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I Can't Stop Drinking About You

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"Richard, get off of me." Michonne huffed as she tried her best to roll away from Rick, but failed. He had long pulled out of her, long laid stretched out on his black to sleep. His hand had possessively slapped to her ass cheek and stayed there while he casually groped her while he slept. Probably to check if she was there.

However her nine o' clock alarm just went off and she had to pee.

She felt him shift in the bed, a small sigh left his lips. "You must have dozed off. I already got off, four times." He said proudly, squeezing her butt check, letting out a stiff moan.

Michonne slapped his chest, wiggling her body to get free. His hold on her tightened.

"Rick, I have to pee." She sighed, rolling her eyes, to confirm why she needed to get away. Though, part of her enjoyed that he didn't want her to leave. What had happened this morning was real. It wasn't one of those vivid fantasies. Still looks can be deceiving.

There was a moment of silence before he spoke. He had to clear his throat to do so. "If I let you go, will you come back to me?"

Michonne eyed him as she lifted her head up. She was right. Or he wanted to make sure that what happened was real. Agreed on by both parties.

"Always, baby."

He removed his hand and she rolled out of the bed as if it was on fire to run across the room to head for the bathroom. She just made it when she sat on the toilet to handle her business. Rick laughed the whole time at her little show and then she began to laugh because it was real. Their relationship.

She finally got the man she wanted.

Richard 'Rick' Grimes was all hers.


"Babe, what ya wearing?"

Michonne rolled over in her bed, pulling the covers over her head as she tried to cover herself in the darkness even with the phone light to tell her she had received something. Sure, it been three weeks since she last seen him and she did miss him. Last time they shared a kiss was the day he left. After she came back from the bathroom, he was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaned back, half sleep. She mounted him. He took her and she took him right back. But then several hours later he was answering a business call. Their next sex session ended short because he had to fly out to Atlanta to prepare for another show he had been booked for. He fucked her one good last time. It was quick. His flight was in one hour. His agent booked it yesterday and forgot to tell him.

"Don't tell me you fell asleep on me? You didn't even get to ask me what I'm wearin'. I'll answer it for ya. Nothing. I'm paintin' in the nude."

She heard him snicker. A small yawn left her lips. "I'm naked. I don't wear clothes to bed, you know that."

He groaned. She heard noise on the phone and then silence. She moved the phone from her head to make sure he hadn't hung up the call.

"Fuck, I wish I was there right now. Send me a picture. I need something new to paint."

"No." She snapped, letting out a loud huff as her plan to hide under the blankets. Failed. She threw them off of her, moving to sit up. The cool air in the room brushed against her nipples, making them hard.

"Fine. I need a new screensaver. I already used up the one were your head is thrown back, back arched."

She gasped. She knew while she was riding him she heard something click as if her picture was being taken, but when she straightened she found no evidence.

"Do I have to sell paintings...because I miss ya." Rick replied quickly, not giving her time to answer. "I just want you, Michonne. Not seeing you sucks."

She chuckled, laying out on her bed, rolling on her stomach to relax. "You sound like a kid throwing a tantrum."

"Last time I had my dick in you was three weeks ago. I'm craving ya here. How about I fly you out?"

She laughed, rolling her tongue around her mouth. "No. I have a job to do and you have paintings to sell. Spoiled brat."

"Not spoiled. I just don't see why I have to be here to sell my stuff. I can easily hold a Skype call with you sitting on my face."

Her face fell. Where was this Rick? It was like with each phone call he showed a different side of himself. He never said this to her when they were just friends, but then. He wanted to stay that way. He didn't want to combine them. He was holding back. How could she blame him though? She loved him and he loved her. Why was she so worked up? She didn't expect him to be any different than the Rick Grimes that she knew.

"Rick, I'd love to sit on your face, but I have work."

His tone lowered. She heard shuffling, movement. "Baby, honey bun."

