionist, resting her arms nervously on the counter. She looks over shoulder, with her lips pressed thin at the brunette that is sitting all by herself.

Max gets up from the chair, approaching up to Chloe. She reaches her pocket to pulls out $80 dollars in cash and hands it to Chloe, without any hesitation. I wanted to see her but I’m not sure what to say to her.

Chloe looks at the money, with still surprised eyes, then back at Max. Her throat squeaks out, “Thank you.” She closes her hand, taking the money and hands it off to the receptionist.

“What a great friend,” the receptionist smiles at Max, then she looks back at the blond girl, who is holding the tears in her eyes. The receptionist’s smile subsides, and she continues on with processing the transaction.



Max and Chloe walks out the clinic building, in the gloomy partly cloudy day. The tall trees overlooking the clinic building, blocks majority of the remaining warmth and color from the sun. Chloe walks a short distance ahead of Max, leading the way, without any words. They make their way to a nearby bench, sitting down on it.

Finally Chloe, breaks the silence with her bold voice. “I’m fucking glad they were able to give me the pill. I wouldn’t want to have a baby, to join my fucked up life.” She crosses her legs, looking over at her best friend. “Thanks Max…” She nods her head, “I owe you.”

I know how this conversation carries out, at least somewhat of it. Chloe got very bitter and resentful to everyone, including me after William’s death. When I was younger, I did my best to sympathize with Chloe, but even I got irritated by her. Of course, I took stuff our friendship for granted. Little did I know, the next time I see Chloe is her getting fatally shot. You never know when it is the last time you see someone.

“I’m always here for you, Chloe.” Max nods her head, “So, will you tell me what happened last night?” Max tries her best to reenact the conversation the best she remembered.

Chloe leans forward, pressing her knuckles into her lips. “Todd…” Max closes her eyes instantly, knowing what is going to happen next. Chloe, sees this, and becomes all defensive. “I fucking knew, you were going to do that, Max.”

“No Chloe...I’m not mad at all.” Max says that calmly, staring blankly ahead and not at all frustrated. “Please continue.”

Chloe looks away, totally ashamed of herself. “We did it last night. We fucked…”

Max’s eyes drifts away as well, not showing her expression. “Go on…”

Chloe shakes her head, profusely. “I didn’t fucking like it at all. But I just let it go on. I asked him in the end if ‘loved me’. He said it is typical for a girl’s first time.” She runs her fingers up her hair, pulling and tugging on it. Her throat begins to get very thick, “Then, I heard some noise in the closet. And of course, his fucking sick friends were hiding in the closet, busted out laughing.”

Max closes her eyes, releasing some tears that were hanging at the corner of her eyes. Forgot how fucked up those people are.

Chloe begins sobbing, unable to hold in the pain. She continues through it, “And Todd is laughing too. I got so angry but more so, humiliated. I basically ran out there naked, holding my clothes.”

Max squeaks out through her throat, “Shit, Chloe.”

“I just got desperate, Max. Ever since Dad died, I’ve....not been feeling well. With you leaving too, I feel all alone, right now.”


The sobbing stops as Chloe’s voice erupts. “I know Max. I’m a stupid moron. Sorry if I don’t have a father that is fucking alive, like you.”

No, I won’t blow up on her. Max looks dearly into Chloe’s furious blue eyes. “No, it is fucking Todd and his friends that are the morons. I can’t even imagine how bad it is like to be in your shoes.” Max reaches out her hand, holding onto to Chloe’s. “William was like a second father to me. He was such an amazing person.”

Chloe looks down at Max’s hands, with the anger dissipating from her face and nodding her head. “Yes, he was.” She squeezes Max’s fingers. “I really need someone. And I’m losing...sight of myself. Please keep in touch with me when you’re in Seattle, okay?”

I’m such a liar. Max bites her own tongue. “Of course, Chloe.” She reaches in her pocket for the bracelets. “Chloe, I know you don’t like me leaving for Seattle.”

“Yes, I don’t fucking like it at all.”

“I know you don’t. I don’t either. But I got you this.” Max pulls out both of the bracelets, holding them up in the air, dangling from her hand. Chloe looks at them with amazed eyes. “I know they seem corny and not cool at all. But it was the only thing I can find.”

Chloe looks at them. “No, Max. I really like them.”

Max’s eyes widen in excitement for a moment. “Here,” She carefully puts on the bracelet onto Chloe’s hand, as a smile slowly emerges from the blonde.

She looks at it, admiring it, “Thank you so much.” She turns her arms around, examining the bracelet some more. She lets out a puff of air of excitement, as there is finally some life into her body. “Max, uh...there’s one thing I wanted to tell you before you leave.” Max stares back at her, waiting for her words. Chloe, swallows to clear her throat, looking back at the brunette. “I love you, Max.”

Max’s mouth opens, almost wanting to automatically reply with Chloe’s same word. She bites her lips, thinking about it. Even though the conversation went very differently in the past, I remember she also said this too. I shrugged it off like it wasn’t a big deal, end of conversation. Maybe because I was angry in the past or a little clueless or didn’t think much about it when Chloe said it. I had my parents, they were all the love and emotional support I needed. But Chloe, didn’t have that. She searched hard looking for it, hoping to find some boys that can show her real love. She never found any. Deep down inside, I know she really loved me. Maybe I felt I was too young and shy or confused to even confess such of a thing.

There is a long silence, longer than how the scene originally played out. Chloe’s body fidgets, becoming uneasy with the rising tension. She lets out a joke, “Sorry Max, I didn’t mean to sound all stupid lesbian in your face. I know you-.”

Max grabs Chloe’s cheeks with both hands, immediately silencing her. She looks dearly in Chloe’s ocean blue eyes and give her a quick kiss on the lips. Chloe’s face went stiff for a moment, but it relaxes with a smile, with tears dripping down her face. The tiny brunette whispers, “I love you, Chloe. I’ve always had.”

Chloe bites her lips, hearing the brave, bold words from the thirteen years old girl. She bursts into tears, wanting to cover her face, but she couldn't because the brunette was holding onto her face. Through her sobbing, “Max, let just fucking run away together, okay? Fuck Seattle.” Max sniffs her nose, and grab both of Chloe's arms. “Oww!” She flinches, repelling away.

Max looks down at Chloe’s arms, who were covered up in long sleeves. This never happened.... “Chloe, what’s wrong?”

Shame fills into Chloe’s face, as she turns her body away from Max, shaking her head.

“Chloe...” Max looks at her with earnest eyes from behind.

Chloe peeks over her shoulder, to see Max’s eyes, then she gives a loud sigh. She turns around, holding out her left arm, whimpering, and crying.

Max gently rolls up Chloe’s sleeve, as the blonde lets out a soft hiss from the sharp pain. Underneath, there were bandages with dried blood on it. “Chloe…what happened?” I’ve never seen this before.

Chloe pulls her arm away, putting it down on her lap. She leans forward, dipping her head down, “This morning, I..." She lets out a sigh. "...just got fucking depressed and shit. I thought about everything, my Dad dying, that I just got knocked up by a fucking trash, then later tossed aside to be laughed at by his friends. And you fucking leaving to Seattle. I wanted to just end it all. Quickly. So I grab a kitchen knife and…”

Max rushes over and pressing her face into Chloe’s jawbone. “W-What?!?!”

“I gave a few slashes to my arm. It felt good for a little bit. A sharp pain to numb my fucking miserable mind." Sorrow begins creeping into her tone, "But then I started thinking about you and Mom.”

Max sobs into the blonde’s neck and gripping her body. “Chloe!”

Chloe closes her eyes, dipping her head, “Sorry, Max. I didn’t mean for you to find this out.”

Max pulls her head out, to give the blonde girl a peck at her cheek, “I’m so fucking glad I did.”

Chloe looks at the brunette in her eyes, squeezing both of her shoulders, “I know Max. I suck for not telling you. I know it just absolutely silly to be hurt yourself or even the idea of putting an end to your own life.”

Max’s eyes drifts down, not even nodding in agreement to her best friend's words. She gently pushes back from the blonde, carefully settling back onto the bench. “Chloe...there is something I have to tell you.”

Chloe looks at her with a puzzled look, “What? Of course Max.”

“I know how you’re feeling right, now.”

Chloe’s voice became stern, not liking the assertive words she is hearing, “Max?”

“Before I tell you that..." Max takes a deep breath, and pouts her lips. She glances curiously, hoping to see affirmative eyes, after she tells her best friend what she has to say next. She starts with a calm voice, "Chloe, I found out that I have the ability to reverse time. I’m actually eighteen years old, and from the future. I came back because I wanted to see you again.”

Chloe’s eye brow raises, her eyes drifting to the side, then back to the brunette. She lets out a silent chuckle, but confusion slips back into face. “Max...uh, what the fuck? Are you going crazy?”

“Chloe, you were nineteen when you get murdered. I saved you with my power, but that caused a tornado to destroy Arcadia Bay. I had to let you die, to save the town.” Max brings her knuckles up to rest her chin on. “Then my parents dies in a car accident, shortly after your death, driving down to Arcadia Bay to visit your grave.”

Chloe scoffs, shaking her head, “Max...seriously, don’t fuck with me.”

Max’s body falls back a little, distancing herself from the blonde, “Listen Chloe. I don’t expect you to believe me at all. I know you just went through a tough time yesterday and today. I hate seeing you like this. But at the same time, I absolutely happy to see you.” Max presses her lips thin trying to form a smile, but there is no joy in her face. “I’ve been struggling with processing everything with you and my parents’ deaths. So this very moment, means so much to me right now. Even if this is just a dream, and I'm able to stay asleep just for this very moment. Thank you, Chloe.” Max’s eyes were filled with tears, hanging on. “I love you Chloe. We can end this conversation, right now.”

Chloe looks back, seeing the teary eyes of her best friend, and sensing the deep sorrow inside her. While both of the girls do tease with each other a lot, Max isn't the type of person to joke around especially right after her best friend just poured her heart out, and showing that she was about to take her own life. Chloe knows this, and has to swallow her disbelief and trust her best friend's words. “No, don’t.” She comes in closer, grabbing Max’s hand, and interlocking it with hers. She flutters her eyes closed for a moment, taking a deep breath. “Let’s talk about everything. Your parents is gone too?”

Max wets her lips, giving a soft smile to Chloe. “Thanks for listening to me.” She nods her head, “Yes, I’m all alone. I don’t have you or my parents. And Chloe, I didn’t talk to you for five years while I was Seattle, because I was fucking stupid! I hate myself for doing that to you.”

Chloe nods her head softly, squeezing their interlocked hands, “You...had to have a good reason, Max. I know you did.”

“No, I didn’t. When you got shot and killed, it was actually my first time seeing you in years. And I was hiding in the restroom when it happened.”


“There isn’t anything else to say.” The brunette dips her head. “My mind is slowly crumbling. I’ve been holding it in, dreaming that I can save you, and my parents. But I can’t, because it will destroy this entire town. I’m so detached from reality now, that even my own parents’ death who died earlier today, hasn’t sunk in yet. Because a part of me feels I can still save you guys. But at same time, I know I can’t.”

Chloe shakes her head, having trouble processing all of this. Couldn’t think of anything better, she mutters out, “Max, you have to stay strong.”

Max’s throat thickens, making it difficult to talk, “I’m not strong. I don’t know how I will feel in the future. What if more people gets killed around me? And I can't do anything about it.”

“Max, that is life. People dies all the time beyond our control.”

“I know. The only differences is that I feel I’m responsible. Because if I could only rewind time to stop you from getting killed in that bathroom. Or rewind time to call my Mom and Dad, to tell them to not come to Arcadia Bay and stay in Seattle.”

Chloe looks down at the bench, “So, if you use your power, the tornado comes?”

“Yes. Or at least I think that is the reason. One came when I saved you. The tornado basically kill almost everyone in the town.”

“Can’t you warn the town about the tornado?”

Max closes her eyes, trying to recall that awful week, “There were several other complications. I also didn’t think it was real until it was too late. There just weren’t any time to properly set off any warning. There are limitations to my powers, and it isn’t just the tornado.”

There is a short silence, as Chloe puts both of her hands on top of her head, looking down at the bench, again trying to process everything Max is saying. There's probably isn't any good words to give, Max is just content with seeing her best friend.

Max glances at Chloe, hesitating on what she has to say next. “I’m getting very desensitized about death. Along with this huge burden on my shoulders, I don’t think I can ever live a normal life, anymore. I keep thinking if it worth killing an entire town, to save the three most important people in my life. Or maybe...I’ve been thinking possibly, just...ending it all completely.”

Chloe turns her head, peeking her eyes through her fingers, “Ending it?…What do you mean Max?” She puts down her hands, to give the brunette a full look at her face. “Max? You better not even think about ending your own life, you hear that? I love you, too fucking much.”

Max presses her lips thin, “Chloe, you almost tried to kill yourself.”

“I know. I thought about you and my mother, that's what keeping my life is going.”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re not even here with me anymore. Neither is my parents.” Max snarls back but her abrupt anger quickly subsides back into her sobbing.

Chloe’s lips quiver, knowing that her words may not have enough effect, because Max no longer have anyone to go to anymore. “Max…You have a lot to live for in your life. I know you may feel like you're in a very dark place, right at this moment. And believe me, I know how it is. Fuck I’m so bad this mushy shit. But seriously, you’re too great of a person, to throw their life away. You will find another best friend. You will find someone that’ll treat you like their daughter. You will do fine, Max. Think about your friends…”

Max grasps at her chest, thinking of her best friend’s words. “Joyce.”

Chloe nods in a cheerful manner, “Mom...Yes! My mother would love to take you in as her daughter.”

Max continues, “And Kate...and Rachel.”

“Who is this, Kate?”

“Kate Marsh is a very sweet girl. Very pure and the most kind person you’ll ever meet.”

“Sounds like an amazing person, Max.” There is an odd gleam of positivity in the eyes of the blonde girl.

“And there’s Rachel Amber...she is a time traveler like me too. She's the one that actually took me back here.”

“Rachel Amber?” The eyebrows of the blonde girl raises in curiosity. “The smart girl in my class? Really? She took you back here?”

“Yeah, she’s in your class? I never knew that.”

“Yeah…” Chloe dips her head down, pondering about the conversation. Something has been a thought in her head, ever since hearing about her fate. “Max, so is my destiny doomed? Like even with you telling me all about my future?”

“Yes. We’re going have to reset all of this so the conversation never happened. So the future remains the same.”

“Damn, Max.” She lets out a sigh of frustration.

Damn, this must be tough on Chloe. To feel so hopeless. “I’m so sorry Chloe." Max looks back at her helpless best friend, to know that you’re days are marked and nothing can be done about it. There were more to it than that, so the brunette continues explaining. "The Rachel in this timeline, the one that is in your class, she actually died months before you died. There is an alternate parallel timeline or something, somehow the Rachel there can interact with this timeline. The alternate timeline Rachel is the one helping me, and she actually took over the Rachel in this timeline, at least for now.”

The blonde clenches her teeth, but rest of her face went numb. “Shit, this is some pretty weird sci-fi shit.”

“No joke. I really want to be with you, but I don’t know. The more I think about it, I think this Rachel is the key to saving you, but at the same time she will hold the key to our future. If you know what I mean…”

“Her time rewind power is different than yours?”

“Yes, and it is much stronger. I’m just worried that she may...retaliate against me one day. If she brings you back, she probably wants to bring herself back in this timeline. She wasn’t exactly the best influence on you. Her death eventually led to your death, as well. So if I bring her back, I’m afraid it’ll lead to you dying again. And again, an endless cycle of depression for me.”

“Max...I would love to be with you. What makes you think she will retaliate?”

“She seems very obsessive. She loves the version of me in her timeline. And I think in this timeline, she may have been in love with you Chloe, as well.”

“Who wouldn’t love you, Max? And wow, I do think she is kind of hot.” The blonde girl nervously eyes the brunette, and mutters quietly, “Sorry…”

“It’s okay. I think she's hot, too.” Max lets out a soft smile, agreeing. “But should I get close with her, or distance myself from her?”

Chloe pouts her lips, hunching her body a little bit. “Max, I know I’m the worst person to say this, since I’m guilty 500% of it all the fucking time. But don’t burn any bridges, okay? I mean, I obviously did that with you, and that is what got me killed.”

“Chloe, it not on you-”

Chloe interrupts with a bolder voice, “Max...we can’t always be thinking about the regrets in the past, then we lose sight of the things we have around us in the present and future.”

Max dips her head, down. “I know…”

“I’m not saying to not rescue me and your parents. I’m just saying there are other people than just me and your parents. You have to cherish their lives and wishes, too.”

It is odd to see Chloe, talking like this, quite a opposite to her usual personality. Perhaps, deep down inside Chloe can be mature, selfless and sympathetic person. Or in combination, she knows when she has to put aside her ego and hotheadedness, when the person she cares the most in the world is in a difficult situation.

Max nods her head in agreement, “I guess I used to hate it, to have your life, my parents’ lives, and all of Arcadia Bay in my hand. But now, I feel my life is in Rachel’s hand, too.”

“She will take care of you.” Chloe’s phone buzzes, totally grabbing the blonde girl’s attention. She pulls it out of her pocket, cursing at it. “Fuck, who is this 562 area code? Where the fuck is that, anyways?”

Max, looks at her phone, being reminded how Rachel and her are separated right now. “Chloe, pick it up.”

“Max, no. I want to talk to you.”

“Just pick it up, and make sure it isn’t Rachel.”

“What?” She looks at Max’s concerned look, then swipes the phone before it went to voicemail, “Hi, who is this?”

“Is this Chloe Price?” asks the voice on the phone.

“Yes, who is this?”

“Thank fucking god. I’m glad I memorized Two Whales phone number to call your mother. Is Max with you?”

“Yes, but who are you?”

“This is Rachel Amber. I’m so relieved that she’s with you. I wasn't sure.”

“Rachel? You…really did bring her back to me?” Chloe smiles, looking at the brunette sitting right next to her. “I hate you because I don’t know how you’re so hot, yet so smart.”

Rachel laughs on the phone, “Well I love you, too Chloe. You’re pretty hot, yourself. And yes I did bring her back. She really cares about you, Chloe.” She puffs out a breath on her side of the line. “She loves you.”

“I know.” Still keeping eye contact with Max. “I know she does.”

“Am I bothering you with something? Or may I talk to Max?”

“Yes, you can talk to Max. But...Rachel?” Chloe’s eyes lift up, with something boiling on her tongue.

“Yes, Chloe?”

“I know I don’t really know you that well. I’m in your class but you probably know me for being a punk ass. If I do get to know you more in the future, I apologize for being a total bitch. I just know it. But I take it you don’t really know Max? At least the Max in this whatever timeline.”

“...Not really.”

Chloe continues on, “Max, I know she may be dorky and nosy.” She looks back at the brunette, reaching over at her cheek, squeezing it. “She can be reserved and awkward as hell. But deep down inside, is a girl with a real heart.” Max pouts her lips from the touching words from her best friend. “I’ve been making excuses and neglecting her. And yet, she is still so loyal. It may take a while to break through her shell. But she is the most amazing best friend, anyone can ask for.” The blonde glances over at her cuts on her arm with wide-opened eyes, in silence. Slowly, she seeps in the thought of it and everything Max said. Seeing how her life currently is, and what path she is probably going to take in her life. She flutters her eyes closed for a heartbeat, “I know I don’t get to live long in this world...and I think I know why. Because I’m stubborn and reckless. But please...can you take care of Max, when I’m gone?”

There is a short silence on the other line as Rachel needed a moment. “Of course, Chloe.” She sniffs her nose, “I know Max is a great person. And I know you’re a great person, too if Max loves you this much.”

“Thank you so much, Rachel. Here’s Max.” She hands the phone to her best friend.

Max wipes her wet nose with the sleeves of her shirt, and picks up the phone. “Rachel?”

“Max, sorry that I'm not with you, right now. I’m in Long Beach.”

“That's fine. Did you get to see your family?”

“Yes I certainly did. We watched the rest of a football game and ate some burnt pizza together.”

Max laughs through her thick throat. “That’s sounds fucking awesome. I hope you had some good moments.”

“Yes, I did. Are you ready to go?”

Max sniffs her nose, “Yeah...Let me say, goodbye.”


Max puts the phone, faced down on her lap. She dips her face close to her best friend, whispering to her. “Goodbye, Chloe.”

Chloe doesn’t hesitate, and dips her face forward, so their lips make contact. She runs her lips to the side to Max’s cheeks, and whispers softly close to her ear. “You can trust her. Be strong, Max. With or without me. I know you’ll make the right decision.”

She backs away, with one of her hand holding onto Max’s hand, and the other one, reaching to pick up the phone, holding it up for the brunette.

Max nods, and pick up the phone. “I’m ready to go.”

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory

October 14th, 2013 2:07 AM

Rachel and Max appears back together in front of the blurred hazy dormitory after their brief adventure into the past. They were both underneath a small, suffocating dome that seems like it would be the area teared between the two timelines. The blond rolls away, falling into crossed legs, tilting her upper body forward, stretching her back. The time travel is more aching for her than before, since she actually inhabited the physical body of the Rachel in Max's timeline. The one that eventually met her demise to Mark Jefferson.

Lying prone, Max rests her head down a little, thinking about the trip she just went through. Her best friend nearly took her own life, right underneath her nose. Doesn’t make it any less painful, even if Chloe is dead, showing how insensitive she was to her own best friend. She must have hated me back then, that’s why she didn’t call me. Chloe was always hot headed, and that only magnified after William’s death. Max, while she's a caring person, she wasn’t exactly great with dealing with difficult people back then, even her own best friend.

Max lets out a grunt, stretching her arms out. Seeing Chloe partially devastated her, but at same time imbued some renewed hope within her. I have to push on. She crawls towards the blond girl, pushing herself off the ground, giving Rachel a tender hug from behind, “Thank Rachel.” Max mutters quietly, brushing her face into the side of hers.

Rachel’s body hardly fidget, standing cold and firm. She glances over her shoulder towards the brunette, “Max, let’s go save your Chloe.” She tilts her head up towards the sky, which the two moons, slowly pulsating through the haze they’re both in.

Max slowly slides off the blond. “What?”

Rachel presses her lips tight. “What do you mean, what? That is what you wanted, right? Tell me where I need to go.” There is resentment in her tone, yet it remains somewhat soft and calm.

Max stammers a few nonsensical words at first, “I-I...I don’t know where to begin.”

“She got shot in the restroom in Blackwell Academy, right? Let’s go back there.”

There is a short pause from Max, as her heart begins racing as both excitement and uncertainty collides together inside her body. “Rachel…you were dead by then.” The brunette didn't try to put any emphasis that both Rachels were different people this time. She places her hand on Rachel’s shoulder, gripping it. “Let’s go save you, too.”

She shrugs Max’s hand off, coldly. “It’s fine, Max. Just leave me dead.”

With all of this rushed talking, Max totally forgot about her previous reservations against Rachel, when she was talking with Chloe. How she was worried about Rachel would try to bring herself back in this timeline, possibly causing more trouble and harm. Instead, the opposite happens and now Max is concerned.

Max’s eyebrow furrows, and her breathing pauses for a second. “...Why?”

“Just save Chloe. Don’t bother with me.”

Max bites her own tongue, “No. I...I mean we can’t do that.”

Rachel’s voice starts to raise slightly, as frustration begins brewing in her belly, “This is your fucking chance, take it or leave it.”

“Rachel...what happened? You were all different on the phone.”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to interrupt you two lovebirds.” Rachel mutters with jealousy in her tone.

“Even before we went to the past, you were all chirpy.” Max positions herself so she can sees Rachel’s face, then wrapping her arms around her knees. “Tell me, please.”

Rachel leans her body back, tipping her face again towards the hazy sky. “Some stuffs are a bit obvious, isn’t it? Your my future. Everything I do, will ultimately wind up with me...dead.” She turns around, and slowly shifts her body towards the brunette, who’s staring back in silence and disbelief. “Maxine, the person that got me this far in my life, my best friend, someone I love, and the hope in my life." She shoves her bottom lip between her teeth, biting it for a moment, then releasing it. "Going from that” She points at the brunette, “...who doesn’t know a single thing about me or even made any contact.” She lets out a sarcastic chuckle. “Only means one thing.” She brushes her bangs away from her face. “That something happened between us.”

Max presses her lips thin, still in disbelief. “But you don’t know what happened. It could be anything.”

“Yeah...anything.” Rachel mutters under her breath. “There is a time to finally be realistic with something, instead of stupid, blind optimism.”

“Rachel, assuming any of this is true. You still survived, though. So there is hope, even And you did make contact with Chloe. She loved you very much.” The brunette’s eyes drifts of the side for a heartbeat. “Even I admit I'm a little envious.”

“Well then, why you sweating about bringing me back to life, if you’re jealous?”

Max thinks for a moment, about her conversation with Chloe. ‘You can trust her. Don’t burn any bridges’ says Captain Chloe. I have to put aside some of my concerns. “My slight jealousy is nothing compared to how much I want you alive.”

Rachel gives steady eye contact with the brunette, “I don’t know. You said I didn’t love her back. So why the fuck did I end up in Arcadia Bay, then? Just to get murdered?”

“Maybe, there’s more to it than that. Chloe was pretty self destructive even before I left to Seattle.” Max buries her face behind her hands, and continues talking through it, “In the time, you just took me back. She tried to take her own life earlier that day. Maybe down the line she got even more depressed, and you went to Arcadia Bay to save her.”

Rachel presses her lips, hearing that Chloe almost took her own life, made her a little sad. “So, I must have liked Chloe, or at least still cared about her. But I hated you.” Rachel brushes her bangs, giving a smug look towards the brunette. “Wow, and you want me back alive, after all that? I could take away your precious blue haired angel.”

“Rachel...I want you alive. I want to hold your hands. All of us. I wanna laugh together.” Max grips onto her bangs, while her face still covered by her fingers. “Maybe, just like you went back to save Chloe. You’re doing the same right now to save me.”

“I don’t know if I’m saving you. I just made a Bible girl care about you.”

“You taking me these trips back to my memories to help build my courage. To remind me, I have to keep pushing along, no matter what happens.”

“More like making it more painful for you, from all the hopelessness feeling.”

“Maybe at first. But I think in the end, I will become stronger.” Max finally reveals her red puffy eyes, she wiggles her way closer to Rachel. “You doing all of this, because maybe you wanted all of us to be here together. Time travel is so fucking mysterious. So maybe the first Rachel tried it this way, and she has her regrets. So subconsciously, or whatever-the-fuck in out of time, she wanted things different for everyone.”

Rachel glares back with her bold eyes, “That is a big ‘Maybe’. Or deep down inside, she knows nothing will ever pan out the way she wants. So she is the one that unleashed that tornado. And she gave you her powers just to see how badly you wanted Chloe and she wanted you to suffer for it. I don't think it is mysterious, I think it fucking crystal clear.”

Max’s face weakens more, hearing Rachel’s hurtful words. There could be some truth to that. The weakness continues drifting down her body like the plague, making her slouch slightly. “Rachel, why don’t you want to live?”

“I’m not even in the same timeline as you are. The Rachel you want to save, isn’t even me. I’m not dead...Not yet. So whatever reason that made this Rachel to purposely avoid you. Well..." She lets out a chuckle. "I’m probably going to find out soon.”

“You may never know. You have to think positive. Have faith in yourself and your friends.”

What friends? Rachel shakes her head, “I’m not like you. I’ve seen the way you and Chloe look at each other and bond with each other.” She closes her eyes for a short moment, letting out a sigh, “Maybe back then I thought that was how me and Maxine were. That we were going to be inseparable forever. But it is just wishful thinking on my part.”

“You are your own worst critic. It is all in your head. I put myself down all the time. Believe me. I'm living a life where I'm bullied, and they make me feel absolutely worthless. And to be honest, I still feel like that very often, than I like to admit. I want to help you, Rachel. With the two moons in the sky, let me come into your timeline.”

“Haha, and what?” Rachel lets a forced laughter. “Cuddle and have sex with me all day long? Trying to plant some thoughts into Maxine to force her to love me? I don't need your pity.”

“No. I just want to learn more about you. Sometimes it may be hard to see things at times, but a second perspective can help.”

Having Max jump into her timeline may be useful. There is going to be a lot of information you can learn, but maybe too much and not the ones you want to hear. Rachel pauses for a moment, thinking of the upcoming challenges she has to deal with in her timeline. Her voice became soft, “Max, there's some dangerous stuff involved. You’re such a pure and sweet girl. I would never want to take that away from you.”

“What dangerous stuff?”

“I’m going to go back in the past to save Chloe’s father. He got murdered cold blooded by someone. I think there's something big behind all of this.” The blond whips her hair forward, pressing a few strands to her chin nervously, “Who knows if the Prescotts are involved. Even though I know my future and my eventual fate, I do not know the exact paths I took. So I do not know if the paths I’m going to take is all the same, or if they’re new, that could possibly change my fate completely. For the better or worse. That is why I want you to change your past now, for Chloe. Because I do not know if I will live long.”

“Rachel…I have faith in you, that you will get through all of this.”

“Even if I do, and then I find out the truth.” Rachel releases her hair, fluttering her eyes closed. “I may grow to be resentful, with a huge amount of hatred towards you. Then later on, I’ll refuse to change your past.”


“I’m not a good person, Max. If I was, then...many things would be different about my life. Perhaps, that why the Rachel in your timeline decided to reset everything to go back to Long Beach. To reset about fifteen years is a huge fucking deal. Only something catastrophic would justify that. And also shows how fucked up I am.”

Max stiffens her posture, and with a bold tone, “You control your destiny. We are all fucked up in some way. If you’re saying people like Nathan Prescott is the model child for this society, then I want out of this. Someone pure as Kate Marsh, has shitheads bullying her everyday." She lets out sigh. "So what makes you…’fucked up’?” Her voice becomes soft, “Tell me. It’s okay. ”

“I’m pretty much a typical girl who was raised with no father, with no one to look up to. Not just that, my time rewind powers… or whatever supernatural power I have when I was growing up. I got it when my Dad died. I don’t know if there some fucked up mysticism on the Indian burial grounds. I have no idea why I was given this, but I got it. Maybe someone wants me to use it destroy the Prescotts with it. I did hate them a lot growing up, and I still hate them.” Rachel reaches for the top of her head, yanking on some strands of hair in frustration. “I saw visions that seemed totally real. Have you had any, Max?”

The brunette nods her head, “Totally. I had a few visions.” That other version of me that I just saw, I'm not sure if she is real or just my imagination.

“Yes, it is like that, but for your entire life, growing up as a child and still fucking going now. And it feels so real, doesn't it? So many people made fun of me. And said awful things to me. Maxine, she stood by my side. When it got really bad, we ran away together from home when she turned eighteen. I feel bad she has to ditch and lose her parents for me, but part of me, think about ‘What other options do I have?’”

Max’s curious eyes scan all over the blond girl. “Did these visions affect you and Maxine?”

“I had several including ones where I saw Maxine jumping off the roof in Blackwell Academy. And a water sprout...” Rachel pauses, pondering about it.


“I wonder if the Rachel in this timeline, seriously tried everything. And I mean everything. Preventing Maxine from going to Blackwell. Preventing Chloe and her father’s death from being shot in Downtown Arcadia Bay. Then something really bad happens, forcing her to save her father from going to Arcadia Bay. And she also tried staying out of Arcadia Bay, then realizing something went wrong. Like Chloe..." Rachel's eyebrow lowers, "...attempted to kill herself.”

Max blinks her eyes slowly, “Then I get killed by Mark Jefferson…” Her voice drifts off.

Rachel winces, her body trembling slightly, “W-Who?”

Max looks at Rachel who is showing some discomfort from the name. Shit, I can’t even say his name? At least her nose isn’t bleeding. “Shit Rachel...Well this person came real close to murdering me, but Chloe’s stepfather saved me.” Rachel rubs her forehead, to soothe the pounding headache she has. “If Chloe died or attempted suicide, I’m not sure how Joyce would have been, and if she would marry David Madsen.”

Rachel squeezes her eyes closed, as the pulsating pain slowly subsides. Max looks on in silence, giving her a moment to recover.

The blond opens her eyes, “Okay enough of this, I need to go. Max, it is time. I don’t think my time travel will cause any tornadoes. I don’t think so, at least.” She brushes off her jeans, readjusting her numb legs. “This is seriously your last chance, do you want to save Chloe, now?”

Max looks back with earnest eyes, pressing her lips thin. There is sorrow in her eyes. In both hers and Rachel’s eyes.

Max closes her eyes shut, nodding. “Okay...”

Rachel turns her body to face the brunette. “I have to break Chloe’s promise of watching over you, but that’s fine because she will take care of you from now on.” Rachel grabs onto one of Max’s arm, and giving a stiff smile to her. “After this, I don’t think I’ll ever see you again. I hope you understand.”

Max’s eyebrow furrows slightly, while her eyes still remain closed. “Why?”

“What’s the point of me coming here? I’ve served my only purpose to you,” Rachel says it, full of bitter, causing Max to wince from hearing it. “So I'm saving Chloe for you, and saving Chloe’s father for Chloe in my timeline.” Rachel’s voice drifts away, as a cold feeling seeps up into her stomach. I am going to wither away in everyone’s memories. I’m going to be all alone. Rachel’s bottom lip tucks between her teeth, with her chewing on it nervously. “I’ll have to search my own path. Whatever that is.” Rachel’s eyes focus back on the brunette with a more bold tone. “So, Max. Right now, where do I need to go?”

Max looks back in silent. I can have Chloe...but not Rachel? I can’t even think straight and answer this. Her body straightens up, trying to piece something for Rachel, “Umm...right at the bathroom, but…” Max pauses again. I don’t want to hit the fire alarm again. I also can’t let Nathan fire his gun. But if he doesn’t fire it, he could get away. But at least Mark Jefferson would get captured...right? All these thoughts races through the fragile mind of the brunette, making it difficult for her to talk. She is thinking about every possible scenarios, and try to estimate if there is any weakness or possible negative consequences in each one. “Nathan, I think he was on drugs. He might shoot me just out of pure paranoia.”

Rachel’s mouth drops, “What?” She shakes her head, with a concerned look. “Fuck that. I’m not going to put you through that, even if I can rewind. Is there any other time? Like earlier?”

“Yeah there has to be…” Max lowers herself, falling onto her back. Rachel… Max couldn’t focus anymore, as she is thinking of scenarios when she can save Chloe. But separately, she is thinking of scenarios where she can save both Chloe and Rachel, even if it is against this Rachel's wishes. Chloe is going to be devastated again, with Rachel gone. But it's okay, I can be there with Chloe forever...right? Max opens her eyes, looking at the blond girl staring back at her. Words from the Nightmare Max plays over in her head.

“Poor Rachel, she going to go on this path to make everyone she loves, happy. But at the end of the path, she will finds that everyone has already closed their doors on her.” An overwhelming amount of stress begins to burden her body, causing her to tremble slightly uncontrollably.

Rachel sees the sudden discomfort in the poor girl, “Max?”

Max shakes her head profusely, grasping at her arms. I thought I was ready to do this. It’s my best friend and my parents. But somehow this guilt is killing me. Is that how the original Rachel was? Like this Rachel? Who just looks on from a distant, watching the people she loves. Then she fades away from everyone’s memories. Max slithers her fragile body on the ground, away from the blond girl, “No...Rachel, please stop it.”

“Max, get back in here.” Rachel takes a step forward, but stops immediately, seeing how adamant the poor brunette is trying to crawl away. “Are you okay?”

“Rachel...I can’t do this. Please don’t make me.” Max crawls out of the distortion and back into her timeline.

Rachel’s body freezes just standing there. I’m just a ghost to both timelines. It’s her best friend and her parents that I can save. Why won’t she take my help?

Max crawls away for a short distance, but then she stops. Her body begins shaking, not sure from the cold weather or from something else. Rachel follows after her, walking through the dome, into her astral form.

“Max!” Rachel cries, seeing the brunette on the floor, shaking uncontrollably.

“Rachel…” Max lets out a hiss through her shivering, able to hear her. “Please don’t.”

“Don’t worry, I won't. I’ll try and call for help.”

Max pauses for a bit. “Second floor…” her voice gets cut out as the trembling increases.

“Got it…” Rachel races towards the dormitory door, praying there is a map or a list of the tenants, hoping she can find some familiar names like Kate or Victoria.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : 2F

October 14th, 2013 2:15 AM

Rachel peers her head, looking at the map.

Max Caulfield...Room 219...there’s Kate Marsh! That's Room 222 and...Victoria Chase 221...Dana Ward 218?

Rachel looks to the left and sees the door that is opened is room 218. She peeks her head into the room, seeing a girl on the laptop. Is that her? She sneaks up to the girl to get a better view, seeing she is browsing on Facebook.

Rachel grabs at her chest. It is her! She’s the friend of Chloe in my timeline. The one that went missing. Rachel still holding onto her chest, drapes her head down. Please stay safe in this timeline.

Rachel slowly drifts away towards the hallway, keeping eye contact with Dana. I hope you’re...still alive in my timeline. She continues down the hallway towards Kate Marsh’s room. She walks into the room, scanning around the room, seeing a violin case by her bed. She seems very religious. She looks to the side of the door, noticing there's a familiar candlestick. This is the room I was in...where the ceiling kept growing, and the blue butterfly flew close to this candle. And my hand first went on fire. I remember hearing Max’s words and violin playing. Was that how I rewind time here while keeping Kate’s memory? How the hell did I do that?

Rachel steps out the room, continuing across into Max’s room. Inside, she sees Kate sleeping peacefully there.

Rachel lets out a sigh, followed with a smile. She hurries towards the sleeping girl. She's keeping Max company...Wake up, Kate! She goes up to Kate, concentrating her energy, then she flicks her nose. Kate’s eyebrow furrows slightly, then she rubs her nose in an adorable fashion, before going back to a peaceful sleep.

Rachel holds her hand out, getting ready to slap her, but then a red flame, suddenly emits from her arm. She flinches from the fiery beauty of it, unsure if it’ll harm Kate or even herself. An aura in the air slowly expands, engulfing and surrounding Kate, almost as if it placing her in some vacuum. Geez, what is this now? Can I rewind? Rachel focuses her power, as she can feel her fingertips tingling, drawing powers around her to form it around Kate. Was this what I did earlier? In her room? The flame in Rachel’s arm grows larger, as some lightning sparks begins crackling. Oh no, I hope I don’t blow her up with some energy blast...

She releases her energy, followed by a thundering, whirling sound. Something is rewinding, but it seems like it is focused on Kate only, as she tosses back and forth on the couch, until finally she is standing up facing the couch, right beside Rachel.

“Time to sleep, Max,” she yawns, rubbing her eyes. Then her eyes suddenly flutters open in pure shock, “WOAH!” she lets out a terrifying but cute yelp, falling forward and crashing hard into the couch.

Shit, oh no Kate! Rachel holds out her hands, even if it is a fruitless attempt to assist her.

Kate lets out a cry in pain, as her body slowly slides back down clumsily and adorably, onto the floor. Rachel steps towards the window, looking out of it. She can see Max’s body still lying on the ground. She's still on the ground. Did I rewind Kate, but somehow keeping everything else progressing normally through time?

Rachel turns back to Kate, who is squirming and writhing in pain on the ground. “Did I sleepwalk?” she mutters through the pulsating pain. She, then rolls over onto her back, taking note of the empty bed. “Max?”

She seems to remember she was already sleeping...Did I only rewind her position, but keeping her memory?

She rolls again, onto her knees, with her two hands pressing against the ground in front of her, scanning around the room. Rachel turns her attention to the window blinds again, concentrating on her fingertips and flicks the blinds, causing it to rattle, catching Kate’s attention.

Kate’s eyes widen in horror, and crawls backward a little bit.

Oh shit...No, Kate. Don’t get scared!

Kate’s breathing intensify looking at the empty bed, then sees Max’s phone on the nightstand. She gets up, taking a gulp, piecing together all the courage she can muster in her body, bravely and steadily approaches the window. Rachel steps to the side, as if she is giving room for the church girl.

Kate slips her fingers between the blinds, to open and peer into it. Her face became white, as she sees a body in the middle of the yard. “Max?! Please God, no.” She whimpers. “This is my fault…” She whispers softly, and digs her knuckles into her cheeks.

She scrambles around the room, grabbing a couple of jackets and clothing she can find, and rushes out the room with Rachel following behind her. Running as fast as she can down the hallway, passing Dana’s room.

Dana catches a glimpse of Kate passing by, she quickly picks up a jacket from the stack of laundry, puts on some flip flops and follow after the church girl.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory

October 14th, 2013 2:24 AM

“Here...” Kate gently wraps the last jacket on top of Max. Despite it is sad for Max to suffer another panic attack, it is rather comedic with the amount of clothing is stacked onto the poor brunette girl. Kate lets out a sigh, grasping her chest, and closing her eyes.

“Thanks, Kate.” The brunette shivers underneath the pile of jackets, slowly getting warmed up. She observes the uncomfortable girl. “I hope I didn’t scare you.”

Kate didn’t respond right away. She brings her hand from her chest, pinching her nose. “No,” she mutters in an unconvincing tone.

Dana wrapping her own body with her arms, because she also offered her jacket to Max. “You don’t see the long white hairs on Kate? She couldn’t stop freaking out.”

Max looks at the silent church girl, “I’m so sorry,” breathing heavily from the weight of the jackets.

Kate opens her eyes, “Don’t worry. Please keep focusing on your breathing.” Max nods her head in agreement, and continues taking controlled breaths.

“Kate? Can you come over here?” Dana tips her nose to the side, signaling the church girl to come a distance away from Max.

Kate nods, “We will be over here, Max,” then following Dana, who is walking about a good twenty feet away. Rachel looks at the two girls, separating themselves from Max. She curiously walks over to the girls to eavesdrop their conversation.

“Hey, is she okay?” Dana wraps her arm around the startled blond girl.

“Yeah, I mean...she must had some strong passing thoughts in her mind, while she went on what supposed-to-be a relaxing walk.” Kate looks away nervously. “But I’m glad she is okay.”

Dana nods her head in agreement. “ uh.” She takes a quick look behind, then back at Kate. “Is there something going on between you two?”


“Sorry, I mean...that must have been insulting to you.”

“Insulting?” Kate pouts her lips. “No, not at all.”

Dana nods her head, “Listen, if you need any advice, feel free to ask me. And if anyone bully you or Max about anything...Let me know, okay?”

“Thanks, Dana.”

Rachel rubs her chin. Dana, seems like such an awesome person. I know this is a different timeline. But still... Rachel lets out a sigh. Don't worry Dana, I'll look for you. Rachel turns to the church girl. And Kate, too. I wonder if she has a crush on Max? She’s a Christian girl, and seems pretty hardcore, judging from her outfit and her room. Probably not...but still maybe…After hearing all these time travel powers that Max has, she bound to be questioning many things.

Rachel walks back to the shivering girl, whose cute head is sticking out from a stack of clothes. She dips down right beside Max, who is finally calming down, as her breaths has been stabilized. Perhaps, another mild panic or anxiety attack, being overwhelmed and intimidated by the stronger time master.


Max’s eyes lights up, slightly. Not moving her head, but her eyes scan around, “Rachel?” She whispers softly.

“I’m sorry about forcing you earlier.” Rachel lets out a sigh, drooping her head. “I’m just...scared what may happened next time between us. I don’t want to disappoint you, if I never make it back.”

“You will never disappoint me. You been so helpful for me.” Max closes her eyes, relaxing her breathing, “Rachel, my power has more limitations than yours, and I know it is a totally different situation. But Chloe’s father died in this timeline, too.” She opens her eyes, pressing her lips thin. “I couldn’t save him.”

“I’m sure you wanted to. And it was tough.”

“Yes I did. I’m just saying you don’t have to save Chloe’s father.”

“I promised, Chloe that I would. I can’t see her being miserable, especially when I know I have a chance to make things right.”

Max nods her head, slowly. Oh, I know that feeling very well. “I understand. Just keep in mind, your safety is most important, okay?”

“Thanks, Max.” Rachel gets off the ground, standing back up. “I have to get going, is that okay?” Rachel didn't repeat herself from earlier about asking again if Max is positive about not saving Chloe and her parents right this moment.

Max looks up in the sky with a blank look, pondering about it. There may not be another time. It is possible she could get killed, or she will hate me. I was so caught off guard by a question that I thought I had automatic reflex to answer it with no problem. But it was so difficult for me. I really wanted Chloe, my Mom and my Dad, more than anything. Maybe I’m just greedy, but I want Rachel to be alive too. Just seeing Rachel, and how she starting break down, just tore me apart in the inside completely. I really do care about her. Maybe seeing the 'Nightmare Max’ really got underneath my skin...more than I like to admit.

Rachel continues on, as Max did not say a single word. “I’ll come looking for you in this dormitory. If not, maybe some other place?” Rachel later clarifies, “It seems like I can enter your timeline if I can track you down.”

Track me down? Doesn’t seem too reliable, but same time, maybe it is good to not be that reliable in finding me all the time. Max thinks about some public landmarks around Arcadia Bay. “What about Two Whales Diner?”

“Sure, that’s where I work at.” Rachel nods her head.

“That’s cool, you work there in your timeline.”

Rachel lets out a chuckle, but it subsides quickly as she has something more serious to say. “Max, don’t lose sight of the people around you. That Kate person...I think she truly cares about you. And she really like you. I can see that.”

Max flutters her eyes closed, nodding her head. “I know she does.”

Rachel smiles, “Goodbye, then. I’ll see you, soon.”


“Yes, Max?”

“The reason why I didn’t want you to change, is you said you feel you may grow resentful towards me later.”

Rachel's eyes drifts down, muttering out softly, “Max...I…”

“What the point in changing something if you feel you will hate me later? You have control of my fate.”

“Max, I didn’t mean it. I…I’m sorry.”

“I want to make peace with you, Rachel. You’re a great person, and you deserve more than this.” Max blinks her eyes slowly. “Wherever the journey leads to, we’ll find out together, okay?”

Rachel presses her lips together, forming a soft smile, “Thank you, Max.”

“I'll see you, around.”

Rachel Amber

Blackwell Academy - Outside

August 24th, 2016 6:19 PM

Rachel appears back in front of the academy, as the sun still paints the school with its red golden color in the early evening. She pushes herself up from the ground, but still grasping at the wet grass on the ground.

The school janitor makes his way from the closet towards Rachel, “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Rachel mutters, without even looking at him. The janitor looks on for a moment, waiting the blond girl to continue, but she has nothing more to say to him. He turns around and head back towards the closet, probably thinking Rachel is a stoner.

Still lying on the ground, her eyebrow furrows with some anger. Am I changing my fate? Or am I going the exact same route? She clenches her fists, pulling some of the grasses up from the dirt.

She pushes up from the ground, landing on to her knees. She brushes off a few grasses stuck on the jeans, then stand fully up on her feet. She pulls out her phone from her pocket, walking back towards the parking lot.


“Hey Rachel.”

“Let’s go save your father, now.”

“What? Right now? Did you see Maxine, already?”

“No, I didn’t get the chance.”

“What?! You should go and get laid, before you change everything." Chloe chuckles, "Unless you waiting for it after your sweeter victory?”

“Maybe…” Rachel rolls her eyes, grumbling under her breath, half hoping Chloe won't hear it. “So can you go now?”

“Hmm...shit I’m about to eat a quick dinner with Mom. Apparently more of a last supper..." Chloe lets out a sigh on her side of the call. "But then again, not like it matters, huh?"

“No, please have dinner with Joyce. Do what makes your heart happy. Everything matters.”

“Alright, thanks Rachel. I’ll be quick. Where do you want to meet?”

“The same parking lot we met.”

Rachel finishes the call with Chloe, telling her to meet up in Downtown, to see if she can find anything else out before she changes the past. Rachel still debating about giving Maxine a call, as too many ill thoughts is plaguing the blond girl's mind. I wonder when I'll find out what happens between me and Maxine. What could it be? Until we cross that bridge, I have to save Chloe's father. Rachel may have to rely on her time travel powers, if she has to deal with the person or people that killed William. She continues through the winding cement walkway of Blackwell Academy, with still the two moons looking down at her from the sky.

There were several mixed emotions within the blond. There is some anger and sorrow from her time trip to Max's timeline. But at the same time, confidence in her time abilities is brewing within her. She has the power to change many things very drastically. She saved Chloe from getting gunned down, and possibly...No, she's positive, she saved Max in the other timeline from spiraling into massive depression. And now her next step is to save Chloe's father, sending another shock into her own timeline. She looks out her right arm, as it erupts into a red flame. She approaches two male students walking towards her. The students does not appear to take notice of the red fiery glow, so perhaps only Rachel and Max sees it.

Maybe I can test out my abilities. Can I rewind just only them two? Without them remembering anything? Similar to what I did with Kate, but I rewind their memories as well?

As she comes close the pair of students, she lowers her body, lunging low and forward, sending her fist right into his crotch. A tight groan escapes the student’s clenched teeth, as he hobbles forward onto his knees, grabbing his groin.

Before the other guy can do anything, Rachel twirls, transferring her weight to slam her forearm right into his throat. His neck gets clotheslines by her punch, being dragged for a slight moment, before crashing hard into the ground, choking.

Rachel aims both her engulfed hands at the two students. With the whirling sounds, she rewinds the two student bodies to be back up on their feet, and couple yards back, so they're in front of Rachel again, walking.

Rachel stops the rewind, and she walks past the two students casually. She grasps at her wrist, who is still trembling from the adrenaline with the strong impact she just delivered with it. She lets out a quiet, pathetic groan, as the pulsating pain starts to pierce into her mind. Fuck, that hurt.

The two students halts in their track, and turns around at the blond walking past them. They look at each other with confused eyes for a moment, then they shrugged their shoulders and continued on walking.

Chapter Text


Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : Room 219

October 14th, 2013 3:02 AM

The windows blinds were more leveled, allowing more moonlight to bathe into the room. Max leans back against the chair at her desk, gazing out into the window at the two moons that are still up in the sky. Kate, is sitting upright on the couch behind her, looking with curious eyes at the daydreaming spaced out brunette.

Just earlier before, Dana and Kate both escorted Max back up to her room, quietly and not alerting any of the fellow students on the floor. Max feeling comfortable with Kate, and using her as a channel for her relief, again had more time traveling stories to tell. This time about Rachel and her connection with this timeline. Like before, Kate had some reservations about the blond time traveler, and she could be right about this. However, the church girl remains mostly silent about her opinion, out of respect towards Max, who seems to have a strong bond with Rachel.

Kate is surprised that Max declined Rachel’s offer to reset everything to revive Chloe and her parents. But at the same time, she is happy because resetting the time, would mean erasing everything including all the time the two girls had spent together. Even possible the memories and stories they shared with each other. And Kate wasn’t ready to let it all go, calling it almost like an apocalypse. The world is essentially ending, but recreating again in a cycle. She understood the difficulty in the choice, when Rachel added she refused to be saved.

The silence has been slowly killing her, as Kate looks on to the young photographer. Even though from Max’s perspective, there is no clear view of the yard, but she continues to stare on at the two moons, and also as if she's waiting for Rachel to show up again.

“Are you regretting not taking Rachel’s offer?” Kate finally breaks the silence. Max, doesn’t responds back right away, almost like she’s in a trance-like state. Kate, sensing she probably didn’t say the best thing to the sensitive girl. “I’m sorry.”

“There is something I regret, and it isn’t that.” Max’s eyes finally relaxes from looking at the two moons, drifting her shallow attention towards all the paper pamphlets taped up on the wall in front of her.

“What is that?”

The brunette presses her chin down to her knuckles. “I just wish I said better things to her." She continues, "Like when I was with Chloe, she was going through difficult times, but I had trouble dealing with those type of situation.” Blowing out a frustrated puff of air, “I’m just not good with people.”

“There is no way to perfectly communicate with anyone with any subject. It is something you just learn from experience and you have to choose to apply it on your own. Everyone is going to fall down at times. But as long you get back up.”

Max looks over her shoulder at the church girl for a moment, then back at the wall. “You seem to do great with yourself.”

Kate lets out a soft laugh, “I don’t know if a person that constantly get targeted by bullying should get any recognition for amazing communicator. It takes two to communicate.” Kate runs her index finger, at the wrinkles on her teal colored pajama pants. “You can’t always doubt yourself. People that truly cares about you will give you the benefit of the doubt. Even if you say something remotely close to what they want to hear, they will love it.”

Max looks over her shoulder, this time keeping a steady eye contact with the church girl. She lets out a soft smile, but her face is partially obscured in shadow.

Kate gets up, and makes her way towards the brunette. “You said Chloe felt very touched right?” She refers back to the talk the both young pirates had outside the medical clinic, which Max even exposed Chloe’s personal secrets to Kate, as well. But she trusts Kate to be very open-minded, respectful and not quick to judge anyone. Kate smiles sunnily, “And you kissed her.”

Max gives a playful shocked face, but at same time, self conscious about it. “Ah…I’m still embarrassed about telling you that. We are so young...and we were kissing.”

Kate laughs, “Don’t be. Chloe obviously wanted it. I think it is real sweet.” She reaches out placing her hand onto Max’s shoulder, gripping it softly. “Chloe and Rachel knows you really care about them.”

Max looks at the delicate hand that is on her shoulder, that is slowly sending soft jolts of warmth into her body. She looks up dearly at the church girl’s eyes. I never seen Kate this happy except maybe when I saw her in the hospital in the other timeline after I rescued her from the roof. Maybe I’m sleepy… “I hope you’re right, Kate.” She inches her fingers closer, until it makes contact with Kate’s hand.

Kate gently interlocks her fingers with Max’s. She dips her head, so she is at the same level, hovering above Max’s shoulder. “I will help you and guide you through anything.” Kate didn’t want to speak directly about the mourning of Chloe and her parents.

Max nods her head, and her eyes drops down. “You’re an angel, Kate. I just hope there is someone like you for Rachel.” She closes her eyes, “I want her to know that I’m there for her, if she doesn’t have anyone else. I just wonder if I can do anything to help her, with the two moons up like this.”

“The two moons are still out?” Kate leans forward a little more to look at the sky. To her, she sees only one moon.

The brunette opens her eyes, “Yeah, it is. Only both me and Rachel sees it.” She relaxes her tense shoulder, admiring the beautiful glimmering sight. “Maybe we both are looking at the two moons together...right now.”

Kate nods her head, agreeing to the brunette’s words. She dips her face closer, as they both look out in the clear night skies together.


Rachel Amber

101 Freeway

August 24th, 2016 6:25 PM

The road leading from Blackwell Academy is quiet this late in the day since it is a bit isolated from the rest of the town. Rachel speeds down the road, heading straight for their meeting place of the parking lot in Downtown with Chloe. She peers over, out of the window at the two moons still suspending in the air above the radiant sun, which is approaching the golden hour as it gets close to be swallowed by the horizon. Her eyes squint slightly, being reminded about the bad news that she discovered in the other timeline.

I wonder if Max have enhanced powers as well when this happens. She wanted to come over to this timeline. I really did want her to come over. Rachel grips the steering wheel nervously, trying not to let her train of thoughts overwhelm her completely. But I didn’t want her to see me for the person I really am in this timeline. I’m afraid I would get too curious, and ask Max to invade all the privacy of my own best friend. Damn...I’m such a coward. The want to know everything always ends up backfiring in the end.

She lowers the window slightly, to let the breeze in, to break the low humming of the ride, pushing cool jets of air to soothe the blond’s face. She looks down at her phone, resting on the cup holder. There is four missed calls and three new text messages from Maxine. She squints her eyes closed for moment, to relax her apprehensive mind.

Welcome back to this life. She closes her eyes, again, for a little longer this time. Her tires swerves slightly over, rumbling over the pavement markers, as she readjusts the car back onto her lane.

Why am I even doing this? Why am I even trying to push this on, further? It’s all over. Everything. I guess we all are gonna die in the end, eventually. Rachel glares back at her own reflection at the rear-view mirror, then looking distantly at the path behind her that leads to Blackwell Academy. Maybe I should have just forced her to do it. To save her Chloe, then it’ll be all done. I've done my part for this fucked up universe. She clenches the steering wheel with frustration, glaring down the road ahead.

