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Fading In To The Stolen Light

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"You want me gone so be it on your head if you can stand the pain of my rebirth we'll fight as equals."

Rei slammed down in unit 00 seeing the others do the same in the distance she could see 02 lying on its side in a fetal position unmoving even its wings had not been pulled back as it lay there it suddenly sprang to life as it roared as its clawed hand grabbed the stomach section which was followed by a massive crack as something started to push against the red plating underneath.

"What's going on?" Kaji turned as Asuka's panel started to go crazy seeing one of her hands grab her own stomach in agony inside the unit as her face turning to intense pain. "Brain waves are becoming erratic, I've got elevated heart rate and there is massive pain waves concentrating in her lower stomach area."

He looked up as Asuka's eyes rolled back showing the whites as she let go off her controls completely as thin vine of light blue snaked its way out of her nose it flew downwards moving past the controls as it started to make its way through the LCL towards the door creeping its way out on mass though one section remained in a small steam still attached deep inside her nose.

Maya looked up sharply. "Unit 02's stomach section is splitting I can't stop it there's something going on under there and I can't override it!" She watched as the whole unit started to thrash out violently roaring in agony from the press feeds who were watching someway from the Evangelions which were all hanging back their weapons at the ready as the flying wings had just dropped them.

She watched as the whole lower stomach plate cracked in half as a massive woven bloody vine like umbilical cord with glowing blue veins came free flying upwards it hit the floor opposite remaining attached as it crawled some distance away where its ends moved together as it started to form a large sized embryo which had huge red eyes and a head along with four little legs and tail.

The whole cord started to pump like crazy which was followed by Asuka intense screaming as the whole thing started to grow. Kaji looked up as he typed faster into his holographic screen. "I'm flooding Asuka's LCL with pain killer, if I don't she's going to go into shock!"

Misato looked at him. "Do it!" She watched as the being started to grow larger and at a much faster speed. "How is he even doing this?" Maya felt her eyes dart as she read the read outs. "He's drawing blood and tissue from 02's body and using this material to create a brand new body but I don't understand how." Misato eyed her. "Is he still attached to Asuka's right brain?"

Maya typed looking the brain scan over as it suddenly clicked as to what was going on here. "You've got to be kidding? That's why he's still flooding the whole right side of her brain it's so he can recreate himself using her creative thinking and imagination and in doing so he could make himself real!"

She banged her hand down on her panel in annoyance. "That's why he was in there all along, why did I not see this?!" She watched as the form grew bigger it was now half the size of 02 she could see Asuka smashing her feet against the entry plug due to the pain.

The new body grew huge muscles as the mouth full of razor shark teeth opened as the massive tail grew down taking its full whip lash form as the huge clawed hands grew to full size along with the hind legs and clawed feet.

The new being slowly stood up so it was towering over 02. Its skin was thick and pitch black and its huge red eyes with their glowing white pupils narrowed as the vine of blue slowly worked itself out as it freed itself from Asuka's nose there was a long moment where the being just stood still followed by the umbilical cord suddenly snapping free from 02 causing red blood to spray over the ice as the cord began to slowly be absorbed back into the new beings body vanishing completely.

Kaji looked up. "Fucker looks just like all of her drawing he's a primal Evangelion just without all of the plating." Bardiel narrowed his red eyes as another pair of secondary arms burst through growing upwards raising above its shoulders those these were much more human than monster they even had nails like a real human hands much like Asuka's hands.

He eased out his long tongue licking 02's lenses as a smile formed on his lips as he looked down as 02 knowing she would hear his voice. "Now you know what giving birth feels like Asuka still wants to have fake little brats with Rei one day?" He moved his clawed in human hand down smashing it across 02's face seeing that it still wasn't moving he spoke knowing that everyone would now hear his true voice. "Get up!"

He looked up watching as 01, 00 and 04 came forward suddenly firing bullets he looked up as the smashed over the field causing no damage whatsoever suddenly all off them were firing throwing everything they had at the AT field. He looked down ignoring them as he eased himself fully onto his hind legs kicking 02 straight in the chest sending it flying across the ground. "I said fucking get up!"