These pet names. It made her heart warm. "I love you. I meant it when I said it. It's like I finally get you and you're snatched from me."

"I'm right here. You've always had me." She reassured him.

"Not like that morning. I was touching you...fucking you into my bed just in case you left. I had something to remember you by, just so I could remember what you smelled like. I need you." He mumbled. More shuffling. He was probably pacing. He did that sometimes when he couldn't get his thoughts straight. She knew him that well.

"Jessie called two days after I left. She realized her mistake and wanted me back. I told her to fuck off. I laughed at her. Why would I dig up my gold? Dig up what I've been looking for just to cover it back up?"

She placed her free hand over her heart, grabbing at her chest. He was so raw. So honest with her. Why couldn't she be with him? What was she afraid of? That he'd see he made a mistake and keep them at just friends. If he did that, she knew she wouldn't be able to bounce back.

"I need you too, Rick. And I'm not going anywhere. Even if we don't work out."

"Don't say that." He cut her off, his voice sharp. "Don't ever say that to me again."

"Rick." She started only to close her mouth shut. "Sing me to sleep?"

There was another long silence. He's never snapped at her like that before. But who could blame him? She basically just told him it was okay if they didn't work out. That what they shared that day meant nothing. It meant everything to her.

"Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand. But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man. These nights never seem to go to plan. I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?"

She closed her eyes, moving her phone from her ear to put it on the pillow beside her. He was loud enough for her to hear so she listened to the man she loved sing to her. She imagined his arms around her body, holding her to sleep as he continued to sing.

This man had ruined her for all men. This she knew for certain.


Rick grumbled as he stared at the person in charge of his art event. She was...a piece of work. At first she flirted with him; threw her head back, laughed at all his jokes, touched his shoulder. He brushed her off each time, hoping that most of his paintings gave away the fact he was in love with his best friend and someone blonde and gorgeous being thrown in his face wouldn't change that fact.

She gave up, told him that they couldn't sleep together. She was engaged and loved the man who asked her. He nodded his head, turned the tables on himself. He just wanted to make sure the event turned out great before he disappeared back home. He hated it here.

Three weeks and two days since he last seen Michonne, but who's counting?

He calls her every day just to hear her voice. She awakens things inside of him he's never felt with anyone else. He recalled telling her once she was his muse. She was blushing, he was sure of it. She wasn't. He teased her told her she was. If only she knew that most of his paintings, the one he kept for himself was of her. One was of her running. He remembered exactly what she wore; light blue sports bra and black shorts. She was doing some stretches when he blinked his eyes, keeping it for later paint.

He wouldn't say he was obsessed with Michonne. He could paint other things. His favorite was just letting go and allow his mind to take him into places he had never been. Yet, that was before Michonne. Yet, that was before he slid into her and marked her insides with him.

Fuck he wanted her.

He slapped his hand to his groin. A deep shiver erupts through his body. No matter how many women he's had before gets him going like this. She's so responsive. She plays with him back. He could pin her down and fuck her and she'd let him.

"Fuck this and fuck that. Fuckin' fuck." He shouted, dropping the wet paint brush from his hand to let it hit the floor. He ran his fingers through his hair trying to pull himself together. He feels like he's trapped. He can't get free.

A clack of heels brings him back to the present. It's Belle Givins. She has on a business suit, black heels, and her hair is pinned up. Her glasses are on the edge of her nose.

"Rick, are you okay?" There was a clipboard in her hands. Her now ringed finger tapped against it.

"Fine. Great." His lips formed a tight line. "When's this event again?" He asked, his brow arched, his hands sliding to his hips.

"Saturday, but I need two more paintings and then you have to stay for the event. I've got good billionaire friends ready to spend some cash."

Rick scoffed. Him stay? Three more days without his girlfriend. This chick was bonkers.

"I can't..." He started only to close his mouth shut. His phone vibrated wildly in his pants. He slid his hand inside to retrieve it, staring at the screen as "Chonny" flashed across it with a picture of her backside as her contact picture. He felt his pants stir again at the memory. He answered it, turning his back from Belle.

