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I do not own any of the characters on this story, save if they are original characters (OC). They belong to their creators, producers, broadcasters, publishers and distributors,
as the works they come from or inspired in way the story written below.
I do not have any financial gain through this written piece nor I intend to cash on it. This content is mostly to be seen as a parody work with adult content. I repeat, a parody.
With adult content. Because of that, people under the authorized age to see erotic material wherever they live aren't allowed to read this story.
Anyone else who bears something against the content, characters or anything else must also look somewhere else to be.
If you are fit to read this story and contribute with something, feel free to do so.
Thanks and now, enjoy this work as much as I did writing.






Chapter I – Adding to the Engagement (based on Romantic Hearts No. 4 (Story Comics, Jan of a year in 50s)

When I found out my fiancé was cheating me with the nurse of the hospital he was, I went in shock. How could him betray me that way? How could he? And how could that nurse give in with my man?

I had so many doubts that when I came back home, I was pretty much enfuriated. But also, I don’t know why, that scene aroused me pretty much. I don’t know if it was the repulse or something else, but I couldn’t stop thinking if Peter had gone that far with Annie the nurse? And what if? Truth be told, I did touched myself thinking about that possibility? Am I a cuckold? Or Am I...?

Anyway, ideas raced inside my mind. Many ideas. The nastiest ideas possible in the world. If they done it, I wouldn’t leave without having my piece of the cake, so I planned something that would happen the next day, the day before he was to leave hospital.

I went there as always and found Annie and Peter together, as usual, kissing each other and saying cute words to each other. I waited till it was enough for me to stand. And you bet the faces both did when I walked in the room.

“I must say you got a very well recovery, Peter”

“Helen?”, he shouted, almost as he was caught killing someone.

“Please, Peter, don’t explain anything. I saw everything you did with the nurse yesterday...”

“I-I can explain, Helen... Isn’t nothing that it seems and...”

“What it seems is that my fiancé was kissing the nurse like he was about to marry her. And you are supposed to marry me!”

“Sorry, Helen! I beg your pardon! It was just a thing. Nothing happened! I swear. Me and Annie were carried by the thing and...”

Peter left me very fed up with his bunch of ‘blah blah blah’.

“Spare me from your excuses Peter.... You know that I am not buying it. And well, about you, nurse Annie. Do you often treat your patients with kisses and caresses?’

The nurse was blank, almost if she saw a ghost.

“Please, don’t be afraid of me. I knew that a man alone with a woman can do such crazy stuff. I am very relieved to say that I am not even close to get mad with you two. I was when I discovered, but now I understand everyhing better”

“What that means, Helen?”, he asked.

I just closed the door of the room and did the same with the blinds. I came closer to the bed to look that their almost freaked out eyes. Poor them! Little they know!

“What are you doing, Helen?’

“While I was at home I asked myself to many questions that I only came out with an answer”, this I said with my hand running to where his crotch was, all covered with the blanked. “That, no matter if you two had or hadn’t ‘enhanced’ your little fling, I will not come home without having something to myself”

“What it does mean? And your hand... why?”, I was laughing inside myself by looking Peter’s face and nurse’s reaction when I did that.

“Miss, I-I’m sorry... it wasn’t my intention to steal your fiancé. I-It was...”

“It’s okay. I forgive you”, I answered while my hand traveled the surroudings of this ‘playground’ area. “I know how it is. You don’t need to be scared of me. I did not came to do something bad.”

As I said that, I don’t know what I had in my or if I didn’t had it, but I kissed the nurse! Right in front of Peter! My God, you had to see the face he did when my lips went on Annie’s.

And, believe me or not, she seemed to like it! The kiss was awesome, by the way, our tongues and lips going on each other’s. I admit I did that just to break the unbearable climate and to see if the nurse was capable to retreat. My surprise, she wasn’t.

“You kiss good, Annie. I know why you got so much along with Peter’

“Well... and you kiss good too, Miss. And I never had... you know...”

“Kissed a woman? Me either, but there is nothing better than first time. And since we are talking about first times...”, I said before removing all my clothes, apart hat and gloves and sit on the armchair, legs wide open. “How about you help me to show my fiancé how it’s kinda a burden to be cheated”

I don’t know if the kiss helped or the whole atmosphere was so kinky, but the nurse quickly removed her clothes, bar hat, without any shyness and went over to lick my pussy.

Her tongue going all over my wet cunt, brushing it and touching my intimate parts was enough to drive me into intense pleasure. Lesbian or Bi Am I? Well, I didn’t cared right now. My plan was high on sucess..

“Ohhh... lick my pussey, nursey... ohh... you lick so well”

“I never got a girl before, but you are so delicious, Miss Helen. You are definitely turning me on for girls!”

While Annie ate me, I could see Peter getting a hard bulge of himself. If it was something I wished so much was to see my fiancé ‘tortured’ on getting hard on a hospital bed while his girl was ‘getting treated’ by someone else.

After me and Annie had our way, I decided to take matters and teach another lesson on Peter.

“Well, look who wants to play here? How about we give him a lesson, Annie? We could see if he is fully healed”

“I shouldn’t, Miss Helen, but since you wish...”

“Helen, what are you thinking to do?”

We removed the blanket and his hospital clothes. Annie went on sucking his cock while I climbed on my fiancé’s face only to make him lick clean, just like Annie did. I must say that: it was beyond kinky!

“Ohhhh.... yeah... you two...”

Soon it was time of nurse climbing on my man’s dick to get humped by him. I didn’t cared anymore if he was cheating or not. What I cared it was if I was getting pleased or not. Meanwhile, me and Annie exchanged a kissy-kissy section.

“Your mouth is so good, Annie! Would you like to be our personal nurse?”

“I don’t know, Miss Helen. You and Peter are so kinky... well, if you pay me better than the hospital...”

“Maybe we can pay better than the hospital, right Peter?”


The pleasure went further as we exchanged positions and then it was my turn to eat Annie while Peter fucked my in all fours on bed. I never had such fantasy of doing in a hospital bed, but it was amazing to do my man and his nurse at same time!

We sucked him dry till he blew all his load on our faces. It was devilish! He smothered all our faces with hot sticky cum and of course me and Annie had to clean each other’s.

I kept my engagament with Peter, but Annie became our personal nurse and lover. Cheating? Who Cares? Now I want to get jiggy!

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Chapter II – Comeback (based on Falling in Love No. 23 cover, DC Comics, December 1958)



My wife Veronica was away seeing her parents, because her mother fell ill. She spent one week in Ohio to look for her family things. Luckily my mother-in-law got better and my wife was soon back at home.

I went to pick her up in the airport. When I saw her, we gave one of the most passionate hugs ever saw in Earth.

“I was so worried with you, honey. I hope everything went well with your mother.”

“Me too, Jonah! Fortunately it was just a minor problem and my mother is back at her feet.”

I took her home, and we were intended to spend the day together, just the two of us. We went to see some movies, have a dinner, dance and all the other stuff couples do. Later in the night, we were together, cuddling in the bedroom.

“You know, Ronnie. These days without you I was so alone, so bored... I missed you very much!”

“I missed you too, Jonie! When I wasn’t worried about Mom, I was thinking on how you were alone here”

“But now you came back and I want to appease all the time you were away of me!”

“Really? I was thinking the same way, sweetheart!”

We kissed each other and soon a moment built. We embraced on bed and the moment I knew, we were naked, kissing each other. Veronica and I were about to catch up all the erotic moments we didn’t had in the previous week.

“I want to make a big treat on my hubby! You deserve!”

She went to my dick and started to lick and suck it. Man, how I missed it! She is the best cocksucker I ever had, even if she was the only one who had the privilege on having it. Her mouth going in and out gave me much pleasure. I already said how I missed it?

“Missed my blowjob, honey?”

“I couldn’t imagine a day where I can’t feel your mind sucking my rod!”

Ronnie sucked plenty of it and it didn’t took long as we were engaged in a sixty-niner. We sucked each other’s for a long time, with me witnessing the moans she gave when my tongue traveled all the way into her slit. We always do 69 in our sex and every day it goes better than the other. If I tell you what we do in such stuff, I guess I had to talk for days, but since I need to finish this story short...

We licked each other for long and then it came out the part where I was most expecting for. I went on top of Veronica and had my dick go inside her intimate parts. Man, it was the bliss. I can’t tell how much she moaned, but it was pretty loud, so I guess how she missed me a lot.

We had it first in missionary position, me going all I could go, steadily and slow, then faster and paced on Ronnie’s pussy. I really love to have sex with her since she is the greatest woman ever and I know we can get from each other so much pleasure than we can expect sometimes. You might think that I am too much bragging. And well, I will let you thinking anything.

Next, she sit on my cock, with her back facing me, and started to hump it like I don’t know. She moaned and screamt and begged for more and more. I obeyed her and also humped her. She rode me like a rodeo bull, turning some naughty faces and words when my cock filled her cunny. I could say more, but I would like to add that we did it in doggystyle. It was amazing.

“Fuck em Jonah! Fuck me! I love when my hubby fucks me!”

But it wasn’t the end. After I did her pussy, she raised her bottom and showed me her brown button like begging me to do something. And, well, could it be?

“I missed you so much, and I want you to have my ass. I would like you to have it. It’s the last place you hadn’t!”

I didn’t took much to think about it. I licked Veronica’s bunghole a little, because I didn’t wanted to make her feel too hurt back there. I easily slid my dick inside her butthole, with ease and guidance of her to not make her ill. At the same doggy style we were doing previously, I quickly found myself fucking her butt, something I wished long time.

“Ahhh... Yeah! Do my butt, Jonie! Do it!”

She asked me to do her butt, and I followed on. I did her butt in all positions I could have it, and she wanted it harder and deep, and so I did. And well, so to speak, I came inside her ass and also unloaded my jizz on her butt.

“Did you missed me so much, honey?”

“Well, I love you, Ronnie! And I feel bad when you aren’t here”

“Now I am, and we can do it all the time!

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Chapter III – Teacher’s Education (based on Falling in Love No. 9 cover, DC Comics, Jan-Feb 1957)



I am a student at Wayne School of Business where I take Administration and Foreign Commerce classes along with my boyfriend Allan. We are good students there but there was one time that we both had trouble with Miss Fiona McMillan, one of the professors of the place.

Allan and me had a bad grade on her classes and therefore we could be in danger to miss part of the summer with extra classes. And just when we had planned a few days of vacation at Barbados. We went to Miss McMillan to plead for her to find a way to us not lose that vacation, but she was adamant on that matter.

“Please, Miss McMillan. You know how much we pay attention to your classes. You know this ‘D’ was an accident. Please, let us be on the junior year, please?”

“Natalie, you know I can’t. The rules of the school are clear on that. I cannot make your grades better by ‘pen action’. And you know that you and Allan had that grade by your own ‘merit’, Miss Clawdeen”

“But, Miss McMillan. You can’t do that to us. Natalie and I had planned this trip for so long. We can’t cancel it. Understand us, we can do this extra classes with extra paper, an report or even another test. You must understand how much is hard to us to keep track of school, family and work at same time”

“Mr. Reid, I am sorry. You know you must had taken an extra effort on that test. I cannot do anything else than hold you two this summer for extra classes. I know you don’t like, neither me do, but you were the only two had didn’t made the grade.

“But, Miss...”

“I said I can’t, Miss Clawdeen. Personally, I would want to free you to your vacation, since you are two of my best students and being the only to not make the cut it wouldn’t hurt. But as Wayne School’s rules say, I must follow them and unfortunately, I think your trip has to be postponed”

She was known to be a good teacher, but also cold in terms of treating with that kind of deal. Miss McMillan never ‘changed’ the grade of a student, not even if he was at the deathbed. But the trip was so important that moment for me and Allan that I couldn’t give up easily. And it was when an idea came to my mind.

Soon I remembered of a movie that me and Allan saw long time ago. You know, one of those ‘late night’ movies where two student girls tried to convince her teacher to not hold them for the summer. And they said they could do ‘anything’ for that. And ‘anything’, well, you know what I am talking about. But that almost ‘hard a stone’ blonde would fall for it?

Allan, however, wasn’t at start much sure of using that, when we talked outside the classroom

“Are you insane? This plan will never work!”
“Allan, honey, please. It’s the only thing I can think to convince Miss McMillan to free us for the summer”

“Do you know who Miss McMillan is? She is the most ‘cold’ and ‘uptight’ woman of entire school! This plan will never work. It’s a total waste of time.“

“Trust me, Allan. It will work. I know what I am doing. Let me be in charge and then you will thank me later for not having this idea earlier”

We both returned to Miss McMillan’s classroom, and again we approached the desk.

“Again, Miss Clawdeen and Mr. Reid?”

“Yeah, Miss McMillan, again. Look, just making sure, there is no way that you cannot overturn this grade you gave at the test?”

“I just gave my veredict, Miss Clawdeen. I advise you two that is better now to be reading some books and marking some notes”

I took a deep breath and went forward with my plan.

“There is nothing that we can do about it?’

“What do you mean, Natalie?”

“Well, I think that, if we talk, we can find a common point and we can solve all our problems”

“And who told you I have problems, Miss Clawdeen?’

“Well, how come I never saw you with a boyfriend... you, a very beautiful woman, single? What a shame...”

“How dare you!”

“I apologize, Miss McMillan, but it must be said. You are a very pretty female, perhaps the most beautiful teacher of entire Wayne’s, and the shame here is to see that a person like you will stay part of the summer in a class with two students while you could be enjoying the weather and finding yourself a man”

I must say my plan was going so well, at least in my mind. But what about the next step?

“This is no words for a little lady like you! I thought you had class, Natalie Clawdeen!”

“Pardon, miss. I know my girlfriend here put you under some bad words about your relationship situation, but if you want the truth, we know how to mend this, but only if you promise to overturn the grade decision”

“What you mean, Mr. Reid?”

My talking probably opened the field for Allan to get into the board and put the hand on one of Miss McMillan’s shoulders. I went to the other side of the desk, and I did the same on the remaining shoulder.

“I know you’d a lot of tension this year, and so do us. And me and my boy know how to make the three of us get relieved”

For a moment, the whole tension and anger that involved the plan start disappeared from that as our hands travelled through Fiona’s dress. I have to say that I never done or thought on that matter with another female, but Miss McMillan rocked my head. And also the whole situation contributed for me to take that stand.

“What are you two doing?”

“Making you relax, Miss. You are so stressed because of us that we need to solve your little problem”

“Please, don’t even dare to...Oohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

At first, I guess she would throw us out of the class for doing that, but...

“Please, don’t stop! I need it so weeelll!”

“See, Allan, how it worked!”

“Well, sorry if I doubted of you, Nat!”

The moment carried one and soon we found ourselves taking off our clothes while kissing the teacher! It was very naughty my first kiss with a woman, so to speak, and also I got too much excited on how she kissed my Allan. The plan went all like I planned.

I don’t know if it went out of hand or not, but what else I can say other than I loved to eat the pussy of Miss McMillan while I was pounded in the desk by my boyfriend. I don’t remember if I did like the scene of the movie but it was delightful being fucked while my mouth being covered by ladies cream. I never did a threesome before in my life and the first experience was, at least, gorgeous.

“Ohhh... yeah... lick me Natalie, ahhh...”

“Your pussy is soo good, your cock is so good aahhhhhh!”

I was almost gagged with pussy when Allan decided that it was his turn to show how much he was a good fuck for Miss McMillan. She sat on my man’s rod and rode it like a rodeo guy. She humped his thing like crazy, begging for more. I went to shut up with kissed and some nipple sucking. She want damn frenzy with that.

Soon it was her time to lick my pussy while Allan banged her by behind, and I bet she loved it, because she went with her tongue brushing all the way on my cunny. God, I must confess I got so much pleased with her that I even got tempted of ditching Allan and become a lesbian. Well, I guess bisexual then could be a good way to go.

Truth be told, I could tell you how much I liked to fuck Miss McMillan, but I’ll leave up to your imagination (or a next time). We got so much cummed in the face by Allan after enjoying the lustful moment. And I guess this mellowed the heart of our teacher.

“Thanks, you all were amazing guys. Since you got me a good fuck, I’ll think about your grades. But for now, you are free to go, but when you come back, meet me in the classroom”

“For what?”

“I guess I need a few Sex.Ed. classes and you are my teachers. And I promise to behave well and get the good grades”

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Chapter IV – Office Face-Off (based on True Secrets, No. 6 cover, Marvel Comics, 1950)



Usually it’s the with the boss who the secretaries mostly fall in love with. It’s the law of the love and what everyone expects in stories like that. But what if you end up falling in love with the wife of your boss? Is this what exactly happened with me.

Talia Campbell was the wife of my boss, Douglas. First time I met her, I thought she was so annoying and prissy that I couldn’t stand her a minute at the same room with her. Of course she only thought me as a possible woman who could stole her husband from her. However, three years later, instead of hate, the only thing that grew on me about her was... love.

But I never knew what she felt of me, apart a ‘rival’. Not until that Monday, July 16th.

That Monday, Douglas had left the office for doing some private stuff, and I was alone arranging the appointments of the next day till Mrs. Campbell appeared in the room.

“Molly! Have you seen Dougie around? I really need to talk with him right now”

“Oh, Mrs. Campbell. Mr. Campbell is not here. He went on some business meeting. Want me to tell him you were at his office, ma’am?”

“No, no. I guess I can wait for a while. Anyway, in fact, I want to talk with you too, Molly...”

“Why, Mrs. Campbell?”

“I want you to ask me in the most sincere way you can have something that bugs me all the time”

Man, I got very afraid of the question, even if I am expecting it from her.

“Sure, ask me whatever you want. I will not hide you anything”

“Have you ever had, you know, thoughts about my husband?”

“Thoughts? Thoughts about what, really?”

“Don’t put yourself like you don’t understand what I am talking about. You know, thoughts of a woman that likes a man and wants him.”

“You mean... me and your husband? Well, with all the respect, I must tell I never got interested even for one hairline of your husband, Mrs. Campbell. That, you can be very sure of that”

“You are a woman with a man and you stay with him almost all the time while he is at work. It’s a open door for that, Molly”.

“Please, Mrs. Campbell. Trust me. I never had, I don’t have and never will have something in matter of feelings about Mr. Campbell. He is not my interest and you must be sure that nothing that can take him away of you, not in this office, not at any place. He is loyal to you, loves you a lot and he talks a lot how much you are beautiful and you are the best wife in the world and...”

“Molly, stop, please! I am not interrogating you! I am not those kind of jealous women that surround their husbands to not let them get closer to women. Be sure that I am not mad with about anything”.

“I understand, Mrs. Campbell. I understand. Be sure that isn’t him that I am interested for, but...”

“But what?”

“I am interested for you, Mrs. Campbell”

I thought that would shock her large. A woman revealing her love to another, that way, out of the blue. Myself, I had to do it, and it was the first opportunity I had. But I never would expect what came out next.

“You? Interested on me? Really?”

“Yeah, Mrs. Campbell. Me, Molly Wicks, am a lesbian and in love with the wife of my boss. I know it’s wrong, but there is nothing that I can do to kill it. I could try to run and find another woman I can love, but that’s it. I am in love with you, Talia Campbell”.

“Oh, this is... well... big... because, no woman told me that sort of thing before. And, well, I gotta confess something. Since the first time I saw you, I never managed to take you out of my head. Not as a threat for my marriage, but as a lover.

What did she said?


“Since you said you are in love with me, why not I come forward and confess my love for you”

“Mrs. Campbell...”

“Call me Talia”

That was so stunning that I couldn’t say anything, let alone think. Well, I guess there was only one thing to do.

And so we kissed. We kissed like two teenagers in love. Like it wasn’t tomorrow. But after that, Mrs. Campbell, I mean, Talia, had more to say.

“I still love Dougie and all, but I am also attracted to you. I am bisexual, no need to worry about it. He doesn’t know, and if it depends on me, will never know about it”.

“Well, I have to say hearing that only delighted me and made me happy, and so I wanted you to ask if we can’t ‘solve’ this problem?”

“You mean, me and you, having sex here? And what if my husband comes?”

I went to lock the office room to provide no one would ruin our soon-to-be-funtime.

“Don’t worry. Mr. Campbell loves to talk with his friends on these meetings. Will take longer for him to return”

We didn’t took longer to remove our clothes, since we didn’t removed much of it. We still kissed each other and soon Talia put me on the desk, had my legs open wide and started to finger my pussy. It was amazing. A-MA-ZING.

“Yeahhhhhhhh.......... Taliaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Those gloved fingers sticking in and out of my cunt were able to bring me to heave. Finally I was having the woman of my dreams with me. God finally blessed me with what I always wished.

“Do you like it, Molly. Like my fingers up your pussy? Like it? Would you have my tongue inside your pussy?”

Soon, the fingers gave space to a tongue that brushed and lapped my wet cunny the all ways possible. She licked me wherever she could, tasting my floating juices. I guess I found Heaven or some sort of it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Lick me........ohhhhhhhhhh..”

Girl, her tongue is lovely! So I felt that I needed to retribute the favor, and soon we engaged on a very hot and amazing sixty-niner. Two women, on a office table, eating each other. What Mr. Campbell would think about it?

“Eat my pusssssssssssssssyyyyyyy...”

“’re....soooooo gooooooood”

We went to eat each other’s pussies for the long we could do it, till we had a few orgasms. I hope nobody had heard them. Because they were all loudy.

Well, now we have an affair, and Mr. Campbell doesn’t know nothing about it. But why would he?

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Chapter V – Fuckboys (based on True Secrets, No. 5 cover, Marvel Comics, circa Apr. 1950)


I am not a girl that likes to be hanging onto relationships. Not that I am anti-monogamy or something. It’s just I am a 20-year old woman that is not yet interested on the business of ‘settling down’ with anyone.

That’s why I came up with the concept of “fuckboys”. What it means being a “fuckboy”? Means guys that I like to fuck once in a while. All friends of mine, guys that I can trust completely and do whatever I want to do, whenever I want. And no strings attached, just pure and plain sex.

Bob and Jim are two of them. We know each other since long time and we are best buddies a lot. So, it was logic that both, being hunks as they are, should be inside the list of potential fuckboys I have. And one trip to the beach will show you how they were good at it.

We gone with a bunch of friends to the beach. We stood at the house of a cousin of Marla, another friend of mine. It was the ordinary beach vacation, parties, beach fun, drinking, hanging out, that sort of thing.

One day, after a party, were the three of us, me, Bob and Jim (of course) alone, in a room, drinking and talking about life and stuff. It was a pretty fun talk, but soon we ran out of subjects, so I guess is when I threw my most precious “card”.

“Boys, what you two plan to do later?”

“I don’t know, Emma. I guess I’ll have a few beers and then get some rest”

“And how about you, Jim?”

“I don’t know. Do you have better plans, babe?”

“Truth be told, I do have!” I said before putting my hands onto the thighs of my boys. “But these plans will only become reality if the two of you collaborate”

They looked at each other, and I guess they knew what I wanted.

“So, what do you say, boys?”

“Well, Jim... I guess some nookie it will not kill us, isn’t?”

“What doesn’t kill us only make us stronger, Bob!”

Soon the guys went to kiss me all over my body. I felt their lips and tongues going everywhere, as they undressed me quickly. Soon, they went out of what they were wearing, and I could feel their cocks in my hands as they kissed and caressed me where they could reach.

Soon, we took out positions and I went to suck Jim’s cock while Bob went to lick my pussy. I had only a few times where I had two guys at same time, by the way. And well, if the opportunity was around for us, shouldn’t be good waste it.

“Suck my cock, honey! Suck like you always do!”

“Your pussy is so delicious, Em. I would like to have more opportunities to eat it off”

Having Jim’s cock inside my mouth was so awesome that I had to suck it at my best, and feeling Bob’s tongue playing with my clit made me moan a lot. But I guess he grew tired of licking me and soon stick his rod inside me.


I got myself on all fours on the couch, giving a deep blowjob to Jim as Bob pumped himself into my pussy. God, it was amazing. Being done by two hot hunks as they were was driving to places that I think I ever had, but I missed a few landmarks.

“Yeah! Ahhhhhhh! Fuck me Boys! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Soon, Jim left my mouth and he decided to fuck my ass! I got myself ready, sitting on Bob’s and, behind me, Jim inserted his thing on my butthole and then we started a hot double penetration fun. Man, it was ages that I didn’t felt two cocks pumping me there at the same time.

“Fuck me boys! Ahhhhhhh! You are so goooooooooood!”

Goddamit! Two cocks going inside my pussy and ass, almost at same that! It was so frenetic! So amazing! Anyway, I could not find words that describe that while writing this text. And I don’t really know if there are any word that describe that, because Jim and Bob did things that I never thought it was capable.

Jim also fucked my pussy, while I sucked Bob’s cock. I cannot tell who fucked better or which cock was the most tasty. I was so deep on trying to get the maximum of pleasure that for me, both were pretty much the same (hot). And I am not the ones who judge my fuckboys if they fuck me good enough to make me cum.

We tried lots of positions, the ones we knew and even we tried other ones. I guess I had lots of orgasms there, I don’t recall how many I got it by the boys, but surely they enjoyed the scenes as they blew their loads on my face and boobs.

I have so many things to tell about my fuckboys, but perhaps on a next opportunity, if I get it.

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Chapter VI – We Both Fucked Tony (based on Love Romances No. 84 cover, Marvel, November 1959)


Kathy and I are best friend since high school. We share mostly everything, make-up, secrets, records, books, all sorts of things. Well, except one thing we never shared so far: boys.

Men were always a subject for us when we talk, and we share virtually everything we did with them, but one thing never came to mind: both of us sharing a man. Not until Tony arrived.

Tony is my boyfriend, and we are together since one year or so. When we started dating, Kathy told me I had hit jackpot being with a bachelor hunk type. And well, dunno why, I started to get on the hook with a devious idea: have a threesome with another girl, and when I told Kathy that, she pretty much went for that idea, and even put herself in line for be the ‘third girl’.

Well, and what about Tony? Well, for my surprise, he accepted it in the first shot. And he pretty much campaigned for Kathy to join us, since she is my best friend and it should be better with someone that know us other than an unknown girl that might not be on our ‘synnergy’.

But how to plan a threesome? Well, I had many ideas, but I only told them to Kathy, since I found out better Tony have a surprise. And what kind of better surprise than a ‘sudden’ threesome.

Me and her planned it, and one particular Saturday, we were ready to make that dream come true. Saturday was the chosen day because Tony spends the time at his painting hobby. A good way for some sleazy distraction to happen.

Kathy was to get in and try to ‘lure’ my boyfriend into its arms, and then I walked in to ‘get them in the act’. We did as we planned and Kathy gone to my apartment where Tony was painting his stuff.

After 10 or 15 minutes, I appeared at the door and tried to see something in the magic eye, but I couldn’t see much. Then I decided to open the door and, voilá. Tony and Kathy kissing each other when he was supposed to make art.

“Well, well, I came in a bad hour?”

“No, Kathy, you just arrived right on time, isn’t Tony?”

“So, it was like that you planned for us to go the three-way? I must say it was very well planned, and your friend is a very good kisser, with all respect”

“Really? Can’t wait for that!”

I think Tony got a little dizzy when I took Kathy out of his arms and gave her a big kiss, like ones I gave him all the time. For the reactions, not only I surprised him, but also Kathy and myself. I never thought on kissing a girl before, but for a first time, it was naughty and delicious at the same time.

Soon we are all stripped, except for gloves and Kathy’s hat, and we went all over to Tony’s cock. Our mouths and tongues wrapped all his weiner as we could, sucking and licking his shaft and balls. I believe he had extra moans because we did like our first time, even if it was...

Next he was behind Kathy, pumping her while she ate my pussy. I confess I never felt much the drive for lesbian acts, but after that night, I feel I can get it a try, because Dear Lord, she is so hot! She eat pussy so good! I wonder where she learned that since I don’t recall her being into women and stuff. And judging her moans, I guess my Tony had fucked her long time. Never got so attracted and horny seeing my boyfriend having sex with another girl and me taking part on it.

Then it came the time for me to have my Tony do me and Kathy sit on my face so she could see if I could taste her. She did taste awesomely, even better when I felt the taste of my boyfriend’s cock that had been inside her. It was so deviant have the pussy of my best friend while he was doing me. I don’t know, but I guess I could have many orgasms there.

We tried many other positions, like doggy, humping and even some new tricks. I guess the whole feeling on having a three-way stung on us that we got carried on by pleasure and the orgasms. And to cap it off, we both gave handjobs to him, at same time! I guess it made him more kinkier than ever, since he blew a massive load onto our faces, that we had long time on removing it.

Now, every Saturday, Kathy comes over for some nasty action. Sometimes is us three, and others one of us watch it. Bringing her to our relationship was the best thing, and now we both can say: We Both Fucked Tony!

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Chapter VII – Their Armchair (based on Love Diary No. 41 cover, Orbit-Wanted, circa 1949)


I guess everyone has fantasies and fetishes, but how do you say about someone who wants to have sex in the armchair you just bought for your best friends because you felt envy of their ‘adventures’

Me and Charlotte just found this beautiful and stylish armchair as a gift for Keith and Donna, which were to move to a new house. The armchair was so awesome and fittable that we resisted till the last urge to buy it for ourselves and arrange other gift for them, but they are our friends and you can’t do such stuff with them.

But I must confess we never stop on thinking about it. That armchair... how they were happy with it, how they were proabably comfortable with it. But what caught our, as I can speak, ‘rage’ was one moment where Donna said that they had sex on the armchair! Can you believe it? Sex on our armchair! How could they?

At first it enraged us, but Charlotte realized that it could be a nice fantasy. You know, having sex outside the traditional place those things happen. But here is the deal: we wanted to have sex there, on that armchair. We always thought how good was for them doing there, how was confortable for Keith to sit while Donna went up and down on him... Goodness, better stop here.

But, one day, the unavoidable happened. They went on vacation for a month at Europe and we went to their home to do all these stuff people do when their neighbours are out. And then, it was there... the armchair! The armchair of our dreams, right here in our front. And nobody would stop us to have her!

“I always ask myself why I didn’ty bought this damn chair!”

“Oh, come on, Arthur! You know that was better with then than with us...”

Suddenly, desire struck us good...

“Looking at this armchair lets me completely turned on. How about you, Char?”

“I cannot speak different, Arthur! And I got a great idea!”

“What kind of idea you mean?”

“Well...”, she just pushed me to sit on that chair, while she without any trouble, took my cock out of my pants and started to stroke it. All with that wicked face she has”

“S-Sweetheart... w-what are y-you doing?”

“Those assholes had their time with this armchair! Now it’s our turn to screw here!”

I knew where that would lead us when she bent over to suck my cock. What a blowjob! And it was all of a sudden! I couldn’t resist and moaned when Charlotte used her mouth to take a blow off me...

But better thing was when she sat on my cock and started to hump me. I think that armchair had special powers, because I think I never had better sex before that day. My wife movements going up and down my weiner were amazing and the armchair marking my butt... Dear Lord!

“Fuck me babe! Fuck me like Donna and Keith do!”

Of course we didn’t knew how they did, but it was so fun ‘roleplay’ them having sex, adding that ‘special spice’... But once we were reaching to the end, a doubt arrived: where to cum? I couldn’t do it on the chair risking being found by them or ruin them with the stain...

But Charlotte came to an rescue...

“Cum on me, honey! I past my fertile, so go on babe!”

And so I did...

Anyway, while they were at vacation, we came back so many times at their house only to fuck on that armchair, that we felt kinda sad when they came back... But I gotta tell you that, when they let a breach...

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Chapter VIII – I am Lover of my Sister-in-Law (based on Love Secrets No. 55 cover, Quality Comics, circa 1956)



Me and Wilma, the sister of my fiancé, never got much along since I started to date Brad. In my side, I had nothing against but, she was so overprotective of him and treated him like a kid that sometimes pissed me off. And I think she never thought I was the ‘right girl’ for him.

But, after a time, he revealed me something stunning: that Wilma was a lesbian. I never thought that she could dig women, even if I didn’t remind to see her ever with a man or a woman. To not say surprising, that revelation would become one of the things I would never expect to happen in my life... but you gotta follow the story...

Well, as the time goes by, my relationship with Wilma got better and, even if we weren’t the kind of ‘BFFs’, we talked a lot about life and stuff. One of these days, she appeared in my house, with her clothes and her ‘trademark’ green hat, and of course, we started to chat, until...

“Wilma, can you answer me a question?”

“Sure, why not”

“How is that thing with you and women? Well, you know... when in bed...”

“What do you want to know exactly, Corinne?”

“If it’s the same as straight couples do. Well, I know there are some differences, but I am curious to know from you the real deal”

“It’s not different from what you and Brad do. Except for us not having the male genital, it goes almost as if done with a man. Sometimes, it’s even better”

“Even better? How so?”

Wilma turned me with a look in her eyes...that you wouldn’t believe

“Well, if you want to know, why we just don’t do it?”

That question caught me looking

“You mean... you... me... having sex... right here... right now?”

“If you don’t want to do it, I’ll spare you for insisting, but since you are curious to see how it goes, why not a lesbian to show it to a straight woman”

I didn’t knew how to react after her proposal. I mean, women were never my point of attraction, but something in Wilma’s way kinda turned me on. I don’t know if it was for the time we were somehow estranged or family members of your significant other have that power, but what she asked me to do... I think I couldn’t refuse it.

“And if Brad comes out?”

“Relax... I heard he will stay until late at work, so what do you say to me, Corinne?”

“Er... well... I think I can give it a try”

Suddenly, we were kissing each other on the couch. For someone who never kissed another female before, it was a nice experience. And, truth be told, she kissed better than my fiancé. And, I also must say, that kiss turned me on a lot.

We were naked, next but Wilma retained her hat for any reasons she had. She laid me on the couch, opened my legs and used her fingers for a while to feel my pussy. It was wet even before she did it, but with her handwork and the gloves she used, it was like...

“How is it going? Do you like my fingers inside your pussy?”

“Ahhhhhh! Yeah! Finger me, Wilma! Fuck me! Ahhh!”

But my sister-in-law wasn’t just fingers, and the things weren’t to end there. It was about to get even better as she got to lick my cunt after that. Oh My God! It was amazing!

“Ahhhhhh! Lick it! Ahhhh... Lick my pussy! Oooohhhhh! Yes!”

Wilma’s tongue ran all over she could, from my clit to my asscrack, licking, lapping and sucking all my intimate parts. I moaned a lot, really, I never thought how a woman could please another that way. And she got lapping me all the time!

“You’re delicious, Corinne! I regret now of not doing with you before!”

I never could get that question answered, because it was so good that she made the best on giving me an orgasm, and one of the best I ever had. Given from my future sister-in-law! How the world is, people!

“How it was? Now you know how is it?”

“Wilma, you are so amazing! You were awesome! I never felt so much pleasure in my life, even with Brad”

“If you want, you can retribute and see how much did you learned from me...”

She said, with her legs wide open and her tempting pussy lips also wide. I jumped at the chance and there I was doing something I would never think to do: eat another girl’s pussy.

Judging by the reactions of Wilma, I seemed to do a good work. She moaned and moaned all she could, while my tongue repeated the movements she did on me, touching and playing her most intimate erogenous zone. I must say it could be enough to get a taste for women too...

“Ahhhhhh! Yeah! Eat me! Eat me Corinne! Eat me!”

I licked her so much that I think the orgasm she had took her to another planet. Her moans were as loud as mine, for you to know.

“Girl, it was amazing. I never knew you knew how to do it!”

“I had a great teacher...”

“Teacher, and if you let me, your future sister-in-law and lesbian lover”

“Wow, I don’t know... and if Brad finds out?”

“Don’t sweat it! It’s just the matter that, when he is out, I am in!”

I am still engaged to Brad, but I am also Wilma’s lover. I am trying to make him accept her to live with us after we marry, but I don’t know if he finds out why I am asking him that!

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Chapter IX – Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend (based on Young Love No. 89 cover, DC Comics, November 1971)


You can’t expect the unexpected, right? I mean, there are stuff that, even if you can think about, you never expect they would happen one day, until, voilá: it happened! Maybe I must be talking crap, but I will make you understand my point of view.

Marcia was friend of Gloria my girlfriend. Friend in the grounds of the ‘BFF’ thing. They were unseparable, hang out together all the time, were almost like sisters. And she was so ecstatic when she introduced me to her.

“Jeremy, you will like her! Marcia is so cool, is so smart, nice and stuff... you will not regret on meeting her”

In fact, I never regret so far. Me and Marcia never had any kind of conflict, and she told me millions of time that I was the perfect man for Gloria. Also, she was way better than some of her so-called ‘friends’...

Anyway, where I want to lead was one day, where me and Gloria were alone at home. There wasn’t no good movie on TV and there wasn’t any good idea of place to go. So, I guess the only thing we were meant to do is a little ‘quality time’ if you know what I mean.

“Baby, since we are alone, how about you give our good ol’Jeremy some lovin’”

“Oh Jeremy... right here, on the couch? You are terrible!”

We started to kiss each other and then embrace on the couch, in a very hot situation. When it seemed we were going to the next round, we heard a cough... one that surprised us a lot...


“Did I interrupt you? I am so sorry. I didn’t meant. I just found the door open and I was to give Gloria her scarf back, I used on a date and...”

“No, no, no. It’s okay, Marcia... Thanks for coming...”

“I am so sorry, Gloria. I didn’t knew you were here with Jeremy...were about to have some fun?”

“Er, well... We were just kissing here and...”

“I am sorry if I interrupt you two... well, I must admit that seeing you two like that makes me... er... a little hot”

I got as much puzzled as I could figure from Gloria’s face when Marcia said that.


“Well, and I would be very glad if you don’t mind if I join you two. I hadn’t much of sex stuff in the past days and, since you are there...”

It was a shock to hear from Marcia such thing, but given that she always had quite a ‘wild life’ (I know I didn’t told you before but now I am telling), but for us she seemed pretty much normal and never made too much questions about our intimacy, at least to me. I don’t know about Gloria either...

“Join? Y-You mean...”

“I meant me, you and Jeremy doing a three-way. Unless if it’s not your piece of cake...”

“Well, Marcia, I never tried it before, but... well... I don’t know if Jeremy objects on it...”

“For me, it’s up to you. You are her best friend and all...”

After a moment of silence, Gloria gave her green light for Marcia joining us. And soon, the brunette came out and kissed me. Then, the two kissed me and kissed each other in front of me. I didn’t knew where this would lead, but so fat, it seemed good.
The girls unzipped my pants and then started to suck my cock at the same time. I got so very hard to see two girls licking and sucking it... and it never past my head have another woman to join me and Gloria and bed, no really! And judging the way their tongues met, they were getting the most of fun.

“Jeremy’s cock is delicious, Gloria!

“You ain’t see nothing yet, Marcia!”

Soon I was laid on the couch, with Marcia humping me and Gloria giving me her pussy to lick. The fact that two girls were ‘using’ my body to her own pleasure turned much me on and I think they had a great time, since they moaned a lot with that. A lot I said!

Soon, I was doing my Gloria from behind with her having her first taste of women’s on Marcia. I guess Marcia had her share of fun with other girls, but for my girlfriend, it was the first time. And she liked it.

Well, I also did Marcia from behind and saw her eat my girlfriend and Gloria bursting in pleasure with every tongue blow. And, of course, I did them in so many positions that I guess it was great. Well, I know that because our orgasms were incredible and my cum went all over their faces.

My story might be a little dull, but wait till we tell the next one. And we just forgot the door open if it’s needed.

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Chapter X – Girl Finds Bisexuality(based on Falling in Love No.5 cover, DC, May-June 1956)



Since I was a teen I knew it was something different about me. Something that made me not like the other girls I knew. Something that made me very unique, at least in my environment. That something was my bisexuality.

I never told anyone about that subject, being that anyone my family, my friends or any men I ever had a relationship. Donald, my husband, became the first and only person so far that discovered about my arousal for both genders. And he gave me full support on that matter, to my surprise.

With time, I also realized that Donald had a fantasy about having sex with two women and watching one of them have sex with me. And also it grew the feeling to have a bisexual experience of my own. So we put an ad, hoping to get in touch with someone with the same desire as us. And through that, we made contact with Lena.

After we traded messages and stuff, we were about to have our first meeting, but butterflies were into our stomaches, and worse when she sent us a message on how we should meet her.

“Go at the rocks near the beach. I’ll expect you there”

And if it was a scam? And if she is not what we thought? Well, since we came that far, me and Donald had to take it to the end. At that day, we went to the seaside rocks, and after a few minutes, there was Lena...

All radiant on that green dress and blazer. All stunning. I must say it was like looking to an angel...

“You must be Sylvia and Donald. Nice to meet you, I am Lena”

“Glad to meet you, Lena... but why did you wanted to meet us here?”

“It’s the perfect place: discrete, remote and people will not look you bad if they hear you talk... And, if you two allow me, you were better than I expected!”

“Oh, thanks! So do you...”

After this awkward meeting, she took us to a restaurant, and she told us about her life. Lena was coming from a divorce and her husband was the perfect cheater, having affairs with all her friends and people on his office. Single again, she decided to try stuff she didn’t had the opportunity to do, like a threeway... and of course, it’s where we find ourselves in.

“Since the first messages we traded, I knew that you were the people I would confide to have a threesome”

“Really? Well, we are doing it mostly because Donald has the same fantasy and also I have this need to prove another woman sexually. I hope this don’t bothers you or something”

“Not at all, Sylvia. Not at all. I tell you I find this thing of experiencing lesbian sex highly arousing”

What she said put more confidence on me that it was the perfect situation for us to have the ménage-a-trois. And, two weeks later, after lot of chatting to ‘know-us-better’, she called us.

“Come at my home tonight. I’ll be waiting there”

We went to her place, a very neat suburban neighbourhood. Donald and I did what she told us, parking her car on her garage, walk to her door and find her opened. We walked in and sit on the couch. After two minutes, there was Lena.

“I am glad you found out my home... and even more glad that you two are here!”

We ate Chinese food and had a very friendly chat, with champagne and stuff. Around midnight, I was between my husband and a rather unknown woman on the couch, and I felt that there wasn’t no way for me to step back.

“Donald, you have a very beautiful wife. You are lucky to marry someone like Sylvia”

“Gee, thanks... I am very lucky to marry someone like Sylvia. Me and her were born for each other”

“I can see... and I am very interested on seeing how much Sylvia is a good lay”

Soon, I had the hands of my husband and Lena going on my leg, patting and caressing it. I confess it aroused me a lot that scene, but I was there for more. I was there for the real thing.

“If you two are so interested on me, why not go upstairs... well, if Lena agrees, it’s her place, anyway”

Fortunately Lena agreed and we all went to her bedroom, that it was kinda simple, but very neat. Soon, at the room,Lena kissed Donald from out of the blue. I never saw anyone kiss my husband that day, and I confess that watching such scene turned me on.

“Your husband is a good kisser... now I know that you got the golden ticket, Sylvia”

“Don’t you want to kiss me and see if he also got the golden ticket?”

And kissed Lena. And Dear God, it was one of the most stunning moments I ever had in my entire life. Me, there, kissing another woman like kissing my own husband. It was great! It was amazing! It turned me on even more, and I noticed for his bulge, Donald was as excited as I was.

Soon we went to the bed and they removed the top part of my dress and unbuttoned my brazier. And between kisses, those two rascals went all over my boobs to lick them! If I wasn’t so horny, I would bet that should get me.

Soon we all got undressed and we went like maniacs to suck Donald’s cock. Lena was a cocksucker of prime action! She knew how to make my hubby get horny and moan. I just had to follow her and soon we all got blowing his rod nice and slow.

After the cocksucking, Donald suggest that it was time for me to have my first lesbian encounter. Lena proceed to lay on my bed, and with him watching, I felt her tongue run on my cunt.

“Ahhhhh... eat me... ahh... my God! It’s a dream cum true!”

My moans and screams were the loudest I ever had. Her tongue traveled through my entire pussy, bringing me the best pleasure I could expect from lesbian sex. Lena lapped and lapped me and smiled noticing how much I was getting hooked on girlsex. And, of course, Donald too, as he was jerking off himself while watching.

“Donnie, honey, why don’t you come over and have some fun with Lena?”

“Are you sure? I don’ want to interrupt your moment with her...”

“I bet Sylvia will be glad if you show me how much of a stud you are”

Lena raised her ass and Donald had no hesitation on sticking himself inside her. I confess it aroused me a lot see another woman being fucked by Donald while she deliciously ate my cunt. Her calling my hubby ‘stud’ and saying he fuck better than her ex were of win. And Donnie got flattered when she said he was bigger than her former husband.

Then it was turn of me licking pussy, while Donald fucked me. Lena was with her crotch on my head and offered me her slit. With the first laps, I grew more confident on how I was a bisexual. I loved the experience, tasting the amazing slit of Lena, while Donald was fucking me and I could them kissing each other. That aroused me so much that I just went harder and harder with my mouth to taste every drop of her lovejuices.

And, of course, the fun wouldn’t stop that soon. He did us both in all fours, using his dick to pound us hard. We tried 69ers and stuff, with me on top, while he went for my ass, fucking with endurance my butthole while me and Lena licked each other. But we also changed sides of the niner so it was time for Lena to have her buttfuck.

The night was over after some hours of good sex and the three of us have many orgasms and us girls getting cummed all over our faces and bodies. Mixed with the girl cum we tasted earlier... well, you can see the picture.

“Thank you guys, it was the best fuck ever. My ex wasn’t even closer to both of you”

“It was a pleasure... For us, it was a dream coming true, Donald banging another girl along me, and I had my lesbian experience I dreamed of”

“I hope to repeat that one day”

“Well, if you want, how about next weekend?”

Now, Lena is our friend and confident, and also our lover. Our nights now got many sense with her on our bed.

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Chapter XI – How to Seduce a Couple (based on Lovers No. 37 cover, Marvel, January 1952)



You can see me with this big blue heat, this dress and purse and tell me that I am not a good girl? Can you tell me that I am not hot? Can you tell me that I cannot have anyone that I want? Well, I know you can’t, and surely Bill and Anita can’t either.

Bill is my ex-boyfriend, a man of the Army, and Anita was his new girl. That blonde seemed never to like me and thought since I still got a bit of contact with him due to our jobs to be still ‘hooked’ for him. I don’t know what she has on mind, but definitely she is the total jealous girl kind. But here I gotta confess that Bill was still in my mind, and well, as you will see, so as her..

But, as the word spread, I heard that they were with relationship trouble and they were, ahem, experimenting with stuff. You know, sexual stuff. I was shocked when hearing that because when I was with Bill, we never made too much different stuff. And of course I knew Anita is too much of ‘goody-two-shoes’ kind of lady. But, as much as I thought about it, it opened to me a strange idea to try to add my ‘input’ to solve their problems.

I was invited to a party at the Country Club, and Bill and Anita were there as usual, and of course there was that awkward greeting moment.

“Bill! Anita! Hi!”

“Oh, hello, Selma!”

“You look very handsome tonight, Billy”

“Oh, thanks... You are very beautiful too, Selma”

Of course that bitch would cut off my moment

“Anyway, Bill, let’s talk with my uncle Josiah now, right...”

The party was good and I used any moment I had to try to get closer to them and extract more information about their love troubles. But my opportunity appeared near the end of the party, with the three of us alone.

“Tell me Selma, I didn’t saw you with someone tonight... couldn’t bring a date to the party?”

“I just wanted to be alone. You know, maybe something can happen at the club. I am not as fortunate as you Anita, to have someone like Bill with you. Even if...”

“Even if...”

“Well, I would not say that to you two, in respect of Bill, but I heard you two had a few trouble in your relationship, is that correct?”

“What the heck did you just said?!”

“You two, please...”

“Come on, Bill... be sincere with me. Tell me what is going on with your relationship”

“It’s none of your business, Selma. Please, stop”

Stop? What those two wanted me to do? Darling, I never stop!

“I heard you two are drinking from other waters and I decided to see if you want some help from myself... but only if you want it...”

I still don’t know how I got the guts to say that, but when I found my senses, I was with my dress open, without any underwear (!), legs wide open on the table, and I got myself petting my pussy! In front of my ex and his new gal! How many would believe?

“Selma? What are you doing?”

“Making you two get excited, of course. I am giving myself as a way to make you two get good again. Think it as a helping hand from a good friend, Billy honey”

I kept rubbing my hand on my cunt and squeezing my breasts, doing all those nasty faces. I stared both looking to me and then whispering stuff. But it didn’t took longer for them to come to me and touch my body.

“Convinced, huh? Now I’ll teach you how it’s done in Selmaland!”

Soon it were all hands on me. Hands of a man and a woman that deserved to have a nice relationship, and I was there to help (no, wasn’t for revenge, baby). To start, we went to a room where nobody would disturb us and soon I sit myself on a table, with my bare pussy and Anita took turns into sucking his cock and licking my list, all with the guidance of this one who tells the story.

And, believe, I guess she is a prime on ‘bisexual oral pleasures’. And of course, me and Bill liked it very much, and even we kissed to ‘rekindle’ something, to no reprimand from his girl.

But I was eager too to taste Billy again and we shared his junk. Those mouths and tongues gave him a big smile and a good time, since he got hard as a rock and ready to fuck the both of us.

He fucked me for the start and Anita was only watching, while my ex pumped me hard inside my pussy. I hope she learned well about it, but it wouldn’t be nothing without her and soon I was paying back her by eating her juicy cunny. God, how she moaned!

Next time, I saw him bang his girlfriend as hard as he could, and I gave them a good guidance on how to fuck proper (they know how to do it, but better if they learn how they can do it better!). And of course, I had both of them sucking my nipples, and late eating my cunt.

After many turns of positions, where Bill fucked us in all fours, made us sit on him, rode us in missionary and even doing us in 69er, he blew all our loads on us. I missed how much he could make my face full of his cum, and of course with two girls, double the fun.

Nowadays Anita likes me and I, as a matter to say, turned both of them as my personal ‘bitches’. And when they have something to learn about or just to be seducted, there is me!

Chapter Text

Chapter XII – Not Without Me (based on Diary Secrets No. 10 cover, St. John, February 1952)



Gail isn’t the kind of woman I would tell she was my ‘friend’. We knew each other from college, and since then our paths crossed in many ways, but mostly where I didn’t wanted to: boys.

Anytime I showed interest on a boy, she went on him and tried to steal from me. It was my biggest burden, to try to avoid them to meet her and risk to lose them to her ‘seduction power’. Sometimes I won, but most of times, I lost. But when that grew up in a way that I felt I couldn’t meet someone fearing of losing him to Gail, I took a hard decision.

And what decision was? Well, let me tell what happened at a particular night.

I went to a party to commemorate the engagement of Lori and Bernd, two friends of mine that happened to be also Gail’s friends. And I brought Simon, a flame that I was trying to ‘burn’, with me. And, of course, my worst fear was there. But, that time, I wasn’t keen to losing him to that boy-digger.

“Hey, Susan, how are you? Who is this handsome man with you?”

“Eh, Hi Gail... well, this is Simon. Simon, this is Gail, an acquaintance of mine”

“He is very handsome. You made a nice catch, girl!”

“Thanks anyway, but I do not call that a catch, Simon and me just know each other a few months...and, anyway, where is your pair?”

“I came alone... My pair blew off the date in the 11th hour...”

It sounded like a weak excuse to me, but I wouldn’t dispute that with her at that moment... The party was good, but at a given moment, I found myself alone and I couldn’t find Simon. He seemed to disappear, and so as Gail. I thought to myself to not even think about the possibility... but..

“Simon? Well, I saw Gail talking with him and going to one of the living rooms”

Shit! That bitch want to steal another boy from me. But now, she wouldn’t do it. I’ll find them and take Simon out of her claws...

I found them on a room, apparently talking and alone. I stood myself at the door trying to know what they were talking...

“So, do you and Susan are getting close, Simon?”

“We are kindling our relationship... but she is a great woman and I like her a lot”
“So, you and her never went, you know... that far?”

“We are just meeting each other right now. You know, hanging out and stuff...”

“Poor little you... I bet you feel bad that you and Susan didn’t had anything yet”

What that girl meant? Why she brought that subject? I would know about that very soon...

“If you let me, I can show you how much I can ‘cure’ your ‘problem’...”

And what it happened? The bitch just put her hand at Simon’s crotch and started to caress him. That enraged me at most but I also got strangely aroused with that. I could not believe Gail dared that much, but there was more to worry... she unzipped his pants and started to stroke his thing... there in the room! To anyone to appear and get them

I felt that I had to do something when I saw his face of pleasure while she wanked him.

“Now, you gone too far, Gail!”


“Er... Susan, honey... it’s not what you think...”

“So, you like to have fun on picking my boys for your own fun? Do you find it nice Girl? Huh?”

They were extremely terrified, and so as me, but I wasn’t to step back on what I wanted.
I was laughing inside on how they were.

“Well... since nobody wants to talk, I do. I will let you do Simon, Gail, but not without me!”

“Not without you?”

I quickly joined them and put my hand where Gail hand was and started to stroke Simon’s willy. He got very surprised when I did that, but I was winning on Gail’s side, completely shocked.

“I never came to that places with Simon, Gail... Feel free to do it, but I’ll have my piece of the pie, what do you think?”

I don’t know what exactly happened, but her hands joined mine and we were both masturbating the boy we were hooked on. But I think this was when I found that Gail wasn’t the bad person I always thought she was.

Soon, we started to suck his cock and, of course, he liked it a lot. I could see on his face how much he felt pleased when Gail and me sucked his thingy (now a big thing, and how big by the way). I never had sex with two other people before, and if I had to do that to not let Gail have all the fun, I would.

We all got undressed and I let Gail sit on his cock, just to watch how they humped each other on the couch. Right from the beggining I found Simon was a good lay, since he pumped his thing inside that blondie with a vigour I didn’t found on any boyfriend I had, and so probably she thought it about her. I got my moment by giving her a big wet kiss on her. My first lesbian kiss was the best kiss I ever had, I swear...

I felt it was my turn to get some fun too and I stood up on that couch and planted my intimacies at Gail’s face. Of course I had to find a way to not lose balance, but I wanted her to taste me. And, believe, I loved it. My first ‘partial-lesbian’ experience was amazing and I could see how Gail was prone on eating pussies. How I moaned...

Then, it was my turn to be fucked and Simon did me in all fours. It was all I expected to do if I got the opportunity to do him.And it was everything better since while he plowed me, I had so much fun munching on Gail. Why I lost so many time having her as a bad person if I could had shared some of my boys with her?

Later, he humped us both, switching both of our pussies with his magnificent rod. We had so much fun with him doing us on many positions and he watching how me and Gail got much of fun with each other, licking our pussies while he banged on us. And, to cap it off, he cummed on us big.

Now I became friends of Gail and our relationship is better than before. But we made an arrangement. If she wants to do one of my guys, she knows that she can’t do it without me. And the same on her side.

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Chapter XIII – Bisexual Girl Wants Sex I/The Hunk and the Babe (based on Pictorial Romances No. 10 cover, St. John, November 1951)


I know what people think about bisexuals, that we are just people that can’t decide between men and women and rather pick both and also too much ‘keen’ to sex. Well, in my case, that wasn’t me. I am bi, but not that kind of bi girl people usually think. In fact, I had only eyes and my pussy tingled for only two people, Mary and Scott.

Mary and Scott are my friends and, truth be told, I had been the ‘fling’ of each one of them before they became a couple. But I always had the crush to both, and had that wish of getting laid by them at same time. However, opportunities didn’t came and they saw me usually as only a friend. But what to do when you don’t want to be just that ‘friend’ anymore?

I didn’t knew what to do anymore, I played with myself too much thinking on Mary and Scott doing the most incredible things with me, the top of the sexual deviance I could imagine. And I dreamed when I could do all that sort of things with them...

And that day came! They invited me eat at their place. After the dinner, we decided to have a little chat and remember the good ol’ days, the good and the bad moments, and even the kinkiest ones.

“Hey Jean, remember that time where we used your parents garage to do some research and then we ended having sex there?”

“Oh, Mary... I do remember! We went for a research of insects and it came out that we researched each other”

“That was good... so good as the time I gone to the mountains with Scott. Remember, Scottie?”

“That time we thought we wrecked the bed of the resort after we did it? I still find it funny after all these years”

The talk, I confess, turned me on a lot. Remembering such stuff with the people I most trusted in my life brought me the ever present feeling about them... but now, I had the edge to do something to end my hunger.

“Those were good times, indeed. I really miss those days...”

“Us too, Jean. You are a good friend of ours and you brought us so much good moments and it’s impossible forget you”

“I am glad to hear that, Mary... wish only those moments could come back...”

I guess they picked my hint right there.

“If you want, we can remember them in a ‘deep’ way”

“What do you mean, Scott?“

Of course I knew what they meant, but I just wanted them to show if I was right. And thank God I was! They came to the couch was, surrounded me and covered my body with kisses and caresses. And we didn’t even took off our clothes yet!

I asked Mary to use that big hat of hers, which turns me one a lot, but only if I did kepy my headscarf. I agreed and soon we were kissing each others, while Scott pulled the upper part of my dress to suck my boobs. It was a breath of relieve and pleasure to do that. Finally, my two ‘loves’ surrendering to me...and I only expected for more!

Quickly, Mary joined her man on pleasing my nipples, but I felt their hands going through my skirt and touch my wet pussy. I did the same with them and only I could feel was another wet pussy and a hard cock. Only that? Well, I just said it because I felt so, but anyway, it doesn’t matter what I say or not, right?

Mary and me found ourselves licking and sucking Scottie’s rod. All the good memories of his mantaste came back to me in a second while my tongue and mouth were filled by him. I was and still am very envy of Mary being with to such hunk that was he. And now, Scott, along with her, were mine to fuck.

“It’s a dream come true, Mary. Me, you, and Scott. Having sex, here in this living room!”
“You ain’t seen nothing yet, Jean!”

Suddenly I got Scott’s dick all by myself to suck but Mary went down south to eat my pussy. Like in the old times, she ate me awesomely fine, tonguing wherever she could. I moaned the best I could, but there was her man’s stick sliding inside my throat to shut me up. A shut up that I was expecting for. And eager for that also.

And then it as time for Scott to fuck me. Oh God, how I missed that dick inside me! How I spent part of my life without feel a man like him, a total hunk, please me with his organ? And how lucky was Mary to have such a man for herself? Well, the only way I could see answers to those questions were only in my moans and screams, almost all not much hard because that redhead minx sit on my face and told me to lick her pussy... which she seemed to be looking for a long time, given how much ‘noisy’ she was.

Soon we got engaged in a 69, and since I was on top, Scott filled my ass with his cock, giving me a good anal ride, while the girls traded lesbian oral pleasures. But I also made him screw the butt of my good friend Mary while I licked her clit and pussy lips. Of course, we tried a lot of stuff, between kisses, licks, sucks, moans and praises (and the orgasms too), he came on me first, waiting for me to get all his lovely jizz. Soon, it was Mary, and I must say we had so much fun cleaning each others...

It was awesome remember the good times with them, but from now on, the three of us are keen to start new memories, and for me, the word ‘threesome’ became very popular and something I am resorting often.

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Chapter XIV – Never Waiting (based on Falling in Love No. 16 cover, DC, February 1958)


The high-school prom is one of the most important things a girl can expect in her life. Dancing with the man she loves, being alone with him, sometimes even getting a kiss or something else. For girls like me, the moment is pure magic, like in the movies...

However, when I got my prom date, things went a little different. Me and my best friend Susan were about to go together to the date. She brought her boyfriend Gene and I was with James, the boy that I had a crush. The plan was the both couples going together to the prom and then return, but for any unknown reason, James didn’t appeared to pick us.

“Maybe he will meet you at school, Darla...”

It was what I heard and I went in the car with Gene and Susan by my side, totally nervous about what happened to James and why he didn’t came. But, when we finally arrived, I found out the most terrible news I could hear.

“James? Sorry, he isn’t here, and will be not able to come. He told me to tell you that you two don’t match together. I’m sorry...”

How could he? In my prom night, the best night ever, the boy I was hooked on was capable to dump me like that! What a shame for me! I sit in my place all night, crying because of James, feeling a fool of myself for letting him do that with me! Why that happened?

Fortunately, Gene and Susan came to my rescue and thought I shouldn’t be there feeling bad for myself in a place everyone was supposed to be happy.

“Me and Gene cannot enjoy this party if you aren’t, Darla. So, we are about to take you home”

Gene picked the car and gave me a ride until home. I didn’t knew if they did it by pity or else, seeing me that way. But since Susan was my friend and Gene too, I felt they were doing, for them, the best thing to do.

“I feel sorry for you, Darla. Dumped in your prom night! It must be terrible!”

“James is an asshole for leaving you that way, and the worse, not telling you face to face. If I meet him next time, he will hear a lot from me. You don’t deserve that, Darla. You are a good girl, beautiful, caring, lovely...”

“Sadly I couldn’t bring my pair to the prom... I thank you for helping me guys, but I would feel better if I knew right from James that he wasn’t interested on me”

“Don’t worry, Darla. Soon you will move on with your life and he will be only a smudge in your past”

We talked for minutes and Gene thought it was better if I took we went to the city just to make myself better and forget what happened. Frankly, I was feeling slightly better, but I think they had other idea in mind.

“I got an idea on how we can cheer you up, Darla!”

“Seriously? Which idea is?”

“I know what Gene means, and I agree with him. Anything to make my best friend in the whole world with a smile in her face and not feeling garbage because of an worthless boy”.

I didn’t knew what they were in mind until they stopped at a very desert place, nearby Gene’s home and they went to the backseat and both kissed my cheeks and had their hands around my shoulders.

“Tell me Darla, if you were with James today, what you two were supposed to do tonight?”

“Well, dance, of course. Maybe, we kissing. And well, who knows what would happen... If I felt the need, I could even surrender myself to him”

“Susan and I planned to get out of that party to find a place where we could make out and have some sex. But, since now you are here, we would like to ask if you couldn’t join us, if you allow me to ask you”

Oh My God! What they wanted me to do? They wanted to make a threesome... with me? A girl that only knew the basics of sex just pulling a threeway in her prom night? What the hell they had in mind? Don’t get me wrong, I am not too uptight in those questions, but the way they put that on table rocked me.

“Join you?”

“Darla, I am your friend. I wish you all the best in life. And what better thing could be if you left high school doing a thing you would never thought you could, with two of your friends, and avenge the loss of a guy who didn’t wanted you for start”

“But if you still feel confused about it, we will withdraw our offer. We don’t want to take any advantage about your state tonight”

What Susan said put me to wonder about what could happen if I said yes or no. But, then, I realized that I got nothing to lose. My boy dumped me in the best night of my high school life, he made me feel like trash, I was sad and vulnerable and the two friends of mine had a perfect recipe to raise my mood... only in a different way than usual. So, why not?

“Well, you will not take any unneeded advantage on me, guys. I’ll join you two in your sexual crusade. Can’t be the best way to revenge, but surely I will do it with people that really care with me”

My mood quickly changed to sad to unusually horny, and still today I don’t know how guts I had to let the overcoat and my dress open and show my breasts to them. But I knew it was for a good cause and let Gene and Susan feast with my nipples. God, how they suck good!

They soon kissed and and sucked my boobs as they also shown their assets to me and I could suck Susan’s boobs while that hot blondie sucked Gene’s cock. I never had seen so bigger thing in my life! No wonder why Susan was seeing him, if you know what I mean... Anyway, since the only thing you gotta do in a threeway is do it, we just moved on as he started to fuck my bestie while me and her exchanged kissed and tongue battles inside that car. I never had kissed a woman before, and I must say it tasted gorgeous.

“Let me taste your pussy, Darla... I want to see how much hot is there’

I pulled off the rest of my dress and my panties revealing my intimacies to Darla. And now I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier! I never got my pussy licked by another girl in my life prior to that and it was one of the best things I ever got. Susan’s gentle tongue swirling around my clittie and my outer lips brought me to places that I doubt that James could bring. And see how much she was pleased on munching my juicy cunt and her boyfriend nailing her game me a smile of relief.

“Want some of it, Darla?”

‘For sure, Gene!”

It came my turn to be fucked by Gene. I don’t know how James was in bed, but surely it wouldn’t match the hunkiness that was Gene. I nearly felt the head enter my pussy and I gave a loud moan. And the moans went louder and louder with each stroke of his rod inside my intimate zone. And Susan seemed to enjoy pretty much see her boyfriend do other girl, as she seemed to enjoy a lot my mouth and my titties.

“So, Darla, how is it going?”

“Perfectly fine...ahhhhhhhhhhh”

I could be in verge of my orgasm, but as soon as Gene knew, he pulled him out of me, and the couple decided to play a game to make them cum. Gene and Susan found a way to have pussy and cock in front of me and I alternate between oral actions to make them cum. When Gene’s meat gone inside my mouth, it was like heaven, not only because I get to taste myself along with Susan and him but his cock was the perfect fit to my mouth! Eat your heart out James!

I took some time sucking his rod and licking Susan, making the switcheroo trick until I made them cum. They both came nearly at the same time and my face got full of male and female juice. Which I, by the way, loved. But it wasn’t the end yet. Feeling that I was the one who need an orgasm, both went to my cunny and licked it until I gave up my climax. I didn’t knew how they did it, but you gotta believe I loved it!

I never managed to meet James again after the abrupt breakup, but even if I wished, I only would meet him to thank him for getting myself closer to my Gene and Susan, now married with each other, but that still count with me when they feel that I am alone and I need some ‘entertainment’. And now, I’ll be never waiting. Anymore.

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Chapter XV – Red and Green (based on Young Romance No.12 (2v6) cover, Prize, July/August 1949)




They were Marge and Grace, but for most of people, they were knew as ‘Red’ (Marge) and ‘Green’ (Grace), two friends of mine that are always together, no matter what happened, nothing will take them apart of each other, with the nicknames given because they mostly wear hats and dresses of those respective colors.

They were together in everything, specially on the matters of dating and mating. They always shared the boys they were interested on. They prefered to find one lucky guy to be showered with their sexual skills (that people’s talk said were ‘larger than anything’) until the next one comes,. But, if there wasn’t any boy around for them, they were profissional on the famous arts of lesbian sex.

Well, this story is about how they finally settled with someone, and how that someone ended to be... me! For the record, we were at the birthday party of a friend of ours, and there was a moment in the party that I went to talk with Marge and Grace, mostly about relationships.

“How come did I never saw with someone, Vic? You are one of the most handsome men I ever saw”

“Well, Marge... It’s hard to find a good gal these days... I must say I never found the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with”

“Poor little... me and Marge know how it is... these days men are so strange and douchebags”

“I never thought you two were of ‘settling down’. Come on, if I never saw you with each other alone, there is always a man to share your shoulders with... you are total ‘man magnets’”

“Victor, it’s true. But we are women and there is a time on our lives that we need to settle down and find the one who we can stay for good. Or on our case, to share... And, anyway, I never understood you being single so far. You are very handsome, charming and a cool guy”

“Thank you... but you two must say that to every man you date, don’t?”

“We say it, but in most cases, it’s only to make the boy happy... in your case, it’s for real”

I think this was the moment where for them (and for me), we realized that happiness might be right in front of our faces. And I will confess that when Grace said that, I got really astonished.

“Victor, in behalf of me and Marge, we want to pick you as our official boyfriend”

I didn’t knew what to say when I heard that...

“M-me? B-be your b-boyfriend?”

“Yeah. Being here with you and our little chat opened my mind, and I think Marge’s to something we never thought about. And, since you are the only man from this room who never tasted ‘Red and Green flavor’, it’s fair that you are this man”

“You’ve been a good friend of us for many years, almost like a brother. And, believe it or not, we have some kind of crush on you Vic honey”

Hear that pretty much brought me down, not in sadness way, but in the way I never heard that from two women! Hear Red and Green, the maneaters of the town, ask me to be their boyfriend wasn’t the kind of thing I was ready to ask. But, given I never had a chance to prove that fruit, and well they always were part of my erotic dreams...

“Well, I will confess that I have a crush on you, and well... why not? I am your boyfriend now gals!”

The girls went happy and hugged me like they had won lottery or something, and believe it or not, the three of us had a makeout session on the couch, with too many kissing between us, and me being the happy chap to witness two of the hottest women I ever saw kissing each other...

But what they were planning for me was soon to come. They asked me if I could take them to my house, and so there was Marge and her red coat-dress and hat and Grace with a green similar outfit to my place. Finally, Red and Green were mine to have! A dream becoming true on the most amazing manner.

“Before we start, just be warned that you must call us sometimes ‘Red and Green’. Nothing personal, it’s just guys call us like that and I confess we get turned on a lot with that”

“And other thing, we don’t take too much off our clothes when we do, only show our parts. So, only leave your ‘junior’ outdoors, ok?”

Fans of clothed sex? Very kinky... anyway, after we reached home, we had a few drinks and they shared some quite good stories about their lives. Of course those tales were the nastiest, kinkiest stories I ever heard in my life. And from them, I had listen much stuff that it would need space or even a book or two to write them down.

“So, Marge, since we are here, how about we keep our friend Victor here warmed down a litle?”

“I was expecting for you to ask me that, Grace”

Soon Red and Green went in front of me and started to kiss each other. Not just kiss each other, but kiss like you see in movies or magazines. An intense kiss, and their hands travelling all over their covered boties, groping each other’s butts, their tongues fighting in the most erotic move ever made by humanity. Everything helped to start to put heat in the night.

Soon, Red laid Green on the carpet, and opened her coat and pulled a bit of her skirt off, and went to suck her boobs while fingering that pussy. My cock started to get hard at that right moment watching Marge dipping on Grace’s nipple while two or three fingers worked to make her girlfriend wet. I could hear Red moan of pleasure, but it amazed me how her hat didn’t left her head....

Well, as soon as Red felt that Green was wet enough, Marge buried her face into Grace’s tempting snatch and went to eat her, right in front of me. I couldn’t resist much and I started to jerk off on that scene. It was the first time that I saw they doing lesbian sex and it was enough to turn me one. Red used her tongue with passion and dexterity, licking everywhere and giving Green the big heights of pleasure only lesbianism can give.

But they needed their act to go and Green went to bury herself with Red’s pussy sitting on her face, They were always looking at me while doing it, watching me giving a little jerkoff and always with that horny smile. It looks like that were the push they needed to do that sapphic performance in front of me, and judging by Marge’s face, Grace was also a very pro into oral activities.

But, there was the time the man had to join and...

“Well, Red, let’s bring our lover Victor to the party?”

“Bring’em in, Green!”

Soon they went after me and started to lick my cock from head to the balls, their tongues full of woman taste travelling on my dick giving me instantaneous moans and pleasure screams. And when they started to share blowjob on me, dear God, I could see why men always talked good on them. They suck cock awesomely! Their mouths look like they were born to have manmeat inside! Both even tried some deepthroat, and those babes even kissed each other in front of me!

Enough with cock sucking, they laid me on the couch, as Red sat on my cock and Green on my face. The threesome started that way, with me eating Grace’s delicious snatch and Marge humping my meat. The moment we started they went moaning and moaning, with Red riding myself and Green having herself orally pleased by a man, while both galpals traded kisses and nipple sucks. It was like finding gold or oil, I must say.

Next one was putting Marge on all fours and fucking her cunny while she savored the delights of her best friend’s snatch. Grace’s screams while Marge had her tongue all around her cunt and watching her best friend beg for me to get nailed only turned me on a lot and I went fucking Red harder and harded and that made her only lick and suck Green’s lovehole as hard as she could. I even ask myself why no neighbour complained with me on that night.

Then Grace sit on my cock to Marge watch and play with her, kissing, licking nipple or clit. I must say riding Green was amazing, her pussy was so amazing as Marge was and she was the kind of woman that would go extremes to get pleased on bed, with the way she humped me. And later it was time for Marge to taste again her friend, when I laid Grace on the floor and she sat on Green’s to be licked, and so it was, with Marge getting the louder with her friend’s tongue laps while Green was pumped by myself.

The feast went on as much as we could as we did many stuff, like, while they had a 69, I went to fuck Grace’s asshole with a vigor I think I never found, but this was because both girls were eating snatch in front of me. They rode my cock for anal sex while the remaining lady was licking clit and pussy and I did them both all fours, side by side, missionary and even positions I thought it never existed... When I cummed on both, I feared almost to rot their clothes, but they used their tongues to clean both faces and outfits...

“So, how was your night of Red and Green?”

“It was... wonderful! I never had sex like this in my life!”

“Glad you liked. And I have to say you were the best laid I ever had, Vic”


“Anyway... so, I guess I am your boyfriend now, right?”
“Yeah, pretty boy! Now, Victor, you are lucky man to have Red and Green all for your, and for long time...”

“Thanks girls, you are so great! And, well, after we did it, I am keen to agree to date you for the eternity”

Conclusion was, now Marge and Grace quit on boys and decided to stick with me full time. Now the three of us share a condo at a fancy place and there we have the hottest sex ever made on Earth. And I am the only one now to prove the delights of Red and Green’s pussies...forever...

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Chapter XVI – My General (based on All True Romance No. 2 cover, Comic Media, June 1951)


Being a army wife it’s not easy. Not at all. Being wife of a high ranked man like a general is even more uneasy. Other than dealing with someone who has a high power inside the Army, the fear of of being wounded or even dead frightens me everytime he has an assignment anywhere. Not counting, of course, the time I spend without him by my side, without hearing his voice, without feeling his touch, without kissing his mouth, without making love with him.

But when he is home, everything is happiness, and when he got discharged, I was more than excited to have Julian for more time around. When I saw him, I treated to show him that I loved my general.

“Julian, I hope you never leave me. I want to stay with you forever!”

“Lana, I want to stay with you too. I am happy and relieved to finally find home”

When it was already night, we were ourselves kissing eachother, laid on our bed. I would die just to feel those kisses 24/7 and have my man wrap his arms around my body and whisper lovely words to me...

“Lana, I know I told you so many times, but I want you to know how I missed being with you when I am with the army”

“I know... I feel sad only to think that you were risking your life and I was here suffering and praying for you to comeback alive”

“But now I am here, Lana, and I came to spend my life with you”

“Yeah, this is what I dreamed it most... but, before it all, can you fulfill me a wish, Julian?”

“What’s it?”

“Well, since you are an army guy and you will be not in the front or at any occupation for some time, how about you dress for me your general suit for having nice sexy love with your wife?”
“I don’t know, Lana... And if it leaves some stains? I need that if they call me back”

“Julian, you are discharged. If they call you for anything, I’ll clean for you. Please, put that clothes for me and be the general that fucks his beloved wife”

He was reluctant for a bit, but I managed to convince him to do a treat for his wife and so he went to use his military outfit, with hat and all for me. For me, even if the clothes brought me sometimes sadness, he was a major hunk wearing them.

“So, what my dear wife wants from her army boy?”

“Hmm... let me think...”

I went to where Julian was and gave him a big, wet and full of tongue kiss on my hubby, while one of my hands cupped his dick through his pants. I could hear what I thought it was a moan. But I knew the next was a moan when I unzipped his pants and gave him a nice handjob. You had to see the look on his face when I jerked him off for a moment.

After the handjob, I soon went to suck my general’s cock, the way he loves, first slow and the fast. I bent myself on my knees and had his manmeat filling all of my mouth going in and out of my mouth while I used my tongue to give him some nice tricks to his rod. I never had much time to give him the blowjob he deserves, but with him close to me for more time, I felt it was some ‘welcome card’ to the things to come.

“Sweetheart.... ohhh....”

“Do you like it, Julian baby?”


“Good, because there is more!”

I sucked his cock for, well, I don’t know, for time enough to feel that he was hard rock enough for me to enjoy it at best. I left my butt naked and stood with my hands on the wall and my ass raised for him to come.

“I have this fantasy that you were with your clothes and you came and took me in the battlefield and we fucked while the bombs and guns were working. Can you fulfill this fantasy of mine, Julian?”

“If you want, I’ll take your request as granted, Lana”

Julian came behind me and slid his piece of meat inside my wet and eager pussy. At first, he did softly and gently, fucking my with calm and chivalry. But I found myself in a peak that I deserved to get a little of hard pounding.

“Come on, Julian! Fuck me harder! Fuck me, my war horse!”

Julian quickly found himself doing me as harder as he could as I begged him to do it. He nailed my cunny with power and I just had in my mind like I was at some destroyed building, fucked by the soldier that saved my life, nailed by the man who avoided my death and I could only give my body as a reward...

“Ahhhh... Fuck me hard, Julian! Fuck me harder!”

And Julian did it, going the faster that he could, holding and slapping my ass as I ordered him to go as hard as he could. But soon my asshole was begging and he delivered some anal fucking that I still feel, banging my little bunghole with the strenght and the delicacy only an army man can have.

The end was him cumming on my face and I drinking good man goo. Later I gave a hug on my general and I kissed him on the bed, and I wished that to never end. And I hope the next time Army calls, it will be only in some years from now, because I will need him a lot.

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Chapter XVII – The Anal Bride (based on Love Romances No. 63 cover, Atlas Comics, January 1957)



I won’t lie: Renee is not the kind of girl who would marry as a virginal saint. Not that she is prone to do everything in bed, but for her it doesn’t matter if she had it or not after the priest give his blessings. And I must say that I am very lucky to have Renee at my side and my bedside. Or sort of...

We’ve been together for five years, with two of engagement. Our sex life is wonderful and we had done great things on those matters but there was a thing I never accomplished to do: anal sex. Everytime I suggested to have some backdoor fun, Renee pushed away and came up with so many excuses to not do it. I confess I felt upset, but since she is my soon-to-be wife, I had to respect her choice.

But everytime we did, I could not think on what would be great if I sticked my cock inside Renee’s virgin butthole, fucking it like a stallion, watching her moan and ask for more and then have her butt showered with my cum, while she thanked me for being the stud she loves and for liberating her love for anal sex. I think that, somehow, kinda gave me more stamina and libido to do her.

With the time, I kinda shelved the idea of the anal sex until Renee bring that one time. And the most unexpected way I could explain.

“Gordon, I was thinking and I decided I’ll let you have anal sex with me. But only after the wedding. Think that as a ‘special prize, babe”

So I had to wait for our wedding night to fuck her ass? Of course my jaw broke when she proposed me that, and I had to accept. Of course it didn’t meant that I wanted to rush the things, but since I had her ‘in normal ways’, it was some kind of ‘first timer’ for her.

Then, we married, and the wedding night was to be a very special one. Renee took it off the most of her dress, being her bridal veil, gloves, stockings and garters, and crawled to the bed, raising her beautiful ass for me, opening her buttocks and showing her anus.

“I know you were waiting long for that, Gordon, so here is my ass. You can have it all the way you want, my husband”

I confess I went a bit emotional when she said that and even thought to refuse it, but since Renee wished and that’s marriages are all about, I took off my clothes and I started to lick her ass.

“I am lubing you, Renee, so you cannot get too hurt when I do you there”

She moaned while my tongue tasted her butthole. It wasn’t the best of the tastes, but my desire for doing her butt was so bigger that everything was fantastic that way. After I gave that hole a good tonguebath, it was time for my ‘man’ to stick in...

“I’ll do it as carefully as I can. If it hurts, please tell”

First, only the head went inside, and my wife kinda gave a scream of pleasure and pain, but she gave me green light for more. After fucking her ass only with the tip, a good part of my dick went inside Renee’s. Soon, my whole thing was inside it, and Renee wanted me to do her ass.

‘Fuck my ass Gordon! Please, fuck me there! Fuck my butt! It’s sooo good!”

I begun soft and slow, as that sort of thing needed, but as Renee wanted me to take her deep and hard, I hadn’t other choice than obey her and fuck her as hard as I could, with the all care to not hurt her. I heard her moans and screams, telling me how stud I was, how I fucked her good, how she felt bad to not letting me do her backdoors, all kinds of things. I think I believe Renee felt somehow a wish of doing it, but I guess she was unsure if it was good for her.

And, when I got close to it, a question: where to cum? I didn’t had other choice than cumming inside Renee’s ass, that had her first anal orgasm pretty much when her rectum was filled with hot jizz. Also her buttcheeks were hit by a wave of hot sticky goo, to cap off that thing.

“So, Renee, how was your first anal experience?”

“It was... fantastic, Gordon! Now I wonder why I was kept away from that marvellous stuff”

“Really? Thanks, now I feel bad for insisting you all the time for that”

“Oh, Gordon, honey... don’t feel that. I liked it and now you will have my butt whenever you want!”


“Yes, I am serious about that! And now, let me suck your ‘peter’ here and and you are done to do where couples must do”

She gave me a blowjob and later I did her pussy. Me and Renee are still married and now all holes are ours to have fun with.

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Chapter XVIII – My Boy Loves me... and another boy (based on My Terrible Romance No. 1 Cover, NEC, March-April, 1994)


Randy was the best friend of my boyfriend Hiram. Best friends in the sense they were together, if not all the time, the most of it. They knew each other since childhood, even before I knew Hiram, and seemed to do most of everything together, from working to vacationing. I always noticed that closeness but I only saw that as demonstration of friendship. But one day, the awful truth came out...

To explain that, sometimes both went on trips to solve some work stuff, as they said to me. One day, I looked at one of the receipts and I noticed they spent the night at the same room. At first, I only could think it was a way to curb the bill and such stuff. But there was also talks from my friends about both getting ‘too close’. I ditched all those rumors, since Hiram seemed so straight for me and never showed anything that could say the opposite. And, even if I am not a person who dislikes man-to-man relations, it always brought me anger when people said about that.

However, a party at Lanny, my brother, kinda opened my eyes for everything. At first, I found myself with Hiram and Randy, and having a cheerful talk.

“This party is stunning! I wonder how Lanny put to make this a hit”

“Your brother is the best, Sora. I think Randy here agrees with me”

“You know I always do, Hiram!”

The point I want to make is, suddenly, the two went a bit nervous and looking to their watches. I tried to ask Hiram about that, but he quickly said it was nothing. And then, Randy pushed my boyfriend to his arm and said they were leaving for a while to discuss ‘business stuff’. I stood there for a few minutes before I went to check what was going on.

What I saw when I met them dropped my jaw instantly. Hiram, my man, was kissing Randy like he kissed me! It shocked me to see that my boyfriend, the man who I could supposedly spend the rest of my life with, had attraction for men! I felt immensely cheated when I saw that...

I had to do something about it, and then I did it..


“SORA!? W-What are you doing here?”

“Watching you putting a knife in my heart, Hiram!”