Misato looked up feeling her body tense. "Stop firing!" Maya eyed the central screen. "That AT field is so deep it's fifty layers thick." She eyed Asuka whose face was still showing pain the younger woman was still bent over in agony she was breathing in deeply and heavily as she clutched her lower stomach area. "Are they firing at his AT field or Asuka's?"

Shigeru looked at his holographic screen. "It's impossible to tell whose is whose it's like there's a weird overlap between the two fields, it's like they're sharing an AT field." Misato watched as Shinji and Rei's face appeared on the screen. "We don't know whose AT field that is, you can't fire on it you could be hurting Asuka." She turned to Maya. "Make Asuka sick then flood her LCL with the emergency water tank to rehydrate her whole body."

Kaji turned blinking in confusion. "What why?" Misato folded her arms. "Once she throws up she'll feel better." She turned raising her hand. "That's the problem she's feeling really sick but she can't be sick hence why she's not moving." Maya breathed in deeply as she typed into her holographic panel bringing up the emergency red holographic screen opposite which only she had the authority to use.

She quickly began to type into it. "I'm flooding now with medication to induce sickness." She paused watching as Asuka's face suddenly turned very pale the red haired woman suddenly threw up causing bubbles to flood her LCL her breathing became long and drawn out as she lay back in her entry plug seat. "Flooding her LCL with emergency water tank the effect should be very quick as the LCL will get into her blood stream much faster than any drip."

Misato turned sharply. "Do it." She watched Asuka carried on breathing heavily only for both of the younger woman's eyes to suddenly snap open the left one instantly igniting once more as the molars turned to razors, her full attention suddenly shifting to Bardiel who was waiting for her get up close by. "There she is!"

Asuka slammed unit 02 clawed hands into the snow as she eased it onto its hind legs as she spoke coldly. "That wasn't birth I was expelling you like a lump of scheisse like humans do to all parasites!" Misato pressed the com. "Asuka do us all massive favour and kill him I don't care how you do it just do it." Asuka felt a sadistic smile form. "Is that an order?"

Misato eyed her. "Yes it is, also he's somehow still sharing your AT field hence why I've asked the other's not to fire upon you." Asuka laughed as she eyed Bardiel. "Hear that you verfickte piece of scheisse, you're all mine!" She grabbed her controls feeling the units wings fold away. "We are going to have so much fun."

Bardiel looked up his huge teeth grinding together as his long tongue came out. "Come and get me!" Asuka felt her scream of rage hit the air as she smashed her unit into the ground on all fours running at him full speed only to feel the intense pain as his upper arms shot out smashing straight in to 02's face sending her flying backwards across the ice.

She ignored the pain as she pulled her unit 02 back on to all fours only to feel the pain as he came down hard smashing onto her unit's back before leaping off her driving her units face into the snow in the process. The whip lash tail came out of nowhere smashing into her 02's face sending her tumbling backwards across the snow some feet away she got up slowly staying on all fours.

The sudden agony came as his upper arms suddenly shot out extending there length as they wrapped around her units neck the grip tightening forcing her unit onto its hind legs. "Feel familiar like Mama's touch perhaps?"

Asuka ignored the pain as she forced 02's clawed feet in to the floor as she moved it slowly forward easing up 02's clawed hand as she carried on moving closer feeling the rage truly start to really burn it felt like some was igniting a fire with gasoline in side her body as she shouted her next words which were filled with venom. "Don't ever compare yourself to my Mama!"

Rei eyed her screen she couldn't get through to Asuka none of them could the AT field was preventing any communication only Misato's was getting through but she could hear and see everything going on.

She blinked in surprise as Asuka's right eye suddenly started glowing green as her unit moved even closer it claws really digging in to the snow as her enraged scream hit the air she spoke knowing her voice was filled with concern. "Is she loosing it?" Mari's face suddenly appeared on her screen next to Shinji's which was showing concern. "No she's fucking owning it."

Asuka pulled her unit's clawed hands up fully ignoring the intense pain in her throat as she grabbing Bardiel's human arms mid way down. She began to crush them watching as red blood started to run free spilling all over her units hands on her screen causing his hands to let go off her neck.