"Yes honey dip?"

She giggled and he grinned. He loved making her laugh.

"Stop. I had a bad day." She had a bad day and she wanted him to stop.

"What happened? Talk to me." His voice lowered.

"The house I've been trying to sell for a month. I closed it. They were about to sign the papers when I get a phone call telling me that it has termites. It's going to take them months to get the little bastards out."

He frowned. "I'll fly out."

"It's nothing major. It's just. I'm so disappointed." He knew because he could hear it in her voice.

"Don't act like that with me. If you need me, I'm dropping everything." He stated.

There was a long silence. A quiet whimper. "I need you, Rick."

She hung up the phone. He slid his phone back into his pockets, glancing over his shoulders to stare at Belle. She must have heard the conversation. Her brows had came together in a deep scowl.

"Rick Grimes. I paid your agent. You can't just back out."

"Belle Givins, bill me." He glanced back at his stool, snatching his jacket off of it to put it back on. "I owe you two more paintings." She nodded. Her lips brought together, her teeth nibbling at her bottom lip. "I'll fly home and overnight them to ya. Deal?"

He didn't wait for her to reply. He brushed passed her humming softly. He was going home to see his baby.

Because he too needed her.


Michonne sighed as she reached Rick's voice mail again. He hadn't answered last night or this morning. She called into work using up one of her vacation days. That house would have put something on her name and now, she just didn't want to look at work right now. If Rick was in town, she'd invite him over, snuggle up with him. She just needed to touch him. She remembered Carol told her once; when she met her husband. It physically hurt to be away from him. She never understood it. She thought they were crazy, but she completely got it now.

She placed her phone on her kitchen counter as she looked through everything to find something to distract herself from her thoughts. She missed Rick. She wished that house would have sold. Sure he said he'd fly out, but this was his job. She'd understand if she couldn't see him. She understands that this is something he needs to get done. She did not to long ago called him a spoiled brat because he wanted to fly her out. Now she was the spoiled one. Wasn't she?

A small yawn left her lips. She placed her hand over her mouth, glancing back at her phone to check the time. It was almost eleven. She might as well take a shower and relax, attempt to relax. Rick would probably call her later and make her laugh. Or try to get her to FaceTime with him. He always had a way of taking her to another place.

Someone knocked at her door. She stopped, locking her screen. Who would be over at this hour? She braced herself, closing the cabinets she had opened to exit the kitchen, heading for the front door. When she reached the carpet she then remembered her state of dress. She had on her silk black robe.

"I should probably cover up." Odd as it was, she felt naked, completely naked. She tensed up, shaking her head. It wasn't like she was going to swing the door wide open to welcome the stranger.

They knocked again and she replied with a sharp tone. "Coming. Hold on."

She didn't bother to look through the peephole, unlocking the door to open it just a bit. She gasped, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Rick." She opened the door wider. This had to be a dream. Yeah, she said she needed him, but he didn't...No. She would be the same with him. All stubbornness aside.

"I took the red eye." He stepped up, his mouth an inch from hers. His blue eyes darken with each passing second. She swallowed hard, shaking her head mentally to clear it. He was right here, standing right here in front of her. "And I should do this more often if you're going to greet me like this." His head fell downward, his eyes taking her in. If he stared hard enough, it'd probably melt off her body.

"Can I come in or this isn't what you wanted?"

"I..." She opened her mouth to speak, but no other words came out.

"Come on, Chonny." He stepped closer, wrapping both his arms around her waist to pull her to him. She gasped, leaning her head back. She felt his erection poke at her belly. He was hard for her. Harder than she's ever felt him to be. Maybe it's the jeans. His head dips as he pulls her up higher, licking at her throat, nibbling on her earlobe. He's driving her crazy.