Her phone rings from the cup holder. Maxine is calling again for the millionth time. Should I pick it up? I don’t have anything good to say anymore. Her eyes darts at the phone then back to the road. She lets the phone vibrate a few more times, rattling against the cup holder, fueling the irritation in the girl, before she finally picks it up.

“Rachel, where are you? You been ignoring me.” Maxine says immediately without any hesitation.

Rachel swallows to clear her throat. “Just going for a drive.”

There is a short silence, as Maxine is relieved to hear back from her best friend. “Are you coming home?”

“I’m heading to Downtown to meet up with Chloe.”

“Chloe? Rachel, please give the poor girl a break. Her father just died last night. Actually earlier today…” She corrects herself. “...She’s still mourning.”

Rachel mutters under her breath, “Not anymore…”

There is a short pause on the other line. “What? What are you talking about?”

“Maxine…” Rachel gulps her throat, interrupting herself, “...if you can change something in your past. What would it be?”

Rachel honestly didn’t really have anything else good to to say. Even if it includes giving confusing questions to her own best friend. There were many questions she had, whether or not it is best to ask her right before she is possibly putting her own life at risk.

Again there is a short pause before Maxine replies back, “Rachel, what are you talking about?”

Rachel raises her voice, frustrated, “Just play along with my game, like you used to back then…” Her voice trails off for a second, before she continues again with added confidence. “Would you like to be with your parents? Go to Blackwell Academy? Any regrets?”

Maxine lets out a soft sigh. “I don’t know.”

“Maxine, come on…Maybe new friends? Or tell me what is your favorite moment with me?”

Maxine lets out another sigh, not really liking what she is listening and what she has to answer to. “Uh…” She breathes into the phone uneasily, hesitating and stuttering. Each breath she blew into the phone, a sensation of uneasiness slowly expands in Rachel’s belly. “I…”

“Tough, huh?” Rachel exclaims boldly back, but her lips quickly presses together, quivering slightly. The longer the silence from Maxine, the lesser of a person Rachel felt.

There were many great moments between the two girls, but often they were close proximity to many other terrible and traumatic moments, like the constant bullying when they were kids, the abandoning of pursuing the dream of going to Blackwell Academy, and Maxine breaking apart from her parents.

“I don’t know if this is my favorite moment...,” Maxine breaks the silence, causing the curious blond to hold her breath. “The place we went to, in Garibaldi. Ghost Hole or something. These two guys kept loading us on drinks. And we even did karaoke together and sang that song with that awful nasally voice of a singer...what was it?”

Rachel bursts out a soft abrupt laugh, breaking her stern expression. “Alt-J...”

“Yeah that's the group. And then that guy was totally macking out on you.” Maxine sings a playful tone, “Popping my Rachel’s precious cherry.”

Rachel smiles, clarifying humbly, “We only just kissed.”

“First time kissing.” Maxine clears her throat, “Well, other than from me.” She lets out a mischievous laughter, causing Rachel to grin on the other line. “And he grabs your breasts, three times.”

“Two times.”

“Huh?” Maxine hums for a second, thinking about her incorrect answer. “Oh!” You can almost hear the light bulb appearing over Maxine’s head over the line. “Third time was me.” She snickers.

“Oh that’s right,” Rachel beams with embarrassment, blushing slightly.

Maybe that is what Rachel needed for now. Just some pleasing and memorable memories that can get her through the rest of the day, despite how petty or silly they were. Perhaps, living in the past is better than living in the grim future.

“Are you feeling better, silly girl?” Maxine asks in a playful way.

Rachel isn’t going to complain too much. Everything is going to change real soon, and her future again, remains unclear what is going to happen. Maybe she should see her best friend now. She will have to confront or talk to Maxine about between them. But same time, what can you really ask or say? Or what do you really want to know? Can’t ask someone to change the future for you, based on your own suspicions. Maybe Rachel is a coward. She didn't have a great life, but she still had a life. So maybe she just want to live the rest of her imaginative life before it ends.

“Thanks, Maxine.” Rachel nods, hiding the deep down inside feelings that’s silently tormenting her.

“To answer your earlier question…” Maxine lets out a rather relaxing sigh, like she is very eager to answer. “I feel life is too uncertain to have any regrets. If you think about how you could do something different in your past, it may just lead to something completely different. And you end up being a totally different person you wanted to be.”

Rachel’s face went stiff for a little bit, hearing Maxine’s words. “What if it is better?”

“Meh,” You can hear Maxine shrugging her shoulder. “I mean of course sometimes you look at the past you think about what you could have done better. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. But foresight? We never can be certain of our future. Not saying I’m the most perfect being. But what if I was a whining punk girl or what if I became a super shy girl, that constantly needs approval from other people? Not saying it’s wrong, but it just something I cannot fathom, as it isn’t me. At least the me, I know.”

Rachel presses her lips together, forming a smile. “I don’t know. I think I can imagine you being a cute shy quiet girl.”

“Maybe. But you know, it would be totally different dynamics. Hell, I may totally have different friends.” She lets out a sigh, followed with a short pause. “I think I just prefer being with you.”

Rachel glances at her phone, then back at the road. “You sure about that?”

“Of course, Rachel. You want to know what else I think about changing our past?” Maxine seems very focused on this topic, possibly sensing it is bothering Rachel.


“We cannot always be living in the past. We are all bound to make mistakes and hit many bumps into our life. Eventually, we have to owe up and live by our actions and consequences. If you remove that, we lose that very feeling of being a human.” Maxine says it in a surprisingly sympathetic way. “No humans are ever as polished as we like to be. We are no saints or gods. But in the truest part of our heart, we all want to be selfish.”

Maxine seems very engaged in the conversation, and the hint about changing the past. I wonder if she having second thoughts about believing my time travel powers. I don’t see why she would, but Maxine always been a person that play along with my ‘imaginations’, whether or not she believed it. “You seem very into this, Maxine.”

“Maybe a tad. I did have a bit of a philosophical spew for a second there.” She lets out a laugh. “Sorry, if I bored you.”

“Yes, you did. I’m impressed. And no, I find it very fascinating.”

“I can get creative sometimes. Is there anything else, you like to talk about?”

“That’s about it.” Rachel’s eyes scan around nervously, pondering about something else on her mind. “How is Nathan?” That was pretty random. I don’t even know why I bothered asking about the Prescotts. I just felt like something easy to transition into, away from what we were talking earlier.

“Umm…” Maxine is rather caught off guard with Rachel’s curiosity for someone she hated. “I think Nathan, and his sister were going to visit me. But both of them and their family been on the low key, lately. Or at least trying to figure what happened.”

“They're hiding? From what?”

“He won’t tell me. Maybe avoiding some of the publicity. I mean...A girl getting drugged at his birthday party. Along with someone gunned down from a mysterious person near their party.”

The Prescotts always been a mysterious family that seems to have a lot of powers, and a lot of responsibilities. It could all very well be just a series of unfortunate events that happened at or around a rich kid’s birthday party. “I guess big shots have to hide when it comes to that, huh?”

“Mm-hmm.” Maxine agrees, “But I’m safe now.”

Does she really feel safe, though? She did just get drugged by someone. “Are you really, Maxine?”

She lets out a sigh, as you can sense the anxiety in her tone. “I’ll be fine. Just come home tonight, okay?”

I can tell she is still bothered but hiding it. Well things are going to change. Not that though...But I'll be by your side, Maxine. “Sure. Stay safe Maxine. I’ll back home, tonight. I promise.”

“You sure you don’t want me to come out?”

“You need some rest Maxine, you had a long day. I’ll talk to you when I get back, okay?”

“Alright...Rachel. I’ll see you tonight. I love you.”

Rachel blows off a soft puff of air, her eyes closes for a heartbeat. She mutters, only little louder than a whisper, "I love you, too."

The phone call ends there, as Rachel continues down the road towards Downtown. Maybe saving Chloe’s father is the satisfaction I need. She looks at herself at the rear-view mirror. Where I can finally look at the myself and be proud of who I am.


Rachel Amber

Parking Lot on 1st and Stillwell Avenue

August 24th, 2016 6:43 PM

Rachel pulls into an opened spot to park her car in the moderately full parking lot. There were far more signs of life this time around than her previous visit here.

She gets out of her car, curiously eyeing around her surrounding for the blond girl. The sound of tires rumbling on the paved road and conversations from nearby pedestrians help puts Rachel's mind at ease. Just the sound of company is soothing, as the last day Rachel has been fairly detached from reality with her powers.

Looks like Chloe isn’t here yet. Rachel pulls out her phone from her pocket, disappointed to find her intact home screen, and it not cluttered with notifications of missed calls or text messages. She shoves the phone back into her pocket with slight annoyance. Maybe I should just go without her, and get this over with.

She lifts her purse up, unzipping it, looking at the gun she bought from Callum. I’m going to lose this gun, once I make the change. Maybe I should still buy it from him again for protection. Still don't know who drugged Maxine and murdered William. This time, I will actually buy an actual holster or belt for it, instead of stashing it in my purse. She zips it back up, looking around cautiously to make sure no one is observing her. Lets look around for some rifts, I can enter.

She holds out her hand, seeing at least two different rifts popping up in her sight, one is right beside this parked car. Still holding her hand, but not as high up to keep it discreet and not look like a total fool. She peers into the rift, seeing herself sitting right in front of Chloe at the truck bed, along with Maxine.

This was the very first rift that I jumped into. This had to be about little over half a minute or so before the gunshots.

Rachel looks around a little suspiciously, seeing a few passersby but no one giving weird looks. Not like it matters at all what they think. But more importantly, still no Chloe.

“Well, time waits for no one,” she mutters to herself, entering the rift.


Rachel Amber

Parking Lot on 1st and Stillwell Avenue

August 24th, 2016 2:18 AM

Rachel appears right beside her own self, who sitting in the truck bed with Chloe and a sick, unconscious Maxine. Everything is frozen in time again, looking very eerie and lifeless. The surroundings has a swirling desolate feel to it with the empty parking lot, despite being in the company of these familiar looking mannequins. Glimpses of deja-vu coalesces with reality. I would not like to be stuck in here.

She looks towards the alleyway, the one that her and Chloe sprint towards the gunshots, that eventually led to the demise of Chloe, and the body of her father. She dashes into the alleyway in her astral form, the sound of her shoes echoing against the paved concrete, adding to the bleak state of this world.

After traversing through a few alleyways, she finally reaches to the part where they found William’s body. There she finds him being confronted by two people, with a black car behind them. There was a black car that raced across the street, I remembered. But I don’t think it is the same one. One of the guy is a medium build guy, that seems to be little older than Rachel, standing right up to William. The person behind, is no other than Callum.

Callum? What the fuck?!

Rachel slowly walks right up to him, examining him closely. Her eyebrow lowers, closing her eyes as terror begins seeping into her body. Fuck, who can you trust in this world? He was behind all of this? He sold me a gun, too. Which I won’t have on me, this time around.

She stands right beside him, to get a good view of the rest of the scene. And I thought he was a decent guy, but I guess I never knew him at all. She raises her hand, now channeling the time to move forward.

“Get the fuck back, hillbilly,” the other guy said to William.

William walks up to him, in a cautious manner. “I just wanted to know if you knew who is responsible for throwing that party around here. The noise was way too loud.” As awkward as it sounded, William is trying to hide the fact about Maxine getting drugged.

“Look at us, you think we would go to these fucking stupid party? Get lost, asshole.” The other guy walks back, passing right by Callum, and towards the back door of the car. It seems like this is the tail end of the conversation.

Were these guys actually at the party? Or maybe waiting for someone to leave the party?

Callum looks over her shoulder, with a surprised look, muttering under his breath, “Go around the other side, stupid.”

The guy ignores Callum's cautious advice and yanks the door open anyways. And rather quite a bit, almost like he purposely neglecting his warning.

“Wait, who is that?” William, all of a sudden becomes alerted and walks in a hurried fashion towards the car. Callum boldly blocks his advance, pushing him back. Rachel, from her current position couldn’t see who is in the back of the car, as just her eyes wander observing the confrontation.

“ is a chick we picked up.” The guy quickly pushes the door but not all the way closed. “Mind your own fucking business.”

“That is my daughter’s friend.” William shoves Callum to the side, approaching the other guy from behind him. “She’s been missing for a year. What are you doing with her?”

Rachel’s eyes widens from William’s words. Dana? She walks towards the car to get a better view but she is distracted with Callum’s reaction. His eyes drifts off to the side with a gloomy face, fluttering his eyes closed. Rachel gives a shaky eye contact with him, slowly shaking her head, and knowing what is going to happen. No, please...

“What? No...” The guy spins around with his arms spread out, looking at William with a smug look, “Who’s your daughter?” The guy turns again in a relaxed way, and changes his mind, opening the door little wider.

Callum’s body flinches at the recklessness from this other guy. “What the fuck are you doing?”

William steps to the side for a closer view, “Dana… Dana, are you okay?”

Rachel finally walks up to the car, looking through the door. It is Dana. She looks very fixed up, with a lot of makeup, wearing a nice dress, like she is ready to go to a party or something. She also seem to have got her breast implants done, as Rachel scans down to her chest. Either that or she hit some massive growth in a year span. Despite all the cosmetic makeup, you can tell she looks a little miserable or sick inside, possibly spooked with this whole confrontation.

“Mr…” She interrupts her own whisper, not trying to give away his name.

The guy says in a forceful manner, “Dana, what is your friend’s name?”. Dana doesn’t fidget anymore, freezing in place and staring blankly at the guy. He pulls out a gun, pressing the cold barrel against William’s forehead. Dana gasps, as her body cowers from the menacing threat. She covers her mouth with her hands, sobbing softly through it. “Tell me, and I’ll let this fucker go.”

William ignores the barrel pointed at his head, giving steady eye contact with Dana, knowing he has made a mistake. Rachel, even though she is invulnerable to everything here, still feels the inadvertent intimidation that is filling her lungs.

The guy swiftly pulls out William’s wallet from his back pocket. “Look what we have here.” He fumbles through his wallet, with his other hand still pointing the gun at him. “William Price?” The guy takes a few paces back, “There a nice picture of you, three. A fucking hot wife. And that’s your daughter? Holy shit.” The guy’s eyes lift from the photo, and gives an arrogant smirk to the father. “Bet she has a tight pussy. Can’t wait to fuck her tight cunt, and cum all over her perky tits.” He howls in excitement, followed with a laughter.

William’s body twitches slightly at his remark, but other than that remained motionless.

“And there’s your address...I’ll get to fuck both your wife and your daughter, because Callum has an autistic dick,” he laughs.

William glares back, with his lips pressed thin, trying to keep his cool as much as possible.

Shit, they know where Chloe and her mother lives...

“Corbin, shut the fuck up.” Callum replies with anger, but he continues staring blankly forward.

Corbin? That his name?

“Well...I got what I needed. Goodbye, asshole.” Corbin cocks his gun, pointing it at William.

“No!” Dana screams out loud, grabbing everyone’s attention, temporary halting Corbin. “Callum, please stop him. Seriously, you guys can’t be doing this.”

“Callum, knows what we have to do...that’s the order.” Corbin looks back at William, with a prideful smile.

Dana leans forward, to look at Callum who is still staring blankly. Flustered, she mutters softly, “What?”

Using her powers, Rachel lunges forward, knocking Corbin’s gun away, sending it crashing to the ground.

William charges forward tackling Corbin, both bodies crashing straight into the hard, concrete street. Dazed for a moment, William mounts on top of him, winding up and connects a unsteady punch to the face. He throws his second punch, but it misses as Corbin quickly feigns sharply to the side, throwing William out of balance, causing him to falter.

Corbin quickly reaches for his knife from a holster underneath his shirt, and very swiftly jabs it several times into the waist of William, as fresh blood coats down onto both of them. William's body flinches in an agonizing muffled scream, toppling away to the side. He crawls away desperately, grabbing at his side, as a low gurgling voice rumbles out of him.

Rachel looks on helplessly, in horror of the bloody mess, and the helpless face of William.

Corbin gets up confidently, brandishing his bloodied knife for moment. He quickly flips William over, and punches his knife into William’s chest, then he pulls it out sharply, and repeats it several times. Each subsequent stab, William’s body jerks up, becoming less and less, until his body remains completely settled down, with blood seeping out his body. Then finally his head lays to rest to the side.

Corbin lets out a loud maniacal laugh, “Oh man, that felt fucking good.”

Rachel collapses to her knees, glowering at Corbin, digging her nails hard into her jeans, clenching her jaws. I was able to knock away his gun, but he was still able to kill him. She turns her head at her former buddy. Callum...he didn’t seem to be the one that directly killed William, but he didn’t stop Corbin either.

Dana looks on in terror, sticking her head out of the car. “W-W-William…” she barely squeaks out. Callum looks behind, noticing Dana. Both of them making contact, as Callum walks up gently pushing Dana back into the car. Dana slaps Callum hard in the face, sending sharp tingling pain across his face, but he didn’t respond with any anger, as he looks back with calm but sad face.

“Hey Callum! Want to hang this fucker up on the street lamp? Let the Prescotts know we are ready to fuck them up?”

Callum softly moves Dana completely into the car. “Leave it alone,” he replies in a frustrated voice to his buddy. “Lets just go.”

Rachel looks at Corbin, who is almost celebrating ontop of William's corpse. These people hate the Prescotts family? I mean, that is no surprise as there many people in town that hates them. But no one ever dare to stand up to them.

“I thought you guys never kill anyone,” Dana whispers into Callum’s ears but with venom in her tone. “And you just murdered my friend’s father.” She glares at him, with her teeth clenched.

Callum stares blankly ahead, almost nonchalantly, at the building on the other side of the street, and slams the door.

Dana...Shit, fuck this… Rachel reaches out her hand, rewinding the time back a few moments back, but freezing time for a moment for her mind to settle down.

That must have been traumatizing for Dana to witness. To see your own friend's father ruthlessly murdered in front of you, and to be along for the ride. I have no idea what she is doing with Callum and Corbin. They had to kill him because he knew Dana. Or found out that Dana is with them. Rachel walks to the car, and peers through it, seeing Dana putting her head into her hands. She looks very stressed and sick. I don’t know if she drugged, but she looks terrible.

Rachel leans back out of the car, thinking back at how Dana and Kate helped Max in the other timeline. Seems like she with the wrong people in this timeline. She blanks out at the black tint of the car. I just have to stop William from seeing Dana...

She takes a step back, returning to the three men, holding her hand out to allow the time to flow forward.

“Look at us, you think we fucking go to these stupid party. Get lost, asshole.” Corbin walks backward, passing by Callum. William also takes off, walking backward and heading back towards where Chloe and Maxine is. Corbin heads back towards the back door of the car, with Rachel following closely behind him.

Callum looks over her shoulder, “Go around the other side, stupid.”

Corbin opens the door, but Rachel uses her power and quickly shoves the door back, slamming it shut. She peers over her shoulder, to make sure William is still walking away. He gives one last peek, then turns back, continuing full speed through the alleyway away from them.

Corbin pauses for a moment, then his eyebrow furrows looking at it for a moment. “What the hell?” Callum also looks on with a confused look. William is at a reasonable distance where he wouldn’t see anything even if he turned around.

Corbin opens the door, as Dana leans out slightly, peering at figure walking away from her. Her lips pressed thin, with a sorrow look, but she didn’t say anything. “Move back... Haven’t you seen a hick before?”

William’s figure finally fades away into the darkness of the alleyway. “I can’t even see the guy,” Dana whines. “I think I’m feeling better. Lets just meet up with Mark and get this over with.” She adjusts her dress, as her top is starting to come down a little.

Rachel observes Dana for a moment. I wonder if she recognized William. The street isn't the most well lit and the car tint is very dark, even from the inside.

The blond girl paces herself back through the alleyway then making a full dash back, passing William. That seems too easy. She looks over the shoulder, seeing her gain distance from the slow walking William, and the black car that is getting ready to leave. Dana...I don’t think I can save you from those guys, though. But you seem okay if I do this...whatever you’re doing with them. She continues sprinting down the echoing alleyway. But those two people are not stable at all. Anything could happen later.

She reaches to the parking lot where everyone is, as she slows down. She holds out her hand, and rewinds everything she just did, before walking through the portal back to the present time.


Rachel Amber

Parking Lot on 1st and Stillwell Avenue

August 24th, 2016 6:46 PM

Rachel walks out the rift back to the bright lively parking lot, and the bustling downtown street. Sounds of cars in the distant and footsteps of pedestrians returns to warm up Rachel’s ears after her cold, dark time trip.

It is easy to save Chloe’s father. But what about Dana? Should I talk to Chloe about it? Of course, she going to ask me to save her, as well. But how can I?

Rachel looks around, making sure the place is identical to how she left it, and as expected, still no sign of Chloe. How missing is Dana exactly? Is she kidnapped or she ran away from home? She is with Corbin and Callum, which are dangerous. Which isn’t good news. She seems safe for now, but she could be in harm later. Maybe I can talk to Callum about it later? Somehow... Rachel looks down at her purse, draping down to her waist. Maybe I can buy his gun again, then threaten him with it? Shit, I don't know...

Rachel reaches into her pocket, pulling out her phone. She lets out another sigh, seeing her phone is again absent of any missed calls from Chloe. She takes the initiative and calls Chloe, as she makes several small circles around in the parking lot before it goes into voicemail.

Damn, still no Chloe. Maybe she is driving here.

Rachel looks up at the sky, still seeing the two moons. She holds out her hand, as the red flame emerges from her hand. So with my enhanced powers, in the other timeline, I was able to rewind and fast forward, when I have an actual body. She pulls out her phone again, observing the time. It is 6:49 PM. Then with her other hand in the air, as a wave of sensation tingles her hand.


Rachel Amber

Parking Lot on 1st and Stillwell Avenue

August 24th, 2016 6:54 PM

Rachel finds herself in the car, as the shapes finally converges to some conformity. Her mind completely disoriented, her entire body jerks upward, throwing the phone that was in her hand right up into the air, missing her own face by a few inches. The phone smashes right into the roof of the car, then crashes right back at her lap.

Her heart jumps inside her chest from the close encounter, causing her to quickly grasp her beating chest. Holy fuck. That’s fucking dangerous.

She takes a deep breath, to reorient herself with her time and location. She reaches to pick up the phone from her lap, seeing it is 6:54. It has been five minutes, that she fast forward to. She swipes to get to the phone log to piece together this small absence of knowledge. There is a sent call to Chloe at 6:49 PM which was before the time warp, then another at 6:52 PM.

This travel to the future is scary and confusing. It seems like I just continue on with my life as I would normally. So, did I actually talk to her? I have no idea, if it went into voicemail or not.

She calls Chloe again, her phone is ringing but it goes straight into the voice mail.

Damn it Chloe. I really want to ask some stuff about Dana, before I go. She slams her hand onto the steering wheel, then gripping it firmly. She leans her head between her arms, giving a nice stretch. Then it hit her.

Corbin definitely must have stolen William’s wallet, having his address. Given the stuff he was saying, I wonder if Chloe is late because… Rachel gulps, as her face gets immensely tense. Could Corbin and Callum be at their place right now…

Rachel dips her head back up, peering in between the steering wheel. She gives several glances all around her, as all of sudden paranoia sends a cold chill into her spine.

No...Chloe probably just on her way or not answering her phone because she still having dinner with her mother. That has to be it. I can wait a little bit.

She looks at her phone again. It is 6:56 PM.

Her eyes drifts back up, again curiously looking all around her. What if she isn’t on her way? And Corbin is… Rachel blinks rapidly, as a flood of dread washes into her body. She lets out a terrified cry, that is muffled by the closed doors and windows from any curious passersby. Raping both her and Joyce, as we speak. And the more I stay in this timeline, the more they’re suffering...

She angrily opens the door, slamming into the nearby car, putting a dent in it. Not caring at all to the damage just dealt, she steps out of it. "Fuck!" she shouts in frustration, yanking at her bangs. She hunches over, breathing heavily as many ill thoughts passing through her mind. "I-I'll save you, Chloe." She whimpers softly.

Gripping the hand in the air, a rift appears right next to her, then she walks into it.


Rachel Amber

Parking Lot on 1st and Stillwell Avenue

August 24th, 2016 2:18 AM

She returns again, back to that place for what seems like the tenth time where the three mannequin girls is sitting at the back of Chloe's truck. Like before, she sprints into the alleyway, while also allowing time to flow.

By the time she reaches to where the confrontation happened, making just in time, as Corbin approaches the back door of the car.

Callum looks over her shoulder, with a surprised look, “Go around the other side, stupid.”

Corbin opens the door, but Rachel runs right up to it, and shoves the door back, making sure William is walking away, unaware of Dana.

“What the fuck?” Corbin’s eyebrow furrows looking at it for a moment. What the fuck? Rachel mouths mockingly in silence. Fucking done!

Excitement and adrenaline fuels Rachel as her legs make as long of a stride as she can, dashing all the way back, running way past William who is slowly walking towards the direction back to the girls.

When Rachel gets back, she sees her other self just finished the small intimate session, she had with Chloe, with both of them separated from each other.

Alright, time to enter my own body and officially change the future.. As she approaches her body, like before she can feel sensation of blood gushing through her nose.

Rachel jumps into her own body, taking control of it. Her body swaying, disoriented with her surroundings, and grabbing her nose, making sure it isn’t bleeding.

She turns her attention to Chloe who has a puzzled look on her face, “Chloe...” she smiles, waddling with her knees towards her, then knocking her backwards onto the truck bed with a hug. She’s fine now. Her and her mother is fine. Callum and Corbin won’t mess with them.

So much excitement fills into Rachel, that she feels she’s about to explode from having too much joy. In addition to rescuing Chloe, she also saved Chloe’s father. I’m so fucking glad, I decided to save William. Everything worked out even better than I thought.

Chloe’s eyebrow rises slightly in surprise. “Wow, this is kind of weird.” Rachel grins, not caring at all how awkward this entire scene is playing. “But sorry, I didn’t mean to...” Her voice trails off and she dips her down in embarrassment.

Rachel shakes her head, trying to reconnect herself with the conversation. “Mean to what?”

“You know, try and kiss you.” She pouts her lips, making a sad but cute kissing gesture.

I guess when Chloe and I actually made out, I took control of my body to change the past. So the rift I entered is from the original clean state...where if I don’t intervene, it eventually leads to both William and Chloe’s death...

Feeling even more bold, Rachel smiles leaning her face closer, “No...I wanted to as well...but just got a little shy for a moment.” She leans forward more, finally collapsing as her big chest brushes against Chloe's smaller but perky breasts. Chloe’s eyes darts down, focusing on the bumps that is trying to squeeze all the air out of her lungs, but not at all complaining.

Catching Chloe's not-so-discreet stare, Rachel smiles, slowly dips her face closer, while still looking deeply into her eyes, as she inches closer to her jawbone. She slides down to her neck, pressing her lips onto her neck. Chloe’s chin lifts up, as her eyes flutter closed, along with a soft moan escaping her lips. Rachel runs her mouth, softly nibbles at her neck, in a rhythmic motion. She can feel the soft repeated warm breaths that escapes from Chloe’s mouth, blowing right past her bangs.

Rachel pauses for a moment, hovering her head little higher. Chloe opens her eyes, filled with warmth, looking back at the bigger blond. They both stare deeply at each other for a moment, as they both let out a soft chuckle together.

Rachel reaches over grabbing Chloe’s wrist, as all of sudden her arm becomes covered in blood, with knife cuts. Rachel’s eyes shoots open in shock, looking back at the poor blond’s face, realizing that her hair also changed, to a shorter hair with blue streaks. Her hair isn't fully blue like the Chloe from Max’s timeline, the one that she saw dying in Blackwell Academy.

“Who would care about me?” Chloe’s voice cries as a faint echo, ringing into Rachel’s ear, and sending razor chills into her spine.

“I care,” Rachel’s mouth automatically moves beyond her control.

Rachel leans back, falling back onto her knees, as everything returns back to normal, with Chloe having long blond hair, and her arms is completely clean.

Chloe pulls herself up, so she is on her knees as well. “Rachel, are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost.”

Rachel runs her fingers through her bangs, squeezing her eyes closed for a moment. “Something like that.” What the hell was that? She opens her eyes slowly, as her vision distorts again.

The other Chloe comes back again, with completely blue short hair, this time. She drifts her face close for kiss, closing her eyes. Rachel automatically shoves her away with her arm, as the punk girl’s eyes shoots open with mixture of embarrassment and disappointment. Her eyes drifts away, grasping at her shoulder nervously. You can see the tears hanging in the corner of her eyes, and her throat slowly tightening. She mutters under her breath. “I’m sorry Rachel. father died, but I know it isn’t the same.

Rachel’s mouth continues to move against her will, “Yeah, at least you still love your father when he died. My father...” She snorts out a fake laugh. “Fucking still alive, but I wish for him to burn in hell.”

Chloe turns her head back, giving eye contact to the blond with her crystal blue eyes. Her mouth is slightly opened, as she chewing on her tongue with her teeth. “I just want you to know, that you are my real angel. You saved me. You won’t leave me, like someone I knew. I love you with my heart, Rachel.” She leans forward, gently pressing her hand onto Rachel’s right leg, causing her to squirm.

Shit…” Rachel hisses, looking down and sees there is a large impressive red tattoo of a dragon on her right calf.

Still itches huh? Will take a while, like my arm.” Chloe smiles, looking down at the long beautiful tattoo of a flower and a skull on her right arm.

Her vision flickers back to the grim dark night as everything returns back to normal. Rachel turns around, pinching her nose together, as she starts to smell the scent of blood coming.

Is this a vision and Chloe in the Max’s timeline? No...I’m just having memories of the other Rachel seeping into my mind. Or is this a vision of my future? My Dad...what did he do? Rachel slowly falls backwards onto the truck bed.

“Rachel...are you okay?” Chloe hurries towards the poor girl, who is now curling up to a ball. “What happened?”

Rachel’s body is trembling, terrified from her visions. She is starting to see them more now. The differences between when she was younger and now, is they are starting to have more context to them now. Did taking control of Rachel’s body in that timeline give me more visions now? Is there something I still need to change in this timeline?

Rachel’s face turns towards the terrified girl that is looking over her. “Chloe...Did Dana have any issues with her parents?”

Chloe backs away slightly with the sudden change in subject, “No...Why?”

Rachel’s breathing begins to pick up, making it harder for her to talk. “When she got her implants, was there some fine prints that she had to pay someone back or work a certain amount of time?”

Chloe’s mouth drops opened, as she covers it with her hand. “How the hell do you know that?”

Rachel, still breathing heavily, flutters her eyes closed. She doesn’t remember anything, since everything got reset.

Running footsteps approaches the truck, making Rachel opens her eyes, thinking it is William getting back much faster than she thought. Instead, it is Callum and Corbin.

All the warmth in Rachel’s face has escaped from the sight of those two men, “Chloe, watch out.”

Corbin pulls Chloe from behind, grabbing her neck, and dragging her off the truck bed, slamming her down the ground.

How the fuck? Why did it change? How did they know we were here?

Rachel springs to her feet, dashing across the truck bed. Corbin lets go of Chloe, throwing her straight into the ground, as Rachel leaps on top of him, causing him to lose his balance as he barely maintains standing on his feet. The blond girl digs her nails, clawing at his face and eyes, causing Corbin to let out a horrifying scream. He quickly slams Rachel hard on the ground, knocking all the air out of her lungs.

“Fuck, what you said, Callum. I’m going to stab this bitch,” Corbin pulls out his knife, and pounces onto Rachel, quickly punching his knife into Rachel’s side, repeatedly puncturing her waist and her rib cage several times.

Rachel lets out a blood curling scream, as her body desperately tries to shake off the attack. Her screams slowly became sobbing as Corbin pauses his stabbing for a moment to relish the moment and admire his creation of an anguished blond girl. He lets out a crazed laughter, dipping his face low, and licks Rachel at her neck, sending tingling chills into her body. Her cold face is paralyzed in shock. Corbin yanks on her jeans, unbuckling the button and undoing the zipper. He slips his index and middle fingers inside Rachel’s underwear, fumbling it downwards to her crotch and into her slit, and finally digging his nail hard into her sensitive flesh. The blond screams with muffled and shallow breaths from the punctured wounds, as her legs writhes from the excruciating pain. The rest of her aching body twitches from the pain, pushing more blood out of her body. He whispers to her ears, “I’m going to fuck you until you bleed to death from my cock.”

Then a gunshot rings the scene with its deafening sound, as a streak of blood ruptures from Corbin’s head, causing his body to topple off Rachel’s body in a clumsy fashion. Chloe lets out a scream, crawling backwards, and pressing her back against her truck, as a pool of blood of Corbin's creeps towards her.

Rachel’s ears continues to ring and her body twitching coldly and more freely with the absence of weight on top of her from the chilling razor pain from the knife stabs, and Corbin’s abuse. She whimpers as she grabs the pulsating pain, between her legs. Then suddenly she feels her body being lifted up, as her inner muscles contracts, furthering aggravating the sharp pain even more, making her send out another horrifying scream.

“No...put her down, please. You’re gonna make her bleed to death.” Chloe covers her mouth, crying.

Rachel’s head nods to the side, realizing it is Callum holding her, and he has his gun out, pointing at Chloe.

Her vision begins to become blurry, gasping her breath. “No...don’t.”

Callum squeezes his arm closer, pressing his warm face into her cheeks. “I won’t. I’m sorry Rachel. Can you rewind? Do it right now.”

She didn’t have anytime to even comprehend or question what he is saying. Her eyes flutter to the sides repeatedly, not fully aware of anything. She reaches out her twitching right hand, as a soft red flame emerges that briefly surrounds the area in front of her, but it quickly puffs out from her weakened state.

“Rachel…” Maxine pokes her head out of the truck bed, “Please stop Callum, you’re going to let her die.” She lets out an anguished cry to him.

Callum’s voice rings again, “I made a big mistake. You have to do it Rachel, you’re going to die.”

Rachel’s head jerks to the side, she grips her weakened hand with a small flame erupting again, as a rift appears to the side of the truck bed, right beside Chloe. “There...take me there.” Her voice rings coldly, lifting her limp and unsteady hand forward.

“To the side of the truck?” Callum hurries to the designated spot, carrying her cold, dying body.

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber

Parking Lot on 1st and Stillwell Avenue

August 24th, 2016 2:18 AM

This dark, barren scene never goes away, always coming back like the blue butterfly in the Blackwell restroom in the other timeline. The nearly empty parking lot flickers with spiraling shades of distorted colors. There were a few mannequins, devoid completely of life in this frozen scene. On the concrete asphalt, lies an unconscious Rachel, sleeping in this never-ending nightmare.

“...reports of two confirmed deaths from the construction division of the Prescotts company, Bradley Amber and Samuel Taylor. The project has always been under controversy for the site on top of the ancient burial of the inhabitants that lived generations ago...”

The television reports from the past echoes into Rachel’s ears, reminding the dark days of her past, and reliving it. Her eyebrows gently creases, slowly waking up from her deep slumber. “D-Dad?” The blond girl squeaks weakly hearing her father’s name, as the sound of the television starts to drown away back into a lonely cold silence. She rubs her eyes, lifting his body so she is sitting on the ground. Sluggishly, she turns her head, scanning her surroundings to get a bearing of where she is, as well as letting in the cold, hard reality.

Where am I? Am I...dead?

She blinks rapidly to try instill some life back into her body, when all of a sudden a sharp pain kicks into her torso. She shrieks, hunching forward and grasping at her side, as her loud groan sharply turns into a hiss. Fuck… She opens her eyes wider, observing her body as there are no wounds there, but the throbbing pain still lingers.

She let outs loud grunt, as her other hand reaches down, clenching the area between her legs, where Corbin scratched her. Embarrassed, her eyes glances around quickly, making sure there's no one watching for her own modesty, and applying some pressure to ease the sharp pain down there. I must be in my astral form.

Another grunt comes out of her mouth, transitioning into a panting as she slowly gets up, standing on both legs to view the frozen stand-still scene.

I’m getting sick of this...Everything reset again, over and over. Nothing has progressed except…

She looks down at her stomach, still holding on to it. The pain and sensation is still there. Glimpses of Corbin mounting on top of her body and reaching down her pants, rapidly rearranges into her visions. She covers her face, sobbing through her hands, fingertips scratching her bangs. She can still hear the sound of her zipper being undo-ed, and the sensation of his rough hand forcing itself into her tight underwear, and deep down it.

I still remember everything. Every fucking thing. I need to murder these two guys. She sniffs her nose, clearing it. What about Callum? He knows about my time travel powers. How the hell does he know that?

She presses her body against the truck, her arms resting on the side of the truck bed, looking at the trio. We’re so cute together...All of us. Rachel blows off a puff of air, containing her laughter. Time to do this once and for all...She glances at the other blond girl, smiling back at her on the truck bed. For Chloe...for her father...and Dana… She peers at the sleepy brunette lying on her side. ...and my dear Maxine. She looks up at the two pulsating moons that is still hovering in the night sky. Then I’ll go to the other timeline, and save Chloe for Little Maxi. She smiles at the moons for a bit, whispering softly to it, “We’re all going to be happy.” She continues gazing at the two bright lights in the sky for a little bit, her lips pursed, as a cold hollowing feeling creeps into her chest, causing her to hold her breath for a moment. Several thoughts races through her mind, as she looks at the alleyway in front of her, the direction to end this nightmare. She begins walking towards it to break away from the crushing thoughts in her head.

Her walk gradually turns into a sprint, as her mind hones in more towards the objective, again, letting the time flow forward like before. Like she’s on auto pilot, getting ready to reenact the scene to starts off the chain of events to save William. Arriving at the scene, Rachel briefly glares at Corbin, the one that assaulted and almost murdered her. But for now, she will resists the bubbling anger inside her, as she remains focus on the task at hand. She shoves the door again, to prevent William from seeing Dana, with everything going exactly the way before. She races back to the parking lot to where herself, Chloe and Maxine were.

Before she enters her own body, she freezes the time again, to give herself a moment to think about what she needs to do.

She turns her head around looking at the quiet main road. I believe those two were walking this direction. She crosses her arms, beginning to walk in small circles on the sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot. But Callum, he knows about my time travel power. Does he know how to rewind time, too? More thoughts begin to pour into her head, thinking about the complications. He did seemed apologetic. But still...I almost died. They have guns and weapons. And me? I just have this dinky pocket knife. Time travel won't help me with this. She looks down at the side pocket in her jeans with pathetic eyes.

She stops her circles and walk towards the street, peering to the right, which is the direction of the road that leads towards the location where Callum and Corbin is.

I still don’t know if Callum is an enemy or not. But Corbin is definitely going to pay for what he did. If Callum killed him, just to save me...just maybe cross him off the list, for now. She leans to the side, getting a better view of further down the street. Maybe if I drive my car down the road, and then make a turn right there… Rachel makes a few strides on the road, observing the opening to the road. I just have to jump the sidewalk, but that’s where Corbin and Callum is at. Then maybe I can run Corbin over with my car before he can react.

She nods her head slowly, acknowledging the plan as it becomes more clear in her mind. Would it be called attempted murder, though? He still has a firearm, and maybe if I knock him onto the ground hard to wither him down, then proceed to beat the fuck out of him.

She closes her eyes, as some anxiety twists some knots in her stomach. He still has a gun, I have to remember that. She opens her eyes, glancing at the two moons still in the sky. My powers still strong right now, I better do this quick. I need to get ready to rewind if it doesn’t play out the way I want.

She walks back towards the truck bed, standing beside herself. She takes one final deep breath to calm her nerves. This is it. She enters her body, and that familiar scent of blood gushes into her nose.

Her mind still focused and her heart pounding hard, she doesn’t feel as disoriented this time, immediately crawling towards the other blond. “Chloe…” she wraps her arms around her, bringing her head close. She whispers softly, “Take care of Maxine. I’ll be right back, okay?” She plants her lips warmly and gently, onto her forehead, then slowly pull her head away.

Chloe blinks rapidly back with her wary blue eyes, almost stammering in silence. Then she reaches in, running her soft hand on Rachel’s waist, causing the time traveler to flinch. “Sorry!” Her voice rises sharply for a brief moment, with care and sympathy. “Does it hurt?” she adds softly.

Rachel looks down at her the girl’s curious yet cautious hands, then back into her blue eyes. “No...I’m fine.” There is pain there, but I know it isn’t real. And she shouldn't even know about it...

Chloe’s eyes widening, shrugging her head in confusion and almost disappointment. “...Huh…” she mutters quietly to herself, brushing her forearm against her nose.

This is different...I must have re-winded her memories too, earlier. When Callum carried me to the rift, I wasn’t really aware of what I was doing with my powers, other than desperately opening the rift. And here she is...knowing something happened to me in the previous timeline.

Rachel lifts up her legs, as she carefully hops off the truck bed. “I’ll be right back, stay here,” she mutters nonchalantly, as the rising mental fatigue is slowly draining what’s left of her emotions. Chloe squeezes her nose, and looks on with her flustered eyes behind her hand, nodding her head slowly.

Uncertain of what will happen next and possibly missing her chance, Rachel makes straight for her car with no hesitation, pulling her keys out of her pocket and getting into the car. Her heart beating quickly, and her rapid shallow breathing makes it increasingly difficult to focus. She turns on the car and pulls out of the empty parking lot, and onto the main street towards the direction of the meeting area.

Her car coasts very slowly on the road with its headlights off to keep it more hidden. She cautiously approaches where the buildings clears out to form an unconnected road, where Callum and Corbin’s car were parked. She wants to make sure William is good enough distance away, where he won’t immediately run back. I can’t let anyone else get involved in this. It will complicate it.

She approaches the opening where she sees both menacing guys there, gulping to moisten her tense and dry throat. Corbin, is at the side of the car, with the door partially opened, saying something to Dana. Rachel pulls her car forward a little bit, carefully making a wider turn, so she has a more clear and direct route to knock Corbin without running into the other car, possibly hurting Dana.

As Rachel approaches them slowly, she sees Callum catching a glimpse of her, sending her to a frantic panic. Rachel eases onto the gas pedal, accelerating steadily and smoothly towards Corbin, trying not to cause too much noise. Instead of alerting his buddy, Callum makes a quick dash the side, while Rachel’s car drives straight into Corbin, sending him flying back and landing hard. She slams on her brakes, swerving slightly, to not further run over him.

The back door of the car is dented from the impact, with a startled Dana inside. Rachel, ignores her and goes straight for Corbin who is on the ground, writhing in pain. She digs underneath his shirt, instantly reaches for his belt, grabbing both his gun and knife, and tosses them aside. “Wh-at...the fuck,” his cowardly eyes spirals, as he struggles to talk or make any noise through the immense pain he is in. Not too much blood, but he got knocked probably about ten feet, before crashing on the back of his head. Surprisingly, he is still conscious from the heavy impact.

Rachel stands up, making a short leap in place, leading with her right foot and planting it squarely onto Corbin’s crotch, immediately letting out a cry. She shifts her position, putting more of her body weight on that foot, grinding and twisting sharply with her flat shoe, feeling every single bumps underneath his pants. Her foot searches a little more south, sensing some more appropriate parts, signaling her to force down her feet with even more immense pressure. He lets out a horrifying scream, which pleases Rachel but her facial expression continues to glare down at his pathetic body. She gives a quick swift stomp with her other foot, onto his throat, which mutes his agony screams to more of a gagging. And then gives one more swift stomp on his crotch before releasing and stepping off his body. Corbin reaches for his crotch, his fingers trembling as he cups it in pain.

Rachel grins at the sight, as she casually walks to the side of him with a smug look.

Corbin whimpering from the torture, musters a weak and shallow growl through his teeth, “Fucking…”

Rachel leaps on top of his chest, mounting on top of him, with her knees securely mounted beneath his armpits. With her left hand, she reaches beneath his jawbone, rooting his throat down to the ground. With other arm, fist clenched, she makes few punches, soft at first, in the small window of his neck. Each subsequent punch, instilling more confidence in herself, as she ups the strength, continuing to pummel his vulnerable throat.

Corbin, couldn’t do much but gurgle out blood from his throat, and his body jerking from the immense amount of pain.

Rachel pauses, does a quick turn to see Callum is guarding the now, closed back door, where Dana is sitting.

With her distracted, Corbin reaches out and grab with his right hand at Rachel’s neck, attempting to choke her. The grip is very weak, however, as Corbin could barely even see the blond girl through his hazy vision. Rachel, with one hand confidently defends his petty grip, loosening it up. With her other hand, a red flame emerges from it, as she slowly rewinds Corbin’s position back, with his hands back to the ground, squirming to her flurry of punches. Making sure he retains his memories, for the growing amount of pain he has been accumulating.

She holds his position there for a second, freezing his position in time, as she gets her arms readied, pushing her weight back down. She unfreezes him and begins punching his head rapidly. Aiming dead center on his face, targeting his nose, with more and more blood coming out of it. The more crimson she saw coming out of Corbin, the more it fuels her seething inner demon, increasing her strength.

Corbin starts to have less and less reactions from the beating, as his face is all bloodied and bruised up from the cuts, and blood seeping out the crevices of his face. So was Rachel’s knuckles, but the adrenaline kept her pain away as she continues to wail on him, until his body movement is reduced to nothing more than a twitch.

She stops, and gets up on her feet standing tall over him. As his body lays unconscious on the ground and completely bloodied, which ironically makes him look far more peaceful than twitching in pure agony. She spits on him, her saliva landing straight onto his face. Fucker… She steps over him, and off to the side, and then gives a nice swift kick to the side of his head, as it just rag dolls from the force with no other reaction.

She then glares at Callum, who is looking back with a tense, uneasy look. She begins walking towards him with confidence. Both her arms erupts into the red flames like some mutant powers, as Callum clenches his teeth, terrified. “Rachel?”

Rachel continues walking menacingly, with a stare of death. Callum, opens his jacket, causing Rachel to halt in her tracks, with her fiery hands readied. He unbuckles his holster, like Corbin, which contains his gun, tossing it aside, then he puts both of his hands up. “Look, I’m not going to hurt you.”

She resumes her strides, going right in front of him. Holding back her adrenaline she got from beating his partner into a bloody pulp, she asks him somewhat calmly, “Callum, who are you?”

He glances back at the car window, where Dana is, then he steps a little further away from it. The car door must be locked from the inside, to prevent Dana from coming out. “Well...I guess there isn’t really a need to keep that a secret from you, anymore.” He continues walking a few more steps, trying to get far enough so Dana cannot hear him, before stopping to turn to the blond. “I’m a guy that lived in Long Beach...which is where you are raised from-.”

“Cut the fucking bullshit,” Rachel interrupts him, taking a few steps towards him to close the distance. “How do you have time powers?”

His eyebrow raises, looking back at her. “Do you know how you got yours? Cause I certainly don’t…”

Her eyes drift down, unable to answer his question. “I don’t know.”

“We do have something in common,” He put his hands behind his back, interlocking them, in a rather relaxed pose. “You’re Bradley Amber’s daughter, and I’m Samuel Taylor’s son. Sounds familiar?”

“Your father...also died during that construction incident working for the Prescotts?”

“Yes, he did. But I didn’t even know at the time. In fact, I don’t know much about my father at all. I just know my family was not close with him. Or I guess the family that raised me.” He lets out a soft sigh, “I was raised by my uncle in Long Beach.”

“So...maybe because we’re the children of the ones that got murdered by the Prescotts. We’re given time travel powers to take them down?” She says it with a cold tone.

He shrugs his shoulder, “Maybe. It could have been the spirits of the former inhabitants of this land, seeking revenge for disturbing their lands. Or maybe our fathers’ coworkers actually let them both die on purpose.” His eyebrow lowers, looking at the blond with concerned eyes. “Or maybe the both of them, killed each other.” Those words sends Rachel’s eyebrow furrowing in disbelief. “You just never know for sure, huh?”

Rachel turns her head to the side, about to shake her head in disagreement. “No, I think it just pure greed from the Prescotts family.”

“I can sense your father’s death affected you more. Not just mentally, but in your powers, as well. It is way stronger than mines. At the same time, it is why it also affects you more.” He taps the side of his head with his finger, like a 'mental' hand gesture. He, then tucks his hands into his pockets, leisurely. “Maybe with your broken mind, they think you’re more likely candidate to manipulate.”

Rachel scoffs softly to his insult, “Fuck you. What are you trying to say?”

“I mean…” He takes his hands out of pocket, putting them up again, in an apologetic way. “I can’t actually rewind time or do anything. But I retain my memories when you do it.”

“You retain your memories?” His memories stays out of time, like us time travelers, or specific cases like Kate and Chloe? Her eyes drifts to the sky, pondering what he said. “Do you see the two moons, too?”

His eyes follow her into the night sky. “Yes, I do. And I also went to that other timeline, with you.”

“You did?” Rachel asks with a concerned tone, “Were you invisible and spying on me?”

Callum shakes his head, “No, I just entered my body of myself in that timeline. Against my own will. Apparently, I’m in Blackwell Academy.” He opens his mouth but pausing for a moment, thinking what he has to say. “I know we knew each other in that timeline. I have a picture of us in my wallet, when we were much younger. Not gonna lie, it is kind of cute.” He smiles, nodding his head, “I think you were very important to me.”

“Fucking bullshit,” she shakes her head with a disgusted smile. “Why would I know your punk ass?”

“I know you’re dead in that timeline. Were you...”

Rachel flutters her eyes closed. “Yes I am dead. And yes, I was taking control of a dead corpse before I re-winded time. Did you follow me in the past, too? Or I guess the past, in that timeline?”

He closes his eyes, nodding his head. “Yes, back in Long Beach?”

“You were in Long Beach, too?”

“Yeah...we both lived there in that timeline, as well.”

“Do you know how I died?”

He stares on in silence with a face of sorrow. There seems to be something bubbling up on his tongue, or maybe he is very unsure of anything in that timeline. “No. I was already disoriented with my own life in that timeline. I didn’t get much chance to find out anything. I just know you were in Blackwell Academy, because I had one of the memorial funeral service flyer in my room.”

Rachel gives out a fake laugh, “Just for some reading material?”

“I guess. So, what were you planning to do in that timeline?”

“I’m not going to say shit to you.” Her voice rises, as anger starts fueling her again. “You almost killed me.”

He presses his lip, and nodding in silence. “Yeah...I’m very sorry. I was afraid you were going to tell Chloe about Dana’s whereabouts.” He flutters his eyes closed, “I didn’t know. Or maybe I should have known. I’m very sorry I made you go through that.”

She shakes her head, not accepting his apology. “Oh I will tell Chloe.” He looks on straight into her eyes. Rachel continues, “In fact, I’m taking Dana right now.”

He puts his hands up, side stepping to block the straight path between the blond girl and the car. “Corbin is down. You should rewind all of this, so this never happened. You got your revenge.”

“Oh no. I’m fucking keeping this and taking Dana. You better step aside or I’m going to do what I did to your asshole friend.”

“Rachel, you have to calm down. You’re getting too cocky...Don’t get into matters that you shouldn’t be.”

Rachel casually walks past Callum and picks up the gun from his holster on the ground. She spins around and points his gun at him. “So…” She examines the gun for a moment, then points it back at him. “I don’t have your gun anymore.”

Callum raises his hand up more, “Are you really going to kill me?”

Her vision distorts as a voice of a young girl rings into her mind. A familiar voice. It is her own voice when she was a child.

“Look at the camera, Callum,” the voice in her head echoes with pure joy and innocence.

Her hand that is holding the gun grows unsteady, that she has to tilt it down and point it towards the ground. The little girl’s voice continues, “I have to go. I can’t let Mommy and Daddy know about us. My time travel power will just be our secret, promise?”

A voice of a little boy replies to her. “I promise! And I think it’s very cute that you call them Mommy and Daddy now.”

Rachel’s body feels weak, as she kneels down to the ground, planting the gun flat against it, as the little girl’s voice says one last thing. “I’m a kid again. I’m finally alive again. No more of that awful life in Arcadia Bay.”

She shoves the gun away, and both of her hands reaches to cover her face. I don’t remember any boy back in Long Beach. This is the other Rachel’s memory, fusing into mines. The boy must be...Callum.

Callum walks towards the gun and picks it up, along with his holster. Rachel looks on with him with her confused eyes, as he puts the holster back on him. In the other timeline, he must have been looking for her, but didn’t make it before she died. Or maybe...could he be responsible for her death?

A quick chain of knocks from the inside of the car door, breaks the silence. Callum, quickly opens the door, enough for Dana to see Rachel kneeling on the ground.

Rachel lets out a sigh, looking at the beautiful red head. “Dana, are you okay?”

“Please don't fight anymore. Don't know what beef you have with Corbin, but Callum is a very nice guy. Who are you?” Dana looks on with flustered eyes.

“Dana, are these two guys doing anything to you?”

“No...they have been helping me. least Callum is nice.”

“Dana, Chloe and everyone has been looking for you.”

“I know. I just has some bills to pay.” The redhead looks at guy who is glancing away nervously. “Callum, has been helping with me by getting jobs with these various photographers. In fact, meeting some guy tonight with some interesting fetishes, but talented photographer. And he's very handsome.”

“Dana, that’s enough. Stop talking.” Callum interrupts her with a stern voice.

Rachel looks at him for a second, then she creeps in closer to Dana, “You don’t have to worry about your bills-”

Suddenly, Callum shoves Rachel from behind, hard and flat against the car door, knocking the wind out of her. He grabs both her arms, pressing it in front of her and against the car. He snarls into her ears, “You can try what you want. I’m not going to let you continue this.”

“No…” Rachel cries. Her sight spiraling everywhere from the huge impact, as she struggles to wiggle out of Callum’s strength. All of a sudden, her visions flicker for a moment, with her arms tied up with duct tape. The piercing and ripping sound of duct tape being unraveled forcefully, echoes into her ears, sending chills into her body.

“Callum, what are you doing?” Dana stares in shock, and her voice is muffled to the blond girl.

Rachel’s breathing increases, “Callum...let go please...Now!” Her breathing becoming increasingly anxious and shallow.

“No, you’re just going to-” Callum’s voice is no longer audible as Rachel begins shivering. It is almost like she is mumbling to herself, then all of a sudden she couldn’t hear anything anymore.

Seeing how out of it she is, Callum releases her, but Rachel still has her arms pressed tightly together, as if they are bounded.

There is a cold prick that nicks Rachel, causing her to quickly squeezes her shoulder blade against her neck.

A wave of fatigue sweeps through her entire body. Her sharp breathing becomes more and more shallow. Then it finally pauses, and her body relaxes and pass out.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Hospital – Room 304

August 24th, 2016 5:02 AM

Her body jerks up from the hospital bed, sharply swallowing for air. The grogginess slowly slips out of her body, her heart beating loudly pushing more oxygen into her slowly awakening body. What happened? She squeezes her eyelids closed, rolling over to the side to shields herself from the constant bombarding of blinding fluorescent light over her and to wet her eyes from the dry air.

She lets out a disappointed sigh, as she regains more and more of her senses and wits. Her eyes dips down scanning her body, realizing she is in a hospital gown, and she is hooked up to an IV machine. Dana...Fuck, Callum. Did he...knock me out? Or did I just collapse? I felt I got hit from behind.

She drapes her head down, resting her warmer face onto her hands, letting out an exhale. I’m seeing and hearing things more and more now. Ever since I went into that timeline, living in that Rachel’s body and mind. This time I really felt something knock me out...I can see and hear them, what if I can feel them, too? Her eyes glance curiously around the room, not finding a clock at least in her plain sight.

The door slowly creaks opens, until it is fully opened. A familiar face comes walking in.

“Oh you’re awake. You were really having a nightmare, earlier. So it is nice to see you’re up. Hi, Rachel. My name is Ted, I’ll be taking care of you,” he takes a few steps into the room, before stopping to write something on the clipboard in his hands.