She kept hold of his arms refusing to let go hearing the bones crack and shatter as blood sprayed across the snow as she separated them from the joints send one flying across the snow while she held the other as Bardiel roared in agony backing up she felt a cold smile form on her lips. "Remember that part I said about eating you alive?" She didn't think as she shoved the bloody arm into unit 02's mouth hearing it's jaws above crunch as it started to swallow it down not even really chewing it. "I wasn't bluffing."

Kaji watched as the arm disappeared as unit 02 swallowed it completely which in turn caused the press feeds to suddenly go in to over drive as some tried to get the censor blurring up while others just beamed in closer. "Oh come on!" Maya's face turned to utter disgust granted she didn't throw up these days over blood and guts but there was something really dark about this.

When Shinji had done this he'd done it because he'd lost control, Asuka on the other hand knew just what she was doing and she was enjoying it on a really sadistic level. She looked up at all of the pilots face's Mari was utterly enjoying the show and had a coy grin on her lips. While Rei had a very conflicted look on her face and she knew why it was there she loved Asuka deeply but she was clearly finding this hard because she was in essence seeing Asuka's much darker side and how extreme it could be.

Shinji didn't look surprised in the slightest it was like he had expected this while Kaworu's had a slight smile on his face while Toji looked truly shocked. Despite all of there different reactions none of them were telling Asuka to stop instead they were all just letting her get on with it. She looked up seeing that Gendo was really enjoying this bloody show as he was smiling darkly while Ritsuko just looked utterly disgusted by Asuka's actions.

Asuka moved forward licking one of her canine teeth as Bardiel backed off further she could now see the wound of his right shoulder which had healed up but had not repaired when he'd reformed himself. "Just like last time, you taste like burnt brisket but now your bloods sweeter and not acrid." She stepped closer bringing her unit down again on all fours going into a stalking predatory position. "You know since I didn't have such a great breakfast and they made me throw it up, I think I'll just eat the rest of you instead." She paused before speaking. "I mean you wanted to be a part of me right, so how's about you find out what 02's digestive tract looks like?!"

Kaji eyed Misato whose face was completely unreadable. "You're not going to stop her doing this? Because you know she is going to eat more of him right, she's not bluffing!" Misato breathed in deeply. "That bastard infected her brain tormented her, drove her to insanity and near suicide and screwed with her body and her love life. She can do whatever she wants to him I'm not going to stop her I've always second guessed her judgement I'm not going to do it here." She folded her arms. "Plus she will probably only eat part of him like Shinji did with Sachiel." Maya turned sharply. "No you don't understand she's not like Shinji have you ever seen her eat?"

Misato eyed her. "What are you talking about?" Maya breathed in sharply. "She's a very heavy eater she can put away a fourteen oz medium rare steak in one sitting and still have room for more if she starts eating him she'll clog up 02's stomach. It won't be like Shinji she won't just rip off a few more parts she will probably eat a massive part of him and her real stomach can handle the volume but her Evangelion's can't, they don't stretch that far it could cause an internal rupture. Not to mention the raw energy it's going to turn into which could overload the unit and if she eats the S² Engine along with the rest she could end up doing that energy ball blast again like she did on the training field when her unit transformed but this time the wave could be like a N2 missile going off!"

Misato eyed her. "You said that, that unit is bigger and stronger shouldn't it stand to reason that those changes are internal as well?" Maya turned to her. "Theoretically yes but you are taking a massive risk and a gamble!" Misato breathed in deeply speaking evenly. "So be it."

Asuka moved picking up Bardiel other fallen arm shoving it into 02's mouth ignoring the crunching sound of the jaws as it started to swallow it down as Bardiel shifted even further back his upper arms joints bleeding red blood all over the place as he raised his tail bringing it down like a whip lash she shifted her unit sideways as he kept bringing down trying to keep her at bay. Kaji looked down at the read outs. "Speed of unit 02 has increased by thirty percent."

Asuka leapt only for the tail to come up smashing in to her unit sending it flying backwards though this time she found herself able to spin as the unit came crashing down landing perfectly on all fours on the ice much to her own surprise.