Her hands grab at his shoulders, digging her nails into him. It only ignites the fire. He growls, sucking hard, taking a step inside to kick the door close with his feet.

"Wrap your legs around me." She does. He kisses his way to her other side. She softly moans out his name. He drops to his knees, holding her tight against him. His hands hungrily grab at her ass through the thin material of the robe. He groans against her skin. "How do you feel about doggy style?"

"Love the position." She began as he lowered her onto the floor on her back. She arched, the robe parting to reveal her naked body. His nostrils flared. Michonne felt even more aroused with that stare of his. His eyes so dark they were almost black. "I don't think a lot of men can handle it though." She wiggled herself out of the robe.

"Never underestimate your opponent." He said, his head dipped as he stretched himself out on top of her, cupping her breast with his hands, holding them steady as he licked and sucked on each one. She arched her back higher, thrusting into his mouth. He grinned, biting gently down on her nipple. "You should get these pierced."

"Why?" She half moaned, half shouted in alarm as he kissed his way down her body. That morning she didn't think she'd see him, maybe she did. She hadn't changed when she rolled out of bed. She just grabbed for her robe, slid into it, trudged around the house in sadness. Part of her was thankful she didn't change clothes and the other part of her felt cheated. She was already naked and he still had on clothes.

"So I have a reason to do this." He wrapped his lips around her breast, sucking, flicking his tongue on it, nibbling. "And this." He blew cool air on her. She threw her hips up to grind against his pants just to feel some kind of friction. Her hands moved downward to grab at his shirt, tearing at it to rip it from his body.

"No. You said you needed me. I'm giving you what you need." He responded. She dropped her hands, slapping to the floor. He adjusted his body as his lips left her breast to kiss his way downward. He passed her belly button. She swore out of the corner of her eye she saw a wide grin spread across his lips.

"I'd say get this pierced too, but this belongs to me." He parted her wet folds with his index finger, using his middle finger to pat her clit. She jumped, letting out another moan. "Unless you wouldn't mind if I did it. Give me further reason to eat you out when I want too."

"Rick. Please." She begged.

"And who's my girl?" He inched forward, collecting her wetness with his index finger, rubbing it along her pussy teasingly.

"I am?" She questioned, unsure to why he would need to ask that. Hadn't they answered that question three weeks back when he was inside of her?

"Good Girl." He opened his mouth, latched onto her folds and begin to suck.

Her hands grabbed for his hair, pushing him further down. Her legs twitched. She moved her head from side to side.

She was ruined for all men now. There was no turning back.


Rick moaned into her pussy as he ate. Grabbing onto each fold to tug to lightly nibble. Sticking out his tongue to flatten it against her sex as his middle finger worked at her clit. She was a near mess in his hands and he enjoyed it immensely. Though this sucked, his hips thrusted into her floor as she rolled her hips. He badly needed to be inside of her. Causing that sweet friction with his jeans and the floor. It felt good, but it wasn't Michonne. He wasn't inside of Michonne.

"Oh...Rick." He moved his hand underneath her butt, digging his nails into her flesh as he continued to pleasure her with his mouth. "Just like that. Don't...oh fuck."

He grinned, knowing only he could bring her like this. But fuck, she could do the same to him.

If he wasn't so stubborn he'd be inside of her right now. But he wanted her begging, sobbing for him to be inside of her. He hadn't seen her in three weeks. He can't give into her so easily. Though he knew it wouldn't take long. He'd drown in her taste.

Her hands grabbed at his hair; scratching at his scalp, tugging on his wild ends as he grinded his tongue into her, collecting her wetness to swallow that down.

"Rick!" It was like she was gasping for air. "Don't stop."

He thrusted his index finger inside her body, curling it to get at her deeper.

She groaned. Her legs shook. But he was far from done with her.

He pulled his mouth away from her, licking at his lips to clean himself, savoring her taste.

"Turn. Over." He all but commanded.

She followed his order though, settling on her elbows, parting her legs, exposing herself to him.