Rachel’s nose flares and her eyebrow furrows at the sudden sight of the nurse, who touched and groped Maxine in her sleep in a different timeline. Her fingers grasping tightly on the blanket on top of her, as if she trying to shield her vulnerable body from his deviant eyes. “What the hell are you doing?”

The male nurse blinks his eyes slowly, seemingly distracted with his clipboard. “Excuse me?”

Rachel bites the inside of her lips, her body fuming. Instead of exploding on him, she does not want to say another word. She reaches her hand up in the air, and a rift appears right beside her, just like the one that appeared in Maxine’s room in the previous timeline. She becomes mildly distracted with the bandage wrapping on her right hand. That’s right, my knuckles were bleeding from the punches I gave to Corbin.

Ted stares on with a silent, shocked face as the blond wiggles herself closer to the edge of the bed. The IV is still connected to her, but fortunately the rift is real close to the bed. She does a quick tip of her nose, circling around the rift a little bit, to see herself in it before passing her body into it.

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Hospital – Room 304

August 24th, 2016 4:22 AM

Her vision whites out completely for a second, then the contrast of the scene begins to materialize, seeing her own self, sleeping but not quite peacefully. Despite the blanket is tucked in snug and firmly, you can see her fingers were trembling beneath it, her eyeballs were rolling underneath her eyelids. Her mouth were trembling, or possibly mouthing something inaudible.

Rachel stares on with a frown, showing pity to her own self. So I blacked out...What was I dreaming? She dips her head, to get an even closer look, and possibly hear anything she is saying. There were some tears at the corner of her eyes, not sure if it were something more natural or if she is actually crying. Still, tucking her bottom lip in, and her throat tightening at the sight of herself like this. Why are you crying?

Rachel’s eyes drifts to the side, but leaning her head closer to her. She starts whispering to her, “Do you feel alone?... Do you feel lost?” The sleeping girl tosses slightly, her eyebrows twitching. Rachel softly shakes her head, “To be honest...I don’t know who I am, anymore. Or who I will be, tomorrow morning.”

She closes her eyes, as her growing insecurities builds up to her stomach. From everything she discovered about her own future in the other timeline, and the dark imagery and haunting voices that is twisting her minds. Her near death and sexual assault with Corbin along with her black out. Who can she really trust, now? Her head is filled with menacing shadows and venomous rage. She has saved Chloe’s family, yet she doesn’t feel like a hero, at all. Not because she is unable to save Dana, but what does it matter in the grand scheme of everything?

Rachel opens her eyes again, with a tear dripping off her eye, and into the abyss. With red eyes, she softly whispers through her thick throat, “Let’s find out together. Okay, Rachel?”

The door opens, with Ted walking into the room. Rachel doesn’t turn to acknowledge him immediately, as he just lurks a little off in her peripheral vision.

“Now, what’s the matter child?” He walks right up to the bed, passing right through the astral blond. He loosens the secured blanket off the sleeping beauty, pulling down the top of the blanket, enough to reveal her chest. His eyes tracing along all the curves and bumps on her body.

Rachel finally looks at Ted, observing what he is doing to her sleeping body. Her lips is pressed as there is many other things racing in her mind, instead of what she is going to do with this sexual creep.

The male nurse casually reaches his hand, doing a test by brushing along her chest, cautiously eyeing the sleeping girl’s response. Her heavy breathing provides audible cues for his safety and cue to freely indulges to his sexual desires. His confidence increases as he begins cupping both of her breasts in his hands, giving them a gentle squeeze. A moan escapes his mouth, as his breathing quickens at the feeling of the suppleness of her curves.

He brings his face close to her chest, giving a quick peck at each of them. Instead, of quickly pulling his head away, he observes a tiny bumps on her curves, through her gown, that marks the treasure in his eyes. Her nipples. Wasting no time, he sticks out his tongue and begins caressing it with it. He wraps both of his lips onto them, and begins sucking on it.

Rachel who has kept her calm so far, runs her knuckles against her chins, pondering what to do now, as Ted’s moans become louder and louder. I want to strangle this asshole. She thinks for a moment, so far her body has been abused by Corbin. The feeling of him forcefully ramming his fingers down her underwear, and digging his fingernail deep inside her until it bled. Not to mention the feeling of a cold blade punching into her. And now, there’s Ted, who also touched Maxine in the other timeline, and possibly even in this timeline. Resentment and anger continues to build within her. She turns to her sleeping self, then a thought springs into her mind. I don’t think I’m on any anesthetic. Maybe I can slap myself really hard then jump into my body. She gets in closer with her hand out, and gives a swift, hard slap with it.

Her face jerks to the side, but recoils back up, with her eyes opening, which immediately causes Ted to pull away, abandoning his pleasure. Rachel, quickly jumps into her body to take control of it. The scent of blood almost chokes Rachel, as lets out a soft gasp, stirring fully awake. Slightly disoriented as her body is far more groggy than before, she sees Ted, who is pulled back slightly, in shocked but his hands is innocently tucked away from her body. He stammers with his shocked eyes, unsure if he is caught in the act.

Rachel’s eyes scans down, on the noticeable bump in his white pants. Without hesitation, she reaches for it with her fingers, clenching it, then yanking it, sending his body and suffering face close to hers. She continues to squeezes his hardness, and with her other hand, she pinches his chin, keeping it close to her. Through the sluggishness of her body, she whispers with a stern tone, “I doubt you were getting hard from looking at your clipboard, huh?”

The male nurse freaks out, begging, trying to swat her away from him. “Please...stop.”

Rachel lowers his grip from his chin, to around his throat and squeezes it. “Fuck you. Go burn in hell, you dirty shit.” She tightens the grasp, as Ted’s eyes widens, gagging. His arm flails around, but able to press the ‘Need Assistant’ button off to the side of the bed to summon help from the lobby.

She continues choking him, as his face becomes more flushed, as you can see some life in his face, slowly diminishing away. The thought of what he did and what he did to Maxine, combined with Corbin fuels her anger. An older woman nurse comes in quickly, breaking the scene, “What’s going on?”

Rachel releases both of her grips, as Ted pulls away coughing and gasping for air. He runs past the other nurse without any sound other than his hacking.

Rachel feels the urge to chase him down but she is tied down with this IV needle, still providing hydration into her veins. She vents with rage to the nurse, “That fucker was touching me while I was sleeping.”

The nurse’s mouth drops open, completely shocked and speechless. “Really?”

She snaps at the poor old lady, “Take this fucking IV off me, now!”

The nurse hops in the air, startled by her threatening tone, but quickly follows her order. She hurries to the nearby tray to grab a cotton ball from the jar, some sterile gloves, and a bandage wrap. She puts on the gloves, and proceed to remove the needle from Rachel’s arms, applying the cotton ball to prevent the bleeding, and wrapping the bandage securely around her arm. “There you go,” she says quietly.

Rachel pulls her arm away in frustration, again scaring her. “Can you hunt that shithead Ted down for me?”

She nods her head, raising her hand to have her settled down. “Okay. Please let us handle it.” She walks out the door, with a familiar face on the other side. The nurse does a quick glance back, “Is she your friend?”

Rachel’s fierce expression softens at the sight of a friendly face. She squashes the urge to continue to abuse the nurse, instead nods her head, giving permission.

The nurse signals the curious blond girl to come in, then walking past her. Chloe dashes right by towards Rachel, who is sitting upright on the edge of the bed. “Are you okay?”

“Chloe…” Rachel lets out a sigh of relief, extending out her arms, welcoming the warm embrace of the friendly blond. “I’m so happy to see you.”

“Me too,” Chloe smiles, releasing their hug, but still holding hands.

Rachel’s eyes drift to the direction of the opened door, “That guy was touching me...while I was sleeping.” Despite how angry she was earlier, she didn’t want to describe any more in details to continue the humiliation.

Chloe’s face went numb, her mouth dropping down. “That’s beyond fucked up. I’m so sorry, I wish I watched over you while you were sleeping.” She squeezes their interlocks fingers more, looking over her shoulder at the opened door, then back at her friend. She is about to say something, then she examines down at her side, gently brushing her side with her soft fingers. “This part is okay, right?”

Rachel dips her nose down, watching the loose fingers running down her side. “Yes, you remembered?”

Chloe looks on with blank stare and flustered eyes. “I have no idea. I remember you tried to fend off a guy for me. That guy stabbed you and reached down your pants and…” She flutters her eyes close for a moment, and squeezes the top part of her nose. “Fuck! But then something else happened. Then all of a sudden, you were okay and you took off. And my nose started bleeding.” She opens her eyes, "Please tell me that didn't really happen."

Seems like nose bleeding is a trend. As if you had a brain aneurysm, because it is unable to comprehend something that doesn’t logically make sense.

Rachel nods solemnly, “There is something I need to tell you. It is about what I can do. But maybe later. What happened to me after I left you?”

“I got a phone call from you. Or rather Maxine’s cell did. And some guy was on the other line. He told me I need to call the cops and come in front of this coffee shop to meet you, which wasn’t far from where we were.”

Rachel nods her head to keep continuing.

“We saw you unconscious on the sidewalk and your car parked on the road.”

Rachel shrugs her shoulder for her to keep continuing. “And?... Is that it?”

“That was pretty much it. The police said they found some blood stains nearby, and they’re investigating it.”

Rachel clenches her fist, “Fuck! He dragged Corbin’s body away.”

I guess Corbin may know too much stuff for Callum to let him get arrested. But still, doesn’t seem I have accomplished much if he got away with it. After all I did to take him down for revenge...I really wanted him arrested.

“Who’s Corbin?”

“He’s the guy that stabbed me, and dug his fingers into me.”

“Oh my god.” Chloe covers her mouth with a frightened expression. “Oh shit. So that really did happened? How?” Her abrupt adorable puppy dog looks, warms Rachel’s heart. “I mean I saw it, but I just wasn’t sure if I was seeing something or what.”

Rachel couldn’t help but smile at the lively warmth that Chloe gives out. “You’re a very sweet person.” Chloe’s expression relaxes, becoming more neutral and a little confused with the sudden change of tone. Rachel runs her fingers along the tall blond’s hair, pulling her face closer for a kiss, sucking on her bottom lip. Chloe is a bit stunned but she closes her eyes, letting a soft moan queue up in her throat, until given permission when Rachel’s lips finally releases it. “When I get out the hospital, show me your VR porn collection in your room.” She grins, winking at the nerd.

Chloe stammers for a moment. “Wh-what? What VR porn collection?” Her tone is defensive, but she concedes quickly, “How did you know?”

Giving another wink, “You dirty geek. I like that.”

Chloe gives a nervous smile, as blood suddenly rush to warm her face. “I have a feeling this is related with the things you going to tell me later, huh?”

Rachel nods her head, “Yep. I’ll tell you later. Where’s Maxine?” She looks over at the opened door.

“Maxine is actually next door.” Chloe gently grabs the hospital patient’s hand and pulls her up from the bed. She kicks a few hospital slippers for Rachel to dig her feet into to wear. “She woke up not long ago, too.”

Chloe wraps her arms around the broken blond girl and guides her towards the door. They both stopped as Rachel’s arm also wraps around Chloe’s body, as they both look at each other for a moment, exchanging a sunny smile.

“Let’s go,” Chloe whispers softly, as they both step into the bright hallway.

The hallway is quite a bit brighter than the room, due to the much greater number of fluorescent lights, combined with the generic, texture less, white washed walls. There weren’t too many staffs around for this late in the night, as there were some empty counters and desks. But all the lights were utilized, disguising the time of the day. Rachel’s eyes squint for a moment trying to adjust her eyes, as a voice grips her attention.

“Well, if it isn’t the person that robbed my child.”

She looks up, and sees the source of the voice. It is Maxine’s mother, Vanessa sitting at the chair against the wall. Right beside her, is Maxine who is in her hospital gown, looking very drowsy and sleepy, hugging the guy right next to her, which is Ryan, her father.

Rachel’s heart stops for a moment, her pupil dilated. Seeing these two familiar faces sends a gust of razor cold winds up her body. Images from that dinner bleeds into her vision for a moment. The dinner where Max and Chloe dressed up as pirates in the other timeline, and bonding with their parents. A cold unsettling guilt bubbles inside her.

“This crazy bitch...” Ryan glares at the blond girl, shaking his head.

“Mom...Dad...” Maxine tugs on her father’s tense arm, then her eyes slowly drifts towards her best friend, who is looking back at her with disappointed eyes.

“Nothing to say, huh?” Vanessa looks on with a smug look and full of despise.

“Vanessa, save it for another time,” says William, who is sitting on the other side of Ryan, trying to calm them down. He survived the whole ordeal. After everything Rachel went through, was ultimately to save this person.

The mother crosses her arms, “Yes, Rachel. Are you sure you have nothing to say?” She looks at her husband, then back to terrified blond girl. “You seem so smart, looking up all these laws about legally moving out parents’ home at age eighteen. You running away from your own mother. And how heartbroken she is to live all alone by herself. Not a single call or anything, other than that pathetic excuse of a good-bye letter. And you indoctrinating Maxine to do all these things. Removing her from our phone family plan, and changing her number. Opening a brand new bank account. Wow, you’re so smart and independent. Trying to make my Maxine all grown up.” She lets out a fake laughter, glaring at her own daughter for a moment.

“Mom…” Maxine says quietly, still feeling groggy and sick.

Chloe steps forward, still holding onto Rachel. “Mrs. Caulfield, a male nurse just sexual assaulted her, please cut her some slack.”

Vanessa uncrosses her arms, throwing it up in the air for a moment in frustration. “William, tell your daughter to not hold on to that evil whore. That is very disgusting. I forbid my daughter from doing it, and you should too.”

“Chloe…” William interrupts with concern for Rachel, “Seriously?”

Vanessa snarls back, taking control again, “I don’t give a shit about what the fuck happens to her. The same whore that wasted over a decade of my baby’s life. Pretty much her entire life. How is that not a fucking crime?“ Her teeth is clenched, looking like she is almost out of breath, as her lungs is filled with anger instead. “I remember...finding Blackwell Academy and other schools' brochures are torn up in my trash. Photography classes. Art classes. Everything all gone. Thanks to all your visions.” She laughs likes a maniac. “Are you fucking kidding me? Where does my baby work now? Tell me Maxine…” she turns to her daughter. “Where do you work at now? As a fully developed independent adult.”

Maxine rolls her eyes, as she pushes herself off from her father. She crosses her arms nervously, avoiding eye contact from everyone. She glances at Rachel for a moment, then back down.

“Still nothing to say huh?” her mother shakes her head, in pure disappointment at her own daughter. She turns her attention back to Rachel, “I heard you worked at Two Whales Diner. You must work in the late shifts though, or don’t work enough hours like the loser you are, because we never saw you there.”

Rachel clenches her fist, trying her best to stop this onslaught against her. She lets go of Chloe, and squeaks across the hallway, “We both have done well ourselves…”

Vanessa replies with sarcasm, “Oh...have you? My baby who I haven’t seen in almost three years, is drugged up in a hospital. And you...I don’t even want to know what the hell happened to you. Actually, no sane person in this world would give an actual fuck about you.”

Chloe interlocks her hands together, putting it in front of her heart, as if she is begging, “Mrs. Caulfield, please it isn’t any of their faults.”

Vanessa pauses for a moment, her facial expression lightens up. “You’re so sweet, Chloe.” A smile emerges from her face, then turning towards her daughter. “Maxine, if you had a real friend like her, you would actually be better off in your life. She’s so beautiful. I’ve only met you for less than an hour and I can already tell you’re a true angel.” Her smile disappears, looking at Rachel, “Everything this person… is not.”

Rachel’s lips tremble at the awful but truthful words that is coming from the mother’s mouth. She takes a step forward, getting closer to them. Just like in the other timeline, huh? Chloe and Max...

William puts his hands up, “Listen, Vanessa, that’s enough.”

Rachel presses her lips tightly, looking at William. Her eye brow furrows with disgust, and she boldly mutters, “I should have let you die.”

He stops, turning his body around to face her. “What?”

“Was it you that told Maxine to call her parents?”

Confused, William tries to explain to justify his reasons. “Rachel...Your best friend got drugged and possibly...raped.”

The last word from William makes Maxine and her family flinches, as they’re still waiting for the result of the test.

“She is not raped. I know that.” The blond girl replies coldly.

“See?” Vanessa yells with anger. “This is the type of shit we have to put up with. She's so dumb, but she thinks she knows everything.”

Rachel keeps her eye contact with William. “You’re going to die. Your fucking stupid ass is going to get shot to death.” There is not a single trace of sympathy left in her heart, as she isn’t going to put up with this terrible outcome of events due to the survival of this person.

William looks on in horror from the venomous words coming out of her mouth. So did her daughter.

Maxine gets up from her seat, sluggishly drags her tired body towards her best friend. Everyone watches the two of them in silence. When she got close, she mutters calmly, “Rachel, just take it easy for tonight. We will work something out together with my parents.”

Rachel laughs, shaking her head. “Fuck your parents. They’re fucking going away.” She glares at Chloe. “After I let your father die.” Her heart is pumping full of anger and bitterness, that she cannot even calmly talk to the two only people that even care about her in this world. Because there is no reason, too. This timeline is going to burn, and nothing will matter.

“Rachel…” Maxine steps forward, getting right up to her best friend’s face. “Seriously, this is not cool at all. This is my first time seeing my parents in three years, and I’m actually very happy.” Rachel’s expression softens up from anger, as sadness fills into her face. “I’m actually very happy to see them.”

So...she’s happy, huh? There’s absolutely no way we can coexist with each other. So she is going to side with them, leaving me all alone, huh?

Rachel dips her head down, ashamed for everything. How the two adventurers’ life is truly broken and flawed. She always tried to convince Maxine just about everything to justify her to be by her side. Rachel knew she was flawed and messed up, but what could she really do? She takes a deep breath, and mutters quietly, “You know I will never get along with them. So you’re going to choose your parents over me?”

Maxine’s face becomes flushed as there is some tears hanging on to her eyes. “You see. This is what I’m talking about.” She is a mixture of sadness and resentment. “You are such a selfish person. I just told you I really want to be with my parents, and this is what you say. You’re not a good friend. You never been one.” Those words pounds into Rachel’s heart. “You will never help anyone out, you only care about yourself.”

Rachel stares on with despair, after hearing the words from her own best friend. She thinks for a moment, how she helped save Max in the other timeline, and how she saved Chloe’s father. Well, not anymore, now. All the stuffs she said in that phone call, when I was driving from Blackwell Academy. It is all a lie. She never enjoyed being with me. This is probably why the other Rachel in Max’s timeline decided to start over without Maxine. To start a brand new life.

Her head dips up, not willing to accept that fate. Rage violently seethes within her, as she grabs her best friend’s by her throat, shoving her back. “They are fucking going away.”

Both of her parents screams, leaping out of the seat, rushing to aid their daughter on the ground.

Vanessa tries to chase after the evil blond girl, but Maxine quickly pulls her arm back down. Frustrated, she screams at Rachel, “You’re going to pay for this.”

Rachel yells back, raising her middle finger, “Fuck you bitch.” She turns towards Chloe, “Your father is going to die. Get used to living your life without him.” Full of frustration and anger, she storms out the hospital floor, as the rest of the hospital staff looks on in silence.

Anger seeps into Chloe, taking all those verbal threats from this apparent stranger that she even hardly knows. She curbs this violent rush of energy from exploding, biting the insides of her lips. She looks back, seeing Maxine and her parents screaming and crying at each others. Then she looks back at the lonely demon walking away. She begins taking off towards her, “Rachel!”

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber

Arcadia Bay Hospital – Parking Lot

August 24th, 2016 4:31 AM

The two celestial bodies hangs up in the eternal dark abyss, casting a bluish hue onto the world beneath it. The hospital of the town is situated in a rather isolated area on top of a small hill, off to the side of the main Downtown. Tall, towering pine trees overshadows the medium-sized hospital, with its discarded needles scatter loosely through the relatively empty parking lot. There were only a few parked cars and ambulances that gives an ironic hint of life in this otherwise almost barren scene.

Rachel shoves the glass door outward with force and frustration, as the abrupt cold night air quickly rushes in smother her pale skin. The sun has not provided any warmth to Arcadia Bay since Rachel’s trip from Blackwell Academy. The endless darkness hangs over her head, like a frigid looming curse.

A gentle breeze of wind blows onto Rachel’s gown, tensing her muscles to shield against the cold, as she walks into the parking lot. Her breathing is still heavy, from the previous heated confrontation, combined with the sudden chill blanketing her chest. The night is cold this late, with her thin hospital gown not providing much protection against it. She halts in her track, crossing her arms nervously, to catch her breath and collect her thoughts.

I said some really mean stuffs to her. And Chloe. I just...have to make this one change to make it all right again. She glances around at the parking lot, feeling disoriented with her surroundings. Shit, my car is probably still with the police. But it not like I have my car keys on me. She looks up at the two gleaming lights from above. I can still rewind back time, right now. But I rather go back to that rift in Downtown, just to make sure I do it right. I don’t want to rewind back into my slumber and deal with that asshole Ted, again. Her eyes squints, as severe fatigue slowly overwhelms her body, her heart rests slowly back down into her chest.

“Rachel!” the door opens abruptly behind her, followed by footsteps scurrying towards her.

The exhausted patient didn’t look back immediately to acknowledge, as she continues to scan the parking lot. Her eyes lights up slightly, recognizing Chloe’s truck in the lot. In the distant, two figures comes walking towards her. For a moment, her heart skips a beat at the sight of them but then she realizes it isn’t Callum or Corbin.

Chloe’s breathing, also can't keep up, “What are you doing running out here?” She catches up to her side, following Rachel’s eyes, who is looking directly straight ahead.

“Rachel?” A calm, inquiring voice came from one of the approaching shadowy figure of a young man. He is holding onto the young woman right next to him. In his other hand, he has two almost withering roses that didn’t look impressive or anything that came fresh from a flower shop.

Rachel squints her eyes again, trying to adjust for the dark silhouette figures, not saying a single word. The two figures finally get illuminated by the warm orange lampposts near the entrance. It is Nathan Prescott and a young woman right beside him. Nathan is wearing a light blue jacket with a white dress shirt underneath it and some jeans. The young woman beside him is gorgeous looking, with short, auburn wavy hair. She is wearing a casual black cardigan, dark blue shirt and some dark colored jeans. Must be some random girl that Nathan picked up at his party, after rejecting Maxine? Rachel continues staring with blank eyes, almost mesmerized by the young woman’s beautiful sapphire eyes.

Nathan follows her eyes to the woman beside her. “Oh you probably haven’t met-”

The woman interrupts, stepping forward with a sunny smile, sticking out her hand. “Hi, I’m Kristine. I’m Nathan’s older sister.”

Rachel's breath is almost withdrawn by her smile, as she continues looking at her with curious eyes, struggling to form any words or sound in her mouth. Or even thinking about reaching out to shake hands. She's beautiful. But odd...thought they were a couple, just by the way he was holding her. Maybe they’re just very close with each other. She rubs her knuckles on her eyelashes, stammering a few words.

Before she can correctly greet her, Kristine senses the nervousness in the blonde and continues, “I can tell you probably just woke up and trying to get some fresh air.” She glances up and down, at the hospital gown. “Last thing you probably want to do right now, is meet and greet someone.” She looks over at her brother, then back. “We won’t bother you anymore.” She retracts her extended arm back down, gives a nod with her enchanting smile, then politely steps back.

Nathan crosses his arms, “I’m not sure if patients are allowed to be strolling around like this,” showing some concerns. He, also glances at her gown, “Are you doing fine, yourself? I was going to see Maxine. But maybe I should be giving you one of these roses, too.” He tilts his hand, pointing the two roses towards her. “There weren’t any flower stores open at this time so I just grab whatever-hell looked alive at my place.”

Rachel ignores the roses, instead also gazing deep into his eyes. Finally something that resemble fondness after this disaster of a night of burning bridges with just about everyone I know in this world. He doesn’t seem too bad of a guy, along with his sister. But what do I know? She mutters out quietly and nervously, face feeling warm. “It’s fine...I’m okay.”

His face pauses at Rachel for a moment, then he looks to her side, “Is this your friend?” He extends his hand out to her, “I’m Nathan.”

Rachel takes a step back, digging a few strands of hair on the side of her head. A flicker of whirling colors and ominous images bleeds into her vision. Nathan’s jacket gradually changes into a more bolder red-orange shade. “N-Nathan?” she mumbles softly under her breath.

Rachel reaches higher, clawing at her head, squeezing her eyes, as all of a sudden she feels weightless, her legs almost giving out.

“Did...she call out my name?” She hears Nathan’s voice, who sounds very slurred and sluggish as well. Not sure if he is intoxicated or just his voice reverberating in her mind.

Something presses the back of her head, possibly soft lips. A cold hand slithers up her stomach, making its way up, softly squeezing her right breast. There is some heavy breathing in her mind, but it wasn’t exactly filled with lust. Instead it sounds like full of anxiety and fear. The hand quickly slides down and escape from her body. “I swear she said my name.” Nathan’s voice cries again, more alert and full of paranoia this time.

Her vision returns back to normal, briefly disorienting her as she lets out a tormented cry. Everyone around the patient, immediately went silence with their conversation, turning their attention towards her. Rachel stumbles forward, shoving Nathan away, with her almost slipping, as she gradually regains sensation in her legs. She slowly shuffles her legs, continuing through the parking lot.

“Rachel!” Chloe calls after her, “I’ll take care of her.” She signals the other two to leave them alone as she closes the distance with the staggering blonde. “Rachel…” She reaches and grab her shoulder, halting her.

Rachel jerks her shoulder sharply to release the grip, but she turns around to face Chloe. Dodging the earlier confrontation, instead she talks about her recent fresh vision, “I heard Nathan…” She stares at the two Prescotts, who is giving her one last concerned look, before turning around, making their way towards the orange glow of the hospital's entrance.

With flustered eyes, Chloe looks over her shoulder for a moment then back, “What do you mean?”

“In the other timeline, he was…” Rachel lets in a sharp inhale, “Touching me while I was asleep or something. But I think he was being forced by some guy.”

Her eyes looking even more puzzled than before, she drifts back a step, overwhelmed from the confusion. “Like Ted?” She shakes her head profusely, “I don’t…” Her voice fades away to a murmur.

“Chloe!” Rachel steps forward grabbing her arm, but Chloe flings it away. Disheartened, she looks onto her partially obscured face, as the lamppost behind her cast a soft shadow on her face. “I fucked up with everything.”

Chloe nods her head lightly, flutters her eyes closed for a moment. She shrugs her shoulder, pressing her lips together, almost nonchalantly. “It’s alright.”

“Forget what I said. There’s just too many things going through my sick head.” She forces out her frustration through her tightening throat, giving a short pause, hoping Chloe may offer her a warm, comforting touch, but instead only a cold stare. She continues, “This timeline, I fucked up too much.”

Chloe lets out a sigh, ignoring her as she isn’t following her much, “The stuff you said back inside. Not cool.”

“I’m so sorry.”

She scolds her, continuing to expand on her anger, “What you said to me, my father and what you did to your own best friend?” She pushes Rachel’s shoulder like a bully, body recoils back slightly. “Is this what you like to do?”

“I’m very sorry.” Rachel replies quickly, hoping to help curb some of the frustration. Her body is hunched over slightly, cowering from the taller blonde.

“You seem to have some serious anger issue. I know Maxine said some hurtful words. So what is your history with her? I did hear some of it between my father and Maxine’s parents, but I didn’t listen too much of it.”

Rachel closes her eyes for a moment, giving out a warning. “This is going to be long.”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere.”

Rachel points at the general direction of the hospital, “Look at Maxine. She’s so beautiful and gets along with everyone. She knows people that has money, people that has their life all figured out. She has both parents that loves her.” She pauses shrugging her shoulder, giving a soft kick at the blacktop floor with her slipper. “And there’s me, who has none of that.”

“Geez, don’t beat yourself up. There always going to be that one thing that you lack that someone else have. It is what makes us different.”

“Maybe,” Rachel nods slightly in agreement. “I guess she just always been by my side with everything. But I just know she can very well and leave me anytime.” Rachel looks up shyly at the blonde girl. “And she really makes sure I know that.”

Chloe lets out an annoyed scoff, her eyes rolls looking towards the dark sky for a moment. “You’re just making this up, Rachel.”

“The way she talks to me sometimes. How all her friends don’t like me. She never really wants to introduce me to any of her friends, like she ashamed of me. Like she is embarrassed by me. I know she talks behind my back. I just know it.” She gazes up at the distant orange lights on the side of the hospital building. “She knows I like her. But she wanted to introduce me to Nathan, which is someone that she’s in love with, just to rub it in for me.”

“Rachel, seriously...It is all in your mind.”

“Nathan’s father…” Rachel’s voice raises sharply. “Killed my father with his stupid construction project.”

Chloe closes her eyes, “I remember that project. So that’s how your father died?”

“Maxine always tell me not to tell anyone about it, because it just a sob story. Like it is shameful thing to bring up about my father’s death?”

“Rachel, you're not being rational. Just be quiet.” The blonde mutters in an irritated tone.

Rachel glares at Chloe with a disgusted look, “Oh shut the fuck up. Don’t try and act all cocky, Chloe. When your father died, you were crying and begging for my help.”

Chloe is starting to catch on some of these puzzling threats that Rachel is making. She tilts her nose higher, with a stern look on her face. “I would never ask someone like you for help.”

Rachel’s stance dips a little bit, conceding this showdown. She absolutely hates me. I never seen her like this before. “There’s so much anger in your eyes, you must hate me.” Chloe looks back with her furious blue eyes with silence, not wanting to confirming or denying the accusations. “This is not how I want you to see me.” Rachel shakes her head in defeat. “I want to take it all back.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“I need to get to Downtown, to where we were sitting in your truck.” Seems like nothing in this timeline is ever going forward. I’m always stuck in time here.

Chloe takes a moment before replying, as she’s no longer aware of time travel powers like in the previous timeline, but she still has some hints of it. She says in a mocking tone, “So you can kill off my father?” Rachel dips her head down, halfway shaking her head. But deep down inside, she knows it is the truth. Chloe continues, “Tell me the thing you were going to tell me. Is it about how I’m able to see something that didn’t happen?”

“It’s nothing.” Rachel doesn’t really have much intention to share anything anymore. Nothing will come out of it, other than just digging herself a deeper grave.

“Well, you’re not definitely not getting a ride there from me.”

“It’s fine. I’ll just walk there.” It is a 10-15 minutes walk. It is cold and probably get sick, but it'll go away when I go back in time. Rachel walks away without saying any goodbyes, making her way out of the parking lot.

Chloe catches up to her, and again, reaches and grab her shoulder, turning her around. “You want to take it back? And then, what?” She questions with boldness in her tone. “You want to stop Maxine’s parents from coming, by making sure your own best friend never call them?” Her voice slowly filling with exasperation. “And what if my Dad is adamant, and that he’s going to force Maxine to call her parents? Cause he was very adamant. Maxine really did not want to call her own parents but my Dad kept pressuring her and won’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Seeing her drugged like that, and him being a father. I know if something like that ever happened to me, you'd bet he want to be the first person to know.” She takes a moment to catch her breath, as her frustration is constantly sapping the air from own lungs. “So, are you going to kill him?”

Rachel stammers unable to put together any words.

Chloe continues, “Answer me. Are you going to kill him anyways?” She walks up and grabs her gown, in a threatening manner. Her eyebrows twitching slightly from her heated verbal assault. “The person that I saw stab you, was he the one that was going to kill my father?” Still no words, yet. “I don’t know if I should even believe your bullshit. But still, you’re a sick person if you thinking about taking my father’s life.”

“Just forget everything I said, Chloe. I’ll make it right.”

“I want to tell you, that you’re not a good friend. Not at all. You’re an evil person, Rachel.”

Those words hurts... Rachel brings her hands close to her chest, grasping at her fingers nervously. “I’m not going to take out your father. Because Corbin took his wallet, finding out the address of you guys. He was going to hurt you and your mother, too.” Chloe doesn’t even make any sign of acknowledgement, as the anger is really overwhelming her body. Rachel thinks back at the kindness and warmth that she felt from the other blonde in the other timeline, how much she misses that one though. Even if it is in the timeline where Chloe’s father died. “Chloe, you told me whatever timeline we’re in. You will always want to be friends with me.”

Chloe looks back, with her lips pressed together like it is struggling to hold back some fuming breaths. “Yeah? It is definitely one of your stupid visions. That's telling you that, to make your pathetic self to feel better.”

All the colors just fades out of Rachel’s face, as immense sorrow finally seeps itself into her cold heart. Her eyes weakens, slowly dipping down.

Chloe, lets go of her tight grasp, taking a step back, finally realizing the damage she has done to the poor broken blonde. Her mouth opens without any voice, immediately regretting what she just said.

Rachel doesn’t take notice at all, as she looks down at her own hands, focusing on it, emitting a very dim and weak red flame. Her body is severely weakened by the entire experience. Chloe was the only person that believed her.

How far can I rewind back? I passed out. Not like I can wake myself up any earlier. As much as I really enjoyed beating Corbin up, I do not want to go through all of that again. I’m just very tired…About everything with this life.

“Rachel!” Chloe charges at Rachel, all of the sudden, tackling her. Her fragile body couldn’t even muster any strength to help the break the fall as she takes the full impact, taking out all the air that were in her lungs. “Don’t you dare!” Chloe pins her weak hands against the ground. She must have saw how suspicious Rachel was acting, not taking any chance she can rewind any time. And she guessed right.

Rachel’s visions darkens for a moment, as a familiar moment continues to linger in her mind. Her abdomen is moist with her own blood, riddled with stab wounds. She feels her pants getting unzipped and pulled down. Her breathing intensifies, and pupils dilate.

No, not this again...

She lets out bloodcurdling scream from the nightmares that never ever go away, causing Chloe to recoil backwards, pushing herself off to the side. Rachel breaks the grasp, and like with Corbin, she conjures a fuming amount of energy in her right fist, sending it right into the side of Chloe’s throat, causing her to flop forward onto Rachel’s body, coughing out saliva and gagging.

Both the blonde’s eyes meet together, as Chloe looks on in intense pain, looking like she is about to throw up but she holding onto her neck to brace the recoil if she vomits.

Rachel eyes the squirming blonde’s pocket, wanting to grab her keys. But she couldn't because the ground is pressing against it, securing it. Sensing the opportunity, she reaches for Chloe's shoulder, and rolling her limp body, until her back is facing her. She slides her arm, cleanly around Chloe’s neck, pressing down, and locking it in with her other arm, giving her a sleeper hold.

Still dazed and hurting from the pulsating pain delivered on her neck, Chloe weakly but desperately tries to fend off the strong force against her neck. Some saliva bursts out her mouth, spraying onto Rachel's arm. Small pocket of air bursts through the suffocating blonde's gaped mouth, gagging and choking from the hold. Her throat is given enough opening to expel some air, but not enough coming in. She taps her fingers onto Rachel’s arm rapidly, trying to concede and begging her to stop, as her sleepy and watery eyes, gaze into the parking lot with fading darkness.

Rachel keeps her grip locked in, pressing her forearm hard against the pale, fragile neck. She refuses to let go, despite not at all wanting to do this to someone she cares about. Chloe, slowly became silent, expelling one last warm puff into the air. Both her hands, inches its way to the ground. Her body lolls, mouth widening and slowly trembling, as her eyes flutter closed.

Rachel sniffs her nose, sobbing underneath her breath for a moment. Slowly, releasing her grip, and gently catching Chloe’s body as it crumbles down. She makes no hesitation, reaching into her pocket, feeling the car keys trapped in it. Chloe’s body flinches at the sensation of the slithering fingers at her upper knee, but settles back down.

Rachel pulls out the car keys, staring at it for a moment, to collect her thoughts about what she just had to do to obtain it. Her breathing remains heavy, gently resting the blonde’s body onto the ground with her trembling hands. She crawls over her body to take a good look at Chloe, whose head is swaying to the side, her eyes slightly fluttering. With the last lingering thread of humane in her body, she dips in close to the stirring dazed blonde. “I’m so sorry, Chloe.” Their warm lips meet together for a brief moment, sniffing her to let in her warm scent. Then their lips part ways. Rachel, for a moment strives for that tender moment a little longer, makes her way down along the unconscious blonde's body. Her chin slowly taps its way towards her heart. Rachel presses her nose into her warm sweater, breathing into her heart. She can feel Chloe's chest expands and contracts around her face, ensuring she is breathing normally again. Chloe's sleepy body jerks for a moment showing her consciousness is slowly coming back. Rachel slowly lifts her head off, then goes back to focus on her objective. She stands back up tall, looking at the truck in the distant.

She makes her way towards the truck, with her heart is racing inside her chest. Both of her slippers already came out from the dash, as she continues barefooted across the parking lot. When she reaches the truck, she unlocks it with the stolen keys and gets in it.

Her hands were still shaky, struggling to get the key into the ignition. Her mind couldn’t think straight, unable to concentrate with her rapid pounding heart in her stationary body. Her teeth clenches, breath hissing through it. She finally manages to put the key into the ignition, starting the engine. No time to make any seat adjustments, she quickly set it on reverse, applying generous amount of pressure to the pedal to quickly pull out the spot until there’s a loud thud that shakes the truck.

Rachel immediately slams on the brake, causing the tires of the truck to screech to a halt. Both her hands detaches from the steering wheel to cover her mouth in pure shock, as she slowly peered over her right shoulder. She didn’t even get a chance to look behind her. Holding her breath and bracing for the worst, she puts up the parking gear and quickly opens the door to hop out of the truck.

A short distance behind the truck, she sees Chloe lying face down, almost motionless. Rachel’s mouth drops open, as her knees suddenly feels numb, giving out. Before crashing completely into the ground, she manages to shuffles herself closer towards Chloe’s body.

“What have I done?!?!” Rachel cries out loud. “Chloe!”

Chloe turns over to the side, her face is completely red filled with intense pain. There is a small tiny scrape on the left side of her forehead, probably from the impact to the ground. Her eyes is closed, eyebrows furrowed, teeth clenching but not much sound is coming out of her mouth. Her hand is grabbing her rib cage, as she must have fallen very hard on the front part of her body, from the impact of the truck. She tried to run and stop me.

“I’m so sorry.” Rachel sobs, unable to keep it in anymore.

Chloe faintly whispers through her teeth. “I’m okay.” A relief but still not enough.

Rachel, absolutely disappointed with herself, falls forward onto her knees, with her hands holding her tired body up. I’m...a monster. She lets out of a whimper, her hands squeezing against the black top parking lot, with the sharp tiny pebbles digging hard into her skin. A red flame softly emits out her right hand, she mutters softly under her breath. “I’m very tired Chloe. But one more time, I’ll make everything right…”

Pattering footsteps became louder and louder, as a menacing shadow shrouds her hands in darkness. Then before Rachel can react, a heeled shoe steps squarely onto her right hand. An alarming scream comes fresh out of her tight throat, unable to pull her fiery hand out.

“You cold bitch…” It is Vanessa, as she digs her heeled shoe even deeper into her right hand, twisting and breaking the skin of the top part of her hand. Rachel’s screams became louder along with the red flames engulfing the air, as the scene all of sudden becomes a blur.

Rachel Amber

Pineview Apartments - Room 203

September 23rd, 2016 7:47 PM

The red energy diminishes from the air, subsiding back into her hand. Rachel squeezes her eyes closed, letting out a scream as her surrounding calms down. She quickly extinguishes her scream to hissing whimper. The sharp, throbbing pain on top of her hand has propagated throughout her body, as she falls off a chair she is sitting on, crashing into the soft carpet below.

Her eyes opens slightly but closes back as there is a small bright yellow light right above her head. Still, her agony breathes continue, muffled through her sealed lips. Slowly again, she tries to open her puffy eyes again, with the scene slowly forming into her vision, as she realizes, she is looking at the ceiling of her apartment. She lets out another cry, biting her lips, as there’s a sudden piercing pain of her left arm. Her entire body aches as well, and her muffled cries becomes louder. The sensation of moisture on the left arm, slowly creeps into her realization. She opens her eyes more, leaning her head up and looking to her left; she sees her wrist, covered in blood with a fresh cut.

Fuck! The sight of her blood sends the blonde into a panic, as her breathing sharpens, “Maxine?” she cries helplessly in pain. “Help…” She hovers her wrist over her stomach, hoping to prevent any more blood from dripping onto the white carpet. What happened?!?! She lifts her shoulder blade off the ground, looking over to her left.

Maxine’s bed is gone.

A sense of chill numbs all the existing pain in her body for a brief moment, at the sight of the emptiness in the corner of the room. She glances around with paranoia, silencing her breath. The closet door is slide opened, with Maxine’s side of it, completely emptied. Rachel's clothes and her own bed is intact in the apartment, so they didn’t get burglarized. The void in her stomach continues to expand.

More fresh blood drips out the wound from her left wrist. She gets up immediately, keeping her wrist flat as much as possible, dashing towards the bathroom of the studio. She carefully nudges the door with her hips, turning on the light switch in the dark room.

A quick glance around making sure the bathroom is empty to ease the paranoia that was building up inside her. Good. There’s no one hiding here. A relief to her anxiety and fear someone else could be here with her. With people like Ted and Corbin out loose in this world, you can never be sure.

She looks at the shattered bathroom mirror, with the cracks looks like a mosaic of shapes and colors, along with some dried blood adhering to it. She turns on the sink below, to wash out her bloody hands. She pumps some hand soap and lathers her skin, to wash the wound. A pool of crimson water mixed with a bubbling foam accumulates at the bottom of the sink.

How the fuck did I get this cut? Was I cutting myself? I need to wrap these up.

She turns off the sink, quickly grabbing the hand towels behind her, and wrapping her left wrist in it, applying pressure onto the wound. She can feel her body weakening from the loss of blood, but her determination keeps her focused. She clenches her teeth from the sharp pain of it, as she takes her attention from it, and peer into the broken mirror. Despite all the distorted shapes, she is able to make out herself in one of the thicker shard of the mirror. She leans in closer, seeing that her eyes is severely bruised and puffy. Not sure if it was from a fight, self inflicted harm, lack of sleep, or all of the above. Her eyes were totally red with fresh tears, as well as dried trail of tears on her cheeks. There's a cut on her forehead with some blood dripping from it, but not much. Possibly it is washed before and it is reopening partially. Her face looked thinner, a little more pale, but difficult to tell from all these bruises scattered throughout her face. Her hair were completely let down and messy from the usual clean pony tail, almost as if she hasn’t left to gone out for days. She tips her head up slightly, as a rush of pain floods the back of her neck. On the right side of her neck were some thin cuts of dried blood. I must have been scratched. Or maybe I did it???

Frightened and terrified by what she looks like now, she slowly back herself against the wall, sliding down along it, until she hits the floor. She lets out an exhale of anguish, before glancing at the towels, remembering what she needed to do. She presses the towels hard, applying lots of pressure, to help stop the bleeding.

I don’t really know what happened. I was at the parking lot with Chloe, now I’m here... She squeezes her eyes closed, holding in the pain that never goes away. Her body weakens, but the pain keeps her well alerted and committed. Fuck, I need to find out what happened.

After a few minutes of constant pressure onto the wound, she begins to feel antsy as she slowly crawls herself back onto her feet, returning back to the room. Still applying pressure, the pain is ramping up, tears forming around her eyes from the stinging pain, and a soft rhythmic hissing through her throat. There’s a kitchen knife that is on the chair, with fresh blood on it. The blonde’s mouth opens in shocked at the sight of it, but she remains silent for now.

She sees her phone at the desk, immediately rushing straight to it. She presses the power button on the phone, waiting for the screen to light up.

September 23rd, 2016?!?! That’s like whole month. Did I go in the future?

Her eyes drifts over to the void in the room, where Maxine’s bed used to be. The numbness is coming back into her body, as her stomach ties itself in a knot. Her throat and lungs becomes paralyzed for a moment, her breath stopped and speechless.

She looks down at her phone with a stiff neck, carefully navigating her phone, desperately trying to gain knowledge on what happened. She sorts her text messages in chronological order.

August 24th

Maxine: I’m packing my stuffs and staying at my parents. (12:43 PM)

Maxine: I can’t believe you tried to steal her car, and then run her over with it. (12:45 PM)

August 27th

Vanessa: Maxine, finally gave me your number. You always been a bad influence to her. It pains me to see her upset over someone like you. (7:43PM)

Rachel: Good. She should be upset. (7:46PM)

Vanessa: I hope William and Joyce sue you for the medical bills. I don’t care if it just a bruised ribs. She is in a lot of pain. It still cost money for her to get examined. (7:50PM)

August 30th

Maxine: I’m texting to let you know, I’m coming by later to pick up some stuff. (10:24AM)

August 31th

Vanessa: What the hell did you do? I see bruise marks on her neck? Did you try to strangle her? (2:25PM)

Vanessa: Answer me! You stupid shit. (3:12PM)

September 2nd

Joyce: I just mailed your final paycheck. (1:12PM)

September 5th

Maxine: I’m packing ALL my stuff. You dare to choke me again. I’m going to call the cops. Chloe coming with me, this time. (10:24 AM)

September 10th

Rachel: I hate you so much. (11:24 AM)

Maxine: I’m getting the paper form to get a damn restraining order from you. Chloe agreed to it, too. She thinks you’re out of control. (12:03 PM)

September 12th

Maxine: So the court hearing is on the 24th. You will get the mail real soon. (8:45 AM)

September 14th

Elizabeth: Honey, give me your e-mail address. I'll send you money. (10:21 AM)

Rachel: Mom, I don’t need it. (10:43 AM)

Elizabeth: Please call me. (10:45 AM)

September 17th

Chloe: rachel can you call me? (3:36 PM)

September 19th

Chloe: rachel? i never suggested getting the restraining order on you. i promise. maxine was just angry that moment. shes fine now. (1:23 PM)

Rachel: Just shut up (1:42 PM)

Chloe: rachel. please pick up the phone. im very sorry (1:49 PM)

Chloe: rachel??? (2:02 PM)

September 21th

Elizabeth: Move back home at the end of this month. It’ll save money. (9:04 AM)

September 22nd

Chloe: rachel please pick up your phone. (7:58 PM)

That is the end of the text messages. Rachel releases the phone from her fingers, dropping it onto the carpet. So I lost my job. I'm talking to Mom again. And...I choked Maxine? Did I try to kill her? So now she’s getting a restraining order on me...

Her fingers trembles, as she gazes at them. Chloe is right. Something is really fucked up with me. She lets out a whimper, fluttering her eyes closed, her right hand lifts up to rub the dried line of scab on the side of her neck. I’ll claw out my own skin if I ever hurt Maxine like that.

On the table there is a neatly placed white envelope. On it, is the words “From Rachel”

Rachel looks at the envelope, as her breath echoes into the emptiness inside her body. She presses her lips tightly, biting the inside of her lips, dreading what lies inside that envelope. She slowly reaches for it, picking it up and examining it. The envelope is sealed but she has no hesitation of opening it. She takes out two folded papers from the envelope, of what seems like a long letter:

“To anyone that wants to read about my fucked up life…

This is the end of the road for me. I knew there was a demon inside me, that finally broke out and unleashed onto the people I loved.

Maxine, you’re the most special person in my life. I’m very sorry for everything. I totally broke your heart and almost tried to kill you. I will never forgive myself for that. Never. You wasted your life, on trying to be there for me, hanging onto me the best you can. Thank you for hanging in there and extending my miserable life as long as it did. I really had some great memories of us together. But it is hard to reminiscence in those memories in the past with the awful things I just did. I saw that we didn’t have a future together, then I realized I have been absolutely selfish and purposely manipulating everything for you to be with me. If I could go back in time, I would change it so we never met each other at that park. You should have met Chloe. Not me. But I don’t have that power anymore. This imaginative world that I thought I had control of, I will finally end it. You will never have to be sad or angry anymore. You will get to start your life with your parents and Chloe now. And I will never be a burden to you again. I will always love you, forever.

Chloe, thanks for trying to believe in me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just panicked with everything going on. Your parents seems to be very nice people. Knowing that, I definitely have no regrets in saving William. He seems like an amazing guy. He will offer endless amount of support to both you and Maxine together, than I ever will. He will actually help this world. Unlike me, who seeked to destroy it. I’m very glad I traded my life for his.

Mom, thank you for trying to help me, all you can. There is no mother in the world that could have taken better care of me than you. I kept using too many excuses and there was nothing more you could have done. I love you, Mom. Please, my death has nothing to do anyone. This is my decision.

Little Max, this is very important. If you somehow stumble over here, I’m already deep in hell. But please, do not do anything to save me. I destroyed everything, and somehow I lost all my powers after it. I couldn’t see the two moons in the sky anymore, or any rifts. Absolutely nothing. Everything spiraled down for me, and I realized there were no hope for me. I just wished I was able to save your Chloe and your parents in your timeline, so you have a good life. I shouldn’t have made it hard for you when you questioned about saving the Rachel in your timeline. I was selfish, because the Rachel in your timeline is a future version of me. She would have been my replacement. If you have her, there would absolutely be no reason for you to even care about me. I think I knew in the back of my head, nothing was going to go right in my timeline, but maybe somehow I could still have you. I don’t even know how, I was just being hopeful I guess. And because of my foolishness, you lost your best friend Chloe and your parents. I’m very sorry for that. Be strong, Max. Kate will guide you to a bright future. She loves you. I can tell. She may be shy, maybe even more shy than you are, and her religion probably holds her back. But if you show her your love, she’ll show it back to you. I just know it. Everyone loves you, Max. There’s a reason for that. Again, don’t save me. These timeless memories will forever embed into my soul for how evil of a person I’ve become. Changing reality will never fix that. If you bring me back to life, you will continue to torture me with all the terrible things I’ve done.

At the end of the road, there were no more doors for me to go, but for me to put myself out of my own misery. The world is a better place with me gone. Not just this world...both worlds.”

Rachel releases the letter, letting both papers fall back onto the desk.

I really was going to take my own life. Rachel squeezes her hand softly, feeling the sensation of the time freezing. So like back when I was in Downtown, when I fast forward, my body gets taken over. Except I don’t have time power? I still seem to have the knowledge of time travel power, but just unable to use it. She leans back, pressing her back against the chair, looking up at the ceiling. So for a month, I must have waited and waited, hoping one day my time travel powers will come back so I can reset everything. As my life continues to spiral downwards, with no chance of bouncing back. She glances around the messy apartment, her eyes stopping at the empty area where Maxine’s bed used to be.

But it never came.

Her eyebrows trembles slightly as sadness creeps into her body, as she pieces together everything. So, would have I done the same thing? Take my own life if I lost my time travel powers? To go to that parking lot in Downtown, unable to have a second chance at life to make things right. Growing resentful and frustrated of everything in this timeline and especially with myself. And for Maxine and Chloe to hate you as well… Her vision becoming blurry and the tears were getting too hard to hold in, but still hanging on because her head is tilted upwards to the ceiling. To lose everything, your job, your money, basically everyone in your life. She blinks her eyes as a tear flows down freely both side of her cheeks. She looks at the trash can by her legs, seeing an envelope teared in half. Leaning over, she picks it up, scanning it quickly. It says 'Arcadia Bay Civil Complex Center', as well as red text that says 'Court Summon'. It has to be the court summoning papers for the restraining order that Maxine filed against her. She threw it back into the trash with frustration, falling back into her chair. Her tormented mind continues, And unable to see Max in the other timeline to at least give the gift of a better life for her, as a small redemption to your soul. And as well as unable to go back Long Beach, to fully reset my life by saving Dad. If the other Rachel lost her powers before she could change it all, would she have taken her own life, as well?

Rachel looks at her hand. I have no one to blame but myself. She thinks back about the warm feeling that she had with Chloe and Maxine, just seemed like yesterday in the previous timeline. Of her talking to Chloe in her room, about saving her father. How close they became. And the phone call with Maxine, and how touching it meant to her. She now regrets that she decided to go straight back to Downtown instead of going back to see Maxine first. It would have totally been different. She was teasing and goofing around with me. Not anything like...this.

“Whatever timeline we’ll end up, and if we ever get separated or if we get lost, promise to come back to me, okay?” Chloe’s voice echoes into her mind.

A much younger Maxine’s voice echoes in the past. “Rachel, we will always be together.”

No… We won’t, Maxine.

I’m not going to change back anything. Now I know Chloe and Maxine hates me in this timeline, there no way I’m going to change this just to make them love me. Why even live a lie? Why pretend people love you when they really don’t love you? If this is the final dark path for me, then I’m going to take it.

Rachel looks at her phone for a moment, spacing out on it. But Chloe...Just maybe... She interrupts her train of thoughts and grabs her car keys on the desk.

Rachel Amber

Outside Price Residence

September 23th, 2016 8:31 PM

Rachel parks her car in the quiet peaceful neighborhood, just a house over from Chloe’s. The street is quiet but is illuminated with lights from tall standing lamp posts, spaced generously throughout the street. There were scattered amount of cars, parked on the street, as there are people staying in this Friday evening.

The night continues to remain over her, slowly depleting any remaining composure left in the blonde. She gets hit by the sudden feeling of deja vu. The last time she was here, she was getting ready to explain her time power that will save Chloe’s father. This time, everything is completely different. She is hoping that Chloe may accept her apology. But not knowing if she already rejected or shunned by her.

Rachel has become so attached and reliant on her powers, that she is starting to deteriorate as a human being. As well as all the dark events and memories that she has to live with, whether or not they are part of this timeline or the past ones, is slowly ripping apart her already broken mind.

She gazes out the window at the two moons still looking down on her. Then her eyes drifts down to her weakened hand, who is tied tightly with a cloth, to keep the pressure on the wound. Flexing her hands, it lets out a very faint red puff of smokes. I do still have my powers...

Rachel gets blinded by a pair of headlights driving towards her direction, causing her to squint her eyes. It is Chloe’s truck, pulling into the driveway followed by a green sedan, also pulling up right beside it. There is no tall fences or bushes blocking her view, but she slides her body down a little, to make sure she doesn’t get spotted.

In Chloe’s truck, William was the driver with Joyce riding shotgun right next to her. She opens the back door, letting out the two girls, Chloe and Maxine hops out from the backseat.

Rachel’s breath stops for a moment, as she presses her lips tightly together, seeing the sight of those two girls right next to each other. Almost like two kids playfully jumping out of their parent’s car to play. Maxine is wearing a black cap, which isn't something she normally do. Her hair is tied up in a small ponytail and actually looks shorter. There is silly birthday-looking hat, placed awkwardly on top of her cap.

Shit, that’s right. Her birthday just passed. Her 21th birthday. Rachel grasps at her own body but still trying to keep her left arm flat as possible. The bleeding has toned down but her body is still severely weakened and cold. She really did try to end her life back in her apartment.

Rachel lowers the passenger window, creeping her ear closer to see if she can eavesdrop their conversation.

Two people walks out the green sedan. It’s Vanessa and Ryan Caulfield. Joyce walks over, standing in front of the garage door, gesturing them with her hand. “Come on in you guys, I have some wine Vanessa, since you didn’t get to drink.”

“Yes, Ryan did enough for all of us. Including my Maxine and she just turned twenty one.” Vanessa lets out a playful laugh. “I may have a small glass, because later I have to drive over to...Well you know…” She looks over at her stumbling drunken daughter, being held by the tall blonde. “Honey, don’t bump into Chloe. Her ribs still hurts.”

“I’m okay, Mrs. Caulfield. I got her.” Chloe says in a very calm tone, continues holding onto Maxine’s quiet hunched body.

Both the Prices and Caulfields and the two girls lagging in the back, walks into the house, slamming the door and silencing the cool air of the evening.

I remember in the other timeline, when we went back in time to that restaurant where they dressed as pirates, Max's father said when Max turns 21, he would have a drinking contest with her. So that night did actually come, but in this timeline.

Rachel puts her window back up, and getting out of the car. There’s a side door to the house, as she makes her way towards it. She quietly opens it, making sure it doesn’t squeak loud or scrape against the ground to attract any unwanted attention.

