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so won't you take a breath and dive in deep

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            boushiya chuckles and asuka's face heats up.

            "hey, don't laugh at me," asuka says, her voice smaller than she would like. she considers closing her thighs, but boushiya's hands smooth over them, spreading her open further. the flush in her cheeks feels like fire.

            "i'm sorry," boushiya says, looking up at her from between her legs. "you're just so cute." he adjusts her skirt, bunching it up at her lower belly, and lowers his head.

            his mouth is a mix of hot and cool when it first touches her, his breath puffing warm, tongue slightly chilled by air and spit. boushiya moves slow, completely ignoring her clit to explore the rest of her.

            his hat peeks out over the rumpled mess of her skirt. asuka can't see his face, but she can feel his breath, his smile, every pleased sound he makes in a way that's much too intimate. she feels exposed, naked, even though only her panties are gone. she moans, closing her eyes, and he responds in kind, the sound a low, vibrating hum that rushes through like a shock. asuka's shirt slides up her stomach and over chest. she forces her eyes open, lashes fluttering.

            mari and cori smile almost audibly above her. they have their heads inclined downward, facing at her with their eyes still closed, their hidden gaze burning over her skin all the same. her bra is pulled up, slipping easily away from her breasts. two different hands cup her, palms teasing her nipples. asuka gasps, arching her back. boushiya moans, and asuka realizes she inadvertently closed what distance was left between boushiya's mouth and herself.

            his tongue breaches inside her, his thumb moving to rub circles into her clit. his tongue only licks in once, but it's enough to get asuka trembling. her world shakes apart, and she comes with a short, quiet wail. mari and cori's hands leave her as she pants open mouthed. one of them - asuka can't tell whether it's mari or cori - strokes her hair as she tries to catch her breath.

            boushiya climbs up her body, pressing his partially bared stomach into hers, the fabric of his shirt brushing her hard nipples. asuka, cradling him with her twitching thighs, feels him, hard and thick, lying where his mouth used to be moments before. kissing her cheek, his fingers curl stray hair behind her left ear. boushiya then speaks into her cheek, smiling. "we're not done yet. right? mari? cori?"

            mari and cori seem to giggle behind their lips, their hands reaching for her shirt again. asuka swallows, boushiya's smile stretching wider.

            boushiya sits up, placing his hands on asuka's knees. "so," he says, low and purring, "why don't we have some more fun, hmm?"