"Tell me how much you want this?" He undid his jeans, slowly, quietly as to not give himself away.

"I want you. Please baby."

She was dripping wet. He groaned. His cock twitched. Maybe it was about time he got a condom, cover himself to enter her, take her right here.

He pushed his pants down his thighs, they bunched around his knees. His length stood alert, twitching once more as if to say, 'I'm free.'

He bit back his chuckle at his ridiculous thought. If he teased himself and her anymore. He'd break, snap like a twig.

He slapped his hands to her hips, scooting up. Lifting his hips to rub his slit on her opening.

She shivered, rolling her hips, slathering his member in her juices. His hand fell against her ass.

"Don't. I know what I'm doing." He told her, circling his hips to keep teasing her. Shaking in the process.

"What are you waiting for?"

He barked out in laughter, scratching at her hips and ass with his nails.

"Want me to sing to you again?"

He positioned himself just right, thrusting his hips forward. He entered her in one single movement. He buried himself all the way to the hilt. His eyes rolled back. He might as well had passed out. She gripped him like a vice.

"Rick. Shut the fuck up." She hissed, wiggling her hips, adjusting to his size.

He smacked her ass again, smirking. "Fading in, fading out. On the edge of paradise. Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I've got to find." He began to sing, throwing his head back, his hips followed. His eyes widen as her walls tightened on him.

"Fuckin' hell Chonne. Not fair."

She too threw her head back, popping her ass out further.

"Then fuck me." She gripped him again, challenging him.

He circled his hips, angling himself to go deeper with each passing second. Trying to shake that feeling of finishing to fast because he was there.

"Alright, Michonne. Close your legs, lock them at your ankles."

"I don't do doggy style like that."

"When you're in bed with Rick Grimes, you do. Do it or I'll pull out right here." He inhaled deeply. He was risking everything. This position, if she listened to him. He'd kill them both. But he'd be dying with her. It was something he'd have to give up.

She said nothing. Made no move.

He pulled out, sitting on the back of his thighs. She groaned, huffing, muffling underneath her breath as she pushed herself up, bringing her legs to together, locking them at her ankles.

He swallowed thickly, another lump formed to replace the previous one. He pushed himself off to balance himself on his knees, his hands back on her hips.

"I was born sick." He leaned over her back, kissing her shoulder, positioning himself at her core again. Her arousal dripped onto him. Yeah, he wasn't going to last. "But you love it. Command me to be well." He straightened, pushing her hips down, bracing himself, sliding into her...inch by inch. She felt even tighter.

His legs shook with pleasure. His eyes rolled back. His mouth fell open. "Aaay. Amen. Amen. Amen."

He scratched up her back as he settled, buried himself all the way to the hilt again. She was choking him like this and he loved every minute of it.


She wanted to laugh as he entered her, like this, but she couldn't find the strength to tease him. This new position, closing her legs like this, she felt him. Every time his dick twitch, she felt that. Even as he entered her inch by fucking inch. She felt it. If she gripped him, clenched her walls, she'd cry. The feeling was overwhelming. She was in agony. Her fingers clenched as her arms started to shake.

He thrusted his hips back letting out a quiet sigh.

Her mouth fell. She wanted to shout his name. Tell him she loved him. Nevertheless she couldn't get a word out.

The pace began slow. In. Pause. Out. Breath. His breath was so ragged. Her heart was stuck in her chest. It wouldn't move. This position, this type of doggy style was dangerous. She loved it though. To feel him so intimately like this.

"Chonny." He mumbled. "Roll your hips."

She did without complaint. Her eyes rolled as her hips did.

"Rick." She found her voice. Short breaths fell afterward.

"Michonne." He said, catching the wave of her hips to match hers with his own. He cursed again under his breath, something she couldn't make out.

She felt the familiar tingle deep inside her womb. She was close, so close.

"I'm close. I'm not going to pull out again. That's a fact." He mumbled again as she humped him, going up and down his shaft. He stilled, letting her take over.