The backyard gets illuminated with a bright golden glow as someone flips on the lights in the house, at least the back part of it. Rachel carefully creeps slowly towards it, making sure her footsteps remain unnoticed. There is a line of bushes that wraps around the backyard, as she ducks down to hide behind it, slowly creeping her way around the back yard, making sure to be extra careful and quiet to not accidentally step on a twig to disturb the inhabitants of the house.

She dips her head up, peering over the bushes and through the glass sliding door to the dining room of the house. The parents are a little harder to see as they’re more towards the front portion of the house. Seems like they could be doing some tour or maybe just engaged in some conversation in that section of the house.

Both the young women were steadily making their way to the dining room. Chloe is walking slowly still grasping at her right ribs, as Maxine politely pulls out the chair for the injured blonde to sit down.

Once the blonde sits down carefully on the seat, Maxine takes off her birthday hat, and stuffs it on top of Chloe’s head in a playful manner. She doesn’t do anything to defend herself from the assault, instead she flutters her eyes closed, still gently holding onto her right ribs.

Maxine sees this, halting any further playful abuse she was planning to do. She runs her soft fingertips along the sides of the poor girl, then onto her bruised ribs, massaging it. Chloe drops the hand that was holding onto her side, welcoming the warm touch from the brunette.

For a moment, she relaxes to the comforting touch. Then Chloe opens her eyes, dipping her head up, as both of their eyes meet together with the brunette. Even from Rachel’s perspective, and under the golden glow of the hanging light above them, you can see the love and warmth in their face. As much as there is tenderness in their stare, there is also a strong hint of melancholy in both of their expressions.

There's a bruise right next by Maxine's left eye, on her temple. Her bangs were covering it before but you can see the discoloration in her skin, as her hair hangs loosely away from it. Rachel's eyes widen in shock, as she slowly looks down at her right trembling bruised knuckles. I punched her, too. I... Rachel looks back up, shaking her head with her lips pressed, again more evidence of the monster she has become.

Through the window, Maxine dips her head down, pressing her warm lips onto Chloe's forehead, and just leaving it there for a good moment.

Rachel looks on with an indifferent stare, not happy but also not sad. She thinks back at the scene where both families were together in that restaurant, in the other timeline.

“You’re lying, little Max.” Chloe’s voice echoes into her head.

A young pirate Max, sobbing through her throat, “I love all you guys.” Vision of the dinner table with the Caulfield and Price family flickers in Rachel’s vision. “And…I love you, Chloe…”

The way those two look at each other, you can tell they’re in love with each other. You don’t need me to be happy Maxine. You have your parents. And there’s Chloe. She’s your real soulmate. Even in both timelines, there is no separating of you two. You don’t need me at all. You never did. Rachel looks at her wrist, wrapped up with a bloodied rag. Then she leans back, looking up in the sky with the two moons.

“Eventually, I’ll fade out of existence from everyone.”

She looks at her right hand, with soft red flames glowing on it, illuminating her body. What the point of hiding behind my powers, when everyone else out there don’t like me? I’m ready to move forward, now.

She gazes at the dancing fiery flames, thinking about how Chloe in the previous timeline was very affectionate towards her. But she now knows it is only because she had the power to save William and alter her future. Now, she thinks about Max in the other timeline. Her, as well...She also only cares about me because I can save Chloe and her parents. The red smokes slowly blinds into her vision, numbing her senses as well. Yeah definitely. I’m not even from her timeline. She has even less reason to care for me.

There is a short moment of silence, Rachel fidgets her head, pressing her lips down. She sniffs her nose to hold it in the best she could.

Little Max. I’m going to accept my fate in this timeline, but before I go...I will get you your blue haired pirate. Okay, Max? I’m going to use my power to save her, so you don’t have to sad anymore. You guys will continue your pirate adventures together. With her and your parents, you will be happy. I want you to be happy.

Her changing surrounding flickers into her vision for a moment, not sure if it is real or just a strong recollection. She is back at Blackwell Academy, with the brightness of the sunlight beaming through the opened doors, briefly stunning her for a moment. She is standing right behind Max who is leaning in close to her dying blue haired Chloe, resting on a gurney. This is a memory from one of the trip she did in the other timeline.

Max gives a kiss to Chloe’s forehead, sending a lukewarm feeling deep into Rachel’s stomach. A mixed feeling of happiness and loneliness blends together in an unruly fashion inside her. The two girls look dearly into each other eyes, but not at all acknowledging Rachel’s existence, despite being right next to them. Rachel weakly reaches out her uneasy hand towards them, that just maybe, they would turn around to give her a look. But they remain perfectly fixated with each other, without a single thought or care for her. In the other timeline, I'm dead and forgotten. And in my timeline... Her tears were running down wildly, on both side of her face. There is no differences. It's all the same. She will always look onto them from the distant, as well as everyone in the world not knowing what she did. She will always remain the enigmatic being that no one knew or cared for.

The vision whitens again, and washes away as dark reality of the cold night comes back.

“Just be happy, Little Max. I want you to be.” Rachel presses her lips, as fresh new hanging tears on her eyes, shrouds her visions, turning it into a golden pattern of colors. Weakly, she mutters quietly, “Promise me, okay?”

Chapter Text

Max Caulfield

Cedar Park

October 9th, 2003 4:47 PM

The sun hovers low to the horizon in the late autumn afternoon. Along with the bustling leaves swaying on the tree as an indicator for the families to depart for their warmer homes. Signs of life is slowly dwindling away from the playground. Only scattered screaming and giggling from children, echoes across the rusty play area.

An old compact SUV is parked at the edge of the park, with its maroon paint peeling off, exposing the rusted metal beneath it. The back window hums, as it lowers before stopping halfway. A small blonde girl sticks her head out of it, and shouts with enthusiasm, “Bye Maxine!” Her voice along with her cute flailing catches the attention of the nearby brunette.

Max turns around with a grin instantly appearing on her face, “Bye Chloe!” She waves back at the car, that slowly pulls out, joining the traffic on the main road. She keeps waving in an adorable fashion until the car went out of sight. The young girl looks up at her mother, tugging at the bottom of her aqua colored shirt, “Mom, will I get to see her again?”

The beautiful woman with a dark brunette ponytail, is preoccupied with consolidating food into containers on the bench table. The tiny girl lets out a whine at her mother’s lack of attention. Vanessa quickly replies to her daughter but remaining focused on her task, “Well, I got their number. And they said they live nearby here. Maybe we can have dinner another day.”

The disappointment quickly erases from her face, as her eyes light up with joy. “Yay! Mom!” The brunette makes a few short hops in the air, clapping her hands. “Chloe is fun!”

The mother nods her head with a grin, “Yeah she is a very sweet girl. She’s only a year older than you, too.” She pauses looking at her husband, who is tossing the plates smeared with grease and barbecue sauce into the trash can. “Honey, can you collect Maxine’s toys?” She tips her nose in the direction of the small stuffed bear and doll at the edge of the table.

“Sure thing,” the father nods without looking back.

“Play around here, sweetie. We’ll leave in a few minutes.”

“Okay!” The tiny girl does a few skips with her tiny legs, fueled with uncontrolled energy and joy. She prances her way towards the center of the small park with the playground roundabout. Just when she is about to hop on it, she sees a blonde girl sitting on the swing. She is barely moving at all, but enough to make a faint squeaky sound. She has long hair, and her head is draped down like she is very well invested in her thoughts.

Maxine shuffles her small feet, around the roundabout, and heading towards the lonely girl. Feeling still filled with delight with just making friends with the other blonde girl, she exclaims cheerfully, “Hi! I’m Maxine. What’s your name?” The scene flickers for a moment, switching to a gray undertone then back to the normal vibrant colors. The smile slowly disappears from the young brunette’s face, as she asks in a stern voice. “Rachel?”

The girl presses her lips together, her head slowly looks up revealing her face. “Max...are you doing okay?”

A little caught off-guard by the question, Max interlocks her fingers together in front of her chest, like she is praying. “I’m doing okay. Did I accidentally go back in time, somehow?”

“No, this is just a dream. So I’m still dead.” She says it nonchalantly, with an absence of any emotions. “And no, I’m not that other Rachel. I cannot save your Chloe and your parents like that other Rachel can.”

Max nods her head softly, acknowledging. “No, it’s okay.” She flutters her eyes closed for a moment. “I’m being selfish, huh?”

“I think it is just more of self-interest. You have to look out for yourself sometimes, to be happy. Your parents...and Chloe.” The girl releases her hands from the swing and crosses them over her body. “Sometimes what benefits you, will become an obstacle for someone else. Everything always has a consequence.”

There is a brief silence between the girls, as they just peer at each other. Max is uncertain what the cryptic blonde girl is getting at if she is referring to some past event that she is unaware of or consequences in the future. Trying not to dwell on it anymore, the brunette changes the subject in a calm tone, “You’re a ghost, aren’t you?”

“I’m not decaying or bloody as I should be, huh?” There is a slight sly smile on her, but still an absence of any happiness in her. “I didn’t scare you as much as your mom did huh?”

“My mom…” Max raises her eyebrows, with curiosity. “How did you...?”

“Time travel powers seem to have some side effects with the...spirits. Or whatever you want to call it.” The blonde shrugs her shoulders, “And for a total lack of better words, they can sorta take control of a time traveler.” Her eyes widen, throwing both her hands up to neutralize any distress. “Don’t be startled, but in a way, I’m kind of...taking control of you right now.”


“Don’t worry I’m not here to hurt you. Neither was your mother. Quite the opposite, actually.” She puts her hands down, sensing the calmness from the brunette. “We just want you to be okay.”

Max nods her head, “I know. And I thank you.” Deep down inside, the brunette isn’t actually certain about anything with this Rachel, or the impact that she has made towards her. But if what she thinks is true, then maybe this Rachel deserves the benefit of the doubt. Even if Max does not have any recollections of it at all.

“I know I was selfish and stubborn. How I avoided you completely. And I tried to with Chloe. But I really wanted us to be together. All of us.” The blonde girl closes her eyes. “Max, I want to live.” Her eyes open filled with sorrow. “Save me please.”

Vanessa didn’t ask for the same thing when she communicated to Max through the phone the previous morning. Maybe she wanted her daughter to be strong and brave the future, instead of reliving an endless cycle, of an uncertain future. She indirectly entrusted Kate to be the guardian for her daughter.

The brunette dips her head down, a little ashamed. “I want to Rachel, but you know I can’t.”

“I know. You have to convince the other version of me to help you. Her power is...ridiculously powerful. And she’s not even fully aware of it all. I don’t like her taking control of my body. It’s just wrong...Even if she is me.”

Max nods her head slowly, not at all disagreeing what she is saying. “Yeah her power is insane.” Her head stops for a moment, peering deeply into the blonde’s hazel eyes. “So you don’t like it when she enters your body?”

Rachel shakes her head, “Not at all. I know she only did it that one time with you. I know what she is feeling sometimes because I been through it. At least I think so. But is just...wrong. For her to invade my body. I can feel her coursing through my body. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it still feels all your privacy is being invaded.” She lets out a sigh of frustration. “I mean I belong here, don’t I? Not her...”

“I didn’t think about it that way. I’m sorry Rachel.”

“Think about how much destruction she can do. You have to make it so she saves both, me and Chloe. But somehow tell her to never come back.” The blonde girl presses her lips tightly, with a stern look “You have to. Her emotions will destroy us all.”

The brunette looks disappointed. Words come out softly in her tight throat, “I’ll...try.”

“No, you have to.” Rachel’s voice is unrelenting. “I know you don’t remember it. Because it was my fault. But Max... I loved you. And I still do.” She flutters her eyes closed.

The brunette looks onto the peaceful blonde angel, with an anxious look. The scene slowly dissolves into a white flame.

Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : Room 219

October 14th, 2013 8:57 AM

The scene fades from white then back to a cool darkness. She hears some low muffled noises and voice as if she is submerged underwater.

“Max?…” a soft voice filled with concern, awakens the brunette to a stir. “Max?” The voice becoming more crisp and clear.

“Mmm…” A groan slips out of her mouth, her eyes slowly open, looking up towards the bright ceiling at the blurry figure. With each blink of her eyes, the shapes in her vision coalesce more into focus. Another angel with a blonde hair-bun looks down with her warm, welcoming eyes. “Kate?” She forces the name out her tired, thick throat.

Kate does a quick wave of her hand, “Max. Good morning, umm…” She pouts her lips, looking down at the rest of the brunette’s body.

The brunette’s eyes and mouth widens, slowly looking down at her body. Finding her body to be rolled and wrapped up very tightly in the blanket.

“Yeah, you were tossing and turning. Somehow you wrapped yourself like an egg roll.” Kate presses her lips together, a soft grin emerges. “I didn’t want to say anything but then you rolled off your bed.” She presses her knuckles into her lips, muffling her adorable giggle. She kneels close to the wrapped up brunette, leaning in close. She grabs the back of her head, gently running her fingers through the brown hair, “I’m so sorry. I could have prevented this. Does it hurt?”

Max wiggles her body, getting some slack off the blanket. “I’m okay,” she lifts her neck off the ground for a moment, but then lets out a grunt of failure, falling back to the ground. There isome slight pain, as she pinches her shoulders back, to give a stretch, to help relieve the mild aching pain. “My shoulders are a little sore, but I’m okay.”

Kate gently eases the brunette up from the ground, feeling the sweat on the back of her neck. “You had a nightmare. Was thinking about waking you up, but you didn’t get much sleep since we were out so late.”

The brunette pushes aside the blanket, letting her warm, sweaty body embraces the cool morning air. Her breath shivers from the abrupt change in temperature. The reality finally sets in, reminding the event from yesterday. She murmurs quietly into the air, “Mom...Dad...”

Kate’s cheery face disappears, her mouth turns into a frown. There is nothing she can really do at this moment, other than giving a warm rub to the mourning brunette’s back. “Max, sorry...I have to get ready soon.” She looks over at the couch, at the stack of papers and brochures. They were the paper works for the funeral, including the selection of coffins, and time of service. Obviously, most of the paper works still need input from the daughter and will take a few days, but the church girl is helping with the organization of the papers and providing some insights. Trying to avoid saying certain words that will invoke more sadness into the photographer, “I will help you out later after the stand, okay? We’ll come back, here.”

The church girl gets up, leaving the brunette lying on the floor. Kate is already dressed in her usual attire, with the blue cardigan, white buttoned shirt, skirt, and her bag, all readied to go. The brunette rolls over on all fours, giving her back a stretch as well as a deep breath. She mutters, “Kate, I’ll be there. Just let me take my time, okay?”

Kate nods her head, her lips pressed tightly. “Sure thing, Max. Don’t hesitate to call, if you need anything.” She kneels back down, again, slowly pressing her cheeks into the back of the brunette’s hair. The warmth and comfort are soothing. For a moment they just held that position in complete silence.

With the car accident, the mourning hasn’t even fully sink in yet. Since then, so many things has happened, yet it only been a day. Stronger bonds have been created. If the Rachel in the other timeline is able to reset it, she will bring all the happiness in Max’s life back. As a consequence, it will undo everything that has happened since, including all the bonding moments with Kate. Along with an uncertain future. And if Rachel is unable to reset everything, the church girl will have to be the angel that will guide Max through the hard times.

“Thanks, Kate.” Max finally breaks the silence, causing the church girl to slowly pull back. “Just give me some time, I’ll meet up with you, okay?”

Kate stands back up tall, nodding her head. “Yes Max, please take your time.” She opens the door, giving one last glance at the brunette, who is still lying on her two hands, and her face is obscured. Her eyes drift down with slight melancholy, and slowly slips out the room.

Silence returns back to the room, other than the soft indistinct humming of the vents and very faint breathing sounds. Her fingers tremble like she wants to claw out the carpet from underneath her. She didn’t want the church girl to see her breakdown. Seeing her parents and Chloe again in her dream was devastating.

I want Chloe, my Mom and Dad back. Please Rachel...Help me...

Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Prescott Dormitory : Girl’s Showers 3F

October 14th, 2013 9:28 AM

Max lets the hot streams of water continuously beat down her back, as she just stands motionless with a myriad of thoughts in her head. She went upstairs to the third floor which has fewer inhabitants than the other floors, for some reason. And waited for the morning rush to died down, so she can have the showers in a more peaceful setting, free of usual giggling and laughter from the other girls.

The dream she just had is a bit fuzzy but she remembers her conversation with Rachel. Now she thinks about what she could have been doing behind the scene, how many time trips she did, and how many years she lived through. Then she thinks about the other Rachel, the one that can help her.

“After this, I don’t think I’ll ever see you again. I hope you understand.” Past words from the Rachel from the other timeline echoes into her mind.

“What’s the point of me coming here? I’ve served my only purpose to you.” Her voice continues into Max’s mind. Perhaps it is true, sometimes in this world, you have to be driven by your own self-interest and worry about yourself. You can never please everyone.

The other Rachel...the Rachel that contacted and helped me. Will I ever see her again? What if she died trying to save Chloe’s father? No… I need her. I need her to save everyone. Mom. Dad. And Chloe. Max pauses her thoughts, her throat thickening too much. She wanted to help me. So it’s fine...right?

“M-Max? Like...Dorky Little Max?” The friendly voice of that Rachel, plays in her head.

Max falls down to a squat, as the hot streams rain over her head. She grasps on the locks of hair on her head, pulling it in frustration. Eventually, some tears creep out of her eyes, running down her face, as she finally stops holding in the sorrow in her.

Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - Main Campus

October 14th, 2013 10:17 AM

Max walks out of the dormitory section and into the main campus. Her fingers gripping tightly on the messenger bag, as if she needs it for that sensation of security. Inside the bag, is her journal, camera, and all the photos that she was looking at last night. The prom night picture, blue butterfly in the restroom, everything. In case, Rachel may pop up anytime, to grant her wish, she may need all the tools she can possibly get if needed. With time travel you can never be certain. Rachel could come now, tomorrow, months, years, or possibly never. She could be holding her breath, for a moment that will never come and be disappointed in the very end.

The schoolyard out in front of the brown rustic school, is filled with life. Students chattering among each other, skaters alternating turns on attempting a tre flip, football jocks playing catch. The brunette hardly even acknowledges her fellow students, not even making an attempt to put any recognizable faces on them, as her eyes remain completely focused on the concrete trail that leads to the main school entrance. She didn’t have any ear buds on, blasting her favorite Syd Matters songs, to drown out the outside world, this time. Instead, her own thoughts is enough to do that on its own.

The other Rachel, that I have been talking to. She may have been spawned from a miracle or maybe even a disaster of something. The imagination for the brunette becomes more dark, as she digs into the crack for anything to wrap her confused head around. Maybe in another timeline, all three of us were on our way to heaven, but time master Rachel didn’t want it to be the end for us. Because her and Chloe got murdered. And I possibly killed myself. But who really knows? The other Rachel, she very well could be a fake one or one that is spawned from this timeline. But at the same time...what is real? And what is fake? Maybe we are all fakes here. This could be a single damn instance out of an infinite amount of different timelines out there.

Max continues her way along the long concrete trail. She looks up into the bright sky, taking note of the two hovering moons, still looking down at her. It seems almost artificial or just an illusion, given how unreal it looks. The sound of her tennis shoes, kicking against the surface in rhythm, is the only sound that she can consciously hear in her zone. With these two moons out, her powers is way stronger. It also doesn’t seem to trigger any tornado. Maybe my powers have some physics energy misfiring that I’m unaware of. But so far, Rachel’s power seems to be tornado-free. At least with changes that I did in the past, like giving that simple kiss to Chloe when she was dying. Shit, I was really ballsy to make that change in the past without even thinking. I couldn’t think straight at that moment, seeing her dying right in front of me. And I couldn’t even do anything about it. But nothing bad happened out of it, except everyone knows of my love for Chloe.

Max arrives at the base of the concrete stairs, looking up at the entrance. She lingers at the bottom of the steps, moving off to the side by the railing to make sure she isn’t in anyone’s way. She looks off to the far distant of the courtyard, spacing out without a care in this world.

To save Chloe, that will be easy. I will just guard the damn door on the outside, and Nathan wouldn’t dare to come in. It’s the women’s restroom, he shouldn’t even be there in the first place. But Rachel? How do I even prevent her death? I can stop her before anything happens to her. But how early? It’s already almost half a year since her death. Nathan will definitely get away. Which maybe...not too bad, I guess? Shit. But what about Mark Jefferson? He has been doing these things even before Rachel. I could give the tip off to David Madsen where the Dark Room is. But will he even believe me? His researches are way behind back than they are now. He was suspecting Rachel for drug trafficking, and probably had a total different paranoid mindset back then. He only later became more thorough with his research starting after Rachel’s disappearance. After her death.

Max turns back towards the stairs, casually shifting the strap on the messenger bag, giving a slight relief to her aching shoulder from the weight of it. She makes her way up the flight of stairs, and through the red double doors.

Max Caulfield

Blackwell Academy - 1F

October 14th, 2013 10:21 AM

The hallway is filled with students engaged in conversations in their own mini circles. Some are walking in between classes as there are the 90-minute classes that start in about ten minutes. Near the entryway, there are a few stands with various different clubs, like drama, chess, video games/anime, and music. Most of these stands have several curious prospects crowding around the tables, engaging in discussion and questions. In the corner, is Kate’s lonely abstinence stand. It definitely seems to be the least popular by far, with just a beautiful redhead cheerleader and her skater boyfriend there.

Dana is crouched down, resting her chin on her flat hands on the lead-colored table of Kate’s stand. Her wide curious eyes with a perfectly intact sweet smile, as she listens with eagerness to what the church girl has to say. Right beside Dana is her boyfriend, Trevor who is standing tall, also listening with curiosity.

Kate is standing with straight posture, giving her speech to the two dedicated individuals. “...It is not about giving out promise ‘purity’ rings to tell everyone to be sexually inactive until marriage. I would never want to dictate or shame people for how they live their lives. The club is to promote awareness and have a friendly, and meaningful discussion among each other.”

Kate presses her lips together, forming a smile, as she finishes her speech. Her only two listeners give a subtle nod of acknowledgment, as the church girl’s eyes alternate between them for any further questions or comments.

Trevor scratches his head through his beanie, glancing over at his girlfriend then back at Kate. He lifts his hand, but it halts halfway up, with a confused look on his face. The church girl turns her attention to him, “Yes, Trevor?” with an inviting smile.

“I’m not sure if this is appropriate to ask…” Trevor’s eyes cower away for a moment. Dana looks up at her boyfriend with wide curious eyes.

Kate insists, bringing her hands in front of her, interlocking below her belly in a polite manner. “It is fine. I will try my best to answer it.”

“Okay.” Trevor snorts, ”Uh...what if...instead of having sex, I go jerk off instead. Is that considered sexual abstinence?”

Immediately, Dana squeezes her eyes closed in pure dismay. “Can’t believe you just said that.” Her head slips off the edge of the table, tilting forward, and burying itself in her two hands, where only her red ponytail is sticking up in the air.

Kate smiles, giggling on the inside. She tries her best to not explode into tears, trying to maintain composure.

Trevor looks at her humiliated girlfriend, “What?”

“Do you have no shame?” Dana mumbles with her face still buried.

“Well I mean…” Trevor stammering in her mouth, as he looks at the church girl for some acknowledgment. “I that context, is it not an honest question?”

“No, it isn’t wrong at all. It is a perfectly valid question.” Kate smiles, with blushing face, nodding her head to give some relief to the also red-faced skater. “The practice of…” Her eyes drift up to the ceiling, pondering the correct word. “Darn it, I can’t believe the word is just totally slipped out of my mind.”

“Jerking off?” Trevor’s eyes light up.

Kate instantly closes her eyes, with an even more reddened face and a nervous smile. “That’s not the word I want to say.” She hums in embarrassment and adorable way.

“Masturbation.” Dana suggests in a nonchalant voice, still with her head down.

“Yes, that’s it.” Kate’s face dips up, with pointing index finger in the air. “Ahem...the practice of masturbation is a great method to avoid sexual intercourse. A huge benefit of it is that it will prevent unwanted pregnancies.”

The red ponytail lowers, as Dana pulls back up. Her face reddened from embarrassment and laughter, but she nods her head calmly. “Definitely very good point.” Trevor nods his head as well, patting the back of Dana for comfort. The redhead pushes herself up, standing tall, “Well Kate, thank you so much for this.” She lets out a sunny smile, “I’m actually very interested in all this. You make an interesting point.”

“No…” Kate scurries around the table, and extends out her arms, embracing the cheerleader. “Thank you so much, Dana. It means a lot to me.”

The cheerleader squeezes her arms against the blonde girl as well, “I’m always here for you. Anytime, okay?”

“Mm-hmm,” Kate releases Dana, giving a last look at the beautiful redhead before turning to the skater.

“Yeah Kate, thanks for the talk.” Trevor nervously holds out his hand for a handshake.

“Don’t shake his hand, Kate.” The cheerleader squeals in a teasing fashion. “Now you know what he was doing this morning.”

The skater blushes, looking almost annoyed at his girlfriend, “Dana, come on!”

Kate laughs trying to break the awkward squabbling, “No it’s fine. I want to shake his hand.” She reaches to shake his hand with no hesitation, then switches to give him a hug. “Thanks, Trevor. It means so much that you came here to listen.”

Dana playfully wraps her arm around her boyfriend, looking over to sees the brunette photographer approaching them. “Max…” She leans around Trevor to get a better look. “Hey, did you sleep, alright?”

Max nods her head, trying to muster out her best smile. “I’m good, Dana. Thanks.”

Trevor turns around as well. “Maximus.” He sticks out his balled fist towards her. “You sure you’re all good?”

The brunette turns to the skater, her smile gaining a little more enthusiasm. She fist bumps the skater, “Thanks, Trevor. Yes, I am.”

Dana pulls her boyfriend, “That’s great to hear. But sorry, I’m about to be late for practices. We’ll catch up later, okay?”

Max waves off at the couple, with a soft smile. “Sure, thing.” The couple quickly dashes out of the hallway, and towards the stadium. Max, then turns her attention to the church girl, who has a content smile on her face. “Kate, I’m sorry about totally sleeping in.”

“No, you needed some good rest.” She reaches over, to fix the hipster’s hoodie jacket that is draping off her shoulder. “I’m actually glad you didn’t come earlier. I really want you to sleep in, as much as possible.”

“You have been amazing, Kate. How many people came to the stand?”

“Well…” Kate glances at the entrance where the couple just walked out of. “ just saw all of them.”

“Oh...hey not bad.” Trying to brighten the mood. “They’re great people.”

“Mm-hmm.” The blonde angel hums peacefully, but then her face turns to be more solemn. “Max, you really should rest for the day.”

The brunette shakes her head. “No, I’m not going to be mourning. Not yet.” Kate’s eyes widen with surprise, and her eyebrows arching high. “I have to, at least think about some things, in case Rachel comes. And in that moment, we have to change everything.”

Kate’s eyes drift to the side, and she pouts her lips. “You really are counting on her to save Chloe and your parents?”

“I am…” Max stares at the gloomy church girl. There’s something upsetting her, and the young photographer knows why. The main drawback of someone else knowing about the time rewind powers is that you’re just waiting for that moment. With a snap of a finger, a section of your life will be reverted back, including your memories. “I’m sorry. I mean, I don’t know for sure about anything.”

“I’ll protect you Max-” Kate pauses, as she shakes her head in disappointment. She holds out both of her hands in despair, looking all around her, “So none of this matters?” There is a tone of hopelessness in her voice, “My memory is going to get wiped too, huh?”

“No, I mean…” Max cuts herself off as disappointment also chokes the words out of her throat. Realizing she could be wiping everything clean, including all the events and memories. “Rachel did preserve your memory somehow, but…” She sniffs her nose, “It is very far back we’re traveling, so I don’t know if we can keep you.”

“Keep me?” she asks with her eyebrow raised. It is not the best choice of words, but Kate is sympathetic. “No, I understand.” She presses her lips into a frown. There is sadness in her face, but no tears in her eyes. Not yet. “You always helped me Max. And I know you will in the future. Yet, I will never have an idea of all the things you done for me.”

“Kate, I will always protect you.”

“I know you will.” Kate nods her head, trying her best to give a warm smile. “Max, if Rachel gives you the option to go back. Please do it, okay?” Her voice is invigorating. She reaches holding both of the brunette’s hands. “But before you do it, please say goodbye to me, okay?”

The brunette looks down at the soft hands, then back up, deep into Kate’s hazel eyes. There is warmth in Max’s face, in this tender moment. She didn’t want to say goodbye. She wants her to come back with her. But like with anything in life, nothing is ever certain. She wets her lips and gulping her throat to clear it. “I will Kate. I promise.”

Right next to the two girls is an older man with blonde hair, wearing a striped button shirt that seems to be tucked in a disorderly fashioned. In his hands, he is holding a bunch of papers, almost fumbling with them. He seems a bit disorganized and lost.

“He seems a bit lost,” Kate pouts her lips, noting at the man.

“Seems that way,” the brunette turns towards the puzzled man. She approaches him, “Excuse me, do you need any help, Mister?”

“Uh, I think I may have found it.” The man looks up at the sign that says ‘Principal Ray Wells’. “I was looking for the Principal office.” He points at the sign and gives a nervous chuckle.

“Ah yes. That’s it.” The brunette returns with a nervous laughter. “I’m Max Caulfield.” She holds out her hand.

“Oh hi, Max. I’m Bradley.” He reaches out his hand, shaking the short brunette. “Bradley Amber.”

“Amber?” Max’s eyes light up in surprise. “Are you related to Rachel Amber?”

“Yes. I’m her father. I’m here to have a talk with Principal Wells.”

“Oh…” Max takes a step back, finally releasing his hand. She points at herself, “I’m friend with Chloe Price. She was a friend of Rachel.”

“Oh I heard about Chloe, too. I’m so sorry.” His eyebrows furrow with his lips pressed thin.

“Yes, it is a tough loss.” Max closes her eyes for a moment, nodding her head slowly. “We both suffered a great loss.”

“Yes, we did.”

“I know this sounds strange.” She nervously pulls up the sleeves of her hoodie jacket, as she is starting to feel warm underneath it. “But could I have your mailing address? I would like to send a card to both you and your wife. For your losses.”

“Oh you shouldn’t have to.” He shakes his head, with both his hands raised.

Max insists, “Please, I would like to. Chloe was very important to me. And Rachel was very important to her.”

“I can give you Rachel’s mother address.” Bradley pulls out a pen from his front pocket and a small tab of paper. He begins writing the address on it, as Max stares on with curious eyes. Finally, he rips out the sheet and holds it out towards the brunette.

Max, with a preoccupied face, looks blankly at the sheet of paper extended towards her. So Rachel's parents are separated? In this timeline, her father survives... she must have cared about him greatly.She blinks her eyes, regaining focus of her sense. She asks the casual question that is burning inside of her. “Mr. Amber, were you very close with Rachel?”

"Of course I-..." He stammers his words for a moment, giving a peculiar and curious look at the brunette. The expression of the father suddenly becomes sour, as he begins reading too deeply into Max's words. “Never mind.” He grumbles and pulls the paper back abruptly, ripping it in half and he quickly throws it into the nearby trash can. “I’m sorry I have to get going.” He walks away in an urgent fashion, opening the door that leads to the reception area of the Principal’s office and slamming it.

“Okay...Now what was that all about? You asked him a legit question.” Kate repeats herself again, who has been spectating all of this. She hurries towards the brunette with confused eyes.

Max stares at the windowed door that the mourning father went through with a puzzled look. Okay that was really weird. But judging from his facial expression, something went bad between him and Rachel. She quickly turns towards the trash can, quickly removing the head of it, dropping it onto the ground.

“Max...what are you...” Kate looks on in horror, seeing the hipster about to dig into the trash can.

Max immediately spots the two ripped pieces, easily on top of the other trash. Thankfully, most of the trash are dry, so it isn’t too filthy. The brunette pulls it out and pieces them together. ‘Elizabeth Amber...2311 Nestucca Ave, Arcadia Bay, OR’.

This is good to know. Just in case, I need to know the parents’ address.

Kate quickly picks up the trash can head and quickly covers it back, as it is starting to generate a small scene among the nearby students. “Max! What are you doing?”

“Kate, Elizabeth Amber, 2311 Nestucca Ave, Arcadia Bay, OR. That is Rachel’s mother and her address. Can you remember that?...” The brunette’s heart is pounding from the sudden rush. “...Nevermind. I’ll just keep this paper.” She slips the two pieces of paper into her bag, securing it somewhere in her journal notebook.

Kate blinks her eyes rapidly, slowly nodding her head. “Okay...”

“Max…” A familiar voice with disapproval in her tone.

Max turns around seeing Victoria, Taylor, and Courtney. Even with the boldness and confidence, the brunette has been slowly gaining, she is still intimidated by the sight of the three girls. The ones that bullied her and Kate. The three girls, however, shows more compassion this time around, instead of their usual conceited looks. “Umm...hey.” The best words that Max can muster up at the pit of her belly.

“What were you doing with the trash can? That’s gross…” The Queen Bee pouts her lips in disgust, scoffing.


The snobby girl’s glaring eyes soften, sensing the reservation in the hipster. “That was Rachel’s father, isn’t it?” She points over at the Principal’s office.

“You know him?”

“I’ve seen him a few times. Heard he isn’t too great of a person.”

“Really? What did he do?”

“I don’t know.” The tall pixie-cut blonde crosses her arms, shaking her head. “Rachel just hated him.” Seems like it something Victoria sympathizes somewhat. Being disappointed or being placed under intense pressure by their parents.


All the girls look at each other with awkwardness and nervousness for a short moment. Then finally Victoria speaks up, “We were going to go to the Civil Center area.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Max replies back with annoyance.

“Listen, I don’t have to tell you.” The blonde girl rubs the back of her hand onto her forehead like she is coming down with a migraine. “Nathan’s sister Kristine, is in town to see him. There is a lot of protesting going on, thinking she is there to try and bail her brother out of jail or something.” She rudely mutters in the end, “The Prescotts Power.”

The brunette’s eyes and lips widen in pure shock, “What?!?!”

“Yes!” Victoria retorts, for a second being defensive against the abrupt outcry from Max. She lets out a puff of air, to calm her nerves. “I was wondering if you were interested in skipping class and join us to see the whole fuss.”

Max still all riled up, clenches her teeth. “Yes I am, that’s beyond fucked up.” She turns around, seeing the quiet church girl who is observing the whole time. She anxiously, twists her shoe, against the squeaky tile floor. Her voice softens to almost a whisper, “Umm…”

“Just go with them.” Kate tugs on her cuffs, and she sputters, “I’ at my stand.”

Max turns her body to face her, “Kate, this is important to you, too.” She pauses, sensing the uneasiness in her body language and realizing she may be pushing too hard on her friend. “Oh…”

Taylor clenches her fist and takes a deep breath, taking a step towards the fragile church girl. “Kate, we can fit five people in Victoria’s car. You’re…” Her voice gets cut out, probably her anxiety is choking the air out of her lungs. She takes a breath and continues, “...welcome to join us, if you like.”

“I’m okay.” Kate replies quickly, trying to remain cordial, but getting impatient. “I’ll just… go by later.”

“No, I…” Victoria steps forward but immediately freezes her path, unable to give direct eye contact to the church girl. Knowing what she did to her and the suffering she has caused.

Max walks up close, only a few inches from Kate’s face, so the other girls can’t hear her. “Kate, I’m here for you. If you’re uncomfortable, I’ll stay here with you.”

Kate’s eyes glances to the side, her throat is getting tight all of the sudden. “It’s just that Victoria...she is the one recorded and uploaded the video. You even said it. She hasn’t even admitted to it, yet. But I’m still very upset at her for that.” She gulps her thick throat, to give it some relief. “I have to put up with many things with bullies at this school, as well as my family. I don’t bring up the suffering I’m having, because you are going through your own suffering, as well. I don’t want you to worry about me. But I just need some time...”

“Katie...umm.” Victoria pops up right behind Max’s shoulder. Her eyes are apologetic, despite unable to maintain constant contact. “I’m sorry for everything. We can offer you a ride there and back. It’s more of a gesture because we know you went through a lot with everything. And to find out about Nathan…” She also in deep distress that her good friend Nathan, has committed murder and partaken in such terrible acts with Jefferson. She tries her best to squash her frustration and remaining positive and objective, “What I’m trying to say is you can accept our ride but you can still keep hating us. And you don’t have to even say a single thing to us either if you don’t want.” She lets out a sigh, and her voice became more sincere and calm. “We deserve it and we’re very sorry.”

Kate glares at Victoria with some bitterness and obstinacy, but her expression lightens up looking at her brunette friend. She whispers to her, “I’ll do it, Max. But only because I’m interested in the commotion. I can’t talk or look at them in the eyes. So please be close to me.” She reaches her hands out. Almost instinctively, the brunette interlocks her fingers with the tormented blonde girl. A faint grin emerges from Kate from the affection.

Max looks at her, deep into her eyes, “I will Kate. Thanks. I also want to talk to Victoria about Rachel. See if I can learn anything more.”

The subtle grins disappear from Kate. She presses her lips tightly together, wetting them. “Max, you are really hoping for that, huh?” She nods her head with affirming eyes. With each nod, her head slowly starts draping down. “I mean I understand. But…” She closes her eyes for a moment. “I really want to be with you, Max. Six months that’s…” She blows out a puff of air through her nose. “Gosh, it’s almost like the apocalypse. The end of the world can happen anytime. All it takes is just your command.” She looks up with almost frightened eyes.

Max stammers, “I...I don’t know what to say. I mean, I’m not even sure if she’ll come back to me. Or hell, even listen to me.”

“You don’t have to say anymore about it. Again, Max. Please tell me first before you go back, okay?”

Max nods her head solemnly. “I will, Kate.”

Kate lets out a smile, to put light on the dark topic. “I’ll go pack up this stand real quick.”

“Let me help you…”

“I’m good. Thanks, Max. It’s not much.” She quickly stacks a couple of notebooks, and collects all the pens and pencils, storing them in a pencil box. She peels out the large paper that said ‘Abstinence Club’, and rolled it up in a hurried fashioned. “See, I’m all done.”

“Cool.” Max smiles, nodding her head. “Yeah, we’re ready to go.” She gives a soft nudge to the church girl’s arm. “Both of us.”

If the other Rachel does come back to this timeline, just with a snap of her fingers. Not just one day, or one week, but possibly six months can all be reset. For a chance to make a better tomorrow for the trio, and Max’s parents. The price to pay is a reset of an angel, who Max only knew for less than two months but since then, has guided her through her darkest times. She would be the backup plan if things go awry. She would be the angel to guide Max through her growing pains and lasting depression, to ensure she will live a long happier life. But still, she is just a backup plan. In the grand scheme of things, it is a small price to pay, when you could have your best friend, and your parents back in exchange of wiping out Kate’s memory. Rachel did preserve her memory on time, but it may not be possible with an extended rewind the spans either from a week or a six months.

And top of all that, there’s Rachel. Chloe’s lover. The myth. Just like William’s death, nothing can ever be certain anymore once you change something that far back. Nathan and Jefferson may not be punished for their crime. Instead, something else could seep in, to alter the course of fate.

Chapter Text

Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay Civic Center

October 14th, 2013 11:43 AM

The dark clouds begins sweeping in, slowly filling the sky, showing signs that rain may soon drench the town later today. The five girls skips out on the rest of the school day with hardly any hesitation, riding in Victoria’s new Mercedes S65 heading straight to the downtown section of Arcadia Bay. The spacious luxury interior of the car, along with the smooth humming of the ride, makes it a rather pleasant feel, despite being at capacity. But perhaps, a little too smooth, as the entire ride is mostly an awkward silence or the occasional nervous one liners. Strange as some of the passengers are some of the biggest gossipers of Blackwell Academy. Despite the lack of confrontation for an apology, the group remains somewhat cordial with each others.

Upon arriving at the parking lot of the civic center, there were already a big crowd swarming at entrance of the police station. The doors were blocked off by a measly amount of officers, that seems like mere sand bags defending against a tsunami. There were constant shouting and hollering, people carrying signs that says ‘Prescott Corruption is Arcadia Bay’s Pollution’ or ‘The Law Cannot be Trusted With Prescotts in Town’ just to name a few. There were some smaller crowds that looks rather suspicious, gathering around some parked police cruisers. Possibly contemplating about vandalizing or starting a fire if unfavorable news arrive to them.

The Mercedes parks at a good isolated location from the mob, as each of the girls get out in with exhilaration.

Taylor shields her eyes from the blinding sun, surveying the distant. “Do you really think we should join them?”

The five girls gazes at the shouting mob with pressed lips and puppy dog eyes. They were rather subdued by the overwhelming behaviors of the crowd. They never have seen anything like this before in the normally peaceful hick town of Arcadia Bay.

“Let’s…” Victoria stretches her voice for a measure, her head hovering over to the nearby structures, “...check out those buildings, next to the police station.” She points towards the tall, wood-textured building that could function as a safer spectating haven. She paces for the building, followed by her two cronies.

Max secures the messenger bag on her shoulder and looks back at the timid, blonde church girl who has been practically mute the entire car ride. She reaches out her hand with an inviting smile, “Come on Kate, let’s see if there’s anything interesting.”

Kate looks at the extended hand from the kind brunette, then her usual smile reemerges back. They interlocks their fingers together, pulling herself closer to the bolder brunette. “Sure.”

Max lets out a nervous smile, with her teeth showing, closing her eyes and rubbing the back of her neck. “We may not find anything interesting, but my mind does feel better getting away from that school.” She continues to walk, still holding onto the sweet blonde’s hand. The thought that everything could have been different last night if it weren’t with the help with Rachel’s rewind, to preserve the church girl’s memories. Could things went a much different route? Kate did go chasing after Max, like the perfect guardian angel she is. Rachel’s rewind also did allow the church girl to believe the unbelievable supernatural powers, which must be crushing for her. But despite all that, Max is grateful. Smiling, she squeezes her fingers tighter, “I’m very glad you’re here with me.” They both picks up the walking pace, still maintaining eye contact.

Kate smiles back, her face feeling flush with affection, “You can always count on that, Max.”

The two stragglers speeds up again to a dash, to keep up with the other girls in the lead.

They approach the base of the stairs, leading to the elevated section with the police station and government buildings. The girls patter their way up the stone steps of the civic center, at varying distances from the top.

Courtney is leading the pack, as she halts in her track, turning around to wave at her pixie haircut friend, “Come on Victoria!” She turns back forward, pointing at the building with the sign ‘Children & Family Services’, that is a short but safe distance from the angry crowd.

Instead of heeding her friend’s request, Victoria instantly stops, unlocking her phone with a new objective. “Hold on...let me post this on my status-” A man interrupts her by rudely pushing her from behind, then proceed to join with the crowd. “Owww! Fucker!” The blonde immediately clenches her phone to secure it, glaring at the brash individual.

“Fuck Prescotts!” The rowdy man with not a single care in his mind, shouts on top of his lungs, his voice joining the noisy crowd ahead of him. “We need to hang them all! Our city and school is unsafe!”

Max grips her right hand in an inconspicuous manner, sensing the vortex flow of time, within her fingertips. Startled from the wild behavior of the crowd and paranoia, she stays in alert, as if she is ready to rewind if something disastrous could happen any moment. After what Jefferson did to her and Chloe in the junkyard, her apprehensive senses is heightened.

Her muscles is tensed, resisting from unleashing her powers, as she drags her legs up the steps, to keep up with the other girls.

Victoria scoffs at the reckless remarks from the protestor, “Little do they know, that the Prescotts are funding Blackwell Academy.” She switches her attention to her friend near the top of the steps. She mumbles under her breath as she catches up, “Without them, the school will shut down.”

Still breathing heavily from the running, Taylor catches a moment to glance over at the tall blonde with concerned eyes. “Do you think Blackwell Academy is going to close down?”

Victoria reaches the top, “Shit, I hope not. I spent too much time and money here.”

The girls quickly enters the glass door entrance of the tall government building, seeking shelter from the nearby commotion.

Max Caulfield

Children & Family Services Building

October 14th, 2013 11:48 AM

The government building provides several services for children and family wellness, foster care, parenting advisement, and more, is somewhat void of life and sound, with the exception of the muffled yelling from the ruckus happening outside. The footsteps of the girls’ shoes creates a continuous drumming echoes across the tall building with its tile flooring. They were still in that awkward silence state, so wandering aimlessly and exploring seems like the temporary remedy for it at this very moment. There were a handful of employees going with their usual routine and duty, and a couple of hushed protesters that were standing around, awkwardly with their signs, like as if they were waiting for someone or taking a break with their lungs.

The group passes the foster care section where they see a middle aged man talking with the lady behind the counter. The man seems to be applying to be a legal guardian or foster parent.

The lady puts on her glasses, reading the form. “So Ted… Ted Moreno, right? I see that you’re a nurse working at Arcadia Bay Hospital, correct?”

“Yes, I am.” The man nods his head with a grin. “I’ve been working there for over five years. I love helping people, including kids.” He gives out another persuading smile, as the lady’s eyes returns back to the paper, continuing to read his application.

Ted makes a glance towards the group of girls. His eyes instantly locks in at the conservative church girl, who returns with polite eye contact. His eyebrow arches in surprise, as his eyes traces down to her chest. The sight of the two soft curves, protruding outwards from the white buttoned shirt, quickens his breaths.

“So you do know Audrey Jefferson’s father is Mark Jefferson, correct? And you are aware of the allegations surrounding him?” The lady fumbles between a few sheets of paper of his application. Ted is still enchanted by the sight of Kate, not immediately responding to the question. The church girl spots this, with a sudden rush to her head, her eyebrows arches, and nostril flaring. She shuffles her arms upward, to cover up the apparent exhibition of her body, returning with a glare.

Ted snaps out of it, and quickly turning his attention back to the lady. “Y-y-yes, I am aware. That does not stop me at all. I feel very bad for the poor little child. I will treat her well.”

“Yes, I’m afraid most people are not as sympathetic as you are, even her own family. You are the only person that has filed for legal guardianship for her. It is a very noble thing you are doing.”

Kate walks passed him, continuing to give a disapproval stare. Overhearing the news that he is applying to take in custody of the little girl, her face winces, pouting her cheeks and lips in disgust. She reaches and grab the young hipster’s side, halting her, as well as the other girls. Not expecting to get the attention of the other nosy girls, she leans in close to Max, so the others can’t hear. “Max, usually I don’t like giving prejudgment to anyone without at least getting to know them first. But that person that is filing for foster care for Jefferson’s daughter. Well, he doesn’t seem very...pleasant.” Kate struggles, not letting her emotions bleed into her words.

Max’s eyebrow raises with curiosity, “What do you mean, Kate? Jefferson’s...daughter?” The brunette’s eyes flare up. “He has a daughter?”

“Yeah, I mean it was a secret before, because he never shared anything about himself. But when he got arrested, more of his personal life got exposed. And some media did ask about who is the legal guardianship for Audrey, the daughter. Because her mother is dead, and no other family members is willing to accept the daughter of a psychopath.” Kate flutters her eyes closed, nodding gently. “Especially Jefferson’s connection with a notorious reputation family like the Prescotts, just seems like asking for a death sentence to be remotely involved with them.”

Shit, that week that flown by...I’m totally unaware of anything I learned with developments in regard to Jefferson and Nathan. Then with the death of Chloe and my parents, I have been avoiding the internet and people, as well. “So the mother is dead?” Max makes a rather incautious glance towards the man, “And that guy is applying to be a legal guardian for his daughter? He must be very brave.”

“...Or sick,” Kate mutters with bitterness and distaste.

“Hmph…” Victoria’s eyebrow furrows, as she rests her hand on her hips. Clearly, the other girls were able to eavesdrop into at least part of the conversation. “We should not have that much sympathy for that girl.” Kate boldly turns her attention at the tall blonde with pressed lips. The intimidation from the smaller blonde girl sends a swift strike into Victoria’s prideful expression, “I-...I-I’m…” She stammers for a moment before finally organizing the words at the back of her throat. “There is rumors that she could be an accomplice with her father, even with the kidnapping of Rachel.”

Taylor chimes in, “Yeah I did hear about that from the media and as well from some people. Do you think it’s true?”

Victoria scoffs, “Of course she is probably getting a freebie because she’s a little girl. Or maybe some Prescott corrupt-...”

The door opens abruptly, silencing the bold tone of the tall blonde girl, as they all turn their attentions. A male police officer walks out, followed by a small brunette girl with a bob haircut, walking close behind him The little girl is grasping tightly a red stuffed animal of an Asian-style dragon. Kind of looks like Mushu from the Disney’s Mulan. The girl freezes with frightened doe eyes, at the sight at all the daunting gazes at her, that the stuffed dragon almost slips out of her fingers.

“Murderer!” one of the idling protesters break the silence with his abrupt roar, but he remains stationary in a lazy fashioned.

Kate spreads her hands out at the little girl, with a welcoming smile. She mutters softly, barely louder than a whisper, “It’s okay…” It is almost like Kate wanted to give the little girl a hug.

The little girl cowers behind the police officer, quickly walking through another restricted area door. She maintains curious eye contact with Kate until the door slams behind her.

Max looks at the closed door, then turns her attention to Kate, who is showing some signs of disappointment and pity, “Is that Audrey?”

Kate pouts her lips in defeat, “Yeah, that’s her. They usually keep the identity and photos of personal family members a secret. But for some reason, there was a picture of Audrey that got leaked out onto the internet very recently.” She tugs on the sleeves nervously, pondering about it. “I know her father did unspeakable things. But I don’t think she should suffer because of his actions.” She looks at her brunette, with apprehension. “I think someone wants to get revenge on Jefferson, by targeting Audrey.”

Max digests the words from Kate in silence. The bleeding still continues. It doesn’t end with Chloe and Rachel. Even though Kate is a victim at the hands of Jefferson, she shows compassion and sorrow for the suffering of his daughter. She looks at the closed door where Audrey walked through, staring blankly at it. Knowing Kate’s kindheartedness, she would probably want to take care of Audrey. Possibly making her a target, as well… Fuck, nothing is ever right.

Victoria squeezes her eyes into a sharp bitter gaze, bursting out in anger, “Well, who wouldn’t want to get revenge on that fucking creep?”

Max remains a rather calm expression, despite hearing all these new developments. “Kate, do you have that picture?”

Kate pulls out her phone, fiddling with it, “I can look it up again...”

“I got it!” Courtney pulls out her phone, walking towards the brunette, halting Kate’s progress. The church girl presses her lips together with some melancholy in her expression, as the dark hair girl holds her phone up. Clearly, she is preoccupied with Audrey and her fate.

Max leans over looking at Courtney’s phone. It is a rather low quality photo, but it is clear enough. It is a selfie picture of both Rachel and Audrey, both with a genuine sunny smile. Audrey is also holding the red dragon stuffed animal that she was holding just now. They both looks very happy. Rachel looked like a big sister to Audrey. Where is the picture taken? Looks like they went out somewhere.

A faint humming rings into the young photographer’s head, as the color on Rachel’s face slowly distorts to a decayed green, as an odd sensation that feels like fingers trickling on the back of her neck. Max lets out a soft cry, frightening the girls around her, as she takes a step back, burying her face into his hands. “Shit...sorry,” her voice muffled through her palms.

What the hell was that? It just felt like I was hallucinating something. Am I being possessed or is my mind just playing tricks on me now?

Before Kate can comfort the brunette, Max reveals her face taking a deep breath. Nonchalantly, she continues as if nothing happened, “Do you really think Audrey had something to do with Rachel’s death?”

Victoria blinks her eyes rapidly a few times, slightly freaked out by the abrupt behavior. She looks at her two minions with a puzzled look, then shrugging her shoulders. “Okay...I don’t know. I just remembered Rachel had issues with her father. And judging from that picture, she probably bonded very well with Audrey. Maybe they both sought each other’s company.”

The desperation in Max’s voice begins picking up. “Tell me about Rachel. I know you knew her.”

Victoria throws her hand up in frustration, “Rachel was a total slut.”

After the statement, there is a brief moment of silence as all the girls just look at each other in silence. Only Victoria actually met Rachel, while the rest never knew her. Kate, clenches her fists, her arms tremble with determination. She stiffens her posture, speaking towards the tall blonde bully, “Come on, she’s dead. She got murdered. Betrayed and drugged by Nathan who was supposed to be a good friend to her. Can you at least pretend to show some respect for her, Victoria?”

The awkward silence that was looming earlier, has slowly faded away as the fragile church girl is becoming more confident against the Queen Bee. Instead of hiding herself in absolute sorrow and despair with the aftermath of the Vortex Club video leak, she remains assertive. Maybe it is because she is indirectly familiar with the Rachel from the other timeline. And the need defend her for the sake of Max’s quest for intel gathering. Or the news of her own downward spiraling fate in the other timelines due to bullying and depression. With this knowledge, courage have been instilled to the small blonde girl in this timeline.

Max agrees with the church girl, “Kate’s right. She didn’t deserve to die.”

“I know…” Victoria blurts out quickly, her eyes drifting away in defeat. She takes a step back, twisting her shoe nervously onto the tile floor. Her two cronies look at Her Highness, who is showing signs of weakness. The whole situation with Nathan and Jefferson has hurt her deep down inside, humbling herself.

More and more questions were bubbling up into Max’s stomach as she approaches the Queen Bee, “Can I talk to you? In private?” She says in a stern voice.

The tall girl’s eyes lazily drifts to the shorter brunette girl. Then she looks at Taylor and Courtney who also had some uneasy looks, but it didn’t phase Victoria too much. “Fine...Max.” She agrees easily.

Victoria makes her way to a more secluded section of the building. Max quickly walks towards the church girl whispering to her, “Kate, sorry I’m going to step away and asks a few questions. You okay?”

“Mm-hmm.” Kate hums with a friendly tone, despite the short heated confrontation earlier, “I’ll just go for a little stroll around here, then.”

Max nods her head, then hastily catches up to Victoria, not giving her any reason to be upset with her slight tardiness. The two were isolated in one side of the building where all types of blank legal forms and documents were being held, but no one else were filling out anything, giving privacy to the two girls. Despite Kate implying she would be wandering by herself, the other three girls were making their way back, towards the entrance with the ruckus outside of it.

Victoria crosses her arms, glancing back at the hipster then away, nervously tapping her feet again. “Look Max…” You can tell there were many things on her mind already, that she’s yearning to say. “I didn’t really know Chloe Price that well. I know she flunked out of Blackwell Academy. And I know she hung out with Rachel a lot.” She closes her eyes, filling her tense lungs with oxygen, to calm her nerves. “I know Chloe hated me, and probably convinced Rachel to believe I’m a royal bitch.”

“Why are you telling me this, now?” Max asks in an unfriendly tone, struggling to find the reasoning behind this.

“Cause…” She clenches her teeth in frustration, but possibly to bit her own tongue from spreading her crankiness and irritation. She takes another deep breath, looking deeply into Max’s eyes. “Chloe and Rachel were two people that were on my bad side. I counted them out of my life and hated them. Those two same people, were also murdered by the two people that I trusted or absolutely admired.” She rubs the back of her tense neck, “I just don’t fucking know what to believe anymore…”

“Me too.” Max crosses her arms, nodding her head solemnly. “Victoria, I know this is personal. But can you tell me if you had any serious issues with Rachel? And please tell me why.”

“Why should I tell you, Max? It is nothing I’m proud of, especially after everything that has happened. It is personal.”

“She was very important to Chloe. Basically, she was the replacement best friend for me, when I was away in Seattle.”

“Why does this even matter, though?”

“Please, Victoria. I just want to know. Anything you can tell me about her. How she interacted, and so on.”

Victoria closes her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath and slowly letting out in a smooth exhale. “She... she was someone I really admired. We got along pretty well at first, and she was in the Vortex Club. Rachel had everything. Well almost everything. She was beautiful, outgoing, and she just got along with everyone. Even Nathan. He looked up to her that even I got jealous.” Her voice is calm and sincere. “But then I heard she was possibly having something on the side with Mark Jefferson.” She blinks her eyes rapidly for a moment, wetting them. “I don’t know if it has something to do with her broken relationship with her father. But Rachel seemed like she was trying to do some soul searching on her own.”