Bardiel moved closer trying harder to hit her with his tail only for her to keep shifting at lightning speed avoiding him he opened his huge mouth as a roar came out only for the next moments to turn to pure agony as her unit shifted even faster as the clawed hand suddenly shot out grabbing his tongue as the huge clawed foot smashed in to him sending flying across the ice.

Asuka laughed as the blood flew through the air she eyed the long glowing pulsing blue tongue in 02's clawed hand as she considered eating it only to throw it to one side watching as it flew right through the AT field landing hard near 05's feet.

She watched as he got to his feet blood pouring out of his mouth as he tried to speak but nothing came out, the other arms suddenly lengthened as they she raised unit 02's hands grabbing them stopping them from even reaching her as she began to move forward seeing something in his eyes which she had only seen once before it was fear, he was afraid to die she ignored his whiplash tail as it came down smashing against one of her units shoulder sails with enough force to shatter part of it off.

She pushed harder moving closer only for his tail to smash into her unit side sending a metal section flying before it came down again smashing in to her unit's face braking part of the horned crest clean off revealing the real horns underneath. She slowly began to open 02's mouth ignoring the cold blood as it ran down her face as she watched him try to struggle as he was forced on to his knees as his tail carried on striking her she eyed it feeling her units own tails suddenly shoot out grabbing it both wrapping around it so it couldn't move. "You're afraid aren't you?"

She felt a cold sneer form on her lips. "Now you understand what it finally means to be human and now you know how I felt when you took me over in the UN Alpha test unit." She looked down solemnly. "You finally understand what it is to be truly helpless and to have your own morality staring you in the face."

She watched as he let out a silent roar which caused blood to spill out as she lowered her whole unit forcing the mouth open to its full existent. "Now know death." Rei watched as 02's head came down literally forcing Bardiel's head inside right up to his neck the sabres were piercing the upper shoulders making it difficult for him to move them, his whole black body started to struggle violently as unit 02's upper jaws began to crunch down.

Ritsuko breathed in deeply as the cracking sound came only for red blood to fly everywhere as Bardiel's whole head was separated from his body she blinked in horror as it was swallowed down as the remaining body slammed in to the floor shaking violently. "She's such a fucking animal."

Gendo looked up speaking quietly watching as the look on Asuka's face on the screen changed to what could only be described as dark desire as her sadistic razor toothed smile widened. "She's barely begun."

He watched as unit 02 let out a massive tiger like roar as it suddenly turned its attention on the rest of the body with utter animalistic rage tearing the arms off at the elbow and eating them followed by one of the feet her whole attention suddenly turned to the body as she used unit 02's claws to rip it open as she grabbed at the guts tearing them out and throwing through the AT field which still hadn't dropped as she ripped out the S² Engine looking at for a moment before tossing it straight through the AT field watching as it landed opposite Bardiel's fallen guts which were near 01's feet.

Misato breathed in as Asuka's units teeth came down as it started to eat the middle section sending blood everywhere. "Why hasn't the field dropped Bardiel's dead!?" Maya looked up eyeing her read outs nervously. "Stomach is still expanding it's having problems coping!"

Shigeru blinked in confusion as he looked up. "Wait that's not Bardiel's AT field it was hers all along, he had no AT field he was hiding inside hers and mimicking it to throw us off!" Misato watched as unit 02 swallowed a huge chunk as she pressed the com. "Stop it Asuka!" She turned only to watch as Asuka ignored her carrying on. "Stop eating, you're going to damage your unit's internals!" She turned to Rei's screen pressing her com. "You have to stop her Rei, she going to damage her unit!"

Rei turned watching as the upper stomach plating on unit 02 started to bend and buckle she typed trying to get through only for nothing to happen. "I can't get through to her!" Toji's face came up on her screen. "Why is the AT field not dropping? I mean she's killed him!" Misato pressed the com speaking to them all. "He had no AT field he was mimicking hers, this AT field is hers!"

Shinji's face turned to shock. "What but look at it's fifty layers thick normally they're half that." Mari's face came up. "Why are you even surprised by that? She likes to keep people out to protect herself and she's had three miserable years to build up emotionally walls thick enough to keep everyone away from her."