"Didn't...expect you to..." Her fingers grabbed at the carpet, trying to tear it as it hit her. She blinked, her eye lids fluttered as it shook her, shaking her body with its arrival. Her walls tightened. He was so thick that it hurt, but it only brought a moan to fall from her lips. She screamed as a short one followed after, riding it out.


"I lied. I so fuckin' lied." He pulled out of her completely, falling on his ass. His hand wraps around his drenched length. He smirks just a bit as its covered in nothing but her. He was close into cumming. He almost met her there, but held it back, letting her ride hers out. If he stayed inside of her any longer he would have filled her so deeply...he bit his bottom lip. He didn't want to think about that right now.

Michonne glanced at him over her shoulder, staring at him through half open slits. "Baby, come here."

"You come here. Face me." He reached out for her with his arms, stretching out his legs, making his cock twitch. "He says he misses his home." He wiggled his brows, inhaling deeply.

"Or I can do something better. It is my turn."

"Turn. Pft." He scoffed, dropping his hands to the floor, stretching out his arms, throwing his head back trying to catch his breath.

"You're still getting a head of yourself here, Rick. That's not good."

He chuckled at her words, opening one eye to look at her. She was turned over now, facing him, making her way to him.

"I'll get used to you clenchin' them tight walls of yours, Chonne."

"No you won't." She took her time coming to him. Her hair had moved to the side of her neck. Her nipples were pebbled rocks and by god he wanted them in his mouth. "I still have other tricks you don't know about. Great thing about being a woman. You learn to improvise."

"So can I. When we started...this. I held back. I'm a sexual deviant." He stated firmly, watching her. She stretched out in front of him like a cat, thrusting her ass in the air.

"When you lost your virginity, you called me crying." She laughed, thinking of the memory. He was nineteen.

"Lori was rough. I thought she broke my dick."

Michonne rolled her eyes, leaning her head downward. She breathe cool air onto him. His breath caught in his throat.

"Poor thing. You also called me when Layla sucked your dick. You cried to me then too, Mister Sexual Deviant."

"She used teeth and I didn't cry. She did. Her last boyfriend was a peanut compared to what I got."

He was sure he heard her mumble, 'You got that right.' He didn't question it though.

Clearing his throat to talk about her own times of sexcapades. "You called me when your lost your virginity to Mike."

"I thought to return the favor. Plus it hurt like hell. Worst sex of my life." She added, sticking out her tongue to lick at his slit. He jumped.

"Who's the best?" He tried to keep the conversation going. He's only had his dick sucked twice, three times if he doesn't count this moment. Layla scared him. He called her big chomper. When Jessie tried it, she tried to hard. Plus they had just argued and he wasn't in the mood for that.

"You." She lowered her mouth onto him, taking him in as deep as she could. His mouth fell again, trying to understand what was happening. Her tongue. Her hot mouth. He thrusted his hips forward trying to see just how much.

Stay out of his own head as the love of his life sucked him. Check.

He heard her take a deep breath. Her cheeks blew up. He locked his eyes with hers. He was good at reading her body. That's how they talked sometimes when there was nothing to be said or in some cases if they didn't know what to say. She was telling him with those big brown eyes of hers. She was going to kill him.

Or he saw nothing.

He wasn't entirely sure anymore.

She exhaled, taking him in deeper. Her upper lip touched the very end of him. His beginning was inside of her throat.

No gag reflex. She had no gag reflex.

"Oh fuckin' Christ."

She begin to hum. Vibrations gripped him like her body and he shook, lowering his hips. But she held on, sucking, humming.

He balanced himself on one arm, using his hand to grab at her long locks to hold her steady, thrusting his hips. Saliva dripped from her mouth onto his member. When he brought her down, she collected it. He gripped her hair, moaning out her name. Her hand wrapped around his length, pulling down as she went up.


His toes curled.