“I-It’s not what it seems to mean, Sora...”

“He is right, Sora... we...we...”

“Please, you two, don’t think I am an idiot. I saw everything. I cannot believe that I had to see my boyfriend kiss other guy to know he is gay!”

“Gay? Sora, with all respect, I am not gay”

“And how do you you call a man who likes to be with another man, Hiram?”

“Right, I am sorry for not telling you previously, but I was afraid of your reaction so, here it goes...”

“Hiram, no...”

“Sorry, Randy, but I cannot cheat on my girlfriend anymore. Sora, I am a bisexual man... that’s I am all about”


“Yes, Sora. I am bisexual. And Randy too. We’ve been meeting together behind your back for two years. I am sorry if I didn’t tell you before, but how I could tell my girlfriend that I am also attracted for males? I am deeply sorry for not telling you before...”

“Why didn’t you told me first?”

“Sora, please! How I could? It’s not a thing anyone can say easily. I had to hide sometimes to have my intimacy with Randy to avoid people to know about that. I know I cheated you, I know I didn’t told you earlier, I am a coward and I should confess you, but I love both you and Randy. Sorry to break your heart, but it’s it”

“Hiram, what are you...”

“No, Randy. She needs to hear it. I love you both and I don’t want to spend my life without you two and I don’t even want to think about this possibility. I hope you understand, Sora...”

“Understand? How I can understand that you might be spending our whole life together cheating me, lying to me and hiding a secret from me? You mean that all those years you went to Randy to your ‘work stuff’ you might be getting hot and heavy with him, while away from me, your girlfriend? What a shame! Shame on you two!”

I couldn’t believe how I got pissed off when I discovered the truth. I felt like my whole life didn’t worth of nothing, that I made of a fool and I didn’t believed anyone who advised me the pay attention on the signals.

“Hiram, I am very angry with you right now, I feel myself betrayed by the man I was supposed to trust. You could not do that to me. My heart is broken and there is nothing that you can do about it... unless...”

I had to punish them, and there wasn’t no better punishment than... me approaching them and put my hands onto ther pants and feeling their junks.

“S-Sora? W-What are you doing?”

“I have to punish you two for fooling me all this time, and what best punishment would be if I wouldn’t see how much bisexual you exactly are...”

I caressed their things through their pants and soon I felt them get hard. I knew that they might be a bit scared or puzzled on what I was doing to them. But, to cure a broken heart like mine, I had to take charge of that situation.

“How about we go to a more private place for me giving you the punishment both of you deserve?”

The men went kind ecstatic as we went to the gardens outside the house and I took off their dicks off their pants and went to blow them at the same time. I never had two cocks inside my mouth, but I don’t want to talk much about that, and yes how much they seemed excited on how I dealt with this situation after all. And of course, Hiram and Randy had a makeout session while I sucked their rods like a dame has to.

Later, I told Hiram if he could share Randy’s pole with me, and he accepted! I couldn’t believe me and my boyfriend were sharing the same dick, but it happened. You cannot believe how oddly horny I was when doing that. I guess my rage ended up opening a gate of feelings that I would never be capable to have or confess that I had...

Soon, I got my boy licking my pussy on all fours while Randy went behind him and started to fuck his ass! My God, my man being fucked by another man while he ates me. I don’t have much words to specify my feelings, but it was the kind of experience you would never believe you were doing even if you were. It was amazingly nasty seeing Hiram being at that position and how he seemed to like Randy’s cock fucking him deep and hard.

But I also wanted to get my boy inside me, so we got into a ‘train’, with Randy still assbanging Hiram while whe had himself inside my pussy. Awesome, if I could put it in a single word. I guess Randy’s pumping turned Hiram into a bull and he fucked me even harder, and I was in heaven on that, and surely was thinking if it was a good idea to be mad with Hiram after all.

Soon, I was sitting on Randy while he was sitting on Hiram’s cock, to another session of ‘trainfuck’. It was so intense that the noise of cocks and thighs made it as kinky as it could be. And there also other stuff, such as Hiram doing my ass while I sucked Randy, or Randy ate my cunt. And also Randy sucking Hiram’s cock while he pounded me, There were so many combinations that it would be hard to tell them all, so to cap it off, Randy came on our faces. It was strange to see my boyfriend’s face full of cum as mine was, but I thought he deserved it.
“Do you forgive me now, Sora?”

“Well, I will not forgive you yet, Hiram, but I am less mad with you than before”

“I am very sorry, Sora. I should tell you about Hiram and me”

“Ah, Randy, don’t sweat it! Just be cool... you were a good fuck tonight”

“So, what are we going to do, now?”

“Well, the only thing I know is that my boyfriend has a boyfriend and I will have two of them from now on! Sorry, boys, but you aren’t really bi without a babe with you”

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Chapter XIX – Lovers Triangle (based on Love Stories of Mary Worth No. 3 cover, Harvey Comics, January 1950?)


Ed is my boss in a very important financial business company. And I am Eva, his secretary and this is the story where I explain how I finally got hold of my man, with the help of someone that was also in love with him.

I worked for Ed since I first stepped down in the company, and right away it was ‘love at first sight’, at least for me. I had this deep crush on him and he was everything that I wished for a man: caring, gentle, cute, nice, handsome, charming... and better: the ultimate bachelor!

But I wasn’t the only one who seemed to have an interest by Ed. Lana is one of the company chairman’s daughters and she was always there, working as supervisor of the board. Given her position, she had as much as me access to Ed and I caught many times Lana doing her moves on Ed, which upset me a lot. More in the way that she was everything I wasn’t: rich, alluring and more keen to move up her ways on him than I was.

I guess it was my shyness or the fear of hearing a ‘no’ from Ed, but I kept myself ‘under the radar’ for a while, feeling Lana as a threat for me on the grounds of my secret crush, because she was sexier than me and she wasn’t too held off to be near him where she felt she was able to mark her territory. For a long time, I felt that way until Lana told me other version of her story.

One day, she invited me to lunch with her. Me, a simple secretary, having lunch with an aristocrat and the biggest threat to you? I didn’t knew what to say, so I decided to accept and see wherever that thing would go. And what happened there was something I would never expect to hear about.

“So, Lana, seems you been pretty much around Ed lately”

“I am supervisor and my father’s ‘source’ at the company, so I gotta be around one of our best employees”

“I know, but what I am talking about is how much you have been CLOSE to him... Are you and him...”

“Please, Eva... it’s not what it looks like...”

“How come? I saw you kissing him in the cheeks!”

“Look, Eva, I’ll tell you something. If I ever had my way with him, I wouldn’t be having this conversation with you”

“So, you and Ed didn’t yet?”

“Look. Ed is a shy person. I tried myself hard to seduce him in many ways, like with clothes, voice and even mannerisms, but he never shown the red-blooded male thing I am looking to unleash him. Only God knows how I tried...”

“Ed? Shy? I cannot believe! And I was the one who thought I was shy in the first place!”

“What it’s supposed to mean, Eva?”

“I will confess you something, Lana, and better be only between us. I am also hooked by Ed, since the first day I walked inside his office. He is the perfect man for me, all I wanted on a guy personified in his figure. And you was there, being yourself and doing what you wanted to keep him away from me... I felt terrible on not daring to speak about my love for him. I felt that I lost him for you, and now...”

“You don’t need to be angry about me, Eva. I didn’t knew that you had that crush on Ed. And if I knew, I would feel threatened, since you are his secretary, for God’s sake. I wish you to consider a friend, and I hope you can understand that I am sorry if I ever stepped to take ‘your’ man out of sight”

“I guess you won’t need, Lana. You didn’t knew I was in love with him and now I know that I couldn’t do anything to make him turn his eyes to me... It would be worthless trying”

“Or might not”

“What are you supposed to mean?”

“Tomorrow, wait me near Ed’s office. I got a plan”

“B-But what plan?”

She then just gave me a full lip kiss and smiled to make just saying ‘you will know then’. After our lunch, I couldn’t resist on thinking on what Lana meant with a ‘plan’. What she had in mind? And why she gave me that kiss? And why I was bothering myself too mucch about it?

The next day came and, as we agreed, I stood right in front of Ed’s office door waiting for Lana. When she appeared she greeted me.

“Ready for the plan, Eva?”

“I am, I think... but you never explained what plan is that”

“Follow me and I’ll lead you to it”

She said it and then we both entered Ed’s office, which was surprised to see both of us there. Lana again warned me to let all the leads on her

“What you want, girls?”

“Me and my friend Eva came to talk with you, Edward”

“Sure, about what? Any trouble with the employees?”

“Well, yes, somehow... and the trouble is with you”

“Me!? Why? What happened, Lana?”

“Well, I am here with Eva because we have a problem with you, Ed”

“Problem? What kind of problem, Lana? Did I screwed something with the company?”

“In fact, it’s the opposite. You didn’t screwed anyone in the company”


“Ed, I will tell you something. I am tired to throw myself to your arms to no avail from you. I am fed up with my shameless attempts to have you for myself and you don’t even give me a hug, or kiss or even an one-night stand. I am sick of waiting for you to make a move on me, to make myself available to you. It’s enough for me”

“What are you talking about, Lana?”

“It’s just the cry of a girl what needs love. Well, two girls, since my friend Eva here also has a complaint to fill about you, Edward”

“What Eva has to do with all that!?”

Before I said, she patted my shoulder and whispered ‘it’s your time, babygirl”

“Sorry, Mr. Brown, or Ed... whatever, I work for you for the last four years and all I got was this deep crush on you that grows bigger each and every single day. I am in love with you and until yesterday I thought Lana was my foe in the race for your heart but I discovered she also has a heart that you didn’t wanted. How dare you break two hearts like that, Ed?”

“Eva, please... I didn’t broke any hearts... not at all, and it wasn’t my intention on trying to do that!”

“So, why did you never had the move on me or even Eva, Ed?”


“It’s because you are shy, Mr. Brown?”

“Shy! How come...”

“Well, you are surrounded by two women and a man like you never had a single attempt to jump on us. Admit it, Mr. Brown. Or are you shy or...”

“Or what? It’s some kind of joke you are doing?”

“Unfortunately not... and we are about to see what is going on there!”

Lana then took my hand and went to Ed’s desk, where we surrounded him with very wicked faces. You could see on his face how he seemed to be frightened

“Girls, tell me what is going on? Is it a prank or something?”

“Well, now it will be another word who finishes with ‘k’, Ed’

With guidance of Lana, we started to touch and feel Ed’s junk through his pants. I never did it in my entire life, and I never dreamed to do that with man I loved, and with another girl! But the thing was so thrilling that I couldn’t resist to pat his cock.

“Ed, free yourself. Let us take the control here...”

Soon, Lana unzipped his pants and there was his mildly hard dick. She invited me to take the action and then I had my first blowjob on Ed. I mean, ours. Ed was still terrified by our actions but soon ended giving up with moans. And also, I didn’t believe how I was a good cocksucker before that, and Lana’s push and kisses gave me more to build up.

And then we were all undressed and I understood the meaning of Lana’s plan: making Ed take a decision by fucking his brains out. And she was, of course, the first to get plown by him, while I got my first semi-lesbian experience while I licked her boobs and she ate my pussy. And she was telling Ed if he was liking it, and he answered ‘yes’ all the time.

The plan followed on and now I got myself on his desk where his cock filled my pussy. I felt I was in heaven, being done by the man who I had a humongous crush. And well, Lana was getting even better, with now me getting her pussy under my tongue scrutiny. Girl, we moaned a lot while we did that, and Ed wasn’t anymore that shy, feeling free to call us how hot we were, and of course we agreed!

He did us in so many positions, like he rode us, fucked us in all fours, we sit on him, well everything. I had so much cock and pussy that I thought I had taken that talk with Lana ages ago. And when he came on us, well, you know what happens.

“So, Ed, how do you feel now?”

“Can I have two girlfriends now?”

“Of course you can... but if you try to be the difficult on us, this is only the beggining...”

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Chapter XX – Too Much Storyteller (based on I Love You No. 120 cover, Charlton, October 1976)


Rhonda was the kind of girl that was the talk of the town. At least on our neighborhood, she got a quite fame, and it’s not the kind of fame most women would like to have credited to them. But in her case, she appreciated and cherished that kind of fame.

Well, the fame was that she was the kinkiest woman ever to step the foot on Earth, or at least, where we lived. Every single person had a story to tell about her, mostly sexual. I knew her since high school and I was tired to her how much she was a slut, how much she knows how to suck cock, how nasty she was on bed and so on...

The unbelievable was that she didn’t mind on guys telling that about her. She even didn’t said anything about it. I didn’t knew pretty much why she didn’t came up to speak on the issue but I guessed she had their reasons, or even appreciated the way people talked about her.

“Rhonda, so you don’t see any problem on guys talking how much your are kinky and slutty?”

“Why should I, Steve? Let them talk! That’s why people have mouths!”

I kept seen her with boys wrapped around her arms and shoulders, talking with them and stuff... I still got puzzled on how much those stories were truth or the mind of men that wanted to give a bad name to a girl. Would I know the truth behind it or it would be one the best kept mysteries?

The opportunity came up one given Saturday, when she called me for a dinner since a previous date had backed off. It was a quite interesting meeting, we remembering of the good times on high school and life in general. So, she asked if I could go to her apartment.

“Your place?”

“Yeah, Steve. I am alone and I need company. Are you game?”

“Er... sure, why not? If I am not being a hurdle to you...”

In Rhonda’s apartment, we had a couple beers and shared some chat, until I brought again that ‘strange subject’ to the table.

“Rhonda, just between you and me, can you tell me how much those stories people say about you are real or not?”

“You still bug me about that, aren’t you Steve?”

“I am still curious to see how you are really the nasty slut people claim you are or it’s just fertile minds playing”

“If you are so curious about it, why don’t you tell me a story and I’ll show you how much it’s true or not”

“Show me? How?”

When Rhonda undressed herself right on that living room I was speechless. What she did meant with that act? And why she mentioned ‘show’? My mind was full of questions, even when she told me to take off my clothes

“Why is this all about, Rhonda?”

“Relax, Stevie... you will know everthing about me and how kinky I am!”

Soon she picked up a vibrator, and put it on her ass, then crawling on the bed and showing her butt for me, ordering me to do her. I reminded about that story on how she liked to fuck with a dildo up her butthole, and since the whole thing got me strangely aroused, I went there and fucked her.

It was there I learned that some of the stories were real and some weren’t, but since my curiosity was bigger, Rhonda wanted me to be the one who kind of relieve all those stories with her and see how much she was the kinky one. Well, from what I saw, she was damn kinky, even more than it was said!

I learned it was true that she liked to suck cocks while having vegetables inside her pussy, that she licked to be fucked on the toilet seat, that she liked to get her ass drilled with cock and fingers in alternate times, that she liked to tell the nastiest stuff in bed. But also some stories that weren’t real, like the one where she licked the man’s butthole to make him cum to it. And God, she licked my crack until the end!

Storytelling aside, I finally had done Rhonda, the woman that had let a fame grow on her name. It was the best fuck I ever had, done things I didn’t even do with my former girlfriends. My curiosity ended up opening me a door to things I couldn’t even knew it could be done. If I was to say everything we did, it would be a long story.

To cut short, now I understand better the whole ‘mystique’ about Rhonda. I guess it was for the good she had let those men talk all those stories about her. And now I understood that it was kinda interesting to know I was instrumental to understand that thing.

And also, I have full access to her everytime I want to know about her storytelling ways...

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Chapter XXI – Gloves Make it Sexy (based on First Kiss No. 36 cover, Charlton, February 1964)



I must say that I am a man who have certain fetishes. But one of those is the one that attracts me the most when I see a woman. Wanna know which fetish is? Well, I am a glove fanatic, sexually speaking.

I can’t resist when I see a woman wearing gloves, I find it really sex when a girl has a that piece of clothing worn covering her hands. Not that I am those kind of freaks, misantrophes or germaphobes. I do like gloveless contact, but when it counts to spice it up the things, nothing better than a sexy gloved woman.

Anne is one of the those girls. I had been seen her for a year and our sex is great. But there was a thing that lacked on the act. I didn’t knew what it is, but I never mentioned it to her because I didn’t wanted to upset her about it, and anyway, better enjoy to never have it. In fact, I didn’t knew what it was yet until I noticed her using a pair of gloves one time we went to a party.

It was love at first sight. I got a boner when I saw Anne with those gloves and since then I only could think on her caressing my body and my cock with her wearing those; I can’t count the many times I came jacking off having the idea of my girl using that piece of garment to give me pleasure. Pretty much was that way that I became a glove fanatic.

But how to make Anne understand me and don’t think that I am sick freak? Fortunately, it was easy than I thought. One day, we were just laid on bed, cuddling, when I brought up the subject.

“Do you have any kind of fetish, Anne?”

“Why you ask me that, Chris?”

“Well, I am curious to know. I cannot know what my girlfriend likes on bed?”

“It’s just I don’t have a fetish or something. I am pretty much ‘vanilla’ when comes out to sex... and you, Chris honey?”

”Hmm... I do have a fetish... it’s about gloves”


“Yes, gloves. I do love women wearing gloves. I find them sexy and I can’t stop thinking on hot girls only wearing gloves to give me pleasure”

“Wow, I never heard of such fetish...”

“Well, it started when I saw you with those blue gloves you went to Jimmy’s birthday. I saw you and you were definitely uber-sexy when wearing them, I swear”

“What? You find me sexy wearing gloves?”

“Yes, I do, Anne. And would be great if you wore them for me when we have sex. I want to you see your covered hands touch my body”

“Really? That’s kinda weird, Chris...”

“But I really want it. I will not force you to do it, but it would be nice if we could test a little this kink of mine”

Anne thought a little and soon nodded, accepting my proposal. I got quickly excited to see how the outcome would. I got myself naked and waiting for Anne to come. When she appeared, naked but with those gloves, my levels of arousal got incredibly big.

“My God... you look... fantastic, Anne!”

“Do you think? I did it only for your, Chris sweetie!”

“You are heavenly, Anne! I wonder if there are someone like you in this world”

“If you find, I hope you won’t find it”

Anne went by my side on bed, and held my cock using her gloved hand. I could feel a bit of moans going out, but when she started to stroke it, Dear Lord, it went all down! Her hand going up and down, that fabric touching and feeling all my skin, it got me horny as hell! I guess Anne never knew that I could go like that.

“Ahhhhh... yeah!”

“It seems you like it, huh sweetheart?”

She didn’t stopped on stroking, going a little by teasing me going bit fast and then slowing her tempo. Soon I got myself kissing her and her otherr hand touching and running through my chest and belly. But it wasn’t it all that could happen.

Anne gave my a blowjob but alternate it with more strokes of her gloved hand. It was pretty much enough for me to get hard and scream pleasure, but my girl decided to tease me on a different way. She used her other hand to touch and squeeze my balls, and what’s even outrageous, she used it to rub and finger my ass!

“Not there! Not there! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! YESS!”

I don’t know what she had on mind with that finger on my crack, but I got pretty much shocked that I felt major pleasure when she did that. And allied with her glove and mouth going back and forth on my dick, I could see that my glove fetish extended to things I could never do in my life. And to make things better or worse on each point of view, my dick sweeped pre-cum with all that action.
“Seems you enjoy some ass fingering, isn’t Chris?”

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!”

I couldn’t answer much, bearing too much pleasure on my body. That way, Anne took the next stage of the plan and sit on my dick, using the precum as a lube to make the entrance go smooth as she could. I was already so turned on and so hard that it was pretty much easy for me to feel pleasure. But what about Anne?

I guess I didn’t had to answer it. Seeing how much I was keen to it and how much Anne got to it, she was extremely turned on and moaned while she felt my cock on her. But she wasn’t that amused and used one or two fingers to touch my dick and make me feel it. I don’t know if that made me more turned on than before, but anyway...

We fucked for time enough for us to try almost everything we knew in positions. But what about to cum? Well, she gave me a well-deserved handjob and I had cum all over her gloves and my belly. And it was awesome and kinda tricky when she licked my jizz from her covered hands and also from my belly... but I felt she was in deed and also I make her orgasm by my tongue skills.

Now the gloves are a part of our relationship, well not all the time, but when they are needed, they always come up as what we and I need to make the things better. And I hope to speak for all the ones who have this fetish.

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Chapter XXII – My Husband Cheated, and We Fucked the Maid (based on All True Romance No. 15, Comic Media, January ?)



The worst thing that can happen to a woman is to be cheated by her husband. To me, there is no doubt about it. But, unfortunately, I found out there is something worse than that: a husband who cheats you with someone you really trust, your maid.

When I found out Stephen was betraying me with Maria I went totally down. My whole world fell apart. Five years with him and I thought he was the man which I should spend the rest of my life and he would be faithful to me. But he decided to show me I was wrong, and the way I found most horrible, with someone who I was close all day!

Maria is the maid of our house since we moved there after our wedding. I really trusted her and gave her all she wanted, and she always showed at her job how I could believe on her to put the house on her shoulders. So you guess how I felt when I found out she was the one who was having my husband behind my back.

Given all that, I threw both out of my house and lived some weeks on grief, thinking how stupid I was. How could they do that? How they could betray me? How they dared to it? Damn, I got so confused that I didn’t knew what to do, or think. And how I would overcome what happened.

And that takes me to tell you the story of how I ‘forgave’ them both. Well, after days of thinking, crying and delivering the worst profanities I knew, I decided to stand back and find a way to ‘punish’ them both for the cheating. Then, one Sunday, I called them back to the house for a meeting. Or sort of one.

“Why you called us both, Ethel? Is it time to sign the divorce papers yet?”

“No, Stephen. I called you and Maria here because I want to communicate you both that I am no longer mad with you two because of what you did to me”

“Oh... thanks, Mrs. Magee! I would die if I hadn’t forgiven me!”

“I am relieved too! So, can we come back to the house and forget all that happened?”

“Sorry, Stephen. Sorry, Maria. I didn’t forgave you both. I said I wasn’t mad anymore, but it’s still far to forgive what you did to me.”

For the way they both looked to me after that, it wasn’t the answer they expected to.

“So, Ethel, if you didn’t forgave us, why in the heck you called us back home?”

Sometimes I wasn’t sure to keep going with that talk, but I took a deep breath and went through.

“I called you two here because I am still hurt with what happened and I want you to know that I want a way to compensate all the time that you were doing that behind my back”

“Mrs. Magee, I don’t understand...”

“I will explain better. If you want to do it, you have to do it with me”

“WHAT? Ethel, are you insane?”

“Mrs. Magee?!”

“If you had been done it with each other for so long, it’s pretty much fair if I can have my share of the thing, isn’t?”

I knew they went speechless. My idea worked. And I was extremely excited to know how both would respond to it. I can’t lie that I didn’t grinned when Maria and Stephen talked with each other trying to figure out my wish.

“Erm... well, Ethel, if that’s what you want, so that’s what you got”

“Perfect, Stephen!”

The three of us then went to our bedroom and soon got undressed. Since I was the one on charge, I had to give them orders on what they had to do, and quickly I ordered Stephen to sit down and let me suck his cock, and to Maria, to follow me with the oral pleasing.

“You two did a bad thing with me. And this is how you will pay!”

I never did a threesome myself but I was eager to find out how it would develop. I must say it was so kinky to see how much their faces where bit ‘afraid’ when we started it, but as soon as I got my work sucking his cock and Maria going at the balls, I knew that it could cool off things and make the atmosphere warmer for the act.

And then our tongues wrapped and licked all over Stephen’s dick while trading sucks and kisses on each other. I got so horny that I couldn’t stop thinking why I didn’t had that idea earlier. I guess it was the anger... but, what the hell, let’s move over and think about the present... As soon as we got him pretty much up, we went moving to the next level.

‘Next level’ meant that he had to fuck Maria on all fours as I stood up on the matress and put my pussy at his face reach and told him to lick me.

“I still cannot forget you hurt and lied to me, Stephen. And this is one of the many ways you need to give me back what you two took from me.”

I don’t to explain everything that happened that night, but I’ll give you all the coverage you need. Firstly, Stephen never eat me better like he did that night. I don’t know if it was some sort of compensation through guilt or he was really in mood, but his tongue gave me the pleasure I think I could never feel again after he cheated on me. Meanwhile, it seemed he and Maria had some kind of ‘line’ together, since I could see he was able to give her much pleasure by pumping inside her pussy.

That turned me on so much that I felt it was my turn to have it and then it was my turn to be on all fours, and have his dick inside my pussy, but Maria wasn’t to be licked by Stephen, but by me! Person who is reading, Dear Lord, her pussy is the best. I never eat one before, but I can say she is juciest than mine, that I can say. And meanwhile, I forgot how it was good to have my husband inside me...

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It seemed Stephen missed me so much that he got like some kind of bull on the heat fucking me the harder he could and I just moaned and licked Maria’s. And when I sit on his thing and we humped like maniacs, with Maria kissing me and licking my tits and well what it was from our genitals, I found out that I wasn’t so pissed anymore...

Then it was time to fuck Maria again, and this time it was on the ass, while I went below her to make a sexy sixty-nine. God, it was gorgeous. I guess Maria was a butt girl because she screamt and begged for more like I don’t know, and even better since I was licking her. Not even my pussy was able to quiet down that woman, for Lord’s sake. And not even when it was my ass he did, she was able to stop, now licking my cunt and using her fingers to probe on it.

I could say all positions we did, but I don’t want to extend this anymore, so he came on our faces and after a few minutes, we talked again, and I decided to accept them back into the house and retain our marriage.

I still didn’t forget or fully forgive them both for what they did, but now they know that, if they want to do something like that, they have to do it with me.

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Chapter XXIII – Someone to Love (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. 159, DC, May 1971)


Beth and I are friends since junior high. Friends like almost sisters. We do almost everything together, like the same kind of music, watch the same tv shows, like the same movies, have the same tastes about stuff. But unfortunately, we shared also a similar but shameful thing: our bad luck with the opposite gender.

I don’t know what and why happened, but we never had luck with men. We always tried to find the perfect man to date, but or we got cheated or the prince was more of a ‘frog’. We never found out why, but everytime we talked about our love lives, it was more of an upset time than a fun time.

“Alia, I guess we never will find the right guy”

“Take it easy, Beth... one day he will come. I know he will...”

For more that we consolate each other, none of our dreams came true. It sucked how it seemed the men ditch us by any reason or any of them weren’t the ones that we were looking for. It was frustrating to feel in love with someone and then it came out to nought.

It was a shame, I must say...

But until we realized something that changed our lives forever.

There was one day that we both were at Beth’s bedroom, crying because of our last love failures, something that we always did and fortunately brought us even more closer every time was done.

“Alia... Brett is such a scum! How I hate him to ditch me the way he did!”

“Believe me... James isn’t any better... I hate the way he didn’t answer my calls and he avoids me. Why he doesn’t tell me that he has nothing to do with me?”

“Yeah... well, and now we are back here asking ourselves why we suck with men...”

“I am just tired for failing. Every day is exactly the same...”

“I guess we put too many hopes on us. We shouldn’t trust that much on boys.”

“I think it’s not that, Beth. Sometimes people haven’t much of the luck in that subject”

“Not having the luck? Come on, Ali! We are doomed to be alone forever!”

Our ‘complaints’ seemed not to end, until something I said maybe sparkled the whole situation.

“If all men could be so trusty as you, Bethie, I would be so happy...”

“What do you mean?”

“You are my best friend from long time! I feel I know you more than anyone else, bar my family. You are the only one I can trust...”

“I say the same, Alia...”

“But I am tired to be dumped! I want to find someone that I can love, I can trust... someone like you...”

“Alia? W-What do you m-mean?”

“I don’t know... really...but you are the only one who listens and understands me, Beth”

“I am glad to be like that, Alia... but why are you acting like that?”

“I don’t know... I just thought how it would be if the two of us...”

“The two of us... together?”

“Yes! Us, together! Why waste time with men if we have each other, Beth!”

“I don’t know... Alia...”

I guess I was so desperate that I could do anything. I never thought myself as a lesbian and never had something like that for another girl, but who cares if you are alone and you need somebody right there, right at the moment.

“I know... I am not a lesbian, but...”

“I guess we can try. Who knows what can happen?”

My mind got thrilled when she ok’d. I climbed on the bed and gave Beth the most passionate kiss I could give. The one I was expecting to share with a boy. But, at that moment, I knew it was the right thing to do.


“You are really a good kisser, Alia”

“Really? Am I?”

“Yeah! Better than any guy I kissed”

“Oh.. you flatters me...”
“Well, want to continue?”


We returned to kiss each other, embracing ourselves, laid on that bed, the same we cried and talked about the boys we wanted or tried to have. I never thought that I would be going to that point with my best friend, the one who cared and trusted and listened to me. But from there, there wasn’t no turning back for us.

“Shall we go further?”

“With what?”

“Well, I want to make you happy, Beth...”


I made her remove her shirt and bra and started to suck those nice boobs of her. Right from the start, she moaned and wanted for more, as my tongue played with those tasty and pointy nipples she had. She called me ‘my ebony princess’ while I did that... and well, I liked it!

After tasting those nipples, I went down to her pussy. I never had that kind of thing with a girl, as I said, but I guess my whole frustration and the need of experimenting talked louder and I found myself having her cunny on my tongue (or the opposite). It was enough to send Beth to the heaven... My God, her cunt was so fun to lick and so juicy that I even asked myself why I didn’t turned lesbian earlier. And seeing my best friend beg for pleasure comforted me a lot.

“Ahh... Yeah!”

I gone licking the maximum I got and then I saw her orgasm, and for what I believe, it was a huge one. I was glad to give Beth a climax, but she seemed the day wasn’t that over.

“Come here, Alia... I want to give pleasure to you too”

She laid me on the bed, opened her legs and buried her face onto my crotch, and it was her turn to give me a tongue-love. Gawd, I don’t have words to explain how pleasure I felt when she licked my inners. I guess I never would feel like that with a boy, just to speak.

She licked me so good, using her tongue to find where I could squeal more, and she found my ‘g-post’ or whatever it was. It was right there that I felt what I need for my orgasm. Girl, it was THE orgasm... I guess it lasted a year or so due to long frustrations I had in my love life.

“I never want this night to end...”

And in fact, it didn’tr. We 69, licked each other a lot again, used our fingers and even a few veggies we found at Beth’s kitchen. My Goodness, it was wonderful! I didn’t knew that having pleasure with a woman could be so fun and great! After we done with the sex, I guess we had made our decision.

“I guess I am leaving boys forever and being with you know, Beth!”

“Me too, Ali! Who knew that love could be found right under your nose”

“Well, and even under our bellys!”

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Chapter XXIV – My Kind of Revenge (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. DC. 145, August 1969)


My world fell when I discovered that Jake cheated on me. I could not believe that the man I loved and I was keen to spend the rest of my life with was capable of do such thing with me! And it wasn’t only once! It was a landslide inside my head... Jake, my man, cheating me with people who I thought were my friends and even total strangers!

I became so sad about it that I didn’t left my bedroom for days, crying because of Jake. I didn’t wanted him back, just wished to understand why he did what he did. Why he told me I was the only one and behind my back had his way with other women...

My friends, the real ones, tried always to cheer me, tell me that wasn’t the end of the world, that I should pay back or even try to find a new person. But I couldn’t, I was too weak mentally to do it. I didn’ had the heart to try anything because I was so hurt inside that I felt my life was going to finish soon.

The days went by and I got some of my sanity back and I went to return with my routine, including stopping by one of my favorite hangouts, a sandwich bar close to home. The one where me and Jake met for the first time and fell in love. I was still heartbroken, but I never believed that was the best decision I took so far.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, so there wasn’t no much people around, so I was alone having a burger and drinking when I noticed a group of boys on a table right in my sight. They didn’t noticed me at first but when one of them looked at me, he made a smile and I just turned away my face from them. So, we kinda made a sort of ‘stare wars’, looking at each other, but always I tried to not even give myself in.

It was when I reminded of my friends telling me that I should move on with my life, and also when Kimberley told me that she got revenge from her ex doing two guys, for him to see it all. I never thought that I was the kind of girl who does such thing, but when I looked those guys I felt that, anyway, I needed to move on really, but was still afraid of what people will think of me if I did it. And then, one of the guys went to me and said.

“Don’t you think that it’s better coming and talking with us than feeling bad for yourself here?”

“Ah? What? I don’t feel bad about myself, is...”

“I can read in your eyes that you aren’t alright. Maybe we can help you, if you want to open yourself”

The boy had a smile so good, and a confidence on his voice that I couldn’t refuse his wish. Then I went to their table, at first feeling strange due to being with men I never met in my life, but as soon as we started to talk, it went better.

“I am Colin, and here are my friends Stan, Rico and Gideon. What’s your name?”

“Er... My name is... Irma”

“So, Irma... tell us, you don’t feel okay today. What happened?”

“Is just I had a fight with my boyfriend and I broke up with him”

“Poor little... What he did?”

“He cheated me with any girl that crossed his way...”


‘I know I shouldn’t share that with you, anyway I don’t know you at all”

“Is not a problem... we are all friends here, or sort of’

For my surprise, me and the guys got pretty much along, even if we just met. They shared their troubles with women and people and I shared all the bad feelings and my bad time I had after Jake betrayed me. I guess they made me very secure talking about my life with them. But, as soon I got too much acquainted with Colin and the fellas, something ran inside my mind.

“I think we are to hit the hay. Want us to take you home, Irma... if you feel alright to it”


How I could accept or deny Colin’s proposal? And what if he wanted more? And his friends? And why I got myself thinking that I could be with those guys? Why God Why?

“Are you coming with us or not?”

I wasn’t that sure of it, because you see, I am not one of ‘those’ girls. I mean, I am not the kind of girl who does these things (and I am not judging anyone about this matter), however, my desire to overcome Jake was so strong in me that I couldn’t resist to a galant man, or men.
“Well, since my other option might not be much available, I go with you”

First, I was thrilled and afraid, never been at those sort of situation before. I was in the car, surrounded by the guys, pretty much feeling awkward about myself and what it could happen, but the guys tried to make me more confortable. By the time I got home, I did a request that I would never do.

“Want to come in and have some coffee and perhaps a ‘happy hour’?”

“Er.. are you sure, miss. We don’t want to do anything that you aren’t sure of”

“Don’t worry. I had my bruises and I want to cure them”

As we found ourselves inside, I made my thoughts clear on getting revenge on Jake. Colin and the boys thought for a while and decided to give me a ‘lift’.

“If you want to get revenge on your ex, you gotta be sure there is pics”

“Sure it will be”

I found myself kissing them and the guys were touching me all the way. I never let anyone than Jake to touch me and now four guys at close distance about to have sex with me. And for me, it was perfectly suitable for the situation.

The boys were the first to get undressed and Stan was the first I sucked. Soon, there was Gideon , Rico and Colin. For God, I swear their cocks were thicker and bigger than Jake’s. I almost had choked myself at first, but surely I got myself into good times by having them inside my mouth. The next step on the revenge was letting Rico fuck my pussy and Stan do me inside my ass while I took the other two men’s cocks into my mouth and hands.

“Are you sure you want it, Irma?’

“Yes, I want! Fuck me now, fellas!”

And it happened! Four men having sex with me. You could think I am some kind of ‘cheap slut’ or something like that but when they started, it sounded perfect. Was the only thing I should do if I had to reclaim my ‘sanity’ and dust off all the memories and pain my boyfriend gave to me. Rico and Stan’s cocks having themselves thrusting into me was the biggest sensation I could have. I had nothing to worry.

“Come on guys! Fuck me! MMmphhh! Ahhhhh!”

They didn’t treated me like a whore in the street. They kept asking me if I was enjoying it and if they were doing something wrong, telling me that I should have the best revenge sex anyone could do... soon, it was Colin to do my butt while Gideon pushed his long rod inside my cunt, with Stan and Rico enjoying my blowjob skills. And for their faces, they were enjoying a lot.

“For someone that just had one man, you seem to know to please more than one”
In truth, they did me in many positions, like I had to sit on everyone’s laps and see them humping my pussy while I had to service with mouth and hands the other three’s cocks. Girl, it was incredible to see those dicks in and out me and my hips and boobs bouncing with the pleasure. Not counting they tried to do ‘double-double penetration’, with two dicks inside my pussy, one in butt and other at my mouth. It didn’t worked proper, but it was fun.

It took many minutes of wild and crazy sex with me and those four men. All those cocks going inside and outside, ramming me where I wanted, doing what Jake decied not to do, and taking pictures for God’s sake. I even got somehow proud they took the moment they poured my face and breasts with their hot and thick white goo, in the finale we wished.

You are now asking what happened with Jake. Well, I got some copies of the photos and sent him on our anniversary, with a card saying ‘For the man that loved me and left behind, here is what you lost’. I didn’t saw his face, but I heard from trusty people he gasped when seeing what his girlfriend did to compensate his ‘lack of love’.

Anyway, after the gangbang, me, Colin and the other three become friends now, and I am still single. But it doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy myself sometimes. When I am up to some fun, I call them and we do some ‘erotic mess’, if you know what I mean. Meeting them was the best thing ever happened and I regret nothing.

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Chapter XXV – Fun Before Wedding (based on Girl’s Romances No. 37, DC, Feb-Mar 1956)


The wedding day can be thrilling, specially to a bride. The dream of walking the aisle, meeting the man you are meant to marry, share your vows, marry in the presence of God, confirm the love you share with other people. It has to be the perfect day, where everything has to be perfect in the details.

However, sometimes one can feel nervous about what might happen. When I married Edward, I was incredibly nervous, afraid of anything might hinder our wedding. And in my head, the anxiety just piled up minute after minute.

“Sue, please, calm down! It’s your special day! You can’t be such nervous like you are”

Those words came from my best friend and bridesmaid Sandra. Sandra knew me since I was young and helped me in many situations through life. She was the one that introduced Edward to me and it was the one who was the most radiant when I told her I was going to marry him. Sandra was there to make sure that everything was good with me.

“I can’t... it’s just I fear that something might get wrong. I don’t want anything bad to happen today”

“If you think negative, like this, it sure will. Just relax, try to think how good it will be marrying Edward”

“I don’t know... It’s a very special day for me and I don’t want anything to get wrong...”

“But just don’t think then. Forget it, just be here and get yourself ready...”

At a given moment of the preparations, we were with our respective dresses, but the anxiety over the wedding didn’t wanted to go. And this made Sandra very worried about me.

“I told you must relax, Sue!”

“But I just can’t...”

“You have to relax, honey! It’s your wedding!”

“But I am afraid something might not be right. And what if Edward backs off?”

“He will not back off! He loves you a lot and cares about you. He wouldn’t be the kind of person who does such thing”

“I guess you are right... but I cannot stop thinking that something might be going wrong and...”

“Enough... you gotta relax, and I know the right way to do it!”

She said that, putting her hand on my belly. I immediately knew what Sandra wanted from me.

“Not! Not here! I am already dressed and I cannot get too much late from our wedding, and anyway...”

“You know how you like this and I like it too. Come one, Sue, you gotta cool it off and I am the only one that can make it happen”

Now I gotta explain the whole history: when we were young, me and Sandra went on those ‘experimenting’ stages of life, and since we were like sisters, it was totally prone for us to have our way with each other. But after that, we never did that and when I found Edward, I never thought on doing other woman again.

“I know you like it, Sue. Don’t lie to me...”

“But I am about to marry a man!”

“You don’t need to be a full-time lesbian to have sex with other woman. And I want to relax you through a quickie, not something more ‘deep’”

Given what she said, I thought a little, but since my nervousness was mounting inside me, I found hard to resist. And anyway, she made me sure that nobody would knew about our little rendez-vous, which made me a little tempted to do it.

“Ok, I’ll give a go. But this cannot leave this room, okay?”
“This will not leave the room for real...”

We shared a quick kiss to make everything go slider. And how I missed then tender kiss of Sandra. Sometimes I always wondered that she kissed better than Edward! And when she made a tweak to my wedding dress to find my pussy and finger it...uhh.... made me think about the good old times.

She also let me tweak her dress and finger her pussy. Our fingers were wild, missing the times we weren’t doing that. But what we went to look further was for some mouth action, and soon it happened when he locked for a 69, the only position that could give us a quick ‘release’.

Lord, how many memories... I found out that Sandra got better on the oral actions, she knew now how to make her tongue flick my pussy and to suck my juices. She never told me if she had other women, but I am sure she picked some valuable lessons from her former boyfriends. As for me, I got a really dizzy at first, trying to even remember some stuff, but quickly I found myself getting into the rhythm.

“Ohhh.... ahh... go, Sue, eat my delicious pussy!”

“Ahhh....ahhh... lick me Sandra! Lick me like you do!”

I can say for sure it was the best non-with Edward sex I ever had. I couldn’t stop thinking on how I missed my little lezzie acts, and how this was making me relax and forget the possible hamperings of my wedding. Sandra was right, she knew how to make me feel easy about myself.

As we thought, the 69 filled perfectly our needs and we had a quick orgasm about half-hour of tongue licking, mouth sucking and juice sprouting. Of course we made sure to be an orgasm nobody could hear, and as soon as we finished, we made ourselves ready again, like nothing happened.

“So, are you better now?”

“Yes, I am. Thanks, Sandra. You were a good friend now!”

“You know I can be a very good one”

Well, I married Edward and we are a very happy couple, and Sandra is still my friend. But sometimes the fever gets over us and she often comes here when he is out to ‘renact’ the scenes of that day. And sometimes, we even make sure we are using the same clothes. You never know when you are a pile of nerves again.

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Chapter XXVI – Finally, Alone (based on Secrets of Love and Marriage No. 8, Charlton, June 1958)


What’s the best moment in the wedding day for you? I know there can be multiple answers and every moment is important, but one moment is the key for a perfect relationship: when you and your wife are finally alone, nobody to complain, to talk or anything to disrupt your night. Just you, her and all the climate for you to consumate the relationship.

Truth be told, me and Kimberley had a string of troubles while trying to get sometime alone before our wedding. Both coming from long and somehow raucuous families, we always had one or other person coming over when we had time for a date, and this hindered most of the possibilities of having a time to ourselves. Of course we managed to dribble these inconveniences to have a healthy relationship, driving it to our marriage.

But, finally, the day came out. Finally, our marriage, and the opportunity for us to find a little bit of peace to be alone and together. Kimberley and me were so ecstatic that we couldn’t stop the anxiety to wait for that moment.

“Finally, just you and me... alone, thank God!”

We quickly arrived to our new house, the usual manner and soon we found ourselves seeing the gifts and the decorations. But what we really wanted was to finally arrive to the bedroom.

This will be not one of those stories where we are interrputed constantly like in the movies, but this one has the treat that, you will know what the both of us did to enjoy our first night as a married couple.

“Darren, I want you to undress me”

I couldn’t say no to Kim and I put herself naked, and next it was my turn to be nude by her soft hands. We kissed each other and, later, were on top of each other, with her feeling my manhood getting thicker and hard.

“Looks like you have a gift for me, Darren?”

“How about you give me your gift, Kim!”

“Not yet! I need to do something first...”

Kim opened the party with a well-deserved handjob to make me ‘feel in the mood’. She made sure her hands could manipulate my dick up and down and watch me moaning as my penis went harder at her hands. I had to retribute, so at the same time, I used one of my hands to give her pleasure. I bet you never had mutual masturbation with your wife...specially when you need to get off while relatives are in.

“Ahhh... go ahead, Honey...ahhh!”

“Oh, Darren....uhhhh...”

But our hands weren’t enough so, we decided to employ oral pleasure on each other. Yes, it’s what you heard: a just married couple performing a 69 in the first night. We were so in the hook for the times we couldn’t do our favorite stuff that it came out naturally, with her mouth sucking and swallowing my dick and my tongue working good at her wet pussy.

“Ahhh.... Yeah! Oh, my dear Lord, Kimberley!”


You must be thinking we are one of those kind of kinky couples that decided to let everything for the great day. You aren’t right, but at the same time you aren’t wrong... anyway, I guess the niner was amazing, but Kim was looking for something else, and I was the one who could give it to her.

“Come, Darren, honey. Take me, now I am yours. From nobody else buy you”

Do you know how is to take a woman in all fours and have all the time to do her wihout inconvenient guests dropping by? I know, and its amazing! Dear Lord, we had so much great time in bed! Oh man, she moaned like an angel. And I am not being that chauvinistic thing, she was really ‘on the command’ that day, since well, she is the bride and you know.

She guided me to her pussy while she sat on my cock and rode it like a cowgirl and also let me fuck her in so many positions, all the one we wished to do but had not much time or the ‘proper mood’ to do. And now, without any interruptions, we had the whole night to try new things.

We didn’t reached to the point of ‘backdoors’, but she wanted us to finish together, and so we did. But instead of the coitus, we returned to stake one. Me and Kim decided to finish by our hands the matter, and the orgasm was very good. Not 101%, but it was good.

You feel that the story is too rushed, right? Well, is that I am writing it in a pause after me and Kim had some fun. And now I gotta go, because she is ready and I have to be her man.

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Chapter XXVII – Gotta Share Him (based on Modern Love No. 4 cover, EC, December 1949-January 1950)


Allan Houth is the hunk of the clinic. Every girl, from patient to nurse, immediately fell in love with him. And how they couldn’t, given his eyes, his looks, his body, his tender voice, his charming ways, his manners and his education. And everybody wondered why he stood single for so long.

Inside the clinic, we all knew he was the womanizer kind. He always tried to hit on the nurses who worked here. Some gave to his charms, and some not. Me, April Polian, just an ordinary nurse, must say I couldn’t resist to fall in the arms of such god and have him kiss me and make the ‘dirty love’ with me in some empty storage room or at a desk.

Everything was fine, except for one thing: Dorothea Myers

Dorothea Myers is one of the socialites of the city, friend of Allan’s family since long. She is the kind of woman that lures people by her looks and money, but also attracts the anger of other women because she emanated the image of the ‘pure bitch’, always showing her snobbish ways over everyone and everything.

And it wasn’t to my surprise that I caught them having sex one day at the clinic in a day where there wasn’t so much people to handle. I always knew he wasn’t the kind of being with only one and I was okay with that, provided that I could fuck him. But she was the only girl I couldn’t stand near him. I just felt angry and disappointed that Allan would spend his time doing a ‘tramp’ (sorry, but I felt it was needed) with her empty mind and her empty ways other than spending with better people, and also she dragging him to every place to meet her ‘wealthy pals’ and families.

Even so I couldn’t do anything against it. Convincing Allan that she wasn’t the perfect person for him didn’t gave me the goal I wanted.

“Again going to one of Miss Myers’s parties, Allan?”

“Since when you get so interested on my personal life, April?”

“Since you walk around a lot with her. I just don’t think that she is match for you”

“And why you should bother about it, April?”

“I like you and I care very much about you, just that”

“Are you sure this isn’t jealousy?”

“Jealousy? If this is jealousy....”

The worse of all is do the whole ‘social talk’ with Dorothea every time we met. I couldn’t feel not entertained with her boring chat and all. But there was something that completely changed my mind about her, Allan and everything in general.

There was this day that Allan wasn’t there and Dorothea appeared at the clinic. I was there and had to cope with her chit-chat, but not until she brought up an interesting argument about him.

“So, April, I heard you and Allan are very close, am I correct?”

“Well... I know him since long, and I work here for eight years, so I guess I can call myself close to him”

“I see, but is not what I am asking about...”


“April, I know how Allan is. I know how he had been his way with you and other women, even when he started to see me. You don’t need to hide”

“How do you? Allan told you that? That son of a bitch!”

“Please, don’t worry. I didn’t came here to take you out of the game or brag about it. I came here because I want to break a deal with you”

“A deal?”

“Yes, a deal. Look, I am not the enemy here. I know we don’t seem the best of friends here, but I feel you are a good woman and I just want to make the things cool between us”

“And how do you intend to make those things cooler with us, Dorothea?”

It was the moment when she put her hand on my leg and I got this weird feeling on the things soon to happen.

“April, I am prone to make my relationship with Allan more ‘official’ and I want you to be our ‘other girl’”

“Other girl? What do you mean?”

“Well, I know Allan is a hunk and a womanizer. Since I might not be able to hold him off market for long, I need to find someone that he can ‘play’, and you are the perfect person for it”

What the? What is she saying?

“You want me to do what?”

“April, I am good to get the vibes of people and I feel that you share a good link with my Allan. So, you are the perfect person and the only I can count that I can share Allan with me. And even me...”

It was when her hands started to move....

“Er... this is outrageous, Dorothea! Why you want me to be the ‘other girl’? Are you insane?”

“Not at all. April, you are a good looking girl and I like girls like you. Sometimes I wish to be less like me and more of you...”

“Well, I don’t know where are you going to, but this not seem fit of me...”

Well, I was lying. I really wanted to nail Allan while he was with Dorothea. But I wasn’t expecting her to make the move

“Listen, April, are you familiar with the word ‘ménage-a-trois?’”

“Why you ask?”

“It’s because we want to do it with you, April”

I couldn’t believe when Allan appeared at the door, coming out of nowhere and smiling to me. In fact, it was unbelievable they were setting some kind of stuff to have me on a threeway!


“Me and Dorothea talked a lot about it and you seems to me the perfect person for that...”

“You want me to have a threesome with both of you?”


“I never tried much of a threeway because I didn’t find the girls I needed for that. But Dorothea is here, you are here and so am I... just count and...”

I was speechless, but at the same time, I will confess that I got turned on by the possibility. And there was only one thing I could do.

“So, April, what’s your final answer?”

“I never tried something like that... but why don’t see if it can work. I will give it a go!”

And what a go! Soon, Dorothea and Allan went to kiss me like they were in heat for so long. I never tried more than two at the same time, but if it was to secure Allan at my hands, maybe I can do something of that that I might enjoy.

It got more serious when Dorothea took of my skirt and panties and started to lick my pussy. God, how it was good! She licked me better than any man that at me, bar Allan. Speaking on him, while she was savoring my cunt, he took off his cock and I didn’t hesitate to open my mouth and wait him to stick it.


It was the best of the worlds. While I got Allan giving me the chance of a blowjob, I felt an Everest of pleasure when Dorothea lapped my cunny. Who knew the girl that I didn’t felt any good feelings could do a girl like me enjoy lesbian stuff...

“Her pussy is so delicious, Allan! No wonder why you stick with her!”

“I told you that she was the one!”

As soon as the heat was on, now it was his cock in my pussy, while I had my mouth going to Dorothea’s boobs and later, pussy. I never thought this way that sharing my man with someone was that good. I know now that I could be driven by selfishness and pride, but that day, things changed. And how they changed. And, of course, I got to know how vaginas are delicious to have in the mouth, thanks to that snobbish girl.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Yeah!”

“Fuck Yeah!”

“You two are so good, girls!”

Allan asked us to show our butts to him and he switched between our pussies in a very amazing and kinky game. That was so kinky that Dorothea and me got kissing eachother and putting our tongues to wrestle, so much good he was banging us.

And there was more: he asked us to do a 69 while he jacked off on how much we could do lesbian sex. And since I was at the top, I was begging him to stick into my ass, and it was what he did. God, it was amazing. Being wrapped with another girl, having the lesbian sex with her while someone going and doing your butthole, shit... I only can imagine why I didn’t tried it before.

The end was expected, as we shared his cock with our mouths and he blew his load on us. For then one, Dorothea dates Allan but I am the ‘other girl’ of the couple. And now I think that, if you have a problem with a boy and a girl, you gotta share them! And if don’t, maybe you can try alternatives

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Chapter XXVIII – I Was Hungry for Him (based on Teen-Age Romances No. 83 cover, Marvel, September 1961)


Tom Gant wasn’t the kind of man that I am prone to like. Not that he is bad or something. Is that I never felt the same feeling all my friends had each time they saw him, like he was the finest example of male or something, the ‘hunk’ of the town.

For me, he was a good guy, but not the one that made me fall for him, drool about him and be the ‘man of my dreams’. He was just an ordinary man, a handsome one that seemed to be more attention than he deserved from shrieking girls and that wasn’t the hottest man in Earth.

Now I know how wrong I was!

How did Tom went from a handsome man but nothing far from that to the man I am sleeping I can’t really know how it happened, but I can remember that started after a day that he met me at the coffee shop and we decided to have some food, beverages and a chat.

“How do you feel being the number one bachelor, Tom?”

“I don’t know, Wendy. I know it flatters me getting cumpliments from the girls, but I don’t know...”

“You should feel proud of yourself! You have a whole cast of women after you all day!”

“To be sincere, I feel awkward with all this attention. And to be even more sincere, many of those girls aren’t the ones I would go for”

“Really? How?”

“Wendy, I must confess that the kind of girl that I am looking more is different than those that circulate around. I want someone more serious, more clever, more interesting... someone like you!”


“Yes, Wendy, you”

It really hit me hard to hear that from Tom. How come I was the kind of girl he was looking for? I never had that big crush for him like the others and then he told me in person that I was the type of person that he likes. How that can be possible?

But the only thing I know is, from that point on, Tom Gant become the man of my dreams. You can think that after he praised me personally, I felt too much proud of myself and trying to give back that feeling. But know me that I started to see him with other eyes. The eyes of the girls that were after him all this time. The eyes of someone that was hungry for him.

Did I liked Tom and never knew? Or I tried to hide my feelings?

Anyway, me and Tom started to see each other more often and every time I was alone, I couldn’t stop thinking on how hot he is. And how would be good if I had him for me, just for me. And now, I have to tell you how that day happened.

He invited me to my house to watch a movie and to see the pics of his last vacation at Florida. He said, I said, and soon as I knew, we were close to each other, cuddling like a couple of just newlyweds.

“You know that, since I first saw you, you weren’t the kind of man that I liked”

”And how did I became your kind of man?”

“Well, let’s say I had my eyes closed and you opened them for me”

As we said that, of course we kissed. I could feel his hand running through my legs, touching and arousing my eagerness to have him. And I know he was eager too to have the woman he was used to like, now in front of him.

He carried me to the bed and we got undressed as she laid on top of me, sharing an erotic and passionate embrace, with deep kisses and tender fondles. When he slid himself inside me, everything made sense: I was in love with Tom!

“Wendy, I want to make love you with!”

“Me too, Tom!”
How we made love! And how amazing of lover he is! I never felt so good on having a man penetrate himself inside me, using his cock to give me the incredbile pleasures I thought he gave only to the women that chased him. Things that I thought he did a lot with much pleasure.

Maybe it meant I was the chose one by him.

At first we did the right thing and we only did the basic positions, the missionary, all fours and the cowgirl. It was enourmosly delicious to have himself all for me, fucking me and giving me what I needed to shut my hunger for Tom Gant out, pumping and banging me as I wanted more and more and more.

He clearly came on my back, but it wasn’t the end of the night. After some time, we decided to try a new thing so we gave us pleasure through hand and oral era. From Tom’s face, he was very amused to see me making him cum with my own hands and mouth. And I was happy to deliver him the pleasure by letting him lick my slit.

As I said, now we are dating, and since I never stop thinking on why I never liked him that way on the first place! Maybe I was ‘blind’ or something else...

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Chapter XXIX – Hunkaroo (based on Girl Confessions No. 20 cover, Marvel)


I had this friend of mine, Dennis. And he had this amazing girl with him, Veronica. She was a nice young blonde he met in the church, and right away they seemed perfect for each other. But what they didn’t knew is that Veronica would have another man, which of course it’s me.

It started a year ago, when Dennis was away in a business trip and I went to a party where she was. After some drinks and talking, for a reason only God knew, we just kissed each other and had sex. We tried to avoid each other the next days, but the hot we felt for each other couldn’t be tamed and so, we started that affair.

However, there was this little hurdle: she still loves Dennis. And what it can happen when you are in love with two people at the same time? For Veronica, it meant that she would keep her relationship with Dennis and seeing me behind his back. Of course it wasn’t what I was expecting to deal with.

“Why you fool yourself, Veronica? Why keeping seeing Dennis and me at the same time? You should pick one!”

“Randy, I just don’t know. I love you very much, but my heart also beats for Dennis. I cannot let him go like that!”

“It’s still insanity, Veronica...”

“Just leave me alone. I can handle this, I promise you!”

The worse part of all this wasn’t having to expect her to decide between choosing me or turning her back at me. What I couldn’t deal was keeping my friendship with Dennis, specially when he showed me hints that he knew something was wrong.

“Randy, I think my girlfriend is cheating on me”

“Veronica? How, How Veronica would cheat you, Dennis? She loves you...

“I don’t know, but it’s been a few months that she is acting weird. One day, she seems to love me and care about me. The next, she stands away from me. It’s strange”

“And how that can make you think that she is cheating you?”

“I don’t know, but it’s something that I want to know”

If it was difficult for him to have the feeling Veronica was seeing other, what could happen if he discovers that that ‘other’ was his good friend Randy? I didn’t knew what to do, and Veronica seemed as clueless as me about that.

But the fate would play with us three in a very mean way. And also a very nasty one.

I came by Veronica’s place and she was alone that day. And of course I tried to put some sense inside her mind.

“Dennis is getting more suspicious about you. We’re going to be caught!”

“I know, but I can’t say anything! I can’t do anything!”

“It would be easier if you came clean to him earlier and said that you like somebody else”

“But I can’t! I love him, Dennis is the man of my life and I can’t stand losing him”

“Yet you see other guy behind his back. And one of his friends”

“Randy, stop acting like that! You know so well that I don’t feel good with the idea of being without Dennis”

“But if you keep going that way, you will not only lose him but also me”

“Randy, please, don’t act like this!”

“Why? Should I stand like that and wait for you to clear your mind and make a decision? Why should I do it?”

“Just give me some time, please? I like the way things are between us, but...”

“But Dennis can eventually find about us one day!”

“Give me some time, Randy, so I can sort out what do to”
“It’s been time that you should sort of what to do, Veronica!”

I will not extend myself on the argument deal, but after a while, our desire to be together won and we kissed again and we were making out on the couch, almost a step to go to the next level.

But, then...

“Veronica? Randy?”

“ My God, Dennis!”

“What are you doing?!”

“Dennis, fella, this is not what it looks!”

“Sure it does! It seems I wasn’t going crazy... my girlfriends is really cheating me with my friend”

“Dennis, honey... please, I am so sorry... I love you, it’s, it’s...”

“Please, Veronica, don’t even bother to give me lame excuses. I kmow you’ve been making me the fool for all these months. You said you loved me but you didn’t hesitated to get into the arms of another man”

“Dennis, she only did that because it was just something that happened. She still loves you, I swear!”

“And why she is with you, Randy?”

“Because I love you both! That’s why!”

“How come you love me but you stay with Randy, huh?”

“I don’t know, it’s just... I can’t stop loving you Dennis, but what Randy and I feel is totally different. It’s like physical attraction you know. I do like him but I like you too Dennis, that is the truth”

“And how do you expect to convice me, Veronica?”

“Look, Dennis... she is telling you the truth. She does love you, but she doesn’t know if she wants me or you. It happens, we and her are getting so along, but you are first at his heart. It’s confusing her, she doesn’t know where to go. Believe me, I am trying also to make her decide what she wants, but it’s hard for her”

It was very troublesome for us to keep discussing about that,and it seemed that Dennis wasn’t keen to believe on her or my reasons. Suddenly, something really strange happened.

“So, Veronica, I got your point but now you need to make a decision... it’s me or Randy...”

“Dennis, please... I-I-I just can’t...”

“I’ll make easier for you then...”

I couldn’t believe that he ‘made it easier’ by taking off his clothes! And what it was worse, Dennis told me to do the same! I didn’t knew what to do or say, I stood there like a petrified tree until Dennis urged me to get naked.

“Veronica, since you can’t make your choice, we can help you out on this. If you love us both, you have to have sex with us both”

“Are you sure is that you really want, Dennis? Are you crazy?”

“In fact, doing you both it’s kinda... well... excuse me, but I find that very exciting”

“What? What did you just said?”

“Well, Randy... I don’t know, is just that I had these thoughts for long and never told any of you and now that it came down to this... if I have to choose that way...”

It was a shock when she came out naked to us, with a face like she wanted to have something. And then all made sense for me. She loved us both because she wanted us both and she didn’t minded to have us together in order to show that.

And how she showed! First she dropped herself to her knees and got to suck me and Dennis’ cocks, switching between me and him and then swallowing us both at the same time. I have to confess the thoughts of sharing her with Dennis never came into my mind, but since we had to come to this, why not enjoy it.

“Come on, Veronica, suck our cocks. Show us how much you do love us!”

I am still doubting to believe that all the stuff I am telling you really happened, but the one thing that I am sure is that Veronica is really a hot piece of fuck. And she proved us in so many ways, and now only sucking our cocks at the same time. There were lot of stuff we did and now I am going to tell you

There was that one where Dennis was getting blown with Veronica laid on the couch as I went to eat her pussy. I have to say, if that was exciting her, it must be something she held off for years, because she was wet as hell! And soon, I had my dick inside it, fucking my friend’s girl, in front of him! Dear Lord...

“So, Veronica, never thought two could be better than one?”


That scene excited me more when she put herself on doggie style and asked me to fuck that way while she sucked Dennis. It was like in the movies! It was incredibly hot a three way like that, and I guess Veronica was expecting more...

“I want you to do me, right now!”

Next, I was at her ass and Dennis got his place inside her cunt. I have to admit I wasn’t much a fan of double penetration, but since that day, I kinda got hooked to see Veronica moaning and moaning everytime we pushed our rods inside her loveholes. Holy Cow! And how she moaned! It looked like she never had sex in years...

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eYeah!!!! Fuck me! Ahhhhh!”

We fucked. We fucked her how she wanted, where she wanted. Veronica humped Dennis going up and down with her ass in his dick while she sucked my cock. I never thought prospects of seeing that to turn me on, but they did. And I can’t forget of me doing her pussy while Dennis was putting his all effort inside her butthole, in other DP thing it would make those mag girls envy of us.

And, so, we came to the final part, and us three came together! Well, not ‘came’, but we had a triple orgasm, if I can speak, and I can’t tell you how much good we felt (or I think they felt) with that. Only thing I knew is that we had lot of cum to spray around Veronica’s face to finish the spetacle.

“So, Veronica, who do you pick?”

“Can you give me time to think? Or, well, can we try a three way again?”

Chapter Text

Chapter XXX – Threeway in the Jungle (based on Search for Love No. 2 cover, American Comics Group, April-May 1950)


Elaine Haynes. One of the best explorers in the world. An adventurer in her own way. One of the boldest women I ever met. There are so many stuff to say about her that I couldn’t bear the thought that she could be my ‘own worst enemy’. But there was something that made her the woman I most feared and the one that got me shivers only to say her name: my husband Norman.

Elaine was Norman’s girlfriend before he met and married me. And they were so close to each other since then... that I couldn’t stop thinking that, one day, she would steal him back from me. I confess that, whenever she was around, I could only have bad thoughts about her being near my man, but never let Norman know about it. You know, the last thing you want in a relationship it’s to ruin it by silly little fights.

For a while, I managed to keep my head straight and live happy with my husband, but until Elaine called us for a trip to the African jungle, the bad thoughts floated again inside my brain like a tsunami. Of course, the opportunity was impossible to waste, but what if she wanted to use that to try to entice him to be with her? ,Would he cheat on me out of sudden?
“Honey, I don’t know if this trip is a good idea...”

“Why you say so, Sam?”

“I don’t know... you, me, your ex...”

“Is there any problem about that?”

“None! It’s... well... don’t you think that it might be awkward the three of us on a trip overseas? Only the three of us”

“You’re been jealous, Sammie! There is nothing bad on it. It’s a dream vacation, in an exotic place. There is nothing to worry about...”

Maybe he was right. Maybe I was being too much of a jealous wife. But I would never think bad of a vacation if the person involved wasn’t one that had a backstory with my husband and the only person capable of getting him away from me.

Anyway, I decided to take the trip, but I promised myself I wouldn’t take my eyes off Norman when Elaine was around. Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t a bad person, she is good and generous, but everything that happened still bothered me to the point that I saw her not as someone I could care, but like a ‘deadly enemy’. But, at second thought, maybe I was getting too possessive toward Norman and I should’t care.

“You are going to enjoy this trip, Sam. The Waiyeamo Reserve it’s one of the best hunting zones in the whole world. The landscape it’s picturesque and the nature there is gorgeous”

“So it must be a very wondferful place there, Elaine. Can’t hardly wait to go there!”

“Indeed... Sam, can you answer me a question?”

“Depends on what you want to ask me”

“I just want to know if you don’t have any objections about you two going on a trip to Africa with me, given me and Norman having a past together”

“Why I should object? You called us on a courtesy, Elaine. Why should I worry about it?”

“I don’t know. Just don’t want to give you the impression that I am trying to meddle into your life”

“Don’t worry, Elaine. You did a great favor calling us to this trip. I really want to see someone like you, a well-known and daring explorer in close action”

What did you wanted me to say? That I felt she was a threat to my relationship and I didn’t wanted her around me and Norman? What kind of person do you think I am? I am playing here the fair play, I can feel fear but I would never let it show to anyone that her presence gave me the worst fears to a married woman.
At first, the jungle tour was normal. The place was really plesasant and the thrills at each hunting journey, but I couldn’t stop thinking on the worse every time I saw Norman and Elaine chatting together. I couldn’t act harshly, as you know why, and I found myself deadlocked...

But I promised myself something: if they got to the point of coming together, I would be part of it. I wouldn’t let her prevail over me if I didn’t get my fair share.

And, one day, it was just what happened.

I went alone to take some woods and some refreshment water at a nearby pond, and when I came back, I caught Norman and Elaine talking. I hid myself at a tree to eavesdrop their chat, but what I heard wasn’t much what I expected to.

“You know that I miss you a lot, Norman. After you, I never had a man so kind as you were”

“I love Sam, Elaine. She is the woman of my life and I am keen to remain at her side for the rest of my life”

“I understand it and I respect your wish, but you must know that I never forgot all the good times we had together. I still love you, Norman, and I know you still have something for me”

“Elaine, please, you know I am married man. I would never cheat on my wife, ever. I might even have something for you, but what I feel for Sam is bigger than anything. I am very sorry if this disappoints you, but I love my wife”

“I understand, Norman... but I still feel what I feel for you is bigger than anything for me. And you are aware that, with Sam here, I can finally have my deepest fantasy come true”

“Fantasy? What kind of fantasy?”

“Please, tell me, Elaine. What kind of fantasy you want to involve my husband in?”

I couldn’t resist. What she meant about ‘deepest fantasy’?


“W-What are you doing here, honey? Were you listening to us?”

“Not all the chat, but I heard enough to know that Elaine still has feelings for you, Norman, and believe me, I was expecting for it”


“Please, Elaine... You are the ex-girlfriend of my husband, you are one of his closest friends and you called us for this trip... I should be expecting a move from you to remember the ‘good ol’ times’”
“You are right, Sam. I still like Norman and, somehow, I can’t stop thinking how envy of you I am by having him as your husband. Sometimes, I just wish to be the luck you have to find someone like him, but Norman is still the man of my life, my soulmate. And I am sorry if I wanted to be between you and him, I don’t want my selfishness to burden your relationship with Norman. I do care about him a lot to let his life be a mess because of my feelings”

“I don’t know if I accept or not your apology, Elaine. But I have to confess you that I promised myself that, if you tried to be between him and me at any cost, I wouldn’t leave without having my fair share”

“What do you mean, Sam?”

“Norman... if you have to be with Elaine, go ahead, I don’t mind. I know how much she is important to your life, but I have to be with you too”

I thought that would suprise them, and for Norman, that was correct. But I never knew that the ‘fantasy’ Elaine meant to have was exactly what I had in mind.

“I guess I’ll have to accept anyway, since it’s how I thought this trip would end...”

“What? What do you mean, Elaine?”

“Since long time, I had this fantasy of sharing Norman with another woman, but I never had the time or the guts to talk about it. Then you got with Sam, and I found she was the perfect girl for it, but I knew it would never work out. I confess I didn’t arranged this trip because of that, but when you two accepted, it was clear that, now, Norman and you would be mine”

God, I was speechless. How could she say that?

“Why you never told me that, Elaine?”

“Because I didn’t knew how you would react, Norman. You never were a man of doing ‘crazy stuff’ in bed, and I felt proposing a threeway was a good way to spice it, but I thought you wouldn’t accept it, so I shelved it until I could find the right opportunity to it, and today, I did”

“Well... wow, now you left me without an answer, Elaine... “

“I don’t mind if you say yes, Norman”


“The three of us are here in the middle of the jungle and we are down to confess each other’s feelings. I must confess, Elaine, that I found you the biggest threat I ever had and I had the fear that you could take Norman away from me, and I first thought this trip would mean some sort of a trap for me, but now...”

“Sam? What are you saying?”
It still beats me on how I had the guts to come closer to Elaine and kiss her. In the mouth! I think I had been very inebriated with my jealousy pinning down my head that a moment like this... God, she was a good kisser! And how nice it was have the lips of other girl pressing mine.

“Elaine, accept my apologies for my insanity. I never had the right to think anything bad about you. You are Norman’s ex, so you had to consider you and him coming back together”

“You never did me any bad, Sam. I cannot accept an apology of someone that never went against me at anything. You don’t need to apologize, I understand you... If I was you, I would think and do the same things you did...”

“Really? Now I feel like a fool...”

“Fool we all are, Sam... But, enough talking.. how about we realize our Norman’s fantasy?”

“Indeed, Elaine”

One thing led to another and soon both of us were naked and jumped to remove Norman’s clothes. How wrong I was! Sharing my husband’s cock with other woman was incredible! It got my very hot watching Elaine blowing my man’s dick with her mouth as I licked his hot balls. I bet she also found kinky when I sucked Norman and she went for the balls.

“Hmmmm....ohhh... girls...”

Luckily we had a few blankets we used on the ground because you don’t want to get our body full of dust or bites when you are having sex in the outdoors, and the blowing section followed up when I let Elaine ride Norman, with him laid on the floor and her sitting and pounding her groin into his dick. I didn’t wanted to let them have fun all by themselves, so I put myself to lick those hot boobs of hers while she humped my dear hubby.

“Ahhhh... I missed...ohhhh... you...ahhhh... Normannnnnnnnnn!”

But that didn’t let me satisfied and I stood up and showed my pussy to Elaine, like I was demanding her to lick me. I bet she is well-used to the inebriating smells of feminine’s genitalia, because she went for it like she was starving for days.

“Ahhhh... yeahhh... lick me, Elaine...ohhh...”

“Your pussy is sooo awesome, Sam! Ahhh... Norman is a fucking lucky man for.aaaaaaaaaahhavinnnnnnnnnnnhg yoou!”

I don’t know what gave me more pleasure, being eaten by Elaine or finally realizing that watching my husband having sex with another woman might have some advantages. And of course I was keen to use all of them and more, as I laid myself on the ground and asked for Norman to do me, as Elaine sit on my face in order to get licked.

Fuckin’ Fickery! That was hot! Being fucked by Norman and eating Elaine opened me doors that I never thought they were. My jealousy wouldn’t let me enjoy the amount of delight I was feeling at that moment, and I was decided to throw it all away and finally enjoy the life as it is.

“Do you like it, Sam? Like your hubby doing other girl?”

“Yeah! A lot!”

We did each other for a long time in that jungle. One time, Norman told us to be in all fours on the blanket and did an ‘alternate fucking’, switching between one of us as he did us a few times. Other one, Elaine laid on me and we are positioned in a 69, and Norman got to fuck the ass of the one that was in the top. We got each other the luck of having our asses being drilled by his amazing manhood.

We did so many positions that I can’t tell everything because I want to finish this story soon. After we came (the three of us at the same time!) and he splashed our bodies with his hot goo, I decided to give up and let Elaine be the closer as she wanted with Norman, but they promised I would be around if I wanted to be part of this again. Bottom line, we promised next time we go on a trip to repeat this, and to inform you all, we are going to Thailand to see what they can work on us for a nice threesome.

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Chapter XXXI – Wild Boys (based on Teen-Age Love No. 94 cover, Charlton, August 1973)




I like the kind of man that is rough and tough. I really enjoy men that can handle themselves and have that ‘macho’ look. I’ve dealt with many people in my life to know the kind of boy I want, and the kind I want has to handle me with such ‘roughness’ and have a ‘real man’ way to talk and act.

Living at a crossing point town for bikers, truckers, free riders and whatever kind of people always bring guys to the place, just to spend a night or even to live and make a fortune from selling stuff or renting rooms. Since I was a child I got fascinated by the kind of people that stopped here. Maybe that was what made me feel hot for the ‘road population’.

Two of those guys where Johnny and Bennie. Both worked at trucking business and spent most of their times at the road, travelling around the country and doing whatever kind of service, but they lived at the town and were the hottest hunks around, all with their beards, long hair, manners, hair all over their bodies, their tough style... the enough to make me cream.

And, as it would be, both went to be my boyfriends, but with a thing: I dated them both at the same time. And I never told them about the other, a thing that, even if I find it very bad, it turned on even more. How could it be a girl like having two handsome and rough guys and seeing each other behind their backs?

Anyway, it wasn’t about that I was meant to talk about, but about how they were in bed. Because of that, I decided to share two stories (not much longer) about nights I had with them and how they gave me what I needed. First, six months ago, Johnny came back from a business trip at California, but his truck got broken the moment he came to the garage.

“Damn fuckin’ truck! Thank God it didn’t broke on the road...”

I was there with him, watching my Johnnie fix his truck, and getting his body and clothes full of grease. Suddenly, I got myself excited to see his body all greased and me and him rolling over on the garage’s floor, doing it.

“You look really night with your overalls full with grease, Johnny”

“Gee, thanks... Nobody ever said that to me before... and well, you know grease ain’t a good chick magnet”

“But I am attracted to it. I love when I see a man do the hard work and come all full of dirt and grease back to the woman he loves... that excites me a lot”

“Never thought you digged that”

“I do, Johnny... In fact... I like when my man put his hands to the job and do the hard work...”

“Really? Well, how about when I leave that work behind and get some with my baby girl”

Be embraced by my boyfriend full of grease and then lay on that dirty and greased floor, uhhh... turned me on the fuck lot. We teared off our clothes and then laid on top of me and used his rod to penetrate me. We rolled and rolled onto that floor, feeling the grease rub our bodies and flame us with pleasure.

“Oohhhh... yeah! Ahhhh... Uhhh! Johnny....”

“Martha, you are so hot!”

I didn’t wanted to make some kind of dirty nasty sex by doing all that sort of position repertoire. Just being with Johnny and being fucked by his rod was enough, feel a real man inside of me, a man who knew to do his job, a man that greased my body to give me pleasure.

“Ohhh... Yeah! Fuck me Johnny! Ahhh... this is the best sex ever!”

After we finished, Johnny poured his ‘male grease’ all over my belly and used his fingers to spread around. Dear Lord, I never thought he could do something like that!

“So, did you liked it?”

“Wow, was different. I want to do it again”

“Better get me the next time I am working on the engine, Martha”

Johnny’s sex was great, but I can’t let Bennie behind it. Well, I remember there was a time he worked at a farm nearby to raise some money for his parents. And if there is other thing that turns me on as much as the mechanical guy, is the farmer guy.

“Bennie, you look charming as a farm boy”

“I don’t know, Martha. These clothes seem too rugged and I get all sweaty because of the sun”

“I don’t care. I like hard working men and you are just perfect with those clothes”

Sometimes I just went to where he was working just to watch Bennie do his service, and lust on how his body looked gorgeous by the sun and all that grass and hay covering him, hmm... I cream only to think how much that gets me horny!

“Aren’t you tired?”

“If I want to get money to send to my parents, I shall not be”

“But you are sweating and seems tired. You need a rest”

“I’ll take a rest in a hour or two, so you have to wait for it”

I can’t even speak of the days he came from work without a shirt. That body, that shape... ohmigod... I couldn’t stop thinking on him taking my body and giving me the best sex ever...

“You look neat without any shirt. And this gives me ideas...”

“What kind of ideas, Martha?”

“I don’t know, you tell me... Mr. Hot Body. Let me show you what I can do to make you recover your energies.”

He didn’t needed to ask and there I was, taking off his pants and sitting myself onto his lap and putting his weiner into work. Only to touch and feel his sweat on my hands gives me shivers only to think about... And coupled with his massive rod going all inside me, my goodness...

I guided Bennie as far as I could, going faster and slow to watch him get teased and moaning of the pleasure (because you can see how I was enjoying it), humping and shaking my booty filled with his cock.

“Ahhhhh... you fuck goood....ahhhhhhhhhhh... Martha!”
“YOU are the one who fucks good, Bennie!”

But I didn’t wanted to finish that way and got myself to suck his cock. I wanted him to cum inside my mouth, which no man, including Jimmy, had done that far. My farm man had the honor to splash his goo inside my throat, and he did so well...

Might these stories seem weak to you, no details and such? Well, It’s not a problem. I can tell you millions of stories about Jimmy, Bennie and the other guys, but you will have to wait, because I need to arrange a way to make those guys date me together at the same time

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Chapter XXXII – My Wife’s Cousin (based on Lovers No. 63 cover, Marvel, September 1954)



I am an awkward person in the treats of my wife’s relatives. Sometimes, I feel so different among them, because they seem to live different lives as mine. Well, everyone does, but surely I feel unwell dealing with those people. The only one I couldn’t have any complaint about it was Arlene, her cousin.

Arlene was the kind of woman that got everything right in her life. She married a perfect catch on a somehow wealthy European guy, found herself the happiness at the beauty products industry, made her fame, and got everything good from it. And also, it was a lovely person. Being raised next to Leane, my wife, she did seem the same person she was at her teens. The kind of person you would like to talk for hours and spend a nice evening with.

One day, Arlene came to visit us, but not in the good shape, if I can talk. Her marriage was having some kind of crisis and she was thinking to ask for divorce because of marital infidelity. It was a shock because she, with all respect, was a hot woman and couldn’t be target of such sleazeball act like Roger, the man that she married, did.

“That’s it, Leane! I will ask for divorce! I can’t handle it anymore!”

“Please, Arlene. Give some time for a reaction. Don’t do anything that you might regret later!”

“I don’t have time for that. I can’t forgive a cheating man! Nobody can”

“I am sorry and we all agree that Roger is a bastard, but you gotta think about your future. And if you end up losing everything you own because of the divorce arrangements?”

“I don’t need to worry about that. All my belongings are safe and I will not give him a dime!”

We did the best to make her do the best decision, but we couldn’t avoid that Arlene asked right away for their separation. The battle was long and wore both of them, but after it was over, her plan to keep her businesses was successful, despite having to hand a part of the shares to her ex.

We were worried about Arlene’s state after divorce, but when she came to visit us, she has happy and bright. It felt that she just dumped a large rock from her back… that she was free at last! But, with that, I learned another thing about her that puzzled my mind.

“You look like other person, Arlene. You seem so relieved and free”

“Divorcing Roger was the best decision I ever made, Leane. Getting rid from that son of a bitch rejuvenated my life, made me open doors that I thought it would remain closed, it brought me freedom, brought me life!”

“I am very happy for you, but I have to say that I will miss the days that me and Rob, you and Roger, hung out together, went to places and have vacations together”

“Why think about the past, if we can see the looming future toward us… my future is not with guys like Roger, it’s with guys like Rob. Believe me, your husband is truly a real man”

“Do you think?”

“Yes! He is all what a man can be and, by the way, I will have to tell you, if he wasn’t married to my cousin, I would surely grab him for myself. Pardon me, Leane, but your husband is hot!”

“Hot? Gee, I must admit Rob is a hunk… but it wasn’t for his body or looks that I married him”

“And you did the right thing, Leane. I can only envy you a little for you to have a man like Rob and not me…”

When I heard that, I felt like... ‘what the fuck?’ Was Arlene trying to make a compliment on me for Leane or it was the call of a lonely woman needing for someone that fulfill her dreams? Or, even, if she had a crush on me?

At first, I didn’t cared about what she said, but everything came clear when we were the two of us alone, one day, while Leane was out doing shopping and she came by for the usual visit.

“Leane is not here, Arlene. She went shopping. Want to wait for a while or will come back later?”

“It will be not necessary, Rob. It’s you the one that I wanted to talk”

Talk with me? What she wanted to talk with me?

“Eh… sure, sure… come over… so, it happened something? Is there any problem?”

“Well, it’s not kind of a problem, Rob. It’s more of a ‘confession’ I need to make”
“Confession? Sure, go ahead. I am not a priest, but you can talk everything you want to me and I will listen”

“Right… Anyway, since I got divorced from Roger, sometimes I feel myself a bit empty, like I feel that something is missing, that I need something to fulfill myself”

“I can understand that. You spent a lot of time with someone by your side and now that you are alone, you must seem a little lost, right?”

“You are so damn right, Rob… I kinda envy Leane to have married someone like you. It’s hard for me to say that, but she got better luck than me on that department”

“I don’t think you should feel sorry about that. Roger was a mistake, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to try again, find another person you can trust and love. There are so many men around that I might not even have the temptation to think there is no one meant for you out there”

“But I am not getting any younger and I don’t know if this emptiness will break me into pieces or not. See, Rob, it’s so complicated. I don’t know if I ever will find another man”

“Don’t put yourself down like that, Arlene. You are a terrific woman! You are very gorgeous and classy. I am sure that many men would fall at your feet at the very mention of your name”

“I knew you would say something like that. Rob! You are a man with heart of gold! And, pardon me for saying that, the body of a Greek god!”

“Er... Thanks Arlene…”

“To tell you the truth, a man like you is the kind of man I look for. So sure of himself, kind, gentle, hot, gorgeous, good fella… all that I look in a guy”

“Well… er… I don’t know what to tell, Arlene. I am kinda… well… it’s just… I never heard someone say that to me that wasn’t my wife. And I didn’t expect a close relative of hers to say it…”

If that was awkward, you will never imagine that what she was about to do next would be…

“I wouldn’t mind if Leane lent some of her man for me…”

”I guess that’s impossible, Arlene”

“Is it?”

Quickly Arlene came closer to me and had her hand on my chests. I ‘gulped’ only in the thought of that happen. My wife’s cousin, doing that, while Leane was away! I am so screwed!”

“Arlene, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do”

“Who cares about what is right or not. My ex-husband wronged me once, and now I don’t care if my love life is going to be a crap or not…”

“But… I-I am a married man! With your cousin!”