The brunette waits for a moment, to see if Victoria will tag something rude and offensive at the end of the sentence, like calling Rachel a ‘slut’ or ‘whore’. But the Queen Bee didn’t. Max rubs her knuckles at her chin, thinking about it, “Something bad must have happened between her and her father…”

She went all the way back to reset her entire life. Her entire life. Just to save her father. Someone that she loved and looked up to, and shaped her to become a different person than that other Rachel from the other timeline. Then something happened between her and her father. Then after all that, there were no more correct paths to go anymore. Shit, Rachel. I’m so sorry... A void forms in the pit of her stomach, thinking of all the pain and disappointment that Rachel had to endure. To live through two timelines, and then at the end, to be crestfallen and empty-handed. “Do you know what happened? Anything?”

“I know they’re not divorced, yet. But he had to move out the house. Maybe he cheated or something.” The blonde shakes her head profusely, “Rachel told me that she would tell me one day. But before she did, we started to fall apart from each other. She wore many faces, Max. I could never read anything with that girl. Never anything certain. She seems to be happy all the time, but I feel she could be hiding something. Maybe she didn’t care about what people think of her, or maybe she was just great at hiding it. I know I said bad things about Rachel, being jealous about her and everything.” She lets out a soft sigh, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. “But I never truly hated her. She was a great person. She was very good to Nathan, too.” It is getting more tense her to talk, as more sorrow is showing in her tone. “I remembered the few times I threatened to tell everyone else about her relationship with Mark, but I never did. Thinking back, if I did tell someone...Would she still be alive?”

In the previous timeline, Victoria was showing remorse for Kate’s suicide attempt. This time, she is showing to be humane and compassionate with Rachel. Max mutters quietly, the only words she can think of, trying to ease the stress from the blonde, “We can never be certain about anything.”

“Nathan too...He was a great guy. I looked the other way with many things with him. He had a very messed up father, and couldn’t handle the pressure from him or his family. His mental health just kept spiraling downwards. I just stood there, giving him some sugarcoated bullshit that everything is alright. That ‘I will still care about you no matter what you become’. But I would never guess something like this would happen.”

Max fidgets a little, thinking about the ill Prescott. “I feel bad for Nathan. I know he had issues. And so did Chloe. But I feel so empty now, because he took away my best friend.”

“I know, Max. I totally understand.” The blonde glances over the direction of the girls, or maybe she is looking at the crowd outside. “Kristine, escaped the claws of the Prescotts by joining the Peace Corps. I remember Nathan mentioning he was extremely upset that she abandoned him.”

Max thinks back when she was looking at Nathan’s computer, remembering the email sent from Kristine in Brazil. “I bet...” She seems like a sweet person. Someone that was close to her brother. Someone that kept him sane from his crazy family. She probably went against her parents’ wishes and broke off from them, to pursue her own goals and life. But as a result, the family may have put all their hopes onto Nathan. With Kristine leaving, Nathan was on a one-way trip to hell. The thought of Nathan and Kristine sends a tingle of sorrow into her body. Some people in life, just need someone else to complete them. Otherwise, they will just keep falling, until they’re finally gone and forgotten from this unforgiving world.

Max looks at the blonde angel that always held on. Kate is still with me. Even if she going to face more bullying and the wrath of her parents, I will always be there for her. And I know she will be there for me. Always. Gazing at the beautiful angel, reminds her of something else on her mind. She turns to the tall blonde, “You uploaded the video of Kate onto the internet, didn’t you?”

The blonde girl’s eyes open sharply, for a moment, then she squints her eyes. She didn’t seem to be showing any signs to be defensive about it. Given how she was admitting her wrongness to Kate earlier, she was about to come out clean with this news eventually. “I did. And I haven’t told her.” She glances at Kate, who appears as a silhouette to the contrasting doorway, looking small and fragile against the mob outside. “But I think she knows.”

Max mutters in a quiet voice, “That was…” The tall blonde’s body flinches, like she is bracing from the impact. Hurtful words coming from the smaller hipster would be justified at this point. Instead Max, continues in a calm tone, “Not cool what you did to her.”

“I...took it down immediately when I heard that Nathan and Jefferson did...stuff to her.” Victoria presses her lips thin, her eyes lower, showing some genuine, apologetic expression. “But someone made a copy or something and posted it back up.”

Max continues her drilling against the helpless girl, “And of course everyone love to have a good laugh at the expense of someone else.”

“I’m a teenager at an art school. I’m not perfect.”

“Far from it.”

Finally, the blonde stands up straight, trying to muster all her confidence back, “Listen, if you’re going to keep talking-”

Max interrupts with a stern voice, “Apologize to her.” Victoria’s eyebrows twitch, listening to the scolding tone of the hipster’s mouth. “You talk about you have pressures from your own family. Imagine what it is to be like Kate right now. To have your family and church community to just turn their backs on you. They don’t care about reasons or anything on why or how she got drugged. Kate should not have suffered from the public shaming you guys did. Apologize to her.”


“Victoria, you know Kate is a good person. She was just trying to be open minded to explore in life and give the Vortex Club party a shot. Did she deserved to be get drugged? Then kidnapped by her fellow classmate and teacher. The teacher that she volunteered to be an assistant of? To be drugged, and taken pictures and exploited to do who knows what. Did she really deserve all that?” The brunette’s tone is unrelenting. “She, very well could have died and became the next Rachel Amber. Then after all of that, get posted on the internet for the entire world to see of this vulnerable moment of hers. To be humiliated and bullied every day about it. I know she is hiding this from me, but I know for a fact her family is probably about to banish her and her community is twisting the knife into her heart.”

Victoria takes a step back, overwhelmed with extreme guilt from the words. She presses both her palms against her face, letting out a sigh. She runs her fingers, pulling and yanking on her short hair in disappointment. She, then quickly marches across the building towards the small church girl, that is standing in awe at the sight of the crowd.

Victoria slows her pace down when the church girl senses her, turning around, seeing the two girls rejoining them. “Kate…” The church girl looks back with her wide hazel eyes. Victoria’s posture weakens seeing the oddly inviting presence of Kate. “I’m so sorry about posting the video. Shit...I screwed up big time.”

Kate’s eyes widen for a second, but then resets back. Her mouth opens for a moment, wanting to say something. She already knew Victoria is responsible for the video, but still shocked that she would get a genuine apology from the bully.

“Oh hi!” A woman’s chirpy voice breaks the silence, as they look behind the table counters. “I saw you yesterday. Again, my name is Melissa with the Coastal Mortuary. And also again, my condolences to your father and mother. They were good people.” It is the lady from the police station that handed brochures to Kate, for the death of Max’s parents. She is spewing regurgitated words, and carrying a bunch of binders in her arm. She walks towards the church girl, “By the way, have you gotten a chance to look at the brochures that I handed to you?”

Victoria’s eyes widen, covering her mouth, “Mortuary?” She turns sharply at the little blonde girl, “Katie…?”

Kate shakes her hand, trying to shoo her away. Her face is in disgust, unable to maintain any eye contact. “No, you got the wrong person.”

“Did I?” The lady says in a loud, with false apologetic tone. “Oh, that’s right it is you.” She points at Max.

“No, it not her.” Kate’s voice interrupts, with heightened irritation. “Please just leave us alone, okay?”

The lady continues with the fake voice, “Did I come at the wrong time?”

Kate snarls, showing her teeth and ferocity in her eyes, “Get out!” She points in the opposite direction of the lady, attempting to drive her away.

The lady jumps in place, grasping at her chest. She scoffs, and hastily scrambles away from terrifying church girl.

The burst of anger has left the sweet angel huffing and puffing, as her heart is pounding inside her chest, from defending Max.

The sound of the doorway opens behind them. For a moment, the crowd gets loud, along with the sound of rain crashing into the ground. A man’s voice calls out, “Max?”

The adrenaline still coursing rapidly in her veins, “What?!?” Kate turns around with wide fierce eyes, bearing her fangs, and her nose twitching from her tense cheeks. Her fingers were digging into her hair, tugging some loose locks off from her bun. Then her face went immediately pale, her body recoiling. She squeaks like a mouse, “David?”

The tall ex-soldier stands with a firm stance, with a serious but a soft hint of sadness to his face. He is wearing his dark blue jacket and cap, a little wet from the rain outside. The other girls looks on, in horror as they are all were caught ditching school. David, however quickly turns his attention to the young photographer, “Max...can I talk to you for a second?”

Yes, David! I can talk to him about his investigations. Maybe he had some slight suspicion about Prescotts and Jefferson back then. And he might know where the Prescott barn is, to locate the Dark Room.

Max nods her head, as questions for the security guard begins seething in her body. She quickly moves to the secluded part of the building, away from the other girls.

So focused on her investigation for Rachel, Max quickly breaks the silence, “David...can you tell me about your research about Rachel and Jefferson? How much did you knew when she first disappeared back in March? Did you have any leads or anything…?”

David is a bit shocked from the randomness of the sudden questions. “Max, that wasn’t what I wanted to talk to you about…”

“David, please I want to know. Tell me.”

“What does this have to do with anything?”

Max insists, “Just tell me.”

He lets out a sigh, head drooping down. With disappointment in his tone, “No, I have to admit, I didn’t know what was going on. I think I was thinking Rachel was smuggling drugs for Frank Bowers for the students. But I had absolutely nothing at the time against the Prescotts or Jefferson. It was months later, until I started suspecting something.”

“I see…” Max’s eyes drifts down in disappointment. Just what I figured. He didn’t know anything until after Rachel’s death. He probably didn’t even know where the barn was. Even if I go back in time, he not gonna trust a simple text or phone call from me, if he had zero incentive or suspicion on Nathan or Jefferson. The Dark Room is monitored by cameras too, he may end up risking his life, if he is not careful. Jefferson and Nathan is going to get away...

“ that all?” The security asks in a calm voice.

“Yeah, for now. I guess.” Max stares off into the distant.

David nods his head. “Good. Now back to what I was going to talk to you about. I heard about yesterday. With your parents.” Max’s face immediately weakens, her lips pressed together into a frown. “Are you okay?”

Her train of thoughts for her investigation halts, as the cold reality strikes her. A crushing amount of sadness overwhelms her body, as her legs suddenly gives out beneath her.

David dips down, catching her, wrapping his arms around her slender frame, “Max, it’s alright. Let it all out.”

Max sobs into his jacket, as he pats on her back, comforting her. For a while, she’s still in complete denial about the death of her parents and even Chloe. Never finding any time to even mourn for them. Think they can just come back anytime with either her own powers or Rachel’s. But it seems no matter what timeline it is, there is going to be suffering. There is nothing but crushing guilt and regrets. Maybe at the end of the road, there is no bittersweet closure, even for a hero. She lets out all this feeling at once, tears soaking her cheeks. “I miss them, David. I’ve been trying to wrap my head with everything.” She could barely talk through her sobbing, as she buries her face against his neck.

David takes a deep breath, pushing out his thick throat, as he tightens his grip on the small brunette. “I can’t even sleep at night, thinking what I could have done for Chloe. Joyce also has not been doing well. I didn’t want to leave her today, especially after I told her about your parents.” Probably one of his biggest fear for David, is the failure of protecting someone he loves. Losing Chloe like this has taken a toll on him, for her to be murdered right under his nose. Tears were starting to form in the corner of his eyes, as it is becoming more difficult to push the words out of his throat. “Vanessa and Ryan were good friends with Joyce. She wants you to visit her, now. Can you do that, Max?”

Max tries to catching her breaths, coughing as it is difficult to talk. She barely squeezes out her tight throat. “I will, David.”

David pulls away, but still holding onto the brunette, so their teary eyes meet. “You can always come to me with anything, okay? Me and Joyce. You got that?”

Max nods her head, as she squeezes her eyes to release another stream of tears. “Thanks, David.” She mutters softly. David forces out a soft smile, nodding his head.

Suddenly, the commotion outside begins getting loud, as someone shouts on the top of his lungs, “I see Kristine!”

The couple of gunshots rings in the air, along the sound of shattering glass. The four school girls falls to the ground immediately. David quickly dives, knocking and pinning Max down to the ground, to protect her. Immediately, he stands back on his feet, pulling out his handgun from his holster and makes his way outside the building.

Max Caulfield

Outside Price Residence

October 14th, 2013 1:59 PM

The car ride is almost as quiet this time, as it was before. The sound of the water being carried by the tires, as well as the rain falling against the window. But the girls were all silent. They’re heading to Chloe’s house from the civic center, which Victoria offered to drop off both Max and Kate to see Joyce. The church girl is still shaken up from the death, sobbing softly into the brunette’s shoulder. Max’s eyes were holding in some tears, as she gently brushes the sides of the church girl. The other girls were staring blankly out the window with soft sobs in their throat, as Victoria grips the steering wheel with tension, in again with disbelief.

Earlier, Kristine Prescott passed through a large window in the hallway of the police station. A gunman opened fire at her from the crowd, shooting several rounds. All the shots missed Kristine, but one of the police officer escorting her got struck in the leg. The shooter quickly tried to blend through the crowd to escape, but without success. As a last cowardly act, he crouched down and grabbed a young woman as a hostage, beginning a confrontation with the police officers. Sensing the declining mental stability of the gunmen, the hostage attempted to break free, resulting the gunman to fire at the back portion of her neck. When she fell forward, exposing the shooter, the police returned fire instantly, killing the gunman.

The bullet clipped through the back of the spinal columns of the victim’s, avoiding the carotid arteries. The paramedics arrived at the scene within moments, saving the victim’s life. But there may be enough injury to the spinal cord to render the woman quadriplegic.

Max desperately wanted to rewind time, seeing the young woman may follow the same path as the alternate timeline Chloe, where she was bounded to a wheelchair. Max had flashbacks of her cranking the IV to euthanize her best friend in that timeline. But instead, she just stare on, wanting to do something, but she couldn’t.

Not much information is known about the shooter. Maybe it was a hitman or a very disgruntled citizen that hated the Prescotts. There is a huge unrest in Arcadia Bay, that will probably never go away. The tensions between the town and the Prescotts continues to grow.

The car arrives at the driveway of Chloe’s house. The two girls gets out of the back seat, walking around towards the driver’s side.

The window pulls down, and Victoria rests her arm out of it. Her crying subsides to a mere sniffing of the nose.

“Thanks Victoria,” Max glances over her shoulder, where the Kate is resting her forehead in an adorable way. She is still very upset about the whole incident.

Victoria’s eyes drift to the fragile church girl, then back to the brunette, nodding her head softly, “If you need anything...even a ride to get back to Blackwell Academy. Give me a call, okay?”

The girls also found out about the deaths of Max’s parents from Kate, right before the shooting. The Queen Bee and her girls are ready to put asides all indifferences and support Max and Kate in every way possible.

“Thank you,” Max lets out a smile.

Victoria presses her lips thin, pouting her lips. She raises the window back up, and pulls out the driveway. Max waves them goodbye, until the car leaves the scene.

Max nuzzles her cheeks against the hair bun of Kate, “Alright, let’s go.” She wraps her arm around her, sluggishly dragging their legs to the front door, knocking on the door.

After a few moments, the door opens with Joyce behind it. “Max…” she says very quietly. Max has been used to hearing Joyce’s voice to be full of joy. She was a strong and brave woman. But this is different. She has now lost both her husband and daughter.

Kate lazily lifts her head off from the shoulder of Max, blinking owlish at Joyce with her puffy red eyes.

“Joyce…” The tears were coming back again, as Max dashes in to wrap her arms around mourning mother. “It is just us, now.”

The lone mother dips her head, pressing her chin to Max’s head, who is a second daughter to her. Acknowledging the girl’s words, she nods slowly, “’re right.” She blinks her eyes, a stream of tears flow down her cheeks, sobbing softly under her breath.

Kate stares on, with her dazed look. The rain drenching her hair bun, dripping down the locks of hair, and onto her forehead. Seeing the tragic and suffering of the two people, she would normally give a prayer in silence, asking for protection for the two souls. Instead, she weakly buries her face into her cold discolored hands.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Price Residence - Backyard

October 14th, 2013 2:09 PM

Max opens the glass sliding door, stepping into the backyard, as the gush of chilling winds briefly stuns her body. She peers up at the dark skies with her red puffy eyes, sensing some wetness onto her face that isn’t from her tears. Max holds out her stretched arms, letting the moisture collect on it for a moment.

“I’m going to heat up the soup, and call you in, when it is ready, Max.” Joyce calls in a rather nonchalant tone to the spaced out brunette, then turning her attention to the large cooking pan on the stove. Alongside by her is Kate, who is having a conversation with her.

Max didn’t say anything back to her. Her cheeks were sore from all the crying she did earlier today, dulling the sensation on her face. She is in need for some alone time to collect her thoughts with everything. She walks towards the rusty swing set, examining it, and thinking about all the memories she had with Chloe.

I sat here on the the other timeline. Just thinking about all the memories I had with Chloe when we were kids. How we would travel the world. And that she will be my bodyguard forever. She flutters her eyes closed, tilting her head up, embracing the cool moist air. But that never happened. Instead, she got murdered, and now my parents are dead, too. Seeing that poor girl get paralyzed by that man, and now she has to suffer for the rest of her life. I can’t do anything about it…But I could…

Her powers are unused but it is still there. More and more she questions her role in this world. Her best friend’s death and her parents’ deaths has not kicked in yet. Perhaps, maybe the reason why Max doesn’t feel right, unable to mourn them, is because her destiny is to join Chloe and her parents in heaven. It is going to get to a point where not even Kate and Joyce can save her anymore. The desire to go back in the past is slowly bubbling deep inside her. The temptation to make one change in her past, that will save her best friend and parents, leaving the rest of the town to go to hell.

Her eyes still closed, her fingers tugs onto the messenger bag, remembering some of the objects in her bag like the photos, and the address of Rachel’s mother, and so on. But maybe none of those will even matter, except for the photo of the blue butterfly. There is nothing good that coming out of anything, even if Rachel was to help me. Even now, with the arrest of Nathan and Jefferson, this town is going to shit. I don’t have Chloe or my parents. But if Rachel saves herself, Nathan and Jefferson will get away. And who knows what else is going to happen...Chloe, David or even Rachel may get killed off later.

She dips her head down, clenching her teeth, puffing hot air through it. Maybe I’ll just save Chloe. It is only a week ago, maybe Rachel can rewind Kate's memories back as well. Then get Nathan and Jefferson arrested and just fucking leave Arcadia Bay and go back to Seattle with my parents. Fuck Blackwell Academy. I had to leave William to die, before. I’ll just have to let Rachel...stay dead.

Her legs sways, becoming weak at her thoughts, that she will have to betray her own words and someone that loved her. Someone that loved her but she has no recollection of it. Rachel, I’m not a good person, either. I know we loved each other in another timeline, but I just...have to save the people I care about…I’m sorry...

A sudden chill courses through her nerves, her body recoiling at the feel of it. Her eyes opens sharply all of a sudden. Something is abnormal about the backyard, as the brunette’s head scans all around her in paranoia.

There is someone else here...I can feel it.

The rain begins picking up, slowly drenching the brunette in her hoodie jacket. She holds out her hand, slowly closing her eyes again, feeling the sting of the vortex in her hand. The whirring sound rings into her ears, as the feeling of the presence becomes heavier, almost blanketing her. A sea of distorted voices rapidly races through her mind, caressing her ears. Faint laughing, shouting, crying... These foreign phantom sounds haunts within her, yet the brunette remains perfectly calm. She is ready to be brave and confront her abilities, if she is to survive in this world.

The wind wails all of sudden, lifting the brunette’s damp hair and her jacket. Her eyes squints towards the sky, with difficulty from the strong breeze and crashing rain. The real moon is hiding behind the clouds. But the other one is flickering faintly through the dark clouds, showing its unnatural characteristics. She gazes at it in a trance, as thunder rumbles across the skies in the distant. Her head dips back down, her eyebrows lowering. The rain slowly runs down her face, dripping off her chin.

The storm is here...

The vibration of the thunder slowly cascades into her body. There is no actual tornado, but a thick mist looms inside her head, twisting her mind, and sapping all the warmth from her heart.

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Price Residence - 1F

October 14th, 2013 2:13 PM

Dark clouds stretches across the vast sky, dimming the scene to a more bleak looking state. The rain begins picking up, combined with the light wind, rustling the leaves from the trees. Drops from the sky, trickles down onto the brunette, giving a rhythmic and tingling feeling. Max gazes absently into the fields of gray above her. Her mind indulging in the relaxing sensation, despite the cotton in her clothes slowly becoming saturated with water.

The thunder rumbles in the distant, reverberating the house. The low booming sound, sways the eyes of the mourning mother, twisting her towards the direction of the backyard. A sense of concern stirs into her thoughts, taking a few strides towards the glass sliding door. Her mouth gapes slightly, at the sight of the drenched girl, “Max, you’re soaked! Jesus, I didn’t realize how bad the rain picked up.” She dries off her wet hands on her dark blue polo shirt, dashing to the door, and opening it slightly, so her voice is more audible. She calls out to grab the attention of the spaced out girl, “Get in here.” Then, her tone drops to a more kind and sympathetic, from the lack of immediate response. “Max…” Kate, pokes her head around Joyce’s body to get a glimpse.

Max turns her head with languid motion, with very little considerations for her own health, “Joyce…”

The anxious and caring mother is in mild shock at the sight of the depressed and wistful looking girl. But the same time, she understands the need to vent out some emotions, even if it involves a little isolation and silence. “I don’t want you to get sick. Come here, honey.” She slides the glass door a little more, extending her arm out.

Max blinks her eyes, focusing her thoughts and clearing a few lingering drops of rain on her lashes. She obeys Joyce’s order, heading towards the door, kicking off her wet shoes, and walking into the house.

Joyce steadily grips on the clumsy brunette’s shoulder, rotating her, “Here, let me help you with the jacket.” She gently pulls off the jacket, as Max does a quick spin to unravel the rest of it. The mother takes the drenched jacket, fanning it out and examining it. “Could you two watch the pot, while I look for some clean clothes for you?” Her eyes alternate between the two teenagers.

“No, Joyce. I’ll take a look.” Max lifts her sluggish hand, but in a polite gesture, with some water rolling down her skin.

“Please Max...,” Joyce gently crumbles the hoodie jacket in her arm, giving a stern look. “Let me help you.”

“No, it’s fine. I would like to take a look at Chloe’s room, too.” Max’s eyes drift slowly, giving soft eye contact. “It’ll help me, I think.”

The odd presence I felt out in the backyard, has made me very sentimental. I could use a trip down memory lane, even if it hurts.

Joyce’s eyebrows arch with the brunette’s words, but she agrees to it in silence. A few moments in her best friend’s room can invoke some past memories to the surface of her skin. Some will be joyful, while others may be heart crushing. She presses her lips tightly together, giving a soft nod. The sorrow returns to her face and she says quietly, “I understand.”

Max turns to the quiet blonde girl by her side, “Kate?” She tips her nose in the direction of the stairs.

Kate nods solemnly, and then both girls leaves the kitchen area.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Price Residence - Chloe’s Room

October 14th, 2013 2:16 PM

The two girls enter into Chloe’s bedroom with slight hesitation, as if they are both trespassing in a restricted area. Both of them stand by the doorway, as a flood of dread and sorrow stuns both of them in their path. This is the first time Kate have seen Chloe’s room, as her tense eyes scan the rest of the room. The cloudy skies continues to paint the scene with a dismal shade, despite the vibrant USA flag that is hanging on the window.

“I’ll go get some towels.” Kate retreats back out of the room, and into the hallway.

“There should be some in the bathroom at the end of the hallway, to the left.” Max mutters quietly, not taking her eyes off the room. She isn’t even sure if her voice reached the blonde girl. She takes a few paces into the center of the room. A cold breeze from the partially opened window flies by, sending a paralyzing chill into her legs.

“Wouldn’t it be wicked if we could hang out here forever like when we were kids?” Chloe’s voice from the other timeline haunts the young brunette.

Yes, it would. Chloe, I want to be with you forever.

She dips her head down, hunching her shoulders, some remaining beads of water drips from her bangs and onto the laminate floor. I’m not strong enough to save you, or strong enough to move on from you. She tries to distract herself from the bubbling sadness rising inside her, by jumping back to her original objective. She places her messenger bag carefully, by the foot of the bed. She, then drags her weak legs to the closet, in search for some dry clothes to put on.

Max lifts her head up, fixated at the floor lamp by the brown closet door. It is in the upright position, rather than tipped over in the other timeline.

It is fixed in this timeline. Probably when Joyce dug through her closet to find a dress or an outfit suitable for Chloe to wear for her funeral. But she couldn’t find anything and ended up buying that beautiful dark blue dress.

Max wraps her fingers tightly around the lamp, tipping it over slightly, then resetting it back. Her mind briefly paints the memory of her entering this room in the other timeline. Where she hid in the closet, then coming out of it to defend her best friend against David’s abuse.

She was just alive. We were talking about life. And she gave me William’s camera when I couldn’t fix mines. Her lungs freeze for a moment, sending a tingle up to her tight lips. I want all of that back… She grasps at her mouth with her hand, keeping the sorrow from spilling out, almost wanting to claw her own face in frustration.

With her other hand, she slides the rickety door, slowly regaining back her senses. The closet still have the clothing intact, as well as the red plaid outfit of Rachel’s.

“She’s your size…” Chloe’s voice echoes into the mind of the brunette girl.

Just the sight of it stuns her, now that she has an actual face and voice to associate with the unfortunate murdered girl. At least a version of her. She brushes the outfit, weaving her fingers through the fabric of it. I want to save Chloe and my parents. But Rachel...I just can’t remember you. I want to... Max’s eyebrows furrow, as she squints her eyes, concentrating at the outfit. Hoping that perhaps her own time travel powers may somehow unleash something hidden. Like a memento, unlocking a plain of loss memories that existed out of this timeline. I want to remember you, but I can’t. She dips in closer, squeezing the fabric into a clenched fist. I know you loved me. But I can’t remember it…Please make me remember it.

“That’s why I was so glad Rachel came along to rescue me.” Again, she hears Chloe’s voice in her head.

You were there for Chloe. And the Rachel in the other timeline...she went off to save Chloe’s father. I, on the other hand, had to let him die because I couldn’t bear to see you suffer. To be paralyzed and slowly dying. But I guess whether you were in a wheelchair or not, you were always suffering. Tears is slowly collecting in the corner of her eyes. I know I only care about Chloe and my parents. But I also know you were there the entire time. Just watching from the distant…She sobs softly, mouthing it in silent, “Please let me remember…”

The sounds of approaching footsteps halt behind her, but Max doesn’t take her eyes off from the outfit. Kate nods her head down a little, the damp loose locks dangle from her bun. “Max…”

The brunette flutters her eyes close, “Kate, this is Rachel’s outfit that I wore in the other timeline where I saved Chloe. I wore it because my clothes got wet from breaking into the Blackwell pool at night.” She lets out a forced laugh through her throat. “And here I am...It’s funny how everything kind of repeats itself.” Kate peeks over her shoulder with intrigued eyes, looking at the outfit. Max continues, interrupting her strained breathing, “I know that both Rachels… They loved me. But I know I did something terrible to them. Maybe I reciprocated my feelings or something else…”

“Max...” Kate interrupts, but with a gentle voice. “There’s no way you could have known what you did in the other timelines. Heck, I could be a terrible bully that is worse than Victoria in another timeline.”

Max turns around, revealing her teary eyes to the blonde girl. “Yes, but the Rachel that has been helping me... The one from the other timeline. I know she is suffering right now. I just know it. Unsure about her own existence. And here I am...just being selfish and waiting for her to save me one day. I don’t remember anything about her, so I just feel like I’m using her.” She takes a step closer to Kate, pressing both her hands together, over her chest in a delicate stance. “But...I think I’m ready to start caring. I want her to know that I’ll always be there for her. Even though I don’t remember anything… And even if we’re in different timelines.”

Kate nods her head. “Sometimes good deeds goes unacknowledged, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. She cares about you, Max. She very well could have been your Chloe.” She lets out a smile.

Max looks at the sweet smile, as her mind slowly detaches from the words from the honest hair-bun girl. It twists her insides, at the thought of it.

It is hard to think that anyone could ever possibly compare to my best friend, Chloe. We were destined to be partners forever. Just two young pirates that were going to take over the world. No one else can ever top that...right? Max tips her nose up the air, her tears clouding her vision. Rachel...something must have happened between us. For us to fall apart like this. This alternate Rachel, may have got to that point or she maybe she will real soon. There is dead silence in the room, as the brunette looks back at the church girl with her red, puffy eyes. Kate sees this, and twists one of the towel into her fingers. “Here…” She says in a soft tone. Max squeezes her eyes closed, letting the tears stream down her face, washing off some of her mascara. Kate gently wipes both of her closed eyes, as well as the streams that have formed on her face. “It’s okay…” She pulls closer to her, “Let’s dry you up.”

She tosses the extra towels onto Chloe’s bed, leaving a big one in her hand. She tiptoes to reach over the brunette’s head to wipe down her hair, working her way down to the neck.

Max blinks rapidly, gazing deeply into the eyes of the blonde girl, who is preoccupied with drying every single inch on her head. Kate...she has been so great to me with everything. I usually prefer to be alone, but maybe I just say that because I’ve always struggled making any real close friends. I always had trouble opening up to people, because I don’t trust myself enough and afraid I’d just say something wrong, and people will laugh at me. Only person I ever trusted was Chloe. But Kate...I feel she will always be there for me. No matter how much pressure the school and her family throws at her. She has become a tough person, but still the sweet angel she always have been. It is like we are destined to be together from now on. Max squeezes her eyes close, allowing Kate to work the area around her eyes with the towel, drying any lingering tears.

Max gets the opportunity to open one of her eyes in somewhat cute fashion. Something to finally break the dreary moment. Kate halts her wiping for a moment, returning with a sunny smile, that sends a strike of warmth into the brunette’s body.

Kate continues working her way down, wiping the brunette’s soaked upper body like her neck and arms, while still maintaining deep eye contact with the girl in awe. If I go back in time to change the past, all these moments with Kate will disappear. Max presses her lips together thin and unsteadily, just at the thought of that. But I will get Chloe back. And she’s better than Kate??? She halts that thought immediately, eyes shooting wide opened in shock, that even the church girl stops with surprise in her face. I have known Chloe for much longer...she’s more important for me than Kate...and Rachel. Feeling even more troubled, she flinches away, turning around to the closet. She closes her eyes taking a deep breath, then letting it out with an exhale to calm the rising guilt in the back of her throat.

“Max, are you okay?” Kate presses her hands together, the towel draping down to her shirt. “Something is on your mind, huh?” She asks with concern, acknowledging with sympathy.

“I’m o-okay…” Max snorts, grabbing the dark purple undershirt of Rachel’s from the hanger.

Kate tilts her head to the side to get a peek, “You can change into that. But wipe yourself with this towel after you take off your shirt. I’ll step out the room…”

“No…” Max quickly turns around, her quick moment halts the church girl. Her eyes uneasily wander around the room, and her heart racing. It is rather nostalgic to hear the voices of her best friend again. However, combined with either the creative mind of the photographer or perhaps her powers is slowly augmenting, it can be rather unnerving as well. “Could you please stay here, I’m a little...spooked by myself here, if you know what I mean.”

“Sure thing,” Kate hands Max the towel, then she spins around on her heels. “I won’t look.” She crosses her hands behind her back, swaying her body up and down by tip-toeing in an adorable fashion.

Max smiles at sight of the cuddly girl, as she clamps the towel between her legs, and strips off her white shirt. She brushes her white bra with the back of her hand, feeling it is slightly wet. Kate holds out her right arm, offering to take the wet shirt from Max’s hands, but still keeping her words of not looking. The brunette chuckles at the cuteness of the blonde, a blush forms at her face from the kind gesture.

She hands the soaked shirt to Kate, but still holding on it tightly, not letting Kate take it away yet. To pick the most important people in your life, huh? Time travel allows you to select what you want and what you don’t want. Max gently tugs the shirt, rotating Kate back around to face her.

Kate’s mildly shocked but playful eyes went straight to the brunette’s chest, finding it is covered by the white towel in her arm. She looks up, connecting with the melancholic eyes of the brunette.

Sometimes, it seems like there isn’t ever a perfectly right answer with anything. It seems like with time travel, there is always something else you have to sacrifice. Over time, you will live a life full of disappointments, unable to ever move forward with anything in your life. Max sniffs, as the sadness is coming back. “I’m just...paralyzed with everything.”

Kate gently tosses the wet shirt onto the bed, and moves in close to Max with another dry towel. She grasps at the weakened girl, holding her up with her left arm. “Talk to me, Max.” She resumes drying the stiff brunette’s skin.

Max closes her eyes, still holding the towel tightly around her chest. “Kate, I know you will always be there for me. Yet, here I am...Just thinking about the past, and how to get Chloe and my parents back. I’m so fucking selfish, and don’t even respect all the things you have done for me.” She glances at the diligent and loyal girl’s hand, who is wiping her body. “Here you are being so sweet and amazing, and giving me a hand with absolutely everything.”

The sound of the rain picks up, rattling the roof of the house. The silence is a little less awkward as it is being drowned out by the sounds of crashing water.

Kate nods softly, as she finishes wiping the upper body of the brunette. She mutters in a calm tone, “Do you want to take your bra off?”

Max shakes her head profusely, “No it’s fine.” She clenches her towel, pressing it hard against her skin. She scrubs it over her chest, doing a deep wipe on her bra, drying as much moisture as she can, then tossing the wet towel at Chloe’s bed. Preoccupied with thoughts and flooding emotions, she isn’t embarrassed of revealing her small but covered chest to the church girl.

Kate also tosses her wet towel at the bed, and politely sits on the corner of it. She brushes her skirt, fidgeting with it, and glancing at the brunette’s slender body. She is absorbed with the words from Max. Pondering the right things to say and how she would feel to be in Max’s predicament.

Max quickly puts on the purple undershirt, shimming it down to her waist. Her eyes quickly turns to the preoccupied girl.

Kate whispers to herself, “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices is pleasing to God.”

Max is unable to hear the quiet murmurs, “Kate?”

Kate finally shakes off from being drowned in her thoughts, returning eye contact with her beautiful hazel eyes, “Max, if I had the chance... I would probably do the same thing. To save someone I loved and my family.” She dips her head down, locking her hands underneath her belly in a polite manner, as there are some concerns that boils deep down inside her.

But before Kate can continue, an enthusiastic voice breaks the silence, “Little Max!”

The voice from thin air, startles the brunette. While her body remains mostly stationary, her soul must have leaped ten feet in the air. Her breath quickens, “Rachel?” Kate’s eyes shoot open for a sharp moment, but then pouts her lips, drooping her shoulders.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt you guys. How are you doing?”

“N-no, it’s fine…” The brunette stammers her words, trying to hide the excitement expanding inside her, maintaining her composure. “Ummm…”

Kate nods her head, stiffening her posture and giving a smile, “Go on Max…”

Max glances on the sweet smile from the church girl, biting the inside of her lips. While the smile is meant to inspire confidence and comfort, the brunette did not feel that way. Instead, she read deeper than that, as if her angel is accepting her fate, of being forgotten. Because there will be someone else to take her place...Chloe.

Her throat thickens at the thought of it, as she tries her best to push the words out. “Rachel, I would like to say...Thank you so much for everything.” She takes in a deep inhale, to help clear her mind. “You have been so helpful and you didn’t have to do any of this for me.”

“You don’t have to thank me for anything. But you’re welcome, Max. By the way, cute white bra. I was there when you were stripping for Kate.”

A flush creeps across Max’s cheeks. She crosses arms covering her chest area, “You did? Shit, I’m so embarrassed.” That’s right she can watch and listen to us without us knowing! Kate giggles, instantly knowing what is being inferred by the brunette based on her awkward posture. Max looks back to her with a nervous smile, with teeth clenched.

“It’s all good, Maxi. By the way, nice threads. Not just the one covering your boobies.”

Max winces at the last word from Rachel. She looks down at her deep purple shirt, letting out a nervous laugh. “Thanks. It is actually yours. Well, this timeline’s Rachel. She left her clothes in Chloe.”

“Oh...I see...” There is a slight hint of dreariness in her tone. “So what’s on your mind?”

Max takes a deep breath, straightening her posture. “Can you take me back? Go back in time?”

With no hesitation, “Sure. Anything you want, Tiny Max. Last week, before Chloe got shot, right?”

“No…” Max’s fingers tug on the hem of her shirt, her belly tightens from the cringing. “Six months ago...before Rachel’s death. I want to save her. Is that okay?” She is breathless after forcing that out of her mouth.

I remembered Kate was feeling uneasy about this Rachel. She does have complete control out of everything. And the Rachel in my dream this morning, was giving a warning of her powers and emotions can be very destructive. But still... I think she just wants to help me. I don’t have anything to worry about...right?

There is an awkward moment of silence, as no other sounds to go by to indicate anything about Rachel’s emotions or thoughts. Whether she is sighing or even her breathing. But finally her voice calmly breaks the hush air, “Sure.”

“Really? Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, of course.”

Why is she being so nice to me, now? It just seems so odd. The brunette gulps her throat, as she ponders for a few seconds. This moment she has been waiting for, is finally here. While it seems like such a clear answer to make but at the same time, so many questions and complications also comes with it. To start things off, she doesn’t even know the Rachel in her timeline that well, or even certain on how she would react to any of her words. “I-I…” She sighs with disappointment. “Not even sure if Rachel will believe anything I say. I mean if I was her, and I got text messages about alternate timelines, and different versions of myself... I wouldn’t believe it, even if I had time trav-...”

Rachel interrupts her, “I actually was thinking about taking over Rachel’s body.”

Max’s eyebrows raise, “Oh…” Her eyes drift to the side, again thinking about her dream this morning. The ghost of Rachel from this timeline. And how she didn’t want her body to be taken over. To save her, this may be the easiest way to do it... But can I trust this Rachel? Will she use her powers and take over my timeline? Perhaps these ill thoughts could be what holds Max from truly trusting and believing in this Rachel. For now, she squashes this doubt lingering in her insides. “Only thing there is probably a wall of information that I have to give you, since you know nothing about this timeline. Are you okay with that?”

“That will be great. To be honest, I kind of want to see how I am in this timeline.” Rachel’s voice falters a little bit. “So I’m more than happy to learn as much as I can. Also information about my...well, you know.” She avoids the topic of her death completely, making sure she doesn’t suffer again like she did in that restaurant in Portland.

So she wants to jump into Rachel’s body and learn about her. Well...there isn’t anything I can do to even stop her anyways. “So where are you right now? Do we have to meet somewhere for you to hop over to this timeline?”

“I’m in the backyard actually.”

Max’s eyebrows furrow a little bit. “What are you doing here?” She lets out a forced smile. “Are you with me and Chloe, in your timeline?”

“Yeah…I was.” Rachel answers quickly. Her enthusiasm has died down from her initial forced chirpy introduction.

“Okay…” Max’s throat stiffens with her uneasy and unconvinced tone.

“Umm…” Rachel clears her throat, breaking the silence quickly, “ you wanted to save the Rachel in your timeline, right? I would like to get to know more about this timeline, because I’m going to be completely out of the loop. Can you give me some pointers?”

She’s hiding something. Max holds the urge in, from saying any accusatory remarks, burying her suspicions deep into her belly. She takes a deep breath, “Yeah, this is going to be pretty much a briefing, if that’s okay? If I ramble too much, please stop me.” She walks towards her messenger bag on the floor by the bed. Kate looks with earnest eyes on the brunette down by her dangling legs. Max carefully takes out her journal, which contains paper scraps and photos tucked snugly in it.

“No, just tell me as much as you want. The more the better.”

Max opens her journal to the page with the pile of photos stacked in it. She gently brushes them out, each occupying some space on the page of the journal. Her eyes is focused, scanning between the photos. Rachel is way dead by then. 12th Way too early. The hockey game...maybe, but still too early. Prom picture...Yes! It is going to be shit to relive that disappointment again, but that may be it.

Max stacks the photos again, but pulling the prom picture to the side. She closes the journal, holding the photo up to her face, looking deeply in it. The colors morph for a split second, as her head flinches away to avoid accidentally photo jumping with her own powers.

“Woo...beautiful and sexy dress, Max. I like it a lot.”

Yeah...a beautiful dress to wear to get your heart ripped out. Max clenches her teeth under her lips, at the bitter thought of her prom. She ignores Rachel’s compliment and continues in a stern voice. “This picture is around mid March 2013, which is six months ago. Which should be an optimal and safe date. End of March is pushing it way too much. Too fucking dangerous. You got that?”

“I got it...I know what you’re talking about. What am I like in this timeline? Details!”

Max ponders for a moment, thinking about what she has heard about Rachel from her current timeline, as well as the previous one. “Well...this is purely on what I gathered. But you’re a very social and outgoing person. You get along with just about everyone. Skaters like Justin Williams and Trevor. You’re in the Vortex Club. There are some rich, snobby, pretentious people like Victoria Chase and Nathan Prescott in it.”

“What is exactly the Vortex Club?”

“It’s like some elite social club in Blackwell Academy. Basically all the cool and popular kids were in it. Nathan’s father, Sean Prescott helps with the funding of the club. They would throw parties at the school. Drinking and doing drugs, and all that stuffs.”

“Sean Prescott, huh? That guy is never good news, especially if he is funding some rowdy dipshits’ parties.” She lets out a soft laugh. “Well fuck me. The me in this timeline is pretty intense. To be honest, I’m actually a damn introvert that only drink sometimes. And I’m twenty-one and legal.”

Max’s eyes arch, in rather surprise. “Really? Then your personality seems more like mines, then.”

“Aww...yeah I am kind of like you, Max.” Her voice is full of delight. “Victoria Chase, I know her. Or at least I’ve seen her around. She has short hair, right? With a Pixie-cut hairdo?”

“You have?”


“She’s like a sister to Nathan Prescott. Rich and bitchy attitude. But if you somehow can look past all of that, which is very tough. She is a good person. Just under a lot of pressures from everyone.” Max flutters her eyes closed, nodding silently. “She was very cool with you. But she got very jealous of your popularity. As well as your umm...relationship with one of her crush. A teacher…”

“With a teacher? Great...And I’m a student too? Damn, I’m pretty messed up, huh?”

“Maybe a little misguided. I...think something happened.” I know Rachel went down the wrong path, leading to her own demise. But it still painful to get reminded of the tragedy. It also eventually led to Chloe’s death. “You may have lost sight of yourself. And you were trying to find yourself again. Maybe doing some soul searching…”

“Lost sight of myself, huh? Soul searching…” Rachel’s voice trails off with a hint of dread.


“Tell me more about this teacher, that I was close with.”

Again, Max’s suspicions continue to crush her. She bites the inner of her bottom lip, and continues to pretend to be unaffected by all of these remarks. She also avoids saying his name, in case it may trigger something within Rachel. “He’s… a charming and handsome guy. He was a renowned photographer that is now a professor at Blackwell Academy. But he had a hidden agenda. He has this obsession or fetish with capturing the innocence in people with his camera. He would drug them, then take pictures of them. He does it in their most vulnerable moment because they would seem pure and innocent. He’s a total freak.” Her breath quickens with the rising frustration. “He has a young daughter named Audrey. I don’t know if she is an accomplice. I don’t think so, but you never know for sure. You were close to her.”

“I wonder what his motives are.” Rachel’s voice is nonchalant, almost unaffected with the horrible things Max was telling. “Why he wanted to capture pure innocence in this dreadful, and bitter world?”

“W-What?” Max scoffs mildly, “Rachel, he is just a pure psychopath.”

“We all have our intentions in life. Even the ones that aren’t morally correct, I’ve always been curious to hear their perspective.”

Max rebukes, “Rachel...No, he’s a dangerous man! Don’t give him any benefit of the doubt.”

Kate stands up with clenched fists, and pouty cheeks. It is as frightening as it is adorable. “Rachel, he is a horrible man. He drugged me and took pictures of me. And he did the same thing to Max, in another timeline.” Kate avoids mentioning Rachel’s demise, as she also remembers what Max told her.

“Kate…” Max arches her eyebrows at the cute blonde girl, with a soft smile.

Rachel tries to rectify the situation, “Alright! I got it. I’ll be cautious. So tell me about Nathan Prescott.”

Max turns back, with a stern look and giving a moment to calm down after her short outburst, “Nathan is mentally unstable. In the end, he felt bad for everything, including… what he did to you. And Kate, as well.” The brunette gives a quick glance to the sweet girl, then back. “He is an accomplice for this teacher. He had a lot of issues dealing with his family. He was very close with his sister, Kristine. But when she moved to Brazil to join the Peace Corps, he was left behind and all alone, with a toxic relationship with his parents. Especially his father Sean Prescott. He hated his father so much, that he turned to this...teacher.”

“As a father figure, huh?” Rachel tacks on to the end of Max’s sentence. “Speaking of father...I know that mines did something to piss me off in this timeline. I had a vision, or maybe some residual memories that lingered in my mind the last time I took over the Rachel in this timeline. She reset everything to stayed in Long Beach to save Dad from moving to Arcadia Bay with her time travel powers. So I can imagine she was pretty torn up to discover that she did all that, just to be disappointed in the end. So what did happened with Dad?”

“I don’t know what happened. Victoria didn’t even know what happened...she had some ideas, but we don’t know if it is true.”

“Tell me, Max. What did Victoria say?”

Sensing the pressure, Max tries her best to sugarcoat the situation, “Rachel, it is just what Victoria think. We don’t know for-”

“Just tell me Max. What did she say?”

Max lets out a sigh, “She thinks your father may have cheated on your mother. He moved out of the house. But they are not divorced yet.” She squeezes her eyes closed for a moment, bracing for impact.

“Of course…” Rachel’s tone is oddly calm but with a hint of anger in it. “I can never trust anyone, huh.”

Max sniffs her nose and gulping her throat, as Rachel’s statement is rather intimidating in general. Trying to dampen the situation, “Rachel...Like I said, we don’t know for sure.” Max opens her journal, finding the scrap piece of paper. “Here is your mother’s address…2311 Nestucca Ave, Arcadia Bay, OR. So maybe you can meet up with her and find out?” She catches her breath as she said it rather quickly, not even sure if Rachel caught any of it, or if she’s even reading the piece of paper.

There is another brief pause, making the air feel heavy and thick. The inability to see the blonde is suffocating, as Max’s mind scrambles to fill in the blank with her own imagination.

Rachel ends the tension, with a more cordial tone. “Good to know. My mom doesn’t live at that address in my timeline. Thanks, Max.”

Max thinks of another subject to break the awkward silence from happening. “And there’s Frank Bowers. He is this drug dealer that lives in a RV with his dog Pompidou.”

“Sounds like a fine human being to contribute in our society. What is my relationship with him?”

Max shifts her eyes to the left, then to the right. “You were in a romantic relationship with him.”

“Well… fuck me.”

Max continues, “I don’t know what was going on between you two, but you guys had a falling apart. He didn’t have the cleanest act, as he also sold drugs to Nathan. Which he then gave to the teacher to use and drug up the girls. Frank didn’t know any of this was happening, and he really did care about you. And you loved his dog.”

“I get along with many people but at the same time, I don’t... Can we move onto something else, please?”

“Alright…” Max takes a deep breath and letting out a calming sigh. It seems to be a tense subject after another, but there is no good way to really partition any of this. Max went straight to the next question, knowing the answer is not going to be good. “Did you find out about what made Rachel avoid me, in my timeline?”

“No...I have no idea, Max.” Rachel says it in a rather quick and nonchalant.

“Okay…” Her curiosity is pecking away at her guts. She resists the confrontation now, and continues on with the briefing. “So with you and Chloe in this timeline… you were an amazing friend to her. You guys had very similar punk taste and partied together a lot. I don’t know the details but Chloe said you saved her. I told you this before, but Chloe’s father is dead in this timeline. She never...fully recovered from it. She went through a very dark time in the five years while I was at Seattle. But you were there for her, when I wasn’t.” Something else begins clawing at her, as her throat feels like it wants to collapse inward. She partially covers her mouth, “She loved you.”

“Would you get mad, if Rachel falls in love with Chloe?”

Max clamps her mouth with her hand, squeezing her jaws at the question that Rachel gives.

I love Chloe so much. Rachel shrugged off Chloe for some reasons. But at the end of the day, it is Chloe’s decision if she has to pick between us. Rachel...she’s so pretty, it is no brainer for Chloe to fall in love with her.

“No…” Max pries her own hand from her mouth to be more clear and audible. “I won’t get mad.”

“What if I fall in love with Chloe?”

Max blinks rapidly, being more objective with her feeling. She wants her best friend alive more than anything in the world. Her voice is raspy, as she squeezes her voice through her throat, “No…I just want both of you two. Safe and sound. That’s all.”

“Well, it’ll be the other Rachel anyways.” Rachel mutters quietly, showing signs of jealousy and possible resentment. “ I know Kate in this timeline?”

Max lowers her hand, gripping her arm nervously. Her head is dipped down, trying to avoid eye contact to the invisible ghost. “No, both me and Kate started Blackwell Academy in the next school year.” She recalls about a previous conversation with Taylor another day. She mentioned that her room used to be Rachel’s. That she felt or maybe hallucinated some unsettling events at night triggering her anxiety attacks. Like someone banging and fumbling with their keys with the locks late at night. Either her anxiety getting the best out of her, or maybe it is ghost. With that chilling thought in mind, it is probably good idea to tell the blonde where her dorm is going to be. “Rachel, also your dorm number is 224. It’s on the same floor as where you found my dorm.”

“Thanks, knowing where I actually live, is probably a good idea. And what a shame! Kate seems like an amazing person. And super cute and adorable, too.”

Max’s face getting little warm. “Yes. She is.” Kate looks back from the sudden attention she is getting, arching her eyebrows in an adorable way. The brunette lets out a hearty laughter, rubbing her belly. She really is an awesome person…

“Let’s go meet at the backyard.”

Rachel’s voice snaps, curbing Max’s dreamy fixation. “Alright.” She grabs her messenger bag and stuffs her journal in it. She adjusts the straps, looking at the curious quiet blonde that’s been patient the whole time. “Kate, we’re going to the back yard. I’m going to meet Rachel, like we did last night outside the dorms.”

Kate leans in close towards Max, whispering in her ears, “So is everything okay with her?”

Max whispers quietly, “No.” She blinks her eye, giving a subtle signal.

“Talk to her, please.” Kate gently interlocks her fingers with the brunette.

Max glances down at the delicate hands, then into her hazel eyes. “I will. Come with me.” She grabs Kate’s wrist and they both make a beeline for the door in a hurried fashion.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Price Residence - 1F

October 14th, 2013 2:26 PM

Max hurries down the stairs, with frenzied pattering footsteps following right behind her. Her heart is racing with excitement and determination. Many thoughts circulates in her mind. What else is there to talk about it? Did I remember everything? Is this really the end of this timeline? Will there be a tornado created when Chloe is saved from that bathroom? Or something else? The brunette shoves the flurry of questions aside for a later time, as she circles into the hallway, and into the dining room.

“So, you were able to find some clothes?” Joyce stirs the ladle into the big pot of chicken noodle soup. She does a casual glance back, then a double take, acknowledging the shirt of the brunette. “Oh, that looks kind of like Rachel’s shirt.” Her expression softens, being reminded of the close friend of Chloe’s that went missing for six months, then finally to be found murdered after her own daughter’s death.

“Yeah…it is.” For a moment, the determination and confidence begins to disperse from her body, as she gives unsteady contact. “Uh...Joyce. Both me and Kate will be outside in the backyard for a little bit.” Her eyes gaze at the wisps of steam, twisting their way up the air from the boiling pot. “We’ll come back for the soup later.”

“Outside?” Her eyes open wide, her body lengthens. “You just got dried, and you want to go back out?”

“U-Uh…” Max stammers and eyes spin for a moment, thinking about a quick excuse that will relieve herself from the pressure of Joyce. She feels the heat onto her face, “I know it sounds a little emo, but the cold rain kind of soothes me.” The rainfall may actually calm the flush feeling.

“Max…” Joyce steps towards her, resting her warm hand on the teenager’s shoulder. “Are you okay, honey? And Kate?” Her eyes drifts to the blonde for a moment, then returning back at the brunette. “I just don’t want you guys getting sick from the cold.”

“It’s not too bad outside.” Max does a quick glance back at the yard, observing the condition. “It is still a warm afternoon outside. And playing around in the rain…” Her eyes return back to the concerned mother, “...just remind me of old times with Chloe. Makes me feel like a kid, again.”

Joyce’s eyebrows raise with some skepticism. She nods softly, “Old times, huh? If only I can do some things differently in the past.” Her face drifts away, dropping her chin to her chest.

Max grabs Joyce’s hand, caressing it and extending her warm touch to the distraught parent. “Like what? What would you like to change?”

Her eyes dart up, looking towards the ceiling. Her eyes is already getting red and puffy. She sniffs her nose, and pressing her lips into a frown. “William’s death was very hard for me. But I severely underestimated how much it affected Chloe. I tried my best and wanted our lives to move forward. But I never actually looked back to see how far I left Chloe behind.”

Max hunches her shoulders, sympathizing with her, “Joyce, I was her best friend. And I left her behind. I didn’t do shit when I was in Seattle.”

The mourning mother continues to sob, “No Max, this isn’t any of your fault. Chloe never got along with David. When she finally met Rachel, I thought it was almost a gift sent from the heavens. For someone to be in my little girl’s life. Chloe was happy, for the most part. I guess that was good enough for me. So I looked the other way when they were together.” She buries her face into her hands, as her raspy voice crawls out of her thick throat. “And now both Rachel and Chloe is gone.” Her voice softens to almost a whisper. “And I had no clue about anything.”

Max wraps her arms around Joyce, burying her face onto her shoulder, “Joyce...I don’t even know what to say.”

Joyce’s voice remains close to a whisper, “You don’t have to say anything. Max, you can always come to talk to me with anything, okay? We got each other now, okay?” Joyce pats on the back of the brunette, then slowly pulling away.

Max nods her head, “Thanks, Joyce.” She walks sluggishly towards the glass sliding door with Kate behind her.

“Don’t stay out too long,” Joyce calls to her, before returning back to tending the pot on the stove.

It isn’t pouring right now, but it is still coming down. The wetness on her skin, didn’t not deter Max, one bit. Rather the moisture is very welcoming, after the short but sad confrontation with Joyce.

Joyce is a brave person. She have suffered so much. I know Chloe isn’t the easiest person to deal with, so Joyce could only do so much to keep the family together. Maybe I can tell Rachel to tell Chloe to cool it down or maybe somehow mend their relationship.

Max’s eyes instantly locks at the huge hazy anomaly at the corner of the yard, that wasn’t there just a few moments ago. Seeing a faint figure lying on the ground inside the dome, Max points at it to Kate, “There’s Rachel.” She hurries in excitement but she halts after seeing the face of the pouty church girl. “Can you see the dome?”

“No, I can’t.” Kate shakes her head, pressing her lips together, and her eyebrows quivering in frustration. “So once you go in there, this world is going to end?” She stares blankly at the corner of the yard, as she cannot see the huge ripple in time.

“Not yet,” Max grabs both of Kate’s soft hands, causing her to turn, giving deep eye contact to her hazel eyes.

Kate didn’t want anything this world to end. She have learned so much, expanding her mind and thoughts out the confines of her sheltered and naive mind. She doesn’t ever want to leave Max. She wants to continue their adventures together. Forever.

Max pulls the angel close, so she can whisper to her, while keeping a steady contact at the blonde girl that is waiting inside the anomaly. “I know there’s something wrong with Rachel. I can tell she is very upset about something. I think nothing went right in her timeline. And I want to get to the bottom of it.” She gently pulls away, “I’ll be right back after I find out, though. So I can talk to you.”

“Mmm…” Kate nods with a cute face, hiding her deep disappointment. “Yes, take your time with it and have a good talk with her.” Now, it’s her turn to dip in close for a soft whisper, “You know, she loves you.” She pulls back, winking her eyes with her sunny smile. “Then promise to come talk to me, okay?”