He felt that familiar tingle in his body. He was close again. Why was she doing this? He wanted to live at least until he had her on every surface he could think of or he got tired of her.

When she sucked in her cheeks, cleaning him of her saliva. He knew it would never happened.

"Michonne, if you don't fuck me. I'm going to blow. I'm yelling timber."

He chuckled, hoping she'd stop. But she didn't. She gave him no mercy. He hated her.

"Honey dip, fuckin' please." Dare he tell her her mouth was worse than her gripping walls?

She laughed, slowly pulling off his cock, licking her lips of his taste. He shuddered. A predatory look in her eyes. Fuck he wanted her.

He nodded his head at his lap, removing his hand from her hair to back behind him. "M'lady. Would you like to sit on your throne?"

He straightened. If she rode him, he'd fall so he moved up, holding out his hand. "Need help?"

"No, but you do." She teased, smiling wide. Her arm wrapped around his neck. Their fingers laced together, he bent her arm behind her, pressing it into her back.

"Tell me you love me." His voice lowered. He searched her eyes. Three weeks ago, he still didn't believe he got the woman he wanted. If a ghost came to him and told him Michonne was the love of his life. He would have scoffed, walking away. Yeah he told her didn't want to ruin what they had, but he was bad a relationships. They wanted attention. They always wanted his time. They wouldn't let him be himself. But Michonne, she scared him and he had no way of telling her that. He acted like he didn't care and most times he was so upfront with his feelings that he didn't need to think twice about it. Being an artist he always found ways of expressing himself. Plus he had a back up plan. If he decided to stop painting, he'd pick up singing. Obviously Michonne enjoyed his beautiful voice. He could share it with the world. Yet, if he lost Michonne. He couldn't turn to no one else. She was it.

"Rick, you know that I do." Her arm unwrapped from behind her neck to touch his cheek, looking at him. "What's wrong?"

What the hell, he thought. He might as well just tell her. What was the worse thing that could happen? She got off of him, kicked him out and never spoke to him again. Oh yeah, that.

"I'm scared that if we don't work out. I'll lose you. That's what worried me the most about being away from you." He turned into her caress, letting out a sigh. "I'll always want to fuck you. I meant have you seen you." He said, his lips formed a tight line. "But what we built. I don't want that to be for nothing. You mean everything to me and I'm not..."

"Richard." She lifted her hips, her feet on either side of his waist. She rubbed her thumb across his cheek to keep him there, keep him there with her. "I love you. Don't think about that stuff. We're in this together. I've been waiting for a long time to have you. And I see now that if you did date me back then, it wouldn't have worked. You wouldn't have been in it then. I waited for you like I always will. We're okay."

He nodded, using his other hand to wrap around his slick length, holding himself steady so she could lower herself onto him. And when she did a single tear fell from his eyes to hit the pad of her thumb.

"Always?" Her hand grabbed onto his shoulder. His hand moved from his cock to grab for her hand to lace their fingers placing that behind her back. He held her tight against her. "I love you Michonne."

She gasped when she rocked her hips.

He groaned as she did.

"I love you Rick. Now make love to me."

He nodded his head, leaning up to kiss her lips, closing his eyes to allow himself to feel her lips, her skin. Her wet hot body on him. He was lost, so lost.

Heaven. She felt like heaven. However, he didn't want to make love to her like this, not right here.

He mumbled her to stop, breaking the kiss to finish his train of thought. "Go upstairs."

She eyed him confused, but asked no further questions. "Alright, Rick."

She moved to stand up. He let her hands go. His face was matted with sweat. His hair was wet like the first night this began.

"Go Michonne." He told her, leaning up to smack her ass.

"Fine." She whined, turning around, snatching up her black robe, running up the stairs to her bedroom.

Rick swallowed hard. If he kept this up, he'd have blue balls before the day ended.



Michonne waited for him on the bed, not sure why the change in the mood. She had no issue with him making love to here right there on her floor. She wouldn't have suggested it if she felt otherwise.

