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The First Kiss of the Year

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“So, what’s the plan tonight?” Bell asks as they head toward Bridget’s room.

“Well, I have a puzzle… You know, if you’re into that.” She feels her cheeks glow with embarrassment. How could she think that someone as adventurous as Bell would want to celebrate the new year by doing something so lame?

“Detective, remember?” Bell smirks. “I’m always down for a good challenge. Just don’t feel bad if I totally beat you.”

“It’s a puzzle.” Bridget laughs, sitting down on her bed. “Not a competition.”

“Anything is a competition if you try hard enough.”

Bridget throws a stuffed fox at Bell, who playfully knocks it out of the air.

“Stop that!”

“Make me.”

“If you insist.”

Bell moves in closer to Bridget, excitement in her eyes. Bridget can feel her heart pounding. She knows what comes next.

Then, Bell extends her tongue and licks Bridget’s nose before stepping backwards with a ridiculous smile.

“What was that?”

“Making you stop!” Bell laughs. “Worked didn’t it?”

“I thought you were going to…”

“Kiss you?”

“Kinda.” Bridget replies. “It’s New Year’s Eve. I mean, isn’t that what people do?”

“At midnight. There’s a countdown and everything.”

“I know that!”

“So, wait. It’ll be worth it.” Bell sits down next to her. “Let’s solve this puzzle.”

At midnight, it’s Bridget who moves in for the first kiss of the year and it is worth the wait. With Bell’s arms around her, she knows this year will be perfect. It just has to be.