“Rob, please. Don’t worry. Let Arlene do her trick, this poor woman need some relief for the nights she was cheated”

Quickly Arlene’s hands went from my chests to my pants, and I watched it when she removed my belt and unbuttoned my pants to pull it down, along with my boxers, to show my cock, still in his ‘rest position’. As she smiled to see it, she started to stroke it. I was supposed to stop it, but I felt that I couldn’t have any strength to be against Arlene’s will.

“You have quite a good cock, Rob. Now I envy even more Leane…”

“I am not sure if…”

“Shh… please, don’t kill the moment! Let Arlene here do the job!”

I didn’t know if I could be able to stop it, but I admit that I started to see with some good eyes what Arlene was doing to me. Maybe because she was a hot and needy woman or the fact I could be betraying my wife, but I just decided to let go and see how far she could go.

But I knew how far she could go after she took my dick inside her mouth and gave me a blowjob. I didn’t know if I prayed for my wife to come back or to find strength to stop it already, but it was too much. I never knew that Arlene knew how to suck a dick. Maybe Roger somehow was a bit lucky bastard.

“So, Rob…are you appreciating it?”

“I-I don’t think we should…ohhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhh….”

It was somehow gut-wrenching to see my wife’s cousin do that to me and I couldn’t find a way to stop her sucking my cock. Maybe because I became what I was afraid to turn: someone who loved to do other woman that wasn’t Leane. I guess after some minutes of tension, I let myself enjoy her pleasure-giving and forget about the troubles.

“Ahhh… yeahhh… suck my cock Arlene….ahhh….”

Arlene wasn’t shy to do what she was doing, and of course I understood the poor woman, trying to rebuild her life after a divorce is not easy and, truth be told, she needed the relief anyway. So, I guess I let her do all the job, watching her skilled mouth go up and down in my hard-as-a-rock penis.

Soon, she took off my clothes and then got naked in front of me. I swear, I never noticed on how hot she looked. Maybe I never paid much attention on how Arlene was outside being a good person overall, but anyway, now I shouldn’t be too much regretful as I was to have sex with her… poor Leane.

“Let me see if you can be a man like you must be!”

I didn’t knew how to react when Arlene sit on me and got to be up and down in my cock, humping and bumping me. I knew I couldn’t stop her and I wasn’t much in the mood for it, but I was still afraid if Leane could get us on the scene! But I guess, as much as Arlene got myself inside her, all the fears past through me…

“What the hell… I am screwed anyway… so, hump on my, you dirty girl! I know you like it!”

“Yess…. Like thaaaaaat… ahhhhhhhhhhh…. fuck yeah!”

Dear Lord, the lady was a screamer! I don’t know how nobody complained about us as we fucked on that couch, as she begged for more of my cock in her pussy. But, as I got to like the whole thing…



There, my wife caught us! She caught me cheating her with her cousin on our couch! I couldn’t stop feeling ashamed of myself…

“Honey, this is not what you thinking…”

“Having sex with my cousin on our couch, it seems pretty much clear to me, Rob…”

I was so afraid if she was going to kill me, but Arlene was pretty much calm, much to my surprise. And there was a bigger surprise to come from my own wife’s mouth.

“So, Arlene. How Rob is in bed?”

“He is fantastic! It took a while to convince him, but your husband knows the tricks. You warned me well…”

“What are you two talking about?”

“Let’s say we kind of arranged this situation to give some relief to my poor cousin in need…”

What? How she could do that? And why?

“I don’t understand, Leane…”

“Here is the thing: me and Arlene discussed and decided she needed someone to help her to relieve her sexual tension. And I pitched the idea to have you to aid her with this. She was reluctant at first, but she accepted. So I said that I went to make some shopping and then Arlene dropped by to tell you something… and seems it happened the way we planned”

“But why you did that, Leane? I almost thought you would kill me if you get us two doing it!”

“I won’t, honey. I am sorry I didn’t tell you, but I couldn’t kill the surprise. And anyway, I watched it all and you seemed to like it, don’t?”


“I know you did, Rob. Don’t lie to me…”

“Well… sorry…”

“Leane, want to join us and show how you two do here?”

“It’s Now!”

I didn’t knew what looked more crazy: that it was all my wife’s idea or the fact that Leane was getting undressed and ready to join her cousin on doing me. I couldn’t complain or even argue about that meaning of all that, since I had the temptation to see how two women could be good in bed, and now they were, not counting that they were my wife and her cousin.

Arlene came to my face as Leane took over her former place. Soon, it started a festival of humping and fucking, me with licking Arlene’s hot and moist pussy while I pushed my rod inside Leane’s love pot. I could hear how much they enjoyed from the start since both were a hell of screamers. I guess they only shut up when they got to kiss each other.


“Uhhhhhh… My Gooooooooooood”

Leane let me do Arlene’s pussy again while she was going to get eaten by her cousin. I didn’t asked if it was forbidden or not, but surely I didn’t wanted a moment of female love to be stopped due to some family blood issues, and of course fucking Arlene’s cunt while watching she licking Leane kinda turned me on even more on taking on that threeway.

Later, it was time for me to do my wife while Leane licked Arlene off. I don’t know for sure how many times we did fucked, but we did a lot of what we could to make it happen and make Arlene enjoy the maximum she could. I guess that, when we had the orgasm, we got right the answer we needed.

“So, Arlene, my husband is up to your game or not?”

‘Gee, Leane… He is more than that! He is a god of sex!”

“Well… wouldn’t point that way…”

“But you should, Rob! Leane has to be proud to have a hot man like you in bed!”

“And now you can have him anytime you want, until you find a proper fill”

“With Rob, I don’t know if that fill might be around that soon…”

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Chapter XXXIII – Our Military Affair (based on GI Sweethearts No. 33 Cover, Quality Comics, August 1953




My name is Grace Hopkins and I have to confess something: I can’t resist to a man in uniform, especially if it’s a military one. When I am near of someone from the military corps, there is something that twists my mind to think about being with him and doing all sorts of things… and usually, I kind of end up doing it…

My friend Marja is not only a witness of that but also my faithful partner on finding a proper fit. We grew up with your parents running a company that supplied tools and food for all the branches, so we were used to visit the facilities and see all those men in uniform. We just saw that your future had to be linked to that people and we had to find someone from the military to hook up.

And that is what we are doing so far. Me and Marja are kind of a team, finding and grabbing the finest catches we can find around the military branches and seduce and take them to the bed. It’s been fun so far like that, those men, despite all the neat looks and being so serious and disciplined, are so sexy and hot that it’s impossible not thinking that, underneath those clothes, it lives someone who craves for fresh pussy.

Our ‘combination’ has been successful so far, but only as ‘separate entities’. Mind you that we never tried a threesome with anyone there, not because we didn’t liked it, but because we never found someone that could worth of being the first ‘victim’ of our teamwork. Not until Johnny Tagliani…

Johnny was member of the Army corps and, since the first time we met him, we always saw him as the ‘shy’ folk. He liked to talk and meddle with his buddies, but it seems he had an awkward stance toward women. We never saw him with a girlfriend or something and that led to some not so pleasant talk about this sexuality. A handsome man, that seemed alone and mysterious, the kind of guy we should go for!

So Marja and I picked Johnny as being our first recipient of the ‘menage-a-trois investment’, but at first, we couldn’t find a way to make him for comfortable to release the tension. It looked like he felt bothered there and being in Army wasn’t the best thing he found in life. Nevertheless, we are two strong women and we knew we could be capable to find an opening and do your job on him.

It was hard, but one day, when he was off duty, we finally picked him to go to a bar with his uniform mates. Then, when it seemed it was the right time, we took him home and set the mood for the threeway that we were about to lay out.
“Johnny, we know you for a while, but there is something that always picked me up”

“What is, Grace?”

“Is that Marja and me never saw you with a girl. See, everyone brings his girls on off-duty days but you always seem alone, without anyone, left out in the cold…”

“Well, is that… well, is difficult to say, but I recently broke up with my girlfriend”

A guy with a broken heart? A score for us?

“Oh, poor little… you must be very upset because of that”

“At first I was, but now I kind of accepted it. My parents were right, that thing of ‘distance relationships’ wouldn’t never work…”

“And, pardon me to ask that, but what happened for you and her to break up?”

“Let’s say that she found my absence a good way to try other things, if you know what I mean”

A guy with a broken heart and cheated by his girlfriend? Now we seemed close to make that score.

“It must have been terrible to know that your girl cheated you, Johnny… we feel sorry for your loss”

“Please, girls, don’t be. It was written in the stars, it could be me or her, and ended up being on her side”

“But you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself all this time. Maybe it’s time for you to pick someone new, meet other people, check for new opportunities”

“Marja, it’s very difficult to me. Every time I see a girl that interests me, it’s Sandra that I remember. I can’t get her out of my mind. She was the first and only girlfriend so far. You know what they say about the first love…”

“Johnny, you need to forget her. She had done a bad thing with you and left you in this state. You must forget her and move on!”

“I tried, but I don’t know how…”

Finally! The opening we found! Now, Johnny was ours!

“Oh, poor little… you might not know, but we know how to bring your mood up again!”


We didn’t said a word and our hands simultaneously went close to Johnny’s crotch, going to reach his penis. But, as we got there, he suddenly cringed himself away from us.

“Johnny, what is going on? Don’t you like what are we doing?”

“Is… well… I don’t know if it’s right for us to do that, girls”

“There is no problem. You are single and so as us. And we have the right recipe for your broken heart problem…”

We tried again, but we saw in his face he was uneasy with our approach. Of course there was something that blocked him to surrender to our wishes.

“Don’t need to worry… let us to the job and everything will be alright”

“But, girls…”

“Is there any problem, Johnny… it looks like you are acting like a virgin or something…”

The sigh he gave when we hinted about virginity was the answer we needed. Johnny was all this time a virgin! And, I guess, a virgin that promised to his girl to only surrender to her desires.

“I can’t believe… Johnny… we are so sorry… we didn’t knew about it”

“You didn’t have to know about it, it’s okay. I made a promise to save myself until I find myself ready for Sandra, but she decided it that she didn’t wanted to wait anymore. God, I feel so idiot…”

“You aren’t an idiot. Saving yourself for someone you love is one of the best things anyone can do. See, we took different paths in life. While you thought about your future, Marja and I decided to hook up to anyone with uniform because we feel good this way. And you should feel good about your decision, Johnny.”

“But what do to now? Sandra cheated on me and now this saving thing has no value at all! I lost part of my life doing something that someone else didn’t found important in the end of the story”

“We are giving you an option. It’s up to you go along with it or not…”

Johnny thought for a while and after a few minutes he brought an answer that we were willing to have.

“Go on, girls. I’ll take part with you in this little affair”


“What difference does make? Sandra made me a fool of myself throwing all my wishes in the trash and I don’t have any more time to waste. So, I need you girls, now…”

Victory, finally! Johnny was ours! The circumstances weren’t the best to make he fall for us, but it was his decision and we had to respect and ‘obey’ it. We got ourselves to put our hands at his crotch and feel his package. For what I saw, it seemed a big one! Then, Johnny zipped off his dick from his pants and put it at our reach.

“Come on, ladies, make me cum!”

“I guess it’s you that are going to make us cum!”

We managed to get him slightly hard before we doubled a blowjob on him, licking and slurping his rod. Boy, it was huge! Like 8 inches or something! Dear Lord, we finally find a very good catch in the army! Anyway, it was a bit difficult to suck him but we found a way to make his size fit our mouths.

“Uhhh… girls….ahhh…. yeah!”

We had a sample of what that cock could do to us in our mouths, but we wanted to know how it would be if he sticked it inside us. I decided to be the first and Marja would ‘assist’ me. I put myself in all fours, raising my ass to him and he quickly pointed his cock into my cunt.


It was almost a miracle! His cock fit perfectly to my pussy! I wasn’t used to that kind of wiener, but it was marvelously crafted to it! His first thrusts were amazing and I could feel it all going inside me and giving me pleasure. Marja watched it with her mouthwatering, thinking if she could be able to take it all.

“Ah… it’s sooo good….ahh…. yeah… dear God!”

I pushed Marja close to me and made her open her legs in front of me so I could finger and eat her pussy while I was being screwed by that stallion. The threesome I was looking for was finally happening, and having to taste the juices of my best friend while being nailed by Johnny was so amazing that I don’t have even words to describe it perfectly!

Johnny took me in so many ways possible that I didn’t even realize that he was a virgin until minutes earlier. Maybe he learned the tools of the trade and was saving it for his bitch ex-girlfriend. Then, I let Marja have the fun and the first moment his cock thrusted into his cunt, she went to heaven.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhyeah!”

I put myself to the help as I ‘shut’ her mouth with my moist and cock-fucked pussy. I bet from the looks and moans Marja had while Johnny was fucking her that she was amazed that a once-virgin man could do such wonderful job with his sex. Now Sandra must be eating her panties on about what she lost.
It was splendorous, I have to tell you. Johnny fucked us in such ways that we never thought a man could. His massive rod penetrated us with its torrent of pleasure, touching and putting all of our pussies to explode in pleasure in so many ways that is impossible to explain here. We watched each other’s orgasm and later collapse around Johnny’s body, which seemed much satisfied with finally becoming ‘free’.

We still chase boys once in a while, but when we need to have some fun and find a trusty and reliable boy, there is Johnny for us to take. We finally found the perfect military affair for us to rely and fuck anytime we want...

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Chapter XXXIV – Roommate Fun (based on Bride’s Diary No. 8 cover, Ajax/Farrell, February 1956)



It’s not easy date someone who has a roommate, especially if this roommate is a female one. There is always that feeling that she is trying to hit on you, or even you end up feeling something for her. Not forgetting to mention, of course, the millions of fantasies one man can have about two girls that live together under the same roof.

Judy Cooper is testament for that. She was my girlfriend for a year or so and our relationship was fine until Anne Curbishley became her roommate. They were best friends and, once Anne decided to leave her family for an acting career, she went to Judy, which also tried a life at the show business.

Anne was what Judy sometimes wasn’t. She was a girl full of life, always shining, dreaming about her future, not quitting on her dream to be a start, while Judy seemed at times be not to adventurous as her friend was. Near to Anne, Judy was one of those “average” girls.

I was still with Judy, but Anne got me attracted to her every time I saw her. I didn’t knew how to react when I was with her, because I couldn’t just give her a kiss and throw her on bed because I was still dating her friend, and I was still in love with Judy. Can you picture the situation I was being forced to handle?

Anyway, I needed to work out a way so I could have Anne and still keep Judy, but I didn’t knew how. Or I had to give up one of them to get the other or work out a threesome, but I didn’t knew if Judy could accept that idea. So, I decided to work the toughest way possibly: try to have them together at the same time.

But how I could do that? Well, keeping Judy wasn’t hard, but I had to avoid much fanfare if I had to get into Judy’s pants. Then, at a Sunday, when Judy went to meet her parents, Anne dropped by home to practice for a test she would have the next day and asked some tips to me.

“It’s a romantic movie, Joe, and I am not quite sure if I can handle the love scenes”

“You are very beautiful, Anne. Why a girl like you would worry about romantic scenes?”

“It’s because I never had a steady boyfriend. My relationships weren’t too meaningful to be like the ones in the movies”

“But at the movies you can lie. It’s not real, you know that…”

“I know, but I am still a newbie at these situations. Please, could you help me?”

I played the ‘boyfriend’ side to help Anne to have her play. First of all, she is a gifted actress. No bull! From the first line, I could sense she could have a big success in Hollywood.

But the scene asked for a kiss, and when we had it, I don’t know if it was because I wished that so much or the scene really needed a kiss like that, because the kiss was like ones you give to the love of your life. After a while, we really got kissing like we were husband and wife.

“It’s sure we really must do this?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to stop either!”

For a moment that day, I just forgot Judy and embraced myself into that situation. We just kissed and kissed and even rolled on the floor, feeling each other’s lips having the party of their lives.

“Should we go to your room?”

“Well… Judy will not come back until Tuesday, so… why not?”

I am not that kind of cheating guy, but, yes, you can call me whatever of a cheater because I was taking my girlfriend’s roommate to my bedroom in order to have sex with her. And I had no regrets on every second I spend taking off my clothes and showing my semi-erect penis to Anne.

“I still don’t know if we should, but since we are here, we must go until the end!”

“Please, don’t worry. Let me do my tricks here…”

She didn’t want to lose time with foreplay and she right away threw me to the bed and sit on my cock. Soon I could see her wiggling her hips and humping up and down on my crotch, as I watched my dick going inside and outside her moist pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Finally!”

One thing I must say: she is definitely a better fuck than Judy. Not only she took the initiative, but also seemed to have a freer mind than my girlfriend in some aspects. Maybe it was because the forbidden relationship factor, but God, how she was hot!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah! Fuck me, Joe! Fuck me, dammit!”

“Ride that cock, naughty girl! Ride it! Like this! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Yes!”
I picked her in all fours and decided to employ all my effort to do Anne the way she liked. I delighted myself to hear how she moaned and requested for me to fuck her pussy harder and even slap her ass. Judy wouldn’t never let me do that, not that she was a total prude, is that she didn’t saw herself as the kind of girl that liked a kinky environment.

“So, do I fuck better than Judy?”

“Many times better!”

Despite I wouldn’t like to say it, it was the truth and I gave Anne the best I could give, fucking her in all ways she put herself to do, rubbing, touching and slapping that hot ass of hers, while I fucked her and gave the orgasm she needed of.


“Ok, Joe. Let me suck you. I want to swallow your jizz!”

Another point in favor to Anne: Judy disliked getting cummed in the face, let alone swallowing my sperm. And, there was her, the roommate, doing everything my girlfriend didn’t, sucking my cock and having to taste her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… I can’t hold! I’m gonna…ahhhhh…I’m…ahh….CUM!”

I shot a torrent of sperm inside Anne’s throat, and she didn’t even complain. She swallowed it all and even asked me to drop something at her face so she could lick it. And I couldn’t even regret anything by there.

“I don’t know if your part will have something like this, but I am sure you acted very well”

“It’s not acting, Joe. I am very good in bed, and so do you”

“Oh, thanks… Now I can only think how hot my girlfriend’s roommate is”

“Don’t worry about Judy. I won’t tell anything to her about this. It will be our secret”

“Thanks… but, excuse me for saying that, I really want to do it again”

“Have sex with me behind my friend’s back? I think I can’t…”

“But you just did”

“I meant doing it often. Is not like I am a home-wrecker”

“You aren’t, and anyway, I have to thank you. You are a very better lover than Judy, not that I don’t like her, is that… she is not used to do some stuff…”

“I see... Well, I guess I can accept, but we must be discrete and avoid to give any tip of our infidelity to her”


I broke up with Judy a few months later, but meanwhile, I kept my ‘second relationship’ with Anne hot and heavy. She still don’t know that I was cheating her with her roommate (and maybe now she will know the truth), but anyway, I don’t care much. Anne is far a better lover than her, period.

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Chapter XXXV – Bling for Sex (based on My Love Secret No. 29 cover, Fox, probably between 1949/50)




There is a difference between me and the prostitutes. Prostitutes do it because they need the money to support their lives. I, on the other hand, don’t go for the money, but it’s always good to get something in reward if you do your job right.

I don’t have any problem to tell anyone that I like to get something back from the one I am sleeping with. It does not mean that I only do it for the bling or the cash; it’s just a matter that I think men should give us something for opening our legs for them. Anyway, if wasn’t for us, what they would do for some carnal pleasure…

I learned early the tricks of dealing with men. My mother was one of those high-society socialites, thus I always got in contact with high-profile people and soon I got the tricks of the trade, seeing how much those ladies craved for a wealthy man to be set for life. I knew right from the start that I didn’t wanted to be one of those. I wanted to be different.

The difference among me and the others is that I decided to not let myself be cornered to live my life to get just one man. I would live it to try to get from them the maximum I could in exchange for the good life and also some sex. I don’t do this as an evil act of a woman that wants to tame all the males she finds. It’s just that men and women relationships aren’t more than just trade business, and if it’s so, why not get it into other borders by actually doing some ‘business’.

Ok, I guess I am talking too much, and so here comes the story of the day: there was this guy, Jake Hollocomb. He was son of one of those guys who made their wealth from trading stuff to people and, as every heir, he just wanted to live his life spending his father’s money on what he most liked: women.

First time I saw him, surrounded of girls that craved for his attention and also to enjoy his wealth. Poor suckers, those men are just after a random girl they could pick and get to the bed. Don’t you think they all want a marriage and a girl like the princes from the fairytales…


“I think it’s time to show those girls who runs the place here…”

I managed to connect myself to Jake through a few common friends and quickly we found ourselves the match. Mr. Hollocomb knew how to treat a woman right, the perfect thing a girl like me wants to know to make its catch. Of course, I asked him about the fine restaurants, the expensive Broadway shows and the finest champagne the humanity can sell.

“Julie, you really like the glamorous life, aren’t you? It’s just our first date and you are asking me to go to the expensive places…”

“Jake, I am a girl who likes to live. And what else I can do if the life has its price”

On that very first date, we made it to the bed. Yeah, the sex was good; however, the best wasn’t happened in bed, but what happened after we finished our love night.

“So, you are in this because of the gifts and stuff?”

“Maybe. I do enjoy sex, but I am not for the relationships by now. I am driven more by what I can gain from them”

“You seem pretty much a modern woman to me, Julie. I appreciate that. It’s not everyone that comes clean about what they want from men”

“I do appreciate your concern. But, since you got me into, I have a proposal to do for you, Jake”

“What is it, Julie?”

“You can keep doing me as long as you want, but you need to give me something in return…”

“What kind of ‘something’ you mean? Money, jewels, pearls…”

“I am not after your money, sweetie. I am just after what you can give to me. You know, necklaces, rings, expensive diamonds, trips, this sort of thing”

“Nobody ever made me such proposal… that’s new for me, really. But, I think we can have a deal!”

Me and Jake then became a couple, but not one of those ordinary couples all my friends had. We were driven by one reason: fulfill the needs of each other, sex in exchange of expensive goods. People told me a lot that I was kind of objectifying my body for diamonds or jewels but I didn’t cared. I just wanted my fair share of the deal and that’s all.

This deal could include anything, like getting a new bracelet and then paying back with a nice blowjob, what happened at a weekend in Los Angeles, where I showed him how I could work out my mouth while I used my new bracelet. Another deal was a lubeless anal, that I only could do unless he paid me a new wardrobe including fur coats and new party dresses.

I could speak more and more about our deal, but I don’t want to give up early all the things we’d done. But one thing I can say to anyone: if you have an opportunity to get something in reward for your ‘bed work’, seize it! It’s about time we need to tell people that this can be also a frank business relationship…

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Chapter XXXVI – Bisexual Girl Wants Sex II/Meddling with my Cousin (based on Secret Hearts No. 36 cover, DC, October-November 1956)



Allie is my cousin from the ‘big city’, as we call here. Since her parents are close to mine, we were ‘raised’ together and she would come to the farm I live very often. Since both of us were single daughters, we kinda grew up like sisters, or almost.

We did all sort of things together since we were children and a big bond grew between us in the meantime, but as much as this bond grew, other feelings surfaces. You know, that sort of stuff people say cousins don’t do to each other, especially if both are from same gender.

This is what brings me to the subject of this story: Allie was my first girlfriend, even if mostly hidden for everyone else, and was she the one who I learned the joys of sex. Well, we aren’t lesbians, we do like guys too, but it had to be this way for us to know how we could meet pleasure and orgasm.

Ally and I always found a breach to go somewhere at the barn so we could do it. It was the best of fun until her visits diminished because she went to college at the city, and I had to stay here taking care of the farm because my parents got ill and I was the one in charge of the place.

I could say I was in some sort of peace of mind until she came with Pierce, her college boyfriend, for a visit. I was shocked from the very first minute I saw her with a guy. I felt I got stabbed by behind, but I couldn’t realize why seeing my cousin with her date brought me to that state.

“Pierce, this is my cousin Jessie. Jessie, this my boyfriend, Pierce”

“Er… hi, nice to meet you, Pierce…”

“Nice to meet you too, Jessie. Allie said lot of stuff about you, and I must say you are prettier than I thought…”

I felt flattered by what he said, but still his presence right at first caused me certain unease, especially around Allie. I felt he was stealing her from me, the cousin, the one who was raised with her, BFFs, lovers, that sort of stuff… and he the guy from out of nowhere that was about to take her away from my presence, not let her even come visit me…

That’s when I realized I might be jealous of her, or maybe I was giving myself too much to bad thoughts. But I couldn’t stand that that Pierce guy near her. I felt he was capable to taking her away from me and not letting her being near me again!

As I said, maybe I was giving myself too much into jealousy or maybe I was thinking something that could be true. Nevertheless, I was bound to do something about it, even if I didn’t knew what.

“Tell me, Allie… is your relationship with Pierce promising or else?”

“I don’t know, Jessie… we are seeing each other for six months, and we are just in the early stages. I don’t want to make predictions, just enjoy the days as they go by”

“Well, not being a jinx to your relationship, but I kinda miss our moments. There is no day that I don’t think about us doing each other in the barn”

“I do think about that too, and I miss you a lot. But now I am with Pierce and he is the one right now that is making me happy”

Happy? And what about me? The girl that gave you pleasure since we were teens! What the fuck you are thinking about, bitch? That left me even more internally pissed and I felt Pierce even more as a ‘threat’ than anything else, but I had to treat him well since, despite it all, he was my cousin’s boyfriend.

I didn’t know what I should do about, but I was keen to do something to avoid losing Allie to anyone else. And the chance appeared at a night where the three of us were alone talking about our childhoods… but the outcome wasn’t the one I was hoping to expect.

“Allie always told me you did lot of things together, Jessie…’

“Yeah, it’s right. I and she were inseparable while we grew up. She came almost every weekend here and she spent the vacations at the farm, so…”

“Jessie and I are the best friends! We were very close!”

“And we still are, right Allie?”

“Well, I don’t drop by as often but when I come, I am the same girl you knew since we were kids, Jess”

“Yes, sort of…”

“Hearing the stories she told about us, I couldn’t even believe there was such friendship like yours. You two seem pretty much like sisters…”

“What can I tell? Jessie it’s like my sister, it looks like that we grew at the same house!”

“Believe me, Jessie. When she told me the childhood stories, I had trouble picturing all the scenes, specially the spicy ones…”

When he told it, I almost spat all the beer I was drinking! What he said!?

“Excuse me, but what did you mean, Pierce?”
“Well, sorry Allie, but I think I can’t be that quiet anymore about it… Jessie, Allie told me all about you and her”

“Allie! How could you?”

“Jessie, I am so sorry, but we promised to not say anything to our families or anyone at the farm. But since Pierce is none of them, I felt comfortable to tell all the stories about our little teenage affair…”

“You should’t tell him! It was our secret! The best kept one”

“In Allie’s defense, there is nothing for you to worry about, Jessie. What Allie said wasn’t anything shameful of you. What she told me was something of pure love between two girls that are up to learn about themselves…”

“Still, Allie shouldn’t tell you about us! Nobody else knew about our relationship…”

“There is nothing wrong on two girls experimenting when young. You two did what you had to do. You two were lucky to find each other to learn about sexual pleasure…”

“What do you know about it? You are a man!”

“Exactly, but I also know that, even if Allie did wrong in your opinion to tell me about you and her, it’s not something you have to be ashamed off. It wasn’t non-consensual, it wasn’t rape or abuse, it was pure love… pure lust…”

“Pierce, honey, what are you talking about?”

“I don’t know, Allie, but I hope to make Jessie to not hate me because of what I know about you two.”

“It’s great. The guy who came to steal my cousin away from me is trying to give a lesson. Won’t work, bucko!”


“Allie, I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you to this bastard, which only came to make you and me apart! I don’t want to lose you, Allie!”

“And who said you will lose me, Jessie?”

“Well, you appear with him and you never went for me after you started dating with him and…”

Yes, the situation was out of control in my mind…

“Jessie, darling, you will not lose me. I am still your cousin and best friend, and I still remember of our nights of pleasure, but now I am with Pierce, and you gotta deal with it. We are still friends, don’t worry about that, and any problem I’ll always be there”

“But I want you there with me, in my bed!”

“Jessie, if you don’t mind about it, I can make your dream come true…”


It was when Allie came over me and gave me a full kiss, like the old times. I don’t know how Pierce reacted about it, but all I knew was a trip to the past, and how it as…


“Pierce, my cousin wants me to have sex with her like the old times and I shall do it, but I wish also, if she allows it, that my boyfriend can join as well...”

Even if I still felt a bit ‘threatened’ by him, I couldn’t refuse a request from the girl I loved. I said to Pierce and Allie to remove their clothes as I did with mine and I gave them some good, hot and passionate kisses.

First, Pierce allowed me to have what I want with Allie so he only watched me and her kissing each other, as we went for me each other’s pussies into a 69, munching ourselves like the good ol’times, feeling her tongue on me as I darted my tongue around her slit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah, Allie!”

“I love you so much, Jessie! Lick me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Pierce watched it patiently and masturbated himself as we saw us doing the lesbian sex. I don’t know if he did understood the meaning of what we were doing, but inside myself, I started to feel that his presence around wasn’t to be a bad thing.

“Please, Jessie, now is time for you to know Pierce well”

Allie guided me to lay as she took her boyfriend’s cock and slid into my pussy. It’s been a while I hadn’t sex with guys and, after we started to fuck, with my cousin’s aid, I finally understood why she picked him. Girl, how he fucks good! And how lousy I am to be angry at him in the first place! He was awesome and made me pleasure as no man did it do me. I felt really like an idiot for not trusting on him first.

After, it was time for me to watch how to couple did it. Seeing the face of joy in Allie while Piece put his dick inside her lovepot was amazing. I never saw her doing that other than me, and even jealous of the attention, I knew she was doing what it was right for her and I wouldn’t be the one who stopped their love.

I have to say that we spent the night getting very jiggy with each other, as we tried a few threesome combinations before we went to suck him dry and taste all of his cum. After the sex, I apologized with Allie and Pierce, but they said they understood it and gave me a big kiss and a licking to mend the things up.

Allie keep coming here when the college frees up to her, but now she always brings Pierce with her and now I know that, sometimes, things happen for a reason. And, in this case, the reason was bringing me again together with Allie.

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Chapter XXXVII – Country Lust (based on Sweethearts No. 95 cover, Charlton, October 1967)



If you are a man of the country, love is a tough thing to find, and tame. It’s not like cattle or a horse, which you can take care of it if you learn about it. Love is different, you can’t really tame it or put inside a bottle. When it comes, you never are ready for it, and when you feel you already tamed it, it goes away.

But there is something that adds insult to the injury: falling for your boss’ daughter. The one you weren’t supposed to feel any kind of attraction. The one you shouldn’t even feel aroused. But Rebecca Watts was impossible for me to not have anything for a girl like her.

Her father bought the farm long time ago, when my father worked for him. I grew up working there as well and I had the opportunity to meet his children, and Rebecca took my mind from the first moment I saw. Me and her got quickly acquainted, to a relationship that would become some kind of friendship, but later, I felt I wished that was more than that…

I never knew if Becky was into me, and I didn’t bother to ask. Who was I, a simple farmhand, to date the boss’ daughter, a girl who had more money that I could earn in a lifetime, a man without much education or fancy manners. She was destined to have one of those men in the city that could offer everything she wanted, capable to give her all the luxury a girl like her deserves. Even if her own father thought those boys were more into parties and ladies other than serious stuff and said that, if his baby girl were to marry anyone, it would be with someone serious, like the men from his farm.

But destiny played against it… and the weirdest way possible.

Becky came back to farm one day, crying because one of her boyfriends cheated her. Since I was around, here Randy Cousins was to save the day…

“Becky, you shouldn’t suffer because of that scumbag…”

“But, Randy… I-I t-thought her w-was the man of my life. And he c-c-cheated me with that b-bitch! My father knew so well…”

“You father knew really those men weren’t your kind, but what else could you do?”

“I should have listen him. I should stop going with those guys from the city and try someone else”

“It’s up to you that, Becky… you own your heart…”

The days past by and everything seemed normal to Rebecca and I, but one night, she knocked my door and what she said completely was a shock to me.

“Randy, are you awake?”

“Well, I am trying to sleep, Becky. What you want from me that late?”

“I want you to do something for me”

“Sure. What?”

“I want you to have sex with me”

“Er.. erm… what? What?”

“Randy, don’t act like that. You heard what I want. I want you right now!”

I still don’t know why I didn’t fell from bed when she asked me to do it!

“But, Becky... I can’t do it. Don’t you remember that I am your father’s employee?”

“I know, and that’s why I came looking for you, Randy. I know you have something for me? I always knew…”

“W-What? H-How do you… well, what?”

“Don’t lie to me, Randy. I know you have the major crush on me, and wanna know what, I do have the same for you”

Oh my God… she knew it? She loves me? What the hell are we talking about?

“What are you talking about, Becky?”

“Let’s be serious, okay? I knew since long you had the hots for me and I always had the hots for you, but I didn’t told anyone about that”

“Why you didn’t tell me about it?”

“The daughter of the farm owner dating one of his employees when I had to waste time with boys that couldn’t make me complete? I was afraid my parents would react wrong about it and kick me off home”

“And don’t you think that I didn’t felt the same. I don’t want the risk of being fired for ‘fooling around’ with the boss’ daughter”

“I promise you will be not fired, Randy. I swear nobody besides us will know about that, capice?”

I was turned to refuse it, but refuse anything from Rebecca was impossible for me.


“Well… my feelings are too strong for me to refuse, so…”

Becky undressed in front of me and laid on my bed, taking off my clothes as well. She gave me a kiss before stroking my dick. God knows how much time I waited for her to do that on me, and now she was holding my cock on her tender hands. Hands that deserved a man who cared for her, who believed on her.

A man like me.

“Take me, Becky. Now I am yours. All yours…”

She took me. Exactly my cock inside her mouth, blowing me like no girl ever did for me. I could be bothered by her saying too much on how my cock was good and looked more manly than the ones she sucked from the losers she dated so far, but for me it was a victory chant. Finally the woman I had the most incredible crush was in my bed.

“Hmmmm… I dreamed about you for so long…”

“Fair dreams or dirty ones?”

“All kinds of dreams you can imagine, baby…”

She sucked me for a while until she found better fun could be found if I could train her a as a ‘cowgirl’. And so she did, as she sit on my cock and rode me like one of those pros taming a wild bull at the rodeo. I never felt so good with myself like that moment, there having the girl of my life dreams wiggling and humping my penis like a bitch in head (well, I know it’s offensive, but what could I do?)

“Ahhhhhh! How long I wished that to happen!”

“Me toooooooooooo! Uhhhhhhh!”

See Rebecca’s face moaning and feeling my dick inside her pussy was bliss for a lonely cowboy like me. Finally my dream became reality; I had the girl I wished for long with me in my bed, having sex with me. And she was taking the control, dictating the rhythm, using her hips to keep my cock inside her. I just could imagine if she was this with those fools she dated.

“I want you to cum inside me!”

“Ah? I can’t!”

“Don’t worry. I am on pill. Please go on!”

I had to fulfill her dream and, when I reached the point, blew my entire load inside her. I don’t know why she asked me for that, but since she requested it, I wouldn’t argue with her orders. I could see Becky feel in other state as she felt my sperm going into her pussy, maybe it was that way that got her into orgasms.
And I have to say, I gave her a big orgasm. A real one. She called my name and told me I was the best and cussed every guy that disappointed her in the city and claimed I was the man of her life and stuff. I couldn’t feel more aroused.

“So, how it was?”

“Well, I just can say I finally achieved my goal to be with the girl of my dreams”

“I say the same, Randy…”

“So, where do we go from here?”

“I don’t know, but if you mind to lick my pussy soon…”

I licked, even if I got to taste my own cum. But it didn’t mattered. I had Rebecca Watts and nothing could stop that from happen… We date hidden from everyone for a while before she said to her father about me. He accepted it very well and said that ‘I would be a better man for her than any of her ex-boyfriends’.

And for the last year, the cowboy who told this story is being a better man for Becky. A better man in all ways possible…

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Chapter XXXVIII – Another Couple Seducer (based on Darling Love No. 8 cover, Archie, Summer 1951)



Al and I are married for nine years and our relationship is divine, giving us our two kids. Everything could be fantastic and I could tell you the best love story ever if wasn’t by one single hurdle: our sex life.

You know, when it starts, everything is good and spicy, our bedroom was on fire, but since long we didn’t found the valentine’s vigor. Not that we don’t enjoy it, but it became so, well, ‘common’ that it’s like we’ve been doing those routines that any couple can do in bed.

Maybe it’s because we got children to raise and the burden of being a parent is hard sometimes on our bodies, or it could be the age thing. Nevertheless, Al and I couldn’t find a way to make things better sexually and the usual fear that it would be come ‘jump-fuck-cum-sleep’ was clear.

We tried a lot of stuff, like movies, books and even roleplaying, but nothing seemed to work! It looked like we were doomed to a boring sex life for the rest of our lives… But a friend’s advice was enough to change my entire life.

“Corinne, me and Al can’t take it anymore. We don’t know a single way to spice up our sexual life. We tried everything but nothing works with us…”

“Have you tried a sexual consultant, Devie?”

“Sexual consultant? What is it?”
“It is someone that is hired to help couples to improve in bed. Think like of a sex therapist with the expertise from a prostitute”

“Is there anyone that works like this for real?”

“Yes. Remember when me and Scott had troubles in our marriage? It’s when we hired the consultant. And believe me, our life changed after we met her…”

“A woman? Well, quite strange, but interesting indeed. But how you met this consultant?”

“It was Mary that gave me the tip. She also worked with her when she divorced from Malcolm, and spread the word around with the other women. I think I have her card… ok, here, take it. You need it better than I nowadays”

Corinne explained how that sexual consultant worked, but I was still doubtful if it could work. When I mentioned that to Al, he was doubtful as well, but thought it could worth the shot.

“I don’t know, honey. We could just give a try. If it doesn’t fit us, we can throw a lifeline on something else”

I made first contact with the consultant, named Marion. I told that Corinne gave me her number and she quickly went prone to work on us. On the phone, she explained about her job and I talked about my problem. We scheduled a first visit at our apartment for the following week.

The day came and me and Al were anxious about Marion. We didn’t know how she could be or what she could think about us in first place. Our doubts disappeared when the doorbell rang.

“You two must be Al and Devie Meadows. I am Marion Legrand, your sexual affairs consultant”

Just to look at her I knew the shot worked. It was a stunning brunette, nearly from our age. You could look at her face and her clothes that she was a classy woman. The one I could see men falling over her feet, begging for her to marry them, giving every kind of gift, doing all her wishes to have a night with her. Surely a woman like her had a sexual knowledge that certified her for the job.

“Glad that you took our case, Miss Legrand. Me and My husband were waiting for you…”

“Please, don’t need to be that formal. We are all friends here. Please call me Marion…”

We invited her to enter and right from the start we told her why we called her. Marion told us to sit on the couch and then made a complete interrogatory on us. She asked about our relationship, marriage, family, sex life and else. Everything she wrote on a small notebook she picked from her bag, paying carefully attention to every single word Al and I said.
“Enough of questions for now... Mind if I check the bedroom?”

“Is there anything wrong with it?”

“Not at all. I just like to see the place where the couples usually have sex. Sometimes there is something that might contribute to the problem”

We took Marion to our bedroom, and she checked everything thoroughly. From the bed to the closet, the consultant investigated, writing down her notes and asking us the age of the furniture, how do we like to sleep, where the kids sleep and else.

After she reviewed the place, Marion took us back to the living room, where we patiently waited for her veredict.

“So, is there anything wrong with us, Marion?”

“Hmmm… wrong, I cannot say. But I sense there is a lack of eroticism coming from you two…”

“Lack of eroticism?”

“There is nothing wrong in my view about the way you two do it. But my feeling is that there is no ‘steam’ surrounding your sex. There are no erotic moves, actions nor ideas that usually spice the things up”

“But we tried everything! We read the books, we saw the movies…”

“Books and movies can be a source of ideas, but they aren’t more reliable than the good old imagination. And, also, I think you need to try a few things off”

“Like what?”

“Well, I can give you two a walkthrough of stuff that can be useful for you in bed. But it’s gotta be the next time, since it needs to set the environment for what I need”

“If it was needed to saved our marriage, ok, there will be a next time”

Next week, and there were us again, and Marion appeared. Again, the anxiety was big, since we didn’t knew what she had on mind to help us to regain our sexual energy.

“Are you two ready for our exercise?”

“Yes, we are!”

First, Marion sat between us and warned that we have to tell her if she is doing something that might bother us. We agreed and, then, she started to talk what she had on mind.

“It was good for me that you requested my help. You two are the kind of people that I love to us my skills on”
“And what kind of skills do you have here for us?”

“I think a threesome would be the best way to show how and where you need to improve”

“A threesome? You mean… me, Al and you?”

“I guess you don’t mind if I came between you and Al tonight, right Devie? And anyway, I’ll be here mostly to be your sex coach”

“Er… well… I don’t… well; let’s see if your plan can work right for us then”

Marion quickly touched our bodies, apparently feeling if we were sexy enough to her. As she smiled, perhaps with a wicked intention in her mind, I felt that our problems were in verge to be resolved by the sex consultant.

“The first lesson here is that you have to seduce your partner in order to achieve a good sex. I mean, you have to turn him or her on, play with his mind, see what makes him or her get aroused”

“And how we can do it?”

Marion asked permission to me for unzipping his pants, and after my blessings, she didn’t had any problem on taking his pants down and having his cock on her hand. It was unbelievable that I would let another woman have my Al in this way, but if you want to save your marriage, everything counts.

I closely watched the brunette touch my man like she was giving him a handjob. I could see Al, even if a little embarrassed, moan as Marion stroke him, as she looked at me hoping to see if I could react from it.

“Is this turning you on, Devie?”

“Well… yes… a little”

“Are you enjoying for real that another woman is touching your husband? Do you see how Al likes to be masturbated?”

“I can see, Marion. Where do you want to reach?”

“Maybe your husband needs to be stimulated before you get at work with him. And I can predict this is enough for you to wet your underwear, right?”


“Then let’s see if we can apply the same for Al”

Right after she said that, Marion kissed me! I couldn’t and I wouldn’t refuse or ask why, then I let it go and went for good to reply that kiss. I never put my lips into the ones of a woman in my life, and I must say the experience was satisfying. Al, watching everything, felt himself the urge of masturbating himself, as I could see his cock get close to the ‘point’.

“See how your husband seems excited while we kiss, Devie?”

“Yes… I guess he is just another guy who loves two girls getting it on…”

“And I can see that you too…”

I couldn’t say no. That was really getting me horny, and I was hoping that Marion didn’t stop it all out of sudden. But she did, and after she broke the kiss, she told us to take off our clothes.

“Seems you both past the first lesson. Now, I will let you try to involve me in your caresses”

She said as she also got herself naked and to Al and me to approach her and do whatever we wished to her body. And there we were, touching, kissing and fondling that hot woman. We could hear that we were going well giving Marion moaned while kissed all over her body, sucked her breasts and even let us finger her wet pussy.

Next lesson was the oral pleasure. With Marion’s guidance, we were introduced to the arts of a good blowjob and cunnilingus. It was interesting to see how Marion showed her mouth skills on both of us. I would never believe that having a girl lick my pussy could be great. Or even watch my husband being sucked by the consultant.

“Well, time for you two show how good you fuck, lady and gentleman!”

Then, Marion became really a coach. She gave us instructions on the positions we made, how we could do it to make it naughtier, told us to let our mouth speak for ourselves, told that we should be more nasty during sex talk and to try new things. She participated as well, positioning us and using her hands to make any kind of correction.

Anyway, the prognosis was way ahead than I predicted. That woman knew what she was talking about! I didn’t felt so much pleasure in my life since years ago, and I bet by Al’s face, he shared my views. We finally found what we were looking for, and Marion witnessed every moan, every pleasing word, and every nasty request of both of us while his cock made my pussy his home again, to the point she didn’t resisted enough and touched herself while seeing our sex.

Marion was in front row to watch, after all this time, a true orgasm from both of us. I think I even left my body while I felt all that ‘repressed pleasure’ finally arrive after years of frustration. Al, meanwhile, looked like he didn’t wanted to stop at all. He kept fucking me, even if we were at the boiling point of sexual gratification. To show how much we were finally free, I asked him to cum all over my body and so he did.

“So, how did went for you two?”

“It was fantastic! I never felt something like this in years!”

“You got it, Devie! We don’t know how much we are thankful for saving our marriage, Marion “

“Don’t worry… it is just a single brick you must lay every day if you two want to keep the flame ignited for years to come”

“With your tips, me and Al will be like we were in our early years!”

“I hope so, but now I guess my work is done for today…”

“No, wait!”

“Want to say something, Devie?”

“I want to discuss the payment, since you made a good job here. And second, I want to ask you if you don’t mind to join us for a real threesome”

“About payment, we could discuss it next time we meet. And about the threesome, sure why not? I don’t have nothing to do anyway…”

And so it was, we had Marion only for us to show how our skills were upgraded after her ‘class’. I bet she loved when Al did her in so many ways and I put all my oral skills to the test. Well, at least I know she went to heaven or almost when we finished her by licking her pussy.

Now our marriage is back to the old times and me and Al became a different couple in bed, thanks to Marion’s guidance. We know what to do to turn our minds on and be like animals in our bedroom. But don’t think we didn’t see Marion anymore. Sometimes she drops by to see if we are going well, and to see if we can show her how nasty we became…

Anyway, thanks to Marion Legrand, our lives changed. To better.

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Chapter XXXIX – Past Stories, Present Love (based on Sweethearts No. 127 cover, Charlton, August 1972)



When you love somebody, nothing can change your mind about that. If your love is strong as a rock, there is nothing or nobody that can stop you from achieving it, and no one should tell you to not love anyone you really do.

I am a living testimonial to this. When I was young, the girl of my dreams was Mona Seraphin. She lived in the neighborhood and studies in the same school as I. She was a beautiful blonde angel with that beret in her head and those divine looks and voice… the kind of girl you want to marry.

It didn’t took much longer for us to form a bond and, then, to date. It would be a dream come true if wasn’t for a hurdle: people seemingly to disapprove my relationship because of her past.
“Are you date Mona Seraphin? Tony, she is the slut of the neighborhood! She does anyone for anything. You don’t deserve someone like this, you deserve someone better”

The thing was that Mona had a ‘reputation’ of being too ‘easy’. You know, the girl of girl who goes out with many guys and, therefore, end up in bed with them. Despite most of those talk were based in rumors, the fact that Mona had lots of male friends didn’t helped much to make people think better of her. Hearing everyday people telling me to leave her because she would dump me or because she is not the ‘right fit’ annoyed me to the point that I had several fights with my family and friends about it.

The only one that seemed to understand my burden was Mona. She didn’t care about what people said, and even if she was that ‘easy’, it wouldn’t be a bunch of people that would make her feel down because of that.

“Mona, why I never saw you pissed off when people make comments about your life?”

“Because I don’t care, Tony. That’s all. Why I should mind about people talking about me if many of those things aren’t the truth?”

“But and if all those things were the truth?”

“I wouldn’t still mind. I don’t meddle into other people’s businesses so I would be very glad if people did the same about me”

Her carefree way about what people thought of her made me fall in love with her even more, but her past still intrigued me. I didn’t liked the whole talk of ‘she is no good for you’ but I couldn’t stop thinking about ‘what ifs’. Not that I was disapproving her lifestyle, whichever one she had chosen for herself, but all those stories, all that ‘slut’ talk… something had to be a little hint of truth between it.

And all that took me to do what I thought I couldn’t do it in respect to my girlfriend: masturbate about her and her, truthful or not, ‘stories’. I have to confess that I got excited every time I thought about the men her supposedly or not did, what she did with them and how she enjoyed it. I can’t count the times I came after jerking off about thinking about my girlfriend doing sex with other people. Not that I wish her to cheat on me, but it could be a way that I could ease off the tension of people bugging me about if I must leave or not Mona.

“Uhhh… Mona, yes… fuck that guy… yeah! Soo good, now ride those cocks, you rascal! Do it... Ohhhh…”

Suddenly, I got myself confused. Who to believe, my girlfriend or the people that told those stories about her? Of course I believed her the most, but I couldn’t deny how turned on I got thinking if she was telling me the truth or not. And I feared that she knew anything about it, or our relationship would blow instantly.

But there must be a day for everything, and the day was one after a date where me and Mona were to do it. Everything went first as we should be, we kissed, took off our clothes, she sucked my cock, I ate her pussy and she rode my cock and let me do her in missionary position. But after we came…
“Wow, Tony, you were amazing tonight!”

“It’s not hard when you have such an amazing inspiration as you are, honey”

“Do I inspire you in sex? Wow, such romantic you are…”

“Well, of course I had also a little help from my mind too”

“I am sure your mind is really dirty, babe”

“If it wasn’t by such dirty one as yours, Mona, I wouldn’t do that”

“Well, it’s good to have an open mind sometimes, you know it”

“I see… well, Mona, may I ask something to you?”

“Sure, what?”

“Well, I want you to be crystal clear about what I am going to ask you. Do you ever had any… well, ‘wet dream’ about the things people say about you?”

“What? What are you meaning, Tony?”

“Let’s say that part of my performance tonight and part of my self-pleasure I am giving the last days came from the things I thought from what people tell about you, Mona”

“Tony! How dare you! Why you did that? You know those ain’t truth!”

“Mona, listen… I know it, but I cannot stop thinking about what if you were the girl my family and friends think you are. And, I admit it, it kind of turns me on… and I know you don’t care about those stories”

“I do not care about them, but I care about my boyfriend having the hint that, inside me, lives a girl that people thinks that is a ‘cheap slut’. Do you want me to sleep with the whole neighborhood to satisfy you, Tony? That is it?”

“No at all! Mona, let me explain. I believe in you, you know for sure! But what I meant was that I found a way to cope with people telling my every time to leave you, to forget you, to take care with you, this and that… I am not thinking you are what people say, but I have to say that it does turn me on thinking on how you could be with other people”

“Wait a minute. Do you want me to understand that you fantasize me having sex with other people?”

“I am not fantasizing you with other people. I am fantasizing about you, just you. The other people are just accessories to it. I only think about you, Mona. The men that appear in my thoughts are just to vent some lustful thoughts, the ones you cannot have… “

“I just don’t understand where is the point you want to take”

“I love you, Mona, and I get pissed off to hear all those words about you, but I want everything they say and think about you to do with me. It’s all about you doing with me all they think you did with other guys”

“Well, Tony, I don’t see it as a bad idea. But, it’s not like it’s easy to think about that, you know”

“Let me try first and then we can see if it worth or not. If don’t, let’s put that apart and never mention it anymore. Got it?”

“I am still puzzled on what you want from us, Tony, but…”

I started to talk about the fantasies I had about her, what she did with those guys, how she felt and how the guys felt with her. Did it in a way she could not feel uneasy listening to me say such stuff to her. And, boy, it worked.

She quickly said what she wanted to do with me and how she wanted to do it to make those boys envious of me. She quickly noticed myself getting aroused and got to suck my cock again and later, let me do her.

The experience went way better than I expected. Mona quickly got the hold of it and showed me what she wanted me to do and how I told her the guys in my dreams did to her. She rode my cock like a cowgirl, telling me to go harder, saying nasty stuff to me, telling me I am best than any guy she did or people tell she did… anyway, all the sort of things I wanted to hear from her.

“Uhhhhh Yeah! Fuck me Tony! Show those men you rule!”

We did in the ways I told the guys did to her in my thoughts, and even got a little anal in it. When we came, a rock fell down from my back. I didn’t bothered anymore that Mona was or wasn’t the girl people told she was. She was my girl and for me, she was the best girl ever.

“Mona, you were great tonight!”

“With the mind of a boyfriend like you, who am I to deny?”

Until we broke up, almost every night was a round of ‘role-play’ where I told my dreams to her and she worked on making them true. Now, I am with another girl and Mona went to live her life, now discovering that she could make those stories become reality.

And now, no single soul say a word about her… that teaches something about respect…

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Chapter XL – Air Orgy (based on Pictorial Romances No. 12 cover, St. John, March 1952)



I know what people think about us, stewardesses. People always rate us as the ones who care about the passengers, gently help them if they need something, serving our customers the way they wish, and so on. This is totally true, you know that. But there is the other side, the kind of thing you don’t usually share with anyone but yourself and your co-workers. The kind of acts that aren’t appropriate for ‘semi-virginal’ women like us…

As almost every human being, we feel sexual desire and we devote some of our time to fulfill it. Being at an occupation where people usually fantasize about us, for me, Susan Torrey, it is usual hear from men pick-up lines and indecent proposals. I pretend not to care most of the times I get one, but in the rare situations the person worth the attention, I admit it’s fun to get those.

I usually work paired with my friends Anna Perton and Cathy Sokoll, because they think we do a great job as a trio, and taking the customers’ talk, they are right. But, after we leave the airplane, it’s a race against time to find a man or men that can fit up to our standards and give a night or two of fun to three horny women. And when there weren’t men available for us, sometimes women throw better parties than them. Being a bisexual stewardess has its advantages…

From all the men we managed to lure into our ‘claws’, no one was better in so many ways than Hank Brooklyn. He was an old client of our airline, and seemed to be a very wealthy man, always looking to the economy newspapers and checking stock exchanging and the price of the stuff. Apart that and the fact he was on his early 30s and apparently single, there weren’t much we could know about him

The first time I saw Hank waiting for a flight to take off; it was love at first sight. He was the kind of man you see yourself married with, and his manners were more than just a gentleman’s gesture. Every time he needed to fly to somewhere, the three of us were assigned to that trip. Could be coincidence? Or something else’s wishes were behind that? Anyway, Cathy and Anna felt the same about him, and the three of us fantasized about him every time he flied with our company on our free time

“Gosh, that Hank is so hot! Today, he smiled at me after I gave him water and he said ‘keep up the good job’. Yay!”

‘Calm down, Sue… He just praised your job. He didn’t wanted between the lines to take you to the restroom and let you blow him”

“Anna, shut up! You blush himself every time he says ‘see you later’ when we land. You are the only person that can’t criticize Susan’s fangirliness”

“Please, Cathy… It wasn’t offensive; it was just a smart remark. And, by the way, I don’t know if Hank is capable of that…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s been a while that he always flies with us and even greets us by the name even before the plane leaves, and still don’t know if he feels something about us or he is just being difficult”.

“Perhaps he is married. Or gay”

“Anna, he is not married, I never saw a ring on his finger. And believe, we would know if he was gay or something”

“Anyway girls, we need to find a way to show Hank we are there. But how?”

Easy to say that we need to catch Hank Brooklyn no matter how. He was a major hunk and we saw him virtually every week, but for us, Hank wasn’t the kind of man to leave to anyone to do. The three of us need to have that man on our bed, but we didn’t knew a manner Hank could surrender to our desires.

Every time we saw him, our urges became bigger than ever and the need of getting that man increased at a large pace. We needed to do something about that or you could end up fired if one of us jumped on him like a wild many getting a prey to feed its family. But we needed a plan, and the plan that could make us rule big time.

And, like destiny wished to conspire for us, the situation presented itself at the most unlikely way… by the way of a major thunderstorm at an airport we were in the Midwest.

That storm got us stuck in the airport for a long time and the plane I was supposed to work with the girls was halted for hours. As destiny played with us, Hank was one of the passengers, being with family in the Midwest and going to New York for business meeting. When the storm past, he found himself late for almost every meeting he was slated to go, and the plane could be even more late since it needed to check if it didn’t suffered any harm caused by the storm.

Being Hank a faithful customer and one of our first-class users, the company managed to arrange him an air charter so he could be at NYC and do not cause problem to his schedule. He agreed, but requested for me, Anna and Cathy to be with him. A wealthy man asking for us to be his private attendants… bingo!

Me and the girls regrouped minutes before the plane left and we managed to draft a plan to finally get him to our arms. It had to be there, it was all or nothing for us. We had to get that man, at any cost possible.

Besides the crew, it was us and Hank inside that plane. And right before the take off, we started to put into reality the mission ‘Fuck Hank’. And I was the one in charge to break off the ice, while Cathy and Anna were in the back, waiting for a sign to come.

“So, Hank, everything is okay? Are you ready to fly?”

“Yes, I am, Susan. Being with you girls makes the flight better”

“Oh, thanks, Mr. Brooklyn. It’s charming coming from a man like you”
“But I am only talking the truth here. You and your friends are surely three very beautiful women. I hope your boyfriends are proud of yourselves”

“Well… none of us have a boyfriend…”

“Really? It’s a darn shame! The manhood of this world wastes time not enjoying the beauty of women like you and your friends. You three deserve to find men that treat you as you should”

“Hank… you are leaving me embarrassed…”

“Susan, you are a very beautiful woman and you deserve the best. If I had the opportunity, I would date any of you without any kind of doubt about it”

“Seriously? And why you didn’t so far?”

I just said it and it looked like Hank’s chin fell on the floor. I bet he didn’t expect to hear such advance from a girl used only to ‘serve’. But he had to hear it, and he heard even more.

“W-What d-do you mean?”

“Well, you didn’t say you would date one of us. So, what stops you from that?”

I said that while my hands ran onto his clothed body, and you could see him doing that ‘uh-oh’ face watching my hand doing that. I guess Hank couldn’t do other than release himself

“Hank, I need an answer…”

“Well… I don’t want you fired at all, either your friends…”

“Why you bother right now? You have so much money you could buy all the airlines only to hire anyone you want”

“It’s… well, it’s hard for me to say… but I always desired to have something with you, Cathy and Anna”

The surprise was so big that even Cathy and Anna left their places early than predicted when hearing that. Our plan did work, but not the way we were thinking.

“Really? Well, now I cannot lie, but we do have a crush on you, Hank”

“So why nobody said anything about it?”

“Well, we were afraid of you refuse. Such important man like you…”

“We all have our things, Susan. And this trip might be the start of something new, if you three want it, of course”

We didn’t had the time or the mood for questions as we took off his clothes and went for his body and then for his cock. Quickly enough, Hank found himself hard and ready to the take the Mile High Club in the good way.

“Let’s take off now!”

Hank loved when us three were all over that cock, fighting for space to put out mouths in. We felt his hands onto our asses, slapping it and trying to be under our uniform skirts. I guess we hit a good spot when kissing in front of him while blowing his schlong.

“God, I love when women do it! Come on, girls, suck that cock!”

Me and the girls did the best to suck and make that cock hard. After that, we became naked as well (apart hat and stockings) and I was the first one that ‘hopped’ into Brooklyn’s sex trolley. Hank went behind my back and, without any time to think, his dick was inside me.

I must admit: Hank Brooklyn is a wild animal! I moaned so hard while he pumped himself inside my pussy that I thought myself had died and went to Heaven, and thank God no one from the crew appeared to cut the mood. He gave me so much pleasure as much as I helped him to relieve his tension. And well, Cathy and Anna too, doing a very naughty lesbian show in front of him.

Anna was the next one, telling her to be on all fours. It was her time to feel his cock do her, and by her face, she took her to something no man in her life did. I could see on her face, despite buried at my pussy to eat it (and me kissing and sucking the amazing boobs from Cathy). And then, there was Cathy’s time and I watched how she screamed words of delight and joy while me and Anna were eating each other.

“Ah! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The whole trip was like that, with Hank serving us with his incredible manhood while we did him nice good treats for him and for us. Finally getting the man that we wanted for so long brought us what we all were looking for, a sexy man doing three stewardesses, even if it was inside a plane.

The grand finale was when he blew his full load on our faces, to the point the almost stained our hats! But it didn’t mattered, our mission was done, Hank Brooklyn finally was ours. And we thanked him the way we needed.

“Thanks for flying and fucking with us, have a good trip!”

“Thank you girls. And if you want, I’ll give my hotel room so we can have a round two. I loved what we’ve done here, ladies… see ya”

Closing the story, he called us to spend the days he were supposed to be at New York with us and we didn’t let that proposal be denied. Two days of naughty sex and lesbian shows for our business boy, who keeps flying with us, but always requests the charter fly when he needs to get ‘closer’ to his ‘favorite attendants’.
And, of course, we are always willing to serve him very well...

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Chapter XLI – Fashonista Lust (based on Secret Romance No. 5 cover, Charlton, February 1970)




When everybody mentions a fashion designer, mostly pop up ideas of someone with bold ideas, daring, intelligent, a genius who can understand the latest trends of fashion and use it or create of its own… you know, the kind of thing you see at the fashion pages in magazines and newspapers. Yes, those are all truths, but people like us are also human beings like anyone else, people that need to feel the desires and chase a way to fulfill them. I mean, the sexual ones, of course.

Since I joined this almost exclusive world of top stylists, I knew all the kinds of things people could do here. All the glamour, all the pain, all the drugs, all the sex… I have seen things that not many people might believe if I tell them about it. But that whole glitz junky stuff is not what interests me on this life. The sexual part, otherwise, I like it, and a lot.

The only problem, however, is to find a right fit in a world where most of the man or are gay or play the role to not feel ‘lost’ or are taken. The only one who has been so far a safe haven to me is my manager, Cornell Todd, the man who knew me when I was a up and coming fashionista and became my right arm since then. It isn’t any wonder to say he is also my only stable option of a good sexual relationship.

Well, I do like Cornell and I enjoy being with him, but there are times that I wished to have someone that isn’t my manager and couldn’t perform a threat to my career if something gets screwed up between us. Someone like a fellow designer, a model, a journalist or even someone from backstage… well, anyone else. But most of my flings didn’t worked well and I always ended up at Cornell’s arms, and not that I am complaining on that. I am just telling my story here.

And now someone might ask to where I am going to take this story to. Well, a few weeks ago there was a party at the house of a good friend of mine, Miles Conroy, who is also an old flame of mine. Pretty much a good bunch of the VIPs were there, from fashion insiders to socialites. Anyway, many of the ones who ‘matter’ to the ‘social environment’ were there, including me and Cornell.

I will have to say here the party was darn boring and nothing to talk about, but someone slipped me the tip that there was a room where more ‘entertaining’ stuff was happening. I pitched it to Cornell, which at first didn’t thought it could be a good idea.

“Please, Cornell. This party sucks! I need some entertainment…”

“I don’t know, Susan. I fear if you get caught doing something there, it might be hurtful to your career…”

“Come on! I’ve done lot of stuff that people can call worse or something. I will not dwell into any crazy orgy of sex, booze and drugs. You know me, I just want to see what is going on there”

Cornell wasn’t sure about my reasons, but after ‘pressuring’ him to it, he agreed and we both went to that room. When I was inside, it was like I went to one of those underground clubs where people do sex all the time. A bunch of naked people getting along to each other in the carnal way, in straight, gay and orgy way. Some of them I knew and others were total unknown, but I didn’t care for them, but to what they were doing.

“Oh My God!”

Cornell was speechless watching the action enfold in front of his eyes, not that he didn’t knew or saw people on that, but at most of the time, those kind of things were just legends of the VIP society, but that was the real truth, an ‘exclusive meeting’ where people were having sex with no guilt at all. I know it’s hard to explain, but let me continue with the story so you must know to where this was taken to.

“Look at those people, Cornell! They are really enjoying this party!”

“Indeed… but why you want to be in a place like this?”

“Don’t complain, honey… let’s just enjoy the place as they are”

At first, the scene was so exciting that I couldn’t stand a chance to take part of it before I watched it closely. I walked around the place and saw all those people surrendering those bodies to the gods of pleasure and passion, not worrying to anything or anyone around. Those scenes arose inside me the excitement, the arousal… my panties were going to cream by watching that kind of thing with my eyes.

“Cornell, I think I can’t resist… I must be part of it!”

He tried to ‘stop’, but there wasn’t anything able to not let me join that orgy. I quickly got myself without clothes and trying to see to where I was headed to, but as soon as I started to think, two handsome guys approached into me.

“You are very gorgeous, girl. Don’t you want to have some fun with us?”

“Well, I am delighted to your invitation, sir. But, where we can do it?”

The guys, Steven and Julius, took me to an empty couch in the room and quickly went to kiss me and fondle me wherever they could. Soon, they let me have their cocks in my hand and I started to suck them. It was unbelievable, I never had two men together in my life, it was an experience I wasn’t used of, and now I was having it, in front of my manager and everyone else around…

“Hmmm… yessss… suck it girl! Suck my cock!”

“Ahhhhh... yeahhhhhhhhh!”
I sucked both guys and it was fantastic, but I wished more, so I asked Julius to come to my behind while Steven needed to get more of my oral skills. I couldn’t believe I was doing two guys until I feel Julius’ dick inside my pussy… God, it was amazing! It was the kind of experience I was searching for in my life! I guess it was my destiny to find two guys that could fill my holes in a big mansion room.

I guess Cornell was there, standing still watching my with those guys, but I noticed how he couldn’t resist and started to masturbate to the three of us doing it. It was too much for a man like him not to feel excited by seeing myself having sex with other people.

“Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Fuck me guys! Fuck me!”

Later, both men went for my holes as they got into a Double Penetration stance filling my pussy and my asshole at the same time. I couldn’t believe it was possible to feel pleasure that way, but I was damn wrong! Those cocks going inside and outside my loveholes took a toll in my head, a good one.

Meanwhile, an ebony girl approached Cornell and asked if he couldn’t join the fun too. He hesitated, but I gave him a push for that. Alisha, the name of that girl, took him to an armchair and gave him a wanking followed by a blowjob. That really rocked my Cornell, believe it.

I took the guys in so many positions that I think my holes were aching a bit after they finished, but it wasn’t, at least to me. While they wanted to watch me more, another girl, named Cara, approached me and told me if I could have a little ‘fun’ with her. Well, I am not too much into ladies, but why not accept her suggestions. Boys and girls, how we licked each other! I never had such great lesbian sex in my life, the girl was really a pro into girl-girl pleasuring, giving me all the joy I could handle. Perhaps I think I need to get more along with other women…

Meanwhile, Cornell and Alisha got it going, with him riding her and giving her all that she could handle. I could see on her face how amazed she was by doing a man with such sexual skills like him. Later, other friend of her, Tara, came and they grouped on a threesome, which as another delightful display for my excited eyes. But then my three fellows took me to another spin, now into a foursome. Later, I had an all-lady threesome while, by my surprise, saw Cornell get acquainted with a guy. I never thought that he could ‘act in both sides’, and by the way, he has the skills to be an ordinary gay guy.

Well, I won’t be stretching much of what happened that night, but me and Cornell had a great time doing those people. I think I lost the count of how many guys and gals we did, but that night was amazing. I couldn’t believe I could take part of such delightful time, all dedicated to love and pleasure, having all those guys and girls doing us in manners we never were capable to think it existed, or even think that we had also our ‘bi’ sides…

After the party, when we were just leaving the place, Steven came to us and gave me a piece of paper, with an address written on it. He explained the reasons of giving me that.

“We all liked you and your boyfriend, Susan. You are perfect for our weekly meetings”

“Really? Weekly meetings?”

“We have meetings at this address every Friday night. Please, don’t forget to come you two. You will be very welcome by our fellows, and learn that everything that happened tonight was only the beginning”

Well, it was really the beginning. Now, me and Cornell visit the ‘sessions’ every Friday and get a lot of lovemaking with the guys and gals. Of course, also it made the two of us come together and come out to the fashion world as a couple.

And I don’t regret anything…

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Chapter XLII – Love and War at the Beach (based on Girls’ Romances No. 16 cover, DC, August-September 1952)



What might happen if you know that your best friend likes the same guy as you do? Maybe be angry with her, even to fight and cause harm. I know and understand, it’s not easy for anyone to see a person you trust your deepest thoughts to love the same boy as you do. That’s why me and Nicole found it weird that, for a long time, we shared the same man without any kind of trouble between us.

Nicole Stehn has been one of my best friends since long time ago, and the fact that we hang out together a lot brought us in Ron Faraday’s way. He was a guy we met at our freshmen (or freshwomen, as we like to say) year in college. He was the kind of guy any girl could fall in love, and I became his girlfriend after a few months.

However, I couldn’t imagine that Nicole had something for him too! Well, it wasn’t when she came forward to me and said, one day after a party, but instead of being pissed off with her, I just understood what she felt. And I came up to a solution for our little big trouble.

“Let’s share him. Just like that, me and you having him for a while, together. No jealousy, no fighting, no bad feelings between us”

“But, and if doesn’t like it, Sandra?”

“We just need to tell him about it and see his answer, Nicky…”

For some reason I still don’t know, he managed to accept. And we went to make an agreement to ‘share’ him as long as we wished. He wasn’t too sure of a long-term relationship and we weren’t willing for a fight that could cause damage to our friendship. And if there was one girl I trusted to be with him, it was her.

For the first six months and perhaps a year, it was the best of the worlds for us, but the as the time goes by, that situation went from sugar to sour. We did like to have Ron as our boyfriend, but still we had to realize if he would pick one of us to be his ‘official girl’. But the three of us were together for two years and no news on from where our relationship would be taken to. The situation was close to be unbearable, even if we still liked Ron.

We pushed Ron to pick one of us to be his girl, but he dodged the subject like he was running from the devil. It was impossible to keep with this arrangement for long, but there wasn’t no sight of light on our way, until Nicole suggested a trip.

“Where are you going for the spring break, Sandra?”

“I don’t know, maybe I am thinking to visit my parents or go somewhere else. Why?”

“I want to invite you come with me and Ron for the spring break”

“Weren’t you two supposed to spend the spring break at your uncle’s home in Tallahassee?”

“We are, but I think it would be better if you come, you know, because of the arrangement”

The idea seemed tempting for me, but not until I came up with another suggestion.

“Well, talking about arrangements, how about we make a deal?”

“A deal?”

“You know that Ron isn’t willing to pick one of us by his own, right? So, what if we ‘decide’ that for him?”

“I don’t understand, Sandra…”

“It’s a deal. We are going to this trip and we will make everything we can at our hands to make Ron decide for one of us. After the trip, he must choose between me and you”

“That sounds fair. But what about who loses him?”

“The winner has to pick someone for the loser, in order to make all that fairness”

Nicky thought for a while, but she convinced herself that it was better than we bug him for life. We pitched the deal to Ron, as he could be aware of what was about to happen, and he found fair as well. Been done all the arrangements, we went to Florida and, when arrived, we let the games begin.

“The winner takes it all. Luck for us and let’s go on Mission Grab Ron!”

The games begun with some usual tricks of ours. Nicky faked herself drowning on sea and Ron went to rescue her, only to her blink and make that evil grin when she came at my direction. I came back when I invited him to watch the waves alone at sunset, and I bet how Nicky got challenged when seeing us alone and together.

In the beginning, we fought mostly for his attention, trying to lure Ron away from the other and grab some time alone with him. But, as sooner as we would predict, the bed became the battlefield and soon we were trying to get Ron through sex. And which were the most delicious of the battles, became also the hardest of them.

When I caught Nicky giving Ron a blowjob outdoors, and seeing how he enjoyed having his cock on her mouth, I knew I had to give him a better suck to get the advantage on her, and it was even better if I bragged that in front of her. And, therefore, igniting a chain reaction where each other traded ‘blows’ for the big prize. It wasn’t to bring harm, but to make the things on a decent level.

I went extremely pissed off when I heard that Nicky had got to have anal first, but I decided to take further and took twice in the ass in the later night, only to make her mad when I told her. And so on, we tried to outmatch the other in the naughtiest way possible, being better than the other on anything. It could have many prices to pay, but there was a big prize in the end, to be Ron’s girlfriend.

We had many cards on the sleeve, I admit. We even resorted to take him to have threesomes with other guys and girls. I arranged a girl for us to have Ron, but I guess he got more entertained while we did each other (not that he didn’t liked fucking us, but…), while Nicky also got her a girl, a very busty one for the ménage. And don’t even count the two guys and other stuff we did…

Well, everything we did to have Ron to pick one of us, but he decided to dump us in favor of a bimbo he met at the beach. Shit… after all Nicole and me did for him, that bastard left us for some bleached blonde bitch? Well, he was and is an idiot, but all of that only served for me and Nicky to get our bond strengthened…

And, mind you, now having an affair! Well, I learned sometimes another girl is capable to do things in bed as same or better as men, but we don’t give up on them yet, just need to have some lickin’ good fun before we grab another.

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Chapter XLIV – Pleasing the Boss (based on My Love No. 29 cover, Marvel, July 1974)


Yes, I am a girl who is into girls. Well, I am into guys too, but my heart pounds bigger for the ladies. Well, there is one lady that makes my heart beat in high speed, the one I lust every single day, the woman I wish to be with every day. Her name is Rose Trevisol

My heart just burned for her since the moment she hired me as her secretary at a very important magazine publisher. She was one of the head editors and controlled nearly half of the company’s production. And there I was, helping that woman and at same time, having feelings for her.

But I couldn’t tell my love for Miss Trevisol. First, because I didn’t knew how her answer would if I confessed my feelings to her, if she would say yes or no or even fire me from my job. And second, her boyfriend. But not just an ordinary boyfriend. It was one of my dearest friends, Robert Stevenson.

He knew about my feelings for Rose and every time we went out for a coffee or eat, there was my lament over my feelings and Robert trying to understand them.

“Julie, I think you should thinking about Rose and you. I don’t know if it’s right”
“You only say that because you ‘stole’ her from me, Bob”

“I didn’t steal her from you. I am her boyfriend. You know me, Julie… I wouldn’t do anything like that to hurt one of my best friends”

“And why I feel awkward when I see you and her going out the office every evening?”

“Julie, listen to me. I am your friend and I like you a lot. But your obsession towards Rose might make you crazy!”

“I am already crazy. Crazy for her and it hurts to see that you are with her and not me”

“I am sorry, Julie, but these things just happen. I didn’t do it to hurt you. I just like her as much as she likes me, period.”

No matter what could Robert say about that, his words wouldn’t change my love for Ms. Trevisol. Every day, I tried to get her attention, but to little or no effect. I couldn’t make her see me not as her secretary or another colleague, but as a woman. A woman with feelings, who was in love with her but didn’t know what to do to get her attention.

Robert knew of my suffering and always tried to cheer me up or even set me up with other women. But I couldn’t stand to be with someone else and not have the chance to show Rose Trevisol that I was the girl that should love her and give her tons of pleasure. Yes, there was another treat of my feelings. I couldn’t stop masturbating about her, thinking on her as a goddess, ready to take me on her arms and have sex with me in ways only people in love can do. I think my pussy got tired to see how much I touched myself with thoughts about Rose…

But what I should do? I couldn’t wait my entire life until my boss finally realizes I should be the one for her. I needed to find a way to make Rose know that I loved her. but how? I didn’t know where to start or how… And I couldn’t bear to stand any time without telling Rose about my love…

I couldn’t come up with something, but when Robert invited me for a dinner with him and Rose, the opportunity rose right in my face. There it was! I knew if I was successful there, finally could have something of Rose’s love, but what about Robert?

Anyway, that day I went to her place, a very cozy apartment where we ate food prepared by him and drank some wine. And, of course, there was the whole talking.

“Robert told me you two are longtime friends, Julie”

“We are! We know each other since the high school and he is one of my best friends”

“You are lucky to have a friend as Robert, Julie”

“Well, not as much as you are lucky to have him as boyfriend, Miss Trevisol”

I didn’t know how she did reacted to that, but I knew it could turn the situation into my favor. Even more when we ventured into other shores.
“You know, Julie. You’ve been working with me for so long, but I never remind to see you with a boyfriend or something…”

“Maybe it’s because boys don’t interest me. At least for now”

“So it’s true what Robert told me about you”

“Excuse me?”

“Robert told me you liked girls, but I couldn’t believe in that. Well, is that I can’t picture a girl like you with other women, just that”

Robert, that rascal! Ok, time to keep up and play the game, Julie…

“In fact, I do have bigger feelings for girls, Miss Trevisol. But I am not interested in any kind of girl, if you wanna know…”

“Really? And what kind of girl gets your feelings? Maybe I might know some of your taste”

Could it be? Could it?

“In fact, Miss Trevisol. The kind of woman I want it’s not easy to find. To be true to myself, the kind of girl I look for a relationship it’s something who knows what she wants, how she wants, someone so secure of herself that nothing will break her down or anything. Someone like you, Miss Trevisol”

“Someone like me? Wow, how charming you, Julie”

“But it’s hard to find the girl that I want. In fact, I just found one woman that can fulfill all my needs. Only one woman that makes my heart happy when I see her…”

“That’s quite good… this nominee has a name, if I may know her identity?”

“I guess you really do know her very well, Rose Trevisol. So very well…”

When I finally had the guts to touch her thigh and look at Miss Trevisol’s face deeply, she just trembled, trying to stand away from me, but she realized she couldn’t. It was impossible for her to leave before I said those words.

“Forgive me Robert for what I am going to say, but I do love you, Miss Trevisol. Since the moment I saw you for the first time, I knew you were made for me. I didn’t tell you on how I felt about you because I was afraid of your reaction. I don’t know if you share the same love as I do, but I couldn’t wait anymore until I had to tell you about my feelings…”

She was just there, looking at me with that shocking face and Robert too, even if he knew he couldn’t do anything on that. I just stood in my position and awaited for her to say something, even if that something would be my heart breaking into pieces.

I noticed her looking at Robert’s face, but I didn’t take much on it, expecting something come from her mouth. But when she decided to speak, there was something that, I must confess, I couldn’t expect.

“Well, this confession really wasn’t something that I expect, Julie. I never heard from another woman that she loved me or something. That is really meaningful from your side”

“Sorry if I made myself turn into some obsessed nutjob, but I really love you, Miss Trevisol. I really do, from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t live with the possibility of you not knowing a tenth of my feelings. I am sorry if it makes me look like something I am not, but pay attention to me, for the love of God…”

“Julie, I think I can understand your feelings. See, when we love someone, mostly when we love someone that we feel we can’t have it, things like that happen. I am not mad at you because of that, I was just as young as you and I had several crushes, just like you. I see you are being sincere about your feelings and it’s the purest thing someone could do for a living…”

Seems too ‘blah’? Wait until the next part.

“But about your request… well, funny that was exactly what Robert and I talked last week, before we arranged this dinner…”


“Don’t worry… Robert had told me everything about you”

“Robert!? You son of a bitch! How could you?”

“I am sorry, Julie. I didn’t told you before handed because I wanted to make this a surprise”


“Robert told me about your feelings for me and I wanted for long to show how thankful I am for you sticking with me for so long that I couldn’t think in other way than prepare this dinner and give you a present”

“What it does mean, Miss Trevisol?”

“Well, Julie…”

She came to me and kissed my lips! For God sake! What she was doing? I couldn’t believe that, after all my suffering, she was the one to make the move! I was so appalled that I even tried to get out, but my mind told me to stay. And I had to! I could not stand back after years of suffering and heart breaking.

“How about that, Julie?”

“It… it was great, Miss Trevisol. You are a good kisser”

“Well, as I was saying, Robert and I decided to give you a present for all the time you are with us”

“And what kind of present is?”

She looked to Robert, who just nodded and then Miss Trevisol got naked in front of me! Like she was some kind of stripper… apart the hat she kept on her head, it was all nudity! Does my dream come true?

“Take me, Julie. I am yours!”

“Do you want me to have you in a sexual way, Miss Trevisol?”

“I am completely naked in front of you. It does click your mind?”

I turned to Robert and he only came to whisper in my ear ‘go ahead’. Even dressed as I was, my mouth went directly to her pussy. Finally I would taste the woman I wished the most. At least, I was eating Rose Trevisol’s snatch in front of her boyfriend, no worries or disapproval.

I don’t know how long I had Rose’s pussy, but I can’t forget the first time I smelled her inebriating scent, tasted her spicy juices, well… everything. Feeling those things got me in other ‘planet’, if you know what I mean, and I think I can speak the same for Rose, which moaned like it was the best sex ever. Even Robert couldn’t resist, as he touched himself for most of the ride as he watched us like a TV show.

Miss Trevisol then asked me to take off my clothes, because I was to get ‘my turn’. When she saw me naked, she instantly felt enamored by my body, praising and sayting nice compliments to me.

“Julie, you are gorgeous!”

She laid me on couch and kissed me again before my crotch was the place for her to leave an impression. I don’t know or even asked if she had experiences with other women, but Lord, how she lick pussy good! Just a few tongue brushes and my spine shivered with pleasure. I can’t remind the last time someone did that to me…

But while she took care of me, she brought Robert in, and he was behind here, doing his ‘job’. Suddenly, I had a threesome when I was supposed to have my boss, but wanna know? It was fantastic! I never felt so turned on by being pussy eaten while Rose was getting nailed by a friend of mine.

“How is it going, Rose?”

“Very well, Robert! You should see it by yourself!”

And Robert saw by himself… since ages I did had a guy last time having sex with me, and I couldn’t complain nor I would. Doing Robert was a great moment, with him being gentle and doing me the way a woman should be done. Meanwhile, I was having with Miss Trevisol, with her kissing me and sucking my breasts.

That night went long, and we tried a lot of things there, and in every, I got myself close to Miss Trevisol, doing her alone or with Robert, which in his turn, was also fantastic, doing our requests and helping us to getting close to each other.

I could talk everything about that night, but I want to talk about what happened after that night. Robert and Rose are now married and well and I was promoted into her ‘special assistant’. Or, as Robert says, her ‘personal pussylicker’.

Finally I got what I wanted and I am happy! Now I feel that my life is complete…

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Chapter XLIII – Un Ménage-a-Trois in Office (based on Love Romances No. 23 cover, Marvel, July 1952?)




For the last ten years, I have been married with Ruth and I have always been faithful to her. I know you’d might expect that I confess something about cheating my wife. Well, you are partially right. I had a sexual intercourse with someone that isn’t my wife. But what I am going to tell you is not what you were expecting from a story like this.

Even before I got married, I became employee of a very important advertising agency. And the place had since a pro-women hiring stance. Every single department, from the highest to the cleaning jobs, had women working on it. It’s positive because it really brings a way to make women take part of the whole process of the agency and not stuck to secretarial jobs or anything ‘soft’. But there was something that bothered me when I saw myself surrounded daily with beautiful ladies from all ages and backgrounds possible: my own past.
When I was young, in the college years to be precise, I was what people call as ‘womanizer’. I had lots of girlfriends, sometimes dating two or more girls at the same time without them even not knowing of each other. Sex? For me, it was a very important part of my days, sleeping with the chicks and giving them pleasure. But my ‘Don Juan’ days were counted as I started to date Ruth. She is straight headed kind, totally different from the girls I used to date. I knew that, to have her as my girlfriend and future wife, I had to give up on my womanizing skills, and so I did.