Maybe he needed a breather. It was a heavy moment. Emotions. It reminded her of last time, that night he told her he didn't want to ruin what they were.

Herself then was so angry. He chose Jessie Anderson over her, but she saw now how he was. He was all over the place and he never seemed to interested in Jessie. Sure he dated her, but when she watched them. Her eyes mostly on Rick. He didn't seem like himself.

She shook herself from her thoughts. She couldn't reflect on that now. He was hers and she had him. She wasn't going to give him up without a fight.

When he finally entered the room, he was stark naked. His hair was swept back, there was a smile on his lips.

"You look gorgeous."

She laughed, if it showed. Her cheeks would be a bright red.

"Rick, come here."

He turned his head into his shoulder, his hands covering his hard erection. "I'm shy. Sex is scary."

She huffed, eyeing him. "Rick if you don't get in this bed."

"Alright. Impatient." He spit out, teasing her as he walked forward, reaching out for her on the bed. "Lay out straight right in the middle."

She followed his orders, noting that he was bossy in the bedroom. Not like it was big deal. Coming from him as relaxed as he usually was. It was a huge turn on.

When she adjusted herself to the middle of the bed, he climbed on top, parting her legs with his thigh, resting between her legs. She wrapped them around his waist. "Marry me?"

She blinked. He couldn't have...

He rocked his hips back, a small smile on his face, certainty. "You heard me, Chonne. Marry me. Be Mrs. Grimes?" He rocked his hips forward. Her eyes rolled back till she saw stars. No matter how many times they did this. She would never adjust to his size. Each time he entered her, he felt like he was digging a home inside of her. He buried himself to the hilt.

"That's why you stopped us downstairs to come up here and ask me that?"

He shrugged, dipping his head to catch her lips, grabbing for her hands again, stretching their joined hands out to grab for the edge of her bed, pinning her down beneath him.

Her tongued snaked out of her mouth, parting his lips to join his.

He rocked his hips. In and out.

His tongue swiped at hers to challenge her. Their mouths moved fast, but their hips...stayed steady. Stayed slow. Stayed in sync.

She broke the kiss moments later to catch her breath. Her upper lip curled as a small moan fell from her lips. "What if I say no?"

He chuckled. Cocky little...She closed her eyes tight, turning her head to avoid looking at him. He told her once, right when she saw that painting of her on his bedroom wall that he could read her eyes. He rotated his hips, her walls clenched him. He was driving her crazy. She could feel the slow build up of her orgasm.

His movements were crazed, relentlessly. He wasn't going to give up.

He kissed her neck, the space beneath her ear lobe and then her ear, whispering into it. "You waited for me. I'll wait for you. I'm scared where this is going to take us, but I'm not losing you like I almost did. I've tasted you. I've been inside of you. I know who you are."

She felt the same. He was inside of her now, not in the literally sense, well that too, but he was in her skin like a tattoo.

"I think I might have inhaled you. I can feel you behind my eyes. You've gotten into my bloodstream. I can feel you flowing in me."

She arched her back. His words. His body.

Her climax came unexpected. She gripped him, deep, holding him there.

He growled, mumbling her name, the fact that he would always love her.

His back tensed, his pace picked up speed. His body slapped against hers. Wet sounds of passion.

He shouted his release, grabbing for her lips, thrusting his tongue inside to claim dominance. His cock twitched inside of her, emptying its built up contents. She screamed around his tongue, rolling her hips, his fast pace. His roughness.

Another climax followed suit. It was short and fast, but it felt good. Her body tingled.

He sighed once he was done, resting his body on top of her, breaking the kiss to look at her.

"Richard Grimes, yes. I'll marry you." She meant it. He was right. They had no idea where this was going, but she wasn't leaving his side. The last song he sung fit them completely. She was in his bloodstream just as he was in hers. And she wouldn't have it any other way.