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I Throw a Dick in Yo’ Face!

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Stitches is lounging by the pool, he is high as fuck and loves selling blow. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope bust in the pool area lookin to score some coke. “Hey Stitches, we need to score a brick to raise money for a new album we are going to cut,” says Violent J, throwing out a sweet Juggalo sign as hew talks. Stitches doesn’t stop to think, he flips open a cooler he has next to him, picks up a brick and throws a it in Violent J’s face. “Woop Woop!” excalim Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope as they hoist the brick over there heads. “Do you boys want to celebrate?” asks Stitches, pointing to a mirror with a mound of coke on it. Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J chest bump and yell “WOOP WOOP!”

The boys are having a high octane pool party, fillled with coke and that Juggalo essence. Clownin around and having a blast Stitches challenges ICP to a freestyle rap battle. ICP mops the floor with him, then suggest some wrestling. Stripping down to there undies Violent J and Stitches go at it, grappling on the pool deck. Violent J tears of Stitches underpants while trying to suplex him. “Woop Woop!” Violent J says as he tears his own boxers off and holds them aloft over his head. The lank glistening body of Stitches struggling against the bulk of Violent J is a sight to behold, erect cocks knocking off each other, dripping pre-cum in excitement.

Finally Violent J pins Stitches, his hand finding a firm grip on Stitches cock, not-so-little stitches. “I’m gonna make you woop woop my fuck-stitches” says violent J as he rhythmically works little-stitches. Shaggy 2 Dope, whose been watching and jerking off the entire time, walks up to the duo and moans “Woop ... woop,” as he spurts his hot cum over Stitches face. Violent J scoops up some of the cum and starts working his fingers into Stiches asshole.

Violent J flips Stitches over and onto his knees, and pops his dripping cock into Stitches mouth. “How’s this extendo? Play it like a Nintendo,” violent J says as he grabs Stitches hair and fucks his mouth.

“What you gonna do with it,” asks Shaggy 2 Dope as he slides his fist into Stitches ass, stopping to cover it in the clown grease covering his face. Stitches mumbles “woop woop” garbling through the extendo pumping his mouth. “Woop WOOOOOP!” Shaggy exclaims as he rams his arm into the elbow.

Shaggy really starts working that asshole, it’s starting to look like a cracked out juggalo after 3 days of the Gathering, ragged white grease and kinda raw. “Woop ... woop ... woop ...” Shaggy says after every plunge. Violent J is furiously pumping away at that mouth, and finally pulls out and shoots his steamy load all over Stitches face, painting the face in the best clown make-up around.

Violent J moves around to the back, and starts working Stitches cock “Say it, SAY IT” commands VJ. Shaggs is really pumping that asshole with his fist, Violent is working the cock, “Uhhh” moans Stitches. “Uhhhhh ... woop ... Woop ... WOOP” Stitches says as he blasts his spunk all over the ground. The boys collapse into a slump and stare at the spunk clown face Stitches has deposited, divining the future from his dealer seed.