A slight blush hits Max’s face, causing her to smile. She nods her head, “Yes, Kate. I will come back. I promise.” She slowly walks backward, maintaining both hand and eye contact for a moment longer before turning around to walk into the huge whirling orb of gray distorted shapes.

Max enters into the dome, her breath tenses up as the murky air seems almost suffocating to be in. The gray colors is displacing and shifting at unpredictable time intervals. Kate’s figure has become a frozen shadow with hardly noticeable features other than her hair bun and polite posture.

Max looks at the older blonde girl, hunching over in her blue hoodie jacket. Her face and general posture is facing the opposite direction. She is combing her messy bangs over her face, almost in a deceptive way.

“Rachel…” Max calls to her in a calm tone, clenching her fists tightly, nails digging deep into her skin until it turns white. Hoping the acute pain will somehow draw more confidence and courage within her.

“Hey Dorky Max...uh it’s odd...Chloe’s house is a little bigger in my timeline.” She runs her fingers through the blades of the grass in the yard. “She has a small pathway at the side of her house. Maybe the neighbor’s house is smaller in my timeline for some reason.” The brunette approaches her closer, but at same time the blonde rotates her body away. Rachel’s voice is thick and raspy, like she is in pain or distress. A total contrast from earlier, where her voice seem unhindered with the exception of her emotions.

“Why are you looking away from me?” Max says in a rigid tone, her body stiffens.

“Uh, sorry...I just look a little beaten up. When I told you, I may be in a dangerous predicament saving Chloe’s father. Well I kinda got my ass kicked.” Her thin pale face is still avoiding direct eye contact, but the deep purple bruises is clearly visible across her face.

“Oh my god…” Max’s mouth drops open, at the rather displeasing sight.

“But we are all fine though!” Rachel gives a thumb up in a cheery way, but still avoiding eye contact. “The bastard got arrested.”

“Really?” Max lowers her hands to her hips, gripping it. “So what was happening right before you came over to this timeline?”

“Oh, we were just chilling at Chloe’s place. Then I saw you outside in the backyard, so I decided to plop over to your timeline.” She points her index finger up in the air, “You know...two moons stuff.”

“Okay…” Max stretches her unsteady voice in disbelief. “I don’t believe you…”

“What? Max, come on. Cut me some slack.”

The brunette kneels down, focusing on the neck of the blonde’s girl. “Those scratch marks on your own neck. You look pretty messed up, like you hardly did anything to tend to your own wounds or even hide it. Your hair is all let down from your clean ponytail. It is very messy looking, even for casually hanging out with your friends.”

“I didn’t have any bandage that long for my neck. And well, sorry if I look a little messed up. I don’t have to look my finest to my own friends.”

“Your friends, huh? They’re both fucked up if they think this is acceptable. If you’re going to keep lying to me, then count me out. I’m outta here.” Max turns around, and makes a few paces towards the edge of the dome and Kate.

“No, please Max. Come here!” Rachel quickly gets up, stopping the brunette in her tracks.

Max turns around, finally seeing the full damage of the blonde girl’s face. She didn’t have any makeup on and her hair looks like it hasn’t been combed in days. There are bruises around her red, puffy eyes, as well as around her face. Either she got beaten up or she inflicted it herself. Her face looks thin and pale, like she haven’t been eating.

“Max, let’s get your Chloe and your parents back. Aren’t you excited to have them back?” She raises her eyebrows in a forced cheery mood, trying to deflect the judging eyes of the brunette.

Max continues in a steady and low tone, “Tell me everything that happened.”

Rachel puts her hands up, trying to hush the boldness coming from the younger girl, “We will talk once we get your Chloe and your parents back, okay?”

Max scoots closer to the blonde, “So you can run away back to your own timeline and bleed to death.” She points at her sleeves. Even though the jacket is relatively dark colored, you can see some blood seeping through it. Chloe did it in the past, outside that clinic. And it was thanks to Rachel’s powers of taking her back to that memory that made her more aware of these things. “You slit your wrist, didn’t you?” She shakes her head softly from side to side. “Why? Why are you trying to hide all of this from me?”

“Max, you have suffered for way too long. You seen the worst out of everything with your own powers. It’s time to just think for yourself and have the most important people back into your life.”

“Do you really think I will be happy, that the person that is going to save my best friend and my parents is also on the verge of ending her own life?”

Rachel stoops her posture, her eyes doesn’t seem to be very coordinated as it gives unsteady eye contact. “Max, I’m not ending my own life. And there’s some stuffs that is seriously not worth worrying about. This is one of them. It isn’t anything you have done. You don’t know who I am. You don’t know what I have done. You don’t know what type of person I really am. I’m not even in your timeline. You’re worrying about something that you don’t even have control or even know about it.” She lets out a whimper, as she slowly claws the hair on the side of her head. Her voice becomes soft, barely above a whisper, “These terrible memories will eventually fade away. Just be happy, for me. Or I’ll be sad, if you don’t.”

Max’s jaw becomes slack, as her posture drops back slightly. I didn’t think I can ever move on with my life. Stuck with this time travel curse and powerless to do anything about saving the people I loved. Just earlier, that girl that got shot through her spine and I couldn’t use my powers to save her. Who knows what else I’ll see in the future? But then there’s Kate, who was going to be my new partner in crime. And Rachel, my partner in time. I never felt so blessed to have these two people in my life, to save me from falling.

Then what happens when I get Chloe and my parents back? Will Kate and Rachel simply fade away, thanks to my new undeserving happiness? Kate will disappear when this timeline is no more. And Rachel… Max’s eyes unsteadily works her way towards the sad blonde girl right in front of her, meeting with her eyes. Her lips is quivering as the sorrow crushes her chest. She’s going to be all alone. No one else will save her. Because no one will ever care about her.

“No…” Max’s voice creaks through her thick throat. She lunges forwards, grabbing both of Rachel’s arms holding her in place. The blonde flinches slightly, but the brunette holds her firmly in her hands. “These memories, I don’t ever want to forget. They hurt now. They actually hurt a lot. But one day, I’ll be strong. I don’t care whatever timelines it is. I will always want to remember everything. That two angels saved my life…” Her voice trails off into silence. Her eyes blinking rapidly, biting the inside of her lips. She whispers softly to her ears, “And I love you both.”

Rachel’s eyes drift quickly to the side, unable to maintain eye contact anymore. She lets out a laughter, through her tears, “You mean just Kate, right? You can’t love someone that you just met.” She lets out a scoff, trying to deflect Max’s warm words. She mutters quietly, under her throat with a forced smile, “ only love Chloe in any timeline.”

Max blinks rapidly, wetting her eyes despite it already being puffy. Chloe, huh? You smile, because you want to save me and make me happy. You smile, to push me away so I won’t see you crying later. Her heart quickens, but her arms remain steady, as they guide their way up, softly grasping at Rachel’s face, but carefully making sure she isn’t touching her scratched or bruised areas. The blonde looks back with her wide hazel eyes. The brunette’s breath quickens, while still holding onto the sobbing blonde’s face, she traces her thumb across her cheek, wiping the tears away. Her pale skin is smooth, despite the horrid bruises and discoloration that scatters across it.

Max gently releases her right hand, to brush the tousled hair, as Rachel’s eyes flutter at the feeling of it. There is some slight resistance from the blonde to shy away, but the bold brunette keeps her grip firmly in place. A glimmer of sadness coats Max’s eyes, her lips quivers, as her courage gradually depletes from this intimate and close confrontation that she isn’t used to.

Before her strength gives out, Max flutters her eyes close, and leans forward. She presses her lips tightly together, and plant it onto the blonde’s lips. With the hand that was brushing her hair, she wraps it around the weak blonde’s body, securing it in place.

Rachel’s eyes shoot wide open, taking several quick and sharp breaths, almost like she is wheezing. A sense of panic strikes through her entire body, as her heart pounds inside her heaving chest. Her arms tremble, with a weak and fruitless attempt to push away the small brunette. However, the warm touch of Max’s hands, keep her relatively at ease, soothing her anxiety.

Max slowly opens her eyes, giving eye contact to Rachel’s teary eyes. Their breaths becoming heavier, as their lips softly dance with each other. There isn’t any affectionate moans from them, because of the slight shock that still cradles in their belly from this bold and impulsive move. But slowly, it begins to feel right, as the brunette puffs a warm breath of life into Rachel’s frozen lungs. Melting the guilt and disappointment that always lingered in her. Her entire life.

Despite still kissing softly, Max musters out a friendly smile with her cheeks and eyes. This causes Rachel to smile back with joy, letting out a soft laughter. The brunette, now wraps both her arms around, finally giving a full hug and bringing their bodies closer.

Rachel’s stiff body finally relaxes, falling into the warm embrace of the younger brunette’s arms. She closes her eyes, as the tears that lingers on her eyes, falls straight down her cheeks.

Chapter Text


Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Price Residence - 1F

October 14th, 2013 2:30 PM

Their warm bodies join together under the whirling dome that freezes time everywhere except inside it. Max and Rachel digs their fingers deep into each others’ clothes, as their lips dance with each other. Their heartbeat quickens along with the rising intensity of their moist lips and heated breaths.

The blonde gently pushes the obedient brunette onto her back, laying on top of her. She halts her advance for a moment, adjusting her thighs to straddle onto one of the skinny girl’s thigh. Rachel sticks out her tongue, running it along the jawbone, leaving a gleaming trail on the skin, and sending a shivering tingle into the Max’s body. The tiny girl’s eyebrows furrow and her teeth cringes partially, in mixture of embarrassment and uneasiness with overwhelming amount of passion. Rachel doesn’t give her any break, as she follows with repeating kisses with her moist lips across her neck. Max’s body stiffens up to the squelching sounds, losing most of her conscious movements. Unable to do anything else with her body, other than curl her toes hard against the tightness in her Chuck Taylor shoes. A content sigh pushes out warmly from her breath, as her upper thighs twitch to the rhythm of the wet presses of the lips.

Rachel feels the involuntary jerking underneath her. She rubs her hand, giving a nice caress with her fingers, that soothes the shivering, but also sends Max’s head, spinning. She traces it up the smooth jean material but stopping a good distance before her crotch. The surprised brunette still flinches, inadvertently hurling her saliva out of her mouth, from the sensation arriving somewhat close to the soft throbbing in the region. Fuck...I can’t handle this anymore.

The blonde snickers, as the saliva projectile narrowly misses her. She senses she has sucked up the remaining courage left in the tiny girl, “Max, I’m sorry… I’ll stop.” She slowly pulls her body back up, while the brunette lays on her back still softly trembling from the receiving side of the warm, passionate assault. “You also like that spot where I kissed you in my timeline.” She sneers, pointing at the neck area she was just devouring. Max squeezes her eyes, with the urge to flinch to the side, but still preoccupied with catching her breath and the loss of heat. I never felt this before. Shit, was I making funny faces?

Rachel pulls back slightly, fluttering her eyes close and panting with the heat in her breath. Her face is feeling flushed with heat, along with the discoloration and bruises on it. She unzips her hoodie jacket, letting in the murky air of the anomaly, to help vent the glowing intensity in her body. She takes off the jacket, shimming it off her body before tossing it to the ground. She fans off the bottom of her low cut black shirt, to let off some steam from her skin, as well as possibly get the attention of the curious brunette to her generous curves. And it is successful, as the brunette’s eyes instantly crane to the direction of the bumps in the shirt. Rachel connects with the eye contact, snugly cupping her own breast, letting out a grinning smile.

Max smiles, baring her teeth at the teasing sultry blonde. She squeezes her eyes close, “I’m embarrassed. I couldn’t control my body.”

“Don’t be. I kind of went all out on you. But you hung in there, Petty Max.” She lays out her hoodie jacket, covering the lap area of the brunette’s. A glowing smile emerges on her face and she winks her eye, “Now, I got something to rub myself to, tonight.”

A flush strikes her Max’s face, finally squeezing out a nervous laughter through her steamy throat. She instinctively shields her red face in embarrassment. I’m so uncomfortable right now, but she’s so beautiful when she smiles. I like it so much. And her tears are drying up, so I hope she's feeling better. Max cranes her neck, towards a dangling shriveled bandage on blonde’s left wrist. It is slowly loosening up, as blood slowly forms on the gash. “Rachel, you’re bleeding.” Her breath stops even though her lungs demand for more air.

The warm colors from Rachel’s face slowly dissipates as the growing crimson gathers at her weakly tied bandage. Grimacing at the sight of it through her clenched teeth, “Shit…”

Max looks out of the dome at the stationary angel that is standing tall, overlooking them. Kate...but she can’t do anything while I’m in here. She turns back to the stiffening blonde, “I’m not sure if this will work. But I’ll be right back. Let me see if I can bring in some fresh bandages for you.”

Rachel gazes at the wound, looking despondent. Her eyebrows quiver with the fading warmth on her face. “Max, please come back...”

Her body is in a state of panic, scrambling for a solution. Max leans forward, giving a quick ‘I’ll be back’ peck onto the blonde’s forehead, soothing some of her wariness. “Put pressure on the wound. I promise I’ll be back, okay?” The blonde nods her head, forcing out a smile through her spinning mind. The brunette turns around, passing through the wall of the anomaly and back into the real world.

Kate recoils back, evading the clumsy hipster charging blindly right at her, “Max! What’s going on?”

The rain resumes crashing down on her body, as she forgets about the weather outside in the real world. Panting, she barely musters out an explanation with the remaining air in her body, “Rachel slit her wrist and her bandage is falling apart. I have to look and see if I can get some bandages for her. Can you please help me?” She doesn’t even wait for a proper reply as she shuffles her feet across the wet grass towards the door.

“Uhhh…” The blonde girl stretches her voice for a measure, as her blinking eyes track the brunette scrambling past her. “...Sure thing!” She squeaks out, then follows pursuit with her.

The sliding glass door opens with the two girls trying to wedge their bodies through the small entry. Joyce turns around, “Hey, that was quick. Are you guys coming in for good? Still a little longer for soup...” The time spent in the anomaly didn’t progress the time forward.

“Not yet Joyce. We will get soup later.” Max squeezes the lie through her throat, skating past the kitchen, and not even giving any eye contact. Shit, can I bring stuff to Rachel? I guess I was able to carry my phone and bag in there, it should be the same, right?

She hits the brake on her heels, turning around for the stairs. A ring bashes her eardrums, stopping her completely in her tracks.

A familiar but ethereal sounding voice echoes like crashing waves into her mind. “...she looked so sad. And it is her twenty-first birthday…” A tingling that feels like a cold breeze, along with menacing shadows, passing by the corner of her eyes in the house.

“...Mom?” An ice cold electricity streaks down her spine. That is Mom’s voice. My twenty-first birthday? Is my powers evolving that I’m starting to sense the other timelines as well? The sting in her spine continues to weave down to her legs, causing it to be immobilized with fright. The second floor of the Price residence suddenly becomes dark and brooding, as if all the shadows has eyes on her.

Kate catches up to the brunette, but stopping in mid-stride. She heard the brunette calling to her mother, sensing something unusual. Having no doubt, she immediately presses her soft fingers into both sides of the terrified girl, calling to her, “I’m here, Max...”

The warm touch quickly builds solace within her. Max takes a deep breath, expanding her rib cages into the fingers of the Kate’s. She lifts her head with a soft nod, then they both proceed up the stairs with some renewal in courage.

With the aid of Kate, both of them are able to find the bandage and another clean towel from the upstairs bathroom. Kate offers a few tips that she learned about providing treatment to knife wounds from her younger sister Julie, the second oldest of the Marsh siblings. During a church retreat, one of Julie’s camp counselor accidentally lacerated himself while cutting down some boughs. One of the tip they mentioned, is to keep the wound elevated and above the heart to reduce the blood loss.

With the treatment items in hand, both girls race back down and into the backyard, with Max entering back into the dome. The towel, bandage roll and tape roll, stays along with her without any issue, possibly because it is in contact with her body. Rachel is still on her knees, applying pressure to the no-longer-adhesive bandage. In a graceful manner, Max quickly applies a generous sized bandage onto the wound, wrapping it completely and taping it down. She tops it off with the towel to apply manual pressure onto it.

A smile emerges alongside with the bruises on Rachel’s face, feeling blessed with the brunette providing aid for her. “Maxi, thank you so much!” She is lying on her back, with her wounded arm elevated on the knees of the photographer that is sitting in a kneeling position.

“No problem.” The bleeding has been reduced, and the bandage is fully secured. Max continues to apply ample amount of force onto the wound just to be safe. “Tell me everything that happened since the last time I saw you.”

There are many things that happened in Rachel’s timeline, since the last time they saw each other in front of the dormitory. Rachel told Max everything. The repeated tries of saving William, including the bloody attack from Corbin, as well as the revenge to him afterward. Her random visions and memories that is linked with the deceased Rachel in this timeline, including that she heard the voice of Nathan and an older man’s voice. After that, the saving of William has changed the future, allowing the return of Max’s parents. Both, absolutely despises her. And then the final attempt to try and make everything right to let William die, but accidentally fast forwarding a month into the future.

Under the charcoal hemisphere of dancing lights that looks like the constellations of the skies has fallen close to the two time travelers in it. The suffocating claustrophobic interior seemingly trap the dark and melancholic recollections of Rachel in the air. Max asks to continue the story, “So you were all alone in your apartment, and my stuff wasn’t there anymore? What else did you see?”

Rachel takes a long deep breath, pressing her aching posture into the ground for a stretch. “Well, what you see…” She points at the bruises and scratch marks, as well as the gash on her left wrist. “I saw text messages from the past month, that I’ve beaten you up and nearly strangled you to death. And that you were filing a restraining order on me.” Her throat is thick from lengthy retelling of the dreadful experience. “I found out I was in the process of taking my own life. Starting with this slash...” The brunette looks down at the arm being covered by the towel. “There was a sealed suicide letter, written by me. Apparently when I fast forward, I lose my time powers during that time. So I couldn’t reset anything back or jump into this timeline.”

Max’s body stiffens, her muscles becoming cold and rigid. Rachel could have died. Then I would have waited forever and never knew she’s been dead this entire time. She halts her pensive thoughts, “What else did it say?”

“Everything got fucked up. I lost you and Chloe… In both timelines, now.” Rachel’s voice trails off, as the tears rest securely on her glassy eyes, clouding her vision.

The brunette leans her weight, glancing around at the yard, which is a shadow of itself through the gray filter. “But you ended up here…”

“I was hiding in my car… you were coming back from your twenty-first birthday with Chloe. You guys are together now.” Rachel forces the words through her straining smile. “You guys are going to be together in every timelines.”

The way she says ‘every timelines’ jams a crushing amount of guilt into Max’s throat. But something else in her sentence ignites fresh breath of interest. “My twenty-first birthday?” Max’s eyes drift towards the house, then back. “Rachel, when I ran back into the house, I heard Mom’s voice.” Rachel eyebrows furrow. “I heard ‘she looked so sad. And it is her twenty-first birthday’.” She wets her lips, “So I think that I’m sad that you’re not with me on my own birthday.”

Rachel stares back blankly for a moment. Her neck relaxes, with her lips mouthing something silently, perhaps sensing a slight glimmer of hope. She, then bites the inside of her lips, squashing that wishful thinking and being incredulous. “That doesn’t mean anything. She could be sad for other reasons, and doesn’t mean she wants me back.” She takes a deep breath, her voice becoming more stern. “But that means your powers are growing.”

Her eyes dart side to side rapidly, “I don’t think so…”

She reaches over with her right hand, barely making it over to Max’s, gently stroking the jean material. “This means you won’t need me anymore in the future. I’ve lost my only use to you.”

Max gives steady eye contact to the vacant eyes of the blonde, remaining speechless. She wants to say something comforting, but her anxious thoughts about the powers has left her throat, hollow of words. I don’t know if I ever want to use my powers after what happened last week.

“It’s fine.” Rachel dips her chin to the side against her shoulder blade. She changes the subject, “We have to get going. But Max, there is something I want to tell you and you’re going to be disappointed in me.”

“What? What is it?”

The blonde takes a deep breath, trying to calm the tightening of her chest. “I don’t think I can bring back Kate.”

A flush of heat rushes into Max’s face, clouding her mind completely that her body winces. Shit...I was so worried about this. Her eyes are blinking as rapidly as they are spinning, along with her pulse, soaring. This is the one thing that is going to make this rewind regretful, is dropping this amazing friend and her memories. Just like Chloe from last week. Trying not to raise her voice any more than it needs to, “You can’t? Are you sure, Rachel?”

“Max, when I was rewinding Kate’s memories earlier, it was going slow and very draining to my body and powers.” Her breathing is shallow from the blood loss. She isn’t even in a good state to begin with, especially if she wants to take over the body of Rachel in this timeline. “It is going to take forever to rewind six whole months, and with myself as a corpse.” Both her head and heart shudders at the dreadful thought of being a cadaver again. And for that nightmare to last for an extended period this time.

Max remains with a stiff stance, glaring at the weakened blonde girl. Why can’t she just rewind without taking over Rachel’s body? Is she hiding something? Kate was a little reserved with this Rachel, questioning her stability. Could she be purposely dropping Kate out of pure jealousy? Either way, I probably powerless to change her mind. She reaches over with the tip of her fingers, barely brushing the blonde’s tousled hair, while still keeping the wounded arm on her knees, stationary. She shrugs half-heartedly, “Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think.”

Rachel looks back with steady eyes and a stony expression. “I don’t think I can make it. I may just run out of steam and end up forever in her corpse or dropping her somewhere out of time. I just didn’t want to guarantee anything.” She turns her head, scooting her body a few inches closer, “...or maybe you can forget about me, and just get both Kate and Chloe back. One week isn’t nearly as bad as six months. I should be able to pull that off.” Rachel presses her lips together, forming an unsteady smile. “You will like that right? You can have both Chloe and Kate…”

Max feels her pulse, stopping for a moment, looking dearly at the blonde girl. That would be amazing. To have Chloe and Kate...and Jefferson and Nathan in jail. But... Rachel will be dead. She feels her pulse returning, coursing through her veins. And that smile again… She wants to sacrifice Rachel’s life just to keep Kate’s memories? I will have to see Chloe’s reaction to her death again. Then one day, I have to explain it to both of them, that this was my decision. Shit, Chloe and Kate would be so pissed at me. She shakes her head profusely, and clenching a fist, “No, we can leave Kate here.” Her soon-to-be best friend will have to be left behind in this dying timeline. “Let’s save all of us, okay? So we are all alive.”

Rachel looks on with a blank stare, with trembling lips, “Max, if you can’t deal with breaking the news to Kate. We can just go ahead and…”

She interrupts, “No, I promised I would tell her.” Her nails dig into her jeans. “I will do it. I will keep my promise.”

The blonde lets out a soft sigh, a commendable relief to see the bravery in Max. But same time, sensing the pain she is going to have. “Be her friend, Max. Always and forever. And tell her thanks for the tip on stopping the bleeding.”

Max wets her lips and nodding her head. She carefully picks up the wounded arm on her knees, and gently rest it on the towel on the ground, so it is still partially elevated to help with the healing. She crawls closer, until she is overarching the blonde’s head. Her brown bangs dangle in the air, before lowering it to give another soft kiss on the blonde’s forehead. I know I was having some second thoughts about kissing her earlier, but I have no regrets. She cares a lot about me, even when she doesn’t have to. “Both of you and Kate. I will always remember.”

“I know. You can always meet Kate, later.” Rachel says in calm voice. “And Max… one last thing.” The brunette shifts her weight on her supporting hands, to give her full attention. “I have one rule that you must obey when we go back in time. It is very important that you follow it.”

“Sure. What is it?”

Rachel combs her shirt uneasily, tensing up her abdomen. “You have to proceed with your life, like normal in Seattle. You cannot contact Chloe, the school, or Kate. Or tell your parents about anything. No one can know.”

The young photographer’s head jerks back, “Wait...what?!”

“You’re going to stay in Seattle with your parents. That’s my order.”

“No fucking way.” Her voice rises, and her heart is racing, “I’m coming to Arcadia Bay first thing.”

“No Max…” She wants to grab ahold of the brunette, but her own fierce tone is aggravating the dizziness in her head. “...Even your parents died as a result of Chloe’s death. We can never be sure about anything else now. Other than you have to continue your life the way you remembered in Seattle.”

“So, you expect me to worry sick about everyone for the next six months?”

“Once I’m in the clear and feel it is safe. I will contact you. You know I have to be careful with all of this around Chloe. You know how reckless she is.”

She’s right. Max cringes her face, wanting to palm it, knowing that Rachel is correct about this. She concedes, “Alright. I’ll do my part and just sit on my fucking ass here in Seattle. But Rachel, if something bad happens… I want you to run. Call me or call the cops. I don’t care. You’re already putting your life in danger for me. I want you to be safe. All of us.”

“I will, Max.”

Max pulls out the prom picture from her pocket, showing it to Rachel. “March 28th is a Vortex Club party. Which is about a week after this prom picture. I think you’re safe during that party but that’s my cut off date. If I don’t hear anything from you by then, I’m going to call the cops. I’m going to take a train to Portland, and a bus to Arcadia Bay. I’m going to tell David Madsen everything. Me and Chloe are going to raise hell onto those fuckers.”

“Okay. Just don’t let your emotions take over. Don’t be careless and do anything that will get yourself arrested or killed, okay?”

“I know.” She nods her head, her eyes drift back pondering about something. There is that picture of Audrey and Rachel. That could be a better picture. “There is another picture, that I may consider using instead, though. You’re in it. I have to ask Kate to look it up for me.”

Rachel nods her head, tilting back in the direction of Kate, “Okay. Good luck, Max.”

She nods her head, putting the photo back into her pocket. Her legs struggles, but eventually succeeds in pulling itself up. She straightens up her tense body, looking at the distorted figure of the church girl in the distant through the haze. Alright Max, let’s do this.

Max dawdles out of the warping anomaly, weaving her legs through the moist grass. Almost forgetting again the rain is coming down in contrast with eerily, calm setting in that suffocating dark pocket.

Kate’s eyes twitch at the sight of the abrupt and unnatural movement of the brunette moving towards her. Noticing that the roll of bandage has disappeared from her hands, “Is she doing okay? Did the bleeding stop?” She leans closer with snooping eyes, acknowledging the pouty face of the brunette. She blinks rapidly, trying to clear the raindrops trapped in her lashes, “Please...” She holds her hands together against her chest like she is praying. “...tell me she is fine.”

The genuine concerns from the sweet angel breaks Max’s heart instead of lifting it. Especially with the news that she is going to have to share with her. She slows down the pace with her hands tucking in her pocket. She stomps her legs like a child, kicking droplets that are hanging on the blades of the grass up in the air. She stops just a few feet in front of the Kate, avoiding eye contact. “No, she’s fine. She also told me to tell you thanks for the tip you got from Julie.”

Kate lets out a puff of relief, as a sunny smile emerges on her face. “Oh of course! No problem. I’m so relieved.” She raises her eyebrows, tipping her nose up, “So how did it go? What did she say?” She takes a hop forward, with her hands behind her back, rocking back and forth on her toes in an adorable way.

Max doesn’t take notice of it. She looks up, staring out into the distant, watching the drops of rain crashing into the leaves of the trees. This world is lively in comparison to the pale, dead void of emptiness with Rachel. The strong, huffing wind in the air, feels great to just forget about everything for tiny moment. The branches of the trees will not be flailing much longer. Neither is the sheet of thunderstorm clouds above them. As this world is going to end. “Kate…” Her eyebrows furrow, cringing and bracing for impact. “It is time now…” How she said it, sounds similar to Chloe’s words before she was sacrificed to save the town. Now, this time it is Kate. While it is a different situation than Chloe’s, somehow it feels very similar.

“It’s time?” Her words come out slowly, her eyes widening. She gulps her throat, “Now?” Her voice trails off and her eyes dart around, scanning all around the backyard, as if she is seeking for a safe haven from a catastrophe. “No-no-no...I’m not ready for this. I know I said I was...but you came back so fast!” She points back at the kitchen, her cheery eyes gleaming, “Can’t we have soup and tea? Just one last time, Max!” She points her index finger up into the air.

“Kate, I would love to.” Max sniffs, her eyes making soft contact with the her. “But she wants to do it now.”

The rain begins to come down harder, or perhaps the brief silence is becoming unsettling making the surrounding crashes of water more pronounced. Kate raises her feverish voice, “Did you ask her? If she can bring me back with you? My memories...”

Frustration brews deep inside Max’s belly with the whole disappointing news. Her hands fidget restlessly, digging her nails hard into her skin until it becomes white. “I did ask, but she doesn’t think she can bring you back. It really burns up her body and powers when she does that. And she has no idea if she can do it for the whole six months.” Her eyes shift around uneasily, and her body is slumping over in defeat. I still wonder if Rachel is jealous of Kate. That is probably why I’m a little bummed. This could be what the other Rachel was saying in my dream, this morning. “She said it’s possible but very unlikely. So it is best we say our goodbyes now. Just in case.” She tries to sugarcoat it, but it doesn’t make it any better.

“Maybe you didn’t try enough…” Kate mutters, slightly louder than a whisper, not fully trusting the words of her friend. She peels away, walking straight towards the corner of the yard. “Is she over here, Max?” She points at whirling vortex that is actually an empty section of grass to her, “Rachel? Are you sitting on the ground?”

“Kate…” Max walks over, barely seeing the non-time traveler through the ripple in time. Rachel’s body is already out of it, perhaps to conserve her energy in her astral form, or to eavesdrop the conversation.

Kate sits down politely on her knees, on the wet grass. Her hair bun is completely drenched, with water streaming down her face from the connecting wet bangs. The discomfort didn’t diminish the joy in her face, “Hi, Rachel! I’m Kate Beverly Marsh!” She clears her throat, “I know you didn’t go to Blackwell Academy in your timeline, but I’m a student in it, just like Max.” She smiles back at the frowning girl, “Max has been absolutely a blessing to be with... As my friend and all. Well...I owe her. She saved my life. I have a lot to thank her. Now I think about it... Darn it, I never did have a chance to formally thank her.” She shouts at the motionless girl, “Max, come over here.”

“Kate, you’re in the dome. It’ll freeze the time if I enter.”

She spread out her arms, giving an invitation for a hug, “Max, come on!”

“No! It doesn’t work that way.”

“Oh fine...” Kate turns back to face in front of her, as if Rachel is there. “What I’m trying to say is, Max is very important to me. She’s my real angel.” She holds both of her hands to her chest. The building tension is choking her throat, as she gulps to ease it. She nods her head solemnly, “I know the stuffs you’re trying to fix, like bringing back Chloe and Max’s parents. It may seem like I’m no longer relevant anymore…” Her voice trails off.

“Kate, please.” She takes a step forward, but stopping at the edge of the dome. The words are shattering her heart, “Stop it…”

Kate continues in a calm with a hint of melancholy tone, “I’ve always been a weak person...well actually I am still weak. But my mind is very opened up now. I know I can stand up to anything.” She breaks her stern look for a moment, with a playful angry expression, clenching her fists, “I would like to protect and be there for Max, even if she thinks both you and Chloe are enough. But I can help out. You know I can, because that’s why you rewound my memory last night, right?” She shakes her head, tossing the loose locks of hair around, “No more bullies. I won’t cower and just cry anymore. To you, it hardly means anything if Max saved my life in another timeline. But all this time travel things just opened my mind in so many ways. All these multiple timelines...” Her eyebrows furrow, focusing ahead of her, “I want to help you too, Rachel. Whether it is this timeline or yours. I know you have a story to tell, so I want to meet you in person one day. I want to be there for you. Max. Chloe. I want to meet everyone. All four of us. Forever together.”

Tears are starting to come back in her eyes. Max repeats herself softly, “Stop it...”

“Please, I beg of you. Take me back with you.” Kate puts her hands together over her chest. She sobs softly, her voice is cracking into a whisper, “Please…”

Max shouts through her clenched teeth, waving at her, “Kate! Come over here.”

The rain continues to pound the earth relentlessly in the mid afternoon. The strumming of the water crashing into the rooftops doesn’t hide the sobbing coming from the distorted figure through the anomaly. Max looks on with a helpless gaze. Is this all worth it? Is this what Rachel went through? Trying to save William, but end up backfiring and ruining everything else. A streak of light flashes behind her, briefly lightening up all the shadows in the yard. There’s no way my predicament is as bad as Rachel was. She had a bad reputation everywhere to begin with, and there’s no way that’s going to happen to me. Saving my parents and Chloe is the best decision...isn’t it? A low thunder rumbles across, shaking the scene, and sending a tremor through her body.

Kate slowly shakes her head in denial, “So this is really it? She won’t do anything?”

She snaps out of her burdening thoughts, blinking her eyes, “Kate, she can’t.”

Kate stands back on her feet, hurrying towards the brunette in a frantic manner, pushing her back a few steps. She grabs both of her hands, shaking them softly, “Max, you know I wasn’t ever going to leave your side. If you ever need someone, I will be there for you. I’ll do everything…” Her voice trails off into a squeak. She clenches her jaws, dipping her head down, “You don’t even care, do you?”

Max interlocks their fingers together, “Kate, no... I do care.”

She is unaffected by the words, “So why am I just being tossed to the side? I know I’m not as important as Chloe and your parents. I understand that. But why am I…” She pouts her face, lips quivering, “ worthless?” Her teary eyes make contact, “So this is it? You’re going to just shape all your dreams? The perfect dream you can ever possibly have now?” She lets out an pant, filled with anguish, “But what about the dreams that you could have in this future?”

Max’s muscles tense up, trying to fend off the accusatory remarks, “Kate, once everything settles down, I’m gonna find you and we’re going to be friends-”

Kate interrupts, responding with a sudden fierce tone, “I don’t care about the other version of me. I want us to still be friends in this timeline, is that too much to ask?”

The brunette puts both of her hands up, trying to calm down the seething anger in the enraged girl. “I swear to it. Everything is going to be like we are now.” She places her hand over her heart, making a promise. “God will be my witness.”

She mumbles something inaudible underneath her breath. With bitterness in her tone, “Who cares…” She takes off her cross necklace and throws it as hard as she can across the yard. The amount of force she just exerted, has left her frustrated body slumping.

“Kate!” Max quickly dashes after the necklace that is lying in a small puddle of water. She picks it up, wiping and cleaning it on her soaked skin. She makes her way back to the blonde, steadily holding the chain of the necklace in her fingers. But then the fierce aura radiating from Kate, paralyzes her legs despite not even giving direct eye contact yet.

Kate stares deeply into the moist sea of grass beneath her shoes, which dances with the falling drops of rain. She mutters quietly under her breath, “How is this different than jumping off a rooftop? I’m dead anyways. This world is over.”

Max takes an uneasy step forward, almost stumbling in mid stride. She holds out the necklace towards her, “Here...take this back.”

The blonde puffs through her raspy throat, “Get that away from me.”

“This is your faith. Don’t do this.”

Kate scoffs, continuing in a condescending attitude, “Nice going, Max. You call me a fucking bible thumping moron, so you can come up with some stock apology with the word ‘God’, thinking it will instantly melt my heart? You’re not fooling anyone…” She cranes her head, glaring with her venomous eyes. “Not even Rachel…”

The jaws of the brunette drops, shaking her head slowly in denial. “No…” Her eyes glance all around, as the hurtful words from Kate is also spewing to another invisible listener to this conversation. She was really hoping that Rachel could bring her back, as well. But of course, she was... “ were just telling me that you would do the same thing when we were in Chloe’s room.”

“Yeah…” She claws at her hair bun, ripping out a few locks of hair from it. She hisses through her throat, “Then I realized there are people that are simply ungrateful with everything in their life.” She glowers at the brunette, “You give them everything you have. Your care and love.” Her throat thickens, but her voice still remains fierce, “But when the opportunity for something better comes, their true colors come out. They become a coward and toss you to the side when they’re done with you.”

Max stumbles back a step, as a stinging sensation runs down her shoulders, weighing them down. She grasps at her chest, which is being pounded by the harsh words. “I came back...just to have this talk with you.”

Kate presses her lips together in a smug fashion. “Then just go...end this miserable world already. Let it all burn to hell.” She clenches her fist, “Go have fun with Chloe. It's really all you care about anyways. And stay away from me. Don’t fool me into being your friend. Ever. No matter what timeline.”

Max stumbles back another step, her head tilting up, letting the rain hammer onto her face. She whimpers, “I can’t do this anymore…”

“Go end this now...” The resentful girl points at the direction of the anomaly, “If you think I will ever be your friend after today, you are clearly mistaken.” The shoulders of the brunette tightens, her feet roots on the spot despite wanting to flee. She turns towards the kitchen as a glimmering hope for escape. Kate tracks her eye movement, then she snarls, “I’m going to hit you if you run away now.”

Her legs buckle against the threatening voice of Kate, who never ever been so fierce and relentless. Perhaps, all the frustration of being neglected has finally come out. The terror sends a crushing blow into the Max’s body. She can feel the separate warm beads of sweat coming out of her body, like needles in her skin. I’ve never seen this side of Kate before, or anything even close to it. She hates me. She will hate me forever. I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry…

She takes out the photo of the prom picture, holding it forward towards the blonde girl with both hands. “Kate, you asked if my medicine ever help with my sickness...”

The fierce anger slowly dissipates from Kate, relaxing the tense muscle on her face, as she remains silent.

“It doesn’t… I’m sick. I will always be sick. There is no cure for what I have. Not even time travel powers can give me friends, or keep them. I just have to accept it.” With no hesitation, she shreds the picture in half.

“No…” Kate quickly reaches out, swiping towards the falling pieces. Her eyes sinks along with the two halves of the photo, falling separately among the raindrops. She lets out a cry of anguish, “Max!”

She looks down with a blank expression, at the two halves of the picture slowly weaving through the air towards the grass, drifting away from her.

“Max…” Rachel mutters in a low chiding voice.

A ringing sound combining with a show of red flame kindling into the air and swallowing the two girls. The two halves of the photo freezes in the air before crashing into the ground, the sound lowering in intensity to a deep, low growl. Then, the whirling sound kicks in, as the motion of the falling pieces reverse, along with everything else. The two pieces sails back up in the air, right into the hands of the brunette, adjoining it back to a whole picture. All of the sudden, the sound of the rain resumes with Max blinking rapidly, her body wobbling, disoriented from everything.

The sound of a sharp gag, following with some gasps for air, materializes out of the thin air. Max tenses up at the alarming sound of it. “Rachel?” She mutters with wide eyes.

Kate shakes her head, realizing what just happened and that the picture has returned back to the brunette’s hand, completely intact. And that her memories also got preserved. “Max!” her mind is still racing, as she dashes forward, grabbing tightly onto the Max’s hands to prevent her from tearing the photo again.

Rachel responds back with a soft voice. “Max… I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Max’s eyes glance around, nodding her head, acknowledging the ghost's words. Her hands is still trembling with the photo in her hands. Rachel, rewound the time to prevent me from tearing this photo up. Her eyes quietly shifts toward the blonde in front of her, who is tugging on her hands.

Kate’s eyes are giving a distant stare into the photo, with her expression slowly softening up from before. “Hold on... What sickness are you talking about? Your social anxiety?”

Max gives a moment to calm herself, after the rather abrupt decision to tear apart the photo in her hands. “Well... that. And…” She tilts her head down, just inches from the cold shoulder of Kate’s. “I don’t know if I can ever accept Chloe and my parents’ deaths. At least truly accept that they’re dead like a normal person would.” She gently pries her right fingers from Kate's, then gripping it in the air, with straining effort. “I still have my powers and it's still growing…but why?” She quickly clenches it into a fist, covering her mouth. “Like when I heard Mom’s voice just inside the house.” Her lips quiver, as the sweet voice of her mother is still very fresh in her mind. “And even Rachel… Sure, it is a different one, but my mind still associate with what happened to her.” Kate closes her eyes, pressing her lips together and sympathizing with Max's words. “I really want to save them all, but I can’t. And for some damn reason, I can never get over that.”

“Max…” her voice calms down drastically. “I’m sorry, I got carried away.” Her stare is less focused, as she rubs her nose against her shoulder, examining to find there's no blood leaking out of it. “I know deep down inside you don't want to make this decision. Just like how you chose the town over Chloe. But here I am, pushing you and making this even more difficult for you.”

She shakes her head in silent. It is like making that fucking decision again...

“Max…” She repeats again, gently pulling the photo from the shaken up girl, and places it with care, into the safety of her messenger bag. “I said very terrible things to you, and I’m so sorry for that.” Kate’s sympathetic voice is returning.

“Kate… I don’t want to-”

She interrupts her, “ have to do it. I want you to do it, now.” She reaches out to grab Max’s shoulder. “Like you said, for all of us. So Chloe, your parents and Rachel will be alive.” She inches her face closer, letting her warm breath to be felt. “Promise me, we’ll be friends, okay?”

“After what an ungrateful shit I’ve been? And you still mean all that?”

Kate throws her arm in a playful tantrum manner, as her adorable personality comes back. “You’re darn right.” She tips her nose up, glancing all around her. “And thank you so much, Rachel.”

The wave of comfort slowly trickles back into her stiff cold body, soothing Max. She lets out a giggle, as some of the heat returns slowly back to her face from Kate’s warm smile. Feeling a bit more relaxed, her throat is little more calm now, “Kate…” Her eyes drift away, “I really do care about you. You were here to support me when my parents died. Even in the other timelines, I really saw something amazing in you. You always said the right things to people and you’re a selfless person.” Her eyes return back with steady contact, “I’m so undeserving out of all of this. Chloe, who I basically left her to rot in this town for five years. And there’s Rachel who is using her powers to help me with all of this…” She glances over at the whirling dome, seeing that there is still no one in it. Something is bubbling at the pit of her belly, but she finds the courage speak it. “...this Rachel is just going to go back in her own timeline and slowly rot there as well. I know, because she told me she has no one there anymore. And I know she won’t let me help her out at all.” Her voice trails off, still feeling a tad awkward to be talking about Rachel, who is listening all of this.

“Rachel…” Kate drifts her fingers, to the bangs of the brunette, brushing it. “She doesn’t think you can do anything to help her?”

“I don’t know if I even can, to be honest. Her powers is more powerful than mines.” Max looks deeply into the eyes of the angel, with a soft smile. “But your words about ‘no more cowering and crying’ inspired me. I need to do that.”

“Please do whatever you can, to protect her.”

Max presses her lips tightly, nodding her head. She bursts out and wraps her arms around Kate, bringing her close for a tight hug. The blonde angel also extends out her arms to welcome the warm embrace. “I will Kate.” Their faces are just inches from each other. And their breaths are warm and close. Heating each other against the cold pouring rain. “Kate, I’ve never felt so wanted and cared by anyone since Chloe.” She takes a deep breath, to ease her tight throat. “...Maybe because I never been with anyone, loved by anyone… or never had that many people that accepted me for who I am…” She lets out a puff of air, quietly dipping her head in shame.

With her nose, Kate prods playfully into the pouty girl to draw her attention. She gives her usual sunny smile that warms the air around them.

Max grins, with some courage in her throat to continue. “I finally got a taste of what Rachel is feeling now. I’m going to see you in another timeline, and you won’t know anything about me or what we have done together. This world was probably going to end for me. With my parents dead and Chloe murdered by Nathan, and seeing the girl that got shot in the spine, reminded myself how fragile and hopeless I am with my powers. I’m pretty sure I was going to just end it all. Take my own life and just be done with it.” The hissing of the rain drowns out her sniffing, as it paint pearls of rain onto their faces. “The ghost of my mother must have guided me to come to your room yesterday’s morning with that phone call. She knew you would be the only one in my life that could protect me, like a real angel. I know we haven’t met each other that long. Which shows how fucked up time travel is, because I feel we have been through a lot already. But whatever timeline I end up, I don’t ever want to forget these memories.” A warm flush fills across her drenched cheeks. “I love you, Kate.” The brunette’s shoulders shudder at her own words, as those words feel very foreign to come out of her mouth. Even though she said it earlier to Rachel and Chloe, it is still a uncertain and vague concept for her.

Kate gently breaks the grasp, pressing her knuckles into her face, covering the blush she obtained from the touching words.

Max looks on, not wanting to follow up with any more physical touch. She didn’t want to. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I love Chloe. I just told Rachel I loved her. And now...Kate? How can I possibly be in love with these people, all at once? But at the same time, how could I NOT be in love with these people? They all care about me. And I don’t ever want to forget about them. She blinks her eyes, glancing at the absorbed girl, “I’m sorry…”

Kate mumbles through her hands in a cheery voice, “No, not at all.” She blinks rapidly, then giving a distant stare, even though the grass is a few feet away from her face. Perhaps those kind words will make it even harder to let go of each other. “Thank you, Max.” Her eyes focus back on the brunette. “Ever since I found out about your time travel really opened up my mind. Just about everything. And I really do mean, everything.” Her eyes dart left and right, as many thoughts are constantly processing in her mind. “If Chloe didn’t get shot in the bathroom, I would have taken my own life by jumping off the roof. If Chloe died, and I listened to my mother’s text to stay away from you. Then, you would have taken your own life. If Rachel didn’t rewind my memories, I would just have thought of you as another classmate, that sadly ended her own life, not knowing at all what you went through. I wouldn’t have known that you saved my life in another timeline.”

Max looks at the angel, seeing how much thoughts she has been doing. “Kate…”

The beads of water runs down the length of the resting long blonde hair. Kate continues on with a calm voice, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. It was one crazy day. And you were mourning for your parents’ death, so I didn’t want to say anything. My mother has been texting me, and threatening me. She is…” She corrects herself, “...She was going to come by later this week to Blackwell Academy.” Her eyebrows quiver, through her bangs, showing resentment. “...Dragging my father, and my sisters along just to give me a public scolding to humiliate me. And to say that I’ve become a disgrace and failed to be proper role model to my sisters.” She looks at the Max through her bangs, “And she was going to come say some awful things to you.” Kate clenches her jaws, baring her teeth. “I love my mother, but that crosses the line. I would have stared into her eyes, and tell her ‘Leave my friend, alone’.”

Max presses her lips together, biting her bottom lip. “Kate, I don’t ever want you to choose between me and your family. I’m so not worth it.”

Kate smiles, softly nodding her head, “Max, you suffered so much. To have your week-long adventures with Chloe stripped away from you because of a damn stupid tornado. I want you to be happy.” She runs her fingers down the sides of the brunette, making her body quiver at the warm touch. “So, go back now and save Chloe and Rachel. And I say it again, promise me, you’ll still be my friend, okay? You’re my angel. And I love you, too.”

The brunette gazes at the soft fingers, caressing at her sides, “Kate, how do you do this?”

“Do what?”

“You always look at the bright side in people. Even to an undeserving asshole like me. No matter how much the world disappoint you, you stand back up with a friendly smile. Trying to make this awful world into a better place. We don’t deserve it.”

Kate’s eyes wander away, pushing her lips for a soft and tender smile, “I try my best to be nice and understanding to everyone. Because you never know when someone needs someone.” She gently brushes the short sleeve of the purple shirt, “Like you for example… You could use someone by your side after what you been through. You’re a hero. And even you need an angel.” She runs her fingers up to the aching shoulder, gently massaging it. “Now go… Go back to your best friend and family. They’re waiting for you.”

Max pushes her sobbing voice through her tight throat, “You were going to be my best friend.”

Kate’s smile deepens for a moment, but then it relaxes back. “It’s time to wake up from this dream, Max.”

Her eyebrows quiver at the words, as her eyes sink down to her wrist, finding the cross necklace still dangling on it. Max picks it up delicately with her fingers, holding it by the ends. She looks up at the naked neck of the blonde.

Kate flutters her eyes close like a sleeping angel, as the necklace gets place around her neck. Max looks on breathlessly at her beautiful face, securing it on her neck. She retracts her hands back as Kate’s eyes open with a welcoming smile.

They gaze deeply into each other's eyes, their face is unaffected by the drops of rain sprinkling against them. Just last night outside the dormitory, I was going to rewind so Kate would forget about what I said. Who knew that this is going to be so difficult to do? Max tilts her body closer, so their faces are inches from each other. Kate slowly closes her eyes, maintaining her sweet smile.

Max’s eyes lock onto the beautiful lips of Kate’s, her pulse is racing again, and her breath getting push out unsteadily. She tips her head up, slowly closes in, and planting her lips softly against the angel’s forehead. Couple of strands of the wet blonde hair gets in the way, but it did not detract from the kiss any more. Max blindly fumbles her fingers down making successful contact with Kate’s fingers, who instantly interlocks back with intensity.

This sends a warm signal to continue. Max continues her way down, gently caresses the tip of her lips onto the smooth skin, running it down to the tip of nose. Kate’s body twitch from the sensitive spot, letting out a quick sharp exhale. She gives a moment for her body to settle down. But before she can continue downwards, Kate pulls away, with her body shifting to a hunch.

Max gazes on with the sudden loss of heat from her fingertips and lips. Shit, I messed something up, huh? She lets out an unsatisfying sigh. The whirling vortex in the background, reminds herself of the original mission. I kissed Rachel, and… well I was going to kiss Kate...Fuck. She flutters her eyes close, chewing on the bottom lip. Rachel had to be watching all of this. She’s probably very jealous. “I’m sorry Kate…”

Kate turns, giving unsteady and distant eye contact. Instead of saying any words, she shrugs her shoulder with a silent ‘No problem’, and tucking in her upper lip.

Shit… Like always I can never stop fucking it up with people. She fights the urge to let out a groan, in absolute disappointment with herself. Her shoulder hunches over, turning her attention to the messenger bag by her side. Perhaps a subject change is what is needed for this awkward silence. “Hey Kate... do you have that picture of Audrey and Rachel? It is possible we may use it.”

Still remaining silent but diligent, Kate takes out her phone with a sleepy gaze. After a few taps later, she hands the phone to Max. “Will this help?”

Max takes the phone, seeing the exact same picture that Courtney had. She forces out a straining smile, adding some forced enthusiasm to hopefully curb the dryness in the air, “Thank you, so much Kate.”

Kate nods silently, and stand to the side, allowing a direct path for the brunette to walk to the rift. “Goodbye, Max.” She says in a nonchalant voice, with a wandering gaze.

Max looks on at Kate, who almost an expressionless face. A part of her wants to hug her, but she blows off that urge. She brushes off some grass off her jeans, purposely lingering a few moments longer, hopefully for the quiet blonde to turn towards her, but she doesn’t. She’s upset that this world is gonna end. I don’t blame her… She drags her heavy legs soaked in water, with the phone in her hand. Kate’s phone vibrates, giving a pop-up text message notification.

Mom: Why aren’t you responding? Are you with that whore? I cannot allow you to torment the family any longer. (2:43 PM)

Max’s eyebrows lower as the pop-up message disappears from the screen. Her mother is crazy… Her body cringes at the hateful message, as she heads toward the whirling dome. It seems like it is the bright light at the end of the tunnel, but in reality she doesn’t feel like a winner.

Before Max can enter into the whirling vortex, Kate collides into her, wrapping her arms around from behind. She dips her head over the right shoulder, giving the clumsy hipster a kiss on her cheek. She taps her nose into her face, nuzzling it softly. Max lets out a soft sigh, her body loll, but is still standing on her weakening legs.

Kate runs her fingers down the brunette’s arm, all the way to her hand. She lifts it up giving it a quick adoring kiss. Still holding onto it, “I’m praying for your safety, Rachel’s, and Chloe’s as well.” She slowly releases the hand, then she puts both her hands in front of her chest for a prayer. “Now go…”

I do feel bad for trying to kiss her on the lips when it is uncomfortable for her. That's what I get for trying to be smooth. But I'm glad she isn't too upset about it. Max gazes at her for a moment, a soft smile slowly emerging. She nods her head, then proceeds into the rift with an odd mixture of invigoration and unwillingness. Inside it, she sees Rachel standing in the center of the dome with loose shoulders, and both hands in the pockets. The bandage is still secure on her left wrist.

“Rachel…” Max says in a soft tone with wandering eyes. “I’m sorry about that. Are you okay?”

Rachel straightens her posture with a forced smile. “I’m good. Are you ready?” She didn’t have anything to say, even though she observed the whole ordeal with Kate.

I really hope she doesn’t retaliate against me. Max rubs her elbows, fidgeting her body. “Yeah… I think I am.” She takes out the prom photo from the messenger bag, and holds it against Kate’s phone. “Can you take a look at these photos? Is there anything you can sense in them?”

Rachel walks over, looking over the shoulder of the brunette. She squints her eyes at each one, blinking rapidly. Her head alternates between the two pictures, with an inquiring expression. “I can see both goes back quite a bit from today.” She reaches for Kate’s phone examining it deeper, “But I think this picture is a little earlier than your prom one. But I think they are both very close together.”

“So you can kind of gauge how far a photo or setting is, with your time travel power?”

She shrugs her shoulder, “I never done it before, but I do feel a sensation of the length of the travel. Of course it isn’t very clear or defined.”

Max puts the prom picture away, “Well you’re in that picture as well. So you look safe opposed to the uncertainty with my prom one. And that’s Audrey. I saw her earlier today.” She wets her lips, “Because her father is arrested, they’re looking for some foster parent. Some guy named Ted applied...”

Rachel’s eyebrows raise in her blank expression, hearing that name. “Ted? Do you know if he is a nurse at Arcadia Bay Hospital?”

“Yeah he is. Rachel, do you know him?”

She looks on with a distant gaze, not having much of a reaction. “...Let’s go, Max. I need all my strength right now. Let me focus on this photo to get a better idea.” She walks in close to Max, squeezing her close with her right arm. And with her wounded arm, holding onto Kate’s phone.

“Okay…” Max lazily buries her head into the shoulder of the blonde. She tilts her head to the side, glancing at the lone angel outside the dome. The one that is going to be left behind with all this. Voices from her recent memories echoes into her mind.

“Wherever I end up after whatever reality...all those moments between us were real, and they’ll always be ours.” The sobbing tone from her old best friend still sends a chill into her spine. All the awful events that has happened in Arcadia Bay will get erased, filling in fresh new memories. For better or worse.

“Honey, wake up first and meet your friend, Kate.” Her mother’s voice in that phantom phone call, perhaps hinting that this is the correct path in life to take.

“Max, you can always come to talk to me with anything, okay? We got each other now, okay?” Joyce, who sees Max as practically her daughter and shares a similar pain.

“Let’s pinky swear on this. That we will do our best at it. If one of us slips, we will pick each other back up.” Kate’s words remind how important it is to stick together, if one is left behind...

Is this the right decision? What if I’m always stuck in time forever? Always going back and never moving forward. This experience is something that transcends all humans, and probably even the higher beings, if there are any. Will I ever move on with my life with these powers?

Tears gather at the edge of her eyes, clouding the vision from the already distorted looking figure of Kate. She is gone. Only I’ll keep her memory from now on. Don’t worry Kate, I promise I will pick you back up once we go back in time. The running flood of thoughts in her mind slowly subsides, as the faint but raspy breathing of Rachel’s slowly fades in. Louder and louder, it draws Max’s attention to the weariness of the blonde. Rachel rewound me from ripping the photo. Shit, that was a waste since we’re using the photo of Audrey. But I guess that calmed Kate down quickly. That must have drained her energy. She was already weakening... She tips her head, getting a glimpse of her. “...Rachel?”

The heaving blonde is also fixating at Kate, then her eyes drift down at the curious hipster. She whispers to her, “I’ll see you on the other side. I’ll come to you.” She plants her lips on her forehead, then she pets the wet messy brown hair. “Go and rest your head down. We’re gonna go now.”

Max nods softly, then collapses her head unsteadily back onto Rachel’s shoulder. Something is wrong. She wraps her arms firmly around the blonde, digging her fingers into her black shirt, begging to draw some warmth into her cold body. Where she is going should be a very familiar place, yet it still going to feel very odd and foreign. She doesn’t want this Rachel to ever break apart from her, as they’re the only one together on this.