Misato watched as unit 02 swallowed another massive chunk only for it to stop she turned to Maya. "Please tell me she's full..." She watched as 02 slowly stood up its stomach was massively extended and the plating had cracked in four places she turned watching as Asuka leaned forward taking in deep breathes.

Maya felt her eyes dart. "Yes I think she's full." She watched as 02 stumbled back as the red blood ran down its jaws as it started to breath in slowly and deeply as its tails finally let go of Bardiel's limp one. Misato breathed in tensing angrily as she spoke. "Shut her down now!"

Kaji turned to her. "I can't do that we couldn't it with Shinji when he ate an angel we had to just let the Evangelion's internals to do there work and if you shut 02 down mid process it will just carry on once you turn it back on. The clean up teams can not remove the stuff from the gut it's just too dangerous and no one will ever try it again not after what happened with the Beta unit when three people died because they tried to get some crap out of the stomach and got burnt to cinder."

Maya looked up watching as everything started to flash red on Asuka's panel. "Stomach is processing I can not speed it up!" She watched as 02 stumbled back further it was clearly getting very dizzy as was Asuka.

Asuka took in a slow breathes perhaps she should have known better she paused her light headiness felt strange it wasn't the same as being full. It felt more like she was walking on air as she spoke quietly and softly. "Speer des Schicksals."

A voice spoke behind her it was so light almost angelic. "I finally understand everything I understand what it is to die I understand what it is to live you have for filled my true desire and for filled your promise. As that was our deal that I would enter your body in your next life and you would teach me about humanity and give me the ability to free myself forever from this pointless war."

There was a long pause. "Now create me two of them Asuka and thus I shall ascend through you and create my new form and gain my own form of instrumentality." Asuka looked up feeling her left eye become even warmer. "If that is what you desire Bardiel." Maya looked up sharply. "The energy is building in 02's stomach it's starting to channel!"

Misato looked up as unit 02 suddenly stood up very straight its four eyes suddenly turning from a green glow to pure white as the AT field changed to pure gold and silver the huge broken crest and broken sections began to slowly repair themselves along with all of the other sections as the body also healed as the real horns grew even longer underneath. The unit bent slightly back as the muscles tensed as the clawed feet dug into the floor the clawed hands slowly moved downwards towards the stomach as the two tails rose up at ether side circling over.

Kaji looked up on confusion. "What is she doing?" Maya eyes darted. "I have no idea her sync is perfect and there are no more weird brain waves…" Her next words were suddenly cut off as white light blasted out of the lower stomach section as two long winding red pointed items started to grow outwards as the clawed hands took hold off them pulling them slowly free as they grew to half the length of her Evangelion.

She clutched the red points tighter feeling the energy flow into them as they grew upwards getting larger opening up as they became woven two sectioned red spears as her unit's stomach returned to normal as the huge crack in the plating there sealed up.

She looked up at them slowly feeling the last of the energy go in to them as Bardiel's voice spoke again. "Now fulfill your destiny Asuka, become like Freyja, become the goddess of this word, become the destroyer and creator become the bright red star in the night with your lances." Asuka slowly raised both spears crossing them over her unit's chest. "Yes."

Misato turned watching as Asuka's left eye turned to white followed by her right as huge hallow of gold and silver light formed over her units head. "What is fucking going on?!" Ritsuko stood up watching as Gendo did the same the utter shock in his face. "She just created two lances of Longinus from that dead angel, how is that even possible!?" Misato turned sharply. "They're both lances of Longinus you're telling me she turned churned up angel into those!?"

Ritsuko watched as 02 started to walk away from the other units it's AT field remaining up. "Yes and the halo means she's going to ascend! You have to stop her send all the units in there right now!" Get them to tear up that AT Field and remove those lances from her unit's hands, or she's going to cause an impact event!"

She raised her hand pointing to Asuka's face with its glowing white eyes which looked strangely innocent despite the sharp teeth. "She's so drunk on the power right now that she probably has no idea that she's even doing this! She might not even know what's real and what's not this to her could just feel like her own fucking imagination!"

End of part 60