The first years were as good as they can be, with me and Ruth being the ‘happy couple’ and starting a family together. But, as I got promoted within the agency, I found myself surrounded with beautiful women, young and intelligent, living their lives. I fought myself to keep my ‘teenself’ away from my mind, but not until I met Marcia.

Marcia was a co-director of my department and she got the place months after my promotion. Since we worked together in other sides of the business, both of us got along together pretty easy. She was around five years younger than me, beautiful as a girl can be and also one of the best employees the agency had in its roster. However, I didn’t knew she was the one who blew my mind.

“I see you and Marcia always get along with each other, Tom”

“What you mean with that, Ted?”

“Well, since I know you since college, I must warn you about having the prospects of a woman like her working with you in your office”

“Come on! I am married and I love my wife!”

“Give me a break, Tom… don’t you tell me that, if you had the opportunity, you wouldn’t have an affair with Marcia or someone else here”

“Of course not. Stop talking like that, Ted”

“I am sorry, buddy, but I must say you must take care, or your put your marriage to the drain”

“I love my wife, and she is everything to me, so is my family. There is no way for me to cheat her”

“I am just saying. But I must warn you… you must control yourself. I know how you’ve been around pretty women like her… so, just be aware”

I quickly dismissed in my mind my talk with Ted, but as the days went by, I saw how right he was. As I got to work closely with Marcia, something happened with me. Something I didn’t felt since long time ago. I felt younger, I felt happy, I felt refreshed… it was like I was at college again, with a friend I could confide my thoughts and so as hers.

When she told me she was still single, I could feel the ‘old Tom’ try to surface inside me and say ‘get her! get her!”. Don’t get me wrong here, I still loved Ruth, but suddenly I couldn’t stop thinking on Marcia and me getting ‘intimate’, if you know what I mean. I knew I couldn’t advance the line between workmates and else, but it was a urge I was trying to resist with all my strength.

Even worse was when I started to get late at home and spend the night at my office, of course with Marcia as my company. Ruth didn’t liked, of course, when I worked until late in the office, especially because mostly it was only me and Marcia there.

“You and her always have to be together alone at the office until that late?”

“It’s my job, Ruth. I can’t complain with them putting me to work until late, it’s what I gotta do”

“But I don’t know why Marcia has to be with you. You are capable to do your job by yourself”

“Sorry, honey, but she works ay my department and I need all her help to make those accountant stuff”

“I understand Tom, but I am your wife and I need to spend time with you too”

“I am just trying to do what I have to do. When everything it’s over, it will be everything as it is”

Every day, the same argument and every day I had to say the same ‘excuses’ to her. I could see on her face, even if she could deny it, that she thought I was cheating on her. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to cheat on Ruth but I couldn’t stop thinking about Marcia. It’s ridiculous, I know, but what else I could do?

I had to find a way to slow down my thoughts about Marcia while trying to end Ruth’s suspicions. However, I couldn’t do one thing either the other. And one night, inside my office, while we were talking about our personal lives.

‘Still beats me that a woman like is you still single, Marcia. You are young, beautiful, smart and amazing. All a man could want for a girl”

“Let’s say that I spent part of my life not caring about finding someone else for me. But, for me, the only problem is that I am too picky over men”

“How picky do you mean?”

“I just don’t like any kind of men, just that”

“And what kind of men you like? Just curious”

“Well, I feel kind of awkward to say in front of you, but… you are the kind of men I would date”


“I want to have a man just like you. Intelligent, caring, hard-working, cool, friendly…”

“Really? Oh…”

Little I knew that it was the start of everything. Two days later, at the same office, we were talking about relationships, about my marriage and how she was looking for the right fit. The only thing I knew from this day it, out of sudden, we ended up kissing each other, I just don’t remind why. Maybe it was talking about how I felt near her or whatever she said about me being good looking… anyway…

“D-Did we just kissed?”

“Yes, Tom… Why? Are you worried?”

“I don’t know…”

“Don’t worry about your wife. I know you love her and you want to stay with her. And by the way, we are just friends”

“Er… I just felt uncomfortable. It was all out of blue”

“I understand your view about that, and I respect if you feel bad for us kissing, I feel terrible because I kissed a married man”

“You don’t have to. You didn’t kiss me because I told you to. You kissed me because I wanted, and so did I”

“Do you want another kiss?”

I couldn’t answer, since I kissed her again. We embraced each other in a kiss that I missed to so much to have, that passion from youth, the taste of the forbidden fruit, the never ending feeling. I felt myself like the ‘old Tom’, the one who fucked those tons of girls in college…




My wife caught us kissing. I just forgot I had her to take me home because me and her were meant to have dinner together. But right there I could only see her jaw fall on the floor seeing me and another woman. There was a lasting silence, the three of us too embarrassed, shocked or angry to say something.


“Well, Ruth… I cannot lie to you…”

“I hope you don’t lie, like you’ve been lying all this time to me!”
“Excuse me, Mrs., but you are making a mistake here”

“And my ‘mistake’ is any worse of any woman kiss my husband at his work place? And, the worse, you are his co-worker. How could you, Tom?”

“You are right, Ruth. I am deeply sorry about that, but I assure you this is the first kiss me and Marcia share between each other. I know I cheated you through this, but I must tell you that I didn’t do it to upset you”

“But you upset me, Tom”

“We didn’t meant to do it, ma’am. It just happened, it wasn’t our intention to kiss or do something to harm your marriage. I am very sorry; I understand how bad you feel…”

For one moment, she stopped talking and looked at us like she was some kind of school headmistress harshly reprehending us with her eyes. I thought she would scream the world on us or worse. But, she took a deep breath, looked at us again and said something that turned the things around this office.

“I could do something really bad with you two, but it won’t appease my anger. I could leave and break up our marriage, but I don’t feel I am strong enough to, and anyway, it was just a kiss after all. Because of that, I decided that I don’t care if you are going to cheat me with her, Tom…”


“…unless if you let me to cheat you with her too”

“Ruth! What the-!”

I couldn’t believe she said something like that! She said she wanted to cheat me with her. Was she out of her mind? Or it was just revenge? Well, Marcia got shocked when she heard her request that she got speechless at most. And what about me? I was like I heard bad family news.

“You can’t be serious, Ruth… what the hell are you talking about?”

“I just said that, if you need to do Marcia, you gotta do me as well, and I am really serious, Tom”

“But this is insane!”

“Insanity was exploiting the fact you are alone with someone else and kiss her for your wife to see it. This was insane. What I am asking for is to return the sanity between us, and for that to happen, I need to be a part of it”

For a moment, I was keen to say ‘no’, but then again my ‘older self’ came aboard to tell my mind to accept it, saying my past was full of threesomes and wild orgies, and if it was the best thing to do, I had to accept it. I got fighting with myself, trying to deny the idea was somehow interesting, but I wasn’t into leading position, so I had to give in.
“So, Tom?”

“If that means you forgive me at some point, I guess it doesn’t hurt… Marcia?”

“I must confess I never tried a threesome, and despite this whole situation, I think we should try it out”

The thing was so surreal that it’s impossible to explain, but I am going to try. Marcia and I came back to kiss as I saw Ruth caressing our bodies while we did it. I must confess I got a mild hard-on while both ladies kissed each other, from what I saw, both went awesomely perfect for first timers. Soon, we took off our clothes and the girls went hungry for my cock, in a way I didn’t saw it since my single years.

I know it doesn’t sound like revenge, but what happened inside that office was something that needed to become a book or movie. I couldn’t believe when seeing both Marcia and Ruth taking turns on sucking my cock while fondling each other. I stood at my desk watching my wife and my co-worker do me a blowjob. Sometimes I wondered if it was all planed or not.

“Your husband’s cock is great, ma’am”

‘Sure it is… and please, call me Ruth”


Later, I went to fuck Marcia on my desk as I ate my wife’s pussy. All those memories from my teenage follies came back that night, while I did that to those women. Marcia moaned louder, and Ruth didn’t want to be defeated by her while I brushed her cunny with my tongue. But my wife felt she needed to experiment a little and let Marcia eat her while we kissed.

“God, eat my pussy, Marcia! Oh Yeahhhhh! Tom, she is so gooood!”

“She is damn good, honey! I can’t believe I am cheating someone with my wife in the middle!”

I saw how Ruth felt pleased with Marcia’s lesbian skills by seeing her moan and scream in front of my while I fucked my co-worker. I didn’t feel anymore shame for that or any other bad feeling. All that I wanted was to fuck those two hot women in my office, at every way possible for us to.

We tried a few positions, but Ruth felt she needed me to fuck her, and there was she, on all fours on the carpet, being pumped by me as she had fun with Marcia’s pussy. I was surprised to see how my wife got interested in pussy, giving Marcia several tons of pleasure with her tongue, and it made me even more turned on watching those two getting at it. And I can’t forget how Ruth praised me in front of Marcia as I fucked my wife tirelessy. She told her how ‘stud’ I was and how I am the ‘hot lover’, and that she was proud to marry me. I guess that really sounded as forgiveness sound.

The three of us spent the night sucking, fucking, licking each other in so many ways that I find impossible to enumerate, despite weren’t that many. Ruth and Marcia went for my dick and each other’s slits like they hadn’t sex in years, and due to how the things happened, I can’t make any kind of bad comment about it. I finished them as how I finished the girls I did, with a cumshot that went over their faces and boobs. I couldn’t resist seeing them ‘beg’ for cum like they needed water or food, and at least, it was a prize for a night that almost went bad.

“How did I cheat you with Marcia, honey?”

“You were gorgeous honey! Marcia is really a woman hard to resist”

“And I must say the same for you two, Mr. and Mrs.…”

“So, are you still mad at me?”

“Tom, I am still mad with you. But nothing the time can’t fix, you know”

“I am still sorry, Ruth, for what happened between me and your husband”

“Let’s just let the time speak for it, Marcia”

We picked our clothes and took Marcia to dinner with us, like nothing happened. From that day on, we decided that we would ‘cheat’ on each other with Marcia. And, when we wanted to do it together, the office should be the place to go.

And Ruth never complained anymore about my late shifts…

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Chapter XLV – Miss Jones, I Love You (based on Confessions of the Lovelorn No. 84 cover, August 1957)




One can wonder why I never married, being past the 30-year old barrier some time ago. It’s not easy to answer that, nor I bother to come up with a resolution, but I think I can understand the reasons that take me so far to not doing the choice of ‘becoming serious’ and try to attain a long-term relationship.

Being a very important executive in the insurance industry, my services are sought by numbers of people that want to make business with me. My face appear in so many newspaper articles, magazines, interviews, photographs, radio shows, TVs that I became somehow like a personality. And with power, comes the consequences, and those are the women that circle around me.

I am what people call a ‘bachelor’, the one who calls the interest of women around for dating or even enjoy a pleasant night with someone that can give them all they want. I had lots of girlfriends, but nothing much serious came out from those date. Not because I don’t like it, but those ladies ain’t what I want from someone that I wish to spend time on a relationship.

Maybe the only girl that I managed to keep closer from me all this time is Daisy Jones, my secretary. She joined the company sometime after me and, since being assigned to help me with my businesses, we formed a great pair. Not only because she is an amazing employee, but also because she is the only one who knows exactly how I feel being the single women’s ‘favorite target’.

Not that I am complaining about having a lot of women at my feet, wishing me as their boyfriend or even a husband. I do enjoy dating those ladies and stuff, but something about them makes me not relate to them in order to find someone to be with. I don’t see myself marrying women like them, I just can’t picture me being another of those ‘wealthy social butterflies’ that participate in all those parties, meetings and fundraisers, talking about frivolities and things like that…

And there is always Miss Jones to help me to cope with my doubts about women and relationships.

“What happened, Mr. Blake? Tired after another night of partying?”

“I just can’t take all these women looking at me like if I was some kind of prize, Miss Jones…”

“Don’t worry, sir. I know you will find the right fit.”

Miss Jones is a valuable ally for me to keep me away from those troubles. I can’t count myself the times I asked her to come up with excuses to keep girls that I couldn’t fit with away from my foot, nor the times I needed her help for searching a gift or anything else for them. She is an incredible woman and sometimes I think if I could do anything without her.

She is too much the opposite from the women I date. She doesn’t seem like rich girls trying to find someone to keep her lifestyle intact or people that wants a bachelor just for the sake of having it. Daisy is just too different from them and I could wonder how much luck anyone could have if marrying a girl like her.

Truth be told, I always knew she had a few boyfriends, but none too serious. Sometimes I wondered why she didn’t have a serious relationship being the beautiful and caring she is. And there is pot calling kettle black… me, the one who ‘avoided’ relationships wishing to someone else to have them…

Anyway, enough talking about it. Let’s talk about something that happened last week, when by one of those weird coincidences, both me and Miss Jones hadn’t anyone to hang out with. And with that in mind, I decided to invite Daisy for a dinner in my house.

“Dinner with you, Mr. Blake? At your house?”

“Why? I am not allowed to invite anyone for a dinner?”

“Well… is that I am your secretary, Mr. Blake. I don’t want to see people going mad at us because I went to my boss’ home without professional reasons…”

“Miss Jones, we are both adults, single and free. There is nothing between us beside a professional relationship. I don’t see reasons for minding about what people will talk about us. I will understand if you don’t accept it but please realize my invitation as your boss and as a friend”

She thought a little and then she decided to accept my invitation. The other day, we were at my place, just the two of us, eating and talking like two friends. Just that, so far.

“It must be a burden to live alone in such big home as yours, Mr. Blake”

“Not at all. You get used to it anyway. It’s not like I’m dying to find someone to spend the rest of my life with”
“Please, sir. I know deep in your heart you want to find a girl to marry. You just not found the right one”

“I don’t know… is that I feel tired of being on sight of every single woman I know. Not that I don’t like, is that I don’t feel that good to be thought as just a man the women want for other things than just love”

“You should stop looking for ladies like that. There are thousands of women in the world that will like you for what you are and not because of what you carry on the wallet”

“It’s kinda difficult being the man that I am. Sometimes I wonder you having the better life than me, Miss Jones”

“Why do you think my life is easier than yours, Mr. Blake?”

“Well, you don’t have thousands of guys chasing you to stay with them, you live a comfortable life. You don’t need to worry about being the ‘bachelorette’ of dreams to anyone else”

“I don’t know, Mr. Blake. Of course it’s good to live my life the way I want, but I also wish sometimes to find someone to share it”

“That’s the problem. We are two lonely people in search of the Mr. or Mrs. Right, and so far, we didn’t find them”

“But I know you will find one. You are the kind of men women want, and I don’t say it because of the money or because of what you do”

“I hope you can find a man for yourself, Miss Jones. You deserve it! You are the kind of woman any man wants to have by their side”

We spend a good time talking about us and our lives. When we were together at the couch, looking to the fireplace, just quiet, as Miss Jones decided to make the most unexpected proposal ever. At least for me.

“You know, Mr. Blake. Would be weird if the two of us slept with each other?”


“I asked you if it’s weird if both of us slept with each other, right here, in front of the fireplace”

“You mean the two of us. Here? Now?”

“It’s just our dinner chat made me think about it. As you said, we two are single, lonely and free to do whatever we want”

“I don’t know, Miss Jones…”

“You told me yesterday that it wouldn’t be trouble dining with you because of those reasons I mentioned. Why a one night stand would pose a trouble?”

“Hmmm… maybe you are right, Miss Jones. Let’s go with it”

The proposal was weird and different, but nothing could be able to stop the two of us to engage with each other sexually. Right in front of that hearth, we took each other clothes off and kissed each other.

“Let’s do like the movies, when a man and a woman fall in love with each other and do it”

“If it’s what you want…”

She lay on the rug and I went on top of her, with legs apart, offering her body to me. That moment, I didn’t care if Miss Jones was my secretary or something. Just wanted to cure our troubles with some sexual relief, and that’s it.

I started to fuck Miss Jones and soon she got moaning my name, telling me to go deep inside her. The fire burning close to us turned the place into a magnet of sexual tension disappearing and turning into an almost infinite arousal.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mr. Blake!”

“Ahhhhhh! Miss Jones, you are so good!”

Miss Jones and I engaged in that position time enough for us to get horny for each other and calling words and names in a naughty manner. She wanted me to do in all fours, and so I went.

“Uhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck Yeahhhh!”

Boy, Miss Jones is a sexual hurricane! I can’t believe that, behind that gentle and dreamy secretary, it laid a woman full of pounding desire. I couldn’t believe she could be like this, doing her pussy at doggy style formation. Maybe I found happiness close to me and I was too blind to notice that? Or maybe the whole tension is talking?

Never mind, we two just had the best sex in our lives, and she finished it by sucking my cock and letting me cum into her face in body. I never came like that in those last years! And, later, she told me that orgasm I gave her was the best in years, when we laid together, cuddling on the floor.

“I told you we should do that, Mr. Blake”

“Yes, you were amazing, Miss Jones. I think none of the girls I dated were as hot as in in bed… or the floor…”

“I told you to try to find someone else than those socialite gals”

“You were right, Miss Jones…”
That moment, I looked deep on her eyes and said those words I am going to tell you.

“Miss Jones, I don’t know if I should say that but… I love you!”

“What? Do you love me?”

“I guess so…”

“Well… after tonight, I think I feel now feelings for you that trespass the boundaries between boss and employee”

We kissed and then we said we loved each other. And I could find that the true happiness might be where you never thought to find it…

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Chapter XLVI – Cockbattle (based on Modern Love No. 8 cover, EC, August-September 1950)



I won’t lie. I am not the kind of girl that is too picky over finding a guy. Not that I date any dude at the street, but my standards aren’t like those of women who just like to get the fittest, the richest or the prettiest of the board.

However, my kind of man, or men, must be good in one thing: sex. For me, no matter the looks or the pocket size, it must be a king on the bed to satisfy me. And I got lucky on that because I didn’t found just one guy, but two that currently satisfy my needs.

Those two were Carl Blaine and Enos Rossiter. Two guys I met at those society parties, and that soon became part of my life. At first they weren’t the kind of men that I would date, but after they took me to their beds (not together, of course), my mind changed. I found myself with the hunkiest of the hunkiest. Girl, if you know how is having sex with men like them…

Well, I can tell you: it’s amazing! Both are very different kind of men, with Carl being tender and gentle and Enos the ‘rough man’ type. And both showed their differences on sex.

Carl was the kind one, the man who could ask you every time if you are feeling well, if you like this, if it doesn’t hurt, about something he wants to try. He was a complete gentleman on those regards, giving me all I wished, not pushing to do something that I wasn’t much keen of it… you know, a complete angel. Plus, he was the master of foreplay! He is so perfect that sometimes I came even before we started to have plain sex! Can you believe that?

Carl was great, but the total opposite of Enos. He was the kind of man that evocate the ‘macho man’ style, likes to show how ’tough’ he is, how wild... He always liked to use new tricks on me and enjoyed how much I was willing to have anal sex with him, something that Carl would ask even if I write ‘yes’ all over my body.

Two men with different styles, but the same sex drive. It seemed God made my wish become reality, but not without a price to pay: I was doubtful on who I would pick as my steady boyfriend, with who I wanted to be the most. I am not myself one of those women who ‘beg for monogamy’, like ‘there is only one fit to everyone’ and stuff, but I didn’t know until when I was able to handle that situation and, as most of everyone, I could be keen to settle with one of them.

Luckily, I managed to keep them away from each other for a long time. I never mentioned one to another and they never made any kind of comment throwing suspicions about what I did when away of them or me being faithful. I didn’t care much about those things, but I wasn’t aware on how managing two boyfriends could take the toll on me.

But there was the day that I decided to come clean to both of them. I called them for a coffee in a Friday afternoon and told the truth about my ‘double life’. Carl and Enos got mad at the beginning for me not telling them about each other, but soon they came at terms and decided that I had to decide for them with who I was keen to stay.

“I can’t decide for myself right now, so you two must prove me that you worth the pick. Agree fellas?”

“Well…why not…”

“Alright, Katha! We’re game”

From that point on, I became the ‘prize’ for two men eager for having a girlfriend. As time went by, I noticed something different on my guys. Nothing bad about them, really, but I guess the whole competition mood took its toll on them. They went really digging for it, like putting too much effort on it.

Carl and Enos didn’t change their personalities over it, but I felt they went a bit ‘too far’, and I don’t mean in a bad way. It was like they felt they had to show a reason to be with me and they used our bedtime to put effort on doing me, fucking in all kinds of stuff and showing me tricks they learned.

I won’t lie and say I didn’t liked, but it was pretty awkward being fought like a trophy by the two guys I was hooked on. Seemed they only did what they did because they were in the hunt for my heart, and well… they were at most. I did enjoyed, but sometimes both went over the top on that challenge, like they were doing some stuff only because they thought the other wouldn’t.

I enjoyed until the moment it bored me a little. I wasn’t getting much pleased to see they were putting themselves all for it just because of me. And the worse, both were so great that I couldn’t decide who to pick! My mind was so puzzled that I realized the only thing I had to do was… choose them both!

I called the guys home to inform my decision, and I could smell nervousness on their faces as both Enos and Carl waited for the results.

“Come one, Katha! Enos and I are waiting! Who did you picked?”

“I hope you did picked me! I know how much you love me”

“So fool… of course she picked me!”

“Guys…please… let me tell you of my decision…”

“Alright. Please, Katha…tell us! We are eager to know it!”

“Well… you two guys were being so nice with me these days and I don’t know how I can pay back what you two did. You fellas put yourselves into a hard task trying to please me in order to be my boyfriend, and I must acknowledge that… but, since I need to make a decision…”


“It was hard for me to decide, and I believe it was the best I could do. You two are the best lovers I ever had in my life and all that you done to me until tonight I hope to reward you someday”

“Enough talking, Katha! Just say it, make the one happy and the other sad…”

“If you insist, Enos… well, after days of thinking and tasting both options, I hadn’t other choice but pick… you both!”


The face both guys did when I told I picked them both it was comical, believe me. But I had to give them my reasons to it.

“Sorry guys, but I felt it was unfair to pick one of you to the detriment of the other one. Carl, you are the nicest guy I ever met and the way you treat me is fantastic. I appreciate on how you care about my welfare and makes sure that nothing is going wrong with me on bed. I do appreciate guys like you, Carl, the world really misses someone like you…”

“And Enos… you are the wildest lover I ever had. I love when you show your ‘macho’ persona and throw me to the bed and show how much a man can handle a woman in bed. You gave me good orgasms and also I enjoyed the way you behave like you were a tough man sometimes when we are together”

“Given that, I couldn’t pick just one man for myself. Each of you represents things that I appreciate in a man and I would be missing one if I picked the other. Thus, I hadn’t other choice but picking two instead of one”

“Well… I don’t know… it’s too awkward…”

“I am not against it, but we did expected to one being picked, as it is the usual thing”

“I tried, but I found that it was impossible for me to choose just one. I would feel incomplete if I picked a guy and left the other behind. I understand if it might play a constraint to you and, if it does, I tell you to leave, but I want you two to know that is my choice and I won’t regret it”

Maybe because they felt they couldn’t get anything better out there or maybe because I was able to make up their minds, they didn’t had another choice than accepting that I had to be with them together. But I wanted more.

“Boys, since we had this thing settled down, how about the three of us celebrate being together”

“How we could celebrate, Katha?”

Enos and Carl quickly knew where I was supposed to go as I patted both crotches and touched them where it should be. Judging by their faces, maybe this thing of ‘sharing’ wouldn’t be that bad

“Well, Enos…I think she wants both of us”

“I think it’s time to show her the reason why she picked both, Carl”

Without much hesitation, their cocks were off their pants and on my mouth. They delighted themselves with me blowing their cocks, sucking and licking it like ice cream. Right from the start, I noticed that, at some point, they were enjoying that idea of settling the dispute with a threesome.

“Did she sucked your cock like this Enos?”

“I am the one should ask it to you!”

Sucking two cocks wasn’t much something I did, but I took the offer when it presented to me, and the guys moaned the way I hoped they would. Soon, they wanted more, and while I sucked Enos, Carl showed me how caring he was by fucking me at his style.

“You really know how to take care of a girl, Carl”

“My mother teached me well about that”

I went fascinated with what was happening to me that night. When it was Enos’ turn, Carl could witness the whole ‘macho man’ stuff I had for him. Not that it was threatening, but for him it was good to learn that, sometimes, girls like something a bit ‘stronger’

“I gotta learn more from you, Enos”

“Really, I don’t know much that I can teach you beside the basics”

The night was wild and capped itself when both guys decided to DP me. Those two men, so different on their approaches, completed each other while they fucked me. My pussy and my ass went in heavens with those guys putting all of themselves and more to fuck me. I think time stopped while they filled me.
“Uhhhhh!Ahhhh! Guysssss!”

They both game a nice and amazing orgasms, or more than that doing me in all parts that I could wish for. I asked for them to cover my mouth and boobs with their hot jizz and so they did, as a finisher for the night.

“Thank you guys! After what you did to me, I feel happy to choose you both!

“No problem Katha!”

“We are here to serve you!”

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Chapter XLVII –Bisexual Girl Wants Sex III/ Finding the Perfect Couple for Me (based on Secret Hearts No. 13 cover, DC, December 1952-January 1953)




Before you say something, I have to say: being a bisexual woman isn’t easy. People think that we are almost sex-hungry beings that are fucking all the time with everyone and are too ‘easy’. Sorry for breaking all your fantasies, but many of us have the same struggles as any other straight or gay person have to find the right fit. Or in my case, the right ‘fits’.

I say in plural because my attraction lay on couples. Yes, couples. Straight ones to be specific. My goal in life is to find a man and woman who I can share my deepest sexual fantasies and feelings and engage into a relationship. Two people I can trust entirely to be with me, sharing a bond of love, sexual pleasing and friendship.

But my search was, nonetheless, fruitless. Most of the couples didn’t please me. I didn’t wanted those couples that wanted to just realize couple fantasies or those that thought I was, as I already mentioned, some sex crazed woman from a porn flick. Those people didn’t interest me and I got myself disappointed at some point because of that.

Only my job could bring me sanity. After years of service with the Air Forces, I got a place in a commercial airline company as a stewardess. It was something different from my background, but I liked to deal with people and there I could take a look at the couples in every flight, some of them were exactly ‘my number’.

But David Gordon would interfere with my destiny. He is a pilot with the airline and my best friend there. David is such an amazing guy, also had a previous thing with the Air Forces and understood me when I informed him about my sexuality and my struggles to find what I was looking for. And, because of him, I am writing these lines tonight.

Ok, he wasn’t the only one to participate on this. I’ll share that with his girlfriend, Yvonne. David met the girl during a flight, her being relative to some important family from California, and then they got together. Right from the start, I could see that, together, they were the couple was looking for. Both had everything I wanted in a couple, however, I was afraid to ruin my friendship with David due to my request, and by the way, what she could think of me if she hears that?
Given the landscape, I tried to find alternatives, but none of them was able to make me replace Yvonne and David as my couple of choice. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t find anyone as best as them to be ‘my couple’, and yet I couldn’t find a way to make a less awkward attempt to declare my love for them. Even without knowing my interest, David was always a gentleman with me.

“Why it’s so hard to find the perfect ones? Why I can’t find a couple for me?”

“I guess first you should scale down your needs and find a guy or a girl that fits you. I don’t really think there is a couple in the next corner waiting for you, Lucy”

“David, come on! I know there is one. I feel it, it’s destiny. There is a couple waiting for me. I just can’t find the chosen one”

“You know I am your friend and I deeply care for you, but I don’t know… You are looking for long for those ‘perfect two’, and yet came nothing!”

“But I must keep trying. I know it’s somewhere… I know it! Sometimes I even envy you two a little. You are so cute together…”

Of course it wasn’t envy but love-driven lust. But I couldn’t say right on his face that I wanted them to have sex with me until the end of our days. I had to find a strategy to build my game and trying to level the field through subtle praise looked the best thing by then.

I couldn’t know if that was working, but I kept trying. It wasn’t any fake feelings about them, they were my friends and I enjoyed being together with them, and I had every opportunity to lay a seed and build the ground for my request. I knew it wasn’t easy, but I had to go on. It was just matter of time… but when?

That question the time itself could answer. After she picked a flight to Florida, where David and I were stationed for the weekend, the three of us decided to enjoy a pleasant Friday night and went to a restaurant. It seemed the right opportunity for an attempt, but how I should do it? Should I be right on target and open up from the start? Or I had to find a way to make them be part of the subject without throwing myself in their arms? Or there was another way to deal with that?

I had that entire afternoon to come up with the perfect pickup line for them, but I couldn’t predict if it could be successful or not. Then, we went to that restaurant, and between the meals, we had to talk.

“I am amazed on how you two are together despite the distance. I imagine it’s very hard to date someone you can’t see every day”

“Sometimes it’s hard, Lucy. I wish to be closer to David, but he has his flights and I have my business in the West therefore we can’t be together as much as we can, but we always find a way to be together”

“I can say I feel proud to know both of you. You two make a beautiful pair, even living apart of each other”
“Thanks, Lucy!”

“Lucy is my friend and she knows so well how I suffer being without my Yvie”

A slight part of the talking revolved on me praising David and Yvonne about their relationship and them telling about their problems with the distance and the short time they have to fulfill their ‘relationship duties’. It seemed I couldn’t get anything with that talk, until that woman made that question…

“Lucy, I just remember… David said something about you and I wanted to know if it’s truth or not”

“Hmm… sure… what it is?”

“Well, I know I never mentioned that earlier because we don’t talk that much and didn’t found the opportunity to bring that issue, but…is that true that David said you are bi?”

I didn’t knew what was worse, me almost falling from the chair or getting close to choke with wine when she asked me that. David told her I was bi? Why he said that?

“Er… excuse me?”

“Oh, God… Yvone…”

“Sorry for bringing up this, I see I left you unnerved with that, is that…”

“David told you I was a bi?”

“Well, I wanted to know about you, since both of you are friends and… now I am deeply sorry, I don’t know what to say”

“I am sorry, Lucy. I didn’t know what she had in mind”

“Is just… I didn’t expect to hear that out of the blue like that. And I wasn’t aware you knew I was a bisexual”

“So, are you?”



“Please, David. The girl asked a question and I am just answering her”

“So, you are really a bisexual, Lucy? Sorry for what I am going to say, but I never met a openly one in real life so far”

“Most of us sometimes just want to play discretely, Yvone. But here I am, a bisexual woman talking to you”

What I thought it could be a nuisance it turned a nice chat between the three of us. And, believe me, I couldn’t believe that Yvonne got that curious about my sexuality, asking an array of questions about me, my sex life and else, and without bothering me at all. It was when I found an opening or my act.

“I always tell David that sometimes I envy you two, but just a little. You are the perfect couple”

“You don’t need to envy us, Lucy. I know you will find the right fit someday, regardless of gender”

“I don’t know. What I am looking for isn’t what anyone can fulfill”

“Don’t say that! You are beautiful and a nice person. Anyone would like to be with someone like you”

“Well, I just don’t feel that it can be easy. What I am looking for isn’t what many people are looking for”

(Poor David feeling left outside with my approach. But soon it was his time to be called to action)

“Excuse me, David and Yvonne. But I must tell your girlfriend here that I am looking for not a single man or woman, but a couple to satisfy my needs”

“A couple? I don’t understand… explain me please”

“It’s just I am not a woman to being with just a man or a woman. I am someone who wants them both, not just for the sex, but for the caring, the relationship, you know, all those things couples do, but with a third element in it”

“Wow…well…it’s too different of what I know. I can see now how difficult is been to you to find your significant others”

I was about to bring the subject until David said he was going to the bathroom and told Yvonne to follow him to talk about some personal stuff he forgot to say. I saw them discussing a lot away of me, but I didn’t know why or what they were talking about. I could only see some light-heated talk before they came to a deal.

After that, both returned to the table and then David turned to me to propose me something I would never expect him to do.

“Any problem, guys?”

“No. It’s just… well, the both of us decided to ask you if we can be the couple you wish for”

Again, I almost fell from the chair! What? Why? How? What the friggin fuck he said?

“I know you since the Air Force days and I know how have been to you on finding the ones you want. Then I talked to Yvonne and I suggested her we could be your couple”

“Is that serious?”

“I am afraid it is. You are a very pleasant person to talk and everything David said about you was right, Lucy. And by the way, I think I got a little curious about your request”

“Are you being serious? Are you sure isn’t part of a prank or something?”

“Please, you know me so well. You know I hate to see people I care suffer and I know how you suffer with this entire ‘trial and error’ thing you are doing. And now you have the choice to get what you always wanted…”

“So, do you agree or not with our proposal?”

Mind you I even thought about that! The couple of my dreams offered themselves to me and I was wondering about saying yes or no? Come on!”

“Well… I cannot say no…”

And I couldn’t. Throwing that opportunity was something I could regret deeply and I can be many stuff, but not that stupid! After the dinner, we went back to the hotel to see if we could go on with our ‘deal’.

“So, what we should do now?”

“How about… kissing?”

It wasn’t just kissing. It was a triple kissing! It was awkward, I confess, but it was what I wanted. My couple of choice doing me was something I couldn’t turn away. And, by the way, that kiss, my Lord!

“So, how was the kiss, Lucy?”

“Well… it was good. A bit awkward but it’s good”

“Oh, really? Sorry if it wasn’t a rocking kiss, but this is still new for us as well”

“No problem. We got the whole night to learn”

Then, David decided to watch me an Yvonne doing it. I imagined her being not much used to do this kind of stuff, but she is a quick learner as well. After we took off our clothes, her pussy offered itself to me and I didn’t say no. Even David was amazed to see how she moaned when I started to lick her.

“Wow, Lucy! Look at that! Either I could give that moaning to her!”

That didn’t pose much challenge to David, since next turn was his. From that point, it was two women enjoying themselves at the peak of lesbian desire. Well, first I was the one to give pleasure to her and then it was her turn. And I guess she quickly got the hook for pussy.

“Oh God! Lucy, that pussy is so hot! Uhhhh! Mmmm!”

“Yesssssssss! Ahhhhh! Yessss!”

It was excellent, but I looked at David jacking himself off and I couldn’t let him get off without doing me. I went to him and started to suck his cock. It was like a dream coming reality, the stewardess doing a blowjob on the pilot.

“Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhh! Lucy!”

Yvonne quickly joined the fun, and I believe we kinda blew David off. Seeing how much she followed me while we shared his dick made me realize that they were made for me, definitely.

“Uhhhh…you two!”

We took turns on sucking his cock and then on doing David. My first time with him was amazing! He was everything what they said of him, he really knows how to please a woman. And I can talk as well for Yvonne…

“Ahhhhhh! Yessssssssss!”

“Fuck me! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Fuck Yes!”


And of course we engaged in a threesome, licking and fucking each other the best we could. Everything David and Yvonne did just raise my feeling that they were the perfect choice to be my couple. I can say I never felt that much pleasure in my life…

His cock, dear God… I just have no words to speak about it! Combine with her pussy it was the match made in Heaven, now brought to me by the destiny and a somehow innocent question… And his cum… Too many things to speak about…

We are together for the last year and half, and we don’t regret to be together. David and I still work for the airline and often meet Yvonne for our ‘couple plus one’ duties. Now I can say that I just found what I want, and the most surprising way possible…

Perhaps I can tell other stories about us, but not today…

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Chapter XLVIII – Under the Moonlight (based on Romantic Confessions No. 2v1 cover, Hillman, April-May 1951)



I must confess: I am totally awkward when it comes to romanticism. Not that I am not romantic, but I don’t know clearly how to deal when I need to show my love and devotion to my wife Jennifer or the proper way to do it.

Well, I know all those things a woman wishes her husband to do: romantic trips, gifts, serenades, intimate dinners… I am aware of all of those or I wouldn’t be with her for the last ten years. But sometimes, it’s really difficult to know what pleases a woman and how to do it without her getting angry with you.

But we got to keep trying and finding new ways to keep our relationships warm and there was something I would love to do with her to show how much I love her and how I can be a romantic man.

I really wanted to do with Jennifer but never had the boldness enough to try: sex under the moonlight. Just the two of us, alone, under the lights of the full moon and blessed by the gods of love… My enthusiasm went up when my wife loved the idea and wanted to go on with this. However, lots of obstacles appeared on our way to attempt that fantasy.

The first thing was the place. Our home wasn’t pretty much a location where we could do it outside without neighbors bothering, and of course, doing at public places was too dangerous. Then there was when and how, but those questions we postponed to deal if we could find the right location.

It was a hard task, but we had to keep positive until we could find a way to make that happen. The days went by and only my will to try to make love to my wife by the Moon kept alive the dream of fulfilling our fantasy. For me, it was the perfect way to show how I could be the kind of guy who does stuff to make his woman happy.

And how did it finally happened? Well, first you must thank Randy and Barbara Booth. They are a couple that happens to be friend of ours that got considerable wealth working in the financial businesses and they loved to throw parties at their mansion, which had one of the biggest gardens I ever saw, pretty much like the White House. As usual, we are always invited to those celebrations to meet our friends and acquaintances.

“Wow, Fred. Ten years together with Jennifer… not many couples are capable of that nowadays”

“Gee, thanks… When you have love and mutual trust, everything works”

Only to point out, except for us, Randy and Barbara and a few others, there were few couples that didn’t had at least someone who endured a divorce or were single or even trying to get married. In the middle of this scenario, we were somehow fish out of water…

But, back to the story. We were enjoying the party as well, however Jennifer told me she needed some air and I took her outside, to the garden. There, a conjunction of factors led us to find the perfect situation to make a wish come true.

“It’s a beautiful night, isn’t Fred?”

“It’s perfect, Jen. The sky is cloudless, the moon is shining…I could stay here looking at the sky above for hours”

“A good time to be with the one you love…”


We looked at each other for a while, until I felt something clicked in Jennifer’s mind. She just smiled at me and her hand landed on my thigh, not much far from my penis.

“I think we found what we were looking for, Freddie!”

“Here? Now? I don’t think it’s right, Jen”

“Fred, it’s perfect. We’ve got the perfect moonlight for us. Everything set, time, weather and place, for our special lovemaking…”

“I don’t know… and if someone finds us having sex here? And if it’s Randy?”

“Sweetheart, don’t worry. We ain’t taking much long for that, we just need some minutes to enjoy ourselves under the moonlight. And I guess they can learn to be without the two of us for a while”

I had my reasons to be afraid of doing my wife there, but she knew how to be convincing (no wonder we are married after all) and I wasn’t keen to throw that opportunity in the trash. After all, she was totally right with her reasons.

“Seeing the party from here, they are having lots of fun without us”

“Now do you see, Fred? Let’s enjoy the fact everyone is busy and make our own party here at the lawn”

It was too hard to say no, and given my fantasy, how I could say it? We found a place behind some bushes where we thought no one would see us there. Quickly as our thoughts were, Jennifer unzipped my pants and took off my cock to give me a brief blowjob.

“Let’s not waste any time. If we are to do it, let’s do it!”

She sucked and masturbated me the enough for my cock to be decently hard. Soon, she laid on the grass and told me to be on top of her. From where we were, we could see the mansion and be prepared if unpleasant surprises dropped by.

The Moon was completely above us as we started to have sex. Well, it didn’t had all the romantic stuff, such as roses, candles and music, but that was the situation and we were very happy to do it, even if it was at someone else’s gardens.

“Fuck me beautiful, Freddie! Fuck me like you were possessed by the moonlight!”

I couldn’t say the moonlight ‘possessed’ me, but I think it inspired me to do my best. Because it was something like a quickie, we didn’t mind to take much slow on sex, just going at it like there wasn’t midnight.

“Uhhhh… ohhh…that is so good!”

“Ahhhh… Fred! Fred! Fuck me!”

We had to control ourselves and didn’t yell louder enough for us to be caught by someone. But on that ground, we couldn’t control each other, surrendering to the pleasure given and blessed by the Moon.

“Wow, Freddie! You seem so much inspired tonight!”

“It’s the situation that made me like that, honey!”

I believe it took like almost half an hour for us to do it, with me trying to pay attention on what I am doing and on if someone was approaching the place where we were. I admit it was hard to keep my eyes in two directions, but all for a good night of lovemaking.

“Yeahhhhhh! Yeahhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh, honey!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Do it darling! Do me!”

I came inside Jennifer, not risking ruining her clothes or even getting annoying questions from everyone else. After a brief rest, we returned to the party, like nothing happened between us… later, my wife praised my sexual skills and said it was the ‘best sex she ever had’. No wonder we did it again, but then indoors.

Until now, nobody inside that house knew what happened at that garden. But the only thing I know is, at least I could do something romantic enough for the woman I love. And we are eager to repeat it again…

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Chapter XLIX – Sharing the Babysitter (based on Tender Romance No. 1 cover, Key Publications, December 1953)



Times are rough and anyone around must find ways to bring bread home. This is why, after I graduate from college and not seeing a bright horizon at my way, decided to scale down a few steps and went to work as a babysitter while living back at my parents’ house. It isn’t the best job in the world at first, but it was the best available and would help me to earn something before I found a proper job in my area.

Greta and Neil Davidson moved two floors below mine and they had a younger daughter. A perfect opportunity for me to show my babysitting skills to a couple I found trustworthy and that could pay me something I could live off these days. And it was, for the start, pretty much interesting, since they were a few years older than me and were amazing with me, treating me very well and asking how I was and if I needed something at my house.

They are very nice people and the best bosses I could have, but I wasn’t ready for filling occupations other than being the nanny. And now I must tell you on how I went from just a babysitter to a lover. Of both Davidsons.

Mr. Davidson was the first who I had that ‘more than special’ relationship. And it happened as an accident. There was one day that Mrs. Davidson was away with her kid and I came to get my payment, but I ended up having that chat with Neil, and guess it went all the way to my personal life.

“You are a very beautiful girl, Emily. I always wonder why I never saw you with a boyfriend since we moved to this apartment”

“It’s hard, Mr. Davidson. I never found a guy that I could think on going into a meaningful relationship”

“But you are the girl every boy wants to be! You have everything to find a kind man to be yours”

“I am trying, but it’s hard. I am always looking for job and then my babysitting gigs. It leaves me very little time for myself”

“You don’t need to push yourself. Emily, you must find a balance between all that. Pushing too hard will only harm you”

“I wish!”

“But I know you can get it. You can find your job and find that man. Believe me, if I were single and younger, I would love to date you”

“Mr. Davidson… really?”

“Of course. Who wouldn’t date a girl like you?”

From that point, I could feel something different in the air. I didn’t know what it was, but it just made me kiss my boss. In the mouth! Like his wife does! When I knew what I was doing, I just broke up that kiss.

“Mr. Davidson!”

“Emily! I am sorry, I am sorry… so sorry, we shouldn’t…”

“But…but why did we kiss each other?”

“I don’t know. I just said that… oh no, oh… no… I am a married man! And…”

“It’s not your fault, Mr. Davidson. It happened. We were talking and then it happened”
“But I am still deeply sorry. I knew I shouldn’t, but I felt that…”

“That what?”

“That I should kiss you… I don’t know, it’s just past my head”

“Will help if I tell you that the same idea went through my mind?”


We did have our reasons to explain, but the truth was there we both wanted that and still wanted to do that. I promised him I wouldn’t tell his wife about it and then, after the guilty past and we convinced each other that would be good, we went through with it.

“Let’s go somewhere else, and pray Greta doesn’t come back”

Me and Neil kissed each other again, and this time, with passion, THAT passion. We went to his bedroom and made sure Mrs.Davidson wouldn’t come early. As I took his pants off, I understood one of the reasons Greta is with him. He has a formidable penis. No kidding, guess it was the biggest I ever saw. I just had to put that enormous thing inside myself and we were game.

Well, it did almost choke me at begin, but suddenly that cock felt so fitting to my mouth. That dick, so juicy and delicious, being sucked by me without any guilt at all. And I just wanted to suck him dry and make my boss moan with my skills.

“Ohhhh… yeahhhhh! Suck my cock, Emily!”

When he started to fuck me, it was something… my Lord… I think I went Heaven without stops! God, how he fucks great! Mrs. Davidson is a lucky woman to have such a hunk by her side, a gentleman who knows how to do the best to please who is in bed with him.

“Yeahhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! That’s so good!”

That cock going inside me, pumping me hard and giving me pleasure… I couldn’t do other thing but became his lover, and even if I could tell Mrs. Davidson about it, I would make my best to enjoy the hunk she was married with.

Well, doing Neil was great and all, but everything got puzzled to the extreme when I found myself… as the lover of his wife! Well, that was an accident as well and it happened when Mr. Davidson went out of city for business and I was intended to help Greta on her house duties as a favor to her.

I and Greta talked a lot, you know how women love to talk… and as usual, the conversation drifted to a very tricky subject. You know that I am talking about sex and those other stuff...

“You and your husband seem the nicest couple at the whole building, Mrs.Davidson. You must be lucky to marry someone like him”

“You are so right, Emily. Neil is the man of my life. He has everything that a woman can imagine on a guy”

“Really? Well, I do hope I can find someone like him for me”

“I am sure you will…”

“I hope so…”

“Why are you so down? You are beautiful, Emily. Very beautiful”

“Too bad no guy noticed me at all”

“Oh, don’t be sad… that is not true! I think many men like you, but they are just afraid to tell you about it”

“And how do you know about that, Mrs.?”

“Believe me, I know it. I will tell you that if I was a guy, I would date you without hesitation”

“And if you weren’t?”

I think that was the trigger. She didn’t said anything, but I guess she was totally surprised to see when I walked to her and kissed her the way I did it with her husband. And she had the same reaction I had with him.


“Oops… I am sorry, Mrs.Davidson. I am so sorry…”

“Why did you kissed me? Why? How?”

“Excuse me, Mrs. Davidson, but you were saying I was beautiful and you said you might date me if you were a man, so…”

“But… do you like girls too?”

“No! Not at all! Well, I never tried, but…”

“Want to try?”

“Do you want to have sex with me, Mrs. Davidson?”

“Well… I never tried with another woman too, but you are the kind of girl I like if I wanted to”

I guess I don’t think to speak anything much about how we did end up doing each other on her bedroom. The very same place I cheated her with her husband. What I need to say here is how my first lesbian experience was. And Greta’s first one as well.

Well, it was the usual one, like in the movies. Girls kissing each other, than taking each other’s clothes (Mrs. Davidson, at my request, was left with her hat and gloves) and getting it on. She was the oldest and I let her do me first, using her mouth to taste my nipples and, as it should be, my pussy.

“Damn, what delicious pussy do you have! You are so hot, Emily!”

“Ohhhhh… thanks! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

They usually say newcomers can show as seniors on doing lesbian sex and Mrs. Davidson was a perfect example of it, licking my pussy like a porn movie actress. And I guess I had done a great job myself, when it was my turn, because she praised my oral skills a lot when I did her.

“You eat pussy like someone who is too used on it, Emily…

That cunt… oh goodness… so tasty, so juicy… well, I could talk about my first time with Greta but now I found myself into triple duty, since besides I had to take care of their child, I had to take care of both parents, but this was the, believe me, the hardest part of my job.

Money wasn’t the problem, but I feared on what could happen if one knew I was cheating him or her with his/her spouse. Do Neil and Greta undercover was great, I admit, but what if she caught me being rammed by her husband or he finds me eating his wife?

I didn’t know who to ask help and I managed that situation mostly because both gave me lots of pleasure but this triple duty thing wore off my mind and I only thought that, if I kept that pace, I could ruin their marriage.

I thought about lots of answers, but the one that suited better was to call both to a conversation. It happened in a summer night, with her daughter spending their vacations with her aunt. I called both to the living room and voiced my concerns.

“What you want to talk with us, Emily?”

“First, I must say that it’s very pleasant work for you, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson. You two are the nicest couple I ever met and I am proud to be part of the process of raising your daughter and to be your friend, but…”


“There is something in my chest I need to speak with you two and I don’t know if I will live with that for long”

“Is there something wrong, Emily? Something wrong we did to you?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s… well…I don’t know how to speak, but… I’ve been lover of you two for the last months”

“Uh? What?”

“Mr. Davidson, I am lover of your wife and Mrs. Davidson, I am also lover of your husband”

I thought the worst could happen after I confess them. Thought they would fight and I could be the guilty of the end of their marriage. Or they could try to attack me and blame me or even something really bad. Well there was some fight, but mostly in the way ‘why didn’t you tell me you were with her’.

“As I said, I am very sorry, but that happened. And I don’t want to be the one with the fault of ending your marriage. You are great together and separate you two would be a crime to the world”

“Don’t worry, Emily. You aren’t guilty of anything. We are the ones who deserves the blame, for not telling that we were having an affair with the same girl”

“We are the ones who need to be sorry, Emily honey. You didn’t nothing wrong. You just followed your heart and your lust, that’s normal”

“So, you aren’t angry with each other because of that?”

“We love each other so much to be mad because of minor stuff. And we like you so much too and we couldn’t be angry because of that. Not at all”

“And what are you going to do?”

“If you excuse us… me and Neil are going to decide that at our bedroom.”

They went to their room and stood there for minutes. I didn’t know why they were there or if they were talking about something. I was nervous with that, fearing all that ‘we love you’ talk was an excuse to fire me.

After those minutes, they came back, not showing any kind of facial expression. I could think only the best or the worst about that.

“Emily, me and my wife discussed the situation for a while and we came with the conclusion that we cannot be without you. You are the best babysitter we found and without you, we would be crazy”

“And, as a lover, you are the kind of girl that fits our needs. Daring, horny, discrete, trustful, gentle, nasty…”


“Me and Mrs. Davidson want to share you as our lover”
“What? What do you mean?”

“You are already lover of each of us individually. And now we realized that, without you, our sex life would be going into a drain”

“And the thing is: do you want to be our lover? Together with us, no more hiding and stuff?”

I was right there and had done a lot of things for them. Why refuse it? The moment I agree, the Davidsons looked to close the deal at their bedroom. Finally, I would be their lover, not just lover of one or the other.

“Mrs. Davidson, your husband’s cock is amazing! I must say that, I am sorry”

“And do you think that I married him for what?”

We sucked together that big cock of his, licking and sucking his shaft and balls, as he moaned with our mouths doing the service. He always told me Greta was a great cocksucker and I could see why.

I must say that there wasn’t nothing relieving than sitting at their bedroom and being licked by Mrs. Davidson while Neil fucked her. All the fears I had earlier disappeared from my mind and now I just wanted to fuck that couple wild until fainting.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Girl, how did we fucked… My mouth tasted every single piece of her juice while I licked her and Mr. Davidson fucked me and we traded lots of positions, we licking each other and getting boned by Neil’s dick.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck me!”

“Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


We’ve got our faces creamed when he finished and gave us beautiful orgasms. Now, I still work as babysitter to the Davidsons, but I do double duty as their lover. Should I need to ask for a raise or not?

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Chapter L – Nobody Beats the Uniform (based on True War Romances No. 5 cover, Quality, February 1953)



There’s a saying that no one resists to a man in uniform. It wasn’t until I joined the Armed Forces that I found why they say that. Since the first moment I put my uniform, I can’t count all the women that approached me for a date. I don’t know why, but I guess the whole seriousness of being with the Army and the fact we are thought to be strong and valiant add something to the mix.

Being dressed as an Armed Forces man, I never can complain with female attention. Every time I appeared somewhere during my days off duty with my uniform, I went home with one or even more girls wishing to prove a man who were defending their country at the battlefield. Maybe it’s the hero thing that makes us into ‘hunkmasters’.

But I a man, and men usually are the ones who talk about the ones they date or the ones that fell at their feet just because of my uniform. Working closely with the WAC forces, where I am stationed right now, I met Louise Weathers and she showed me that now only men benefit from uniform-triggered relationships.

Louise is one of my closest friends I have at the Army and also a lovely person, sharing most of the same tastes and perks. Sexually, she had a something for both genders and, for my surprise, I found out she used the privileges of having a uniform to approach any guy or girl she wished. A girl doing something I always did? I never could imagine something like that!

That discovery only brought us together and we formed a team! We just spent our days at the place we were stationed devising plans and strategies to get women and men (for her). Off duties, we were free to test them, and mostly we were successful. If hotel rooms could talk, they would tell all the stories me and Louise brought to them.

“Hey, Paul, something to do next weekend?”

“Oh yeah, it’s our weekend off. I guess it’s the usual. Going to a bar, drink and find a pretty girl for a night of lovemaking”

“Right on!”

This has been our life for the last few years, using our uniforms to lure the people we want to be at our bed. Sometimes is great, sometimes is not. But that made our friendship strong and helped to build identification among us.

Well, enough talking about me and now to bring the reason why I am bringing this story for you. Theresa Modano was the nice of a Louise’s superior and right from the start I knew she was her number. Theresa was the kind of girl Louise liked… you know, a woman of good taste, good manners, sophisticated sexiness. But she didn’t know if Theresa could like someone like Louise or even have a fall for ladies.

The only thing we knew about her is that she dated a guy from stock market some time ago, but she was single at that moment. It was the perfect catch for us, but we were doubtful on how we could seduce her.

“I am afraid, you know Paul. Theresa is way classier than me and I don’t even know if she can dig girls, let alone someone who isn’t half of her sophistication”

“Ah, don’t worry Louise. She is single and I can’t see in her face something about she being picky toward boyfriends or even girlfriends”

“I know, but I don’t want her to think something bad of me, or even tell it to her uncle”

“I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t grant anything to you”

Louise was the one originally interested at Theresa, but after a few days with her, I found myself attracted to her as well, maybe it was the fact she felt a bit ‘way too much’ for any of us that turned my attention to the girl. With both of us falling for that girl, we had to come up with a plan to get her.

It did take days, but Louise and I found a way to lure her into our arms. There was a party for all the stationed forces on Friday and we knew Theresa should be in it. It was the perfect occasion for us to get that girl and show her the powers of an uniform.

“Do you think it will work out, Louise?”

“We spent the whole week thinking about it. If it doesn’t work, I don’t know what could”

At the party, everything ran out well and Theresa was there as expected. To be sure the weather was nice, me and Louise pulled a friendly chat the first time we met her.

“How do you think about the party so far, Theresa?”

“Being sincere, I like it! I am so tired of all those upper class meetings that coming to a party like this I feel somehow free. I should had listen my uncle before”

“Well, I hope he can be right during all the party…”

“Yeah. You seem all so nice and friendly, much different from my last boyfriend’s friends, those snobs…”

“Here you won’t find any snob or something like that”

“Hope God hears you, Louise. And I think I can see the environment and check if there is anyone available for a lonely girl like me”

So Theresa didn’t want to come home alone, huh? Our first approach made sure the field was clean for us to play. Me and Louise sat on a table and just watched her behavior during the party. She did talked with some boys, but it seemed it didn’t past from the chatting part to something that could be serious.

“I think you should talk with her, Paul”

“Do you think? I don’t know how she could react”

“We will only know if you go there and talk to her. Besides, it should be you the one to play as the ‘bait’, remember?”

“I know, but I am trying to find how I can be the guy”
“Don’t worry, you will find a way. I saw you doing that to lots of women and every time it worked. Paul, you know what to do! Just go there and do it”

She was right and I went to where Theresa was to start a conversation at the bar. Louise watched us and I guess she saw how the girl felt close to me. Her conversation with me was better and longer than any of the other guys she talked. She explained the reasons behind the end of her relationship and how she was tired to date guys like him and wanted to date someone different. When she mentioned she had something for guys in uniform, I knew our plan could only work well.

Our talk went well and we didn’t notice the time going by. At the end of the party, I offered her a ride home. When we just left the party, Louise expected outside.

“Are you two already leaving?”

“I am going to take Theresa home. She told her uncle someone would bring her back”

“Really? Can I join you? I am so tired of this party and need a rest”

It was part of the plan and surely Louise joined us to Theresa’s place. She rented a small apartment not far from the barracks and even invited us inside. The whole plan was going better than we had thought. But it could survive a different approach?

“You two seem to be very nice people. Way different that the ones I used to talk”

“I think you should forget them, Theresa. You are with uniform people. No one can resist to a uniform”

“Why do you say that Louise?”

“Well, it’s what people talk. Never heard someone talk about men in uniform?”

“Of course I know, but I never heard a woman talk like that. You know, like a man would say”

“Maybe because I am aware of that, sometimes more than any other women at WACs”

“Well, I think I speak for me and Louise that you should try other things. Meet other people, do other stuff, have other kinds of relationship”

“This is the reason I am getting closer to Army ties. They seem way better than any man or woman I ever met, in every single way. Sometimes I wonder how it could be date someone from the troops”

“Well, how about having a sample now?”

The fact of both of us talking at the same time puzzled a little Theresa’s mind, I guess.

“What do you two mean?”

“Theresa, I think you should try something different. And I think we can give you that”

“What exactly?”

“Don’t misunderstand us, but I think me and Louise are attracted for you”

“What? Do you mean there is a girl who likes me like that? And you too?”

“I understand if you say no, but we are here to show you don’t need fancy people to please you at all. We are two uniformed people here ready for you”

“ Well, I am not against. I just never tried it”

“Want to try now?”

“I don’t know. We are the three of us here and you are only back at work Monday, so… why not?”

When I realized what we were doing, we were kissing Theresa and she was smiling at us, her body between ours and rubbing herself against Louise and me. I couldn’t believe that our plan worked almost exactly the way we planned. Maybe it was too much perfect? Or she knew it?

Well, never mind… what matters here is that Louise allowed me to have first dibs on Theresa, as she sucked my cock while she watched. We were about to get naked but as a manner to reflect our tastes the hats were the only things allowed to stay on.

“She looks like she never sucked a cock!”

“After sucking that crappy one of my ex, this one looks like of a real man!”

Soon, Louise joined and the two kissed each other between taking turns sucking my meat. I knew Louise and never amazed on how she liked to do blowjobs, but Theresa’s skills amazed me. Not that she wasn’t a girl who could do it, but I think her upbringing would make her less prone to it.

“Your friend has a delicious cock, Louise! I really see why you stick closer to him”

Then, we went to penetration round and Theresa was the first. After giving her a nice cunnilingus, let’s say I did what her former boyfriend couldn’t. This in her words, because she scream as loud as she could how hot I was and how I was the best guy she ever done. All to Louise watch almost dropping her jaw…

“Yeahhh! Paul, you are the best! You are the best! Ahhhhhh!”

I did her in missionary and all fours before I changed to Louise. Now, Theresa was the one to see how I did my bi friend. Well, we never had sex much with each other, just when we had no other choice than that. But that night we were keen to do it and it was do or not.

“Ahhhhhh… Uhhhh… Fucking Shit! Ohhhhhh, Paul!”

I did both girls individually before we got into some ménage act and both girls seemed to love it (well they asked for more and more, so I’ll take they loved my skills). Then, Theresa sit at Louise’s face, like it was for some lesbian instinct every woman does have inside her, and the threesome started, me doing my best friend who in her turn had time of her life with Theresa’s pussy.

We had lots of positions, where we enjoyed each other like nothing, but I let the end to be only with them. Since it was Louise the first one who liked Theresa, nothing better than let them have their love with a proper sixty-nine.

“Uhhhhhh… lick my pussy, Theresa! Ohhhhhhh!”

“Ohhhh, Louise! You are so great! Ahhhhh!”

I watched them lick their pussies until they reached the orgasm, masturbating with the lesbian action. After that, they wanted me to cum on them and I did, leaving all my sperm on their faces and breasts. I tried to be careful to not let any drop fall on their hands.

Well, Theresa is our friend/sometimes lover now and occasionally joins us at our trips looking for girls. Despite she isn’t an officer, she now knows the powers of men and women with uniforms…

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Chapter LI – When There Are Two, There Will be Three (based on Young Romance No. 124 (v16#4) cover, Prize, June-July 1963)



For me, the best part on turning eighteen is not what all people say about becoming an adult. I do not care much about the whole frenzy on getting drunk, seeing porn and even on being a ‘mature person’. The only thing I wanted was to go out with my friends without my parents bugging me and thinking I cannot take care of myself.

So you can imagine how happy I was when my parents allowed me to go on a spring break trip with my best friend Juliet and her boyfriend Ronny. They were heading to his folks’ place upstate and my parents thought it was better than going to Florida to take part in ‘regular’ spring break parties.

I know it’s not something common to ditch parties in the beach for a quiet week in the country, but Juliet and I were friends since junior high and we promised each other that we would go to spring break together when we both turned 18. However, we thought it was just the two of us, and now, Ronny was there as well.

Don’t get me wrong, Ronny was a good guy and they formed a good couple together. But it would be hard to lure her to see places that I was looking to see (you know, places where guys go) with her boyfriend by her side. I didn’t want to be also the third wheel if they wanted to do something, you know, that ‘couples do’.

“Are you sure I won’t be being a pain for you two? You know… you two might want some privacy and I am around…”

“You won’t pose as a trouble, Katie! You are my best friend and we are looking for that since we were young. Why worry about me going with Ronny? Nothing will change between us, sweetie!”

“I just don’t want to be there if you two wanted to… you know…”

“Be in mind that, if you want to have sex, we are going to tell you first!”

Anyway, the trip did happen. I could talk about it all the time, but this story needs me to confess something that unearthed from my mind during that week. And how my friendship with Juliet changed since that trip.

Well, as I thought it could happen, Juliet and Ronny gave themselves into the sexual pleasures. And how they were active, my Lord! The first day we were there, I think I only saw them at lunch and dinner, because they spent most of the time inside their bedroom. And I could hear them go it at even outdoors, all that festival of moaning and shouting…

At first, that annoyed me a little, even if they always warned me every time they went to do it. But, around day two or three, I guess it was on day four, my curiosity won the best of me and made me see what it was so good that they couldn’t leave their bedroom for long time.

I tried to look by the keyhole, but it was too small to see anything, but then I remembered there was a balcony outside where we could see the bedrooms from a good distance and, there, realized it was a good place to spy anyone and not been seen.

When I checked their balcony and the semi-open window, I could finally see the reason of all moaning and stuff. First, I noticed Ronny had a really, really big package! Well, I am not too experienced about guys’ dicks, but his… Jesus Christ! He could beat easily any of exes by a large margin.

Well, maybe this was one of the reasons Juliet liked to fuck him, and from what I saw, I noticed he was a gentle and masculine lover, who knows to be tender and ‘rough’ when it’s needed. See on my BFF’s face how much she pleased herself with his dick got me some ideas, and ideas I never thought I could have…

The moment I saw enough, I just ran away and went to my room, but I got really excited by watching them having sex. I tried to hide any feelings, but the next second I was touching myself thinking on Ronny sticking his long stick inside Juliet’s holes, hearing inside my mind the dirty moans, the plowing, the everything, you know, and that messed up with my mind even more than I thought…

Almost every time I heard those noises, I ran to a place where I could see them and watched their sex until I was horny as well and then went back to my room for my frenzy masturbatory sessions. In my mind, all the kinds of fantasies went through, with them doing and I watching, then me joining them, and also the ones where I did Ronny sol, and believe me, I even fantasized doing it with Juliet. What if I gone crazy? And if that was what I really wanted? Or it was just regular fantasies any woman like me could have?

I wasn’t too much concerned about answers. Just wanted to finger myself and have my orgasms picturing that big thing going inside my friend’s sweet cunny. And I tried to not feel uncomfortable when I was with them, hoping to not being caught or having to answer questions.

“You two are like two newlyweds at honeymoon. Almost unstoppable!”

“Do you think? I guess being away from our parents maybe touched our sexual desire in a way that we are doing what we can’t do in the city”

“But you two seem tireless! I wonder if you two have enough stamina to go outside and see other stuff”

“Come on, it’s not like anyone here cares if you are doing or not, right Kats!”

I don’t know why, but I felt that she gave me a weird look just after she told me that. And if she knew I was peeking on their sex? And if it was just a joke? I didn’t mind that much and just kept my game going, but there was that moment that everything comes clear.

Well, there was a Saturday afternoon that I spied on them again and then I went to my room to masturbate. You know, when someone has to touch itself, it must go until the end. But, after I came, the thing you never expected happened.

“Have time for a talk? “

I looked at the door and saw Ronny and Juliet, standing there and looking at me naked. My first reaction was to shout their names and ask what they were doing, while trying to cover myself. But they didn’t mind much about it.

“ Sorry for interrupting you, Katie. But I think we need to talk”

“Talk? Er… well, sure, why not? About what, anyway?”

“Well… we know you were spying on us having sex during the trip”

“What? How did you… I mean… what?”

“You don’t need to lie to us. We know you’ve been watching us…”

“I am sorry, but you two are hard to resist!”

“Hard to resist?”

“Yeah! Gosh, I just wished to be with my best friend enjoy a nice spring break trip and then you appear with your charms and big cock and has to come with us. I just wanted to see what she does see in you, Ronny”

“And judging by what we saw, you saw a lot!”

“Har har har, Juliet. Anyway, I was curious about all the noise you two were doing, found a place where I could see your window and… I get to like to see you two fucking”

“Really? And how did you liked?”

“I don’t know if his cock was the one who mesmerized me or the way he did you…”

“Well, we ain’t mad at you, Katie! We could’ve been because of the spying, but you are my best friend and we are at spring break, for God’s sake!”

“So, it that means you aren’t pissed off by watching you do it?”

“Well, I saw you are enjoying as much as I was, so why be mad about it?”

I confess I didn’t expect that Juliet could forgive me about that, my head fearing she could hate or even loathe me because of what I did at her expenses. But what came up next wasn’t even on my plans…

“Katie, mind if you join us tonight?”

“Me? You mean… you want me to have sex with you two?”

“I won’t leave a friend like you in the vain and Ronny said he didn’t mind a third person with us…”

I smiled of happiness when she proposed me that and, even naked, I jumped to give a hug at Juliet and Ronny. Maybe all that sex could be a good thing for me as well, anyway…

Later that day, we were at their bed, but now I was sharing his amazing cock with my best friend, licking and swallowing that gigantic tool.

“My Goodness! It’s really big!”

“Don’t you tell me you never had one that big?”

“Neither of my boyfriends can match his, all them combined I mean”

Taste that delicious cock, seeing how Juliet was happy to have him. That changed my mind about them. I came to that place somehow disappointed due to not being able to enjoy spring break as I wished, but they managed to change my mind.

“You must be proud to have a hunky boyfriend like him, Juliet!”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

We jumped at his body and got a first sample of his dick in my pussy, while Juliet had her pussy licked by her boyfriend. That moment, it was clear in my mind why the thoughts of him and her doing each other ran through my mind.

“He fills completely my pussy! He is great! Ronny is better than any of my exes!”

“Told you so, Katie!”

We laughed and felt so much the excitement around that, out of nowhere, we kissed each other. I never kissed other girl apart those games people of our age does, therefore it was officially my first interaction like that with another girl. And I have to agree with the ones who say that it leave something to ask more.

“Yeahhhhhhhh! That is so good!”

I wanted it all, the whole experience and then I tasted my own friend’s slit as Ronny pumped his instrument inside my pussy. I won’t be here talking like a rookie on how it was good to lick a pussy for the first time, but I must say that I think I did a great job given the moans Juliet earned because of it.

Soon it was my turn to check if Juliet can keep with my lesbian knowledge (if I ever had one before that night), while seeing her enjoy his piston fucking her pussy. I loved the kind of experience I had with her, and I must admit she had something deep for women by the way she ate me.

We did it a little of everything sexually, at least the things we could afford being with 18 years old. Juliet and I asked for a grand finale and Ronny gave us and he was capable do deliver it, cumming on our boobs. Well, we did rub ours together while kissing to exchange some gooey material as well.

“So, how did you liked your first threesome?”

“I have no words. Could we do it again so we can have a second opinion?”

“I guess only tomorrow, before we leave…”

We had that other threesome the morning after, and both only made me think that trip was worthy of being called one. After that spring break, our friendship is still the same and she is still seeing Ronny. Which makes the next pause the perfect time for a threeway trip!

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Chapter LII – I Came for Office Sex (based on Lovers No. 48 cover, Marvel, April 1953?)



It’s been five years since I was hired by Baumann & Schelotto to work there as their chief secretary. It’s not the best job in the world, I must tell you, but there, I can have something that not many places could offer me: lots of sex.

No, you aren’t reading it wrong neither it’s a bad joke. My job provides me the best workplace environment one woman with a cunning sex drive like me can deal with. The kind of people that work there, from both genders, works up my libido and makes me think and even take part in many pleasant situations.

When I got hired, it took some time for me to adjust myself there, but when I realized the kind of things people talked and did there, I found out it was the best place ever! And now, I need to tell you why I am writing about it.

First, I need to point out that office is a hunk magnet! I think neither of my old jobs, together, had the quantity of hot guys Baumann & Schelotto had. For wherever I looked, there was a good looking fellow standing as an eye candy. I need to say that, if God made a paradise, He placed it at a law firm office…

And what about the girls? Well, I never had interest on women before I started to work there, but there I knew some fine ladies that brought me second thoughts about my sexuality. Of course, which kind of woman wouldn’t at least feel a bi vibe entering there, you know…

Every day, the gossip ran around the entire office, from the boss to the cleaning lady. Everyone wanted to know about who slept with whom the previous night. Even the married ladies and guys joined, talking about what they did to their spouses. I think I would make many people who is reading this story shocked if I told at least 10% of what I heard… well, not forgetting that I always found time to touch myself thinking on those stories, there or at my place.

For the single people like me, the fun was on trying to find anyone available for a night of jiggy fuckery. There wasn’t any shortage of resources to lure a guy or a girl for a night or even an afternoon of sex. And I think now I should inform you about some stories I had in these five years.

There was this guy, Randy Jacobsen. The biggest rumor was that he had a small cock, but what intrigued us the most it was he was able to have women even if they knew his dick wasn’t that big. I decided to have my way with him to know the truth behind it. And what I knew was something that surprised me…

“Listen, Randy… you must know about the people at the office telling you have… you know… a package that isn’t filled with a big present”

“Stacy, I don’t care about what the others say about me or my penis. And I have other tricks that people don‘t know about me”

“Really? What kind of tricks you mean?”

“Mind if I show you?”

I didn’t mind and he definitely showed me how his trade was. I think he gave me the best oral a guy could give me in years! Randy knew how to compensate his not too endowed penis with his pussylicking and other tricks and then I learned how he could have the lot of women he got. You know, no woman can resist a guy that knows where she feels it.

“My God! Randy, you are awesome! I never felt like that before!”

“I just do good where most men fail on it”

And well, his dick is not that big but it does know how to be part of the game. And he used lots of tricks on me, specially involving my clitty, to make me orgasm, and what a an orgasm!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Randdyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

I cannot forget the story involving one of my bosses, Theodore Perrett. He was a married man and to everyone outside and his family, a devoted husband. But inside the office, everyone knew that he cheated his wife with almost every female there. Mr. Perrett was the classic womanizer, always chasing tails and skirts everywhere.

I was one of the few that never got into his pants and found that situation very unfair. At first, I didn’t know why he never fucked me. He was very handsome and stuff and everyone who slept with him told me how good he was in bed…

That situation lasted until I caught him having his way with Sarah Smith, one of the assistants he always brought to his office for ‘personal meetings’. When he noticed me looking at them kissing and nearly taking off their clothes, he was totally appalled.

“Mrs. Cameron… it’s not what you’re thinking about!”

“Mr. Perrett, I wasn’t born yesterday! I know you were about to nail Sarah right here in your office…”

“Well, and what you want, Mrs. Cameron?”

“I want to join your little fun with Sarah or I will need to make a few phone calls to a few relatives of yours… specially your lovely wife”

“Are you trying to blackmail me?”

“Depends… I am here and you never called me to your personal meetings or whatever you and your girls do that… is this a good explanation to you?”

“Well, if you really want it, you should really come with us”

And you think I missed it? Hell not! Me and Sarah decided to work together and please him off. I just watched her doing a blowjob at him as I kissed Theodore and allowed me to lick my pussy, just as a beginning.

I don’t know where and what I should talk about that afternoon. We did so many things that is impossible to tell them without forgetting one or another, but let’s see if I can do it well…

We took turns on doing Mr. Perrett, feeling his cock go all the distance inside our pussies and asses. He fucked us so dirty that I even ask myself if this is one the reasons he is still married or if he only keeps that game for the women in the office.

“Dear Lord! Mr. Perrett! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhh! Yeahhh! You girls!”

I admit that watching Sarah humping her boss at the desk as I licked his balls was something that turned me on in an odd way. I don’t know how to say how odd it was, but I think I understood when I got myself licking her pussy as Mr. Perrett did my behind like a bull.

We fucked, licked, sucked and else. I know I could give you details, but I would need another story to tell them all. And there are others that I need to share with you folks, perhaps next time I might bring them to light…

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Chapter LIII – War at Bed (based on True War Romances No. 6 cover, Quality, March 1953)



I became a nurse within the Armed Forces because I wanted to give relief to our brave men and women who risk their lives at the front for our country. I am very proud to help with the health of the soldiers and being a friend for them as they have to deal with the dangers of conflicts and battles.

I saved many lives through the few years I am with the corps, but I never thought there I would save the man that stole my heart and caught my attention.

That man was Andrew Orson. He joined the army a few years earlier and was relocated to the camp I was serving as well. The first time I saw him; it was definitely when I knew he was the man of my dreams.

Fortunately, I knew he wasn’t married or had a girlfriend waiting for him and I could start engaging on a friendship with him. It didn’t took longer for us to become friends, since we had so much in common.

“Why are you here with the Army, Andrew?”

“Because I do think that I need to help my country and serve it with all honors. My entire family is tried with the forced by one way or another and I couldn’t be away of such glorious mission”

“I feel the same, Andrew. The reason I joined the Army as a nurse was to help my country not between the lines, but giving the soldiers and officers their health restored and their lives preserved”

“You are a woman who has a heart of gold, Ophelia”

Andrew was a kind gentlemen, who liked to talk about the cats he raised at his home in Georgia, his family and his dreams to own a minor league baseball team. Each time we talked, I felt more that he was the man of my dreams, the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

We ended up dating each other during our time there, but the imminent fear for him to get called to the battleground made my mind and body shiver in fear. Just to think I could lose him at the front was something that I tried to get off my head, but I couldn’t.

“Ophelia, you know that, when they call you to the battle, you must stand up, tight?”

“I know, but I don’t want to lose you, Andrew. I love you… you are everything I need”

“You don’t need to worry about me. I am a soldier, remember? I am here to serve my country”

“Me too, but… I don’t want to think the worst can happen with you at the field”

“I am afraid as well, but I am here for that. If I ever die, I will die with honor and pride for dying for my country”

Not that I didn’t enjoyed the patriotic tone and the sense of duty Andrew had. But even a person like me thinks that taking the risk to die at the battlefield is somehow insane. I always cared about the health of the ones in Army but who can care of someone dead? Who can bring them to life again and make them come back to their families?

Just the thought of Andrew being deployed to the front brought me melancholy and something close of a depression state. When we were alone, just the two of us, outside the troop’s station, I just wanted to be alone with him and enjoy every minute with him before he left me.

Unfortunately, he got the call the join the corps in a week or so. When he told me the news, my head just turned upside down. The thoughts of losing him increased and I couldn’t stop crying for a day or two before sleeping. And if he died at the front? And if came back severely injured or without a member? Could I save him from perishing in my hands? Or I couldn’t?

I tried to keep my head cool until the day before he was leaving. It was when he took me to a place far away from the camp for one last date.

“Ophelia, tomorrow I’ll be leaving here and going to the front”

“Andrew, I’ll miss you so much! I can’t stop thinking on what can happen with you there”
“Don’t even think about it. The day is ours and we are going to spend together”

In fact, we did spend the day together, day and night, sharing our last moments together. At night, he told me about his last wish before he left.

“Sweetheart, you know I love you so much and you are the perfect woman for me…”

“Yes, I know Andrew…”

“And I want, before I leave you, to do one last thing I never done with you”

“Do you mean…”

“I want to make love with you, Ophelia”

“Andrew… that is so… wow… sudden! I imagined when you would bring that subject on, but… like that?”

Since I started to date Andrew, we never had any sexual leaning moment between us. Well, it wasn’t like we weren’t going for it, but it was so difficult due to our jobs that, in my mind, we could find time to do it only after we leave the troops.

“So, do you think it’s a good idea, Ophelia?”

“I guess… but and if someone catches us, Andrew?”

“I just don’t give a damn. I don’t want to leave without having you”

“And I couldn’t live without sharing my love with you…”

I don’t think I need to explain why we just kissed each other and laid on bed almost tearing up our clothes. I didn’t even had time to take off my hat as she whispered me if I wanted to let him do me.

“Do me, Andrew! You should do me like it was the last time we are going to see each other”

Without any kind of foreplay or something, he just put it inside me and started to do me. I just let the feelings go and the pleasure in. Nothing could be capable to make me not feel loved by my man.

“Ahhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ophelia…”

“Yessssssssssss! Yesssssssssss! That Way! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

He took me like a man should and did me the way a man must do a lady. He looked at me and asked if everything was going on okay, if he wasn’t hurting me, if I needed something. The perfect kind of gentleman/stallion on bed, just what I expected of him.

“Let’s do it all, Andrew! Before we do have any regrets!”
“Really? Do you want it?”

“Of course! Let’s try everything we can. We’ve got plenty of time for it”

We did all we could do it. He took me in all fours and banged me wild. I told him to call the nastiest names on the book and beyond and he said it. I was really horny while he did that, making his pumping wake up feelings that I could never feel again…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck Me! Fuck me! Fuck your dirty girl!”

I ride his cock with my back facing him and then the wall, loving how much his dick went in and out of my body, pleasing myself with that as much as Andrew wanted it, going hard and deep.

We did it all, even trying a 69 and a bit of an anal. I finished him with my hands and mouth, taking care of drinking all of his cum. Who knew if I could have that moment again?

“I promise that we are going to do it again when I come back, Ophelia”

“I hope you can come back”

“I will, honey… you know I will…”

We shared one last kiss before we fell to sleep. The next day, he left the camp and we only communicate through a few letters we sent to each other, waiting for the day he would return, hoping for the best but waiting for the worst.

Two months later, he returned. Andrew had minor injuries in his legs, fortunately, and I was in charge to take care of him, but he wasn’t in proper shape for sex. When he got fully healed, we finally did it again.

Andrew and I are still tied with Army and plan to marry next year. I still have fear to lose him, but now I know that if he is still alive, he is getting stronger.

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Chapter LIV – I Did My Husband’s Lover Too (based on Boy Loves Girl No. 37 cover, Lev Gleason, August 1953)


I think I don’t have words that speak how much I went mad when I knew my husband cheated on me. When I found out it, I just wanted to do all those kinds of stuff people only do when they want to go crazy. However, I decided to not pursue any violent ways to deal with it.

My relationship with Steve went strained after that, even if he didn’t know I did found out about his mistress. I tried to make it like it never happened but deep inside I knew that I couldn’t bear to live with someone who betrayed me.

However, there was something I wanted to do: meet his lover. I knew that he was cheating on me, but never knew who was the woman that was trying to drive Steve away from me. With the aid of a detective, I gathered a few information of her, like her name (Laura) and her address. Then, my mission was to meet her and finally know why she was seeing Steve.

Laura lived at an apartment building downtown and I picked a day where I knew Steve was busy to meet her. My mind tried to make me back off and go away, but my determination was to see her at any cost. When I reached her apartment, I knew nothing could stop me to see that woman.

“Excuse me?”

“Are you Laura Meadows?”

“Yes, I am. And you are…”

“Suzanne Thornton”

“Thornton? You mean you are…”

The very moment she realized I was Steve’s wife she just stared me like she saw a ghost. I wasn’t capable to hurt her, even if my deepest wishes were to do stuff that could put me out for good time. And I knew there was no need for a scandal.

“I know I am the person you least expected to come here, but I really wanted to see who is the woman who is sleeping with my husband”

“Look, if you want to scorn me because I am seeing your husband, I don’t have any time to engage with you at a shout battle and…”

“I did not come to hurt you or show any anger about it, Laura. I just came to talk. Just that”

“If you say so, I think you should come in… I think inside we can solve this thing up”

Once inside her place, we were finally able to talk about Steve. She explained how she met him, the way them became lovers and stuff, stories about their dates. I just became torn between anger and disappointment as she told me her story with my husband, but my interest on knowing it all trumped all my feelings about that.

“I know it must be a shame for you to know about your husband and I and there aren’t words that speak how much I feel for you, Suzanne”

“You should have thought before the day you decided to sleep with Steve!”

“I am sorry! But we can’t stop things like that. Do you know how I felt after he told me he was married? To know that I was dating a man with a family? I am so ashamed as you are”

“Please, but nothing beats the same I feel when I think that my husband is sleeping with another woman behind my back!”

I was nearly crying of anger, almost reaching that boiling point that stopped me from jumping at her and choking her to death. But I decided to not let my ‘dark side’ prevail and restrained myself to commit any wrongdoing.

“I am sorry for being the one between you and Steve, I really am. But love and passion aren’t things you can turn off with a button or something. I didn’t knew that Steve was married until he told me and I felt cheated when I heard it”

“I should be the one who feels cheated here, Laura…”

“Listen, I know that you are mad with me because of what happened. I know nothing in the world will cure that pain and I am not here to play as your ‘friend’. Therefore, I will allow you to do anything to me if you feel the need to”

“What do you want with that?”

“Well, we cannot change the past, Suzanne, and you came to my home to speak about Steve… I don’t know anything else that I could do to repair all the pain and anger I caused to you and your family because of what I did. Then, if you want to do something with me, go ahead!”

What Laura wanted to mean with that? She was calling me to beat her right at her home? Or it was something else in mind? I just stood in front of her silent as she seemed to wait any destiny that could fall upon her. I wished so much to punch that pretty face like there wasn’t tomorrow, but I realized that, if I should take my ‘revenge’, it had to be with the same weapons.

“Well, Laura, you won. I will have my payback with you, but it’s not in the way you are thinking on”

“What do you mean, Suzanne?”

Well, I just kissed her. Yes, I just kissed Laura in the mouth. Like that. I think she even was surprised with my gesture, as she almost fell on the floor when my mouth just glued with hers. And quickly as I kissed her, I released her lips just to see how surprised she was.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“I am taking my payback, Laura… I could kick your sorry ass right now, but I would feel sorry for your pretty face… then, I decided that I should make love, not war with you”

“Are you telling me you want to have sex with me because I did your husband?”