Rachel holds out her left arm outstretched, looking deep into the phone. A red fiery flame explodes out of her body, engulfing a much greater radius than the dome itself. Her skin instantly melts off into a dark brown grime color, as she takes the form of the decaying corpse of Rachel in this timeline.

Max’s eyes drift to the side barely seeing the red fire from her position. With her overwhelming amount of thoughts, she is unaffected with the fact she is right up close to a corpse. In the corner of her eyes, she sees the full bandage that she tied on Rachel’s arm, sailing down through the air, and passing through the grassy floor like it is an ethereal object or as if it never existed. Her eyes open sharply, “Rachel...your bandage…”

The scene erupts into a huge red flame, with a loud whirring noise that sounds like a freight train passing over them. Then everything fades to white.

Chapter Text

Max Caulfield & Rachel Amber

Seattle : Westlake Center - Happy Tailor Store

March 20th, 2013 7:34 PM

A halo-white wave fills her vision from edge-to-edge. All her other senses seem to be severed in her body, as she cannot hear, feel, or smell anything. Like she is fully detached from this reality for this moment.

Can I hear my thoughts? Oh I can! Did I get stuck in time? Why is it taking so long? Could Rachel be tricking me…?

A thundering rumble slowly fades in becoming louder, roaring into her ears. Dark shapes slowly coalesce, forming together into her head, as finally a more coherent but faint music tingles in her eardrums. Soft generic elevator music hums over her, as all her senses slowly becomes increasingly sharper. The soft buzzing of the fluorescent bulbs above her, paints the flour-paste textured walls all around her.

She finds herself in a very small room that appears to be a dressing room. There is a full-length mirror off in the corner and a royal blue curtain for the entry way. Her jeans and gray shirt are taken off from her body, crumpling into a mess, on the nook of the bench. Where the fuck am I?! Her legs buckle underneath her weight, causing her feet to shuffle backward about a foot, before colliding her clumsy head into the whitewashed wall behind her.

“Ooof...”, a sharp breath of air escapes her throat from the impact. Max hisses through her clenched teeth to somehow help dampen the pain. She looks down in shock, to find herself in a soft pink dress with two thin straps. Her legs are chilly from the jet cool air from the vents, since it is a short dress, but covering down to her knees. Her cleavage are nothing but two subtle swell on her chest, is also visible. A flush of heat cascades into her face, stiffening her eyes, as she lets out a squeal. What in the world?! Why am I hanging out? She quickly covers her chest with the palm of her hands.

“Honey, I heard a gasp...” Her nosy mother’s head dips through the blue curtains, joining her presence in the small room.

Max’s heart leaps in the air, her upper body recoiling from the result of it. Her eyes widen, with her jaws slowly dropping open at the sight of her no-longer-deceased mother. She blinks slowly in awe, wetting her lips with her tongue, “Mom?”

“Sorry!” Vanessa continues anyway, to invade into the cramped room, despite her apology. She presses her hands together, begging for forgiveness from her daughter. Her face becomes immediately inquisitive, “Oh wow honey…” Her body sways from side to side for a better view, then gently brushing away Max’s shielding hands, for a full look at the dress. “Hey, it looks so much better now...” She winks her eyes, “...a little cleavage showing isn’t that bad. Your father may take a little convincing.” She pouts her lips, in a playful manner.

Another flush of heat seeps into her face, reddening her cheeks this time. Just seeing the lively and cheery face of her mother and the mention of her father is enough to make the young hipster, ecstatic. Her lips tremble with joy, “Mom…” This is when I got my prom dress altered. We really did go back six months ago! Mom, Dad and Chloe are all alive! Her fingers twiddle in excitement, resisting the growing urge to pounce on her own mother. So we are really going to keep this? Rachel isn’t just going to reset this and go back into the future? This is fucking real, right?!?

“Sweetie, are you okay?” Her mother looks at her own daughter, who has a wild smile on her face.

Max’s eyes sparkle, with a wide grin, trying her best to contain it all in. “Yeah, I’m…” She brushes down the pink dress, feeling the soft fabric of it. Her eyes gazes coldly, letting out a sigh. The brunette remembers how much pain and humiliation the dress caused in the past, in just a few days. She’s going to wear it, and wait for her date that will never come. And to top it off, to see hopeless and disappointing faces from her parents. But this disaster pales greatly in comparison with everything else. She will just muster through this event, until Rachel contact her. Max forces the lie unsteadily out of her throat, “...I’m just so happy with the dress.”

“Me too.” Vanessa playfully pets her daughter’s head, forcing out an adorable smile from Max. Some of the coldness in her small body, slowly drains out as the result. “You are going to turn some heads at the dance.” Her daughter lets out a forced hearty laugh, shaking her head, side to side. “I’m teasing you, by putting you in the spotlight like that. But give yourself some credit! You’re so beautiful, Maxine! Who wouldn’t want you?”

Max stiffens her posture, pressing her lips in a soft smile. Oh Mom, you have no idea.

The night is cool and cloudy, in the approaching spring weather of Seattle. The gust of wind caresses the clear plastic garment bag that shelters the altered dress, draping over Max’s shoulder. The bustling of the evening shoppers, carrying their shopping bags crinkled with their purchases in it, as they stroll by the line of stores, radiating a warm orange hue. Vanessa and Max passes by a back-lit diorama that catches the attention of the young hipster, as her Chuck Taylor screeches into a halt.

Vanessa turns around, sensing the sudden absence of footsteps from her daughter. “Max?” She walks back to join her at the illuminated advertisement. “Oh...The Chase Space.”

Her pupils constrict from her gaze into the bright advertisement. She remembers the time she broke into Victoria’s room, to find the email to clear Dana’s name from Julia. It is Victoria parents’ famous gallery here in Seattle.

Vanessa glances at her daughter, who is fixated at the sign. “Maybe we can all take a trip here. Before you leave our little humble home of Seattle, and onto big time Blackwell Academy.” She gives a playful nudge with her elbow, “...With your long time idol, Mark Jefferson.”

Max’s nostrils flare at the mention of that psychopath. To become a mere abused subject from one of her hero, that also help drove her interest in photography, as well as her interest in Blackwell Academy. “Let’s go, Mom.” She pulls away bitterly, continuing towards the parking lot.

“Umm… sure, honey.” She follows right behind her daughter, with a puzzled look.

They both walk into the parking lot that is still packed with cars from the busy mall, despite the absence of any significant holidays coming up. The soon-to-be Blackwell student concedes and hang back, letting her mother lead the way, as she does not remember where the car is parked. So, is Rachel here as well? I saw her bandage come off. Is she going to be okay? Her head dips down, grasping at her chin, pondering some more. Kate… I want to meet her. I miss her and her sweet smile already, and I don’t want to wait months to see her. I love her. A wave of sorrow from the past, washes over her body, as she is trying to maintain her composure around her mother. I need to talk to Chloe soon, too. It feels like it has been forever since I’ve seen her.

They approach the sedan, as Vanessa circles around to the driver’s side, as her daughter freezes in place. The car accident... Mom and Dad died in this car by Cannon Beach. Max quickly circles around the car, glancing at the condition of the tires, giving a feeble kick to each one of them.

“Honey, what in the world are you doing?” Her mother looks at her preoccupied daughter, with a curious look.

“Just...making sure it isn’t flat.” She kicks the last tire, then moves back to the passenger side. They both get into the car, strapping on their seat belt. Max continues, “Just good to check.” She justifies her sudden OCD. Not like a simple check for flat tires, can predict the countless number of hazards that can occur on the road. But the deaths of her parents from the previous day, has elevated the paranoia in Max, in riding in this sedan of death. “Let’s get going, Mom.” I need to chill out a little. I can’t wait to see Dad.

Vanessa turns on the engine of the car, crossing her arms, with slightly pursed lips. “Alright, I like you being safe.” She changes her voice to a stern yet lighthearted, “But we’re not buying you a car when you go to Blackwell Academy, okay?”

Max peers over at the dashboard, making sure there isn’t any maintenance or warning lights on the car. “That’s fine, Mom. I will need my allowance for my Polaroid films.”

She groans, rolling her eyes, “Maybe switch to digital?”

Max presses her lips together, forming a soft smile. But it doesn’t last long as some tense thoughts wander into her head. I still can’t believe this is working. And there’s no tornado. At least no sign of it yet. She gazes out of the window, into the well illuminated lot. There is a mixture of feelings, churning in her stomach. The feeling of ‘this is home’ but at the same time, it still feels foreign. Some things remain to be resolved, but she is powerless to do it, if she is going to follow Rachel’s order. She presses her cheek against the cold glass, staring up at the two moons up in cloudy sky. I wonder how Rachel is doing…Is she just hanging out with Audrey? Even though I’m safe, here with my parents, I feel so hopeless not being in Arcadia Bay. I don’t know how long I can take this. I feel so restless.

She centers her bottom, back onto her seat, pulling out her phone from her pocket. Max launches the Facebook app, immediately typing ‘Kate Beverly Marsh’ into the search bar. She easily finds it as the top result in Arcadia Bay. Kate’s profile picture is different this time around, as it is a beautiful picture of her doing a solo violin performance at church. The brunette's heart warms up at the sight of the sweet angel, pressing her lips together. Hey Kate... I know you, but you don't know me. But you will. I will protect you when I find you. No one will bully you. Her eyebrows furrow, dipping her head down. It's because I left you, Kate... I left you behind… Her eyes scan to the side, where it says ‘Add Friend’ and ‘Message’. She hovers her shaky finger right above it. For a moment, her eyes gaze on unsteadily, recalling the warning from Rachel. The hipster concedes with her thoughts, letting out a sigh of frustration, and turning off the display of her phone. No, I won’t message Kate and Chloe, yet. But maybe I should contact Rachel though…

She tenses her arm, clenching the phone with force, as a roar of thunder echoes in her chaotic mind. Her vision flickers into a pale white for an instant, as the windshield becomes shattered. The scent in the air is moist and metallic, as she gives a few quick , curious sniffs, confirming her suspicion. My is activating again... Her pupils constrict to the mosaic display in front of her stare. In the very right corner of her eyes, there are long, dangling strands of dark hair. Her cold breaths halt, but her heart continues pounding rapidly, as tension seeps out the pores on her skin. She steadily crane her head, noticing the long wavy hair is flowing right through her shoulder, as if it ghostly.

Her spine straightens like a stalagmite, as a flush of heat escapes her body. What the hell is going on? She leans forward, pulling tightly the snug shoulder belt, and shuffling her weight forward. There is someone right behind her. Just like the hair, it is as if Max’s body is diffusing into this other body. She looks slightly over her shoulder, recognizing a familiar light purple dress, that has a few ink of fresh blood on it.

“Mom!?!?!” Max screams and quickly flinches away, squeezing her eyes shut. I’m sitting right on Mom’s body. The one that died in the car accident. I’m sitting in her seat. Her breathing is suddenly rasping, as her body feels the full waves of the tremors within her.

“Jesus! Maxine! Honey, I’m right here.” Vanessa extends out her right hand over, brushing and trying to calm her distressed daughter.

“Mommy?!?!” She whines, tugging the locks of her hair, between her fingers in frustration. This is fucking real, right? Why the hell am I seeing this?

“Let me repark the car.” The mother still brushing her fingers, at her daughter’s cheek, while spinning furiously on the steering wheel with her left hand, to pull into an empty spot. Thankfully, they are still in the parking lot and able to stop the car.

“Mom…” The terror is still in her veins, as her skin is feeling more clammy. Blindly, she quickly unbuckles her seat belt, and climbs over the central divider of the car, and into the safety and comfort of her living mother. Vanessa, also quickly unbuckles her own seat belt, granting access for her daughter to sit on her lap. Max wraps her arms, burying her sobbing face onto her mother’s shoulder. “Please don’t ever leave me.” She blurts it out, as her twisted mind needed some consolation.

Vanessa nuzzles her cheek onto her daughter’s hair, sensing how real and terrified, she is. “It’s okay, honey. Mommy is here.” Max’s muffed, heavy breathing gradually subsides. Her tense muscles, slowly relaxes at the warm embrace of her mother. Vanessa, remains perfectly still, despite the awkward position and weight of the teenager, crushing her lap. She didn’t want to disturb her anymore, “It’s okay, we can lay like this for a bit.” She listens closely to the steady but shallow breaths of her daughter, then she kisses her right at the temple.

The warm scent of her mother soothes her, slowly calming her down. Could the old timeline still be there? Or is my mind playing tricks again? Max clamps down the collar of her mother’s shirt with her lips. I have to resist talking to Chloe. But can I get ahold of Rachel without going through Chloe? Max gently gnaws at the soft material between her lips. Maybe I can find her on Facebook. I’m going to go crazy if I can’t talk to anyone about this.

Rachel Amber


The chugging sound stirs the blonde awake into a veil of darkness. It seems like it is nearly impossible to tell whether your eyes are actually opened or not, if it weren’t for the fact she can see her own body. The entire scene seems like an endless black abyss, without any indication of direction.

Am I dead? Or am I… She glances over at her left wrist, finding the gash is again exposed and slightly bleeding. Her body is also emitting a steady red flame from the time powers.

Her heartbeats quicken as it still feels, her actual body is still suffering heavily from the blood loss. Her eyes are heavy, where the only sensation she is feeling, is how numb and weak her body is. She lazily pushes up her body, rotating so she can fall onto her side.

She sees a body lying almost in the same position as she is. It is herself, or the Rachel in Max’s timeline. She is wearing a black t-shirt, with denim shorts. Her wrist and ankles are bounded by gray duct tape. There are tears in her eyes, dripping down and diluting some of the black eyeliners on her face. Her eyes are doe-eyed, gazing straight ahead, as her body twitches slowly, within the constraints of her binding. She’s dying.

Rachel pulls herself, dipping her face closer. She whispers softly to her, “Hey… please wake up.”

Her counterpart gives a shudder, before relaxing her neck. Her mouth opens slightly, as a stream of saliva falls out of her mouth. Her body twitches again, sending another gush of saliva, and thin flows of tears, seeping down her cheeks. There is a faint rapid clicking, that sounds like the shutter of a camera right above them.

Rachel looks on in hopelessness, with steady eyes, and without any more words to give. Her eyes glisten at the sight of seeing herself counting down to her final breath. It pains her so much to see it. Rachel thought she should be prepared for death by now. For her to slip away from both of these worlds quietly, without a single care from anyone. But maybe not yet… Soon though.

The rumbling in the scene intensifies, as a lifeless white light brightens the abyss. She turns her attention back to her wound. Did the bandage fall out because that timeline is gone? When I’m in this Rachel’s body, I should be fine for the time being, right? Or will I slowly be bleeding and weakening somehow out of time? Her pupils constrict as bright halos of light slowly engulfs the other Rachel’s body. Don’t worry, Rachel. I’ll save you.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Garibardi : Last Round Arcade

March 20th, 2013 7:34 PM

Numerous colors begin filling into her vision, forming blurred outlines in her mind. The sound starts to seep into her ears as if she is submerged in underwater. Muffled and hoarse sounds vibrate her eardrums, slowing awakening the blonde to this unfamiliar location.

“Sissy! Are you okay?” A little girl’s voice stirs the blonde awake from her slumber. Her energy is slowly being stuffed back into her body.

“Shit…” Her eyes open up, finding herself lying flat on her back, on the ground. Gradually, her eyes become more clear, as it is the girl in the photo, standing right in front, peering down at her. Audrey.

“Rachel…” The little girl’s eyebrows draw together. “Could you get up?” Her eyes drift to the side, as two shadowy figures eclipse right above her tiny body.

“Hey little girl… could you move to the side?” A smug young man’s voice laughs from one of the figures. The bright ceiling light above them obscures the visibility of them. “I want to see your sister’s thong.”

Alright, who are these shitbags? Despite her senses being hazy a short moment ago, they are now refreshed, as her upper body springs up to a sitting position. Her body tenses, seeing she is wearing a low-cut black dress, with two spaghetti straps. She realizes Audrey is standing in front of her, to cover between her legs from being shown.

Rachel smiles briefly at the caring girl, then with the returning burst of energy, she propels herself up onto her feet. She glares at the two guys that look like they’re in high school. These little punk asses. Oh wait, I’m probably in high school, too. “What the fuck did you say?”

“Hey, don’t be smoking crack and spreading your legs around like a whore.” The guys look at each other, as an obnoxious laugh escapes from their mouth, in unison. One of them continues staring at her chest, “Nice fucking rack.”

Rachel wobbles on her feet, realizing she is wearing heels. Fuck, heels? Maybe I can work on slamming the tip of my heel, right into their eye socket. But damn, I must have collapsed or something. And why am I dressed like this?!? She glances around, gathering her bearing in this area around her. The place is enormous, with lines of arcade machines, pool tables and even a full bowling alley. The electricity bill must be insane to keep all the countless amount of lights running all day. There are series of tables where patrons are munching on their cardboard-tasting pizzas and overpriced frosty tipped draft beers. The place is fairly crowded, but surprisingly, no one else is drawing their attention towards the scene that Rachel made.

I don’t even know where the hell I am. I should keep some stuff low-key until I figure this all out. Otherwise, I would smash down these fuckers. Rachel quickly pulls the little brunette’s hand, dragging her away, “Let’s go…” The two girls storm off in the opposite direction from the guys.

“Those guys are mean… But where are we going?” The young girl asks in a curious voice.

“I don’t know…” Rachel stretches her voice, halting abruptly on her heels, as the little girl almost crash right into her butt. So much shit is going on, I don’t even have time to collect my own damn thoughts. She glances around, hoping to see if there are any recognizable faces, but there is none. “Umm...Audrey?” A growing sense of insecurity has her heart pumping hard, blood coursing rapidly through her veins. Looking for a sanctuary, to catch her breath and ease down the panic in her mind, “Where’s the restroom?”

“Oh it’s over here.” She tiptoes, pointing towards the lit sign that says ‘Restrooms’. “Oh, and here’s your phone and jacket. You also dropped it on the floor after you took the picture.” She hands over the two items, then she jams her hands into her own armpits, hugging herself, “Sis, you scared me! You passed out for a moment.”

Despite the frightened look on the little girl, Rachel couldn’t resist squeezing out a smile. “Sis?”

“Ooh...sorry Rachel!” She flails her hands in an adorable way.

“No, it’s fine. You can call me that.” Rachel winks at the little girl. So, I’m like an older sister to her, huh? She presses her lips tightly, tipping her nose towards the restrooms, “Let me go freshen up.”

Rachel pushes the door to the restroom, entering the cold, unpleasant smelling facility with Audrey right behind her. Another woman that is wearing a similar style dress is on her way out. She gives a quick glare at Rachel, examining her face, then the rest of her body. The woman’s eyes become cold, averting to the side, with an audible scoff, before exiting. What the hell did I do? Rachel shrugs her shoulder, not letting the person, get underneath her skin. She shuffles her heels towards the mirror of the restroom to give herself a gander.

Holy shit! Rachel’s eyes light up in admiration. Her hair is long and slightly wavy, going past her shoulders. Both her face and body is thin and more in shape. There are eyeshadows and very soft pink lipstick, but still look amazing and not overwhelming in makeup. She rattles on the blue-jay earring on her left ear this time, ringing it. The blonde looks down, doing a double take. There is a blue star tattoo on her left wrist, which is the same exact spot from the gash she made from slitting her wrist. And on her right calf, is the red dragon tattoo. I remember this awesome dragon tattoo. And that’s a coincidence the star is where I slit my wrist. It is actually going to bother me every time I look at it. Rachel turns her attention back to the mirror, turning around to the side, giving a profile view of her body. Shit, I have decent sized boobs and butt. A fueling amount of confidence erupts into her body, despite still feeling foreign. I really hate to be cocky, but damn I’m hot.

She throws her purse onto the counter, as Audrey stares on with steady eyes in the background, hugging tightly her red stuffed dragon. Rachel fumbles through the purse, as there aren’t too many items in it. There are some folded cash, a few credit cards, make-ups, and some condoms.

Rachel lifts her head, looking back at her reflection with a nonchalant expression. Wait a minute... am I getting some tonight? Her eyebrows arch, pursing her lips at the thought of it.

“Sissy…” Audrey glances at her phone with slight disbelief, realizing the time. “I think Dad is finished with his meeting and should be here soon to pick us up. We have to get going to the spot he wants us to wait at.”

“Your Dad?” Rachel turns back to the little girl, her neck tilting back slightly. Her father is the… teacher.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Garibardi : Dark Path

March 20th, 2013 7:48 PM

Last Round Arcade is situated in a rather remote part of this coastal city along the bay, despite being a popular hangout place. The parking lot is filled with parked cars, with more incoming patrons, preparing to throw their money away. The two girls take a sharp turn, moving along the darker perimeter of the lot, towards a more concealed path that stretches out alongside a dark grassy field.

The dark field is smothered with a thin fog of the night. The path is illuminated very poorly with spaced out lampposts, combined with the partly cloudy night. The false ghost-silver second moon hanging in the sky doesn’t brighten much, with the blanket of mist and shadows beneath it. The rhythmic pattering sound of heels and tennis shoes along with the gentle breeze are only disturbance to the cold silence.

Rachel examines her surrounding in this dark pathway. Tall shadowy trees with its swaying branches, with only small ribbons of moonlight piercing through its leaves. A chill sweeps across her exposed skin, as her eyes dart around in slight paranoia. “You know where to go? You may have to lead the way.” Rachel asks the rather fearless little girl, that doesn’t seem to be a stranger to the dark or the mist.

“Sure!” She skips around, making wide circles in front of the blonde girl. “Oh wait, I shouldn’t be making too much sound. Dad told me not to draw attention.”

“It’s okay. That might be best, though.” Rachel stares on with an unfocused gaze. So this is the life of the other Rachel? The one that reset everything to save Dad and ditch Maxine? The one that’s basically a better future version of me? She looks down at herself, sensing the empowerment that seems to radiate from this body. I can feel some remaining residual effect from this Rachel. I can feel how bold and outgoing she is. How she doesn't simply give much shit about anything and took chances at life.

She wraps the light jacket over her exposed shoulders, shivering slightly. But what am I doing here? I’m just living a lie here. She blows off a warm puff of air, squeezing her body closer for warmth. I was given a gift to save Max and Chloe. I just… wanted to feel useful. I want to be someone that I could never be. I just wanted to be cared and loved… She dips her head down, with her bangs draping forward. I don’t even recognize anyone here. I know Max doesn’t really love me. Once she gets her Chloe back… She squeezes her eyes close for a moment, taking a deep breath to energize her lungs. Well… Dorky Maximus, Chloe is alive and so are your parents. You already got what you wanted the most.

Rachel taps on her phone, as the screen illuminates her face and teary eyes with a blue hue. She holds her thumb onto the power button, unlocking the phone. Good, thank god I use fingerprint security instead of a PIN number. Otherwise, I would never guess it. “Sorry Audrey, I have to look at my phone for a second.” She asks to be pardoned for her rudeness.

“Sure, it’s fine.” Audrey hums quietly, continuing to lead the way, being distracted in her own tiny world.

Rachel swipes around the phone seeing various text messages in the recent contact list, including some unknown private numbers, Chloe, Frank, Nathan, Evan, Justin, Victoria just to name a few. There are so many things going on that she needs to get herself situated. More and more, she is realizing that all the briefing that Max gave earlier is far from enough, just because she didn’t really know Rachel, either.

She looks at some of the recent messages of the more familiar names.

Chloe: rach lets get food (3:14 PM)

Rachel: Two Whales? (3:16 PM)

Chloe: damn ur a psychic like always. how you know? mom can hook us up. (3:17 PM)

Rachel: Free brinner! Nah, I have to pass today. I have some plans tonight. :) (3:21 PM)

Chloe: who? the stuck up crowd at school? (3:21 PM)

Chloe: rach? (3:47 PM)

Chloe: come on answer me. im bored out of my mind. (4:03 PM)

Chloe: you been some distant with everything. r we cool? i dont trust ur damn emoji of actually smiling unless u love to ignore me. (4:55 PM)

Rachel squeezes the phone to her chest, looking in the misty dark abyss above her. That’s right, Chloe loves me in this timeline. And I see I am already neglecting her already. Could it be because of this secret relationship I’m having with the teacher? What can I text her? She presses the phone against her chin, pondering it for a little bit, then she types in it. I don’t want to break apart from Chloe. Even if Max is waiting by, a couple of months later.

Rachel: Hey Chloe! Sorry it’s been a hectic day. Don’t worry about it, I’ll talk to you later. Love you! :) (7:51 PM)

She lets outs a soft, but joyful chuckle, letting her message sinks into her mind for a little bit. A jaunty smile forms on her face. She’s finally alive! Max went through so much to try and save her. I can’t wait to finally meet her. I wonder what she’s like.

She moves on to the next chat message thread.



Rachel: Relax, don’t get all jealous. ;) (2:34 PM)

Rachel: Don’t get upset when someone takes the glory from you. (2:35 PM)


Her eyebrows furrow at this much angrier text conversation. Well… I guess her hopes did come true. She recalls back about what Max said, how Victoria can be very jealous but also a good person deep down inside. Rachel sniffs her nose, punching in the text. It seems like this Rachel was ready to burn the bridge down with Victoria. Maybe I can change that... at least a little bit.

Rachel: Hey Victoria, I’m sorry about what I said. I take it all back. I know you’re a great person and you are under a lot of pressures from everyone. I totally get it. Let’s talk tomorrow, okay? (7:53 PM)

I feel Victoria should be the one apologizing since her texts are full of hate. But I’ll start the apology on my side. If she scoffs and laughs at me later, then well… I tried.

Rachel moves next down to Nathan, groaning at the sight of his name. But, then realizing he has a big part to play with her in this timeline.

Nathan: Hey Rach, can we hang out tonight? (11:34 AM)

Rachel: Sorry Nathan, I have plans tonight. (11:58 AM)

Nathan: Oh, I see. (12:01 PM)

Rachel: What’s up? (12:32 PM)

Nathan: Was wondering if I could take some pictures of you. Maybe tomorrow morning, before class? (12:34 PM)

She closes her eyes, letting out a soft sigh. He is unstable in this timeline. Well, probably in both. He is an accomplice, and responsible for my death. So what do I do? She looks up to the two moons in the sky, as streaks of the moonlight seem to create an illusion of the two moons diverging slightly. I know I have my thoughts about him in my timeline. But maybe I can finally have a talk with him, and perhaps understand him. I’m not sure what Rachel did with Nathan in this timeline…

Rachel: I’ll try and make it home early tonight. I’ll text you later tonight. If not, tomorrow morning. Then, we can see from there? (7:54 PM)

She takes a deep breath, after sending the text. I have no idea what I’m doing tonight. And I have never been in a photo shoot before. This is going to be weird as hell.

They approach a dark tunnel with a rustic-looking stone walkway above it, with some overgrown vines dangling down to the pathway like thin ropes. We are going pretty off the beaten path. The pathway is getting darker and less maintained, along with the light cool fog in the air. Many thoughts continue to race through her mind. Kate… She mutters her name without any audible sounds, pressing her fist above her heart. Just seeing how you were with Max…

Her phone vibrates in her hand, breaking the soft silence of the night and interrupting her thoughts. Her lungs freeze with hesitation, as everything still feels extremely foreign to her.

Chloe Price. Her eyes sparkle, seeing the familiar name of the incoming call. She looks ahead at the back of the playful girl, prancing around. “Audrey, I have to pick this call up.”

“Uh huh!” She doesn’t even give eye contact, continuing to hum to herself.

She swipes the phone to answers the call. Here it is… The blonde flutters her eyes close, taking a deep breath to calm herself and loosening up her tense muscles. Past memories of Chloe, and how warm and caring person she was, in her timeline. Or at least the timelines that Rachel has destroyed. The blonde pushes it out of her throat, “Hey…”

“Rach… I’m sorry. I finally decided to give you a call. So fuck texting.” Chloe’s voice is full of distress. But still, just the sound of her voice warms Rachel’s face, affirming her thoughts. “I’ve been pretty fucking upset about how I blew up on you. I have just been having some really shit thoughts, again. I can’t even use the excuse it is that time of the month.”

Rachel snickers softly. With zero context, the best she can do is just be forgiving to whatever it was. She wants to bond with her as much as possible. “It’s okay, Chloe. Please don’t sweat it.”

“I just feel stupid sometimes. I get uneasy when I’m alone. I don’t want to sound stupid dramatic and clingy-as-fuck. I know you got your crew and buddies to hang out with, too.”

“No, I totally get you.” Rachel nods softly. She shortens her pace for a moment, letting the little girl pull a little ahead, for some privacy. Her head dips down, pressing her lips together. I don’t belong anywhere. I have no place to go anymore. She blinks rapidly, “To be honest, Chloe… I feel very lost, too. I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore.”

“What? Rachel, you’re so fucking popular and beautiful as hell. You’re the most awesome person, and pretty much everyone loves you.”

Not me… Maybe the other Rachel… the one that is everything I’m not…

“Chloe…” Her throat is thick, “...please. Don’t...” Her tone is stern, not wanting any pity.

“Oh… I’m sorry.” Chloe’s voice softens as well, quickly catching on. “You want to talk about it? You can come over. Now-or-later tonight? I have a few joints left, maybe we can blaze for a bit and bitch about shit.”

Even though smoking out isn’t high on her to-do list, she still welcomes anytime with her. “Tomorrow, sure.”

“Alright. I’m always here for you.” You can hear a soft sniffing from the other line of the call. “I love you, Rachel.”

Her warm touching words freeze Rachel’s body, stiffening it. For someone to actually say that to me… I know it isn’t really true, but… She blinks rapidly to moisten her eyes. There aren't quite enough tears to overflow down to her face. Her chest feels very heavy now, “Chloe…” She sniffs her nose, “...I love you, too.”

There is a pause on the other line. It isn’t too awkward as Rachel could use the silence to collect her loose emotions. Chloe, finally breaks the hush, “You sure you don’t want me to swing by later? Even if it is late...”

Rachel lets out a sharp laugh, enjoying the sweetness and care from her friend. She whines in a joking way, “Chloe…”

“I know, I know. But I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Text me when you get home. Even if it’s hella late, I would like to know you got home safe… I mean it… ” Her voice is sweet, showing signs of warm life.

A flush of warmth floods Rachel’s face, as the redness blooms. She does like me a lot. “I promise I will, Chloe. I’ll talk to you later.”


Rachel nods her head softly, then she ends the call, putting the phone into her purse.

They arrive at a small opening in the area, and there’s a gray Bentley parked, shrouded in the shadows.

“Daddy…” Audrey’s voice shifts from her usual cheery to a more calm tone at the sight of her father, who is leaning against the passenger side of the car with his hands tucked in his pockets.

The man has choppy and messy brown hair. He has a light beard and goatee with black and white glasses. He has on a white buttoned shirt, with a black blazer over it, and jeans. The man has a rather serious face, but with a soft inviting smile. Shit… What a fucking handsome guy...

Audrey walks past him, entering the back door, not even demanding a hug from her father. Probably with his power pose, it didn’t welcome one anyways, as his attention is focused completely on Rachel.

He opens the passenger door, welcoming her in it. Rachel approaches him, as she conjures some confidence in her belly and into her stride in heels. “You look stunning,” his voice is low and husky. He gives a quick peck on her lips, smoothly wrapping his arm around her. He traces a finger along the silky soft material of Rachel’s dress, then right along the top elastic waistband of her thong through the dress, then finally resting on her hips.

Rachel’s heart jolts up in the air at the abrupt but smooth touch from this man. She remains calm, being guided into the passenger seat of the car. She sits down in the spacious interior of the car, as the man closes the passenger door.

She adjusts herself in the seat, trying to remain cool. Normally, I would get extremely anxious if I was in this type of situation, but somehow I’m holding alright. Maybe it is this body… She looks over her shoulder, seeing Audrey squeezing and snuggling with her red stuffed dragon, and peering quietly out the window. So in the previous timeline, a perverted shithead like Ted would be in custody of this sweet girl if her father got arrested?

The driver door opens, as the man gets into the car, fastening on his seat belt. Rachel looks at him with curious eyes, realizing she doesn’t even know his name. So… this is the guy…

He looks back with a curious gaze. “Is there’s something wrong?”

“No… how was your meeting?” Rachel immediately changes the subject, smoothly recalling what Audrey mentioned earlier.

He shakes his head, letting out a puff of breath through his fake smile. “Ah… just the same…” He gazes straight ahead for a moment, and then back into the blonde's hazel eyes. “Boring stuff…” The man reaches his hand over, gently stroking Rachel's inner thigh, sending a shocking tingle up her legs, and causing her body to quiver from his simple touch. Rachel wets her lips, quickly glancing to confirm Audrey isn’t watching this public display of affection.

He continues with his low voice, “The rest of the night is going to be better, now that you’re here…”

Chapter Text

Max Caulfield & Rachel Amber

Seattle : Caulfield Residence

March 20th, 2013 10:24 PM

The soft pale light from the desk lamp is the only source that illuminates the teenage girl’s bedroom. On the desk is an astronomy textbook flipped to a diagram of a comet and several sheets of the homework assignment, that Max is working on. She leans back into her chair, rolling her fingers for a stretch, relieving the hand cramps and detaching her mind from her studies, to gaze dreamily at the pale ceiling.

Earlier at the mall parking lot, Max slowly regained her wits, after that frightening experience of seeing her mother’s corpse right inside her. Instead of returning back to the dreaded passenger seat, she decided to move to the backseat, staying there for the rest of the ride. Her mother didn’t question too much about the anxiety attack, trying not to aggravate back her fear again. For the rest of the car ride, she was content that her daughter was feeling better.

Max snaps back from her daydream, staring absent-mindedly at the almost empty glass cup with ice cubes and a small sliver of red liquid that is mixed with the melted ice. The refreshing sweet-and-tart taste still lingers in her mouth. It’s sweet. Daddy made me a cherry limeade to cheer me up. She puts the pen on top of her puckered lips, balancing on it. Hate to come home and realizing you have homework due tomorrow after time traveling back. It is tedious to do this homework about comets, asteroids, and meteors. Thank dog, I kind of remembered all the answers. She twists around in her seat, staring at the door to her bedroom, as her face warms up with joy. But... My family is back…

She leans over, opening a desk drawer, and taking out a picture frame of her and Chloe. When she moved to Seattle, it was on her desk in plain sight. Trying to remind herself of the better moments together with Chloe. But more and more, it became a constant reminder of how horrible she was as a best friend, unable to keep in touch with her. So she had to tuck it away, as it became unbearable to look at every day. Don’t worry Chloe, I’ll be with you real soon. Together and forever.

She focuses on it for a moment, as the picture of them hanging out at Max’s old house back in Arcadia Bay resonates with her time powers. She can hear the unclear ghostly sounds of giggling coming from the picture before she deters her eyes away.

All of the sudden, her vision becomes a vortex of blurred color. When everything resides, she is no longer holding the picture. Her right arm twitches, accidentally scribbles a long dark mark across her worksheet with the pen in her hand. What the hell? She looks at her phone, swiping it off idle to see the clock reads “10:21 PM”. The cup of cherry limeade is missing, and her worksheet is missing half of the writing.

Rachel… she just used her rewind powers. Something is wrong...

Her breaths quicken against the churning of her stomach. She grabs her phone, scrolling to ‘Chloe Price.’ Shit, should I text Chloe? No… I can’t! She squeezes her eyes shut, trying her best to curb her tension down. Maybe it is nothing...

She quickly switches to her Facebook web browser tab on her laptop, searching for ‘Rachel Dawn Amber’ of Long Beach and Arcadia Bay, and hitting the ‘Message’ button. All the worst-case scenarios begin bubbling into her mind. Okay?! Maybe it is everything! I have to say something to her at least!

Max Caulfield: Hey Rach! It’s Max. I figured we can talk to each other and keep in touch! :)

She clicks the button, sending the message. She then stares in awe at the beautiful profile picture of her. Rachel is wearing a purple cropped top and jeans, posing with the sunset behind her. She isn’t smiling exactly, but her face looks majestic. The picture is probably taken by one of the many photography students at Blackwell Academy, that are dying to have a chance of a photo shoot with her. This is crazy… I reliving history, but now I know who Rachel is...

The silence breaks with a short series of knocking. “Come in,” Max quickly tabs out of Rachel’s profile.

“Here you go, honey… a cherry limeade! Hopefully, it makes you feel better.” Ryan gently settles the cup down onto the coaster, then gives her daughter a quick peck at the temple.

“Thanks, Dad.” She grins, gazing at the now full cherry limeade drink.

“If you need anything else, let me know!” He walks out the room, gently shutting the door behind him.

The sounds of her father’s footsteps trail away, back to the chilling silence. Max is still preoccupied with the rewind of Rachel’s. Fuck… If she’s with Audrey, then she could be with Jefferson. But I think it is too early for when Rachel actually died… Fuck! Jefferson and Rachel are in love...

“Rachel not only gave great head shots… She gave... great heads.” Jefferson’s words from that awful nightmare sequence where Max had to evade her worst insecurities, tings into her mind, cascading into a shudder in her shoulders. She gulps into a grimace, letting out a soft whimper. Am I putting her through all of that?

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Bay City : Jefferson Residence

March 20th, 2013 8:42 PM

The two-story house is located in the nearby neighboring coastal town of Bay City, along the 101 highway. The neighborhood has moderate-sized but extravagant looking houses that shine a bright nectarine-orange shade out of their windows. Each of them is very spaced out, providing ample amount of privacy among the residents.

The interior of the house has a slick modern look, contrasting with dark-colored cabinets with white textured walls. Ample amount of recessed lighting illuminates the kitchen area, while the man prepares the pasta and meat sauce on the stove top, for the simple but intimate dinner for two, while Audrey hiding upstairs by herself.

The man has removed his blazer, wearing the white-buttoned shirt for the warmer indoor temperature. He dries his hands on the gray towel hanging on the oven handle, moving over to the stereo system by the dining room to put on calm jazz songs from Jacqui Dankworth. He heads back to the stove, “I knew the meeting was going to run late, but I didn’t know how late.” He takes the cap off the saucepan, stirring the tomato sauce filled with generous chunks of meats, with a large wooden spoon. “And, I can hear your stomach growling from here. I’m sorry.”

Rachel spaces out at the large wooden salad bowl that has chopped romaine lettuces, sliced red cherry tomatoes, black olives that she just tossed in. “It’s fine…” She reaches over the bag of crumbled feta cheese and sprinkles it all over the salad bowl as one of the last ingredients for the Italian salad, that she is offering to assist with. So I’m going to make dinner with this smokin’ hot teacher? She peers over the two warm, grilled chicken fillets, on the cutting board. “I’ll cut the chickens. Where do you keep your knives?”

The man points to the direction of a kitchen drawer, off to the side of him. “Over there.” He, then moves to the other side of the kitchen, digging in the cupboards.

Rachel walks over, pulling the kitchen drawer, and seeing a selection of knives. Looking at all of them, she picks the one that is most appropriate sized, gripping it in the air. She gazes at the knife, examining the sharpness of it. This guy is the dangerous psychopath that is a mentor to Nathan and responsible for my death in this timeline?

“Boo...,” the man whispers heavily and deeply into her ears, grabbing from behind. All of Rachel’s breaths get trapped in her lungs, recoiling from his sudden touch. Realizing it is him, she lets out a forced chuckle through her tense throat. He studies the sharp blade in her hand, “Be very… very careful... with that knife.” His fingers caress her waist.

Rachel’s body slowly shakes off the fright, but her chest still heaving hard from it. “Don’t…” She inhales sharply, realizing she still doesn’t know his name. “ that.” She puffs out some of the residual terrors from her lungs.

“Please forgive me…” He squeezes his hands tightly against her waist, pinching the elastic band of her underwear through her dress. He, then moves in closer, kissing repeatedly at her earlobe, working down to her jawbone, then to the side of the neck. Rachel’s eyes become half-lidded, as her body lolls slightly from the tingling sensation of the moist lips of the man, falling into his warm embrace. A warm groan slips out of her throat, her mind is completely charmed by this man. He slides his left index finger, running it along the back of her strapless bra through her dress, and around, stopping just short of her left breast. The man sticks out the tongue, running it down her neck with ample amount of pressure. Her eyes squeeze closed, jaws dropping slightly opened, her face blossoming with redness. The man finally reaches over squeezing her left breast through the padding. The blonde’s body does nothing to reject his action, as she gazes blankly ahead with her dull eyes, lips slightly parted with a drop of saliva on the verge of dribbling out due to her rising anticipation. As the throbbing between her legs demand for more, the man suddenly pulls away from Rachel coldly with a soft chuckle, returning back to his duty at the stove top.

Rachel feels the heat dissipating quickly from her, letting out a soft shudder of disappointment. She pinches her thighs together tightly, relieving some of the loss of heat. The trail of wetness along the side of her head is a lingering sensation of his touch. This body must be very captivated by this man. A part of me is deeply infatuated with him. She cranes her neck, looking at the man resuming to tend the pasta and the sauce. But he’s a total creep...right? Her eyes scan down the man, seeing a facility identification card still clipped onto his jeans, but it is facing away, hiding his name. Maybe I can find out his name with that…

She presses her lips together, dropping the knife onto the kitchen counter, then making her way to behind the man. He senses her approaching empowering presence but remains in his bold posture. Rachel positions herself directly behind him, wetting her lips. Here goes nothing… She slowly wraps her arms around the man and squeezing him tight. Arching her back, and the help of her padded bra, she wiggles her breasts, pressing it firmly against the contours of his firm build body. Not needing to see his face, just the way his body squirm slightly against her tease, ignites the confidence in her. She glides the tip of her nose across his back, lifting it up to face the back of his head. There is a height difference between her and the man, but still whispering in a low, sultry voice up to his ear. “You’re not the only one that can do the teasing…”

The man didn’t verbally respond back, but his body is more and more tempted by the young woman’s advances. Rachel swings her head around his body, with the facility card in her view. She grinds her breasts into his side, her left fingers, slowly crawls along his belt, also smoothly flicking the facility card over along the way. With patience, her fingers work towards making contact with the slight bulge in his jeans. She squeezes it repeatedly, feeling the forming shape of it underneath the rough jean material. The man lets out a content sigh from her massaging. “Mmm…” Rachel moans softly with each grab as she feels him slowly grow into her soft hand. “There you go…” she hums softly.

She dips her head closer, getting a good read on the facility card, while her left hand continues stroking. Mark Jefferson. Photography Teacher. Blackwell Academy.

The sizzling bubbles from both the pasta and the sauce grow in her peripheral vision, becoming more of an opportunity to halt her current action. She gazes into his eyes, whispering to him. “Don’t you blow it into our food, Mark.” She feels him give one last twitch underneath her hand, before she takes her hand off his pants, seeing the frustration quickly seeping into his normally suave face. The blonde struts with confidence with her hips, making her way back to cut the chicken. The man follows her beautiful curves that hug perfectly against the tight black dress. Rachel glances back at Mark, up and down his body, knowing exactly what he wants. She licks her lips, blowing him a kiss because she knows she can.

He pushes out a chuckle through his shuddering throat, resisting the urge to relieve his frustration.

Rachel waits patiently at her seat with her legs crossed. The dark brown, rustic yet trendy-looking dining table has two candles in the middle of the table, with a plate of pasta and another plate of salad on opposite end of the table. Almost all the lights are turned off now, with a set of candles in the dining table replacing for a more moody and intimate lighting. Looking at her body, Rachel again becomes energized with a blazing amount of confidence. I have never done that before… teasing a man like that. I watched porn and read smut all the damn time, but somehow I did that pretty smoothly… and I didn’t feel at all embarrassed. Mark turns down the volume of the stereo system a smidge, to a nice relaxing ambient level. The playlist is still the smooth jazz from before. He looks back to the student, “What wine would you like? Red wines are safe bets with this pasta.”

She presses her lips together, pondering with the choices. Rachel didn’t drink much alcohol, but she replies back, “Yeah, that sounds great. Maybe a cab?”

Mark ducks down to the mini wine cooler, pulling out a bottle of cabernet, and picking up two wine glasses and a corkscrew. He brings them all back to the dining table. He uncorks the bottle, “I was looking forward to whiskey after the meeting. Like a bourbon. But this wine does sound pleasant.” His eyes meet with Rachel’s, “And a night to spend with your beautiful eyes.”

Rachel rests her face delicately on her opened hands, forming a smile. She dodges his compliment, “You really didn’t have a good time with the meeting? Can you tell me more about it?”

He pulls the cork out, creating a sharp pop. “Just a parent-son meeting.” He pours out a generous amount of the dark crimson liquid into both glasses. “You can imagine how obnoxious people can be.” He settles the bottle back to the table, taking one of the glass and handing it politely to the blonde.

Rachel takes the cup, giving a quick swirl to it, before taking a sip of it and licking her lips. She comments on the bitter, but flavorful taste. “It’s good.” She sets down the glass right by her plate of pasta. “So, do I know this student?”

Mark sits back in his chair, placing the napkin on his lap. “Standard confidentiality protocol. I can’t give out names, Rach.” He lifts his fork, finally digging into his pasta.

Rachel scoffs under her breath, giving a soft shake to her head, to whirl her blue-jay earring. She, also begins digging into her pasta, “You don’t trust me?”

The teacher replies back quickly, without lifting his head, “Do you trust me?”

She twirls her fork, getting some spaghetti drenched in the meat sauce. “If you want this relationship to work out, we will have to trust each other.” She sticks her fork into her mouth, munching on the food, with content.

He sets his fork down on the table mat, chewing on the last bits of food in his mouth. “What…” He swallows, then wiping his mouth with the napkin. “ you exactly expect from our relationship?” Mark picks up his wine glass, giving it a swirl in his hand. “It was you that called me out after our photo shoot. It was you that approached me with the first kiss.” He takes a moderate sip of his wine, letting out a soft satisfying sigh. “Granted, I accepted because you are a beautiful, stunning and smart girl. But I can sense something troubling in you.”

She stares on with an unfocused gaze, “Really? Are you some sort of doctor?”

The teacher leans back, relaxing into his chair. He smiles, “I’ve always been interested in the psychological development of people. I may not have an official backing to it, but I like to analyze people like a doctor would. This camera... “ His eyes drifts to his large camera bag, resting on top of the table by the front door. “ how I capture my subjects. I always want to see how people truly are with it.” His eyes give a distant stare, “I’ve been a photographer for too long to just see a person on a purely superficial level. I like to see more into my subject.” His eyes blink, centering back into them. “...I want to see the inside of them.”

She sneers at him, “Okay… you’re a creep.”

He nods his head slightly, “Yes, well... it does sound very weird. But seriously, something has been holding you up. I can see it in your eyes. Something that frightens you. Or perhaps, something is inciting the fury in your beautiful hazel eyes.”

“What is there to say?” Rachel leans back, crossing her arms, firmly. She glances at the teacher through the small flame of the candle in front of her. He is still waiting patiently for her answer. She holds out her right hand, emitting soft red flames, as she focuses on it. Deterring from the conversation for the moment, becoming preoccupied with herself. I have my powers, but I can feel that I’ve drained most of my powers with that six months trip… Was it worth it? She clenches it, forming into a hemisphere of sparkling fire. My powers are strong, but yet I’m so weak and pathetic. What holds me back? Rachel returns her stony gaze back at the teacher, “Maybe I’m just very disappointed in myself. Or just disappointed in others.”

He gives another swirl to his cup, “Someone as popular and gorgeous as you are, one would think there’s no reason for you to be. Or perhaps…” He takes a large sip from his glass, almost emptying it. “...something that holds you from your dreams. Perhaps, of hitting it big and becoming a model in Los Angeles.”

She looks back to his inquiring eyes but then shies away, unable to keep eye contact. I had a vague idea with our earlier talks that this Rachel wanted to be a model in this timeline. I don’t know what I wanted to do with my life but definitely not modeling. Never had the confidence or wanted to be on display for others. She looks down at her body, seeing how beautiful and presentable she can be. But then again, I’m much different here. “Maybe… I’m just too nice or losing sight of myself. People just let me down, or turn their backs to me when I needed them the most.”

He stands up from his chair, reaching for the bottle to pour himself another glass of wine. Mark offers some more wine, signaling Rachel to chug down more than half of her glass. She swallows the last gulp, then handing him the empty glass. “I don’t like to bring this up again. But your father who you caught red-handed with a girl that is almost your age…”

Her spine stiffens. Dad…did that? A part of her hopes to disassociate herself from this Rachel, but this is one person that they both shared and looked up to dearly. And to find out for him to be a total sleaze in this timeline when he is alive is crushing for her. Her eyes shuffle back and forth, as she clenches tightly the fork in her hand. She didn’t know exactly what her father did, but she has a good idea now. “Y-yeah…” She forces it out her thick throat. What the fuck?

A sly smile emerges on his face, “I won’t talk anymore about that. Obviously, that is a big one.” He observes in delight, at the sight of the beautiful girl getting torn apart by his provoking words. “How you put on your A-game to become friends with everyone. But still… people are absolutely jealous with all of your… gifts. Or just use you for their own amusement. And you having to escape the school to get high with that obnoxious drama aching friend of yours… You never told me her name.”

Rachel blinks slowly, steadying her breaths from the fuming fire inside her. She isn’t quite sure who he is referring to, thinking it could be Chloe. So she makes up a name. “Joy…”

“Joy, huh?” He nods softly, then he resumes eating his pasta.

Rachel feigns away, casually picking up her wine glass, sensing the dissatisfaction in the air between them. Her eyes become lost in the dark crimson pool of liquid in her cup. People like Victoria are just total bitches, huh? She takes a nervous sip from the pool. People are just using me, getting what they want before they’re done with me? Like Max? She wets her lips, “Do you ever feel unsatisfied with your life? That there’s much more of a purpose to it?”

He finishes chewing the food in his mouth, “All the time.”

“All the time? Really?…”

“Yes…” He rests his fork onto the table. “For all my life I’ve always done photography. It was my passion and dream. People always sees me as a hero or a master of my craft. But deep down inside, I was never content.”

“Do you feel like you hit a wall?”

He chuckles, “More like running into a brick wall. I have realized it isn’t always how I frame the shot or how well I utilize the lighting. There’s always a huge limiting factor…”

She stirs around her pasta with her fork, “What’s that?”

“My shots are only as good as the model.”

Rachel nods her head slowly, “That makes sense. Model selection is a big part of photography. Like how attractive and photogenic they are?” She didn’t study photography but there are experiences and thoughts she can give out.

He lets out a deep sigh. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sorry, to use such a huge cliche phrase. But the metric that the general public measure by is how much confidence, the models can exhibit. Or rather how cynical they can be, if you ask me.” He swallows his throat, “You remember my lecture about Diane Arbus?”

Rachel raises her eyebrows in a comedic fashion. No idea who that person is. She snorts sarcastically, “Sure, I do.”

He lets out a hearty laugh, “I won’t drill you on the details during our time together. But how she saw beauty in models that are normally rejected like marginalized people?”

“So you like to explore beauty in those people?” She curls her index and middle fingers into a quote mark gesture. “Weird or out of ordinary people?”

“Not exactly… I just think there is a beauty that can be seen beyond the mainstream media.”

“Well, there is an audience for everything. So you are correct.” Rachel ponders a little bit, recalling her knowledge of online photos and articles. “For example, when there’s a huge disaster that strikes a town, like a tornado. Photographers scramble to take pictures of the damage. The most heartbreaking and emotional ones are the ones that suffered devastating losses. Ironically, those can be the most beautiful pictures.”

“Precisely. When a person who normally doesn’t think anything bad could possibly happen to them… Then when it does. That moment... “ His voice is very engaging. “ what I would like to capture. As dark as it sounds.”

“So you like them to be more naive, or perhaps innocent?” She takes a swig of her wine, relaxing her mind more, as she recalls the story from Max. “Are you saying there’s beauty in vulnerability?”

“Yes.” He gets up from his seat with his glass and walks right up behind the blonde. Her heart rate races at the lack of immediate visibility of him. Mark kneels down, joining Rachel and whispering into her ear, “Our emotions and expressions are generally normalized to a certain standard by society. When a camera is pointing at us, we’re generally forced to recycled and familiar expressions. Nothing that comes deep from our soul. Only when an event that doesn’t occur in a typical day, can trigger some of those almost unfathomable emotions. Like losing someone...”

Rachel’s eyes drift to the side, letting out a soft giggle, “Is this why voyeurism is a popular fetish?”

Mark snickers, “Yes, some people relate this with a prurient curiosity. Because in anything erotic, there is an overwhelming amount of impulses and emotions that leave the body in a vulnerable state… Like this.” He gently turns Rachel’s head over, kissing her with passion. He sticks his tongue, twirling all around inside her mouth, and drawing her breaths. His firm hands, rubs up and down her inner thigh, sending a tingling quiver to her feet and her eyes. He stops, taking immediate note, “Your eyes… how I just see only the whiteness of it, when you were shivering in lust. Your feet… how it quiver despite your will of remaining stationary. Sorry…” Mark gives a quick peck on Rachel’s cheek. “But that is what I’m talking about.” He gets back up, and move back to the wine bottle, filling up another glass. “Or at least somewhat…”

Rachel shudders out the warmth on her body, “Maybe you should try erotic photography.”

He scoffs with distaste, “You know that’s totally bullshit and fake. They’re just actors and actresses that are forcing out some certain cookie-cutter expressions. As long as someone is willing to masturbate to it, they can collect their paycheck.”

Rachel snorts a half-assed laugh, nodding her head. She takes a big gulp from her wine glass, starting to feel the effect of the buzz. “Maybe it is the empowerment to be behind that camera while capturing that moment.”

“Power… is a very interesting thought. Sometimes power is how well you exploit the weaknesses of others. Others, people have an innate talent for it.” He takes a sip from his glass, and head back to Rachel with the wine bottle, filling her empty glass. “And with those eyes, I can see you have power and determination, Rachel.”

She looks at the red liquid being poured into her glass, “Power is useless if you’re too weak or too kind to utilize it.”

“It’s true… people can take away your powers. But in general, never hesitate. Always take the shot.” He finishes emptying the bottle, handing the glass back to Rachel for her to take a quick sip from it. “I know society these days will just banish people for saying this… but I didn’t want Audrey. Especially not with Audrey’s mother.”

Rachel gives steady contact on Mark’s cold stare. “You didn’t want her at all?”

“At first, I thought my passion for photography, the very thing that invigorates me every time I wake up to this world, was going to be taken away. It is what drives my life. It sounds sad, but just having only money and fame doesn’t cut it with me. Not anymore.” He put his glass on the table, tucking his hands in his pockets. “Granted, my passion and my power have made me a rather deadbeat father. Will it last forever? Definitely not, but until then, this is the road I’m taking.”

She nods her head, agreeing with his words. “I can understand that. Not everyone is as polished as what their reputation gives out.” She wets her lips, “What if your gift and powers make other people upset or envious?”

Mark shakes his head, “People always sees your gift and talents as a weapon of pride. Ernest Hemingway said ‘There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.’” He sets his glass down, not breaking his eye contact from the blonde. “So, use your talents to drive your life forward to become better than you ever were in the past. Always do it for yourself… never for others. Because it can an eternity before someone even gives a shit about you.”

Rachel rubs her knuckles into her chin, pondering. Her eyes dip down. Am I thinking too much about saving other people? And not myself? A vortex heat ignites into her anxious mind. Her chaotic train of thoughts leads into another subject. “Mark… what happened to Audrey’s mother?”

The teacher licks his lips, with a blank stare. “She committed suicide.” Rachel blinks owlishly at his words. Suicide? She thinks back to the other reality, where she already sealed her suicide note in the envelope. Finishing the final preparations to depart from the cold and unforgiving world. Rachel glances at the blue star, who starts to look moist, as a cut emerges on the skin. “Hey, Rach…” He quickly walks over, grabbing her napkin to gently squeeze her nose with it. “Your nose is bleeding…”

“Oh…” Her voice is muffled, as she takes the napkin away from him, applying pressure to it. “I’m fine…” Her eyes gaze at her left wrist, finding that the blood from her wrist is all an illusion.

He points down the hallway, “Are you sure? The bathroom is right there if you need it.” Mark helps her get up from her chair.