“Let’s say that, if I must take something out your little affair with Steve, I should get the same as he has”
I know, it was a bit wicked, but it was still better than going to jail because of many stuff. And soon, Laura would end up thinking it could be a good deal to enjoy.

“I guess its fair then. I slept with your husband, so I think it wouldn’t hurt if I slept with his wife as well”

“Guess I am sorry the way I approached you for that”

“You don’t need. You are at your own right… By the way, I guess I could take the same measures if I was you…”

With a smile, she asked me to go to her room so we could ‘close the deal’. There, we just kissed each other and got naked totally eager to see what could come up next…

“I just wished that Steve was here!”

“To what? To see him faint?”

We laid on her bed, where she confessed she never slept with Steve there! (lucky me...) and then we decided to see how it should be. I never had that much of contact with another woman and guess neither Laura, but quickly we found the way to it, as we sucked each other’s breasts as an appetizer to the main game.

“Did Steve suck your boobs like that, Laura?”

“I really think you could beat him with those, Suzanne”

We sucked each other’s boobies out until I told Laura to let me lick her pussy. I guess women just follow that through any kind of ‘inner spirit’, because I never went until that point with a girl, but it felt I knew the right places a woman can feel pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Suzannne! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She was completely at my feet, surrendering to my tongue and mouth. Finally all the time I spend angry with the world because of what she had done with Steve was being paid in full and I didn’t even had to resort to any kind of violence to get my sweet revenge.

“Your tongue is so hot, Suzanne! Neither Steve licked me like you do!”

You cannot believe how I was proud to hear she call me I was better than my husband. And how that turned me on even more to make myself able to give her an orgasm with my tongue. The things that you learn on revenges…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I am cumming! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

After she came, she took a little rest and told me it was my turn. Then, I could see a sample of what brought her close to Steve. That moment, I wasn’t angry anymore with Laura, just wanted to feel the pleasure her dirty mouth was able to give me through her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssssssssss!”

I think my husband never did me like she did to me with that tongue. Holy Moly! What a fucking pleasure I had from that mouth and then she always made me sure that I was enjoying it.

“Do I eat your pussy better than your husband?”

“Ten times better! Make it twenty!”

With that pleasure, it wouldn’t be hard for me to reach the orgasm, where I did after nearly an hour of pleasure moments.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

We did tried a few stuff later, but we end up tired. After the sex, we decided to close off our meeting, without any beef to hold between each other.

“Feel satisfied now, Suzanne?”

“Now, I am satisfied. And I must apologize with you if I did something that you didn’t liked…”

“Nah, that’s okay. You were within your paper of scorned wife…”

“Well, but now I feel alright and I guess Steve will have a contestant for your hot body”

“Really? Being lover of both wife and husband? That is new, but I will see what we can do…”

“Now that I know everything between you and him, let’s make Steve pay a little for his ‘crime’”

“And if gets us, we can always call a threesome…”

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Chapter LV – Honeymoon or What (based on Heart Throbs No. 74 cover, DC , October-November 1961)



My honeymoon was almost ruined five years ago. I say ‘almost’ because I had to deal with the unexpected encounter between my wife Elaine and my ex-fiancé Amanda. And why this deserves to be explained in a story and why I am mentioning it at an erotic story series? Well, to explain that, I need to recall a few facts first.

Before I met Elaine, I had a long-term relationship with Amanda. She was my first true girlfriend and also my first woman sexually speaking. We were almost in the verge to marry, but soon our differences about some issues became bigger than our love and we split. Since then, every time we met (due to having friends in common), we always resort to heated discussions about everything. And that because we ain’t together anymore.

Things became sour when she found out I started a relationship with one of our common acquaintances, that is Elaine. Not that she tried to sabotage my relationship with her, but I knew that when we were at a place that she was there as well, she looked at us like she was with rage or some kind of jealousy thing. I never cared much since I wasn’t with her anymore and Elaine was the girl I wanted to be my wife.

But Elaine bugged herself with Amanda’s presence around us. She didn’t liked that my ex attempted to give trouble to our relationship and their arguments were, if not big, were at least heated. Then, the fact of Amanda not attending our wedding (being her invited just of courtesy and common history) took a weight from our back.

However, when we were going to our honeymoon, at the airport…

“Look who’s here… if it’s not Mr. Wedding Man and his bride…”

It was one of Amanda’s ways to make sarcastic remarks on us. I could see Elaine getting annoyed by her presence and I decided to avoid a brawl at the airport.

“Amanda... what are you doing here?”

“Can’t you see? I am at an airport, with a plane ticket on my hands. Come on, Jerry… You are too smart…”

“Well, if you don’t mind, we are going to have your honeymoon”

“Really? When you did married? Why you never told me?”

“It was just a small ceremony to our friends, Amanda…”

“I wish then all my good blessings to you and our wife now. But, let me ask, to where you two will go for your honeymoon”

“It’s not of your business, but we are going to Barbados”

“Barbados? Really? What a coincidence… me too!”

I couldn’t believe she would pull a trick like that. She is not one of those obsessive people who stalk their exes, but she was intelligent enough to know a way to try to piss me off and Elaine as well. Guess she made someone open his or her mouth and she found out about our honeymoon.

“Maybe we are going to be at the same plane! That’s so nice, isn’t Jerry?”

“Yeah… it is… so nice…”

After Amanda left, Elaine just pulled me close to her and whispered like if she was to explode.

“What is that woman doing? Is she crazy or what?”

“She is only doing that to see if she can break us. Amanda never got much right the end of our relationship”

“I am getting afraid, Jerry. And what if she tries something?”

“She is not that kind of woman. She is totally sane and only does stuff because she thinks that I overcame our relationship better than her. Relax and don’t worry about her”

Fortunately, we were part by a range of seats at the airplane, provided we got the same plane. At Barbados, the second ‘surprise’ happened during the check-in at the hotel. Yes, I do think who was there.


“Wow, another coincidence! We are at the same hotel! This is so lovely…”

“Yeah, so lovely…”

How could she? What Amanda was planning? Was she doing that only to piss me off or there was more? Just seeing that face looking at us was enough to make us ‘boil’ and fear for the worse.

Luckily, she didn’t harass us during much of the honeymoon, especially when me and Elaine went out. But Amanda was always there at the hotel room, just waiting for us to come back and crack her remarks on us. The hotel, of course, was place of many of those scenes and several grudges between us, fortunately none was violent.

It was just arguing and stuff, usually Amanda wanting to ‘call out’ my ‘bad stuff’ to Elaine and her being replied by us. I held my cool the enough to not attempt any crazy stuff to happen at that hotel, but one particular thing made me think about a way to stop their rants.

We were having dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and Amanda sneaked to join us. She started to make all those comments and soon Elaine exchanged a war of words with Amanda. I held myself for a while, but sometimes there is a point that you cannot cross.

“Enough! The two, to my room, now!”

The two women looked at me like I was their father being upset at their behavior but I told them that we should leave to settle their trouble; they obeyed and followed me until the bedroom.

“I thought Elaine and I were to have a great honeymoon, but there is nothing that I can celebrate about it!”
“It’s not my fault, Jerry. It’s your ex that seems to annoy us every day!”

“If you didn’t married such pushover as Elaine, I wouldn’t have to ‘rescue’ you, Jerry”

“You didn’t come to rescue me, Amanda. You came to try to prove that you want Elaine and I to suffer the same fate as us when we broke up. I am deeply sorry, but Elaine is the woman I married and I will stay with her until the end”

“You said the same to me when we were engaged, remember? That I would be your only one, that we would be together forever… are you trying to use that talk with me sir?”

“Please, stop! I am not with you anymore, I am with Elaine. And I need you two to stop arguing so we can enjoy our honeymoon”

“It’s her fault, Jerry! She is a psycho destined to wreck havoc on us!”

“It doesn’t matter whose fault is! We should all stop this shit once and for all!”

“Jerry, please… Listen, I am your wife now. She is nothing but trouble… please, for the love of God and Jesus, leave her alone and let’s move to another hotel. Let’s get out of here, be away of her”

“Elaine, sweetheart… I think there is one thing to do in order to bring us all peace”

“What is it?”

I must confess that the idea just happened to be in my mind right at that spot and I was pissed off enough to do anything to settle it. Without even thinking, I just got naked in front of them. You read well, I was totally naked in front of the two only women I dated seriously, nothing that they never saw before.

“What the hell are you doing, Jerry?”

“What kind of joke is that?”

“If you two won’t settle it by yourselves, allow me to help you. I offer my body for you to solve all your problems between each other and me”

“What the hell? Jerry, are you insane? Is that some kind of prank?”

“I wish it was, Elaine, but it isn’t. I want to have a threesome with you right now on this room. If that doesn’t make that craziness stop, I don’t know what else would”

“Are you telling me that you want me and her to do you? That’s foolish…”

“I am naked here in front of you two, Amanda. I don’t know what is foolish anymore that I can’t try to bring blue skies to our lives…”

I started to touch my dick to make it hard as the two women saw me nude without even show apparent shame or something. And waiting for the girls to decide if they would accept my offer or not.

“I cannot be here like this all day. What do you think about my proposal?”

Elaine and Amanda looked at each other, embarrassed with the whole situation and without much to do. Would they argue with me, run away or accept it?

“Well… if that is for make a truce between us, I think it’s good if we do it the best way possible…”

“Er… Since your ex already accepted, I will not be the one who jumps off from such deal”

I already shown some satisfaction with that and then let the girls do the entire job. Been ages Amanda didn’t touched my thing and she hadn’t lost anything. Meanwhile, Elaine jerked me the way she liked to do me.

“Yes… this way, girls… let’s go… come one… it’s better than arguing with each other, right?”

I don’t know if they had an answer ready, but I laid on the bed and called them to suck my cock. From that moment, I knew my plan started to work. Soon, the two stopped to feel angry about each other and worked on a collaborated effort to have my dick inside their mouths. And the two girls are amazing cocksuckers, if you allow me to say that.

“My former and my current… together and doing what it should be done…”

“Everything if there is a need to stop fighting”

“Yeah! I missed a lot your cock, babe”

The two girls sucked it the best they could and even exchanged a tongue or two, maybe a sign that they were to find a common point between them. And what became louder when they climbed on me (Elaine at my dick and Amanda at my face) and the ‘real sex’ started, as they got to kiss each other as they humped and rubbed each others against me.

“You seem to have synergy with Jerry, Elaine”

“I am his wife now. Why we wouldn’t have that?”

“I was angry with you earlier, but now I just envy you for being with him”

“You don’t need that… he is enough for us to share”

We did it that way for a good time, but then we offered a good roster of positions for them to try. I fucked Elaine at her behind as she delighted herself with her first taste of pussy (Amanda’s!), and judging by the manner she dove on that crotch and Amanda’s moaning, she enjoyed it a lot. Later, I did Amanda and now was time for Elaine to get a tongue at her private parts. As it happened earlier, now it was my wife to enjoy the delights of ‘partial’ girl-girl love.

“My God, that is so good… my wife and my ex getting together…”

The settling lasted for a while, as I did them both in all of her holes as they enjoyed each other’s pussies and even an asshole here and there. To finish it off, they did a 69 themselves with me jacking off as they licked themselves into orgasm and then they watched me cum, only to suck and taste it when it happened.

“And now, how this honeymoon can go, ladies?”

“For me, I think it wouldn’t hurt if Amanda joins definitely with us. Now and post-honeymoon. What do you think, Amanda?”

“You two are really hot… why I would refuse it?”

The three of us finally made peace after that threesome. Elaine and I are still married and very happy. Amanda is still single, but that is because she loves to drop by our house for our little threeway fun. Would be great if all the conflicts in the world could be solved that, don’t?

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Chapter LVI – Blaze of Glory (based on Sweethearts No. 31 cover, Charlton, August 1955)




You can never imagine how many stories a man like me, the ‘chaperone of the stars’, have to tell. I am first witness of the most interesting situations the biggest and hottest celebrities endured and I know some of the darkest, naughtiest and amazingest secrets of the rich and famous.

Before I go on, let me tell you what a ‘chaperone’ exactly does: I am what people call ‘something between the prostitute and the secretary’. To explain, they hire me for a given time to help them with anything they want and when the deal expires, they pay me. That simple… I do what they want me to do, they pay me and then I form a bond that makes me more likely to work with them again.

Through my job, I made lots of friendships and knew very important people at the show business. I had the opportunity to meet people at their start and also other finishing their careers, witness relationships start and end, watch friendships form and brake and lots of stuff happening between the scenes.

I could talk about all the stuff I’ve been living so far because of my job, but I am going to talk about the first time that I had to use the ‘prostitute’ side more than I thought I could. All because of Ginger McStay…

She was a young starlet and when I first met her, she was looking for a chance to break into the silver screen. Ginger hired me to help her with her auditions and promote her name with casting personnel, producers and directors. It was at first a difficult task to do, but she paid me a very handsome cash quantity to go with it,

She wasn’t all that bad, but to be a famous movie star, you have to kill, at least, ten lions per day. There is too much offer around the corner, but opportunities are for the ones who take them and Ginger, at first, didn’t seem to chase them appropriately.

“I don’t think you should skip so many tests like that, Ms. McStay. You can be losing so many opportunities…”

“Sorry Bob, but those ain’t the roles a woman like me is meant to do. I want to find the perfect role, the one that will land me into a movie star biggest than anyone around”

That was Ginger, who thought the right role waited for her by the corner. I knew how frustrating it was to know she could be wasting so many valuable auditions, but I had to do my job and serve her the best I could.

With luck, we found a few extra roles she felt could be helpful to kickstart her career. Soon, a few minor roles appeared in the way and then, with a little stroke of luck, the ‘role of her life’ finally arrived. It wasn’t a big budget movie, however was enough for her to dream with higher steps at stardom.

Two nights before the movie premiere, she called me to her place to celebrate the upcoming chance of success and we had a good night drinking and talking about her next steps.

“I hope that movie can begin the rise to the stardom of someone who deserves it”

“And I do deserve, Bob! I know that I am meant to be a movie star and this movie will help to make my name become hot property here”

While drinking, I reminded her that, after the movie, the deal between us was over and we were now free to find other opportunities. But Ginger wasn’t keen to end our relationship like that…

“Bob… can I ask you a last favour before we end our business relationship?”

“Sure. You pay me for that, remember?”

“Well, it’s been a while since the last time that I had sex with someone else. I spent most of my time trying to make my career grow that I left behind my own feelings and my desires. Now I see what it worth the price but I don’t want to move on without relieving my own tensions”

“And what you want me to do about it Ginger? Want me to call someone to help you with this? I am not entirely into this business, but I know a few names…”

“Actually, I would like that you could be the one who releases my tension away”

“Are you telling me that you want to have sex with me?”
“I appreciate how smart you are, Bob. You are the person I trusted the most in the last months and the only way I could find to give that trust back to you is to let you make love with me, just like that, no strings attached or anything else”

“But why me? I never had done that sort of thing before. I am always professional and never go far than professional bond with my clients”

“You weren’t the one who said that you were like a little prostitute?”

“Yes, but I didn’t meant I would be one for my clients”

“But you are still my client and I want you to have sex with me. If you want, I can pay you $500 more to make you get in the bed”

Nobody had done such request to me until that day. I could see how Ginger was gunning to have sex and I would be the only person that could deliver that to her. I tried to stay away from it and say ‘no’, but I was still working for her and my job forbids disappointing my clients.

“You don’t need to pay me. I will have sex with you, if it’s that what you want”

There was no need for foreplay or other kind of stuff. We just took off our clothes and I went straight to do her, in all fours at her bed. Just like that, no questions asked or things to bug our heads with.

“Enjoying it, Ginger?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Please, fuck me harder! Show me what you got, baby!”

I tried to do the best to satisfy her, but it’s hard when you are doing it without feeling any kind of chemistry between me and the woman I am doing. It was all professional, like I was a porn actor or something, not getting attached to the whole thing (and she is a very pretty girl by the way). And Ginger surely knew it better than me.

“Come on! Fuck me harder! Don’t be shy because I am your client! Go on!”

If she asked me to do it, I did it. I put all my effort banging that pussy the best I could, hearing the whole pumping noises as my cock went and gone from her. She moaned the loudest she could, perhaps feeling how I tried hard to make a valid effort to give her what she requested.

“I will give you the best sex you can ever remember, darling”

“Give me! Give me the best you got! Make me cum good, Bob”

I had to do my job and I did it. I did her the hardest I could and I even changed a position or two in order to give her what she wanted. In my mind, I had all the images of my past girlfriends and the women I used to work to help me to keep my thing hard during the plow.

Luckily, I was able to satisfy her and make Ginger orgasm. As a gift, she gave me a blowjob and waited until I came on her boobs and face to call it even.

“You did a great job, Bob! I am very proud to have worked with you”

“I should be the one saying that to you, Miss. You will be very lucky in your career”

Sadly, it wasn’t her big break and Ginger’s career stalled after that. I didn’t hear of her much until somebody told me she was doing a few adult movies and enjoying her new status as a pornstar in Europe. I think that night really ended up bringing what she wanted… thanks to my aid.

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Chapter LVII – Quickie Before the Cabby (based on True Bride-To-Be Comics No. 18, Harvey, June 1956)



I know many people might complain after they read that, but for me, there isn’t any better invention the human kind made other than the ‘quickie’. Not that I am putting it higher than all the things we invented to keep us alive, but you got to understand that my point of view is from a guy who likes to engage in such activities when the opportunity introduces to myself.

Just ask to my wife Lola. She has been done a lot of ‘quickies’ since we started to date each other. At first, she wasn’t easy with the whole concept behind it, but as soon as we got to know each other, she became my partner in crime, if I am allowed to say that. Lola has been a proponent of many of those and even we catch up fantasizing each other about millions of possibilities of doing it without making people notice and enjoy it even if for a small amount of time.

Not that we are a couple crazy for sex, but if there is a place and a frame of time able to do it, we go for it. Public places, malls, theaters, restaurants, anywhere… when the lust hits you and you can find a place, you just find the proper position, take care of your clothes and there it is! You did it! And almost no one can notice that you and your wife had a brief romantic encounter…

The story that I am going to tell might not be the outrageous one or even have kinky details. But surely is the freshest I have and might exemplify a little on why me and my wife opt to do it once in a while.

We had bookmarked a trip to Seattle, where Lola’s family currently lives. We paid for a cab in advance to take us to the airport to avoid get too stuck in traffic (the cab driver knew a few shortcuts to reach our destiny quickly) and be there in time to do the proper preparations before taking the plane.

However, the cab took a while to come to the building’s door and we waited for the car to come. It was when my wife suggested to spend the time with other things than waiting.

“Honey, think that we can do it in time to get the cab?”
“But the car might be here soon, Lola. I don’t know if there will be time for it”

“It’s been almost two hours that the car is late. I don’t know what else to do; we are already packed and ready to leave. Can we do just one thing to lift our moods?”

“Try watching the TV”

“There is nothing good on TV and I think that a quickie might help us to get fit before taking the plane”

“I am not against it, but what if the cab arrives at the door?”

“He must wait for us! We paid him earlier just to make him do whatever things we want him to do”

I couldn’t refuse an invitation like that from my wife, but as soon as she told that, I heard the horn noise from outside. It was the damn cab and the guy opening the door.

“The cab is here! We must leave now!”

“Tell him to wait! Our tickets say we can get a plane until 10PM. It won’t hurt waiting some five minutes”

I waved to the cab driver waiting outside and went there to talk with him, trying to convince to wait five minutes more because we needed to ‘check out the luggage again’. After a small conversation, he allowed us to take some more time before leaving.

“Lola, let’s do it! But we do have five minutes to make the whole thing”

“So, let’s not lose any time. Just stick your pole inside me and no questions asked!”

She turned herself and took her skirt as I took off my dick from my pants. Behind her, I tried to find a proper hole to do her and… ended up getting her ass!

“Mind if I fuck your butt, darling?”

“Just fuck my ass! We have less than five minutes to do it, Ted!”

Without any foreplay or a thorough lubrication, my cock went inside my wife’s ass and I started to do her quickly. Didn’t even needed much to go slow, since time was short, I wanted to plow that hole with the deepest vigor I could find in order to please my wife.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck my ass Ted!”

Lola whispered instead of moaning to not let the driver listen the ‘true reason’ behind our ‘luggage checking’. She asked for me to not to take much time while doing her backdoor hole.

“Damn woman, what an ass you got!”

I managed to fuck her the best I could but there was only one doubt: where to cum. I couldn’t try to spread my seed at the common places to avoid taking longer on it. I banged that butt until there was no way to hold up.

“Lola, I am going to cum!”

“Please, do cum! Just do not ruin my dress”

I did not ruin her dress, but I ended up cumming all inside her ass. I never did that to her, preferring to cum at other parts of her body. I don’t know how Lola felt with taking my jizz inside her bunghole, but I guess it worth.

“Did you liked?”

“It was good, despite the whole thing… I did enjoyed this one”

“Let’s just adjust ourselves again and then leave. I think the driver might be mad at us”

“Don’t worry. Let’s pay an additional to him for being so kind to us”

We managed to get our plane in time and went to Seattle. And we still had time for a few quickies in the meantime. Maybe we can tell a few other stories about them, but I am about to have one and don’t want to waste any time

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Chapter LVIII – Threesome Airlines (based on Young Romance No. 131 cover, DC, August-September 1964)


There is no better kind of women than an airline stewardess. I know there are very nice women that doesn’t work at a plane or don’t fit the ‘profile’, but being boyfriend of one for the last three years helped me to build the notion that if there is a perfect kind of woman, is what they are. Or maybe I am a man who has a growing fetish for such ladies.

I don’t know if it was through fetishism or not, but Lori and I are together for the last three years. I met her in a bar during one of her breaks and it was love at the first sight. I don’t know if the uniform influenced or something but I grew up fascinated to her world and how the things happen to her at her job. I managed to enjoy a few trips thanks to her help and she introduced me to lots of her friends.

And also there is the sexual issue, and I must say that me and Lori are amazing in bed. Since the first time we did it, sparkles flied from our bedroom. We are like partners on sex, doing the things we like and enjoying the best. She always left her hat on at my request to make the thrill of doing an air hostess bigger and the boner last longer.

Well, the things are good but there is always room for more. We liked to talk about our fantasies and stuff and one day, an idea came from my mind and me and Lori discussed the opportunity to do it.

“Lori, do you think that we could have a threesome?”

“A threesome? You really want that?”

“I don’t know. This idea just flew into my mind, it’s one of the things we never tried and I think that it would be good if we tested having someone else with us”

“I don’t know, Todd… I never had a threesome before; it’s something really different for me and stuff.”

“For me it’s new too, but I think that it could worth a test to see if we like to have another person joining us on bed”

“It’s not a bad idea, I would like to partake in such things, but it’s not like just saying it. The other person must be someone that we can really trust about it. Many people would ask for an unknown person, but I think if we should do that we need to find someone that can match our needs and be someone of our trust”

“Why don’t one of your colleagues? Well, we already know them and I think one of them would like to hear the idea”

“Todd! They are my workmates and, overall, my friends. How can I approach them and ask about if they want to fuck with me and my boyfriend? I don’t mind about it, for real, I even think interesting the idea of calling someone close to me to share you with. But I don’t know if they can understand”

“I understand how much you worry about your work relationships, Lori. I am not the one who wants to disrupt it and if you want, we can wait a while and make some kind of research before we nail into a name”

“I think that must be something fair. Maybe for now we can make a ‘screening’ and then find the one for that threesome”

“This means you will go further with me on this?”

“You are my boyfriend and I love you. And I kinda love this idea; let’s try something different for a while. I think it would be good to have another girl to take care…”

After agreeing on a way to do it, we started to ‘browse’ prospects of women that could be the third person we were looking for. Our research field focused on her stewardess colleagues, maybe because doing two women with hats and outfits like that could be the heaven for a man like me.

It did took a while to find the perfect one and we realized that when she invited a friend of hers, Bonnie, to hang out with us in a Saturday night. After our date, my mind was sure of what I wanted and I needed to speak that without crappy talk.

“Do you think that Bonnie would accept if we asked her to have a threesome with her?”

“Bonnie? Do you think that she is the one?”

“Why not? She is totally what we want: someone hot, synchronized with what we like, that can talk good, seems not to be too repressed over sex stuff…”

“I think she is nice girl and has a good body, but I don’t know if she would say yes”

“Is there a problem with her that I must know?”

“No! There is nothing! It’s that… well, she is older than me and I went with her in so many flights, but I don’t know enough of her to see if she could accept the offer”

“Maybe when we go out the three of us again we can figure out if she is in or not”

“Seems fine. Can it be when we come back from our routes next week?”


The day arrived and we went to the bar where we usually hang out. When we presented our idea to Bonnie, her answer was something that surprised us.

“Yes, why not? I think it’s a good idea!”

“Really? Are you saying that you agree to engage in a threesome with us?”

“Why I would say no? I am single anyway and it’s been a while that I want to forget my stupid ex that I would like to have a different kind of experience to lift my mood”

“For us, you are the perfect match for a threeway, Bonnie. You got everything that we want in a girl that we can share”

“There it is! A good reason that we need to have a threesome!”

“If it seems we already have an agreement, so when do you think that we can get engaged on it?”

“How about tonight?”

It was really a ‘dumb’ kind of question to make to her, I admit now. But we really did that threesome later in the night. I asked them to keep their hats on during the sex, of course, and they were willing to keep it and show how stewardesses do.

And, boy, how they did it! They took turns on sucking my cock, licking from the tip to my balls and pushing my thing to their throats with a strength that amazed even me, a guy used to that. Well, they also licked my body and kissed it before they started to suck me, just to not let that not be mentioned.

I also took turns on doing each girl, first I did Lori as Bonnie first watched before she went to suck my girlfriend’s it and after that putting her pussy for her to lick. I also admit I was looking forward to see how Lori would be with another cunt at her reach and I have to have that she did a perfect work, eating it like a champ, giving Bonnie all what she could hope from a colleague And next, I got to do Bonnie’s and Lori also stood away when I started to do her friend, but then she was the one who offered her pussy to be licked. And I never saw a girl moan like this (well, a girl that isn’t with me) before. Bonnie later said she liked to do a few chicks once in a while between dates and she liked to eat hot snatches like my girlfriend’s. No wonder Lori came while getting her oral treat and she allowed to do the same with Bonnie as I came in both girls’ boobies.

“So, Bonnie, how did you like our little threesome?”

“You two are awesome! You are better than my last boyfriends!”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say… Did we really fuck you that good?”

“Lori, you two were great! I think the three of us can be very good friends”

Indeed Bonnie started to hang out more with us and our bond strengthened. She is a really good friend and our weekends with her while they weren’t at work were fun, with all the chat and possible sexual events we could engage.

We tried lots of stuff together and the three of us used any good opportunity for that. Usually we did at our home but sometimes we went to different places to do it and even had a little flash affair in the plane bathroom. But there was one that I would like to remind most by now.

They went to an air stewardess conference in Japan for two weeks and they promised me to give me a ‘treat’ when they returned home. The day, I went to the airport to see both Lori and Bonnie, pretty much eager on what kind of surprise they aimed to me.

I waited for a few hours and nothing. I was about to call them when a guy who worked at their airline approached me and gave me a message.

“Are you Todd?”


“Please, follow me to the VIP waiting room”

“What happened? Is there something wrong?”

“Sorry, I cannot say. It was an order for me to take you there and only inform you of that”

I trusted the guy and followed him until the VIP waiting room, a big room with a few couches and tables, pretty much like a hotel lobby. In my mind, various thoughts went through, most of them connected to Bonnie and Lori and their ‘surprise’. It wasn’t until an hour after I was there I heard a voice telling my something that I didn’t understood. I turned my back and there was…

…Bonnie and Lori! With a different outfit from the one they used to wear. What they were supposed to mean with that?
“Girls… why are you dressed that way?”

“Hi Todd! Liked how we look dressed as Japanese stewardesses?”

“Some friends we did in Japan gave me their uniforms for us and we thought it would be cool to try it on for you”

“They look great on you! You really like two authentic Japanese air hostesses”

“Thanks, honey! But this is only part of the treat”

“There is more?”

The girls locked the door and soon stripped themselves, only to be with their fancy hats on top of their heads and wicked smiles on their faces, predicting what was about to come.

“Ready for your treat, darling?”

“I am very!”

Soon, Bonnie and Lori were again taking turns on swallowing my dick into their throats. I just watched them tag teaming my penis and fighting who would get the biggest piece of man meat with their lips and enjoying the first steps of my little surprise.

“What are you doing is amazing, girls!”

“Wait! There is more, Todd! Much more…”

I had to wait them to get ‘tired’ to suck me to get the ‘much more’ they were talking about. I fucked Bonnie’s while she licked my girlfriend’s snatch for the start. Well, nothing that we didn’t it before, but doing there had something of ‘forbidden’ in it that only made us love the action.

“Ohhhhh! You two! You are so hot!”

Bonnie enjoyed my pole and Lori’s pussy for a good time until they traded places and I got to do my girlfriends and she got fun sucking her workmate’s cunny. You can’t believe how the three of us moaned while getting at it…

“Mother of God! That is awesome! Let’s fuck!”

There were a few stuff we tried there but what we liked most to do was to fuck them in the ass while they did a 69. Well, Lori got the first anal dibs when I put my pole inside her lovely butt and the girls enjoying each other. Given her love of anal sex, I think the way she scream showed how much she enjoyed that.

“My God! Fuck my ass Todd! Fuck me there! Uhhhhh, you and Bonnie are awesome!”

Soon it was Bonnie’s turn and, once again, love and pleasure were in the air. Her ass was so tight that I even wondered if the reason that she was single was because no one wanted to put inside that hole.

“That is so good! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I allowed the girls to cum twice before I had my turn, a way to congratulate them for being so nice to give me that surprise. I delighted myself by seeing how much they ate each other’s to the orgasm and how they loved to taste the lovepeak juices before I had to blow mine on them.

They had their mouths open and I came on both of them, seeing how much they swallowed my sperm as if they were drinking water. Of course a few dropped at their chin, but they knew how to clean each other.

“Liked the surprise, honey?”

“Of course I liked! I am very happy that I am doing the two hottest stewardesses ever!”

“And we are happy to fuck the hunkiest man in the world, Todd!”

We cuddled there naked for a while before leaving. The three of us had so many things together that is impossible to think about our best experiences. Well, maybe tonight will be one of them. Who know if I don’t tell you about it…

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Chapter LIX – Cheating Is Good For me (based on Romantic Confessions No. 2v2, Hillman, June-July 1951)




I am not faithful to my husband Steve. It’s something I say without any trace of pride within, but I cannot deny that for the last six years of my seven-year marriage with him, I am having an affair with a colleague from the office, Rob McDyer.

Rob was hired to my company in the month I did a year of marriage. Right from the first day, I felt something weird about him. Something that I end up knowing that was pure physical attraction. I couldn’t stop thinking about Rob and those things married women shouldn’t think about other men that aren’t their husbands.

We became friends and our relationship was strictly professional until a Christmas party in the office where we got alone in a room talking about ourselves and, as you might know, we shared a kiss. After the kiss, we found the whole situation embarrassed given the fact it was there when I told him I was married.

Rob and I avoided each other the next days but soon we decided to leave that behind and talk about what would become of us. The talk just finished as we had our first night together at a hotel room. And, believe me, he was a wonderful lover.

“I never did a married woman before. I thought I would be afraid to make love with one, but it was great”

“I don’t know how I could do that! I cheated on my husband and I don’t even regret it!”

“Me either! Now I feel I need to spend more time with you by my side, Claire”

After that rendez-vous, we started a relationship behind Steve’s back. He never knew that I cheated on him and nor will, if I can keep him from not knowing about Rob and I. And this makes the whole thing pretty much difficult to manage, yet sexy to engage.

The problem is that I am still married and I want to keep my thing with Rob going on. At first, it didn’t pose a trouble since me and Rob liked the whole thing of doing it in secret, but he started to get worried about my relationship with Steve.

“It’s been a while that we are together and you still keep your marriage intact. I don’t know why you don’t dump Steve and come with me”

“I am sorry Rob, but I love my husband and I don’t want to ruin my marriage because of my own cheating. It’s not fair with him”

“Claire, and if he finds out about us? I am afraid of what he might do with us!”

“He won’t know about us, Rob! If he is still without a clue for the last six years, I can keep him away from us from many years more”

“But that situation still annoys me! I wished you could find a way to make the situation better for both of us”

“Don’t worry about that, honey. I know what I am doing and you will not regret to be with me”

I knew what I was doing and I must admit that I had fear that Steve could catch us, but it didn’t posed a threat given I knew how to make excuses that my husband could believe and knew the right places to meet Rob for our hot affair.

But an out of wedlock affair isn’t an affair without doing something really kinky, and that happened a month ago when Steve was away to see his family and I called Rob to my house. I think you know where that might get into…

“Why did you call me to your house? What are you planning?”

“Well, I just wanted to do something for us. Something to spice up our relationship…”

“Claire, I don’t understand… why you want to do that in your house? I think it’s too dangerous”

“It’s not dangerous, Rob! Steve is far away and we are just the two of us to do a nice lovemaking at my bedroom”

“What do you mean? Are you telling me that you…”

“Come on, Rob! I never did other man that wasn’t Steve at our bedroom! And he is so far away and I am so lonely…”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Claire… but I think that is really tempting to do”

“That is the idea, sweetheart…”

I didn’t take much to lure Rob to my bedroom and we embraced each other in seductive kisses and lustful touches as we removed off our clothes. The scent of the forbidden pretty much drove us to keep going on it.

“And what if your husband arrives on surprise and gets us doing it here?”

“Don’t you think that I wonder about that? And it excites me a lot!”

I was so excited that I wanted to do it all with Steve and I started by sucking his dick. I am not a girl who did a lot of oral action, but given my sexual escapade at my marital bed I wanted to do all the kinky stuff and blow that cock was just the first act.

“I only sucked Steve once in a while. But for you, I can do it every day”

“The way you suck it, I want you to do it every day!”

The way Rob moaned as I did that blowjob made me happy and I kept doing it further, watching his thing get hard and thick at my mouth and my lover whisper with delight.

“Suck my cock, Claire! Suck like you don’t do with my husband!”

And I did… oh my Lord Jesus, how I did! Later, he laid me on the bed and started to lick my holes for a while and all I wanted is to make the dirtiest sexlove at my own bed. And it happened when he put me in all fours and let his dick go all inside my pussy.

“This is so wrong, but I am so horny for that, Claire!”

We knew that it was wrong, but that didn’t stopped us to consummate our relationship at the bedstead I kept my marriage alive. It was so dirty and kinky that I didn’t asked Rob to go soft. Just wanted him to go hard and deep as the situation called for that.

“That’s so delicious! I never did that kind of stuff before! And I am loving it!”

“Me too! Fucking another man at my bedroom is so delicious… I wonder if Steve gets us doing that!”

“Don’t even mention, Claire! Don’t spoil the day”

He grabbed my ass and fucked me the best I could, even giving me an eventual slap at my buttcheeks. All of that made me moan louder and louder, forgetting every kind of ‘repression’ I had by doing that sort of act at my own home. And I wanted more.
I rode him the two ways possible, feeling his cock going inside my two holes and getting pleasure of it I could see how Rob enjoyed that act and made sure that I had the best pleasure I could get and so him. I was still somehow afraid to see Steve come up and surprise us on bed, but I think it was still part of the deal.

“Can you believe I did that many times with my husband but I feel something different by doing it with you?”

“Really? Can I be glad or what?”

We took a while as he traded positions again and laid on top of me, taming my cunny with his gentle and amazing ‘weapon’. But as much as we grew closer to the final act, I needed to make him avoid a certain nuisance.

“Rob, I cannot get a baby from another man! Take care when you are going to cum”

“I know! We are going to cum together, but I know how to not let you have trouble with your man”

We indeed came together, as he spilled his load into my belly and breasts and our voices and noises went together in a same melody. The melody of forbidden pleasure. Two lovers surrendering to the lovemaking arts, as the gods of love intended the humans to be.

“I never knew that do my lover at her husband’s bed was something incredible. I am sorry for doubting of you, Claire”

“Please, Rob. Don’t be like that. I knew you would like and so did I”

“You know… now I am not that much against keeping our thing away from Steve’s eyes. I am already used to this arrangement… it’s better for the two of us”

“I am glad you are my lover, Rob. And I am glad we are together… and I want to be together with you”

“If that means that we can do it here again…”

“Well, I hope Steve can travel more but I think we can find a break once in a while”

And then our affair stands still, so as my marriage. Steve never knew that we did on his bed and still don’t know about me and Rob. And will not know that we are intended to use our bed for our own pleasure more and more…

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Chapter LX – Seduction of Two Women (based on Love Secrets No. 54 cover, Quality, June 1956)


This is the story on how I managed to seduce and get into a relationship with the two hottest ladies in my office, Jean Carr and Simone Edwards. A story where I used all my seduction powers to manage what many tried there, but no one had succeeded. But, let’s explain the overview for now.
Jean worked as my secretary and Simone worked a floor above in the financial sector. Being the hottest women in the entire office, they were object of lust by almost every single man there. There wasn’t one day where any of us talked about them, at every possible subject.

Of course, the main was how those two were hot and if anyone could have a chance with them. When we heard that both were single, every male wondered about the possibility of taking them for a date and brag about it in the next day. And many did try to attempt that feat, but no one was able to engage in a further thing with any of them.

Then, there was me, who just watched the whole situation and lusted about having a threesome with them by myself. Well, I liked to chat with the guys about it but they were doing the wrong kind of approach if they wanted to get into their panties for a long period of time.

“You are so wrong, guys! You aren’t doing it right!”

“And you know how to do it, huh Monte? I don’t see you trying to get them”

“It’s because I need the perfect plan to have them. You just need to do the right way”

And I knew how to do the right way. With Jean working closely to me, it was easy for me to have something with her. Being single myself as well, I just had to use my charms to make her fall into me.

All happened when I invited her to stay in my place after she lost her train. A dinner, wine and conversation set the things for a night of too many possibilities for the two of us or if ‘the two of us’ could be something real or not.

“Jean, if it doesn’t bug you can I make a personal question for you?”

“Yes, Mr. Rawley. Go ahead! I don’t see any problem”

“Why such beautiful girl like you is still without a boyfriend? I mean, I see you going out with the guys from the office but you still don’t have anyone to call your significant other…”

“I do like the guys there, but for me, they aren’t much of my interest relationship-wise… you, on the other hand…”

“Ah? What do I have to do with it?”

“Forgive me to say that to you, but if it was someone who I would totally go out, it would be you, boss”

“Really? Well… Thanks, I do appreciate it! Even it’s kinda odd for a secretary to talk that to the boss like that”

“It’s because you are different from the guys there. They all seem to have me only to talk about it the next day. I don’t like to get my intimate life exposed in such manner. You, on the other hand, seems totally discrete, a man who likes to keep it for yourself. A total gentleman”

“Gee, thanks… I think… but I think me being a boss and you my secretary shouldn’t rule out a possibility of a relationship”

“Are you saying that…”

“I need you to say it first so I can tell what’s on my mind”

Saying? There wasn’t any need of it. We just kissed each other right on the spot, like we were two lovers that didn’t see each other for years. Me and Jean totally forgot about our professional relationships, all we wanted is to enjoy ourselves in the arts of lovemaking.

“Should we go through the next step? Or should we stop now?”

“We already started, Mr. Rawley… therefore…”

Apart my socks, her shoes and hat, we were totally naked as I mounted on top of her and put my ‘little man’ to the job. I never been that sudden in doing sex but that night the situation asked for that. I just let the thing flow as it needed to be.

“Ahhhhhhh! Yess! I am fucking my own boss! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And I am doing my own secretary!”

Maybe that kind of game helped us to get even more excited to fuck each other’s brains. The whole feeling of engaging into some ‘forbidden action’ drove us to a wild fucking, and boy, she is a goddess in bed. If I said everything we did on that couch, you wouldn’t believe a single thing, even if it’s not something too much ‘over the top’, I say…

“I feel like I am on those movies where the secretary scores the boss”

“Except if this was a movie, we both could have it since we are single”

“I will say that is the best sex in my life! Dear God! Better than I expected”

“You are a great lover. I should expect that from you”

“Just please don’t mention that we are together to the guys. I don’t want to see my intimacy being again object of scrutiny”

“I won’t share a single word. Let’s keep it like we were still boss and employee… by the way, do you talk with Simone, from the financial?”

“We always take the same train together… but why?”

“I don’t know… well, you and her are the most wished women from the company, and well…”

“Oh, I knew it! You want me to help you to get with her! You are lucky that I am not a fanatic for monogamy”

“What does it means then?”

“Well, I am going to help you to have your little date with Simone. She also deserves something better than those dickwads from the office”

“Really? I would appreciate that! Well, would you mind if you could be with a woman’s head between your legs sometimes?”

“Is that an invitation for a threesome with her? I gotta think about it, but let’s draw a plan for you do nail Simone then”

As we started to think about a way to seduce Simone, me and Jean started a ‘secret relationship’ with each other. No one in the office knew on the day after about my adventure with the secretary and not even the later days. We knew many ways to keep ourselves out of the eagle-eyed who could ruin the mood if spilling the beans to the fellas there.

I became closer to Simone as I started to hang out more with the finances employees. Soon, I started to date her, without telling her about my thing with Jean. I admit isn’t the best thing a man like me can do, but what else could I if I wanted to seduce her as well?

Then, came the day. I invited Simone to my place for a night of dinner and movies. Everything went well that evening and I could use all my seduction attributes on her the way I planned. And it worked!

“I know you and Jean, my secretary, are somehow close to each other…”

“We do take the train to come to work and back home and we talk sometimes, but it’s not like we were close to each other. Why the question?”

“Nothing, it’s just I remind her mentioning it for me a day when we were talking at the office”

“May I know the subject?”

“It’s nothing serious. I was just talking how the men there look like vultures around you and her, just that”

“Vultures? I must say they look like hungry lions salivating for an antelope in the wild! It’s kinda weird that I went out with some of them but they don’t seem the kind of man able to be in a relationship with”

“You must agree with me that they are a bunch of single men which their intention is to find what we call an easy way for a booty call”

“I know… they are terrible! You, on the other hand, are a gentleman!”
“I don’t think myself as a gentleman, Simone. I do think myself as someone who can understand women very well”

“Don’t put yourself down… I will confess that you are the kind of guy that I would go to bed with”

“Do you want to enjoy this opportunity right now?”

Simone blushed as I took her by the hand and we went to my bedroom. After romantic kisses, the two of us were naked as we came to the world, all ready to do the thing men and women are expected to do.

“I feel I won’t regret to sleeping with you, Monte!”

Regret was a thought that her mind emptied that night. I did her pretty much the same way I did with Jean, first mounting on top of her and putting my ‘friend’ inside her slit and watching how much she liked it.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! I knew it! Ohhh! You are better than all of them!”

My colleagues will never know how much I pleased Simone, as I kissed her and saw her moan with delight as I put my cock inside her. And I had a good view of her nice butt when she told me to take her by behind.

“Did one of the guys had done you like that?”

“After tonight, I will put this night as the first time I really did it like that!”

Simone was as so goddess in bed as Jean was. She knew how to take it good and asked for more and more, maybe notcing that I was a perfect match for her, better than all the guys she went out with. And she made that idea to be voiced many times.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Monte! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhh! Simone!”

We just fucked each other’s brains until we had one or two orgasms. After that, we lied on the bed looking at each other as a familiar voice came on to join the party.

“I am really glad you liked Mr. Rawley, Simone! I told you he was hot!”

“Jean! Oh, hi! Glad you are here with us…”

“I knew I should have entered before, but I couldn’t resist watching you doing it. I am so horny because of that…”

“Did you tell Simone that we are a couple?”

“She asked me and I answered. And now we are proud that we are your ladies, Mr. Rawley… I mean, Monte!”
“She told me how you and she like to mingle with each other. And, believe me; your tales with Jean turned me on a lot”

“Glad every one of us is turned on with what happened tonight, but I think we should be doing other stuff by now”

“What do you mean?”

“Simone, do you mind if Jean put her head between your legs?”

“I never tried such thing, but we have two women and a man, so… hell yeah!”

Jean did put her head between Simone’s legs to lick her pussy as I fucked my secretary. I got my erection back and I pounded the two ladies the way they liked, sticking my organ inside their love holes and watching they making sweet love with each other.

I took turns on doing them, watching their asses wiggle as my dick did their pussies. They loved it every inch of it and, as a finale gift, they did a 69 for me. I came through jerking off and they licked every drop of cum that lied at my body. What a night!

Well, you want to know what happened later, huh? I managed to use my influence there to move Simone to my office, to work together with Jean. They guys at the office still doesn’t know anything about us, even with us leaving together the place. Our threeway love affair is getting hotter and hotter every day and all this only matters to us and who reads this story…

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Chapter LXI – The Maid Affair (based on Young Love No. 118 cover, DC, October-November 1975)


After me and my wife Nicole got married, we moved to a big house and decided to hire a housemaid to keep the things running since we were too busy with trying to set ourselves there. How I wish to say I regret the day I saw Lisa for the first time, but I can’t.

Lisa was three years younger than Nicole and had just left college, trying to settle herself with a good job and doing housekeeping in the interim. She was a nice redhead, with a good body, a captivating smile and a way to do stuff that would make her feel like she had a long career being a maid. I never knew this combination would pose as trouble for me.

I know it might sound as an excuse, but I love my wife and everything, but Lisa had a way to make me feel different around her. I don’t know if it was the way she smiled when I said a joke or how we spent days talking about stuff we did in high school. She wasn’t like the ordinary kind of maid we see everywhere. She was something else. And that something else was able to turn me on in a way that… well, it’s hard to explain.

But the only way I should explain why I am talking about her is how I ended up having an affair with her. It wasn’t something that came out from nowhere. It was something that my mind played for the last three years, putting thoughts and fantasies about her and making me question if I really liked to be with her or could be something bigger than that. Or even she was making me feel horny about it.

Until a certain day, I hid all my thoughts about Lisa and my situation to her and kept them to myself, as I didn’t wanted to ruin my marriage (which, at the time, I had my first child). That aforementioned day, Nicole went to see her mother with the baby and I was alone at the house. Well, not alone, Lisa was there too, and we started to talk as she was taking a break from cleaning stuff.

“I never asked you about it, but do you have a boyfriend Lisa?”

“Why are you asking me that, Mr. Banks?”

“Just curious. You are working for us for the last two and a half years and I never knew much about your personal life, even if we talked about many stuff…”

“I am not too fan of opening my personal life to anyone, Mr. Banks. But, since I work for you, I will have to admit that I am currently single, sir”

“Single? You? You are very beautiful to be single, Lisa!”

“Do you think? Well, I had a boyfriend until months ago but we broke up because of conflict of interests”
“I think I understand you. It’s really hard when you both can’t find a way to match your interests. Have been on that boat before”

“Let me ask you something personal, Mr. Banks… do you believe in love at first sight?”

“If I believe it? Well, I think I do. I believe that you can fall for someone just at the very first moment you see her. Why you ask?”

“Well, I am just asking because I think I do believe as well on it, but I never found that sparkle to take over me. I never had someone that I just wanted to be with him from the second one. Isn’t that bad, right?”

“Not at all, Lisa! Love is a complicated thing to deal with and sometimes you don’t even know how you ended up with someone else. It’s very tricky, I confess”

“I know, Mr. Banks. Well, just wished that it was less complicated to me. All my previous relationships ended very sour for me”

“Maybe it’s because you are going after the wrong man. I think there is someone looking for you and that fits you”

“Thanks… but I don’t know where to find the right man. I tried a lot but only brought me sadness and trouble”

“Maybe you should stop searching and let that man come to you”

Now I understand why I did it, but I just pushed my face close to Lisa’s after I said that. Of course, she backed down.

“Mr. Banks, what are doing?”

“I am showing that you should stop searching for that man and letting him come to you”

“Why? Why are you doing that? You are married! You have a family, sir!”

“I know, and I love deeply my wife and my kid, but at the same time, I share feelings with you, Lisa. I don’t know why, but you made me feel brand new when you came here for the first time. Now, talk about love at the first sight”

“But… I can’t. I am your housemaid! It’s totally impossible!”

“If you feel something for somebody, impossible is a word that should never exist, Lisa”

We stood in a stalemate for minutes until she decided to give up and find out she also had something for me as well. When that moment happened, we shared a tender kiss. Not too passionate or loveless, but just tender and arousing.

“Mr. Banks…”


“I want you to take me right now, sir”

“Do you really want me to do it?”

“Yes! I beg you! Take me now! I am yours”

Who am I to say no to a beautiful girl? I hadn’t the time for fighting with my mind who tried to stop me because of my wife and child. I just wanted to be with Lisa on the kitchen’s floor and have sex with her. And nothing would stop me from do it.

“Are you sure is that what you want?”

“Isn’t what you want as well, Mr. Banks?”


I couldn’t stand back, then I decided to go until the end. We did it up everything we could naked on that floor, or almost everything. I mounted her and did all the things she deserved to have, doing her and rubbing her back against the cold floor and she didn’t complained of it, only moaned and begged for more.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Mr. Banks!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Lisa!”

I did Lisa in missionary position and in all fours, as well, hoping Nicole wouldn’t catch us doing it. It was really dirty and wrong do the maid, but it was really nasty and I liked to have fucked her. We even traded oral action afterwards and got to taste each other’s juices…

Well, from that moment on, I knew my relationship with Lisa had changed. We did became lovers and tried to do it everytime my wife was away, which it wasn’t much hard with all the times the baby went to the doctor and see relatives. Even if I was afraid of her catching us, I had to do it.

My affair with Lisa was amazing and we did all the things possible. I loved to eat that tender young pussy as she returned with an amazing blowjob. I loved to take her by behind with her hands at sink and plow that wonderful pussy of hers.

Great times for both of us, but one day… the worst happened.


Yes, my wife caught me and Lisa having sex at our bedroom.

But I will keep for another story the aftermath of the events. Stay cool and keep wondering about the end of this affair.

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Chapter LXII – Hospital Bed for Three (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. 70 cover, DC, May 1960)


My husband Scott suffered a car accident and had to stay for a while in the hospital. I spent all the time with him and followed his recovery, talking with the doctors, asking about the needed procedures and trying to make him not feel anxious about being stuck to a hospital bed not being able to do anything.

Christine, my best friend, stood with me all this time. She was one of the first who came to our aid when we needed and she always was my companion every time I went to the hospital visit him. Without her and a few other people, I would go crazy just to think about Scott being tied to a bed and reeling from his injuries.

Within days, my husband recovered himself and was in the way to leave the hospital to finish his treatment at home. Despite the happiness I felt with the progress made, I couldn’t stop thinking on how he was alone in that room, just him, the nurses, doctors, medicines and no one else. I slept there sometimes but it’s still creepy to know he was all by himself and his injuries, and even if he played and joked with his state, it wasn’t the same for him to not being able to be with the ones he loved and doing his job because of a stupid crash.

But I didn’t suffer alone, Christine always there to help me to get my sanity in check. And, one day, at the hospital, we started to think about what we could do to put his hospital time less straining to him.

“It hurts to see Scott lying on this bed, feeling pain and coping with pills, doctors and stuff. I don’t know how I am taking that so lightly”

“Gwenny, you are overreacting. He is recovering very well, he won’t feel major problems due to the injures and, overall, he is alive”

“I know, but I still feel that I should do something for him. You know, to show how much I am supporting him and that he is the love of my life”

“You can’t do much with him being here, and we are at a hospital as well…”

I wondered how much I could do to help him, but out of nowhere, something just past through my mind. But would I tell Christine about my idea. And how she would react about it?

“I think I know how I can make Scott feel that I am happy for him being alive”

“And what it is?”

“I don’t know why, but I reminded about something Scott and I were discussing about”

“And what it is, Gwen?”
“Scott and I were talking about the possibility to enhance our relationship and… we realized that a threesome would be good for us”

“Threesome?! Are you crazy? Try a threesome in a hospital bed with your husband? What are you trying to do?”

“Trying to make ourselves happy, Christine. I cannot stay anymore without giving something to show how much I care about Scott and this is the perfect way that I found to give back to him. And you are going to help me on that”

“Come again? I don’t understand… “

“For a threesome there is a need for a third person and who else is better to fill that role that my best friend ever, the only that came to me at every visit to the hospital?”

The reaction was obviously predicted, but I worked my way to make my reasons being spoken and convince her to join my plan;

“We wanted someone else we could rely on and that could feel easy to be with us and you are the one who fits everything we desire on a third person”

“Are you telling me that you want to share your husband with me only because he can’t leave his bed?”

“Not with these words, but I think you already got the idea”

“I will admit that your idea is insane but there is a part of me that is willing to accept the offer… well, I think it won’t hurt to join, but why me?”

“Because Scott mentioned you are the finest of my friends and always wondered why a pretty girl like you is still single. And I will confess that, if I wasn’t married and didn’t liked men, would love to be with you”

Maybe what I said made her blush (and surely did), but guess Christine knew that I was being serious about my attempt and that I would try to do it, with or without her. Let’s say that made easier for her to pick a choice.

“Fine… I will be your partner in this plan, but how do you plan to do it, Gwen? We can’t be here past the visiting time frame”

“Don’t worry. I do have everything in my mind. And we won’t need to take much time to have our time with Scott and it can be done during the visiting hours”

“And how do you plan to avoid being caught by doctors and nurses?”

“I’ve been coming here for so long that I think I know exactly the full routine of them. Believe me, it will work!”

Myself was afraid to get caught, but when I came home I put the plan all in my head and kept Christine informed about everything. We waited for the penultimate day before he were slated to leave the hospital to do it, as it was the day where I found the less straining about doctors and nurses surrounding his room.

I told Christine to go first to his room while I waited in the bathroom and watched the things going by. I trusted her to get him in the heat before I joined him, but I couldn’t resist and managed a way to try to watch them doing it.

I think that happened that way before I walked in this bedroom, then forgive me if this recall might not be accurate.

“Christine? What are you doing here? Where is Gwen?”

“She told me she needed to go to the bathroom and told me to go first to see if you needed anything”

“Thanks… but I don’t know if I need something… I am just fine here”

“Good that you are fine, Scott. And glad that the accident didn’t took out the handsomeness of your face”

“Gee, Christine… well, thank you… I don’t know what to say…”

“You don’t need to say anything… just let me do something for you…”

“Serioiusly, I don’t need anything… what the hell are you!”

Probably she kissed him by now and he tried to fight against it before she finished it and he looked at her perplexed with what happened.

“Christine! What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t scream too loud or people are going to get here… I was just doing what I felt you needed the most”

“But you aren’t my wife! What goes on your mind?”

“Goes on that you are a pretty man and hurts me to see that you and Gwenny cannot do the things married couples do because of what happened with you and I came here to help you two about that”

“Are you crazy? Are you trying to destroy my marriage? What’s going on with you?”

“Nothing, I just thought you needed a help and I am the one who can give it to you, Scott…”

I could see her touch my husband’s cock and stroke for a while, as he tried to dissuade her from it. Even when she took it out of his hospital clothing, he didn’t realize that it was serious. By then, it was my turn to clear up things there.

“Seems you started without me, Christine!”
“Gwendolyn? What the hell? Did you knew everything about that?”

“Sorry, Scott, but I told her about our plans and she did found out she could be helpful on it. I don’t want to see you being sad and stuck into this bloody hospital bed”

“She told me how you were suffering here and we thought we could give you the needed relief”

“You told her about our fantasy?”

“Yes, I told Christine about it and she is very glad to take part…”

“But… and what if somebody gets us here? We can get screwed!”

“Don’t worry, we will be the only one who would like to get screwed here”

And how did we get screwed! Although we didn’t have much to undress, we had the time of our lives. We did shared Scott’s cock for a start, and all the uneasiness the whole act had on him just vanished after we stroke him and gave him blowjobs.

“Uhhh… you girls… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

With our mouths close all the time, no wonder me and Christine ended up kissing each other sometimes, and it seemed both of us enjoyed to have the lips of another woman pressing against ours.

“You are a good kisser, Gwenny!”

“So are you, Christine!”

The only thing we could do with Scott laid on that bed was to hump on him, and I started with filling my pussy with his cock while Christine sat on his face. It was unusual for me, mostly because I had to keep an eye to see if anyone would come over, but it was quite fantastic feeling, and watching how he treated my best friend kept the things steamier as well.

“Ohhhhh! Yeahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh!

“Yesssssss! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!”

We had to moan not much louder to not make that room piece of attention, and for that, we kissed a lot to keep our mouths shut. We traded places for a few times, trying to enjoy the best of Scott as he traveled into the pleasuredome even if he felt denied by a hospital bed.

“You two are gorgeous! I want to do you two all the time!”

We had the time for us to do him and also we’ve tried something to make him cum, with a little lesbian show between me and Christine, licking each other as we entered in orgasm with our own tongues and so did him watching it.
“Thanks girls, you are the best! You really made this hospital time worth!”

“I only did that because I love you, Scott. And I want you to be as pleased as you can be”

Now Scott is recovered and back home. The day after he left the hospital, we did it again with Christine, but now without any restraining things to stop us. And sometimes we have our little threeway fun. And I know Scott is glad that I had that idea to bring Christine with me that day… so do I!

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Chapter LXIII – Bisexual Fun (based on Love Romances No. 67 cover, Marvel, May 1957)


How “open-minded” one can be in sex? I mean, how much of you would do something else than just the bread and butter in bed just to please anyone or to find new ways to get pleasure? I made myself the same question after I discovered my husband’s deepest secret: his bisexuality.

Not much time after our wedding, I was cleaning the house when I found a briefcase under our bed, and it was partly open. When I saw the contents of that briefcase, I went in a state of shock: lots of porn magazines! Well, you can object about a woman like me finding her husband’s porn stash, but it wasn’t just a regular porn stash, it featured a huge amount of male bisexual stuff. I just looked appalled the pictures of guys sucking dick and getting fucked as they did their girls. I admit I never thought that men could be able to get aroused through that kind of thing.

When I confronted Bobby about those magazines, his reaction was different of what I thought he had, and so did mine. I thought we could have an argument or even question his sexuality, but he decided to swallow his pride and admit that made him feel aroused.

“Martha, I think it’s hard for me to tell you, but I am bisexual”

“So, are you really into men and women?”

“Yes, at least on finding things to get myself excited. I only had sex with women and I married one as well. I never had an experience with another man before and I am not interested in doing only with men. I need a woman by my side to make the thing be exciting for me”

“I understand, Bobby… I won’t judge you for what pleases you or not. Anyway, I think this thing of a bi husband could be something interesting”

“What do you mean, Martha?”

I decided I would try to have another man joining us in sex and Bobby liked when I told him about the idea. The first thing we needed was a man to be the one to fuck both of us, but it wasn’t easy to find one that could feel easy with his own sexuality like that… and we wouldn’t pay someone just for that, at least for the first time.

Our man would be Steve, Bobby’s colleague from work and the one who accepted my husband’s offer to try such kind of threesome with us. He was straight, but he was open-minded as well to try new things, like having a man to join him in the lust.

“Martha, this is Steve. Steve, this is Martha, my wife”

“It’s an immense pleasure to meet you, Martha. Bobby told me you were very pretty”

“Oh, thanks Steve… and Bobby was right, you are a very handsome man as well…”

Steve wasn’t the kind of ‘hunky’, but he was handsome, smart and his body was pretty fine. When Bobby told me he came twice with the thought of us having sex, I knew he could be the one who could introduce us to that world.

We decided to establish a relationship with me or sort of, going out with him, calling him to come home and that kind of stuff, just to see if Steve could be the kind of man we could trust to take to our bed. Our bond grew up really fast and it looked like sometimes that we knew each other from long time ago.

It took nearly six months until it finally happened. That night was one of a party we had to go in benefit of a charity the company runs who takes care of the elderly. I went out with a stunning red long dress and the guys with tuxedos, as usual. After we came home, the mood was set to things to happen.

“This party was amazing! I didn’t knew I could have so much fun”

“And so do us, Martha! Helping who needs and putting a smile on our faces always scores in the day”

“Too bad it’s over and we are back home…”

“But it doesn’t mean that we need to call off the night, gentlemen…”

I just stood up in front of them and called both Bobby and Steve to our bedroom. They followed me quickly as they probably found out what I wanted to do. And, then, our first bisexual threesome could start…

I stood up in front of them and they stripped me from my dress like they were eager to get a Christmas present, and I did the same with him. Soon I could see them both naked, and for my surprise, they were almost exactly the same size! You couldn’t notice any difference between my husband’s penis and Steve’s. As I feared dick size could be something to break the mood, I realized I found a catch for us.

“Let me see if I can get the boys in line to the main game”

I stroke both guys for a while until they were at the boiling point. Next, I kissed both men and we had a few sexy moments of kissing and rubbing before I went down to suck both gentlemen off.

“And here we go!”
I sucked them like I might never suck a cock before, or even two. Those two rods, pumping inside my mouth, rubbing my lips and stuff it aroused me enough to get that thing going on. And the most important is, upstairs, I saw Bobby give those movie kisses in Steve, like they were lovers for a long time.

“Do you like to kiss a man, Bobby?”

“I want to kiss you more and talk about that later, Steve!”

They kissed as I gave both amazing blowjobs for them and soon Bobby joined me as I presented him his first cock. He did kiss it for a while before he took it all at once and started to slowly suck Steve’s and, believe me, he loved it!

“I cannot believe! I love the taste of cock! Oh God! You are delicious, Stevie!”

He just took it in like it was a popsicle! He sucked and sucked and sucked, at first just by himself, but later, I joined the fun for a moment I would never thought I would live but I found out it was nasty and fun.

But there was something else to do and as Bobby went behind me and stick his cock inside my pussy, Steve did the same with his ass and soon the ‘Sexpress’ got aboard. That scene was, for the eyes, amazing to watch and for us who lived it, something that aroused us even more. I got much turned on hearing my husband moan with his colleague doing his butthole and helping him to take my cunt as a present.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s so good! Fucking my wife and getting fucked by a guy! Ahhhh!”

“Like how I am fucking your ass hard, Bobby?”

“Keep it going! Keep it going! Fuck me Steve!”

It was amazing how the thing enfolded, with us taking the train to the best railway ever, the railway of sex. My excitement was bigger and Bobby’s pleasure helped that, given the fact he finally would be able to enjoy hot action he always wanted.

Later, they did fuck me, with myself between them as I sucked Bobby and Steve did my pussy. I loved the feeling of having sex with two men, something I never tried and wanted to do as soon as we started to plan that night. Sometimes I wonder if I ever tasted that pleasure during that day.

Steve fucked us for a while, doing us in all possible positions. I loved to see Bobby sitting on his dick and riding like I do with him when we do it like that and then do try it on my own. But later, my husband wanted to have our guest for himself and he only had to let him give him what he wanted.

“I want you get you in all fours and you lick my wife”

And it happened as Bobby wanted. He gave back what Steve did to him and paid in full, as I saw him moan loudly with my husband’s screwing abilities, and I had to certify I could shut his mouth for a while with my pussy.

They did a lot and so did I, and we finished as they came on my body and I could feel all of their heat going on me. I was happy to see how Bobby smiled after his first bisexual threesome and how he wanted to do it again.

“Thanks for helping me to realize my fantasy, Martha!”

“You don’t need to thank me! Thank Steve for being such a gentleman!”

Steve has been our lover for a while, but also we do look for other men to enhance our bedroom experience. And now, we are looking for a woman to try a threesome as well. Who will be the one?

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Chapter LXIV – Strap-on Bride (based on Secrets of Young Brides No. 12, Charlton, January 1959)


Thanks to the Lord above, I do have a happy marriage with Anita. We love each other and we have a perfect family, as God intended to be. And we are also very happy about our sex life, which is plenty of happiness and delight. But I didn’t came here to talk about my entire sex life, but about something that happened at our wedding night, where I realized my deepest sexual fantasy.

Weeks before the wedding, I brought Anita a gift for her and told her I wanted to see it being worn in the first night. She was so happy and excited when she got the box, but after opening it…

“Brandon, what is this?”

“It’s a strap-on dildo, Anita”

“And why you bought me that, Brandon? I don’t understand”

“I want you to wear that in our wedding night. I want to see you with that”

“You want me to have this dick with me? Why? What are you trying to say to me?”

“Well, I never told anyone about it, but I do have this fantasy of someone using that on me”

“WHAT?! What the hell?! Brandon, do you want me to wear it on… you!? Are you trying to tell me that you are…”

“I am not gay, Anita! I am not! It’s just I would like to get penetrated by a strap-on. Just that, I am not into men, I am into you”

“And you expect me to indulge into this sick dream of yours in our wedding night?”

“I understand your opposition on it, and believe me, I would do the same if I was you, but I never tried this to someone else and I want it to be with you, my soon to be wife”
“No way I am doing such thing, pal! It’s insane and… well… I don’t even know how to speak about it!”

“I am not asking too much of you, Anita. I am asking you if you could wear this for me. I won’t bug you for that. We did a lot of things since we started to date and I wanted the first night to be special for us and it would be for me only if we tried to do something different…”

“And that something different would be me plucking your ass, right?”

“I think you just understood it”

“And why do you think that I would do that with you, Brandon?”

“Well, because you are my fiancé and you would love to make a treat for me at our wedding night”

“No way I am going to wear that!”

“I predicted that… well, I will leave this here and you can throw it away if you want. But if you want to think better, feel free to it…”

I left the room with Anita, the strap-on and that box and never knew what happened with her after that. We didn’t bring up the subject the following days and I kind of conveniently forgot about the toy, maybe because I didn’t want to bother Anita anymore. And then the wedding day came.

Everything ran as normal, the religious celebration, the reception and stuff. On our way to reception, Anita told me something that left me thoughtful about it, and I would only learn about it later.

“I hope you are getting warmed up for our wedding night”

“I don’t need to get warmed up. I only need you by my side”

“You are so cute, Brandon! Well, I’ve got a surprise for you…”

“Surprise? Really? May I know what it is?”

“I cannot tell you, remember? It’s a surprise. You will only know when we are all alone”

I swear that I never even had the thought of that strap-on in my mind, maybe wondering it was a new lingerie or something else. It was only when I came to the hotel’s suite that I finally found what Anita meant about ‘surprise’.

“Are you ready to see what I’ve got for you, Brandon?”

“I am waiting for you, Anita!”

Left with just my boxers, I waited for my new wife to come out from the bathroom with the ‘surprise’, and when I saw her, with lingerie and that strap-on around her crotch line, it nearly caught me off guard.


“Did you like it, Brandon?”

“But I thought you wouldn’t do it”

“I thought for days about it and I decided that I had to do it. If you wanted it so much, I think I can do it”

“You don’t know how much I love to see you wearing these”

“Thanks, but you will love it when I use these on you!”

She approached the bed and shook the toy in front of me. I just had a second of thought before I found myself having that dick inside my mouth. I never could think that I would perform a blowjob in my entire life, But I was, doing it at my wife, and I know how weird I feel talking about it.

At first it seemed I didn’t know what to do, but quickly I found out my pace and Anita also found her. At some point of the blowjob, she started to push my head back and forth, talking like a man would with a girl.

“Come on, baby! Suck that cock! You wanted it, don’t you? So suck it, suck it for mama here!”

I had to suck and I sucked and I sucked and I… Well, I think you got it. I just filled my mouth with that fake dick and I loved it! I wanted more and more and I pushed further for that. But Anita seemed to have other ideas in her mind and told me to be in all fours for her.

I willingly did it and allowed my ass to be filled by the strap-on. She was shy to do this, but I told her it was okay and it went all in. I did scream in pleasure when she did, and even more when I felt the thing going inside and outside of my rear end.

“I can’t believe it! My wife is really fucking me! Oh God!”

As usual, going slow was the only thing Anita could do for me, maybe not used to be on that position, and even sometimes showing hesitation. But I made sure I liked it that she quickly found her grip and pace and went to pound me like a man would do.

“Do you like when I fuck you hard, huh Brandon? Do you like to get banged by a woman? Do you?”

“Yes! Yesssssssssssssssssssss!”

Soon, I found myself like those porn actresses, taking it hard from a guy, which was my wife. She slapped my ass, told me dirty words, called me names and fucked me hard. And all of this made me horny at the best and my cock was really, really hard while she Anita screwed me. I loved every second of it without regrets!

“Come over and sit on me, Brandon!”

Facing my wife, I sit on her, and took the best of my ‘cowboy’ impersonation to ride that toy of hers. My hips wiggled while the dildo filled my butt and waves of pleasure were inside my mind, asking and begging for more and more. I could see in Anita’s face that she didn’t believed on what she was seeing, but she was enjoying her way.

“It’s so weird, but I think I am going to like it”

I rode Anita for a long while until she dropped my back on the mattress and took me in another position. By then, I was so horny that I would expect to cum anytime soon and only having my legs wide to make my wife plow me the way I deserved.

“God Brandon, you scream like a whore!”

“And how good whore am I tonight, Anita?”

“A lovely one, sweetheart!”

She fucked me until I reached the boiling point and, even without touching myself, my abdomen was taken by a wave of jizz. I couldn’t hold anymore my orgasm and saw with delight that spunk coming off my dick while the strap-on continued to fill me for a short time.

“Oh Yes! I am cumming! I am cumming! Motherfucker! Ahhhhh!”

I didn’t know if Anita liked it entirely after she finished with me. I had to know exactly how the whole thing sits into her mind and if she was good or not with doing me like that.



“Won’t say anything about tonight?”

“Well, I kinda liked it. It was awkward and different, something I never thought I would see or even do, but speaking overall, I loved to be the man tonight”

“Really? You did enjoy fucking my ass?”

“I think I can deal with it. It’s not every time you have a slutty husband with you”

We laughed and kissed each other after I knew she loved to fuck me, but Anita seemed to have other interests as she went to clean my belly with her tongue and stroke my cock with her body as she took the dildo off her body.

“What are you doing, Anita?”

“We did your way, and now I want to do it the way God intended us to do. Are you okay with that, right?”

I just smiled and then it was her turn to sit on me. I confess it took me a while to do get the energy to fuck Anita after all she did with me, but we finally had our ‘first night’ , as she tried to show how a woman does it in so many ways possible…

As I said earlier, we are a happy couple and we do sex always when the opportunity arises, and we keep that strap-on cock with us, being used a lot. We even have contests about who fucks best and always ends up in a draw. Now I am free to say I am a truly happy man with a great wife and a healthy marriage, at least in my opinion!

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Chapter LXV – Filled All the Way (based on Boy Loves Girl No. 41, Lev Gleason, December 1953)


I am not a woman who is shy to try new stuff. When I find myself willing to do something that I never done, I am totally into it. And I do my best to achieve my goals, no matter what I want or what I do.

Bet you are all waiting a story about a crazy sexual adventure I had. Well, I am not going to disappoint you, dear reader. Today, I am going to talk about the day when I had my first double penetration. And it was an amazing day, that Saturday.

There were these two guys, Bobby and Leo. I met them somewhere during a party and quickly we formed a sexual bond, if I might say that. But I only had done them each individually, never calling them for a threesome or something like that. And when I mentioned this possibility, they went a bit uneasy with the idea of sharing a girl with another man.

“Why you want to call another guy to join us, babe? One is not enough for you?”

“I want to try a threesome with two men! I always wanted to do that once”

“But, two guys? It wouldn’t be weird something like that?”

“Come on! It’s not like you will have to have sex with the other guy!”

This and other arguments I had with both before we reached into an agreement to do that threesome. It took me a lot of patience and time to make Bobby and Leo say ‘yes’ that I even asked to myself if it was something worthy to do it. But what happened that Saturday totally paid for my perseverance.

Well, time to talk about that Saturday. To cool off the night, we went to a pub to have some drinks and talk about ordinary stuff that happen every day. Just the right warm-up for the pleasure night.

I took both gentlemen to my place and we were at my couch, pretty much looking at each other. I did want to take the initiative but I was eager to know if they would take a lead in the build-up. But when they didn’t, I decided to take over.

“Gentlemen, isn’t a pleasant evening this one?”

“Yep, it is, Rosalyn. Definitely…”

“With you around, every evening is pleasant”

“Well, if you two want, we can be more comfortable, if you know what I mean…”

And they knew what I meant when I put my hands at their crotches, touching and rubbing it. Could not resist kissing both of them and helping Bobby and Leo to get undressed and reveal me their schlongs, with Leo having a small advantage on size but Bobby was the thicker of them.

But it didn’t matter, I just wanted cock and I got it at my reach. Both helped me to get off my dress and I got on bended knee, putting their cocks at my mouth. Not at the same time, of course, but still was part of the build-up if I wanted to get filled by those two hunks.

“Oh Yeahhh… It’s so good! Ahhhhhhhh!”

“Come on, Rosalyn! Suck my cock! Suck that fat cock!”

Two cocks at once! How happy I was to blow those men and make them the hardest they could. When I got them in check, Bobby went to lick my pussy for a while as I worked again with my mouth and hands in Leo. It was enough for me to get into ‘that point’.

The men put me in all fours and Bobby resumed his job with my cunt, but now using his dick, while I had an oral affair with Leo’s. Already there I started to get eager about those men filling my holes and how I wanted to give them good lovin’.

“Isn’t she great, Bobby?”

“And I don’t know about that, Leo?”

Bobby fucked my pussy that way but soon gave his place to Leo as I sat on his cock, facing him and I went to give blowjob to the other male in the room. I felt I was in some kind of porn flick… all those cocks for me and I had to give them pleasure!

“You two are so good! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!”

We tried one or other position more before I told them I wanted my requested to be filled. And I can be very serious when I want dick in my holes. Very serious about it.

“Now, I want you boys to fuck me hard. I need those two poles inside my holes”

“If this is what you want, Rosalyn…”

I gave them some lube and I put Bobby at the couch and again I sit on him, filling my pussy with his cock. After Leo rubbed his dick with the lubrication liquid, the guy went at my behind and slowly inserted it inside my ass, as my hands aided him to find the right target. Already there I left one or two moans go.

“I can’t believe it. I am going to be fucked by two guys in my two love holes…”

Those two took their time slowly to find their pace but soon they gave in and started to screw me like two stallions. Not kidding here! They fucked me like if I was in some porn flick, but I know I have written that before. They took their ‘job’ seriously and I loved to squeal and moan with their gallant thrusting inside my cunt and butthole. If there was a sexual heaven, I was going to be there.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me boys! Oh! Fuck Me!”

My mind was burning with lust and delight! I cannot talk properly about everything I felt when Leo and Bobby did me that way, but it was all good feelings, the best ones if you want to talk about sex. And I didn’t want them to stop that easy, so we traded places, as I sit on Leo, making him face my back and put his cock on my ass as Bobby went in the ‘front door’ and it was his turn to do my slit.

And the fun returned, of course, as Bobby and Leo would never stop fucking me the right way. I saw on both men’s faces how they loved to engage in such stuff, filling my holes with their awesome skills. And I loved how I felt while doing that and I didn’t want to stop!

“How is it, Rosalyn? Like to get two dicks banging you?”

“We’re going to do it every night! Every night, you are going to have us in your holes!”

I went sky high when they said that and all I wanted there is to fuck until the end! We did another few rounds of DP sex, always switching who would fuck where and it lasted until around two hours (!) until I told them that I wanted both to cum inside me.

“Isn’t that dangerous, Rosalyn? What if…”

“I am taking the pill, so don’t worry. I want to cum together with you, boys”

In truth, I came a bit before Leo and Bobby. And my orgasm might pushed the boys to get into theirs, filling my holes with their hot and sticky cum. I never felt so great in my entire life, now that I found two men that could do such things with me.

“Boys, you two were wonderful! Thanks for giving me the DP of my life!”

“You’re welcome, babe!”

Now every weekend, they come to my place and we keep doing the double penetration routine as a grand finale for our threesomes. And, after all this time, it’s still awesome!

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Chapter LXVI – Bride, Groom and Their Lover (based on Lovelorn No. 36, American Comics Group, April 1953)



Theresa Riley is a friend of ours since me and my wife Lisa were kids. She always was our ‘craziest’ friend, the one who did the wildest things ever and liked to try new stuff and situations.

She became enormously wealthy by running a chain of food supply stories, and decided to enjoy her free time by doing stuff not many women are used to do. Theresa is always having trips to everywhere and tells us all the time about her experiences, from climbing the Alps, African safaris, trips to Australia, India, Brazil and more. Well, but the adventures that she liked to talk about the most were the ones she found at the bed.

Being single, that girl was able to find a long list of boyfriends and occasional girlfriends for her. We heard lots of times about every single love affair she had around the world, how it happened, the sexual adventures she got engaged everywhere and stuff. Well, she was never the kind of person people would say as ‘slut’, but just a woman who loves to live the life the fullest, sexually and not.

And me and Lisa had (or have, and that I will explain later) a sample of her craziness at our wedding. When we talked about wedding presents, we asked her about it and the answer led to many thoughts between me and my fiancé.

“Did you check our wedding list to see what are you going to give us, Theresa?”

“I did, but I am not going to give you a regular wedding present, Robbie”

“What do you mean? Are you thinking about what exactly?”

“Well, I cannot say what I am going to give you two, but the only thing I shall say is that it will be something you don’t expect”

After she mentioned that, our minds buzzed with the thought of what that girl would attempt. Lisa told me that we could expect everything from Theresa and I knew about it. We attempted to make her talk about it, but she only said that we had to wait for the wedding night for that.

“There’s no way I am going to spill it before the time. You two will have to wait for that!”

The wedding night came and it was fantastic, as we wished our wedding to be. Theresa was there too (well, she is our friend and was invited as well) and we never brought up that subject during the reception. When we were about to leave to our new home, we found her by the ballroom’s door, probably waiting for something. Waiting for us?

“Hey, Theresa! What are you doing here alone?”

“I am waiting for you two to give your present!”

“Your present is here? Where it is? I can’t see anything with you”

“I thought that I should give the present at your place and I should be with you when you receive it”

“Are you saying that you want to come home with us? Why didn’t you put it along with the other ones?”

“Well, mine cannot be given like a refrigerator or a TV. It’s special and I need to be there when you get it”

If it was special like that, we had to bring her home. When we arrived there, the eagerness about what Theresa would come up with beat the best of us, especially when she told us that there was a special place to receive that present.

“Let’s go to your bedroom. I want to give my present there”

She went there and we followed her, with Lisa whispering to if she was going nuts or something else and I trying to make the situation less uncomfortable than it seemed to be. When we arrived to the bedroom, Theresa finally revealed the surprise.

“Now it’s time for me to give you my wedding present for you two. Well, there it is!”

We looked the bedroom and nothing was there. What that girl wanted to tell us? What was on her mind?

“Theresa… where is the present? You told us it was here at our bedroom”

“And it is! The present… it’s me! Ta-Da!”

By that moment, I believe Lisa’s mind was so puzzled as mine when she told she was our ‘present’. What Theresa meant with that? What was all that? Was she crazy or what?

“I don’t understand. It’s one of your wacky ideas?”

“No, it’s not. I am giving myself as a gift for you. Actually, I am giving me body for you to enjoy”

“Please, Theresa. All this is one of your silly jokes? Because, if it was…”

“No, it’s not. I am giving my body for you two to enjoy. I am giving myself as a lover for you two, Robbie and Lisa”

I confess my chin feel when she said that. What was on her mind to say a thing like that? Why she gave herself as lover for us? She had other intentions on her mind? Or…

“I cannot believe you said something like that to us, Theresa. Please, tell that it is a damn joke!”

“Lisa, it’s not a joke. I am serious as ever. I decided that I couldn’t give you one of those silly presents such as furniture or home electronics. You know I am different of anyone you knew and I wanted to give something that fit my own vision. Then, the idea of giving myself as a present came up and here I am. I will respect if you two don’t wish to have me as a gift but I am doing it for you two. I like you both and I am your friend since we were young and I do not wish to see you broken if you wreck your marriage with some bad lover or something. That’s all.”

Her explanation was so weird (for us) and so, well, ‘wow’ that we couldn’t even answer it. The only thing we did was to tell her to leave the room for a while as we talked about the issue. Well, as usual, we were decided to decline it at first, but as much as we talked about it, we realized that she had a point and being the first night married, we could try something different, at least just to make her not feel ditched.

We called Theresa back to our bedroom and we informed her about our decision on the matter.

“Well, Theresa… Me and Lisa discussed about your present and we decided that we are going to keep it!”

“Seriously? Are you telling me that you want me to be your wedding present?”

“At least for tonight, I guess we can have good use of you. Think about a ‘test drive’. If in the end this is not too weird for any of us, we can think to keep you for long”

“Oh, thanks! I love you both! I knew you would give up and realize I can be the best wedding present ever!”

I saw happiness on her face after we made our decision, and it shouldn’t be denied to such a good friend like her. We called Theresa to our bed and she watched as Lisa unzipped my pants and took my penis out of it.

“I will let you two enjoy it first. You are the married couple here anyway”

Theresa was just there, watching as Lisa started to suck my cock. It was weird and different; we never had a threesome before or let anyone see us having sex. I admit the awkwardness in the beginning, but soon when we relaxed, we could do our job well.

Lisa sucked my dick for a while, as we saw Theresa touch herself in sexual relief, seeing us having our first sexual moment as a married couple. But she wouldn’t feel that alone for long.

“Come over, Theresa. It’s yours too!”

Theresa quickly joined Lisa on giving me oral pleasure. Quickly the feeling of two mouths and tongues running through my penis wasn’t that weird or anything else. It was lovely and amazing to see both women going at it, sometimes even kissing each other in the process.

“I never thought your husband’s dick could be so good!”

“That was one of the reasons that made me marry him, Theresa”

I never thought on having another woman to join me and Lisa on sex, but that idea started to grow as they licked my cock and then both women laid me down, with my wife filling herself with my organ and Theresa sitting on my face, where I started to lick her pussy. Oh My God! It was fantastic! I couldn’t believe something like that happened in my first night as a married man!

“Ohhh… it’s so good! Doing my husband with another woman it’s so great!”

“I told you two would like it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Those two ladies humped me for a while and it was the best sex I ever had. It was so great and so kinky that the fact that I and Lisa were doing our best friend made things kinkier as ever. It was so delicious that I smiled to anticipate in my mind what Theresa saved for next. Well, if there was stuff for the next turn.

And there was more. I got to do Theresa as she licked my wife’s pussy. I never had done her before, of course, but I finally realized after that why she got so much people to do her. She is a nasty hot fuck! Her pussy is so hot as my wife is! And now she was ours to have and take and we did lot of stuff with her that night, filling every hole and request possible for them.

After we did it, Theresa wanted to ask us how did we liked the present and both of us were ecstatic to say that we loved it! And we would like to keep it! Well, we kept Theresa and she is still our lover, coming at least twice a week to make love with us. Well, who knew that a lover could be a better present than a refrigerator or a brand new couch…

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Chapter LXVII – Bisex Country Babes (based on Saddle Romances No. 9, EC, November-December 1949)


Five years ago, I inherited my Uncle Joe’s ranch in Colorado, but only last year I moved to there, mostly due to some personal and workplace disappointments. I thought running the place and maybe trying to live as cattle rancher or something like that could be something that would bring back peace of mind. But, beside that, living here brought me something I never expected to experience and enjoy in my entire life.

Let’s begin with how I met Carmen Ortiz. She was owner of the ‘next door’ ranch, which she bought from an old friend of my uncle. Right from the first meeting, I noticed she was a very tough and brave lady, the kind of woman who would lead cattle trails for hours and hours without feeling tired. You know, the type of things men are expected to do, but she had the brains and weapons to do it on her own.

Actually, she wasn’t that alone on her job. With her, lived Sally Feldman, her forewoman. She seemed a bit younger than Carmen, but she did any job she needed to be done at her ranch, even the hardest ones. I lived close to some kind of real deal feminist solution to the ever present problem of women doing their stuff on their own, but could not complain about it, neither them.

Right after I moved, Carmen and Sally came to my house to make all those ‘new neighbor rituals’ and said they would be around if I needed something from them. Quickly, the three of us became friends and visited each other every single day. And during those visits, I noticed something that I would only understand later.

“Carmen, could you answer me a doubt?”

“What’s on your mind, Dave?”

“Well, I never see much of the other workers here. They don’t live here like Sally or just I am not that lucky to see them all the time?”

“Actually, only me and Sally live here. The people that work here, except Sally, are hired by us to do some jobs, but it’s like going to an office or something. You come here, do your job and leave and you get paid in the end”

“It’s not hard being only two women living alone in a big ranch like this?”

“The times where women were known as ‘weak’ are over, Dave. We can do anything a man does as well and that’s what we do there. We don’t need anyone else but us to show how it’s done”

That speech made me respect them even more, doing stuff in a place where only tough men could tame the wilderness and its things. And my relationship with them became even better, but something I learned about them would make me think something else about those two women.

I went to their reach to return a tool I took from them. I did not saw any of the girls there and I decided to put it at their front door. When I was going back home, I heard giggles and saw Carmen and Sally by their house wall, apparently talking about something and giggling a lot. This is the kind of situation that you let go and not eavesdrop on somebody’s conversation, however, when they mentioned my name, I decided to stay hidden where I was and tried to hear their talk.

“So, I’ve heard that you are interested on Dave, Carmen…”

“Me? Well, I cannot say that he is not a hot guy, Sally…”

“But you are interested on him or not?”

“Well… I like him. He is a good guy and also is handsome you know…”

“So, that means…”

“Oh, please! I am not even thinking about that right now, even if the temptation is hard”

“If you not going for him, maybe I might try to use my charms on him”

“Hope you save those charms for later, Sally”

“Don’t worry. You will still be the number one for me, boss”

And they kissed! Goodness, I never thought that about that! Were they lesbians? Or maybe bi? Or this was some kind of ‘handshake’ for them? I was so astonished with seeing that I had to run away without being noticed, and the ‘worse’, my cock got hard with that kiss.

I came back home and laid on my bed thinking about that scene, about those two, they kissing each other and even going at it. And my dick was still hard because of that. I had no other choice than masturbate because of my mind. I came twice! And all because of those gals! Then I started to understand why guys love so much two women together…

The next days, I could think about that talk and their kiss. I always kept myself cool with them and tried to make everything remain as normal, but my mind ran with the nastiest ideas about those two. In many of those, I was between them and doing all the things I wanted to do. I wasn’t going crazy, but…

Well, I didn’t knew to where that would lead and I kept myself hiding those feelings from Carmen and Sally. But, one day, during a dinner at their ranch, I decided that I had to know more about that.

“Carmen, allow me to make you a personal question?”

“Sure… well, what kind of personal question you want to ask me?”

“Well, it’s that I only see you and Sally there all the time, just the two of you alone and stuff… and…”


“It wonders the fact that a beautiful woman like you is still single. Since I met you, I never saw you or Sally with a boyfriend or something like that…”

I could see on their faces how much that question got into them. But Carmen valiantly took the time to answer my question.

“Well, Dave. It’s not that I ain’t seeking for any relationship. Like any woman, I do feel the needs to share my life with someone else. But I am good that way and the ranch and its businesses are enough for me to handle”

“I think I understand your point of view, Carmen. If I was as busy as you, trying to find a girlfriend wouldn’t be at my top spot of worries”

“But you shall not worry about my love life, Dave. I am good that way and who knows when someone might gain my heart”

“That one would be lucky to win your heart, Carmen. Just as much as the lucky one to win the affection of Sally”

“I am just okay like that, Dave. I do not worry on not having a boyfriend…”

“And you don’t need to worry. You need to take care of Carmen and stuff. Anyway, she is all you have by now”

Just after when I said that, both looked at each other, puzzled with the way I said that Sally only had Carmen to take care. I guess they knew I was trying to make some ‘witty’ remark or even more than that…

“Am I being too paranoid or you added something with your remark, Dave?”

“What do you mean, Sally?”

“You said that Carmen is the all I have right now… and I feel you kinda put something in your remark”

“I just made a remark about you two, nothing else. It’s not like I want to say something. Or know something…”

Quickly Carmen stood up with something of a shock face on her and Sally just looked at me like I was confessing some crime…

“What do you know, Dave? What do you want to say?”

“I know about the thing between you two!”

And it was definitely a shock for them when I revealed about what I saw that afternoon. Even more when the plot got thicker…

“What? How? How do you know about me and Sally?”

“One day, when I went to give back a tool I borrowed from you. When I was leaving, I found you talking about me and I heard. Then I saw you two kissing and I left, just that”

“You shouldn’t be listening to someone else’s conversation!”

“I shouldn’t, but I heard my name and just wanted to see what you two were talking about me… and that happened. That’s all”

“You saw us kissing after we talked about you? Do you mean that…”

“I am aware about you two having a crush on me. Don’t worry, I am not mad”

“And why you would be mad about that?”

“I don’t know. I told you two that I know about you little affair and now you also know the reason I got informed…”

“Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore about Carmen and I being bisexuals”

And that was the moment the things came clearer. I finally found out those thoughts weren’t just fantasies of a pervert man, but two ladies’ feelings about a guy.

“I am sorry that I busted your secret like that, Carmen”

“Not at all. Until I met Sally, I didn’t know I also liked women. But one day, we just found out we liked each other and we are a sort of ‘couple’. Well, not a real couple, but we like each other a lot to stay together here in the ranch, just the two of us”

“It’s not like we don’t want men around. Just that we want just each other for now, and maybe someday, we can find a man for both of us. And, maybe, that day was the first day we saw you at your uncle’s ranch”

What can I say; I just blushed when Sally said that I could be the one for them. But, for them? Like, me and them? A man for two girls? There was something going on…

“What do you mean with that, Sally?”

“Well, you gotta come with us to see what we are talking about, sweetheart”

Both women took me away from the table and took me to their bedroom. They made me sit on a chair and put themselves in front of me, smiling to each other and giggling.

“Dave, you just us only kissing. Now, you will see how two women do it here in Colorado!”

Then, the show started. The two ladies kissed each other and undressed in front of me, touching their hot and wonderful bodies and rubbing them only to tease me. My penis quickly went on fire with those ladies doing their job, and even better when Sally laid Carmen on the bed and went between her legs. I could not believe on my eyes! Lesbian sex happening in front of me and I was there alone on that chair!

I saw Carmen moan a lot with Sally’s pussyeating skills, wonderfully feeling that tongue ran around her slit. I could not control myself and masturbated during their little love making. But soon I would be drafted to the battle…

“Stop jerking yourself and go fuck Sally’s pussy, Dave”

I didn’t wait any second to stick my cock inside the blonde forewoman’s cunny. It was the begin of something amazing that night, I think I gave Sally the best fuck ever, as she moaned a lot (well, I can only judge that as positive, right?) during her turns to eat her bosslady’s. But I would only find out the truth after the sex, right?

“Yess, oh yes! Fuck me, Dave! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ah Yes! Sally! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Hmmmmmm!”

I spent some time with Sally’s pussy, but soon Carmen picked me to fill her hole and there I was, putting myself inside her while Sally sat on her face and got to kiss me. I was totally getting into the hook of those girls, they were wild and hot!

“Like to give lovin’ to two bisexual country babes?”

“I am loving it!”

The whole scene is arousing, the boss giving head to her employee and I am fucking both of them, a total stranger until sometime ago. I could not stop to think about how much time I wasted on not telling them about that kiss or even trying to make an approach. But I guess the wait was for the best.

“Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You girls!”

We fucked in so many ways that night, one I can name is to fuck Carmen’s ass while they were 69ing and then to the same with Sally. It was like the perfect porn flick, two naughty ladies and a guy doing the best they could on sex to enjoy their experience, even better after I splashed their pretty faces with cum.

“Guess this night became our first night, isn’t gals?”

“We were right! You are so hot, Dave! You are the perfect neighbor!”

“You are the right man Carmen and I would love to share!’

Guess it might lead up to the end of the story. We became partners in business and run our ranches, beside being lovers too as well between jobs and negotiations. Finally I learned where the happiness was, and it was at the heart of Colorado!

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Chapter LXVIII – Between Ray and Carla (based on Love Diary No. 34 cover, Charlton, September 1964)


I am currently living in Germany, because of my new job, but I do miss America a lot. I do miss my family, my friends, the things I like and when I am alone at my apartment, I can’t stop thinking what I left behind because of a career choice. But there is one thing that I miss as much as all the other I mentioned. Actually, two things: Ray and Carla Waller.

Ray and Carla both studied with me at high school and went to college together as well. During our time there, they started to get to know each other a lot and soon started to engage into a relationship, than soon would blossom into a marriage. But my focus here will be in the days before they married.

They liked each other a lot and their love was beautiful, but also both liked to try new stuff. One thing they loved the most was to bring a third person to their bed and let them enjoy the couple the way they would like it. They were lucky in love, a thing that I never was… I always had trouble with my boyfriends, never got a stable one or found the one I had to keep. Sometimes I wondered if I was unlucky in love or I tried to pick the wrong ones.

To try to vent off my frustrations, I always went to Ray and Carla to talk and get advice from them, many helped me to keep my head straight and not lose my faith. But then, one day, they made me a request that I found out I couldn’t refuse.

“Edna, me and Ray were talking about you and how lonely you were at the holidays and we thought we could something to ease your pain”

“What do you mean with that? Are you trying to stick me with one of your friends again? Don’t you remember the last one was a tragedy?”

“We know about it, and we are not trying to do that again. What we want from you is that you, let’s say.... join our marriage for a while”

“Ah? Join your marriage? I don’t understand… Do you mean… you want me to…”

“You know I don’t like to see you trying every time to pick up the pieces after you break up with any random guy, neither Ray does. We do love you and I think if you stick with us for a while, you might forget those failed relationship attempts”

“Do you think that sleeping with you would make me forget my failures in love?”

“I don’t know. It’s up to you find out if you want that. Me and Ray are only offering something you could use for a while”

I asked for a few days to think about what Carla proposed me. The idea was too weird for a girl like me who, even if it’s not that naïve on sex, never heard about something like that. For one side, it was something that many could call ‘sick’ and easy to say no, but there was another side that made me feel excited on being with two people I knew and trusted a lot and having sex with them. I always thought both were really hot together and even had those kinds of feelings when they told me about their adventures, so… it wasn’t easy to pick my choice.

But I had to, and I called both Ray and Carla to my apartment to talk about my decision, which was positive to their request. They were so happy after I told them ‘yes’ that I might knew there was something good to come with being ‘between’ a couple.

“We won’t make you regret your decision, Edna. You will love what we are going to do with you”

Since I said yes, why not try out and see if that would ‘cure’ the wounds for so many failed relationships? I took them to my room and clothes went off as much as I wanted to make a trial with them. But they were more interested first was to try on me, as they kissed me and went to lick both of my nipples right away!

“Edna, your breasts are so fine! Now I wonder why no one wanted to have them”

I even wondered about that for a while, but as much as their mouths worked on me, it was perfectly fine. But the best was when the sex came. I did both, sometimes I did just Ray, others only Carla and then both. It was fantastic! Both were so lovely and kinky, made me feel like I never felt in my entire life! No boyfriend did to me what both did that afternoon, fucking me, licking my pussy, making me feel my first lesbian experience… it was awesome!

Then, Ray and Carla became ‘Edna between Ray and Carla’. I was part of their relationship now and my life completely changed being more attached to them. I ditched all my bad feelings about lost boyfriends and awful dates and replaced them with the pleasure that I got from having sex with a hunk and a hottie. And you got to believe on how they were amazing to me on bed and off bed as well.

Well, about Ray, he was a major stallion, and even more, with a 9-inch sized cock! I could not believe when I saw it first time on how big it was! None of my exes were as bigger as he was and surely, none of them. I had to take lot of care when I sucked it, but giving him a handjob was a great adventure. And the best part was that he filled me perfectly. I loved to see his cock going into my holes and making me moan with his diligent thrusting.

And there was Carla, of course. If you look at her, you would never guess she would have her ways with women, but believe me, she has them! Her tongue going into my pussy… I have no words to describe how I love it, how tender she is, how sweet is the feeling and how much delighted I get with that. She is a gentle woman at lovemaking yet not losing any of her kinkiness on doing it. I can also talk she was a demanding lady when she wanted me to eat her and I love that kind of lady, and for sure I gave her all the best of my licking and brought her to heaven many times.

For nearly a year and half, I was their lover and they gave me the best I could handle in love and other arts. While I was with them, my sadness went off and I enjoyed the best moments I had in my entire life, virtually not wishing it to end. But a good job opportunity came to change it.

Days before their wedding, my boss offered me a position to work at Germany to organize our office here. It was the perfect opportunity to raise my résumé and something different in my life. But at the same time, it meant I had to be away from Ray and Carla. The thing I feared the most…

I didn’t knew how to tell them that I was about to leave them for God-knows-which time. When I took the courage to do it, they were more understandable than I ever thought.

“I think you should take it, Edna. Anyway, leading something at your job was something you always looked forward to”

“I agree with Ray. You always wished to get a promotion and this seems the perfect opportunity for you to earn it. Who knows what can come from all this?”

“I know, and I always wished to get an opportunity like that. But what about us? What you happen with our life together?”

“You should not care about it. We are going to miss you a lot, we know it and a part of us might wish to tell you to decline it and stay with us here in US. But we also know you always wanted this job and we would love you to go and grab your future…”

“Are you two telling me that I should go? It’s what I heard?”

“We are telling you to think wisely and pick the better choice for you. If you pick us or don’t, we are going to be very happy for you”

Again, I found myself in the crossroads, this time worse than the first time I was there. I wanted so much that job but I also wanted Ray and Carla. I delayed the answer till when I had my mind totally made about that. And I chose the job option. You don’t know how suffering I was when I went to inform them about what I picked, but they were behind my back and supported me.

“We are sad to see you go, but we are happy to see you getting something better for your life, Edna”

“I am relieved now, I already made my choice and this job will do well for me. The only bad thing is that I will need to leave USA two days after your wedding”

“Don’t worry. We can do our last round before we get married”

And so it was. Two days before the wedding, they called me to their place and didn’t had any other option than taking me hand in hand to their room for my final threesome before I went to German territory.

“America will miss you a lot, but I wonder what Germany waits when you arrive there…”

We didn’t wait a second to be naked and soon Ray allowed me and Carla to take a shot at his enormous dick. It was like I never had a cock in my entire life! I sucked and kissed and licked that piece of meat so much and Carla did the same that it felt it would be the last time I would have sex with a guy. But if it was? If it was, that would worth the spectacle.

“That’s it girls! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Suck my dick, ladies!”
Me and Carla did a great job on giving good love to Ray’s dick and everything went complete as we kissed each other only to make her even more aroused. And then came the fucking turn. First, Carla was the one who would get his penis inside her pussy and I would get the oral treatment from his fiancé. It didn’t even looked it was the last time I would do them for a while, as I did exactly what I did from the past days, moaning and asking for Carla to treat my pussy good as Ray did his job on her.

Later, Ray laid me on bed and Carla put her cunny at my face and another round of sex started. Now I had to eat that marvelous cunt as her future husband got perhaps his last fuck with a woman that wasn’t his wife. Again, I don’t need to say how wonderful it was taste that hot woman as his big cock went inside my pussy, taking me to the places I loved to go.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It was a great night. Ray used his cock good on both of us, fucking in all positions we thought it were fantastic. We rode his cock, kissed each other and had a turn to suck breasts. Carla also used her skills to please both of us, touching and licking our kinky parts the only way she knows. I also allowed them to have me as they wished, giving me the good sex like good bisexual couples knew.

To end that night, we decided to do something different. Carla and me did a small lesbian performance for Ray, as we licked each other into a 69 until we came. Then, it was his turn to masturbate himself off until his seed came off his dick for a last turn of tasting it.

“I am so happy for doing you two, but I am sad that I am leaving in a few days”

“At least you will remember of us always. And don’t worry, when you come back, we will be waiting for you”

Those words from Ray gave me a glimpse of relief. Well, I went to the wedding and two days later, I took the plane to Germany. I still talk often with Ray and Carla to talk about how the life is and stuff. Nowadays, I am still trying to find true love here, but two months from now, I’ll get vacation and will return to the USA. And to Ray and Carla’s arms and bodies. The way God intended me to be.

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Chapter LXIX – Innocent? Well… Now I Am Not (based on Heart Throbs No. 66, DC, June-July 1960)


I am not an innocent, naïve girl. I know you will look at me and make comments about how ‘pure’ I might be, about my ‘innocence’, how ‘chaste’ I am… Well, you are not all wrong. I WAS a girl like that. But until a certain moment of my life, I had to throw it away to live one of the best experiences of my entire existence and justify what I am right now.

The days that I was a ‘virgin in mind’. Those days are gone forever. And I am going to tell you how and why.

Missouri countryside is the place where I was born and grew up. It’s where I met my then-boyfriend and now my current husband Jeremy. We started to see each other since we were fifteen years old, but it did took a while for us to get to know each other better before… you know…

And there was my second cousin Amy and her boyfriend Ted. Amy grew up with me as well, her parents living overseas, and she was way more extrovert than me. It was so easy for her to make friends, to be the center of the attention and she had no shortage of boys willing to be with her. It makes even a bit strange that she went for a farmboy, Ted, to be her boyfriend, given the fact she could pick anyone with more money on his pocket to date. But what they felt for each other was ‘love and more’, as she liked to say.

There was one other thing she had more than me: experience on the sexual side of life. She told me about the many times she did stuff with her boyfriends and even with Ted, of the stuff she liked or what they wanted. She had so much knowledge about sex that impressed me in many ways. I was like a nun by her side when she talked about her ‘erotic issues’… but one day I would make good use of her smarts.

Well, that happened after I had my first sexual encounter with Jeremy. Actually, after some of my early times I did him. It was good and stuff but either I or him could feel the ‘something else’ that people talk after their first time. I could not feel any sparkle or anything alike and Jeremy told me the same. Of course that didn’t mean that we didn’t loved each other (and we did), but I became worried if that would hurt our relationship.

Amy knew of my troubles with Jeremy and tried to help me to get a better sex life with him. For her, the reason of none of us to feel anything ‘else’ during sex could be because we were too much ‘innocent’.

“You need to get a little loose sometimes, Ellen. You worry too much about things”

“I am trying, but I do not see myself doing stuff that… well… I see you doing! I am not like you! I am more discrete when comes to my intimacy”

“You can be discrete all the time you can, Ellen. But that doesn’t mean that you have to repress your mind when you are alone with Jeremy”

“You say like I didn’t try…”

“Ellen, I do not doubt that. I cannot underestimate my own cousin, but I think you have a little problem on marrying your ‘romantic side’ with your ‘dirty side’… but don’t worry, I will find an answer for your problem”

Amy didn’t tell me which ‘answer’ was this but I tried to do what she told me with Jeremy, who knew that I came to my cousin for advice. Tried a lot, but I still had in my mind there was something else we needed to do to achieve the marriage between romance and dirtiness she said. But I didn’t know exactly what and how to get it.

However Amy knew and she called me and Jeremy a weekend to her room, where she told me she found out how she could finally make my problems vanish and I enjoy a great sex life with my beloved.

“Why you called me tonight, Amy? I am eager to know what you have for me”

“Well, I’ve been thinking a lot these days and I realized that, in order for you and Jeremy to have a healthy relationship, I need to be as well in it”

“What do you mean?”

“That means that I need to spend a night with you and guide the two of you to a perfect and blissful sex. I want to coach you, to make you feel that love and lust can be friends and sleep together”

“But how do you want to do that? You want us to have sex while you watch? Isn’t that… well… weird?”

“Come on, Ellen! I am your family! I know you since we were children! Don’t you trust me?”

“Yes, I do trust on you, Amy! It’s just… well… I never had done sex with someone else watching it”

“And what if I say that I want to take part of the action?”

“Take part of the action? How? What do you mean?”

“You will understand it in a minute, Ellen…”

She told me and Jeremy to take off our clothes and herself got naked as well Amy came closer to us and smiled as she sit on the bed, naked and blushing when seeing my cousin do that to us.

“First of all, if you want to make your partner already burn for you, you gotta make him or her burn right from the start”

“And how do we do it?”

She placed her hands at Jeremy’s thigh, and his blush went bigger than ever, looking at me like he wanted me to tell her to stop. But I was too eager to solve my problem that I couldn’t have the guts to stop Amy to do that.

“You have to contact the places where your partner feels more aroused in order to make him or her excited. See how much your boyfriend seems shy? Wait a minute and you will see more”

She placed my hand at the other thigh and we both watched my get even more anxious with the action, but soon we could watch a small formation of an erection on him. Then, she guided me to have my hand on his cock and told me to give him a handjob.

“Don’t be afraid. He is your boyfriend. He will love your touch”

I had done several times that, but never with someone else watching it. When I picked up my pace, I felt his dick getting hard in my hand and I got really horny with that. In my mind, I only could think to have this cock all by myself, to suck and fuck him real good and have Jeremy to plow himself inside my hole.

“Does it feel good, Ellen?”

“Yes! I think I am getting where you want to go…”

My mind told me to suck Jeremy and this is what I did. I only did it once, to lackluster performance of mine. But this time, I was so confident that I could do it that I just sucked him like I had to, slowly and then going deep with his dick inside my mouth. I thought Amy would only watch it and give me tips, but I got a shiver when I noticed her kissing my neck!

“Amy! What the hell are you doing?”

“Helping you to have fun, darling…”

I never wondered that Amy could have a knack on women too, and I let her do her job, kissing my neck and my back while I sucked Jeremy. When I got her tongue brushing my pussy, oh my God! It was awesome!

“You should not have any fear to try anything new, Ellen!”

She gave me an oral to remember! I couldn’t stop sucking my boyfriend, then I moaned on his cock as my cousin ate my pussy. My mind got even dirtier thinking on doing both at the same time! Was it working?

“Oh God, that is so good! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Soon, she laid me on her bed and she licked me with Jeremy, the feeling of two tongues giving me pleasure too much for me to not handle. But after a while, she thought that our relationship had to test the ultimate goal.

“Don’t be afraid, Jeremy. Put it all inside Ellen!”

My boyfriend did what my cousin told him to do. With her guidance, he started to fuck me. And, the miracle happened! Amy was right! I finally started to understand what she meant with the marriage between romance and lust… right when he started to do me, I could feel the pleasure get intense inside me.

“Oh… My God! I am feeling it! Ohhhhhhh”

Suddenlly, all the stuff I thought I had repressed took control of my mind and I just wanted to fuck Jeremy and even Amy right there! All the ideas that my mind fed to me were all kinky and nasty! I just wanted to fuck and fuck…
Amy was all over on me too, licking my boobs and kissing me before I told her that I wanted to lick her pussy. Gosh, tasting slit was so good! Doing my cousin seemed so forbidden yet so hot that I wanted to drink her all. And I could hear how loud she moaned as I used my mouth to please her.

“Ellen! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhh!”

The sex was good but I wanted also to give to Amy something that she could enjoy in return.

“Want to have your turn with Jeremy?”

“Well, Ted is not around… so…”

Jeremy agreed and quickly he got to screw my cousin real good. I watched if for a while before I jumped it to let her eat my pussy again. I never got into a threesome before and I finally realized that I wanted to be in one with my Jeremy.

“Ohhh… yeah… that feels good…”

We resumed the classes with her telling me more on what to do and how to do in sex, as Amy taught me like a patient teacher how I should behave in bed with Jeremy. It was the greatest of nights ever, as we fucked a lot and came a lot.

“So, Ellen, how it was?”

“It was great! I hope you will get better in bed after that”

Better in bed, I and Jeremy really got. After the classes, our sex life became great and we do now things with a loose way. Sometimes Ellen and even Ted join the fun. Now I can say that I am not that innocent girl anymore…

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Chapter LXX – Palisades Sex Buttswing (based on Falling in Love No. 99, DC, May 1968)


My life can be divided in two: before and after dating Scott Hanstegen. This man turned me upside down and I won’t forget the time I spent with him, But mostly because of what he did WITHOUT me than what he did WITH.

If you want to understand what I am talking about, I gotta return to the days where I was a girl crazy for the ‘British Invasion’ and ‘mod’ culture and style at the New Jersey Palisades area. I fell immediately in love with that scene and loved to hang around with the people; listen to the music played there and addicted myself with the profusion of people, styles and how nostalgic the whole thing was.

Scott was one of the people I met during those parties. And I couldn’t keep myself without falling in love with him. That smile, his face, his way to talk, his looks, that hair… oh Dear Lord… How cannot someone fall in love with him? Well…

Pretty much quickly we got hooked up into a relationship and he was such a gentle boy, he loved the same things I did, his talk was smooth and in bed… wow, we did stuff that I only thought the couples in movies and magazines did it. But I learned later that I wasn’t the only one who tasted his ‘honey’.

When I started to date Scott, all my friends went to warn me about him, telling me that I shouldn’t go out with that guy and that I could get hurt by him and stuff. The reason they gave me it was about his ‘behavior’ with other girls.

“He is a swinger, Lori! He is always jumping from a girl to another, like a gypsy or something”

“How can you be that sure that he will cheat on me? So far I never saw him hitting on the other girls”

“You don’t need to see it to know that guy is a trap! Believe me, Lori. You are going to be screwed, and a lot!”

“I don’t need you to warn me on how much I am going to sleep with Scott, Mia…”

How lame I was to not hear my friend’s warnings! At first, I didn’t care on what they were saying me and got my relationship with Scott pretty into fine ways. But during a certain party, I finally learned how to ‘dance the swing’ and not in the dancing way.

I just saw him kiss another girl and then she gave him a blowjob at a corner of the club! I could not believe what my eyes were seeing… my boyfriend cheating on me that way! How could he? But as much as this situation annoyed me, I watched the entire scene with something of excitement on my mind. Not that scene did turn me on, but I was amazed on how I had to see Scott getting that…

Now you ask if I confronted him after the party but I decided to let it go, maybe he just got into an honest mistake situation and he would not attempt to fool around with other girls. And how wrong I was… I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed Scott the way two lovers do. I witnessed several moments where he used his looks to seduce ladies and get them to the bed or other places.

I could not believe that I was being cheated by him! Not that I wasn’t naïve about being with a handsome man that every girl would throw herself on, but I only thought that it was just chicks trying to steal my man from me. I wasn’t ready to know that he is being swingin’ all the way to their panties.

I decided to confront Scott and try to make him do a choice between me or his swinging life.

“I love you, sweet buns. I love you… all these girls are just stuff that happens, dear”

“It seems you love me and all the other girls you got hooked up with”

“But they don’t mean anything to me, Lori. They are just girls… you are my number one, sweetheart. And always will be”
“I know you can talk stuff like that, but I doubt if all this is serious or you are just using your skills to make me feel guilty or something”

“I swear it’s nothing like that, Lori. All these girls are past, you are the only one now for me…”

“Then prove it. Prove me that you just want to sleep with me and not with any of those bitches from the parties”

“And how should I prove you that I am not lying?”

Well, there was only one way to know for sure that he wasn’t a liar. I brought him to my bedroom and told Scott to do exactly what he did with his other girlfriends. Even the kinkiest points of those encounters.

“If this is what you want, how I cannot do it for you, sweetheart…”

And then there was the sex. I asked him to name every one of the girls he slept, even the ones before Scott knew me and I wanted graphic and explicit details, all of them. And we had to reenact those stories the way they were done by him and the aforementioned lady.

Well, there were a few ladies, like my friends Denise and Sandra, which loved to give Scott titjobs. I am not a busty girl, but as long as he kept talking about how they did, I managed to take some practice with his dick. Guess I enjoyed how much I love to play with his dick with my breasts.

Then I took a few blowjobs on him, like he explained about the night where I caught him first time with another girl and also another date with a Scottish exchange student named Clarissa. He told me how she liked to do a few tricks with her tongue on his dick and I had to do it the way he told me. Well, I am not Clarissa, but I could do exactly the same thing she did with him and he loved it.

Later, he took me in all ways possible. He fucked me in all fours, just like he did with many of his lovers, screaming all those words lovers do during sex. Like another of his rendezvous ladies, Maria, Scott slapped my ass and asked if I liked it. I wasn’t used to get that treatment but as soon as he started, I became hooked for that.

He did me in so many ways. I humped his dick, facing the walls like Donna and Roseanne did and also facing Scott, a trick Anneliese and Tanya liked to do. We also did the missionary stuff; the way he told it was Amy’s favorite sexual position.

Lara and Trina liked anal the best and so he did it on me. I only had my butt fucked a couple of times, but if I had to convince him my butt was better than any of the ladies he screwed, I had to let him enjoy it. I always underrated the pleasures of rear-end sexual pleasure, but after Scott showed me how he did with the chicks, I realized that I hadn’t enjoyed anal sex the much it deserved to be.

My plan went the way I wished it was. I tasted everything Scott did with other women, the way he had it with them. Almost nothing went left behind of sex that day. He showed me how he did with the other ladies and both got great orgasms to finish it.

“So, will you still chase other girls at the parties?”

“Not at all, baby! The only one it’s you!”

And the only one is still me. Never saw or heard again of Scott chasing other skirts. Ge finally learned that, if he wants to swing, I am the perfect partner for that.

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Chapter LXXI – Got Cheated, then Fucked (based on Secret Hearts No. 139, DC, October 1968)





Sometimes, the craziest experiences a woman can feel happen at the times they shouldn’t. I don’t know why, but every time I remember about it, I feel myself tingling all over my body, it’s almost like I have an orgasm when my mind remembers of that night. And I don’t know why I feel good about thinking what happened on that day…

I guess it was the fact I screwed with my then boyfriend Dave and my then best friend Fernande that makes everything even weirder than ever. Well, not exactly the fact that I was doing them both, but that I did them after I caught them cheating on me!

I dated Dave for three years and I never thought, at least most of the time that he wasn’t faithful to me. He never showed anything related that he was doing other women that weren’t myself or even put any suspicion on him. But everything changed in the last year.

I heard through the grapevine that Dave was cheating on me but nobody did know with whom. At first I didn’t believe in it, but my I changed my mind as I heard he talk with someone with that tone of voice you only use it with your significant other. I decided that I wanted to know if he was betraying me or not.

It was a tremendous shock when I found out Dave was cheating me, but not with any chick in town. It was with Fernande, my best friend! The girl I knew since the junior high, the one I grew up with and shared every single feeling and stuff. At first I was so enraged that was happening that I thought the world was playing a trick on me for that do enfold in front of my eyes. How could he? How could she?

I wanted to get those bastard at the spot and give them a lesson, but I didn’t knew how, or even why. I knew Fernande was a good friend and she couldn’t be doing it to harm me but at the same time I had to show her that she shouldn’t mess with my boyfriend, who in his turn, had to learn a lesson about faithfulness.

But I had to find out how much they were involved and I followed them during days to know everything I had about them. I found out they met each other occasionally at her home, so one day I decided to go after them and make the happy couple face the music.

I knew they were at Fernande’s place and I went there to see what was happening. When I came to the door, I decided to spy what they were doing and could see them kissing and giggling to each other, the same way he did it to me. You couldn’t imagine how pissed off I was.

I watched part of the action, at least when they got naked and after she sucked his cock and decided to go sit on him. Before my ‘friend’s pussy got filled by Dave’s, I decided to walk in and ruin their little party.

“Look, that’s a beautiful scene… of my boyfriend screwing my best friend!”

As usual, their faces went to like nearly paralyzed when they saw me there. They went for that phase of trying to cover each other and their tracks and all that talk of ‘it’s not what you’re thinking’ and that shit.

“Stop trying to excuse yourselves. I know you two were fucking behind my back, you assholes!”

“Please, Brenda! Stop talking like that!”

“And how I should talk? Should I cry for you? Accept it like only a fool girl could?”

“Don’t argue with your boyfriend, Brenda! Please, listen to him…”

“I don’t know if I want to listen to him or you, my so-called ‘friend’… you know what you did, right? Fucking my boyfriend behind my back…”

“It wasn’t his fault! Or mine… it just happened!”

“I couldn’t stop. She couldn’t stop as well… it just happened”

“And how do you expect me to believe on that? Do you think that I am naïve?”

Let’s say their excuses got worse and my replies as well. I don’t want to waste the reader’s time on explaining every single word they said, so I am jumping to the point where I decided that I should have my piece of revenge.

“Look, Brenda. If you want to punish me, alright. I am your friend, your best friend, and I betrayed your friendship. I shouldn’t do this to you. Please, you can punish me the way you wish, but don’t do anything to harm your relationship with Dave. He loves you deeply. I know it, he always says that… I know how you love him too. Please, spare him of your anger”

“Fernande, any other day your words could feel better in my ears and I would do whatever you would tell me to. But what you two did was like stabbing in the back without allowing your victim to defend yourself. And you two deserve to get my payback together. Sharing the equal amount of responsibility for what you did to me”

“And what are you going to do to punish us?”

I will admit the idea is not that original and if you are into porn you might saw a lot of these. I came to where they were, got between them and started to caress their bodies, as they looked clueless and astonished to what I did to them.

“Brenda… what are you doing…”

“If you two can do sex without me, it’s unfair that I couldn’t take part in it”

“So, you want to have sex with us? It means you aren’t mad at us?”

“Mad I am still, but I am a bit excited as well, to be honest. And, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail after all…”

It took some time for both to realize I was serious at my request. I managed to make Dave get hard again and wanked him a little before I got to suck his cock. He didn’t even make any opposition toward my action, maybe because it was better than anything else.

I also made action with Fernande, reaching my hand to finger and make her pussy wet. I wanted so much to fuck them both to teach them a lesson that they would never forget. They moaned and told me to go on and that make me even more excited to do that.

“Now I am going to show how that it’s not good to piss off a woman”

I had Fernande’s legs open wide in front of me as I dove into her pussy and started to eat her off. Then I made a gesture to Dave and he started to bang me. I was so willing to do that and I could feel they were too! It was a tasty way to teach them the darn lesson.

“Oh, Brenda!”

“My Goodness!”

I think they couldn’t believe that they were doing that with me, even in a situation like that. I decided to enjoy the best of it and licked Fernande the way she deserved as I liked how Dave started to did with me after he lost some fear of doing myself after he cheated on me. Maybe it was the price to pay to make they learn, but it was a tasteful price.

I got fucked and licked pussy for a while before I decided to make Fernande watch me ride Dave’s cock while kissing me and licking my boobs. She should learn that I was his girlfriend and I was the only one who could do him that way. Later, it was my turn to let her eat my pussy, in another round of punishment, now to teach Dave the dreaded lesson.

“Good, I am glad you are doing all I want tonight, but this is not the end of your paybill”

“Wait? There will be more?”

Both fucked me a lot that night, with me and Fernande getting engaged into a 69 while Dave did my ass. Then, I had to watch them fucking in the end so I got off myself and watch them reaching to an orgasm with the cheated girl peeking on them. I don’t think they got intimidated that much to me since we all had a great orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssssssss!”

Well, you might want to know what happened afterwards, huh? I cut off my relationship with both of them, as I am still hurt by what they did with me. I am currently single but sometimes I like to see guys and girls that like to hear a good bedtime story. And I know Dave and Fernande got together after all so I maybe had worked a bit as a cupid here.

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Chapter LXXII – Sex on the Rocks (based on Falling on Love No. 129 cover, DC, February 1972)



Every person has that special place where they had their best lovemaking experience with their significant other. You know, that place that is different from anywhere you had sex with someone, that location you experienced the best orgasm of your life… you know, that place…

I have this kind of place too, and for me and my wife Sue, it’s the place where we finally knew that we were meant to each other. And everything started with a simple summer trip to the Carolinas.

It should be only our trip to celebrate our first year of marriage. Me and Sue knew since the high school and we get marriage pretty much after we finished college. You know that rush youth have to do stuff and try to enjoy them before it’s too late. And we were having that fun, but it wasn’t the fun we wished to have.

We love each other and I can’t think of someone else that I could spend my life other than Sue, but there was one thing that we commonly agree that we had to improve: the sexual one. We loved each other, but thought that our sex could be better than we were doing it until that point,

That vacation was the perfect spot for us to find our groove and hold it till the end of the world. Being away of any disturbance and the daily problems could feed us enough to get aroused and make the sweet love we deserved to. However, it took time for us to get that.

In the beginning, we made the hotel’s room our love nest, but it wasn’t enough for us. We had to find other places to have the sex, but how if it was summer and everywhere was packed with tourists and whoever else?

“I don’t know, Steve… this place is crowded. I don’t know if we can endure to have sex in public”

“We don’t need to. We need to find somewhere no one can see us and then, it’s done”

“But where?”
We’ve tried the ‘weird’ places everyone talks about in the magazines: bathrooms, restrooms, pool and even on sauna. It was good but it wasn’t the place where we found ourselves bonded to. It had to be somewhere that only the two of us could share that moment, without anything or anyone to bug us.

All the options we had at our hands we’ve tried and yet nothing of that ‘mojo’ appeared for us to enjoy. That quest pretty much nearly hurt our vacation and then Sue suggested that we could let it loose and enjoy the time we were spending at the beach with things that couldn’t bother our minds.

“We need to stop to worry about not getting what we want and do what are meant to do here: relax”

I gave in to my wife’s request and we went outside for a walk. We decided to explore the coastline and found out the way to a lighthouse close to the rock section of the coast. It was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives… it was a beautiful place, we could see the waves hitting the rocks, the silent sound of the sea, just the two of us…

“This place is really amazing, isn’t Sue?”

“It’s like God saved this piece of quietness from the chaos of normal life for anyone to enjoy”

“Yeah, it’s a wonderful site and we are the two of us here, just seeing the nature do its job”

“Sometimes I wonder why we didn’t came here earlier”

Pretty much when she said that, the click I was expecting the most happened. I’d finally found the place we were meant to get hot and fuck on.

“You are so right, Sue. This is the perfect place for a couple like us… we are going to do it here!”

“What? What… what are you talking about, Steve?”

“Can’t you see, Sue? This is the place we need to be our special ‘love shack’. It’s here! There is no way to deny it!”

“Are you sure? Well, we are outdoors here… with the sea and the wind… and the beacon right there”

“Don’t worry. We are going to do it here on the rocks and we can use something to keep our clothes away of the water or being stolen. And I don’t mind if there was someone there watching us from the lighthouse. Are you with me or not?”

“W-Well.. y-yes… I think I can give it a try… just don’t want to regret to have sex with my husband in a place that should be good for us, but it isn’t”

After Sue was convinced that we were at the right place and in the right time, we kissed each other and took off our clothes like if we were ripping them apart. I laid her on the rock, with a proper covering that I managed to do and went to lick her pussy like I never did it before.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… Steve! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I never heard Sue moan like the way she did there. The setting was so different and so challenging that our bodies seemed to immediately release years of tension and mild repression to find the pleasure that we deserved to get. Everything we needed was to do our job right there.

“I cannot believe… I never felt this way before, Steve… this place is magic!”

“I know, and I want to do you right now!”

After I licked her I told her to sit on my cock and hump me the way she wished. And that’s what she just did. It was our favorite position but, I don’t know why, or well, I know why, that place made the whole act become better than it was. I could feel that Sue rode my dick in a way she never did before, like if she was a porn actress or something. I could her and feel the way she moaned and moved her body up and down to keep my cock inside her pussy. And I must say that I felt the same within my body. I can’t remember the last time all my senses craved for that pleasure and I don’t even recall a day when I moaned loud like I did

“Oh Yesss! Ohh Yesssssss!”

“That’s it! My God! This is so great!”

I helped my wife to get herself in position to keep her humping like that for almost 30 minutes! I don’t know how we could keep ourselves like that without getting tired or with cramps, and even more when Sue told me to take her in all fours, really deep and hard, as she commanded.

And it was what I did. I did her at those rocks like the best porn actor I ever remember to see. It was like one of those movies, two people fucking their brains out, the girl moaning out loud as her man plowed her cunt really hard, making her savor all the delights of the coitus. It looked like we didn’t had sex in years if anyone watched the faces and screams we had.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Steve!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh… Sue!”

We lost the track of the time there, I don’t know for how much we did it on those rocks, but when I noticed my wife orgasm, I knew that we’ve found our special place. It wasn’t the ones we had at our place or somewhere else we did love. It was something really big, like someone feeling real pleasure for the first time, without having anything to hold it up.

“My God! It’s good! So Good! I cannot believe why we didn’t have this before!!”

After the cum, she put my cock inside her mouth and sucked me like if we wouldn’t past sunset. It was the best blowjob over and I only answered that showering her body with an amazing stream of my own sperm.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesss! I am cumming! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Then there it was! Those rocks would be the special place we could go dirty without anyone to bug us! And since that night, every summer we go back to the Carolinas to enjoy well-deserved vacation and also enjoy our beautiful outdoor love shack. And me and Sue keep asking why we didn’t found this place before…

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Chapter LXXIII – We’ve Got Seduced by a Bombshell (based on Falling in Love No. 60, DC, July 1963)



Six years ago, my husband Paul decided to set up his law firm at home. He was tired of the life working in a regular office with partners and wished to spend more time with the family and picking only clients he wished to work with.

Even without having extensive notion of the law, I became his assistant and helped him to organize a room where he could work. Then, the clients started to appear and we’ve managed to get a decent income with that, mostly working with family law and not so hard cases to pick.

One of our clients is Veronica Skipler. She came after us to help her to achieve the divorce. She married some sort of Texan oil tycoon, but she didn’t like to learn that he had a vast collection of affairs and decided to move on with her life. Not before to take a part of what she deserved from his money.

Paul was uncertain to take the job, but I helped him to decide otherwise. Anyway, she promised us a decent payment if we achieved to get a generous deal with her then husband and it seemed to be a good woman. Nothing that wouldn’t be too hard, even if he had a monstrous team of lawyers working on his side.

We spent days trying to build up a strategy for us to neutralize his million-dollar law team and find a way to make a deal profitable for Veronica. To help us in this case, Paul told her to not hide everything that happened during her marriage, and what we heard, could even become a book someday…

Veronica told us about the many times she found out her husband cheated on her, their sexual life, intimate details and everything else we should know to bring a strong case to the court. We’ve learned a few tricks he used on bed to keep his ‘little guy’ up and several lurid stories that me and Paul didn’t even hesitate to try to replicate on bed… you know, sometimes inspiration comes from weird places.

During the days we worked together on the case, we got to know a lot of her life and hers something of ours. And I think my relationship with Paul also got something of her interest.
“You and Paul seem to be the perfect couple, Lucy. You must be proud to find such husband like him”

“Thanks, but I cannot say that me and Paul are perfect. We have our problems, but we managed to work it out very well”

“But surely you and him have a better relationship than I had with Bob. At least he doesn’t seem the one who betrays his wife with any tramp at the corner”

“You thought you found your significant other and turned out he was a scum. Unfortunately, it happens… But we are here to ensure that you will finish your relationship without any harm”

“I hope so… I really hope to finish this soon”

Our time together made her grow her interest about our life. Well, we didn’t share the whole of it but she got interested on knowing a few details about me and Paul, mostly about our sexual life. I didn’t understood why she wanted to know such details, but soon I would learn the reasons, and enjoy every single of them.

We took our case to the court and it was a long battle, you don’t know how those rich people and their attorneys love to talk and talk and talk… it was really hard but in the end, we managed to find a fair deal for our client: she got half of the goods they acquired during their marriage including a few houses, a considerable number of stakes of his companies, an account with a big sum of money besides several other benefits.

In fact, Veronica did not ripped the old man off, but what she managed to get something very interesting through her deal. After the end of the whole court ordeal, she called us to her new home to celebrate the results.

A few snacks, some drinks and a nice chat were a build up for a night that would completely change my life, my husband’s and even Veronica, a woman that showed her true colors. And they are totally kinky.

“Again, I need to thank you to getting all I wanted from my now ex-husband. He really deserved a lesson”

“We are the ones that need to thank for being such pleasant client. We loved to work with you, Mrs. Skipler.”

“You don’t need to be so formal now, Lucy. Call me Veronica”

“I think now you must feel happy that now you are not officially married with Bob”

“Finally it’s over. No more humiliation, no more cheating, no more tears… I am totally moving on from that blob”

“What are you going to do now since you are officially now divorced, Veronica?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have any idea on what I want to do now, besides thanking you two appropriately for helping me in a difficult moment of my life”

“Well, I don’t think you should now open your wallet to pay us. Maybe we can do that tomorrow when we settle our bill”

“I am not talking about money compensation, Paul. How I want to thank you it’s not about any financial thing…”

We finally knew of what kind of ‘compensation’ she was talking about when her hands placed themselves at our legs and she started to look at us with a naughty look, maybe waiting for an answer from us.

“I know it’s not something that the ethics book allows, but it’s been a while that I do not have sex with anyone. My marriage frustrated me much that I’ve been away of any sexual relationship with somebody else, but then I found you two and I got free from my cheating husband…”

Well, there are a lot of rules that prevent a relationship between lawyer and client, but judging by Paul’s action by placing his hand onto Veronica’s, I think our practice might have an exemption from those rules, and I shouldn’t be the one who will stop our client to have what she wants.

“It seems an excellent proposal, Veronica. I had my stuff with girls at the college and, allow me to speak, but you are a bombshell!”

“Looks like I am still up to the sexy standards after all these years”

Soon, it was us to touch Veronica’s legs and in a sparkle of time, we found ourselves kissing our client. I think you can understand it was a special situation, a celebration of our court victory and do not judge us for doing that woman. But, she was so hot! And kissed oh so good!

“I cannot believe that I am doing this!”

“Me too, sweetheart”

We didn’t get to that foreplay part, as we are too much horny to even ‘delay’ something here. Well, at least at some point as Veronica just put her face at my pussy and started licking me. My God, how good she can lick, dear Lord… even better than all the girls I had experiences at the college!

Paul watched our client eat my cunny at first but soon jumped to the scene, going to fuck the lady. Threesome wasn’t something that was at the top of your sexual priorities but we weren’t the couple that would deny an opportunity to enjoy one if there was space to do it.

”Ohhhh… Veronica, you are so fucking hot! Your ex is a loser!”

“Keep saying that and I am going to get really horny!”
Doing Veronica was the best thing we ever done, well pretty much after helping her to poach money from her ex-husband. She licked pussy very well and I loved when I heard her to ask my hubby to go hard on her cunt, pretty much enjoying him. And, believe me, she should.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh Yessssssssssssss!”

Then, we traded places and it was my turn to celebrate with Paul while having the sweet taste of a now very rich lady’s slit on my mouth. And then it was my turn to fall in love with that woman’s pussy. I licked her so good that I feared that I could let her dry, but fortunately I didn’t. Added with my husband’s smart-paced fucking only brought me to great heights in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhh!”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssssss!”

The celebration didn’t stop yet, as we tried a few other positions, but no girl left the other pussy’s without being enjoyed, be with fingers, mouth and even with the wine bottle (yes, but relax it, we didn’t used the whole bottle) while Paul screwed us the only way he knew to do it: very hot. Veronica asked me many times how I could handle a hunk like him during the sex and all what I could answer was for her to notice why.

We fucked each other for a long time before we went to suck Paul’s cock and he came at mine and Veronica’s faces while our tongues played with each other. Afterwards, she went to thank us appropriately for the night and give us a good sum of money for the job we had to make her marriage over.

Veronica hired us as her personal attorneys and weekly we meet to make discussions about her life, which is going well and made her wealthier than while she was married. And, of course, we always bookmark a threesome for those meetings. Because you cannot deny a threeway to a bombshell like her…

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Chapter LXXIV – Outdoor Hunkathon (based on Boy Loves Girl No. 39 cover, Lev Gleason, October 1953)




I guess you want to know if I have any sexual adventure that I can recall for an audience like yours. Guess you are right, I do have. But I need to warn you that this one is hot and you might end up liking it. Even better, you might even attempt what I did. And what I have to tell you folks is something that needs to be shared to the world without any prejudice.

I am not a woman who likes to be picky with men, but I know how to smell an opportunity when it comes in my direction. In this case, opportunity means a hot male that can pick my arousal and might be intended to take me to his bed.

In this category Neil Cunningham and Steve Barther fitted perfectly. They were the two hunkier men in my neighborhood and nearly every gal fell to their charms. I could not blame them, two single men over 30 with their looks and ways to seduce would make any sentient woman to cream their panties. And I wasn’t exception to that rule, of course. I had sometimes my moments with them and all of them were delicious, the kind of thing I would love to talk about for days.

But what I did with them last spring was something that neither them could think about doing it. I heard that they never teamed up together to do a girl (well, they were a bit friends, but they worked alone at most) and since I had this craving for having both to fuck me, I decided to lay out a plan so I could take them with me and put them to work.

I invited Neil and Steve to a trip to a house I rented at the woods, a very private place, and almost no civilization for miles. Just me, them, the loneliness of open nature and two dicks to please a horny pussy like mine. Of course they didn’t even notice about the true intentions of that trip, thinking it was just an innocent vacation trip to see the forest and its living beings.

But I didn’t want also to delay any intention to get my plan into action so during a first night of drinking and talking, I decided to make those men fuck me wild.

“You know what I realized? That I might be the only one here who saw each other’s naked”

“Well, I guess we both saw you naked and you saw us naked as well, Janice”

“I know, but I mean that I did not had the opportunity to see both of you at same time naked”

“Well, maybe it’s because things happened to prevent that to happen so far”

“And I think now things planned themselves for that happen, boys”

“What do you mean, Janice?”

I laid out my proposal to both guys: I arranged to them something of a ‘competition’ where I could point the sexiest men between them, where they would have sex with me and I would appoint the winner of the test giving them some points and stuff in order to check if they ware up to the their standards. You might think it’s a lame plan and stuff but it was the only way I realized to have Neil and Steve to do me together.

“It’s not something that we already did, Janice, but I think we can take it. We’re all between friends and it might be a healthy and fun way to enjoy vacation here”

Next morning, I called them and told the ‘competition’ would happen outdoors, since we were miles away of any presence of human beings. Naked as the nature created us, we were ready to get active with my plan.

Steve was the first I called to join me and I stroke his dick for a while before I went on my knees to suck it. Neil was uncomfortable to watch it at first, but when I told him that it was okay for him to jerk off while we do it, he finally gave in to his needs.

“I should never forget you are one of the best cocksuckers in town, Janice”

“I do not let any man forget about it, Steve”

The blowjob was almost a courtesy, since I really craved for him banging my cunny, but I really needed to make that man get to the hardest point and the mouth is the sexiest place you can use to ensure that will happen.

“Ohhhhhhh… oh yes… suck my cock!”

With Neil as a privileged spectator, Steve put in all fours on a blanket I put at the rough dirt land and the party started. He was a guy who knew how to fuck a woman in doggystyle, as it was his position of choice in bed. My pussy burned while his dick went in and out of it, his hands firmly grabbing my hips but sometimes squeezing and even slapping my buttocks.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Steve! You are a fucking stud! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

I guess Neil just watched to see how much his friend was on bed and he couldn’t stop having his hand moving up and down at his hardened penis. He smiled when I looked at him seeing my fucking Steve, maybe entertained with the idea he was the next one in line.

Still with my eyes at Neil, Steve took me to a tree stem laid at the ground and I started to ride his dick. I always loved to play the cowgirl and he was the perfect man for that moment. Well, if Neil would be able to do that with me, there would be two perfect men.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Steve! I love your cock!”

“Hope you can match me style, Neil!”

“I hope you can match mine when you finish it”

I rode hard Steve’s dick and then we tried another position, with me being banged sideways, before he finished his job by cumming onto my boobs and abs. He was definitely a hunk and a beast in the bed.

“You were awesome Steve, just as you always were…”

“I am thankful for giving you what you needed, Janice”

Then my eyes turned to Neil and, even with my body partially ‘dirty’ with another man’s sperm. But he didn’t seem to mind that much, as he directed his dick inside my mouth and it was my turn to give him the deserved blowjob.

“Show me how much you love cock, darling… yesss… that way”

Since both men were roughly the same size cock-wise, it wasn’t such a difference from Steve’s, I did the same what I did with the previous man, sucking him the same way I pleased his friend. And the moans only made me realize that Neil was getting the same pleasure as well.
“Come on! Suck my dick! Yeahhhhhhhh… come on, Janice!”

He even used his hand to assure that I wouldn’t leave his cock hanging. But how I would leave a hunk like him without getting a piece of my pussy, which he got, but first, he decided to eat it to see how much I could take it.

“That’s not fair! I did not ate your pussy when I did you”

“Sorry pal, but it was your loss and my win now…”

Steve didn’t got himself offended with that, as he was too busy wanking himself while I laid at the blanked with a man’s head between my legs, using his tongue to taste my most precious intimate zone. Of course I would allow him to have that at the next round, but now, it was Neil the man who had to screw me.

“Brace yourself Janice, it’s time for a good love makin’”

He started by doing the missionary position, the most common of them. But, girl, how he did that missionary! Neil knew where and how a girl could feel pleased at any position he knew and used his knowledge to make me feel delighted with his cock going inside my horny pussy. And it was only the beginning for him.

“Neilllllllllll! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Now Steve was feeling what Neil got when he was left to himself and his own thoughts. He watched my then lover bang my pussy at the rough ground before he put me again in all fours and my slit swallowed his dick all over again.

“I will win this! Be sure of that! I am going to have all the bragging rights around the neighborhood”

“You can only try, buddy…”

Their rivalry was something more like a friendly one and no offenses were made during the ‘contest’. He enjoyed a lot to watch me being banged by his mate, watching me moan as my pussy drenched in my own juices.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhh!”

Neil took me also in a few positions before my butt got covered by his healthy jizz. But I said it was only the first leg of the contest and they should take part in a ‘marathon’ before I told them the results. After we took a shower and recovered our energies, we were back to the round two and more.

The two fucked me very good, making my holes burn in pleasure with their dicks going at me, each other having its turn while the other patiently waited for his time. I think it was around sunset when everything ended and the three of us pretty much tired from the whole action.


Late at night, Neil and Steve came to me after dinner, pretty much eager to know who won the contest. And I had to tell them…

“If you two want to know… I decided that, after an entire day of sex and feeling the showcase of your skills, the contest ended in a tie”

“A tie? How? I don’t understand… are you sure, Janice?”

“Well, I am very sure. I was fucked by you both and I could not decide who the best at sexual matters was. You two are the best men I know doing women and thus a result that wasn’t a tie wouldn’t be fair to me or any of you. I know it’s not the result you two awaited but that’s it”

It was true, I could not really give them an answer about who was the winner and then I decreed both of them would be winners. But since I made up the contest, I decided to give them another chance to convince me early in the next morning.

“Well, it doesn’t mean the end of the world not to know who is the best between you two. Anyway, we are here alone and no one is around, so I decided we could have an ‘overtime’ thing here”


“Since I don’t know who the best is, why not I take you both to see if I can come up with a winner or keep the tie as it is”

Neil and Steve looked at each other, maybe not used to hear a girl wishing to have sex with both. They talked for a while, away from my ears and came back taking off their clothes.

“There will be a first time for everything, so there it is!”

Finally my plan worked well! I took both men’s dicks at the same time with my mouth and they went crazy with their first threesome together. Soon I told them to fuck me with all their strength and my holes became the house of their stunning cocks.

They alternated each other in my mouth and pussy and sometimes even in my bunghole. The grand finale was, of course, a double penetration (Steve in my pussy and Neil at my butt) showcase that definitely was able to make the tie stand. Afterwards, my face was entirely soaked of hot men cum.

After the vacation, they decided to engage more in threesomes with me and the other girls of our neighborhood. And I still remember that trip as the best of my whole life…

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Chapter LXXV – Arrest my Heart (based on My Own Romance No. 52 cover, Marvel, May 1956)



I don’t like to brag about my boyfriend Gary being a police officer, not at all. It’s not like he is a Superman or some kind of smart detective like the ones you see on TV or movies. He is just a street cop trying to do his job and make worth his value within the PD of my town.

But there is one only thing that I am not any she to brag about: his sexual skills. I don’t know if it’s because of the uniform, or because of his occupation or for the fact that he is indeed a hot man. But the one thing I can say about Gary that, in bed, he cannot leave a woman like me waiting for her moment to feel pleasure.

And I am not the kind of woman to deny such pleasure to a man like him. I cream when I see coming back home in his uniform, telling me about his day of hard work and what he did to keep the town safe. It is enough for me to make me horny and make my Gary come to bed so I can give him the proper ‘rest’ he needs after a hard day of work at the streets.

But you gotta know how to keep him pleased. It’s not every time that he arrives home after a day of duty with energy and mood enough to spend the night cuddling with you. If you are to date or even marry to a police officer you must have patience and faith that he will be alive every time he comes back to your place for you two to enjoy each other.

Well, if you want to know, I always try to keep the flame of our relationship burning. There was so many times that I did stuff for him to keep his dick happy that I would have trouble to pick only one story to tell you, but since it involves police officers, one at the top of my mind is that I need to talk about.

There was a time that it was rough for him at his bosses were rambling with him and his colleagues due to some stuff that I cannot recall what it was, but it was really big stuff for his department. I was always there when he came home and talked about it and heard every single complain of his.

Of course our sexual life took a hit because of it, he couldn’t perform the proper way or not even do it all. I could not force him to do anything but I had to make him regain confidence or my pussy would be not touched for a long while, and it wasn’t my intention to let my libido slip with the days going by…

I had to come up with an idea to help him to feel alright and regain his mood for our lovemaking. My imagination ran with ideas and I didn’t know which one I had to pick. Every single one seemed to fit the moment and all of them turned me on. But I had to find one and stick with it, my relationship’s survival depended very much on that.

It took three weeks to me to decide which idea I had to use. When that idea arrived at my mind, I was hesitant to pick it because I didn’t know how Gary would react to it. But at the same time it was the most plausible given his task and it would add a little spice to our relationship. It had to be that one and there wasn’t anything that I could do to back off and not do it.

A few days past of planning and setting up the scene. When the day arrived, a Friday, Gary came back home and did not found me downstairs. He called my name, probably anxious about my whereabouts, and I answered.
“Upstairs, honey”

I heard his footsteps as he took the way to where our bedroom was. A part of my mind tried to make me forget that whole story. I was, however, decided to keep up with the plan and go until the end. Gary depended of that effort, even if he didn’t knew anything about that.

“Today it was another day who sucked. The chief is again pissed and telling us off all the time, I don’t know what… MELISSA!?”

“Surprised to see me like that, Gary? “

I was with my hands cuffed to the bed, naked and with my legs mildly apart waiting for him to come. You should see the face he had when he saw me like that...

“Melissa! What are you doing?”

“Well, it’s not that clear what am I doing?”

“Why the heck you are handcuffed to the bed? Is there any practical joke around?”

“This is not a joke, sweetbums. This is as real as it can get. I want you to have sex with me like that”

“You cannot be serious…”

“This looks like a joke to you, Gary? Come on! I am trying to save our relationship!”

“And how this will save our relationship, Melissa? Our relationship isn’t in any danger, as far as I know about it”

“Well, but since your boss started with all that complaining over you and your team, you aren’t the same Gary. I want to keep my Gary alive and do not let him go away because of your problems at work”

“And handcuffing yourself to our bed will solve any of my problems?”

“I did want to do something that wasn’t anything ordinary and it was the only idea I found out that was interesting for me to do. And given what you do for a living… I didn’t have other choice than going with it and make you regain your mood”

“You don’t need to handcuff yourself only to make me happy, Melissa. I am good, it’s there are things at my job that I have to deal with, you know that very well”

“But it doesn’t mean that you have to bring them home. The only thing I want back home is you, Gary. And I want you to have sex with me while I am here with cuffs in my hands”

“If you want so… I cannot say no to a request from a woman like you”

That and a growing boner coming from his dick was a sign that he wasn’t going to give up, being too much for a man like him to let his job interrupt his relationship duties. He took off his outfit, except for his hat and started to give me his own version of Miranda rights.

“Ms. Melisa Yorba, you are under arrest for stealing my heart at my own will. You have the right to not remain in silence as I fornicate with you. Everything you might say won’t be used against you by me while we are in this bedroom. You have the right to say the name of your boyfriend, and if you don’t, you may tell God’s name… do you understand your right, miss?”

“Yes, I do officer!”

At some sort of role-playing stuff, he buried his face at my snatch, smelling and tasting my sexuality. At his ‘mercy’, I was, ready for to see my boyfriend take me as I was ‘helpless’, something that really turned me on.

“Ohhh… Gary… ahhhhhhh…”

He licked my pussy and did everything he could with his tongue before his dick became part of the game next. With my legs apart, he gently pushed his organ inside my sex, being on top of me. All I could do was to kiss him and smell the exciting scent of the first time in bondage.

‘Under arrest’ I was, but because I was guilty of loving my boyfriend, the one who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, the one who risks his own to be near me and to help the ones that need help. And I had to retribute that with all of my love as I allowed to be ‘prisoner’ of Gary’s love. I felt I was at some kind of erotic flick and I loved it.

“Come on Gary! You know what to do! Give me what I deserve!”

“You only deserve to be nailed by your boyfriend, ma’am!”

He fucked me very good, harder even by the standards of our regular sex. Maybe I finally found the correct way for him to release the tension of his work and those fantasies were enough fine for us to enjoy them and keep our flame alive. I moaned and moaned his name and never remained in silence that night. Well, why would I?

“Melissa! This is the best sex I ever had!”

“For me too!”

He came at my belly and we shared another kiss after he fucked. For a while, we cuddled as we rested from the night we finally realized that we were meant for each other. Handcuff or no handcuff involved.

“I was afraid that we wouldn’t do this again, Gary…”

“Maybe we were just paying attention to silly stuff that were bothering us”

“I hope those things never come back to bother us again”

“Me too… thanks for doing all this”

“I did it for us!”

And before you ask, the cuff keys were closer to the bed and he managed to free me from them before we went to do a proper sex action without them. Fortunately, Gary’s work problems were over in a few weeks and now we are back to be the happiest couple that we know. And now with something in mind for the boring days.

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Chapter LXXVI – Two for a Harem (based on Our Secret No. 6 cover, Superior Publishers, March 1950)




This story is not what I qualify as a ‘fairytale’. It was just the right thing to do with an opportunity to change my life and get something I would never do if I hadn’t the choice to get into it. Maybe it was the most important thing I ever did in my life, regardless of career or anything else. And the way things happened to me really could become a book or a movie…

Well, I am not the only one at this boat. My friend Angela is with me on that too. We know each other since the junior high and we became inseparable since then. We were together all the time, like the life of one depended on the other to be. We even went to closer colleges so we could meet each other during off-class times. And, more than anyone, she knows about failing to find the perfect boyfriend.

Angela and I always had dates with other guys, but no one seemed to have what we need in a man. Or they were too much for us or they weren’t anything matching to our standards. It was very disappointing to us to not find someone else to be together that usually we resorted to each other at the lonely nights… you know, nothing like a woman to help another woman and that stuff. Well, we aren’t lesbians, probably a bit bi, but our occasional sexual adventures did not stop us to try to find the guys of our lives, even being at early 30s like we are now.

Our work at promoting events and parties led us to meet many people, including the man that would change our lives forever. Mr. Abdul Abulbul was a very wealthy man from somewhere in the Middle East, one of those guys who made his fortune between ventures at the oil industry and several smart investments around the globe. Very rich and indeed charming, the kind of man that could have the world and many more at his feet if he wished.

“Mr. Abulbul, we are very glad you decided to call us to make a party for your shareholders in the US. I am Elisa Stanley and this is my colleague Angela Galeano”

“I am enchanted to meet you two, Ms. Stanley and Ms. Galeano. I think we are going to work very well together”

Right at our first meeting, I noticed that there was something on that man that attracted me. I don’t know if it was the words he said, the way he said or even some early strike of charming, but standing in front of him I felt I was talking with a prince. Luckily, I found out that Angela shared the same opinion about him and we could talk afterwards about Abdul.

“Have you seen that guy? Oh My God! He is Prince Charming coming from Arabian lands!”

“People always say about how charming those rich people from there are and they seem to be right about that guy”

Our boss assigned me and Angela to work with him, as he constantly travelled to the USA for business and personal matters. Being already used to Western traits and stuff, it wouldn’t be a deal for him to have two women to work beside him and organize events on his behalf. Therefore, a bond started to grow between us and the gallant foreigner, who treated us like we were princesses when he dealt with our job.

That bond allowed us to meet him more, this time outside the work realm for lunches and dinners. And we could share a few of our personal stuff with him, as much as Abdul did it with us. It was during one of those lunches that we learned something that started to show that, soon, our lives would change.

“Abdul, a man like you cannot be all the time without having a girlfriend. I never saw you with one since we started to work with you”

“The fact is that I cannot find a woman that I can feel connected with her. I want to find a person that I can trust and share my innermost secrets so I can spend the rest of my life with her. Well, not a person, but two”


“I guess you know the rules of my religion allow me to marry more than one woman. I do not know why, but I feel that having two wives would be the goal of my romantic life. Think it’s because I wonder if three can be better than two sometimes”

“Well, here in the US we cannot marry more than one person at most places… but I think I understand what you feel about it”

“Don’t get me wrong, but there are many reasons that I feel that marrying two women is the right fit for me. And even if I don’t marry those two, I will try to find my significant other”

We kept talking about other subjects but I did notice he talked about his love like with us like if he was trying to make a statement. Was he trying to hit on us? Would he be capable of that? Or I was overthinking about the whole situation. Afterwards, when I spoke with Angela, she had her own theory about that.

“Perhaps the man is just alone and needed to vent his feelings and wishes. It’s a natural thing”
“But I think I could help him to find his significant other… If I could… he is so charming and cute that I always wonder if I am falling in love with him…”

“Maybe we can, Elisa”

“How? Do you have any idea in mind?”

“Just like you, I think I am in love with Abdul. And if he wants to marry two women, we are the ones that can fill that vacancy inside his poor little heart”

“Could we? Well, we work for him and I don’t think that would interfere with our relationship with him”

“Elisa… we just had a lunch with him where he told that he had a broken heart. We’ve had too many broken hearts in our entire life and it’s time to stage a comeback. Perhaps our white knight is a man from the Middle East with lots of money and a great smile”

“If you are saying something like that, I think I cannot disagree with you, Angela. But, how do we can convince Abdul about that?”

“I don’t know, but when the opportunity comes, I’1l tell you”

The days gone by and Abdul went to his land and returned to America for another batch of meetings and events for shareholders and prospective business partners. Me and Angela did not planned anything for luring our possible man, but a night after a charity dinner became the perfect setting to snatch his heart.

Since me and Angela were still roommates, we invited Abdul to spend the night after the dinner at our place, for friendly reasons. He was very unsure to accept the invitation, since he never went to any woman’s house, be at his country or overseas but we managed to ease his mind and tell him that it wasn’t with any intention in mind. When he arrived, he made several compliments about our apartment and even smiled when we mentioned that part of that was paid with his well-earned money.

At first, it was just a friendly meeting, with coffee and a lot of talk about how the other dinner’s attendants were dresses and how they behaved, but soon Angela took the road where we keen to finish around his arms as their women.

“I thought that you would leave the dinner with a nice broad at your arms, Abdul”

“Well, I did. But I did not left with only one, Angela my dear”

“But it was us who invited you to come home. So, technically, we had the nice gentleman around our arms”

“I like the mind of Western ladies sometimes. You know how to take initiative when you need to. You don’t see that much with the women of my country”

“And there is anything else you like about Western women?”

“Well, it depends of which subject you are talking about, girls.”

“It’s… well, I was remembering about our talk earlier about your love life and I wondered if you had anything that interested you in a Western woman if you had to marry one”

“To be honest with you, Elisa, the kind of woman I would love to marry should be someone else like you or Angela. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s how my mind works the perfect woman”

Was he hitting on us? Definitely he was hitting on us! And we loved it!

“L-Like us?”

“You two have all the physical and the psychological traits I look forward on a woman, also adding how lovely you treat me and how our relationship evolved from just working business to a true friendship. You two are really awesome women and what I want on them is that they were as amazing as you two are”

“Oh… wow… well, I don’t know what to say, Abdul. No man told us anything about that, or even mentioned something on that matter”

“You two suffered in love as much as I did. I can understand and share the pain, if we really have one. But since I met you two, Angela and Elisa, you managed me to make me smile, to make me happy and also many other things. I owe that to you”

“We only need to say that the same applies between us and you. The first time we met you, we immediately felt we could share a wonderful bond. You are different of all the men we’ve met before, the ones that disappointed us while we were dating with them. You are the perfect kind of man, and I don’t want to list all the good things you are or possess for that. You only need to know that we are in love with you, Abdul Abulbul”

“Are you being seriously? Because, if you are, I need to say that I am in love for you two, Elisa Stanley and Angela Galeano”

Well, that was much unexpected. I thought it should be something more dramatic or like the movie endings, but it was like that. And who would I or Angela to complain about that. We love him and he loves us, so…

“Since we know know that we love each other, what we must do now?”

“I don’t know… do you ladies have any idea in mind?”

“I think I do have, but I need to you if you are comfortable with the idea of having two women right now with you for…ahem… ‘carnal deals’”

“It’s not that I do not like that, but has been long time that I do not have something like that with a woman, let alone two”

“Well, Abdul, you are in your lucky night, dear!”
We stood up in front of Abdul and decided to give him a little show, as we explained him about our ‘special friendship relation’. Abdul didn’t mind about two women having sex with each other, he even mentioned that it excited him somehow and we decided to give him a good thing, by kissing each other and erotically dancing in front of him.

He watched it like it was one of those movies you gotta see it until the very end. We could look him smiling as me and Angela kissed and danced ourselves, rubbing our bodies against each other through the fabric of our dresses. Aftewards, we were fully undresses, perhaps except by our hats and Angela laid me down at the floor and put her head between my legs, just to show how much we cared about each other.]

“Go ahead! Show Abdul how much you love me, Angela!”

Of course she had to show how much she munched my pussy to that foreign visitor to watch. Quickly his hand went over to his crotch and his wiener was outside his pants for a well deserved masturbation. It was marvelous to see him giving himself pleasure as Angela gave it to me with her always diligent tongue.

“Ohhh Yess… Angela… that way! See, Abdul. This is how much we are happy with each other. Will you be happy with us too?”

After her turn, it was mine to give head to my best friend forever. The same way I felt before, it was her turn to moan and please Abdul. And he was very delighted to watch us fuck each other and eager to see if he was going to get a piece of the action.

“You two together look amazing… you are better than I would expect”

“And why a gentleman like you doesn’t come to join us. Please, don’t be shy…”

He wasn’t much of shy but it wasn’t a situation he took part often. We took off his clothes and let him use his keffiyeh, to keep ourselves at fair game. Soon, me and Angela went for his cock and sucked like we never sucked one before. It was very different from all the dicks we had sucked at our entire life. All the times where our relationships failed had to finish that night.

“I never sucked someone who came from another country. And now I think why I missed those that much”

His cock was somehow bigger and thicker than any boyfriend we want and it was very good to taste. Abdul moaned as his eyes gazed us giving him a blowjob head to bottom and even licking and sucking his balls.

“Oh, ladies… ahhhh…”

Next, I helped Angela to sit at his rod, and she got humping him in style. It was totally arousing to see my good friend to be fucked by a stallion from the Middle East that I even touched myself for a while before putting my head at the important places of her body, kissing, licking her tits and also her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! ABDUL! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
It was so delicious to see them doing it like that and my mind ran with crazy ideas on what I could do with him to match the horniness of him banging Angela’s pussy. Suddenly, I was at some kind of porno flick, one of those where two ladies decide to give a foreign visitor something of their own ‘work’.

“You Americans know how to do it! Your two are extremely awesome to do!”

Next, I laid myself in the couch and it was Abdul’s turn to give me delight. Now, Angela was the one who watched from court seat level the Middle Eastern make love with me. And suddenly I knew that he was really the man of mine and her dreams. How he fucked good! How his dick banged me in a way that no one else did with me… It was like I went straight to the Erotic Heaven, if such one exists.

“You are so different from the men that I dated before, Abdul”

“Elisa, my dear, soon you won’t need to worry anymore about other men”

He was surely right as he banged me the good way, teasing my pussy and bringing me to places where I thought I would never come back. Soon, Angela joined us for a threesome and I went to taste her pussy as she sat on my face and allowed our man to still keep his dick inside me. I cannot believe how horny I was by doing the two people that I loved the most at that living room. But those things happen, you know.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhh! Yessssssss!”

“Abdullll! Hmmmm… Ohhhhhhhhh!”

He did Angela too in another position, as I had my turn to let my best friend eat my pussy for a second time that night. This time, I had my ass into her face as she was again sitting at his lap, but now the foreigner did the job of pushing his genitals inside her cunny.

“Aohhhhhhhhh! I am going to heaven with you, Abdul! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Hearing Angela moan as he banged her got me even hornier and also allowed me to have the best of her tongue skills. Sometimes I thought how the things went from just doing business for a rich oil king to become his lover and who knows his wife. All my life we searched for our ‘prince charmings’ and he came all in one, with foreign accent and wealthy charms.

“You two are so good! I would marry you two right now!”

“You can marry us later. Now, make us cum!”

Given the stud he was, it wasn’t hard for him to make us orgasm like no man has done it before. It was like we had the best dream ever, the most pleasant of them all… and later, it was his turn, and we were thankful to let him cum all over our bodies and to drink and taste his sperm.

“Abdul Abulbul, you are the man of our lives! We want to spend our lives with you. You are the one what we want!”

“Elisa Stanley and Angela Galeano, you are the women of my life! I want so dearly to spend the rest of my life with you two…”

We did kissed again and spend the rest of the night with him. In a space of weeks, we married him by his nation’s laws. Me and Angela remain working with events, but now with a company set with his money to take over the global market and the three of us travel around the world to do events and enjoy the married life.

And the sex? Well, it’s still amazing and we are still giving him the best and he the same with us. We would love to tell more about that, but I am soon to join Angela in another night of sexy action with Abdul. Maybe someday I can tell how it happened…

Chapter Text

Chapter LXXVII – Pussy Confessions (based on Love Confessions No. 45 cover, Quality Comics, November 1955)



If only pussies could talk… well, you know this is kind of cheesy but I bet many of them would have so many stories to tell. I wonder how much stories they have about the many lovers they had and the things it did with them. I also bet that many of them would be worthy of books and movies and even TV series.

Mine? Fortunately I can speak that my pussy is also part of this hall of fame of sexual tales. Since my first time, I had so many experiences in my life that it’s hard for me to tell which one I could tell. All of them, with men, women or both, are equally important in my life and will be hard for me to pick just one story to talk about, because when I remember one, the other comes out and the another and I get so wet that, in a span of minutes, I get myself horny and soon give in into the self-gratification.

Let me see… how about if I pick a story about how I seduced (and got seduced as well) by a fellow couple of mine, Clark and Rita Shelton. Clark was a former acquaintance of mine but we did not pursue a relationship and he ended up marrying Rita. I quickly became friends of her and both visited my house and I theirs for regular friendly meetings, just to talk about business and relationship stuff, you know that kind of thing.

They love to hear my stories about my relationships and are very eager to know each and every single detail of all of them. Clark and Rita perhaps were the most interested people to know about my sexual life and they were always stunned when I told about every rendezvous I got into.

“Alice, your life is really, you know, so zany and exciting, with all those dates and stuff. I still wonder why you did not married yet”

“Unfortunately, I am not as lucky as you, Rita, to find someone that can fit to my needs. And well, I am not yet willing to giving up on doing what I do. If I have to marry somebody, has to be someone that agrees with my mind and joins me in my adventures”

Maybe for them it was different to see a single woman doing what I do without having any thoughts to try something different. Well, I am not different of any woman that does want to settle down someday but I am very comfortable with how I go with my life and wanted to enjoy that before I went to find something else to do.

Their interest at my stories were unique and I only thought that it was because I was too much of friends of them and sometimes a married couple needed to get some fresh air from the usual life of monogamy that its expected from them. Always wondered if they used something that I said when they had love with each other after our meetings and that thought always made me hornier that I usually am.

However, I never thought (to my surprise, you know) that my stories would make them turns his attentions to… me! It was a pleasant Saturday evening when it happened and it was just a regular meeting of a happy married couple with their single galpal at her apartment. It was, really, but God pretty much played the games expected to be played and the unthinkable (at least for me) happened.

The chat was about regular stuff that friend’s talk, like business, traveling, gossiping, and the kind of stuff you expect from these kinds of meetings. But then it was my turn to update them about my love life and this is how the plot unfolded until I had the threesome of my life.

“You know, I was thinking about that you two are the only people that seem to always get interested to know about with who I go out and what happened in my dates”

“You are our friend Alice, and your stories were always good. You know about that, you live the good life”

“I can get it where you want to go, Clark, but you two are different from all of my other friends. They always see me with some sort of disapproving eyes or even trying to play down with them. You and Rita and the two only people that seem to get them in a good light”

“And why we wouldn’t? You have an amazing life, so full of things and people surrounding you. Sometimes I wish that me and Clark could do stuff like you, Alice”

“Do you mean that you two wish to have my life?”

“Not your life, but most of our friends are married and they all live the life that we also endure. You know, all the things that married people do, talk, enjoy. You are different… you are single, can do anything you want, live the life you want without whatever ‘society’ thinks about you. When we hear about what you do and your dates, makes us feel like we can find something to make ourselves excited with”

“But you two have a great life as well. You have everything you want, can also do anything you want. You have each other and this is the most important thing in your life. Your life is as great as you deem that my life is”

“I guess you are right, Alice. But, there is another thing that your stories make us think about”
“And what is it?”

“Well, I already told Rita about our past relationship and how you were with me on bed, you know about it right?”

“Yes, and well I told Rita everything me and you did when we were together. To where you want to lead this, Clark?”

“I don’t know, just wondering about that… since you told us you slept with all of your friends. Remember that?”

“I do remember that. I told you that I slept with all the friends I know, but thinking about that, the only person I did not sleep with yet from the ones I am friends with is…”

Right when I remembered that I never had anything with Rita, I finally realized the intention of their talk. It was a brilliant plan, like the ones I did with several of my dates… And I wasn’t willing to leave them with empty hands.

“If you are trying to ask if I want to have sex with you two, why you did not asked me earlier. I would love to help you with that”

“And do you want?”

“How can I refuse a gorgeous couple like yours when I am deeply horny like I am getting right now?”

Right there no more repressions or anything else to mask our true feelings. We looked at each other like we were to devour ourselves in lust. Soon, their hands went for my legs and then or all over my body and so were my hands on them. Who knew my stories would make people so horny that gave them ideas like that.

“If you are uncomfortable with that, we can stop and leave”

“Don’t even think to stop, Clark. Want to bone you and your wife right now!”

At first, Clark allowed Rita have her way on me, as ‘she has know you better Alice’ thing. We had a very passionate lesbian kiss before she undressed me to my hat, gloves, stockings and garterbelts. She was nearly as naked as I was and she took all the time in the world to run her tongue from my breasts to her pussy, as her husband watched with his dick in had already enjoying himself with the process.

”Oh God… your wife’s tongue is divine!”

“I told she would love you to lick her pussy, sweetheart… this woman is a never ending tank of lust”

My legs were open and allowed Rita to taste my pussy as I moaned with the woman’s act at my intimate parts. The fact that Clark was there watching and feeling himself excited with all that was more than just another reason to feel pleased to engage on that threesome.
“Alice, you are so hot! The first pussy I am eating and already is the only I want to eat!”

My mind was filled with hotness and thoughts with both of them and I wanted all of them to be reality. I told Clark that he should join us and he went to stick his rod inside my mouth and of course you know what happened.

“Alice, you seem to upgrade your cocksucking game from the old days. Ohhhhh!”

Being licked by a married woman as I sucked her husband was something that I must confess I rarely felt in my entire life, being myself most interested in single people. But now all that I wanted was to have sex with those two, become their lover and enjoy all that they could give to me in sexual matters.

“You two are so delicious, want to fuck with you both all night long!”

Don’t know if we could have the stamina for it, but we did played along with that position before Rita moved on and allowed her beloved hubby to stick his cock inside my pussy. I slept with him for a while when we were young and, right from the first strokes, it was clear that he become a wild fucker in the bed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Clark!”

“You are as delicious as you were in the past, Alice!”

Rita just watched us doing it but herself was as horny as I am and decided to sit at my face, and of course I knew what she wanted and went to lick that gorgeous pussy of hers. It was already the best sex I ever had.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Alice!”

“Uhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“Yess! My God! Ohhhhhhhhhh…”

I had so many threeways in my life but that one was different. I was fucking two of my best friends, something that much people might frown upon, but for me it was different. Now, they were more than just friend to me. Rita and Clark were now part of my life and I wanted them all the time forever.

“Ahhhh yesss… I love to fuck you two! Ahhhhhhh!”

“Keep licking my pussy, Alice! Your tongue is so hot! Just like in the stories!”