“I got it, thanks.” She nods her head, gently breaking apart from his grasp, making a quick bee-line toward the bathroom.

Rachel shoves the door opened into the bathroom, scrambling straight for the sink. The room is well maintained with the familiar white textured wall from the rest of the house. On the towel bar, hangs several clean olive towels. The room smells of apple caramel from the burning candle in the room.

She settles down the napkin to the side and turns on the faucet to rinse out the lingering blood on her nose and fingers. The bleeding actually didn’t last long.

“I was left alone… to rot for six months. You’re going to die, too. You wasted all your powers to bring her back for that ungrateful bitch.” The voice is calling to her again. Her own voice.

“No… I fucked up in my timeline. This is my chance to redeem myself as a person.” Rachel snaps at the mirror, letting out an anguished sigh.

The real Rachel cured herself by changing her past. That’s why she is in every way better than you are.”

Her reflection blurs for a moment, fading in the other’s Rachel reflection. The one with the long red scratch across the neck, the deep bleeding gash from her left wrist, and corpse-blue colored bruises on her face. She is still wearing her black dress, but there are holes around her belly area with blood dripping out of it. They are wounds from the stabbing she got from Corbin in the previous timeline. This is her true form. The disturbed Rachel that she wants to leave behind.

“This is how you really look like. You’re sick. Your soul is cheerless, yet somehow your heart is full of care for these people. Why don’t you use your powers to make the future you want?”

“Go… away” Rachel’s voice strains through her breath. Her face drifts away, rejecting the terrifying reflection. Her hands come close together, as an image of Maxine suddenly appears kneeling in front of her, with her neck in between Rachel’s hands. She is slowly being strangled to death, choking all the oxygen from her breaths. She gags violently, hurling any saliva left from her mouth, onto the tightly clenched hands of Rachel’s. Maxine’s eyes flutter rapidly, alternating between the pale and fleshy white, and the drowned sea blue eyes. Her jaw muscles finally relax, her lips parting away slightly. Her eyes gaze back as if she is looking at the only light from under the dark ocean.

The blonde glares down with a stony expression, at the lifeless stare from her own best friend. She tries to release the grip, but her hands refuse to fidget. Maxine’s blood relents from the surface of the skin, leaving a blue hue to her pale skin. Pure innocence forms nicely with her beautiful deathly stare. It is gorgeous, like what Jefferson said. Rachel is capturing this very moment with her eyes, like a camera.

A knock on the wooden door behind her, follow with it creaking open. Mark sticks his curious head in, “Rachel, are you okay?”

Rachel cranes her neck slowly, looking over her shoulder with a nonchalant stare. “I’m fine…” She blinks slowly, as this psychotic episode slowly dials down. “...but I need to go home.”

Mark opens the rest of the door, giving a full closer look to her. Sensing an irregular presence inside her. “You sure?”

She nods her head, not wanting to say anymore.

Rachel slowly creaks open the door into the little girl’s room on the second floor. It is small, almost seems like it could be a storage room. But somehow it is able to fit her bed, a small computer desk, and a medium-sized television, among the stacks of cardboard boxes cluttering around the room.

The little girl is holding a plastic white steering wheel, playing Mario Kart on the Wii. She lifts her head, over a stack of boxes. “Sissy! How was dinner?” Audrey pauses the game, propelling herself onto her feet with youthful energy.

“Hey… little sis.” Rachel pushes out awkwardly through her throat. Her mind is still unraveled from that clashing of memories. My own inner demon was trying to mess with my head. But that memory of strangling Maxine to almost her death in my timeline… I never remembered it since I fast-forwarded through time. But I just saw it in that bathroom. Was that really what happened? While her stomach feels like it is rolling inside her, seeing the little brunette puts a small glimmer in her deathly eyes. She swallows, to ease the ache at the back of her throat. “Oh... it was delicious. Your Dad can make some good pasta.”

“Oh, yummy.” Her eyes light up in delight. “Maybe I can have some leftovers later.”

Rachel’s eyebrows arch up, remembering Audrey basically locked herself up in her room the minute they entered the house. “Oh that’s right, you didn’t get a chance to eat.” She pouts her lips, “You should come downstairs to eat some right now. I can heat it up for you.”

“It’s okay, I ate some pop tarts.” She rubs her belly, showing her satisfaction. She then points at the plate with remaining crumbs on it. “Do you want to play some Mario Kart? I have another controller. I can give you the steering wheel.”

“I would love to…” Rachel glances at the paused screen with the goofy green dinosaur, Yoshi. It strikes some old nostalgia with the older Mario games. She curbs the urge to make herself comfortable at the welcoming spot right beside Audrey on the bed, to play the mindless fun racing game. “...but I should get going.” The blonde squeezes the little girl’s cheek, making her giggle in silence. She is very adorable. How can a girl be so innocent and pure? With her mother committed suicide and to be raised by a deadbeat psycho? The blonde turns her attention to the red stuffed dragon that is purposely positioned right by her, staring at the little girl, like a curious and protective pet. “Audrey, when did you get that stuffed dragon?”

The little girl sighs in a joking way, “Yes… Thanks again... Rachel! For winning me the dragon today. Yeesh… You have to keep rubbing it in…” She grins, baring her teeth.

“That’s what I do…but you’re welcome.” Rachel comes up with a quick witty reply. Cool! I did get her that as a gift.

“I know. This is almost as cool as your tattoo.” She points at red dragon tattoo on the smooth calf of the beautiful blonde.

“Hey, I won it for you. So you will always remember me.” Rachel walks over to the stuffed animal, playing with the mouth in a funny way.

“I know.” Audrey presses her lips together tightly, giving a short hesitation. Then, she finally spills it out, “Sissy, will you marry my Dad?”

“What?” Rachel’s eyes shoot wide opened.

“Oh… uhh.. maybe it is too soon, huh? Nevermind!” She lifts both her hands, shaking them in an adorable way. “I just… really like you. And I don’t ever want to see you go away from me.” She suddenly becomes timid with a slight blush.

“Aww…I like you too. I’m never leaving you.” Rachel takes a steady breath, thinking that she did leave her when Jefferson murdered her. She comes close and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Hey… is everything alright with you and your Dad?”

“Oh...sure.” She looks dearly into Rachel, then at her door, making sure her father isn’t there. She whispers. “It is just Dad is always busy. Sometimes he comes home late, and I have to fend for myself.”

Rachel looks over her shoulder, also making sure Mark isn’t behind her. She whispers, “I think that’s normal for a teacher of his status.”

“He also talks on the phone with people. He always avoids me. Like it is important.” Audrey dips her head, even closer. “Please don’t tell this to Daddy.”

Rachel nods, “Yeah, I won’t say anything.” She makes a zipping hand gesture over her lips, promising to keep her secret. “But I have to go, now.”

“Aww…” Audrey throws both of her arms up, signaling Rachel to kneel down for a hug. “Bye, Sissy! Text me when you get home!”

“Bye, little Sis! I will!” Rachel gives one last kiss to her forehead, before letting go of her tiny hands, to join downstair where Mark is waiting patiently.

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

101 North

March 20th, 2013 10:20 PM

The drive back to Arcadia Bay is quiet with the smooth purring from the Bentley Flying Spur. The large bay looks like a huge abyss as the deep night settles in. It is rather a pleasant sight to let your eyes get lost in the beautiful void. However, to view this grandeur vista, Rachel would have to look awkwardly passed Mark, who hasn’t said too much during the ride. It is an abrupt ending to the night in which was expecting much more.

Rachel reads an upcoming sign on the side of the road: Arcadia Bay - 5 miles

I definitely caused a big shift in this timeline. I know Mark and I were supposed to fuck tonight. I never knew how I felt around guys, but… I guess I feel fine. Rachel makes a quick peek at the handsome teacher, who looks very natural despite the given result of the date. A part of me wants him. Badly. I was madly in love with him, at least in a lustful way. She blinks her eyes, still gazing deeply into his calm and cool face. Is he really that bad of a guy? Or was there some mistake? I should listen to Max’s warning.

She gulps her throat, stiffening her posture. But… what if she’s wrong? At least with some of the stuffs? Rachel holds out her right hand, casting out a red flame, as she gazes deeply at it with furrowed eyebrows. Sick of feeling lost and confused, she wants to make use of her abilities, which is something that the other Rachel didn’t have the luxury of. “Why do you drug the girls?”

Mark grips uneasily onto the steering wheel. He glances over at the blonde who is gazing absently ahead at the dark winding road. “What?”

“Taking pictures of them while they are drugged. With Nathan Prescott as your accomplice. It all makes sense now, you’re abusing a rich kid for your damn goals.”

“Did Nathan…” He wets his lips, “...tell you this?”

Rachel turns her body to face him, sitting sideways against the leather seat. “Nah.” She shakes her long hair, giving a steady bold stare to the teacher, who is still calm, and focusing on the road. “Six months from now, Nathan murders Chloe Price, who is a very good friend of mines at Blackwell Academy. This basically unravels your secret to the public. Nathan is going to reveal everything about you. He is sick of hustling drugs and all the abuse from you, to satisfy your fetish. You are also going to jail for the murder of me.” She takes a deep breath, as that sentence actually sends a chill into her soul. “You’re going to rot and get raped in prison like the fucking shit you are. Audrey is going to a foster home with a horny scumbag. You also drugged two girls that are very important to me. One who attempted suicide, because her life spiraled downward, thanks to being a result of your passion and power.”

The teacher lets out a chuckle under her breath, “Are you sure you were just doing pot with Frank?”

Rachel scolds at him, “Say what you want, asshole. I can instantly rewind all of this, so you don’t even remember what I said. If you think I’m bluffing, am I not telling the truth that you’re drugging them to capture their innocence? And also notice how I’m not at all afraid of telling you all of this… right in front of a total psychopath.” She holds out her readied right hand, preparing to rewind time if anything happens.

Sensing the seriousness in her tone, but Mark is still feeling incredulous. There is a short moment of dead silence as he ponders on what to say next while focusing on the road. He blinks owlishly, replying in a low sardonic tone, “So, you are from the future?”

“Yes. But I’m actually not even from this timeline. I’m not even the same Rachel that you know. I jumped from my timeline to take over this body temporary. I’m going to change everything and make the future better. And more importantly, you’re going to die.”

He scoffs, “Multiple timelines, now?” His expression is rather nonchalant with the reveal of the supernatural ability. “I knew there was something a little off about you tonight. Shame… I really miss tugging of that beautiful hair of yours, as you suck on my cock.”

Rachel’s eyebrows twitch at the insult of her counterpart. “Don’t worry, you’re going to be forced to suck on someone else’s dick in prison.”

“So… different Rachel… but same father, right?” Rachel presses her lips together at his words. Her heart quickens, as her stomach rolls in place. Mark senses all of this. “The same father that brought home a barely legal girl… with long blonde hair… and hazel eyes.” He turns his eyes away from the road for a quick moment, to grin at the blonde. “In other words, you father wanted to fuck you. Did you know that?” Rachel clenches her teeth through her lips. “Oh… that struck a nerve, didn’t it?”

“Fuck you…” Her voice is soft, but slowly fuming with anger. “’re a damn psychopath. You’re just making this all up.”

“So you didn’t know this, huh? Did you…” He blinks rapidly, with a condescending expression. “...just jumped into this Rachel’s body tonight?”

Rachel wets her lips, but even with flaring eyes, she has nothing to say.

“Huh…” Mark nods his head. “Your mother was away visiting your aunt for a week. You were on break, staying home in Long Beach.” He traces his finger along the steering wheel, “...and your father didn’t know that. You woke up in the middle of the night, to the sound of moaning and slurping.” Rachel’s face shivers into a grimace. He notes this, letting out a laugh, but still, maintains a steady contact with her furious eyes. “You sneak downstairs to find your father ramming his cock into the young lady’s face. He wishes it was you sucking, though.” He points at her, “I bet you wanted it too. That’s why you go for older men, like both me and Frank.”

He’s putting the blame on me. They’re just lies. This guy is just playing with my mind. However, Rachel still cannot heed her own warnings, as she digs her nails deep into her fleshy skin, till it glows pale, “Fuck you.”

“And you told all of this to your mother. How humiliating that must have been. For her to move to Arcadia Bay to be closer to you and away from your father in Long Beach.”

Max gave me Mom’s address. I remembered we were living in Long Beach the last time I was in this timeline. “I’m not believing anything you’re saying.”

“Judging from the tears in your eyes, you are. Because you know it.” Rachel’s eyes are teary, as the rage is spilling into sorrow, as well. “To have all that optimism and future, to be all burnt away.”

“Pull over the car…” Rachel snarls at him, “...Right now!”

“As you wish…” He casually pulls over the car off the side of the road, gradually slowing down to a complete halt. He puts the car into parking gear.

Rachel quickly unbuckles her seat belt. “You fucking shit! I'm going to kill you!” She explodes with ferocity, slamming her fist straight into his temple, sending him instantly in a dazed state. The sudden jerk of his head causes his glasses to fall off his face. This isn’t the first time she gave a brutal beating to someone. She continues wailing on him with repeated blows scattering across his head. Mark actually doesn’t do much to defend against the attacks, as his head recoils sharply against the impact of the blows and rebounding back for more. A few of her strikes land squarely at his nose, triggering a torrential stream of blood to spill down his face, and splattering his white buttoned shirt. The blonde halts her unrelenting assault that stirred the demon within her. Her breaths are heavy, and fatigue slowly seeping in all over her body. But at the same time, she is shocked at the resilience of the psychopath. “What the fuck?…” She falls back to her seat with her stinging bruised knuckles, then looking at the bloodied teacher.

Mark expels a laugh through his panting breaths and bloody clenched teeth. “You’re so beautiful. But no, Rachel… I had no intentions of drugging you like my girls. You may have the naive optimism that all the other girls I enjoy. But you’re too impure and corrupted.” His breaths are uneasy and heavy, as his face is aching in pain. “How well do you even know Nathan?”

“I know him. So fuck you.” She hisses back at him with bitterness.

“Not enough. He, on the other hand… like everyone in the fucking school... wants a piece of your cunt. But you shove him aside.” His voice squeals, mocking him. “He said he doesn’t want to be another loser in this world. And he wants to be better than his fathers. Both Sean… and me.” He glares deeply into the blonde with his dark glassy eyes. “Who do you think gets the drug for me?”

“You’re twisting his mind. He looked up to you. I know you’re the one that fucking killed me.”

His pupils constrict as his eyes widen like he is making a discovery. “Your eyes is so furious. Yet, it is just as naive as my subjects. Perhaps, you’re right… it is me.” He flutters his eyes closed, holding out his hand, which is trembling in pain. “You’re right, it isn’t Nathan. He would never do such a thing to you. He also never gets jealous that you’re spending time with me, and not him. No envy ever comes out from that lunatic… especially when you asks me to take the photos instead of him. But...” He opens his eyes back up, “He will one day, try to surpass me. He won’t but he will try. And that will be his mistake.” Mark makes a gesture with his hand of a syringe injecting into a body. “I know the right dosage. Enough where the girl isn’t squirming like they’re aching to cum all over herself. But also… not enough where they are dead.”

His low voice sends a rumbling chill into Rachel. Her rigid muscles stiffen, “You’re the real creep. I’m sure of it. If I need to, I’ll take down Nathan too.”

“Sure…” He nods his head, through his clenched teeth. “So you come from the future? My daughter also becomes a bag of meat for someone?” He says it, with such coldness in his tone. He has no feelings or remorse for his own daughter. And the thought of it just sends a twitching fury into the blonde. This fucker doesn’t even care about Audrey at all...

Rachel clenches her fist, resisting the urge to slam it again into his skull. “No… I’m going to adopt her. Take her away from scum like you.”

"You can do whatever the fuck you want with her." Mark snorts through her nose, as his blood mixes with the mucus, dripping from his nostrils. “So earlier you were saying you’re unsatisfied with your life. Well, it makes a lot of sense, if you’re jumping through timelines to do all this shit.” Rachel’s eyebrows twitch, as he talking on the same page as she is. His head tilts back in fascination. “Oh… I see weaknesses.”

“You bitch... I have people...”

“You have no one haha. Only a lonely starving cunt like you would bother this. To help another version of you in a totally different world...” Rachel shakes her head in disapproval but not saying a word. Mark capitalizes that his guess is striking the right chord into the soul of the blonde. “Oooh...Yes! That face… I love it!”

“Fuck you…”

“It’s true! I can see the loneliness and despair mixing with the fury in your eyes!” His eyes widen, “Wow, you’re the pathetic Rachel. The virgin Rachel.”

“Shut the fuck up…” She forces through her thick throat, her shoulders tightening. “I’m going to take you down.”

“Are you?” He exhales through his stinging breaths. “Do you know where my real hideout is?”

Rachel presses her lips together firmly. She actually doesn’t know anything about his hideout or the full details. “No… but I can text her for that location if I need to.”

“Her, huh? So where is this person?” His head scans around his surrounding mockingly. “You really don’t know anything, huh? She wants you to be a hero, but do you really feel like one?”

“So what? I trust her…” Rachel’s eyes is not focused, as her face quivers slightly.

“I don’t think you do.” Mark senses her uneasiness. “Did I break your heart? You can tell me, my angel.” He pouts his lips, in a false mocking pity. “The person who told you all of this… is she doing it to save you or for herself?”

Rachel blinks rapidly, as the tears in her eyes cloud her vision. “She’s doing for all of us.”

“Wrong…” Mark grunts through her deep breath. “Everyone are in it for only themselves. There are no heroes in this world.” His voice suddenly calms down, “Tell me, do you have a home after you accomplish what you need to do here?”

Her body hunches over, as her mind becomes more receiving to his words. The crazy Rachel isn’t just a shadow to this perfect girl anymore. Her toxic and ill thoughts are starting to take over this mind and body. She mutters softly, “No… I don’t...”

Mark nods solemnly, still aching through his throbbing pain. “Then it will be the end of the road for both of us. Everyone else will have their way.” His breaths calm down, as he gazes straight ahead of the road. “Such a shame… with everything you are doing and all that powers.” His voice is calm and almost serene for the psycho he is. In the end, it seems like he could be possibly believing Rachel’s words about everything. Being observant of the dinner conversation and all her body language, he can piece the fragments of Rachel’s mind. Perhaps, this is something he can do skillfully as the manipulative psycho he is.

Her eyes quiver at the thought of his words, causing her to sob softly. She clenches her hair locks tightly, yanking them as hard as she can without peeling it off her scalp. The pain on the top of her skull isn’t enough to curb the seething chaos in her mind.

Mark stares blankly into the windshield, unaffected by the stinging pain in his skull. The blood on his face becoming more cold and dry, slowing its advance in his beard.

The rising amount of resentment fuels Rachel urge to inflict further pain on this body and this timeline. Through her pained breaths, she curbs his seething anger. No… I can’t… Unable to take this any longer, she holds out her hand, channeling the energy to rewind. Everything moves rapidly backward, starting with Rachel throwing her several punches to all the way back when the car is in motion. However, there seems like a slight tear in her vision, as she recognizes it being the backyard of Chloe’s house. She scans to the left, seeing that her left wrist no longer have the star tattoo, instead, the large gash is there. The bandage has fallen off, and it is bleeding even more. She lets out a loud gasp, through her disorientation, halting all the whirling shapes.

“Rach, are you okay?” Mark grips tightly on the steering wheel, glancing over at the preoccupied student. His face is completely clean again, showing an increasingly amount of genuine concerns. Rachel grips her arms uneasily, shivering off the flood of emotions from impacting her body again. He reaches over the climate control of the car, turning up a few degrees. “You look cold…”

“No… I’m fine.” She mumbles through her mouth and crossing her arms. She looks at the underside of her arm, seeing the tattoo is there and that she is no longer bleeding. Her hair and body are perfectly fine as the self-abuse has been rewound. But the phantom pain still lingers in her mind. But seeing that glimpse of the other timeline in Chloe’s backyard troubles her. Fuck, I think using my powers is tearing apart my real body.

She looks out the window and seeing a familiar road sign passing by. Arcadia Bay - 5 miles

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay : Blackwell Academy - Outside

March 20th, 2013 10:32 PM

Rachel shuffles in her heels along the dark path to Blackwell Academy, as Jefferson dropped her off a short distance from school to avoid suspicions from the students and staffs. The breeze of coldness reinforces the loneliness in her spine. She hunches her body, huddling underneath her small black jacket, with chattering teeth.

Could Nathan be the one that killed me? But Max said it was the Mark… but maybe she’s not sure? Shit… I don’t really know anymore. I can’t trust anyone’s words. I can’t trust Max. And I definitely can’t trust Mark.

She pulls her phone out of her purse, seeing that she got a few text messages and a notification from Facebook.

“You have a new message in your ‘Other’ mailbox”

This notification catches her attention over the unread text messages. She launches the app, checking her inbox.

Max Caulfield: Hey Rach! It’s Max. I figured we can talk to each other and keep in touch! :)

She stares blankly at the bright screen, scoffing at it. She tightens her grip on the phone, as the tendons emerge in her arms. Max… fuck you. You got your parents and Chloe back already. What is there to talk about? She lets out a sigh, pressing the phone to her forehead, trying to calm herself down. Resisting any more toxic thoughts, she shoves the phone back into her purse. She continues walking back to Blackwell Academy, without checking her phone.

She approaches the yard in front of the dormitory. The wind is still brushing loudly against the leaves around the perimeter of the opened area. Rachel looks at the center of the yard, where both her and Max were sitting there together for the first time. The first time they touched each other. She grasps at her body, to both warm herself up and relishing the happier moments with Max.

That was before my life went to shit in my timeline. She walks up the steps, through the double doors, and up the stairs to the second floor.

The second-floor hallway has some small signs of life, with the sounds of music being muffled through the doors. The common area by the stairway seems to have someone in it, watching television. Rachel didn’t want to draw any attention if she can avoid it. She walks casually in the shadows of the hallway.

Room 224, here it is… Can’t wait to just lie down and end this long awful night.

She digs her keys out of the purse. Luckily, there aren’t too many different keys to try out before finding the right brass-colored one. She enters the door and quickly let it close behind her.

Rachel turns on the lights, kicking off her heels and scanning all around in her new home. The room has a rope light that dangles the full width of the room. Along the rope are photos clipped onto it. Pictures are mostly in pairs, with her and Chloe. As well as Nathan, Victoria, and a few other unrecognizable people. Rachel is very popular, and keeping all these friends close to her seems important to her. The walls are white colored but the colored desk lamps give it a pink-peach aura. There are posters of punk rock bands, as well as a poster that says ‘Welcome to Hollywood’.

Rachel stares on in awe, quite the contrast with her lonely and dead apartment. This room is vibrant, combined with the slightly muffled noises of music and chattering through the walls showing hints there are other people in Rachel’s life. And that she is never alone. Rachel closes her eyes, letting the gentle cool air conditioning soothes her warm body. This home. This Rachel didn’t dwell on the past. I need to calm down as least for now...

She walks over to the dresser, that has a large mirror over it. She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. No more fucking visions. Relax… She opens them back up, straightening up her posture, feeling a sense of calmness carrying her body. Rachel removes the straps off her shoulders and unzips her black dress, letting it slip off cleanly down to the floor. The sultry girl gives a few poses, observing her body.

The cool air of the room settles down on her smooth skin, gently caressing it and leaving goosebumps. She traces a finger along the outline of her bra, then brushing her fingers against the cups, feeling the softness of her material. Her hand then slowly glides down across her body, touching every curve along her fit belly, and right down to her black panty. Even despite the harsh confrontation of Jefferson, her body still yearns for his. Her hand feels around the soft sheer material of her panty, her mouth quivers at the sensations.

My body was really craving Mark… But…fuck him. Her eyes lift up to the blank ceiling, recalling her recent memory of kissing Max in that anomaly in the backyard. Her tongue slowly comes out, as she imagines she is running it along Max’s jawbone, and visualizing the shy girl to squirming and moaning in pure enjoyment. Ignoring all her toxic thoughts about Max, Rachel steadies her breath, honing in on the warm and tender memory of shy hipster in her mind. Her finger traces down until arriving at her mound through the soft material of her panty. She gives a roll of her finger over it, sending a shocking tingle and digging her toes into the carpet. The soft material shifts over her sensitive parts, as she flutters her eyes closed. She hums softly to herself, focusing her fingers, to create a circular ripple in her panty that rub against her slit. She puffs out a gasp.

Someone knocks on the door, halting her pleasure and the heat. She lets out a frustrating sigh through the disappearing flush on her face.

Fuck me… Ugh, maybe I was getting a little too comfortable. I should get used to this Rachel’s life. Her throat utters another sigh of disappointment, as the heat leaves from between her legs. “One moment,” she articulates rather clearly through her trembling throat. I may have gone a different path from this Rachel, but she is still part of me.

Not wanting to dig through her closet, she carefully puts back on the delicate dress, not zipping the back up all the way, and relying on the two straps for support. She makes to the brown door, opening it slowly.

A blonde girl with a blue cardigan, white buttoned shirt, and gray skirt stands behind the door. She is also carrying a messenger bag and a large backpack. The visitor looks back with her unsteady eyes. “H-Hi, My name…” she stammers her sentence, gulping her throat. Her hands shakily hold up a box of cookies. “Sorry to bother you at this time. This is a fundraiser from uh… New Dawn Church. Would you like a box of uh…” She turns the box over to read the content on the box, then her eyes return back to the slightly flustered blonde girl. “...Mint Crisp! So yeah...would you like…” Her voice halts from the engulfing silence emanating from Rachel, causing her to wince and retreating a few steps back.

“No, I don’t have any money for cookies,” Rachel grumbles under her throat, not giving much eye contact.

The blonde’s head sinks downward, “No problem. I’m so sorry. I won’t disturb you then.” She puts the box of cookies back in her messenger bag, then she makes some exaggerated slow sneaky steps towards the stairway, but still maintaining eye contact with Rachel. After a few steps, she halts, seeing the popular girl’s distant stare deep into the hallway. “Is everything okay?” Her voice is sweet and soothing.

Rachel fidgets with her fingers, unable to maintain contact. The sorrow from earlier is slowly seeping back into her soul. “I… don’t even know anymore…”

The cookie-selling girl waddles her way towards Rachel, “Here, take this.” She pulls that same box of cookie back out of her bag, holding it out with both hands. “Please have it. It’ll cheer you up.” She lets out a sunny grin.

The girl’s positive aura radiates, penetrating into Rachel to lift her spirits. Normally, she wouldn’t take anyone’s offering like this, but she could use it this time. Rachel returns with her own smile, “Thank you,” she says weakly, taking the box of cookies.

“No problem.” She gives a wave with her hand and begins marching short steps toward the end of the hallway.

Rachel looks onto her, seeing her walk off, lugging the large backpack on her back toward the dark stairwell door. “Kate…” she calls to her.

The blonde girl immediately stops on her heels, looking back with wide eyes. She quickly patters her feet back to the door, giving a warm cheery smile. Rachel presses her lips into a forced smile, pushing her back against the door, opening it wider. “Come in…”

The church girl shuffles her feet through the doorway, with Rachel closing the door right behind her. Kate turns around again with her smile, her eyes are full of delight, “I woke up back in my room after talking to Max in Chloe’s backyard, realizing it is March all of the sudden. I wasn’t even sure if I went back with you guys or somehow got booted into a totally different timeline all by myself.” Rachel crosses her arms over the black dress, with the box of cookies in her hand. She makes steady steps towards the other angel. “So the first thing I did was hop on a bus to Blackwell Academy where I pretend to blend in as a student in the common area.” She points in the direction of the stairways through the walls of the room, “I don’t know if I messing with the time-space continuum, but I had to make sure you were okay.” She wobbles in closer to Rachel, "You brought me back..."

Chapter Text

Rachel Amber & Max Caulfield

Arcadia Bay: Prescott Dormitory - Room 224

March 20th, 2013 10:47 PM

Kate tugs on her sleeves of her cardigan, bringing both hands close to her chest. Her glowing eyes quiver in anticipation for Rachel’s reply. She shifts her attention to her surroundings, as she has never seen this room before. The soft cool breeze from the air conditioner, cools her smooth silky skin that is covering her rising pulse. Her breaths are heavy and in rhythm with her body bouncing up and down on the toes of her white sneakers in eagerness. The beautiful crisp golden bulbs of the rope light that dangles over their heads like fallen stars. Pictures are clipped onto this rope, showing off great memories with this mysterious girl’s life.

Rachel has always been mysterious to everyone, especially to Blackwell newcomers like Kate and Max. And now Kate is facing this legend, alive and breathing, treading into unexplored territories. And if that isn’t already abnormal, the Rachel inhabiting in this body is from a different timeline. The same Rachel that Kate has previous reservation against due to her unpredictable behaviors and destructive time travel powers. With the ability to jump into another timeline and potentially shred it apart.

Rachel nods her head absently, wandering her eyes off to the side. “Yeah… I brought you back.” Her gaze becomes lost on the soft pink-peach hue of the wall. I pretty much burned my powers to take this girl back. Was it worth it? She flips her left arm over, revealing the blue star tattoo on her wrist. No, I made that cut to myself. It isn’t Kate or anyone else… My powers are causing more strain to my body than it normally would because it is mutilated.

Kate’s eyebrows arch with her pursed lips at the observation of the lack of enthusiasm, “You don’t seem too happy about that, though.”

“No… I am.” She lifts the box of cookies in her hand, shaking it softly, rattling the contents inside it. “You’re… a very sweet person.”

Kate takes a quick breath of air, relishing the sincerity of her voice. Her timidness with this complete stranger dwindles away slightly. She tips her nose up as her hazel eyes gleam with sudden excitement, “Oooh..” She lifts her right index finger up in the air, “Let me introduce myself. I’m Kate Bev-...”

“Beverly Marsh. I know.” Rachel’s face tightens, with uneasy eye contact. “...I was watching you two closely in the backyard. It’s...very nice...” Her voice delicately vanishes away into the air. Kate slumps her shoulders, a slight glow blooming on her face. Rachel blows off a soft laugh shrugging her shoulders, “You come from a conservative family and beliefs, I know it is frowned upon… But if you like her, you like her.”

“’s…” Kate shrouds her face with her hands for a brief moment, then she slides it off. “My mother would have killed me for being anywhere near Max. It’s just stupid! But this is a new timeline anyways.” She clenches her teeth and shaking her fists. “I don’t even know. Maybe this is the first time I felt… wanted in my life.” She crosses her arms, staring deep into Rachel. “I always do lots of community work along the coast where I help the unfortunates and children. I find a lot of joy in helping people.” Her head dips down, “But lately, I’ve been getting bullied and teased a lot by my schoolmates and family. I question myself, sometimes. I feel lost like a total outsider.” She squeezes her arms tightly against her body, grasping at it with a sweet smile. “So it feels nice to be wanted, unconditionally. From both of you, two.”

“You should never question yourself for doing a great thing for someone. But I understand you have to love yourself before you love others.” She pinches her lips tightly, nodding her head. “But to be wanted unconditionally… sounds like a pleasant feeling. I never felt that before.”

Kate glances at the beautiful girl, scanning down her beautiful tight black dress that shows off her sultry curves. “Rachel, you’re the most popular girl-” She quickly snuffs her breath underneath both her hands, instantly regretting her own words.

The buzz Rachel got from drinking all that wine at Jefferson’s suddenly expels swiftly from her system with Kate’s mistake. Her blood pushes hard through her veins with bitterness seething up her throat, “I’m not that Rachel.”

“I know! I’m so sorry…” Kate whimpers, holding out her hands together, begging for forgiveness.

“It’s okay.” She takes a deep breath, lifting both her hands and running it down the length of her long slightly wavy hair. “I’ve been in this body and slowly finding out everything about her. I mean look at her…” She turns to point at herself in the mirror above the dresser. “She looks so gorgeous and lively compared to me. She’s younger than me, and seems like she already done more with her life than I ever could in my lifetime.” She holds out at her hands, examining her own body. “It really puts me down… I’m jealous of her. She’s just better than me in every way.”

“Rachel… don’t compare yourself like that.”

“Yeah, I know that saying… ‘Comparison is the death of joy’. But this is… me.” She puffs out a sigh. “And I’m living in her body right now.”

Kate takes a steady step closer, with her hands interlocked behind her back and underneath her backpack, “There is something different about you. You saved Max, her parents, Chloe and this Rachel. And you brought me back. How come?”

Rachel shakes her head and wetting her lips, “I brought you back so that stupid bitch can get whatever she wanted.” Kate slightly parts her lips at the comment made towards the brunette. Rachel reaches for her phone in her purse, waving it in the air like she is ready to send it flying across the room. “I’m sorry… it just that my powers is all that I’m ever good for. If even that...”

Kate tilts her head slightly, “Are you mad at me? Please tell me the truth…”

“I’m not mad at you. But... I’m envious of you.”

“What is there to be envious of me?” Kate looks down at herself, unsatisfied.

Rachel holds her index finger, squeezing her eyes closed, not wanting Kate to go further down that route. “...Don’t… you have no idea how it is to be able to control parallel timelines.”

“I know…” Kate squeaks out, tensing her body from the stern voice from the time master. “But what about your timeline?” She finally takes off her huge backpack, gently setting it down on the carpet. “Max told me a little about it. But I want to hear all of it from you, without holding anything back. Can you tell me everything that happened?”

Rachel pinches her nose, then she opens her eyes, seeing the church girl unzipping her backpack and beginning to dig into it. “Well, it’s a long story. Are you sure you want to hear it?”

Kate pulls out an electric tea kettle and two tea cups. Just like in the other timeline where she listened to Max talked about her weeklong adventure with her time travel powers and Chloe. “Sure, but first… would you like some chamomile tea?” A smile emerges from her puffy face, tucked between the tea kettle and the cups in her hands.

Rachel stares at the adorable girl, breaking out a smile to cheer up her cold mood. After the shitty night with Mark, I could use some time to relax and talk to Kate. Rachel nods gently with her own smile. “Sure.”

Like before when Rachel told Max about everything that has happened to her, she did it with Kate. She told everything about herself and her diminishing relationship with Maxine in her own timeline. The time travel trips she shared with Max of this timeline. How everything failed with her powers and now she has lost both Maxine and Chloe, and driven up to take her own life. She also mentioned how she jumped straight into Rachel’s body earlier in the night, right into meeting Audrey and her time at Jefferson’s house.

With red puffy eyes, Kate reaches for the tea kettle with her trembling fingers, to refill her cup with the soft golden liquid. Hearing the story of the dark and lonely journey of the time traveler has sweep the sorrow deep within the fragile angel.

Rachel continues with her story, “So, I rewound time canceling out that fucking insane confrontation I had with Mark in the car.” She hisses through her tight throat, “All that shit he said about my father and that Nathan is possibly the one that killed me.”

Kate carefully sets the kettle down, making sure it doesn’t spill onto the carpet. “Don’t… listen to everything he’s saying, Rachel. My god… still can’t believe you had to deal with Jefferson as the very first thing in this timeline.” She gazes deeply at the amber water in her teacup, “He took pictures of you while you were drugged. I remembered hearing it on the news but I never saw them. But Max saw them in a different timeline and broke her and Chloe’s heart seeing them.”

“I bet…” Rachel’s eyes are also teary, running some of her eye makeup down slightly. “Do you think this Rachel is disgusting for what she did? Having a relationship with a teacher?”

Kate wipes some of her lingering tears with the back of her wrists. “We are all driven by our emotions and our experiences. I just think about the other timelines that Max told me. That I took my own life...” She gently bobs her head recalling it. “I went through my dark times, getting drugged and videotaped. Bullied by my students and my family. I did have some passing thoughts about what it is like to be freed from this world.” She closes her eyes, puffing out an anguished sigh. “That other Kate, who did try to take her own life… While we didn’t go the same route, I still feel for her.” She takes a sip of tea from the cup, to moisten her throat. “I almost feel reborn. I need to be less worried about certain things in my life. Stopping my hesitation and actually start caring for myself…” She returns the steady eye contact with the other girl. “...and for others.”

Rachel’s eyes drift away, “It’s very open-minded of you to acknowledge all of this and make an effort towards it, despite not being one with time powers. To be honest, a part of me really do lusts for Jefferson. And the other part of me, really just wants someone. Even if it is temporary.” Kate nods, acknowledging her words. “But I also get what you mean about feeling reborn.”

“You carry over all your experiences and knowledge from either of these timelines. It must be twisting your expectations about everything in life.”

“Kate, you want to know the real reason why I’m here?” Rachel’s voice is showing more sternness. “Why I wanted to take over this Rachel’s body?”

“What is it?” She rests her hands politely on her lap.

Rachel’s gaze sails up into the ceiling, keeping the tears rooted on her eyes. “I don’t see myself living much longer. That’s why I came over to this timeline…” She sets her empty cup onto the carpet, off to the side, “So I can use my powers to save Max, her parents, Chloe and as well as you and this Rachel. But I can also have some happiness, glory and maybe some purposes before it is all over for me.” She stoops down her shoulders, “I know none of this is real for me. And no one really cares about this imposter from another timeline...but it still feels nice to be with someone near the end... you know?” Her voice delicately fades out into the air.

Kate pauses for a moment, trying to keep her emotions from overwhelming her throat. “Are you dying?”

She presses her lips tightly, “I don’t know. I keep seeing myself bleed, especially when I use my powers. It almost like it aggravates the wound in my actual body. And the bandage that Max wrapped fell off during the time trip.” She stretches out her fingers, gazing at her left wrist. “And I feel like my powers are weakening or something… like I can slip back to my horrible timeline without any warning.”

Kate blinks her eyes, allowing a trail to flow down her cheek. “And you used a lot of your powers to bring me back…”

Rachel nods, “I have no regrets. Like I said before, you’re an amazing person, Kate. I couldn’t leave you behind. And you’re so special to Max.”

“But your health… Rachel...” Kate sets her cup down on the carpet, shuffling her knees to close the distance, then reaching out for a full hug. She grips tightly on Rachel’s back, instilling some warmth into her cold body. Kate whispers into her ear, “Can you go back to your timeline and heal up, first?”

Rachel shakes her head, flailing her long hair, against the church girl’s hair bun. She grips her fingers tightly on the back of the cardigan. “It’s way too devastating to go back to my timeline on my own will.”

Kate gently pushes herself away, so their faces are just inches from each other. She whispers through her thick throat, “You saw something in me. Why did you come to me?”

Rachel dips her head down, brushing her fingers with Kate’s. “I don’t know… I feel I may have been guided by someone that is beyond my understanding. Maybe the ghost of Max’s mother.” She scoffs sharply, “Again, I’m just being used by people, even the dead. But with you… the more I see how you are with Max. The way you look at her… The way you hold onto her…” She clenches her teeth in frustration with herself. “Argh... Just go talk to Max. I know you want to do that now. You already have, right?”

Kate stares deep into her eyes. “No, I haven’t. Do you think if I talk to Max… I would just simply forget about you?”

“Well…” She gives a soft roll of her eyes, “You were begging to go back in time with her. So why wouldn’t you...”

“It’s not just that… I wanted to meet you, too.” Kate gently interlocks her fingers tightly, trying to ease away the insecurity from the gorgeous blonde. “I came straight here because I was worried sick about you. I know Max is in Seattle and unable to give you a hand in this… crazy timeline. Granted, I did felt weird knocking on your door several times this evening and waiting for you.” She straightens her posture, with a forced smile, changing the subject and her voice to a more cheery tone. “Do you want some more tea?”

“No, I’m go-”

Kate interrupts her, “I said!...” She snarls but in a pure playful manner, “...Do you want some more tea?”

“Yes, please!” Rachel squeals out, playing along with it. She observes carefully the petite girl, pouring tea into the cup. A cute frown takes over Rachel’s face of despair, causing her to let out a soft chuckle. “You have a quirky side to you, huh?”

“It is just my silly and non-confrontational way to lighten up the mood during these sad talks.” Kate blows a sigh, dipping her head down. “So many sad talks. I don’t want you to ever be alone. You can trust me, Rachel. With everything. I’m a good listener and I will keep my words with everything.” She squeezes her fists, “I know it may sound like you’re burdening people with your thoughts and emotions. But it isn’t. I’m going to hold on tight.” She winks to her, “If you fall, I’m crashing down with you. You got that?”

Rachel’s face becomes numb with her touching words, “Why are you like this to me?”

“Because you’re the real angel. You saved Max from dealing all of her problems by herself. And now you’re saving all of us.” Kate nods cheerfully, “We’re never going to forget what you have done for us. You got that?”

A warm smile slowly emerges, “Thanks, Kate.” She reaches over to open her purse, to take a look at her phone. “Let me text Chloe back. Can you give me a minute? You can unload your stuff.” She tips her nose at the available couch on the other side of the room.

“Cool… I was going to ask if I could sleepover. I told my parents I was going to sleep over at my friend’s house tonight for some bible study, before going to school tomorrow.” Kate pulls her large backpack closer to her, unzipping and digging into it. “So I’ll be ditching school as well.”

Rachel grins, “Thanks… I appreciate it.” She begins messing with her phone to catch up any conversations that have happened. “Would be nice to use some company.”

“No problem!” Kate replies with a cheerful voice, as her tears are slowly drying up on her face. She pulls out a light blanket and pillow from her backpack and tossing it onto the couch. Then she takes out a neatly folded white shirt and light teal pajama pants.

Rachel digs through her text messages, returning back to Chloe’s message thread.

Rachel: Hey Chloe, I’m home now. :) I’m tired and going to head to bed, though. I think I’m gonna ditch class. I’ll see you tomorrow? (11:21 PM)

She rests her phone on her chest, taking a deep breath against it. I need to calm myself. Spilling my guts to Kate is tearing me apart. But it is nice to hear her sweet comforting words. Rachel blinks her eyes, recalling the earlier text message she had with Nathan about doing a photo shoot. “Kate, Nathan wanted to do a photoshoot with me early in the morning. What do you think of him?”

Kate looks over across the room, with a cold expression. “He drugged me.” The painful memories still carry over for her. “To have my body exposed like that on the internet… for all my classmates and family to see. My church community. I know this is a different timeline and he didn’t commit such act yet. But I’m not ready to forgive him. It is still too fresh in my mind.”

Rachel nods, remembering the terrible things that both her and Max had to suffer from Jefferson and Nathan. “I’m sorry. I totally understand Kate.” She gets back on her feet, standing up straight. “But I want to be there for Nathan. And maybe help put him on a different path.”

Kate sniffs her nose and nod with sympathy. “It might be too late, but maybe there’s still a chance for him.” She shifts her entire body to face Rachel. “Are you sure though? I mean you have already done so much for us.”

“I think I can do it. Maybe tomorrow night or the day after.” A question that has been boiling inside Rachel since the car ride back. “Kate… do you really think Nathan is the one that killed me?”

Kate looks on with a perplexed face, blinking slowly. “I knew Nathan was the one that got the drugs from Frank Bowers. But I thought it was Jefferson that kill-” She squeaks to a halt, covering her mouth, for a moment. She, then slides her hand off. “Oh that’s right you are now fine to hear about your death.” Earlier in the conversation, Kate already accidentally spilled out his name a few times, but noting Rachel is no longer affected by it, at least with this body. She gets up from the ground, tossing her neatly folded pajamas onto the couch, and sitting beside them. “Jefferson was possibly planning to blame everything on Nathan. But I guess who actually killed you was never confirmed. I don’t really know, Rachel. I didn’t think about it that way. I just know you died from an overdose.”

“Overdose, huh?” Rachel recalls the dream she had of seeing this Rachel choking to death in the dark abyss. She pinches her nose, sensing a metallic smell welling up from it, but nothing is spilling onto her fingers.

Kate observes this with an empty gaze, “I did get a nose bleed, as my memories slowly came back together with the time travel earlier today.”

“I’m fine…” She lets go of her nose, thinking how Jefferson’s words are starting to piece together in her twisted mind. “No problem, Kate. I’ll talk to Nathan later.”

Kate has a stony expression, “I think he liked you too.”

“Yeah, this does seem to be a trend with this Rachel.” She nods, remembering a bit of what Jefferson said to her earlier and that they shared a friendship together. “It’s weird I hated him because Sean Prescott and his damn company got my father killed in my timeline.” She clears her throat, thinking about what kind of sick person her father has become when he is alive in this timeline. I should maybe visit Mom or give Dad a call. She wets her lips intrigued about the broken disciple of Jefferson, “...I think I’m very curious to meet Nathan now. But after I meet up with Chloe.”

Kate wiggles her finger, giving a commanding yet soft voice, “That’s fine. Just be safe. Promise to not go too far away from me. And share everything with me. You got that? I got your back. Even if my parents scream at me to come home. I’m here, Rachel.”

Rachel smiles, “Got it, Kate.” She grabs her phone and scrolls down the text message threads. She replies on Nathan’s text.

Rachel : Nathan, I can’t do tomorrow in the day. Maybe at night or the day after?” (11:25 PM)

Still no text message back from Victoria after sending her an apology. Rachel sends a text message to her little buddy.

Rachel : Audrey, I got home. Sleep tight, little sis! :) (11:26 PM)

The two girls go to the restroom together to wash up and brush their teeth. As it is getting pretty late, it isn’t too hard to avoid confrontations from the other students.

They both return back to the room, and change into their sleepwear, facing away from each other for privacy. Then they proceed to their respective sleeping spots. Rachel checks her phone, seeing the notification of new text messages.

Chloe: alright! my rach ditching classes. yeah see you tomorrow. maybe grab lunch at two whales? yea fuck u… but pick you up at 11? (11:29 PM)

Rachel looks up at the blonde girl, who is facing away, tying the drawstring on her teal pajama pants. “Kate, is there a bus that drives around Arcadia Bay from Blackwell Academy?”

“Yeah, there’s a shuttle service that cycles every thirty minutes around several stops in Arcadia Bay.”

“That’s good to know. Was just curious. I’ll ask Chloe to pick us up, anyways.”

Rachel types her reply:

Rachel: jeah :D Sure that’s fine. Love you! (11:35 PM)

Oops, I misspelled ‘Yeah’... Eh, whatever the fuck…

She scrolls to the next message finding it is Nathan’s reply.

Nathan: Hey, it’s fine. I just wanted some practice with my camera. No biggie. I’m busy for the rest of the day tomorrow. Projects and shit. Maybe another time, then? (11:29 PM)

No text message from Audrey? She probably went to bed, already. I did text her a bit late.

“Good night, Kate.” Rachel walks over to the light switch by the door, flipping it off. Not giving time for her eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness, she steadily shuffles her feet into her bed, cuddling under the soft blanket. She stares absently into the halo-white ceiling which is lit up by shafts of moonlight and the lamps outside the dormitory.

Kate tucks herself underneath her blanket in the darkness, getting herself comfortable in the warm shield against the cool jets of air from the faint humming sound of the air conditioner. She squeals out a late reply after she is all settled in. “Good night, Rachel!” The slight rumbling from the vents isn’t enough to nullify the running thoughts inside the petite angel. Everything Rachel has said about her journey as well as the six months time travel that just happened earlier today. While it isn’t her first time travel experience, this is a much greater leap in time than she could ever be imagined. She is a reliving history with the decisions to address any mistakes or potentially create new ones in her life.

A few minutes has passed, and the electricity in her mind isn’t settling down. She makes several peeks, observing Rachel in the dark, hearing her fatigued breathing. Kate clenches her fingers on the blanket, snuggling herself underneath it but she cannot keep her wandering eyes off Rachel. “Mmm…” Kate hums loudly, making sure the other blonde can hear. “Rachel, I don’t think I can go to sleep.”

Weariness is already smothering Rachel as she groans through her heavy throat. “Mmm… do you need a teddy bear or something?” She leans her body up, absent-mindedly scanning her bed and the room for something cuddly to give to Kate, but cannot find anything.

“No, I’m so worried that when I wake up… I’ll be in a different timeline again.”

Rachel sighs heavily, releasing her supporting arms to crash back comfortably into the soft bed. “Nothing for you to worry about. I’m not going to reset this timeline.”

Kate blinks rapidly in the dark, as the distress continues to circulate in her body. “Still… what if you were to just disappear overnight.” She gazes at the dark irritated figure, slightly illuminated by the soft light from the ceiling. “You said you felt your powers weakening. And you could slip back to your timeline.”

“Kate, you wouldn’t even notice. The real Rachel is going to reclaim this body back.”

“Don’t say Real Rachel. You’re just as real.” Kate’s straining chest heaves against the cover of the blanket. “Don’t put yourself down like that.”

“I won’t leave this timeline, Kate… Not yet…” Her voice is gentle, “Have a good sleep.”

“But… still what if you do go? Then I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye. And you won’t…” Kate gulps her throat, “...ever come back to us.”

“Kate, sooner or later I do have to wake up from this dream. And find myself back in reality.” She takes a few taxing puffs of air, as her anxiety is slowly stirring her mind awake. “But… I’ll still remember you, Max, and Chloe. Forever. I’m going to carry the memories of meeting you guys in my soul.”

Kate’s eyebrows furrow in the dark, as this talk only making her feel even more uncomfortable than she did earlier. “Okay…” She throws her tiny body back onto her feet, sitting on the couch. “I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to sleep right beside you.”

“What?! No… I’m sorry for spewing all that bullshit. My mind is a fucking wreck right now.” Her voice lights up, “Kate, you just met me… you really want to share a bed with a complete stranger?”

Kate grabs her pillow, scooping up her blanket on her arm, and pacing across the room to Rachel’s bed. “I don’t know. I just don’t want you to ever feel like you’re ever alone.”

Rachel looks back with her wide eyes, “You’re afraid I’m alone while I’m asleep ten feet away from you?”

Kate’s eyes dart left and right, as she scans the width of the bed for a vacancy, “Ugh… I don’t even know anymore… Fine, I’ll sleep on the ground right next to you.”

“What?! No, here…” Rachel, also pulls herself up, picking up her pillow. “You sleep on my bed. And I’ll sleep on the ground.”

“No!” Kate holds Rachel’s body from getting up, “You have been going through such a hard time, you need to relax your body.”

Instead of bickering back and forth, Rachel changes the conversation back to the earlier topic, “Kate, I don’t think I’m going to go.”

“You don’t think?” Kate lets out a scoff, but more in an anxious tone instead of rudeness. “So you’re not sure?”

“When I was rewinding all the way back, I slipped into this abyss for a moment.” Rachel wets her lips, recalling that dark experience. “I felt very detached and I saw this Rachel slowly dying. She was choking on her saliva, and I could hear a faint camera shuttering sound.”

“Oh no…” Kate’s delicate voice squeaks out, grimacing from the description. A chill twists its way slowly up her spine, “Shit.”

“Kate…” She gulps her heavy throat, her voice becoming sterner. “If anything does happen to me and I do go back to my timeline… You have to talk to this Rachel about Mark and everything. You got that?”

Kate’s body stiffens, as her arm loosen up, dropping the blanket onto the floor. She quickly bends down to snatch it back up into her arm. Her voice trails off into the slight purring of the air conditioner, “...Of course… but…”

“You can contact Max right away for help. Actually, you know what?…” Rachel leans over grabbing her phone on the nightstand, scrolling to her previous message from Max, who she has been neglecting to answer back:

Max Caulfield: Hey Rach! It’s Max. I figured we can talk to each other and keep in touch! :)

Rachel types on her phone, replying back:

Rachel Dawn Amber: Hey Max. I’m good right now. But I’m going to go to sleep now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Rachel gazes at her message, spacing out into the white background of the Facebook messenger conversation. Well, I have a long list of things to follow up tomorrow. Then not a moment sooner, Max replies back:

Max Caulfield: Hi! Hi! I’m soooooooo relieved to hear back from you! You have no idea!!! But sleep well! :D

Rachel lets out a relaxing laughter, sensing Max’s chirpiness from the text message. She’s very happy to be with her parents. And I know she must be dying to hear back after the time trip. She sets the phone back at the nightstand then return with a gaze at the ceiling. “Max is doing fine. You can go ahead and message her on Facebook whenever you want.”

Kate rests her pillow and blanket on Rachel’s bed. “No matter what happens, Rachel. Never give up hope. And I also won’t.” She kneels closer to the floor, giving a one arm hug to Rachel, pressing her cheeks against hers. “Always keep that in mind.”

Rachel’s pulse quickens, sending a flush up into her face from the sweet affection, “You really do know how to say the right thing, Kate.”

“I don’t want to whine too much about it. But to see time to rewind back six whole months. I’m not a time expert like you and Max. This blows my mind completely.” She lets out a forced laugh. “Part of my mind is spinning. But at the same time, I’m trying to convert all that chaos into something more inspiring. I’m ready to not make the same mistakes and improve myself.” She wets her lips, looking deep into Rachel’s eyes, who are gleaming from the reflection of the light. “I only knew Max for a month. And you for just a day. But I learned that it is never too early to care for someone. You keep saying you’re afraid of slipping away from us. Likewise, I’m also deeply terrified I may be letting go of you without even knowing.” Her face quivers from her soft sobs. “I don’t ever want that to happen.”

Rachel sniffs her nose, nodding slowly. “Kate… You know what?” She shoves her pillow close to the wall, “Here come put your pillow right beside me.” She pats at the now vacant spot and pushes her slim body along with her blanket close to the wall. “Hop on in.”

“Thank you.” Kate’s smile breaks her sobbing face for the moment, as slides her pillow over to the remaining available width of the bed, and roll gently onto the bed. She puts the light blanket on top of her, shuffling her body until it is resting comfortably. Her head sinks into her fluffy pillow. Together they both gaze at the same point of the ceiling above them with the shadow of the cross patterned window pasting on it. They are both squeezing close to their respective end of the bed, leaving at least a modest foot length between them.

Rachel looks over at Kate, observing her. “Are you comfortable? You don’t look like it.” She says it even though herself is partly uncomfortable with the idea of someone else sleeping in her bed. In the past in her timeline, Maxine has passed out in her bed a few times, always when they were both drunk.

Kate’s eyes are wide. There is definitely lukewarm feeling with the churning in her stomach with sleeping with someone else in the same bed as her. She only shared a bed with her sisters in the past, but this is a complete stranger. On the other hand, being close to Rachel does provide a comforting aura that soothes the church girl’s mind. “I do feel better now. Now that you’re next to me.”

“I do too, Kate. But… I may snore loudly.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Kate rolls her shoulders giving them a stretch, “Rachel, what are you going to do tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure.” Rachel ponders a little bit. “Meet up with Chloe? I’m not sure after that.”

“Yeah...” Kate agrees, then she adds later. “We can try and convince David to bust Nathan and Jefferson.”

“Nathan...” Rachel casts an empty gaze at the dead ceiling, thinking about how she wanted to have a talk with him.

“Rachel? Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m just tired. Been a long night.” She tucks herself more underneath the blanket, rolling herself to face the wall.

Kate also buries herself underneath her separate blanket. “Alright… Let’s go to sleep, then.”

“Kate…?” Rachel gets her attention for one last time before they drift off to their separate dreams.


Rachel smiles with her back still facing Kate. “Thank you. For being here.”

Kate hums softly, “Mm-hmm. Thank you, Rachel, for letting me meet you. You’re a wonderful person.” Rachel nods her head, preparing to finally go to sleep after the long night. Kate drifts over to the side, looking at the back of the blonde for one last time before her eyes glide back up to the empty ceiling.

Rachel Amber


A vast darkness stretches across the entire scene as Rachel finds herself back in the planes of the abyss. She stirs herself, shifting the aching muscles in her body onto her side. Her eyes find that her left wrist is bleeding again. She clenches it tightly to curb the sliver amount of her life that is leaking out of her. No… did I go back to my timeline already?!

“No… I’m not ready to go.” She lets out a cry of frustration, scanning across the plane. “Kate?...” her voice echoes hopelessly into the endless dark abyss but not into anyone’s ears, sending a loneliness feeling to twist sharply into her veins. She sobs softly underneath her breaths, sensing the familiar cold dread returning back into her body. “Please… Not yet...” She slowly pulls herself up, standing uneasily on her legs, staggering forward as there is no clear sense of direction.

Among the deep void of darkness, dark menacing shapes appear to add some structures and conformity a