The three of us were burning already in desire and wanted more and more. Soon, I started to ride Clark’s dick as Rita decided to take care of my mouth and tits. The woman was so fucking horny that I could see that she would do it for an entire day if she could muster stamina for that.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Alice! You are as hot as ever!”

It was awesome to ride Clark’s amazing dick, something that I was even puzzled to forget the feeling about how it was, maybe because it was a long time that I had sex with him. And it was so good to have those memories back, all thanks to what could be just a casual chat between friends…

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Well, Clark also fucked his wife, as she licked my pussy during that. I could watch from the courtside seats how they were a great couple. When I realized that my stories helped them to be what they were and how they were, I became enormously proud to make that happen, and well, maybe I wasn’t just that hedonistic woman that many could think that I am.

“Ohhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

We fucked very much during that night, trying everything we could before the three of us came. Me and Rita did it first, and I must say that it was perhaps the best orgasm I ever had in my entire life. Then, it was his turn to spill his jizz on our faces and mouths, which we drank willingly.

“I cannot believe that sleeping with you two could make me very happy!”

“The only thing I can say about that is that we share the same feeling, Alice”

“We should do that every week, don’t you think?”

“How about become a Saturday Night’s special? You, Rita, me and a house only for us to fuck in it”

“I love the suggestion. Can’t wait to have Alice’s pussy again with me next Saturday”

“I Agree. But I hope I won’t be missing it so much until there”

“I don’t know. How about later we try it again to see if that cannot be missed?”

“Great idea, Clark! I love you two!”

“We love you too, Alice!”

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Chapter LXXVIII – The Boss and the Bosslady (based on My Own Romance No. 17, Marvel, July 1951)





My job is to help people and it’s impossible for me to not do something when someone needs advice. I am a secretary a big company and what I do is just make things happen, from phone calls to give and receive reports from our branches. All the different kinds of stuff I have to do to assure the company will run smoothly and everything falls at its right place. But sometimes people need help with other stuff, and that’s where you need to be aware, because good things might happen through that.

And these good things happened with me and George and Dolly Wood. George is the son of the company’s founder and inherited the business when his father passed away. When he married Dolly, she also became a shareholder and the two started to run the things together, and I was assigned to be their leading assistant on everything they needed, be something easy or hard.

At first, the general feeling was that they were nothing else than two spoiled wealthy guys who think that they can get something to command and have nothing else to care about. The first months of their leadership showed both as arrogant and pretty much bossy, to the chagrin of most employees, used to the style that Mr. Gary, George’s father, ran the place, totally polar opposites between one and the other.

That was the general view from the start, but as much as they got involved into the company’s things, their behavior started to get a little better. Of course their usual manners appeared once in a while, but as soon as the Woods immersed themselves at the office, they knew that it wasn’t a thing for ‘take the profits and run’ stuff.

“Marcy, I know that we’ve been a bit annoying to you these days, but I want to know that you are one of the best employees of the company. And I am being serious”

“Thank you for the kind words, Mrs. Wood. And I am sure that I am going to help you to make yourselves better at the office”

Four years into their marriage, however, they were going through the occasional troubles a married couple. It wasn’t something really tough, but they constantly bickered about anything to the point that anyone outside the office could hear them. Everybody thought they were the kind of the ‘perfect couple’, because both were wealthy and lived the best of life, but sometimes people surprise you.

As usual, I was in the middle of the entire melee, trying to keep my sanity intact as George and Dolly yelled to each other over mostly meaningless stuff. Even worse was that I had to do stuff for both and listening them complain about their significant other was too much for me that I decided to be the ‘voice of reason’ among the chaos.

“You two have a problem and I will be the one that can help you to solve that!”

“And how you will help us, Marcy? You are a secretary, not a therapist”

“You are right, Mr. Wood. I ain’t a therapist, but I work for both of you and I am sure I can deal with your problem”

“Seriously? Just tell us how…”

“Why we don’t talk about it? Well, I am a neutral person between the two of you, since I work for both and I think I can be the arbiter and find out why are you two so angry to each other”

“Maybe we can give it a try. It won’t hurt to see if you have a solution out of your trick bag”

From that point, I decided to be closer to them and notice their fights with attention, and then talked with both about their lives and the reason of the annoying bickering. The process made me learn pretty much about their behavior, habits, pet peeves and other stuff that were able to draw a flowchart on their marriage. But even with all that information, I wasn’t able to realize the reason of the fighting. Not until, after a day of work, the three of us were at his office, I learned that they weren’t the ‘hottest couple in town’

“I know so much about you but there is only one thing that we did not talk about so far: your sexual life”

“And why this matters for your little experiment, Marcy?”

“Maybe what bothers you two might lie in something that happens or not under the sheets and we can find the best way to get rid of it so you can be happy again”

“I don’t know if we should share our bed stuff with you. You are our secretary and…”

“Now I guess I am more than that. I am not that specialist on relationships but I know how to deal with people and this is what I am looking for with you”

“Well, if this matters for you…”

Dolly was the first to talk and then George joined her. She told me about how she did married virgin and she didn’t even kissed other guy at the cheek before she met him. And George wasn’t too much of a ladies’ man, mostly because he thought every chick went for her only because of his money and status. With this background, them falling in love for each other was something really unexpected, at least in my view.

“After we married, our life was great and sex was good too, but since the last year, it doesn’t seem as good as it was. It’s like it needs something”

“We cannot complain about it, but our sex was even better when we married than now. Not that we are doing badly, it’s…”

“I can see, Mrs. Wood. Well, it happens with everyone, married or not. It’s just that you need something new to light up the flame again, in my point of view”

“But what? It’s not like we have ideas to make our sex better”

“Have you talked to each other about fantasies and turn-on?”


“That’s it! This is the reason of your problems”

“How our arguments can be connected with our sexual life, Marcy?”

“They are since all the frustration that comes out from not having a good sex ends up fueling your arguments and thus making you argue with each other all the time, Mrs. Wood”

“It’s unbelievable, but now that you mentioned, I remind that we didn’t had much discussions during the early days of your relationship and marriage. This makes sense.”

“It happens with anyone, believe me. It’s not something that you need to bemoan about it, you two just need to try new things to make the things alive again on the bed”

“And how do you expect we pursue that, Marcy?”

“Why not try something that you would love to do with your wife, Mr. Wood? At least there is something that any of you wishes to do sometime”

They remained in silence for a while, but soon it was George who said it, and it was pretty much something that surprised his beloved wife.

“Well… I never told Dolly about that, because she would throw a fit, but… well, I always wanted to have another woman to join us in sex”


“Dolly, I would love to have sex with you and another woman. I always fantasized with that for the last two years, but never had the boldness to talk about it. Maybe because I knew that you wouldn’t accept it due to your upbringing, but I want to see you doing another woman as well. That’s it, I told you and here is Marcy as well who knows it…”

“George… why you want to have sex with another woman than me?”

“I want to have sex with you and her, Dolly. I don’t know why, maybe is a thing that every man has, I can’t explain. But now that Marcy gave us stuff to open our eyes with, I think that can be the only way we can overcome our fights and lack of libido”

“I think it’s a valid point he made, Mrs. Wood. I don’t know if you will accept it, but I hope you think about why he has fantasies about it”

Dolly stood there silent for a while, without even answering her mind about George’s fantasy. I don’t know what was inside her mind during that, but I guess she knew that her marriage could depend on how she viewed that.

“George… we are married for the last four years and you are the only man I ever loved the way you have to pronounce the word love. I love you and want you to feel alright, as much as I want to feel alright. What you said to me, well… I don’t know what to say… I never thought on stuff like that in my life, I am not a woman who allows herself to have such desires. But, at the same time, I think we should try to see if this can save our marriage”


“What? Do you mean that you will say yes?”
“On times like these, we cannot have the luxury to refuse to do something that can help us. And since it was Marcy’s suggestion, I wonder that she can be the woman you are looking for”

Wasn’t my intention to ever be into a threesome with the boss and the bosslady and it was unbelievable, even to her husband that I was the one she picked to be the ‘third person’ at their relationship. But I did understand her reasons for that and I confess that I wished to be part of that outcome.

“If that means an yes, the only thing I need to know is to formally invite Marcy to have a threesome with us, right here in the office”

And there it was! From ‘therapist’ to a lover and I wasn’t even going to fuck both! But I had a job to do and since they were willing, I got between them and looked with seductive looks to both George and Dolly.

“I think you two need to do new stuff for real, Mr. and Mrs. Wood. And I am the one that can bring new stuff to both of you”

I could feel at Dolly’s face the reaction when I started to touch her in a way that she was never touched by a lady and then it was George. Soon, the three of us kissed each other, a thing that neither I did in my entire life and it was quickly one of the best things I did at the sexual matters.

“Please, Marcy. Show to Mr. Wood how you do it”

It was something much daring for Mrs. Wood to talk like that and I had only one thing than take his dick out of his pants and suck his dick. And it was something even hotter when she asked me to take off panties and underwear so she could lick my pussy! Things that only love and lust combined can do,


“I want to much to have her, George!”

Sandwiched between the blowjob on Mr. Wood and being eaten by Mrs. Wood, I was at some place between pleasure and double pleasure. I was never part of a threesome before and this was the last kind of situation I would think that something like that could muster. But things happen out of nowhere sometimes and you gotta enjoy the opportunities as they appear into your way.

“Want to have sex with my husband, Marcy?”

“I want very much!”

She then helped me to sit at his dick and with my back ‘facing’ him. As I started to ride him (pretty much mixed with the fucking of his own), I noticed that it was a waste of time for them to bug about their sexual life. He was the perfect stud, the man who had the money and the looks and also knew how to properly have sex with a lady. They should not have put meaningless stuff in front of their happiness that way.
“Do you like Mr. Wood, Marcy? He fucks good?”


Dolly sucked my tits and kissed me as I fucked her husband and she seemed to love to see other woman ride George’s dick, telling me and him about how we did feel during that. I guess she was the horniest of us all if we can give it an account of it to the masses, given how she was hooked into that fucking.

For a while, I turned my face to George’s to keep the ride-banging and he looked at me with a grin that made me sort of ‘fall in love’ with him. Well, I would not steal him from his wife but his way made me ditch every thought of arrogance and selfishness I had about him. He was just a man who needed to do the things he wanted and so he was at that point.

“Ohhhh! Mr. Wood! I want to lick your wife’s pussy, I want it”

“Come and eat my pussy, Marcy. You deserve it!”

He put me in all fours and Dolly had her legs open for me, where I put my head to eat her hot snatch as George fucked my pussy. I cannot speak in words how tasty her pussy was or why I loved to feel like that, but I was glad to help both to enjoy finally a good moment of sex, after years of trouble and annoying bickering.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh!”

Next, it was her turn to let the couple have sex and just watch it, or even join it to ‘coach’ them in some needs. First, George had Dolly in doggystyle and I was holding her ass so I could see his cock going in and out of her pussy. That woman moaned like she never had sex like that in her life and perhaps that was true. It was probably the first time that fucking for Mrs. Wood was something that she could enjoy it fully in years.

They tried several stuff with me helping them and doing things to please both of the Woods. I never saw such happy couple in my entire life during that fuck and it was sure that now things would be different for them.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Mr. Wood finished by spreading his manmilk onto our bodies and we kissed after the fuck. It was an amazing job to help them and the Woods were pretty much keen for me to get more involved into their life.

“You are superb, Marcy! You saved our marriage!”

“You don’t need to thank me, Mr. Wood. I only did my job and won’t charge an extra for that”
“I want you to be our personal sex coach. I want you to show us how we can do better sex”

“Well, let me think… can we have sex again tomorrow after the office hours?”

“Anytime you want, Marcy… we are happy that you changed our lives today”

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Chapter LXXIX – Catching a Train (based on Love Tales No. 46 cover, Marvel, May 1950/51)



I like to make trips on trains better than doing it with cars or planes. I love to just be there sitting in the train as I can get a nice view of the landscape and the services of cross-country trips are always first class. I always pick a train trip if the opportunity is available and do not regret about it.

Besides all that, there is another reason that makes me prefer the train over other ways to make long distance transportation methods. That reason happened two years ago, when I took the train for a trip from Philadelphia, where I currently live, to Phoenix, where I would attend a business convention.

When the train stopped at Washington, a brunette jumped in and went to the car where I was, sitting in front of me. At first, we didn’t share any words for a while, but since there were only us two there, a conversation ensued.

“To Where are you going?”

“Des Moines. I am going to visit relatives there. And you?”

“I’ll attend a convention at Phoenix”

“I can notice, the suit and the suitcase, you really look like a successful businessman”

“I don’t say that I am a successful one, but I am someone who works hard in my job”

“This is the kind of man I like. I love men that can handle their things on their jobs and personal life”

“That means that you are really interested about my personal life, right?”

“I am just starting a conversation here you know…”

“I am sorry, but I am not used to talk much during trips”

“Guess there is time and place for a first time…”

“I am not against it, it’s just I don’t know you and…”

“Then let me introduce myself. My name is Enid Acosta, and yours?”
“Robert Sumter, but you can call me ‘Bob’”

“It’s nice to meet you, Bob…”

“And what do you do for a living, Enid?”

“I work in the fashion industry. Mostly dealing with the whole ‘fashion week thing’ and its backstages”

“It must be an amazing job to do, Enid”

“It is, but it’s so troublesome sometimes. You know that I am into a industry full of snakes and would-be divas”

“If you saw that I see at every business meeting I attend…”

Well, after the awkward introduction, the chat seemed to work out good. Enid was a pleasant woman to talk and quickly we formed a rapport. We shared stuff about each other during a while and noticed we have similar views and likes in various sections of life.

It should be only a normal talk by two train travelers that are meeting for the first time, but Enid was a different kind of traveler and she was intended that I knew about that.

“Listen Bob, do you use the train for travelling all the time?”

“I do. I think it’s better to use them when you are taking long distance trips.”

“And never happened something different during those trips?”

“I don’ know. What do you mean exactly by ‘something different’?”

“As you’ve done something really tempting in a train car”

I didn’t knew to where she wanted to lead the conversation until I noticed she had a grin at her face and her hands were closer to her skirt, like if she was messing with it. What that woman had on mind for me?

“Well, I never did stuff like that in a train, Enid. I am more entertained with the landscape than noticing other stuff around”

“Not even once?”

“Are you trying to hit on me? Or there is something behind these looks?”

“Have you seen on TV that report on people who like to have sex in trains?”

“I saw it. And I believe that you are a part of this… ahem… fandom”

“I don’t know if ‘fandom’ is the word that fits what I do, but I like to take the risk sometimes, Bob. Having sex in a train is one of the best things a person can feel”


“Why are you doubting of me?”

“I am not, it’s just that I am not a person who is pursuing that currently”

“Maybe I can change your mind today”

Suddenly Enid lifted her skirt and I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties at all! The only thing that covered her pussy from the outside world was just the fabric of her outfit. I admit it’s a good way to try to convince anyone of something.

“Nobody had show their pussy during a train trip”

“I think I can show you more, Bob”

“And what do you suggest?”

“So now are you interested?”

“I am a single man and I cannot deny anything coming from a beautiful woman like you Enid”

“Hard to lure you into it but I finally made it”

“Well, I think I am tired to just see the landscape. I want to see something different this time”

Well, I don’t have an easy explanation to tell how I decided to go with Enid’s plan but I think that she was a woman too hard to not feel seduced by. But the idea of having sex in a train was pretty much interesting and, what the hell, I deserve to have some fun as well sometimes…

Enid, who knew those things better than I, guided me to the sleeping cars, trying to not get much attention from the train personnel. I let her take control of the whole deal and she promised that I would have ‘so much fun’ with her.

We did enter into one of the ‘bedrooms’ of that car and quickly undressed as Enid closed the door assuring no one else would be there to catch us in the act. We quickly undressed ourselves and decided that a 69 was enough for us to start.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we will cum before our meeting is over”

Immediately I felt the thrill that people like Enid felt doing people in trains. It was like I was sneaking into some forbidden place and seeing things that I shouldn’t, some sort of secret society I was trying to join. It was really different to lick that pussy and feel Enid suck my dick. It wasn’t like with my former girlfriend or any other girl I had a relationship with. It was different, but I couldn’t say quite much how it was.

“Why I am feeling this is the best thing I ever got in this trip?”

“Relax, baby. I’ve more tricks in my bag”

Enid knew how to suck cock and she was amazed as well on how I ate her pussy. It wasn’t the long sixty-niner we all wish to do but the pace of that moment was enough for us to get really horny for a hot fuck.

“I’m thinking I will enjoy more my train trips for now on”

Enid put herself in all fours and allowed me to put my dick inside her slit. We moaned less loud than the usual, since we didn’t wish to get interrupted. It was like something magic came up in my head and made me feel already stunned to make love with that gorgeous woman in a sleeping train car.

“Oh My God! It’s so good! Enid!”

“I knew you would like…”

Enid was a hot woman and she knew how to make a guy feel comfortable in a moment like that, where a man like me went in a different situation. I banged that woman in all fours for a long while before she took me to one of the beds and I started to make her ride my dick and well, she knows how to make those situations work best for both sides.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I could feel the horniness burn into our bodies and Enid loved to have my dick inside her and riding my like a A-Class cowgirl. Sex in a train was a delicious thing to do and she proved me that right.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me Bob!”

“Oh Enid! You are so hot!”

I feared my ass on being busted but fortunately we could have the whole sex without disturbances. We fucked for a while before her chin and lips were covered by my cum, a fitting end to something amazing that I was introduced.

“So, are you convinced about doing sex in a train, Bob?”

“You made me a converted, Enid, that’s for sure…”

“I am glad that you are now one of us, but I think it’s time to say that we might no see each other for a while, you know…”

“I saw the report on TV, I am aware about that”

“But if you want to share something, here is my phone number and if you want to try again with me, I can go to Philly or you can go to DC”

We put our clothes one and had talk and some food before she arrived to her destiny, and later it was my turn to arrive to Phoenix. In fact, I never met Enid again but since then I partake of many sexual encounters inside trains and I have many stories to tell, but I might need to have more of those before I write a book.

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Chapter LXXX – Our Lover in Pan-Am (based on All for Love No. 1v5 cover, Prize, December 1957-January 1958)



Have friends in the right places might be something that not many people think about it, but when you need something really bad, they might be the ones that can provide you the needed stuff. And if you are husband to an always ‘demanding’ wife like I am, you really need to count with someone that can give you good stuff without making you sweat to please your significant other.

Lena Barese falls exactly at that level of friendship. I still remember the day where she moved to our neighborhood, three years ago. Me and my wife Sandra were the first ones to greet the air stewardess, a very young and cute blonde girl that would be the one that changed our lives and our relationship from the very first moment we saw her.

“Hello, we are the Whitleys, I am Glenn and she is Sandra, my wife”

“Nice to meet you two. My name is Lena Barese and I just moved in to the house in front of yours, as you can see”

“Hope you can find the paradise staying here at our neighborhood”

“I am sure I will”

“I can see there is an uniform there at the chair…”

“Yep, Mrs. Whitley. I am an air stewardess”

“Really? I always wanted to be one when I was a kid! I loved to see you do that stuff you do during flights”

“Well, it’s a hard job and it’s not like what people think about it is”

As we went to a lengthy first chat, Lena revealed us that she opted to live in a house because she was tired to share apartments with fellow stewardesses, maybe needing to try something different and live her own life with some privacy. And we were also pleased to see someone different than the ‘regular suburban families’ to live around us.

Our bond was quickly formed and we started to visit each other pretty often while she was on land. When she went of her flight assignments, we took care of her place until she returned from that. It was a great friendship undoubtedly, but the best thing of it came when she told us she could help us to do anything she can due to her job.

“Anything you want, like moving to another class, a different flight, anything, just come to me and I’ll try to arrange that to you two”

The first time we decided to get her help was at a flight we took with her company and overbooking problems kept us away from doing the trip. Lena used some of her powers within the airline to book us another flight to go, without any expense and even getting an upgrade of class. Isn’t good or what?

Tons of good stuff happened through our relationship, although I need to explain that is not based on exploiting her position to get ‘rewards’ for us. Our friendship is legit and true and those things we do are only to get something extra in life. And also Lena got a lot of stuff we could give to her that she couldn’t be able to do if she lived with her friends in an apartment.

But we don’t want to talk about that but to mention the reason that this story is being done. Last year, the airline staged some kind of promotional trick for married couples due to Valentine’s Day. The thing was that several couples could get a free trip to wherever they wished to in a plane specially made for them. Yep, that’s what you heard: a plane made for the couples, just them and no one else than the crew and perhaps a few stewardesses. Sandra suggested that we had to take the chance to a free flight and so did we.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the prize, but a few days after the end of the contest, Lena went to our home and told us she had a ‘surprise’. The three of us got reunited and the blonde air hostess explained which kind of trick she got at her bag.

“I talked with a few friends in the company and since you two are faithful customers and picked our airline as your favorite, they allowed me to show you one of the planes we used and have a day experience in it”

“Really? That is fantastic! It will be so great to know such plane. I was so curious to see which this kind of ‘Valentine Flight’ is they mentioned”

“We didn’t win the contest but surely got something good as consolation”

It was something really amazing what Lena did to us and both of us thought what we could give her in return for her to be so kind to let us see the plane. And after pitching a few ideas, we had the perfect one waiting for being done.

The day finally came and we visited the ‘Valentine Plane’ for the first and probably only time. It was even better than we pictured at our daydreams! It was like some kind of those small planes, but it had everything an Airbus or Boeing have. They even had a bed in it if the couple needed to enjoy themselves further.

“Look, Glenn, it’s amazing! I would love to fly in a plane like this!”
“If I was rich, I would buy two of these!”

“Seems you liked the plane… well, isn’t something new, every couple who took them loved, so…”

“It’s fantastic! It’s the best think we ever done in years!”

“I don’t know how much we can thank you for doing that, Lena. You really are an angel!”

“You don’t need to do anything to thank me. I am doing what friends do for each other…”

“But we want to do something to thank you for being a friend. You did a lot to us in these years and we could not find a way to repay the things you’ve done”

“There is no need for that… your friendship is already a payment”

“Still we would love to do something for you, Lena. And we know exactly what to do for you”

“And what it should be?”

“Well… we are here in the Valentine Plane… so do you mind on joining us to celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day?”

“Er.. what? Do you want to get me to take part in your relationship?”

“Yep, Lena. We want you to have sex with us here in this plane”

“Well, Mr. Whitley… I don’t know… gee, well, not that I never done such things in my life, but…”

“The plane ain’t going anywhere, right? And the company said we could do anything during the day because of the ‘experience time’”

“I know, but I am unsure… and if someone sees us?”

“You just close the door and we can find a way no one can spy”

Lena was totally into going to join us but she was too much worried to get in trouble with her bosses. We decided to pitch up something to make her cooler and we ended up finding a way for that stewardess to take part in a threesome, as she managed to find a way that we wouldn’t be disturbed.

The three of us got really naked soon, but Lena and Sandra kept their hats since I love this detail in women. And everything that happened followed the common script of threesomes you have saw in movies and magazines, as it started with both ladies paying a tribute to me in form of oral sex.

“It’s been a while I sucked a cock like your husband’s”

“You can suck all the time you want. Lena. You deserve it”

That stewardess was a prone dicksucker and she knew how to handle a cock inside her mouth. She dodged me when I asked if she did that with fellow pilots and stuff but she definitely did that a lot during trips.

“Two women sucking my cock… reminds me of high school days…”

Lena and Sandra kissed each other in the way and the chemistry among lesbians was pretty much immediate between them. So, there wasn’t something else to do than Lena going down at my wife while I banged the cunt of the hot blonde.

“Look, darling… our neighbor is a fucking hot pussylicker! Just the way I wondered”

“And her pussy is amazing to fuck, just like I thought!”

It was our first threesome but we had ever saw a few stuff about that in movies. And it was even better to take part on a threeway than just watching a fictional recall of it. That stewardess was a fantastic fucker, giving us good pleasure as we went on with pleasing the one who helped us so many times.

“You two are awesome! I love you both!”

Next, they changed places and it was my turn to fuck my loved Sandra as Lena got her pussy eaten by my wife. It was as fantastic as it was before, but now I could see the blonde’s face as she was getting head from another woman.

“Ohhhh… lick my pussy… ahhhhhhhhhhh…”

It was a reward that everyone should give to someone that helps you do achieve what you want. And Lena was the one that deserved the most to get fucked by both of us. She moaned our names and told we were the best friends ever as we fucked for a while.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!”

Both women rode my cock and kissed each other during that as they took turns in it and then got into a sexy 69 that made me fap for a while before they allowed me to bang both assholes of the ladies. They were totally begging for it and moaned at each moment I stick my penis inside them.

I finished as every man in a threesome has to: cumming at both ladies’ faces and bodies. After we left the plane, we are so much happy about what Lena gave to us that we decided to give her another reward.

“Thank you for helping us to achieve something we wanted!”

“Come on, you don’t need to thank me for that. I just did my job”

“And well, I hope we can come back for more, since we want you to be our lover”

“Lover? Really? I don’t know what to say… if that will help you even more…”

“Well, you can help us not only during flights but also in bed. And also, like you said, this is what friends are for”

“Well, actually this is what lovers are made of”

“I always knew we would become too much close!

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Chapter LXXXI – Rock the Boat (based on Teen-Age Love No. 7 cover, Charlton, February 1959)




Last summer was the best summer ever. Not because we finally decided to go somewhere else than our regular vacation places, but also for the reason that we had an experience that me and my husband Ken will never forget.

Saddle Beach was a small town in Northern California and we heard from a fellow couple that was ‘heaven on Earth’. Since we were both tired to go out to the same places on summer, me and Ken decided to check it out to see if what people were talking about was the truth.

And it was. The place wasn’t one of those that were crowded all the time by annoying tourists and the hills and the sea gave something scenic for us to admire. The beach was amazing, without the horde of tourists fighting for space with you and the places, even if not like the major cities, were fantastic. And the fact the place was so quiet made it even better for people like us that needed to found out distractions from the troubles of the life.

“This is way better than Malibu, Ken”

“Better than Malibu? This is even better than Miami Beach, Mary”

To compare both sanctuaries of crowded beaches to Saddle Beach might not be something anyone could do, but it was like we’ve found paradise after we’ve told about it. The beach was amazing and the water was so fresh and clean… Only a few other tourists were there with us and managed to meet them sometimes during nights at the town for dining and enjoying the places to go.

I could talk a lot about that trip but I want to bring to you the story of the most incredible sexual experience I had with my hubby. On a lazy Sunday, we had nothing to do and we wished to stray away from going to the beach for a while. We drove for some time until spotting a small dock with a few wooden boats there. It was a place where you can rent them for a while to row around the pond nearby to see the nature, and many loved that because of the sunset thing.

We picked one of those boats and explored that pond, just the two of us. Ken rowed for long, getting us a bit distant from the land as we could see the picturesque landscape and the silent winds that ‘wrapped’ our bodies in. Nothing else than the water, the sun and the vision of hills and trees surrounding us.

“We would never do such thing at Miami Beach”

“Well, there are the Everglades, but I would not risk to be eaten by an alligator”

“Don’t you think this is the best place in the world for vacation, Ken?”

“I do. It’s peaceful and we can finally get to see all the stuff with patience, without all that rush of the ‘in places”

“And the best thing it’s just the two of us here! Without anyone to bug us about petty problems or annoying talk”

“Yeah… just the two of us… nothing to worry about...”

“I love the view, don’t you love it Ken?”

“Yes, I do it. And it’s even better because it’s with you that I am seeing that, Mary”

We just stood there on the boat seeing the nature and the sun in the middle of the afternoon, both with our bathing suits and without any other kind of human interaction for miles. It was the perfect sighting for anything and ideas were about to run in my mind

“You know Ken, this whole thing is making me think about something”

“About what?”

“Well, how about me and you do it right here on the boat?”

“You and me? At the boat? Here in the middle of the water?”

“Come on, it should be the kind of vacation we always wanted! Why not try something different?”

“You are right and I am not opposing the idea, Mary… but and what about we fall off the boat?”

“We can just row to some point we know we won’t get drowned and we can do it. And I have read something in a magazine; you just need to get the right balance”

“Looks tempting to do… I am in!”

“And well maybe we can just skip foreplay and get to the real game”

“You are in command, Captain”

Ken then brought the boat to a place that we couldn’t get drowned but also enough distant from the coast to avoid anyone to get us doing it. We just took off our clothes and Ken mounted on me, as we managed to keep the balance right from the start. Without much asking, he kissed me as his dick went all into my pussy.

“This is the wildest thing we ever done, Mary!”

“I know!”

Like a stallion on the heat, my husband started to bang me hard, the way I wanted. There was no time for the whole romantic thing that mostly married people attempt when ‘making love’. This was just and only good and dirty sex, the way people like to make jokes mentioning people like us don’t do.

“Ahhhhh! Ken! Ohhhhh!”

“Oh Mary! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!”

His dick got to fuck me hard and even if not moaning that loud, I could make the entire place (or part of it) learn how much that scene was hot. Ken’s body rubbing on mine and his cock banging my cunny was heaven on Earth at the place we realized that was heaven on Earth.

“I love you, Mary!”

“I love you too, Ken!”

Ken took the helm of the action like no one else and he had enjoyed me a lot during our quickie. We would not extend ourselves to avoid sunburn and else then it was really in the order so we could cum.

It was a brief yet enjoyable orgasm that evening and we told each other we loved it and asked to the Gods the blessing of that love. Afterwards, we pretty much lost the balance of the boat as we tried to return to the original placing and we fell at the water, but instead of drowning, we washed ourselves with it.

Now we are planning another round of vacation to Saddle Beach and we are going to repeat our little boat scene and we plan to try many others in the nature. Let’s hope no one gets us or any animal bothers us by then.

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Chapter LXXXII – That Ass (based on My Romantic Adventures No. 70, American Comics Group, October 1956)




TAGS: M/F, anal

I am an unapologetic lover of the female behind. Nothing in a woman gets more my attention than a nice shaped ass, rounded and with the right amount of ‘meat’ and the butt is the first thing I get to look on a lady and when it fits the woman, it’s like heaven on Earth!

I can’t recall the first time a woman’s ass got my attention, but since then, I cannot stop ogling them and smiling when I see a woman who has a rear end who fits my needs. And before I got married, had lots of encounters with those ladies, which gave me many good feelings on sexual matters.

About sex matters, having a nice and peachy ass is the best thing to have. It feels like the dick getting a free massage as it gets pumped into her pussy or asshole, all that meat rubbing it as it goes in and out of those places. And I should not forget how it’s good to have a grip on a hot ass like that, feeling it and slapping it as the sex goes. Even rubbing your face or kissing it looks even better!

Since I mentioned I am married you might want to know if my wife fulfills these guidelines. And this is the reason I am telling you my story, to make you find out the day that I found out the best ass I ever met and the one I would marry.

The first time I saw Donna was a random meeting at the street. I was going to meet a friend of mine to get a business opportunity and a brunette woman with a red dress and hat crossed my path and I could not take my eyes off her. She was so beautiful, so glamorous, like one of those movie actresses from the good times. And when I noticed, could not stop staring at her gorgeous ass. And what an ass she had.

“This…is… the best ass I ever saw!”

I completely fell in love with that ass, even if I could see it for seconds before it vanished in the horizon of the crowded streets of this city. During the entire day and the next ones, the image of that butt highlighted by that skirt settled into my mind. I could not stop thinking about that vision and wondering to whom that ass belonged. I fondly remember the times when I masturbate over that image, wondering what I could do if I found the owner of that amazing behind.

But God gave me a sign that He really exists and I could meet that woman again, now at a medical clinic waiting room. We sit close to each other and when I recognized her, I had to find a way to start a conversation with that woman without looking pretty much an ass pervert.

“Waiting for the doctor?”

“Just routine exams, nothing that much to worry about. And you?”

“A routine check-up as well, plus need to get back results from my blood and urine tests”

“Gee, something that might worry you, sir?”

“Not at all. The doctor wants to see them, you know them. They want to check every place of your body and do not let anything go”

“Yep. Going to the doctor is always an adventure…”

“I know… but pardon me for saying that, but I know that I know you from somewhere else”

“Really? I cannot recognize you at all to know who you are”

“Maybe you did not saw, but I think I did. I crossed your path at Warner St. a few days ago, and when I saw you here I thought I already saw your face but didn’t remind from where”

“Guess you have a good memory to remember the face of someone you just saw for a moment at the crowd”

“Believe me, when I see something or someone that gets my attention, it’s very hard for me to not remember it”

“And what I did to get your attention, mister…”

“Martyn Edson”

“Martyn Edson… nice to meet you, I am Donna Elsener”

“Donna… it’s really a beautiful name and fits your youthful face”

“Do you think I am youthful?”


We did have a pleasant talk before it was her turn to talk with her doctor, but I did not left without exchanging phone numbers. Then, we started to talk with each other more and hang out, as a relationship started to grow in the coming months.

Having that ass close to me was the greatest thing I could enjoy. I didn’t went right to it at the start, but everytime I got closer to Donna, my heart pounded and my mind only had good things on it. I lusted at her butt, mostly when she wasn’t looking and wondered about the day she would let me enjoy the pleasures of that behind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Donna and she is woman of my life, but I have to admit that her ass was the ‘cupid’ between the two of us. Our relationship became stronger and serious after at least a year and half seeing each other. We did start to think about stuff like marriage and raising a family, like any other couple does.

And this was the catalyst of the moment where I finally got to enjoy that rear end of hers. After some time of serious relationship, we realized that we were made for each other and there wasn’t anything that could stop us to have our first sexual relationship. It took that long because both wanted to feel if we were to be the ones. And we were.

After a dinner, I took Donna home and we just went to the couch, sitting and remembering the great night we had. It wasn’t until we got a moment of silence that the idea of having the sex came to our minds.

“Do you think is a good idea to go upstairs and get to make love?”

“I do think it’s a very good idea, Martyn”

We went upstairs and we took off our clothes as we kissed each other and touched everywhere we could to build a momentum for our first sexual relationship. When we were fully naked, I ogled at her naked body and my mind only thought on enjoying that beautiful ass of her.

“So, how do you like my body, Martyn?”

“You are divine. Donna! A gift from the gods”

“I am glad you liked it, and I hope we can do wonders on this bed”

“I know… but pardon me for asking that, but I would love to see your butt”

“See my butt? For what?”

“Well, is that I am a sucker for a woman’s ass and I always found yours a good one and want to see it now that you are completely naked”

“If you want to see it, you don’t need to ask me authorization”

She turned around and I could see, finally, the best butt I ever saw in my life! So round, so peachy, so pretty, so… I don’t have any words to describe how awesome was that butt! The skin was so soft to touch, it felt like I was touching an angel… I touched it like there was no next morning, feeling that ass and happy about having it for me and just for me.

Then I started to rub my face in it and Donna asked me the reason and I said that I wanted to feel something more of her behind. I rubbed my face and then I kissed it, as she watched what I did with her perhaps understanding the reasons that made me do it. I worshipped that ass all the time I could before I had to put my dick inside those love holes.

“Your ass is fantastic, Donna! Just the way I thought! I cannot believe that I waited so long for touching that”

“You seem to be a very faithful lover of asses, Martyn”

“I am. I’ve always looking for the perfect ass and now I have it right before my eyes”

“Don’t you think that you should give that ass something of your love?”

“Are you telling me that you want me to fuck your butt?”

“Well, at least you can look at it as you do me. Wasn’t the intention of our arrival to this room?”

She was totally right and I put her ass up in the air as I admired her butt one last time before my dick went gently inside her pussy. Boy, it was everything that I wished the most and more… Right from the first pushing, that meat massaged my cock and I moaned with that as much Donna moaned with my fucking. I cannot be selfish and think on my own pleasure if the woman I love is not delighted as I am with the sex.

I held firmly my hands on that buttocks and putting my dick in and out of Donna’s. Every little thing on that action was fabulous, that ass meat touching my penis’ skin and exciting all my erogenous parts on it, the peachy form of her butt, my hands touching and slapping eventually. And plus, I was giving the woman I love the pleasure she needed after a long day.

“Do you like my ass, Martyn? Do you like to have sex with my butt?”

“I love your butt, Donna! I love it! I want to have your butt forever!”

That sex was the first step where I could try to have that but for me for the rest of my life and enjoying her pussy was one of the things listed on that. But there was more to do other than that and my dick went next for her butthole.

“Please, be careful. I am still virgin there”

“Well, after today, not anymore”

But I went on a different way to get her to do anal. I licked and fingered her ass for a while, as she moaned (well, is what women do, don’t?) and begged me to put my cock inside her little backhole. When it was ready for the action, I decided to put it entirely inside her ass, push a little and then take it off quickly. Donna didn’t understood at first what I did, but as soon as she got the clue, she loved.

“Wow… that’s very good, Martyn!”

I did it for a while, trying to mark my’ territory’ on her butt. It was amazing to stick it all up her asshole and then take off just to hear my girl to tell me to put it again. After I finished with that teasing, I fully put my cock inside and the fucking resumed the way it had to be.

“I never knew that getting my ass drilled was so good!”

“And this is only the beginning, darling”

Fucking the arsehole of the best ass I ever saw is something that I cannot really describe into words. If I had to write about everything that I thought and felt when her ass meat rubbed against my dick I would take years to write everything, but I assure to the ones that are reading it that it was the best thing I ever done in my entire life. See that ass feel my dick and ask for more excited me even more and I finally knew from there that it was the woman of my life.

“Ahhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ohhh! Love this ass! Love this ass!”

When I left all my jizz on her butt, it was the final ‘agreement’ about having that ass for the rest of my life. We kissed each other and swore that we would be together until the end. Pretty much afterwards, we did married each other and I now I am able to enjoy that 24/7. And you can ask me ‘what about she gets old’ and stuff. Well, that’s what age and even a few cosmetic procedures might come out to make things eve better… but for now I will enjoy my dear wife and her lovely rear end…

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Chapter LXXXIII – The Object of my Affection (based on Love Diary No. 78, Charlton, May 1972)



Her name was Carla Walsh. The most beautiful woman in the entire world. The woman that was the pefect sweetheart for anyone who put her eyes on her. The kind of lady you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with and raise a big, happy family.

I must be going too over the top on describing her, but when I was in high school, she was the girl every girl wanted to be. Carla wasn’t the most popular of them all, but it was the cutest of them and her smile lured every guy on the corner to fall in love with her. And she had a very special grace on her that added anything that could make young men drool like they saw the movie star they liked.

And you could not believe how she was the source of envy of every woman around. The girls didn’t stop making comments on her, on how she was ‘too much good’ for the guys or that she was ‘not the one people think’. Usually, it was just regular envy of women that do not want to see someone take the ‘queen bee’ status but nothing that could be harmful.

I know you are thinking that I am going to talk about how I scored her. But you are totally wrong: I never had any kind of sexual relationship with her, none at all. And then you will ask why the heck I am telling you a story about a girl I did not fucked, and I will have to answer you: nostalgia about my young days at Fort Wayne, my old high school, my friends and the girls that I met.

I never was the kind of guy who had too many girlfriends during my youth, only two or three. And unfortunately Carla wasn’t one of them. She was too much for me, the kind of girl I would never get, being on a different universe of hers, being Carla the girl everyone talked about and me, just one of the dozens of the ones that cannot fit any clique (not even the ‘loser’ one), just trying to do my job and making friendships as the days went by.

It didn’t mean that I never exchanged words with her. We talked a few times, mostly just silly teenage talk, but I always balked when I had the chance to call her on a date. I wasn’t the only one, even the popular ones balked sometimes to date a girl that was ‘too perfect’ for the ‘alpha dogs’ of the school. The lucky ones that managed to lure her on a date were the darn lucky bastard ones… that’s for sure.

So how a sexual story about someone that the storyteller never had sex could be done? Well, that’s why we have imagination and tons of lonely nights to think about it. She was the object of my dearest affection and the woman who lived at my most romantic dreams and the kinky ones as well. In my mind, only Carla Walsh was able to make me happy and forget the troublesome days of my life.

During long showers and nights of insomnia I still remember fondly of the dreams I had with her. And during them, I celebrate the nostalgia of my youth through several sessions of self-gratification. There is no time when I am alone at home and Carla comes into my mind that my dick doesn’t get hard and I have to pay her honors with masturbation.

Well, right know I am very hard while I remember all the dreams and fantasies I had with her. One of my favorite was a dream that she took me to the backdoor of the school, took of my pants and gave me an awesome blowjob, out from nowhere. She didn’t said anything in the dream other than praising my cock and sucking it and I had just to enjoy her sucking before I came inside her mouth with my load.

Every time I remember that, I jerk off just I am doing it right now, moaning while my mind revisits that dream and many others, as I dreamed another day that we were fucking at the school’s gym at late night. Carla with her arms wrapped around my body and me pushing myself to stick my thing inside her. And she moaned and moaned, knowing no one would be there to get us into it.

Ohhh… pleasant dreams of delight! My insomniac nights aren’t the same when I dream about Carla… when I imagine her body naked, dancing lusciously for me and only for me to enjoy. Then she touches my cock and jerks it off for me, as she whispers how much she desires me and that I am the only man for her. Then she sucks my dick and shows me all of her mouthful skills and smiles with those wickedly innocent eyes at me, as I moan with pleasure at each turn of her tongue on my dick.

I dream also of eating her pussy, licking her from top to bottom, head to toe, until finding the gorgeous scent of female genitalia, only for me to savor and smell, as I bring Carla to her knees with my mouth giving her all the pleasure she needs to enjoy an wonderful day of pleasure before I get to fuck her.

And in my dreams, how I fuck her! I do her in every way possible, from regular missionary to every position I know from Kama Sutra. I saw her moan, scream, ask and beg for more as my dreams went as wetter as they could be, where I did her at her pussy and ass, wanting and wishing more of my dick, day and night, night and day until we get into an orgasm.

And… oh my God! I think I just came by thinking about that… She is unbelievable… never met Carla again and she still makes me cum. Too bad I am still single but still good because some day, I might make me dreams come true. And who knows if this story becomes something real a next time…

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Chapter LXXXIV – The Chambermaid Saw and Got it (based on True Life Secrets No. 26, Charlton, May 1955)




Working for the last eleven years at the Silver Hills Resort Hotel is an experience that brought me so many stories that would worth of a book or two, if I was a writer. I saw stuff that you might not believe if I told you but I confess that I wasn’t even ready to experience the thing I am going to tell you today. It was like I stumbled into it, and it was how really happened.

I am a chambermaid at a hotel that is located at a mountainside place people nicknamed as ‘Couples’ Hills’. Why the nickname? Well, the fact is that place is always filled of couples on vacation. Newlyweds, middle-aged ones trying to rekindle their relationship or just people enjoying a good time together, they came on flocks to the hotels at the region and ours weren’t an exception.

And going to so many rooms during a day and seeing so many people made me develop a strange kink (at least when it begun) on myself: I love to watch those couples having sex, I cannot stop and I don’t know why, but this is what makes me excited and I love to pursue that.

The first time happened five years ago when I was cleaning a room and didn’t notice someone was already there. It was a couple of two late 20s, pretty much like they were engaged on something. I snuck myself into a door and there I could see everything they did there. His cock was so big and she was so horny that I cannot forget a second of the whole action. I couldn’t resist and I touched myself right there, thinking about them doing those same things with me and I still don’t believe why they didn’t caught me after I came.

From then on, I became addicted to voyeurism. Everytime a new couple checked into the hotel and I worked on their room, I waited a while to the moment they come out and or I got watching it through the keyhole or went to a closet where I could hide myself and see the entire sex while pleasing myself. I couldn’t stop myself, just the thought of wondering if they would let me join and both doing me was sufficient enough for me to keep going on and doing it. I appreciate every couple I ever met, even if they don’t know at all that they are being spied on their love issues. And, of course, need to tell it that I’ve been away of any sexual activity that involved other people for roughly the same time… you know, work and stuff…

These five years has been great and I’ve saw so many stuff in my life, but until the last month, I wasn’t prepared to finally leave my position as a ‘witness’ and take part of the action. Well, that happened when a couple, the Dunais, checked in the hotel. They were a typical middle-aged couple who went to the Couples Hills to try to recover the lost flame of their marriage.

“Hello, I am Nelly, and I am the chambermaid of the hotel”

“Nice to meet you, Nelly! We are the Dunais, Andy and Natalie”

This chat was the first think we talked when I went to their bedroom. They were such a nice couple, friendly with anyone. They were intended to stay at least three weeks at the region, trying to rediscover themselves on the process. I immediately got bit envy when both told their story and wished to at least have someone to even have to kindle with.

At their second day at the hotel, I sneaked later in the night to the door of their bedroom and couldn’t see much, but I heard the noises and knew that they were fucking. The moaning and screaming were too familiar for me to mistake with another thing. I just saw barely much of the action, but in my mind, the pictures of them doing with crystal clear.

“Ohhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Andy!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh Natalie!”

They quickly made me cum and after two later ‘visits’, I knew they were one of the couples I mostly loved to watch. But the bad thing was that I only could see through the keyhole, fearing to be caught by another customer or even an employee. I had to get closer to the action and watch them do it, but how?

Twelve days into their vacation, they spent the whole day out and I went to their bedroom just to check out the sheets and do ordinary job they told me the night before. When I heard they coming in, I nearly panicked and quickly ran to a closet. I got myself quiet as I could be, as I saw them giggle and talk about the pleasant day they had.

“Andy, this vacation was the best thing we ever thought! Wish we had the idea earlier, would made our marriage better”

“The important is that I had the idea and we are here, so come over here and let’s finish the night the way it should be done”

I was at a better position to watch the sex than looking through a keyhole and my heart beat like a possessed drum as I saw them take off their clothes and kiss each other. Andy’s dick… oh my God, was not the hugest ever, but he was a darn hunk! And I cannot let go the mention of the hot body of Natalie, who loved to get her stockings and garter belt into the action.

It was so sensual right from the start and my pussy already tingled with the buildup. When she took his cock into her mouth, my mind blew and I could not stop touching myself, celebrating the amazing skills of her cocksucking with my daydreaming. That woman was the topdog of the oral game.

“Ahhhh! You suck cock so good, honey!”

I saw every second of the action as Natalie sucked his dick and then Andy went to eat that woman’s pussy. As much as I got excited by watching the blowjob, the muffdiving gave me same effect and sometimes I even pictured her eating my cunny. God, I was so in need of sex that I thought everything just for the sake of pleasure.

“Ahhhh…. You should lick my pussy more, darling!”

I don’t know how his tongue skills were but I could see he knew how to do it because of the lady’s constant moaning. But I was eager the most to know about Andy properly fucking his wife, and it didn’t take much longer for that to happen.

“Come over here and show how you can ride, cowgirl!”

He laid himself on bed and carried his wife to sit on his dick. Quickly, Natalie started to bounce Andy in the most exciting way a person could do to another. I could see the moaning and the banging and that made me as horny as I could get.

“Natalie! I love when you do that to me!”

“If you love, why don’t you ask me to do it for you?”

“You never suggested it…”

Her body was awesomely beautiful and her boob bounced with grace, pretty much like her hips. My hands frenzy touched my pussy like a drumbeat, wishing to see more of that action and enjoying that couple play a show in front of me, even if I shouldn’t be there to watch it.

I was so excited that I didn’t know that the closet wasn’t empty. My attention was so much to the sex that I nearly touched something there, but managed to keep it cool to not make my presence be noticed there. But that did not take so long to happen. During their sex, I kind of stumbled into something inside the closet that pushed my body enough to open the door and fall on the bed close to them. Of course, when they noticed me, they yelled like they’ve saw a giant spider and stopped what they were doing

When they recovered from the scare, I saw so afraid that they would call my bosses that I just stood there, with my legs trembling and fearing for the worse, as they saw me and whispered to each other about stuff I will never now.

“So, what were you doing inside that closet?”

I did not answered and Andy did the question again, and I trembled only to think how angry they were by seeing me there. But I hadn’t other choice to confess about my kink to them.

“I… I… I was there because… I… wanted to see you… making love…”

“Making love? You were inside the closet of our room just because you wanted to pick on us having sex?”

“Sorry, sir. I did it without any malicious intentions. I… well, I… I don’ t know what to say…

“It’s better if you say it”

“I like to watch other people having sex”

“Wait a minute… are you telling us you like to watch people having sex?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those sick perverts, but I do like it. I don’t know why, but excites me to see other people having sex, maybe it’s because I am working for eleven years in this hotel, I’ve seen so many stuff here and so many people that I could not control myself and wonder how those couples did it. I love to see them doing, excite myself with the pictures going in my mind like a movie. It’s been a while that I am without sex and this is the only way I found out to relieve my tension is to see other people do it”

“And why you decided to watch us having sex?”

“It wasn’t premeditated. I was here doing my job and heard you two coming and hide myself in the closet. The rest you must imagine. Look, I didn’t do it because I am one of those who like to take pics of people having sex or have a strange kink. I just like to see people doing it, don’t know why. And I always wonder if someday I would participate of the fun as well… I am very sorry, I understand if you two are mad with me, I shouldn’t do that and there is no excuse for what I did. If you two want to rat me to my bosses, it’s your choice and I will understand. You don’t know how much ashamed I am right now”

After I pleaded to them to not get too much hard on me, both of them started to talk with each other, pretty much whispering and I didn’t hear anything. I feared for the worse as they reunited to solve my problem. And after a few minutes, it was the turn for me to know my fate.

“Well, for the start… I will advise you to not tremble like that. We are not intended to do any evil with you”

“Me and my husband talked and decided that we won’t tell about what you did to your bosses. Your secret is safe it us”

“Really? Thank you! Thank you very much!”

“But you have to do a favor for us…”

“A favor? What do you mean, sir…”

“Since you said that you like to watch people having sex, I think we can find a way to solve your little problem and finish your dry streak”


They called me close to the bed and I, with much fear, walked slowly in direction of them and their faces were turning into some kind of smile instead of worried or angry faces.

“Honey, remember when we talked about doing something different to spice up our marriage?”

“I think I do remember, Nat. But what do you mean with that?”

“Well, I think we can see if this chambermaid will help us to light a fire at our bed”

“Sir? Ma’am? Are you two trying to call me for a threesome?”

“Well, would you like to take part at one?”

I just nodded my head as both went right to kiss me and slowly made me undressed. Next, their mouths ran to where my intimate parts were, with Natalie going down at my pussy and Andy getting my butt.

“Ahhhhh… what are you two doing… I love it”

This whole time I spent without sex pretty much made me have the craziest fantasies about trying to find a way to fuck someone. But I never thought that my kink would be able to make me have the whole sex like the old times.

“Do you like men and women… uh, Nelly?”

“Yes, I do…”

Those mouths were amazing! They knew how to please a woman and to bring me to the pleasure, as she licked my cunny and he put his tongue around my bunghole. Shit, it has been a long time that no one did that to me! And now, finally my kink worth for something.

“Would you love to fuck my husband, Nelly?”

“I want! I want very much!”

After they ate my holes, they took me to the bed and I sit at Andy’s dick. While his wife watched, I rode his cock like a cowgirl has to. Finally, a dick inside my pussy! The logn wait was finally over! I could finally make my dreams reality and ease of the tensions of the day.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh My God! You’re a great fuck, Nelly!”

“Ahhhh! Yeahhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“I told you my husband is a fucking stud!”

And he was! I wonder how they relationship went somewhat sour, but I think I don’t care that much about it. I just wanted to have that fucking dick inside my pussy and his wife helping me to enjoy the best of that shit. It was amazing, wonderful, something that I cannot find much words better than that to describe.

Later, he allowed me to eat his wife’s pussy as she fucked my doggystyle. Between the Dunals, I realized that all my worries were gone and the only thing in my mind was to fuck those two. At least my voyeurism was able to make something out of nothing for a instance.

We fucked each other for a while (fucking, sucking and licking each other you know) and he finished by cumming at my body, already sweating by the orgasms they gave me. Natalie came over to lick the jizz off my body as we finished with a naughty tonguedance.

“Thanks to you, I think we finally found a way to rekindle our marriage!”
“I feel good to help, even if it wasn’t the way I intended…”

“I wouldn’t say that, Nelly. I would like to say that we have plans for you”

“Which kind of plans?”

Afterwards, I knew the plans they laid out for me. They always came back to the hotel, but asked to my bosses for me to be assigned to their room. And, well, instead of work, all we do is to fuck and fuck! Oh, and they let me watch their fucking as well, but now not inside a closet…

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Chapter LXXXV – Undressaree (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. 75, DC, December 1960)


Today I am going to talk about a man named Alan Hall. He was the hunkiest man at the building I used to live and every girl was after him like water in desert (including me as well). Being an early 30s single man with a well-done life and with a charming face, isn’t that easy to understand that he was a prey for any bachelorette ready to find their fit.

And there was two girls that were the most engaged to try to lure Mr. Hall to the ‘marriage trap’. One was me, Virginia Dobson and the other was a very cunning blonde friend of mine named Talullah Ackerman. The two of us pretty much lived at Alan’s apartment, always trying to find a way to get into his pants but always dealing with his indecision over his love life.

“You are 32 years old and you are still single. Every time I come here I am baffled to wonder why a man like you doesn’t have a girlfriend…”

“It’s not a question that I do not want to have a girlfriend, but a matter of why I cannot find the right person to stay with”

Alan was the perfect mix of a old school kind of guy, those ones that want to get with a woman by the way of a romantic relationship and the guy who liked to use his charms to get as many women as he can, trying to find among those ladies the right fit for his shoe. The turnout of girls at his apartment was high and many could say they were satisfied about his sex skills, but not much when their commitment didn’t lasted long enough.

Me and Talullah decided to make a different approach on him. We did not agreed to do that, but the two of us liked to be as close as we could to Alan so we could win the battle with the other ladies by becoming his best friends. Afterwards, he would pick the one that he would love the most and start a family with (if he wished to do so).

And then there was the two of us, always there since day one, talking with him about anything he could talk, listening him speak through the burdens of his professional and his love life, knowing secrets and details about each of his dates. For nearly two years it was the thing we had to do, but he never approached us for a date or something else.

Would be because he saw us as just friends and nothing else? Or he was too shy to invite two of his neighbors to go out? Or there was something underneath that neither Talullah nor I could find out? Neverthless, there was a reason for Alan to not throw himself at us like he did with other ladies, but that thing had to change.

“Do you have any idea on how we can make Alan notice us, Vinnie?”

“I don’t know, Tal. But I am sure that Alan will look at us and bring us to the bed like the other women”

“But how?”

“Don’t worry; I’ll come up with something”

It took me sometime for me to make a plan but it finally came out and we decided to put it in practice. Talullah was to ‘warm up’ him and I would be the one who would throw caution into the wind and make the proper approach to try to earn something with him.

That day, we heard that Alan bought new furniture and needed someone to help him with switching and changing. Talullah offered her help and she was the perfect kickstart to the plan of ‘cleaning up’ the things before I came and worked on him so he could finally do us like he did those women he slept with.

The day before, Talullah and I asked to ourselves if we could go through with this and the only answer we could find it was that both of us had to do it or risk seeing Alan Hall to marry with another woman without having the chance to taste any of us. It was our goal to make that man at least know how was to have sex with Virginia Dobson or Talullah Ackerman and we were sure that success was meant for us.

And this is what happened: Talullah went to his apartment and after she got in, I approached the door and tried to hear something inside. I could not listen much at the beginning, but I knew that she wanted to be slow and steady with the plan before my turn came.

I could hear a few noises of stuff moving and else at the beginning, but soon the things got quiet. The plan must be working, I thought. But then I realized that the things were too much quiet for my liking. What Talullah was doing there? Would she try to have sex with him before I came?

Since I knew the door was open, I got there and walked step by step, finding his living room empty. Then, a noise came from his bedroom, and I knew what it was! When I opened the door… there was both guys naked and kissing each other!

“What the hell is going on?!”


“Well… I can explain… is not what you are thinking about…”

“It’s what I am thinking about, Mr. Hall. And I am very disappointed with you, Tal… you did that and didn’t wait for me! That’s a shame!”

“I am sorry, Vinnie… but we started to talk and you know how one thing always leads to another and…”

“Wait a minute… you two planned that?”

“Come over here and try to seduce you… well, yes. But this? Well, it wasn’t part of the plan but I won’t complain but join both of you”

Yes, I got naked like them and Alan was totally baffled to see myself in the nude but he only had to welcome myself to the game and me and my BFF went to suck that hot cock of his. He moaned loud and told our names telling how much good on sucking dick we were.

“Tal… Vinnie… ohhhh…”

I think we outlasted all the bitches that he slept with by our cocksucking given the fact on how Alan made his approval of our skills to be noticed through moaning and everything else a man does when delighted with people doing his sex. And we had more to do with them than anyone else did.

“Hhmmmm… your cock is so great… would love to suck it forever!”

“Me too! Hmmmmmm!”

“Oh Girls! Please suck my cock!”

I let Talullah to be fucked by him first and I just got there watching at first, but next I had my friend to eat my pussy during her sexual intercourse with Alan. It seemed he knew how to fuck very good (and thus the high turnout of ladies dating him), and also I never knew that Tal liked to do other women and I had a first take of her pussylicking skills, which were more than awesome if you want to ask me,

We also traded places and now it was Talullah that allowed me to give her pleasure as Alan fucked me. It was so damn great that he banged me; finally learning how was to be doing Alan Hall. And he was awesomely incredible with both of us! He knew how to do it! And guess we found out that was the main reason the girls were all over him all those years…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Alan!”

“You girls! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

We fucked for a long time and Alan used our holes a lot of time, of course we also used to ourselves our love places. It was the best of fun and after we came, he confessed why he never made a move on us.

“I never told you two that I wanted to date you two because I was afraid any of you would say no”

“Why say no?”

“We would love to be your girlfriends, Alan!”

Actually we dated him for a while, but fortunately for Talullah, he picked her as the one to be his woman and married her after a while. I moved to another building but still visit them often to remember the old times. And how much do we remember them…

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Chapter LXXXVI – Shake and Roll (based on I Love You No. 67, Charlton, April 1967)



Life is full of surprises, is what they say. I wasn’t much the man that believed in such things, always thinking that what happens with you was slated to happen somehow. But sometimes life *is* actually full of surprises and they might come in forms and ways you will never believe that can happen with you.

Years ago, I used to date this woman, Andrea Tagliaferro. She was a stunning lady, redhead and with a nice body and personality. The kind of person that, from the first time, I thought it was the right one for me. And that was bound to happen for us to marry and start a family.

But as the first line of this story says, life is full of surprises. And there was Lloyd Jones, her ex-boyfriend. It was the last man she dated before meeting me and it was pretty much ‘the man of her life’ according to her friends. The kind of guy that does anything to please a girl and make her feel in paradise. That type of man that you know that is the one to be with.

Andrea actually never told me why they broke up (some of her friends said it was because of some kind of ‘big fight’ they had) and I wasn’t much bothered about that. I did not care much about Lloyd, a man that I never met in person, maybe because he might be just another of those people we meet before we get the right one, like it happens with every (or almost every) couple.

But for pretty much time, I thought it that she was ready for another crack at love and that I was the one she would remain with. However, my mind started to get tricked with things the day I knew she kept a few mementos of her past relationship with her. Pretty much normal in my view but those would spark later something that takes me to write this tale.

I found those when I went to her place to take care of her fish and plants as she was going in a business trip. While checking for a pen to try to write down a note about a phone call, I found out a few pictures of both Andrea and Lloyd together plus a love letter he wrote for her. I read it entirely and wondered why she kept this with her. At first I thought she might had forgot to throw it away or just was a nostalgic person for the old times.
Then I discovered she kept more from their previous relationship than I thought. Many letters, pictures, gifts and other stuff that I thought that she probably never stopped loving him and I was just a placeholder while she was suffering from ‘relationship end hangover’. I decided to keep myself quiet for a while and try to win her heart. But time ended up telling me that I would never beat Lloyd.

Due to that, when I hinted to her she never forgot her ex-boyfriend, we had several fights but always ended up back together. However, for me it was a matter of ‘or him or me’ and I would not let myself play second banana to a guy I never met and was the ‘true love’ of my girlfriend.

One day, we decided to have the dreaded ‘talk’. I needed to close this chapter for once and be ready to move on with my life, with or without Andrea.

“Andrea, let me ask you something. Do you really ever loved me someday?”

“Why you ask a question like that, Bobby! I do love you! You are my boyfriend”

“Yes, you are. But sometimes I don’t know if you love me the fullest or I am just someone you can wash your tears from your breakup with Lloyd!”

“How can you dare to say something like this, Bobby!”

“I am sorry Andrea, but sometimes I don’t know if you really want to be with me or if you have forgotten completely your ex”

“It’s not easy to forget someone you loved! And Lloyd was something important in my life and I cannot just dump those memories in the trash, you know that”

“So that means that while you are with me, you think about him, right?”

“Of course not!”

“Are you talking the truth?”

“Well… its… well… how can I lie? I never forgot Lloyd a second since I broke up with him! He is the man of my life! It’s not easy to get over!”

“So that means that, inside that room, while you were with me, your mind thought about Lloyd?”

She didn’t say a thing and a tear rolled from her eyes. From that moment, I realized that destiny decided to play with me. Andrea wasn’t the woman that supposed to be mine, but it was to Lloyd. However, I did want to prove her wrong and show her that I was the one to be hers.

“Let me do another question: how is Lloyd in the bed?”


“It’s exactly what you heard. How Lloyd was with you while you two were together?”

“Why you want to know something like that, Bobby?”

“I am curious to know if Lloyd is all that man you feel for him. I want to see if I cannot show you that I am a better fit than him”

“If you really want to know, come to the bedroom and I will tell you how it was with him”

She took me to the bedroom and we took off our clothes. I had to show her I was better than her ex on bed and it was my last card to trump his threat hanging over my head.

“Tell me, how did Lloyd’s magic worked with you here?”

And she told me with all the words and descriptions she could, but the best part was that she allowed me to make a performance to try to convince her that I was at least on par to him at bed. At first, she told me he didn’t like much to start with foreplay and really liked to fuck her right from the beginning. I had to mount on her and proceeded to start fucking Andrea the way Lloyd done with her.

Guess that I was pretty much something up to her standards during that sex. She moaned a lot and told that I did exactly like Lloyd did (well, I took it as cumpliment), mounting on her and putting my dick to great job inside her pussy. Next, she put herself in all fours, one of his favored positions and I decided to go through with that, fucking her the way I wished and trying to put in her mind that I was better than her ex.

“So, how am I going?”

“Well, I can’t say but… oh yes! Oh Yes! Keep doing it!”

I grabbed her ass and even slapped a little to try to set a difference between him and myself. I did Andrea with all I could in doggystyle, going deep and hard and trying to convince her that I was the better fit and not Lloyd. I had to be her man.

“Ohhh… Lloyd… I mean, Bobby… Ahhh!”

I had to go really hard to make my plan work and I fucked Andrea the best I could. I kept doing her in all fours and then told her to ride my dick like a cowgirl. The sex was amazing and having a hot girl like her was enough for me to keep the rhythm and get wild on my banging.

“You are… ohhh… yeah… I want you Andrea!”

I lost the track of time inside that bedroom and I fucked Andrea the way she told Lloyd did and I showed on his game that I could be better as him and in the end, I had my own trick by doing something that he didn’t much, of course cumming all over her face and tits.

“So, did I was better than Lloyd?”
“I don’t know. It’s hard for me to think right now… I am so cummed right now…”

I thought I had won, but she managed to make peace with Lloyd and they went back together. I did my best and showed her my worth, but even without getting Andrea, I finally learned to not take anything in life as granted and that I need to be ready even if unexpected surprises arrive.

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Chapter LXXXVII – Lunchout Bi Fuckout (based on Youthful Romances No. 6 cover, Ribage, November 1953)



Some people say that sexuality is made at the birth and that you even might carry it with your genes or something. Others might argue that is the environment that makes the sexuality and there are even the ones who might say that no one is sexual and anyone must chase it during their lifetime. Myself I don’t know where I can subscribe at those views but the one thing I am sure is that I am pretty much happy with what I am and what I like.

I always loved women and always dated them, but Matt Johnson dared to make me rethink about my sexuality. He and his girlfriend, Martha Peron, always visited the luncheonette that my family owns and where I work, and I always I had a giant crush on her, a very beautiful blonde, with sparkling hair and glamorous looks… she was pretty much of the leading students of the college she went and, to make matters better or worse, lived at the same building as me.

Martha was Matt’s girlfriend, a linebacker star who went to the same college of hers. Both were together for some time and they always went after some big game or weekend to our luncheonette, usually to eat something and talk about stuff. We somehow got along but I always felt something for her and had to hide that I wanted to be her man and dump that guy.

This is what I thought, but then everything changed and I started to have feelings for both of them! The first spark happened when Martha forgot her beanie at the diner and I went to her apartment to return it to her. When the door opened, it was Matt with a towel at the waist, covering his parts. He was probably taking a shower when I came in and I quickly handed the hat before I left with some shame in my mind by doing that.

But I never knew that seeing him with that towel could make me thing about him naked! In fact, not exactly but him, but during my day dreams, he appeared naked alongside Martha. And, even worse, they were doing it. And I don’t know, him naked made my dick get hard! Well, Martha always gave me those hard-ons but never wondered I could feel something like that for a man!

Was I gay, bisexual or that moment of the towel protecting his cock from the ‘world’ sparked in me thoughts I never imagined to have. Was I so attracted by him as I am to his girlfriend? Or it wasn’t an issue that I had to think about it? I tried to get those pictures out of my mind and focus myself at work, but when they came in, my dick never failed to get hard. And since I had to talk with them, I tried to keep my cool and ditch those thoughts, but it never seemed to work it fully.

I didn’t know what to do or if they had a hint about that and I did not care much about it, trying to just do my job and earn my money. But there was one day just the three of us were at the luncheonette, Martha and Matt spending sometime after they won a big college game and the things just happened.

So, the two were talking and smiling, even kissing each other sometimes. I remained quiet but until I realized we were alone, I decided to ‘make a move’ and make my cheers to the duo.

“I heard about the game… your team did a great job, man”

“I wouldn’t be here if wasn’t the rest of the guys, the coaches… and plus, if it wasn’t be Martha being there for me, I wouldn’t be anything”

“Matt… you are the one that should get always the accolades for your effort”

“No, I want to thank you always for being always by my side, darling”

“You two are a great couple, I know it’s too obvious and tedious for you two to hear it, but you are”

“Thanks Gabe… you are so kind! All these years giving me and him support and opening this place for us to enjoy”

As I said, I tried to keep my cool, but again those images came to my mind. Them naked, doing and even I joining them in the sex. Of course, I got fucking hard and it was even more difficult for me to keep my mind focused on what to do instead to get involved in a threesome. Then, I had an idea

“Excuse me, I’ll go to restroom for a while. You two can stay for a while before we close”

When I got into the restroom, I checked my dick and it was like a fucking brick! I just had to take if off and start to masturbate right there. I still don’t know why I had this idea but I would be pretty much thankful to that afterwards. But I finally found some relief from that awkward situation, beating my meat and thinking about everything those two could do with me.

“Oh Yeah! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I think I lost the track of time or guess they thought I was in trouble, because after sometime there of masturbation, Martha and Matt opened the restroom’s door and were shocked to see what I was doing there…

“Gabe, are you okay? We are hearing something and… OH MY GOD!”

They caught me masturbating and I got pretty much ashamed when I saw them standing at the door, both with widen eyes and looking at me. I took my hands off my cock and tried to hide it from them, but I could not put my pants on with all the shame involved.

“Martha? Matt?”

“I am sorry… we heard you like you were moaning in pain or distress and went to see it, we were worried about you, but it seems there is nothing to worry about”

The fact she didn’t berate me or acted like a prude was another shocker to me. At first, I was so ashamed that I didn’t noticed the way the things happened, but I had to swallow the pride and the same and go for it.

“Well… is that… well…”

“You don’t need to explain yourself, Gabe. I think we just saw what you were doing here… and we are not here to make you feel bad about it”

“Ah? Excuse me?”

“We never told you but we always noticed you had some glaring eyes at us during the last months. And I believe what you were doing might be related to it”

“Well… Martha… I don’t know what to say, or well, I do know, but I never wanted to tell in, in respect to your boyfriend… because I always had a crush on you…”

“I knew it! I told you he was giving those eyes at me, Matt!”

“And you came here to jerk off about my girlfriend?”

“Not exactly… remember the day where I went to return the beanie she forgot on the counter? And you were just with your towel? I don’t know why, but you joined my fantasies, Matt… I was doing it for you two…”

“Seriously? This is… wow… that is actually fantastic!”

“How can it be fantastic?!”

“It’s because you remind us of a talk Martha and I had weeks ago, about trying something different to give a lift to our relationship…”

“And where do I get into this?”

“Well, if you allow us to enter…”

I kinda pinched myself during that, thinking that I was in a dream but it was the pure reality. The two approached me and started to play with my cock, soon dropping to their knees to suck it. I could not believe on what I was getting… a bisexual threesome and with the two people I lusted after!

“Yeah… suck that cock… oohhhh… you two, do it!”

Martha and Matt seemed to be accomplished blowjobers, even if I never knew that he also had his knack for dick. They gave me head like no one did and maybe I started to wonder if those dreams were at least prophetical at some extent.

“Do you want to fuck us, Gabe? Do you?”

“Yes… I want… I will fuck you both!”

They took some time by sucking my dick and next I had Matt’s ass all for myself to enjoy, as I put him to the wall but allowing space for Martha to suck his. What can I talk about my first experience with a guy? It was awesome, his ass was so tight and pretty much craving for a cock to be inside that it might be not just a desire to taste different stuff with his girlfriend.

“Like a cock in your ass, Matt?”

“Oh Yes! Fuck Me, Gabe! Fuck my dirty asshole!”

I bet his football teammates would love to hear what I did to his butthole and even want to such thing with him. But as soon as I fucked, I put my dick inside his mouth and he sucked, as Martha kept blowing him,

“Suck my boyfriend’s cock while someone fucks him, can’t believe this is actually good!”

Next, it was my turn to fuck Martha’s pussy, but then I was the one having a cock inside my mouth. I never had one like that in my whole life, but that day was the day for that and it was great. Was a wonderful thing to finally bang the woman I loved and perform a blowjob at that hunky jock.

“I would love to suck your cock and fuck your girlfriend forever!”

It was truthful words and I gave all that I could handle by fucking the hot cunt of that lady and giving head to Matt. It was awesome and I wanted to have every day that thing…

Then, I sat at Matt’s dick and then Martha sat on mine and the riding begun. It was like every fantasy of mine, three people having sex, two guys fucking each other as fucking a bombshell like Martha. I would love to do that all the time and the three of us moaned and squealed like no one else did.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh Yes! Fuck me Matt! Fuck Me!”

“Uhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The lustful moment of sex went for some time and the three us fucked a lot, doing all of our holes and enjoying our first bisexual threesome. Me and Matt finished by cumming at Martha’s face while kissing each other, the best finish we could find.
“So, did you love our gift to you?”

“ I loved! It was the best thing I ever done…”

“I think now we can find a way to become closer after the luncheonette is over”

“Well, just ask me for the ‘special’ anytime you two want and we can do it”

“Be sure we are going to ask you that”

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Chapter LXXXVIII – Two Guys, a Girl and a Bed (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. 136 cover, DC, July 1968)




I wonder if I’ll ever get vacation trip like the one I did last year to Maine. Not because the place was exactly heaven on Earth or I saw many amazing things there. But mainly because I managed to have a different experience there and also bring happiness to a friend in need.

Mickey Stouton is our friend since high school and pretty much saw me and my fiancé Tim get together. He had also a girlfriend, Rose, but her unfaithfulness played the main plot for their breakup. And this left him pretty much down for a long time, given that was the first woman with who he had a long-term relationship, even wondering about if they could become husband and wife.

We tried to find ways to make him feel good again with himself and when Tim got us an opportunity to a trip to Maine, we embraced that as a way to bring him a little bit of cheering after what happened with him.

“A trip to Maine with you two? I don’t know…”

“Why are you worried about that, Mickey? You will be with your friends and finally might forget what Rose did to you”

“But I don’t think its right for me to play the third wheel as you two might wish to pursue a romantic time for each other. You two deserve that”

“Please, Mickey… let it go! Rose was a bitch and a cheater to you and you deserve to find someone better!”

“I don’t want to be a burden to your trip. You two need to be together and I would be there harming your attempts to do couples stuff”

“You won’t pose as any harm to us, man. We want you to forget her and at least do something else in your life than moan for a girl that clearly doesn’t deserve you”

It took some time for us to convince Mickey but we managed to take him with us to the Northern Maine, close to Canadian border. When we arrived to the small chalet we rented, the three of us found out there was only one bed at the bedroom.
“Shit… there is only one bed, and it seems it doesn’t fit the three of us there…”

“Guess we need to see an arrangement so we can the three of us sleep here. And this was the only room available this week…”

“Well, I think you two shall take the bed and I’ll sleep here at the couch”

“No way, Mickey! Maria and I can sleep´at the floor and you can take the bed. You are our guest in the trip after all!”

“I should be the one who says ‘no way’ to you, Tim! You two are the couple and deserve to sleep together. You said I am the guest and, as the guest, I’ll have the couch. It’s enough for a man like to me to lay there and sleep”

Minutes of arguing happened until we settled down to acquiesce to Mickey’s demands. We went to sleep at the bed and he went to the couch in the other side of the room. After going to dinner, it was time for us to take a rest and put ourselves at the places were slated to slumber.

Due to the silence that place was into, that kind of silence that makes everything scary, perhaps none of me or Tim was asleep after some time. And guess he had some other ideas to battle insomnia… suddenly, I felt something rubbing my ass and you might know what I am talking about

“Tim… what the hell are you doing?”

“I am trying to have some fun with my soon to be wife”

“Here? You are fucking crazy… and what about Mickey?”

“I know Mickey, he sleeps like a fucking rock. We won’t bother him”

“And what about he wakes up and gets us doing it?”

“I told you Maria, he has a very deep sleep. Now, let’s do what we were intended to do here”

I won’t deny the situation was at the same time odd and exciting to myself, so I decided to give myself in and allowed Tim to remove my panties and slid his dick inside my pussy.

“Let’s do it, but without any noise, please!”

I never imagined how it was to do it without proper moaning but both of us managed to keep our ‘cool’ there. After all, it was just a quickie under the sheets, he had some minutes fucking me hard and enjoying my pussy until his seed went all over my ass and thigh… it was a very enjoyable experience even if too brief for any of our standards.

The next day, we went to eat breakfast at a coffeehouse and both of us were worried that Mickey might hear something of our fun the night before. And we had to know, without putting too much suspicion on our minds.

“So, did you slept well at that couch, Mickey?”

“I think so. My back is a bit sore but I could sleep fine. How about you two?”

“Well, that bed isn’t the kind of thing we are used, but our sleep went pretty fine”

That was said in a way to make sure to him to not even consider that we were doing something ‘dirty’ while he was sleeping. That same day, we repeated the same ritual, but this time I made the first move on Tim.

“It seems someone liked the thing we did yesterday”

“Yes, I did. But we gotta do it like yesterday or Mickey will get us in act!”

“I told you already… he sleeps like a brick… he won’t hear a damn thing”

And, again, we did, still a brief coitus encounter before ending it in my legs. That happened not only those two past days, but also the next two as well. Every day exactly the same thing, just a quick sex and doing it as quiet as we could be. Mickey was at the other side and we didn’t wish to make him get us doing it and embarrass the guy.

The fifth day of trip, things got pretty bold between me and Tim. We were so confident that our friend would not get us having sex that we had an idea to spice up that night.

“I want to do your ass, Maria…”

“Wow, Timmy… you know how to turn on a girl”

We started by doing our little daily routine, but as soon as we were in heat, we decided to go in some other way. I put myself in all fours and Tim put himself at my behind and started to bang my ass with his cock. I had to make an extra effort to keep my mouth shut and not wake up Mickey and I bet Tim had done his piece of pie for that.

That fuck was so amazing and so good right from the start that we kind of lost the track of anything around us. Not that we started to scream like crazy but if an entire army broke into the cabin and started to watch us have sex, we wouldn’t notice it.



As I already mentioned, we wouldn’t notice anyone watching us doing it or even inside the house. But there is always that noise that breaks everything and it was a small and brief whisper that indicated that something or actually someone was there. When we got the lights on…


“W-What the hell are you doing here?”

“Well, I think it’s something that I need to ask you two”

We did not understand what he meant, but when he told us that he knew what we were doing behind his back, both of us were completely shocked.

“Since when you know about us doing that here?”

“Since the day where I went to pick up a glass of water and heard noises, so I went to check and found out you two doing. Well, I assumed that you two were having sex while I slept”

“And… well… did you watched us?”

“Well, it was dark and I only imagined you two doing and did not resisted to touch myself. I did it everytime I heard you two doing it, but now I went to check for something and went to the door to get a closer view, even it’s all dark and stuff. And now, you two caught me. I am deeply sorry for what I did, I should not invade your intimacy that way”

“It’s not your problem, Mickey. If one of us would be in your place, probably would do the same… well, I don’t know, it’s not that easy, you know…”

“But I still feel sorry for interrupting your fun. I should not even be here at first place, it was supposed to be your vacation pals… I am here just to be some sort of third wheel for you…

“I told you millions of times that you aren’t the third wheel, Mickey!”

“Well, it doesn’t need to be that way, you know pretty much”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, if Timmy allows me, I am calling you to have a different kind of help”

Tim pretty much understood what I meant and wasn’t a hurdle for me to do what I was intended to. As he continued to fuck my ass, I got Mickey’s cock at my hand and then started to suck him off. It was unexpected even for him, but he liked what he saw and moaned as we got into a nice threeway.

I never got into one in my whole life and the circumstances that this one begun were at least not the default ones but no one was to complain, since now we were there to make sure Mickey would not think anymore about being ‘third wheel’ for us.

“Like how Maria is sucking your cock, Mickey?”

”Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Ohhhhh!”
I sucked that fucking cock good, never thought that our friend could be so tasteful and so hard that way. And next, Tim gave space for him to do my pussy and I went to get a blowjob from my fiancé. God, it was as amazing as it could be, Mickey really knew how to please a woman and this makes me feel even more puzzled about why his ex cheated on him.

“Mickey! You are awesome! Fuck me!”

And he fucked me… how he fucked me! Tim encouraged me to bang my pussy and told me that this trip was only to make him happy and this is the way God gave to make that happen. And to think that everything started with me and Timmy trying to not get Mickey know that we were having sex…

At the end, Tim suggested that they both should fuck me and it was my very first double penetration attempt, with my man doing my pussy and Mickey at my bunghole. I cannot use few words to describe it, because it was the best sexual experience I had in my whole life. Two dicks pumping my love holes together and at the same time made me burst in pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I moaned and moaned, now free of the restraint to keep the things quiet, with those hunks banging me like two wild stallions. The cocks went in and out of my body in a frenzy beat, my body burning with delight and my mind totally surrendered to their pleasure. I was living my own dirty fantasy and did not wanted to stop that soon.

“Ohhhh Maria!”

“Ah Yes! Your girlfriend is so hot!”

They fucked and fucked me until they decided they would fill my holes with their jizz. As I was already taking the pill due to Tim, didn’t pose as a problem for me to finish like that, and we ended cumming together with my climax pushing my men to load their hot cum into my pussy and ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It was fucking amazing! A thing of beauty I must say! I fucked two men for the first time and it was delicious! After we had the sex, we had to thank Mickey for being a great friend and understand that we didn’t want to put him into trouble.

“You two don’t need to do that… just the pleasure to be with you made this vacation worth!”

“And even better that you forgot your ex with a great threesome…”

“I don’t know about you Tim, but I do think that Mickey here needs a few more sessions to fully heal his memories before he finds his fit…”

“If you think so, Maria… how about we use the rest of our vacation for that?”
And we used our remaining days off with a lot of sex, mostly threesomes but sometimes I fucked one of the guys while the one watched. So far, Mickey is still single and since that ménage a trois, more confident to tackle the ladies despite not wishing to find a girlfriend. For now, he likes to hang out with Tim and me and get a nice friendship with benefits, if you know what I mean…

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Chapter LXXXIX – The Fuckhunter (based on Young Romance No. 20(2v4), Prize, March-April 1949)



What I am going to talk about is not some kind of secret that I want to reveal to the world, because is not much of a secret. What is this story about how the life of a man can change so much after meeting the right people and how they can make one feel better when you are down. And everything through sexual activities.

It begun last year, after my divorce. I swore myself to never again get into another kind of relationship for a while but my friends thought otherwise. They always kept me introducing ladies to me as if they imagined it would cure my blues, but it was never the case. I was tired of getting steady and the stress of my marriage end took the best of me and I wasn’t prepared to have something with a woman again.

Not until one of them introduced to the ‘Fuckhunter’ service. What is this about? It’s a mix between ‘blind date’ and ‘pen pal’ service, but the intention is to find sexual partners for people in a discrete way: only through letters. The thing was: you pick a name or names you want to talk, write to them and later who knows if you are going to get laid. I thought at first it was something for those people they call ‘perverts’, but later I got convinced to give it a try. Why not? It wasn’t for me to get married with one of them.

I started to browse through women names and one caught my attention. ‘J.V.D.A.H.’ (there, people used codes and acronyms to identify themselves; mine was D.J.D.M.L., as ‘Don Hanson Divorced Man Looking). Since there was no profiles that could make us know better our penpals, I decided to send a letter to ‘J.’ and start the chat. Quickly she sent her reply and a ‘distance courtship’ began right away.

Two months of letters sent back and forth and an unexpected bond blossomed with that. She shared much of the same tastes as I had and it was a pleasant talk. ‘J.V.A.D.A.H.’ and I did not discussed about our personal lives during the writing process as it was needed to see if the two of us could be apt to pursue something in personal realms. After these two months, we decided to book a meeting.

Our first ‘real date’ happened at a restaurant, a place that no one would think that two people would meet to attempt a sexual meeting. I arrived first and waited for some time until she appeared. The woman seemed pretty much older than I was, wearing green hat, suit and skirt, with fancy black gloves and a small purse. When she saw me, she noticed that I was the one that she was looking for.

“J.V.D.A.H., I presume”

“Guess I finally found you D.J.D.M.L.”

“Please, now you can call me Don Janson, Divorced Male Looking. Or just Don”

“Well, I am Joan Vincent, but my friends and family call me ‘Joanie’. Well, and the acronym stands as ‘Joan Vincent Divorced Always Horny”

“Quite interesting nickname. It fits perfectly you, I hope”

We both started to chat and finally knew the deep details of each other. She was closely to eight years older than me and found out ‘Fuckhunter’ service through a friend, pretty much like I did. She had used it a lot since she wasn’t looking for long term relationships and had many encounters with people from both genders, even getting into threesomes and more.

I told her that she was my first woman there and she told me that it was a call from God to make sure that she would be the one to show that ‘Fuckhunter’ is the service to be. She shared several tales of her sexual adventures and she found interesting the story about my failed marriage and latter divorce.

“I think it’s time to show you what a real woman can do”

Still at the restaurant, Joanie showed me that she was serious business as she used her feet to feel my dick through my pants and she allowed me to do the same, but I had a big surprise when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underpants at all! After the dinner, she took me to the women’s bathroom and from the stalls, she gave me a blowjob!

Joanie gave me so many BJs during the trip back home that I think I came a lot inside her mouth. Before I dropped her at her place, we had our first coitus at a closer alley. It was kinda ‘dirty’ but it was hot and the woman knew how to do it. It was that quick because we decided to not lose any time after we saw each other for the first time.

Two days later, she called me to her place, and after some talking, she was just with her hat, gloves and stockings. I just dropped on my knees and ate her pussy to, later, we engage into a 69. It was my first ever and it was awesome! Joanie was a vixen and everything on her had the scent or eroticism and sex. And we fucked twice at her place! Doing all the holes I could and giving her the best I could give. And I came everywhere on her body!

Next, she called a friend of hers from ‘Fuckhunter’ , named Nicole. She was a slender blonde, with large breasts and wearing clothes that highlighted her cleavage. Right way, it seemed both ladies had much in common and they showed me by having an exhibition of lesbian sex all and only for me! But Nicole was eager to see why she picked me and we got into a threesome. Guessing by how she moaned and told how I was a stud I left a good impression at her.

I could go on and talk about how my relationship with Joanie is going on, but maybe in another tale. What I have to say by now is that she is the best thing that happened in my life and she made me a proud user of ‘Fuckhunter’ service, having a lot of sex with her and some other people from there.

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Chapter XC – The Look for an Affair (based on Wedding Bells No. 15 cover, Quality Comics, March 1956?)



Being a married person (a happily one, thank God) would not allow me to speak what I am going to do, but it’s stronger than me and I cannot let it go. I know it’s the truth and, the more I run away from it, the less I actually am away from. And I have to face, no matter what happens if someone finds out or worse…

The thing is that I am a sucker for having sexual encounters with men that aren’t my husband. I don’t know why I feel like that, but I was always the flirtatious girl of my group, the one that always had a boyfriend or even a fling close to me when I was young, but had to give it up when I found out Adam and married him. Once I was a married woman, then… the impulses came back, and they were as strong as ever.

I love Adam, I swear and I wouldn’t do a single thing to harm him, but this feeling is stronger than my will. I try every day to suppress those thoughts, but they are strong enough to take over my mind and turn it into a whirlwind of dirty, lustful and tempting thoughts that I only resist until I find out it’ time for me to quench those ideas.

And this is the way I found out to explain why I am writing about my extra-marital activities. Many of them were with people that are complete strangers, like Steve, a man who I met just once at a café. I just flirted with him enough time for me to get into the bathroom and pay a blowjob to him. And pretty much this is what I did to him, sucked his dick and let him cum inside my mouth.

This wasn’t my first experience in cheating my husband. I had many more, but some of them just included this sort of stuff. Have lost the account of how many times I just got my clutches into a man only to take him to somewhere private and give him a handjob until he came at my hands or sucked his cock. And of course, there were the others who I went it to the whole game, performing coitus and stuff.

The list of names of guys that I slept or practiced some sort of sexual action isn’t large, but it constantly grows as much as I can, not because I want to impose suffer to my dear husband, but because I like to have affairs and enjoy the naughty things they can bring to my mind.

I’ll share a few stories about some of them: there was Trevor, a man who I met at a train some time ago. We exchanged flirting actions for days before I took the attitude to talk with him. We didn’t had much to be worried when I suggested one day that we should had something for us or even when I told him I was married. We just went with the flow and had a few fucks at his place. He wasn’t a raging stallion at the bed, but knew very much how to make a woman like me happy.

We never had anything special during our sex, but Trevor loved to kiss my entire body, from top to bottom, head to toes and that excited me a lot. He was a man who surely had the romantic touch and I loved the times when he took me to a restaurant he knew to eat and drink and sometimes dance before we slept with each other…

And Trevor will always remind me Peter, who was totally his opposite. He was that muscly, rough guy that could throw you at the bed and mate like we were dogs. And surely he was! He was a neighbor of mine and right away the things blended between us and quickly we found ourselves fucking each other like maniacs. God, he had a grip like those men who ‘tamed’ their ladies good, giving them the hard fuck they deserve, slapping my butt, fucking my ass, grunting and making us share naughty words… you know, things that a rough man has to do!

Peter had the body of a lumberjack, all muscly and hairy and a very large dick, one that could keep being hard for hours and hours. God, he was one of my most awesome lovers and once in a while, we meet just to try another session of hot banging.

And there were also many others, like Reese, that one I just fucked him twice as I met him during I trip I made to my parent’s home. He was their neighbor and it was a young stud, which had just got his college degree. He wasn’t much of the ‘athlete’ kind but he was a darn lover and loved to eat my pussy. Sometimes I did just request me to please me orally, no penetration at all. It was him, his divine tongue and my gushing cunny… those were the days!

Jamie is another one I would love to mention. It was the man who delivered our laundry and pretty much the kind of unassuming stud. But, oh, he was! That motherfucker was easily to lure and he couldn’t resist to a married woman showing herself in a robe during a delivery. We did it quickies at our couch and sometimes at the bed where I sleep with my husband. Adam never knew about my escapades with Jamie, a man that knew how to be a lover and a stud with that thick cock of his!

I do have plenty of tales about that, but many I can share those later. Do not want to make Adam feel like cheated, even if he is, and well, better keep ammunition for later rounds, isn’t?

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Chapter XCI – Let’s Make Babies (based on Teen-Age Romances No. 2 cover, St. John, April 1949)





I am a chief OBGYN at a maternity hospital for the last six years and I could not be happier with my job than I am now. To help families make their dreams come true, to make women become mothers, to bring people the fascinating moment of the birth of a baby. I am proud to see through my hands many boys and girls come to this world and to the safety warmness of their parents’ hands. I am very proud that I am part of their history and to make those people have a smile on their faces when they see their newborn child.

I could speak about this job for hours, but there is something else this job brought to me. It’s pretty much related to the babies, but it’s not them the reason that I came here to talk about this tale, but the fact that I perhaps have the two sexiest and naughtiest nurses I found in my entire life!

Maureen George was an intern of maternity nurse crew until sometime ago. She had graduated from nurse school some time earlier and was assigned to our hospital to work with the other nurses. A blonde girl with the beauty of the youth at her face, the kind of one that every man fawned for her attention and that had all the traits of the ‘woman that I want to marry’ thing. And I was not the one who would go against the trend to think about her like that.

And there was Barbara Hennel, the chief of the nurse staff. She was past her thirties and many people told that the fact she was single after all these years left her a bit cranky and too bossy. I really admit that Barbara is a woman who cares for her job and is too much strict sometimes, but it didn’t make any bad to her beauty. She had the looks of a classic movie actress, even if underneath her usual ‘crankiness’ and how she takes her job.

Usually Maureen and Barbara clashed about what to do or not, mostly it had to do because of how different they were at the approach of working at a maternity hospital. Barbara always played by the rules and wanted everyone to follow them, from nurses to patients. She did not tolerate any break of the regulations and she scolded many of them with the lectures about rules and stuff. On other hand, Maureen was the one that, if not ‘loose’, she had a different understanding of the rulebook and sometimes, to help one or another in need, she tried to do something that would bring her in danger with the chief, but as she said, ‘it’s all for the good of the patients/parents/baby/hospital’.

There wasn’t a single day that hadn’t at least a small argument between them. Both always told me that one picked on purpose with each other because of the reasons I told you before. I can’t count how many times I had to listen to the nurses to complain about that and wish that to end one day. I always tried to end any argument between them before it could escalate to anything physical or worse, but it was a hard task and I had to come up with plans to make them tolerate each other.

But I found out that the hospital and its things weren’t the only thing they fought about. I remember sometime ago that I heard from sources I won’t name it that Maureen had a crush on me. And later I heard that Barbara also fostered feelings about me, news that left me like a bomb was thrown inside my mind. How could they have something for me? How could two women that have different personalities could fall for me? I know that it’s a question not quite easy to be done or answered but… you know what I mean.

Well, with that information, I didn’t know what to do. I liked both and always found them pretty and sexy, but actually none of them were the ones I would pick if I had to choose a girl to live the rest of my life with. Nothing against Barbara and Maureen, but is not like they are in my mind when I think about women. Well not until sometime ago.

There was a time where their squabbles got bigger than ever and they even resorted to nearly go to proper brawling. I was always there to keep them in check but at some point it wasn’t possible to do that without giving them the discipline needed.

“You two know what are you doing? People are already thinking that this hospital is a mess because of you two arguing all the time!”

“It’s her fault!”

“It’s your fault, bitch!”

“It doesn’t matter who’ fault is! It does matter that this is a maternity hospital! This is not a place for you two to squabble about anything. I am not against discussing views and opinions here, but there is a limit for everything”

I admonished them about their behavior and told them that I would not be that ‘kind’ to them if they did it next time. Things cooled between them, but the tension was always in the air. And since I knew both had that crush on me, I found out a very different way to make them manage to make peace before they ruin the hospital’s credibility.

I summoned Maureen and Barbara to my office at a morning for a meeting with them. I did not told them the subject of that, only saying that it was a subject of utmost importance for the future of the hospital and their jobs. When I saw them arrive to the office, I could see at both nurses how nervous they were, even if they shouldn’t.

“I am glad you two came here to meet me”

“What are you wishing to tell us, Mr. Cotton?”

“Well, I think you two already know if, but I don’t know if you really aware you know it”

“Ah? Is there something wrong, Dr. Cotton?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say ‘wrong’, but there is something that is really messed up here and I want to make sure it’s patched before anything else to come”

“Why are you talking about that, Doc? Is there something wrong with us or the hospital?”

“Not really, is that… well, I won’t like to you girls, I want to ask you about something I heard from sources and that deals exactly with the reason I am calling you two to my office”

“And what it is? Please, doctor, do not make us nervous…”

“The reason that I asked you two, Maureen and Barbara, to come over here is that I heard from sure sources that the two of you are cherishing feelings about person. Is that correct or not?”

The nurses faces when I revealed that I knew about their crush on me (and the fact also one didn’t knew the other had it as well) was priceless. It was like they were caught on act doing something nasty… I could even had taken a picture of that!

“Ahh… what… h-how did you know that?”

“And how do YOU know that, Maureen?”

“Calm down you two! It doesn’t matter how or from who I learned or even if you didn’t knew about each other’s. The important here is that this is something worth of being discussed here”
“I don’t know that was illegal to have a crush for your boss”

“No one is saying that it’s illegal, Maureen”

“So, why do you want to talk about that?”

“Well, there is one reason that brought me to talk about this subject, ladies. And this is the other subject of our little reunion”

I stood up in front of the desk as Maureen and Barbara were eager and anxious with what I had in mind for them. I was myself even doubting that I would go through with the conversation, but I had to. I had to make sure peace would reign at my hospital no matter how much I had to do it for that.

“I am aware that you two can’t or won’t stand each other. I know you two have major differences between each other but now this is the moment where both of you have to learn what means ‘teamwork’”.

“And why do you think that we don’t know how to work as a team, doc?”

“My dear Barbara, I do not doubt that any of you are capable of that. It’s that you and Ms. George cannot do it the way the hospital deserves. And you know that this is a respectable maternity place and we do want the parents to keep coming after ones that can help them to make their babies alive and well”

“I do know, sir… but…”

“I think I am getting very clear to both of you ladies. I do want you to work as a team because you are part of one and I want you two to help each other and be less of enemies”

“It’s not my fault that she is a woman that cannot enjoy life”

“I do enjoy life. I am just not airheaded as you are!”

“This stops now, women! You two will work as a team and I’ll do whatever it takes for you ladies to stop fighting and becoming at least partners”

And I was really determined to show how I wanted them to mend their fight. But what they didn’t knew was the way I opted to do that: I locked the door of the office and returned to my earlier position, just to do something that I confess I wasn’t expected to do it myself: I just took the whole of my clothes and was naked in front of them, with my dick semi-hard. You cannot believe how shocked the ladies where when I did that.


“Surprised to see a man naked?

Their silence was enough proof that they were surprised by my act. And they tried to utter words about what I did, but the shock was bigger than anything else.
“I found out a way that you two could finally patch up with each other. That had to pass through me and I am the ‘sacrificial lamb’ for you two to finally learn what means ‘teamwork’”

“But Dr. Cotton! This isn’t illegal?”

“I can unlock the door and you two can go free, but be sure that the squabbling will continue and you two will push each other until the breaking point and then, everything will be lost. And, well, isn’t pleasant to see the man who like naked and with a hard dick?”

That was a question that was difficult for them to answer. They didn’t seem to go away or wish to not being there, but the whole circumstances of the case were enough weird for them to even go away, so they stood there, pretty much mesmerized by the vision of their boss in the nude, without any sense of guilt for doing that;

“I think I understand you boss. I think I get your side… I am very bad that the things went to that way”

“You don’t need to blame yourself, Maureen. Sometimes, people do what they need to do, but they have to know there are consequences about them”

“But we are sorry, doc. We already understand what you mean. And well, I am willing to learn what it takes to be a better nurse and to be a better colleague to Ms. Hennel”

“And how do you plan to do that, Ms. George?”

I don’t even think that Barbara knew what Maureen had in mind, but when it happened, all the doubts vanished. The junior nurse turned to the senior one and gave her a kiss that I will never forget. Of course the surprise was enough for the head nurse to even try to get away but she could not resist and surrendered to that.

“What the!”

Never knew that lesbianism was able to stop wars or stuff, but at least for that moment, it was the only tool available for the moment. And it was pretty good to me to watch two good ladies having their way with each other that I could not resist the urge to touch myself.

“I can’t believe you are this great kisser, Maureen!”

“If you ever asked me, we wouldn’t be fighting at first!”

“I can’t even remember why we were fighting for!”

Better love than fight and the kiss went on, but it wasn’t only that! Maybe it was just by the normal instinct of women or repressed love or whatever, but in a minute they were naked and doing a sixty-nine in front of me. I know this looks really outlandish but that time everything was so out of the ordinary that something like that was totally understandable to happen.
I looked to those ladies and it was pretty much unbelievable what I was watching in front of my eyes. Two women that hated each other until minutes earlier going on at the sexiest kind of lesbian sex ever, pretty much it was what people call ‘hatefuck’ or something like that. They went like two crazy dogs in heat, licking each other and moaning like they really loved each other. I just was there to watch them doing it and enjoy the show.

But my limited participation was about to end. Maureen, who was on top, told me to get into the mix and teach them what ‘teamwork’ was. I put her at the desk and started to have sex with her, with Barbara sitting at her face and telling the blonde nurse to lick her pussy.

“This was the best idea of the history, Doctor!”

Maureen moaned while having her mouth occupied by her chief’s crotch and I bet it seemed that she loved what I was doing to her. She was a bombshell and well she really deserved to get the sexual nod I was giving to her. And that was only the beginning for the two willing nurses.

Soon it was Barbara’s turn to have my dick and I fucked her in all fours while her head was between Maureen’s legs. By then, something of ‘teamwork’ was learned by them and I was loving how having sex with each other was able to cut all the war ties with both ladies. And I was happy to be the one helping that to happen.

“Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

We tried many other stuff and positions during that moment, every one where both ladies showed their showmanship and teamwork skills. I came inside both ladies as they kissed each other during the grand finale.

“So, learned the lesson ladies?”

“We did, doctor! We are now ready to be a team!”

“Now I know that I know a way to stand with Ms. George”

We decided to make our ‘teamwork meetings’ daily and give them ‘new lessons’ about how they should work together. But something else happened: both got pregnant. Of course I will be the father for them and support wherever they need. And, since we work in a maternity, let’s make babies!

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Chapter XCII – What Happens in a Plane Stays in the Plane? (based on My Secret Marriage No. 24 cover, Superior Publishers Ltd., July 1956)



My best sexual experience ever involves a plane. And my best friend Veronica. And this hunky guy named Joey. I still can’t believe the way it happened or how no one caught us on act by doing it, the memories are so alive in my mind that I wonder if it was just yesterday that threesome happened…
Well, time to cut the crap and talk about how the story went. Veronica and I won a prize from the company we work, where we were to spend two weeks in a fancy hotel in Miami. And, what was even better, the tickets were for first class! Not only we would have the trip of our lives, all paid by the company plus going to Miami and coming back in fancy way? Only in the books they do stuff like this!

When we just inside the airport and make the proper checking things, we noticed a handsome guy looking at us at the line. I think it was creepy at first, but Veronica was the one to realize the true intentions of that man.

“Donna, that man is flirting on us?”

“Really? Do you think?”

“Totally! Can’t you see? He is totally flirting with us!”

I never had someone flirting that way in my whole life and the way it happened was too out of common that it caught my surprise. We decided to wait for the time he left the line so we could cross him and pretty much start a conversation.

“May I help you, ladies?”

“I don’t know. We were noticing that you were looking at us all the time at the line”

“Well, I am sorry… is that I am always mesmerized to see two pretty ladies like you here!”

We just blushed when he said that. It pretty much made us bolder to try to talk with him and see if something good in sexual matters can be taken out of that guy.

“I am Donna and this is my friend Veronica”

“Nice to meet you, Donna and Veronica. You can call me Joey”

“Nice to meet you Joey…”

“So, seems you two are also taking the trip to Miami”

“Yep, we are! We won tickets from our company and we are going to spend two weeks there in vacation”

“Lucky you two! I am coming back to there. I live in Miami and was around town to visit relatives”

“Well, guess maybe we can meet sometime…”

“Maybe, and well, I am going first class as well, so I think you two are going to have a trip buddy”

Even better! The two of us, having our first class plane trip with a hunk with us there it would be fantastic! And Veronica shared the enthusiasm, but I learned that she had other ideas for us to enjoy the flight to Miami.

“Donna, I think I had an idea!”

“Idea? What kind of idea?”

“How about the two of us have some fun with that hunky Joey?”

“And how do you plan to do it? We need to ask his number or address”

“Well I did not mean at Miami, Donna… I meant at the plane”

“At the plane?! Are you insane, Veronica? We can’t do that!”

“Of course we can! It’s just a matter of not being caught”

“And how do you plan us to have that ‘fun’ with Joey without anyone get us, smarty lady?”

“Don’t worry, Donna. I do have a plan”

Until we boarded, she did not said a word about her ‘plan’ even if I asked that a lot, she just said that I had to ‘wait to see’ and that I had to trust on her. Of course, I trusted on Veronica, she is my best friend but sometimes there are ideas that are so crazy from the start that you only believe when you see that is impossible not to.

Then, we were at the plane, at our seats in the first class and two rows behind us, there was Joey. I was so eager to do the plane trip that I pretty much forgot the other thing that we were ‘planned to do’. But Veronica was in charge to never make me forget about it.

“Wait for my signal. Let’s wait for the stewardesses to leave and then, we make this work”

“I am still not sure, Veronica”

“Donna, do you want to get that man or not? Sometimes, you gotta be bold and go for it gal!”

Not that I was trying to get away, but Veronica was the one with bigger enthusiasm and mild ‘arousal’ to do that. We just kept our cool and Joey was pretty much unbeknownst of the wild ideas of my friend. After the plane took the flight, Veronica looked at me and without any word; she started to make the wheels move to make that plan done.

Veronica left her seat after the things were properly done up there and she went to where Joey was and nodded in the way that it could mean ‘meet you there’. After she went to the first class bathroom, some really big fucking thing, he waited a while and followed her.
I didn’t know what they were up to in the bathroom, but I was curious to know what it was. Waited a few minutes to stand up and go to the bathroom. When I got to open the door, Veronica had back against some ‘wall’ and Joey pushing inside her pussy.

“Well, well, so I was right…”

“I have to tell you that Joey is a hunk indeed!”

“I can see, and well, hope you are enjoying it, Veronica!”

“Why don’t you join us and see how is it?”

And how I could deny such request? I quickly joined them as I sit at the sink and let Veronica eat my pussy. Me and her had a few of those ‘experiences’ in the past and all were awesome but we never had another man to be with us as we did it. And now, it was complete!

Guess I was pretty much too worried and wasn’t like Veronica, who let it go right from the start to go on with her plan. I felt pleasure from her oral like I never had in my whole life! I went from doubtful to ‘I want to fuck that guy right now!’ mood, but I had to wait until he had his ways with Veronica and I got really pleased by her licking.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Veronica…”

We tried to not make any noise to avoid being caught, but sometimes was impossible to do so. You know my friend’s amazing tongue at my cunny… but soon, we traded places and now it was my turn to service her as Joey went to bang me. I don’t know how many words I could find to describe that he is what he ‘advertises’ and more! His dick was fucking large and I don’t know how I did not scream my lungs to tell how much he screwed me good.

“Yes! Joey! You are amazing! Ah Yeah!”

“I told you he was hunky, Donna!”

It was the first time someone did me like him in years! I always had a few trouble with men not pleasing me the way I deserved and, inside a flight to Miami, I had found one that fit my needs. Veronica was there to watch me and offer her pussy so I can shut up myself and not risk seeing our adventure to be interrupted by the plane crew.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

We tried a few things there with Joey, but we didn’t got to vent all the ideas we had in mind for him, so we decided to close with a ‘double blowjob’ on him (well, the two of us sucking his dick) until he came inside our mouths. It was an amazing finish to a great adventure for three of us.

As it happened before, Veronica left first the bathroom and returned to her seat. Next, it was him and for last, me. Everything to not throw any suspicion on what we were doing inside that bathroom plane. Later, Joey gave us his phone and meet a few times during our vacations at Florida to repeat the fun we had inside the airplane, but we never quite made to see him again afterwards. However, we are hoping we can find for a similar experience the next time we fly first class. And we know will be as good as this was!

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Chapter XCIV – My Husband, The Cheater... The Secretary, My Lover... (based on Boy Loves Girl No. 25 cover, Lev Gleason, July 1952)




Maybe I was the hopeless romantic they always talk. I always believed that marriage is forever, that you must be faithful to your spouse and all those things people say you need to do to keep your husband. I maintained myself far from temptations since I married Terry and never had problem to show my faithfulness on him. But he never seemed to care about that.

I always heard from anyone I knew that he was some sort of ‘womanizer’ and liked to have his adventures with the women. However, I loved him and thought the marriage could ‘fix’ that, and I could show that I was the only woman he loved. But when I found out he was going out with his secretary, my mind fucking wrecked!

I devoted eleven years of my life to him and that asshole decided to fool around and bang his secretary! How could he! People told me a lot about Terry cheating me with her but I only believed when I saw them at a café, they laughing and even sharing a kiss between each other. I didn’t know how I could hide my sadness and anger when he came back home and did not slapped his motherfucking face…

But I had to ignore that and keep my head straight. I decided to follow them and found out her name was Megan and they had a place where they could meet each other. I can count the dozens of times that I saw them going there and I even watched them doing it. It was a mixture of rage, disgust, disappointment, sadness and weird arousal.

I had to do something about, could not spend the rest of my life hiding my feelings about being cheated. I had to confront them and tell everything I was feeling, without anything to stop me from doing that. Well, this actually happened, but I had also another wicked plan, which I am going to explain you right now.

There was this day where I arrived early and found out Megan did as well. I waited for the right moment to go there and have my showdown with that bitchy secretary and make her pay. And, next, it was Terry’s turn!

When the moment came, I got all my boldness and went there to talk with her. You need to see how shocked she was when, instead of me, she found out it was another woman waiting for her.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Surprised to see me, Megan?”

“How do you know my name? Don’t tell me you…”

“I am Judith Williams. Yes, I am Terry’s wife. Glad to meet you, even if it doesn’t seem this is the proper moment to be”

“H-How did you found out about here?”

“Well, I cannot share my secret, but I must tell you that I was looking to you two for a while”

“And what do you want? Did you come to kick my ass? To make a scandal? Or to…”

“A part of me wants that very much, but there is another part of me that wants to wait before I have my way with you and Terry”

“In my defense, I have to say that is not his fault!”

“I don’t know whose fault is! I just want to have what is fair to me! Do you know it feels to be a cheated woman? A woman that sees her husband betraying you with someone else?”

“I am sorry for you, Mrs. Williams. I did not had the intention to do that to you”

“But you did, and now is the proper time for us to settle this before it escalates into something bad”

“And what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know… maybe knowing since when you two went with this thing”

“I guess, one or two years… maybe someone in between…”

“So you two fooled me for all this time…”

“I apologize to you, Mrs. I said it wasn’t my intention. But sometimes you cannot stop your own feelings…”

“But that should not involve the other woman’s man!”

“I said, I am sorry”

“I don’t know if I can accept the apology, but I know that we need to do something about that”

Then I had my face close to hers, make some defiant face seeing how much she would react seeing that. Not that I was to break her, but just try to have some fun with the situation.

“Well, you really seem a pretty girl, Megan. I think I can understand why Terry wants you”

“Er… oh… thanks…”

“Let’s try something: I do not kick your ass if we can settle this in a different way”

“Er… I don’t know… what do you mean with this?”

“I think you know, darling… you know”

I sat at the bed, where that girl was and my face was at the ‘kiss range’. I think she knew my real intentions and she decided to get backwards a little.

“Ma’am… you are making this face…”

“Relax, I am not going to hurt you or even kill you. I want to do something else with you”

“And w-what it is?!”

“I think you know what I am talking about”

“What do you mean with ‘I know what you are talking about?’”

“Don’t be like that. Don’t play coy with me. You know what I am talking about”

I knew she knew what I was talking about and put my face really closer to hers to show I wasn’t playing any bloody fucking games with her. And, then, we kissed, which meant that she didn’t need to play coy as well.

“B-but w-we s-shouldn’t…”

“Well, you tasted my husband and now it’s time to have a sample of the wife”

The kiss was a snap and going down at the bitch’s snatch to eat her was another snap. I didn’t want to lose time and went to prove that hot pussy. Well, I am not stranger to that, even if it was my actual first experience on lesbianism, but I wasn’t dumb on such stuff.

The ice was broken and Megan moaned the same way she did with my husband’s dick, I guess. I had finally the slut at my hands and half of my revenge was done, only needed the other half to make that score settled.

“Oh yeahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I loved to eat that cunt, I won’t lie to any of you folks. I really loved to open my ‘lesbian side’ and even if doing a girl that I was supposed to hate, it was good and pretty much it was that ‘pipes of peace’ thing they say.

“Ahhhhhhh! Ma’am!”

“You have a wonderful pussy, Megan! Guess I think I can forgive you”


If that was a way to find forgiveness, that was the most different and tasty way to. And it was even better then the room’s door opened and Terry caught us doing each other.

“Judith! Megan!”

“Hello, Terry! Surprised to see us?”

“W-What a-are y-you…”

“I thought I could pay a visit to you and the beautiful girl you are boning without my knowledge. And I think I agree with you, Megan is really a fucking hot lady!”

Terry was there, pretty much speechless as Megan did looked at him and I wasn’t keen to let the girl hanging as I ate her pussy. But I had to show him he was finally punk’d and that was only part of it.

“What’s the problem? You can’t talk?”


“Please, no ‘Judith’ to me, sir. You betrayed me with this poor girl and I came here for revenge and, well, I think I am getting it”

“This is not what you are thinking about”

“Guess I really know what it is, Terry. You cheated me! You weren’t faithful to your wife!”

“It’s wasn’t my intention, Judith! I love you!”

“If you loved me, you would be with me and not getting fun with other women! And well, I hope you weren’t fooling Megan saying you loved her and all that shit you tell me while we are at home”

He knew that he had no reason and stood there trying to find lame excuses, but could not resist when I told Megan to, next, go for my pussy, which she did willingly. And, folks, she was an amazing pussylicker.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This Megan licks good! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“You are as good as your husband, Mrs. Williams. With all the respect!”

Guess he felt like one of those cuckolded husbands of those porn flicks. He couldn’t do anything as she licked my pussy and soon we decided to do a 69 and then rub each other right in front of him until we both came. Not once, nor twice. But as many times we could

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


Terry’s jackass face was priceless! He watched us fuck and then saw us kissing and doing it again! We spent the whole day doing it, as I licked her and then she did it the same, fingering each other and giving the pleasure women need.

Well, since I do not want to extend this tale pretty much, we both ditched Terry! Now, me and Megan are lovers and live together. Guess that girl finally learned she would be happy with the wife and not the husband. And, well, guess I got a very good secretary to please me when I want…

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Chapter XCIII – Never Suffer Anymore (based on Love Confessions No. 40 cover, Quality Comics, December 1954)




Love made me suffer a lot! I am a hopeless romantic, I confess, and I am not ashamed to do so. I am the kind of girl who wants to find the ‘chosen one’, the man whom I should love deeply and eternally, remain with him for the rest of my life, like the movies and the books advertise. However, I learned that real life can be cruel to the ones like me.

I cannot use only my fingers or even my mind to count how many times life disappointed me on this department. I got cheated, fooled, was victim of deception, disappointments… are too many things that hindered my abilities to find someone to love that I even swore to myself to remain single forever. But a ‘hopeless (and hapless) romantic’ as I am never ends up quitting, you…

Maybe the two ones that pretty much the only that stood by my side all these years were Craig and Evelyn Lloyd. Evelyn is a old friend from childhood and Craig the man who she married with. I knew them for long time and they saw every one of my love mishaps. And they were always there to lend me a shoulder when I needed to cry.

But I knew that situation also bothered them as well. Not that they didn’t want to help me, but it’s difficult for them to have someone like me lamenting every day the fact that I am a loser in love and seeing that I am not doing anything to mend that other than falling inside the next trap afterwards. Besides, there is always that thing that couples need to do to be alone and happy and I didn’t wish to harm that.

“Jane… I really think you should need change the way you see love… I mean, I am not against you trying to find ‘the one’, but you don’t need to, every single time, go out with anyone you see”

“Easy for you to say, Evelyn. You are married and all!”

“It’s not easy to me, Jane. Never was. But I am not talking about me but about you”

I knew Evelyn did that for my wellness and wanted to take care of me but my stubbornness always won the battle against my reason. I wanted to find a love and I wanted to find it until the end of time. I am entitled to have a love story like the ones in the movies, I know I am! And I understood that pretty much ‘bothered’ her in the way that she had to give me all kinds of tips in the world, and I would never follow their advice.

But that lasted until two weeks ago. That was when happened perhaps the most interesting thing that ever happened in my entire life. When I finally knew that I had to halt my failures in love and embrace something different. As usual, Evelyn and Craig were there, but they were full part of my ‘coming of age’, if I could use such words to explain.

I came to their place in tears, again because of another love mishap of mine. Nicholas, the guy I was dating, told me he loved someone else and decided to part ways with me. Of course I found myself devastated and went to them to find the relief needed.

Only God knows how much I cried to them and how much they tried to help me to regain my senses. But there was me, being the same old girl who ‘whined’ about being unloved and cursed to not find the significant other and my friends, whom I always went for help but never gave them the ‘thanks’ needed.

“Jane, I’ll tell you something that I am saying for my whole life: I think you should stop looking for a boyfriend. Your happiness is not attached by finding whoever you want to spend your days with”

“Easy for you to say, Ev. You and Craig have each other!”

“But do you think it’s easy to me to keep a relationship? Easy for him? It’s not like movies and fairy tales, Jane. Real life it’s totally different. You might stumble, fall, have failures, disappointments but if you work it out, it would be great”

“Do you think it’s easy for me to do that?”

“I know isn’t, but you have to try. You can’t spend your entire life acting like everyone is making you feel bad and not doing anything else than just complaining and only finding men that will fail at you!”

I know that I was being selfish a lot and did wanted to change, but well until there I did not realized what was happening, and it took to Evelyn to show how much I was trying to deny my happiness because of my dreams of living a romantic life.

“Jane, my advice, mine and from Craig’s aren’t to make you feel bad. It’s for your own good! But I think we are too much over those and need to find something else to make you know what we are talking about”

Craig wasn’t at the living room, he was doing some stuff at his home office but when Ev called him, he quickly appeared to join us. And then, there was the moment where everything seemed to change.

“Craig, remember about that thing we were planning to do to Jane to cheer her up?”

“You mean… that?”


“Well, I think I do. But why are you asking about that now?”

“Guess is the right moment we can give her what she needs. She is again in dire straits in love”

“Well, if you think so…”

I didn’t understood a single word of what they were talking about, but I really understood, shockingly, the meaning of their chat when Evelyn came back to talk with me.

“Jane. Please, take off your clothes”

“Evelyn? What are you telling me to do?”

“Just listen to me. I have something that will work our specially for you, girl”

“But, being naked?”

“Don’t you forget how many times we’ve seen each others’ nude when we were young? I believe this is not a matter to be ashamed of”


“Sorry, but no ‘buts’ for you anymore, Jane. This whole crying stops here and stops now!”

I had nothing to do other than do what they told me. Well, I got myself fully naked, a bit shy and worried because I didn’t knew what they had on list for me. And what if they were to harm me? Or…

“Jane, I am going to ask you something. What you would do to any of your boyfriends if you had the opportunity?”

“I would love him, be his partner, friend…”

“I mean while naked”

“N-Naked? Well, you know what I would do… what couples do when naked…”

“Thank you can show it using Craig?”

“Evelyn? What do you mean?”

“I am borrowing my boyfriend so he can make you happy. Don’t you want to be happy, Jane?”

“Yes, I want… but isn’t he your husband?”

“Stop that! Stop trying to play the naïve girl… I know what I am talking about. And I am borrowing you, so you can’t suffer anymore!”

I don’t know what to do, or well, I know what to, but… well, anyways, it doesn’t matter anyway. I had to overcome my fears and let me happiness not be tied to find a man that might not be the ‘fitting one’.

I lay at the couch and watched Craig get undressed as well. I admit that I was always curious to know how it was to be with him and he told me that, if I was unsure, we could stop it.

“I don’t think so. You two want to make me happy, so it’s time to make me happy!”

Craig let me take the control and I pulled him close to me as I kissed him and I guided him to my pussy. I wasn’t a virgin either, but I never had a long-term relationship where I could enjoy the pleasures of sex, just like he and Evelyn were enjoying so far.

It was like heaven. Right away I let all my frustrations go and the freedom take over my body. How Craig was a stud! He was! Evelyn, that lucky gal! She watched us go for it, getting also naked and masturbating herself while her husband pleased me.

It was an awkward yet amazing experience. I never had sex with someone who was already married. And the thing that made my mind blow, it was my best friend’s husband! Evelyn watched and encouraged us to do it, telling me to let my repressed feelings go and her Craig to go further. We were too much going into it to have some sex and I didn’t want that to stop ever.

“Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Well, we did it a lot and I let him use all his cum into my belly. At the end of that thing, I was another woman. I completely forgot (or not so much) all the things that made me suffer all those years. I finally found a way that no one could bring me pain.

“So, what is to do with Craig?”

“Well, it was wonderful! You sure have a stunning husband!”

“I know, that’s why I had this idea, Jane”

“Thank you Evie!”

“You don’t need to thank me, I still need to have my part as well!”

Well, to not write something really long about it, she licked all the cum her husband sprouted at my belly and went to lick my pussy! What the! A woman doing me? And Craig joined afterwards as well!

We did the three of us for some time and he pleased both of us girls as the way we deserve to. From that point, they would ‘borrow themselves’ to me every time I needed to get relief from my love failures. And, believe, they are the best lovers I could find in my whole life… guess I am not suffering anymore for love.

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Chapter XCV – Whirlwind (based on Falling in Love No. 74 cover, DC, April 1965)


TAGS: M/F/F, oral



I came here to share an awesome yet wild and dangerous experience I had. Something that it was so out of the ordinary that even the situation that I did it played like a ‘background’ to the scene. Something that rocked me like a tornado and… well, yes, the story will be about tornados, but you shall not need to be trigged. No people were harmed by that and we didn’t catch any actually.

Bruce and Vanessa are my best ‘friends’. And why I wrote ‘friends’ that way? Well, because actually we’re more than just two friends, if you know what I mean. Since our teens, we shared a bond that went all over our lives, from carnal meetings to just pure friendship. Yes, a friendship based in sex and other stuff.

We had a lot of threeways at the most various places and doing the most wild fantasies one could have. But the one I am going to write about is not even far from anything we’ve heard from anyone we know or even reading or TV. And everything started because of a tornado.

The three of us were raised at the edge of ‘Tornado Alley’, that place where, as the name says, is a ‘heaven’ for them to wreck hell and cause damages and worse. Since childhood, we were used to always find relief at a safe house Bruce’s parents built under is house where we hid from the tornadoes and their path of destruction. But then we moved and we only got there for occasional visiting.

Every time we avoided visiting our families during ‘tornado season’, but last year, there wasn’t a way to make that not happen. A family of us passed away and we returned to our town for the funeral and visit friends and relatives. And it was days before one of those big tornadoes would hit the place.

“Are you sure that you three want to stay even with the tornado alarm, Arlene?”

“We’re here to see friends, mom. And there is no idiot whirlwind that can make us leave without staying with the ones we love”

That day, we were at Bruce’s parents place when on TV a tornado alert appeared that one was about to get soon into the town’s way. It wasn’t one of the powerful ones but not a storm that you will say it’s ‘tiny’. It were just the three of us there, his parents went to visit other relatives in another town to try to escape from the tornado.

We got ourselves connected to radio to watch the approach of the storm, but the whole morning nothing happened. Past noon, the warnings started to get bigger and Vanessa saw through the window the tornado at the horizon, taking its path to the town, where helpless things and even people would be at its way.

“Guess we need to get into your dad’s safe house, Bruce!”

“So far, we don’t need it…”

As the tornado progressed and got stronger, going underground wasn’t an option but a thing we had to do. And then we were inside the underground ‘bunker’, safe from damage and with provisions for a small set of days.

Well… we didn’t stood days there, but I must that being at a underground shelter sometimes suck, especially if you don’t have ways to entertain yourself. We did have some, but you know how connections sometimes are.

“Darn! No TV, no phone…”

“At least we are alive, Vanessa!”

“But, Arlene, that doesn’t mean that we need to stay here looking to each other for God knows how many days!”

“I know, but what can we do?”

Yes, being trapped there wasn’t the most interesting thing to happen but at least it saved our lives. And also did trigger something that would change our lives from that moment on.

“Well, I do have an idea, girls”

“What’s up in your mind, Bruce?”

“Is there something that we can do while we are here stuck inside this bunker and with a tornado looming?”

“It does. But I don’t know if you two will help me with that”

“If you say what you have inside your mind…”

I think Bruce wouldn’t be as clear as he would when he sat between us and looked to our faces and then said what was inside his mind…

“I don’t know about you two, but I have to admit that, sometimes, I feel this tornado is exciting”

“I don’t think it’s exciting to be stuck inside this safehouse and praying for the house not being wrecked”

“Well, I did not mean that kind of excitement, Vanessa…”

When me and Vanessa noticed a promising bulge at his pants, we realized his intentions. And, we had to agree that a nice fun would be welcomed for that moment. Since we weren’t going anywhere sooner… or later…

“And what if someone finds us?”

”Well, we aren’t kids and guess they already know of our ‘special’ bond…”

Of course that dick had to be out of his pants and up to the action. We rubbed our hands against Bruce’s and decided that it was a good way to pass time.

“You always have the best ideas, Bruce!”

“Well, I think this is one of the things that make us hang out together”

The whole place could be falling down but we were falling for his dick. We did not even jerk it, just went down and started to suck him. We didn’t have nothing to do there except sex and if it was the only pastime available, why not? A tornado loomed around and we were safe, so…

“Oh girls… ohhh…”

Being friends with him for a long time, we knew that he liked us to double-team him and Vanessa and I took turns on sucking that manmeat, slurping and tasting it. He moaned and patted our heads as we tasted our pal good.

“Bruce, you’re right. It feels so exciting”

Maybe because we knew that no one would come to stop our fun, we went dirty and deep into it, sucking, licking and playing with his cock during it before it was his turn to pay back the favor and lick our both pussies. Brue laid us on the floor and switched between Vanessa and I to eat our cunnies. I admit it was a quite interesting and fun experience to do that.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Yaehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”



Bruce was a man who knew how to please a girl and showed that with his tongue and mouth. Me and my friend were amazed and screaming places while he orally gave us bliss and soon it was turn to his cock to join the game, as he laid there and we sat on him, Vanessa at his dick and me on his mouth.

“Show us the way, Bruce!”

“You will rock here, baby!”
We fucked on that position for a while, as we humped and rubbed our bodies against his cock and mouth, with the appropriate reply. Of course, as the two girls we are, we kissed. But that was only a fraction of the things that happened there.

Later it was the turn for me to get nailed in all fours and have Vanessa’s pussy in front of me, ready to be eaten. And there it was, myself tasting my best friend while the other pounded my love hole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Arlene… Ohhhhhhhhhhh! You’re so good!”

We traded places and did lots of stuff that moment and for ours, maybe did two or three times. I don’t know how many hours we spent there, but I do know that we were doing something valuable of our times while the world might be going crazy outside that safe house.

We licked, ate, sucked, fucked each other in all holes possible and we came in all ways possible, with his sperm going around our bodies everywhere. Then, we heard steps.

“God! Someone is here!”

“Quick! Let’s get dressed!”

It was actually Bruce’s uncle and aunt who went to see if we were alright. I don’t know if they realized what we did there, but I think that wasn’t much important that time. Fortunately, most of his neighborhood was safe and his parents’s home was as well. And everything went alright, with the town getting only small damages and a few with minor injuries.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we never had such kind of experience again. That will be something that the three of us will fondly remember, until the next time we ‘fight’ danger for some pleasure…

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Chapter XCVI – Our Day of Luck (based on Lovelorn No. 8 cover, American Comics Group, October-November 1950)


TAGS: M/F/F, F/F, oral, 69, facial, anal



I confess that I am not the kind of person who usually does stuff that people can think as ‘kinky’ or that make people write for magazines to talk about the time they went wild. My sex life with my wife Margot is a good one but not the one you can write an entire book based on us about debauchery. But it’s not like we never did something that could qualify as that. Actually, we already did it. And if you allow me to write that, it was like a strike of luck from a fortune teller.

It happened two years ago. We always go to a park close to our home to see friends, make some exercises, walk or just enjoy the outdoors life. There was always lots of people there, including a fortuneteller, her name Zara, who crossed our lives right from the start.

She was the first one to tell that me and Margot would be together, five years from now, where we were just barely knew each other than knowing common friends. I even remember what she said when Zara started to talk about our future.

“I see you two following a common path”

“Really? I mean… we aren’t even the closest of friends”

“You can’t laugh of Destiny. When something has to happen, it will happen!”

And surely you cannot make fun of Destiny ever. Within one year, we were dating! I never believed much about those things of futuretelling, astrology and such but even a man like myself had to confess that Zara was pretty much right and then we always came to her to see how she’d look our future. But not to worship on her, but just for being curious.

“I can see the two of you will do something of the utmost seriousness the coming months”

“I feel bridal showers around in a few months”

“Your energies show that you are a couple that will last long!”

Nearly everything that she predicted went to become true. We are currently married and have a little child, and our life is deeply fulfilled. So far we didn’t missed anything, but now that we’re talking about it, Zara was the one who helped us to enjoy an amazing experience that made us go way beyond our marital vows.

As I said, it happened two years ago. Zara was always at the park to read the fortune of the strollers and doing what she always called ‘admire the nature and its beings’. But there was a day that she wasn’t at the point we usually found her.

“Gee… I can see her camp is still around the park. Where Zara went?”

“Howard… maybe she went to eat or do something urgent. She is a human like any of us”

“I know, but since we are used to see her all the time here, it’s still weird to be here and she is not there”

Given the fact she could be doing something and that she would be back soon, we sat at a nearby bench just to talk about life and admire the nature, but after sometime we started to hear some moaning.

“From where this noise comes from?”

“I don’t know… it seems from those bushes close to that tree”
Curiosity got the best of us and we went there. But what a surprise! The moans came from Zara, but it was for a reason that was different than we thought!


She was with her back against the tree, lifting her skirt with one hand and touching herself with the other. Judging by the scene, it did seem that she only answered to the ‘call of the nature’ that many women feel when they need to feel pleased.

When the girl looked at both of us, she immediately blushed and withdrew her action trying to hide herself and then run, but we managed to catch up her and find her close to her carriage.

“Zara! Please! You don’t need to run!”

“I am sorry, sir… I am so ashamed! I… I…”

“You don’t need to feel ashamed! Everyone can give in to needing to please him or herself once in a while”

“Er… is that… it’s been a long time that I don’t have anyone, guess a year or so”

“Really? That cannot be possible! You are a pretty woman! I bet you have men at your feet!”

“I want to believe in that, ma’am, but I don’t know why I cannot even find a man. And you know that my people are so strict over relationships and marriage…”

“Guess maybe they are more liberal into it or maybe you didn’t found out the right one for you”

“I don’t know what it is… and when I think that I am alone and I need so much of relief, I can’t resist it. Sometimes, I just love to find a place here where no one can see me and relieve all the delight stuck into myself”

And what Zara said gave us an idea. I took Margot to a corner and talked for a while and she seemed much open to try that. Then we went back to the girl to see if we could fill that blank in her life.

“My dear Zara, I guess today is your lucky day!”


“Well, if you need someone to get you the needed pleasure, I guess you got two for free”

“You mean… you two?”

“You have been in our lives since we met first time. You were the one who told everything that happened of good in our lives would happen and it did. Howard and I never thought to properly thank you, but now…”

“I don’t know, well I never done someone outside my camp”

“It’s up to you to take it. We aren’t pushing you to do it, and if you say no, we will help you to find a proper fit”

A woman in need is always a woman in need and she nodded with a smile as we took her to our place. She never went to a home like ours, but guess she didn’t enjoyed the whole at it as Margot just went under her skirt to lick her pussy.


My wife never told me she had things for other women but believe that Zara was the one to deserve the first glimpse of action. I just waited for my turn to get excited to join, which happened pretty soon as Margot ate the fortune teller’s pussy while the girl sucked my cock.

“I could never predict something like that would happen with me!”

“Sometimes life plays tricks even with fortune tellers!”

Soon, my wife went to suck my dick as Zara gave her head (later she told me having lesbian sex was a unforgettable experience), but soon the two ladies joined on dicksucking. Never had two girls doing that to me and now I understand why people like that so much,


That day was Zara’s day of luck. From a woman who longed for the gentle touch of someone else, she got a couple all by herself. And I fucked both ladies, first going for Zara as she kissed and ate Margot’s pussy, to soon they change places and the fortune teller now getting the pleasures of my wife’s tongue.

Those two ladies seemed to crave a lot for pussy and also for dick. So I allowed them to have it all the time. They had a 69, with Zara on top, as I fucked the ass of the woman who put us together and later I did my wife’s butthole as she rode me like a cowgirl and the other girl licked her titties and clitty.

It was an amazing day that one, where we fucked a lot and did many stuff with our love vehicles. I remember the many times I stick my cock inside Margot’s as she muffed her lover’s slit as I did her in all fours and then when it was Zara’s turn. And the girl deserved to get cummed in her face as a granfinale and get licked by Margot.

“So, did you enjoy your day of luck?”

“It’s… wow… I never could predict that!”

“Sorry for that, but guess sometimes life plays surprises even to the ones who read the future”

“You bet, sir. And I think I can predict we can enjoy some good time together”

We actually did some times more before Zara found her love and went away from the park and town. We believe it was the future she wished for and she finally got another day of luck. Well, days of luck are always needed, you know…

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Chapter XCVII – Young Lust (based on Young Love No. 60 cover, DC, March-April 1967)


TAGS: M/F, M/F/F, oral, facial, voy



When you are young, you do things that or you can think with pride when you get older and others that you would rather forget it. What about me? Well, there are things that I don’t like to remind from my young ages and others that I love to cherish, mostly at my most lonely moments if you get what I mean…

One of those things was hanging out with Dirk Montgomery. He was the stud of my neighborhood and every single lady was after him. And then you will not feel shocked to know that he slept with almost every girl he met, yours truly included. And this is where I want to reach.

I got into a relationship with Dirk for some time, but like many girls of my place, I found out I wasn’t the only piece of pie he tasted that moment. Not that I would complain about it, we all knew and kind of agreed that he wasn’t the kind of ‘man of only one woman’, but when he started to see my cousin Vanessa, the roar was big.

Vanessa was my cousin from other state and often visited us in summers and holidays. She knew my neighbors and some picked on her thinking that she was a ‘naïve dumbass’, because she had that expression of people that wasn’t too into the usual perks of ‘real life’, or anything in that way they called it. But that was at our childhood, when she grew up… the beautiful girl came and the jaws dropped. Mostly of the guys, of course.

And of course Dirk found himself attracted by Vanessa. Well, he never knew her much since he didn’t hang out with the girls when we were kids but the first time she saw her as grown-up, I could feel his saliva come out and his dick tingling immediately. Well, I can’t get mad at him for that, even I if I was a guy would be taken by the looks and forms of my cousin. But in this story there is always more than meets the eye.

Trying to look for a job, she moved to my house in order to stay there for some time until she hooked up a place to work. Vanessa always told me that the boys where she lived were all at her feet, but none of them interested her much because she thought they were too ‘rednecks’ and words alike. She wished to pursue a real, sophisticated man, that could give her all she wanted and make her feel happy and not stuck into some countryside lame life. And Dirk could be the one to do that to her.

“Jane, who is this pretty girl beside you? Any friend that I don’t know?”
“I think you already know her, Dirk. This is my cousin Vanessa. That one who lives in Kentucky, remember?”

“You? Vanessa? THAT Vanessa? My Lord, how did you grow… you look astonishingly beautiful”

“Thanks, Dirk. I feel charmed for your words. Jane told me a lot about you”

It didn’t take much for those two engage into talking and more, including having all the sex and stuff. Being her ‘the intruder’ of his ‘circle’, not many girls liked to see their man having the charms for Vanessa and the fact he started to go out with her more often when she settled at my house. Isn’t her fault that she was pretty but this is not why I am talking about her.

The real reason this story is to exist happened at my birthday party. I invited many friends and nearly every single girl Dirk slept with. My cousin, of course, was there too and him as well. And right away the two started to get cuddly, to dismay of my friends.

“Jane, don’t you think your cousin is throwing herself too much onto Dirk’s lap?”

“What do you want me to do? She is my cousin! I can’t tell her to not do Dirk!”

“But since Vanessa moved with you she went all over him and we could not find much time to have him to us!”

“It’s not my fault that Dirk seems to have clicked with Vanessa”

“I know, but I don’t see why he sees on her. I won’t say anything bad because of you, but…”

“If it’s only because she didn’t grew up with us I can’t see any reason to criticize them”

That wasn’t the only girl who came after me talking about Vanessa’s advances on Dirk. They were all concerned that he would stop doing them to get permanently to be with my cousin, and even if for me it wasn’t a thing to be concerned with, I understood their side. Being used to have a guy to do all the stuff they wanted and he decides to stay with a girl that isn’t from the circle might be not the best feeling in the world.

But for them, the shock was about to happen. During the party, I noticed Dirk and Vanessa weren’t at the living room and the curious one in me went after them. Probably they went somewhere else to make out or have those ‘by the ear’ serious talks’ boyfriends and girlfriends do. But they were doing more than just talking.

I noticed one of the doors was open and went for a peek. There was Vanessa paying Dirk a blowjob, with her knees at the floor and him holding her head as he pushed her to suck it. It looks like those two were enjoying their time in a way all the other girls would envy them.

I could see for a while my cousin suck him before she put herself doggystyle and he started to fuck her. I could not handle it and got my hands into my skirt to feel how wet I was and how much I would need to ‘take care of myself’. Girl, I never knew how those two fucked well! Vanessa was a total slut and Dirk loved girls like her, who wanted each inch of dick inside their holes. Then I realized why those two were always together.

But they wouldn’t be just ‘the two of them’ for long. I watched them go at it until I decided to enter and give my hello. Shockingly, none were too surprised when they saw me enter that room.

“You know that if the girls saw you two doing, they would erupt in anger with you Vanessa”

“I don’t care about these preppy fucks, Jane!”

“Why are you here, Jane? Need something for any of us?”

“Is there any room for a relative to get into this game of yours?”


Right from there I was at the bed, my legs open and my cousin between them eating my pussy while her boyfriend resumed his job to bang her. And then I imagined if the girls would start to miss me there.

“Never in my life would I think to love having my cunny licked by my own cousin”

“A first time for everything, darling”

And then I wondered why I never fooled around with Vanessa before, guess because I never thought to have something with another girl. That tongue gave me enormous amounts of bliss, running all over my pussy as she moaned with Dirk’s fuck, the one he knew what and how to do it.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yahhhhhhhhhhh! Vanessa!”

I got also Dirk inside myself, riding his dick as my cousin kissed me and played with my body, my boobs and clit mostly, using fingers and tongue to give me pleasurable shivers. For me, that was just a regular thing that moment asked for and didn’t even thought if that was ‘morally allowed’ or not. I know what some people think about cousin relationships, but she was with Dirk and I was just a ‘third member’ of the couple.

It was incredible to see my cousin give that kind of love to me and even thought if she had her stuff with girls as well (she told me she had some stuff after we did it). Because she knew exactly where I liked to be touched and the exact way, but it’s what people say, that women have some ‘lesbian nature’ inside them.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh! Dirk! Vanessa”

And what about Dirk? I am used to him so knowing he could fuck me well wasn’t much of a surprise to me. He also got me in all fours and I gave back what I took from Vanessa by licking her. Actually, it was around one year or more that I didn’t have anything with him, since he was all the time with my cousin and I quickly remembered the things that made him so pursued by the ladies. Every second I had his cock inside my pussy the memories of the times we dated came to my mind and it was a nice and sweet nostalgia… But even better was feeling those things again.

“Just to say I never slept with two girls from the same family in my whole life!”

“Always time for a first time, darlin’!”

Vanessa and I took turns on him as he filled our pussies until he gave us an awesome facial (my cousin told me she had many since they started to see each other and I had my last one times ago). The three of us were satisfied surrendering to our young lust.

“Let’s clean each other and get back to the living room. They might be asking about us”

“I hope they aren’t asking what we were doing all this time”

“If they heard us, they will know what. And I want to see their faces”

If the girls were mad with us or just with Dirk and Vanessa that day, I won’t ever know since they didn’t even showed any expressions or did any remarks when we joined again the party. We made up an excuse and my birthday went on. Only the next days when they found about our threesome, it was almost a war, but Vanessa pretty much saved the world that day.

“I am in a relationship with Dirk, but I am not opposed if he remains with the same activities. I know how to share, just tell Jane about it”

Dirk and Vanessa are still together, with my cousin happily sharing (and often joining) his ventures with the neighborhood ladies as a way to make peace with them. She moved to another home close to mine as she settled down here. I am also a witness and active part of their happy relationship and if I had space, I would share everything they did until now… because, this is what young lust can do to us.

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Chapter XCVIII – My Mother (based on Teen Confessions No. 23 cover, Charlton, June 1963)


TAGS: M/F, M/F/F, inc, oral, 69, anal, mast




Me and my mother have some sort of, well… complicated thing between us. I don’t know exactly when or how it began, but as much as we love each other, we always find ourselves arguing about the silliest things you can imagine. Believe me, anything you can think about me and her had heated arguments.

I understand she is my mother and she does that to protect me, but I am not a kid anymore and I want to be properly able to do whatever I want and she should understand it. It’s a little bit hard to explain our fights, but I can tell you how we decided to not care anymore about them. And it was through the strangest way ever done.

One of the things that made my mom get pissed off with me was my boyfriends. There wasn’t a single one that she didn’t found a flaw or started to make that kind of talk parents do to try to dissuade me to stay away from them. Being the only child and from a divorced woman kinda calls for this kind of overbearing, for even for her standards was too much!

I can’t remember one of my boyfriends she did like or at least did not try to use perceived flaws on them to scare me. Actually, not until I got my current one, Rod.

I started to see Rod at a bar and when I introduced him to my mother, she quickly pointed her grievance towards him: that he was a little bit ‘older’ to my taste.

“Mom! He is only five years older than me!”

“So what? He is too old to someone like you!”

“I am 22, mom! I am adult!”

“You can say that you’re adult, miss. But while you live under my roof, you are going to listen to me all the time!”

And the rambling went on till we decided to quit. Well, the rambling continued for the following days, as she always picked on Rod’s age and the fact he was too ‘mature’ to me. Sometimes, I wonder why mothers can pick when the boyfriends are too old or too young…

And that made hard for me to find some ‘quality time’ to spend with Rod. We always had to wait for my mother to be away to call him home and not even spending much time there as we were afraid of her to return and start to make her ‘show. We only could make our stuff at his place or somewhere else, but when I arrived home, there comes the noise!

It did reach to some unbearable heights and I could not find a way to make my mother stop to make her tricks everytime I was with Rod. I didn’t know what to do and I was in the verge of exhaustion, fearing that would ruin my relationship with him. But destiny always has its tricks and with me worked in the weirdest way possible.

There was this day where my mother left early and I called Rod home so we could be alone for a long time. And the things of course got heated and we were about to do a thing we didn’t usually went when at home.

“I want you have you fucking me so much!”

“And if your mother comes in!”

“I don’t give a damn! I want you so much, Rod! And she won’t be back too soon”

“If you say so Ellen…”

Well, I was afraid my mother caught us doing it at home, but I didn’t mind, we wanted that moment so much that mom or not, I had to get cock that day.

And so it happened. Our clothes went off that quick and we kissed all over our bodies and I licked his torso until we started to have an enjoyable 69. Of course Rod on top. I was so in the mood to do it that I don’t have words to explain how his tongue made me cream and how I sucked his dick good.

And then, I was riding my boyfriend at my mom’s armchair. Actually never thought that would be the place to do it, but it was so good having me humping that dick that I even forgot where I was. It was like desecrating it, spitting at my mom’s ‘image’, if you can make philosophical thought about that, but as I said, I didn’t care.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Rod! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ellen! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

And we did another unthinkable thing, the ‘doggystyle’ at my home’s living room. I think those who say that ‘forbidden things are interesting’ were right. It was a sensation of doing something against the law, the thrill of having my mother’s shadow and the fear of her seeing me and my boyfriend doing that kind of stuff. Wonderful in so many ways…

But even when you think that nothing would stop us from doing (well, it was what I was thinking), I had to pass through something I didn’t want to, and it started with that scream that I was used to hear from long



My mother was so shocked to see her only kid naked in all fours with a man behind her doing those ‘depraved’ things she warned me to avoid. Shocked and angry she was…

“I thought you would never, never, never ever do that kind of thing with me, Ellen! I thought you would not betray me, but I see now that I was wrong…”

“Mom, let me explain…”

“Explain what? I told you many times that this man was about to do exactly what you two were doing and then deflower you and leave! Like all men!”

“It’s not what are you thinking mother! And please, not all men like that! It’s not because of your divorce that’s…”

“You have nothing to say about my life! You are the one wrong here, Ellen! You disobeyed me! You broke all the rules, dishonored the orders of your mother!”

Me and my mother started to find and I went in verge of crying, and then Rod came over to defend me. And out of the blue, something different happened.

“Sorry, Mrs. Lally. You are too harsh with your daughter. She wasn’t doing that to disobey you! It just happened!”

“You, my man, have nothing to say here!”

“Forgive me, ma’am. But I am your daughter’s boyfriend and have to say that I wasn’t intended to shame Ellen. It was my fault, I am sorry…”


When he started to talk with her, something he put to protect his dick dropped off and now it was time for my mother feel the shock to herself. I forgot to mention that Rod had a really, really large cock. Like, hung like a donkey I have to say. And then…

“Mother, what happened?”

“H-His d-dick…”

The fact Rod was well hung and still ‘at work’ pretty much made my mother shocked. And, from that, guess her mind started to change about him. I don’t know why, but I guess the years without someone else to have her caught up on her the very first moment she saw that hard dick. And then…

“I-I am sorry… ma’am.. I’ll”

“No! No! It’s been a while that…”


“Ellen… I don’t know why but now I see it… it’s been a while that no one had me… and this boy has a dick bigger than your father ever was! Gosh, I never saw a schlong that big in my whole life!”

And my mother put her hand down there, like getting excited to seeing Rod naked and eyeing his cock. That moment, I didn’t understand a single darn thing of what was going on with her and why she stopped to yell at me.

“Ellen, darling… if you allow me to say, you have an adorable boyfriend”


“Yes, you do. I was angry with you until I found out you are dating someone with a huge cock like that! I imagine now the years I’ve spent without someone to give me pleasure… and now I think that all our fights were because I put all my worries on your shoulders instead of finding someone that I could vent them off… forgive me darling…”

She came close to us and my mother started to handle his hard dick and started to handle it, rub her hand and stroking it, as she smiled at him telling him if she could do it and he pretty much nodded. Soon, she kissed him and, also, what was baffling, she kissed me too! You know. The kind of kiss you don’t give to your daughter! And she didn’t only kiss me but started to touch me down there!


“Now I think I am getting the hook for forbidden things my dear. Shall we?”

Still with his dick in her hands, she smiled at me and, well, we did it. This is how we made peace me and my mother by having sex with Rod. I never saw my own mom suck dick and she looked like a real ‘pro’ even after all these years without a boyfriend to her own.

“Your boyfriend tastes delicious, Ellen!”

“You’re right, mom!”

Just to say: Rod agreed with all that! It was fully consensual. Me and her sucked him and she looked with a smile as she saw me having a blowjob to my boyfriend. What a great way to make a ‘truce’ with my mother! And there was more to come!

I must say how it was weird and hot at the same time having my pussy eaten by my mother as my boyfriend fucked her cunt. Yes, it was something a bit ‘immoral’, but was great! Never knew that my own mother had a shot for lesbianism and neither my mom knew that as well.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Mother!”

“Oh Yessssssssssss! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I could hear how my mother liked Rod’s work on her. He took her in so many ways, fucked her in all fours, asked her to ride him, missionary and other positions. In all of them, she moaned and moaned, called his name and mine as well, told him how stud he was and how his cock was big and stuff.

“He is bigger and hotter than your father, Ellen! He is filling my whole pussy!”

“It’s a pleasure, ma’am”

For many moments I just watched them going at it, seeing my mother finally have a sexual relationship after all those years. It was blissful and joyful to see a woman like that, who argued with me all the time about my boyfriends getting banged and having orgasms because of one of mine! I think you can understand what I am trying to talk about, a woman of her age feeling huge pleasure with the cock her daughter’s man.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Uyessssssssssssss! Yesssssssss!”

I watched that moment many times, but also became part of that as sometimes I was the one to be nailed. Sometimes my mom just saw it, her own child being banged by a man, her man, at pussy and ass and even also there were the times she joined me as well, sharing that amazing dick and also having the girl-girl interaction.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mother!”

“Ellen! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

We licked each other, sucked dick, got our holes pounded wildly by that stallion man that is Rod, and his big dick. That threesome was amazing, awesome and all the things that I can find positive to say about it. If you can talk about forbidden stuff that are delicious, that was one of them.

After our faces got poured by cum, we kissed each other again and managed to put off our problems once and for all. We hugged and promised to be more understanding of each others’ troubles.

“I am giving my blessings to you and Rod, but only with a condition”

“Which is?”

“That we share him!”

“I am on it, mom!”

Rod is still my boyfriend but now my mother and I share it and have too many adventures with the three of us. And me and mom got closer since then, in all ways possible… Well, sometimes things happens like that in families…

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Chapter XCIX – Surprise, Suprise (based on Secret Hearts No. 20 cover, DC, February-March 1954)


TAGS: M/F/F, oral, 69, anal




I could say that it would be the ‘honeymoon’ me and my boyfriend Larry needed, but Christine had to appear! I could say that but I would deny the fact I am erasing one of the best things I ever did my whole life. That was so unexpected and so strange (at least to me) that I don’t know how much I can explain that to you. But guess I have to find a way to.

Christine and Larry were friends way before I met and started to date him. That kind of ‘friends since school’ that almost never were seen apart. When one was, mostly the other was there and when they were together, it was like they forgot about the world and only cared about their history.

I should not care too much about it, given they knew each other before I met Larry, but the fact she spend most of her time with my boyfriend kinda unnerved me. I admit that I never thought myself as a jealous girl but she made that side come afloat. But apart that normal rambling, I never had any kind of grudge against her. She wasn’t a bad person and she was likeable, but just unnerved me the fact that, when I wanted sometimes to be alone with him, she appeared to cut the mood.

At first, I just saw it as just a thing from old school friends, but as long as she ruined or nearly did many of my encounters as Larry pretty much left me in the cold just to be with her, that escalated into a situation that I hated. I didn’t have anything against her, but seeing her taking my man away from me was enough for me to get my nerves rustled. And there comes the jealousy and those ‘nightmares’ of them being ‘more than just friends’. You know, those two cheating on me behind my back, showing that all ‘friendship’ was a scam so they could bang each other!

Yes, I was a paranoid about that, but what could I think?. Which woman could live in peace if her boyfriend spent most of his time with another woman? I bet many of you that are reading me at this very moment will agree with me on this statement or had lived similar situation.

But there was a time where things change and you start to see them in another angle. That happened two years ago in a winter trip to a cabin his family owned in the Northeast. And there me and Larry to spend what we thought it were a ‘honeymoon’.

“Just the two of us! Me and you, Barbara!”

“If you say so… I was dying to have such getway from here”

At least for a while it was the two of us there, until the door opened and…

“What a surprise! Didn’t knew that the two of you were here!”

“Christine? What are you doing here?”

“Did you two forget that I do have a cabin close to Larry’s parents?”

Larry never mentioned me that! (Or I just forgot or ‘erased’ from my mind when he said it). And there was the ‘bitch’ there, ready to kill the mood of our honeymoon, a moment that we expected for us to be together and make love without our problems coming in front of us. And she was there, ready to ruin it.

I kept my cool and cheered her and even invited her for a coffee, which she accepted. She spent at the cabin nearly until late night and when me and Larry were finally alone, both of us were tired to try anything lovely between us. And so it went during the first days she arrived.

“I am thinking that you are spending this vacation too much close with Christine...”

“She is my friend, Barbara!”

“I ain’t saying otherwise, just thinking that you are staying more with her than we me, your girlfriend”

“Don’t even start! You aren’t even a jealous woman!”

“I am not jealous. Just thinking that you need to stay with me more. This was our honeymoon, remember?”

“But you don’t need to act that way!”

“I am not acting at anyway, Larry! I just want to be with you. This was for us, after all…”

Larry promised that he would stay more with me and that happened for a while, but when Christine appeared, pretty much he tried to not leave me in the cold to stay with her. But sometimes their friendship pretty much hindered the plans of a ‘just the two of us’ vacation.

I kept my cool, but still had my arguments with Larry about that. I knew he wouldn’t care so I decided to go to the person that stood between me and my boyfriend. And have ‘that talk’.

“Sorry to talk with you about that. Christine, but I got to let this out of my mind”

“What is going on, Barbara? Is something bad?”

“It isn’ t, well to me is but I don’t know it’s for you”

“Ah? What?”

“I do not want to make this talk go round and round, so there it is: I don’t know why but your presence close to Larry sometimes bothers me”

“What the heck? What did you just said to me?”

“Sorry, but I cannot bear to hold that. I don’t have anything against you, but I have to confess that, sometimes, is bothersome to me see Larry stay more with you than with me”

That start some sort of argument, where Christine felt at start offended but I managed to show her that it wasn’t the point. I carefully explained what I felt, said that I appreciated her, the friendship with Larry but I told her all I felt. Yes, there were a few screams and word fight but the both of us found out it was fruitless to be mad with each other.

“It wasn’t my attention, Barbara. I do apologize if I pass the notion that I might be a little close to Larry than you want me to be. But you have to understand that we are best friends! The worse thing to friends is when a boyfriend or girlfriend comes between the friendship, and you know it”

“To me, YOU are the one who stands between me and Larry. I have nothing against you, Christine, but I don’t want to feel paranoid because of that”

And it went on, at first we argued a lot but when cool heads prevailed. And well, it was pretty stupid of myself to be mad with her or Larry since it shouldn’t be anything to act like a ‘scorned lady’. And I asked her for forgiveness

“You don’t need to feel sorry, Barbara. In fact, I will help you to have a nice moment with Larry”

“What do you mean?”

“Just wait and see…”

It took one day for her plan to become reality. In fact, I didn’t know anything that she was meant to do until she arrived at our cabin one moment that me and Larry were dancing to some slow music and having a romantic evening.

“Good evening! Surprised to see me?”

“No one can’t be surprised with you here, Christine!”

“I like the way you talk about me, Larry. But my visit here is not about the ordinary stuff we like to talk about”

“What happened? Your voice is a bit serious than usual”

”Well, I came here to tell you that me and your girlfriend had a little talk about the situation the three of us. I see that I have been standing between your love moments and sometimes I feel that I am too much putting you two apart”

“Why think about that? What did you said to her, Barbara?”

“Only what I had to talk, Larry”

“Don’t argue with her! It’s not her fault!”

“Please, Christine. Say what you need to say. We are listening”

“Well, I talked with Barbara yesterday and we had a pleasant chat, even with some arguments, about the situation involving you, me and her. I feel that I am the ‘third person’ here and that I am hindering your relationship with her and your vacation and I wish to apologize with you”

“Why? You aren’t hindering anything? Your presence here is so good and you coming here out of nowhere were an awesome surprise. I don’t know what Barbara told you, but…”

“You should not to worry about it, Larry. Yes, we had something but we patched up. And yes, you know that I am not letting you two enjoy your honeymoon as every couple should and I must compensate for the time lost”

“You don’t need to, Christine…”
“Please, let her talk!”

“Well, I thought the only way that I found to make you happy was to leave, but I do want something different for you, to show that I am not here to make you apart, but together”

“And all that talk means that you want to do what?”

She came close to us, that naughty face and whispered the ‘threeway’ word. We told her to say it again, so she said it again. And again, now louder. She really wanted to have a threeway with us; it was her only idea to make peace with me and to show that she isn’t trying to place a burden into my relationship. Of course we went shocked with her suggestion! We never had a threesome in our whole lives and never could think that Christine would be the one to suggest us that!


“No, Larry. I will understand if you refuse it, but I don’t have other suggestion and I am here in ‘sacrifice’ for you two to at least attempt to save your relationship and make you two happy again. I won’t be a burden for you”

“Sincerely, I think we should accept it!”

“Barbara? H-How… W-Why?”

“I talked with her and, actually, it was partially my fault to let jealousy take over. So, if she wants to have us, let her have us”

Larry thought for a while and even if I think that he would be convinced by any means possible, he ended up agreeing with the idea. And since she was there, we just needed to take our clothes and do it.

I don’t want to get much in details that can make this story bothersome for some to read, but let me tell you what we did. Actually, it was her who saw us doing first, as she watched me sucking Larry’s dick and then he filling my pussy. I don’t know why, but it excited me when she whispered ay my ear during my sucking dick session that she wanted to do him while they were teens.

It was arousing to perform a blowjob in front of another person, something I never suggested to Larry during our relationship and the moment made the perfect thing to show Christine how our relationship was.

“Yes! Suck it! Suck it good!”

He climbed on me and we fucked at the floor, above the furry rug and I could hear her masturbate and moan as Larry fucked me hard and deep. He soon caught me in all fours and I could see her smiling and telling him to go further and bang me good.

“Yes! Yes! Do her!”

Them I pretty much killed my jealousy and let them have it. The frightening thing in my mind was there, but when I saw Christine suck his dick and then do a 69 it went through the cold windows of winter. It wasn’t something to be angry about it. It was to get excited with.

“Go Christine! Suck Larry’s dick! Please!”

I don’t know if she was realizing a dream or just doing something driven by the purest pleasure, I only had eyes to see my boyfriend moaning while his BFF sucked his cock and to see her get pleased with his tongue going all over her pussy. I touched myself like maniac during that,

I watched them do each other in all ways possible, saw Christine ride him good, hump at his dick and having her cunt filled with his dick. It was crazy to see how her hat didn’t go off her head as they did it. She looked and me and blinked as if she wanted to me to join them, but I allowed them to have each other, as then he did her in all fours and also sideways, pumping her really hard.

I joined afterwards and we did each other in a frenzy thing, as we started with me and Christine kissing and licking each others’ as Larry did my asshole. I never had such experience in my life and it was something that I would never imagine that it was so amazing to have a woman do you orally.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!”

He fucked us and we licked and kissed each other all the way, finding peace through semi lesbianism and mild bisexuality. We took turns on him and licked our holes and stuff at that crazy cold night, warming each other in a cozy feeling and having so many orgasms before we all came and collapsed tired at the floor.

My situation with Christine got better afterwards, as she became our lover and she pretty much decided to help us to feel more comfortable without hindering my nights with Larry. And a surprise visit resulted in a thing that, I can say that saved our relationship.

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Chapter C – One Weekend on the Land (based on Young Romance No. 130, DC, June-July 1964)




TAGS: M/F, F/F, M/F/F. oral, anal, facial

My name is Bonnie Taylor and I am an air stewardess. I know you might be expecting that I talk about lurid tales involving me, members of the crew, pilots, commanders and passengers. But the best story involving sex doesn’t involve any of those people. It involves one of my best friends ever and his girlfriend, the only two people capable to give me the thing I most desired during my whole life, at least on these last years.

To begin with, let’s talk about Glenn Edwards, one of my dearest childhood friends. He was since the begin one of the people who most supported my decision to work as a stewardess. He had an aunt who worked as that and always talked about how her job was fantastic and the much stuff she brought to him from her trips. When I revealed that I wanted to work on this business as well, he has one of the first to say ‘kudos’.
We were so close to each other, but then he moved to the other side of the country and I got too busy with my job that we rarely saw each other and phone communication. Always when we had a time, Glenn and I saw each other and used the time to remember the old times.

But the last time we managed to meet each other, he wasn’t alone. Glenn had told me a few months before that he met a girl and started a relationship with her. Jane was the name of his significant other. I went gleeful when I heard he had a girlfriend because, since I met him, it was very rare to see Glenn with girls and thought that he might be gay never left my mind even if I didn’t even care to address questions about his sexuality or personal life.

I met Jane at the break from my job, when they went to my apartment. The girl really impressed me the good way, the kind of girl I expected Glenn to have if he had one. Youthful, joyful, smart, with a nice chat… maybe all the qualities that can make a girlfriend anyone deserves.

“You know that is so great to find someone that can take care of Glenn, Jane”

“I am his girlfriend, not a caretaker, you know Bonnie”

“Sorry… it’s that… well, I care a lot for him and want him to be with someone”

“I am not offended. I know how you feel… don’t worry, I’ll be the best girlfriend Glenn will ever had. Mostly, the only”

Seeing them together was like of a breath of fresh air to Glenn and I was so happy for him, but meanwhile, watch he and Jane together reminded me all times that I was alone for a long time. My job kept me single the most of time and I could not find stable boyfriends, except one-shot relationships, and sometimes when I found everyone else with its significant others and myself without a boyfriend, that left me very frustrated.

I was able to hide that, getting myself deep at my stewardess job, the only thing that kept me ‘alive’ somehow. I love my job and make people happy and to serve them well. But my ‘human side’ needed comfort and I wasn’t able to find that and none of my attempts were fruitful.

When I met Glenn, I always talked with him about it, but as usual he always came with that talk of ‘oh, you’ll gonna meet someone’, ‘your someone else might be just around the corner’, ‘how someone like you can be still single’ and all that shit. I appreciated what he tried to do to me, but words like those weren’t the ones that would make me less melancholic and lonesome. I needed to find someone! Anyone! And quick.

But not even in my happiest dreams I would know that my life would change because of Glenn and Jane. And not because they found the person who would bring my relief. But because THEMSELVES were those people! And here’s when I tell you how it happened.

I got a two week break from my job and decided to have some vacation time to myself. Glenn called me and invited me to go with him and Jane to a trip to the beach. I really needed a rest so I could not say no to them. And off to Florida we went…

The trip was pleasant, I have to admit and it was what I needed but I felt uncomfortable every time that they tried to hook up with me with some guy. Not that they weren’t good, but I wasn’t much in the mood to try to date someone. I just wanted to relax and forget my boring life.

“What’s the point of you having vacation and not going out to see people, Bonnie?”

“Please, Glenn! I want to go out, but just don’t want to feel that I must find someone”

“We are not telling for you to meet someone. Just want you to feel happy”

“I am happy. It’s that I am a bit tired and need some rest…”

Me and Glenn never had big fights and this one was only a harsh discussion, and then we never brought that conversation again. Two days later, Jane, Glenn and I had a tea and then…

“Bonnie, we came here to relax and all you did was to feel tired and sad. And we won’t mention that you don’t seem much to hang out”

“I came to relax, but what can I do if everything seems to remind me that I am hopeless with love and that I might remain alone for the rest of my lousy life”

“Aren’t you the one who always told me that, to you, your job matters more now than your personal life?”

“Pardon, Glenn… but I think I was lying to myself and everyone else! I feel so pathetic!”

“You aren’t!”

“I am on my 30s, single, alone and I have only my job to help my mind. Of course I am pathetic! I only lied to myself all those years…”

“You aren’t pathetic!”

“Yes, I am! I am a spinster! I will die alone! I feel like I am a failure at finding someone else!”

“You won’t be a spinster, Bonnie! And I do think me and Glenn might have what you need…”

“Please, don’t try to arrange me with some other guy”

“Well, it’s not that! Come to our room, please…”

I went to their room; a bit worried with that they were to offer me. I didn’t know why they called me there if I just had a meltdown about being single. And, when we were there, they gave me the answer to all my love problems.

“Bonnie, me and Jane talked yesterday and you know that we are genuinely worried about you and how your ‘dry spell’ might affect your life and we don’t want you to feel bad. We are your friends and we are here to help you”

“And because of that we wish to let you have us the way you wish. Do both of us, Bonnie!”


That was the most outrageous thing I ever heard from them. They really wanted to have sex with me? It’s what they meant? Or they were trying to play a joke on me? Well, I got to think about it, but I was so frustrated with myself that their proposal was pretty much what I needed…

“Do you two want to offer yourselves to relief my sexual problems?”


“Gosh… I don’t know… I am so upset with my sexual life that… I don’t know…”

“You don’t need to say yes if you don’t want that. We won’t to pressure you to accept…”

“There is no pressure! It’s that nobody make such proposal for me! And… well… I think I am going to say yes”

“Are you saying you want it?”

“I think this what I want. And you are the ones I most care about and, if there was someone I would love to sleep with no strings attached, better be with you than somebody else in the corner”

I can’t lie about not having any deliberation about that. Actually took me nearly a full day to me to consider accepting what they requested me to do. When I went to their bedroom and said that I was willing to let them have me, they were even ready, not wearing any kind of underwear!

“Forget your troubled past and enjoy your fortunate future”

To my surprise, it was Jane who took the lead in the whole plan. It was on a weekend and it was one full of fun. There were so many things we did and I could spend pages and pages talking about them, but will try to write the best things the three of us did.

All these sexual things that I missed they keep coming back in my mind. I never imagined Glenn’s dick was so big for the beginning. Big, thick and juicy, me and Jane sucked it like it was the last ice cream on Earth. I took care of that cock, kissed, licked, sucked and even got it deep throat. Without modesty, it was the biggest cock I blown and also the most delicious one. I kept sucking it like there wasn’t tomorrow because in my mind I knew that I could not had other opportunity like that.

“Are you enjoying Glenn’s dick?”

“Now I know that you are fucking lucky to have him!”

Never wondered why I never felt anything sexually to Glenn, but that wasn’t the moment to think about it and enjoy him giving me something that I longed much, having my pussy licked. But it wasn’t only him that savored my cunt. I got shocked when I found out Jane wanted to do that.

The two ate my pussy together, like a couple should be. My body shivered and I moaned like I never had in years. I screamed their names, said I wanted more and praised their tongues skills. Never thought my first bi experience would be like that, mostly because I never thought about that. But it doesn’t matter now…

Jane then saw me suck again her boyfriend and he giving oral to me before he was on top of me putting his dick inside my pussy in need. The very moment Glenn started to fuck me, I went straight to heaven. It was a moment of bliss, of redemption or whatever else you can say. All the repressed feelings were over right from that moment.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssss! God, how I missed cock!”

Jane kissed Glenn and gave him strength to go on his mission to have sex with me. I moaned like I never in my whole life. Seriously, not lying about it. I think they could hear me from the other side of the globe. He fucked me like never I saw a man doing it. He had so much care and vigor that he kept asking me if I liked it all the time. I admit that sometimes it was annoying, but guess he wanted to know if I enjoyed the thing.

The whole weekend Glenn took me many times in doggystyle, sideways, told me to mount him, to ride his dick and even try positions that I never thought I would. Feel that dick inside my pussy was something I loved to feel, screaming of pleasure each time he pounded me. Jane sometimes took part on it, as we did each other during that or even to make that push for her boyfriend to bang me.

Sometimes he just watched so I and she could have our lesbian moments. Maybe that weekend helped me to blossom my bisexuality because I loved to fuck that blonde. Her pussy was so gorgeous and juicy that I couldn’t stop eating even when she came (and she came A LOT). The same I think could be applied to her, as she devoured my slit in a way that no former boyfriend of mine would.

But the best parts were when they were together with me. The three of us fucked, licked, sucked and came many times. Glenn fucked me while I had my mouth full of Jane’s cunt and vice versa. We spent those days mostly not leaving the room, unless if it was for some kind of emergency. We just fucked, fucked and had tons of orgasms.

After that weekend, we decided to try more on the way home, but then I had to go back at work. But now I always find time to enjoy my furloughs with Glenn and Jane. And, why not, with other people? I only can thank my best friend and his gal for opening my mind and taking me from the cliff I was going into

“Anytime, Bonnie!”